About the UN’s “Anti-Semitism”

Repost from the old site.

It’s a common trope among Zionists that the UN’s obsession with Israel is an example of how the UN is anti-Semitic and hates Israel. What is the UN? The UN is not some evil Communist or anti-Semitic organization.

It is nothing but an organization of all of the nations of the world, for the most part with a single vote for each one. It is a great exercise in world democracy. If it seems Leftist, Communist or socialist, than maybe that is because most nations on the Earth seem Communist, Leftist or socialist to the person making that statement.

The UN cannot be separated from the states of the world. The states in the UN tend to take stances that are similar to those of their people. If you hate the UN, then you hate the majority of the people of this planet. Are you comfortable with that? Just so we know where you are coming from.

Israel is seriously violating international law with its settlement bullshit, and that is what all the UN opprobrium is all about. Other scofflaws who are also violating International law in a similar manner with regard to settlements and colonization are also regularly slammed in the UN, so it’s not an anti-Semitism thing.

See regular UN votes against Morocco (Spanish Sahara colonization), Indonesia (Papua New Guinea and East Timor colonization) and Turkey (Cyprus colonization).

It is a great thing that settler-colonization, a project existing for most of man’s history, seems to be coming to an end now in the early 21st Century. For this glorious human rights achievement, International Zionism says we, the leading charge of the World Human Rights Movement, an extension of the revolution started in 1814 by Napoleon himself, are a bunch of Nazis!

Keep in mind that most UN states are former colonies, so they don’t like Israel’s ongoing colonization project too much, to put it mildly.


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2 responses to “About the UN’s “Anti-Semitism”

  1. ‘What is the UN? The UN is not some evil Communist or anti-Semitic organization.’
    Ohhhhhhhh having worked for the UN, I must say it is a ‘lifestyle’ to which you have to be accustomed. Five star hotels, custom built Toyota Prados, a tax free salary & diplomatic immunity- what’s not to love?

  2. Gay State Girl

    No the singling out of Israel has more to do with European colonial guilt, but Palestinians do get too much attention because they have the luxury of fitting the European colonial narrative, so they will attract much undeserved support from the third world, in addition to having the entire Muslim world rallying around their. I will say it is unfair to receive so much support on that basis; many of their supporters have never even met a Palestinian and are willing to die on their behalf.

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