Kristallnacht and the Pogrom Mentality in Palestine


This time it is Jews who have the pogrom mindset and who engage in Kristallnacht type attacks against Palestinians, Christians, Israeli Arabs, and frankly, anyone who is not a Jew.

Apologists will say that this is only a minority of Jews in Palestine who are running around doing this stuff. But it’s always a minority. Hitler was elected with only 34% of the vote.

Note the similarity to attacks by fascist type mobs in other parts of the world. Price tag attacks are reminiscent of pogroms against Jews in Europe and the Arab World, Hindutvadi depradations against minorities in India, anti-Uighur riots in China, attacks on non-Muslims in Egypt, Iraq, Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Sudan, Yemen and other places, and fascist mob actions in the 1930’s.

Note the wide support for the Price Tag gangsters among Israeli society and especially among the military (active duty military are suspected members of Price Tag mobs). Little is done to stop the attackers, and mob rule paralyzes society to the extent that the state basically gives in to the Price Tag gangs and tries to stop antagonizing them by destroying illegal settlements and whatnot.

Note the repeated attacks on Christian churches and Christians themselves. This is the Jewish hatred of Christianity that I mentioned earlier.

It has deep roots and goes back many centuries in Europe.

Until very recently, one of the conversion ceremonies in Israel involved spitting on a cross. A Medieval tradition mandated that European Jews spit on the ground whenever they passed a church. One of the traditional prayers of the Orthodox, said every morning by Orthodox males, prayed for all Christians to be sent to Hell.


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39 responses to “Kristallnacht and the Pogrom Mentality in Palestine

  1. Huax

    “anti-Uighur riots in China”

    Robert, you’re kidding me, right? The Uighur are fucking scum. They are known for rape and murder on top of genocide and revisionism. The fact that they haven’t been wiped off the face of the earth is testament to the excessive tolerance and kindness of the Han. The Manchu would have put them all in death camps.

    • Xera

      Oh Shit!!! Huax is back!! I thought you were already shitted enough on in the Sumerian East Asian debate.

      • Huax

        I owned you hard there. You ran off crying like a little girl and babbling gibberish, and I honestly laughed out loud several times at your posts.

        • Xera

          Other way around bro, you didn’t own anyone except show how hilariously wrong you are about Asians being stupid and ripping off everything of Blacks and how top caliber white and Caucasian women of other races will never in their lives look at an Asian guy; THEN you started crying about Genghis Khan’s conquests and then throwing desperate fuuuuuuuuuu type enraged gibberish insults at everyone about stuff they were throwing at your Asians. It was me, Mott and everyone else that was laughing at you though.

        • Huax

          Sounds like your typical psychotic delusions. You were pounding your keys in a rage. I already explained to you that top tier East Asian women don’t even look at ugly towelheads like yourself. Meanwhile, your sluts certainly have spread their legs for every Hun and Mongol to pass through the area.

        • Huax

          In fact, I’ll pay you if you can find a single instance in history of a decent East Asian woman ever having anything to do with you sand niggers.

      • Hitler

        HUAXXXX IS BAXXXX! Lun fol yol rives, Angros!

  2. Robert, I have been wondering what is your obsession with Jews and things Jewish. You’ve posted four pieces in less than a week – whilst always protesting that too much time is spent on Jews and they’re not that important.

    Were you dropped on your head by a Jewish nanny as a baby?

    And as for this diatribe, it seems that you’re really desperately searching for some stick with which to beat us. It is not being an apologist to point out that you are seeking to make a huge mountain out of the proverbial molehill.

    [“a recent analysis sets the figure at a few dozen individuals, organized in small close-knit and well-organised cells[and backed by a few hundred right-wing activists”]

    And this from a population of 6 million. A long way from your quote of 34% support for Hitler.

    And to try to equate the daubing of graffiti and uprooting a few trees with the anti-Jewish pogroms in Russia and Europe would be laughable if the comparison was not so odious.

    I do not condone the vandalism and paint splashing, but these were the actions of hotheaded youths who did not appreciate the ammunition they were providing for a world desperate to find any excuse with which to condemn us.

    Your allegation of “wide support”is simply not substantiated by the facts:

    [“The settler leadership have “fiercely condemned” the price tag policy,and the vast majority of Yesha rabbis have expressed their reservations about it. According to Shin Bet, the vast majority of the settlers also reject such actions.
    The “price tag” concept and violence have been publicly rejected by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and many people across the political spectrum in Israel have denounced recent incidents,
    A later survey, conducted in November 2011 by Tel Aviv University, found that 88% of Jewish Israelis said they were opposed to the “price tag” attacks”]

    And, of course, there is this:

    [“in some cases, Israeli settlers have claimed that Palestinians and left wing activists staged “price tag” attacks as a means of provocation, in an attempt to tarnish the image of Jewish settlers in the West Bank.
    In some cases it was indeed discovered that the settlers were falsely accused of carrying out price tag attacks”]

    Regarding the religious aspect. There is virtually no hatred of Christians or Christianity in Israel today. As you are always at great pains to point out, American Christians are amongst the greatest supporters of the Jewish state. Last year, 54% of almost 3 million tourists were Christians, a large proportion from America.

    As far as the morning prayers are concerned – I cannot claim any expertise in this field. What religious people will say and do in the name of their God always seem to me to be akin to the incantantions associated with witchcraft.

    I do know that they thank God every morning for not having created them a woman – but that’s a whole different issue.

    Finally, I know that you’re always searching for a controversial headline – but “Kristallnacht” – give me a break!

    By the way – where is “Palestine”? I couldn’t find it on the map.

    The way things are heading – I probably never will!

    [quotes from wiki – but you can check other sources – wiki is quicker]

    • Dota


      “”Robert, I have been wondering what is your obsession with Jews and things Jewish. You’ve posted four pieces in less than a week “”

      You’ve been back for about a week to after being unbanned? See a correlation?
      Provably not. Victimhood is addictive.

    • from andyboy’s ‘quick wiki-
      ‘Israeli liberal journalist Isak Letz has chronicled numerous instances of Orthodox Jewish groups becoming increasingly active in their opposition to Jews converting to Christianity, including violent acts against converts. These attacks often go unpunished by Israeli authorities. In general, Christian missionaries limit proselytism in Israel due to Christian Zionist beliefs, and many believe reports of proselytism made by Orthodox Jewish groups are exaggerated as a pretext to attack Christians in the region.”..
      “A frequent complaint of Christian clergy in Israel is being spat at by Jews, often Haredi yeshiva students. Even Christian ceremonial processions have been alleged to have been spat at, with one incident near the Holy Sepulchre causing a fracas which led to the destruction of the Armenian Archbishop’s 17th-century cross. The Anti-Defamation League has called on the chief Rabbis to speak out against the interfaith assaults. One Christian complained that the spitting was “almost a daily experience.”. Clergymen in the Armenian Church in Jerusalem have said that they are all victims of harassment, and that whilst most incidents are ignored, when they complain, the police don’t usually find the perpetrators. Father Goosan, Chief Dragoman of the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem, stated that, “I know there are fanatical Haredi groups that don’t represent the general public but it’s still enraging. It all begins with education. It’s the responsibility of these men’s yeshiva heads to teach them not to behave this way,”
      “In May 2008, hundreds of New Testaments were burned in Or Yehuda, Israel after having been collected by the Deputy Mayor who described the material as “Messianic propaganda” and claimed the books were burned by three Yeshiva students. In May 2009 a Russian orthodox church in Northern Israel was showered with stones thrown by yeshiva students, injuring many of the congregation.”
      “In 2009 a church in Israel was vandalised. Messages such as “We killed Jesus” and “Christians out” were written on it, as well as “Fuck off” which was adorned with a Star of David. Churchmen at the site also stated that the church doors are urinated on almost every day.”
      “In 2012 a Greek Orthodox Christian monastery near Jerusalem was defaced with “Death to Christians”, and “Greeks out” slogans. Jerusalem’s Christian community was said to feel increasingly under assault.”

      • OOPS!
        That was in response to-
        “There is virtually no hatred of Christians or Christianity in Israel today.”

      • “I know there are fanatical Haredi groups that don’t represent the general public”

        And that’s exactly the point.

        Every society has its loonies; these people are outside the mainstream of Israeli society and are reviled by Jews as much, or even more than by other groups. They don’t treat Jews any better, and most of them don’t even accept or recognise Israel or its laws. Unfortunately, it is religion itself that is at the heart of these incidents. I don’t mean just the Jewish religion – I mean ALL religion.

        The acts of vandalism and graffiti are the actions of ignorant mindless hooligans . I’m sorry that it happens, and it embarrasses me that these people are Jews.

        I just try to maintain a sense of proportion. The incidents are, in fact, very few and far between, but, of course, receive much publicity,

        It’s just not a perfect world……………..

    • Robert, I have been wondering what is your obsession with Jews and things Jewish. You’ve posted four pieces in less than a week – whilst always protesting that too much time is spent on Jews and they’re not that important.

      Were you dropped on your head by a Jewish nanny as a baby?

      You’re calling me antisemite. You’re not allowed to do that, remember? That’s what you got banned for. Now be careful with that one. If you keep on doing this, I’m going to ban you again.

      I told you that I’m fascinated by Jews. That right there ought to explain the multiplicity of Jew posts.

      I’m also bored at the moment.

      • Being fascinated with Jews and Jewish subjects doesn’t make you an anti- Semite and I didn’t intend to make that inference.

        Sorry you’re bored…………..

    • The post isn’t really about Jews. It’s about Israel. Recall I’m an Israel-hater, ok?

      • Hate is not good for the soul – especially if it becomes all consuming.

        Life’s too short

        You’ll discover that the nearer you get to the end of it……………

        • That’s ok. I hate lots of things. And Israel is one of those things. I am perfectly comfortable with that philosophy, and I am a very calm person.

        • Hatred is a very extreme emotion – it tends to impair judgment.

          Couldn’t you settle for “intensely dislike?”

        • Not at all. I’ve been hating my whole life. I’m quite comfortable with it. I mostly hate more abstract things as opposed to people around me, if that makes you feel any better. But I don’t like a lot of nations, political movements, religions, governments, political views and frankly those who hold them, etc. I’m a very intellectualized person, so this stuff doesn’t really get my blood pressure up much.

          Anyway, as a Zionist, it’s clear that you hate all sorts of things, as Zionism is an ideology of hate and Israel is a hate state. You also hate a lot of other stuff, namely religions and the religious. In particular, Islam. I know this well from reading your site.

        • “Zionism is an ideology of hate and Israel is a hate state”

          I don’t believe that statement to be true, but it’s a sterile circular argument to debate it further.

          Regarding Arabs, I don’t hate them as individuals. It’s just that I take a dim view of those of them committed to the destruction of Israel and/or the Jews. Living where I do, I suspect that I have more daily contact with them than you ever have, and I have no problem with that.

          I do think, however, that it is not unreasonable to intensely dislike those seeking our elimination from the face of the Earth.

          Regarding the religious, you’re right. I don’t like them too much, but it’s basically the concept of organised religion that I have a problem with.

          Nice to know that someone reads my site – why not subscribe?

          You’ll learn all sorts of things you can use for ammunition in the future!

  3. Huax

    “Chinese did not distinguish between the Turki Uyghurs and the Central Asian invaders under Jahangir, killing Turkis who tried to bribe Chinese and sought refuge with them. Many Chinese and Chinese Muslims (Dungan) had been killed by Jahangir, so they were eager for revenge.[23]

    In the revolt of 1864, the Uyghurs were successful in expelling the Qing Dynasty officials from East Turkestan, and founded an independent Kashgaria kingdom, called Yettishar (English: “country of seven cities”). Under the leadership of Yakub Beg, it included Kashgar, Yarkand, Hotan, Aksu, Kucha, Korla and Turpan. The kingdom was recognized by the Ottoman Empire (1873), Tsarist Russia (1872), and Great Britain (1874), which established a mission in the capital, Kashgar.

    Uyghur Muslim forces under Yaqub Beg declared a Jihad against Chinese Muslims under Tuo Ming (T’o Ming) during the Dungan revolt. The Uyghurs thought that the Chinese Muslims were Shafi`i, and since the Uyghurs were Hanafi, they should wage war against them.”

    The “Uighur” are frauds that have stolen the name of prestigious ethnic group, and became a majority in Xinjiang through a combination of genocide and population flooding. They killed millions upon millions of Hui Muslim women and children.

    The riots in Urumqi (a city founded by a Han Emperor now 50% polluted with Uighur scum) are just a continuance of their genocidal impulse (they murdered Kazakhs too).

    The fact that the West’s media supports this shows that they are also evil scum and should never be taken seriously.

  4. Bay Area Guy

    Oh man, Huax AND Andyboy on the same thread.

    This should be fun!

    • Well, he’s posting about obscure subjects that appear to be irrelevant to the real world today.

      I, on the other hand, deal with today’s reality.

      And “ne’er the twain shall meet”!

      • Huax

        How typically Jewish to regard everyone else as irrelevant. But you’re right, it shouldn’t be an issue today. We should have exterminated the Uighur in the 1880s.

        Too bad Chinese people can’t stomach murdering non-combatants except in extreme cases.

        • “How typically Jewish to regard everyone else as irrelevant.”

          Ain’t that the truth.

        • Xera

          “Too bad Chinese people can’t stomach murdering non-combatants except in extreme cases.”
          Unless they are animals such as innocent dogs, bears or goats, cats for extremely retarded sadistic purposes or even their own people to decrease that goddamn population problem by factories and you-know-what!!! Oh boy here we go again!!! How typically Asian to distort facts about themselves and then throw extreme exaggerated remarks and rage fits to cancel out negative truths because of how hilariously wrong they are.

        • I didn’t say that you were irrelevant. I said the subject was obscure.

          Anyway, it’s not uppermost in everyone’s daily thoughts.

          So – Miss Bibi – read carefully before you bitch at me.

        • Huax

          “Unless they are animals such as innocent dogs, bears or goats, cats ”

          We didn’t ask for a list of your four last sex partners.

        • Xera

          Huax you can do better then that!! In my part of the world at least I CAN actually find a human sex partner unlike the billions of Chinese without one and whom won’t find any in the next two decades, the the millions of Japanese with blow up dolls plus the entirety of the Asian population in the West that can’t get laid with even Asians or any other race girls.

        • Huax

          You’re proud of the fact that you fuck goats and dogs.

          Gotcha. Billions of Chinese without sex partners? HAHAHAHA

          What a retard.

      • Bay Area Guy

        Andyboy, if it weren’t for Israel’s fifth columns in the U.S. and other Western countries, Israel would have ceased to be relevant long ago. Its military wouldn’t be nearly as powerful, it wouldn’t enjoy a favored trade status with Western countries, it would have been subjected to more effective UN action, etc.

        At the very least, it would have been taught some humility and put on notice for its several misdeeds, not against the Palestinians and other Arabs, but against its own damn ally/sugar daddy, the U.S.

        (ie. Lavon Affair and attack on the USS Liberty, not to mention Israel spitting in the U.S.’s face by selling U.S. military secrets to the highest bidder)

        But be warned. Sooner or later, Israel’s antics are going to earn it a nasty, nasty backlash, one which will extend to the organized diaspora Jewish communities that support it.

        And when that happens, Israel will cease to be relevant, as it should be. No state as small or resource deprived as Israel should command such attention and have such relevance, and yet it does.

        But it won’t last. Mark my words.

  5. “But it won’t last. Mark my words”.

    Nothing lasts forever – but forever is a long time. Your prediction has been articulated many times over the years: 1947/48, 1967.1973 etc. And Israel is much stronger today than it was then.

    But of course, its future may be determined, not by the size of America’s financial relationship, but more by the size of its Presidents balls.

    When Iran has sufficient nuclear bombs (I fear it is a “when” and not an “if”), then you may yet live to see your wish fulfilled. But you will need to finish your celebrations quickly because you’re next on the list.

    Of course, Iran will not be able to totally eliminate America, but could cause quite a lot of pain, both to it and its allies. . And the political fallout as you are perceived to be weaker, and no longer the invincible super power, will have its own momentum.

    As the oft quoted Chinese saying goes: “be careful what you wish for…..”

    The world has seen empires rise and fall – and countries and civilisations vanish forever.

  6. AlanJ

    Inquisition of Goa by Portuguese.

    Christianity has blood on its hands just as much as Islam has.

    I will give you the truth: ” This Universe really does not exist, it just a fiction as far as God is concerned” In Hinduism it is called a “Imperfect dream of a Perfected being being dreamed by God” God does nothing directly he uses a proxy chain of other God-lets.

    The state Hinduism is today is due to not following our principle of “Moderation” and “Balance”. To explain

    A Indian King Asoka[more so of a Dictator] did repeated bloody conquests on neighboring kingdoms only to realize futility of bloodshed and was swayed by Buddha and adopted and propagated Buddhism[nothing wrong with that], but when you are a King you have to fight and make conquests[only when needed], Take Buddha as your spiritual guru, not him as your Defense minster.

    Buddhism brought Passivisim in India. They just did not fight.

    Second problem we faced is lack of awareness of depravity of outside barbarians. Take Afghanistan if we had secured it like a Castle many thousands of years ago, Hinduism would be secure.

    Hindu Kings followed our Live and Let live principle, we followed our “War Doctrine” In a battle King fights King, General a general, a solider fights a solider. No civilian is harmed, and in the end the vanquished is not killed, a treaty is brought about.

    The incentive for Muslim Barbarians from the west was to plunder, destroy and rape which they did. Hinduism follows these principles

    1. Brahmins [ Intellectuals, Spiritual Gurus, Learned people, scholars etc] not necessarily hereditary as now. Anybody could become a Brahmin. A Spiritual Brahmins life is full of a hardship which a even a well groomed, disciplned westerner cannot follow, will you lay down your life to a barbarians sword knowing well that your of your principles even not getting angry or cursing at that barbarians something like Jesus Christ did ” We still have a few people like that in India”

    2. Kshathriyas[ Rulers], They took advice, mostly from bookish not well exprienced Bhramins at times. They needed to protect Hinduism and rule people with an Iron fist.

    3. Vaishyas[ Business People] All commercial businesses.

    4, Shudras [ All Workforce] Laborers etc. Hard labor.

    In Manu smrithi, it is stated When a Shudra sins and needs to be punished, he should be lightly punished, Vyshyas moderately punished, Brahmin the most severe, simply becoz he is lawmaker and should know the Law.

    Why did India not embrace Islam or Christianity in droves becoz of our High Caliber Brahmins whose disciplined Austere life is something to be revered by masses, we rather lay down our life than kill and dirty our religion.

    At the same time it is necessary for Kshyathriya to fight to an extent to protect Hinduism. All four type of beings work in unison an harmony to protect Hinduism. Hinduism is not a religion, Every aspect of life right from getting up in the morning to sleeping in the night, everything you eat, think, and work used to revolve around God, which has now taken a back seat to crass materialism.

    Hinduism will be back; mistake outsiders did was not to loot our spiritual knowledge which can be preserved. Sanskrit is and was the second most widely read language in Europe. It has influenced many Western Philosophers and scientist.

    Educate yourself about Hinduism[Sanathana Dharma AKA Eternal Moral Order] in detail, it is a Universal religion not just on Planet Earth it even thrives in most Hells.

  7. Robert Lindsay, you believe that the Holocaust happened?

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