Family Friend Victimized By “Knockout Game” in Portland

An old friend of my family, of my mother’s specifically, was victimized by the “Knockout Game” in Portland, Oregon. She was walking down the sidewalk in the downtown area around 9 AM when a young Black man about age 19-21 ran up behind her and punched her in the back of the head, very hard. She fell down, crashing into a flowerbed on the side of the sidewalk. Then he took off running. She was still conscious, and she was not seriously injured. She’s 80 years old though. He could have killed her.

You can Google the Knockout Game if you like. Young men, apparently most if not all young Blacks, run up behind a person, often but not always a White person, hit them in the head and then run away. It may take more extreme forms. The common denominator is a brutal assault on an unsuspecting person followed by the assailants running away. People have been badly beaten this way and have ended up in the hospital.

My mother told me about this, and she was dumbfounded when I told her about the Knockout Game. Although she is White, liberal and would be considered nonracist, she is a typical White person, as Obama and I would both say. She knows Blacks well and has no illusions about them. I don’t have any illusions about them either; I also know them quite well.

She nodded her head knowingly when I said the perpetrators of this game were often young Black males and the victims were often Whites. Her attitude was, “Well, of course.” One of her old relatives was mugged by a Black in St. Louis in the 1930’s. It took the woman a long time to get over it, and this was back in lynching days. Another relative, some distant aunt, was raped at age ~80 by a young Black man who climbed in her window in Los Angeles and raped her. What kind of man rapes an 80 year old woman.

My Mom’s not particularly racist, nor am I, even after this latest incident. As a race realist, I just say, “It figures, what do you expect?” On the other hand, it’s so much easier after a few incidents like this to just go racist all the way. That’s the easy way out. We White liberals bend over backwards and go into all sorts of convolutions to not be racist, no matter what the provocations. See the crap we put up with from Blacks? And we still don’t go racist. That’s not easy.


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26 responses to “Family Friend Victimized By “Knockout Game” in Portland

  1. Couldn’t be! The Oregonian would have written about it, wouldn’t they? (sarcasm).

  2. NonKoolAidDrinker

    The kids that play the Knock Out Game are usually black but the victims can be any race. the common denominator of the vics is that they’re people that are unlikely to fight back.
    This is considered on of the worse KO’s ever caught on video. The kid that punched the homeless man is still at large and wanted by the Chicago PD.

  3. NonKoolAidDrinker

    Reminds me of the movie Clockwork Orange. The scene where Alex and his boys beat up the homeless man just because he;e there and they can do it. Where’s the outrage from the bystanders? All you hear is laughing and cheering. When the camera pans the crowd on the train it’s all smiles and a few blank faces. No frowns, no anger. Bizarre and scary.

  4. seedofjapheth

    Did the family friend develop any racist feelings after the incident?

  5. Xera

    I had a similar experience albeit with a different take, when I once went to a third world country (although now identified as a developing country for a reason I can’t fathom) a while back after not having been there since the age of 7 and living in emerging & post-Industralized countries in that period between when I last went there. At first when I went in the Airport, to head to said country, I had never seen so many ugly people congregated in the same space in my life at this point. There were obviously from there but I told myself that I was being too shallow and maybe these people were dealt a bad hand coming from a poor impoverished country, hence the utter contempt and scorn they received from the upper echelons of American society because of the fact that they were too much the result of whatever background they came from; hence they were unable to meet the highest ideals set down by modern American society, until maybe 2 generations after.

    Then I saw their behavior, their lack of hygiene, their filthiness, their backwardness, and of course their close-mindedness. They were disgusting & childlike, obnoxious, things I took note when I was on the airplane and just childish primitive assholes; this is not because I am a condescending jerk as I tried being polite and decent with them but I didn’t see any attempt at civilized behavior or manner in return. They were uncompromising, irritating, disgusting, & narrow-minded.

    I was in this country for two months for a friend, and I was sick of the attitude and short-sightedness of the people that resided there. The sheer ugliness of the people here inside & out gave me shudders. The place I resided in was severely overcrowded, the roads weren’t even made correctly and they were half-done roads that people were crowding around blocking the cars. The traffic was so fucking bad and the design of the cities & places so bad, it took me 4-6 hours just to cross 4 blocks during noon. I had to wait, until there was actually space to drive in the roads, which was, I swear to god like waiting for a lottery to show up your name. The traffic was fucking terrible, they were people walking on the fucking roads and there so much smog & congestion that it suffocated me. You had to add the certain extreme heat during the afternoons and mid-day and holy shit you could die.

    Even Mexico or Latin American flavella’s was paradise compared to this shithole. They’re was garbage and shit in this one river because no had the decency or the will to clean it up, let alone not throw shit in it. Everything else wrong with the country was someone else’s problem and someone else had to fix it. The state was corrupt obviously, such to the point someone had the money to fix all these things, we are talking some billions of dollars, yet these people were so callous, self-serving, short-sighted, they wasted it in on building useless shit like a fucking planetarium, on Ipads, Iphones, cellphones, out-dated former model cars, flat screen TV’s, macbooks, pirated DVD’s, Alcohol, big screen home theaters (in private apartments in third world countries, yes those apparently exist); yes they would spend all their money on this stuff when they could use the money to install a proper sewage system, sanitation, waste disposal, toilets, sidewalks, roads, public water, clean air, windmills for cheap power, proper traffic control, on which there wasn’t. They could have fed the malnutritioned dying horribly desperate children on the streets that would come and beg on car windows, but they didn’t. Did I mention power? Of course, the power went out every single day in the evenings, sometimes even in the afternoons, where there were masses of mosquitos that would try to come inside my apartment. Where did the mosquitos breed in? In ponds and the same garbage rivers, that were spread out throughout the city and no one was willing to pay someone to clean these up (which they had) and fill these rivers with mosquito eating fish or had the brains to even figure out that masses of mosquitos were breeding there.

    It was irritating because I had to sleep in a makeshift net in my room to prevent mosquito’s and if I moved there was a possibility the entire net would unbalance itself. I couldn’t even find a public trash can to throw trash in the streets, because if I actually found a trash can outside a store and threw my trash in it there was a possibility I would get arrested!! People however had the time to fucking watch T.V for 12 hours a day, pray to a non-existant god that most likely was some sort of an extra-terrestrial, congregate in family meeting meetings and argue over the most childish things, while their was disease rotting outside in public. Who was to blame for their miserable existence? Why Americans of course, because Americans are the cause of everyone’s problems worldwide according to these people, and Americans are all too stupid to do science and the science & engineering jobs in their home countries and apparently all of it was done by third worlders like them & “immigrants”. Hence they have the right to come here and take the wealth created by the hard work of Americans. Thus jobs are outsourced and the best & brightest of America’s scientific progress are done by primitive turds from these backwater cesspools which they believed. Oh and apparently Americans took everything away from them even though they never colonized anyone in that country, idiots.

    They had no real concept of self-respect or that of a higher society or civilization, just etching out a primitive existence in forced urbanization imposed by past European colonists. They were greedy, too idiotic and self-righteous to figure that they’re culture & religion was not right, and that was one of the reasons why their country was shit. They seemed to have no self-reflective, analytical abilities save for whatever else they could get their hands on to show how much better off and powerful then they were of the next guy. I really had sympathies but then I lost all sympathy for them because, after talking with them, they don’t want to change, they don’t understand the concept of self-respect or civilization, they don’t have the self-analytical ability to penetrate outside their world views or the shields of society passed down to them.

    After that experience which, I don’t want to repeat again. i firmly began to believe in some sort of race biology & realism. These people don’t give a damn about higher concepts of honor or are too stupid for civilization and they use immigration status as granted and don’t really know the concept of assimilation nor want to. They would siphon all the wealth out of western countries and wouldn’t feel guilty about it. God help you people if you think bringing the Best & Brightest, a callous stupid primitive backwards self-serving bunch, from down trodden countries, is somehow going to augment Western civilization or be held up to the same standards here. Yes I realize a lot of you have more thicker skin then me, yes Bibi I know you are more experienced with these kind of places (e.g India) then me and a lot of older people here can easily filter & disregard these things so I don’t really have guts or the thick skin to handle these things. But thank god I live in North America and I would DEFINITELY be careful about bringing people from these environments,specially in mass numbers, which would be suicide on a civilization scale unless by extreme interrogation & filtration, the only viable solution, and about race. I don’t want to mention the country as I don’t want to be insulting but it was an absolute toilet bowl.

  6. Xera

    BTW Robert are there any or cases where countries have somehow jumped or leaped into developing, or developed modernized countries with such dire conditions? Or do they all have to go through decades of phases to actually reach there?

    • seedofjapheth

      Xera would you mind saying the name of the country? You already proved your not insulting by not mentioning it so if you say the name in response to someone asking it is not insulting the country rather it is sharing knowledge.

  7. Me Ne Frego

    A conservative is a liberal who got punched in the back of the head by a negro.

  8. NonKoolAidDrinker

    Xera is talking about Thailand. The comment about watching TV 12 hours a day is the give away.

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