Why Older Men Like Younger Women

This subject creates so much nuttiness in both males and females alike that it’s actually pretty surprising. Truth is that this is one more thing that’s been ruined by feminism. We know this by looking at the attitudes of people from societies that haven’t been feminist-wrecked yet.

I asked my Mom and some female friends from other countries whether they thought it was weird or sick for older men to go for younger women.

My Mom: “LOL of course not. This sort of thing has been going on for as long as there is civilization. As the Roman’s say, a man can still have a child when there is snow on the roof, but a woman’s time is short. Older men seem to like younger women, and the truth is, it works the other way too. Older women hate it, but that’s just the way men are. You can’t do anything about it.”

Pakistani in Kuwait: “Of course not! Why is it weird? It’s completely normal. Here in Kuwait, I would say that the older men look at women more than the younger men do.”

Filipina in Philippines: “Huh? What do you mean weird? That’s just normal. All men like to look at women, older men, younger men. Why would anyone think that’s sick or weird?”

Thai woman (age 60) in the US: “LOL! Every man wants a younger woman! I want a younger man! Where do I get one? Get me one, Bob.”

As you can see, this desire is absolutely normal, 100%. On the other hand, reasonable men know that as we age, our chances of getting these hotties diminishes with each passing year. So I am philosophical. Young women and even mature teenage girls are pretty nice to look at, but it would be a miracle if I could get one at this late date. And I’ve already been there and done that scores of times anyway, so I’m not missing anything.

Most of the outrage comes from women, generally older women. The notion that we are leaving them for young hotties sends them into conniption fits.

A lot of young women are also offended, but more from modern US culture and less from traditional cultures.

There is also a lot of outrage coming from young men, who generally think we are poaching from their females herds which they jealously shepherd.

Once men start having some kids, especially female kids, a whole new set of crazy comes up, called policing teenage daughter’s sexuality. The only person who gets anything out of this game is Dad. The daughter hates it and so does Mom, who works with daughter to undermine Dad’s project.

At my age, you have to be pretty careful how you look at young women and especially how you talk to them. I practically keep scorecards in my head to see where I am at with this or that young woman so I can figure out how I can act around her and what I can say without getting into problems. Nevertheless, these problems are generally easy to deal with via controlling yourself to some extent. A little paranoia helps too.

Part of the problem seems to lie in the insane idea many women have that an older guy can just go grab any young hottie that comes along with the greatest of ease. This is why they are so furious about this sort of thing. But like so many female notions, it’s all emotional weather and no logical highway.

I know a lot of guys my age. The number of them who have been able to get any young woman at all is very small. Even in the few that did, the relationships didn’t last very long. I figure for me to get a young hottie it would practically take a miracle of God. So this female blustering doesn’t take into account the logical notion that the vast majority young women, especially the hotties, don’t have the slightest bit of interest in us!

One reason an older man likes a younger woman is flattery. As we get older, with each passing year, it gets harder and harder to attract younger women. They just aren’t interested in us! Quit worrying, ladies!

For those of us who are narcissistic and bet on the losing horse known as the body, aging is particularly painful. This is especially true if you were handsome as young man, as I’m told I was. It’s tough to go from walking into a nightclub and every woman in the club turns around and stares stiletto eyes right at you (yes this used to happen) to being a virtual cipher. Being ignored is painful, especially when one was raised on being adored.

So it is that at my age, when I go out in public, I often don’t attract many women. Sure, I attract some, but not that many. This is painful for those with enough self-love to crave attention. Sure, women my age look at me sometimes, but that doesn’t really feel very good. Like a dark cloud went by, it’s hardly even flattering.

If a woman in her 40’s looks at me, well, that’s better. 30’s, much, much better. 20’s, and now you are really striking gold. Hard to attract a woman in her 20’s at my age. A teenage girl? My God! If I could attract a teenage girl at my age, God truly shone his light on me that day.

As you can see, as you age, the younger of a woman you can attract, the more flattering it is. What? I’m 54, and I can still attract a 16 year old? Now I can die happy!

I was driving around town the other day and drove by the high school. What the Hell, this town is ugly as sin, and that’s about the only decent scenery in the place. As long as you’re discreet, Olive Avenue’s pretty much a scenic highway at mid-afternoon. There was a young 16-17 year old girl standing by the gate. I glanced over. She immediately snaked her body in slithering move that spelled sex sex sex sex while looking laser eyes right at me. Damn that felt good. I went home and felt great for the rest of the day.

It’s not about perversion or anything like that. It’s about validation, affirmation and attention. People, even aging men, like to feel attractive. And why not?

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  1. Hey, I will admit it freely: i am in my fifties and I still have not reproduced yet. So in my case its near to 100% straight Biological compulsion.

  2. “I still have not reproduced yet. So in my case its near to 100% straight Biological compulsion.”
    Is the compulsion that strong? The idea of getting married or having kids scares me. I wonder if biological compulsion would make me miss that terribly when I am 40 and childless.
    “I’m 54, and I can still attract a 16 year old? I can die happy now!”
    You are in the wrong country. I see older men with younger women all the time, where I live and in many of the countries I have spent time in.
    “There is also a lot of outrage coming from young men, who generally think we are poaching from their females herds which they jealously shepherd.”
    As a man in his 20s, I have no ill will towards older men dating younger women. I observe that women go for for older men usually aren’t attracted to men their age, so it is not like I am missing anything anyway.

  3. “As we get older, with each passing year, it gets harder and harder to attract younger and younger women. They just aren’t interested in us”

    Well, that may be true for you Robert, but it doesn’t apply of all of us. I was 47 when partnered a young lady of 22. We were together for 10 years, produced a lovely daughter, and are still in almost daily contact.

    My present partner (I gave up on marriage after the second divorce) is 18 years my junior.

    Don’t give up!

    (But if your fantasising about under age pussy, I can’help you)


    • (That was supposed to read “can’t help you)

      • Bernardo Carpio

        My Kiwi friend told me that the ideal age gap between a man and a woman is 25 years or so (with the man being older of course:). When a man is 50, his sexual urge is still at its peak and assuming that he spends time making himself fit, he still has it in him to satisfy a much younger woman. At 50, he says, many women have already lost interest in sex, which is good since most 75 year old men are no longer capable of delivering the goods anyway.

    • Wow. So you “partnered” a 22 year old, had a child and were together for 10 whole years… and you’re proud of that? A success story if there ever was one. I’m sure the child will grow up with a great sense of values and will be quite secure coming from a strange broken home. I have no issue with a guy wanting to feel attractive to younger women but I am disgusted that so many women in the bay area date and marry men twice their age. I’m disgusted by it now when I’m in my 40s and I was disgusted by it when I was in my 20s.

      • Gay State Girl

        I can’t get excited about men under 50. When I was a teenager, I had to feign an interest in the current heartthrobs and idols that other girls drooled over, for they bored. I’ve felt the occasional propulsion to tall, well built, blonde men, but to me they’re just generic pieces of flesh.

      • You should not jump to stereotypical conclusions!

        Our daughter has grown to be an intelligent and articulate young lady currently serving her country as a sergeant in the Air Force.
        It so happens that that last Thursday, on the occasion of our Independence day, her mother and I were able to visit her base and met with the base commander, who commended her work highly.

        We are both very proud of her, and share her upbringing to this day.
        Although our lives have moved in different directions, we are still very close in many ways; I am still invited to family events, both happy and sad.

        She and her family attended my son’s wedding, together with my current partner and her family – yes, 3 “wives”and “ex wives” together in one celebration.

        Not all lives have to follow standard patterns!

      • Jerry

        I feel sorry for you because I think you’re going to have a very unhappy life with the type of negative thinking you have.

        I used to be “angry and jealous” seeing happy couples when I was very young. Now I realize the truth… that love is not a competition, it’s hard to find the right one for you, and you should be happy for people that do.

        Stop hating other people and start being happy for them… Trust me. You will feel much better.

        • Where in that comment did get the idea that I I feel jealous or angry about happy couples. Did you read my comments? I think it’s fantastic when people find happiness. I have a problem with younger women that date older men, not people who are in love in general. Where I am from in the midwest, women generally just did not date older men, it was not done. I’m not saying it never happened but generally women just did not put up with it. Women generally did not put up with a lot of BS I see out here in the Bay area, that’s what makes me angry! Where I am from, women were just treated better in relationships because they demanded to be treated better.

      • Joanna

        Wow Cindy – have you never come across the many of thousands of couples around the same age who divorce often before 10 years are up – how will the children grow up in such circumstances??? Also the single mothers of today who keep reproducing – how will their children grow up?? I take it if you met a younger handsome guy when you are 50+ then that would be different – of course it would

        • Cindy

          Joanna, it is well documented that children coming from broken homes fair far worse than children that don’t in so many different ways!

  4. Mr.E2ME

    I don’t necessarily agree with a dudes stock going down as he ages. I believe it actually will go up , if he’s had any kind of success ($$$).
    I believe that a woman looks for a partner that will provide stability and comfort vs. typical dude who looks for the most pleasing aesthetic.
    For me this tends to explain why you see hot young thangs with guys that don’t seem to fit their hotness ratio.
    Hope’s not lost Bobby. Write that blockbuster book or win the lottery, you will be back in bidness in no time.

  5. Dota

    Older guys going after younger chicks = biological instincts is it not? That man is attracted to the most fertile female capable of receiving his seed? It’s remarkable how the feminazi thought police routinely punish men for their biology yet let women off the hook for their own (hormones, pregnancy tantrums ect)

    • Of course it’s biological instinct. Of course feminism is all about punishing men for our biology. That’s all it is.

      • Bay Area Guy

        And validating women for theirs.

        • Bay Area Guy

          And well said, Robert. If the feminists completely had their way, all men would be emasculated, wimpy, effeminate, apologizing suckers.

        • Thx BAG. You like the post or you like my comment? Fishing for compliments here.

        • Bay Area Guy

          Both, especially the comment.

          When analyzing feminists, you can’t help but get the impression that their crusade goes beyond ending “objectification of women,” “the glass ceiling,” and all that crap.

          Judging by the number of feminists who approved of that one bizarre couple raising their boy “genderless” and attacks on macho culture (and to be clear, I’m not a big fan of many aspects of macho culture), it seems that their beef is with masculinity itself.

          Good old Robert Jensen, in addition to being a self-hating white, is also a male feminist. He even once wrote a book on “ending masculinity,” or something to that effect, and how men should be “human beings” instead of men.

        • Robert Jensen is insane. He also said it was impossible to be heterosexual without being a woman-hating macho pig, so he was going to try to turn gay out of respect for women or something. Apparently that didn’t work out because he’s not gay, so instead he said he was going to be celibate, because being a straight man is inherently oppressive to women or some shit. He’s such a dipshit!

        • Bay Area Guy

          He also said it was impossible to be heterosexual without being a woman-hating macho pig, so he was going to try to turn gay out of respect for women or something.

          Wow, did he REALLY say that? Do you have a link or something?

          I’m not attacking your credibility or anything, that’s just so outrageous and outlandish that I have a hard time believing it, even coming from a turd like Jensen.

          I don’t get it, where do all these self-hating wimpy white men come from?

        • Bay Area Guy

          Jensen also once said that when speaking of the Israel/Palestine conflict, we should never use the words “Jew” or “Jewish” because of its “anti-Semitic implications.”

          The man is truly a piece of work.

      • Me Ne Frego

        Modern leftism is all about punishing people for their biology.

        • AV

          Amen to following your biology! I am a 20 year-old woman and I will only date handsome men (and while I love men who are 25-29, no men above 30, thank you). Some men call me shallow for not considering them and writing them off based on appearance, but hey, I’m just following my biology! 🙂

  6. Car Guy


    Did you just admit that you’re a narcissist?

    • We are all narcissistic. I have some narcissistic tendencies. I am very vain for one thing.

      • Car Guy

        Yes, we are, but some more so than other, as we discussed. If you don’t mind me asking, how far to the right of the spectrum would you say you are?

        • I hate pathological narcissists, let’s put it that way. But I’m vain. I think I’m hot shit. But I’m not some asshole narcissists who treats others like shit, brags all the time and doesn’t even listen to or care about anyone else. I’m just a vain, conceited guy.

  7. Steve

    Here is my version of this article:

    Why Older Men Like Younger Woman.

    Because they are hot.

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  9. Mackenzie

    Hey Robert,

    I really enjoyed reading this. It’s a breath of fresh air to hear someone affirming what society says is wrong.
    I’m a girl who just turned 20 and I find it so hard to keep away from liking older men (I mean 40-67 years)
    I just recently started crushing on older men, the reason? The mystery, the thrill, the stories and experience they have, some-the nurturing spirit. It has me entranced.
    But, what I don’t understand from your article and from what everyone says about how older men like younger women…why is it so hard to find one that’s interested?!
    All older men I’ve encountered want nothing of me or my generation. It’s as if they’re afraid of us texting and listening to rap music and being impolite! I just want to invite them in and show them that there’s nothing to be afraid of! Sorry this sounds so forward….but seriously? Do older men like us? It seems like they’d rather run 100 miles in the opposite direction.

    (note: it’s not just me it’s any one of my age group, older men seem to spite us? This is just what I’ve seen. They go for 30-35 year olds the most! Maybe they’re less threaatening?)

    • Hmmm, I do not know what to say about this. I like younger women just fine. Maybe other older guys don’t. So hard to answer a question like this, eh?

    • Gary

      I know what to say, it is mainly because all the old bags have made it to where it is looked at as something bad. So many older guys will try to stay away. Or they are married.. I am now 67 and still in good shape and look maybe 54. Sense my divorce I am having the time of my life with women 19 and early 20’s. They are a crack up to party with if you party. I can supply drinks and even some molly’s and they love it to have a safe place to party at. I make sure they get to their real boyfriends or home safe. Sometimes I get lucky and one of them likes me and I get lucky. I love them calling each other Bitch LOL. Funny as hell, and you only live once. I been there done the boring marriage thing. These young women enjoy doing things and have never done many things or gone many places. They are hot and they are fun….what the hell else is there? I am loving life and of course I help them with gas in their car, school books that is just in me from raising a Daughter. No sex required as I am calm and easy going. So they like that. I’m in Orange County California and have 3 different girls coming around. Love it…to hell with you rejected old bags that never wnat sex and only to bitch.

    • Melinda

      I agree! I’m 21 and I tend to find some older men more attractive in some cases (from age 35-55, 60 max). Especially the rugged ones! Like actor Sebastian Koch.

        • Sluts and prostitutes will only that !

        • Younglove

          I couldn’t reply to the poster below for some reason but I can say that I agree with the previous poster. I am a young woman in her 20’s who find older men way more appealing than men my age. I am considered to be very attractive by most men and I make a very comfortable living working for a large software company. I am not being conceited just dispelling the myth that the lady has to be ugly or poor to be attracted to older men.

          I do accept the fact that I am a minority among my peers with regards to my taste in men but I just see it as a “more for me” mentality.

          Anyway, not a prostitute or a slut, just a woman who has a different taste in men.

        • Great job! I congratulate you on your excellent choice in men!

  10. Zach

    There was a book about this subject. I think it was called “Girls”. I can’t find it anywhere because I think I might have the title wrong and I don’t remember the author. It was very interesting and I’d love to read it again. Does this book sound familiar to anyone?

  11. Gary

    It’s 20,000 BC. You’re living in a small foraging society and need to secure a wife that will give you as many offspring as possible and ensure your genes will pass down the generations.

    So what age of bride do you go for?

    It’s simple. The best bride material will be girls approaching their first pregnancy since they would have all of their breeding years ahead of them and the time you’d have to wait before she’d start giving you any offspring would be at a minimum.

    So what was the typical age of a girls first pregnancy in prehistoric times?

    Using modern day foraging societies as a guide, it was probably about 17. This means that girls in the 12 to 16 bracket would have generally made the best bride material.

    Now go take at look at what porn groups get the most traffic: Jailbait, schoolgirls, Lolitas…

    Girls between about 12 and 16, in other words…

    • This is 2012, not 2000 BC.

      • Sure, but in an evolutionary sense, a man is still going to be programmed to find them attractive, that is before the societal/legal framework in his mind kicks in and says, “No, don’t do it,” or “Don’t look.”

        • As I said before, I don’t have an issue with men being attracted to younger women or wanting to be attractive to younger women. I’m sure that goes both ways. If you’re simply talking about physical appearance, women generally find younger looking men more attractive than older men. It’s the actual dating of older men with women considerably younger than them that I have a big problem with. You are in two different places in life. What’s even more disgusting, is how older men will date younger women, then get annoyed with them because they aren’t as emotionally mature or because they are in different places in life. Hello?

          The url below is an article from ok cupid making the case for dating older women. It really is a fascinating article and it demonstrates how sad dating is for older women since men are so fixated on younger women. You really should read the whole article. The first half of it describes trends in how older men target younger women, the second half explains in great detail why this is so misguided.


      • “This is 2012, not 2000 BC.”
        Try encoding that bit of wisdom into human DNA.

  12. dls

    did I lose a lot of my value when I went from 19 to 20? 😦

      • So, at what age should women just go off and shoot ourselves since we are now worthless?

        • Mr. E2me

          Hi c4468.

          If your ambition in life is to simply be a cum receptacle then by all means..late 40 or so. If the gunt is readily evident and the tits are hitting the floor possibly sooner. If you are well adjusted member of society, please stay around as long as you would like.

        • Why are you asking me this question. The women in my life in the last few years often ranged in age from 48-56. You think I hate older women? Are you crazy? Of course I don’t hate older women silly!

    • Miss Connoisseur of Men

      “did I lose a lot of my value when I went from 19 to 20? 😦 ”

      See the reason why younger women are attracted to older men? Older men are much more eloquent in conveying their thoughts and are less likely to ask such silly questions. They have logical opinions and aren’t afraid to share them. Their sense of humour are also less dumb and lame. They aren’t too hung on themselves unlike younger guys who are obsessed with looking cool. Older men, on the other hand, show concern and care for the female counterpart and especially if you’re younger, they treat you like a princess. And as much as men like attention and want them, women do too. So you can’t blame us (younger women/girls) for being attracted to older men (especially when some of these older men age like fine wine and they have an aura of confidence which contrasts vastly from chauvinistic arrogance carried by many younger, and especially the good looking, studs.

      Btw, I’m a 19-year old girl who is in love with a 55-year old man and happy. So sue me!

      • You chose well dear. We need more young women like you.

      • Me

        When you get old enough, you will realize you don’t need an older man to tell you what to do. You’re too foolish to see this now but trust me, you will.

        • big g

          That about sums it up. This us the real reason men of age won’t put up with older women. One feels she needs to make a statement ” so at what age are we useless” and another says” you will realize you don’t need a man to tell you what to do”. I’ll finish that statement with ” to control his resourses”. I guess its no wonder why older men want less baggage. These statements make my skin crawl. Good luck appealing to an older man with resourses. Both of you are to stupid to realize that your bitching about men saying you are too bitchy. Especially when a mans guidance in financial affairs is what you need when you have accsess to resourses you didn’t earn unless you count the sex for resourses paridim.

    • Lesley

      Re: “did I lose a lot of my value when I went from 19 to 20?”

      Not in the real world no – no one would have been able to see or tell a difference between 19 and 20…

    • Lesley


      If anything you increased in value with age as you get wiser and more knowledgeable. No 20 or even 30 year old is over the hill (unless they decide to be – or are seriously ill)… 😉

  13. Brengunn

    There have been studies on the divorce rate of male teachers. Male high school teachers are twice as likely to be divorced as male primary school teachers. They are also twice as likely to never marry again after divorcing, and are much less satisfied with their wives while married.

    Apparently, they constantly compare(consciously or unconsciously) their wives negatively to the nubility of their fifteen and sixteen year old students. The wives tend to lose.

  14. Wise One

    After far too many negative experiences with men my own age, I finally realized that they couldn’t be taken seriously. They simply lack experience relating to women in a meaningful way because libido trumps their ability to connect beyond sex and make wise partnering decisions. It took a 16 year age difference to finally restore my confidence that men can achieve a level of maturity that is conducive to a succsessful long term relationship. My husband had already been through the process of raising children which forced him to learn the ability to consider someone other than himself. He loves the fact that I am beautiful and younger, but also sees me as an equal because I am a doctor. Younger men tend to have poor standards when it comes to women’s achievement, but once they are desecrated financially they learn that unidimensional standards based on appearance alone are too costly.

  15. rebecakasak

    Finding and mating with genetically stronger and healthier females is subconsciously programmed into the DNA of men.

  16. I’m 21 and have no problem with men dating younger women. 25 and 60 isn’t bad but for any man over 25 to drive by a high school and get off by a late pubescent teen is just gross. Minds aren’t mature nor settled until they have experienced life (i.e college or lived on their own). How can you date some one who can’t even legal take a drink with you? The thoughts are sex driven anyways so its all wrong from the begin. If they are that special you can wait. All my friends who date older guys only talk about the cash and spoiling not that they think he’s beautiful and they are in love. Who really wants that? I currently go on the occasional date with guys with decent personality 18+. I’d date an 18 or a 60 year old.

  17. Robert

    I dated a younger woman on the rebound. I didn’t realize what a rebound relationship was at that time. I am 50 she is 28. We fell in love and she asked me to marry her. The chemistry was there, the sex was incredible. I satisfied her like no man in her life because I have a high libido, and am a advanced strength athlete. She would have multiple orgasms and was deeply in love with me. The relationship ended because I was going through a divorce at the time we were dating; and I became insecure with my ex girlfriend. I still think about her everyday. I must admit that I am not sexually or physically attracted to older women any more, and I am positive that it is purely biological. My testosterone levels sore, when I see a sexy attractive woman in her twenties to early thirties. The sexual attraction for my wife is just not like it used to be. Anthropology has something to do with this. This could be why so many men have affairs.

    • I am glad that you had fun. Even my 80 year old Mom admits that this is true. She sighs and says, “Well, if one thing has always been true down through time, it’s that older men like younger women. And middle aged men especially.” Why does my 80 year old Mom make so much more sense than 10’s of millions of lunatic feminists all over the world?

    • Brengunn

      I satisfied her like no man in her life because I have a high libido, and am a advanced strength athlete. She would have multiple orgasms and was deeply in love with me.

      You have no problems with self confidence anyway. I imagine you saying that in a husky Spanish accent with the sea gently lapping the shore in distance!

      • big g

        The Spanish accent works fine to get a date but the truth is older men won’t squander a chance when it arises. Older men know to make the woman happy first and often. Unfortunately women don’t make long term relationship desisions over great sex. Satisfied woman act differently then sexually frustrated ones.

    • Then why does anyone bother to get married? That whole, “for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, ’til death do you part” thing should read: “for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, ’til death do you part AS LONG AS… YOU NEVER GAIN WEIGHT, YOU STAY BEAUTIFUL FOREVER, YOU BUY ME THAT 2ND HOME IN HAWAII, YOU MAKE A LOT OF MONEY AND NEVER LOOSE YOUR JOB. And people wonder why the divorce rate is so high.

  18. Ashley

    Unless you have ever actually been in this type of relationship, DO NOT pass judgement. You see, I am 25 dating a man that is 51. There is no “sugardaddy syndrome” or “daddy issues”. My situation is different too, we met online, so before I knew his age or he knew mine, before we knew what the other looked like, it was our personalities that drew us together, that kept us coming back for more. We voice chatted for a time, and he made me laugh like I had never laughed before, we fed off of eachother with our wit and humor, our fun picking sarcasim. Listening to him, I thought, he’s probably about 38, once I asked him, he was up front and honest about it, 50, I couldn’t believe it. All of this happening within just the first two nights! So we continued, back into the same room night after night, just to find eachother’s company. We had fun, we were friends, there was no perversion, there was no intrest in becoming more than friends, he had dated online before and it failed, he didn’t want to do it again. I was just ending a 3yr relationship with the father of my child. He turned into my support, my friend. After seeing pictures of him and video chatting with him, I couldn’t believe he was now 51, he didn’t look it at all, I still almost didn’t believe him. The more we talked, the more our friendliness turned into flirting, and the flirting turned into more playful, neither one of us expected this, neither one of us was looking for this. Our relationship was built on a soild foundation of friendship, and from that foundation we are able to build a strong and sturdy romantic relationship. I know without a doubt that I am in love with this man, never before did I believe that there could be one perfect person out there for all of us, I do now. I know that I could be happy with someone closer in age, but I know for a fact that no one else could ever make me the truest happy that I am now. The only real way I can even explain for anyone to understand, is this, I never knew I could love someone so much until I had my child, and I never knew that it was possible to love someone who was not your own so much, until I met this wonderful man. Age is only a number, I have always been a firm believer in this, you are only has old as you feel, and how well you take care of yourself. I consider myself to be very lucky, lucky to have both of the greatest loves of life.

  19. lara_s

    In my teens, I was dreaming of a man in his forties. I didn’t find boys my age attractive. They were pimply, obnoxious, looked dirty and had no money. I still think men peak between 35 and 45. After 50 however, I don’t know why, the appeal is just not there. I associate that age with grumpiness, fatigue, illnesses, and lack of enthusiasm for any activities. I don’t want to make anyone feel bad, but a teen girl looking at a 50 something man and thinking of sex? Very unlikely. Looking at him and seeing a big wallet? Most probably. Lucky for you gentlemen, there are many girls so inclined. And you don’t have to look for them. They usually find you.

    • Cindy

      If having a big wallet is a criteria for you, you are, by definition, a gold digger and I’m sure you always will be. As you age, so will the category of men in your dating pool.

  20. Heather

    My husband is 33 years older than me. We have 2 children together and he has 2 kids from a previous marriage. His 2 kids are 9 & 11 years older than me and they have teenage kids. Our children are 12 & 9. We have been married for almost 13 years and get along perfect. Yes we still have sex about every other day. He is one of the healthiest men I know at his age. He takes no medicine at all of any kind (prescription or Viagra). So for all the haters out there what is wrong with an old man dating/married with a young woman.

      • shea

        The thought of OLD BALLS is sooooooo gross

        • Naruto Uzumaki

          a popular post without a trace of Naruto’s name : (, i can’t miss the chance to leave a footprint of Naruto’s reference, that way many people will know him and the world anime- and i will post a sincere point of view, if i were a woman i would date the old Tom Cruise, because in my opinion and judging only by looks and not charm nor money, he look quite good

      • Melinda

        Hey – if they’re happy, who are you to judge??

  21. Gioanna

    GROSS is right! Wtf makes the se old saggy geezers think we want their nasty flat saggy old ass?! I just threw up in my mouth thinking about them. Ew

  22. Mr. E2me

    Axially Gionna , we don’t care what you want. We want your young body for a few moments. That’s all. We certainly don’t want a young woman for her intellect, not these days. If I were you I wouldn’t worry about it too much.
    Most women can’t take care of their bodies much past 25 , so In a couple of years you want have to worry about it so much. You would be able to drop the vanity and work on your personality, cuz us old guys won’t be looking at you anymore.
    Cheers !

  23. nurse1

    i feel its nasty..very very nasty when an older man stares at me :(( it feels like your Father is drooling at you! oh my, fellow young women, be self sufficient and you will understand what i feel.

    • Brengunn

      be self sufficient and you will understand what i feel.

      Vibrator induced orgasms?

    • Mr. E2me

      Not making judgements, just a comment related to yur post.
      If a fine toned woman is wearing tight or revealing clothes , it’s hard not to notice. It’s like advertising. Some yoga hottie in leggings and baring midriff will get attention from old,guys young, guys and other females.
      My wife has no reservations about noticing when a chick is hot. How about older chicks drooling over younger chicks ? Is that the same ?

  24. Craven Moorehead

    I thought maybe its the desire to procreate, or the ego that encourages me to date younger women. Then I realized that if I were on a deserted island, and no one would ever see me, and I would never procreate, I would still choose a teenager over a 30 year old. Guess they just look better, lol!

  25. heather

    I don’t see what all these girls deals are. My husband is 65 yrs. old and sorry hunny but his balls r not saggy by no means. We still have sex on a regular basis and not he does not take anything to make him have an erection. It is all normal and yes I’m young. I;m only 31. We have kids together and have been married a long time. If u don’t like it don’t look or comment on someone else’s situation.

  26. Robert

    Here’s the truth about younger woman being attracted to, and wanting to be in a relationship with an older guy. First of all, it depends on what culture she was raised in. I was in the military, and had the luxury of traveling all over the world. I have experienced a lot of hot fine women in my life. I can tell you what I have experienced with younger women who are half my age are attracted to. I must add that I am 50 years young. I can pass for 35 very easily. First of all; ,A man must take care of his physical appearance; He must have functional muscles through-out his body, not phony/bloated muscles; and last but not least he must be charismatic.
    He needs to have a pleasing personality, and make the girls laugh. I never have a problem capturing a woman’s attention and holding it for a long period of time. A man must have the gift of the gab to attract any woman he desires. He must be able to adapt to any situation, and be interesting to the girl of his desire. I practice my oratory skills quite frequently, because I must sell my products and services everyday. The bottom line is that a man of any age can get and keep almost any woman he wants if he can deliver the goods. Women need three things in her relationship: Emotional Security, Financial Security, and Intimacy. Try to be the total package for her and she will never leave you. I should know, I’ve been married for 26 years.

  27. Heather

    This is a research paper I had to do on this subject. Hope you enjoy!!!

    Older men dating younger women and older women dating younger men is becoming a more
    popular phenomenon, especially in recent years. The older woman is referred to as a cougar and
    the younger man the cub. The older man, younger woman endeavor has not been stereotyped
    with such a name. When an older significant other is with a younger one, this is commonly
    referred to as a May December Romance (Bun, 2005). This is basically referring to a
    relationship in which there is big enough gap in the ages that society may sneer or raise an
    eyebrow. In my opinion it is more acceptable in society for an older man to be involved with a
    younger woman verses the older woman younger man scenario.
    I feel that the younger woman is generally looking for something specific. It is a known fact
    that younger women are attracted to older men for a number of reasons (Blake, 2010). Women
    are looking for their husband to be, someone to settle down with, and someone that can offer
    stability. They are seeking future security, maybe even a daddy figure. A young woman thinks
    older men are more civilized, more mature, and capable of providing for the family whereas the
    younger man is considered to be immature and indecisive. He is not ready to give up his toys
    and his desire to ‘sew his oats.’ Older men are more tolerant, understanding, and generous both
    as lovers and with the indulgence for lavish attention and gifts. Women love to be coddled and
    cooed over.
    Older men, simply by virtue of having ‘been there, done that’ are worldly wise and can offer
    invaluable advice to a younger, more inexperienced woman. Again, as lovers, what they may
    lack in terms of the energy and drive of a younger man, they can more than make up for in skill
    and expertise. I think the Toby Keith song goes like this, ‘I may not be as good as I once was
    but I am good once as I ever was.’ The older man finding the younger woman to be full of
    vitality and life can make him feel younger with a sense of reliving his youthful days. If the
    older man is in his prime and at top physical condition, the younger women may find him
    attractive, therefore, he probably figures why go for prunes when you can have a juicy firm
    plum or peach!
    On the other hand the older woman versus younger man scenario, the woman probably
    figures why go for shrivel and shrew when you can have spontaneity, vigor, and a never ending
    energy for life. A little eye candy never hurt either by boosting her ego and making her feel
    more desirable and sure of herself. He may be less experienced and wise in the ways of a
    woman but his youth can make her feel sexy, vital, maybe even empowered. He finds the older
    woman to be easier and fun to talk with, clear about what her expectations are, financially
    settled, emotionally stable, more interesting and more experimental. Younger men are more
    open minded, encouraging and they usually have no unwanted baggage to spoil her time with her
    new boy toy. Her experience can teach him the ways of the world while satisfying her own
    needs and wants.
    In conclusion, it all boils down to mind over matter. Age is just a number. If you don’t mind
    then it does not really matter. Love is love. You only go around once. I feel that if something
    makes you smile there is no reason to feel guilty. Either way you look at the issue at hand, the
    older woman, older man is searching for the fountain of youth thus rejuvenating their vitality and
    liveliness while reaching for a breath of fresh air and an increased oomph for life. Maybe they
    feel the urgency of time catching up with them and by being with a younger partner it can maybe
    slow down the process. Whereas the younger man, younger woman is seeking personal and self

  28. helen

    I don’t care if older men chase young girls because that means more young guys for me. I am a 50 year old woman, fit, take care of my self and I only sleep with much younger guys – 20 to 30 something. After being in a horrible marriage for more than 20 years, I have discovered that men my age and older repulse me. Am I shallow? Possibly, just like 99.98% of the male population!

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  30. Alice

    LMAO! Sorry, i am 16 and i as looking up why old guys tend to like young girls and this is just really funny. there is no way that young girl was looking at you like that! None of my friends or i have ever liked guys that old. it’s just gross. i guess for money it would be good as long as it is legal and they dont hurt you, but i would never date one for fun or do sex stuff with one. eeewwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

    • Actually, you are wrong sweetheart. A young girl was indeed looking at me “like that.” It doesn’t happen very often anymore, but it does happen once in a while. I am very happy to hear that you think we are disgusting too.

    • Brengunn

      Hi Alice,

      I’m a 74 year old grand dad and I want to smell your panties.

      *Disclaimer* I’m not 74 and I don’t want to sniff your knickers.

      • big g

        Strange you think a 16 year olds panties smell like that.

      • Lesley

        @big g

        Re: “Strange you think a 16 year olds panties smell like that”

        Perhaps they speak from experience and that’s how there’s smell…

      • big g

        Lesley, just maybe I was a 16 year old boy at one time.

      • Lesley

        @big g

        We were all 16 at one time, including Rachele, unless she hasn’t turned 16 yet. Only unworn/not long worn or freshly washed knickers are going to smell nice, lol… 😉

      • big g

        Come on Lesley is it possible that those pantyies smell differently to a boy then a girl. Could it be possible that millions of years of evolution make the smell of a women what the human male seeks above all other smells.

      • Lesley

        @big g

        Re: “Come on Lesley is it possible that those pantyies smell differently to a boy then a girl. Could it be possible that millions of years of evolution make the smell of a women what the human male seeks above all other smells”

        Yes I think it’s possible that everyone interprets smells a bit differently and also that most women probably wash or change their knickers before they take them off around others (men etc), so they won’t be at there worst.

        My mothers and sisters dirty knickers in the washing basket make me feel physically sick, mine are never anything like that bad… :/

      • Big G

        thanks for the nicker talk lesly.

    • Mr. E2me

      Hi Alice,

      ” i guess for money it would be good as long as it is legal and they dont hurt you,”

      So with this we have established WHAT you are and only haggling upon price ?

      • No, you missed the point. You are all a bunch of fucking losers and so are the pathetic women you date! Where I am from, the vast, vast, vast majority of women will not date older men, PERIOD! That is, the women with a brain would not date older men. When I was younger I had the experience of men my age not being ready for a committed relationship so I waited for them to catch up, I did not date men so much older than me just to settle down. Women did not do this simply on the matter of principle. I do not need a man so much wiser than me to tell me how to live my life or to support me, I have always been perfectly capable of taking care of myself, thank you.

        • Mr. E2me

          “You are all a bunch of fucking losers and so are the pathetic women you date!”
          So eloquent. Class like yours cannot be taught. You would never have a chance with me.

        • What can I say, scum like you bring out the best in me.

        • Brengunn

          Fuck off you wrinkly old whore!

          Why do you get to decide who young women date?

        • If you’re going to put it out there on a blog, be prepared to be judged. And Mr. E2Me, I must say, I’m sure the teenagers you date have so much more class than I do.

  31. And trust me, honey, you would make me vomit.

    • Brengunn

      Why did we ever let women off the leash? We really need to start disciplining our women folk again. They gotten a little too lippy.

      • Why did we ever let women off the leash? We really need to start disciplining our women folk again. They gotten a little too lippy.

        This is the whole problem with feminism. It creates monsters like this woman here. Yikes!

        • Mary

          Considering this is coming from a man wearing 1980s glasses and with a perm no less, it’s so funny. You honestly think you deserve respect or a companion. Your time ended a long, long time ago. This is why so many men married and were smart about who they married, so they had someone by the time this happened. You missed the boat and screwed up.

      • Mary

        Considering men are the majority of murderers (serial killers and random), robbers, pedos, rapists, arsonists, animal abusers and so on (look up the facts if you don’t believe me), you’re lucky women haven’t just shot all of you yet. You’d be literally worthless to us now if we didn’t like using you now and then for easy money.

        • Mott

          Mary- You’re absolutely right about men being the violent ones, and the rapists. But let’s face it- pedophilia is rare, so is arson and extreme animal abuse. Rapists only comprise a very small minority of males.

          And, women can’t really be rapists- it’s not possible, physically. So, even though what you say is true, only a tiny percentage of all males engage in murder, rape, arson, pedo, and animal abuse. I would say it is less than 5%, so that means 95% of all males don’t do this vile stuff.

          That leaves only robbery, which is much more common in its many forms. But isn’t females using males for “easy money” a form of stealing? But you imply that most women do this.

          So, even though 95% of men are not horrible violent criminals, you’re saying that 95% of women are whores?

        • big g

          Mary what a stupid thing to say. Contrary to your retarded belief , modern society operates because of men. Zero women technitians would have you dyeing in 2 days without men. Only a retard can’t see how your world would stop without a man to fix everything that he designed and makes. Could you even build a fire without a man. Once men build a mechanical pussy all women will die as a result of stupidity.

    • Mr. E2me

      Judging by yur avatar yur quite used up at this point , so yeah, back atcha.

    • mark

      Wow you’re pretty immature. You actually speak from your pussy. Which is probably loose at your age. Grow up spoiled brat.

    • Me


  32. Mr. E2me

    Oh Cindy dear,
    I doubt you are very big into news and information and all thought enlightening stuff. So I’ll make it easy for you. If it’s hard to understand I’ll try to increase the font size for you;
    ‘Online Dating Survey Says Over 50% of Women Will Date Men 30 Years Older’

    Now judging from the bad die job and titties that are millimeters away from being perpetually soccerball kicked by your knees, Ima gonna say- according to the article- your demographic is like 75-80.
    I’m far too young for you.

  33. And for all you who are looking for some teenage girls to hook up with, Dateline is holding special events for you, courtesy of Chris Hansen.

    • Mr. E2me

      “And for all you who are looking for some teenage girls to hook up with, Dateline is holding special events for you, courtesy of Chris Hansen”

      Hi Cindy.
      You Dummy. Nobody here said anything about underage or illegal girls.
      Just how hot young legal ones are.
      You are a bitter hag with not enough intellect to keep your facts straight.
      Perhaps you should not post or have the full dose of anti-psychotic meds prior to doing so.

      • Me

        I’m just saying…. Chris Hansen has a party lined up for you, just what you’re looking for, hot females a fraction of your age.

  34. Mary

    I personally don’t have anything against couples of age difference if they are actually caring about each other, but even then, as someone who actually has taught about the ways humans have evolved, I can’t ignore the actual reality and find it amusing that it gets twisted so often.

    If men evolved to be attracted to signs of fertility in women, which are many in young women, then it stands to reason that, as so many men have claimed, women evolved to be willing to give them that fertility in exchange for what they could supply. The women’s attraction is not based on looks, as the man’s is, because a “wealthy” man can be in different forms. For our ancestors, it only meant a man who could provide and usually a young, fit male was the best option and men even living to be 60 was unheard of and didn’t even get a thought. Longer chance of life means longer chance to protect the woman and offspring, better strength, and, yes, even more fertile as tests are now showing that men’s quality of sperm declines with age and so pregnancy isn’t as easy with an older man as with a young one.

    I like to use the Hollywood example. Sure, a much older actor may be in shape and still get film roles. Young women may still like him. But he’s not the 20 something male getting the most popular movies, making the most money, getting the most magazines covers, and the subject of much fantasy by young girls with his poster on their wall. Sly Stallone Vs. Rob Pattinson, let’s say.

    If you place a rich 20 something male with a fantastic body against an average older male with average income? The younger will always get more women. Now try the same with an especially fit older male with equal income to the young male. The young male is still going to do better. In the end, a man at his best when young and the only youth he can keep is what his money can buy him in the shape of a young woman and the “quality” of said woman depends on rather the man can give her a house and steady paycheck or more money than she can dream.

    • Mr. E2me

      Hi Mary ,
      You are so full of shit. Let me tell you why then you can go and fuckoff.
      1) You manipulate facts like a simple minded fool.
      “and, yes, even more fertile as tests are now showing that men’s quality of sperm declines with age and so pregnancy isn’t as easy with an older man as with a young one.”
      Uhm. no. It’s females who’s eggs decline in quality over time. Older men may lose their count but not their quality. Pregnancy is still very easily attainable with an older man.

      2) Baseless comparisons.
      “I like to use the Hollywood example. Sure, a much older actor may be in shape and still get film roles. Young women may still like him. But he’s not the 20 something male getting the most popular movies, making the most money, getting the most magazines covers, and the subject of much fantasy by young girls with his poster on their wall. Sly Stallone Vs. Rob Pattinson, let’s say.”
      Uhm Brad Pitt beats Robert Pattinson everytime and that dude is about to be 50.

      Gots to go. There’s intelligent people to mingle with. You are an idiot Mary.

      • Me

        That was very well put of Mary. Rachele, it’s you that diminishes the value of women. What are you going to do when you are 40 if you’re still single? I guess you better find someone pretty quick or you’ll just have to wonder on off into the fields and shoot yourself because after 40 you won’t be worth anything.

    • Big G

      dear mary. the only factor in all of this is money. it doesn’t matter how old you are or how fat and ugly you are. there will always be a hot women ready to give him sex. that’s what women do. mary. wake the fuck up. everytime Robert makes a comment about this subject the 3 woman who believe the world revolves around young love feel the need to comment. the world is an ugly place and women only need money. period.

  35. Christopher Anderson

    ronnieqq on CS
    life is too short for love not to be felt.
    I am a:
    55 yr-old man seeking women, 47-65
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    I’m looking for:
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    Hello Miss. am Ronnie

    Christopher Anderson

  36. Mr. E2me

    So this is a dating site now ?
    I had it all wrong. I was under the impression
    this was discussion for high minded malcontents.
    Now it’s a meet market ?
    I’ll play anyway.
    Who’s single and looking for a date ?
    I’m fat old and broke.
    And I enjoy long walks on the beach.
    Looking for a hirsute female that
    answers to Patty or Matilda.

  37. I like the part about Filipina ladies seeking older men. That’s right. Filipino women are the most stunning women on this planet. There are no ugly Filipino women, you know? I mean, Filipino women are thin and small. OK, some Western guys complain about too skinny Filipino ladies but they are beautiful. What else do you need from a girl?

  38. countryqueen

    I will probably be banned for my opinion but, here goes. The author of this trash piece is extremely unattractive and if a teenage kid was looking at him she was probably worried that gramps was a pedofile. gross. poor girl probably reported a creepy looking man to police. haha. so ALL men want young hot sweet thangs, right? so us gals over 35 don’t have much of a chance, huh? this is news to me. are all you old nasty creepy bastards so insecure that you need your ego stroked by a younger, usually needy and messed up chick with daddy issues and no cash (for drugs) to screw?
    bet she keeps a paper bag by the bed. if i had to ever lower myself to have sex with an old gross wrinkly freak i would double bag it. he he.
    bet you dudes will ban my comment cause it hurts your so fragile juvenile egos. the old farts on this site could turn a straight women gay or else celibate. get over yourselves pops. understand the average, younger women with decent self esteem views you with pity, as a joke, they laugh and joke about you behind your back. trust me i know what i am talking about.
    now go ahead and bash me with how unattractive, old or fat i must be. sorry to disappoint gramps but i am quite the looker, not just my opinion either.
    and pardon my french but someone referred to a womans female parts as sloppy pussy….well, limp old wrinkly dicks ain’t attractive. young hot well muscled studs are what ALL wonmen want, young and old.
    now go order your viagra and jack off to the internet porn.
    also, if my dad had caught you lusting after me at 16 you’d be picking buckshot out your flat butt. pevert.

    • cwilcox333@gmail.com

      Get over yourself you ugly 4 eyed looser!

      Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®

    • Clover

      OK,ok.lol. Damn people..I dated a man 20yrs my senior. The charm,charisma and sexual desire were on point. He had 3 kids which the oldest is my age(uncomfortable) I had a far better education than him and most times felt emotionally older. I also made more money. All this said, after a while I questions his morals and my own and felt sick about the entire situation….So there blows a lot of ideas..Also if a 16 year old child was trying to get my attention I ‘d be disgusted. Sorry

    • Big G

      well opinions are like assholes and most stink. this one stinks bad. no older man would spend 10 minutes with this bitch. the young guys would hang around cause shes buying the drinks.

  39. Lesley

    You see a lot of guys with older women too…

  40. What do we have pedophiles then for?

    • Look jerk, I am banning you.


      • Samantha

        I think you need to understand that normal men (especially ones your age) don’t get turned on when 16 year old girls give them “the look”. So you don’t believe you were a child when you were 16? That you were too stupid and immature to really understand what you were doing? Do you have children or younger sisters that you may be able to put yourself in the shoes of? I’m surprised this post didn’t get attention from the authorities. It really gives me the creeps that a 54 year old man was turned on by a 16 year old, and then told a creeped out 16 year old (Alice) that a girl her age was giving him “the look”. That girl may have had father issues, Maybe she was playing a game called “lets see how pervy this old guy is”. there’s a word for people like you my friend, its called a pedophile. And don’t call me some crazy old lady feminist (even though I think you need to google what the term feminist means) I’m 20. No offense to your 80 year old grandmother but she clearly didn’t understand the psychological harm that can be caused from a 20 year old dating a 50 year old. Women were treated like trash during her generation. And gosh, you speak like you’d screw a 13 year old. Seriously? you don’t have interactions with 13-17 year olds so you don’t have much of a barometer? So if you were lets say a high school teacher you’d be screwing all of the incoming freshmen girls and maybe even the 12 year old eighth graders coming in for tours? If you don’t understand why it is WRONG for a man in his 50s to want to have sex with a teenager you are extremely sick, and for some reason just keep blaming biology. Let me give you a news flash, a woman’s estrogen hormones are at their peak in her mid to late 20s NOT during her teens. So blame your OWN pervert instincts.

        • big g

          Robert they get caught up in there little mido worlds that they create. They overlook many things right in front of thier eyes. And they misunderstand a lot of what you said. Thier brain doesn’t contain the ability to look at the big picture,. she said a lot of things that weren’t true. Like mental trauma that occurs when a younger woman dates an older guy. While over looking the long term damage that teen girls do to each other. I would say some teen age girls seek older men to get away from what the other girls are childishly doing to hurt them psychologically. A mature man in an immature world seems like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. This bitch Samantha seems like a controller that doesn’t like other girls escaping her childish kingdom of control thru mental stress by dating an older man. They can’t have any girls busting ranks and not obeying dictated protocall by the mido queen.

  41. Good opinions, but i have more reasons of older men like younger women, please check my blog, thanks for your sharing.


  42. younger women is so fresh 🙂
    so beautiful
    that’s why older men like younger women

  43. What a stupid issue this is. Men of 20 persue girls of 18 because those girls are very desirable, not because they happen to be around the same age as them. Why does no one ever question the reasons why a guy of 20 Persues a girl of 18, because if they did, they might be shocked by the answer, which is exactly the same set of reasons why any man of any other age wants to do the same. All this stupidity about a girl being young enough to be your daughter. If a man is really concerned as to whether he could unknowingly be a girl,s father, then he should avoid the encounter and keep his stupidity to himself. If I found women of 50 desirable, I would have persued them when I was 17. Any man who needs 30 years to understand what women he is interested in, should be more concerned about his own inability to define what seems natural and instinctively correct, rather than trying to dictate such things to others. If I am a pervert because I see it as a normal natural inclination to find girls of 18 desirable at nearly 50, then I have been a pervert since puberty. If I am to be regarded as being a pervert because I find it obscure to want to consider an old lady as a partner, then the world has become a very strange place. Yes, there are many who have been together for many years and who have a love that has grown with time, and that is something which can be considered to be valuable in life, but outside of this consideration, talk of red blooded men acting in appropriately because they appreciate attractive young women is daft. I recall the wife of a friend who really hated me because I liked attractive girls, yet she was quite happy for her 17 year old son to be bedding them on a regular basis. The hypocrasy of this I found very distasteful.

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  51. Bree

    I’m a 20 year old female and soon to be 21, and I am going to add my two cents in. I could not be attracted to an older man (30 and up), physically or mentally. There’s just somthing about them that just doesn’t feel right, it’s definitely their plumeting looks and waning masculinity. People are not educated about the male and female reproductive system. When a man goes past the age of 30-35 the quality of his sperm starts to plummet, this could lead to and highly increase the chances of his children (despite how old the woman he is sleeping with is) being born with mental illnesses, disabilities and physical deformation. A man’s virility starts to significantly decrease with age, this could lead to his muscle mass and his penis size decrease. I’m glad older men are starting to realise that us younger women don’t want them, that we are not these mindless robots who would say “yes” to any man who grabs us.

    • LOL, I got a number of younger women in their 20’s past that age, especially in my mid-40’s. When I was 43 years old, I had an 18 year old gf. I still get young women to this very day. In the last five years I have gotten young women from 23-29, eve models. I have no idea how I do this. I agree with you that the vast majority of men my age are not interesting to women in their 20’s, but maybe I am not the average guy. Also I would agree with you that most women in their 20’s do not seem to be interested in me at all. I learned that a while back. But a few of them are, that’s for sure!

  52. Bree

    Oh and btw: the only reason why Thai and Asian women ‘like’ older Caucasian men is because they want the green card. They are not physically attracted to the older man, they just like what they have. It’s the same for seeing a young beauty being with an old rich fart; she doesn’t like him for him, she’s not physically attracted to him. She just likes him for the benefits he provides. Women like that are ready to to sacrifice feeling physical attraction and euphoria.

    • What sort of benefits can an old fart provide for a young woman?

      Young women can feel physically attracted to older men. I had a gf in her mid-20’sa few years ago and used to say, “Wow, you have a good body! Damn you are so sexy!” stuff like that. An she meant it too.

      • Jason Y

        Personality makes a difference too, an older guy with charm and humor might win over a young girl. For instance, I’m sure 18 year girls are attracted to some of their bosses/teachers etc..

        • Jason Y

          Who wants to bet members of the Duck Dynasty, even if they didn’t have all that money, couldn’t get a piece of 18 year old country ass? 😆

        • How do you think I do it? I am 58 years old and I get IOI’s, friendly smiles and flirtation all the way to asking me for my number and out and out propositioning me from young women in their 20’s on a pretty regular basis.

          You think they do that because of my looks? I am 58 years old. I chalk it up0 to charm, charisma, magic, Game, what have you, but I doubt if it is looks at my age.

        • Tulio

          I had a professor who I’m sure at the time was in his mid 50s or so. Even though he was married with a young kid, he was known to be a player and college girls were all over him. He kind of looked like Tom Selleck in his hay day and was very charismatic and funny. Everyone wanted to take his class. I’m sure he was tapping college pussy.

  53. I have discovered that sometimes, there is very little obvious logic involved in the men that girls are attracted to. Generally, of course you tend to find attractive young women with younger men, but there are no hard and fast rules. There could be a tall, young, attractive guy who has wit, charm, charisma etc, and a very attractive girl will simply ignore him in preference for a non charismatic overweight guy, or a much older man. I have seen it so much over the years that I have stopped trying to figure it out. I am now middle aged and get ignored by very many young attractive women, but sometimes, a very attractive girl will make it obvious that she is trying to attract my attention. It makes no sense. I went to University for four years and never once did any girl pay me the slightest bit of attention. I went back to the same city in my forties, and went back one night a week to the Student,s Union. The number of times that I got chased after and chatted up by girls I could not believe. Why? Only girls themselves can answer that one. All those girls and older women out there who complain about older guys with attractive young women. The truth is that usually when you see such a thing, it is the girl who has decided that she wants the guy, so all the complaining women should turn to their own gender instead of complaining about the men

  54. Frances Burrows

    What about this then I have been married to a good looking, fit, sexy man
    for just five years, we have sex/make love every three or four days, sometimes twice in succession bringing each other to a full climax. My husband is 79 and I am a few years older. He doesn’t look it and neither do I. Please stop assuming that people get less attractive as they get older
    As a joke we both put photos on an internet dating site – we both got
    enough replies to keep us assured that a full, sexy sex life is not just for the
    under 50’s.

  55. Missxxxxxxx

    I’m a woman in her 20s and I hate old men coming on to me. It happens way too often, some sleazy old bastard in his 40’s who clearly doesn’t even have wealth going for him trying to chat me up. Ewww! Fuck off granddad! Lie to yourself all you want, most young women do NOT want a guy old enough granddad. Get back to your own dating pool ffs.

    • Tough shit bitch. Just shut them down. Happens to me all the time. What’s the big deal anyway?

    • Drays

      I know, right? The great thing about evolution is, um, ‘evolving’. All these old guys who need to date relative children so that they can feel good about themselves get pissed because they know the world and women are ‘evolving’ not to need or want them. Especially not the younger ones. Snap.

      Dye your hair, get some plastic surgery, use sunscreen, and lose the gut…. if you want to feel younger.

  56. dat

    I think it’s fine if 2 consenting adults want to be in a relationship regardless of age, but there is a certain point where it’s just awkward… when it’s a man above 60 trying to date women 18-25, that’s kind of odd. I feel like only a woman with very little future prospects would fall into that type of situation. When I was 18 or 22, I felt like I had a bright future ahead, why would I want to be with an old fogie who already lived most of his life?

    If I were uneducated and had no path in life, perhaps I would have tried to go that route in hopes of gaining a future of financial stability out of him… hopefully I would inherit the bank. If he didn’t own a home or have money, no way in hell I would have been seen with him. My point is, the only woman who does that is one who is not confident in her ability to build her own financial stability and wealth. All this stuff goes out the window after 30 or 40. At that point date whatever age person you want, you’ve lived, you’ve worked, you probably know where you are in life.

    For men, it makes them feel good about themselves when they are with a younger woman. It makes them feel younger and more desirable. it also gives them a hard-on, which apparently is the main goal of men. Plus, it’s easier to control younger women. Less experience, less hard headed, less confidence, less financial stability, less income. It’s easy to get them trapped, get them in a comfortable place away from their families and become their source of income…

  57. Hmm it looks like your blog ate my first comment (it was super long) so I guess I’ll just sum itup what I wrote and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog.I as well am an aspiring blog blogger but I’m still new to everything.Do you have any points for rookie blog writers?I’d definitely appreciate it.

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