Down with the Cable Company Scum!


This is a total catastrophe! I must say, the cable companies have simply ruined TV and cable in the US. We used to get TV for free! Yes, free. Now it costs $50 for me to turn on my TV and watch TV. Why should it cost me $50 to watch TV? I might pay $25/month to watch TV. It’s about worth that.

The original cable deal said that cable would not have advertising because they were charging money. Now cable is as full of ads as TV once was. The cable companies don’t need us to pay for their shows as they are all covered by ads the way TV used to be. If cable has ads, it ought be free! Like TV, like radio. Advertiser supported.

The public airwaves are ours, they belong to you, me and my readers. Not the cable scum! Our Congresswhores gave away the public airwaves spectrum to the cable companies for pennies on the dollar. I support democratic television. The cable spectrum has almost unlimited capability for channels.

The spectrum should be donated to individuals such as you, me and my readers. If we want to set up a cable show, give us a channel, dammit! They’re our airwaves. I also think the spectrum should be set aside for channels the represent different aspects of politics. 45% conservative, 35% moderate, 20% liberal. Just like in the US. This could be changed at the local level. This way TV would represent political passion in the US.

Honestly, the cable grid should have been built by the state itself just like the phone lines and so many other things. Then let cable companies lease out state cable lines to COMPETE to sell their products to consumers. Competition is good! There is no competition in cable. None, zero, zip, zilch, nothing.


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8 responses to “Down with the Cable Company Scum!

  1. Patrick

    What’s really got me annoyed is that they now show commercials before movies in a theatre. I’m not talking about the theatre promoting its snack bar, I’m talking about car, beverage, etc., commercials. At $10 to$12 a movie I think that is ridiculous.

  2. Ima Pyrate Fijole

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  3. DDP

    Wasn’t it a Rockefeller that said “competition is a sin.” (I may be wrong)

    Competition is being legislated out of existence by our bought-and-paid-for congressmen and women. Most legislation is written or influenced by huge corporations and is designed to put the little guy (their competition) out of business.

    And there are no indications that it will change anytime soon.

  4. Hwy91

    It’s pretty easy to when everything is regulated from one place instead of each state having their say in it. We need to make it harder for big corporations to influence industries like this. Make them try to bribe and coerce 50 different capitals instead of one.

  5. I think it’s a public spectrum if I am not mistaken.

  6. Gay State Girl

    Don’t worry. Nothing on TV is worth watching nowadays anyway.

  7. Robert in CT

    Ever heard of the song… “57 Channels and Nothing On” by Bruce Springstein? Well, how about 250 channels and nothing on because that’s what it is these days. Most of your cable channels carry a lot of reality shows now. If it’s not that, it’s female talk shows, cooking shows, and crap like that. I’m 55 years old and I miss a good movie or family show that used to air primetime. No one asks me what I want to watch. NO. Cable channels force you to watch all the stuff I mentioned above and hopes something will stick to the wall. Well it doesn’t for me.

    Robert is right about commercials. I’ll even go further. Remember back when Star Trek was aired in the 60’s? Well the show ran 50 minutes with 10 minutes of commercials. The half hour shows used to run 25 minutes of show and 5 minutes of commercials. Now look at today.. One hour shows last approx. 45-47 minutes and the rest is commercial time. If you watch a soap opera, well now you’re talking about 37 minutes of show and the rest commercials.

    Lastly, you have Dish Network, DirecTV, or some other company like AT&T U-verse that runs through fiber optics strung on the telephone poll. Which ever company you choose, they will offer you channel packages and guess what? In their packages, their channels are not just TV channels. They are also satellite radio stations. So if you order 250 channel package, expect to get about 180 TV channels and the rest will be satellite radio channels. Screw that!!! Every one of these companies I talk to, I tell them that I already have a lifetime SiriusMX subscription so why would I need to pay for something I’ve already paid for through someone else? I tell you all, this is the game they play. Don’t buy into it.

    This is what TV has turned to today so cutting the cable cord probably won’t be as painful as one would think. Yahoo had an article on this topic called “Cutting the cord”

  8. Thorfinnsson

    The phone lines were not built by the state in this country. Most of the old copper phone lines were built by AT&T, and the federal government permitted the Bell System’s monopoly per the 1913 Kingsbury Commitment.

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