Roy Orbison, “In Dreams”

From 1963. Roy Orbison! He was only the greatest of the greats, after all.

For those who remember David Lynch’s horribly creepy movie, “Blue Velvet,” this song will forever haunt you. Frank Booth, Dennis Hopper’s twisted maniac in the movie, loved this song and played it over and over. He called it, “Candy Colored Clown.” Orbison was disturbed by the use of the song in this twisted movie, and he had not given permission that it be used. But the use of the song in the movie became so popular that it relaunched Orbison’s career.

U2’s Bono also loved the song and used it as a base to write two very popular songs. The song was recently added to a new Orbison album.

It’s one of the greatest songs ever written. It’s beautiful, but it’s also horrible and creepy due to that movie.


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11 responses to “Roy Orbison, “In Dreams”

  1. Guy from Montréal

    David Lynch has always been a big Roy Orbison fan.

  2. At last – something we can agree about!

    Roy Orbison is also one of my favourites – and I really enjoyed this clip. Of course, I’m old enough to have enjoyed him at the peak of his success in the 60’s.

    Nice memories – hope you have no objection to cheering up my day!

    • Mott

      A-Boy- But waht does Roy have to do with the fact that the Arabs are trying to steal Israhell from its rightful owners- the Juish People? Can’t you think of some way to tie these toghether? Get your Hasbara hat on!

      P.S.- I’m a Roy Orbison freak- but now that you’ve ruined it for me…I’ll have to go back ny Prussian Blue! Sigh…

      • I suppose I could take some comfort from the fact that I’ve ruined something for you – but I don’t want to sully Orbison’s memory with a pointless unconnected debate on this thread.

        • Mott

          A-Boy- What so special about this thread? And, and far as fans go, I took the day off work when he died. You? And isn’t the big question whether or not Roy was an anti-Smegmite?

        • In spite of what you, and some others on this site, try to claim, not EVERYTHING is about Jews and Israel.

  3. Gertrude

    Why the “is”? Roy Orbison is long deceased.

    very interesting post; not one of his best songs, imo, but he was “The Voice.” Oh, Pretty Woman and Crying are my favs.

    • I think “is ” is appropriate since he is STILL one of my favourite artists.

      “Was” would imply that he no longer occupied such a position.

      Anyway, I very much like the two pieces you cited.

  4. Guy

    “Orbison recently re-recorded the song on a new album”.

    That was good of him – since he’s been dead since 1988 and all…

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