Bigfoot News February 13, 2012

Sierra Kills recovery scene was videotaped! I can now report in breaking news that Smeja and the driver actually videotaped the recovery of what must look like a small piece of flesh from the scene of the Sierra Kills. They were instructed to do this by Wally Hersom. Wally also showed them how to do professional evidence collection. The sample was collected in such a way that neither man handled the sample. The tape shows them finding and collecting the sample and there is closeup footage of the Bigfoot steak itself.

This videotape will apparently be released at an appropriate time. It will probably show a small piece of around 2 pounds in weight. I realize that that does not go along with my view of the Sierra Kills recovery as retaining 16 pounds, but I am still sticking to my story. There may have been more than one recovery attempt.

Clip from Adrian Erickson video is on Youtube! Yes, one of the video clips used in the Erickson video is already on Youtube and has been watched by many people. I got this great information from a new anonymous source in Texas. The clip is of the Russian Yeti filmed in the Kuzbass region of Russia. It was released last year. Here is a good breakdown from Tom at the Crypto Crew.

Erickson is apparently including not only his own footage but also other footage from all over the world which he may have purchased the rights to. Erickson thinks that Yetis are related to Bigfoots, and that’s why he wants footage from all over the world to make that point. That’s why the video is in Hollywood right now, because Erickson wants a professional edit job done with all this other footage, good descriptions, etc.

The stars of the show of course are the Crittenden, Kentucky Bigfoots, but there are also many others, and all the footage is good. However, the footage does vary in quality in terms of what the Bigfoots are doing. The baby Bigfoot eating a pancake video from Crittenden is also included.

The movie starts out with the less impressive footage and then progressively works its way up to the cream of crop of the Crittenden Bigfoots such as Matilda and the large male who is 9-12 feet tall. There is also an excellent video of an Asian Yeti in the movie. As far as a release date on the movie, all I have is “soon.”

Bart Cutino’s show on MBRT radio. I listed to about 2/3 of this show, and for some reason, I couldn’t get the beginning of the show to play back for me. Downloading failed, and so did “play in your favorite audio player.”

Cutino’s interview was good, but I wish he would stop calling grown men “boys.” He also name-drops a lot, but that’s his personality. Other than that, I felt it was excellent and quite professional.

I would also like to commend Cutino for speaking well and especially for writing well. There is something about Bigfooters – they cannot seem to make a coherent and proper English sentence when they write. I don’t mean a good English sentence, as in not awkward or not poor writing. All I ask is a proper English sentence?

Cutino is one of the few people writing in this community who consistently writes proper sentences in English. Any errors he makes are just minor quibbles like commas that most people don’t understand and almost everyone messes up anyway (Those are called “prescriptive” errors and hey, I even make them myself!). It makes me wonder if he has some sort of an education.

Two pounds or 16 pounds of Bigfoot recovered from the Sierra Kills? Cutino did mention something that we have reported, but he did not name us. He said reports that Justin Smeja and the driver recovered 15 pounds of Bigfoot from the scene are what he called “ridiculous.” This is the typical view, and Smeja himself says they recovered 2 pounds.

However, I stand by my original claim and now think it was 15-16 pounds. How strongly do I believe this? Let’s put it this way. I know for a fact that they recovered 16 pounds off one or the other or both of the dead Bigfoots, ok? How’s that for being sure? I don’t like to discuss this much because Justin and I disagree on this. Justin and I have agreed to disagree on this, and we don’t bring it up or talk about it. I am not sure if the real story on body recovery will ever come out. People may be investigating this incident for years to come.

Ape Versus Man question. On the Ape vs. Man question, Cutino  attempted to dodge the question, but he’s been in the Ape camp forever. If he’s now ready to leave that camp, we welcome him with open arms.

His main point is that what he saw at night three years ago in the woods did not appear human at all; that is, it was not like us or one of us. But this is the point that Human vs. Ape misses.

Human camp simply means that Bigfoots are in the Homo genus. It is quite possible that Bigfoots and various extinct Homo species were very, very different from us, Homo sapiens sapiens. So when people see radically different behavior in a Bigfoot, they need to move beyond the Human vs. Ape thing and quit thinking that if it’s not like us, it must be an ape.

I would like to toss something out there.

As John Mionczynski says, if Bigfoots are human, they are humans who look and act very much like apes. Is it possible that our human ancestors were a Hell of a lot more “apey” than we want to believe? If we agree with that, then maybe that settles the Man vs Ape question once and for all.

Explanation for “shockwave at the end of the month” scoop. In my last segment, I received this message from a source:

Here is the big news Robert, but unfortunately I can’t tell you anything more about it or expand on it. But by the end of this month, a shockwave is going to be sent through the Bigfoot community. That’s all I can say at the moment. But things are happening now that are gonna change everything.

This person has now updated it to tell me that it indeed does involve Dr. Melba Ketchum and that it’s “going to answer a ton of questions.” I asked them if it will be good or bad news for us Bigfooters, and they said it will definitely be good news for our team.

Another Siege of Honobia in the making? The Siege of Honobia took place a while back in Oklahoma where the Bigfoots had laid siege to a house, were stealing deer meat out of the freezer and grabbing deer that the household members were spotlight shooting at night. The Bigfoots were pounding on doors and windows and trying to open doors. The household was getting totally freaked out. They contacted authorities, but everyone laughed at them.

Finally they contacted the BFRO out of desperation, and the BFRO sent some guys down there with guns. At one point, a Bigfoot was shot and went down, possibly killed. The other Bigfoots apparently retrieved the body. This caused a huge split in the BFRO, and maybe half the organization left over the kill vs no-kill question.

Complete story on this site here.

The news is that that there are three serious, and I do mean serious, investigations going on in the US at this time. They may or may not involve habitation scenarios.

One case is similar to the Honobia scene. The Bigfoots are harassing the family. The man had a freezer outside where he stored meat, and the Bigfoots kept breaking in to steal the meat. He finally got rid of the freezer. Then the Bigfoots started taking family pets to eat them. They are now banging on doors and windows and trying doorknobs. The household is armed and totally freaked out. They say that if a Bigfoot tries the door again, they are going to shoot it. So we may have a body on our hands again sooner rather than later.

The BFRO is reported to be on scene, apparently led by one of the highest ranking members of the group. BFRO members who went to the site said that in terms of tracks and other Bigfoot sign, it was the best they had ever seen.

There have been stories like this going around for a while here in the US, and I am sure that there are people in America who are getting harassed by Bigfoots from time to time.

Amazing Yeti photo from France is a hoax.

Hoaxed photo of a Tibetan Yeti, taken in France in 1997.

The photo above of the so-called Yeti de Bourganeuf came from a small newspaper with a circulation of ~50,000 in the Berry region of France.

A man said he had acquired a Yeti in Tibet from some Buddhist monks. The Yeti had fallen into a well and died. The monks retrieved it, and preserved the body somehow. In some way, the man acquired the body, and he ended up with the body on tour with a carnival in Germany. At some point, the carnival disbanded.

The man later turned up in the Berry region of France with the body where it was exhibited at a fair in Bourganeuf, photographs of which then appeared in the paper. Afterward, the man vanished along with the body. It was later discovered that the man was using a fake name.

It now turns out that the whole thing was apparently a big hoax.

Via Cryptomundo, via Michel Raynal:

In 1997, what looked like a new version of the affair of the frozen man (this cadaver of a frozen hairy man shown in the US fairs, which Bernard Heuvelmans was able to study in 1968) occurred… in France! It was indeed a hoax, and amusingly, our Belgian friends of the ABEPAR (which publishes the journal Cryptozoologia) are (involuntarily) responsible.

Emmanuel Janssens Casteels, animal sculptor and a collaborator of the magazine, relates in the June to August 1998 issue of Cryptozoologia that two friends of his have helped people who wanted to make a giant copy of Bernard Heuvelmans’s frozen man: “In fact, it was a sculpture made with sponge rubber on which hairs of horse tail have been pasted. The eyes have been simply bought from a provider specialized in taxidermy.”

Very well done hoax – fooled a lot of people.

Do Bigfoots use infrasound? This is a controversial question, and there are no good answers to it. Those who say they don’t use it opine that it’s not physically possible for Bigfoots to use this technique and that instead what is happening is that people are experiencing anxiety upon seeing a Bigfoot, and the anxiety is reported as infrasound.

However, many people report getting zapped when they don’t even see any Bigfoots around. They only become aware of them later on at some point. Adrian Erickson reported that he was “zapped” on one more occasions.

I asked one of my sources who felt he had been zapped what happened. He said he was driving by an area where he thought Bigfoots might be, and he got zapped. It was a feeling of sheer terror. Looking out the window, all he could see was a wall of trees in the boreal forest. But he said has he slowly drove away, the feeling started to lessen.

It only hit him in one particular patch of trees, and he had no idea if a Bigfoot was in that wall of trees as he couldn’t see or hear anything in there. There’s no reason to get anxious about a wall of trees, and there’s no reason the anxiety would fade as you got progressively away from a spot.

Further, infrasound is not physically impossible, as there are quite a few animals that utilize it, including whales. If animals use it, Bigfoots could too.

Ketchum DNA study a gigantic hoax? This view is being tossed around a lot by people who are hostile to the study, including many people aligned with Meldrum, though apparently not by Meldrum himself. It also involves many from the BFRO. I think it goes deeper than the Ape vs. Human debate, but I don’t understand what the motivation for tearing her down is.

The allegation is that she is preparing a gigantic hoax on the scientific community. This would be a case of scientific fraud, and it would not be taken lightly. She would probably never be able to publish in a journal again. I would say her career as a scientist would be through, but there are people accused of scientific fraud who still practice medicine. For one, Hersom would probably sue her for a ton of money to get his money back.

I simply do not believe that Ketchum would risk it all on a gigantic hoax and scientific fraud. I also don’t believe she’s that kind of a person. I know people who worked with her, and they told me she has a good scientific mind and uses the scientific method well. She’s not the type to engage in hoaxing or scientific fraud. I concur.

About Dr. Jeff Meldrum. I don’t have much opinion of the guy one way or the other, except he tried to start a fight with me over the Net and acted very badly when he did that. But there’s always time to make up.

It is true that he’s made quite a few enemies in this community, and they have built up a dossier against him. I’m not saying that view is accurate or not – I just put it out there for others to see one side to the man. I also feel that he has a strong good side though.

I don’t have much opinion on his books or research other than to say I think he’s done a great service to the community, and he’s a very brave man for sticking his neck out like this. He’s treated as an outcast at his own university and in the scientific community at large. There have been efforts underway to have his tenure revoked.

He could have been cowardly, changed his mind and said these things don’t exist, but he didn’t do that. Meldrum has balls of steel.

I would also like to say that it was not just the BFRO that got me back into Bigfoot.

Recently I read one of Meldrum’s papers about Bigfoot foot morphology on the web. I thought, “Here’s a real scientist, and he thinks these things may well exist! Wow!” At the time I had drifted towards a more skeptical position. Later on after the Knobby hoax out of Virginia, I went to the BFRO site, and that’s when I dove in totally. I have OCD, and one thing it does that is good is that when I get into something, I go whole hog, dive into it all the way, learn everything there is to know about it, and soon I’m more or less of an expert.

So bottom line is if you like my Bigfoot reporting, you can thank Meldrum and the BFRO for getting me into this in the first place.

Personality change in Matt Moneymaker. Although on the down side, Matt could be seen as an overbearing blowhard (I think that’s an excellent characterization of him), apparently he wasn’t always like this. I’m told that 15 years ago, he was a very nice guy, totally unlike the circus showman of today.

People change; people stay the same.


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79 responses to “Bigfoot News February 13, 2012

  1. Joerg Hensiek

    OK, one more strong indication that the Ketchum paper might come out at the end of the month (if she has not even caught a BF! ;-). The Russian video is simply fantastic! If it would have been made 15 years ago I would say that this one is real. Nowadays, as the “mammoth” video has sadly shown, the Russians can “photoshop”, too…However: on first sight it looks really convincing!

  2. John

    I really hope there the Erickson footage is A LOT clearer and more definative than the Rusian video. I can see very little in it and I’m a believer.

    Have you any info on the sleeping bigfoot (Matilda) pic from a while back Robert? It was very ambiguous too, if I’m honest. One decent preview picture/clip at this point would make great commercial sense!?

    • Oh it’s clearer all right.

      What is it you would like to know about the Matilda pic released a while back?

      • John

        I suppose just to where eaxactly did the pic come from and why choose such a terribly ambiguous shot.

        • It’s a still from a video of Matilda shot in ~2005 by I think the woman who lived on the property – “Bob”‘s wife. She sneaked up on Matilda while she was sleeping in the woods and shot a ~5 minute video her sleeping there. In the video you can see her breathing and at the end, she starts to wake up, and the video suddenly ends.

        • jOHN

          I really hope it lives up. The way all clips cut off suddenly, the shaky camera etc. It will look bad for all of us if this is the way it pans out.

        • Don’t worry; it’s a good clip (seen in context). I believe it was hi-def, too, which wasn’t readily available when the Erickson project started in about 2005.


  3. grammy97

    Well, Robert, since I appreciate your Bigfoot reporting, I guess I have to say “Thank you”. Not just to you, but also to Dr. Meldrum, and to the BFRO. Big thanks all around.

  4. mitchw

    Robert, you wrote, ‘I know for a fact that they recovered 16 pounds off one or the other or both of the dead Bigfoots, ok?’

    Would you distinguish this knowledge of a fact from hearsay? Have you seen the steak with your own eyes?

    Another great post, but please check the text over for small errors, as your reporting is valuable.

  5. Thanks for the report Robert and Thanks for sharing one of our videos.
    I have always felt that video was of a real creature. I know the video is not the clearest but the quality degrades because of how people upload and youtube. Keep in mind at how fast this thing is moving in deep snow. I will be glad when Erickson finally releases all the videos.

  6. Sure, I’d love to be on the same team with the guy, but I’m not sure he will make friends with me. Most of the big guns in this field don’t like me very much. I won’t name any names, but you can maybe guess who they are. 😉

    • Steve

      why don’t they like you? is it just because they want the glory and the credit themselves and you are a threat?

      • Steve

        ..or they see you as a threat rather

      • I am really not sure. A lot of Bigfooters are just out out insane ASSHOLES. Two of them who are two of the biggest bashers got banned from my site for being rude. Maybe that’s what set them off. Much of their rage has to do with the non-Bigfoot content of this site, which they say is “sexist, racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic, and pedophilic.” Whatever. We don’t agree with any of those characterizations.

        Someone said they see me as a threat or something. The BFF people all started hating on me for no apparent reason. A LOT of these Bigfooters started hating on me for no apparent reasons. Steve Kulls stands out in particular. He started hating me because I “showed up on the scene all of a sudden, starting writing about all kinds of stuff like I knew what I was talking about and didn’t know what I was talking about at all, according to him.

        I think it’s just jealousy and rivalry, something like that. Plus Bigfooters are EXTREMELY INSANE to put it mildly.

  7. Mr.E2ME

    Nice words re; Dr. Meldrum. Classy even.
    Always a fan of your bigfoot research and have recently began enjoying the impact of your other articles on the “Ed Smiths” of the world.
    Makes me smile….

  8. Steve

    she could scream when she spotted it and then it run in response to the scream. a bigfoot standing there is scary enough.

  9. DDP

    Another great post, Robert. You’ve got us hooked and we need our bigfoot “fix” everyday. LOL.

    I was hoping you or the readers of your blog might possibly be able to help me locate something.

    I’ve been looking for stories pertaining to the more aggressive and violent sasquatch encounters that are rarely told, such as the one in this story:

    I know this goes against some people’s belief that bigfoots are the “peaceful keepers of the forest”, but, man or ape, there are bound to be individuals, or maybe entire redneck bigfoot families, like the ones in the Honobia example, who are more prone to aggressive or even violent behavior towards humans.

    Anyhow, I remember reading an article somewhere that had to do with a hunter being killed in, IIRC, Washington or Oregon, and the official word was that he had been killed by a moose or elk; can’t remember which. When the officer was questioned about the determination, he said something to the effect of: ” What am I supposed to say? That he was killed by a bigfoot?”. I remember that his gun was found wrapped around a tree. The story reeked of coverup.

    If anyone can remember this story, it would be much appreciated.

    And I do believe that most bigfoots are not violent towards humans and are just curious or want to be left alone.

    • Mr. E2Me

      “And I do believe that most bigfoots are not violent towards humans and are just curious or want to be left alone.”

      I see it a little different.
      Hurting a human is probably the last thing a bigfoot wants to do , but it is still on the list….

    • And I do believe that most Bigfoots are not violent towards humans and are just curious or want to be left alone.

      This is true in general, but I do not believe it is true in all cases. I feel there are some cases of BF’s attacking and even killing humans. The Indians said BF’s used to kill people. I think they even said they were cannibals. There was a case in Oklahoma in the 1940’s of what looks like a homicide by a BF.

      In Janice Carter’s book, a BF knocked her off her horse for no reason and she broke her knee. And a young BF supposedly raped a 13 yr old girl and not only hurt her inside, but she went crazy and was institutionalized for decades. In the Crittenden habitation, when they were gone one night, they came back and the BF’s had used their fists to smash a hole in the windshield of one of the cars.

      There is a case in Oregon of two women who hired a guide to go hiking.They encountered a BF, and the guide pulled a gun and shot at it. The BF ripped him to shreds. The forest ranger spent 8 hours trying to force them to agree that he was attacked by a bear. The FS team that went in to investigate had automatic weapons though! The Pitt Lake area of BC has quite a few missing persons over the decades. Some say BF’s might be involved. The Indians were really afraid of these things and would not go into their territory.

      • DDP

        It’s “said” that the bigfoots in the south where I live are a more aggressive type than others on the continent. That’s the main point driving my curiosity in the more violent stories. I’m just trying to get a psychological “profile” established in my head, such as if they are more likely to be aggressive if there is only one human, or a human carrying a gun, etc.

        • The BF’s back east can be more aggressive. I know one thing for sure – they REALLY HATE DOGS. They hate hate hate hate hate them. They are used to people and have been living with them for a long time. They do predate livestock and pets quite a bit more than the BF’s in the West do.

        • Here’s a potentially VERY violent story, called the “Battle of Lovelock Cave” (in Nevada):

          OK, here are the “facts” surrounding the Lovelock cave creatures or people. This came from the best source available, the daughter of Chief Winnemucca sometime around 1920. She said that the story was handed down, verbally in their native Piute language of course, approximately 6 to 8 generations before her, which was around 1920 as far as I can tell. She was an honest woman, but still this is her rendition of events that was some 7 generations old when she told it, in English:

          1) While the “barbaric” tribe was indeed described as “redheads” and were quite tall & large (and strong), no mention of body hair is made.

          2) Therefore the Lovelock cave incident, by deducing Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins “generations of oral history” probably occurred during the 1600’s.

          3) Strangely, the “barbarians” spoke the same language as her tribe, the Piutes.

          4) The Piutes had attempted to take some of the younger Barbarians into their own families, but they were “untrainable” and could simply not abandon their barbaric ways, so they had to be returned to the “Barbarians.”

          5) These Barbarians not only ate the flesh of the Piutes, but of their own kind as well.

          6) They would even go so far as to dig up a buried Piute and eat it. They would also set traps (deep holes in the trails) to catch a Piute, and then kill them & eat them.

          7) The Barbarians numbered about 2,600 when, finally, the Piute tribe gave up on achieving “peaceful coexistence” and declared war on them.

          8) The war lasted three years, and towards the end of the war, only a handful of Barbarians remained alive. Still, they refused to surrender.

          9) These few remaining Barbarians built some boats or rafts & sailed out into the lake next to Lovelock Cave (but not from that side of the lake) to escape attack and annihilation at the hands of the Piutes.

          10) Of course, they became very hungry and had to go ashore from time to time. Each time they did, the Piutes would manage to kill a few more of the Barbarians (according to a drawing, using bows and arrows).

          11) It is also clear that the Barbarians had bows and arrows; many of their arrows were Piute arrows they even “caught in mid-air” and shot right back at the Piutes. But they were vastly outnumbered.

          12) Finally, the few remaining Barbarians came ashore at Lovelock Cave and ran into the cave for protection. The Piutes didn’t know about the cave until this point in time, since they saw the Barbarians emerge from the lake one night from the shore a ways away.

          13) The next day, the Piutes started to pile up pieces of wood at the opening to the cave, but for a while the Barbarians would gather up these pieces and put them deeper into the cave.

          14) Finally, the cave was full of wood and but a few remaining Barbarians. Others from the cave were killed while they ran to and from the lake to get water.

          15) The Piutes finally lit the wood at the mouth of the cave on fire, and hollered: “If you change your ways of cannibalism, we will put out the fire and let you live with us.” No answer was forthcoming.

          16) And that was the end of this tribe of “people.”

          After reading these accounts & talking to the curator of the museum, I think that the teeth we have are from the above “Barbarians”. However, I don’t think they are 100% Sasquatch, based on the tale above and the unlikelihood that Sasquatch is essentially a cannibal and without any mention of body hair.

          It could be of course that the Barbarians were half Sasquatch (male) and half Native American (female). It this case, we would see a different mtDNA sequence than we see from either Samples 1 or 2. If it was the other way around (Sasquatch female and Native American male), we may see the same ancient European Haplogroup H* as we have now, but I believe this is highly unlikely to have ever occurred due to “male superiority.”

          So it sounds to me that we have yet another “tribe”, not of Sasquatch and probably not Norsemen either, but a completely- or half-different creature or paleo Indian of some kind.
          Having said the above, I can now add that Ketchum has all four teeth that I extracted from two of the four remaining “Lovelock Cave” skeletons. This “tribe” reportedly had red hair, and were upwards of seven feet tall. Many believe these were sasquatch, or half-breed sasquatch, but I’m not so sure.

          Ketchum told me she did not intend to sequence the DNA from these four teeth until she had published a paper (or two?) on the fresh samples. She is, according to her, saving up all her relics for later on.

          At this point I wish “we” (meaning the others involved in this search for relics besides Ketchum) had kept two of the four teeth. But live and learn. We may never know.


    • apehuman

      I don’t think Robert will mind my sending you to one of the oldest and best (and so far totally non-commercial) reasonable, deep, and respectful websites on the topic. check the articles pages as there are many older stories there. That’s free….and so is the Library. And yes, a range of responses is possible in any number of situations, depending on the BF…agree totally. Even in human culture…say compare Tahitians pre-curruption to Lakota Souix…the culture of the BFs must contribute a great deal. If you can, help me re-discover a legend about the Mound Culture in Ohio..and a war btw the “black” and “red” woodspeople… a time when many tribes point to interaction..a point when the NA were also ‘stone age”….there is a real shift with the introduction of the industrial revolution and it’s tools it seems.

  10. Hi, Richard here …

    Another thread, I see.

  11. Oh, yes, and one more thing. Bob, I do indeed like you, even though you have this motto: “If I’m not pissing you off, I’m not doing my job.”

    So the bottom line is: Some folks you just piss off, some not so. What else is new in this world?


  12. Is that actually a true story?

  13. DDP

    I suspect that there are tons of stories like this out there, but people are afraid to tell anyone for fear of ridicule.

    • DDP

      And some may not tell because they were killed and were never found or the cause of death was listed as “bear attack” or something.

  14. DDP

    If I reply to my own reply, does that constitute talking to my self?


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  16. apehuman

    actually sounds believable. A not too dissimilar story in the Matazal’s of AZ in the early 20th century…propector bringing a donkey and pack out and runs into 2 Sasquatch, a couple, who will not yield the path! he went around them cursing unmolested….they are people….my favoirte guess is a type of archaic human, it is hard to imagine a cultural choice so effective as to prevent all youth from assimilating with us? I think our aversion to hariness, some of our more overt racism, and attitudes toward human evolution might be testimony that jjust a few generations ago we were sleeping together..if not this century! LOL some anon posted a plant…as a “lead” that Oastman’s DNA will show up in some sample…that would be shocking lol

    • The only DNA with a clear line backwards in time is mitochondrial, not nuclear. Ostman was a male, so his mito died with him, even if he was a father to a sasquatch (which he claimed he was not).


  17. charles rippee

    For Uncle Tancred. What exact part of Missoui did this take place? My families roots goes back before the Civil War in the Ozarks of Missouri, and my father was raised here,specifically Douglas County which incorporates part of the Mark Twain National Forest, where Bigfoot is know as the “booger man” for a long time

  18. charles rippee

    Good post Robert. I will be waiting anxiously for the next two weeks for the earth shattering news, however if it does not happen at this time I will not be surprised. The Russian video does not show me anything at least not the internet version, and the recent Russian hoaxes do not help. The Matilda photo at this point could also be be only a shaggy dog, however a 5 minute video would go a long way to clarifying it. I listened to Dr. John Bindernagle last week and he said he had previewed some of the old Erickson footage from several years ago, and he thought it was outstanding, and is baffled why Adrian Erickson has not made it public yet. He could only guess it would be to stay away from criticism. I was reading some old Bigfoot encounters from before 1900, and it seems they were more aggressive and hoistile back then. I wonder what changed?

    Keep it up.
    Charles Rippee

    • I would imagine that Erickson is waiting for some DNA results first. Otherwise, he’ll simply be criticized for Computer Generated Graphics or whatever it is called.

      The still: sure, it could be this or that or a photoshopped this or that, but I assure you it is NOT. In context, this sequence, along with many others, is tremendous — unless you believe Erickson was in cahoots with Spielberg

      On that score as well, I can assure you he was NOT.


  19. Kevin Deneen

    Wow! with all the Bigfoot accounts of violence against humans I’ve just read, I’m beginning to think I should just stay out of the woods. Gee, I’ve been hiking or Hike-fishing in remote wilderness areas mostly in Oregon, but also Washington, California and occasionally other western states for forty years. In all that time, I have only had one possible encounter while fishing the upper Salmon river with an unknown creature. I wrote about this in an earlier post. It was over in less than a minute with me exiting the river on one side and the creature making fast tracks away from the river on other side!

    On another note, does anyone have a feel or opinion as to how affected state and federal governments are going to react if Dr. Ketchum reports that DNA test results confirm that these creatures are indeed human or pro to-human?

    • I have heard nothing about how governments will react. Most of what I hear from government folks is that there is no such thing as Bigfoot.

      • “Violent” accounts are few and far between when you’re talking sasquatch attacking modern humans. These accounts are becoming less commonplace as well.

        Not so the other way around. They are now extremely cautious, since they know we have guns, etc. They don’t like our cameras either.

        Don’t worry–keep fishing & hiking.


        • Kevin Deneen

          Thanks for allaying my fears. It’s been a while since I’ve been up there. Think I’ll go there (see if I can find it!) this summer, as soon as the trail clears of snow.

  20. John

    The best video evidence I have seen is the Harley Hoffman clip (which is almost certainly a fake considering Hoffman also has a documentary claiming that Santa is real). No one seems to know anything about the video tho. If anyone could find out, I’m sure Robert could 🙂

    • There is no way on Earth that is fake. They have found 4-5 different muscle groups in that thing. His brother made the search for Santa movie as some kind of joke. Harley lived in British Colombia and he shot that movie back in the 1990’s? He said he used to hang out in the woods for years trying to habituate the Bigfoots and he eventually got the point where they sort of befriended him and that’s when he got that video. He also said, “You only see them when they want you to see them.” I realize the back story on the video is crap, but I regard that as a legitimate video. Never in my life have a seen a costume that looked anything like that, and that’s real fur, not a suit.

      • PSF

        Its so real. Very similar to what you see in the PGF female. Plus it looks so POWERFUL just in stride. It walks with such a purpose. Those are it’s woods and it walks like it owns that land. That is not a man in a suit.

      • Zen Machine

        I agree it looks 100% legit. But from checking out the search for santa thing I was’nt convinced that it was indeed his brother, it looks like him. Has he ever commented? I could find nothing. That video is 10 times better than almost everything out there,

        Worthy of your research skills Robert? A Hoffman interview would be great.

        • apehuman

          actually I agree, it was one of the first vids i came across after mine, and I was not familiar with the PG that and Freeman’s also seemed very compelling….and I did love the title WTF? and his comment on science….I have often wondered where he went who he is?

        • chk


          “after mine”? I’ve read your comments on this and other sites recently and enjoy reading what you have to say. I know you’ve mentioned off hand your encounter, though with no details, and I can certainly respect you wanting to keep some things to yourself. But this is the first I’ve read this – you have video?

        • apehuman

          chuck not sure where this comment ends up but, yes… a fairly poor res daytime vid of a juvenile whose hands come into light as it grabs a bush. just prior and the reason I zoomed in an scanned the ridge trees was the sound of running, I thought at time a deer or something and swung around….to not find anything….the LCD screen hard to see in sun…so yeah and the hands if one magnafies the view in full resolution (it’s standard def file) and runs thru the frams forward and back you can see failry clearly the head chest area and two arms and the kands and one knee…but just 30 frames…b/c I kept panning not realising..and is also not great res..nothing to persuade an unbelieveing public..but I was there!

        • Supposedly he had a whole bunch more video and some photos, but he got so disgusted at the torrent of abuse he generated with that video that he just dropped out of the scene and said screw it. He never released any of his other stuff.

      • DDP

        Any idea where that footage was taken?

  21. buckhunter1969

    It only makes sense that Erickson would wait for the DNA “bombshell” to hit before releasing his video to the public. It will be much easier for the general public to accept his videos if there has been other scientific evidence to support the fact that BF exists. I personally believe that his movie or TV shows will be released a few months after the DNA evidence is presented in the journal. It would make sense for Erickson to wait until “the smoke clears” from the DNA analysis to release another “bombshell”. If Erickson does not address the fact that his videos ARE NOT computer generated graphics, it will be a massive mistake on his behalf. It may even behoove him to take a polygraph at the beginning of his video to add some credibility to the videos. Just my opinions!

    • I’m not so sure I agree that he will wait a few months. If everything I have been reading is correct, or close to correct, the people in this scene have material ready to go with deals with National Geographic, Animal Planet and private labels. I even believe some completed movies are waiting for this DNA bombshell to capitalize.

      My guess is that the public will be thirsty for info once this is released, and some very smart people with inside information and good foresight will be waiting and ready to capitalize. Trust me, I am not judgmental. In fact, I want to see that material too!

      Even the AP show “Finding Bigfoot” brags about a big season finale, although it may not be related to this, my guess is that it is.


      • Maurice Cloud

        Well put Joe. The film you reference is probably The Lost Coast Tapes although there may very well be another one or two lurking . . . And I think for most of us the expectation is that once(whenever that may be . . .) the DNA studies are published the floodgates shall well and truly be opened. Whether or not any of this, as yet, phantom ‘evidence’ will be compelling enough to turn the tide, who knows . . ? Erickson’s vids will of necessity have to be irrefutable and of far better quality than the PG film. If they’re similar to the so-called “Matilda” vid, which I believe is Erickson’s, then hopes should not be raised, it’s just too dodgy. The most interesting piece of your post is that regarding National Geographic. These people are, in outlook, old school reactionaries, uber conservatives. And yet they produced a documentary in 2010 about bigfoot that all but states it’s the real deal. Eyebrow raising, yes? And, as you mention, rumors are afoot that they have more to follow. The plot thickens. Cheers!

        • Andrew

          Reminds one of that secret document that was leaked/smuggled out of the UK from The UK Government/”Scientific” Establishment several years on back on “If the Loch Ness Monster were to be discovered (how would we save face/do Damage Control?)…

          As the people The NWO/Neo-Con(Job)/Darwinian-Atheist “Scientism” Establishment derided as Pseudoscientism, Crackpots, Cryptozoologists, Forteans, Paranormalists would be proven to have been right all along… a terror of terrors people may look to them (and religion/spirituality) as the Final Authority… and not to us.

          So how can we spin this to “keep our cred”

          With nearly as much wild game as before the English Colonial takeover of “America” in the wilds of America plus food produce cultivated farmlands, Bigfoot population density is increasing & spreading to every state in the Union & most countries. Generations of sightings are accumulating, and the Shadow Government with their Black Budgets and things Classified left and right with all different levels of secrecy are hedging their bets that eventually this is all going to blow open as public knowledge eventually if things continue going as they are. Because the various types of Bigfoots are so numerous in every state & so difficult to capture due to stealth, nocturnal supra-abilities & greater strength/endurance than any animal in North America/Alaska, and for true giants of 13′ to 18′ in height stronger (and almost faster) than any land animal on the face of the Earth. You simply cannot send out hundreds of thousands of soldiers armed with the most hi-tech weapons Nationwide to capture tens of thousands of Bigfoots nationwide in lengthy do or die operations (even in caves or underground tunnels like the Viet Cong without disrupting society & causing a tumultuous revealing uproar.

          I doubt more than several hundred Bigfoots have been shot & killed, roadkill recovered or captured in the Wild in North America by civilians or US military or Smithsonian/Forestry Service or Shadow Government NSA operations in the past 100 years.

        • Andrew

          Never forget the Bigfoot phenomena is an exact parallel to the UFO phenomena in all it’s aspects (from military investigations, to black budget technology, to civilian/pilot sightings, to almost UnEarthly out of this world ramifications).

          So you think the “gubmint” doesn’t know or never investigated or captured & bred specimens in secret labs back in the old Smithsonian days or genetic or bio-engineering research “Area 51/multi-floor below Hangar 18” style (as with everything else) once the technology was available?

          They know less than everyone else? lol

  22. Zen Machine (formally John)

    Just did a google search on the Hoffman vid and found that Robert had already covered it to an extent.

    • PSF

      A lot of people call it as a fake, but a lot of people call the PGF as a fake, and thats been proven to have an anatomy that is vastly different than a human’s. A human could not fit in that suit. People nowadays are very quick to label things as fake.

  23. Gertrude

    Robert, great work as always.
    When your source says it will definitely be good news for our team, what team is she talking about?

  24. PSF

    YW Robert!….what does YW mean Robert?

  25. Maurice Cloud

    As catch phrases go “You’re welcome!” is quite lovely. Cheers!

  26. I have some belief that there is possibly something out running around in the forests of the world and I think it is highly possible for something to be out there BUT< If I see anymore supposed videos of Bigfoot and they are either BLURRY< SHAKY< OR JUST BARELY VIEWABLE < I AM GOING TO PROBABLY LOSE ANY INTREST IN THE WHOLE THING! Take that Russian one for instance, did the guy filming his friends on the side of that hill purposely film them in SHITOVISION!! Why cant anybody ever get a frigging decent picture. Then you take that Todd guy that has those close ups of the Calvin Klein Bigfoot models with the perfectly combed hair! Ive just about had it!! Why hasnt someone BLOWN ONE AWAY YET??

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