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The Assimilation of the Jews As a Progressive Project

I’m not sure what is your definition of “tribalism.” You have a problem with a people seeking to preserve a culture different from yours? Does this problem apply to all nations, races and ethnic group? And if not, why not?

Do you really believe in the “melting pot” principle? It has only partially worked, even in America. And in the rest of the world, Nationalism is a growing force.

Even Scotland is seeking independence from England!

Of course I believe in a melting pot. Minorities in a nation-state must assimilate to some degree to the nation-state, unless they have a valid claim for national liberation. Of course the Jews, scattered to the far winds, had and have no claim to national liberation.

The Jews are not a nation. Lenin and Stalin made this clear. Neither are the Gypsies. Nations without a territory don’t get a state unless someone wants to give them one. Ever since the profoundly damaged Jew emerged from the ghetto after the Liberation of 1812, blinking it’s eyes from emergence from the Dark, the progressive project has been all about the assimilation of the Jew.

This was a big project all through the 19th Century with progressives and Leftists and of types and sorts. An example of this can be seen in Marx’s “On the Jewish Question.”

Unfortunately, the Left has pretty much abandoned this question, although the anti-Israel project is another justified attack on the ghetto Jew (for Israel is just a gigantic ghetto, the biggest ghetto. That this state has aroused such fury worldwide is due its 18th century ghetto nature, not to mention the 19th century settler-colonialism that they have grafted onto it.

The anti-Israel project in its most progressive form then is a part and parcel of the same Jewish Liberation project from the 19th century.

Letting the Jew out of the gates was only the first phase of the project. Let us keep this in mind. Centuries in the ghetto had damaged them badly. A typical 19th century Jew would not eat much less take tea with a non-Jew. Even in the early 20th Century, a proper Orthodox Jew would not make friends with any non-Jew.

This worldview, blown up into a nation-state, is on full view for all in Israel. In short, Israel is an anarchronism, 1812 Jewish ghetto married to 1890’s at latest Western settler-colonialism. It’s a 19th century mysteriously time-travelled into our postmodern 21st Century era.


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The Men’s Liberation Movement and the Men’s Rights Movement

Although this site is a sort of Men’s Movement site, I am coming more a different place than most such sites, which are coming from a rightwing background. I am coming more from a Men’s Liberation movement POV. Men’s Liberation was one of the Liberation movements of the 1960’s. We supported all of the Liberation movements of the 1960’s at least in principle, even if they have gone too far lately with PC madness.

It’s basically the left wing of the men’s movement. Alt Right people might think that sucks, but the men’s liberation movement had a lot of great ideas.

Men’s liberation goes along with women’s liberation. Feminism basically failed because it never really liberated women! And men can’t be liberated as long as women are not liberated either. Because unliberated women won’t accept liberated men. They treat them with the most utter contempt and hatred imaginable. Even the most leftwing women are still profoundly unliberated.

We tend to think masculinity as a trap, a deadly trap, for men. But it’s enforced by women! Women demand that we be rocks, so we are rocks.

All feminism did was liberate women in terms of the workplace, careers, money and sexuality. That’s nice, but it doesn’t go nearly far enough. What was created was a reactionary, regressive beast of a woman, a cavewoman from the Stone Age. There is nothing much liberated about the modern woman who lives for hot fucks and filthy lucre. That’s what a cavewoman wants. And as long as women are cavewomen, men will be forced to be cavemen.


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“Where Have All the Blacksmiths and Boilermakers Gone?” by Alpha Unit

Here is some self-evident truth: the steam engine was critical to the Industrial Revolution. So were the men called boilermakers.

Steam engines ran factory machines, trains, and ships; none of them would have run without a boiler. The men who constructed and maintained those boilers were a kind of engine themselves for commerce and manufacturing. There are still boilermakers, of course, doing essential work all over the world, although they sometimes go by other names these days.

Historically these tradesmen (they are still overwhelmingly male) were known as “boilersmiths.” Their trade is actually an extension of blacksmithing, and came about largely due to the advent of iron as a primary construction material. Boilermakers would be in the shipyards making the iron boilers for steamships, and employers found it easier and cheaper to use boilermakers to build the ships, too.

Because of their skills as general metalworkers – rolling, shearing, welding, and riveting – boilermakers built trains and metal bridges in addition to steel ships. And just about everything operated by steam was in their purview.

Boilermakers are still out there working in industrial construction, shipbuilding, railroads, and mining. When companies need metal structures like process towers and smokestacks fabricated and installed, it’s boilermakers that get it done. They also do rigging, signaling, and hoisting of materials and equipment.

Fossil and nuclear power plants are practically run by boilermakers. Boilers supply steam to drive the turbines that generate electricity in these power plants. Because these places often operate at very high steam pressure, boilermaking, welding, and tube-fitting are an ongoing project for them.

And what of blacksmithing, the mother of boilermaking?

There are still working blacksmiths doing what blacksmiths of long ago did – heating pieces of wrought iron or steel until they’re soft enough to be shaped. Back then, a blacksmith out in the country was mostly sought after for horseshoes, plowshares, and farming tools. In towns they would make such things as parts for carriage wheels and canal barges.

Once the Industrial Revolution got underway, you’d find blacksmiths making railway axles and other parts for trains. They also worked in shipbuilding and in the engineering and textile industries, building and repairing machines.

Nowadays blacksmiths sometimes work with computer programs and specialized cutters that use lasers or water jets to cut the metal they’ll be forging. But you can still find blacksmiths working in some of the same industries they have traditionally, such as the railroad industry, where they build and repair the metal components and parts on equipment.

One thing blacksmiths will sometimes tell you is that architects, in particular, keep them in business. Blacksmiths get commissioned to create gates, ornate fences and furniture, and balustrades for staircases and balconies.

Because there is so much overlap in the different metalworking trades, these workers have organized together throughout the years. The International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Ship Builders, Blacksmiths, Forgers and Helpers says that anyone who works in any of these trades may call himself or herself a Boilermaker. As to why whiskey with a beer chaser is called a boilermaker, they say, nobody knows. At least nobody they can find.


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Revolutionary Praxis, “Solidarity with the Greek People”

New post by Revolutionary Praxis out of the UK. I don’t necessarily agree that capitalism has to go as they say, but they are right that the current model is failing badly.

People are saying that social democracy is failing, but social democracy didn’t cause the crisis. Capitalism did. The capitalists did. The more unregulated the system was, the worse your country got hammered. Parasitic financial capital caused a worldwide crash of the entire world capitalist system. This was due to radical neoliberal reforms in the financial sector of the US, which caused a crisis in the US. The crisis then spread from the US around the globe. Europe was particularly hard hit.

When capitalism hits one of its neverending crisis, it’s always the socialist aspect of society that goes to the chopping block. Capitalism blows up the system, and socialism gets executed for the crime. And in this way, critics are correct about the flaws of the social democratic model.

But the flaws are not the problem of social democracy. They are the fault of capitalism.

Capitalism will always tend towards deregulation, and the more deregulated it is, the more crises will result. Radical neoliberalism as tried by the Chicago Boys in Chile and the US since 1980, but especially since 2000, always blows up the system and causes an economic crisis. It’s so regular a part of the model that we might even say it’s a law of the system. And when neoliberalism inevitably blows up as it always does, sure, social democracy gets the ax. So in periods of predictable economic crisis, the social democratic model will get hacked up.

The alternative is a pure neoliberal model.

So this is the error of saying, “The problem is socialism,” when looking at the present crisis. The alternative to socialism of any kind can only be neoliberalism, and that’s horribly unstable, blows up all the time in the worst ways, only works for the top 20% of the population while screwing the bottom 80%, and furthermore is so immoral that it’s evil.

The only alternative for the Greeks is to default on their debt. There’s no other way out of this. The Greek people kept electing politicians who said they would do the people’s bidding, but once they got in, they always voted with the bankers and the 1%. In the UK, we have three parties, of the Left, Right and Center. All three points on the political compass are voting with the banksters and 1% and screwing the 99%. Even socialist parties as in Greece are lining up with the banksters. There doesn’t seem to be any hope.

It seems that under the present model of capitalism, or under any capitalism, the leaders, particularly in times of crisis, will always side with the rich and the 1% and attack the poor, the workers and the 99%. There doesn’t seem to be any way around it. Instead, it seems to be built right into the system itself.

Given that, why is the system worth having or saving? Someone explain this to me.

On Tuesday, February 14, a demonstration in support of the struggle of the Greek people was held in Nottingham, England. A member of Revolutionary Praxis gave the following speech:

The Greek people are under attack from international bankers, EU governments and the Greek government. As a result of the machinations and blundering of bankers and politicians the Greek people are being subjected to massive austerity measures – higher taxes, big cuts in wages and pensions, slashing of social services, record unemployment.

The Greek Parliament has voted for even more severe austerity measures demanded by European Central Bank, IMF and various banks. But the Greek people have had enough. They are rising in revolt as we saw in Syntagma Square. This is just the beginning. There will be more militant protests. The Greeks are showing the way forward for the rest of the people of Europe.

Greece was the birthplace of democracy, which means rule by the people. But in Greece today, it is not the people who rule but the capitalist bankers and their political representatives. The same is true in Britain where all the main political parties – Conservative, Liberal-Democratic and Labour – are imposing massive cuts in public spending to prop up the capitalist system. This is rule by the rich, for the rich.

But capitalism is in trouble. That’s why the political leaders have started burbling about we must have “fair” and “responsible” capitalism, telling bankers to reduce their massive bonuses. Don’t be taken in.

The real problem is capitalism itself, a system of oppression and exploitation. It is a system reaching its end, becoming ever more decrepit and dysfunctional. Capitalism only works for the rich 1% but is no good for the 99%, the rest of us, who do most of the work. If we do not destroy capitalism, it will destroy us.

In Britain, the Coalition Government is holding down earnings, reducing welfare benefits, cutting public services and attacking pensions – all to pay back the bankers the British government borrowed from to prop up the bankrupt bankers. At the same time, Prime Minister Cameron rejects a financial transactions tax claiming that he is defending the British people. In reality he is defending the interests of his rich friends and relations in finance capital. He defends the rich, not the poor.

Here in Nottingham the Labour City Council is about to bring in its second cuts budget, knocking £20m off public services while raising Council Tax by 3.5% (Should we pay it?). It is services for vulnerable groups such as the old, disadvantaged children, young unemployed and the homeless who are particularly hit. Also 195 council workers will lose their jobs.

People have been protesting about both national and local public service cuts but we must do more. The politicians don’t care if all we do is sign petitions and demonstrate. More direct action is necessary and the Greek people have shown the way forward. We need to confront politicians and administrators who are implementing the cuts. We need to give them a hard time, make them feel nervous, to become afraid to face the people they are attacking.


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Sometimes a Cigar Is Just a Cigar

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Sometimes a cock is just a cock. The only reason you think a cigar is a cock is because she’s hot and you’re dirty minded.

Check out the female degradingly reduced to sex object by male pigs in the photo below for an extrapolation on this type of chauvinist stinking thinking.

Is that a cigar in your mouth honey, or are you just happy to see me?


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Bigfoot News February 26, 2012

New photos of and information on the Melissa Hovey photo available. There are new high definition blow up pictures of the Melissa Hovey Bigfoot pic. They show excellent detail that seems to beyond what any costume designer would think up.

New blown up photo of Hovey's Bigfoot pic with anomalies circled. Photo enhancements by Charles Middleton posted on Jennifer Caywood's Facebook page. Photo enhanced by both darkening shadows and raising the pixel % to 3000 per square inch. Permission granted to reproduce for educational use only. Commercial copying, hiring, lending is strictly prohibited.

I can see the white bumps in the photo. This looks like some sort of skin condition. Perhaps someone with dermatological knowledge can chime in.

At first I thought I could see the tick, but now I can’t. Perhaps someone can point it out for me.

I saw the bloody looking sores/scrapes at first, and now I am seeing even more of them. I have heard that a lot of the older Bigfoots are pretty beat up looking. That stands to reason, I assume.

I do think that is an ear on the right. This looks a lot like the Harley Hoffman Bigfoot video. About the Bigfoots’ ears: they look rather small compared to human ears, but this stands to reason if they evolved in the north. Humans from the north have smaller ears than humans from near the equator. The smaller ears are to protect them from the cold. Some witnesses have also noted what they called pointy, elf-shaped ears on the Bigfoot they saw. I have seen these elf ears before, possibly in the Hoffman video.

The question about the photo being too high quality for a gamecam has been resolved. This was a homemade gamecam set up with a 35mm camera set with a zoom lens. These homemade setups were pretty popular a few years back. The photo quality makes good sense for a 35mm camera with a zoom lens.

The tree is a loquat tree. They are common in Florida, Texas and southern California. Hovey is a Texas researcher. It stands to reason that as she was chosen as the person to release the photo to, the photo may have been shot in Texas. Loquats have fruits that wild animals love to eat. Perhaps the Bigfoot was eating off the loquat tree. Perhaps since the Bigfoot was often seen eating off the loquat tree, a camera trap was set up to snap a photo of it while it was doing so.

There has been much speculation that this is the same costume that was used in a Bigfoot movie shot a while back called Clawed. However, I have seen the Clawed costume, and it looks nothing like this photo. I have also seen other costumes that this photo is said to resemble, and it looks like none of them.

Hovey Bigfoot photo looks like the Sierra steak! Someone who has seen photos of the Sierra steak from the Sierra Kills says that the Hovey photo looks much like it. The white skin, often criticized in the Hovey photo, is also present in the Sierra steak. And in the steak, you can see right through the hair all the way to the skin as you can in this photo. The hair on the steak is shorter at about four inches. The color of the Hovey photo is similar to the color of the hair on the steak (a pale yote), but with more brown mixed in.

Dr. Melba Ketchum freaked out when she got the Sierra steak. We reported earlier that Ketchum freaked out when she got the steak. She got on the phone to others and tried to get them to take it off her hands because she was so afraid of having it in her possession.

The reasons why she was freaked out are confused. On the one hand, the steak looked so human that it freaked her out. She said it looked like flesh from the thigh of a human cadaver. This is in part because if you look at the steak from the underside, it looks “white” like human “white skin” (my skin, for instance) looks.

The other reason was that she thought it was from a Bigfoot, but she believes, as most of us in the Bigfoot community do, that the government confiscates Bigfoot specimens as part of a coverup conspiracy. She thought they were going to raid her and take away the steak. She tried to pawn it off on others to take the heat off of her, but no one would go for it.

Ketchum denies that Yeti samples are part of the DNA study. This is more Ketchum speaking in half truths or lawyerese she so excels at.

She does this for different reasons.

First of all, this is simply the way that this scheming yet generally diplomatic woman operates. And when are diplomats or attorneys known for giving you the straight up? See where I am coming from? Ketchum was not known for being forthright in the past, and things are going to continue on like this. So take her words with a grain of salt.

The other reason she does this is because she is a woman, and women, especially if they are being crafty as they often are, do often speak in half truths. Insistence on terminal (even to the point of being fatal) honesty is a male fetish.

Make love to make rules. Women love to break rules.

There are genetic and cultural reasons for these dichotomies.

Our word is that the Josh Gates specimen is what started the whole DNA study going. Ketchum obtained an anomalous and interesting reading from the Gates specimen, which is recorded for all posterity on the show itself. So she has worked on Yeti DNA. We all know that.

My information goes further and says that she ran the Yeti DNA and obtained a result of no known animal, not human, unknown primate. She was also able to determine that the Yeti is closely related to the Bigfoots, but possibly not the same species or subspecies. The Yetis probably migrated over the Bering Straits and turned into the Bigfoots.

In addition, I can now report that another “excellent” Yeti sample was turned in to Ketchum as part of this study. We do not know the results, if any, of this specimen.

I believe what Ketchum is saying in her roundabout and sneaky way is that the Yeti samples and results are not being used in this paper. That’s probably the case. As we reported earlier, Ketchum plans multiple papers on this subject. One could conjecture that one of those papers, after the one about the Bigfoots, will discuss the Yeti.

Multiple and very different Bigfoot steak photos exist. There are quite a few Bigfoot steak photos floating around. However, people are not willing to give them up. At the very least, I have not been able to get a hold of one. Apparently the parties involved want to use the photos in the upcoming book about the Sierra Kills.

Some of the photos have coloration that looks like the juvenile Bigfoot. Others have coloration that looks like the adult male. Perhaps the adult male had radically different coloration on different parts of its body. That’s possible, but I think the most parsimonious view is that there are photos of steaks from both the juvenile and the adult floating around. Although we have no proof, I think that slices were probably taken from the juvenile Bigfoot at some point. The full story on this mess may never come out.

Erickson Golden Ears samples in Ketchum study were from a Bigfoot family unit. These samples were gathered in Golden Ears Regional Park in British Colombia by Randy Brisson. There are five different samples, and they all tested positive. Are they from five different individuals? No one quite knows, and Brisson is a hostile and belligerent person who is not easy to talk to. I have been told that the five samples are from a family unit of three Bigfoots – a father, a mother and an offspring. So right now it looks like five samples from three Bigfoots.

Ed Smith floats rumors about Ketchum DNA project. Ed Smith, who I don’t get along with at all, is floating a couple of rumors about.

One says that people are threatening to pull their samples from the study if it doesn’t come out soon. I can’t verify that rumor the way he phrased it, but I can confirm that some submitters are getting very angry and frustrated at the delays.

Smith also says that there is pending litigation between three of the major parties involved, who he won’t name. He says if this litigation doesn’t get settled, hopefully out of court via arbitration, the study could be held up for a long time, possibly years. I can’t confirm any of this.

There were lawsuit threats between Ketchum and Erickson in the past, but these seem to have been patched up due to the recent reconstituted alliance between the parties, which I believe involved a lot of the usual demands, underhandedness and skullduggery that we have come to expert regarding such matters. Some think the legal threats were part of the agreement tying the two together again.

Ketchum removed from Erickson project website. That’s all we know right now. Ketchum is removed from the Erickson Project. She’s not a part of it, whatever that means.

To muddy the waters as is her style, Ketchum recently posted that Erickson is still very much a part of her DNA project.

As our sources close to the Erickson Project are dead, we can’t tell you what is going on here. Some think that Ketchum’s (apparently false) comment that there will be no Erickson Project movie may have upset Erickson. But no one knows.

Only three sequences out of nearly 100 successful Ketchum DNA samples have had their entire DNA genomes run all the way through. This is a rumor that has been posted on the web from someone who has been very accurate and careful in the past.

Does Bart Cutino have Smeja’s boots? There is a rumor that the boots with the blood from the juvenile Bigfoot shot by Smeja on them were given by Smeja to Cutino. We cannot confirm this, and as of quite recently, Smeja retained possession of the boots.

There was also a lot of blood from the juvenile on some of his clothing, but it’s not known whether or not he washed the clothes (it appears he may have washed the clothes, but we don’t know this for 100% certain). He was holding up the little one as it was dying, and it was spitting up blood on his shirt and pants.

But the boots have not been washed, definitely have blood from the juvenile Bigfoot on them, and have not yet been submitted for testing.

Some of my personal views on Bigfoot biology. I think Bigfoots live to be about 45-50 yrs old (about 50% of the human lifespan), but that’s just a guess of mine. Cut everything human in half. A Bigfoot walks by age 7 months, talks by 1 yr, mates by age 7-9, dies at age 45-50 and may have perhaps 2-3 offspring in a lifetime.

They mate for life, or at least they try to. They don’t engage in incest – instead they pair-bond. If you believe the Janice Carter story, and I do for the most part, there are some BF single Mom’s out there.

Once they hit adolescence, the Bigfoot teen hotties get knocked up right quick. What red-blooded Bigfoot male could resist such a prime specimen of prehistoric human womanhood? Keep in mind that Bigfoot males don’t watch pornography, so they are not averse to hairy women.

Some Bigfoot teen sexpots seem to get knocked up by some random Bigfoot male who then takes off, and then you have a BF single Mom. It’s just like the ghetto, except it’s the forests of North America instead! The only thing is lack of the grills, rims, Cadillacs and gangster rap in the deep woods.

The males who knock up these females seem to come from somewhere out of the area (seemingly from out of nowhere) to mate with gravid young females.

Apparently sometimes Bigfoots do divorce or separate, and Bigfoot males sometimes try to steal females from other males. This can result in fights over females, which can be brutal and sometimes deadly, but at any rate, don’t last long.

I think Bigfoots live in small family groups of 3-4, a male, a female and 1-2 subadult offspring.

A defense of Matt Moneymaker. We have posted some things unfriendly to Matt in the past, but on one subject, I disagree with the critics. Matt has posited some silly theories about Bigfoots, but I do think that he knows a Hell of a lot about them. Matt must be listed among the world’s leading Bigfoot experts if only due to many years of deeply studying the matter.

Rundown of samples in the Ketchum study. This will be updated every time it changes.

Bigfoot samples submitted: Over 200
Presumptive for Bigfoot: Almost 100
# of Bigfoot individuals represented: 20-28

Details of successful Bigfoot samples:

5 hair samples from Golden Ears Provincial Park in British Colombia, representing 3 separate creatures, a male, a female and a juvenile from a family unit, gathered by Erickson Project.

1 toenail from Larry Jenkins in the Grand Canyon area of Arizona.

1 blood sample from JC Johnson in the 4 Corners area of New Mexico (skunk in a drainpipe sample).

1 blood sample from Crittenden, Kentucky, gathered by Erickson Project. Sample was obtained by gluing glass shards on a feeding plate.

1 hair sample from David Paulides’ NABS known as the Ulibarri sample from Hoopa Valley, California.

1 hair sample from Larry Surface in southern Ohio. Surface shot the controversial nighttime Bigfoot video that was pulled from the web recently.

1 hair sample from Joe Black in the Great Smoky Mountains, Eastern Tennessee.

1 slice of Bigfoot flesh from Mount Haskell, California from the adult male Bigfoot shot dead by Justin Smeja.

1 large sample of saliva from the Olympic Project obtained via a Bigfoot licking a camera.

1 hair sample from SE Oklahoma collected by TEXLA Cryptozoological Research, whoever they are. Description here.

1 blood, tissue and hair sample from a nailboard trap at Snelgrove Lake, Ontario, Canada (presumably successful).

That is only 15 of nearly 100 successful Bigfoot samples. I have no idea about the rest.

Best Bigfoot samples: Smeja’s Bigfoot steak and JC Johnson’s skunk in a drainpipe Bigfoot sample.


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Hardware Problem Solved


Well, I replaced the CPU fan. Then I brought the machine back, and the overheating alarm kept going off! I took the machine back to replace the tower fan. Then I went home to settle back to some glasses of wine. As I was sitting there drinking wine, the overheating alarm in the computer went off again. Except there was no computer, so there was no overheating alarm to go off!

I looked around. My APC Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) was sounding the alarm. When your UPS starts to die, it makes a beep beep beep beep sound that sounds like the overheating alarm in the computer. We now think that the problem was the UPS going off all along and that the CPU fan didn’t even need replacing.

I will disconnect the computer from the UPS soon and see if the problem goes away. In the meantime, I have moved the fan away from the computer and I am no longer blowing cool air into the computer.

On the upside, I have a new CPU fan (which I more or less needed anyway as the old one was badly grunged out), and I am going to get a new 1 GB memory stick. I am running off a mere 512 MB right now, but Windows 2000 runs quite smoothly on that, believe me. Much better than Windows XP, which I think is a much inferior OS. When I get the new stick, I will have 1.5 GB RAM, which should be very cool! Things were getting a bit constricted on 1 GB.

Thanks for all your help!


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Bigfoot News February 23, 2012

Two Bigfoot steaks turned in to Dr. Melba Ketchum’s lab from the Sierra Kills! I reported this at the very start, but then Derek Randles and others attacked me for “inaccurate reporting” and said I was wrong, so I backed away. But I just talked with a source again today, and it turns out that I was right when I first wrote that Sierra Kills article (so many things about that original story are turning out to be true in the end).

I can now say for certain that the Ketchum lab received two Bigfoot steaks. They may have received the auburn, brown and grey one (adult) first, and may have gotten the dark brown one (possibly from the juvenile) later on. At any rate, we know that the lab reported at one point that they were in possession of two steaks from the Kills. On one steak the hair looked like the hair on the adult, and on the other, it looked like the hair on the juvenile.

We don’t know that the two steaks were from two different bodies, but that seems to be a logical supposition. It’s possible once again that the adult had hair of varying colors – auburn, dark brown and grey in parts and pure dark brown in other parts – but that seems unlikely. Instead it seems that two steaks were sent to the lab – one from the adult and one from the juvenile.

The one from the adult was probably sent first, because one source received a report from the lab where they only had the steak with the adult colored hair. The other one, possibly from the juvenile, was probably sent later, because at one point another source stated that the lab was in possession of both steaks.

The logical assumption here is that the steaks were from the two bodies. If that is so, it follows that DNA testing was done on both steaks. We assume that both steaks tested presumptive for Bigfoot.

Thom Cantrall, Arla Williams, the Forest People and all sorts of nuttiness. Cantrall, of Washington state, and Williams, of Oklahoma, are forming some sort of a New Age Bigfoot religion of sorts.

Both of them are in contact with Bigfoot teachers. Each teacher is a Bigfoot who is actually 1000 years old. Both of these teachers are communicating telepathically, by mindspeak, to Arla and Thom. They believe that Bigfoots are “Star People” sent here by aliens long ago to teach us something very important about our planet (possibly some sort of environmental message).

Arla believes that Bigfoots speak all known human languages, including English, that they shapeshift, disappear and do all sorts of funny things. I assume that Thom believes all of this tomfoolery also.

Both of these folks are centered around a Facebook group called The Forest People, and they seem to be trying to create some new religion around the Bigfoots. The Forest People are opposed to evolution and probably most other science. They think Bigfoots are people just like us, and apparently they think they were put here by UFO’s (thereby negating evolutionary theory).

Most members are Whites or Indian-Whites from rural redneck areas who are presumably deep into Christian fundamentalism of some sort. This is probably the genesis of the anti-evolutionary message. Cantrall’s views on religion are unknown, but he probably lives in a fundamentalist milieu. Cantrall’s politics are of the extreme rightwing populist Libertarian – militia – Constitutionalist type, which I assume means he’s just a regular Bigfooter, as most Bigfooters are rightwing fanatics.

Clarification of Bigfoot MtDNA. As I mentioned earlier, Bigfoot MtDNA is apparently 100% human. I have only heard of 4 samples so far, but in all four, the MtDNA was 100% human. Skeptics are asking me how this could possibly be so. Why isn’t the MtDNA part human and part something else? If this DNA is human, that would mean that the original population would have had to be isolated from both proto-Bigfoots and humans, right?

A good theory can clear up most of the confusion. What appears to have happened is that the Bigfoots are a result of Homo Heidelbergensis (the updated version as Homo Rhodesiensis) X Homo sapiens sapiens. See Michael Claerr’s Homo Heidelbergensis theory. The crossing of these two species or lines presumably resulted in a speciation event whereby a new species was created, the Bigfoots.

These speciation events took place at different times and places. One took place in southern Africa in the Kalahari Desert ~50,000 YBP. Another speciation event took place in Southwestern Europe 15-20,000 YBP. In both cases, Heidelbergensis males mated with human females, eventually giving rise to a new species.

All modern humans go back to a single mitochondrial Eve in southwest Africa 180,000 YBP. This was probably a speciation event that created Homo sapiens sapiens out of archaic Sapiens and whatever else might have been involved. Why do humans go back to a single Eve, yet the Bigfoots go back to two or possibly more Eves? The answer is that there probably has not been enough time yet for the MtDNA in the Bigfoots to settle down enough so that all Bigfoots can be traced back to a single Eve. The speciation event was too young, too soon.

What then happened to existing Heidelbergensis populations? The best guess is that all pure Heidelbergensis populations probably went extinct, possibly driven extinct by modern humans. Mating with humans may have given Heidelbergensis a massive cognitive boost. That boost may have generated enough fitness for the new hybrid species that it was intelligent enough to somehow survive the depredations of modern humans.

What happened in November when Wally Hersom gave the go-ahead to Ketchum to “sequence the genome?” What probably happened at this time was that Ketchum sequenced the MtDNA genome only. The NuDNA genome was probably not done. For the recent Denisova sequenced genome that was in the news, only the MtDNA genome was sequenced.

We probably do not have full nuclear genomes of any species besides man. Sequencing the nuclear genome of man was a massive undertaking known as the Human Genome Project, which just completed at great expense. These are such massive and difficult undertakings that it is dubious that we have any other nuclear genomes done besides our own.

Given the difficulties sequencing the human NuDNA genome, I think it is dubious that Ketchum ran the whole Bigfoot nuclear genome. Instead, I think she ran the common and well known nuclear genes and extrapolated from that.

What’s the basis for the “alien DNA” supposedly found in the Ketchum study? This rumor comes from Wally Hersom first of all, later backed up by David Paulides. Both are deep into paranormal Bigfoot stuff. A source told us that the reasoning for this theory lies in the finding that the Bigfoot NuDNA only goes back 30,000 YBP, and then it stops. Apparently it should go back further than that. The theory then is that the only way this could have happened is if aliens landed and created or deposited the Bigfoots here say 30,000 YBP.

I don’t understand the meaning of the italicized bit above; that means nothing to me. Nevertheless, I am not a fan of Intervention Theory, alien DNA in the Bigfoots or Bigfoot Star People.

As you can see, some of the folks around the study are fans of this theory. However, I have no idea if Ketchum herself believes in it. I sure hope not. At any rate, I’m told there will be nothing about alien DNA in the forthcoming paper, thank God.

Ketchum’s comment, “There is no Erickson movie.” This comment, which appeared on her new webpage, is simply wrong, or else it is a typical Ketchum half-truth. She is right in a sense. There will be no Adrian Erickson “movie” as in the movie you go see at the theater. I am quite sure of that. Nevertheless, the documentary exists and has been finished for some time. How do I know it’s real? My friends have seen it, that’s how.

And we know that Hollywood is working on it right now, fixing it up. Since it won’t be shown at theaters, where will it be shown? Perhaps as a DVD for sale. That was the original plan. Or possibly as a TV movie, TV documentary or part of a TV show, say with Animal Planet or National Geographic. Ketchum’s statement implying that there is no Erickson cinematic or videographic endeavor is simply false. Why she wishes to mislead people like this, I have no idea.

Mike Greene writing the Sierra Kills book. Greene has a BA in English literature and an MA in Psychology, so he’s obviously a very bright man. The BA presumably means that he can write well. At any rate, he’s the guy who has been commissioned to write up the Sierra Kills book. I assume he will do a great job of it.

Bigfoots speak Old Chinese? According to one my sources, one of his contacts who has seen Bigfoots several times was listening to the Sierra Sounds tape at home when his Chinese wife came into the room.

She said, “Play that back again!” He did.

She then said, “That’s the language of my grandfather.”

Her grandfather spoke Cantonese. This man has since done quite a bit of research into the Sierra Sounds, and he thinks the Bigfoots’ language is related to Old Chinese. There are also supposedly some folks at universities working on the Sierra Sounds, and some of these people may also pursuing the Old Chinese hypothesis for Bigfoot language.

As someone with a Masters in Linguistics, I find the notion that the Bigfoots speak Old Chinese to be dubious at best. But you never know.

Scott Nelson’s analysis of the Sierra Sounds. Nelson is a bright man, a former cryptolinguist for the US Navy. However, I was not impressed with his presentation analyzing the Sierra Sounds. He played some of the recordings back at different speeds and claimed be hearing English words or “cognates” of English words in there.

I do not think that conclusion is justified. If you listen to any language on Earth, you will hear sound structures that sound like English words (or words in any other language on Earth for that matter). Unless the word was specifically borrowed from English, such resemblances tend to be merely coincidental. Bigfoots do speak a language of some sorts. Whether or not they speak any English at all in their language is very much up in the air.

Matt Moneymaker’s statement about Bigfoots and cows on Finding Bigfoot. On the FB show, Matt said that Bigfoots never eat cows because cows are people food. Instead, they prefer Bigfoot food, like venison for instance. This statement is silly and is also dubious.

Bigfoots are well known to predate on human livestock. This has been an ongoing problem for a long time. They kill pigs, goats, sheep, rabbits, chickens and turkeys, along with dogs and cats. And there are reports of them killing cattle, often calves. A cow is awfully large and weighs quite a bit, so it’s probably hard to lug around.

I doubt if Bigfoots care whether something is people food or not. When they want to eat, they eat. They’re not too picky.

Updated rundown of samples in the Ketchum study. This will be updated every time it changes.

Bigfoot samples submitted: Over 200
Presumptive for Bigfoot: Almost 100
# of Bigfoot individuals represented: 20-28?

Details of successful Bigfoot samples:

5 hair samples from Golden Ears Provincial Park in British Colombia, representing 5 separate creatures, gathered by Erickson Project.

1 toenail from Larry Jenkins in the Grand Canyon area of Arizona.

1 blood sample from JC Johnson in the 4 Corners area of New Mexico (skunk in a drainpipe sample).

1 blood sample from Crittenden, Kentucky, gathered by Erickson Project. Sample was obtained by gluing glass shards on a feeding plate.

1 hair sample from David Paulides’ NABS known as the Ulibarri sample from Hoopa Valley, California.

1 hair sample from Larry Surface in southern Ohio. Surface shot the controversial nighttime Bigfoot video that was pulled from the web recently.

1 hair sample from Joe Black in the Great Smoky Mountains, Eastern Tennessee.

1 slice of Bigfoot flesh from Mount Haskell, California from the adult male Bigfoot shot dead by Justin Smeja.

1 large sample of saliva from the Olympic Project obtained via a Bigfoot licking a camera.

1 hair sample from SE Oklahoma collected by TEXLA Cryptozoological Research, whoever they are.

1 blood, tissue and hair sample from a nailboard trap at Snelgrove Lake, Ontario, Canada (presumably successful).

That is only 15 of nearly 100 successful Bigfoot samples. I have no idea about the rest.

Best Bigfoot samples: Smeja’s Bigfoot steak and JC Johnson’s skunk in a drainpipe Bigfoot sample.


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Hardware Problem: Please Diagnose

For a couple of weeks now, my CPU alarm has been going off. I dealt with it by closing programs and putting a big fan against the back of the tower, blowing air into it. When the alarm went off, I closed programs and turned up the fan to high. A couple weeks of that, and I decided to take the tower in to the shop. He replaced the CPU fan on the guess that that was what was causing the problem, but then when he tried to reboot, he got a memory error (checking memory). This went on for 20 minutes or so and the only way to get out of it was to swap out one of the memory sticks, which he assumed had gone bad. So now I am running on only 512 MB of memory, which kind of sucks, but I use Windows 2000, and that uses memory very well and requires very little.

Anyway, with the “bad memory” swapped out and the new CPU fan in, I took it home and started it up. It immediately started checking memory again, and started looping around on that. I hit escape to get out of that mouse wheel. Then it booted up. But after a bit, the CPU alarm went off again! So replacing the CPU fan did not end any of the problems associated with overheating.

What’s going on? Why is the motherboard overheating. How come changing the CPU fan did not stop the problem? Why did the memory stick suddenly die, if it even did? Why is the computer still running endless memory checks with seemingly good memory in the box?

I am not understanding so many things here.


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New Bigfoot Photo Released

Here is the Bigfoot picture from Melissa Hovey. Study it to your heart's content. Permission granted to reproduce for educational use only. Commercial copying, hiring, lending is strictly prohibited.

Here is the Bigfoot picture from Melissa Hovey. Study it to your heart’s content. Permission granted to reproduce for educational use only. Commercial copying, hiring, lending is strictly prohibited.

This is said by some to be the best Bigfoot photo since the Patterson-Gimlin film, but others are not so sure. It comes from scumbag lowlife Melissa Hovey, who I do not like one bit. But at least it appears that she is not a hoaxer.

A man contacted her in 2008 saying that he was having problems with Bigfoots on his property and he didn’t know what to do about them. He also said that he had taken photos of some of them with his trailcams. He sent her a photo of one of a series of photos he had taken with his trailcam. He was very paranoid about going public with it because he thought people would think he was crazy. He also thought people would come to his property and try to kill the Bigfoots, and he wanted to protect them.

Bottom line is Hovey has been holding on to the photo since 2008. She was getting tired of holding onto it and finally released it today, February 22, 2012. She is putting her copyright on it unless and until he decides to copyright it himself. She won’t give any information about the identity of the photographer, where the photo was taken or precisely when (other than late 2007-early 2008), or any other details about the photo.

There is already huge debate about this picture. Personally, I think it’s good, especially as Facebook/Find Bigfoot gave it the thumbs up seal of approval. That thing is ripped to the gills. Look at the size of those trapezius muscles. Note the slope to the back. This isn’t a ghillie suit, and the Bigfoot costumes I have seen don’t look like this.

The hair is very interesting. People are saying it looks exactly like Patty’s hair when you blow up her movie. The hair also looks very similar to the hair on the creature in the Hoffman movie. There is also a similarity to the long, flowing hair in the Olympic Project trailcam shot.

People are also bringing up a lot of problems with the photo. For one, they say it is too clear to be a trailcam shot. Also, they ask why there is foliage right in front of the camera. Other issues have been brought up.

But at the end of the day, I think this is probably genuine.


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