John Lennon, “God”

Great song! Produced by Phil Spector! Billy Preston on piano! Oh yeah!

The dream is over! The ultimate suicide song of the 1960’s and the Beatles.

The 1960’s was over! The Beatles were dead!

Long like the 1960’s! Long live the Beatles!


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10 responses to “John Lennon, “God”

  1. Matt

    Wow. Nihilism in song!

  2. “Long live the Beatles!”

  3. dano bivins

    I don’t believe….that John actually didn’t believe…in alot of the things he listed. I think some of that was him letting off steam. He seemed to have a strong need to vent throughout his life. Coolio.

  4. Hacienda

    So that’s it? The end of the 60s, LOL. You trash everything and hang your head with a mediocre, kinda repulsive looking Jap woman?

    Mark David Chapman- mercy killer.

  5. dano Bivins

    Ahhh hacienda, it sucks to have no talent or footprint, doesn’t it?
    You should listen to his song ‘crippled inside”!

    • Hacienda


      No pretensions from me. I’m past my prime, and it was never a great prime to begin with. Made a small fortune, lost it already. Trying to find a more stable road out. I’ll get there, I hope.

      We’re all “crippled inside”.

      • dano bivins

        Good answer. I’m in the same boat, tho’ I never made alot, & I agree that we’re all flawed.

        • Hacienda

          I “eyeballed” my way to wealth. Looking at stock charts and getting a feel for their behavior. I consider this a high level talent, equivalent to playing a musical instrument at a very high level. Wine experts are blessed with great tongue, perfumers have a great nose, musicians a great ear. Me, I have a great eyeball.

  6. pat

    He lost me when he abandoned his son.

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