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Which Moves Faster, Language or Genes?

Of course the answer is language. Tongues twist and curl all over the place with ease, shifting here and there in nearly a temporal wink of an eye, but chromosomes tend to move rather slowly. Not that you can’t get some pretty fast genetic changes in a rapid period of time – of course you can – but those are probably not the types of changes that will be readily identified on a genetic chart.

And it’s not that serious linguistic change (including entire language shifts among populations) happens all that quickly – it doesn’t – it’s more that’s not as slow as genetics.

Sure, genetics can be sped up – after all, this is what plant and animal breeders have done, and surely we could do the same with humans, though the very idea sends Nazi-like shudders down one’s spine. But realistically, there is no reason why we couldn’t selectively breed humans to look and behave as differently as different dog breeds.

The logistics of such a mind-boggling eugenic program though would be nearly impossible to reconcile, and would probably necessitate a totalitarian state and keeping select groups of humans in some sort of captivity.


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In Praise of Small Business

Andyboy writes:

You references to capitalism concentrate on the high profile large corporations or organisations. But capitalism is not only that.

Do you have your own business? Do you employ staff? Do you have to cope, on a daily basis, with the myriad problems of making a living via your own business?

This is also capitalism, and is not to be maligned.

Not all capitalists are rich bankers.

Small business is not a problem, but the small businessmen are always reactionaries and support the corporations, who are often their worst enemies. 83% of small businessmen vote Republican in a recent survey. If small businesses can be limited and controlled by the state and kept from getting too large, they can be a real benefit to an economy.

Vietnam has a family based system in place. Most businesses are run by families – frankly, small businesses.

Cuba is opening up a lot to small businesses.

It’s a great thing, but you need to control it to keep them from getting too big to where you have gigantic business interests that control society.

The whole Marxist notion that small businesses are some sort of enemy class is just crazy. They hardly exploit anyone, and they are an excellent engine of growth.

Further, competition is ferocious among small businesses. Hence, small businesses compete to be good to customers. After all, if they are crappy to customers, people will just go somewhere else. They often try to give you good deals, free work, the personal touch and all that.

In addition, small businesses often treat labor pretty well for some reason, possibly also due to competition. Small businesses often compete on how well they treat their employees.

When businesses get large, severe abuse of employees, customers and society sets in, especially in the case of monopolies. There’s no need for huge corporations or monopolies to treat customers well. Why bother? And there’s no need to treat employees well. They are competing with other corporations who are competing to see who can treat employees worse.


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As True As Ever

The conditions of bourgeois society are too narrow to comprise the wealth created by them. And how does the bourgeoisie get over these crises?

On the one hand by enforced destruction of a mass of productive forces; on the other, by the conquest of new markets, and by the more thorough exploitation of the old ones. That is to say, by paving the way for more extensive and more destructive crises, and by diminishing the means whereby crises are prevented.

Marx & Engels, Manifesto of the Communist Party, 1847

Everything they wrote there is 100% true. It’s as true now as it was over 150 years ago. Nothing has changed.

Paul Krugman notes that the capitalist crises lately seem to be getting worse and worse with each new one, just as Marx said. And the capitalists of course are always destroying the structures we set up to prevent new crises, thereby paving the way for more train wrecks.

Furthermore, those words ring particularly true in the light of the latest crisis, which was really just a reprise of a similar crisis with the Great Depression in the 1930’s. The capitalists didn’t learn from the Depression, and they won’t learn from this one either.

There are things that could be done to reduce the number of capitalist crises and to reduce their severity once they occur, but the capitalists will never do them because this requires limiting the profits of Capital.

In order to save capitalism or even make it work in the first place, the profits of capital must be limited. But the capitalists will never allow this and fight it with every fiber of their being. As soon as reforms are put in place, the capitalists go to work trying to dismantle them and never rest until they are torn apart. This then precipitates a new crisis which then furthers new reforms which the capitalists then dismantle again, creating new crises. It never ends, and no one ever learns.

Even social democracy does not seem to be a viable option because in the inevitable crises of capitalism, the capitalists demand that the whole social democratic ball of wax be melted down. When push comes to shove, as it has in Europe, one “socialist” party after another tears down the whole edifice that took decades of long hard fights to build up.

As correct as Marx is about capitalism, his alternative has not worked very well. This is still a major problem.


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Great Documentary on Fidel Castro

Great movie! Lasts about 1 3/4 hours, but it’s worth the whole thing. Views him in a positive light. Includes lots of interviews with old friends including Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

One thing that shines through here is Castro’s excellent relationship with Blacks. Many of his strongest Cuban supporters are Black or mulatto people. Cuban Black artists love him to death. And many American Blacks have a positive opinion too. Alice Walker, Henry Belafonte and others are interviewed. Some Whites are interviewed too, including Hollywood director Michael Pollack and writer Saul Landau.

Towards the end, there is a segment about the gusanos of Miami, the Cuban exiles. They are almost all White. During the part about the Elian Gonzalez affair, these Whites are contrasted with shots of Cubans marching to free Elian. The shots are striking. Cubans in Cuba are very Black – very Black and mulatto, and they love Castro!

The gusanos in Miami think he’s the devil, and their all White. We think this is about Communism versus democracy, but once again, it seems to be boiling down to race. It’s a Black-White thing.

Wayne Smith, former representative of the US Interests Section in Havana (we have no embassy), lays out the psychosis of the US hatred for Castro, the hundreds of assassination attempts, the insane 50 year embargo.

The embargo is nuts. The whole world is against it. Votes on it in the UN typically end up something like 170-3. The US only gets Marshall Islands and its sick little puppy dog the Zionist entity to go along.

Which incidentally shows you just how sick the idea of Israel being a progressive country is. Instead, Israel is a world center of reaction, fascism and imperialism. It has a deep alliance with US imperialism, and it has always reinforced the most fascist and genocidal US policies.

Wherever on Earth rightwing death squads needed to be trained and armed, the US sent it’s puppy dog the Zionist entity to do the deed. There was a genocidal Israeli hand behind so many of the recent rightwing mass murders in Guatemala, Colombia, El Salvador, East Timor, Guatemala and Peru. Israel is a sick little country!

Castro’s ebullient and engaging personality shines through the whole movie. He’s charming as Hell. Even some of his erstwhile enemies seem to fall into his snake charmer trance.


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Coast to Coast Radio Mentions Us

Steven Streufert was a guest for almost 2 hours on Coast to Coast radio. During that segment, he mentioned me and my blog a few times in conjunction with Bigfoot DNA and the Sierra Kills. Coast to Coast is a huge radio show with an estimated listener audience of 3 million. Great news!

Very good show goes over all of the cutting edge stuff that is happening in the world of Bigfoot.

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A Major Complaint Against Facebook Policies

I joined Facebook recently. I must say, this is one of the worst and most fascist and totalitarian sites I have ever joined. Apparently sensitive to complaints of harassment, they have unveiled ridiculously totalitarian policies.

At first I was adding a lot of friends. I tried to add people who had liked or commented positively on my articles, people who commented on the website, etc.

Soon I got multiple notices that I was “making multiple friend requests to people I didn’t know” and I was banned from adding friends for different lengths of time. I got so paranoid about adding friends that I almost completely stopped doing it, and now I just wait for folks to add me.

Then I joined a terrible site called dating site on Facebook called Are You Interested? that doesn’t even work in your browser half the time. What’s neat about it is you can meet a lot of women on there. AYI used to be a fantastic site when it was hooked with MySpace. It was free, and they left you completely alone and never bothered you about anything.

Now you pay to join, and it’s all hooked up with Facebook, and frankly, it’s been ruined. Now it’s pay, and it doesn’t even work half the time, and worse, it’s gone totally fascist.

I don’t know about other guys, but I get quite a few women clicking “Like” on my profile. Then you get a mail saying this woman “thinks you are hot.” So you go check her out to see if she if you like her. If you do, you click like back, send a message or a wink or whatever. There are also women who don’t click “like” but they send you messages all the time saying all sorts of sexy stuff like “I love you,” “you’re cute,” “you’re hot,” on and on. The messages are prefabricated by the application.

Well, if a woman I like clicks like on me and I do in return, I try to add her as a friend. And if she sends me a sexy email and I like her, I try to add her as a friend too. So I only try to add women who click like on me or women who send me sexy emails.

Well, after a while of this, I started getting stern messages from Facebook that I was “sending multiple friend requests to people I don’t know.” Then I would get banned for various lengths of time. I just got banned again, this time for 30 days. They told me that this is harassment and if it keeps up, I might get tossed off Facebook. This is totally ridiculous. Facebook is complete shit. What a stupid crap site.

I have written Facebook several times to complain about all these punitive measures they are taking against me, but they never send anything back. Now and then I get a message saying they can’t respond to all their emails, but they are reading them. I get the feeling that no one is reading them. There’s no way to call Facebook and complain, as there is no customer service of course. With the Internet came to the total death of customer service as an institution of business. Thank you, ecommerce!

What am I supposed to do? How do I not get thrown off Facebook?


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I Heart Whores and Sluts

I figure on the 7th day, God created whores and sluts. I actually like sluts better than whores, because sluts don’t charge. Not officially anyway. All woman charge in one way or another, even if you marry one.

I never understood all the hatred of whores and sluts from guys. I get it from women, ok.

I figure whores and sluts like to fuck. I like to fuck. I like women who like to fuck. So I like whores and sluts.

Only drawback to them is a lot of them are hard, you might get VD from one, but other than that, I don’t see why it’s an issue.


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The Jewish War on Christians in the Holy Land


Great documentary. I can’t believe that 60 Minutes even put this on the air. The Jew dog Israeli ambassador Michael Oren, threatened CBS News with a call to the President demanding that he pull the segment. I can’t believe that CBS News (formally totally Jewish-controlled, but I am not sure of the status now) didn’t buckle to his threats.

It looks like American journalism is finally standing up to the Jews and thumbing its nose their swaggering, threatening abuse of power that has held sway over US journalism since it came under Jewish control at some point in the 20th Century.

The argument of Micheal Oren is striking. The Palestinian Christians who issued a brochure attacking Israel are “anti-Semites.” What a Jew dog! The gall of that worm.

Oren, as usual, attempts to deflect the blame for Jewish abuse of Christians in the Holy Land onto Islam. Why, did you know that Jews treat Christians better than Muslims do? As if this is some kind of an achievement? And it’s not always true anyway. Secular Muslim regimes have been very good to the Christians, especially in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Syria, Iraq and Jordan. They are only treated badly under Islamist regimes, as is to be expected of political Islam.

It is true that Christians are treated poorly in Nigeria, Sudan, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Oren also says that the Christians are leaving the Holy Land due to the pressures of Islam, that is, they are fleeing from political Islam. In an interview with a Palestinian Christian, he said he has known maybe 25,000 Christians in the course of running his business, the Coca-Cola franchise in the West Bank. He said he has never heard of one Palestinian Christian who said they were leaving due to Islam. They all said they were leaving due to the Israelis.

Ari Shavit, an excellent Jewish Israeli columnist, makes the excellent argument that the Christians of the Holy Land are caught in between political Islam and political Judaism, two nasty beasts. They are collateral damage in the war between the two. This is an excellent analysis and is probably correct.


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Bigfoot News April 25, 2012

Dr. Melba Ketchum DNA study to be released tomorrow? There is an embargoed article with the sole keyword genetics which was embargoed on April 23. The embargo will lift tomorrow at 12 PM EST. A lot of people think this might be the Ketchum paper, but no one knows for sure. We will have to wait until tomorrow to find out.

Ketchum study will be released before May 18, but probably before May 4. On March 8, Ketchum said the paper would be out in 6-8 weeks. 8 weeks will be up on May 3. However, I was told that there was some sort of delay in the interim, and that the paper could be released after May 3 up until May 18. The chatter now is that it will be released before May 18, but my sources think it will be before May 4. That is, they believe it will be released some time in the next nine days.

Ketchum does have a publication date for her paper. She definitely has a publication date for her paper, contrary to what she said on her Facebook page. She just doesn’t want to tell anyone about it. There are probably only about six people in her inner circle who know the date, and it is a closely guarded secret. I don’t have access to her close inner circle.

Ketchum camp preparing for article release. The Ketchum camp is working feverishly behind the scenes making preparations for the release of the study. This also implies to me that the release is coming sooner rather than later.

Ketchum will speak on Bigfoot DNA at a conference on May 5 – paper will probably be released before then. Ketchum will speak between the hours of 2-3 PM on Saturday, May 5, at the Pacific Northwest Conference on Primal People (Sasquatch) in Richland, Washington. Many other Bigfoot luminaries will also be there.

If she is going to say much of anything at all about Bigfoot DNA at this conference, she could only be talking after her paper was already published, otherwise she would be breaking the Ingelfinger Rule and jeopardizing the paper. Assuming she is actually going to discuss the content of the paper at this talk, the paper would have to have been published before May 5. So it’s a good guess that the paper will be published before May 5.

This list  of speakers includes Thom Cantrall (kook), Bob Gimlin, Paul Graves, Ketchum, Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Ron Morehead, R. Scott Nelson, Derek Randles, Thom Powell and Arla Williams (kook). As you can see, the speakers’ list ranges from the sublime to the ridiculous.

The conference is apparently being organized by first class kook Thom Cantrall, so I will definitely not be there, as I can’t stand the man.

Ketchum has Bigfoot video that will be released after her study is published. She just revealed this on her Facebook page. This video was apparently shot by her. She also has photos of purported Bigfoot stick structures that she took and has also posted those on her Facebook page. These photos have stirred up a hornet’s nest of controversy.

Justin Smeja Bigfoot shooting story a subject of Coast to Coast radio yesterday, April 24. This is very interesting.

Olympic Project responds to criticism. In response to criticism from some in the scene about new directions being taken by the Olympic Project, Derek Randles, head of the Olympic Project, responded:

I don’t hate the BFRO. I still have a lot of friends there. Now Moneymaker, that’s another story. Can’t stand him. Lost all respect for him a long time ago.

The Olympic Project is not trying to become like the BFRO, quite the opposite. We have added these researchers and biologists so we can better our research plain and simple. We gather and collect a lot of evidence every year, and now we have the right people to analyze it and help us learn as much as we can.

I always give any pleasant and cooperative person or group the chance to respond to any accusations or rumors reported on this site. As far as uncooperative or unpleasant people, they get no such chances.


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Behind All Ideology Lies “Religion”

A comment by John R:

From Carl Jung’s essay Concerning the Archetypes, With Special Reference to the Anima Concept:

Now religious ideas, as history shows, are charged with an extremely suggestive, emotional power. Among them I naturally reckon all s, everything that we learn from the history of religion, and anything that has an “-ism” attached to it. The latter is only a modern variant of the denominational religions.

A man may be convinced in all good faith that he has no religious ideas, but no one can fall so far away from humanity that he no longer has any dominating collective representation. His very materialism, atheism, communism, socialism, liberalism, intellectualism, existentialism, or what not, testifies against his innocence. Somewhere or other, overtly or covertly, he is possessed by a supraordinate idea. […]

“Any one who alleges that he is not can immediately be suspected of having exchanged a known form of belief for a variant which is less known both to himself and to others. Instead of theism he is a devotee of atheism, instead of Dionysus he favors the more modern Mithras, and instead of heaven he seeks paradise on earth.

“A man without a dominating collective representation would be a thoroughly abnormal phenomenon. But such a person exists only in the fantasies of isolated individuals who are deluded about themselves. They are mistaken not only about the existence of religious ideas, but also and more especially about their intensity.

The archetype behind a religious idea has, like every instinct, its specific energy, which it does not lose even if the conscious mind ignores it. Just as it can be assumed with the greatest probability that every man possess all the average human functions and qualities, so we may expect the presence of normal religious factors, and this expectation does not prove fallacious.

Any one who succeeds in putting off the mantle of faith can do so only because another lies close to hand. No one can escape the prejudice of being human.


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