Sick Flick Marathon

Repost from the old site.

I don’t really know why, but I have just watched a bunch of really sick videos here one after the other. Some I watched with people right next to me, and others I just watched alone. I’m not sure if it is better to have the comfort of another human being close by or not when you are watching this sort of stuff. Part of it I did on a dare.

Normally, I mostly do not watch this stuff, but I have gotten into watching reaction videos lately, just to check out the brief glimpse of another human being you see when they are watching something really sick, wrong and gross.

It’s a waste of time, but compared to the usual wastes of time most people engage in nowadays, I think it’s actually a good waste of time, especially if you watch the person having the reaction, figure out their age and try to imagine their life, social situation and get a glimpse into their personality.

Pussy Zapper, Bored Dykes, Mrs. Hands, Mr. Hands (this idiot died making this video, which serves him right if you ask me), BME Pain Olympics (I always swore that there was no way on Earth that I would ever watch this, but I finally did, with company no less, and I handled it), Poo Button, 4 Girls Fingerpaint, 1 Girl 1 Pitcher , 8 Girls No Cup , you know, it pretty much goes on and on.

Some of the mudwomen ones out of Brazil are said to be sort of fake, at least the mud part that is. And if you can’t decipher that sentence, I can’t help you.

I’m not gonna link to any of this awful stuff; you can just go look it up if you want.

I can’t watch anymore beheading vids. I watched Nick Berg’s (twice and that was it) and Kim Sun Il’s and I said never again. Those two are the worst beheadings I have ever seen.

I’m worried about my numb reaction to this stuff. As long as I don’t commit any seriously irrational and illegal dangerous acts, I guess I am ok, but I am still wondering how I even got to such an unfeeling state in the first place.

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