Bigfoot News January 29, 2012

Dr. Melba Ketchum DNA study will prove the existence of the Yeti in addition to Bigfoot! For a while now, we have heard a rumor from several people that the Ketchum study also includes purported Yeti hair gathered by Josh Gates in Bhutan in 2008. We just heard it in more detail from someone very close to the study, so we regard it as verified.

The Yeti hair tested as no known animal, not human, unknown primate. Not only that, but the Yeti sample was actually close to the nearly 100 Bigfoot samples. So not only do Yetis exist, but they are closely related to Bigfoots. Some of us have always thought that Yetis were real, but lately, there has been a lot of skeptical research pouring cold water on the theory. The Wikipedia article on the subject says Yetis do not exist, and they are mythical.

I think the Yeti is a bit of a different hominid from a Bigfoot in quite a few ways, but it appears to be a closely related species.

Explanation of Ketchum “90% human” findings. From sources who are outside of the Ketchum study (neither the author nor the successful submitters), we have learned that at least the Bigfoot steak from the Sierra Kills is nearly 90% human. This has caused a great deal of consternation because no one knows what it means. Perhaps that best theory being tossed around is that it means “10% of the way from a human to a chimp.”

This would be in odds with what we previously reported as “37% of the way from a human to a chimp.” We have no explanation for the differing figures from the same source. If it is 10% of the way from a human to a chimp, then that means a split of about 500-600,000 years, about the same as Neandertal or Homo Heidelbergensis.

New theories on the pre-publication history of Ketchum’s DNA paper. We recently spoke with Henry Gee, editor of Nature Magazine. Although he could not tell us whether or not Ketchum’s paper had ever been at the journal, he did say that all he was able to tell two people who made inquiries was that Ketchum’s paper “was not at the journal at this time.”

Reading between the lines, we now believe that the paper was at Nature at some point, but it was handed back, just as Moneymaker said and for the reasons that Moneymaker cited. Later, when people inquired with Gee about the paper, the paper was already handed back, so he gave the answer above. Ketchum then resubmitted to another journal, where it was accepted for review, passed peer review, and will now soon be published.

This theory makes a lot more sense. It means that Paulides was right when he said the paper was at Nature. How could Paulides, with his very close relationship to Ketchum, have been wrong about that? It also means that Moneymaker was not making up a big lie about the paper being handed back by Nature. Moneymaker has his flaws, but being a total bald-faced liar and making up wild stories out of whole cloth is not one of them.

The previous theory had to make Paulides out of the loop with Ketchum and Moneymaker a wild, bald-faced liar and teller of tall tales. Those two things never made much sense.

New revelations about the Erickson Project habituation site in Crittenden, Kentucky. We have been communicating lately with a source in Crittenden who lives very close to the EP habituation site. They have given us a lot of good information about what went down there.

Here is what we learned:

The property was owned by someone named Bob and consists of about 1.5 acres. He is well known around Crittenden for having such a great first name. At one point 5-10 years ago, Bob approached the source, who lived nearby, and told them about some strange “things” that were around his property at night. He put out an audio recorder near his pond, and he caught the “things” screaming and howling at night. He played the recording for them, and they got really freaked out.

Apparently Bob suspected that the “things” were Bigfoots. The source was interested in Bigfoots, so they contacted Dennis Pfohl. Pfohl was associated with the BFRO at the time, and he drove out to Crittenden.

Dennis came out to Crittenden, and subsequently made many trips to the site over a period of time, and the source got to know him well. At one point, tracks were found near the pond on Bob’s property. A decision was made to drain the pond to try to find more tracks. Around 2005, Bob shot a video of a Bigfoot walking in the woods. The source has seen the video and describes it as incredible.

At one point, Bob, Dennis and others were talking outside when another neighbor drove by.

He slowed down and asked Bob, “Seen any of your Bigfoots lately?”

Bob got very mad because he didn’t want anyone else to know about the scene there. He accused the source’s friend of telling people about the Bigfoots, and there was a fallout in their relationship.

Bob said, “That does it! I’m done with this! I don’t want all these people knowing about this.”

Things cooled down for a while, and then the property was sold to Adrian Erickson.

Bob bought a house nearby along with a boat and some new cars – he made out great. He moved 4 miles away. Bob may live now on Shady Lane in Crittenden.

Erickson then moved Dennis Pfohl and Dr. Leila Hadj-Chikh into the house as part of his research project. However, problems developed when the Bigfoots apparently followed Bob over to his new place! That’s how much they liked him, or liked his pancakes anyway.

Pfohl and Hadj-Chikh sneaked over to Bob’s new property and set up some sort of camera trap there. They reportedly managed to get a video of Matilda the young female Bigfoot with her two newborn baby Bigfoots.

According to my source, this photo shows Dr. Hadj-Chikh setting up red flags. The pond where the Bigfoot tracks were found is in the background.

There were three Bigfoots using Bob’s property: a male, a female and their teenage daughter, Matilda. Matilda later got pregnant and had one or two baby Bigfoots. The Bigfoot who knocked Matilda up is not known and attempts to locate him for child support payments have not been successful. The adult male is said to be very large, over 9 feet tall. He’s huge. Apparently he was also captured on video.

Sources indicate that the Bigfoots have completely vacated the property after Pfohl and Hadj-Chikh moved out. Pfohl had been out doing wood knocks on trees all the time, and pancakes and whatnot were being served nightly. When the local Bigfoot IHOP closed shop, the Bigfoots moved on. Bigfoots like to come hungry and leave happy too.

However, the source feels that Bigfoots may still be around Crittenden somewhere, but they can’t prove it. Recently when they were near Bob’s property, they got the feeling they was being watched by something in the woods and heard branches breaking, but they admitted it could have been anything.

Photo of the habituation site on Bob's property in Crittenden, Kentucky. Note how dense the forest is.

Bigfoot steak may be larger than thought. Justin Smeja and I have agreed to disagree about the size of the Bigfoot steak recovered from the Sierra Kills site. Smeja says it was about two pounds, and I say it was 15 pounds. However, a source who is very close to the Sierra Kills story has told us that Smeja and the driver have about 10 pounds of Bigfoot (8 pounds at a very minimum), divided into small pieces and stashed in freezers from here to Kalamazoo. The parts include not just skin, hair and surface flesh but also deep tissue, including muscle.

Dr. Jeff Meldrum – that dog won’t hunt. Meldrum and Dr. John Mionczynski have been working at training cadaver dogs to find Bigfoot sign and best of all, remains. At first they trained them on suspected Bigfoot scat, then on suspected Bigfoot tracks. These dogs are very good – they can find human graves in the woods that are 150 years old.

However, a source has told us that these dogs are having problems because they can’t seem to distinguish the scent of a Bigfoot from the scent of a human. The skeptics will surely have a field day with this, but I think this is more evidence for the Bigfoots are human theory. If it’s an ape, why can’t the dogs tell a Bigfoot from a human?

Meldrum, the anatomist who doesn’t understand anatomy. On February 19, 2010, Meldrum, who is a professor of anatomy at Idaho State University in Pocatello, appeared on Blogtalk Radio. A caller asked if Bigfoots had a baculum bone. A baculum bone is present in many animals and all primates but man. It’s a penis bone. Human men don’t have a penis bone. They rely on vasodilation to get an erection. Many human males also rely on porn to get erections.

Other apes have a retracted penis bone that moves into the penis in order to facilitate sex. Cows also have penis bones, and overly romantic bulls have been known to break them when they get too carried away with some young heifer hottie.

Meldrum answered that most of the higher primates, monkeys and apes lack a baculum. Then he got mad at the caller and asked him why he was asking the question. Meldrum’s got it all wrong. All primates, monkeys and apes have a baculum. The only one that lacks one is man, and in a chimp, it is nearly vestigial, and it’s true purpose is not known.

I’m not sure if an anatomist who specializes in primates should have known that, but it seems like he should have, no?

The war between the Ape Theory Gang and the Human Theory Collective. There is a war in Bigfootery between the Bigfoots are Human advocates and the Bigfoots are Apes theorists. The Ape Theory Gang is led by Field Marshall Meldrum and includes or included John Bindernagel, Matt Moneymaker, Henner Fahrenbach, Derek Randles, Bart Cutino, Steven Streufert, Facebook/Find Bigfoot, Mionczynski, Daniel Perez, Cliff Barackman, Rene Dahinden, Grover Krantz, Tim Fasano, Rick Noll, John Green, Loren Coleman and many others.

On the other side are the Human Theory Collective. This line includes or included Bobbie Short, Mike Rugg, Ken Walker, Paul Freeman, Robert Morgan, Esteban Sarmiento, Boris Porshnev, Dmitri Bayanov, Myra Shackley, Igor Bourtsev, Mary Green, Janice Carter, Adrian Erickson, Melba Ketchum, Richard Stubstad and others, including us. The Human Theory Collective has complained for years that they have been marginalized by the Ape Theory Gang.

In fact, they say that Meldrum’s stranglehold over Bigfootery is the biggest thing holding the field back. I am inclined to agree. I am starting to think that Lord Meldrum is a problem – the despotic associate professor of Bigfootery.

This is excellent story, but unfortunately, we are not allowed to report on the juicier bits at this time. Hopefully we can dig up some more later on.

Bart Cutino publishes false article about us. After King Meldrum’s blustery and completely out of control response to our breaking the story about the Ape Professor at the Sierra Kills site, Derek Randles and then Bart Cutino chimed in to brown nose with Meldrum and compete to see who could get the furthest up his ass.

Cutino’s article got posted to Cryptomundo, which is apparently in bed with Meldrum too. It contains numerous falsehoods about a recent interview we did with Justin Smeja.

Regarding Lindsay’s interview with Justin, you know immediately when you see a written interview of someone you know fairly well and it’s obviously sensationalized, biased and paraphrased.

That’s usually when you can’t see the written responses coming from the interviewee’s mouth any longer and it only took about two questions of Lindsay’s “interview” with Justin to see that from my perspective. Without even having an opportunity to talk to Justin until this morning, I can tell you there are countless mistruths, false facts and exaggerations to mention,

This not true. The interview was a cooperative effort, as all of our interviews are. Smeja read the interview soon after it was posted. He called us the next morning and asked us to change several sentences where he revealed privileged information from Ketchum’s study that was not allowed by his NDA. The information was promptly removed.

Although it is quite hard to get ahold of Smeja by phone and almost impossible to do so by email, our understanding is that he regards the interview as an accurate account of our conversation with him. Of course, as an interviewee, he has a right to go over the interview and change anything he thinks is not correct, but he has not done so yet other that what was described above.


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57 responses to “Bigfoot News January 29, 2012

  1. John

    I heard the there where photos of the pancake BF floating around a while back. Anyone know where to view them?

    • The video is out there on the Internet.

      • It is, Robert? Where?
        I saw it when it appeared briefly on Cryptomundo, but then a lawsuit was filed. Since it has vanished, to my knowledge. Somewhere I have the court documents of the suit filing. Moneymaker got twenty grand selling it to Erickson’s company, and Craig and his site were sued for violating the copyright. Craig left BFRO at this time.

        Bigfoot Books

        • Oh it’s on the Internet all right! I’ve found it two different times. The last time was pretty recent. It’s sort of hidden, but if you know how to do Internet research, you can find it all right. If it’s an illegal video, then I’m not going to give out the url, but I have a feeling that if I go looking for it again on the Net today, I’ll find it one more time.

  2. KarolS

    What are you going to do when (sorry, if) the whole Ketchum thing turns out to be another hoax? You have invested so much into it, emotionally. I can see some sort of breakdown looming.

    • Won’t happen. She’s a scientist who has a thriving business and peer reviewed papers in journals. A hoax or scientific misconduct would ruin her, plus a hoaxed paper probably would not even get through peer review anyway.

      Anyway, suffice to say, I KNOW this thing is not a hoax, ok?

    • These things are real. You skeptics are just going to have to get used to that fact. A lot of you are not going to acknowledge the truth, and you will fight on for many years. But in the end, you will lose. The truth always wins in science.

      • KarolS

        You didn’t answer the question.

        • Nothing. It won’t be a hoax, so I’m not worried. I’ve already been through the emotional breakdown thing, and I know what that’s all about. I don’t see how it’s going to happen again. Once I went through that, I knew it was never going to happen again. Anyway, I have meds in case I do. Something like that wouldn’t break me anyway. It would have to be a lot worse than that.

        • I’m scientific minded. If you’re scientific minded, you don’t really care about being proven wrong, because nothing’s ever for sure in science anyway. You just change your mind if you were wrong and move along. I change my mind all the time in life and even on this blog. My attitude is that I should be always changing my mind. I’m not some guy who is terrified of being wrong. Quite the opposite. I’m wrong all the time, and I’m quite ok with that.

      • Having followed the whole Big Foot question distantly since seeing the ads for the Patterson films in the 60s I’ve always hoped that some real proof would come to light. As a skeptic, having a published paper based on physical evidence rather than an analysis of a film or video would offer the scientific community the type of evidence required to be taken seriously. I don’t believe skeptics such as myself who have a scientific background will have difficulty acknowledging the truth given physical evidence published in a peer reviewed journal.

        • Sure some of you skeptics are going to come around, and I have a lot of respect for skeptics like you. There are TONS of folks now who are scofftics, which is another thing altogether. I fully expect them to resist this with every fiber of their being. In fact, on skeptic websites, they have already stated that they are going to reject this Ketchum journal piece no matter what it says. I know a lot of skeptics who have been scoffing at this Bigfoot thing for years if not decades. I have a hard time believing that they are going to humiliate themselves by admitting that they were wrong.

          At some point, the cultural Zeitgeist may change with enough evidence, and being a Bigfoot skeptic may be akin to being a Creationist. But 45% of Americans are Creationists in spite of a mountain of science.

          People really don’t like being told that something they believed in forever is wrong. Worse, skeptics have spent years to decades laughing at us Bigfooters, humiliating at us, scoffing at us, ridiculing us. Do you think even one of them will say, “Wow! I’m sorry! You were right all along and I was wrong!” I am thinking of most of the hardcore skeptics I know, and most of them are NOT GOING TO DO THAT. These are people who are never sorry for anything, never apologize for anything and are never wrong about anything. They never admit they are wrong, like most humans.

        • Certain people and institutions have the trait of not being able to admit they are or were wrong. There always have been and always will be those people and institutions. The Catholic Church placed Galileo under arrest for espousing that the earth circled the sun. I’m afraid certain things will never change so no sense worrying about those people or institutions lest they threaten to jail one.

  3. John

    Really appreciate the effort you put into these blogs Robert. I really enjoy them and think you get a hard time.

    ps. I have looked for the pancake vids forever and cant find them. Maybe I just dont know where to look. Any advice?

  4. John

    That would be fantastic, thanks.

  5. Caz in BOS

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the yeti turns out to be several different creatures. I am very drawn to the relic hominid theory, but I also think the probability is high that an orangutan relative still lurks in the SE Asia jungles. If not yeti, then at least orang pendek.

  6. Robert it is not surprising you have found a way to strike a nerve within the Bigfoot community. You have never hidden from your opinions–Bigfoot or otherwise. I am not as interested as the personality conflicts as I am with your unique insights to the Bigfoot phenomena and community in general.

    With all that said, I hope you expand on the “The war between the Ape Theory Gang versus the Human Theory Collective.” The word choices of, “gang” and “collective” alone are intriguing.

    Also, with all the research that you have done, haven’t you seen the pattern that Ketchum is following? Have you come across other potential “game-changing” announcements in the past? Why will Ketchum’s be any different?

    Please consider covering the ape/human argument soon!

    • I am certain that Ketchum is in the Homo camp, but she has not made any public statements along those lines, so I am holding off putting her in there until she does.

      I have tons of info on the Human vs Ape Theory war, but I can’t use it right now due to confidentiality, unfortunately. The Human Theory crowd is really afraid of the Ape Theory guys.

  7. lindsey, you are one morally bankrupt s.o.b. all of you description about journalism was and is a crock of shit. as for sharon’s site… well you’re jealous. as for dr.. meldrum… again you’re jealous.


  8. Maurice Cloud

    Cheers Robert! I’m glad to see that your spirits are indeed not sagging in light of the recent assaults upon your veracity. As regards our friend bigfoot . . . I’ve never understood how anyone, at least anyone in the scientific community, could believe it to be an ape. Whilst classifying it as an “ape” may very well have been the most convenient explanation to offer an otherwise disbelieving public, it is nonetheless a classification that has retarded much of what scant serious scientific enquery it has been on the receiving end of. Frustrating to say the least to watch Dr. Meldrum put out ape pheromone chip after ape pheromone chip and get no takers. And what ‘ape’ does one bait with, chimp, orang . . ? One might very well think that a trained scientist would have been wise to the event after a few failures, but with reputations at stake and whopping big wads of cash to be had perhaps stubbornness evolves from personality trait to virtue . . . Bigfoot research has been as much defined by the efforts of the amateur, or informed amateur, as the professional, but it is the latter, increasingly allied with gangs of menchildren in camouflage jim-jams and loaded down with guns and trail cams that are now, with the scent of prey in their nostrils, endeavouring to silence the former. Hence the hostile attacks upon you Robert, so, steady on mate, and keep your prow into the wind. Cheers!

  9. mitchw

    Do you know what upsets me, Robert, about the work you’ve been doing? When the Ketchum Paper gets released, only the New York Times reporter who has been spoon fed the contents will ever get credit. You’re not the one who’s going to be on Lehrer. Some pedigreed worthy in New York is going to pick up their phone, and get celebrated. (do you know that the story on Walter Read Hospital which Dana Priest got a Pulitzer for had already been reported upon for some time by another reporter? Or the recent Keith Bradsher piece in NYT is quite the old hat? I need another drink.)

    • I should not really get credit for it. All I did was leak some pre publication results. I’m not sure if that counts for breaking a new story. Now the Sierra Kills is another matter altogether. 😉

      • mitchw

        Non thinking people will require an authoritative source whom they are familiar with, and delight in pulling their forelock toward, in order to begin to accept new and difficult information. But I hope that the work you’re doing will be rewarded. Also, please don’t discount leaking, as reporters wish someone would give them something to leak. Cheers.

  10. mitchw

    I told my very intelligent sister today that she might start to think about explaining to her boys about this Bigfoot thing, as a peer reviewed paper was coming along. She just snickered. You think she knows I’m observing her?

  11. citrus


    the archive i read about the baby bigfiit discovery from 1990 estacade oregion caught my interest. i was womdering did ray nab ever reach out to the hunter to see the corpse of the baby bigfoot or no? and is there any way that you could find out who the hunter was?

  12. Gertrude

    great reporting on the ape camp vs human camp. Meldrum makes big bucks off the North American Ape Project:

  13. Gertrude

    did you see the list of Ape Project grants at that link? that is money that has several uses; firstly it gives him money to travel around wherever he wants, selling his books, which goes into his own pocket, and to support his lab and research and publications, and which in turn gives him the edge to appear on the many television shows he has been on, and that is the real money, that he pockets into his own wallet.

    • Ok it’s a money train. So what happens if we prove it’s not an ape after all? That’s a hominid, in the Homo line? Does his cash stream dry up?

      • Maurice Cloud

        Not at all. He is, for better or worse, the go to guy on this issue for the corporate media. Guess what that translates into . . ? Cheers!

        • Gertrude

          Depends on how he plays it, and who else steps up to the plate from the other side. There are a lot of people who don’t like him and think he’s just a blowhard. His only expertise is in feet, and his “mid-tarsal break” theories don’t work with a modern human bigfoot.

        • Well, Meldrum has made a lot of enemies in the field, this is true.

  14. buckhunter1969

    Wow the bigfoot group of “experts” are a bunch of douche bags! (excluding you Robert) Meldrum has shown that he is a baby and if you don’t believe his theories, you are wrong. BFRO is a COMPLETE joke! IF Reane from BFRO shows any skeptism about something Matt Moneymaker says is “squatchy” she is an idiot. I can not watch that show any longer because of Mr. Moneymaker and his tag-alongs. On the 1/29/2012 episode, Moneymaker stated that they were in the “squatchiest area of the squatchiest state in America”. I thought that I was going to vomit. Any organization that is investigating BF is quick to discredit the others opinions without PROOF of anything. Do BF’s have a mid-tarsal break??? Do they look like humans??? Are they apes??? (I personally doubt it) Do they have language???? (that alone would kill the ape theory) NOBODY has definate answers to these questions. Could the reality be a mixture of several different opinions?
    I recently introduced my wife to the belief that BF exist. She was open minded and eager to learn more about them. After several hours of visiting MANY sites, she threw her hands up and stated that there was so much contradictory information, she didn’t know who to believe. She now isn’t interested enough to look for answers herself but she will listen to me and my opinions. How many prople have lost interest because of the “in-fighting”? I will continue to come to this site and get BF updates and I will sporatically visit other sites to see new reports but my “lust” for this is fading. Science is about being open minded and learning based on a hypothesis. I eagerly await the Ketchum DNA results ( and apparently Mr. Substad’s DNA results) and the EP’s videos. Everybody needs to quit bickering and concentrate on the TRUTH that is presented in real EVIDENCE. Robert, please present the things that your sources give you and try not to get into verbal altercations with those that are upset by their close minded beliefs. Sorry for such a long RANT on my behalf!

  15. what is your take is bigfoot the real thing. do you think it’s possible there is 2 or more type/kind of bigfoot.

  16. grammy97

    Thank you, Robert. Thanks for generating and maintaining this blog. It’s unpleasant to read about all the strife over the hairy people; but I’m grateful that you print so much.
    The DNA results are terribly important. I’m anticipating the publication of Dr. Ketchum’s paper, and grinning. Your reports on that progress are very welcome. Many thanks to you. Don’t let the turkeys get you down.

  17. great post… I agree more questions on the horizon!

  18. dano bivins

    I knocked up Matilda.
    All it took was a bag of snausages and Adam Ant.

  19. dano bivins

    Just a thought for other researchers…if I were going into a bigfoot area to get some physical or video evidence, I’d bring a cardboard cutout that folded out to 8 ft., with a full color mock up of an adult male bigfoot, and set it slightly back from a game trail, with a tree-cam trained on it.
    Maybe a deer carcass would work too.
    I watch the shows about BF hunters, and they generally “crash” thru the woods, making a racket.
    I grew up hunting, and I have snuck up on racoons and rabbits close enuf to touch them. I kicked a racoon in the ass one time to let it know I was there.
    That’s the kind of stealth i think you need to avoid broadcasting your presence to a BF, unless your approach is camoflaged by the noise of a river.
    I’m sure the amatuer BF hunters still have the scent of soap, deoderant, fragrance from detergents and softeners on their clothes, the odor of petroleum-based materials in their shoes, tobacco, and so on.
    Non-human creatures that live in the woods have a great sense of smell.
    It’s believed that some animals can determine from smell what kind of animal is some distance away, what direction it’s going, whether it’s male or female, whether it’s eaten recently, how old it is, and if it’s approaching or moving away.
    But like you’ve observed, alot of people won’t believe in BF’s even with detailed, lengthy video or physical samples. Cognitive dissonance.
    Some people still don’t believe we went to the moon. In fact, I think you could put a live BF in a tent behind a roped-off area and let people file past it for $2, and many will still think it’s a hoax.

    • Maurice Cloud

      Cheers Dano! Well done. Remember how the Viet Cong would say(generally after the war) that they could smell/hear the Americans long before they ever saw them? Not sure about the cut-out though. These critters are such an ingrained element of their environment that I doubt the value of one of these as a lure. Now if you might get out there in your Speed-O . . . Cheers!

  20. dano bivins

    Doubt away, oh frisk-before-you-enter-the-pub Maurice, but a cutout has fooled humans in dim light. I don’t expect to get footage of them discussing Marx with the cutout, just to get them to approach it in curiosity.
    Thanks for your Time-Life knowlege of the Vietnam war, that was priceless.
    I was in the service during the time, I never heard of a bigfoot sighting in the jungles, but tigers were not unknown. Cheers!

  21. You’re welcome Steve! About patching it up with Meldrum, well, I don’t know about that too much. He bullied me, and he thought he could push me around. I don’t even want to deal with him at this point. But I might lay off him somewhat.

  22. Andrew

    Sure that 10% of the way to a chimp steak wasn’t refering to the maternal mito DNA tests? As the earlier 37% of the way to a chimp were (supposedly?) the paternal nuclear DNA side of the 95%-99% Homo Sapien maternal mito results of the African haplotype & the couple of sub-glacial European haplotypes?

    Aside from the serious problem of Neanderthals becoming extinct by 30K B.C., & no native apes or hominoids in Europe living or fossil anywhere approaching 15K B.C. or thereafter according to Establishment science… just what were those European haplotypes mating with in 15K B.C. to produce large sagittal crests, canine fangs, no neck turning entire body sideways to look EXACTLY as in the anthropoid great apes, no arch of the foot, long shaggey hair coats with coat patterns identical to chimps & gorrilas, 8′ to 16′ heights, weights approaching a ton (or more), black tongues, tree knocking, chest drumming & stone throwing exactly as in gorrilas & chimps?

    The last surving remnants of Cro-Magnon Man?

    Remember hardly any of the previously mentioned features are even found in Australopithecenes, let alone Homo Erectus

    • Neandertals lasted until 10-15 YBP in northern Siberia. Heidelbergensis lasted until 13,000 YBP in China. Erectus may have lasted until 27,000 YBP in Indonesia. Floresiensis lasted until 12,000 YBP by bones, and until 1900 by the tales of the people in the area.

      Many of the behaviors you have listed above can not be determined from the skeletal record in prehistoric hominims. Midtarsal break lasted until 200,000 YBP in Homo Erectus. No one knows if ancient Homo was hairy or naked. Patty’s neck does not turn like an ape, but halfway between a man and an ape. An ape would have had to stop running and turn around to look at you. Heidelbergensis and possibly Erectus seems to have had some sort of saggital crests.

  23. Kevin Deneen

    Please excuse my ignorance, I’m new to this topic. Surely, Sasquai die. Why have we not found skeletal remains? or for that matter, the places where they sleep, eat, mate, etc?

    I have become interested after stumbling across your blog while searching for other information unrelated to “Bigfoot”. I have since read several web sites that purport to have validated information about these fascinating creatures.

    About 17 years ago, while fly fishing by myself in a remote location in Oregon (where I live), I was “visited” by what I thought at the time to be a Black bear. I only saw the back side of whatever it was as it very quickly moved up a huckleberry covered slope at a fast walking pace. It had brown fur with speckled grey around the neck area. I was mid stream casting when I noticed that other then the stream sound, everything went quiet. The wind was coming downhill out of the north in gusts It was mid September and about mid day. I definitely noticed a foul odor in the air and then heard rustling in the brush along the river bank between the wind gusts. I slowly reeled in my line and started moving quietly to the bank opposite from where the rustling was coming from. When I got on shore, and after getting behind a tree, I took a look across the stream. What I saw was the back side of a hairy bear? retreating back up the slope at a pretty good pace. One thing I found odd was that it appeared to be walking almost upright, swing it’s arms but also, using it’s arms to kind of scramble up the slope and work it’s way through the thick Huckleberry bushes.

    When I told my story to friends, they all agreed it was a bear, since bears feed heavily on mountain huckleberries and are known to stand on their hind legs. I didn’t see it standing still nor did I see it’s front. By the time I got out of the stream and looked back it was about 100 yards away. Also, I wasted no time in getting out of there since I carried no weapon, just fishing gear. In fact, I raced along the trail back towards my truck (five or six miles away) for about a mile before I realized I still had my neoprene waders and stream boots on.

    I’m and avid hiker and long time angler, but not a hunter so my animal identification skills may not be the most reliable.

    So, I guess I have a new interest!

    Thanks for writing a good blog and allowing me to comment.


    • They just sleep in the forest. All the rest of the stuff they just do wherever. They bury their dead. Their skeletons look more or less human, so we have probably found them before but just thought they were some kind of people. There have been a couple of bones like skulls or jawbones in museums labeled as “Indian.”

      I think you saw a Bigfoot that day on that hill.

      • Kevin Deneen

        Thanks for your reply. I’ve been checking out a lot of web sites and blogs related to Sasquatch or Bigfoot since posting here. It has come to my attention that there is a considerable amount of “hoaxing” going on which just makes it that much harder to get to the truth.

  24. Trey

    Robert did you see what Melba just tweeted by chance?!/DrMelbaKetchum

    Dr. Melba Ketchum @DrMelbaKetchum
    This has been a great day!

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