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  1. WMarkW

    Don’t know if you read TakiMag (it’s a conservative site, that includes both right-wing economics and white advocacy). One of today’s columns is that the Southern Poverty Law Center (who keeps finding increasing numbers of hate groups, by defining “hate” and “group” downward), that the latest threat to our security is:


    They name has haters websites like Boycott American Women and False Rape Society. (Like John Derbyshire pointed out in discussing Sandra Fluke’s testimony about birth control — our society must have reached a state of near-nirvana if THIS is the extent of social injustice.)

  2. Wes Miller

    Hey Dummy – what is this nonsense?! The people who built Egypt were Sub Saharan Africans. If they weren’t, than explain human migrations showing ancient human migrations from the great Lakes populating were Egypt is today and all of North Africa. Then moved back into the Nile when the Sahara turned into a desert.

    DNA Tribes released King Tuts dna study which showed him although of mixed race he was more related to other sub Saharan Africans than caucasian & asians.

    There are numerous studies that show the the first modern humans were dark skin sub Saharan Africans from the great Lakes in sub Saharan Africa. Just to give you a couple…look up Spencer Wells journey of man documentary showing early humans as darkskin sub Saharan Africans, and further discusses how these Africans populated the rest of the planet.

    Explain how Sarah Tishkoff works aligns with Wells. Tishkoff shows how everyone that is non African are a sub set of of East Africans. You dummy are a sub set of sub Saharan Africans. This is why the out of Africa theory is the leading theory and accepted as a fact. This is basic knowledge dummy. Explain that a away as dummies like you try to backward engineer white solutions, while Europe was still in hits infancy while africa had fully matured civilizations 2k years before Europe. The one everyone focuses on is Egypt.

    Explain human dna trees of modern humans. Explain how your ancestry is not African. That would be impossible dummy as the root A,B are the very beginning of the root. That’s basic knowledge dummy!

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