What Race Were the Ancient Egyptians?

A Black Afrocentrist commenter writes:

On the other hand, there is no evidence that the ancient Egyptians migrated into or invaded the African continent, all evidence proves that they were an aboriginal African people, all of their text point to the Upper Nile – Sudanic and Nubian origins, and their identifiable presence as a people, city-state, and the center of their dynastic empire ranges over thousands of years in one geographic location, Africa!

Any degree of non-African blood or “non-Black blood” that was evident in Egypt came from outside the African continent, and until the Ptolemaic Greeks, most invaders presence were short-lived and eventually repelled.

Again, there is no evidence of any large non-African populations migrating into ancient Egypt even during invasions, let alone creating an 91% Indo-European population that would have overwhelmed ancient Egypt’s genetic foundations, which was African! Absolutely unfounded and impossible!

From early Greek scholars and historians, to religious text, to today’s prominent researchers, all have repeatedly cited overwhelming evidence that Ancient Egypt was a product of ancient Africa and that the people were consider, Black and African…and if anyone look at the great Spinx face and see any other features but that of an phenotypical sub-Saharan African, then they intentionally deluding themselves.

They are Caucasoids. North African Caucasoids. Caucasoids have been in North Africa for a very long time, since the birth of the Caucasian race 42,000 YBP.  The ancient Egyptians probably originated from this ancient Caucasoid stock, mixed with a small amount of Black. Reconstructions of ancient Egyptian faces do not resemble Negroid faces. Paintings on Egyptian walls show the Egyptians as a golden skinned people different from White Caucasians of Libya and from Black people of Nubia.

The ancient Egyptians also wrote about Blacks as a foreign people who were often used as slaves. The Egyptians commented that Blacks were not very smart, but they were great athletes, entertainers and musicians. Some things never change!

~15,000 YBP, a large movement of ancient Caucasoids moved down from Europe into North Africa, displacing the Blacks and pushing them down further into Africa.

And the ancient Caucasoids in the Horn region have a very ancient pedigree dating back ~42,000 YBP. Genetic and skull studies show that ancient Egyptians were a largely Caucasoid race that probably no longer exists, but that is most closely related to Egyptians today who are 91% Caucasian and 9% Black.

The closest people genetically to the ancient Egyptians are the Copts of Egypt. If you look at Egyptian Copts, they are definitely not Black people. The ancient Egyptians were definitely not Black, but they were a part-Black people, that is for certain.

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  1. tulio

    When people refer to Egyptians as a Caucasian race, most people automatically think white since the word Caucasian in contemporary American usage is highly correlated white white people. Most N. Americans have no idea that the guy with the turban and dot on his forehead at the 7/11 is just as Caucasian as Taylor Swift. I think what Afrocentric Egyptologists are irked about is the white-washing of the civilizations of ancient Egypt. Let’s be honest, whites have been as ludicrous in the past as some Afrocentrists are, portraying Egyptians in media imagery as being lily white Europeans even though Egyptians portray their own skin color as copper.

    “The Egyptians commented that Blacks were not very smart, but they were great athletes, entertainers and musicians.”

    That’s quite a bold claim and I’d like to have that substantiated. I think you mentioned this once before and I asked you for a reference and you never provided one.

    ps – how do I enable block quotes on your blog? I tried using the quote tags between both “” and “[]” but it didn’t work.

    • Use the HTML blockquote tag, or use the italic tag.

    • If you Google for some pictures of Copts, you can see what the ancient Egyptians looked like. We had a couple working at a pharmacy near me. They weren’t exactly European White people!

      • The Copt people aren’t indigenous Egyptians. They migrated to Egypt just like the Arabs. Google
        Genetic variation and population structure of Sudanese populations as w w w . ncbi . nlm . nih . gov

        • KingTutTwin

          True! People need to accept that Ketians (Egyptians) were and always have been African. Not Arab at all. They migrated from the south, which meant that they originated in the southern part of Africa. The Bantu are their ancestral lineage.

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      • The ‘Egyptians’ which you refer to of today are not the Ancient Egyptians of today’s world. 1100 B.C. the arabs invaded Egypt and this is where the Egyptians are no longer just Black, for they were Black. if your just googling information this information is not as accurate as it may seem. I am able to read the text of these ancients and they said it themselves that they had black skin. in the hebrew torah you can also find discriptions of the egyptians considering the jews lived there for centuries before leaving to caanaan.

        • They egyptians today are descendants of the ancient egyptians, DNA studies have been used to prove that.

        • Lisa Wrote:

          “The ‘Egyptians’ which you refer to of today are not the Ancient Egyptians of today’s world. 1100 B.C. the arabs invaded Egypt and this is where the Egyptians are no longer just Black, for they were Black.”

          The “Arabs” invaded Egypt in 1100 B.C??? What are you, a high school dropout? You sure write like on…

        • According to Jean Francois Champollion ( French archaeologist) who deciphered the Rosette Stone which indicated that ancient Egyptians in their own handwriting stated that they came from the highlands of Ethiopia. People living in the Horn of Africa ( East Africa) do have mid-brown to brown complexions with Caucasoid feathers; much like people from modern day countries of Somali, Ethiopia, and Djibouti. Not all black people are Negroid. Some are Caucasoid, Austroloid, or a half way between both phenotypes. These people may possible mixed with people from the Arabian peninsula. The Copts of Egypt are mixed with people of Greek and other Mid-eastern ancestry and would not be a good example of how the ancient Egyptians looked. The Beji people of southern Egyptian would more closely related to the ancient people of Egypt. Ancient Egyptians civilization was original found by people who traveled from south east of Egypt around (Eritrea/Somalia) who followed the river north and then integrated with nomes of lower Egypt to establish the Kingdom. During later periods of history outside populations called ( hyskos) moved into to Egypt mixing with the indigenous population and becoming a melting pot. Nubians from the south of Egypt and northern Sudan where conscripted into the Egyptians army and culture accompanied with Libyans and other populations from the Levant ( middle east) who varied in skin tones from light to dusky to dark. Due to the continued flow of people from surrounding countries skin complexion varied; but for the most part many of the ancient Egyptians where dark and would be considered black by modern standards. The ancients Egyptians had a 3,000 year history. Greeks and Romans did not conquer Egypt until later part of the dynasty era around 500BC. The Arab invasion took place in 700AD and through migration and replacement change the Egypt population. The original name of Egypt is Khem, Cham or the land of Ham as stated in the bible.

        • Look Black man, this is the 3rd time you have posted the exact same thing. You are spamming the website. I will give you one warning. Do it one more time and I ban your Black ass.

        • Enkidu

          Old Kingdom statues such as Prince Rahotep and Princess Nofert as well as the famous lifelike scribe obviously do not show black people, yet certain Middle Kingdom phraoahs obviously were black. Afro Centrists who read only Afro Centrist ‘histories’ as well as their enemies on the opposite side of the fence will have to someday agree that the Ancient Egyptians were not one thing or another, but a mixed society.

        • egyptian boy

          if u read books u will know that copts were the people of ancient egypt and they were speaking coptic and they lasts to now . srry if my english is bad.

        • JC

          It’s very simple, blacks are not capable of designing pyramids, I’m
          sorry.These great pryamids were mathematically precise.Give me a
          break.Nor are they capable of ruling as a world power as the Egyptians
          did for so long.
          Just look at Haiti or the violent south african
          blacks and tell me that they’re ancient cousins actually ruled the world
          at one time.But blacks seem to cling to the nonsensical theory that if
          they can prove the existence of some sort of advanced historical
          accomplishment, that will somehow validate their race.

          pathetic, really.Blacks only started appearing in ancient Egypt during
          the Third Empire, long after Cleopatra, the pyramids, mathematics,
          language, culture, and Egyptian technology were invented. This was only
          due to the Third Empire’s expansion into Somalia where blacks then
          started appearing as slaves, mercenaries, guards, etc.

          There was
          no black hands involved in creating Egypt, hell in creating any
          legitimate civilization outside of mud huts and shit pits, and that’s a

        • Wes Miller

          Gosh…are you an idiot or a goat ?? I have to ask because your comments are completely ignorant and delusional.
          Based on what facts?

          Here’s a fact. ..sub Saharan dark skin Africans populated not only Egypt but the world. Basic science is based on this. Look up human migrations dummy or oUT of Africa theory

        • Gordo

          Generalizing The anatomy of Negroid to Caucasian is so very different and the IQ not anywhere near Caucasian, they could never have ever had the intelligence to explore and move around the world let alone build mathmatically required structures. In Africa today if all the other races left it entirely to the negroids, all inventions of civlization would soon be ruins, they just dont know what the word Maintenance means, Before the other races arrived these inhabitants were like all other species of early homo sapiens and mammals very much sticking to a certain area,
          The early inhabitants of ancient Egypt probably used the Negroid people as slaves in building their structures and did the Negroids learn anything? not as far as I can see, they are opportunists who can only surf the wave of other races be it even to wearing of clothes or driving cars and planes but never have invented anything so how could they be the ancient Egyptians? but for the Negroid people to try and claim some fame that we the rest of the world descend from them, like I have said the anatomy is just so different, Where is the missing link between them and the rest?

      • walied

        For sure, Egypt were never black, at least in the dynastic periods. Regarding the Copts, i am sorry to disappoint you that DNA studies of Copts show non-uniform patterns. They are never a pure race. They are as varied as Muslims, unless you are well-informed that Copts literally mean Egyptians not a specific religion.

        • Egyptians were very much a mixed race and conqured by a few, the hyksos blended in with the egyptians and the royal egyptian family was known to marry some of the hittite princesses. They blended with nubians as well as greeks and persians.

        • Carl

          How can Africans meaning Blacks originate in Africa and inhabit the four corners of Africa except egypt

        • Pkr

          Walied, when you said that “For sure Egypt were never black”, you are saying something that is ignorant and false. The 25th Dynasty was a recognizably “black” dynasty and King Taharqa a Cushite from that dynasty is mentioned in the Bible. Your argument is wrong. Because the word dynasty supports the people who say that the ancient Egyptians were “black”. This because the word dynasty means line or family rule for several generations. In my research I have found that all the images of the rulers looked like their predecessors and successors and those images were of “black” people, hence the word dynasty. And it is dynasty that lends no room for people to muddy the water by saying they were mostly white or mixed, it is about family.

        • Dave Mowers

          “UNESCO convened the “Symposium on the Peopling of Ancient Egypt and the Deciphering of the Meroitic Script” in Cairo in 1974. At that forum the “Black Egyptian” theory was rejected by 90% of delegate”


        • Ezekiel 29:14
          14 I will restore the prosperity of Egypt and bring its people back to the land of Pathros in southern Egypt from which they came. * ( the land of their ancestors and habitation) But Egypt will remain an unimportant, minor kingdom. 15 It will be the lowliest of all the nations, never again great enough to rise above its neighbors. The bible which is the living word of God and an authoritative source of historical record indicates that the ancient Egypt ancestry originated in the Southern part of Egypt which is next to Nubian and Cush (ethiopia) to which even today in modern Egypt the farther south you travel the darker the population becomes. The people of ancient Sudan followed the river ( Nile) to establish the Kingdom. The bible indicated that it will never raise to power again, and was eventually conquered and invaded by Assyrians, Persians, Greek, Romans, Syrian, and Arabs; but these nations ( people) were not the original people of Egypt, but eventually mixed with the indigenous black population and become a part of Egyptian culture and dynasty. ( Remember the America’s one drop rule, if you have one drop of black blood, you have to be consider black). Based on this standard many, but not all Egyptians would have to be considered black.
          Psalms 105: 23,, says, Then Israel arrived in Egypt; Jacob lived as a foreigner in the land of Ham. Genesis 10:6, says, The sons of Ham: Cush, Egypt, Put and Canaan. At the very least the Nubia which is located in Upper Egypt and Lower Sudan ( Cush) was a part of the Egyptian Dynasty and this Ethiopian population had to give Egypt some color to say the very least. Nubian was annexed as a part of Egypt. The Nubian where the Egyptians number one trading partner. The Meiji were Nubian soldiers and Para-military forces integrated into the Egyptian Army and society. They guarded the Temple in Thebes ( Southern Egypt). Also, after the Sahara desert dried up, the people traveled East into Egypt. There had to be at least some people with dark skin and consider black by modern standards. For Egypt is in the continent of Africa. Also, dark skinned people from Yemen, Sabe, Seba, and other parts of Arabian Peninsula had to give Egypt some color to say the very least. The bible indicates that these Arabian tribes were the descendants of Cush (Ethiopia). Read Genesis 10:6 Descendants of Ham
          6 The descendants of Ham were Cush, Mizraim( Egypt), Put,( Libya or Somalia) and Canaan.
          7 The descendants of Cush ( Ethiopia) were Seba, Havilah, Sabtah, Raamah, and Sabteca. The descendants of Raamah were Sheba and Dedan.
          8 Cush ( Greek word for Ethiopia) was also the ancestor of Nimrod, who was the first heroic warrior on earth. 9 Since he was the greatest hunter in the world,[b] his name became proverbial. People would say, “This man is like Nimrod, the greatest hunter in the world.” 10 He built his kingdom in the land of Babylonia,[c] with the cities of Babylon, Erech, Akkad, and Calneh. 11 From there he expanded his territory to Assyria,[d] building the cities of Nineveh, Rehoboth-ir, Calah, 12 and Resen (the great city located between Nineveh and Calah).
          20 These were the descendants of Ham, identified by clan, language, territory, and national identity.

        • Taharqa was a pharaoh of the Ancient Egyptian 25th dynasty and king of the Kingdom of Kush, which was located in Northern Sudan…
          Taharqa’s reign can be dated from 690 BC to 664 BC.[4] Evidence for the dates of his reign is derived from the Serapeum stela, catalog number 192. This stela records that an Apis bull born and installed (4th month of Peret, day 9) in Year 26 of Taharqa died in Year 20 of Psammetichus I (4th month of Shomu, day 20), having lived 21 years. This would give Taharqa a reign of 26 years and a fraction, in 690-664 B.C.[5] Taharqa explicitly states in Kawa Stela V, line 15, that he succeeded Shebitku with this statement: “I received the Crown in Memphis after the Falcon (i.e., Shebitku) flew to heaven.”[6]
          Although Taharqa’s reign was filled with conflict with the Assyrians, it was also a prosperous renaissance period in Egypt and Kush. When Taharqa was about 20 years old, he participated in a historic battle with the Assyrian emperor Sennacherib at Eltekeh. At Hezekiah’s request, Taharqa and the Egyptian/Kushite army managed to stall the Assyrian advance on Jerusalem. Sennacherib abandoned the siege and returned home. Thus, Taharqa saved Jerusalem and Hebrew society from destruction, a pivotal point in world and Hebrew history.
          The might of Taharqa’s military forces was established at Eltekeh, leading to a period of peace in Egypt. During this period of peace and prosperity, the empire flourished. In the sixth year of Taharqa’s reign, prosperity was also aided by abundant rainfall and a large harvest. Taharqa took full advantage of the lull in fighting and abundant harvest. He restored existing temples, built new ones, and built the largest pyramid in the Napatan region. Particularly impressive were his additions to the Temple at Karnak, new temple at Kawa, and temple at Jebel Barkal.[7][8][9][10][11]
          Biblical references[edit]
          Scholars[who?] have identified Taharqa with Tithakah, king of Ethiopia (Kush), who waged war against Sennacherib during the reign of King Hezekiah of Judah (2 Kings 19:9; Isaiah 37:9).
          The events in the Biblical account are believed to have taken place in 701 BC, whereas Taharqa came to the throne some ten years later. A number of explanations have been proposed: one being that the title of king in the Biblical text refers to his future royal title, when at the time of this account he was likely only a military commander.

      • leilah

        How can Robert Lindsay claim Egyptians originated in Africa and then turn around and claim they were Caucasians that migrated into Africa 42,000 years ago? Your claims are FALSE. Evidence confirmed Egyptians are in their place of ORIGIN, which is Africa and they carry sub-Saharan African haplogroup (E). Also, Google “Nubia” and look at the Wikipedia site. Notice how the 1st NOME in Egypt was Nubia during the 1st dynasty. Nubians were Upper Egyptians. Most people don’t know that.
        In addition, look at how current Nubians look on the site down below. They don’t look like the preconceive look that most ignorant people have about Nubians.

        Egypt’s indigenous Nubians still battling to find a place | McClatchy

        • Listen Black girl, the Egyptians were a Caucasoid people who were the descendants of a Caucasoid group that migrated from the Levant into Egypt between 10-15,000 YBP. This group eventually gave rise to the Ancient Egyptians, a largely Caucasoid people.

          I never said Egyptians came to Egypt 42,000 YBP. I said that Caucasoids were created 42,000 YBP in the Caucasus to Central Asia by a mixture of 1/3 Paleoafrican and 2/3 Paleochinese.

        • Sorryest race came last

          Look cave monkey we do know that u so called whites came from cave man and were the last to be cilvleized and cant st*y in the sun to long and like stelling his story

        • Heru

          While there have been no attested exemplars of E1*, its sub-clade, E1a (M33), is found most often in West Africa, and today it is especially common in the region of Mali. One study has found haplogroup E1a-M33 Y-chromosomes in as much as 34% (15/44) of a sample of Malian men. Haplogroup E1a also has been detected among samples obtained from Guinea-Bissau, Moroccan Berbers, Sahrawis, Burkina Faso, northern Cameroon, Senegal, Sudan, Egypt, Calabria (including both Italian speakers at 1.3% and Albanian speakers at 2.9%), and Portugal (5/553 or approx 0.9%).

          Haplogroup E1a has been detected in North Africa and Europe independently of the ubiquitous E1b1a. Because E1b1a is known to have expanded recently, this leaves open the possibility of an ancient expansion from Sub-Saharan Africa into North Africa and Europe of E1a lineages

        • Heru

          “The raw values in Table 6 suggest that Egyptians had the “super-Negroid” body plan described by Robins (1983).. This pattern is supported by Figure 7 (a plot of population mean femoral and tibial lengths; data from Ruff, 1994), which indicates that the Egyptians generally have tropical body plans. Of the Egyptian samples, only the Badarian and Early Dynastic period populations have shorter tibiae than predicted from femoral length. Despite these differences, all samples lie relatively clustered together as compared to the other populations.” (Zakrzewski, S.R. (2003). “Variation in ancient Egyptian stature and body proportions”. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 121 (3): 219-229. Two opposing theories for the origin of Dynastic Egyptians dominated scholarly debate over the last century: whether the ancient Egyptians were black Africans (historically referred to as Negroid) originating biologically and culturally in Saharo-Tropical Africa, or whether they originated as a Dynastic Race in the Mediterranean or western Asian regions (people historically categorized as White, or Caucasoid). Contemporary physical anthropologists recognize, however that race is not a useful biological concept when applied to humans. Although many people believe they can distinguish “races” on the basis of skin color, more of the variation in human genetic makeup can be attributed to differences between these so-called races than between them…. There is now a sufficient body of evidence from modern studies of skeletal remains to indicate that the ancient Egyptians, especially southern Egyptians, exhibited physical characteristics that are within the range of variation for ancient and modern indigenous peoples of the Sahara and tropical Africa. In general, the inhabitants of Upper Egypt and Nubia had the greatest biological affinity to people of the Sahara and more southerly areas..[…] Any interpretation of the biological affinities of the ancient Egyptians must be placed in the context of hypothesis informed by the archaeological, linguistic, geographic or other data. In this context the physical anthropological evidence indicates that the early Nile Valley populations can be identified as part of an African lineage, but exhibiting local variation. This variation represents the short and long term effects of evolutionary forces, such as gene flow, genetic drift, and natural selection influenced by culture and geography (Nancy C. Lovell, ” Egyptians, physical anthropology of,” in Encyclopedia of the Archaeology of Ancient Egypt, ed. Kathryn A. Bard and Steven Blake Shubert, ( London and New York: Routledge, 1999) pp 328-332). “In this regard it is interesting to note that limb proportions of Predynastic Naqada people in Upper Egypt are reported to be “Super-Negroid,” meaning that the distal segments are elongated in the fashion of tropical Africans…..skin color intensification and distal limb elongation are apparent wherever people have been long-term residents of the tropics.” (– C.L. Brace, 1993. Clines and clusters..”). “The evidence also points to linkages to other northeast African peoples, not coincidentally approximating the modern range of languages closely related to Egyptian in the Afro-Asiatic group (formerly called Hamito-Semetic). These linguistic similarities place ancient Egyptian in a close relationship with languages spoken today as far west as Chad, and as far south as Somalia. Archaeological evidence also strongly supports an African origin. A widespread northeastern African cultural assemblage, including distinctive multiple barbed harpoons and pottery decorated with dotted wavy line patterns, appears during the early Neolithic (also known as the Aqualithic, a reference to the mild climate of the Sahara at this time). Saharan and Sudanese rock art from this time resembles early Egyptian iconography. Strong connections between Nubian (Sudanese) and Egyptian material culture continue in later Neolithic Badarian culture of Up!
          per Egypt. Similarities include black-topped wares, vessels with characteristic ripple-burnished surfaces, a special tulip-shaped vessel with incised and white-filled decoration, palettes, and harpoons…”

          “Other ancient Egyptian practices show strong similarities to modern African cultures including divine kingship, the use of headrests, body art, circumcision, and male coming-of-age rituals, all suggesting an African substratum or foundation for Egyptian civilization………”

          “The race and origins of the Ancient Egyptians have been a source of considerable debate. Scholars in the late and early 20th centuries rejected any considerations of the Egyptians as black Africans by defining the Egyptians either as non-African (i.e Near Easterners or Indo-Aryan), or as members of a separate brown (as opposed to a black) race, or as a mixture of lighter-skinned peoples with black Africans. In the later half of the 20th century, Afrocentric scholars have countered this Eurocentric and often racist perspective by characterizing the Egyptians as black and African…..”

          “Physical anthropologists are increasingly concluding that racial definitions are the culturally defined product of selective perception and should be replaced in biological terms by the study of populations and clines. Consequently, any characterization of race of the ancient Egyptians depend on modern cultural definitions, not on scientific study. Thus, by modern American standards it is reasonable to characterize the Egyptians as ‘blacks’ [i.e in a social sense] while acknowledging the scientific evidence for the physical diversity of Africans.” Source: Donald Redford (2001) The Oxford encyclopedia of ancient Egypt, Volume 3. Oxford University Press. p. 27-28

        • fransika

          Ham, Shem and Japheth were brothers of one father and one mother. That’s one family. The brothers spread out and each created his own family.


          In this Table of Nations they have this:
          ‘The Japhetic people are, in general, the peoples of India and Europe (Indo-European stock), with which any demographer is familiar’.

          The people of India are very diverse from the very lightest of skin to the very darkest of skin. How could these be descendants of Japheth? Japheth is pure white. Just saying it but I don’t care; We are talking about people from the same genetic root. Plus people intermarry, this brings about change and diversity.

          I’ll like to say a thing on marriage. This is from the bible. God placed no restriction on marriage; only one exception, you have to find it in the bible for yourself.
          People over time made their own restrictions with regards to marriage for different reasons that have nothing to do with GOD.

        • Dempster

          I think you’re just racist
          funny you can’t answer the question how can black africans be everywhere but egypt?

      • alan

        one of the dumbest assertions you can ever make … it’s like saying indigenous Americans were Caucasians since there is an American couple working at a pharmacy near me that look like indigenous European white people

      • bunny

        talking shit cave dweller

      • Dan Browney

        This is how they represented a face :

        Face (Hieroglyph):

        The ancient Egyptian “Face” hieroglyph is a portrayal of the human face,frontal view.The sign is also an ideogram for “face”,and related words.




        They used Black features to represent a face and look at the ha
        Proof that ancient egyptians were black so shut up cocksucking assole..these are too much fo your little racist white ass to handle sso restrict yourself to your fav topics like pedophilia

    • That quote comes from my mother. I don’t suppose she has a source for it though. If you read accounts of European explorers to Africa, they say much the same thing.

      • alan

        European explorers are the culprits behind the misconceptions of Africa. Their accounts and motives were often had racial, prejudiced, and bigoted. For God’s sake even Jesus is depicted as blue-eyed blond haired. The African story should be told from an African perspective

        • Blonde hair and blue eyes? A huge majority of white people have brown hair, How about Carthaginians? Were they black? Afros used to say the Minoans were not European either and they portray themselves as brown. You think because because they were shirtless most of the time.
          I live in Arizona. Over a hundred degrees 110 days out of the year. Lots of white folks. The chinese mummies that were blonde and red haired lived in the deserts of china for 5000 years.

      • citizen 1986

        Listen Black girl, the Egyptians were a Caucasoid people who were the descendants of a Caucasoid group that migrated from the Levant into Egypt between 10-15,000 YBP. This group eventually gave rise to the Ancient Egyptians, a largely Caucasoid people.

        I never said Egyptians came to Egypt 42,000 YBP. I said that Caucasoids were created 42,000 YBP in the Caucasus to Central Asia by a mixture of 1/3 Paleoafrican and 2/3 Paleochines

        Where did u pull dis 1 out of ur arse. Funniest BS I eva read and I’ve read really funny 1s Egyptians where black not copper or golden but black . Would have you know black people range from as black as night to brown or copper or gold . If I come from Kenya and my mum is white would that make me not a kenyan or not black . You people are hypocrates a man from portugal is white despite the fact he looks more like an Indian you classify as mongoloid. They came from punt which is to the south east not mediterrian nor europe . At least they could draw and write don’t see any drawing of any white immigration they came from Africa and they stayed there . Its an African civilization built by blacks and the rulers were blacks They inbreed because heritage was maternal if your mother wasn’t royal you couldn’t be king they always preserved their colour no mixture . Where I come from they have many tribes and we aren’t the same color and we live in the same region . The tribe to the east are known to be lighter than the tribe to the North does that make them less black . Please enough with the BS saying the black slaves could sing and play spots gawdd and you have a laptop thought you were an illiterate

      • citizen 1986

        Robert Lindsay you are a joker where did u pull ur facts from your arse. Hope you know DNA results on the 18th dynasty mummies are out didn’t see any white markers. If arab semitic whites or indians wrote this ill understand but who are you a clown . Who told u the black slaves in egypt where good at sports and entertainment the ghost of your great grand father cos I sure didn’t see that anywhere . Egptians were black from Africa stayed in Africa till the greeks invaded them any other group just came and went and they usually drove all the aliens . The Pharohs were blacks cos they inbreed heritage was matrineal if your mum wasn’t royalty you had no right to the throne . It was from the 18th dynasty that the pharoh appointed so 1 out royal lineage and despite that he wuz black. Egyptians came from punt south east . A black man ranges from black as night to brown as copper with no admixture depends on you environment and level of sun exposure . Clown

        • Yes

          Man citizen is right I mean come on I read in a book(its called the bible) that Is older than this Robert fellow. That the king Ramsesses was black himself. If blacks were salves were not the Isrealites slaves? This would mean that the savior is really black and so to Moses.

        • Lola

          Coming from someone who can’t even spell “pharaoh”. lol

      • Two types of “white” people from two different but equally unfortunate events 1st is Drividian albinos which covers most of western Europe ( Germany)example. They migrated from the indus valley (south east asia) to a colder more sutible weather conditions. The 2nd is asiatic mongol albinos mixing with Dravidian albinos. Central Asia both locations are not in Africa. Leprosy is a skin condition that turns darker skin to white. Also in the bible at times God would turn people leprous usually as a curse Mariam ,Moses sister. 4 types of Albinism varying to eye color, hair color etc. The cause of Albinism is incest creating a recessive ( weak) gene example sickel cell anemia when two blood related slaves were forced to procreate. Don’t try to included horn of africans as being cauasian. Descending from Albinism make whites a sub-race because other wise healthy population had pigment. Whites can only be ancient egyptians in the movies they produce and the fakely recontructed statues, painted over hieroglyphics and other fabricated items to try to rewrite history of Afro Asiatic people like the hebrews also. The pope himself worships a Black Modonna and Black Jesus and so do many european countries. So if the ancient egyptians were brown skinned whites , how was the infant Jesus, Marry and Joseph able to flee from king Herod into egypt unnoticed if they were Albino offspring? The current pope has pictures and videos showing the BLACK not BROWN….BLACK Yeshua and Mariam. Now current Egypt is partly caucasian buy not Master building ancients times. As a matter of fact the black DNA has the most variety than any other racial group. So flat noses and big lips does not always indicate a so called black person. Features vary even for non mixed blacks. So your fake anglophile style propaganda of history has been exposed. There is factual proof. Ofcourse you may want to take these lies to your grave and not accept the truth.

      • M&M

        This Cave PIG is simply doing what his type does best and that is to create conflict and confusion. His type are nothing but mischief makers. They arent happy unless theyre stirring up problems and tryN their best to place themselves above all others. Theyll say anything, do anything, and tell endless lies in order to deceive and confuse. I believe they have a tremendous amount of insecurity issues, inadequacies, dysfunctions, etc etc that causes them to feel the need to be king of the hill, shmd. Poor little Cave Pig, he’s like a little boy fantasizing and dreaming that he’s some kinda Super Hero with a cape on and a S on his chest. Seek help for your deranged, demented, and mentally ill way of thinking.

        • Lola

          Poor little negro. Your people never accomplished anything, so you feel the need to lie about objective facts and history. I feel sorry for your kind.

        • http://www.kaa-umati.co.uk/banturosetta.html

          ancient Egyptian has a lot of bantu words in fact might even say its bantu(African ) language

          I speak several bantu language and been learning as according to this research link above.I have seen they are the same. maybe the Egyptians where white or wher black but one thing for sure more than half their language is 100% similar to the current bantu language(east and southern Africa language group)


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        Wow… You are truly a product of America… Lol a “nigger” is an ignorant person.. And your pic should be next to the word bc you are a prime example!! Do you think that after YEARS of being called the same word that that can break a black person?? You ” Anglo-Saxons” need a new word to try to ridicule blacks because you people have actually become the ” niggers..” IGNORANCE IS NOT BLISS!! Lmao!!!!! Dude, you are so dumb!!!! Robert Lindsay.. The first white NIGGER!! Lmao! And I’m actually at school at Harvard in my dorm room weak to the floor laughing at you!!! Just dumb.. Goodnight…

      • wiill

        You have made this comment section entertaining. Sure your stereotypical racial comments dont make you seem biased at all. keep doing it, it helps you seem intelligent.

      • L.A.M

        Just wondering. Are you autistic. You’re a racist, whiny baby. That always bans people for speaking there mind. You are a true dumbass.

        • Nigga, you can’t even speak proper English. Where did you go to school? Ebonics High? What did you major in at college? English Mangling? How did you get into college in the first place? Affirmative Action?

          Get lost Black man. I am banning your Black ass. Now get back in my field and pick me some cotton.

    • Herututuankoma

      Genetic studies has shown that Nubians are the closest people ethnically to Ancient Egyptians which is why the culture is similar. Which is why the major DNA haplogroup in Egyptians especially in the South is haplogroup E – YDNA. They have the same deitie,s same type of buildings and there are more pyramids in Nubia than in Egypt. Even West Africans have Ancient Egyptians ancestry such as the Yoruba, Igbo, Dogon and several other tribes who trace their lineage back to 4th and 5th dynasties. Even former Ghana King TenkAMENin name is similar to King TutankhAMEN. Also S. Africa activist Desmond TUTu name is similar to King Tut. There are tribes in Ethiopia such as The Hamer who wear the Feather of Maat and have same hair styles as ancient Egyptians, they even wear red ochre like the Egyptians did basically the culture originated in Ethiopia as thats were life itself originated from. DNATribes posted on their website (DNATribes.com) in early 2012 that the Amarna Pharaohs genetic origins are from S. Africa, W. Africa and African Great Lakes. The Zulu’s even say they migrated out of Egypt due to their leadership of Nguni. Even today the Zulu priest wear the leopard skin just like the ancient Egyptian priest have. The origins of the ancient Egyptians are from S. East Africa as they left plenty of documentation and artifacts to point their roots out. I think its time for Europeans to let go of the white Egypt. My question is why does Europeans care so much about Egypt when they have Greece and Rome to look back on? Ancient Egyptian color was as diverse as Africans in general are today. For example the Khoisans aka Bushmen are golden complexion and they are some of the oldest people on Earth. So the gold people you are looking at on the reliefs are ultimately the Khoisan who happened to be Animist just like the Ancient Egyptians. The Khoisan migrated all over Africa and outside of Africa just like the Twa Pygmies and other pygmy population. Same goes for the Kushites aka Ethiopians. Yes Africans come in a variety of hues as they are the most diverse ethnic group however they place themselves under that “black” umbrella because they realize that the 1st people on the Earth were black and they know Africans in general are direct descendants of the 1st people. Even today you can see Queen of Shebah III wearing the golden head crown of Hathor/Isis. She has a website and is active on Facebook and even twitter. Lastly there was no Caucasians or white people around 40K yrs ago. Scientific studies show that Europeans skin turned pale only recently circa 6K yrs ago. The 1st people in Europe were Africans of dark skin complexion. It would have taken many yrs and generations for a population of whites to play any role in developing a nation. Also Egypt climate is too hot to support the skin type of a typical European aka Caucasian aka white person as skin cancer would have been a big killer to some one of white skinned, even albinos can’t survive the hot climate and albinism does occur in Africa. Robert Bauval who was born in Alexandria and is the writer of “Black Genesis” states that the builders of the Egyptian Empire were of black African aka Sub Saharan origin. The findings of Nabta Playa have played a role in shedding light to that. There are even recent findings of a 200K yr old civilization in S. Africa in which Heru/Horus falcon statues have been found. So the culture of Egypt did not even originate in Egypt, it originated in Southern Africa. Also Robert Lindsay how can you refute the reports given by Herodutus who stated the Egyptians were black with wooly hair, Diodorus who stated the Egyptians were a colony sent out by the Ethiopians or by Count Volney who supported Herodotus and even said the face of the Sphinx fits that of the typical Negro. . Matilda blog is not credible as she has no credentials to even back up her postings. She pieces different findings but here posts actually contradict her own motives. She states work of Keita but Dr. Keita clearly says that the ancient Egyptians mummies fit those of tropical and desert body structures that mainly Africans posses especially those of Sub Saharan in origin. Ever heard of the Mangbetu tribe? Well they have elongated heads just like the elongated skulls of the Amarna time period such as King Tut and Akhenaten who happen to have S. African and Nubian roots. The Mangbetu are of the same bloodline. See you knock Afrocentrics but Afrocentrics are citing works that were revealed by your European breathern ie Diodorus, Count Volney, Herodotus. So Robert maybe you need to spend more time doing thorough research instead of living a pipe dream which leads no where but to a cess pool of bad information. Rahotep was shut down from youtube because people like me put forth the effort to refute him and shut him up. He was just a guy from the UK who was filled with racist ideology that black Africans never accomplished anything, well that is an oxymoron because black Africans are the mothers and fathers of humanity. So I guess Rahotep aka Gordon Napier is NOTHING then. Even Sinead O’Connor has come out and wrote that all humanity originated in Africa and if it was not for Africans that everyone else would be nothing. She showed support to the Trayvon Martin vs George Zimmerman case….Good for Sinead bless her heart! And the word BLESS comes from the Nile deity BES!

      • Shu

        Wow, even Sinead O’Connor?
        From Left to Right- Syrian, Nubian, Libyian, Egyptian in Egyptian hieroglyphics:

        I’ll personally take the word of the ancient Egyptians over dishonest afro-centrics who falsely claim everything from East to West.

        • I totally agree;SO MANY blacks claim they are direct descendants of Egyptians but NONE can tell me where the Egyptians themselves ever refer to this!From the accounts I’ve read they are actually described as anything BUT african in all thier physical attributes!I mean does “small of waist” or “thin lips and narrow noses” sound ANYTHING like africans?

        • Awill

          I’m sorry but do you mean to say that last man is Caucasian or in anyway not indicative of a black man??

        • Pkr

          The hieroglyphics of the different groups are images that the Bible borrowed from King Seti I wall inscriptions and put in Genesis. The images
          are of the sons of Ham as they spread around in Africa and Southwest Asia. All of the foreign rulers of ancient Egypt save the Greeks and Romans rulers, were distant relatives of the ancient Egyptians through Ham if Ham existed. What is most important is how they looked. They looked similar, but, in different shades of brown.

          Modern Egyptians have little in common with the ancient Egyptians they are mostly imports following the Greeks, Romans and Arabs invasions long ago or recent imports to Egypt. You do not take the “word” of the ancient Egyptians. Because if you did you would not be making the points that you are. If a picture is worth a thousand words as one wise person once said, the ancient Egyptians spoke in tremendous volume(s) through their art. And their art is of “black” people.

      • Mike Barnes

        Looks like some interesting stuff “Herututuankoma” but try to use paragraphs – I didn’t ‘make it’ to the end

      • Boyan

        You seem to have some serious backing of your theory, but let me share the problems that are evident to me right away. 1) Ancient Egyptian race controversy in Wikipedia demonstrates big scientifically based disagreement on the issue. From reading the article it seems to me that the Afro-centrist are loosing. We leave in a world in which it is politically incorrect for Afro-centrist to be loosing yet….Herodotus talks about the Danaians (ancient word for Greeks) came from Egypt & sort of forced the name on Ancient Greeks. This is confirmed by other Ancient Greek sources; Herodotus VI- 53 “..but if one enumerates their ancestors going back from Danae the daughter of Acrisios, the rulers of the Dorians will prove to be Egyptian by direct Descent..”; Strabo VII, 7. 1 “For Pelops brought colonists from Phrygia into the Peloponnesus, which took his name; Danaus brought colonists from Egypt;”; Pliny VII. LVI.195-198 “..wells by Danaus who came from Egypt to Greece to the region tliat used to be called Diy Argos..” Therefore Greeks should be blacks or at least have some genetics from Africa which does not seem to be the case. There is one highly contested study that says they do have African blood, but most say that they are white Europeans. So we either can’t trust all Ancient Greek sources or the Egyptians that came to Greece were not black or were mixed enough to be purely black! (2) Caucasian or Aryan, does not necessarily mean blond, white with blue eyes. Iranians are Aryans as is obvious even from the sounding of the name. There is a good percentage of Asian Indians that are Aryans. Both of those groups are pretty dark (maybe golden) & survive in hot climates without skin cancer. Actually the sun causing skin cancer is more or less a lie. In fact people with cancer including skin varieties need a lot of sunlight as a prerequisite of proper healing. Too much sun or anything else is not so good. Chemicals in sunblock creams are more responsible for skin cancer than anything else. (3) Cultural influence of Egypt all the way to South Africa is not surprising having in mind that finding of frozen ancient Aryan in Siberia had a body tattoo that was like from an Egyptian tomb & was rapped in a blanket the technique of making of which has last been seen on the Balkans in Europe. Combine that with the Romanian Sphinx & the findings of a likely Egyptian cult ruins by the village of Sitovo in Bulgaria & things are getting real messy. Dionysus is a cult that may have it’s origin in Ethiopia, Egypt or Thrace in Europe & was popular in Thrace, Greece & Egypt. There is an alternative historian that is claiming that a large mountain on the Balkans is really the biggest man made pyramid. The little archeological digging done there is not disproving the hypothesis so far. (4) You are making the argument that Caucasians did not develop in time to have created Ancient Egypt which totally depends on the Theory of Evolution being accurate. Well it is not! It is a working hypothesis that has scientifically been strongly challenged & dis-proven. The development of all humanity from blacks in Africa as a part of the Theory of Evolution is an act of Political Correctness today although in the past has been used as a corner stone of white supremacy & apartheid.
        In conclusion it seems to me you really, really need and want Egypt to have been created and developed by blacks. It could be but the evidence is overwhelmingly against that so far. On the other hand I truthfully do not care!!! If there is definite proof that Egypt is the creation of black people I am fine with that. The problem is that Afro-centric science is more Propaganda than science in my opinion. I am not saying that a lot of the Afro-opponents are not also into Propaganda.

        • RunswithScissors

          Okay, your post is a year old, but I feel compelled to correct you. You seem to be the White inversion of an afrocentrist and afrocentrists are idiots. Now, where to begin? Well, first off, that Romanian Sphinx you speak of is a natural rock formation. Also, the Out of Africa theory is not the product of politically correctness. It is good science. Numerous genetic studies, paleontology, paleo-geography and various serious studies in other disciplines all suggest an African point of origin for all human groups. You even question evolution. That’s good; scientific theories are meant to be questioned. And guess what? The theory of evolution has been questioned, tested, retested, poked and prodded and it still holds up very well. In fact, it’s one of those rare theories in science that is so well-supported and internally consistent that it approaches a law of nature.

      • The MANGBETU shape their skulls from infancy.

      • I would love to know how you researched so mny truths about ancient egypt, as an african studies major I want to know the real story of our story…..

        • http://www.kaa-umati.co.uk/banturosetta.html

          ancient Egyptian has a lot of bantu words in fact might even say its bantu(African ) language

          I speak several bantu language and been learning as according to this research link above.I have seen they are the same. maybe the Egyptians where white or wher black but one thing for sure more than half their language is 100% similar to the current bantu language(east and southern Africa language group)
          try that

        • No, my black retarded friends. They were “Middle Eastern”…You know, the people that built the Cradle of Civilization? Gave us written language, etc? If they were black, then Ancient Egypt would have been called “Detroit”…That is Bantu for “civilization,” by the way.

      • Sydney Light

        I think your response well written, well spoken, and quite convincing… except that Tut was shown to have European DNA, Ramses had naturally red hair, and many mummies have red or blond hair. Clearly, Nefertiti was not typically African, and Cleopatra was Greek. You have to put this into your otherwise interesting thoughts.

        • chercabaret

          No King Tut was not white. That was debunked by DNA Tribes a while ago. King Tuts DNA was pretty much completely Sub-Saharan. Sorry to bust your bubble…

        • Heru

          DNATribes.com has refuted your King Tut European DNA. King Tut DNA mainly consists of S.African, African Great Lakes and Tropical West African origin. Also Cleopatra supposedly had an African Mother as Caroline Wilksinson did scientific examination on Cleopatra family, just watch “Cleopatra Portrait of a Killer” for reference. Besides the Ptolemy’s came to Egypt, they did not originate in Egypt. The Ptolemy’s were NOT part of the Old Kingdom or even Middle Kingdom nor did they start the New Kingdom. The Ptolemy’s were to Egypt what Columbus and the Spaniards were to America. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-XdY3E3uOsgw/TvzM6u5OgzI/AAAAAAAAEZ0/_pCkKg3r86M/s1600/dnatribes.jpg

        • Pkr

          You have to convince me how can a man well into his ninth decade of life, as Ramesses II was, when he died, have natural red hair? Many ancient Egyptians dyed their hair. The problem with saying that Tutankhamen
          Had European DNA is his relatives, please look up the word dynasty. All of his grandmother or mother, Queen Tiye images are those of a Nubia and her blood ties to Queen Ahmose Nefertari is probably why she became queen. His father or Grandfather King Amenhotep III, better known as Amenhotep the Magnificent had some very prominent African features. And the number of surviving statues bearing his likeness are numerous. Then there is Akhenaten who was Tut’s Father or brother who also had prominent African features. As I have said before, blond hair color, fair skin, and blue eyes are recessive genetic traits. And none of the above listed traits would have bode well in a place like ancient Egypt. If Ramesses II had had blue eyes, fair skin and red or blond hair he wouldn’t have lived to be nearly 90 years old, he would have probably died of melanoma decades earlier. Nefertiti was related to King Tut through King Tiye. Cleopatra was at least of mixed ancestry. Nothing I can say or do can change many whites view of who the ancient Egyptians were, but the truth is out there. And it might create controversy, but truth in itself is not controversial, it is fact.

        • Dave Mowers

          Which Cleopatra are you talking about?

          You see, the later Cleopatra took her name from the earlier Cleopatra as described in the story of Jason and the Argonauts and the earlier one was Minoan, or Proto-Greek or Phoenician hence, Caucasian and she lived at-minimum 1,000 years before the story was written so somewhere between 1600 B.C. and 1900 B.C. She was from Libya which was part of Phoenicia which the name of the founder of Egypt, “Mitzraim,” translates-to, “Places surrounding the water,” and is synonymous with Phoenician City-States which dotted the coast of the Mediterranean from Spain to Israel.

      • Nubia was part of southern egypt, you know that right? it was typically known that egyptians were a mixed race. they were not pure black either.

        • Awill

          I’m about 20% Eurasian like many African Americans.. Am I of a mixed race?.. Am I NOT black??!! I believe it’s R1b lineage that many use to claim Tut was European. First off, Tut’s generation lived about 1,300 years after the pyramid builders. Secondly, R1b is Asian not European. Back migration from Asia to Africa caused Tut’s R lineage. These same R carriers brought it INTO Europe. So the statement made by spin artists that about 70% of Europeans share lineage with Tut is true but that’s because both have R1b from Asian migrants, NOT because Tut was European..

      • Alicia clery

        I just wanted to say thankyou for your intelligence! This article has no basis in reality… No evidence or anything! They even have the nerve to say the Egyptian facial reconstructions do not look black… They obviously have never seen any then!

        • The Ancient Egyptians were the same people you find in Egypt today. By modern western racial slang, they were “Middle Eastern.” It’s pretty sick having to listen to all of these racist American black afrocentric freaks spewing their hate…They can say it all they want to. Won’t change anything in the real world. 😀

        • sadasdasd

          No, they werent middle eastern. Not even Arab. Ancient egyptians looks like the hawaiian people, afro-indo people of indonesian island, and malay peninsula of today

        • Lola

          @sadasdad- Uh, Native Hawaiians are NOT afro-anything. They’re most closely related to the Chinese, more specifically to Thai people. You’re completely ignorant on their culture apparently. I’ve done the research, my grandmother is Native Hawaiian. They are descendents of Asians, not Africans. They’re not like Aboriginals from Australia, they’re completely different. Stop spreading lies. There’s NOTHING African about Native Hawaiians.

      • southafrican

        i’m sorry but i dont know where you get your info from. I WAS BORN IN SOUTH AFRICA AND HAVE LIVED HERE MY WHOLE LIFE. i am also a scientist and archaeologist and there is no evidence whatsoever which proves that the egyptian civilisation came from southern africa! and what the hell does desmond tutus name have to do with tutankamen?

    • According to Jean Francois Champollion ( French archaeologist) who deciphered the Rosette Stone which indicated that ancient Egyptians in their own handwriting stated that they came from the highlands of Ethiopia. People living in the Horn of Africa ( East Africa) do have mid-brown to brown complexions with caucasoid feathers; much like people from modern day countries of Somali, Ethiopia, and djibouti. Not all black people are negroid. Some are caucasoid, austroloid, or a half way between both penotypes. The Copts of Egypt are mixed with people of Greek and other Mid-eastern ancestry and would not be a good example of how the ancient Egyptians looked. The Beji people of southern Egyptian would more closely related to the ancient people of Egypt. Ancient Egyptians civilization was original found by people who traveled from south east Africa who followed the river north and then intergrated with nomes of lower egypt to establish the Kingdom. During later periods of history outside populations called ( hyskos) moved into to Egypt mixing with the indigenous population and becoming a melting pot. Nubians from the south of Egypt and northern Sudan where conscripted into the Egyptians army and culture accompanied with Libyans and other populations from the Levant ( middle east) who varied in skin tones from light to dusky to dark. Due to the continued flow of people from surrounding countries skin complexion varied; but for the most part many of the ancient egyptians where dark and would be considered black by modern standards. The ancients Egyptians had a 3,000 year history. Greeks and Romans did not conquer Egypt until later part of the dynasty era around 500BC. The Arab invasion took place in 700AD and through migration and replacement change the Egypt population. The original name of Egypt is Khem, Cham or the land of Ham.

      • Where do you get this Bullsh#t history from? Here’s the painful truth. And believe me if I had ancesters that were like that I would make up one too. First off their were no such thing as “Arabs” that far back. They are just a mud race. (mixed). And let’s face it Sub Saharan Africans did not learn how to grow food until the 1800’s!! And yet they built the pyramids?
        Look at some of the reliefs on the walls. It shows Nubian captives, and they are drawn exactly like a black. They make themselves tan color. Why? The only civilized ones were lived and learned near other cultures. A good example is the spainish, Portugese. America’s slave trade. They were completely primitive, but learned when taught.

    • denarius simba

      dont listen to the author of this article because if he was truly a researcher he would know that ancient egyptian skeletons fit for the negroid(african race) skull and egyptians used copper gold as representation of purity and i am african, 15 with a gpa of a 4.2 i am the #1 in my school (as of gpa) with the highest eoct and pre sat scores in the school and most of my classmates are white(european descendents) so i want you to know you are wrong for demeaning my ancestors achievements and have you even been to egypt to figure that out(no) but i have you slandered my race but i wish u the best!!!!!!

      • Jennie

        You have got to be kidding me. Those very negroid features of Egypt resemble some of the negroes from the block! Obviously you placed your anti negroid glasses on to do this report! I am Black and possess an above average intelligence. What about all the dumb white people in trailer parks out there? Whatcha got to say about them? By the way, they line dance very well. Ps , what about the smart black doctors ,lawyers and engineers so on in society. You sound very dumb. If your theory was true, how did they succeed ? Was it through placing a white brain in each day before attending the university? You make me pee my pants! One thing about being black, I’ve been around enough of them to know what our features look like. When Europeans began excavating those tombs and found those black faces, they immediately started to come up with the bullshit your just wrote! These white men did not know after slavery and bondges were inflicted against the black race , they were going to uncover a civilization that was going to make every lie they spoke about our intelligence dissipate!

        • Dennis

          Well said Jennie,

        • Dennis, you ignorant slut, England was one of the latest countries to start slave trading (1672) they formed the royal african trading nation…before that, the protugese and spanish were notorious for slave trade, and were sold black slaves by the west africans, thats recent history…Eygptians are not negroids…how many races are there Dennnis? sub saharans, east african -nilo, maybe cushitic/chadic….the egyptians of old…thousands of years ago, are not the blacks walking around in the united states….sure people were dark, look at the walls of the tombs…the only dark skinned I see is the nubians…and what the hell is wrong with some DNA exploring? maybe one could only go back so far…or find little traces here in there…who iknows what the future holds…but for some people on this site, to want to whiten up or darken up cultures…too bad for them…it all sounds like, mine is better than yours, school bs…and to say that the evidence is out there, but scholars and such dont want to give it to the blacks is bull hocky…whats wrong with doing DNA and perhaps seeing if, cushitic/chadics or what ever…is egyptian, but my monies on…their race went out a long time ago….to say that neffertiti looks like one of the bi-racial women we have in the states…what the hell is that saying? only that, since slaves were bought here, they have had, white/european genes…voila beyonce…but what did those negros look like when they came during this countries slave time…black as night, and very african…thats not egyptian…if you want to go that way, by what alot of people here argue about…facial feature….there are so many factors, and alot of info, needs to be looked at…from ABC, to DNA, to what ever crops up….I’ll say it again…ancient egyptians are not the blacks living today…in eygpt…say what you will, Iam of the school, that disagree’s …tiime line is off,

        • Sydney Light

          There are LOTS of really really dumb white people. Right now, America has one of the most intelligent president’s ever. This is not about racial superiority, its about accuracy. The earliest founders of Egypt were the megalith builders who created great cities all over the globe. They were not indigenous to Egypt, or South America, either for that matter. No one alive can claim them…they are gone, and we do not know where they came from, but they were a lot more intelligent than anyone living today. After they left, there were several different genetic clusters that came to rule Egypt over the many centuries. The best we can do is figure out who the great megalith builders were. Lets all stop trying to claim a heritage that belongs to everyone.

        • jeni

          Hi Jennie, as an Egypt studies major, here is what we learned this past semester in my African Haplotypes class. Ancient Egyptians were approximately:

          68% Negroid (sub-saharan)
          22% Mongoloid (far east)
          8% Indo European
          2% Pre-Arab Semitic

          While predominantly black, they are truly a mix. In our class the data used was a composite of genetic material from mummies, and DNA/RNA from many familial burial plots. These plots were located throughout Egypt, and are basically a poor man’s resting place. Sand burials. Both the royal lineage and the “everyday man” shows the same markers for the percentages.

          Egyptians were a mix, much like Greeks, Polynesians, Peruvians, (Americans) and most ethnic groups. Most people today would classify Egyptians as black, as that is well over half of their DNA. They would have looked much like Egyptians today, with more texture in their hair (according to my Prof at Brown University) I identify myself as white (Caucasian) though my maternal grandmother is from India. I look white. The Egyptians did not look completely Negroid, the way most people would picture someone from Ghana, but they were black with Asian, Indian, and Semitic ancestry as well. I think to suggest that these ancient peoples; who influenced many of our modern ideals including culture and government were white, is uninformed. In some cases, it is a surpressed truth, and very unfortunate for the Blacks of today. Hopfully this will not be the case as more people attend Universities, become better educated, and drop the longstanding prejudices so common in these times.

        • Lola

          Someone doesn’t understand averages. The average African-American IQ is 85, 15 points lower than the average white IQ, 20 points lower than the average Asian IQ. The average African (black) IQ is 70, bordering on mentally-disabled. Give me a break. Just because there are a few intelligent people in the black race, does not mean the entire race is intelligent on average. If you’re so intelligent, you would comprehend this.

      • tammy ross

        If they were black, where did the straight hair come from? and what difference does it really make anyway? We are all made in Gods image.

        • Awill

          Srry to troll but this racist dichotomy is null and void!

          “Ignorant slut..England was one of the latest countries to start slave trading”..
          An irrelevant point preceded by pointless banter, eh? Here’s my own: Some people never get it and some countries never enslaved millions.

          “Sub Saharan, East African, -nilo, maybe Cushitic/chadic”

          Stop kidding yourself these are all brown skinned Africans. No one’s “dark as night”or jet black ,only dark brown. I had thought or maybe just hoped this was common knowledge.

          Using your logic, many Europeans are claiming WAAAAY too much history. By your standards only Greeks should take pride in the oldest “European” traditions of math and writing. Only Italians should claim Rome and I believe it was Portugal/Spain, under rule of Muslim and African Moors that was the center of early/8th century Europe.. It’s funny the Spanish and Portuguese are mentioned as starting the slave trade because I personally believe widespread European disdain for blacks may have began with Spain and Portugal as they were conquered and ruled by these dark people or “moors” for about 7 centuries.

          “Egyptians are not negroids”

          I assume by Negroid you mean Bantu or typical West African people. No one said Egyptians were/are Bantu, neither are Somalis or Ethiopians. These are all different African people. Calling Bantu the only REAL africans when EAST AFRICANS ARE THE OLDEST POP’s in the WORLD/Africa is obvious bias. Also, Narmer(1st king, 1st dynasty) looks very Bantu, which is no surprise given the Bantu Expansion.

          Yet some English people feel they can claim Macedonian history. Why?.. Because they’re both considered European correct. Egyptians ARE Africans, brown skinned Africans. More importantly, their culture stems from within Africa. Egypt began as an African nation, both in population and practices.

          Tammy Ross says “if they were black, where did the straight hair come from”

          Well, where does straight hair come from? Where does “nappy” hair come from? What is the original human phenotype? These questions need to be answered before this often asked question. The broad nose and extremely curly/nappy hair evolved to deal with VERY humid environments. Ethiopia and Sudan aren’t mostly rainforest, there’s no reason to assume the first people/Africans would have evolved humidity responses like the populations that broke from them and entered the jungle. Even the Great Apes have straight hair.

        • Pkr

          Tammy Ross, Your latter sentence is spot on, but what preceded it is problematic. Both men and women in ancient Egypt shaved their head and many if not most wore wigs to keep cool. The difference that it makes is the truth should be told. Especially since lies have been told for centuries.

      • If you are an “African-American,” those ancient Egyptians were 100% NOT your ancestors. You need to go to someplace like Nigeria to find’em.

        • TK

          D@s so stupid where do you think the people of Nigeria come from they just appeared there. Every region comes from somewhere and there are different tribes in Nigeria and most peoplr say they migrated from the east hope you know ancient igbo people in Nigeria built pyramids . Have you heard of the Benin or Oyo empire. You white people blew up our monuments and parked all our arttifacts google it dumbass

        • Heru

          Cyrus, West Africans are descendants of East Africa…DNA proves that. What do you think West Africans just fell out of the sky or grew from the ground? Even the Dogon state they left Egypt during religious turmoil mainly due to invasions. The Yoruba who happen to live currently in Nigeria trace their roots back to Egypt. There is a tribe in Chad called the SaRa which means “Sons of Ra” Ra is a Nile Valley deity. Even the Zulu’s claim they left Egypt due to their leader Nguni. Nguni happens to be a name of a cattle that the Zulu’s herd. You can also see that the culture of the Zulu’s is similar to ancient Egypt. Some Europeans fail African studies because they either refuse to study the entire continent or just plain don’t know due to ignorance. African Americans can claim any country in Africa just like Europeans are quick to embrace Greece, Rome, Germany etc.. Besides Africans in general don’t need permission from Europeans when it comes to how they admire their own history. Europeans did not create African history and were not even around when Africans started to walk the Earth, so what makes you think you have authority to tell Africans what to do yet alone how to think? Thats like a grandchild trying to a grandparent how to think and what to do. You can’t even tell Asians what to do considering they are older than Europeans.

        • Pkr

          Cyrus, Africa is a vast continent and there are other countries besides Nigeria. Do you remember this verse in the Bible: ” Can the Ethiopian change his skin… .” Why travel across the continent when Egypt had “black” neighbors?

      • I’ve been reading through all these remarks and I just have to say this. It would be wonderful to know beyond a shadow of a doubt exactly what race the original Egyptians were. My question is this….what is it that prevents intelligent, logical people from discussing their various opinions and findings, without animosity? Why does it have to be a spitting contest, with attitudes skewed by whatever race the speaker happens to be? The whole human race is much more mixed than what the average person believes; I found that out recently from getting my DNA analyzed. I’m not what I thought I was, and I am some things I never dreamed. To get to my point….other than just being curious regarding the race(s) of ancient Egyptians, what difference does it really make? All races make up the family of MAN, and none are less important than the others. We just are – we all exist as human beings on this planet. If we truly were all descended from one male and one female, and science says we were, then we are truly all biologically related, right? This discussion is a prime example of a sickening intolerance that infuses mankind. I am so sick of racism and hatred, and putting each other down. How about just waiting for science to prove absolutely what ancient Egyptians’ DNA was, and accept it for whatever it turns out to be?

    • Raynauld

      “The Egyptians commented that Blacks were not very smart, but they were great athletes, entertainers and musicians.” Some things never change! Are you insane? How could you have been around 3,500- 4000 years ago to hear such a comment, besides the Egyptions of Ancient Antiguity never wrote about there history as to the origin of their race and the hieroglyphs have never been deciphered, as far as copper skin tone sure their were various depictions symbols art etc,

      Studies show that the dominate population here in America and especially in Europe has always wanted the claim everything for them selves while excluding historical fact out of ancient Kemit. So they made up alot of stories as they traveled, meaning the so called europeans or white explorers, when they got there black people were already there, some kind of black people, yellow people or red, brown etc.

      Every body they ever found, (europeans) every tomb they ever raided they found something symbolic of the black man, features, mouth, hair, nose, if you do your research you will find that the black man is the root of civilizations. Research will tell you the alphabet science math and architecture medicine came out of kemet (eygpt) if you can disprove any of what I am proclaiming I welcome you do so because I will provide evidence at the conclusion.

      Over the last 1000 years their has been a protracted effort to make sure that what we have done was eraced irrevocably from the minds of all our people, then came alexander the greek the first known Europeon, up til that period Kemit was ruled and bulit by blacks under the diraction of black Pharaohs.

      • Keep dreaming fuck-tard…….just look at Detroit,South Africa (after the blacks took over) …total breakdown period in every facet of life!!!!!

        • Heru

          Detroit collapsed due to the failure of the auto industry and the fact that banks such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Chase “Red Line and Predatory Lending” to Africans and Hispanics. There are several lawsuits pending due to the unfair business practices by those institutions. Those unfair business practices led to the housing crisis in Detroit and throughout the country. There are plenty cities in America where Europeans are the majority that are suffering even the Great Depression was proof of that. What happened in S. Africa was due to the results of Apartheid.

        • Pkr

          Jmb1969, Detroit is a city, and the ancient pyramids weren’t built in a day.
          Detroit will not be fixed in a day neither will South Africa. Several decades of things within Detroit and outside of it caused the fall. And several decades of Apartheid won’t be erased very easily. If the truth was told the rapid decline in ancient Egypt may have started after the 31st dynasty when the Greeks and Romans took over.

        • bunny

          cave pig…. even greece said europeans are a bunch of savages

    • This is a response to most if not all of the comments made about the appearance or race of the Egyptians. First of all, the use of the word Egyptian clearly shows how the arguments made are lacking in substance and removed from facts of reality. I am from Merita (misnomer Africa). I still speak the language of the ancient Khem (as we would prefer to be called). The region to which you refer as Egypt we know it as Itoure. This area included the Hapi Valley, parts of Europe, middle east and Indus Kush. Egypt is a word derived from Heg-Ptah/Hej-Ptah which means the rising of Ptah from within. The word Africa is a derogatory term which the Greeks gave to us the Khem people as a spat for calling them Greek. The word Greek is derived fro the Medu word: Grer-Ka which means dark soul. Africa on the other hand comes from a Medu word: Afri-ka meaing burning/smoldering soul. This they did after invading our lands and spent time in the initiation temples. These are facts, not emotional utterances based on some racial bias of superiority. Those of you claim that caucasians are the ancient Khemioo of Itoure, my question to you is why are you not speaking and writing the language today? What is the origin of the Medu if you are descent from those who first spoke it? According to the history of my people ( the history which the caucasian races will not docuument), the caucasian races invaded our lands and forbade our people to speak/write the language or be put to death. The observations made by “caucasian” explorers which led them to conclude that my people were Ethiopians is not rooted in facts. Why should a history written by a people who are known to have gone around to this day terrorizing other human beings, stealing, plundering, robbing, raping, pillaging, enslaving, renaming a people, committing mass genocide etc, be more credible than that told by victims? Let me guess! It must be because they are white, superior, intelligent and therefore their research, scientific analysis, archeology etc is credible. And any other method of investigation which does not follow rules that they have established and imposed on others must by default be unreliable. There are pyramids all over the planet and these were built after the people of those lands received civilizing principles from the Khem people. My comments are just snippets. The rest of the factual history of who we are can be found in our secret initiations that had to be protected due to barbarism. Lastly to all: We are all human and posses the same capabilities of barbaric behavior as those who are now ruling and being destructive.

      • Profound…….every word resonates with truth……i need not look further

      • southafrican

        “There are pyramids all over the planet and these were built after the people of those lands received civilizing principles from the Khem people.”

        this is the biggest load of crap i’ve ever heard. there are pyramids all over the world but it didnt take black people to teach this to other civilizations, they figured things out quite comfortably on their own. where is the evidence that black people travelled to south america or china to teach them how to build pyramids?? they couldnt even build ships. lol

    • tshepokobane

      If you truly believe the nonsense that you wrote above can you kindly give us the names and images of the first three Egyptian pharaohs or images of these pharaohs you talk about? And also explain how America, Australia & New Zealand became ‘White”since you claim it is not [possible for invaders to overrun the indigenous people?

      • Compassion

        Hey, who ever told you it is not possible for invaders to over-ride indigenous folk. To the contrary. Egypt is too hot for a semi-white race to originate from there. Egypt is even hotter than the tropical African countries like Nigeria and Congo!.

        • ME

          If you’re so “learned” you would know that Egypt was not always a desert and supported human life BEFORE it became arid. Not to mention, white people can live just fine it arid environments. Your assertions are laughable.

        • So, all those “Middle Eastern” people don’t exist, on account of the heat?

      • According to Jean Francois Champollion ( French archaeologist) who deciphered the Rosette Stone which indicated that ancient Egyptians in their own handwriting stated that they came from the highlands of Ethiopia. People living in the Horn of Africa ( East Africa) do have mid-brown to brown complexions with Caucasoid feathers; much like people from modern day countries of Somali, Ethiopia, and Djibouti. Not all black people are Negroid. Some are Caucasoid, Austroloid, or a half way between both phenotypes. These people may possible mixed with people from the Arabian peninsula. The Copts of Egypt are mixed with people of Greek and other Mid-eastern ancestry and would not be a good example of how the ancient Egyptians looked. The Beji people of southern Egyptian would more closely related to the ancient people of Egypt. Ancient Egyptians civilization was original found by people who traveled from south east of Egypt around (Eritrea/Somalia) who followed the river north and then integrated with nomes of lower Egypt to establish the Kingdom. During later periods of history outside populations called ( hyskos) moved into to Egypt mixing with the indigenous population and becoming a melting pot. Nubians from the south of Egypt and northern Sudan where conscripted into the Egyptians army and culture accompanied with Libyans and other populations from the Levant ( middle east) who varied in skin tones from light to dusky to dark. Due to the continued flow of people from surrounding countries skin complexion varied; but for the most part many of the ancient Egyptians where dark and would be considered black by modern standards. The ancients Egyptians had a 3,000 year history. Greeks and Romans did not conquer Egypt until later part of the dynasty era around 500BC. The Arab invasion took place in 700AD and through migration and replacement change the Egypt population. The original name of Egypt is Khem, Cham or the land of Ham as stated in the bible.

    • Sparkles

      Don’t care what Egyptians call themselves as long as they don’t try to hijack European heritage. They never have been, are not and never will be, white.

      • Manny

        Right…. just like the Dalit untouchables can never be upper castes. 😛

      • Manny

        And just like the Whites can never be upper caste.

        • Ambrose D. Roger

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        • Manny

          Do you know many upper caste Brahmins would have to wash their house clean if a whites (lower castes) visit their home?

          Its not illegal you know. 🙂

        • Manny

          The reason I believe is, the upper caste Brahmins are convinced..and they genuinely believe they are more civilized… unlike the lower caste/untouchables whites who have not evolved beyond their animalistic militaristic stealing and using violence against others as some kind of achievement. That would be like a bully thief beating others and getting stuff that does not belong to them and then strutting around like they are something. This is looked down up by the civilized people of society.

          They also believe you have not evolved if you continue to eat dead carcass.. They look at it like you eating shit.


        • Manny

          Although I am not a Brahmin and I pretty much eat everything…I find it totally amusing when white supremacists are appalled that there is someone else out there who thinks they are superior and that these whites are like untouchables!

          HA HA!

    • Sammi wilson

      We’ll I think the the black people were egyptions because the whites were slaves once for Egypt they built the pyramids but how the slavey for the black people was very different the black people sold off other black people. To the white man for slavery I guess the black people when silly with being rich and every black person became a slave some how

    • All right nigga, I am banning you. Don’t you have some hos in your stable to attend to and some crack customers waiting for you on the corner?

      • Edeyan

        Hey Robert, it appears to me that you’re a big time racist who doesn’t even make effort to hide his dislike for black people. The funny thing is I feel a great pity for you and those who bother to reply to your posts without perceiving that you are not objective in your writing but rather very sentimental, rude, even violent. The way you categorize and stereotype all of black humanity by referring to crack corners is very offensive. If I were close to you I’d pour you a keg of hot oil just to help rid humanity of one of your sorts. Pretty soon you’d take over from Hitler and try to kill all blacks, Jews etc. As for Indians every one knows they are mostly always feeling inferior to Europeans. The whole thing is like a laughable contest from which there seem to be no respite. You all should go to jw.org and become Jehovahs witnesses so the world can love themselves as one and be as peaceful as the witnesses are. Having said my piece, I hope your site crumbles because you lack the ability to give us factual information that is free of your dumb kill all coloured people attitude. The next thing I know I will start hating Caucasians if I stay here one more second and that bro, will be reducing myself to your animalistic level..#long hiss# shake head#…can’t wait for this world to end and for God to ruin all those ruining the earth like you..

    • Herodotus wrote while trying to find the source of the Nile. He was with Egyptian guides and had been in Egypt for years studying it. When going southeast through libya to “Ethiopia” which they called all black.
      They were taken by locals, who Herodotus says ” they were short in statyre and were black of skin”. Why would he mention they were black if he had been with blacks the whole time?? Because they were not black. They drew black nubians, BLACK, but not themselves why?
      You can’t pick and choose, look at the whole thing. bl people!

    • All right Black man, you are banned.

      HAND now!

    • Rene

      Tulio I couldn’t have said it better.

      • Wes Miller

        Rene – if you agree with Tulip you’re just as much a racist idiot. Tulip said the Egyptians said blacks were stupid, but great at sports & musicians. That’s contridiction as musicians as it takes above average intelligence to play instruments.

        Egyptians were indigenous Africans aND by ddefinition are not caucasian as the original people who populated Egypt came from east Africa and the great Lakes which makes them sub saharan and black.

        • Dave Mowers

          “…the original people who populated Egypt came from east Africa…”

          Absolutely false!

          The Nile river valley has no inhabitants prior to the invasion by Celtae Scythians under Sargon of Persia. His son, Menes, is the founder of the First Dynasty and that dynasty built the canals, dams and systems that were used to control the annual flooding so a civilization could live there.

          East Africans from Ethiopia, (a Greek name by the way) were called by the Egyptians in the Middle to Late Kingdoms, “Nubians,” and were represented in hieroglyphs as Black people. In those same hieroglyphs they are shown as laborers, slaves and tribal groups who pay annual tribute to Egypt. They are also described as revolting periodically and being brought back in line through war.

        • Wes Miller

          Mowers – you are so delusional, where do I start. 1)Give me the name of the scientists and the papers they’ve written that supports this nonsense.

          2)I find it interesting you respond to this particular post but not the one’s discussing ancient human migrations corroborated by DNA trees. This data shows ancient sub Saharan Africans migrating into where Egypt is today and also populating the rest of the planet.
          2A) Again modern man was born in the great Lakes of Africa and these Africans migrated north and populated the sahara before it became a desert and moved into the Nile valley as the sahara became a desert.

          3)The modern names of Egypt, Ethiopia or even Africa are references we all can relate to and renamed by the conquers and not the original name of these people or places. So your non point about Greek words is a ridiculous one.

          4)Again the Ancient Egyptians were indigenous Africans. They spoke an Afro Asiatic language. “Afro” is first because the language originated in Africa. See Dr. SOY Keita on that, there are actual YouTube videos of his lectures where he shows the Egyptian culture language etc is proto african.

          5) The only genealogy company to release Tut’ DNA tribes and there study showed Tut was more closely related to sub Saharan Africans than caucasians and that includes the caucasian north Africans mixed European and Asian.

        • Wes Miller

          “Nubians,” and were represented in hieroglyphs as Black people. In those same hieroglyphs they are shown as laborers, slaves and tribal groups who pay annual tribute to Egypt.

          Mowers is another non point!

          Egyptian iconography also show caucasians as slaves and paying tribute so what was the point you were trying to make? I’very also scene reliefs showing nubians and Egyptians the exact same complexion so again what was your point. I also call bullshit on saying Egyptian complexion was dark red vs the brown it actually is. The Egyptians are darker than I am and I never get mistaken for being caucasian.

        • Wes Miller

          “Celtae Scythians ”

          Mowers – thanks for this gift and saying these are the people who founded Egypts first dynasty. If you look up the’s people and by the time they had a culture Egypt was a already at least 2 thousand years old. Furthermore aren’t these the same people the Romans depicted as barbarians – lol.

    • Emma

      Oh, so now the one drop rule doesn’t apply here all of a sudden. So according to your reasoning, Obama is black, but the ancient Egyptians some of whom (a minority of them) may have had some white blood are white. You are one of those white guys who just can’t accept or bare to think that black people could have been the anchor of most of what you falsely profess to have pioneered e.g. your religion, education etc.

      For your information Africans are composed of different shades of black. From Ethiopians and Nubians in the north east to the Yorubas and Fulanis in the west, the Tutsis, Hutus, Masais, and Baganda in the east and the Zulus in the south just to mention a few. I urge to re-educate yourself about Africa before you continuously make a fool of yourself online. From your writings, you know little to nothing about Africa or the history of the region.

  2. AndrewV

    My second hand experience with Afrocentrist is that many of them are religion ridden and are members of Nation of Islam.

    Apparently Egypt being black in antiquity is a tenant of their religion. That they are impervious to any facts from science should come as no surprise.

    This blog while still up, has not been updated since June 2010. However, follow the link, read some of the articles and comments and you may see why I do not bother arguing with an Afrocentrist.

    • Matilda’s Anthropology blog is an excellent source, but she did have a few quirks. I really did feel that she was anti-Black. She was very much anti-Afrocentrist though, that is for sure. And she was very, very smart.

      • Gay State Girl

        Have you read Gordon Napier?

        • What does he have to say?

        • Gay State Girl

          He made an account Rahotep1, dedicated to dispelling the afrocentrists version and usurpation of Egyptian history. He felt comfortable making some bold charges about Africans (nothing good ever came out of Africa) under the protection of a “pseudo-pseudonym” but quickly closed that account after he realized it was useless to argue with these people and after he realized he got discovered by the institution he was affiliated with.

          No one really takes the Afrocentrists or feminazis seriously. I don’t know why anyone would consider them a threat or invest any energy into arguing with them.

        • @Gay State Girl:

          “No one really takes the Afrocentrists or feminazis seriously. I don’t know why anyone would consider them a threat or invest any energy into arguing with them.”

          My thoughts exactly…It’s like arguing with spoiled, retarded children. It’s best to just smile, pat them on the head, and walk away. Preferably to where the adults are mingling.

    • I agree 100%. You pretty much summed it up in a few words. More than 20 yr of study myself. So I do not agree for political reasons but because the breadcrumb lead to the door and into the interior of inner Africa. And you are right about the Ancient Egyptians they were xenophobic and regarded the Royal line through of the Maternal mother. In some way that we do not know the knew about the Mitochondrial DNA… How did they know? I find that truly amazing.
      The black male Y Chromosome causes a mutation the results is Albinism. Weak muscles rapid aging some more server than others. It can effect the brain too. Evidence of this is the Republican Party and the people that insist that the Ancient Egyptians were White.

      • Lola

        LMAO. Someone does not understand albinism. What an idiotic racist moron you are. Keep it up, it’s cute. I need a good laugh.

    • Pkr

      Andrew V, African-centric are really Truth-centric because there are facts that support African-centric claims. And opposing points of view are a desperate attempts to hide the truth, some of it is because of ignorance, but most of it is to cover-up truth. Although my reply is late it is better late than never.

  3. kevin g dukes

    this is just silly………..so ur mom is the source for that stupid quote about blacks not being very smart………..etc………….but u dont know the real source? your mother is a racist and a liar.

    • Black man, you are banned. My mother has a 145 IQ and she attended two years of law school at US Berkeley’s Boalt Hall. She’s a good source, but you are right, that I ought to track down a better source than someone’s word of mouth. I have a feeling she is right though, and she’s no more racist than any typical liberal White person.

      • tulio

        A high IQ and a law degree doesn’t automatically make one a reputable Egyptologist. But I’m sure you knew that.

        I’d just like to know if the Egyptians really thought that or did it come from one of those early 20th century anthropology books that considered black people the missing link.

      • Elias Mbanze

        Why does it hurt white people that something good came out of Africa or that black people are smart? Why would you try to argue if this was not true? I guess it is true what they say; “The truth hurts”. Why do these so-called “white” people, who are actually pinkish or sort of pale looking people, have a huge interest in painting a bad picture about the Africans? Just how exactly does it benefit them to put their time and resources into distorting the image of Africa? Well in all you do, just remember that we as Africans find your claims futile and won’t waste our time on your utter nonsense! The world may see the picture that you paint of us but it doesn’t chance the reality about Africa. You can paint as many bad pictures as you want but we here in Africa know the entire truth so it won’t affect us in anyway.
        You can post as much crap as you want but the facts will always remain straight. Unchanged by time or any attempts of distortion.

        • Ok, Mr. Afreekan, you are banned. Now head on back to your Dark Continent. Africa’s history is so unremarkable that there’s no reason for us to make up lies to make them look bad. That they accomplished little in their history is simply evident. The truth works well enough. No need to lie about the non-accomplishments of Africans historically speaking.

      • You and your mother are suffering from mutated chromosome syndrome “Albinism”. Crazy like a fox is one of the symptoms Robert Lindsay. For help see a doctor.

  4. dubz

    I find it to be almost laughable to say that many “African-centrist” are members of the Nation of Islam or some sort of religious zealots.

    So who do your average Eurocentrist follow?

    What’s interesting is that after being subjected to years of Eurocentric textbooks in my youth that excluded every group of people’s accomplishments on the face of the earth to the absolute exultation of the white European and Western Civilization, whereas artistic depictions of all Indo-Europeans, let alone ancient Egyptians were all similarly portrayed and represented as whites of Northern European ancestry, I began my own research concerning this subject matter way before I had even heard of the Nation of Islam!

    The first I had ever read of Egyptians being “Black” came by way of the accounts of historians of ancient Greece and other later European scholars, not African or so-called “Afro-centric” scholars.

    If we’re going to input religiosity, it was the King James Bible that grouped Cushites of the Upper Nile valley and ancient Nubia, now parts of Southern Egypt, Ethiopia, and the Sudan with the ancient Egyptians, all being supposedly the descendents of Ham (Kem), along with the Canaanites of the Levant who were also described phenotypically and derogatorily as a “Black African people” in the Babylonian Talmud.

    Western scientist and researchers of European ancestry developed and proved the Out of Africa theory, not a group Black religious fanatics or cultural zealots!

    So be it science, religion, or early European chroniclers and historians, they perceived nothing about ancient Egypt that was relative to Europe, the Central steppes of Asia, or the Caucasus Mountains.

    The racializing of modern genetics in favor of attempting to create a separately unique Caucasian race is bad science and a poorly subjective interpretation of the data.

    The South didn’t win the Civil war and the descendents of Eurocentric revisionist, exclusionist, eugenicist, and racialist will not prevail either.

    • Matt

      There are afrocentrists. Outside of the fertile imaginations of Afrocentrists, there are no Eurocentrists. No one is saying the Egyptians were white like Swedes. I’m certain that virtually everyone with an informed opinion would admit that Egyptians were dark. They would almost certainly have trouble getting a cup of coffee in 1950s Mississippi. But to say they were predominantly sub Saharan is complete nonsense.

      And it’s a fact that almost all Afrocentrists are religiously motivated, usually by religions that are certifiably loony. I hear Elijah Muhammad is coming for you in his Muthaship, dubz! LOL.

      • Herututuankoma

        There are plenty of Eurocentrics who are religious as well ie Christians and Jews. So your point Matt, is pointless. Fact is 2009 studies have shown that Nubians are the closest people ethnically to ancient Egyptians. Fact is in 2012 DNATribes has released that the genetic origins of the Amarna Pharaohs are from S. Africa, West Africa and African Great Lakes region. Fact is Queen Tiye, King Tut grandmother was of Nubian descent, she even had a temple built for her in Nubia. Fact is Diodorus a Greek scholar stated that the Egyptians were a colony sent out by the Ethiopians. Life originated in Sub Sahara Africa ie Ethiopa, Kenya, Tanzania region which means the ancient Egyptians were of Sub Saharan descent like all Africans. Some Eurocentrics act like Africans don’t have the right to trace their roots back 20k yrs and more. Honestly Africans don’t need permission or approval from Europeans as Europeans would not even exist on Earth without Africans. Did your parents need permission or approval from you when they wanted to do something with their lives? So why would Africans who are the mothers and fathers of humanity need permission from a person like you when it comes to how they go back to study their own history…NOT your story but THEIR Story!

        • menmac

          Excellent point,I have been reading these replies after reading the above article after searching for the truth of the DNA findings, and i have come to the conclusion that the people who are denying the the ancestry of the ancient Egyptians(white people) are doing so without any facts or even logical reason.Just a smug almost offhanded way of saying that they take pleasure in trying to deny black people of anything.I knew when i saw the History channels “depiction” of the DNA test and later read that they dident publish all the results( see link)http://www.decodingtheheavens.com/blog/post/2011/01/20/Is-pharaoh-DNA-for-real.aspx that it was a wash.To these people facts don’t matter so don’t waste your time just understand that if they acknowledge the truth it would ruin there whole perception of the world.God is not white nor was Jesus nor are the Angles and yes white people neither where the Egyptians. LOL

      • Joshua Pitso

        I would like to know Matt and Robert Lindsay what you gain from demeaning black people(egyptians), does that make you look smart or superior? does it make you strong? Facts are facts and history cannot be altered. your ancestors defeated africans and colonized them(fact), they took with them the knowledge of the african, erased any african achievements and history, rendered us useless and uncompetitive, it is known all over the world what the european caucasian did to africa and their continued perpetration in the continent to this day, why are you persistant in proving that we are not the descendants of the egyptians while the geographical location, arts and cultural observation, archeological evidence is proof to the fact. why are you bent on keeping us down when we are actually down, does this fulfill your satisfaction. Robert if really we were nothing as a people your mother wouldn’t be concerned about our inability in other disciplines but entertainment, sports and physical activities. is that why your sisters are obsessed with our physical sexual abilities..lol Matt as you said..

        • Look Black man, you seem pretty agitated. Why don’t you go get yourself a 40 oz and guzzle it down. Then you will feel a lot better.

          Meanwhile you are banned!

        • nominay

          LOL Robert. You forget to suggest eating fried chicken with that.

        • Lotus

          Wow! Ancient Egyptians nor current Egyptians come from black heritage as you put it. There are many DNA studies that show them to be caucasoid. Not white per say, but caucasoid. You can look those up and read them . I do believe Queen Tiye to be black based on paintings, but that is only 1 family out of the entire history of Egypt Egyptians to this day do not even like blacks and use them to do menial work. Egyptians don’t appreciate other cultural groups trying to steal their history. They have a unique culture and Heritage to themselves.

        • Compassion

          The present-day Egyptians are off-spring of the invaders. Archeologists have found better pyramids in South Sudan, Nubia.

        • Lola

          If Africans are so great, superior, and capable, WTF happened? You guys have had the beautiful continent of Africa for thousands upon thousands of years, yet have done what with it exactly? The ONLY thing great that came out of Africa was Ancient Egypt and the giving black Nubians credit for that is tenuous at best, ludicrous is more like it. They were brown, like Middle Easterners, not black. The truth is that African blacks have an average IQ of 70. They are not creators, inventors, they are mud-hut dwellers who think raping babies will rid one of AIDS. They are as backwards and primitive as you can get. This is why EVERY other race on the planet views you with disdain. You are destroyers, not creators. Yes, white people destroy too, but our race has also contributed much to this planet. You wouldn’t be on the computer spewing your nonsense in a white language if it weren’t for the white people who invented the electricity that runs it, and the internet and computer that you use. You need only take a trip to the Louvre or the Smithsonian to see the accomplishments of the white race. In fact, you need only look around you, at the architecture, the art, the form of government, the literature, the science, the medicine, etc. to know that the black race isn’t even competition to the white race. The black race, on the other hand, you can go buy a Kanye West album or a Lebron James jersey. That’s black contribution for you.

      • Mike Barnes

        lol @ “the mothership”

  5. des

    Why are Copts closer to ancient Egyptians? Are not the Muslim Egyptians just descendants of Copts who became Islamified over the centuries? I doubt that real Arabs (Arabians from the Arabian peninsula) settled or intermingled heavily in any of the non-Arabian (peninsula) “Arab” countries.

    • Copts have way less Black in them. They only marry their own kind, and they never kept slaves.

      • Xera

        Are the Egyptian Copts that ran Ancient Egypt close relatives of the Dravidians that settled in India?

        • Hi, not genetically, but no one knows. We can’t see genetic links extending back that far very well.

        • Xera

          Yeah there was someone saying the ancient Phoenicians may have resembled Brown Indians but bred heavily with the North Africans and other Europeans to form the present day Lebanese.

        • According to Jean Francois Champollion ( French archaeologist) who deciphered the Rosette Stone which indicated that ancient Egyptians in their own handwriting stated that they came from the highlands of Ethiopia. People living in the Horn of Africa ( East Africa) do have mid-brown to brown complexions with Caucasoid feathers; much like people from modern day countries of Somali, Ethiopia, and Djibouti. Not all black people are Negroid. Some are Caucasoid, Austroloid, or a half way between both phenotypes. The Copts of Egypt are mixed with people of Greek and other Mid-eastern ancestry and would not be a good example of how the ancient Egyptians looked. The Beji people of southern Egyptian would more closely related to the ancient people of Egypt. Ancient Egyptians civilization was original found by people who traveled from south east Africa who followed the river north and then integrated with nomes of lower Egypt to establish the Kingdom. During later periods of history outside populations called ( hyskos) moved into to Egypt mixing with the indigenous population and becoming a melting pot. Nubians from the south of Egypt and northern Sudan where conscripted into the Egyptians army and culture accompanied with Libyans and other populations from the Levant ( middle east) who varied in skin tones from light to dusky to dark. Due to the continued flow of people from surrounding countries skin complexion varied; but for the most part many of the ancient Egyptians where dark and would be considered black by modern standards. The ancients Egyptians had a 3,000 year history. Greeks and Romans did not conquer Egypt until later part of the dynasty era around 500BC. The Arab invasion took place in 700AD and through migration and replacement change the Egypt population. The original name of Egypt is Khem, Cham or the land of Ham.

  6. etype

    For one the designation of Europeans as ‘Caucasian’ is based entirely on fantasy, regardless of so called linguistic tracing. The theory originated to back up the British idea of they being a lost tribe of Israel, and then put into the mouth of a eager and ambitious German anthropologist, because at that time anthropology in Germany was far advanced of any other, so it was a appropriate ‘branding’ to sell a propaganda yarn to other British scholars. His German colleagues considered Blumenbach a complete fool and a bought man…and the theory wasn’t established until the British used their propaganda arm to cement certain ideas they wished established after WWI.
    Neither are the so called ‘exact’ science of genetics anything other than another propaganda hand tool. Genetics is only just established and so far has only really served as a plank to make logically laughable dives into the dumpster of preconceived and pre-ordained ideas.
    All science has become a tool of the PTB. Example; physics and the recent work on quantum mechanics and computation. All this was done in the twenties….yet they revive it and slap a few possible hardware uses on it, and ‘bam’ someone puts his name to it and is credited with futuristic vision and given a Noble.
    This circus of managed perception has gotten so bad they bring out a paraplegic idiot savant or retard, pervert confined to a wheelchair, who speaks through a voice box, write a book for him on ‘string theory’ (again string theory was fully thought out and formalized as hypothesis in the early 20th century) and put him on stage, give him a noble prize for his groundbreaking work, (which is just regurgitation)…perfectly confident of ahs and oohs instead of laughter and scorn.
    Stephen Hawking is a circus clown, and so was Einstein, they are actors… copywrited figures to push forward larger ideas of what they want an impression on society as a whole. Since the formation of the Royal Society of Sciences – science has been deemed to important to be left to scientists and logical inquiry and is considered government property as a form of media.

    The bottom line is all these avenues of inquiry are using tainted sources that should be used with great caution, for they are at best only partial truths. Any person of average intelligence can see the myriad of engravings and artifacts of ancient Egyptian providence tell a story that the only Negroes present were slaves. Yet everyone feels they have a nod (especially as sanctioned victim) to get into the action and make up the past, present and future according to their woes and wants.
    Sorry about the long post

  7. etype

    another bottom line is that even the most intelligent of us has only a very sketchy conception of what happened two weeks ago. Reconstructions of two weeks ago, much less two or three thousand years ago are almost like accounts of dreams – no matter how much societies lends its imprimatur and becomes militant in it’s certainty of ordained truths, time again they are proven completely and entirely wrong. The only lasting general truth is ‘everything is wrong.’
    Statistically, the above axiom has proven %99.99 correct.

    Think of how throughout history humanity looks back and takes note of how utterly deluded and phantasmal common knowledge was in all areas – yet each era is absolutely adamant they are cutting edge and possessed of eternal truth. Well this rule has held true for all of human history you can be assured the future will look back and see everything we think we know today is as primitive groping in the dark punctuated with flashes of imbecility.
    Trust yourself and no one else – everything is wrong.

  8. Pepperoncini

    Easier to tell who they weren’t rather than who they were.

  9. I doubt that the ancient egyptians were either african or caucasianoid. I’ve studied this subject at SOAS and most of the sources i looked at and most of my own tutors found little much to go on scientifically of culturally

    • Pepperoncini

      My best guess is some dark skinned race , somewhat like a Cushitic speaker but with straight hair .

      Or assuming that Sumerians were dark skinned as they called themselves the Black Headed People, the Ancient Egyptians could phenotypically have more in common with dark skinned ancient peoples stretching from Sumer to Elam to Indus. I am not saying they were the same race as these other people because linguistics does not show a connection, am only saying that from a phenotypic POV they (AE) likely more closely resembled these dark skinned ancient Easterners than others.

      The tomb of Seti I which has fresco of the 4 races that Ancient Egyptians knew about shows them being different from Libyans (Berbers), Nubians and Asiatics (Asyrians). The Egyptian potray themselves as red/brown/ochre color and their beard is not caucasoid looking like the Asiatic’s and Libyan’s beard. The Nubian obviously looks different from the Egyptian in skin tone and features.

      • From what I read about the color of Egyptian males, on wall paintings, was that they were always painted, as an artistic convention, that red-brown color. The Egyptian women were usually depicted as pale yellow. The men and women were not of different races. You can’t tell what color ancient Egyptians were from the wall paintings. But there must have been a lot of racial mixing between Egyptians and the black nations around them. Egypt was conquered by a neighboring black nation twice, with black pharaohs placed on the throne. There are at least two sphinxes in honor of those pharaohs.

        • Ruth If one was to asked what color the Romans were,most would say “white” and most cases that would be true but as time passes by they would absorb more people who would become Romans, not not just slave or working class either,but religious figures,writers, high ranking soldiers and even an emperor or two,
          Ex :Now when the confusion in the state was at its height, inasmuch as it was made known that there were three several emperors, Septimius Severus, Pescennius Niger, and Clodius Albinus, the priest of the Delphic Apollo was asked which of them as emperor would prove of most profit to the state, whereupon, it is said, he gave voice to a Greek verse as follows:

          “Best is the Dark One, the African good, but the worst is the White One.”

          p449 2 And in this response it was clearly understood that Niger was meant by the Dark One, Severus by the African, and Albinus by the White One. 3 Thereupon the curiosity of the questioners was aroused, and they asked who would really win the empire. To this the priest replied with further verses somewhat as follows:
          “Both of the Black and the White shall the life-blood be shed all untimely;
          Read more: http://egyptsearchreloaded.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=bag&action=display&thread=1122&page=1#ixzz2IzUyoUfp

          But if one were to ask were the Romans culturally European,or more correctly Mediterranean then that answer would be more precise. so then it was with ancient Kemet and most cosmopolitan civilizations, for at it’s core Kemet was African and sprang from an African populous as far south as the great lakes area,the Sahara and the Horn of Africa.

      • Dave Mowers

        Tell me where you find Zecharia Sitchin’s “Sagigi,” in here translated as, “Black-headed people?”


        I know your answer, Penn State’s, the oldest Sumerian translation effort in the world, is obviously part of the Great Grand White Conspiracy to falsify history as a means of disenfranchising African blacks. Go with the guy who translates Sumerian words into, “Rocket-ship” and “Aliens,” and claims the planet was colonized by entities from outer space who flew here on a secret planet no one can see because it is hidden out past Pluto somewhere!

  10. Matt

    Get a load of these clowns lol

  11. Gael Force Nine

    Hi, first post. I’ve been interested in Egyptology since I was a kid, to the extent of having bought Gardiner’s ‘Egyptian Grammar’ and learning the language. Which is not that difficult, compared with such languages as Latin, Classical Greek, Hebrew etc., and actually quite fun

    There was definitely a pecking order, of which skin colour was a part, but it was closer to present-day Brazil than Apartheid South Africa. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiye is an example of a dark-skinned woman with Nubian-like features who made it to the top.

    Modern Copts, as you mention, only marry among their own kind and are visibly distinct from Muslim Egyptians, who vary between almost pure Copt all the way to almost pure Arab. The most notable characteristic is that many have broad shoulders and a narrow waist – exactly as depicted in Egyptian Art.

  12. dubz

    The most well-known and only depiction that has been exposed to the general public of Nefertiti (that you’re referring to) is the only depiction of her that has come under scrutiny as being a fraud. All other depictions of Nefertiti, including a computer-generated reconstruction of her skull by way of modern-day forensic science applied to x-rays reveals that of an African woman. That which I submit below was not the creation of any African-centered Egyptologist or artist.

    When real science is properly applied to the evidence, not being swayed by prejudice, institutionalized racism, or distorted eurocentricity, then the truth in the end always prevails.

      • As you can see, looking at that phenotype, Nefertiti looks nothing at all like a Black woman. Look at that long, tall, thin nose. Extremely Caucasoid feature. Now, I am not sure she is a European either, but she ain’t no Negroid African. She is probably some sort of indigenous North African Caucasoid.

        • bbblackwell

          hummm,,thats crazy because im black and i have a long thin nose so what your sayin is all black people have big flat noses?? im just trying to be clear about the point your making,,

        • leodeangelo@yahoo.com

          You’re an idiot and probably a Jew! If you’re indigenous to Africa, You’re probably African. White people like you are the reason every other country in the world hates whites. Just like every other single country in Africa, Kemet produces blacks. The current inhabitants of Egypt are land whores! Just like white America! The same way Euros did America is the same way the Greeks then the Arabs did Egypt.

        • All right Black man, you are banned.

    • Look man, this is 100% crap. Unless by “African” you mean “Egyptian.” Right. Nefertiti I assume was just a typical Egyptian woman. I read an analysis of skulls and genes in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology. The genetic samples tested:

      91% Caucasoid
      9% Black African

      The skulls lined up very well with the skulls of modern Egyptian people. I believe that the phenotype is best expressed in the Copts because they have the least Black admixture. The modern Egyptians are much more heavily admixed with Black than the ancients were. The moderns may be up to ~30% Black (not sure), but the ancients were only 9% Black. The Egyptian people have gotten much Blacker over time since the fall of the Dynasties.

      • dubz

        Robert, I’m trying to figure out what modern and legitimate scientific study uses the shape of the nose alone to determine ethnicity, race, or genetic origins?

        Being that it has been proven that Africa, the cradle of all mankind is the most genetically diverse region or continent on the face of the earth, sub-Saharan Africans exemplify just about every phenotype known to man, there is no one monolithic sub-Saharan African facial feature, hair texture, skin complexion, nose shape, or cranium; All human phenotypes are not only found in sub-Saharan Africa, but are derived from their most ancient sub-Saharan genetic predecessors.

        The Ancient Egyptians looked to their beginnings in the South (the Upper Nile) not in the North or Asia.

        I’m sorry Robert, a thin nose is not exclusively an European trait.

        I think the picture itself, which was reconstructed by a “white” forensic scientist (not the Afrocentrist most here despise) speaks volumes, and most people can see that this is the facial representation of a woman that is still present throughout sub-Saharan Africa…and these more aquiline-featured unmixed African people, as seen today in Ethiopia, Somalia, Eritrea, Mali, Niger, Chad, Southern Egypt, and Rwanda view themselves as being Black Africans relative to all other sub-Saharan Africans on the continent.

        But this is what I have always found absolutely fascinating, that throughout White Eurocentric history, excluding a few exceptions, Europeans colonizers, scholars, intelligentsia, and the general “White” population always referred to the Australoid, Dravidian, and every other group of dark-skinned non-whites as being “Black” and in many cases used other derogatory terms, same as directed at Black African people worldwide…so I guess it’s alright to postulate online that the East African, Australoid, Dravidian, and many of these other “non-white” people are truly Caucasians, while “white” society as policy refer to them or treat them in the real world as something different than any other Caucasian brethren because of their ancestry, features, and most obvious skin color.

        Based on all I have read, heard, and studied, it’s obvious that the Aborigines of Australia didn’t get the memo, putting them on the same footing as their white Australian Caucasian counterparts. They are refer to as “Blacks” and not Caucasians, and in most cases, refer to themselves as being “Black people.”

        This whole “dark-skinned proto-Caucasian” myth is really convoluted, disingenuous, and has never had much appreciable merit to those who some “whites” desire to incorporate and manipulate within this myth.

        • Most Australoids by skulls are Asians. A few Australoids by skulls are Caucasoids by genes. Some Australoids by skulls, Aborigines and Papuans, are also Australoids by genes.

          All Dravidians are Caucasoids genetically, and most are Caucasoids on skulls.

          East Africans are very interesting. They are usually tossed into Blacks or Africans, but true Horners are quite honestly a completely separate race that is neither Black nor White. We can do this separation on a clear genetic basis. What race the skulls of the Horners fall into, I have no idea. The Horners are VERY different and best seen as a race in between Black Africans and Caucasoids.

          All of the racial groups – Caucasoids, Africans, Australoids and Asians, form in general very nice compact groups in which we can differentiate out these races genetically very easily.

        • The proto-Caucasoids may well have been dark skinned. We don’t know. White skin only goes back 11,000 years in Europe. Before that, Caucasoids were probably quite a bit darker.

        • Herututuankoma

          East Africans are 1st and foremost Africans. Now you use the word “black” but you fail to realize that with that word come diversity. Africans in general are the most diverse ethnic group that there is on Earth. Even Cornell University has researched that and reported it with their findings that “Whites are genetically weaker than Blacks” I agree with Dubbz that Aboriginals in Australia have been thrown into the category as being “black people”. In fact they were part of the migration of Africans who left Africa circa 70K yrs ago. When the British invaded Australia they killed off the Aborigines and treated them just as bad as they did Africans back on the mother continent and even the Redman Indians. When you use the word “black”hat exactly do you mean? There are Aborigines in Australia who are darker than Wesley Snipes. The Dravidians are very dark as well same as the Negritos of Asia. See “blacks” if you want to use that word are not just subject to Africa or even America, in fact it was those “blacks” who were the 1st people on Earth and 1st to migrate the Earth. It really Eurocentrics who like to mislabeled things so they can shrink the numbers of “blacks” so they can try to use their diametrical view of life all for exploitation and their financial gains. In all honestly why should Europeans feel as if their word overseas the original people to walk this Earth?

      • Michael Porter

        Sorry about this, Dubz – I’m not casting doubt on YOUR integrity, but…

        This is a photograph of the banqueting scene from the tomb of Nebamun and Ipuky:

        And this is a portion of the scene as it appears on the Afro-centric blog To-Seti:

        One Afro-centric blog posting doctored images where Egyptian red ochre is replaced by lamp black doesn’t prove that ALL Afro-centric blogs are fraudulent, I know that, but what is going on?

      • Heru

        From National Geographic:

        By S. O. Y. Keita, Senior Research Associate, National Human Genome Center, Howard University; Research Associate, Anthropology, Smithsonian Institute

        “Based on fossil and DNA evidence, modern humans may have existed in Africa as many as 140,000 years before they successfully colonized other parts of the world. Considering this from an evolutionary perspective, we should expect great diversity among indigenous Africans, and this is what has been found, even when northern African populations have been excluded from the research. All human populations exhibit biological variation in one way or another, and there is no single way to be biologically African—not by DNA, skin color, hair form, blood type, or variation of face and nose.

        Fossil remains of modern humans have been found in the Nile Valley, including those of a child from Taramsa, in Egypt, believed to date to 60,000 to 50,000 years ago, though perhaps to as much as 80,000 years ago. The Nazlet Khater skeleton, also from Egypt, dates to around 33,000 years ago. Excavations in Egypt have also produced skeletal remains that date back to the cultures immediately preceding and following the first kings of a united Egypt, around 3100 B.C. By carefully using various scientific techniques, one can determine changes over time in the skeletal pattern of a particular place. The pattern of the craniofacial region and long bones is believed by most investigators to be helpful in understanding the forces of evolution on a population and, in some cases, when the pattern can be combined with other information, the population’s region of origin. A similar pattern among different groups may indicate either a common ancestral origin, population interactions via intermarriage, and/or a common adaptive pattern related to the environment. Other information may help in assessing the meaning of similarity.

        There has been scholarly interest in the biological variation and genealogical relationship of the ancient Egyptians to other populations outside of the Egyptian Nile Valley. There is no scientific reason to believe that the primary ancestors of the Egyptian population emerged and evolved outside of northeast Africa. Skeletal analyses have figured prominently in research. When comparisons to non-Egyptians are made, depending on which samples and methods are used, the craniofacial patterns of ancient Egyptian show a range of similarities to other African populations, Near Easterners, and Europeans. Overall, these studies can be interpreted as suggesting that the Egyptian Nile Valley’s indigenous population had a craniofacial pattern that evolved and emerged in northeastern Africa, whose geography in relationship to climate largely explains the variation. Dental affinity studies generally agree with the craniofacial results, though they differ in the details. The body proportions of ancient Egyptians generally are similar to those of tropical (more southern) Africans.

        Very little DNA has been retrieved from ancient Egyptian remains, and there are not many studies on the modern population. However, the results of analyses of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) and the Y chromosome in the living Egyptian population show the existence of very old African lineages that are consistent with the fossil remains and of younger lineages of more recent evolution, along with evidence of the assimilation of later migrants from the Near East and Europe; mtDNA is passed only through the female line, from mother to offspring, and the relevant part of the Y chromosome, the nonrecombining section, passes only from father to son. The basic overall genetic profile of the modern population is consistent with the diversity of ancient populations that would have been indigenous to northeastern Africa and subject to the range of evolutionary influences over time, although researchers vary in the details of their explanations of those influences.”

        So that debunks your 91% Caucasian and 9%Black African myth. The further you dig the darker it gets. Africans can dig their origins all the way back to the Twa people aka pygmies. Which happens to have a deity modeled after them named “Bes” and “Ptah”. I have yet to see one Egyptian & Nubian deity modeled after an European or Caucasian. The name of their deities is not even European in origin. End of Story

  13. Gael Force Nine

    Nefertiti was probably Tiye’s daughter-in-law. Not even a blood relation. I have to say ‘probably’ because historical revisionism has a history almost as long as, well, history. However, both were depicted frequently in art, and they look nothing alike.

    And I forgot to mention – Egyptians typically did not have straight hair, more wavy or a bit curly, like modern North Africans. The mummies of Tiye’s parents, both amazingly well preserved, and many other mummies, show this. Hair was normally very short, the elaborate headdresses you see were wigs. They must have been unbearable to wear – putting on the headdress, the false beard, and, in earlier dynasties, the tail, must have taken ages and the ceremonies were surely not short.

    If you spend the small amount of money and take the not extensive amount of time to learn to read the language, you will be pleasantly surprised at how human Ancient Egyptians were. While most inscriptions are of the bombastic form you will find on Roman Triumphal Arches and Communist-era newspapers, the less formal stuff (ostraka and the like) are a bit wooden sometimes, but you get the feeling of a people with a fairly dry sense of humour, and capable of taking a joke against themselves. The mother-in-law joke, it seems, is as old as writing. Probably as old as marriage.

    Hieroglyphics, commonly perceived as a first crude attempt at writing and not a very good one, are actually quite good for representing the language. Firstly, a rarely-used symbol is quite often spelled out; and there is always the determinative to give you a clue. So if you come across something lthat looks like a mongoose strangling an iguana, and you can’t find it in the dictionary, it will almost certainly be followed by a full or partial spelling out, So (I’m making this example up) you come across nwt and you can’t find it in the dictionary; but it’s actually written nwt.nw.female determinative. Single female nouns end in -t. This gives you the clue that the unfortunate iguana is probably a female name and the writer has just made you familiar with another hieroglyph. Wasn’t that helpful of him?

    When you see tourist guides reading obelisks to tourists – they may have just memorised it, but they may not be faking it. It’s only a hobby for me, but I can sight-read hieroglyphs in a way I wish I could sight-read music. Of course, I can always stop and consult the dictionary, which I can’t with music.

    • Michael Porter

      Surely the biggest problem with the written language is the absence of vowels. Apart from a consonantal y and a consonantal w, there’s only a glottal stop with no indication of which vowel-sound it introduces. As a consequence no one really knows what the language sounded like, and even the most recent transliterations are partly guess-work. No sooner have you got used to Sebeknefrure than she reappears as Sobknofru. Likewise Hatshepsut becomes Hashepsowe, Senusret becomes Senwosre, and Radjedef becomes Djedefre. One thing has always intrigued me – perhaps you can help me. There doesn’t seem to have been an ‘L’ sound in the Egyptian language. I can’t think of a single royal name with a letter L in it until the advent of the Ptolemies, and they of course are Macedonians.

      I seem to recollect that Sir Alan Gardiner decided the feminine ending -t wasn’t voiced. Am I right?

      Just once the Egyptians let us down and didn’t spell out an unusual sign. The predecessor of King Narmer is denoted by a drawing of a scorpion, but no consonantal signs follow it, and because we have no idea what the early dynastic word for a scorpion was, we have to content ourselves with calling him the Scorpion King.

      Was the mother-in-law joke you referred to the one where a man’s mother-in-law is sitting in the shade of his sycamore tree when a branch falls off the tree and kills her, and when his neighbour hears about it he comes round to the house and asks if he can have a cutting from the tree? The Egyptians must have had a wicked sense of humour. Have you ever read Herodotus’s account of his visit to Egypt during the Persian occupation? If you haven’t, then you must. The Persians gave him an Egyptian guide to show him round, and that guide must have really taken the piss, because Herodotus solemnly reports that the inscription at the base of the Great Pyramid was a record of the amount of money spent on radishes for the workers, that King Cheops had to put his daughter to work in a brothel to help him pay for the wretched thing, and that if ever there was a house fire in Bubastis, the citizens had to link arms round the burning building to stop the sacred cats from committing suicide by leaping into the flames!

  14. dubz

    Many esteemed and even conservative Egyptologist see Zahi Hawass as a joke, both scientifically and possibly even politically compromised.. And of all the depictions of Nefertiti, this is the only one that has no verifiable inscriptions that identified it as being actually the queen herself!

    Also, the same scientific community has scanned and x-rayed the bust and have found that the plaster overlay is concealing her truest features, as compared to that which is being seen outwardly on the surface by the viewing public, and some researchers have been cited as saying, it doesn’t even represent the artistic style of the period! And why would a genuine artifact that is so completely intact, dedicated to an esteemed royal figure, a queen, have only one eye? unfinished model? damaged? tampered with? or possibly Nefertiti, the one-eye queen?

    To this day, there are a number of researchers that still find this bust to be controversial, and almost every year, there is some previously believed authentic ancient artifact displayed in some of the world’s most prominent museums that has finally been deemed inauthentic and a well-crafted forgery. Historically, Egypt and Israel has always been overrunning with artifact forgers and con men, even amongst the archeological community.

    You can turn this into the Shroud of Turin all you want, which has been also closely-examined repeatedly by a plethora of scientist, and still, they would have to take a leap of faith to authenticate it.

    During the time period when the Nefertiti bust was supposedly found, many self-appointed archeologist and Egyptologist were not even scientist and were more so treasure-hunters. And we know Ludwig Borchardt was a con man, a thief, and a smuggler.

  15. Herututuankoma

    Zahi Hawass has been fired from Egypt antiquities he has never been a credible source. For him to say that “even tho Egypt is in Africa, that does not mean the Egyptians were Africans.” That was one of the dumbest statements I have ever heard, thats like saying “Even tho China is in Asia that does not mean the Chinese were Asians.” The head bust you commonly see of Nefertiti is a fake. The original reliefs show her with Nubian braids. Nefertiti is a Nubian name just like Nefertari who was of Nubian descent. The original people in Israel were Africans, Israel is right next door to Africa. Even today there is the Beta Israel people who originate from Ethiopia along with the Lemba people who are in Africa today. Also the bible is not a great source for history as it has been corrupted & revised more times than a Lindsey Lohan relapse. Moses never lived that is a fairy tale ie him parting an entire sea in half. But if you want to go off the fairy tale in the book it says he was from Ethiopia and even went back to Ethiopia to marry a wife. It seems you are caught up in the misrepresentation of history & literature even mythical stories due to Western Education who’s whole attempt was to distort history, literature and myths for social, economic and political gains. Wake up dude you have been lied too, if Presidents and other political leaders can lie don’t you think teachers and other curriculum writers can lie too? For example in the recent “Clash of the Titans” movie they have Andromeda being played as a lilly white when in the original written legend she was an Ethiopian princess born from an Ethiopian Queen and King. The original name of Egypt was “Kemet” for the Black people and for the Black land.

    • Mike Barnes

      What happened to the whole “Dynastic Race” theory that used to be bandied around in the 1950s?

    • Marko

      Yes and the Caucasian Indians are Asian and live in Asia, but phenotypically and genetically different from East Mongoloid Asian. So the statement that all Africans are Sub-Saharan black is invalid. The Berbers are a classic example of Native North Africans who look nothing like Black Africans.

      • Heru

        There are some Berbers who are dark such as the Tuareg. If the Tuareg were living in America they would be called “black”. Black is merely a pseudonym that has been used to describe Africans. In reality Africans come in different hues as they are the most diverse ethnic group on Earth due to the fact that they are the oldest and still have the original gene that allows for skin pigmentation to be produce properly. Outside of Africans the only race that has the original gene are Asians. Black is really not correct when describing all Africans however White fits better with Europeans because they lack the original gene which allows for skin pigmentation. Lastly the Berber DNA mainly consist of African origin. European DNA is not original so anytime you find European DNA in anyone of African descent the European DNA will be the minor make up of the DNA profile of the individual.

  16. alf

    ancient Egypt in the broad sense is much like america was and is, the first peoples of america the amerinidans where well astablished before europeans and africans emerged. similarly ancient Egypt had diferent racial groups inhabiting their land at different times.


    the oldest mummy found in africa was in uan muhuggiag, found by Professor Fabrizio Mori. this was dated to about 6000BC and older than any mummy found in egypt. The mummy had sub Saharan features.
    link below


    it is worth mentioning that at about 6000BC and before that most of the saharah was lush, and as the saharah desert as we know it began to emerge, the people in that area migrated towards lush areas, nile to the north east and niger to the south west.
    There have been and burial mounds found in north west africa (libya) that have drawings of Egyptian like gods (they are dated to about 6000BC).
    aside from evidence in modern day libya, looking at the sculpture of egyptian pharaohs from the old dynasty to the latest dynasties you can obviously tell what race the pharaohs where. the oldest statue of the pharaoh that you can clearly detail. djoser, from the 3rd dynasty, and huni dfrom the 3rd dynasty, it is most clear that huni and djoser look sub saharan. you can see a link to a picture of huni below

    and djoser


    later dynasties seem to have Caucasian features,

  17. Ah no Uncle tancred it is blatant racism dipped in 19th cent pseudo science emanating from men like Nott and Gliddon plus Egyptomania that caused much confusion about who the Kemites were,but the question it self is loaded and simplistic,ie what “RACE” were the early Egyptians, then I must ask you and the blogger for a scientific definition of “race” for as I had been led to believe there is no such thing among modern humans,a better question would have been were the ancient Kemetians biologically and culturally Africans. If the answer is yes then they looked and acted no different than their closest neighbors,keeping in mind that their first nome or district was in the south and connected with A and C group culture that they bare similar cattle keeping culture with folks as far away as the Great lakes regions(see DNA Tribes) one of cultural and biological incubators of ancient Kemet other being the Sahara and the Horn.

  18. Seriously?

    Arrian wrote about what Indians and Egyptians looked like in Indica:

    “the southern Indians resemble the Ethiopians a good deal, and, are black of countenance, and their hair black also, only they are not as snub-nosed or so woolly-haired as the Ethiopians; but the northern Indians are most like the Egyptians in appearance.”
    This is consistent with how both Indians and Egyptians look now. The one thing you could say with absolute certainty is that the Egyptians, throughout history, have never been black or white.

    But was this even worth responding to? Afrocentrists and Nordicists alike are beyond the point where you could hope to reason with them.

    • Seriously?

      Oh god, now I just realized Afrocentrists will try to steal Indian achievements, not realizing Dravidians are nowhere near blacks genetically.

      I should note how sad it is that Africans don’t find any of their ancestors’ achievements notable. This is one of the few explanations I can come up with for why they would try to steal modern Egypt’s birthright.

      • Bhabiji

        Seriously? Seriously! I dated a black afro-centrist who insisted I was as African as he was, even more so! because there is some sort of afro-dalit alliance now. Who created that, I’ve got no idea, but yeah, there’s a few crazy African Americans and Indian Dalits peddling this.


        • While I don’t believe there is much connection between Africans and Dravidians, Afro-centrist are hardly the ones who made those connections early travelers did, and Africans are not the only one in ancient times self identified as Blacks,read the quotes by Marco Polo
          Marco Polo

          In 1288 and again in 1293 the Venetian traveler Marco Polo visited the Pandyan kingdom and left a vivid description of the land and its people. Polo exclaimed that:

          “The darkest man is here the most highly esteemed and considered better than the others who are not so dark. Let me add that in very truth these people portray and depict their gods and their idols black and their devils white as snow. For they say that God and all the saints are black and the devils are all white. That is why they portray them as I have described.

          Read more: http://egyptsearchreloaded.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=pav&action=display&thread=47#ixzz21nqzsQJp

          And Asia and the Pacific is filled with Black people sometimes in the millions, there is a reason why “New Guinea” is called New Guinea after all but these are Asians not Africans no matter what they looked like but they are Blacks!

    • Bhabiji

      “the southern Indians resemble the Ethiopians a good deal, and, are black of countenance, and their hair black also, only they are not as snub-nosed or so woolly-haired as the Ethiopians”

      Mallus and Ethiopians look practically indistinguishable from one another.

      That Nefertiti bust looks typically Black African to me. Of course the ancient Egyptians were dark skinned Africans. What else would they be? All ancient drawings, paintings and sculpture of them (by them) look like what Ethiopians look like today.

      Ancient Egypt was a phenomenal civilization therefore everyone wants a piece of it, but it is undeniably African.

    • nordisits? where on here or anywhere in great numbers do you find White northern Euroupeans claiming Egypt as their culture? also please look at other afrocentrisits on the web who now claim that Euroupes royalties are mostly ,or where mostly black sub saharan african!? they claim that the kingdom of bohemia moravia was ruled by black kings because of heraldic shields that show african heads? or that the “black nobility” where actually african????, another is the miss interpritation of the term “black irish” which comes from the white irish slaves taken to west indies from 1500’s through to 1700’s these mixed culturaly with black slaves who arrived late 1600’s, black irish referes to west indian africans who talk with irish accents, afro lunatics see 17th centuary paintings where a duke or king has frizzy long curly black hair & say “look he’s got a afro” but they do not realise all men & women ( of royalty or wealth) wore bloody wigs!! it might even have been wigs made of exotic african hair as a fashion statement!! i give up on afro lunatics! i doubt they’ll accept anything that refutes their theories & does’nt soothe their childish ego’s, notice how its allways the “WHITE MAN” who’s stealling egypt or falsifying history? when indians deny african loons who say indian culture is really from africa it’s “WHITEY” egyptians say black africans didnt build Egypt, its “A WHITE CONSPIRACY” what scares me is in 200 years time these idiots will be saying modern Euroupe was built by them, that it was blacks who invented the plane computer car train ,modern industry ect, they’ll say look africans where here but these whites came as immigrants & took over then changed the history!! it would be very sad if it was’nt so dangerous!

  19. Ahmed

    The belive that cristians are the closed to ancient Egyptians is a lie. Many roman people have mixed with those cristians. All Egyptians today are copts. It is the name called on all Egyptians by arabs in the times of prophet muhamed (pbuh).

  20. Kenneth R. Pleasant

    Words have meaning and as someone has said, a picture is worth a thousand words. First there is the
    word dynasty. Many people put very little importance on this word, but it is the elephant in the room.
    Webster’s Dictionary defines the word this way: 1. A succession of rulers from the same line or family. 2. A family or group that maintains power for several generations. These definitions are an understatement when it comes to ancient Egypt. Instead of ruling for several generations which at the time a generation was between fifteen and twenty years, the 18th Dynasty ruled for over two and a half centuries. And, with the pharaonic system, royals often married close relatives. The thousand words or many thousands of words are written on Google. Just Google , statues of the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt . You will see who the ancient Egyptians were and who they weren’t. They were Africans of color who weren’t Caucasians. And the further you go back the more it was self-evident that the ancient Eyptians were not Caucasians. Just look at statues of the Pharaohs from Fourth Dynasty. All of mankind can take credit for the ancient Egyptians early great civilization. Because we are all from one race of people, the human race. But, it is very cynical for Caucasians to dismiss people who have ties to Africa, culture that comes from and is unique to Africa and people who physically resemble the the ancient Egyptians.

  21. Jennie

    You have got to be kidding me. Those very negroid features of Egypt resemble some of the negroes from the block! Obviously you placed your anti negroid glasses on to do this report! I am Black and possess an above average intelligence. What about all the dumb white people in trailer parks out there? Whatcha got to say about them? By the way, they line dance very well. Ps , what about the smart doctors lawyers engineers so on in society. You sound very dumb. If your theory was true, how did they succeed ? Was it through placing a white brain in each day before attending the university? You make me pee my pants!

  22. Hassan

    Read the holy Quran and you will see truth! It’s a small poetic beautiful book. History has mostly been fabricated through time by a minority to suit their needs.. All man are one and same and IQ doesn’t fucking care about color, I’m lucky to have meet with the brightest of man and the dumbest. In every color and they are all one and the same. SOoo if ur stupid, work harder and if ur smart, don’t gloat.

  23. Sifa

    Ha ha ha. This has to be the most provocative online forum I have had the joy of skimming over for a good while. Mr. Robert Lindsay; is the rest of your blog as inflammatory as this? I would love to read more right now, but alas, I have to take my primitive, underdeveloped African brain to bed, so as to be perky and semi-lucid for my boss tomorrow. Please keep it up, I will definitely be coming back here.
    We all need some light relief from time to time, and I have the sneaking (and hopeful) suspicion that your musings will provide that. Perhaps your next topic should be “On the study of Felines; are white cats more aesthetic and erudite than black cats: An ethnographic (feliographic?) study by Robert Lindsay”
    Don’t disappoint!!
    Love from the ‘dark’ continent. xoxoxo

  24. john

    I think it has already been established that the ancient Egyptians are still represented by their modern counterparts in BOTH the North and South of modern Egypt.The Y-dna studies done in recent years show that the slight distinction,genetically speaking,between reddish-brown Egyptians and black Nubians is still present in modern haplogroups E-V22,E-V12 and E-V32.These subclades of E-M78,which ALL the authorities agree originated in N.E.Africa are still represented in Egypt in the North as well as the Sudan and the African “Horn” nations.Even today,these areas are remarkable for physical and ethnic differences as they were in ancient times.(PLEZE!) Color wasn’t a divisive issue with the ancient Egyptians WHY should it be with us??

  25. ras

    lol john what a joke i am 100% sure the egypsian are still there just check this The term Bejawi comes from Ta-Itjawy “people of Itjawy”.
    Ta-Seti Neferet, the mother of Egyptian King Amenhemet I’s was of a peoples from Upper Egypt known as Ta-Seti. He built a great city state called “Amenemhat-itj-tawy” (“Amenemhat the Seizer of the Two Lands”), more simply called Itjtawy. Populations from the Ta-Seti region came to people Itj-tawy and from this power centre, Amenemhat I’s armies extended the Egyptian empire. Egyptologists who believe Amenemhat I may have waited until his twentieth year to make the move to his new city base their evidence on an inscription found on the foundation blocks of the pyramid’s mortuary temple. It records Amenemhat’s royal jubilee, and also that year one of a new king had elapsed, suggesting that the pyramid was started very late in the king’s reign. King Amenemhat I reorganized the administration of the country, keeping the hereditary nomarchs who had supported him, while weakening the regional governors by appointing new officials at Asyut, Cusae and Elephantine. Another move, both to dilute the army’s power and to raise personnel for coming conflicts, was his reintroduction of conscription. In order to protect Egypt and fortify captured territory in Nubia, he founded a fortress at Semna in the region of the second Nile Cataract, which would begin a string of future 12th Dynasty fortresses. Along with protecting his newly acquired territory, he also create a stranglehold over economic contacts with Upper Nubia and further south.
    Amenemhat’s Ta-Seti army and conscripts came to be known Ta-Itj-tawy. In modern languages this is pronounced Bigawy, Bedjawi or Bejawi.
    The Beja have been named “Blemmyes” in Roman times,[1] “Buga”s in Aksumite inscriptions in Ge’ez[citation needed], and “Fuzzy Wuzzy” by Rudyard Kipling. Kipling was specifically referring to the Hadendowa, who fought the British, supporting the “Mahdi,” a Sudanese leader of a rebellion against the Turkish rule administered by the British.[2]
    [edit]Language. john you have to accsept your Gread gread grand fathers was black befor they left punt land to the ice age

  26. evenwhenilie

    ……the ancient Egyptians skull size and shape is more consistent with Africans from Sudan, Ethiopia, and other black Africans in the region. The culture and artifacts found in ancient Egypt is more consistent with cultures deeper within Africa, not without. The resent DNA test done on king tut, and other mummies from similar time periods in Egypt would show DNA outside of Africa because that’s when Egypt was ruled by foreigners. King tut and a great many other famous ancient Egyptian names sighted by Eurocentric egyptologists are actually closer to our time period then they are to the first king’s of Egypt. Egypt was already ancient by king tuts time, so he is of no consequence when determining the ancient race of the Egyptians.








  28. hailu

    hi,i’m a light skinned Ethiopian which believed we are the part of ancient Egyptian dynasty telling from where i stand and where i’m right know in east africa,during egyptian ancient time because of Nile river and trade route all kind of people used to live or by pass “us”this resulted east african’s skin to became light brown and ancient people give “us” a name called “Habesh”meaning mixed race or you can call it Egypt.and please note that Nubian’s are our native fathers!

  29. Egyptions were black

    Egyptions were black ! You could see on Anchiet hyroglephics that thet were obsiously black. Everybody is black EVERYBODY ! The first people on Earth were east africans who then migrated to other parts of the world and the weather changed their skin colors so tell me how may someone living in Anchiet Egypt be white ? It makes no sense they are lieing to you ,people they dont want us to know our history . Everything came from africa . Math science ! Just watch HIDDEN COLORS its a documentary about an hour and a half long order it from amazon or just watch it online .
    Without Africa imagine what society today will be like

  30. we are all of African decent,people we need to wake up, life began in Africa, the apple never falls far from the tree. The people of African tribes lived in the Saharan desert and when it dried up they moved along the Nile Vally and ended up in Egypt. Stop hating who god created…it is in your DNA…white, black and all mixtures…you came from what god created …a beautiful black women…what brothers you about this…are you embarrassed…if you really want the truth about who the ancient Egyptians were than you need to study language and culture of groups of people still living in Africa. The ancient Egyptian word Serekh , this is hieroglyphic symbol that used to be designed on the front doors of the kings and royal houses to show that they were the residences of royalty and power.This design can be traced to the early dynastic period and the old kingdom of ancient Egypt. It was the image of the falcon standing on a rectangular frame with the king’s spiritual name in the rectangle. It was in later times when another African tribe became the pharaoh of ancient Egypt that the name serekh was conferred onto this symbol, and that is what modern scholars know it to be….the language from which the word serekh originated from links to a African tribe….the Hausa word Sariki, meaning king. Notice how this word has been transposed into European orthography and phonology as SEREKH. Ancient Egypt, Hausa royalty were also kings. The modern descendant of their ancient royal dynasty is now called the Sadauna of Sokoto and he can be found in Kano in Northern Nigeria. Form such a detailed revelation, the word Serekh and the ancient Egyptian story do not become part of an ancient history, it becomes the continuous story of a living people.THIS IS THE KIND OF LINGUISTIC AND CULTURAL LINK I EXPECT SCHOLARS TO MAKE ABOUT THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS STORY, RELIGION AND ANCIENT AFRICAN BECAUSE IT IS THERE. GOD BLESS, WE ARE ONE.

  31. Ancient Eygptians are not the same as the current egyptians….to say that ancient egyptians were “Negroid” is just plain wrong….they were not in my opinion…and I can have one…the reason, egyptians are protrayed in movies as caucasian like Elizabeth taylor is because, one wants beauty and pomp in film….if you look at the tomb paintings…egyptians had copper like skin…with their slaves a black (nubian) color…as for lips being negoid,thats ballony….example…neffertiti…she had more caucasian features, even mexicans are labeled under caucasians….it takes a spanaird and an indigenous indian to make a mexican….but for example….llike in quadalajara…you have blue eyed blond mexicans…due to the french and germans…who stayed after the war….so thats like history threw out, how blood lines change and such….but Egyptians are not negroid…Cleopatra was part greek, check your facts…but copper skin is not black skin.

  32. forgot to mention, when in 2009 or there abouts, a mummy was ,how do you say, reconstructed facial….he looked like an average arab man….blacks were in an uproar…this was on the cover of newsweek…look it up…I cant remember if it was tut…or some other importatnt dude….why dont we all take a dna test….Oprah was found to be from senegal…..saw it on tv around 2010….

  33. NonKoolAidDrinker

    “Lastly there was no Caucasians or white people around 40K yrs ago. Scientific studies show that Europeans skin turned pale only recently circa 6K yrs ago. The 1st people in Europe were Africans of dark skin complexion”

    None of the modern day races existed 40k yrs. ago. The first modern people in Europe were from Central Asia not Africa, they were probably light brown skinned, not much darker than many modern day Southern Europeans.

  34. NonKoolAidDrinker

    Pepper:”Or assuming that Sumerians were dark skinned as they called themselves the Black Headed People, the Ancient Egyptians could phenotypically have more in common with dark skinned ancient peoples stretching from Sumer to Elam to Indus”

    “Black Headed” was a reference to hair color not skin color. The Sumerians are clearly depicted in their own art work as a relatively light complexioned people with dark hair and unambiguously Caucasoid features.

  35. Rubbish why would dark heir be special in a geographical area filled with dark haired folks,an area I am familiar with having been there on several occasions.
    Lament For The People Of Ur.
    112-122. “To me, the woman, in the Agrun-kug, my house of queenship, they did not grant a reign of distant days. Indeed they established weeping and lamentation for me. As for the house which used to be where the spirit of the black-headed people was soothed.
    192-196. The scorching potsherds made the dust glow (?) — the people groan. He swept the winds over the black-headed people — the people groan. Sumer was overturned by a snare — the people groan. It attacked (?) the Land and devoured it completely. Tears cannot influence the bitter storm — the people groan.
    The black-headed people were carried off from their strongholds. Its queen like a bird in fright departed from her city.
    The black-headed people do not bathe during your festivals. Like …… mourning has been decreed for them; their appearance has indeed changed.
    Saragon of Akkad the first Semitic King boast
    “The black-headed peoples [Sumerians] I ruled, I governed; mighty mountains with axes of Bronze I destroyed. I ascended the upper mountains; I burst through the lower mountains. The country of the sea I besieged three times; Dilmun I captured. Unto the great Dur-ilu I went up, I … I altered … Whatsoever king shall be exalted after me, … Let him rule, let him govern the black-headed peoples; mighty mountains with axes of bronze let him destroy; let him ascend the upper mountains, let him break through the lower mountains; the country of the sea let him besiege three times; Dilmun let him capture; To great Dur-ilu let him go up.”

    Genesis 10:8
    And Cush begat Nimrod: he began to be a mighty one in the earth.
    The first centers of his kingdom were Babylon, Erech, Akkad and Calneh, ine Shinar.f 11From that land he went to Assyria, where he built Nineveh, Rehoboth Ir,g Calah 12and Resen, which is between Nineveh and Calah; that is the great city.

  36. annie joe

    I found the “somethings never change” comment about black HIGHLY offensive. Blacks are and always been just as intelligent as whites and any other race. choose your words wisely! In my opinion, Ancient Egyptians were definitely a type of african decent. Their culture and lifestyle is exactly the same or more similar than other races.

    • Well I think we can all agree that the great spirit, Gods, what ever made us,yet even if egyptians were in the sub sahara/african area….so what? that doesnt make them black…they should do DNA tests…hell oprah comes from senegal…has anyone ever noticed…Tuts mask has almond eyes…he kind of favors a thai person…oriental….but when the scientist did his face….he looked like a regular arab person…good figure…

  37. Mike

    Thats great you getting your info from a lying thief that was arrested and his whole motive was to boos t tourism. Even the team who took the DNA samoples confirmed he liedstated king tut was caucasion.

    • Mike they are basing that on the supposedly R found on a screen shot from that T,V documentary on Tut but it was NEVER OFFICALLY RELEASED but that did not stop net trolls and Stormfronts types from running with that,the irony is that in Chad and Camaroon is where one finds the most underived R in Africa so jokes on them either way.

  38. Mike

    Aristotle (384-322 B.C.E.) Greek philosopher, scientist, and tutor to Alexander the Great.

    Aristotle is said to have written 150 philosophical treatises.

    “Too black a hue marks the coward as witness Egyptians and Ethiopians and so does also too white a complexion as you may see from women, the complexion of courage is between the two.”

    (Physiognomics, Vol. VI, 812a)

    Aristotle makes reference to the hair form of Egyptians and Ethiopians: “Why are the Ethiopians and Egyptians bandy-legged? Is it because the bodies of living creatures become distorted by heat, like logs of wood when they become dry? The condition of their hair supports this theory; for it is curlier than that of other nations, and curliness is as it were crookedness of the hair.”

    (Physiognomics, Book XIV, p. 317)

  39. Really, eygptians are caucasian?? guess it could be true…mexicans are classified under caucasian…but so do you think that makes…you,an obvious caucasian…Better than other races?? God must be laughing at us,and deciding how to rid this grey and granite planet,from the boobs that prolificate it, yes, indeed, and most serial killers, and guys who take out their families, and shoot innocent people (as meritage) are Caucasian….,how much pain and injustice, because someone is a different hue or color , and the shape of the nose and lips…….lets see…flood,check….next time…fireball…yea…

    • jose

      most mexicans have high cheekbones,small eyes and a nose between the long pure caucasian and the small pure mongoloid,here are many types of noses,so mixed and confusing,but the rest of the face is crearly more mongoloid than caucasian,damn caucasians are present in europe,middle east,india! and invaded united states,canada,argentina,australia,so many space under caucasians and you still put mexico under them?no sir,mexico is 55% mongoloid,caucasians are common in mexican tv,but in the real mexico,they are very few,i live in mexico!

    • mrcuteblackie

      If there is any such entity as God, that is. ha ha ha

    • mrcuteblackie

      And do you know that the most pervert people on earth are the caucasians, thought they claim to be more civilised? Parents fundle and kiss infront of kids, smoke with an infant in the pram, and hate all other races. What have we done to these guys, who treated us like shit, and now they cannot have enough compassion to apologise and compensate. On the contrary, they still hold us in bondage. It is really sad. They hate us, that is why every good thing is documented far away from our names.

  40. Lets face it people love beauty…if it has a straight nose and yada yada…hey its caucasian….but Mike I must say…I didnt get my info from hawass…personally I dont like the man…the way he treats people and his know it all persona…but I digress…Ive gathered my opinions from reading, you must admit…the ancient eygptians are not the egyptians of todayl

    • Mr

      Beauty is a point of view. To me, a woman is REALLY beautiful if she is as dark as a nubian, and has natural Afro hair.

  41. Noelle the ancient Egyptians or as I like to use one of the names they called themselves Kemou litterally the Black community are genetically related to the people south,east and west of them some from the Great Lakes regions of central Africa where they indeed have cultural connections ie the god Bes,and lets not forget that the land of the ancestors or founders were in that general area keeping in mind that’s where the Mountains of the moon (killamangiro) is located or in Eritrea where they found baboons with the same genome with remains found in Egypt.

  42. angieb09

    sEE Sunny SA and Skin cancer – Some Things You Should Know –

    “As SOUTH AFRICA is one of the countries with the highest incidence of skin cancer we are fortunate to have local scientists whose knowledge is crucial to the continuing education of professionals working in the health and environmental sectors,” says CANSA CEO, Sue Janse van Rensburg. “We wish to equip role players and the public with the appropriate knowledge to make informed decisions.” —
    “What is new for South Africa. High UV concentrations, an ozone hole, a sunny climate, and a sport and outdoor lifestyle orientated nation are just the right ingredients for a recipe for disaster. The incidence of Non- melanoma skin cancer (Basal Cell Carcinomas and Squamous Cell Carcinomas) has reached epidemic proportions.”

    Humans like other all other animals adapt to their surroundings, through evolution, and we live through the Sun. We all need Vitamin D to live -Africans have dark skin to block out the dangerous ultra violet rays of the sun, in Africa BUT STILL RECEIVE VITAMIN D – Science also provides that Blacks more then likely evolved into Whites over thousands of years when they migrated to cold areas with LESS SUNLIGHT Because their skin needs to be light so they can asborb more Vitamin D, or DIE OFF…. – A new scientific study in America cites that even many Blacks a multi ethnic American group transposed of mostly only part African part White part Indian and whatever other ancestry suffer from Vitamin D deficiency – because Blacks do not get enough Sun IN AMERICA, and suffer from a lack of Vitamin D deficiency. Science and reality proves and shows who came out of and who belongs in Africa, with 3 billion people dark skin An Africa to this day. The Egyptians are also still of dark complexion today, and any Country region that borders on the continent of Africa is of highly melanin (black) people dark people, with variations of curly/ wavy hair. So any Argument is illogical … Even Romans and Greeks are of Mediterranean with dark skin, and dark hair – there HAVE been no documented REAL Caucasoid whites groups BORN OUT of THE REGION or land up until the present day. ALSO – The Copts are people who practice Christianity Egyptian- NOT an ETHNIC GROUP – Neither Christianity, nor Islam was the religion to the early Egyptian civilizations, this came wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaay later.

  43. ashwini

    For nearly two hundred years now, White scholars have removed Black people from Egypt, Egypt from Africa and Africa from world history. They have always taught that Egypt is in the Near East, the Middle East, the Mediterranean and even the Fertile Crescent. They have never informed the world that Egypt is and always has been on the Continent of Africa.

    We understand that most White people and Arabs have great difficulty imagining Black Africans to have laid the foundation of civilization. We sincerely regret that Western racist propaganda has so narrowed their worldview. But, at this site “WHEN BLACK PEOPLE RULED THE WORLD” FROM THE CLEGG SERIES AT MELANET.COM” we deal with evidence – – not propaganda, not passion, not preconceived notions or white supremacy.

    While White publishers controlled everything written and taught about Africa – – and often published books stating that the Ancient Egyptians were White – – no one, except Black people, complained. However, since Black people began publishing their own work and using the internet to tell our story, suddenly everyone is interested in setting Black people straight by insisting that the Ancient Egyptians were neither Black nor white, but Arabs, like the Arabs of today.

    We disagree. Arabs invaded Egypt in the 7th Century AD, long after Ancient Egyptian civilization had declined and faded away. Arabs have no more connection to Ancient Egypt than Europeans have to Ancient America.

    We, of course, believe that the Ancient Egyptians were Black Africans and the following is a synopsis of some of the evidence that supports our view:

    Evidence from Physical Anthropology
    The skeletons and skulls of the Ancient Egyptians clearly reflect that they were a Negroid people with features very similar to those of modern Black Nubians and other people of the Upper Nile and of East Africa.

    Melanin Dosage Test
    Egyptologist Cheikh Anta Diop invented a method for determining the level of melanin in the skin of human beings. When conducted on Egyptian mummies in the Museum of Man in Paris, this test indicated that these remains were of Black people.

    Osteological Evidence
    “Lepsius canon,” which distinguishes the bodily proportions of various racial groups categories the “ideal Egyptian” as “short-armed and of Negroid or Negrito physical type.”

    Evidence From Blood Types
    Diop notes that even after hundreds of years of inter-mixture with foreign invaders, the blood type of modern Egyptians is the “same group B as the populations of western Africa on the Atlantic seaboard and not the A2 Group characteristic of the white race prior to any crossbreeding.”

    The Egyptians as They Saw Themselves
    “The Egyptians had only one term to designate themselves =kmt= the negroes (literally). This is the strongest term existing in the Pharaonic tongue to indicate blackness; it is accordingly written with a hieroglyph representing a length of wood charred at the end and not crocodile scales,” singular. ‘Kmt’ from the adjective =kmt= black; it therefore means strictly negroes or at the very least black men. The term is a collective noun which thus described the whole people of pharaonic Egypt as a black people.”

    Divine Epithets
    Diop demonstrates that “black or negro” is the divine epithet invariably used for the chief beneficent Gods of Egypt, while the evil spirits were depicted as red.

    Evidence From the Bible
    The Bible states that “…[t]he sons of Ham [were] Cush and Mizraim [i.e. Egypt], and Phut, and Canaan. And the sons of Cush; Seba, and Havilah, and Sabtah, and Raamah and Sabtechah.” According to Biblical tradition, Ham, of course, was the father of the Black race. “Generally speaking all semitic tradition (Jewish and Arab) class ancient Egypt with the countries of the black.”

    Cultural unity of Egypt With The Rest of Africa
    Through a study of circumcision and totemism, Diop gives detailed data showing cultural unity between Egypt and the rest of Africa.

    Linguistic Unity With Southern and Western Africa
    In a detailed study of languages, Diop clearly demonstrates that Ancient Egyptian, modern Coptic of Egypt and Walaf of West Africa are related, with the latter two having their origin in the former.

    Testimony of Classical Greek and Roman Authors
    Virtually all of the early Latin eyewitnesses described the Ancient Egyptians as Black skinned with wooly hair.

    So why is black ancestry covered up? Is there truth that should stay buried?

    Over the years, African-Americans have been introduced to a form of Christianity that was largely recast through the European culture,” says Dr. Cain Hope Felder, a New Testament language and literature professor at the Howard University School of Divinity and the author of several books on the subject. “We are not creating something new. We are going back and recovering what was always there.”

    What was always there, Dr. Felder and other religious experts say, is incontrovertible evidence that noted biblical figures, such as the Queen of Sheba, Moses’ Cushite wife Zipporah, Prophet Jeremiah’s right-hand man Ebedmelech, and Sarah’s Egyptian handmaiden Hagar, are among the many royal Black personalities mentioned in the Bible.

    Although evidence on the presence of Blacks in the Bible dates back to the 18th century, only in the past 25 years have Black scholars and ministers made major breakthroughs on a subject that has been practically ignored or suppressed by White religious authorities. Modern research, however, is based on the findings of Black historians like William Leo Hansberry and W.E.B. DuBois, who identified major Black biblical characters more than 50 years ago.

    “Black people have been duped into running from the Bible, thinking it was the White man’s book,” says the Rev. Walter A. McCray, pastor of the First Baptist Church in Chicago and author of two volumes titled The Black Presence in the Bible. But in fact, Rev. McCray says, “Many notable biblical personalities were Black.”

    Although there are differences of emphasis, Black scholars and an increasing of White biblical scholars agree on the eight most widely accepted Black personalities in the Bible:

    * The Queen of Sheba. The queen, who visited King Solomon and marveled at his wisdom, was queen of Ethiopia and Egypt. In scripture, she is called “the queen of the South.” Scriptures: I Kings 10:1; II Chronicles 9:1; St. Matthew 12:42.

    * Zipporah. She was Moses’ Cushite wife. It is said that Moses’ siblings, Aaron and Miriam, did not like her. Some say it was because of a family spat. Others claim it’s because Zipporah, daughter of Jethro, was Black. Scripture: Numbers 12:1.

    * Ebed-melech. This Ethiopian eunuch saved the life of Jeremiah, the prophet. Scriptures: Jeremiah 38:7-13; 39:16.

    * Ethiopian Eunuch. This unnamed eunuch received a spiritual conversion and a better understanding of the Scriptures after speaking with Philip. Scriptures: Acts 8:26-40.

    * Hagar. She was Sarah’s Egyptian handmaiden, and she eventually had Abraham’s first son, Ishmael. Scriptures: Gen. 16:1,3; 21:9.

    * Pharaoh Tirharkah. He was an Ethiopian king. II Kings 19:9.

    * Asenath. She was the Egyptian wife of Joseph, given to him by the Pharaoh. Asenath and Joseph had two sons, Manessah and Ephraim. Scriptures: Gen. 41:45.

    * Simon of Cyrene. He helped Jesus carry the cross. Cyrene was an ancient city in Libya, Africa. Scriptures: St. Mark 15:21.

    Although few, if any, believe in the “curse of Ham,” which was used as a justification for slavery, some experts, like Dr. McCray of Chicago, maintain that Blacks are indeed descendants of Ham, the youngest of Noah’s three sons. Ham — translated from Hebrew to mean “hot, heated or Black” — was called the father of Canaan in the Bible.

    Canaan, along with Cush (or ancient Ethiopia), Mizraim (early Egypt) and Phut are considered to be Ham’s direct offspring.

    If this is true, according to Dr. Copher, Dr. Felder and other scholars, at least one book of the Bible was written by a Black man, namely Zephaniah. Called the “son of Cushi,” Zephaniah was counted among the minor prophets of the Bible.

    In addition to agreeing that Zephaniah was Black, some read King Solomon’s lyrical prose in The Songs of Solomon and conclude that he, too, was a Black man and that this song-like book was devoted to his relationship with the Queen of Sheba. In the book’s first chapter Solomon’s female companion proclaims, “I am black, black, but comely… look not upon me because I am black, because the sun has looked down upon me.”

    If Solomon, King David’s son, was Black, some scholars reason that Jesus Christ himself — according to the genealogy outlined in the first chapter of St. Matthew — was Black. Other observers, not as convinced by this logic, just conclude that he was not White.

    Black Africans of Rome have contributed greatly to the growth of Christianity and the development of Roman Catholic doctrine. Three of the greatest scholars and founding theologians of Christianity were Black Roman Africans that includes Tertullian, Cyperian and St. Augustine, but the greatest contributions were clearly made by these three Black Popes:

    * Pope Victor I, the 14th pope, served from 189AD – 199AD

    * Pope Miltiades, the 32nd pope, served from 311AD – 314AD

    * Pope Gelasius I, the 49th pope, who came to office in 492AD (1,000 years before America was supposedly discovered)

    Understanding Biblical prophecy and Black history can set the record staight, where certain myths can be corrected in terms of showing that Black people were never cursed because of their Black skin as promoted by the slave masters and the supremacist, neither were they genetically inferior race, nor the product of Eve mating with satan.

    HOSEA 4:6 – My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

    The curses placed on Israel will help to identify who the real Hebrew Israelites are.

    DANIEL 9:11 – Yea, all Israel have transgressed thy law, even by departing, that they might not obey thy voice; therefore the curse is poured upon us, and the oath that is written in the law of Moses the servant of God, because we have sinned against him.

    Following is a preview of some of those curses mentioned:


    * HIGH PRISON POPULATION (Isaiah 42:22)





    * SCATTERED THROUGHOUT ALL NATIONS (Deut 28: 25, 64 Luke 21:24)

    * NOT BEING ABLE TO STAND AGAINST THEIR ENEMIES (Leviticus 26: 37-38 Deut 28:25)








    “…The Egyptians descended from the Ethiopians…” Moses was born in Egypt, and Egypt is inseparably part of the African continent; therefore, Moses was an African. Joseph, the son of Jacob, was the viceroy of Egypt, second in authority under the Pharaoh (king). If it can be shown that the ancient Egyptians were Black people, then that would mean that the ancient Hebrews were Africans (Black) people also. Herodotus, “the Father of History”, visited Egypt and Ethiopia about 400 years before Jesus Christ was born; he recorded as an eyewitness, that the Egyptians and Ethipians were black-skinned with woolly hair.

    Tacitus, a Roman Historian, recorded that many in his times said that the Hebrews had an Ethiopian origin. God Almighty says that the children of Israel are like the Cushites (Ethiopians) to Him.Deuteronomy 33:4 & 5th verses says that Moses was called a King of Israel. Moses was born in Africa (Egypt), so the first king of Israel was African!

    • Egyptians living during the time of pharoah…are not the egyptians living today,thats a given….how you figure,that ancient egyptian are negroid,is beyond me..look at the walls…you see nubians,and they are colored “black” the egyptians are an orange bronze…when scientist,did a forensic facial,of king tut,he looked just like an arab of today…sorry you feel,your people were given a bad rap, Cleopatra,was half greek and tolomec…

      • Dennis

        Take a look and listen to this video Noelle.
        Your starting to remind me of napoleons troops who were ordered to destroy the nose and lips from the sphinx in 1798, because it depicted a black African.
        You seem to have a underlying hatred you hold on to, for black Americans that you would deny any evidence showing the link, for reasons only you no, I don’t think any evidence would make any difference to you, it is obvious you have a job to do here in discrediting enlightened people from sharing and examining old and new evidence of our shattered and stolen ancient history.
        Racial hatred is one of this worlds most destructive things, of which can destroy a person, it seems to overwhelm you and is evident in what you have to say at times, so much so you need this blog to vent it, better this than hurting someone in the street.
        Better to hold out your hand in friendship, some may not take it but most people will.

    • Dennis

      Thank you ashwini,
      God bless you

  44. BILL

    Europe from the time of Augustus had been to protect the area of “civilization” within the empire from the “barbarians” outside. In Scotland and Ireland , the barbarians were Celtic, an artistic, warlike, and highly emotional people, who for several centuries had been withdrawing ever further northwards to the coastal fringes of northwestern Europe from the lands they had once held, in France and Germany . On the continent between the Rhine-Danube frontier, Scandinavia , and the Black Sea , lived the Germanic tribes. In spite of the danger they represented to the empire, these tall fair-haired warriors, dressed in skins and draped in gold armbands and chains, fascinated the urbanized Romans.
    Why don”t you groups read/study white people real (they did nt take bath, they ate their lices….But they will claim Rome as their history
    The Vandals
    Even before the Goths sacked Rome , another Germanic tribe, the Vandals, had pushed into the empire over the Rhine . Crossing France , they settled for a short while in Spain , from which the Visigoths expelled them. They then crossed the Straits of Gibraltar, conquered the rich province of North Africa, built themselves a fleet, and in 455 sacked Rome with greater thoroughness than the Visigoths. They took the treasures from the emperor’s palaces on Palatine hill and even the tile from the roofs of the temples, and returned with their spoil to their new capital of Carthage

  45. BILL

    Little of White people real history – But, will claim RomeTheodoric died in 526. His successors lacked his skills, and in less than forty years, the Ostrogoths were driven from Italy by the army of the Eastern Roman emperor; they moved north of the Alps , and rather surprisingly disappeared from history. Thus, the Visigoths, the Ostrogoths, and the Vandals, who were largely responsible for the disappearance of the Roman Empire in the West, left little lasting trace. The Franks and the Anglo- Saxons, however, were to become the principal creators of medieval civilization.
    The Franks
    Whereas in France , the original Romanized inhabitants vastly outnumbered the invading Franks, in England the Germanic invaders, the Angles, Saxons, and Jutes from northern Germany and Denmark , drove most of the original Celtic inhabitants to Cornwall , Wales , and Scotland in the far western regions of the British Isles . The invaders, whom for convenience we call the Anglo-Saxons, ignored most of the Roman achievements they found. They disliked the land already being farmed. Roman Empire in the West had fallen. Britain , France , the Low Countries , Spain , north Africa, and Italy itself were all in the hands of Ger- manic invaders, whether or not those invaders paid lip service to the emperor in faraway Constantinople. Dr. Clarke will give you a truth history of their history they do not wanted to talked about.

  46. BILL

    White and stole lands
    If you call invading other people’s land, stealing it, killing of the inhabitants, genocide, slavery, enacting laws with which to keep them at the socio economic bottom “babied”, I’d hate to see what whites do to those they hate.

    This person picked quite a poor analogy. Australia is the result of the overwhelming criminal element in Briton. However, the number of criminals pales in comparison to the number of FREE WHITES who came during the gold rush. They decimated the Tasmiania population and murdered en mass and with government sanction untold numbers of Aboriginal Australians. White people love to use the word “conquer” instead of what it actually is. Murder.

    Whites are the invaders. They are quick to invade other peoples land and then whine about “Go back to yada yada yada” neglecting to mention the fact that anyplace outside of Europe where they dwell has been stolen. If you want to stop hearing people bitch about you, YOU go back to Europe and tell whites that if they want such a homogenous society, BUILD IT IN EUROPE and stop forcing yourselves into places where you don’t belong.

    This person illustrates the entire point the gentleman in the video is trying to make.

    Notice also how certain races are so quick to use Black people in their little hypothetical rants. I find it creepy that Black people are always the default with which a certain genetic recessive race loves point fingers at. Why does a certain race not understand that most of the world feels this way about them. History has shown that they have interfered with Chinese, Japanese, Phillipinos, Indians, Native Americans, Aboriginal Australians, Native Canadians, even the Inuit have been malevolently touched by these people. yet they stay focused and foaming at the mouth rabid about Blacks. I guess we pose the biggest biological threat.

    You wouldn’t have the problems you do if you didn’t invade and steal what belongs to others. The world is tired of your “woe is whitey” antics as you decimate the globe.

  47. BILL

    You should study Europe’s history learn how they where a country of disease and famine. Learn how in the 1400’s a third of Europe’s population died before the age of five, and 50% before the age of 21. While the African empire of Ghana in the 1100’s had established the use of Iron tools, their European counterparts only had wooden tools so they could only till the commons, or common grounds 2 months out of the year, so the people starved

    • Your forgetting the Mayan…they were superior in mathematics, astronomy,etc…orientals awesome….so how did it go all wrong for the africans…is it like what were seeing now, in our time? gangs…thief?…and its not “woe with whitey” your the one, bitching and moaning….trying to make a case out of mistaken info, and hatred….look around bud. as for disease and famine…wonder when the next pandemic is comming….just around the corner….think the powers that be, think theres too many people…dont ya think? yea.its comming

    • ME

      That’s all a load of crap. 50% of people were not dying by 21. If that were the case they would’ve died out long ago. Africa has had its fair share of disease and famine without European interference. And if Ghana was just getting on the Iron Age bandwagon in the 1100’s, they were WAY behind the rest of the world considering Europe’s iron age started in 1200BC and lasted until 400AD at which point we were using steele. Unless you mean 1100BC in which case you were still behind.

  48. jayjay

    In life everyone must earn respect. So dont talk about history. Talk about the here and now. Black Africans have NOT contributed positively to themselves much less the world. Mostly the çontributions’have been negative. Hence the disrespect and disparaging

  49. ZSun-nee Matema

    Is it just me, or has everyone gone crazy. Mankind migrated from Africa to all parts of the world. I remember a white woman I worked with telling me that Egyptians were black but that they were a special type of white person. A black-white person, I suppose. What is it about black Africans and Africa that truth about their contributions falls into the no-tell-zone.

    Several years ago, an Indian historian was a guest on the Diane Ream Show, an American University talk radio show. He gave an overview of his book but never mentioned anything about the African priests from Egypt who migrated to India and ruled for many years. I decided to call in and give the history of these Africans who created the Indus Valley Civilization. I told of the three wars fought by the African armies with those from the Caucus Mountains. I told how finally the Caucus Mountain armies were victorious.

    The victors eventually intermarried with Indian women and created the caste system based on color. Those natives of India whose skin had lightened were placed at the top of the caste system and those who remained as dark as their previous black African masters and teachers were placed at the bottom of the caste system where they are called to this day,” the untouchables”. This is why Indians are classified in the American census as “Caucasian.”

    When I completed my comments, the Indian historian paused, took a deep breath t said, “Everything the lady says is true. I didn’t include it in my book because had I included it, I would not have been given the grants needed to complete my book. I will be so glad when everything African is no longer political.” I was gratified but shocked at the same time.

    I will never forget this on air conversation. Films from Bollywood struggle to tell this truth. They too, labor under the delusion that Africans from Egypt have nothing to do with their history. It is all so sad. Not all Egyptians depicted on ancient walls are fair. Herodotus described ancient Egyptians as black skinned with thick lips, broad noses and coarse hair. He thought they were so wise and knowledgeable that they were like gods. Arabs came into Egypt about 300AD. Asians have been tested and retested. Their oldest DNA markers are African like everyone else in the world.

    Schools won’t allow the truth to be taught and there seems to be a vicious determination to write black Africans out of ancient Egypt’s vast and illustrious history. Why? What is the fear? And will someone tell me why any historical commentary written to show reasonably fair treatment of blacks in history must always be identified as “afrocentric.” I take it when commentary is written by whites it is “the” truth instead of being “Eurocentric.” It’s 2012 and yet many are lost in fears of every kind. By the way, in “The Journey of Man,” a PBS Special tracing DNA research around the world, the scientist found that in older communities of Europeans, there was more African DNA, than found in inner-city African Americans in American urban areas. So much for the “races” theory. There is only one race of man.

    • jayjay

      here ye! here ye! David Frawley the so called Dravidian expert believes that the true Dravidians were white people

  50. jayjay

    And yes that Nobel winning genetecist Watson has got black genes

  51. That’s because Robert Lindsay and a lot of Eurocentrist buy into the race theory where the so-called races are static, no amount of evidence to the contrary will suffice but the last 500 yrs has been especially hard on Africans because of the lingering effects of slavery and the justifications for it,take for example the biblical legend of the curse of Ham.it was used as a religious justification for enslavement of of Blacks anywhere,but a quick look at the sons of Ham in the very same bible made them out to be founders of mighty civilizations, Four Sons of Ham
    1. Mizraim (Egypt)
    2. Cush (Sudan, Ethiopia)
    3. Put (Lybia)
    4. Canaan (Hivites, Jebusites, Arvadites, Girgashites, Amorites, Arkites, Sinites, Hittites, Sidonians, Perizzites, Zemarites)
    And Kush begot Nimrod, who grew to be a mighty warrior on the earth* and the beginning of his Kingdom was Babel in the land of Shinar (Sumer)
    Genesis 10:8

    So the problem became how to square the inferiority of the sons of Ham with their dominance in everything in the distant past,the answer double speak,simply change the sons of Ham into white folks with a Tan that refused to go away but keep the curse on visibly black folks.(keep in mind that Ham means Black in Hebrew,Kam meant Black in ancient Egyptian which they called themselves in anycase Kemitu the black community)

    But perhaps some are more scientifically minded,in that case go around measuring skulls and nose width and if you find narrow featured skulls in anywhere in Africa especially in an ancient context then these are your Caucasoid,but in a modern context when they are pot bellied and starving with flies in their eyes then they are pathetic Negroids who can’t find food and are too violence prone to run a country in any case you don’t want one marrying your sister or living next door.

  52. I’m having a hard time believing that ancient Egypt was built by a Caucaziod people or even asiatic people’s. The hard evidence is in present day Sudan. There are more pyramids in presen day Sudan than there are in all of Egypt. Now are you saying that those pyramids where Nubian kings were buried have nothing to do with the exact same traditions that ancient Egyptians practiced?I’m so sorry but if you take a look at the way ancient Egyptians depicted themselves you can’t deny the African roots. Skin color was definitely dark just look at the walls of Ramses ii or look at Tutankhamen’s throne. Dark skin and Nubian twist hairstyles. History has accounted for multiple invasions of Egypt and Sudan (considered Ethiopia in ancient times) by Persian military’s and Roman military’s for the simple fact that they wanted total control of the gold trade. It is so sad that nobody wants to acknowledge the fact that Nubians actually had an advanced civilization before any Caucasian. Greek gods are just a replication of ancient egyption beliefs. The first written language was developed by ancient Egyptians and of course money. And for the record I am not African or an Afrocentrist, I am actually of Hispanic heritage but leave African heritage alone eurocentrist you have your own history just as I do. Even though Europeans tried to bury our ancient cities and steal our gold they survived the test of time and you cannot take that away.

  53. Jay Blaze

    My Black Brothers and Sisters, It’s a waste of time arguing with these Johnny come lately wanna be Egyptians. If it wasn’t for the Moors, they would still be in the dark ages. They are only known for stealing, killing, raping, kidnapping and many more ungodly things. We been on this planet for millions of years, They only been here a little over 6 thousand years. We are their mothers and fathers. Melanin is the Key to it all, without it, they are doomed. All praise is due to Amen-Ra the most high.

    • kay

      Dr James Watson, Nobel prize winner in Genetics, once claimed that darker guys have more testesterone and hence libido. That theory sure fits in well with the East Asian men

  54. Porcelain doll

    Well well well, I have read the most delusional crap ever. For one thing google the very first pharaoh and please tell me that’s not a Negro nose!! And furthermore white ppl were never elaborate in dressing themselves like all true Africans are Egyptian or otherwise. You all still are very shabby dressers who wear virtually no flamboyant colors. So i really cant see an ugly white man or woman wearing a gold headdress. Or the men with a beard or goatee. And egypt is not the true name of the land along the the nile.It was even on the hieroglyphs called kem or kmt which translates to black. Even your so called historians Herodotus said they were black with wooly hair. I meant really though, the fact of the matter is look at those death masks!! If them ain’t negro noses lol then there must not be a such thing as a Negro nose.. Again lol!! And I have one more brief observation.. Why are their pyramids on every continent except Europe! In Africa (not just Egypt either) south america (the mayans) , asia too. I’m just saying what was y’all ancestors doing besides drinking and having sex with boys, oh and please don’t hit me with that Rome n Sparta bullshit either lol all that shit is crooked lol leaning towers n whatnot. Not impressive. I guess somethings never change too on your end! Stealing ideas and plaigurising our geometric system, introducing liquor to clean ppl, and robbing Timbuktu for it’s vast libraries and gold. Yes!!’ Timbuktu is in west Africa n was wealthier than Egypt. Were the first makers of what we call books. So exactly what did y’all flatbacks do in our world besides steal, kill n destroy?.. P.S and there is no way you can think those fine ass pharaohs were anything but brothers cus whites boys ain’t hardly that well built and good looking.

  55. Chichi

    Ancient Egyptians were black, but not black like African Americans (West African stock) and West Africans. Ancient Egyptians looked like what modern day Horn Africans (Ethiopians, Somalis, Eritreans, Djiboutians) look like. Basically, they are indeed black people, but they don’t have the big gorilla nose that other negroes tend to have.

    • Chichi man I am sure you believe the tripe that you wrote, but one I have never seen a gorilla nose on any Black person I have seen wide broad noses on humans including some Africans, but genetics do not support your stance in any case see http://dnatribes.com/dnatribes-digest-2012-01-01.pdf or http://egyptsearchreloaded.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=bag&action=display&thread=991 and then again broad featured Africans were present in the north med In the ancient sample of the Iberian Peninsula highlights the presence of 50% of sub-Saharan lines.
      From this point on you can ignore the links and post in willfull ignorance or you can clik the links and learn something your choice Chichi man.
      Read more: http://egyptsearchreloaded.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=bag&action=display&thread=872#ixzz2Fft8aJPF

      • jayjay

        Look at the pictures and statutes of Egyptian royalty to suss out how they looked. Nefertiti had fine acquiline nose if I am not mistaken

        • Yeah and so does my mom and sis matter o fact so does a lotta blacks and nose shape varies in kemet as well as other parts of Africa,ever seen Winnie Mandela?? http://tte2uq.bay.livefilestore.com/y1pRKyv2oRwk9UcpcIEEzbjKwIGqLvMxRjjAZ7UyxMU2hFC4Q5bS-bAcF5nqL-qi1sSprYrCpXwiMnWT4rlAad3_9tjFvAy-2iK/Shepseskaf%20-%20fourth%20dynasty.jpg?psid=1

          But why the insistance on what nose shape they have instead of who thet are culturally,geographically,and biologically.

        • jayjay

          That’s the only racial classification system in the world. Physical anthropometry.
          Bob’s a bit shallow and fleeting in his analyses. For example he talks about Iranians as if they are a race- then he shows a picture of a woman who lives in Iran but is ethnic Azeri. So I don’t get his point. Iranian is not a race but a conglomerate of many people. For example the surname ending with “ian” is actually Armenian I think but is now a property of 3 countries ( Azer Iran Armen) and now America.
          But he’s got some real interesting articles I grant you that

        • ancient egyptians are not negroid…and they did not have negroid features, cleopatra,was half greek, and tolomec,they intermarried alot…..look at the tomb walls…the people were a nice kind of bronze…some of their slaves were nubian…black skin…if you look at civil war pics of blacks…they didnt get more aguiline feautures,..until they started having babies with the white bosses…Oprah’s DNA was linked back to Senegal…did you see that episode? when newsweek reported the finding of king tuts facial reconstruction…he looked more like a modern arab boy…and alot of blacks were outraged…but I did enjoy the michael jackson “remember the time” video,where they were dressed like egyptians…where dark skin (bronze) is more realistic,that whitie skin….in that time. and Iam not a white woman ,I cant wait til science does a more extensive profile on DNA..maybe that would help put to rest,some of these outlandish arguments, that egyptians are negros,were all so mixed bloods…remember egyptians of old are not the same living today in egypt…Oprahs DNA shows her roots going back to “Senegal”

        • Why would anyone care about Cleopatra a decendant of an interloper Greek whose claim to fame was that she humped her way into power but was an epic fail anyways,unlike the Queen of Kush in the same era that fought the Romans rather than fuk-em and kept her empire for the next 1500yrs
          And what the hell does Oprah have to do with anything but since you did not clik to any of the above studies lemmie help you out for a sec.
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          Genetic Analysis of Amarna Mummies ………………………………………………………………………. 3
          Conclusion ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 4
          Appendix: Regional Analysis for Individual Amarna Mummies ……………………………………. 5
          Getting the Most from Your STR Testing ………………………………………………………………………….. 9
          Hello, and welcome to the January 2012 issue of DNA Tribes® Digest. This month’s article
          features an analysis of several mummies, including the famous King Tut and his relatives. These
          individuals lived in a unique time more than three thousand years ago: the “Amarna period,” which has
          left a vivid archaeological record of life in pharaonic Egypt.
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          Last of the Amarna Pharaohs: King Tut and His Relatives
          Historical Background
          During the exploration of Egypt, a puzzle emerged along the Nile River: a singular ancient city
          that had been hastily abandoned to the desert. The site dated to the mid 1300’s BCE (the height of New
          Kingdom Egypt) and became known as Amarna (named for the local Beni Amran tribe).
          Unusual discoveries here included cuneiform tablets (the Amarna letters), written in a “peripheral
          Akkadian” vernacular spoken in the Levantine cities of the former Hyksos and their relatives to the north.
          Even more unusual was the “Amarna art” found in the city. Unlike the idealized royal icons customary in
          ancient Egypt, Amarna was decorated with naturalistic portraits emphasizing the individuality of the
          king’s family and retinue.
          Absent from Amarna were images of Egypt’s ancient pantheon. Instead, this abandoned city had
          been dedicated to the more abstract “Aten,” symbolized by the sun’s orb extending its rays.1
          Examination of texts and monuments revealed this as the lost city of Akhetaten (“Horizon of the
          Aten”), freshly built for the “rebel pharaoh” Akhenaten and his wife Nefertiti. The iconoclastic
          Akhenaten had opposed the wealthy and influential priesthood of Egypt by closing temples, removing the
          names of the gods from monuments, and even forbidding use of the plural term “gods.” Known in life as
          “Living in Ma’at” (Justice or Truth), he was later remembered only as the “Criminal of Akhetaten.”
          After Akhenaten’s rule ended in unknown circumstances, his name was erased from all future
          king lists. Traditional polytheism was then re-established under Tutankhamun (“King Tut”) and the
          former vizier Ay.2 Despite helping the return to Egyptian customs, the names of Tut and Ay were also
          omitted from Egyptian records for their association with the “rebel pharaoh.”
          Shortly after it had been built, the city of Akhetaten was abandoned. Ironically, the ruins of the
          “City of the Horizon” became an archaeological time capsule. The Egyptian desert preserved the city’s
          documents, naturalistic art, open air building designs, and urban layout as a testament to an innovative
          moment in ancient history.
          The end of the Amarna period marked the conclusion of the Thutmosid 18th Dynasty of Egypt.
          King Tut and his relatives were to be the last descendants of one of the ancient pharaonic families,
          sometimes said to have ancestral links with the Land of Punt (near the Horn of Africa).3
          Archaeologists have discovered several royal mummies linked to the Amarna period. These
          include not only the famous mummy of King Tut, but also his mother KV35YL and relatives Amenhotep
          III and Yuya. However, the association of the mummy KV55 with the iconoclast of Amarna remains
          uncertain. KV55 has been tentatively identified as Akhenaten; however, it is still debated whether this is
          the “rebel pharaoh” himself or instead the remains of another relative (such as Smenkhkare).
          1 During Akhenaten’s reign, the “Aten” was represented as a phonetic name and inscribed in a cartouche, suggesting
          an abstract yet personal concept of deity sometimes compared to the Abrahamic traditions. For instance, some
          scholars have compared Psalm 104 with devotional poetry found in the ruins of Akhetaten.
          2 Ay was “Overseer of All the Horses of His Majesty” and possibly the father-in-law of Akhenaten and related to
          several studied Amarna mummies.
          3 More recently, some archaeologists have compared the Predynastic Naqada culture of Egypt with the “A-Group”
          culture of Nubia (located south of Egypt along the Nile River).
          DNA Tribes® Digest January 1, 2012
          All contents © 2006-2012 DNA Tribes. DNA Tribes®
          DNA Tribes patent pending analysis is available
          exclusively from DNA Tribes. All rights reserved.
          DNA Tribes® Digest January 1, 2012 Page 3 of 10
          Web: http://www.dnatribes.com; Email: dna@dnatribes.com
          Mail: DNA Tribes, P.O. Box 735, Arlington, VA 22216
          Genetic Analysis of Amarna Mummies
          Geographical analysis of the Amarna mummies was performed using their autosomal STR
          profiles based on 8 tested loci.4 Results are summarized in Table 1 and illustrated in Figure 1. Maps for
          individual Amarna mummies are included in Figures 2-8 in the Appendix.
          Discussion: Average MLI scores in Table 1 indicate the STR profiles of the Amarna mummies would be
          most frequent in present day populations of several African regions: including the Southern African
          (average MLI 326.94), African Great Lakes (average MLI 323.76), and Tropical West African (average
          MLI 83.74) regions.
          These regional matches do not necessarily indicate an exclusively African ancestry for the
          Amarna pharaonic family. However, results indicate these ancient individuals inherited some alleles that
          today are more frequent in populations of Africa than in other parts of the world (such as D18S51=19 and
          MLI for World Region Thuya Yuya KV35EL
          KV55 KV35YL Tut Average
          Southern African 359.72 34.48 20.73 108.53 174.90 71.17 1,519.03 326.94
          African Great Lakes 233.49 35.53 20.87 222.53 381.30 44.58 1,328.01 323.76
          Tropical West African 142.84 8.91 6.93 37.43 53.03 22.99 314.00 83.74
          Horn of Africa 14.65 0.79 5.17 12.03 4.54 22.00 44.35 14.79
          Sahelian 39.14 0.74 5.76 2.97 4.40 16.85 30.41 14.33
          Levantine 0.40 1.56 0.66 10.30 6.07 8.40 21.08 6.92
          Aegean 0.12 0.35 0.87 9.06 7.05 20.16 9.85 6.78
          Arabian 0.12 0.42 0.70 5.58 2.83 21.41 10.91 6.00
          Northwest European 0.21 0.28 1.26 3.99 10.41 15.01 5.33 5.21
          Mediterranean 0.08 0.23 0.74 4.54 5.81 16.80 6.04 4.89
          North African 2.22 0.21 0.75 3.39 3.25 12.63 6.55 4.14
          Mesopotamian 0.06 0.41 0.63 6.24 2.69 11.54 5.27 3.84
          Table 1: Top MLI (Match Likelihood Index) scores for Amarna mummies based on the world regions identified by
          DNA Tribes® STR analysis. Each MLI score identifies the likelihood
          Aquiline Features before OOA movement?
          If you can comprehend the above then you are making head way.

  56. Dennis

    Absolute Nonsense the scientific community are at logger heads over the testing methods used, any result can not be relied on because of ancient and new contamination , the result can be twisted and lead to false claims please read the article in the link:
    If you really want to know the truth, research what van sertima had to say regarding the melalin tests carried out by Unesco on the Phoeroes mummified bodies which proved without a shadow of a doubt that the Mummies of the pharaohs were in fact that of black African men. As the high levels of melalin in skin can only be found in
    black Africans and people of black skin.
    The melanin in the skin is produced by melanocytes, which are found in the basal layer of the epidermis. Although, in general, human beings possess a similar concentration of melanocytes in their skin, the melanocytes in some individuals and ethnic groups especially black Africans are higher than everyone elses, and that’s a fact that is indisputable.
    So please don’t try and use false DNA testing results to try and claim a link to the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs, because it is utter rubbish.

    • Why not use DNA? and all other scienctific measures ? Eygptians of old, are not the eygptians of today…Eygptians may have been in the african region, but they were not “Negroids” Cleopatra was part masadonian,(greek)and tolomec…if DNA wouldnt help to clear up this part of the argument,then what would/ endless debate and argument

      • Dennis

        I agree Noelle, but until the scientific community agree on a solid basis for Dna testing of the ancient Pharaohs , which can take into account the substances they used to in balm them I don’t think the results can be relied on to be accurate.
        But I believe there is just too much evidence which proves who they were and what they looked like, for example I witness accounts from just one of the Greek theologian. Herodotus Book 2: Euterpe [50] no 57 & Herodotus Book 2: Euterpe [100] http://www.sacred-texts.com/cla/hh/hh2100.htm
        I believe these and many more statements from these ancient greek theolgians should close the argument about who they really were.

  57. In 2005 I joined genebase.com…they send you a swab…and test it in their lab…and you can see where your ancestors originated…I only did my mothers side, she was born in north africa, of french spanish jewess…my dads a mexican american,with apache great grand dad…were a mix, thats for sure…my skin color is that kind of orangey red,you see on the tomb walls…but what the hells does that mean…just that people ask me especially during the summer, wow, what beautiful skin…so are you saying, . lets see, twelve tribes in israel…everyone, went off their own way…you get latinos, whites, blacks…kmaybe when we hhit the other side, we can see whats really going on…with features,and skin color…

  58. Nadir

    I think they were mixed. As are modern Egyptians today

    • Ancient Black Wisdom

      Dear Robert Lindsay,
      It’s great you’re interested in the Ancient Egyptians, but quite frankly, you’re just another Iceman racist. You’re the residue of Europe, full of hate, war, and disease..see the Black Death, catchy name! You monkeys, and I say that because science claims ALL NON AFRICAN people come from neanderthal, are so smart, can you explain the Dark Ages? Or how you didn’t get a book until the 17th century? Where are you getting you’re research, the so-called Jews? Because they’re thieves too! I love you Robert, you and your cave-men brothers and sisters have always been cold…

      • Ok Great Black Man, you are banned.

        The Black Death was a misnomer. If you want to experience the real Black Death up close and personal, just go pay a visit to any US inner city. Make sure to watch your back!

        Ancient Black Wisdom is a great thing. It lives on today, especially in US inner cities, where we see the Ancient Black Wisdom on display so well. It takes a special sort of wisdom to take a great inner city and turn it into a Dystopian throwback state. It’s probably not that easy; not anyone can do just that! Kudos to the primordial Black mind you all are tapping.

        • alf

          its funny how both extremes want to claim Egypt as their own race. like it makes any difference.
          Lindsay, you obviously have a problem with black people, were you molested by a black person as a child?

          Anyways lets get down and dirty with this debate.

          Firstly all DNA evidence performed on mummies seem to show an admixture of both sub Saharan, and eurasian DNA, however it appears the % of the eurasian admixture is greater, and it mostly comes from the paternal side (y chromosne) BUT thats looking at mummies of relatively recent dynasties (ie king tut of the 18th dynasty) going back to the earlier dynasties we dont really have dna samples of the mummies, but we do have some sub Saharan looking statues. PLEASE check out statues of Huni and Djoser. for me thats not evidence anyways.
          what i would call evidence and intriguing is the fact that the oldest mummy in africa is of a sub saharan child in libya that is about 6000 years old. its funny how people forget about it. also the fact that Kushites and to a certain degree the Dmt civilization that preceded aksum were very similar to egypt, then again for me that isnt really evidence( apart from the uan muhuggiag mummy). i have so much other “circumstantial evidence that i could write, ie the similarities of sports that the hausas of nigeria or sum tribes of sudan perform that is very similar to egyptian sporting rites. please search Dambe.
          also the facial characteristics of the sphinx appear to be sub Saharan, but i really cant be bothered.

          anwayz i feel afrocentrist just try to use egypt to tell themselves that sub saharan Africans could achieve something, they dont intelligently look at the evidence or try and see sense, they just see conspiracy.

          and people like lindsay, might have a problem with blacks (perhaps due to the fact that we was fondled by a big bad negro) or he just thinks that statistical evidence (bell curve bullshit) shows that on average sub Saharan tend to be intellectually inferior.

          well all i can say is this, pre rome, most of western europe where in the stone age, the mayans ethipians, nubians, Chinese, assyrians sumerians, all were technoligically superior back then, but who rules the world now?
          its not about who dominated 5000 years ago, its about where you are going.

        • Alf claming Kemet as Black and African is not an extreme as especially in the early dyn,right up to the Greco/Roman era they were for the most part just that black and African and as far as biology goes the were a tropically adopted people,as they were discribed as “Super Negroid” a term I hate corresponding to bone structure and Profile on the Nile
          “Genetic kinship analyses revealed identical haplotypes in both mummies (table 1); using the Whit Athey’s haplogroup predictor, we determined the Y chromosomal haplogroup E1b1a. The testing of polymorphic autosomal microsatellite loci provided similar results in at least one allele of each marker (table 2).”

          –Hawass et al 2012. Revisiting the harem conspiracy and death of Ramesses III. British Medical Journal, BMJ2012;345:e8268

          Haplogroup E1b1a (now known as E-M2) is an
          African DNA group, most commonly found in sub-Saharan Africa QUOTE:

          “Haplogroup E1b1 now contains two basal branches, E-V38 (E1b1a) and E-M215 (E1b1b), with V38/V100 joining the two previously separated lineages E-M2 (former E1b1a) and E-M329 (former E1b1c). Each of these two lineages has a peculiar geographic distribution. E-M2 is the most common haplogroup in sub-Saharan Africa, with frequency peaks in western (about 80%) and central Africa (about 60%).”

          –Trombetta et al 2011. A New Topology of the Human Y Chromosome Haplogroup E1b1 (E-P2)
          PLoS ONE 6(1): e16073.

          Read more: http://egyptsearchreloaded.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=egyto&action=display&thread=1354#ixzz2Gw8yFWWf
          While the preceding 18th Dyn plotted heavily with the people of the Great lakes and Southern Africans

          And while Kemet was important there are those of us who look at other river valleys and further up the Nile river.
          African Historical Ruins – you never see on TV

          Read more: http://egyptsearchreloaded.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=pav&action=display&thread=1358#ixzz2GwFEDBCZ
          Pls clik the links

        • All right alf. I never got molested by anyone, much less a Big Black man, when I was a kid. Most sane folks have a problem with Black people when large enough numbers of them are present. That’s what White Flight is all about. White Flight is all about *sanity.* Sane people of any race start taking off real quick when the neighborhood starts getting too Black. In fact, even the sane and decent Black people start taking off when the neighborhood gets too Black. The stories I could tell you.

          And Black people are indeed intellectually inferior on average, but I don’t like to talk about it too much on here. That’s not even really controversial among any honest scientists.

  59. Alf, you talk about eygpt 5000 years ago…Eygpt is alot older than , more than 9000, and probably older…some responders on this site, say well neffertiti looked like some of the black bi-racial women,we have today, think Beyonce etc..and thats suppose to be evidence,that negros were eygptians…your way off…your grasping…what is that all about? just because eygptians were in africa, deosntg meantheir “Negroid”look at the tomb wallks as a starting point…the nubians, were black , ethiopians have more linear features,and they are black, but are they negroids…eyptians,were a bronze kind of orange hue…look at civil war pics, of black slaves…is that suppose to be egyptian blacks?

    • Alf

      Haha!!! It’s like you guys just ignored my comments on the famed Libyan mummy, or the statues or the cultural similarities with some west African tribes ( Hausa )
      Yeh I know some theories claim egypt to be older, for example a prof of geology at MIT asserts that due to water erosion visible on the body of the sphinx, It could be as old as 9000 years. What’s funny is that 9000 years ago the inhabitants of much of the Sahara were what you would call black. And some archeological dogs in Libya, Sudan and Egypt show a similarity to what became ancient Egypt, google uan muggiag mummy.
      Anyways my point is the pre dynastiic and even the early dynasties were predominantly black, With little to know semite admixture. But towards 3000bc Semites started to migrate towards the Nile, and they started to influence Egypt

      • Cedric Harris

        A US inner city is the result of racial disparity in the “criminal justice system”, otherwise known as slavery. No need to watch my back around my own people, although you should. Ancient Black Wisdom is most certainly a great thing, it’s actually the topic of your blog. Of course, you’ve seen Ancient Egyptian depictions of themselves, right? (They’re obviously not, um..let’s say white) I just don’t understand how these apes, living in holes, thawed, came to Kemet and built Pyramids! Why? I mean there was plenty of room in Europe! Where is the evidence of their greatness before the 17th century? Ha! Neither do I! Neither do they!

        You’re so ridiculously racist and ignorant. The inner city in this God-forsaken country your ancestors stole, is the result of their own policy. And, you, the great-grandson, better yet, the waste matter of years of oppression, have the audacity to claim the goodness of Africa? May God have mercy on your wretched soul. Your people have spoiled His people and divided His land. And have taken the goodness of our God and our ancestors and called your own.

        The only mistake Afrikans have made is welcoming a stranger into our home, who stole, murdered, raped, and utterly destroyed our family structure. Chains and prison cells come from your people, just as war and disease. You cowards never go one on one, with no weapons, you’re not able. Take it back home with you. Mr. Robert Lindsay, you’re a coward, lying and hiding behind webpages and false literature, in order to feel some assurance, because even you know how wretched the devil is. But, the dry bones are sleeping, not dead. And our Creator is breathing new life into the Ancient Man.

        On Thu, Jan 3, 2013 at 11:49 AM, Robert Lindsay wrote:

        > ** > Alf commented: “Haha!!! It’s like you guys just ignored my comments on > the famed Libyan mummy, or the statues or the cultural similarities with > some west African tribes ( Hausa ) Yeh I know some theories claim egypt to > be older, for example a prof of geology at MIT asse” >

    • Alf

      Haha!!! It’s like you guys just ignored my comments on the famed Libyan mummy, or the statues or the cultural similarities with some west African tribes ( Hausa )
      Yeh I know some theories claim egypt to be older, for example a prof of geology at MIT asserts that due to water erosion visible on the body of the sphinx, It could be as old as 9000 years. What’s funny is that 9000 years ago the inhabitants of much of the Sahara were what you would call black. And some archeological digs in Libya, Sudan and Egypt show a similarity to what became ancient Egypt, google uan muggiag mummy.
      Anyways my point is the pre dynastiic and even the early dynasties were predominantly black, With little to know semite admixture. But towards 3000bc Semites started to migrate towards the Nile, and they started to influence Egypt

  60. Really I bet if one went to eygpt and asked the current egyptians if the american black man is a decendent of eygptians…you’d get an ear full….take an atlas out and look at it…the africans that were taken to american, were on the other side of where egyptians were…if they were a bronze orangey hue, what happend then…they got darker in the US???? you want us to believe, that compton thug, is a decendant of king tut? I would ask, how wide was the fall…people/tribes have been wiped out for millienium, and disappear, never to be found, like I said before, egyptians of old, are not the ones of today…I think the only way to stop this ridiculous, banter, is to get more scientific…look at the blood types of today…what is it…type O is only 20,000 years old? or something like that…scientific will but this all to rest…my mothers from north africa, her skin is white in winter, but she can get black literally in summer…me…I have latin father, so I get that bronze hue…like eygptians…so does that mean…that Iam part egyptian….MY POINT IS…doesnt matter color…you can look in any ones family…some dont look like they belong….if you take one persons grandparents…and then their grandparents….do you know how many people it took…something like 2400 people…to just go back a a few hundred years….maybe someday this will all get fetered out…but for now…most people dont believe that eygptians werre negros….your saying…eygptians were bronze, nubians black…and todays blacks are the egytptians of old?? bull hockey…

    • Really Noelle?? if you go to Egypt and say Egypt was black you get an ear full,well that might depend on who you are taking with

      But not from friends of mine who happends to be Egyptians and yes that includes lite-skinned ones.

    • tanisha

      I can’t wait to go back to work to tell my black brown Egyption friends that they are not really black. Hahahahaha. And my Ethipians friends they are brown with nappy hair straight hair curly and dreads they are really a special kind of what people. And yes by the way any black whose ancesters were shippe across the atlantiv is a hebrew. White people have always stolen our history. Hell we couldn’t even make a song cause they still that too. And everytime they deny the facts do you notice its always done with racism and name calling like thug and gorilla and taunting. They are eviln and the truth is not in them and they are jealous and steal kill and destroy. I am a brown women and flamboyant colors match my tone. My egyption friends wear vibrant colors and have family that live by pyramids. Ethiopians and blacks in america are related cause of Moses and marrying a cushite ethipian. Blacks if that’s what you want to call us have been scattered to the four corners of the earth handed over to our rnemies until Yahwehs curse is lifted. Yes I know who I am. Far from dumb too. Almost done with a undergrad in Health Care Management and accepted into nursing without having to sit for the entrance exam so my comments are reliable and factual. Read duet28. Just accept the truth.

  61. an Egyptian woman discussing a the origins of their people this time from lower Egypt.

  62. Sorry for the split post but here is the rest from an Egyptian historian/guide enjoy.

  63. Anansi, if your reply is to disuade me, your comment didnt even really make sense…its a “Given”that if one were to speak to someone else, your’d get a different reply, Duh….WTF??? Iam in the camp, that does not believe…that the American Black person is decendent from Egyptiians of over 6+ thousand of years ago…go down the line…of papers, and scientific tests, and all the info isnt in yet…in a few more years, hopefulloy it can all be brought to a satisfaction…take a simple fact, look at the tomb walls…eygptians, bronze/orange skin color, Nubians, Black (not saying they are usa black) how did eygptians go from bronze to blacker than a black?? the egyptians of old, are not the egyptians today ,the blood types of many people living today and have 0only been in existence for some for just 5 thousand years….sure who wouldnt want to be related to egyptians of old…then what? look at old civil war pics of slaves taken from there homes in africa…your saying those are eygptians of old??

    • Noelle Iam not here to disuade you from anything I don’t care if you hold on to your belief like a religion,but I will respond to misstatement of facts and it was you who challange anyone to go to Egypt and ask Egyptians on the matter and recieve an ear-ful,we did and we have a couple of answers,I especially like the lady historian’s answers and explaination,and frankly Africans south of the desert come in all shades and and phenotype,but more importantly they are connected biologically to each-other and yes that includes AAs and others,lemme clue you on a lil something,you see about 6-7kyrs B.C there was the green Sahara,well it dried up and folks scattered East West North and South some hit the Nile some went to the Niger others eventually reached the Zambezi.Look up Nabta Playta and Gilf al-Kebir,look up the cattle keeping cultures along the entire Nile up to the Great Lakes where the God Bes came from and the Land of the Gods Ta netjer(Land of the Gods) to the East is located,eyeball anthropology is useless,but i’ll make this a lil easier for you.

      Pay attention to time 14;00

      The first one is a sculpture of a Yoruba figure called a Child of Obatala. Obatala is a Yoruba god. And the second one is the Egyptian god Bes. And they are both wearing a skull necklace.

      Read more: http://egyptsearchreloaded.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=egyto&action=display&thread=27&page=2#ixzz2GwwxjITT

      • I belong to the camp, that as Hawass says, that Eygptians were not “Negroid” look at the tomb walls…Nubians are blacker than coffee…I dont think they are decendants of American blacks…look at the egyptians on those same walls(tomb) king tut, is bronze colored, trampling on Nubians…Anansi, you ramble, and you say nothing…are you kidding me? you make no sense whats so ever…I like it short and sweet,just like I wrote it here, go on utube, and see some rastafan dude, yelling at the king tut, exhibit, that its all a lie, about king tut, comming out looking like an arab boy of today…physically….go on and dilude yoursel, dear…but your way off…

        • Noelle you chose to stick your fingers in your ears,put blinders over your eyes,and ignore evidence to the contrary,like genetic, biological,cultural evidence and eye witness testimony of the Hebrews,Greeks Romans and early Arabs and Egyptians themselves,you rely on eye ball anthropology and personal antidote which is selective, even your ramblings about bronze orangy skinned painted Egyptians is off the mark as the same color scheme can be found in Kushitie Temples and paintings right across Africa and into the diaspora.

        • Look who’s calling the pot black…Yes there were black pharoahs in kush, there was a kush dynasty who reigned in the middle of the 7th dynasty BC who was driven out by the Assyrians…the greeks called those people “Ethiopians”but king tut was not a negro…and I dont believe he was white…He lived in the east northern part of Africa, the slaves that were picked up thousand of years later were in the west coast by that time…were from Ghana,cape verde, and other places…so for the most part, blacks in the united states, to affiliate themselves with the Egyptians,for the most part that most people see romantizies on tv and movies, is not where the blacks/negros are of today…look at photografes of black slaves in the 1800…there blacker than coffee…is that what your saying is King tut’s decendants, ridiculous…have you seen the newsweek remake of King Tuts face (forensic)? yet you say…its white America, cover up!! are you for real?? how do you reason with someone such as yourself?? look at all the evidence…the tomb walls…if Eygptians were black, why do they show nubians, as B L A C K… and themselves a brown orange bronze?? I find that blacks are more racist than any other peoples I have encountered, to say that all pharoahs were black is ridiculous…

        • Blah blah blah and more blah, black slaves ad-infinatum,dude Africans came to the America’s from all points in Africa ever heard of Estevanico the Explorer of Arizona and New Mexico?? well where was he from?? we Africans coming from as far east as frikin Madagascar.and again with the bronze orange thingy..I see chocolate brown for the most part,and again look at how the Kush painted themselves,and if you gonna use the Greeks to buttress you argument why not go all the way.
          Diodorus Siculus:
          that the Egyptians are colonists sent out by the Ethiopians, Osiris having been the leader of the colony. For, speaking generally, what is now Egypt, they maintain, was not land but sea when in the beginning the universe was being formed; afterwards, however, as the Nile during the times of its inundation carried down the mud from Ethiopia, land was gradually built up from the deposit. Also the statement that all the land of the Egyptians is alluvial silt deposited by the river receives the clearest proof, in their opinion, from what takes place at the outlets of the Nile; for as each year new mud is continually gathered together at the mouths of the river, the sea is observed being thrust back by the deposited silt and the land receiving the increase. And the larger part of the customs of the Egyptians are, they hold, Ethiopian, the colonists still preserving their ancient manners. For instance, the belief that their kings are gods, the very special attention which they pay to their burials, and many other matters of a similar nature are Ethiopian practices, while the shapes of their statues and the forms of their letters are Ethiopian.

        • Anansi, yes there were kush Pharoahs…the greeks called them ethiopians, not all pharoahs were “Black”….King Tut, was not a negro….go to utube, and watch that rastifarian dude, shouting outside of the “King Tut” exhibit…that its all whiteys lies…when the exhibit, displayed the forensic, display of Tut’s face….it looked like an Arab youth of today…even tho the eygptians of Tuts day, are not thesame egyptian of today…so? whats your point….I bet if they did DNA…(go to genebase.com and pay, 120.00 for a saliva swab of one side of your mothers side of the family…and see a map of where you originated) you can also get your fathers side…I bet you’ll see yusa Blacks are not ethiopians, or eygptian…there senegal, ghana,cape verde…etc…for the most part, its a hatred of blacks for whites…Iam sorry but I find some black here in los angeles, more racist…than whites…I dont say Tut and his people were white…thats just in movies…and as far as, comments, that look at neffertiti, and example…a Beyonce…and that proves it, is ridiculous…look at civil war pics,of black slaves, blacker than coffee grounds…its only when black and whites in the last 2 hundred years in this country….that you get that…beautiful bi racial mix…that this modern day woman, would look like a neffertiti…the slaves ancestors of the people here in the americas today…are from the west coast of africa…not from the sudan, and eygpt…yet, blacks here, want to believe, that they come from king tuts people, ridiculous….

  64. I suggest you go to genebase.com put your DNA in there, its a start…I know a black woman, who was sure they had american Indian blood (family folk lore) and found out, they actually had a chinese relative…but no American Indian…I know, it sounds romantic huh…Ive know alot of people, in the 70’s that all told me, they had an American Indian princess in there lineage….Really…WTF…is that suppose to make me, feel more kindred with you?? its mystifying why us Black want to believe they are decendent from Egyptians…we as a people, are so intertwined, but to say, us blacks are eygptians I dont believe is correct, wait till all the info comes in…and when your in a hot enviorment, your skin gets darker…and being born or moving to africa, doesnt make you negroid….isnt there only what like 3 or how many races? negroid, caucasoid,oriental, and then what??

  65. Dennis

    Im sorry Noelle but you have to take into account the slave trade which deported so many black africans of that region all over the world, most losing there history and connection, with who they were ,surely your not denying that fact , it seems you are denying i witness accounts from the greek theologians, i think i would rather listen to a i witness account , of which descibes or indicates who the early ancient peoples of Eygpt were, rather than a study of DNA now which can be manipulated .
    there are not many high courts in the world where a, i witness account or a wriiten account from a witness isnt taken as the truth , especially from a people or person with no axe to grind at that point in time. think about it, please do some more research. your right to a extent the later dynisties were possibly very mixed after several invasions and a period of time..
    my issue is the fact that there has always been and there is now, so much evidence which is not reported and not written about and published and hidden because it does fit with the current modern day image of the builders and
    the peoples of that pirticular civilisation amongst other reasons of which i wont go into here, But the truth will always come out & win in the end.

  66. The Black slaves that came to the America’s were taken from the west coast of africa, yes there were black pharoahs, in kush, the greeks called them ethiopians…to say that all pharoahs in egypt were “Black” is wrong, King Tut, was not negro…and no ones quite sure ..I hear different, but Iam not going to debate that…people also argue, about the tomb walls…if Tut was black, why are the nubians black…and hiimself and his people, a brown bronze hue?? oh yea, thats the white mans lies!!! go to utube, and watch that rastifi dude, saying that…outside of the “King Tut” exhibit…because they did forensic,on King Tut’s face and he didnt look (gasp) black…he looked like a modern day arab…even tho, the eygptians living in Tuts time, are not the same as the eygptians of today….and I also find, Blacks today in America, where Iam from, Los Angeles, to be very racist…Iam considered white, by them, but Iam not considered white, by whites…and thats the truth, but I will get death threats, and s for using my !st ammendment…

    • Noelle I asked you to look at how other Africans painted them selves but intead you insist on making an ass out of yourself without doing the most basic research.

      Benin painting of battle scenes West Africa.

      Kushite scene trade or tax mission

      Ethiopian prayer book from the mid-15th century painted dark

      Ethiopian Religious Painting

      Painting done by Zulus.
      Now please shut up about your Bronze orangy painting it means fuk-all as Africans painted themselves with pretty much the same hues.

      • I didnt use any derogatory words to you! calling me an ass, because I have a right to my opinion, just shows me and others, what a weak argument you have, you make lousy arguments…..When people start attacking others personally, it just shows, what an Idiot you are.Take a hike and go pound sand, Iam not interested in your drivel.

  67. Objectivity

    I picture the ancient Egyptians looking like obama

    • Sigh! more eyeball anthropology


      Shepseskaf of the 4th dynasty

      Yes some did look looked like Obama but they were like any other group of people did not all look alike the painting at the very least is more of an ideal than anything else they differ among themselves

  68. Is that how you debate? calling people names, and dismissing people with “Blah Blah Blah” that doesnt sound like a learned person…which now is blantantley evident….My God woman, with your infantile rhetoric…Iam still in the other camp….which alot of people agree with…I havent opened up your screen time…you look as dull as your “makes no sense” drivel…your just spouting words that make no sense…your unreasonable…dense….take it somewhere else…Iam not interested in your stupidity.Your like a dog with a bone…LOL

    • You deserved to be dismissed at this point as your are repetitive and bring nothing new to the table, I am not interested in your opinions with absolutely nothing to back it up but your imagination, most of all I hate willful ignorance and lazyness, just saying you are in the other camp is not using any scientific approach,you made claims which have been easily shut down,you lack objectiveness and gloss over information presented, you made no counter argument based on information provided and this was no debate as it has become obvious you are not my equal.
      PS Anansi is Akan and means, simply, spider. and Iam a male.

      • Anansi,When you child man ,cannot debate ,without calling people names,you “sir” are dismissed, where did you get your degree? and if you have’nt noticed…you are dismissed “clueless” so stop emailing me…I’d like to see you talk to the experts…and use name calling.. and you can bet Iam not your equal… I’am above you…you mysogynist….yea brilliant, look the word up…Thank God were in the USA, if I was in your neck of the woods…I’d be murdered because Iam a woman. you are IGNORANT.

  69. FEAR!

    Hello Im an afrikan the evidence has already been made concrete that Ancient Egypt/Kemet was of an intellectual, and at the acme of modern knowledge race of very dark as in skin people. Denial is just a result of fear for the pale faced people. I know what they fear more than anything, and that is afrikans(true afrikans) obtaining knowledge by the masses. They know even if by the slightest of degree that when we unite we will excel, and outdo them succinctly. We will unite as an afrikan race, and when we do we will rein in on you pale faced people. Im sorry it will be this way, but you have sewn this judgement all your own. It is why you all desperately try to cloud truth out of fear. Do you actually believe that the pale faced people will not be punished for your years of oppressing? Not only to afrikans, but many others you all have done oodles of wrongs. When the time comes the pale faced, and arabs, and any not of our afrikan fatherland will be cast out like the lowly swine you are. I am truly sorry it has to be this way, but as Ive said the doing is all your own.

    We are working on unity, trust, and education! amongst my afrikan brothers, and sisters. We have been beaten, and broken to shun these. Time brings all to light, and we will have our time again. We ask not that you give us our heritage, we want nothing from you, as we are not of, but you of us. We will TAKE our heritage, and lift the shade from the eyes my people, and beat the pale faced people with a truth that dries them out, and tizzies their minds. Pretty soon you will see more afrikans everywhere in places held in high regard doing prestigious professions at a caliber that pale faced people aren’t capable of. Remember my words because before you know we will be upon you before you are aware. It is right to fear us…

    • Pretty soon you will see more afrikans everywhere in places held in high regard doing prestigious professions at a caliber that pale faced people aren’t capable of. Remember my words because before you know we will be upon you before you are aware. It is right to fear us…

      LOL, trembling in my boots here guy.

    • Brengunn

      you all have done oodles of wrong

      Beautiful phrase, I may use that myself, if you don’t mind.

  70. FEAR!

    Also understand we are different from you in every meaning of a superior mould. We are easily physically superior, but we will defeat you a your own game smarts. As we are the reason you have any if at all rem my words…

    • Brengunn

      We are easily physically superior

      Ye are certainly that, alas, that’s where the superiority ends. Best leave the thinking to the pale faces, ok!

  71. mrcuteblackie

    It would be foolish to think that ancient Egyptians would have been any other race than black Nubians, given the hotness of Egypt. Egypt is even hotter than Cameroon and Congo, the land of the true bantus. Given the hard work of the Egyptians at that time, it would be unlikely that the art and science could have been done by caucasians, who would not have coped in that weather.

  72. para

    A little poem – for a tune.
    Everywhere you look
    you see me
    everywhere you dig
    you find me
    you go into outer space
    you find me
    you go to inner space
    you find me
    oh what despair you say
    where am i this day
    you go back in time
    all you find in mine
    where am i you cry
    so you try to replace
    me, with yourself
    but you have no success
    you create an army
    of geneticists
    to probe and map me
    but your mind just cant see
    because of the complexity
    of that which is me.
    by pararealist.

  73. For all the effort and energy expelled in discussing the ethnic connections of an ancient people, not a single post has questioned the relevance if such connection. Am I to take credit for accomplishments of my predecesors because we share genetic information? Am I also personally liable for the crimes of those sharing such genetic traits? This notion is ludicrous.

    The origins of those who built ancient Egypt are relevant only in so far as the truth has been distorted in order to propagate the view that Black Africans are intellectually inferior. There is no scientific basis for this assertion. Alas there is no scientifically agreed definition let alone measurement of intelligence.

    Eurocentrics – you are wrong. Black Africans are in no way inferior and yet have been made to feel so, systematically to the detriment of an entire race.

    Afrocentrics – I empathise as much as a European can, if I were black I’m sure I’d be beyond angry. I have just one caveat, and for want of a better phrase; two wrongs will never make a right. Caucasians are not intellectually inferior either. I agree that black people are physically superior, to everyone else, not just whites. However, is ths how we measure humanity? By who can run faster or invade the most nations?

    We are all, whether you believe in god or evolution, descended from the same people/place. We all deserve to be credited for who we are and the deeds that we have undertaken. As a European I do not deserve to be blamed for the slave trade, unless I continue such attitudes, which I do not, and nor do I deserve credit for the invention of penicillin.

    I am incredibly suspicious of anyone who seeks affirmation of their self worth by reference to earlier humans with whom they may or may not share genetic information. Is that really all you got?

    • Mr

      A good post. However, note that most Afro-centrics make these connections because our race is still being seen as inferior, even by people of our black race. If this was not the case, no-one would be writing here. Is there any smoke without fire? Since when did the truth cease to matter? Of course we go on with our lives and personal successes, but my success should not be considered as an exception, and our children should not grow in a society where their self-esteem is lowered. What Chloe says makes sense, but it is not futile for Africans to make the claims they do. Put your feet in our shoes. For instance, if it is alleged that your parents murdered to build the house you lived in and everyone avoids you when in reality you knew that they had gotten the money by lawful earnings, would you say the truth doesn’t matter?

      Africans just want not to be written off as a low-IQ race, You could ask us to prove by succeeding now, but our kids have this legacy where their opportunities are less, let alone their confidence. And why on earth would world magazines describe beauty in a woman as blonde? What absurdity! Are there not ver beautiful women in China, Vietnam, Kenya, etc? Have you not heard of these jet-black Sudanese type women known as black beauty?
      I have met the most beautiful of these jet-black girls who have no idea that they are the most gorgeous, and I blame this on white media.

  74. Australoid Negroid Indian

    As a Negroid Indian I do have some sympathy for blacks who say the Egyptions were black but sadly I can not agree. Ancient Egyptians were some sort of Caucasian race as we see in the rest of North Africa. The Coptic Christians are the direct descendants of such people. The paintings and sculptures are distinctly of Caucasian looking people just like the Coptics which just means Egyptians in their language a directly descended language from those time.

    Nordics also make claims on the Greeks and Romans and say that they were Swedish or Norwegian. Again I can not agree. The direct descendants are still there and they neither look or talk like Swedes. Swedes at that stage were illiterates living in the frozen wastes of the North hundreds of miles from the great ancient civilization.

    Arabs of course claim everything good that happened in Europe after the seventh century was due to them. Again the same mentality of claiming the work of others as your own. A massive propaganda effort costing lots of money is an on going thing in the current educational system of lots of Western countries in order to convince them. Even Ben Kingsley the actor and Prince Charles is involved.

    Time for Nordics, Arabs and Blacks to get real. Reality is not so sweet but it is the truth.

    • narut00

      i agree,however some time ago i claimed that thai architecture was highly probably designated by chinese immigrants (in my case i am not chinese,just saying to stop criticism against china) and i think my claim might be really true on the basis of facts like thailand since ancient times had a chinese minority that controls that country instead of the thais,highly suspicios of the thais,they dont seem bright in lots of things but their architecture is so bright =O i might be wrong but i will wait for robert lindsay to post some day “what race were the architects of the traditional thai architecture? thai? chinese? here the answer” 😉

  75. Australoid Negroid Indian

    Narutto another group that needs to learn this lesson of not claiming the work of others is whites from countries that learnt from the creative white countries. Any white from deepest Siberia to toughest roughest Serbia claims all the achievements of just a handful of white creative countries just because they just happen to be white..

    Most of the noteworthy achievement of civlisation, even up to 95 percent, come from Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Italy, Germany, Holland, France and Britain (England and Scotland); the rest of the white countries had very little to do with anything. Off the top of your head can you name a Norwegian scientist? No neither can I. But I can easily do it for Italy. Volta. Off the top of your head can you name a Croat painter. No neither can I but I can easily do it for Holland, Vermeer. I could go on but you get the picture.

    If I was white from anyone of these exceptional countries I certainly would not be happy for any Sven, Slobadan or Ivor were to make any such claims.

    • narut00

      you are right; though at least russians have Dmitri Mendeleev, that analogy also apply and even more accurately to my people from spain…they created almost nothing 😉
      croats are few,spaniards are a lot,they should have done more,i dont claim the glory of the west as mine,i reject spain and adopt japan as my culture
      so i support your views

  76. Australoid Negroid Indian

    Dear narutoo do not forget the great Cervantes, the writer of the greatest novel of all time Don Quixote. Your people have done more than the Nordics. They discovered the New world through Queen Isabella and kicked out the imperialist muslims from Spain, created Spanish as a language for a great number of countries and created the world’s best novel. You people also had the great Salvidor Dali my favourite painter.

    But you are humble and true, compared to italy, britain ( ie england and scotland), france, germany, holland and ancient greece and ancient rome this is a tiny fraction of the Western glory but it is certainly more than say Norway or Estonia or Croatia ever created. The nordics, blacks and arabs are totally untruthful in the way they claim other people’s achievements as their own. The slavic nations are also quite honest and do not claim things that they did not create. You never hear the honest people of the Ukraine for example boasting in the shameless way blacks,arabs, and nordics do.

    • narut00

      awww thank you for trying to encourage me,however i already made my choice and decided to be japanese (by soul)
      some men are unsatisfied of being men and try to transform themselves biologically in women (transexuals) or try to look and dress like women (travesties); i am in a similar situation but with my race,i consider myself a biological white,but a japanese in spirit
      i never would make plastic surgery to look japanese,but sure i would try to dress like one; dont judge me,the law recognizes and protects what transexuals/ travesties want to be; likewise respect me 😉
      i am happy like this

      • Brengunn

        however i already made my choice and decided to be japanese (by soul)

        You are mental but in a good way.

        • narut00

          WWWWWWW x)
          www= japanese lol,we japanese use “warai” わらい(which means laugh)=lol
          so because it starts from w, we can only use “w”,if you want to express more laugh by using “w”, you can just add “w” for example..うけるwwwwww as many as you want ^.^

    • Brengunn

      I don’t believe you, ANI. There is no way a slum dweller has read Don Quixote. Of all the books in all the world, why would that book even be on your horizon? You’re not from a slum at all!

      • Australoid Negroid Indian

        I live in one of the biggest slums in Delhi but I do have an underground lab with a nice reading area in a separate room of the underground complex. Let me give you an insight into what we do in the lab. Come with me into the strange world of underground labs under the slums of India.

        I have dissected hundreds of flys in these labs over the years and of course to do so requires a certain degree of intelligence. I knew I was not particularly good at solving new problems but my assistant Igor was. He was less intelligent but certainly more CREATIVE.

        He demonstrated this when he came over from India from Romania and felt that we could do things differently by making laser models of the flys and dissecting them first with a real knife (the models did not need a knife to unravel as they were time sequenced to unravel, but the knife doing the work looked good in our presentations) and then by developing a laser knife that actually would cut the fly into anatomical parts in real time. Later he developed the technology for use by vets and finally he developed it into a useful product for medical research involving human bodies . No more human cadavers are now needed in India thanks to Igor’s research.

        This is all due to the fact that Igor was quite squeamish and wanted to solve this problem as he was a lab assistant. I would dismiss his squeamishness as western induced bunny hugging nonsense that had somehow even affected Romania, but he solved his problem by being creative and pioneering a new set of products.

        Igor is certainly more creative than I am but I am actually more intelligent than he is. I organise the lab. I organise the speaking tours to the various places we tour and do the explanations for what our laser software reveals in a real time dissection.

        Can you see the distinction between intelligence and creativity I am making here Brengunn? Our research has not just highlighted new insect anatomical tools and procedures but showed that intellect and creativity do not mean the same thing. There is a link but one has to look carefully to see the fine distinction. Sure Igor can do all the lab stuff but I can do them all better (more intelligence) but he wins hands down when he goes away to think and comes back with startling new insights into how to do things in new ways (more creativity).

    • ProudFeministGirl

      Yup, Swedish Shit, i am finally proud to be Spaniard, a big part of the world worship our Soccer (Madrid / Barcelona) ,Spain is one of the biggest producers of TV formats ,(i have been watching lately Spaniard TVseries like El Internado, instead of Anime.
      I don’t listen to J-pop anymore, i have been enjoying Enrique Iglesias’s music, and now i appreciate the culture of Flamenco and Bullfighting, i am finally a proud Spaniard guy.

  77. Athen

    “The ancient Egyptians also wrote about Blacks as a foreign people who were often used as slaves. The Egyptians commented that Blacks were not very smart, but they were great athletes, entertainers and musicians.”
    What is your source for this Robert?

  78. Kieran

    I remember reading in books about the Bushmen of Southern Africa by Laurens van der Post, that Bushmen were widespread over Africa before being driven away and massacred by the Bantus (or in the North, Caucasians). In fact, he claimed, there were such people as Bushmen living in the Mediterranean area. Most interestingly is a possible connection between them and some of the earliest Egyptians. Copper skin, somewhat Asiatic features and the so called “tablier egyptien” are found in the Ancient Egyptian paintings and in the Khoisan. I wonder too if the Egyptians had such peppercorn hair too, and small stature.

    It seems a bit far off, and I don’t know of any good sources, but it’s an interesting thought that “Khoisan” type people may have played a part in Egypt’s history.

    By the way. the “tablier egyptien” means “Egyptian apron” and is a fancy name for elongated labia. I would be interested to learn of sources for the Egyptian connection here, to back up van der Post’s claim.

  79. syn

    Clearly you are a racist yes some things never change

  80. jennicat

    The Race of Ancient Egyptians (as the builders of Egyptian civilization) was overwelmingly Caucasoid, but different subtypes existed, including Mediterranid, and evidence has revealed a small Nordic and Armenoid presence. Anthropologist Robert Gayre (1972: 85)

  81. tara reed

    You are such a racist pink face and that will NEVER change.

  82. lee

    Robert, sweetheart, stop. When will this black/white supremacy end? certainly not with people like you. You are smarter than your ignorant comments and your ignorant mother, aren’t you? Then again the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree it seems. You are smart enough to start such a controversial blog. Kudos to you! i suggest proving your ability to do extensive research and posting accurate non hateful information. Try to entice your readers by being just and unbiased. I am very disappointed to have commented on this feed. However, i couldn’t resist.

  83. Look let’s be realistic here, afro or euro-centrism aside. The ancient Egyptians would most likely resemble peoples such as the Egyptian fellahin, Northern Sudanese, Northern Ethiopians, Eritreans and Somalis. All these groups, although having black/brown skin are counted as caucasoids. Caucasoid doesn’t simply include the ideal of the European blond-blue eyed Nordic or the tan aquiline Mediterannean Latin but also peoples such as Berbers (who are perhaps some of the most diverse phenotypic peoples on earth since they can be fully European-looking such as Riffians and Kablyes or quasi-Negroid such as the Tuaregs, Sanhaja and Zenata making it impossible to generalise what they are), Persians, Levantine Arabs (i.e. Palestinians, Syrians), Peninsula Arabs (i.e. the black/brown skinned bedouin and Yeminites (excluding the Akhdam)), Horn Africans (excluding Nilotic, Somali bantu and Omotic groups), Egyptians, and South Asians (predominantly the northern groups, even though a lot of them have skin as dark as many Ethiopians or Fellahin Egyptians). These groups, although counted as Caucasoid due to phenotypic features such as thinner noses, skull shapes would be considered non-white due to their darker skin tones and outlandish features. Going back to the ancient Egyptians, they’re only “black” in the sense that Ethiopians, Somalis and Fellahin are, and that is in reference to the wide range of skin tones Europeans consider “black”. In terms of the 19th and 20th century racial-classifications they would be caucasoid (in same way as the ethnicities I have mentioned before) but to suggest they share a heritage or culture of some kind with Europeans (especially Northern ones) is complete and utter nonsense. Meanwhile to suggest they share a cultural or heritage of some kind with West Africans (affectionately named “Negroes”) also is just a nonsensical, despite the fact there was a reference to a kingdom in the central Sahel called Yam, but no proof other than sporadic texts reference this place.

    I can sympathise with Eurocentrists trying to claim such cultures since Northern Europe as a whole doesn’t have much of an ancient history, even in the Roman empire the more developed half was the Hellenic-Eastern side not the western European half and plus Northern Europeans being the most powerful people in the Modern Age (17th C. AD onwards) would need to establish a foundation myth to justify their superiority (regardless of how recent it may have occured). In the case of afro-centrists, their angle is that of a victimised/traumatised people. Their outlandish claims are that of a therapeutic nature. Although there is some truth in what they say, i.e. A. Egyptians are African and “black” in the same sense that an Ethiopian/Somali/Fellahin is (even though they are classified by 19th/20th century racial science as caucasoid and by genetic testing as predominantly caucasoids) but negroid in the same sense as a West African is unlikely and near nonsense. Hence in conclusion, A. Egyptians are caucasoids (but not kin to Europeans but akin to Horn Africans, and modern day Northern Sudanese/Southern Egyptians) not akin to West African Negroids and definantly not New World Afro-Americans (who are predominantly west african with European admixture) however if we were to get a hypothetical ancient Egyptian based on paintings and written sources and have him stand in a Western European or American town/street he/she would be described as “black” or “mixed”.

    As an Egyptian I find these arguments to be quite tragic,since we have two groups (Euro & Afro centrics) who have nothing to do with Ancient Egypt trying to claim kinship with them. The only descendants of Ancient Egypt (regardless of degree of admixture) are Copts, Nubians, (maybe) the Beja, and the Fellahin. Please, we have to stop defining ancient and medieval peoples by concepts that only appeared in the 17th century onwards (modern-concept of race and racism). Please Study these great peoples’ achievements as their own and not yours; Europe has the legacy of the modern states and the Greco-Roman empire and West Africans have the legacy of Mali, Songhai, Wagadou/Ghana and even Kanem Bornu (who were powerful states in the eyes of the Muslim world in their day). So quite fucking with everyone else’s shit. Hopefully I’ve sounded as rational as possible without sparking any foolish, incoherent racist outburst from euro and afro centrists.

    ——————————————-So yeah, cheers and feel free to ask questions. 🙂

    • No the ancient Egyptians did not look like the northern Sudanese, the fellahin, the Nubians, the Eritreans, the north Ethiopians or the Somalis. Most of those folks are about 50% Caucasian and 50% Black last time I checked. The paintings show the Nubians as being much darker and having much more Negroid features than the Egyptians. Modern Egyptians and modern fellahin are much Blacker than the ancient Egyptians. The ancients were only ~12% Black. The modern fellahin are up to 40% Black and modern north Egyptians are 20% Black. The Copts most closely resemble the ancient Egyptians.

      • velarDavid@hotmail.com

        no of course not…

        Look at these Caucasians!

      • ichigo kurosaki

        those were picture of nubian neighbors, not of egyptians probably

        • Zen zen chigaiimas kemetu-jin desu! and what is called “Nubia” is part of Upper Egypt,which consist of the first state or nome of Kemet called Ta-Seti.for further reading put the term Ta-Seti in your search engine.

      • I’m afraid you’re mistaken, the paintings and the statues clearly show that resemblance to darker peoples.

        Modern day Copts are not merely Egyptians but also have sizable amounts of Levantine, Greco-Roman and more recently Southern European (late 19th to early 20th century) heritage hence a more European appearance. At the same time Copts are generally urban people, hence more subject to mixing with foreigners.

        The Fellahin are clearly the most direct, since these people are the peasant that have always been the backbone of Egypt and there are no records of large massacres that would suggest that the peasants were replaced wholly by foreigners and the fact that they live in the rural regions makes them more isolated (trust me in this aspect, my grandmother’s family lives only a few miles from Giza and it’s as rural as one can get). The case of Egypt is that, like almost of the Arabic speaking world, the locals generally adopted Arabic culture (the Arabs were never large enough in number to ever wipeout and completely replace their conquered subjects they preferred to Arabise and to intermarry the few they had with the locals) hence they are still indigenous peoples (i.e. Egyptians, Berbers of the Maghreb and Sahara, Levantines, Kurdo-Persians of Iraq) but all adopted a foreign culture.

        Also so, when I mentioned Nubians, I’m refering to modern-day Nubians, Nubians today don’t really have much of the pitch black skin depicted in the Earlier dynasties. By the 25th dynasty, the Nubians actually saw themselves as Egyptian (due to proximity and intermarriage) and were considered as such since they re-established Egyptian culture usher in a short-lived Renaissance before the Assyrians came along. The distinction between the two became blurred by that time period.

        I’m convinced that you seem to want to believe that they were some how related to Europeans, however this isn’t true. Too much evidence points else where from paintings, to descriptions from respected Greek historians (Herodotus, Aristotle) and the Torah (Egyptians are considered descendants of Ham like the Libyans, Canaanites, Nubians and Ethiopians). The common A. Egyptian would have been of dark skin and the like, the elites however do not necessarily represent the commoners this is very apparent in the later dynasties. To suggest a Caucasoid/Caucasian elite or remnants is possible considering the Hyskos, the Assyrians, Persans and later on the Ptolemies (who were Macedonian Greeks) and the Romans.

    • There was a time when there was no Sahara

      Maybe some don’t want the truth from a “black” person easily labeled Afrocentrics,so how about couple of white guys.
      look past what you think you know

  84. velarDavid@hotmail.com

    Really? Ancient Egyptians were Caucasoid?

    Tiye, Mentuhotep, Sennedjem, Akhenaten, Panehesy (any and all of them),

    Here is what is so funny about the whole DNA and phenotype game.

    You take modern black people right? Variations all around. You see the ones in the middle, the brown ones, you don’t even blink an eye. THey are black, not caucasoid.

    You take the SAME PERSON put an egyptian wig on him, photograph them. BLING! Caucasoid!

    Then with DNA, all this DNA haplotype jargon? WHERE does that relate to the phenotype? You assume haplotype B or C means “non negroid in
    appearance”. Another non scientific interpretation of science.

    It’s almost as funny as “what is a Caucasoid” game. Hey lets expand it, include all the measurements, Dna, anything that describes Egypt, Ethiopia… heck throw in all of East Africa… just throw it all in there. Now sort out the DNA, the whole thing. Now fit THAT into the Caucsoid model. Just say it is.

    But my all time favorite: These so called Caucasoids allegedly got off depicting themselves all over the place with knappy hair, dark brown skin and just resembling their slightly darker skinned neighbors up the Nile.

    • Look, I was only using the European model of race regardless of how ridiculous it is. I’m an Egyptian and quite frankly I don’t stand out much from horn Africans, desert Berbers and even Cushites. The Caucasoid card, is only used for phenotypic classifications irrespective of Genetic marker studies. It doesn’t necessarily refer to Skin tone, or else Northern Indians, Middle Easterner North and Horn Africans for the most part would have been excluded from their definitions and geenetic studies would show unique markers with plenty of various admixtures.

      I emphasise that I was using a European definition (since race is a MODERN, EUROPEAN concept) it will be plagued with Eurocentrism and the reactionary Afrocentrism. I’m not denying their black/dark skin, it’s as obvious as the sun in daytime but to suggest kinship with peoples from West/Central Africa is nonsense.

      At the same time the only peoples the Ancient Egyptians seem to have anything in common with are the Nubians (despite earlier depictions of having charcoal-coloured skin, by the 25th dynasty they were virtually indistinguishable from their northern neighbours) and the Puntites (who most likely lived in the Horn of Africa). I apologise if I have not fully defined the parameters of the definitions or terminology used.

      I am not denying their black/brown skin but they have nothing to do with Europeans (since Europe didn’t exist in the Ancient Egyptian context) or with West/Central Africa (and their offshoots, the “Blacks” of the Americas). They are North-East African, both in features and genetics. Which I must add is unique. I will tell you from personal experience that most African Americans do stand out in the Horn and in North East Africa since their facial features not skin tone are considered foreign.

      A side note, people in the “old world” are not bland homogeneous groups of “whites” or “blacks” please stop using such immature, foolish classifications. Since people in the “old world” do not see themselves solely as such, skin-tone is not a basis for kinship we have culture, language, religion, lineages for that.

      So one more time, Ancient Egyptians: NORTH-EAST AFRICANS (black/brown skin with unique facial features)


      that should clear and sufficient for everyone, those are my two cents as a actual descendant of the Egyptians (my mother’s a Copt from Giza and my Father’s from Aswan).

      • TK

        The debate is are they black or white not if they were black from anywherelse and subsaharan people come from different locations in Africa I don’t want to believe that you feel they sprang up from the ground if you study the culture and customs and arts of people from this region you’ll understand that everybody in Africa is connected and am very sure you don’t live in Africa . And who’s DNA did you people test here because I’ve neva seen any 1 who had their DNA tested before. Egypt is in Africa their next door neigbhours were black so why would it be so diffcult for a reasonable person to believe they weren’t. And how can some1 from east Africa be caucosoid . Just shows you guys are confused . Skin tone nose shap hair texture are all formed as a means of adaptation . Who is then a negroid . We don’t even need any Egyptian mounments to potray our accomplishment there are so many ancient kingdoms in West Africa we are proud of . You think people in subsaharan Africa use to live in mud houses and dance naked under the Sun . Open your eyes and free your mind race is nothing but a social construct. Slave Trade was a means of making money Kingdoms where built from the revenue white didn’t go and hijack black people on the road they bargained with the people . Am not saying its right but it doesn’t mean because they sold slaves means the Kingdoms were impverished or uncivilised . You need to do some research before you comment

  85. Rini

    i read a book called nature knows no colorline and the man who wrote it described ancient Egyptians were in fact having negroid features but due to the massive intermarriages happening over the years the civilization began producing a lighter skinned peoples alongside the darker skinned peoples in the book it shows a picture of a mixed marriage between a ‘white’ prince and the princess of the Cheops *her father made the great pyramids* and she clearly was African. there even suggested evidence that the ancient egyptians were actually ancient Ethiopians who migrated towards that Nile and settled there since it was during the age of migration and agricultural evolution. besides if some think about it natural whites would have had a hard time living in egypt due tot he fact 1:it gets crazy hot there and 2: think scientifically they dont have as much melanin in their skin as people of a dark colour there for massive sunburns would be rampant plus scientists who do dna testing on mummies would have found most likely early forms of skin cancer in them. so imo ancient egyptians were a race of people mixed between brown and black and of peoples CLOSE to white

    • Your two cents do contribute to my statements, but remember the elites do not necessarily reflect the common people. The elites do marry foreigners (there are plenty of cases of Egyptian Pharohs having mothers and wives from the Levant, Libya and Nubia).

      However the common people would be darker than the elites (who could afford the mummification of their corpses),. We must be careful in using mummies as a standard for society as a whole, since they only reflect the upper echelons of their culture.

      Also your opinion is a fair one, since North-East Africans do have a wide range of skin tones due to natural/indigenous factors and foreign influences, you can go to Egypt, or Sudan or Northern Ethiopia you’ll see a large range of skin tones but most would be a reddish/brown colour which western society would consider a “black”/”brown” colour (in terms of skin tone not ethno-racial definitions i.e. Negro).

      Please don’t consider this an attack but an affirmation of your opinion Rini.

  86. Ben

    If M.Gimbutas was a” Jewish Marxist bitch” while she was Lituanian(aryan) nazi sympathiser,who ran to nazi Berlin in 1944, so my trust of Robert`s arguments of the Aryan Egyptian origin is infinite.

  87. So what are you trying to say, mate?

  88. Darkseid, Lord of Apocalypse

    Numbers 12
    1Miriam and Aaron began to talk against Moses because of his Cushite wife, for he had married a Cushite. 2“Has the Lord spoken only through Moses?” they asked. “Hasn’t he also spoken through us?” And the Lord heard this… 10When the cloud lifted from above the tent, Miriam’s skin was leprousy —it became as white as snow. Aaron turned toward her and saw that she had a defiling skin disease, 11and he said to Moses, “Please, my lord, I ask you not to hold against us the sin we have so foolishly committed. 12Do not let her be like a stillborn infant coming from its mother’s womb with its flesh half eaten away.” 13So Moses cried out to the Lord, “Please, God, heal her!” 14The Lord replied to Moses, “If her father had spit in her face, would she not have been in disgrace for seven days? Confine her outside the camp for seven days; after that she can be brought back.” 15So Miriam was confined outside the camp for seven days, and the people did not move on till she was brought back
    Genesis 10:6 The sons of Ham: Cush, Egypt, Put and Canaan.
    2 Kings 5:27
    Naaman’s leprosy will cling to you and to your descendants forever.” Then Gehazi went from Elisha’s presence and his skin was leprous–it had become as white as snow.
    Leviticus 13:9-11
    9“When the infection of leprosy is on a man, then he shall be brought to the priest.10“The priest shall then look, and if there is a white swelling in the skin, and it has turned the hair white, and there is quick raw flesh in the swelling,11it is a chronic leprosy on the skin of his body, and the priest shall pronounce him unclean; he shall not isolate him, for he is unclean.
    Not only are you a liar. Not only did African people come up with every scientific discipline and Herodotus, Diodorus Siculus, Homer, Strabo, and every other Greek Philospher establish the Egyptians as “black and wooly haired” but very soon your world will literally come to ashes. Grow up you little weak, albino racist, you precious New World Order will collapse.

  89. Darkseid, Lord of Apocalypse

    Songs of Solomon 1:5-6
    I am black, but comely, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, as the tents of Kedar, as the curtains of Solomon. Look not upon me, because I am black, because the sun hath looked upon me: my mother’s children were angry with me; they made me the keeper of the vineyards; but mine own vineyard have I not kept.
    Hebrew meaning- Sol-o-mon, or man of the Sun. Sun = Sol, as in Solar
    Hebrew meaning- Sam-son or Sa meaning “Son” and “Son” or Sun. Sam means Son of the Sun.
    Psalms 105:23: “Israel also came into Egypt…the land of Ham.”

  90. Timothy Holloway

    You are a Liar! Egpytians descended from Ham….a black man. Read the bible!

  91. Kemet

    i would never expect anyone that uses “black afrocentric” to tell the truth, just like most whites, unable to see life from a side they dont know and then marjonalize how others feel with a “we did great things” attitude….whites could never believe in a arab jesus, lies had to be told (mentions his nappy hair in the bible but whites pick and choose whats good and bad and then carry out there secular agenda)
    YOU SAY “THERE DEFFINITLY NOT BLACK” look what them arabs are to america now…ANYONE WHO IS NOT WHITE IS BLACK….oppresion breeds the connectedness within others that whites will never have and find it so hard to understand…THE FACT THAT YOUR PEOPLE PAINTED JESUS WHITE MAKES ARABS MY BROTHERS FOREVER! let your hate controll peoples minds for 100s of years …IT ENDS SOON!

  92. Kemet

    it seems you typed this up to “attempt” to dispute blacks, not to convey the truth….your not looking for the truth…or you would post what YOU found rather then commenting on someone who did the work…your deff smarter then DR BEN YOSEF…having knowledge is pointless if your only shooting others down with it…BUILD A PYRIMID FUCK HEAD!

  93. Rocker 1

    That race dosent exist because they weren’t caucaoid at all. Even the bible has said so.your speak of Egyptian faces not representing any black people. Really? Lol have you looked at Akenaten, Queen Tiy, Imhotep, king Tut ? You gotta be kidding . Y had the full lips. Nose and hair. Even many copts today have full lips and and “kinky” hair . Egytians are even more of a fine mix today. And the only caucasian stock they had is when the greeks took over. The amount of black blood is greater than you assert. Egyptians are hammites just like every other so called “negoid” is . By the way you can take your dumb and ignorent racist sterotypes and gagg on them . Black people are still inventing and progressing inspite of evil of racism and slavery. Your just another racist idiot trying to push their agenda

  94. Blacks are really good at jumping and running. Did I mention running? They can haul ass, especially when the po po are in fast pursuit!

  95. John Fountain

    Where is the European history before they were civilized by the Romans?
    What were the Europeans doing while the pyramids were being built?
    Egypt was a power for 5000 years before there was a Greece.
    I can understand your attempt to claim Egypt as some kind of Caucasoid Hamitic nonsense, but the real question is why didn’t this Caucasian super race build pyramids and were the last people to be civilized.
    You people have tried the same thing in India with that Aryan nonsense.
    There is no evidence of the so called Aryans anywhere on earth, out side of some vague Sanskrit similarity’s, there is no genetic evidence in India of some Aryan their culture is their own. Where is the Caucasian ancient history?

    John Fountain

    • One must understand that in the 19th centruty, when the West had fully established themselves as the most dominant power in the world, they had to go through a revisionist approach in looking at history. It doesn’t make sense so claim that White-Western Europeans are inherently superior when they have become dominant in recent history. This results in the white-washing of the histories of Northern Africa, Western Asia and Southern Asia (centres of civilisation that have heavily influenced Western civilisation). To be honest the only ancient civilisations in Europe are the Greeks, the Romans and to some extent the Iberians (due to Carthaginian and Greek influences). In the case of Northern Europe, although the Celts were rich in culture they were not considered civilised by the peoples of the time (i,e. Romans) and the Germanics were basically axe-wielding barbarians with little to no notion of settled civilisation.
      So when European scholars (modern western Europeans are direct descendents of those barbarians, i.e. The English descend from the Anglo-Saxons, the French from the Franks, the Spaniards from the Visigoths, Italians from a mixture of Romans, Goths and Lombards, Germans from the wide range of Germanic tribes like the Saxons, Teutons, etc) from the 19th century saw this, it clearly contradicts the prevailing ideas of white-power racism that had more or less become the ideology that dominated Western culture. It’s no surprise that with this sub-conscious inferiority complex that Western Europeans (a.k.a Whites) want to take credit for deeds their ancestors had nothing to do with for example the Aryanism (a ridiculous notion), Aryans are not blonde blue-eyed Germanics their direct descendents are the Persians, Afghans, Pakistanis and Northern Indians who are not considered “White” in the eyes of Western Europeans.
      If Western Europeans wish to look back to some kind of ancient history they should focus on the Greco-Romans (even though they do give credit to the Aethiops, Aegyptians and Asiatics for bringing them civilisation), since it’s them who are the catalysts behind Western civilisation for without them Europe would be a continent of Barbarians and savages.

  96. Paula Jane Hess

    Ptolemiac genetic traits appear in which immigration group or person to North American and when did that occur?

  97. Krysten

    Does really matter what ethnicity the Ancient Egyptians were? Ancient Egypt was a multiracial society like many societies today. DNA testing on Egyptian mummies have shown not every pharaoh was of the same genetic background as other pharaohs. Ramses the third and his father and sons had paternal sub-Saharan genetics.But, does prove that their skin color was black? No, it doesn’t. There is a different between genetic background and phenotype background. The point is that Ancient Egypt was a multiracial society and had a mixture of genetic backgrounds.

  98. Grace

    As an English Honours Major, this is the most biased/frustrating blog post that I’ve read in a long time. What makes me most frustrated is not only that you base an item that you write about in your blog post about how you heard it from your mother when you were a child, but also that you feel the need to label people by “Black man” and “Black woman” when you are addressing them in the comments, and then proceed to tell them that they are banned. How childish.

    Lastly, I do not understand how you can make a comment like “Some things never change!” in regards to Black people excelling at stereotypical activities. You cannot generalize and discriminate Black people as not being very smart. There’s different types of people in every ethnic group and you absolutely cannot make a statement that Black people are not smart and that this has been the case in the past, and will continue to be the case in the future because “some things never change.” You are horrendous for making a statement with such implications.

    You should really take time to reflect on your biases and discrimination towards people who are the exact same as you, and have suffered even more only because of the eumelanin in their skin.

    You are walking evidence of why there is still oppression towards minorities in the world. And no, I am not a “Black man” or a “Black woman.” I am even paler than you are in your picture. If you feel that it would make your little self feel better, then ban me.

  99. Yeah, it is completely insane Nordicist crap. The ancient Egyptians were not Nordics! Look at those drawings of Libyans, Nubians and Egyptians in their artwork. The Libyans look most like White people. The Egyptians don’t look like White people at all. Look at the drawings, they have Asian looking eyes, sparse dark hair (like Asians) and yellowish skin (not like an Asian but more honey colored). They were members of a race that no longer exists. The best theory is that they came out of the Levant about 7-10,000 YBP and moved down into Egypt. They are probably like no modern race today, except they may somewhat resemble some of the honey-colored brown Arabs in the region. You can see some photos of Egyptian women, and there are a few who look like Dynastic Egyptians. Those women don’t exactly look like White people.

    You really need to get off this Nordicist kick. The Nordicists are some of the most insane, idiotic and evil White nationalists of them all.

  100. tanisha

    Please pardon my spelling and grammer errors. I typed it very fast and did not edit because its really a waste of time and I didnt really feel like taking the time and energy to speak on it. But I am so tired of non blacks whites in general speaking lies. You make it bad for all white people and is why you peope can’t be trusted until you prove it. Even if Egyptions are not african why do most of you resort to saying horrible things about black people to prove a point but no facts. Egyptions are not just bronze they have burnt skin too. And eithiopians are black and act it and know it

  101. chris

    Its weird to me how people think ancient Egypt was white. Well im going to tell you something concrete. Religion, Religion Greeks have greek gods…that are WHITE correct. The Romans had Roman gods…that are WHITE. The Egyptian had what color gods….BLACK GODS. Ancient people did not worship gods of a different RACE they created their gods in THEIR IMAGE. After Napoleon conquered Egypt, ancient Egypt was pushed out of Egypt. Just like the Navtive Americans was pushed west into America.

    • Real White Nationalist

      Actually, they didn’t worship black gods, and anyway, they only have like 5% Arab DNA, so that makes it impossible for them to be a different race than they were.

  102. chris

    Egypt as a white nation in Africa really? That’s like saying Great Britain was a BLACK nation in Europe really? We can go by skin color but that would be to easy. So we are going to go by religion. Ancient people betrayed their gods in their image correct. Greek good gods are WHITE in skin color and shiny. Roman good gods are WHITE in skin color and shiny. Greek and Roman bad gods are WHITE in skin color but dull in appearance. EGYPTIAN gods were BLACK and BROWN in skin color and have a SUN over their heads. So i guess i did use skin color and RELIGION. Have you ever gone into a white church and see a BLACK BABY JESUS? People worship gods of the same color. Also Egyptian were great artist and painter. They painted white as WHITE, black as BLACK, brown as BROWN and gold as GOLD. They painted the PHARAOHS as they saw them BROWN not WHITE. Another thing to cry about Christianity was based off of HORUS and EGYPTIAN GOD!!!

  103. Real White Nationalist

    King Tut’s haplogroup really was Western European, and Ramses II really did have red hair.

  104. Real White Nationalist

    I always thought Horn Africans were their own race.

    • They are more or less a major race between Africans and Caucasoids.

    • Not sure if we have found the remains of the OOA people in Africa. I know only a small subgroup left.

    • Xera

      I don’t believe in Out of Africa, I do believe in multi-regional hypothesis though, I think there are some serious faults and issues with the Out of Africa model that is overlooked. There is an Out of America that is equally valid as the Out of Africa theory. The evidence for Out of Africa isn’t as great as it seems.

  105. Real White Nationalist

    By the way, is the black admixture in Egyptians, Bantu/Nubian, or Horn African?

  106. chris

       In 1787, Count Constantine de Volney — a French nobleman, philosopher, historian, orientalist, and politician — embarked on a journey to the East in late 1782 and reached Ottoman Egypt were he spent nearly seven months. Constantine de Volney was troubled much by the institution of slavery. His expressed opinion that the ancient Egyptians were black Africans much departed from the typical European view of the late eighteenth century, but it gave many people cause for reflection. During his visit to Egypt he expressed amazement that the Egyptians – whose civilization was greatly admired in Europe – were not White! (Why were they admired because of the BLACK generals Napoleon had.

       “All the Egyptians,” wrote de Volney, “have a bloated face, puffed-up eyes, flat nose, thick lips – in a word, the true face of the mulatto. I was tempted to attribute it to the climate, but when I visited the Sphinx, its appearance gave me the key to the riddle. On seeing that head, typically Negro in all its features, I remembered the remarkable passage where Herodotus says:

      ‘ As for me, I judge the Colchians to be a colony of the Egyptians
    because, like them, they are black with woolly hair…

       “In other words, the ancient Egyptians were true Negroes of the same type as all native-born Africans. That being so, we can see how their blood, mixed for several centuries with that of the Greeks and Romans, must have lost the intensity of its original color, while retaining nonetheless the imprint of its original mold.

       “Just think,” de Volney declared incredulously, “that this race of Black men, today our slave and the object of our scorn, is the very race to which we owe our arts, sciences, and even the use of speech! Just imagine, finally, that it is in the midst of people who call themselves the greatest friends of liberty and humanity that one has approved the most barbarous slavery, and questioned whether Black men have the same kind of intelligence as whites!

       “In other words the ancient Egyptians were true Negroes of the same stock as all the autochthonous peoples of Africa and from the datum one sees how their race, after some centuries of mixing with the blood of Romans and Greeks, must have lost the full blackness of its original color but retained the impress of its original mould.”

    • Real White Nationalist

      Volney recanted his black Egypt position, so using him as a source is unwise. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FibW6TOKNyI

      As for Herodotus, that quote was mistranslated from dark skin, (And their skin would have been dark to a Greek), and curly hair. The DNA makes it impossible for the Egyptians to have mixed with Greeks, and Romans, look at the Fayum mummy portraits, to see who the Egyptians were.

  107. Darryl Hollis

    I think a major problem is the sourcing the white people here use….If you are reading books and stating facts made by the racist people who refuse to accept the true facts of the negroid people then how can you re-state there answers as truth even though they are clearly biased. The best way I think for all of us here to learn about there true history, origin, color, race, or whatever is to study it yourself. I am one who believes in the intelligence of all mankind and I believe intelligence prevails and my one statement to you Mr. Robert Lindsay is do your own research try to stay away from biases even though I know that is hard because it is the majority. I feel comfortable saying this to you because from reading your comments you don’t strike me as a racist you strike me as a person who reads and uses the facts that you were taught. I really believe you have been misled so I ask you do your own research and consider your sources. Honestly you look middle-aged so im guessing your mother is older and if she told you something she was taught it had to come from a older book written by a more European biased writer not making her racist or making you racist only making you two people stating only what they know. Really consider the source such as I read a fact about the rosetta stone saying that it when translated saying something about they are from Ethiopia..Can you honestly answer me how you can refute that? Honestly I really am curious as to your answer if you would like to respond,

  108. Darryl Hollis

    and I changed my mind I do think you are kind of racist…but what you are not is stupid


    • Khafra! Nw-ke hwokwo puwi. Ab more-i khati. Ra Neteru hri oati mo reyi. Nw-ke Ra iyah-u. Nedjee! James, your education and credentials are confined to what you have exclusively been exposed to. Any research you do/did is an extension of your imagination and consequently an expression of who you are. What is/was the agenda of those from whom you acquired your knowledge? Your method of inquiry/investigation will return the results that are based on the manner in which you inquire/investigate, coupled with what you’ve been exposed to. The fact that you defend the ignorance of others by shielding yourself with “no reason to lie on behalf of White people” clearly demonstrates your complicity to the criminal act that is still being perpetuated. Your statement places you in a position of a victim that has no alterior motive and anyone who differs with you will automatically be an aggressor. It’s through this type of mentality that criminals who present themselves as messegers of love/peace continue to rape the planet and its inhabitants whilst hiding behind the veneer of victim. When the Caucasoid races first appeared on the planet about 6000 years ago, the Itoure Kingdom was well over 140 000 years old. To those who like yourself claim that the Egyptians were Caucasoid, I say: Well said! I dispute not with you because the people you refer to are your ancestors from the 18th Dynasty who ruled during the occupation/colonization. They never understood the original meaning of the word. Most of the original inhabitants of Itoure had already left the region and moved towards the interior of Merita/Ta-Mert. They spread throughout Meh-Toure and Resut-Toure. My ancestors did not call themselves Egyptian nor will they ever refer to themselves as such. As a people we called ourselves Khem/Ba-Khema/Aba-Khemu, even to this day. My ancestors had had to adopt other names and reconstructed their languages in order to survive from those who killed them for speaking the Medu. Anyone who refers to the original inhabitants of Itoure as Egyptians is just simply exposing their level of ignorance by giving an opinion about that which they know nothing about. Heg-Ptah from which the word Egypt was derived is not a people, never been and never will be. The concept behind the word is not for the uninitiated. What I’ve shared you will not find in the White people’s history or books. Even after these comments with correct names of places, I recognize that some will continue in their “ahn” mentality. I also recognize that there are some white people who will not acknowledge so called historical facts coming from white historians if their writings do not support their agenda. Menkh

      • Caucasoids go back ~42,000 YBP. 140,000 YBP, the humans in Africa were neither Pygmies nor Khoisans. No one knows what they looked like. Bantus go back 6-12,000 YBP.

      • Never went to sleep LOL.

      • No I am fine, Woke up very late, 3:30 PM.

      • attack_the_liars

        The Ancient Egyptians were WHITE.


        1. The most ancient statue of this most ancient civilization, the Sphinx, shows a clearly negroid face.

        2. The numerous colorful paintings of ancient Egypt show an overwhelmingly dark brown complexioned race. Anyone can Google this and confirm.

        3. The ancient Egyptians lost control of their country some 2500 years ago. Much influx of foreign invaders and settlers, greeks, romans, turks, circassians and others has significantly changed the complexion and features of Egyptians.

        4. The ancient Greeks, who actually saw them, compared the Egyptians color not to the Mediterranean races but to Ethiopians and Indians.

    • Xera

      I am an actual Egyptian and the red and different colored hair are a result of hair dyes and the mummification process which drastically changes hair colors of corpses. The different colored hair does not indicate White ancestry. However the original Egyptians were not a black race but an extinct and unknown Med race that were related to the Berberids, Basque and Phoenician people; technically Meds are both Whites and non-Whites but definitely not Nordic or Europeans. Nor were the Egyptians attempting to mimic Euro’s.

      If you are trying to prove that the Egyptians were Europeans then you are wrong and false. However the Egyptians definitely were not black or Africans nor any other race. Like every civilization in it’s time, Egypt had it’s routine number of invaders; there were several early periods where Central Asian Eurasian Caucasian genes infiltrated Egypt changing parts of it’s population makeup, so some of the pictures and skulls are not an accurate depiction of the entire story. Not to mention that Egypt was part of the Roman empire and had a considerable amount of an influx of Euro genes later on.

      • Real White Nationalist

        ”technically Meds are both Whites and non-Whites”
        No, just Whites.

        ”Not to mention that Egypt was part of the Roman empire and had a considerable amount of an influx of Euro genes later on.”

        The European genetic impact on Egyptians was negligible.

      • Coward, you really need to lose the Nordicist shit along with the WN shit. WN’s and especially Nordicists will NEVER accept you as one of them. You will always be a NIGGER to them, to all of them, forever. OK? These people are the biggest assholes on the face of the Earth, and you are better than that. And as insane as WN is, Nordicism is one of the most insane ideologies on Earth. Furthermore, most Nordicists are EXTREMELY EVIL people, way more evil more than most WN’s. They are just bad people, and Nordicism has a bad record, to say the least. I mean the greatest Nordicist that ever lived was a guy named Hitler. And almost ALL Nordicists love Hitler and love Nazis, no matter what they tell you. This is a loser philosophy whose heroes are some of the worst human beings of the past century if not in human history.

      • Xera

        There was definitely no Ancient Egyptian with blond hair and blue eyes, that’s just not likely to ever be a possibility. I don’t see those traits on people like the Phoenicians, Berbers or Basque (unmixed). I think the entire categories of classification like Alpine, Dinarids (hitlers fav), Nords are flawed because they all show similarities with each other in physiology for it to be accurate.

    • chris

      even the white man that conquered Egypt Napoleon said typically Negro in all its features he was talking about the Sphinx and the Sphinx only has a human face and a body of a lion. so what was he talking about and facial features broad nose in full lips, I’m done.

  109. Real White Nationalist

    Coward,what race are you?

    • Coward’s Mom is a Nordic White blond and his Dad is a Black guy who basically put the nig in nigga LOL. He is essentially a mulatto like Obama MY HERO.

      • Xera

        Well he isnt as bad as some of the indians and subcons i had the misfortune of coming across. Now those people are downright unbearable and repulsive to the extreme.

        no wonder gypsies are so bad

      • Brengunn


        “evil Dravidian albino”

        That is one of the most poetic slurs I’ve ever come across. Give your Pops respect for that, it really is a peach.

        Can I ask, do you worry that your father will read these pages and come across your racial self hatred? Surely he would be upset to find that you feel so much antipathy towards the genes he has passed on to you and the philosophies he takes comfort in?

  110. Real White Nationalist

    Nordicism is as bad as Afrocentrism.

  111. Real White Nationalist

    @Attack the liars:

    1. ”The most ancient statue of this most ancient civilization, the Sphinx, shows a clearly negroid face.”

    Nope. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8GdXhzlmQo

    2. ”The numerous colorful paintings of ancient Egypt show an overwhelmingly dark brown complexioned race. Anyone can Google this and confirm.”

    They painted the men as red, and the women as white. All with Caucasoid features.

    3. ”The ancient Egyptians lost control of their country some 2500 years ago. Much influx of foreign invaders and settlers, greeks, romans, turks, circassians and others has significantly changed the complexion and features of Egyptians.”

    The DNA is mostly indigenous North African Caucasoid, so that’s not true.

    4. ”The ancient Greeks, who actually saw them, compared the Egyptians color not to the Mediterranean races but to Ethiopians and Indians.”

    No. They said Ethiopians had the color of South Indians, and Egyptians had the color of North Indians. Notice how they never called the Egyptians, or Berbers Ethiopian, when that was their word for the blacks, it means burnt face.

    • Xera

      The sphinx head was originally that of a lion but was changed several times, there is a broken nose due to Napolean using the head as target practice for his soldiers.

      • Xera

        Napolean did occupy Egypt after he defeated the Mamluks and he did use the various monuments as target practice, this is written in actual history books about this topic. However the Sphinx head and entire body shape and statue was originally that of a lion and it’s face was re-carved several times. I know what I am talking about sorry man.

      • Xera

        You are right, I actually argued with Huax several times about this and he stated that the Mongols sent there were an expeditionary force not the actual muscle. Those battles should be made into movies.

        BTW what is it with chinks and their need to prove that they are some sort higher race or a race with special sexual relationship with White people? I never understood why Chinks go around crowding everywhere thinking they are the shit and better then everyone else. I also have never seen any moderate to decent looking White girl ever express interest or go out with an Asian guy.

    • Xera

      The Ancient Egyptians did lose control and were invaded by the groups he listed, by the way the Euro/Central Asian genetic flow was more then negligible enough to affect population makeup.

      • Xera

        No, I will leave it at that

      • Real White Nationalist

        ”Euro/Central Asian genetic flow was more then negligible enough to affect population makeup.”

        The genes disagree with you. Most modern Egyptian genes are indigenous North African Caucasoid, The rest are black, and there’s maybe 5% Arab.

      • What is it now, you Black psycho? You violating parole again? Uh-oh it’s back in the joint for you. Don’t worry, there will lots of your brothas in there. Make sure to wear your pants real low so the guys know what you like.

    • attack_the_liars

      I don’t know why Afrocentrists keep on insisting that the Sphinx is Negroid, due solely to the fact that its nose was chopped off! Besides, sice the Sphinx is a lion, it was bound to have a flat nose.

      Too much willful ignorance. The Sphinx has the body of a lion and the face of a man. Did you really see a lion’s face on the Sphinx? Unbelievable dishonesty! The face looks clearly negroid even with the destroyed nose.

      Chris earlier posted about the French scholar, Count Volney, who saw the Sphinx before its nose had been shot off by Napoleon’s gunners. Volley wrote:

      ….when I visited the Sphinx, its appearance gave me the key to the riddle. On seeing that head, typically Negro in all its features, I remembered the remarkable passage where Herodotus says:

      ’ As for me, I judge the Colchians to be a colony of the Egyptians
      because, like them, they are black with woolly hair…

      “In other words, the ancient Egyptians were true Negroes of the same type as all native-born Africans. That being so, we can see how their blood, mixed for several centuries with that of the Greeks and Romans, must have lost the intensity of its original color, while retaining nonetheless the imprint of its original mold.

      • Real White Nationalist

        ”Too much willful ignorance. The Sphinx has the body of a lion and the face of a man. Did you really see a lion’s face on the Sphinx? Unbelievable dishonesty! The face looks clearly negroid even with the destroyed nose.”

        The Sphinx was a lion’s head.

        ”Chris earlier posted about the French scholar, Count Volney, who saw the Sphinx before its nose had been shot off by Napoleon’s gunners. Volley wrote:

        ….when I visited the Sphinx, its appearance gave me the key to the riddle. On seeing that head, typically Negro in all its features, I remembered the remarkable passage where Herodotus says:”

        Volney recanted his black Egypt position, and there were reports of the sphinx’s nose missing, years before Napoleon came.

        ”As for me, I judge the Colchians to be a colony of the Egyptians because, like them, they are black with woolly hair…”

        Some translations say that. More accurately, it translates to dark skinned (compared to the Greeks they were dark) and curly haired. Also the Colchians are modern day Georgians (Whites). Not blacks, but they have darkish skin and often curly hair.

        “For the fact is as I soon came to realise myself, and then heard from others later, that the Colchians are obviously Egyptian. When the notion occurred to me, I asked both the Colchians and the Egyptians about it, and found that the Colchians had better recall of the Egyptians than the Egyptians did of them.

        Some Egyptians said that they thought the Colchians originated with Sesostris’ army, but I myself guessed their Egyptian origin not only because the Colchians are dark-skinned and curly-haired (which does not count for much by itself , because these features are common in others too) but more importantly because Colchians, Egyptians and Ethiopians are the only peoples in the world who practise circumcision and who have always done so.

        Source, The histories By Herodotus, Robin Waterfield, Carolyn Dewald

        You will find translations where ‘black skinned and woolly haired’ are used, but the term melanchroes, which was translated to mean black in some versions, was used to describe any skin tone from bronzed to black, and through usage translates as ‘dark’. As is seen in this piece of text from Homer’s Odyssey.

        With this, Athena touched him [Odysseus] with her golden wand. A well-washed cloak and a tunic she first of all cast about his breast, and she increased his stature and his youthful bloom. Once more he grew dark of color [melanchroiês], and his cheeks filled out, and dark grew the beard about his chin.

        And the term ulotrichous meant curly. As this Herodotus book commentary points out:

        Despite the efforts of Armayor and English, there is no linguistic justification for relating this term to Negroes. Melanchroes could denote any colour from bronzed to black, and Negroes are certainly not the only physical type to show curly hair. These characteristics found in many Egs., ancient and modern, but they are at variance with what we should expect to find amongst the inhabitants of the Caucasus area.

        To Hippocrates the Phasians of Colchis were sallow (ochros) whilst the complexions of the modern-day Georgian population have been described as fair, sallow or ruddy. On the other hand, Arab geographer Istakhri describes an element of the Khazar people dwelling east of the Caucasus from at least the 6th century AD ” as if they were a kind of Indians.”

      • attack_the_liars

        The Sphinx was a lion’s head.

        Stubborn willful ignorance.


        A sphinx (Greek: Σφίγξ /sphinx, Bœotian: Φίξ /Phix) is a mythical creature with, as a minimum, the body of a lion and a human head.

        Unlike the Greek sphinx which was a woman, the Egyptian sphinx is typically shown as a man (an androsphinx).

      • attack_the_liars

        And here is the famous writer Gustave Flaubert describing the Sphinx half a century after Volney, after the nose had been blown off :

        We stop before a Sphinx ; it fixes us with a terrifying stare. Its eyes still seem full of life; the left side is stained white by bird-droppings (the tip of the Pyramid of Khephren has the same long white stains); it exactly faces the rising sun, its head is grey, ears very large and protruding like a negro’s, its neck is eroded; from the front it is seen in its entirety thanks to great hollow dug in the sand; the fact that the nose is missing increases the flat, negroid effect. Besides, it was certainly Ethiopian; the lips are thick….

  112. joy

    1) I don’t know where you got this garbage, but it isn’t true.
    2) we’re learning this stuff from a group of professors who’s agenda is to please a system that treats everyone who isn’t Caucasian as “other”– Caucasian, European, etc are always the default in everything, including history! now you guys are trying to take an entire civilization from Blacks through education. you theorize your way out of everything, whatever YOU say is the truth, and no one shall disagree!

    • Real White Nationalist

      ”now you guys are trying to take an entire civilization from Blacks”

      Because it wasn’t a black civilization.

  113. joy

    Oh, I get it now…You’re a leftist in CA with messed up a messed up, liberal Christian theology.

  114. Real White Nationalist

    On the Sphinx:

  115. Real White Nationalist

    Oh, the video’s not showing up…

  116. Sylvia

    I enjoyed reading most of the comments and article.Why were the slaves of ancient Egypt painted a darker skin shade in tomb drawings? Were they Nubians? So if the Ancient Egyptians were black wouldnt they have depicted themselves the same shade as those slaves? Just guessing… But who cares they seemed fascinating, intelligent and beautiful regardless. Black white pink red brown .. Still comes down to one thing-Human!

    • attack_the_liars

      Actually the paintings show that Egyptians had many slaves lighter skinned than themselves.

      According to the Bible, the Hebrews were slaves in Egypt for some 3 centuries.

  117. Darryl

    my last question to you mr Robert Lindsay is what if the Egyptians are discovered to be black or a darker skinned race a true African then what? just a hypothetical? How do your views of them change? are you sure you are basing your findings on fact and not on personal feelings your answer sound more emotionally involved than needed (same for the others as well) just what happens if they are discovered as black? and honestly im am just curious as to your answer I have no further interest in arguing my beliefs with yours no one has a definitive proof yet so as of now its my word versus yours…as of now the truth is what you accept and I accept what I want and you do the same.

    • The debate is over. They are not Black, but they were about 13% Black by genes, if that is any consolation to you.

      • Darryl

        No that wasn’t my question….my question was what if they are how does that change your attitude?

        • Knowing Robert, if the data were there, he’d accept it without question. He is brutally logical like that. Problem is, the data just ain’t there…Sorry, child. 😦

  118. Darryl

    sorry my true last few questions….What makes your racist? What leads you to believe you are better than me I am a black male in college right now aged 20 and I am from Chicago a very segregated city blacks are on the southside and whites on the north side there are a few mixtures but its mostly separated and i mention that because i don’t know to many whites and the few i do know are not racist and i have never come across a racist or had a conversation with one and now i have this opportunity to ask you a person i believe is a racist. What fuels your racism? The belief that you are better than us? Anger? Pure disbelief? What makes you think your poo smells any better than ours? Honestly there may be a few blacks you are better than but for that every one you a better than there is one who is better than you and i judge that based on a life scale such as things accomplished money made, intelligence (based on schooling), philanthropy, awards, career, and etc and your not stupid i know you know there are people out there black people who have done better than you and more than you in less time and my question to you as a racist how can you possibly feel better than them?
    Also please answer i am curious and this is not just for Robert Lindsay it is also for the other racist.

    • Darryl

      and i don’t know your religion but if its Christianity how can you let yourself be racist and call yourself a Christian?

    • I do not consider myself a racist and you don’t get to call me one on here. I ban on that.

      I do not think I am better than Black folks. My co-blogger on here, Alpha Unit, is a better person than I am in a lot of ways.

  119. When I read through some of this delusional crap posted by these “Afrocentric” spoiled children, I am reminded of that video taped meeting between the esteemed Egyptologist Dr.Zawi Hawass, and Henry “the ugly American” Louis Gates…Gates made sure to lecture Hawass, while in Egypt no less, right in front of the Pyramids, that Hawass is not connected to his own ancestry, the Ancient Egyptians, i.e the Egyptian People. Rather that he, Gates, an American descended from West African slaves imported to the Americans as well as the occasional horny European plantation owner, somehow is…

    How embarrassing…And laughable…And only in America.

    Get a clue, Black People. 😉

  120. *visits ignorant blog*

    *reads a few comments….laughs*

    *researches comment made by alpha5747….dope!*

    *leaves stupid ass blog*

  121. Vanessa

    Wow what an ignorant passage.

  122. That is a Dynastic Egyptian. They did not look like any other race of people. However, there are still some people in Egypt, especially women, who resemble Dynastic Egyptians.

    • Actually there were a few. I think maybe 5-10% of them were Black, maybe. And at the end, when the Dynasty was collapsing, the Nubians conquered them and ruled the collapsing structure for ~300 years or so. That is where the Afrocentrist lunatics get their “Egypt was Black” bullshit.

    • Nubians are about 40% Black right now I believe. Maybe they were the same back then, who knows?

      • I think most African-Americans, i.e the people coming here with very Afrocentric leanings, do not realize that there is a pretty huge divide between East Africans, and that of the West.

      • Or like when Latino “Aztlan” idiots put up pictures of Aztecs all over Los Angeles…As though the natives here had anything to do with the Aztec Empire.

  123. Cherlynn Kendricks

    This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. To say people in Egypt are not of any black decent but caucasian Pls.it has been proven time and time again who the original people were and where they came from. Look at the art look at the monuments look at there hair and noses clearly of black decent if not black themselves. Every statue or picture of an curly knotted-hair or cornrows caucasians to this day will never look like this. Please get your facts together.

    • I have looked at the “monuments.” They look just like modern Egyptians. Not “black” West Africans, from which most African-Americans are descended from…The degree of racism that Afrocentric “scholars” in America’s overpriced diploma mills are spreading racism and bigotry against Middle Easterners is sickening.

      You should go to your local liquor store, and beg the Arab behind the counter for forgiveness. You owe him that.

  124. I cannot speak at all for Robert, but in my experience, yes. The only Egyptians that I’ve met who have positive views on Black folks, are ones who grew up in the U.S, in what is best politely described as an “inter-city” setting. They thought themselves “African.”

    I would imagine this has much to do with modern manifestations of the colonial era? Not sure, though.

    The irony is that one Egyptian doctor I knew hated African-Americans…Yet meeting him on the street, you would’ve assumed he is simply an upper middle class Black guy with some funny foreign accent.

  125. In Egypt, they are not, at least I do not think so. I dated an Egyptian woman once, and she was a mulatto, maybe 35% Black, I have no idea the % really. Like a really light skinned Black girl. She even had freckles like a lot of them do. She told me that the view in Egyptian society was that the Black woman was “hot,” like she was good for sex. And a lot of Egyptian guys wanted a Black chick for that reason. But the Black women in Egypt are not all that Black. They are pretty mixed/mulatto types all the way.

  126. Tutankhamen of Kemet-Ancient Black Man

    Robert Lindsay-sir, congradulations, you sir are a racist douchebag. Now white people like you want to steal an entire civilization from the Black Man and claim it as their own. As if all the decades of murder, rape, and theft of the Black African People wasn’t enough. Did you know that Jesus was Black as well? Yes, Jesus was a Black Man, in the book of Revelations, it describes Jesus’ skin as bronze and his hair as wool. The original Hebrews were Black Men, and you white dogs stole credit for their acheivements. White people are the sexual partners of dogs, notice how similar they look. White people are descended from African albinos who had sex with dogs. You are a disgusting, feral dog Mr. Lindsay, and the President is a Black Man. We are slowly returning to our rightful place as the rulers of this planet, called Gaea, which the white dog has dubbed as Earth. I am a Black Man with a 115 IQ, so your claims of the lowly Black IQ is meaningless. Also, Black People do not have a higherbcrime rate than white dogs. I have never committed a crime in my life. However, white dogs are the serial killers and pedophiles. So fear the wrath of the Great Black Man you white dog, fkr your dog kind has provoked us. Rot in hell Lindsay!

  127. John Fountain

    You people toss around terms like Caucasian and Caucasoid, what is the science behind those terms? Is there a Caucasian gene? The term Caucasian is bogus, there is no there there and that status is the same for this whole argument about the Egyptians, admit it white history is very recent and owes a great deal to the Africans and Asians

  128. John Fountain

    Origin of the concept ( Caucasian )
    he term “Caucasian race” was coined by the German philosopher Christoph Meiners in his The Outline of History of Mankind (1785).[4] In Meiners’ unique racial classification, there were only two racial divisions (Rassen): Caucasians and Mongolians. These terms were used as a collective representation of individuals he personally regarded as either good looking or less attractive, based solely on facial appearance. For example, he considered Germans and Tatars more attractive, and thus Caucasian, while he found Jews, Slavs and Native Americans less attractive, and thus Mongolian.[5]

    The concept of a Caucasian race or Varietas Caucasia linked to “white race” was further developed around in the 1790s by Johann Friedrich Blumenbach, a German professor of medicine.[6] Blumenbach named it after the Caucasian peoples (from the Southern Caucasus region), whom he considered to be the archetype for the grouping.[7] He based his classification of the Caucasian race primarily on craniology.[8] Blumenbach wrote:

    Caucasian variety – I have taken the name of this variety from Mount Caucasus, both because its neighborhood, and especially its southern slope, produces the most beautiful race of men, I mean the Georgian; and because all physiological reasons converge to this, that in that region, if anywhere, it seems we ought with the greatest probability to place the autochthones (birth place) of mankind.[9][10]
    We know that Meinars and Blumenbach were wrong, yet this bogus classification continues and has morphed into an even more bogus Caucasoid. Whites are merely the Albino variety of the African.
    The birthplace of mankind indeed, but only in the Bible and the Bible is not science.

  129. John Fountain

    When you don’t have anything intelligent to say act like the fool you are, that always works.

    • Awill

      Earlier I saw a comment saying egyptians were something like 90% caucasoid and 10% African. You do know caucasoid is a phenotype correct? Furthermore, any suggesting that a specific phenotypic trait is exclusive to a certain genotype is absurd. The long, slender, acquiline nose actually has a LARGER area than the short, broad nose we see in so called negroids. The larger nose and thusly larger mucous membrane is thought to be achieved through selective factors applied in an arrid, dry/cool environment to help extract moisture. The shorter, broad nose has a smaller membrane achieved through selection in a wet and/or humid environment. The distinctly different phenotypic traits of the human nose, have distinctly different effects on the face as a whole. Somalis have long slender noses because their population has lived in a very dry environment for millennia, NOT because they’re black Europeans.

      Egyptians in no way related to central and west africa??

      The so called “black mummy” was found in central Sahara/Libya and is undoubtably black!!.. it’s the oldest african mummy to date..with all its organs removed and much of its skin still intact, this black African mummy shows complex mummification practices were held pre-Egypt, not in the nile valley but the central Sahara.. In the central Sahara we also find carvings into rock and sculptures.. One depicts a man wearing a jackal’s head, an illustration that’s commonplace in Egyptian art( human body, animal head), though this particular drawing probably predates Egypt by a few hundred years. Pottery found in the central Sahara, dating to this time period is more complex than pottery in Egypt around the same time period. This central Saharan culture also practiced large scale cattle sacrifice, paralleled by the so called cattle cult of Egypt. This very ancient civilization, the findings of which center around modern day Libya, stretched from Mali to the edge of Egypt. Many feel this is the pre-Egypt culture we’ve been looking for and according to artwork they were both dark and light skinned.. The fact that the “black mummy”, a child and a commoner (or so it would seem) would be so cared for, proves this was a relatively egalitarian society. Much of the artwork found centers around what were large lakes in the middle of the Sahara that are now desert sand. As these lakes dried up these people must have went somewhere..
      “Evidence points to mega-lakes also exiting in Chad, Sudan, and Libya. Locations of these ancient oases could help explain the migratory patterns of modern humans.” Thedailygalaxy.com
      (Just a site I googled for a quote on the subject, please do some research of your own if you haven’t heard)

      Also interesting is the genetic studies done on the orang asli people of the Malay peninsula.

      • What a bunch of garbage. What you need to do young man, is actually go meet some real Egyptians. Then you will realize how racist, ignorant and moronic you sound.

  130. Ahmed

    Recent discoveries in northern Somalia brings this long standing debate on the location of the Land of Punt and the origin of Ancient Egyptians to a close. It is no other place than “Waaqooyi” (the Land of Gods) – the northern mountainous areas of the Somali coast where the ancient Egyptians traded with as a source of the marvels and products of Punt.

    The book contains conclusive evidences in the form of statuettes (never found anywhere else) which seem to be a true copy of Ancient Egyptians.


  131. Oh, you mean like modern Egyptians?

  132. Funny, ’cause genetically they’re the same people. I guess you just like inventing things…

  133. You are using a Spanish term and concept from the 1600’s to describes the Egyptian people. Not sure that’s very accurate, my friend.

  134. In other words, they looked like Egyptians, i.e the guy who owns the gas station down the street.

  135. I never did. Egyptians are a mix between continental Africans from the Horn of Africa and North Eastern Africa, as well as both ancient and modern West Asian DNA. Not surprising, considering their location and main means of travel(boats). The declination between “Asia” and “Africa” as separate “worlds” would seem weird to both ancient and modern peoples in the region. If anything, they are/were part of a greater “Mediterranean” civilization.

    In some ratio it was true 4,000 years, and it’s true today. In the modern world, we call them “Middle Eastern,” though that term would have been meaningless prior to the modern era.

    Saying a modern Egyptian has no connection with Ancient Egypt is akin to telling a modern Mexican they have no connection with the Aztec Empire. Not nice, and pretty damn racist when you think about it. 😉

  136. Big G

    I believe that there are no distict races and everyday that becomes more blurred with interbreading.. With the info on the dna studies of our newest neighbor, I believe put all homo sapian in the same race. we can all be of the same family and we should act like it. there is no way to solve the real problems of the world if so many people have spent this much time on race. Race isn’t a problem. try hunger , water shortages, murder , theft , environmental problems. Now with the internet we don’t need governments or corporations. Try ignoring things thatb don’t matter and think about the poisons they put in our food during processing. Where will our grandchildren get water.

  137. billy

    There are many things that are certain:
    1-Ancient egyptians were not purely african black
    2-Ancient egyptians were not stupid people . They have genetic mutations that enabled them to build a great civilization . Clearly , blacks lack these genetic mutations
    3-Modern Egyptians are mixed . They have ancient Egyptian blood , European blood , Northeast African blood and Middle eastern blood . I’m Egyptian . There are many fair skinned individuals with european features and even blonde hair and many dark people here .

  138. wizkid69

    The creator of this post is an idiot. He wouldn’t be able to see the truth with those huge glasses. Anyway. You and your mom are idiots… ban me please. Dumb ass.

    Who cares what race the egyptians were..egypt is in africa. So they are africans!

    There you go. Case closed…

    • All right Black man, you’re banned.

    • Mott

      “Egypt is in Africa…so they are Africans”

      What is it about Blacks in general? (not all Blacks, thank God) Why are they the LEAST LOGICAL of all the racial groups? Why do they make snap judgments, based upon emotion and bias, and then stick to their guns based on racial party lines, even when they’re proven wrong?

      Blacks make themselves look silly with Afrocentric stuff, Tawana Brawley, Trayvon, etc. They have enough legitimate bragging rights and grievances, why do they always want to go into science fiction and totally undermine their credibility?

      • allimcbiel

        Time for the Chinese and the Indians to completely take over Canada.

        Lots of real estate and too little people.

  139. Big G

    The 3 richest countries in the carribean. is this excluding the Bahamas and, Puerto rico that have a greater average income than your samples put together. Also the poorest contries in the carribean are run by mullatoes.

  140. kenneth waddington

    case closed. and no hard feelings

  141. I read an article in the Journal of Physical Anthropology in the early 1990’s that said that the ancient Egyptians were 91% Caucasian and 9% Black. More recent studies put it at 85-90% Caucasian and 10-15% Black. I figure they were about 12% Black by genes. A few of them here and there were more Black, but that was not common. Blacks were mostly entertainers, athletes and slaves (LOL).

  142. Monkey D. Luffy

    Lindsay, commentor Sandy on Dota’s blog asked a question that i would like to know too, what race are these South American writers of Soap Operas?
    is she pure Caucasian or she looks mixed with Black or Native or Asian?


    Likewise is he pure caucasian or he looks mixed with Native?


    • In Latin America, if you are 75-85% White, you are White. So both of these people would be considered White.

      However, the Colombian man may be mixed with Indian and the Brazilian woman may be mixed with Black.

      • Anisa

        Depends on the part of Latin America.The people of northern Spain example Catalan are more European blood, however those from central and southern Spain are more Arab and Moorish. Spain and Portugal were ruled by arabs for about 700-800 years and then they mixed with indigenous “Indian” and Africans in the New World. Surname ” Medina” is a wellknown Spanish name also a holy city in Islam. Andalusia Spain – Al Andalus Kuwait….connect the dots people!

  143. demand respect

    Why is this argument even considered a argument. if twoprominent dna companies tace the roots of the egyptians back to the great lakes region and other parts of africa why bother. This had to be a home grown society in which one had to be able to endure the harsh sun, as egyptians have left many clues to leaving their shirts out of pictures. So what skin toned would be needed to work hard in the north african heat. Would it be white caucasoid or black . This is simple and you should answer.

  144. Jasper

    Some people will come up with every reason why ancient Egyptian weren’t of BLACK AFRICAN DECENT, but lets just face it: BLACK AFRICAN EGYPTIANS made modern day civilizations they have come to be now. Everybody is of BLACK AFRICAN DECENT. Africa was the heart of Pangaea, the Mother Land. Sorry to bust y’all in denial ass bubbles but y’all came from us (Black Ass African People). Y’all are products of OUR DNA. I don’t see how y’all can look at all those gotdamn murals and walls and convince y’all brains that those aren’t BLACK NEGROD AFRICAN PHARAOHS & QUEENS y’all looking at. Lets be real in denial people. We were made the CHOSEN people. We are the CHOSEN people. And as far as that BS ass DNA goes, “THE MAN” can say whatever the hell he wants to say about how “reconstructed ancient Egyptian skulls are not of NEGROD decent”. LIESSSSSSSSSS. We come in all shapes and sizing and have a variety of different facial features. We are not limited to “FACIAL FEATURES” like small lips or squinted eyes. We have all those features. (Man it’s feels GREAT to be apart of the TOTAL PACKAGE RACE) please just get over the non sense. The civilization that directly impacted your way of living was BLACK AFRICAN FAT NOSED, BLACK/DARK BROWN & BRONZED SKINNED, COARSE BRAID WEARING, & once again BEAUTIFUL BLACK AFRICAN people. The Chosen People.

  145. Derek Mason

    Modern scholars who have studied Ancient Egyptian culture and population history have responded to the controversy over the race of the Ancient Egyptians in different ways.
    Since the second half of the 20th century, scholars have rejected the notion of race
     as having any validity in the study of human biology.[6]
     The 2001 Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt states that “Any characterization of race of the ancient Egyptians depends on modern cultural definitions, not on scientific study.”[9]
    Frank M. Snowden
     asserts that “Egyptians, Greeks and Romans attached no special stigma to the colour of the skin and developed no hierarchical notions of race whereby highest and lowest positions in the social pyramid were based on colour.”[11]
    Additionally, typological
     and hierarchical
    models of race have increasingly been rejected by scientists in favour of models of geographical origin. Scholars such as Frank Yurco
     believe that Modern Egyptians are largely representative of the ancient population, and the DNA evidence appears to support this view.[20]

    It is now largely agreed that Dynastic Egyptians were indigenous to the Nile area. About 5,000 years ago the Sahara
     area dried out, and part of the indigenous Saharan population retreated East towards the Nile Valley. In addition peoples from the Near East
     entered the Nile Valley, bringing with them wheat
    , barley
    , sheep, goats and possibly cattle.[21]
     Dynastic Egyptians referred to their country as “The Two Lands”. During the Predynastic period (about 4800 to 4300BC) the Merimde culture
     flourished in the northern part of Egypt (Lower Egypt
     This culture, among others, has links to the Levant
     in the Near East
     The pottery of the later Buto Maadi
     culture, best known from the site at Maadi
     near Cairo
    , also shows connections to the southern Levant
     as well.[25]
     In the southern part of Egypt (Upper Egypt
    ) the predynastic Badarian culture
     was followed by the Naqada culture
    . These people seem to be more closely related to the Nubians and North East Africans than with northern Egyptians.[26]

    Due to its geographical location at the crossroads of several major cultural areas, Egypt has experienced a number of foreign invasions during historical times, including by the Canaanites
    ), the Libyans
    , the Kushites
    ) the Assyrians
    , theBabylonians
    , the Persians
    , the Macedonian
    , the Romans
     in late antiquity/early Middle Ages), the Arabs
    , theOttoman Turks
    , the French and the British.
     convened the “Symposium on the Peopling of Ancient Egypt and the Deciphering of the Meroitic Script” in Cairo
    in 1974. At that forum the “Black Egyptian” theory was rejected by 90% of delegates,[28]
     and the symposium concluded that Ancient Egyptians were much the same as modern Egyptians. The arguments for all sides are recorded in the UNESCO publication General History of Africa
     with the “Origin of the Egyptians” chapter being written by Diop.
    In 1996, the Indianapolis Museum of Art
    published a collection of essays, which included contributions from leading experts in various fields including archaeology
    , art history
    , physical anthropology
    , African studies
    , Egyptology
    , Afrocentric
    , and classical studies
    . While the contributors differed in some opinions, the consensus of the authors was that Ancient Egypt was a Northeast African civilization (although ethnic type was not mentioned), based on Egypt’s geographic location on the African continent.[30]

    In 2008, S. O. Y. Keita
     wrote that “There is no scientific reason to believe that the primary ancestors of the Egyptian population emerged and evolved outside of northeast Africa…. The basic overall genetic profile of the modern population is consistent with the diversity of ancient populations that would have been indigenous to northeastern Africa and subject to the range of evolutionary influences over time, although researchers vary in the details of their explanations of those influences.”[31]Yyu

  146. Killua Zoldyck

    Oh well, whatever what ancient Egyptians were, to be honest, i don’t find their achievements particularly beautiful ,in a Brazilian Tv show ,the characters went to Egypt ,and it wasn’t anything special, a country full of sand everywhere, it looks sad, and the clime is too hot to my taste, the pyramids are big but not particularly beautiful and neither their art, the ancient Iranians, Greeks or Japanese did more aesthetically beautiful art, to me Blacks can claim Egypt all they want, not that i am very proud of it.

    • kenneth waddington

      you havent been to eygpt its different from what you see in television greek art was inspired by by the eygptians so you cant say much rubbish.

  147. Paul Van

    “During an excavation headed by the German Institute for Archaeology, Cairo, at the tombs of the nobles in Thebes-West, Upper Egypt, three types of tissues from different mummies were sampled to compare 13 well known rehydration methods for mummified tissue with three newly developed methods. .. Skin sections showed particularly good tissue preservation, although cellular outlines were never distinct. Although much of the epidermis had already separated from the dermis, the remaining epidermis often was preserved well (Fig. 1). The basal epithelial cells were packed with melanin as expected for specimens of Negroid origin.” –(A-M Mekota and M Vermehren. (2005) Determination of optimal rehydration, fixation and staining methods for histological and immunohistochemical analysis of mummified soft tissues. Biotechnic & Histochemistry 2005, Vol. 80, No. 1, Pages 7-13

    The peoples of ancient Egypt, in the aforementioned tropical and semi-tropical/arid tropic zones, show clear limb proportion characteristics of tropically adapted people, and MORE closely resemble other tropically adapted Africans on the continent, than Europeans or Middle Easterners.
    (Raxter and Ruff 2008, Zakrewski 2003, 2007; Holliday et al, 2003, Kemp, 2005)

    European/Asiatic cold climate or light skin inspiration was unneeded by the tropically adapted Africans of ancient Egypt. They peopled the Nile Valley from the Sahara and the Sudan, and ancient Egypt is part of a tropical African lineage. Indigenous development sprang from a long tradition going back deep into the Sahara and the Sudan.
    (Lovell, 1999; Lefkowitz, 1993, 1996; Keita 1993, Irish 2006)

    “There is now a sufficient body of evidence from modern studies of skeletal remains to indicate that the ancient Egyptians, In general, the inhabitants of Upper Egypt and Nubia had the greatest biological affinity to people of the Sahara and more southerly areas.”.. In general, the inhabitants of Upper Egypt and Nubia had the greatest biological affinity to people of the Sahara and more southerly areas.” (Nancy C. Lovell, ” Egyptians, physical anthropology of,” in Encyclopedia of the Archaeology of Ancient Egypt, ed. Kathryn A. Bard and Steven Blake Shubert, ( London and New York: Routledge, 1999) pp 328-332)

    Study after peer reviewed study proves conclusively that ancient Egyptians were indigenous Black Africans.
    Black Africans are the most genetically diverse people on earth.
    Only a Black man could create the White man and all the colors in between. Where are the peer reviewed studies that prove the Ancient Egyptian were Blumenbach’s version of some bogus Caucasian?

  148. kenneth waddington

    more recent studies than Roberts 20th century articles this is what the 21st century says.


  149. jonathan

    DNA research done by “white” scientists which can be found and analyzed on DNATRIBES, have found that the most closely related peoples to Pharaoh Ramses the second and King tut’s parental figures come from a majority sub-Saharan lineage. Ancient Egyptians called them selves KMT” pronounced kemet” which means land of the blacks or blacks. They migrated north from East africa from the Cushite/ cushitic, kush, or Ham/kam, depending on the books and translations from the native Bantu or nilotic language into English. They migrated first into Nubia or as some know it as, ancient Sudan, through the nile river into south egypt, where the first rulers established what we now know as dynastic Egypt/kemet. The mother of Egypt was Nubia, who are subsaharan kushitic peoples. The Dna of the ancients are clearly cushite however this does mean it might be different from Western African tribal groups due to differences of Dna between africans being greater than between africans and non africans, due to migration. The Eyptians then inter married daughters of syrians and semites,which would logically mean, the color of Ancients would have become mixed, after a while and of course with the 18th dynasty when Romans invaded Egypt and destroyed artifacts that could be traced back to black kemet it’s become ambiguous of their origin

    • Bull. DNA shows that both ancient and modern Egyptians were Middle Eastern. A form of COCKASIAN…Suck on my hummus you low-IQ nigger faggot. 😀

      • kenneth waddington

        what you said is bull modern day eypgtians descend from ancient eygptians if you ignore the racial mixing throughout eygptian history that is but it doesnt stop them from descending from ancient eygptians. also the eygptians made its very clear in their art they werent middle eastern also look at my previous comments and nowhere does dna evidence say eygptians were caucasian there were always carrier of haplogroup E that which the known haplogroup of black people.

        • That’s just some silly blog, for lower I.Q insecure niggers to read. Everyone knows Egyptians are not really actual Arabs. But they are Middle Eastern Mediterranean people, like Italians, Berbers, Greeks, Lebanese, and Israelis, etc.

          DNA studies have shown clearly that ancient Egyptian and modern Egyptians are basically nigger free!

          P.S…I had some dinner with some Egyptians last year, All we did was talk about how stupid and useless niggers are! It was great fun! Wish you were there!

        • Cyrus, ancient Egyptians were 13% Black.

          Modern Egyptians may be up to 30% Black, but it is hard to say.

          Not exactly nigger-free.

        • I know…Hell, modern Egyptians still are. But these Afrocentric douche bags are so easy to troll. 😀

        • Mott

          Ancient Egyptians were not Blacks. There were a few Pharaohs at the very end of the main period that were Nubians (sorta Blacks). They didn’t last for long. They didn’t build any of that stuff.

          This is the whole story. End of story.

  150. The ironic thing about Afrocentrists is that they’re conforming to the very “eurocentric” paradigm they claim to despise so much.

    There have been many successful or prominent African civilizations that were not Egyptian. Ethiopia (which got a nod from the ancient Greeks), Nubia (which was one of the younger Christian nations in the world at the time), Songhai, and others.

    By desperately latching onto Egypt, they’re basically saying, “we black people are so ashamed of our heritage (specifically, West African heritage) that we must claim Egypt in order to feel any sense of pride!”

    Imagine if white nationalists desperately latched onto societies such as ancient India or Persia, and claimed their accomplishments as their own on account of the fact that the peoples of those lands were either Indo-Aryan or Caucasoid.

    How pathetic would that look?

    • Mott

      That would be almost as pathetic as…Afrocentrists “claiming Egypt.”

      Also, just because a few nuts might claim the India/Persia thing for whites, that doesn’t account for Afrocentrism being basically taught as fact in colleges, accepted as science by P.C.s. and, like you said, the Egypt thing being the sacred basket that they put all their eggs in, without any clue how foolish they look, or how wrong they are. They make blacks look far sillier, it’s harder to take them seriously because of it.

      Ethiopia I agree is a civilization to hold up against non-African ones.

      Problem: I don’t know about you, but I think Ethiopians are are a distinct race- a cross between blacks and whites. Maybe I’m wrong…

      • could very well be a cross between the 2 spieces but we have our ancient anscetors to blame for the black race for if the stories are true we came from mars and could have created a biological robot to do the work.

    • right on bay area guy; they seem so ashamed of their own cultures and ancestors

  151. LOL too funny ..but soooooo true!!!!!

  152. Lucius

    How can anyone still believe that the ancient Egyptians were black ?
    this shouldn’t be a question anymore North Africa is obviously a white region. besides do you think modern blacks could possibly descend from ancient Egyptians with their behavior seen in modern society? such a barbaric people descending from such a noble people is impossible I don’t care what genetic say if any scientists claims this to be true that black people descend from ancient Egyptians then they’ve got to be obviously lying because nobody who descends from the ancient Egyptians could possibly behave like that hey this is the absolute truth you guys can think what you want but did Roman Emperor Julius Caesar give birth to the better homeless person on the street who lies steals rapes and murders 56 to 70 times more than the average Roman citizen and is alternately responsible for the decline of the Roman Empire bringing it to an abrupt en wild bear drinking Kool Aid smoking weed getting locked up been driving around with big ass rims is this even remotely possible no young grasshopper it is not black people descend from black tribes in Africa and no one else and that is the only history so stop stealing our history also you Negros or a bunch of homosexuals

  153. Akhona

    Copt is a religion not race

  154. These racists People look at the current situation of some actual African countries as criteria to to have an ideal of the past of the native African race aka black. All serious scholars know the origin of Egyptian civilization a typical native African culture from the south: Ta Seti aka Nubia; Kerma; Nagada;Meroe. the Egyptian were not Semite/arabs/white caucasian they were Hamite aka native Africans all Geographical;phenotypcal,genetic,Historic evidences proves it . denying the First Human their legacy of being the builders of the first civilizations! Egypt is just a few among the civilizations created by Africans(Black)
    Just see in this blog how the Egyptian and Nubian portrayed themselves(just Images)

  155. Lulz

    I love how Blacks and Whites fight over racial ownership of the ancient Egyptians like wild dogs brawling over a pork rind.

    There is little, if any, empirical evidence about the race of the ancient Egyptians. However, if one employs their deductive reasoning skills, it is possible to come to a probable conclusion in that regard.

    Let’s see:

    1) They were smart enough to have a well beyond their era grasp of astronomy, physics, and mathematical equations. So that rules out the Blacks, of course.

    2) Egypt is in one of the hottest geographical locations of the African continent, known for its merciless sunlight. Whites go outside on a cloudless day in July and they’re frying like a strip of bacon in less than five minutes. So its highly doubtful that Whites were even able to adequately survive in ancient Egypt; specifically in a time before SPF-50 was handy. That excludes Whites.

    You silly rabbits, the ancient Egyptians were people of color, but not Black and definitely not White. Continue to fight about it, however. It amuses me.

  156. Awill

    Africans claiming an African country is pathetic? Where is the proof for this remark? Egypt is one of many ancient African empires you are correct. These other heritages aren’t debated however. Such ignorance inspires intelligent minds to produce facts..

    “The evidence also points to linkages to other northeast African peoples, not coincidentally approximating the modern range of languages closely related to Egyptian in the Afro-Asiatic group (formerly called Hamito-Semetic). These linguistic similarities place ancient Egyptian in a close relationship with languages spoken today as far west as Chad, and as far south as Somalia. Archaeological evidence also strongly supports an African origin. A widespread northeastern African cultural assemblage, including distinctive multiple barbed harpoons and pottery decorated with dotted wavy line patterns, appears during the early Neolithic (also known as the Aqualithic, a reference to the mild climate of the Sahara at this time). Saharan and Sudanese rock art from this time resembles early Egyptian iconography. Strong connections between Nubian (Sudanese) and Egyptian material culture continue in later Neolithic Badarian culture of Upper Egypt. Similarities include black-topped wares, vessels with characteristic ripple-burnished surfaces, a special tulip-shaped vessel with incised and white-filled decoration, palettes, and harpoons…”

    “Other ancient Egyptian practices show strong similarities to modern African cultures including divine kingship, the use of headrests, body art, circumcision, and male coming-of-age rituals, all suggesting an African substratum or foundation for Egyptian civilization………”

    “The race and origins of the Ancient Egyptians have been a source of considerable debate. Scholars in the late and early 20th centuries rejected any considerations of the Egyptians as black Africans by defining the Egyptians either as non-African (i.e Near Easterners or Indo-Aryan), or as members of a separate brown (as opposed to a black) race, or as a mixture of lighter-skinned peoples with black Africans. In the later half of the 20th century, Afrocentric scholars have countered this Eurocentric and often racist perspective by characterizing the Egyptians as black and African…..”

    “Physical anthropologists are increasingly concluding that racial definitions are the culturally defined product of selective perception and should be replaced in biological terms by the study of populations and clines. Consequently, any characterization of race of the ancient Egyptians depend on modern cultural definitions, not on scientific study. Thus, by modern American standards it is reasonable to characterize the Egyptians as ‘blacks’ [i.e in a social sense] while acknowledging the scientific evidence for the physical diversity of Africans.” Source: Donald Redford (2001) The Oxford encyclopedia of ancient Egypt, Volume 3. Oxford University Press. p. 27-28

    There you have it.. “Thus, by modern American standards it is reasonable to characterize the Egyptians as ‘black’.”It’s even more reasonable when you consider Egypt/Kemet is IN Africa. This quote is an excerpt from Oxford University’s Encyclopedia. As you can see, “black” or more appropriate “dark brown” egypt is excepted by modern academia. “Middle Eastern caucasoids”? How about.. “East African caucasoids”. How is it, Mr. Lindsey, that the Egyptians are indigenous africans yet middle eastern?

    I argue that lumping “black” Egypt with all of Afrocentrism’s ridiculous theories (Black Ceasar) is irresponsible. Nancy Lovell is a self proclaimed critic of Afrocentrism and a physical anthropologist.

    “There is now a sufficient body of evidence from modern studies of skeletal remains to indicate that the ancient Egyptians, especially southern Egyptians, exhibited physical characteristics that are within the range of variation for ancient and modern indigenous peoples of the Sahara and tropical Africa.. In general, the inhabitants of Upper Egypt and Nubia had the greatest biological affinity to people of the Sahara and more southerly areas.” (Nancy C. Lovell, ” Egyptians, physical anthropology of,” in Encyclopedia of the Archaeology of Ancient Egypt, ed. Kathryn A. Bard and Steven Blake Shubert, ( London and New York: Routledge, 1999) pp 328-332)

    Can those that disagree with the above scientific literature provide any that refutes it in clear terms?

    Here’s the American Anthropology Association’s statement on race..

    “In the United States both scholars and the general public have been conditioned to viewing human races as natural and separate divisions within the human species based on visible physical differences. With the vast expansion of scientific knowledge in this century, however, it has become clear that human populations are not unambiguous, clearly demarcated, biologically distinct groups. Evidence from the analysis of genetics (e.g., DNA) indicates that most physical variation, about 94%, lies within so-called racial groups. Conventional geographic “racial” groupings differ from one another only in about 6% of their genes. This means that there is greater variation within “racial” groups than between them. In neighboring populations there is much overlapping of genes and their phenotypic (physical) expressions. Throughout history whenever different groups have come into contact, they have interbred. The continued sharing of genetic materials has maintained all of humankind as a single species.”

    94 percent variation within race absolutely dwarfs the 6 percent variation between race leaving the lines hopelessly blurred. This is learned from genetic analysis. IT DOESN’T EXIST!! Only populations, regional affinities, and our personal feelings. The often spouted notion that DNA is somehow color coded is not fact. Here’s the “first” Europeans.


    This program is not PC, quite the contrary. So much for “European” DNA as it pertains to “white” dna. A nice illustration of how data clashes with what’s often portrayed. Associating a genetic cline with people of a certain skin tone is pure assumption. Skin tone can only be deduced from melanin tests or historical context. Some estimates say very light to pale skin didn’t become a part of the human genome until 8ka. There is no empirical evidence to say how long it would have took Eurasians (or their DNA)to lose their dark skin. We DO KNOW however, they would have been much darker than now, probably a tropical/brown complexion in the beginning. So the question is what color is “European” DNA, please show proof and the fortune that should accompany.

    Also, those “middle eastern caucasoids” of 15,000 years ago have a name. Since Natufian facts aren’t highly debated, here’s Wikipedia…

    “The Natufian culture /nəˈtjuːfiən/ was an Epipaleolithic culture that existed from 13,000 to 9,800 B.C. in the Levant, a region in the Eastern Mediterranean. It was unusual in that it was sedentary, or semi-sedentary, before the introduction of agriculture. The Natufian communities are possibly the ancestors of the builders of the first Neolithic settlements of the region, which may have been the earliest in the world.There is some evidence for the deliberate cultivation of cereals”

    The Natufian culture held the most advanced people in the region if not the world. No need to speak of white caucasoids of 40ka+ as these much later people at 15ka are just as African as anything else. Here’s some quotes from C.L. Brace’s 2005 study.. “The Questionable Contribution of Neolithic and the Bronze Age to European craniofacial form”.

    “If the Late Pleistocene Natufian sample from Israel is the source from which that Neolithic spread was derived, then there was clearly a SubSaharan African element present of almost equal importance as the Late Prehistoric Eurasian element.”

    Those middle eastern caucasoids seem to be of substantially black lineage???!!! Even more startling is the fact that the late prehistoric Eurasians didnt cluster with moderns, thus the name of the study.

    “..the failure of the Neolithic and Bronze Age samples in central and northern Europe to tie to the modern inhabitants supports the suggestion that, while a farming mode of subsistence was spread westward and also north to Crimea and east to Mongolia by actual movement of communities of farmers, the indigenous foragers in each of those areas ultimately absorbed both the agricultural subsistence strategy and also the people who had brought it.”

    The middle easterners that developed agriculture were absorbed by many populations. No evidence they displaced but data suggests they were engulfed by indigenous peoples along with their strategies. Brace’s study is based on craniofacial data which is often used to suggest (especially dental affinities) East Africans are more similar to Eurasians than West Africans/Bantu which some are. This is because West Africans most likely split from East Africans much earlier than the rest of the world. This allowed them more time to develop independently. Historically however, ancient East Africans are much more related culturally/”racially” to ancient and modern West Africans than Middle Eastern people. This is obvious. Kenya’s not in West Africa, so Obama isn’t a black man?? How “pathetic” of me to assume such a thing.

    What some would like to ignore is that skeletal limb proportion is much less variable from generation to generation than craniofacial features and is indicative of regional origin. As too is skin tone. Limb proportion data clusters ancient and modern Egyptians closer to Africans than Europeans. In other words their limbs are” negroid”.

    Another common misconception is the thought that the peopling of the Nile Valley some 20ka+ has complete bearing on today, it doesn’t .

    “During the early Holocene humid optimum, the Southern Sahara and the Nile Valley apparently were too moist and hazardous for appreciable human occupation. After 7,000 B.C.E. human settlement became well established all over the eastern Sahara, fostering the development of cattle pastoralism. Retreating monsoonal rains caused the onset of desertification of the Egyptian Sahara at 5,300 B.C.E. Prehistoric populations were forced to the Nile Valley or ecological refuges and forced to exodus into the Sudanese Sahara where rainfall and surface water were still sufficient. The return of full desert conditions all over Egypt in 5300 B.C.E. coincided with the initial phases of pharaonic civilization in the Nile Valley.”
    Climate-Controlled Holocene Occupation in the Sahara: Motor of Africa’s Evolution. Rudolph Kuper and Stefan Kropelin(2006).

    More Afrocentric nonsense I presume.. These findings aren’t scientifically refuted! The peopling of the Nile Valley that “coincided with the initial phases of pharaonic civilization” came from within Africa… Western Saharans and southern people predominantly, the Egyptians themselves say they come from the south. The archeaology supports it. During the times some would say “white caucasoids”came from the north with large enough numbers to dominate the area, it was often inhospitable for “appreciable human occupation”. Now that the Levant corridor is out you’re forced to claim your caucasoids came across the Red Sea and Somalis and ancient Ethiopians are really white. I hope people are starting to see how misguided this logic is. Where is the proof of this. Another common argument is this caucasoid “race” came in and dominated the whole or major portions of North Africa prior to the african holocene humid period. Starting as early as 40ka!! I have seen no evidence for this, but if it IS true this isn’t very relevant, as I said before the peopling of the Nile Valley has been fragmented. From pre dynastic times on, Egypt traded most frequently with Nubia and migrations from the South were just as prevalent as migration from the north. More importantly, the people migrating from the north weren’t modern looking Asiatics. As Brace pointed out, Neolithic and Bronze Age Eurasian samples(15ka) DID NOT cluster with modern Mediterranean and European people; and If Eurasians 15ka didn’t look like modern Europeans, how can one suggest those living 40ka did? For example, consider what was written about Nazlet Khater man… The oldest modern human remains found in Egypt and North Africa as a whole.

    “Strong alveolar prognathism combined with fossa praenasalis in an African skull is suggestive of Negroid morphology [form & structure]. The radio-humeral index of Nazlet Khater is practically the same as the mean of Taforalt (76.6). According to Ferembach (1965) this value is near to the Negroid average.” Thoma A., Morphology and affinities of the Nazlet Khater man, Journal of Human Evolution, vol 13, 1984.

    If the oldest remains of modern humans in North Africa/Egypt dates back to 30,000bc and shows what are said to be “negroid” features…where is the evidence that white or middle eastern “caucasoids” dominated the area some 40ka. Truly, the better question is what does 40ka have to do with the peopling of the Nile Valley 15ka. Neither period holds much evidence of middle eastern people dominating the area.

    As Keita has explained, population theory suggests that migrating populations as small as ONE PERCENT of absorbing populations can greatly change the absorbing population’s phenotype over a thousand year period. Mr. Lindsey and people like Mathilda’s best argument is color coded dna.. a lie. If one were to determine physical variation from the dna and then categorize these physical fearures in terms of race, you would find about 15x more variation within race than between. Meaning race exists in the mind not in the data. Any categorizing of dna into racial groups is based on personal/cultural ideas. I’ll take the American Anthropology Association over a blog. Eye ball anthropology is on par with color coded dna as pseudo-science. Most who believe what Mr. Lindsey says are victims of cultural bias/miseducation. The term caucasoid was popularized by racist literature. Multi-origins hypothesis and notions of white caucasoids civilizing the ancient world is more nazi germany than modern scholarship. Mr. Lindsey hasn’t spoken on the history of these terms because his hand will be shown, though his racist commentary has done as much.

    The thought that Egypt was an African state in both geography and culture is the mainstream hypothesis. Narmer, Djoser, Khufu, Imhotep.. all look “sub saharan”.Where is the evidence they were middle eastern? Mummy pics??
    East Africans have straight and curly hair. The color doesnt matter as much, we know mummies had their hair died and sometimes replaced with a wig. The texture could be natural or chemically induced as the hair was immersed in alkaline based treatments. Many african american women use this to straighten their hair today. LOOKING at the hair of mummies is not completely indicative of their hair type while alive, no debate. Red hair AND blondism occured in Africa first, a rare fact.
    The badarian culture, Qustful incense, and many other things(according to Oxford, look above) link pre dynastic Egypt to older, more southern African societies. The eyewitnesses circa bc agree. Some argue that the word translated as black in ancient texts is really brown…ok. Diordorus Siculus mentions the Egyptians as black AND brown while Aristotle claims egyptians are TOO black/ brown. How do they explain these verses outside of mentioning dark skinned africans. There is more to be addressed but hopefully this helps the debate.

    Egyptologist Dr. Sally-Ann Ashton’s comments on the challenges of changing the perception of Egypt as a non African entity. Note how she explains the contrasting nature of responses to her writing that Cleopatra was half black as opposed to showing it with facial reconstruction. As I said, many in modern academia accept it as obvious fact… Public opinion lags behind. I am not an afrocentrist, yet I DO believe that ancient Egypt is black in the modern sense both physically and culturally. Mary Lefowitz, another Afrocentrism critic (Note the title below) and actual anthropologist seems to agree, her words..

    “Recent work on skeletons and DNA suggests that the people who settled in the Nile valley, like all of humankind, came from somewhere south of the Sahara; they were not (as some nineteenth-century scholars had supposed) invaders from the North. See Bruce G. Trigger, “The Rise of Civilization in Egypt,” Cambridge History of Africa (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1982), vol I, pp 489-90; S. O. Y. Keita, “Studies and Comments on Ancient Egyptian Biological Relationships,” History in Africa 20 (1993) 129-54.”
    (Mary Lefkotitz (1997). Not Out of Africa: How Afrocentrism Became an Excuse to Teach Myth as History. Basic Books. pg 242)

    Dr. Shomarka Keita is the authority on the subject regardless of his so called race. His work stands in direct opposition of ideas stated most frequently on mathildas blog; seemingly the only source left for the Mr. Lindseys of the world. Forgive me if I’m wrong, where is all this OBVIOUS evidence that counteracts the above statements as is often promised. Color coded DNA and eye ball anthropology is all ya’got, the archeaology and PN2 clade is what buries you. If there’s no problem with DNA tests explain why DNATribes 2012 study on Armana mummy DNA show them to be Atrican. Reference Keita if you’re confused. This should sum it up..

    “We study the major levels of Y-chromosome haplogroup variation in 15 Sudanese populations by typing major Y-haplogroups in 445 unrelated males representing the three linguistic families in Sudan. Our analysis shows Sudanese populations fall into haplogroups A, B, E, F, I, J, K, and R in frequencies of 16.9, 7.9, 34.4, 3.1, 1.3, 22.5, 0.9, and 13% respectively…. haplogroups F, I, J, K, and R are more frequent among Afro-Asiatic speaking groups including Arabs, Beja, Copts, and Hausa, and Niger-Congo speakers from the Fulani ethnic group…. haplogroups F-M89, I-M170, J-12f2, and J2-M172 were found to be more frequent in the Afro-Asiatic speaking groups.” (“Y-Chromosome Variation Among Sudanese: Restricted Gene Flow, Concordance With Language, Geography, and History” Hisham Y. Hassan, Luca L. Cavalli-Sforza, et al 2008)

    F, I, J, K, and R are associated with more Asaiatic people. A, B, and E are African… add it up and understand the Egyptians cluster with Sudanese.

    • All right you Afrocentric scumbag, I am banning your Black ass.

    • Awill

      Accepted by modern academia.. I’ve been on this blog too long.

      • Ambrose D. Roger

        F, I, J, K, and R are associated with more Asaiatic people. A, B, and E are African… add it up and understand the Egyptians cluster with Sudanese.

        Haha, no, you retard nigger, I and J are European, R is mostly European, but there is some R2 indigenous to SE Asia. A and B are not related with Bantu nigger expansion, which is what you are, A and B are San Bushmen, who are a different race from niggers. E is Nigger DNA, no doubt, but whites have 10-25% E1b, and there is a R1b admixture in ancient Egyptians (King Tut), and the majority of Ancient Egyptian DNA is North African Caucasoid, not nigger DNA.

        DNA Tribes is a psuedoscientific inaccurate piece of niggerbabble, and not considered accurate by mainstream scientists. Interesting how every nigger professor I have ever had the “Kemet” debate with ALWAYS pointed to DNA tribes while NO ONE else does. There were numerous skull measurements and craniofacial analysis on ancient Egyptians which shows Caucasoid features. Don’t start with your bullshit on how Ethiopians and Somalis can have Caucasoid features too because both of them are Horners; which means they are related to the OOA and are genetically mulattoes. Funny how there are no pure nigger acheivers, every nigger of historical siginificance has some YT runnin through their veins.

        Look at skull reconstructions of Pharoahs and tell me how many niggers you find.

        • Blacky

          Ambrose D Roger.,
          Listen Punk ass white cave monkey., if u hae time apart from indulging in orgy with your family then go pick up a book and read it is clearly evident from any theories that ancient Engyptions were negroids. Dont try to fool us with your nerdy theories EAST COMES WEST COMES NORTH COMES SOUTH COMES. we dont give 2 shits about your theories.. shit eating punk

  157. zanenobbs

    Doesn’t the illustration on the tomb of Seti I, mentioned earlier, demonstrate the perspective of the Egyptians themselves? As I recall it shows a Libyan (white), Nubian (black), Sumerian (white) and Egyptian (tan or brown). And, when I worked at the United Nations, two Egyptians there informed me they were definitely NOT black and preferred to identify with the Arab culture. It has also been proven, scientifically, that the UNESCO has confirmed that the Ancient Egyptians were definitely not black and actually developed in the Nile Valley indigenously. Facts are facts, like them or not.

    • Ancient egpytians were black just like the ancients hebrews. These racial classifications were made in 1800 1900’s by German and british so called historians. They basically raided all the artifacts and created their own history. Being descendants of albinism and leprosy were too shameful and embarrassing for eurosupremacy so they ripped off ancient afro asiatic civilizations and still use people till this day. Please don’t let me post proof from all types of sources (Bible, paintings, egyptian hieroglyphics ‘not painted over’ , statues, cave paintings , archeological remains and more. Even Hitler knew that whites came from Albino Persians, Indians, Afgani ” Aryans ancient sanskrit. Some were also albino and asiatic Thus forms ‘ Cau Asian’ !!!! Wake up people the U.S. pays Egypt 3 billion a year to LIE about the true orgin of ancient egyptians. But if you can’t bear the truth….believe lies than.

      • zanenobbs

        An amazing fantasy! However, rather circular logic from relying on self-proclaimed “facts” however, whatever it takes to make one happy, even after UNESCO has proven their conclusions with scientific, DNA evidence. Life in lala-land. Well, wasted enough time on this convoluted fantasy.

        • Anisa

          Really I’m in fantasy? Google the Pope worshiping a Black Jesus and Modonna! The ancient Hebrews were black. We all know the Ethiopians were and are still black. Amos chapter 9-7 “Are you not as the Ethiopians/ Kushites to me” If the Hebrews were black the the Egyptians were also black because Moses was adopted by the pharaohs daughter and Jesus escaped to Egypt from King Herod. Theses people were all black. The may have not had flat noses or big lips but the were still blackhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sauv3uUOwI&feature=player_detailpage

  158. Most of the white race came from dravidian indians as their albino offspring. Why do you think most euorpean languages are classified as Indo – european?! The white people of north africa are from slavic people mainly women that were used in harems by black moors. I know reality is hard for some anglophiles but its the truth my friends.

    • Ambrose D. Roger

      Look you dirty Indian Hindu piece of shit, our beautiful white race did not come from India. Keep talking shit you faggot Hindu and one day we will bomb the everlasting shit out of your land.

      Indo-European languages did not originate in India. Neither did the R1a clade or white people or anything else except for shitty dirty Indians. Aryan Invasion is what brought Sanskrit to India; thus the term Indo-European. We learned Aryan Invasion in school, it has never been debunked. Whites are not albinos, no genetic evidence for this or our ancestry from “Dravidian albinos” as you fucking pissfaced Hindu fags claim. Go kill yourself.

      • Manny

        I don’t know Ambi!

        But its difficult to argue against this evidence

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        • Manny

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        • Manny, I am banning you. I got a number of calls to ban you. Also you are spamming the website. Spamming the blog is a violation of the Comments Rules. I have wanted to ban you for a long time, but I needed to wait until a certain number of complaints came in. The criterion has now been reached.

      • Rensi

        Ambrose, Listen you fucked up nigga redneck you dont know what the fuck is history you shit eating ambrose bastard.
        You feel jealous of our culture similar to this wanker robert lindsay and you try to prove your stupid aryan invasion theory when extensive research and some beautiful comments by our indian intellectuals has proved that OIT model is true. You keep blowing the same horn and beating around the same bush you shitfaced talkin -out-of-the-ass moron. I know you lost your shit and are having tremors in your ass crack by not able to counter the aruments you dick less pig.
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    • Manny

      Your theory has as much credbility as the AIT.

      LOL 😛

    • Mott

      The Moors were not Blacks. The Arabs captured Slavic and other Euro women for their harems- but that’s not where the “whites of N. Africa come from.” Whites didn’t come from Dravidians, and the language…oh never mind!

      Let’s just say you’re wrong about everything and leave it there!

      • Anisa

        Your in denial big time sweety, I have major proof. would you like my email so I can send you proof. I’m being respectful about it….we can do this if your really up for the challenge.

        • Anisa

          Robert why is it when one of your fellow “white socialist ” insults me you do nothing but when a non white person defends me, you ban them? I know he insulted you and the other commenter but you are so ready to slam other that is just as racist is you. I know it”s your blog and all but seriously. Have the same standards for ALL offenders. Remember your showing how superior the so called white race is so have some class Honey.

        • I only ban if they insult me. Those Blacks who defended you also attacked me, so they got banned. I do not have a racist banning policy.

      • Will

        Some were black.

      • Nisha

        Ofcourse Moors were blacks you fking nigger

  159. Anisa

    There really is no refuting the Dravdian theory. Look many white women are very beautiful and babies and so amazingly cute but that still doen”t change the fact that they originally descended from either Albinism or Leprosy. If you really want we can go tow to tow on proof. I don’t care about black or white power. I care about truth ego aside.

  160. M&M

    I think this little Cave Piglet needs to worry about the fact that his race were the last to be civilized. His race were and in many cases still are the most uncivilized of all. He needs to focus on why members of his race are committing so many mass murders, serial killings, wars, pedophilia, etc etc instead worried about our black history. Cave Piggies like him really have only one objective and that is to create confusion, cause division, and start war in order that he can establish himself. All you have to do is look at the history of his people and youll see that that is exactly how theyve functioned for centuries.

  161. Will

    For those interested in facts, if they’re allowed..

    DISCLAIMER: There is no scientific basis(OOA THEORY) to reasonably exclude “exclusively” African phenotypes from “exclusively” Eurasian genotypes because Africans were the first Eurasians (There’s always some overlap). WE DO NOT KNOW if exclusively Eurasian genotypes originated in mostly African or mostly Eurasian phenotypes. In light of this same data, exclusively Eurasian phenotypes (blue eyes, blond hair) can to a point, be excluded from the oldest, exclusively African genotypes historically. Some have not accepted this, if you’re one, please do some reading. The delusional are blind to this fact, dragging “mainstream science” in tow. Luckily, all ideologies are subject to intellectual standard.

    “Haha, no, you retard nigger, I and J are European”

    Europeans are Asiatics. My paraphrasing was accurate but I’ll explain further since you attempt to claim a point through semantics. When I said F, I, J, K, and R are more associated with Asiatic people (which I don’t necessarily agree with) I was not excluding Europe obviously, but simply expressing the thoughts conveyed by the study itself. The direct quote reads “..haplogroups F, I, J, K, and R are more frequent among Afro-Asiatic speaking groups including Arabs, Beja, Copts, and Hausa, and Niger-Congo speakers from the Fulani ethnic group..” The ethnic populations mentioned ARE MORE ASSOCIATED WITH ASIATIC PEOPLE.. at least in proportion to other more southern/western Africans. Am I not speaking about Nile Valley populations in relation to Asiatics and Africans? That being said, in the context of this debate I obviously meant light skin by Asiatic and by African I meant dark skin. I was simply showing that even WITH your color coded interpretation of genetic data, the study is on my side. These analyses often come into conflict, a telling fact.

    Though F, I, J, K , and R are most frequent within people we “see” as more Asiatic than SS Africans, this doesn’t mean the phenotype holding these haplogroups was originally light skinned. Most of the data I’ve seen suggest otherwise(OOA, SSA diversity). I showed the anthropological evidence that Bronze Age Asiatics (people of the Levant) still showed “SUB SAHARAN AFFINITIES” and did not cluster with modern European or Mediterraneans.

    “A and B are San Bushmen, who are a different race from you niggers.”

    I showed the futility of this assertion in my previous comment. If they’re a different race, prove it. San people are indigenous brown skinned Africans. Though some indigenous Africans do, Khosians don’t have straight hair. They have what anyone in America would call “black” hair. To add, Khoisan women are renown for their large buttocks. Those that read Guns, Germs, and Steel may remember steatopygia (retention of extra fat in the butt area) was stated to be more common in Khoisan women than any other population. Culturally they are obviously most related to the Africans they’ve live among for thousands of years. Brown skin, “nappy” haired, big-butt Africans of related culture and language..In other words, what makes them a “different race”exactly? Is it skin tone? This line is never drawn in Europe or Asia. May I ask, are Brits and Spaniards different races? What about Scottish and Italian? This argument is flawed and really doesn’t take on the claim you attempt to address. I only mention A and B as African, do you have something to reasonably suggest otherwise? If not my claim stands… A, B, and “nigger DNA” E (most common of all reported) are all African.

    “Ancient Egyptian DNA is North African Caucasoid, not nigger DNA”

    More of the same. North Africa is a part of Africa. Ancient Egyptians are indigenous Africans. “Caucasoid” features most likely originated in Africa and I’ll address this specifically. Unfortunately though, it seems you missed the point. Color coded DNA is not sound science and a weak argument. How can you, through genotype, exclude the phenotype that populated the eastern hemisphere from ANY population there?? This is impossible to do with genetics and the archeological data refutes you. I posted that literature to help show racial interpretation of DNA results are subjective. Yet, even with your pseudo ideals intact, anyone who has mastered simple addition can see this modern study refutes the claim East Africans are mostly Near Eastern.

    My true point however is some would claim this states something different entirely!! Interpretation of genetic data is exactly that. OOA Theory is the credible science. The a priori assumptions of the author and/or reader has the most bearing on the results, or better yet, racial interpretations thereof. For example, the Wilson study shown repeatedly by some failed to include the Oromo, one of the largest ethnic groups in East Africa. Its results are obviously skewed. This is the problem. I asked “IF” there’s nothing wrong with using DNA tests as outright proof, explain the results of DNATribes’ study of Tel Amarna mummies. The results, you conclude, are “a psuedoscientific inaccurate piece of niggerbabble”. It seems we both agree these tests are subjective. A priori assumptions on race are NEEDED, in order for genetic data to cluster to specific races. Based on these assumptions, sometimes entire populations are excluded from or added to a specific region. Others may be grouped with populations outside of their closest relatives. I never said those groups were Asiatic but that they were commonly associated with them. Haplogroup E is most commonly associated with blacks and is most prevalent in this modern Nile Valley population. They ARE mostly “black” according to this study. Also, the comment on EVERY Afrocentric professor you’ve debated bringing this study up seems a bit exaggerated. The results were only published January of last year.

    Nile Valley populations are most simply indigenous Africans. What FEATURES are indigenous is harder to discern. Though SSA is the most physically diverse region in the world, North Africa definitely has the most recent admixture. This admixture looks to come from small scale migration over large spans of time, not vice versa. No large displacement event is evident from ancient times. In modern times, change has been a bit more abrupt. This is why some modern Egyptians deny African heritage though they are an indigenous African population.

    In short, I argue some NORTH AFRICANS have more Eurasian features due to Eurasian admixture but are related to all other Africans through the PN2 clade and E haplogroup. This means, though they look different, they still share the most meaningful “african” clines with other Africans. They remain African. Modern/ANCIENT EGYPTIANS have “super-negroid” body plans and are heavy in haplogroup E. They ARE indigenous Africans. The CAUCASOID, or the facial features the term refers to, falls under the immense umbrella that is SSA diversity. The Bantu people some wish to make synonymous with SS African are just one of a very diverse region, the most diverse in the world actually. Do you disagree?

    “Don’t start with your bullshit on how Ethiopians and Somalis can have Caucasoid features too because both of them are Horners; which means they are related to the OOA and are genetically mulattoes.”

    This is exactly what I mean. It’s good to go over thoroughly because some people just don’t get it. These mulattoes populated the world! They aren’t dark skin Eurasians, if anything, Eurasians are light skinned Africans. It’s most reasonable to assume caucasoid features are originally derived from Africa. Why? The evidence says so. The Brace study for one shows Bronze Age Levantines showed SSA affinities and the Nancy Lovell quote I posted shows Ancient Egyptian/Caucasoid features are indigenous to Africa. Saying this arrived mostly from admixture is not the mainstream conclusion and an outright, misguided assumption. Physical variation is greatest in SSA, and DECREASES the farther you get from SSA. The source… is Sub Saharan Africa!! The most diverse region in the world. Home of the tallest AND shortest people.. Home to the thickest AND thinnest lips in the human phenotype. Your precious caucasoid isn’t from the Caucasus Mountains, but East Africa!! This is why the modern, mainstream theory on human populations’ origin is deemed.. “Out Of Africa”.. Not many disagree. I’m not just talking variation in facial features either, genetic and skin tone variation is also most prevalent in Sub Saharan Africa..

    “Previous studies of genetic and craniometric traits have found higher levels of within-population diversity in sub-Saharan Africa compared to other geographic regions. This study examines regional differences in within-population diversity of human skin color. Published data on skin reflectance were collected for 98 male samples from eight geographic regions: sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa, Europe, West Asia, Southwest Asia, South Asia, Australasia, and the New World. Regional differences in local within-population diversity were examined using two measures of variability: the sample variance and the sample coefficient of variation. For both measures, the average level of within-population diversity is higher in sub-Saharan Africa than in other geographic regions. This difference persists even after adjusting for a correlation between within-population diversity and distance from the equator. Though affected by natural selection, skin color variation shows the same pattern of higher African diversity as found with other traits.”
    — Relethford JH.(2000). Human skin color diversity is highest in sub-Saharan African populations. Hum Biol. 2000 Oct;72(5):773-80.)

    As I said, the fact that variation DECREASES the farther you are from SSA debunks you. The source is SUB SAHARAN AFRICA, not ancient admixture from less diverse populations!. Genetic traits, craniometric traits, and skin tone all show the most diversity in SSA.

    “Physical anthropologists are increasingly concluding that racial definitions are the culturally defined product of selective perception and should be replaced in biological terms by the study of populations and clines. Consequently, any characterization of race of the ancient Egyptians depend on modern cultural definitions, not on scientific study. Thus, by modern American standards it is reasonable to characterize the Egyptians as ‘blacks’ [i.e in a social sense] while acknowledging the scientific evidence for the physical diversity of Africans.” Source: Donald Redford (2001) The Oxford encyclopedia of ancient Egypt, Volume 3. Oxford University Press. p. 27-28

    This quote is shown twice on Wikipedia’s page on the peopling of early Egypt. Each time, the part about the Egyptians being black is omitted. Still, data regarding the indigenous, physical diversity of Africa IS my scientific evidence as the above quote shows. You have no evidence that contends with this or the the broader OOA Theory. Clustering North and East Africans with Asians instead of other Africans is dishonest. Given African diversity, there is no a priori scientific basis to do so, only stereotypical, opinion based racial categories. These people fall within the indigenous, genetic AND craniometric variation of Africa. Genetic, craniofacial, and skin tone variation is higher within SSA than any other region. Not only that, but physical variation decreases in an almost linear function with the distance one travels from SSA. This is because Eurasians descend from a SUBSET of East Africans, who are in turn a SUBSET of Africans as Tishkoff explained.

    All you have to refute the facts is color coded DNA. Yet the aborigines are the oldest Asians and cluster far from West Africans. How does your patchwork, color coded DNA analysis recover from the oldest Asian population being black to this day? Or better yet, why is it the very negroid looking people of East Asia don’t cluster with African genotypes?(Except MCR1 which codes for skin tone)

  162. Will

    To add…

    “Recent work on skeletons and DNA suggests that the people who settled in the Nile valley, like all of humankind, came from somewhere south of the Sahara; they were not (as some nineteenth-century scholars had supposed) invaders from the North. See Bruce G. Trigger, “The Rise of Civilization in Egypt,” Cambridge History of Africa (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1982), vol I, pp 489-90; S. O. Y. Keita, “Studies and Comments on Ancient Egyptian Biological Relationships,” History in Africa 20 (1993) 129-54.”
    (Mary Lefkotitz (1997). Not Out of Africa: How Afrocentrism Became an Excuse to Teach Myth as History. Basic Books. pg 242).

    Studies on skeletons AND DNA say they came from the South. The ancients agree. Unfortunately for some, the facts are the facts indeed. Never mind your subjective interpretation of data. Given the make up of your comments it seems you’re highly subjective. Can any of you produce a statement of equal caliber from a respected anthropologist, linguist, or geneticist effectively contradicting the above?

    The Seti tomb shows, by modern standards, two “black” people and two “white” or Asiatics. The last man shown wouldn’t be considered tan, but black in America. He also lived on the AFRICAN CONTINENT among an INDIGENOUS AFRICAN population. He’s a brown skinned African quite simply. This is the basis of being black is it not? There’s simply no doubt about it, unless of course you see a different color. His culture was AFRICAN. There are many African Americans and Khoisan lighter than this man, but not many Europeans or Mediterraneans can get that great of a tan. We see from the illustration he isn’t the color of the Syrians/Libyans. The Egyptians did sometimes show Nubians in this same hue, however. I replied to that comment specifically. As I said, the man depicted is a brown skinned African and any argument to the contrary is simply false.

    “Funny how there are no pure nigger acheivers, every nigger of historical siginificance has some YT runnin through their veins”

    An idiotic statement. What science have pure Nordics developed without any prior non-Nordic knowledge? How can you prove purity when Nordics descend from Africans, or do you just deny these facts? The Vikings didn’t shape western history to the degree that the Greeks did and they definitely had admixture. Did “pure” Nordic people independently develop metallurgy as “pure” West Africans did? Did they domesticate cattle independently as Africans did? Did you know pottery from West Africa dating back 10,000bc is the oldest ever found? Have you compared the dates of Stonehenge to that of Nabta Playa? At risk of blowing your puny mind.. I offer this consideration of The Ishango Bone..

    “In the early fifties, the Belgian Prof. J. de Heinzelin discovered a bone in the region of a fishermen village called Ishango, at one of the farthest sources of the Nile, on the border of Congo and Uganda. The Heinzelin’s Ishango bone has notches that seem to form patterns, making it the first tool on which some logic reasoning seems to have been done. In this paper a new interpretation is proposed for these patterned notches, based on a detailed observation of their structure. It can be called the “slide rule”-reading, in contrast to former “arithmetic game” and “calendar” explanations. Additional circumstantial evidences are given to support the hypothesis that the Ishango bone is a primitive mathematical tool using the base 12 and sub-bases 3 and 4.”Does The Ishango Bone Indicate Knowledge of the Base of 12? An Interpretation of a Prehistoric Discovery, The First Mathematical Tool of Humankind. Vladimir Pletser. European Space Research and Technology Centre.

    “The Ishango Bone” refers to a set of baboon femurs displaying a series of marks on each. Some claim these marks are simple decoration yet most seem to believe the Ishango Bones are the oldest mathematical artifacts known to man. Most bones show two columns of checks. One shows sets of 2, beside it, sets of 4. Another shows 4’s and 8’s, another 3’s and 6’s. Another has 10’s on the left and 5’s on the right. These extremely ancient humans were evidently experimenting with the multiple of two!! One bone shows a series of even numbers, another has all odd numbers. The most famous of The Ishango Bones shows prime numbers between 10 and 20. The checks on all add up to either 48 or 60, maybe illustrating some knowledge of the base of 12. The Ishango Bones were found in the Congo and date back to 20,000bc!! That’s right, the oldest evidence of mathematics comes from the Congo and severely predates anything remotely similar in Asia or greater Africa!!!

    Have you never heard of Benjamin Banneker hand carving every piece of the first American made clock, gears included, out of wood. He was also a renown astronomer and weather forecaster. Elijah McCoy, son of slaves, invented the lubrication cup, a system for automated lubrication of a train’s axles and bearings. This task was at first done several times throughout a trip, requiring the train to stop. The lubrication cup revolutionized the railways and heavily impacted the world’s industrial revolution. Though the invention was often duplicated, manufacturers would always ask for “the real McCoy”. Fred Jones created the first portable x-ray machine. He also invented the first refrigeration unit for boats, trains, and ships, revolutionizing the entire food industry. An African American, Dr. Daniel Hale Williams, performed the first successful open-heart surgery. Charles Drew discovered blood plasma could be removed to allow blood storage longer than the natural 2 day breakdown cycle of red blood cells. Garrett Morgan developed the first cream to straighten hair, the gas mask, and the stop light after witnessing an automobile accident. Lewis Lattimer, Edison’s black apprentice, developed the carbon filament that allowed the lightbulb to last a few months instead of days. These are all African Americans, black people. Some children of slaves. More so, your racial purity argument is fantasy. No one’s pure anything (As I highlight in the quote below).The first american female millionaire was Madame C.J. Walker, a black woman from Delta, Louisiana. If there are no “nigger achievers” how do you explain the number of rap moguls worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Oprah, a self-made billionaire, traces her lineage to Senegal. Also, Ancient Egypt is an African state made of indigenous African people. Their achievements are many. There is evidence of Theban hieroglyphics predating the Mesopotamian cuneiform. You wish to explain these accomplishments through Eurasian admixture but some have none. If this is true please explain how “pure” blacks developed metallurgy and show anything “pure” white/aryans did at this time to clearly express intellectual supremacy.

    All you have left at this point is IQ tests. It has been shown they skew upon socio-economic lines as much as genetics. Over and over in fact, still racists push this pseudo science like it’s law. As I said, bigotry wanes under pressure of true facts. This is from Wikipedia’s comments on race and intelligence, quote..

    The decoding of the human genome has enabled scientists to search for sections of the genome that may contribute to cognitive abilities. However the geneticist, Alan R. Templeton suggests this question is muddled by the general focus on “race” rather than on populations defined by gene frequency or by geographical proximity, and by the general insistence on phrasing the question in terms of heritability.[105] Templeton points out that RACIAL GROUPS NEITHER REPRESENT SUB-SPECIES OR DISTINCT EVOLUTIONARY LINEAGES, and that therefore there is no basis for making claims about the general intelligence of races.[105] He also finds that phrasing the question in terms of heritability not helpful because heritability “by definition is not applicable to between-population phenotypic differences” and is therefore “completely irrelevant to the question of genetic differentiation for any trait, including intelligence, among human populations.” Templeton says that the only way to design a study of the genetic contribution to intelligence is to the correlation between degree of geographic ancestry and cognitive abilities. He states that this would require a Mendelian “common garden” design where specimens with different hybrid compositions are subjected to the same environmental influences, and that when this design has been carried out, it has shown no significant correlation between any cognitive and the degree of African or European ancestry.[105]….

    A 2005 literature review article on the links between race and intelligence in American Psychologist stated that no gene has been shown to be linked to intelligence, “so attempts to provide a compelling genetic link of race to intelligence are not feasible at this time”.[107] Several candidate genes have been proposed to have a relationship with intelligence.[108][109] However, a review of candidate genes for intelligence published in Deary, Johnson & Houlihan (2009) failed to find evidence of an association between these genes and general intelligence, stating “there is still almost no replicated evidence concerning the individual genes, which have variants that contribute to intelligence differences”.[110] A 2012 review in American Psychologist concluded that “Almost no genetic polymorphisms have been discovered that are consistently associated with variation in IQ in the normal range”.[55]

    There you have it. First, it has not been scientifically demonstrated that intelligence can be completely measured, let alone that IQ tests do so. Second, we don’t know all the genes specifically involved with intelligence, in fact, we haven’t found any one in particular. Candidate genes have been proposed but a review of them quote, “failed to find evidence of association between these genes and general intelligence”. We don’t really know much about connections between race and intelligence. All we know is it seems, in America especially, IQ tests skew upon “racial” lines. White people test higher on IQ tests than Blacks and Hispanics, while Asians typically test higher than Whites. Is this genetic, environmental, or a combination of both? We don’t know. Moreover, IQ tests are meant as A VIEW of cognitive ability, not an overarching judgment on the individual’s intelligence. There is no test to take on all aspects of human intellect. Is there an IQ tests based on dancing? There are many channels of human cognitive ability, movement in general, that IQ tests simply fail to address. Socio-economic and emotional status has a lot of bearing on results as well. IQ tests are shown to not only correlate to classroom performance and race, but income and health status also. What does this tell you? We need an entirely new view on intelligence beyond simple literacy and direction taking.. Here’s a beautiful talk on the matter.

    Finally, there’s nothing that irks me more than pandering arguments. Racial, derogatory remarks are far less annoying than the blasphemous sentiment of “mainstream science” coming to a definite conclusion on the race of the Ancient Egyptians. This is not as much a statement of fact as it is an appeal to public opinion. It’s simply untrue. Mainstream scientists will tell you there’s more evidence to dispel race than prove it. Mainstream scientists will tell you the population that peopled early Egypt came from within Africa. Mainstream scientists will tell you “caucasoid” features are well within the range of indigenous African features. The answer to the race question is an admitted hypothesis, but to say there is more evidence the Ancient Egyptians were Eurasian than African is truly false; relying on RACIAL OPINION NOT DATA…backed by the patent pseudo sciences of colored DNA and eye ball anthropology. Have I not provided specific scientific statements to back up my specific claims? Where is yours? UNESCO’s statement on the issue was a general cop out though an overwhelming majority refuted Diop’s take on the issue. Still, it is Diop who wrote the section on early Egypt in the UNESCO document. Those that disagreed admitted Diop and his colleagues were far more prepared.

    Here’s the Unesco Statement from BBC’s site on Ancient Africa.. http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/africa/features/storyofafrica/3chapter5.shtml

    “It is more than probable that the African strain, black or light, is preponderant in the Ancient Egyptian, but in the present state of our knowledge it is impossible to say more.”

    “It is MORE THAN PROBABLE the African strain…is PREPONDERANT in the Ancient Egyptian”.. What more is there to say?

    Maybe some more of Robert Redford’s stunningly “afrocentric” comments from Oxford will do….

    “The evidence also points to LINKAGES TO OTHER NORTHEAST AFRICAN PEOPLES, not coincidentally approximating the modern range of languages closely related to Egyptian in the Afro-Asiatic group (formerly called Hamito-Semetic). These LINGUISTIC SIMILARITIES PLACE ANCIENT EGYPTIAN IN A CLOSE RELATIONSHIP with languages spoken today as far west as CHAD, and as far south as SOMALIA. Archaeological evidence also strongly supports an AFRICAN ORIGIN. A widespread northeastern AFRICAN CULTURAL ASSEMBLAGE, including distinctive multiple barbed harpoons and pottery decorated with dotted wavy line patterns, appears during the early Neolithic (also known as the Aqualithic, a reference to the mild climate of the Sahara at this time). SAHARAN and SUDANESE rock art from this time resembles early EGYPTIAN ICONOGRAPHY. Strong connections between NUBIA (Sudanese) and EGYPTIAN MATERIAL CULTURE continue in later Neolithic Badarian culture of Upper Egypt. Similarities include black-topped wares, vessels with characteristic ripple-burnished surfaces, a special tulip-shaped vessel with incised and white-filled decoration, palettes, and harpoons…”

    “Other ANCIENT EGYPTIAN PRACTICES show strong similarities to MODERN AFRICAN CULTURES including divine kingship, the use of headrests, body art, circumcision, and male coming-of-age rituals, all suggesting an AFRICAN substratum or FOUNDATION FOR EGYPTIAN CULTURE………”

    ALL TOGETHER, this is my argument..they were brown skin indigenous Africans, most related to Africans and originating from within Africa. What say you? Name calling doesn’t do. Sorry for the lengthy post but there is still much more to be addressed and thoroughly so.

    “Archaeological evidence also strongly supports an African origin.”

    The key to this entire debate is some believe color coded DNA analysis or denial of African diversity adequately refute this fact (among others). They don’t.

    Saying Mr. Lindsay’s commentary has shown racist bias and bigotry is no ad hominem. He’s referred to people as nigger a few times and adorned many other racial epithets. A quick scroll over the above content should prove as much. Many black people here have shown the same penchant, it seems somewhat contagious really. It also seems some room should be given to both sides as Mr. Lindsay’s comments can get quite colorful indeed. There’s no point acting as if you don’t draw conclusions upon racial lines. Much of your blog is built around discussion on these theories. We can all see this. Your task should be rescuing the term racist from its modern seating into an intellectually valid category. In this you will and do fail. I conclude that the denying of your obvious position shows even you feel your argument is weak. We… are the human race, not the human races. I could go on and on lol.. But that’s my rant…

  163. I appreciate this blog that debates this controversial topic.
    Basically, my perspective:
    There was no large scale movement into Egypt by non-Africans during the Neolithic and state formation (early dynastic period). Wetterstrom (1993) showed that domesticates of middle-eastern origin were very slowly incorporated into a pre-existing foraging culture. So there was no intrusive settlement by Levantine farmers. This is now archaeological consensus, but of course small numbers of traders etc settled, no one denies that.
    “Caucasoid” migration models into Egypt during the Neolithic or early dynastic period (i.e. Emery’s 1961 “dynastic race” theory) were discredited and abandoned by the 1970’s, as were typological race models on ancient Egypt. 30 or more years later and people are still clinging to outdated ideas. The following sources are useful in showing the move away from these old discredited ideas –
    The Retreat From Migrationism
    William Y. Adams, Dennis P. Van Gerven and Richard S. Levy
    Annual Review of Anthropology
    Vol. 7, (1978), pp. 483-532
    Greene, D. L. (1981). “A critique of methods used to reconstruct racial and population
    affinity in the Nile Valley”. Bulletins et Mémoires de la Société d’anthropologie de Paris
    .XIII. 8(3). pp. 357-365
    But rather than update race as such, anthropologists from the 1980’s/1990’s increasingly came to deny they exist in humans, largely as a product of political correctness. This is unfortunate, since race really does make sense in an ecological framework that takes into account clines.

    • Thank you very much for this, Oliver.

      I do not believe that Dynastic Egyptians were Black though, in any way, shape or form.

      • fransika

        Great. Egyptians are descendants of Ham ‘black’ brother of Japheth.the ‘white’
        Why did brothers come out looking different like Jacob and Esau. Esau was red and extremely hairy. Smooth skinned Jacob had to wear goat’s skin to deceive his father into believing he was Esau. ha ha ha ha. I like how God did his thing.

        Who care what colour anybody is? Did anyone get to say what he wanted to look like, where he wanted to be born or who his parents should be? No one has a say. Man’s business is to accept who he is. and also who his brother is.

        Man has one say. After death, What? I know for sure that man is concerned about death and what follows.. READ THE HOLY BIBLE. All the answers are in it.

  164. NO! NONE of the Dynasties were primarily Black.

    The ancient Egyptians looked very much like the modern Egyptians. In fact, the modern Egyptians have become much Blacker over time. Ancient Egyptians were 13% Black, and modern Egyptians are 30% Black.

    • I am not going to debate this.

      None of the statues from any Dynastic Period is made of mostly Black people. None of them, zero %. We are talking about a race of people who no longer exist. This is ancient Caucasoid group that migrated into Egypt from the Levant ~12-13,000 YBP.

      • Heru

        Zoser statue has “black” African features with wide nose and dreadlocks. The statue of Mentuhotep is as well. There are plenty of statues that shows Afro’s and braids. Even King Tut chariot shows him sitting down next to a woman who has braids. Lastly the animal life is of African ie Central and Tropical Africa such as Lions, leopards ostrich, baboons, hippo’s, crocs etc.. There are no European or Caucasian deities in Egypt. The Nubians shared the same deities. As a matter of fact it started in Nubia. Even Bes was worshiped in Nubia before Egypt. Human remains dating back 50-60K yrs have been found in Egypt and that dates back before Europeans and Caucasians were around. Even pygmies remains have been found.

    • Well, one of them was- the 25th, which ruled both Egypt and Kush and resisted Assyria:
      None of the others were primarily Black, though.

  165. Robert, narrow or narrowish noses and reduced prognathism are traits that are in situ to the dry-heat Sahara. The shape of the nose is selected by vapour pressure (r = 0.82) and to a lesser extent temperature. So narrow noses and absence of subnasal prognathism in the Sahara does not require “Caucasoid” admixture. What Egyptian skeletons show from the Neolithic to proto-dynastic period is a continuous reduction in nasal index (i.e. narrower noses) and reduced prognathism that were a product of the desertification of the Sahara. Likewise the climate at this desert latitude would selected light or medium reddish-brown skin hues (Gloger’s ecological rule) which is precisely what one sees in ancient Egyptian art. The early ancient Egyptians were predominately Saharans or “elongated” meaning dry-heat Africans (see Hiernaux’ The People of Africa 1974). Negroids are not of this “elongated” physiognomy, and are “broad” since they are humid-heat adapted below the Sahara.
    Early 20th century anthropologists recognised Pygmies, Bushmen and Negroids (“broad” Africans). What they missed was a 4th ecological race of Africa – Saharans or “elongated Africans”. The dry-heat adapted peoples in north East Africa like the Horn are also of this physiognomy, but they are darker because they are at more southern latitude approximating the equator. None of these peoples climatic traits require “Caucasoid” admixture- they are the product of in situ ecological clines. The idea these peoples climatic traits (narrower noses etc) require race admixture has been discredited since the 70’s by biological anthropologists.

    • Heru

      Keep in mind the Sahara was not always a desert at one part in time it was tropical which means the people living there would have had tropical features. Those features are typical of “broad” Africans. Study the culture as well it fits tropical Africa. The deity Bes and Ptah is modeled after the Twa pygmies. Also the animal life that the Egyptians were living with is of Central Africa and Sub Sahara ie Lions, Ostrich, Leopards, Vultures, Baboons etc…

      • Evidence shows it was an indigenous state formation. However by the mid-3rd millennium BC, there was a sizable number of colder adapted “white” peoples. If you want to see the evidence for this you can check my research paper I put together:
        So the Afrocentric view ancient Egypt was exclusively or almost entirely “Black” (until the Hyksos and later Greco-Roman settled) is wrong.

      • Mott

        Wassamatta, Cowie? Been gittin’ sum black puzzay?

        Your complete 180 degree turn proves you’re pulling our leg(s).

        You ain’t fifteen, either. You are a liar. Not to be taken seriously anymore!

  166. DD

    May God have mercy on you races souls!!!!
    ps- They where black…DNA test done on mummies prove that!!!

  167. EgyptianQueen

    lol he blocks people when they “out fact him” and lmao cave monkeys

    • Black woman, you are banned.

      • kenneth

        “North Africa as a whole are in the majority back migrants from Asia within the last 40,000 years and the sub Saharan admixture is pretty recent.” the sub saharan part is false considering that e1b1b and other E subclades are ethiopian and ethiopia is in sub saharan africa yes there was some back migration but its not the majority sub saharan would be huge considering E subclades are ethiopian.but what did people look like 40,000 yrs ago? /watch?v=Aj-JZnpcSs

        Google”e1b1b” in eupedia this is my genetic marker but interestly as the link show its what marker the eygptians were which belongs to the haplogroup y dna E e1b1b is a subclade of E my e1b1b is younger than the eygptian e1b1b also i am of tuareg ancestry so that explians tuareg also descend from the garamantes they are a younger independant off shot of eygpt.google”Fall of Gaddafi opens a new era for the Sahara’s lost civilisation” ancient eygptianswere e1b1b carrier

        My link is peer reviewed everyone google”The African Origin of Ancient Egyptian Civilization
        by Brandon Pilcher” this women Sally Ann Ashton confirms ancient eygptians were essentially black africans and theres a consensus to add along too /watch?v=CLoDgDE83rs

        and these are king tuts real dna results by dna tribes because ignea took strs from a TV screen in documentry channel and king tuts doc ignea never got king tuts actual dna but most likely someone elses here is his actual dna results dnatribes did get king tuts actual y dna haplogroup

        /dnatribes-digest-2012-01-01.pdf and to add ramses 3 /dnatribes-digest-2013-02-01.pdf so ancient eygpt was a black civilization.

        Why is it immposible for eygpt to be white in the first place? This links explains why
        google http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1210056/White-Europeans-evolved-5-500-years-ago-food-habits-changed.html

        yes whites only evolved 5500 yrs ago but when did whites arrive to africa has been revealed google “Ethiopian Genetic Diversity Reveals Linguistic Stratification and Complex Influences on the Ethiopian Gene Pool”heres the link http://www.cell.com/AJHG/abstract/S0002-9297(12)00271-6

        the link says”Using comparisons with African and non-African reference samples in 40-SNP genomic windows, we identified “African” and “non-African” haplotypic components for each Ethiopian individual. The non-African component, which includes the SLC24A5 allele associated with light skin pigmentation in Europeans, may represent gene flow into Africa, which we estimate to have occurred ∼3 thousand years ago (kya). The non-African component was found to be more similar to populations inhabiting the Levant rather than the Arabian Peninsula,” so ancient eygpt was never white because whites only evolved 5500 yrs ago and migrated to africa 3000 yrs ago this however seems to coincide white the encounters of king solomon and queen sheba and other indepandent travels of whites in africa and also the arabization of certain areas of africa such as east and north africa.

  168. Bill

    Oliver Smith your paper is well put together. I’m not sure what you’re suggesting however. In one vein you speak to the fact only small scale migration occurred into Ancient Egypt, yet you still suggest Eurasian migrants may have been a significant portion of the population very early on. A jump from 5% to 27% within the Old Kingdom period isn’t consistent with small scale migration. Unless of course you take population theory into account as I mentioned earlier. A very small group (relative the greater population) can greatly change the phenotype of the population at large. I did not research your sources but would have to guess the jump in rounder headed specimen arises from gene flow due to steady migration and not from actual “Armenoids” or “Europoids” accounting for nearly a third of the population. In other words, 27% is due more to individuals with Eurasian admixture gained over time than to some historically mute invasion of Armenoids. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but making these connections seems to be a reassertion of the same old ideal. “Black” people or Africans may owe their most storied accomplishment, construction of the Great Pyramids, to Eurasian populations. Make no mistake, not just the population but divine kingship, mummification, astronomy, and the language all come from inner Africa. The insistence upon mentioning the Eurasian population present has been damaging enough, creating a false, exaggerated public opinion of the facts. Yet the obvious “sub Saharan” affinities of figures as pivotal to Egyptian lore as Narmer, Khufu, and the Sphinx are rarely mentioned.

    Also, you mentioned Queen Nitocris as fair skinned, as in European. Does this not serve to link your ecological thesis to the discredited taxonomic perspective you mentioned? Do you feel the words of the historian you quote speak more to Egyptian tradition than the Sphinx, with its undeniably “negroid” prognathism cleaved atop an undeniably African animal, the lion? If Nitocris had fair skin due to Eurasian admixture, she was simply a mixed African, not a part of some detached Eurasian. As I said, small scale migration can greatly influence the population. It seems you’ve used this to again postulate some large number of essentially European people coming in and maaaybe building one of the great pyramids. I believe it’s quite the opposite and my views aren’t fringe but accepted by quite a few. That being said, I truly appreciate your effort with a good piece, a lot of nice info you packed in there. Never knew that bit about green and blue eyes having higher visual acuity in darker environments. I agree Eurasians were present and that only small scale migration occurred into Egypt from both its north and south. I disagree with the assertion that somehow through this small scale migration, Levantines in particular came to hold over a quarter of the population. I also disagree with the assertion someone isn’t “black” because they’re fair-skinned. This doesn’t match our modern or historical views. Many “black” people are fair-skinned. If Nicrotis was light skinned, living in the Levant, and part of an extended family of middle eastern descent you would have a point. However her family, language and state was that of indigenous brown skinned Africans/black people. She was an African

    • Bill, sorry missed your comment. I can now respond –
      From the research i’ve looked at, “Whites” in ancient Egypt made a sizable appearance from the 4th dynasty. This was also the view of Frank Snowden Jr. (1997) while not a physical anthropologist or Egyptologist, was a classicist who had knowledge about ancient artwork. He discusses the increase in non-African physiognomies in art from the age of the pyramids. This is also supported by the cranial evidence I show from Raymond Dart’s measurements from 2861 skulls. By “sizable” I don’t mean ever predominant, but at least non-negligible. So my view would be, as I expressed, ancient Egypt was an indigenous (Saharan) state formation but that by c. 2600 BC the population was recognisably mixed. The “White” segment of the population however declined at the end of the 3rd millennium BC, later returning with the Hyksos settlement. The mid-3rd millennium was the height of the Bronze Age, and Asia Minor was a hotspot for ores – peoples from this region also spread into Mesopotamia, and the Levant at the same time they appear in Egypt, as well as the surrounding Mediterranean.
      The dynastic race theory is obsolete. Virtually none of the pharaohs until the very late (i.e. Greco-Roman) periods look “white” in busts or sculptures, so there was not some sort of racial caste system going on. What I leave however open is the possibility for some outside influences and the Egyptian tradition of the 3rd pyramid having been constructed by a woman with fair skin interested me. “Fair” is subjective and may differ per culture, however there is another ancient description of Nitocris as flava rubris genis, meaning ”blonde with rosy cheeks’’ (Eusebius’ Chronicon, xlvii). I don’t know how this tradition arose.

      • Bill

        I’m not too familiar with the data you rely on. I wish I could say I was so virtuous to apply due diligence in all these instances. So I’m not sure if I disagree with your data as much as, honestly, the perspective offered. My main issue was it seemed you were suggesting more than you explain here. A group as large as 27% is a bit more than non-negligible. I felt I should make a comment because most of the papers I’ve seen on this suggest continuity from predynastic Egypt up through early dynastic times. Again, it seems to me you’re suggesting a bit more than small scale migration, though you do state that’s what occurred. A number that large(quarter of pop.) showing Eurasian affinities COULD, I assume, be explained through small scale migration but linking it to Nicrotis and her fair skin (in regards to not being African specifically) starts to paint a slightly different picture. A large, distinctly Eurasian population, living in Africa but not African. By mentioning the pyramids and metallurgy it seems, again to me, that your assertions fall somewhere in line with Mr. Lindsay’s. Maybe not to the same scale but essentially the same point. Eurasians, in terms of phenotype, genotype, and culture, coming into the area in somewhat large numbers and perhaps being those truly responsible for these achievements. I haven’t seen anything to suggest these migrants were anything but engulfed by the greater African population, over millennia changing the greater phenotype , especially to the north, of the larger indigenous population. Here’s a bit of the data I speak of…

        “Previous analyses of cranial variation found the Badari and Early Predynastic Egyptians to be more similar to other African groups than to Mediterranean or European populations (Keita, 1990; Zakrzewski, 2002). In addition, the Badarians have been described as near the centroid of cranial and dental variation among Predynastic and Dynastic populations studied (Irish, 2006; Zakrzewski, 2007). This suggests that, at least through the Early Dynastic period, the inhabitants of the Nile valley were a continuous population of local origin, and no major migration or replacement events occurred during this time.”
        AP Starling, JT Stock. (2007). Dental Indicators of Health and Stress in Early Egyptian and Nubian Agriculturalists: A Difficult Transition and Gradual Recovery. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY 134:520&#8211

        As I said I am truly not an Afrocentric, this is the truth. I only feel so strongly about this specifically because as a “black” man I’ve heard Ancient Egyptians were black since an early teen and thought it was ludicrous. I was thoroughly surprised to learn what I have since taking a solid view at this debate. Forgive me if I misunderstand you Oliver, but can you see what I’m saying?

  169. Bill

    If Nitocris had fair skin due to Eurasian admixture, she was simply a mixed African, not a part of some detached Eurasian population*.

  170. Don

    Due to new DNA evidence from King Tut’s remains, there is definite proof that the direct descendants of the pharaohs of Ancient Egyptians now live in England…. Out of Northeast Africa, into Europe, bred with the Neanderthal, and then migrated back to Egypt.. Not hard to understand.

  171. Don

    So if anyone is wondering the race of ancient Egyptians, we know now at least the pharaohs were the average white brit.

  172. Don

    They left Europe because the land in Egypt was plush and flourishing back then, and no your wrong, people in Senegal have less than 10% of the genetic make up from the DNA of king tut compared to the 70% in England. So no, what I said was correct because there is clear genetic proof.
    In regards to the skin color, they could have been a bit darker because they constantly bathed in the sun, and most likely, after leaving Egypt they bred with people that had high concentrations of Neanderthal DNA so it turned their skin lighter.

  173. Don

    The Nubian’s in the hieroglyphs with very dark skin were portrayed as slaves, not the regular Egyptian.

  174. Don

    And the Egyptian men portrayed on the hieroglyphs had tan skin because they bathed in the sun for their worship of their sun-god(s) Horus and/or Rah (depending upon when.) The women tended to stay inside more that’s why they were depicted to have fairer complexion.

  175. Cromanion/neandertal hibrid

    Most of the pharaohs were neanderthals. Some egyptians mommies were white and red haired. Problably grey eyed. If neanderthals interbride with cromagnons they can loose they “witheness”. Egyptian civilisation existed for moré than 3000 years, so Manu pharaons could have any kind of sin color. Black, white Brown, etc.

    Egypt also suffered many invasions from north and south and the invades lides tale the place of the pharaoh.

    Precolombin civilizations knew laso the art of mommification (and also madre piramids, mmmmMmmmmmmMmmmMMhhmmm. strange). Many mummies aré red haired. Jajaja. It’ s hard to find information now by internet but i have seen photos.

    Genhis kan, atila, alexander the great were red haired.

    It is funny when racial retardeds say that pharaohs were black because there is a statue made of black material. Of course, by the same logic, if the statue is made in stone, pharaohs skin was grey and their origin was in Mont Blanc, France. Or something like that.

    In the north of Europe, the land of “arian” race, some kings have statues made of bronze, so arian race leaders were ¡BLACK! And later they evolutionate because of the rain and became ¡GREEN! So they were reptilians and their anvestors were the crocodiles of Florida and their anvestral city was … ¡Disney Land!

    Of course, greeks were whites with white hair because statues were made of white marble. Not always, because there was an statue of Zeus or Athenea that was made of gold, so the rich greeks were…¡yellow! And they came from …¡China! So mao tse tung and Bruce Lee were …¡Greeks!

  176. Cromanion/neandertal hibrid

    Well, even if you aré a skin supremacist or not, egyptian and nubian civilisations get their wealth with opium trade. Cleopatra was a narco dwarf, black or white, i don’t care. There is a strange story with cleopatra and two romans emperors. There is a movie with the famous battle sea. The opionistan wars of the ancient times. An industrial reconversión must be done. Nothing new under the sun (ra, zeus, amon, odin, etc), jaja.

    Coward, the black pharaohs were opium traders, so it’s normal that thanks to MTV niggars come back to da gangsta Style. Now the kings of drugs aré the narco Popes, so their anvestors were black. Something strange. There is a conspiracy. There is no black popes, coward. The Vaticano needs a gangsta style to come to their roots. Bring also some brotjas and sistas like Beyonce.

    Pharaohs were neanderthals or guls, and were pedofiles, necrophiles and canibals.

  177. Cromanion/neandertal hibrid

    Coward, originally neanderthals were white skin red haired. By interbreeding they can change external appearence, but are pedophilo predators in their hearts. It’s quite posible that ramses II was a neanderthal, look at his skull, he couldn’t be a cromagnon.

    I’m not shure, but i think you aré a cromagnon, even if you aré black or not. When they say that ramses II was red haired neanderthals, black or white, know perfectly what does it means.

    If you aré proud of your black Neanderthal pharaohs it is your problem. I would not be proud of a leader that is psicopath, pedofile, necrofile, zoofile, caníbal and blood thirsty. Search for Sekmeth and her bloody pedophilo/caníbal orgies and baths.

  178. Don

    I thought about it over the weekend.. And came to the conclusion that it was most likely the royal bloodline IE. Amenhotepiii, Akinhaten, and Tut were pharaohs that came from England, instead of the whole Egyptian race having the same blood and belonging to the same genetic haplogroup. I am sorry Coward for your inability to accept proven blood testing.. apparently I am a racist for stating facts?? weird..

  179. Don

    LOL! That’s what they said he has, along with his father and grandfather but if they haven’t released it than it hasn’t been cross-referenced.. I am usually the first one to be skeptical, I was under the impression that it had been released and was under cross-referencing. Where does it say it hasn’t been released? I am definitely up for more more research!

  180. LOL Robert Lindsay is a complete idiot and his mom is even more idiotic. She shouldn’t have been allowed to breed. It would be nice to go back, in time and spay her. And, YES, I know I’m banned!!! Cover your webcam, people are watching you masturbate you fool…Back Orifice.

    • All right Black man, you are banned.

      • You’ve banned me 4 times already! What is this “ban” you speak of? DNA Tribes did tests on Ramses and another mummy, as well as 7 Amarna mummies and they all tested as sub-saharan black African. Ban that

      • kenneth

        “North Africa as a whole are in the majority back migrants from Asia within the last 40,000 years and the sub Saharan admixture is pretty recent.” the sub saharan part is false considering that e1b1b and other E subclades are ethiopian and ethiopia is in sub saharan africa yes there was some back migration but its not the majority sub saharan would be huge considering E subclades are ethiopian.but what did people look like 40,000 yrs ago? /watch?v=Aj-JZnpcSs

        Google”e1b1b” in eupedia this is my genetic marker but interestly as the link show its what marker the eygptians were which belongs to the haplogroup y dna E e1b1b is a subclade of E my e1b1b is younger than the eygptian e1b1b also i am of tuareg ancestry so that explians tuareg also descend from the garamantes they are a younger independant off shot of eygpt.google”Fall of Gaddafi opens a new era for the Sahara’s lost civilisation” ancient eygptianswere e1b1b carrier

        My link is peer reviewed everyone google”The African Origin of Ancient Egyptian Civilization
        by Brandon Pilcher” this women Sally Ann Ashton confirms ancient eygptians were essentially black africans and theres a consensus to add along too /watch?v=CLoDgDE83rs

        and these are king tuts real dna results by dna tribes because ignea took strs from a TV screen in documentry channel and king tuts doc ignea never got king tuts actual dna but most likely someone elses here is his actual dna results dnatribes did get king tuts actual y dna haplogroup

        /dnatribes-digest-2012-01-01.pdf and to add ramses 3 /dnatribes-digest-2013-02-01.pdf so ancient eygpt was a black civilization.

  181. Don

    No, dnatribes didn’t prove anything.. The DNA Tribes paper culled its raw data from an earlier Discovery Channel-financed, Egyptian-led study from 2010 by Albert Zink et al. that was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). It was this JAMA study’s researchers that actually extracted the DNA from the mummies. The DNA Tribes authors just analysed the raw data, which had been made publicly available for independent analysis:
    Plugging the indicated STR values in the table above into one of the various free online population affiliation calculators (such as PopAffiliator), one consistently gets a Sub-Saharan affiliation for all of the Amarna mummies. This is in agreement with DNA Tribes’ own analysis of the raw data. On its face, these results indeed suggest Sub-Saharan affinities for the Amarna royal family.
    However, the various lines of evidence discussed in the OP that preclude a Sub-Saharan biological origin for the Ancient Egyptians beg the question: Just how accurate is the JAMA raw data to begin with?
    The answer to that query is that it is apparently not very reliable at all. As it turns out, many geneticists have already expressed serious doubts about the validity of Zink et al.’s reported findings. These scientists have concluded that the likelihood of the indicated STR values actually being accurate is very low. This is due to a variety of reasons, chief among which is the difficulty of avoiding contaminating the mummy tissue with modern DNA (probably the single biggest obstacle to ancient DNA extraction).
    In plain language, this simply means that the DNA attributed by Zink et al. to the Amarna royals may actually be the DNA of people that physically handled/touched the mummies over the centuries and whose own DNA was then mistakenly analysed in lieu of the mummies’ DNA. That’s potentially a lot of people too. This scenario is highly likely given the lack of precautions that were apparently taken to prevent any such possible contamination. It is also especially likely given the fact that the reported Sub-Saharan affinities of the raw data are completely at odds with the already affirmed affinities shared between a general sample of Ancient Egyptian workers and modern Egyptians (see the Cairo University Medical School quote and link in the OP). By their own admission, the JAMA team didn’t even get the same results each time. (talk) 08:12, 27 September 2012 (UTC)

    The results varied each time they tried it.. so dnatribes is a false reference.

    • Sifu Qin

      Many geneticists are intent on demoralizing Black people. The fact is; those DNA results are 100% accurate. The only DNA that is inaccurate is King Tut’s R1b, that comes from deliberate Nordicist contamination and LIES. King Tut was a Black man…What in the hell looks British about this nigga
      Huh? Sorry, looks like a Negroid to me. So does the Sphinx. The Sphinx’s face is unbelievably flat. Unless he was half Asian….no way that is a Whitey. It is Black. Only Blacks and Asians can possess that phenotype. Nordicism is the most rediculous of all ethnonationalisms. Nordics were SO advanced that they left their homelands in a primitive mess and were building kingdoms all over America, Asia, and Africa? Then some smart Nordic scientist said “Guys, fuck it, lets return to nature”. And that is why Greece and Rome collapsed. Lol.

    • Bill

      Don, contamination is a problem for all Ancient Egyptian samples not just Zink. The genetic data is not consistent due mostly to the fact that genetic testing is highly subjective. Contamination from handlers is just yet another issue, as you said, among many. It’s funny you bring this up as the inconsistencies of genetic testing really does more to hurt your position. All you really have is this sort of spotty data to back EC conclusions. When one realizes the shortcomings of genetic data along with the obvious picture set out by the archaeology, your argument falls apart. The PN2 clade links all Africans to this day. Even the blue-eyed Berbers still hold their African lineage. How can color coded DNA analysis recover? This is the real issue. Unfortunately, knowing whether or not your results are actually derived from the correct specimen is just an added obstacle that comes into play when examining ancient samples in particular. Yet again, it seems we agree genetic data is not completely reliable. Each side can choose to accept or exclude whichever studies they’d like. Still the proper consensus remains the same. Genetic data is often contradicting and consequently inconclusive. This is no surprise, as geneticists know, “you get what you screen for”. How is it the referenced study claiming Ancient Egyptians hold the same genetic markers as moderns not subject to the same issues, mainly contamination?

      King Tut’s R1b doesn’t prove he’s European as I mentioned early on in this thread. Even if it did, how can one prove this is actually HIS dna? Again, genetic analysis of ancient samples can be spotty to say the least. If the Eurocentric side of this debate would like to truly silence Afrocentrics, you must go to the archaeology and linguistics; but this is where your argument goes to die so the pseudo DNA arguments persist along with a general denial of any put forth by AC’s.

      • kenneth

        google” /dnatribes-digest-2012-01-01.pdf and to add ramses 3 /dnatribes-digest-2013-02-01.pdf” copy and paste the links these are king tuts real dna results black african dna!

    • kenneth

      dnatribes results are true because they actually got a sample from king tuts dna besides if theres a contreversy then provide a link thats reliable to proof what your saying is true people here want facts not opinions

  182. Blacky

    punk ass white nerd nigga. Go and fuck the theory in your ass…No one will buy that shitty theory.