Attacking Men’s Masculinity: The Modern Western Woman’s New Game

A commenter notes that if a man is masculine enough, no one will ever question his masculinity for one second. But I am not so sure about that anymore!

I’m an androgynous guy, eh? So unfortunately this sort of shit is to be expected, not that I enjoy it or anything.

Lately, I more or less laugh it or blow it off. Women have recently attacked my manhood for worrying about my weight, dieting, not having a regular job, having health problems, having a mental dx, being depressed – all that stuff. Honestly, most of it doesn’t really get to me for some reason, but some of it stings.

I can take a lot of that crap by simply devaluing their opinions as inferior and worthless (I just think, “Stupid fucking woman, who cares what she thinks LOL?”), but at some point, it’s just gone over the line and it’s an insult. Quite a bit further, and it’s a a super insult, and I’m definitely going to have to fucking kill you right now, understand?

Anyway, modern women delight in ripping us down. I always thought it was just me and something I was doing wrong, but then I saw wives and girlfriends doing it to very masculine guys, including some of the most masculine guys I’ve ever met. That’s when I decided that women are just doing this to get our goat, because they know that this is one thing a lot of guys won’t tolerate, and the more masculine a guy is, the more homicidal it makes him.

Apparently this is not something bred in female nature. I once asked my mother if she had ever attacked my father’s masculinity. She got a very serious look on her face and said, “Oh no. I never did that. Women of my generation – that’s one thing you never did. You could not do that – it wasn’t done. That was always considered to be beyond the pale.”

So the problem is not one of the female’s essentially evil nature as the MRA types would have it. There’s nothing essential in female psychology that drives women to cut our balls off. Instead it’s a problem of modern women having gone completely feral. These are women who have had all the controls taken off of them by feminism, and the resulting wreckage of them and the collateral damage society is clear to see.

Clearly women need to be brought back under control somehow, but it’s dubious if this can be done. As if one took the reigns off a horse and opened the gates to its stable, and it ran off to live with the wild horses in the hills. People want to free and not subject to much in way of controls or chains real or figurative. They desire to run wild no matter what sort of destruction this causes and prefer that life to much in the way of controls, which are always seem as a life behind bars in one some sense.


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31 responses to “Attacking Men’s Masculinity: The Modern Western Woman’s New Game

  1. dano bivins

    I see this too. But I don’t see it as a problem. There are all kinds of women, and of course there’s alot of “shoppers” who line up for sales because it’s what “everybody else is doing”.
    Those aren’t the kinds of women that are interesting to me, in fact, they’re unimaginative and “trouble”, in my opinion.
    There are women who don’t follow the pack, who look for qualities and characteristics in men that appeal to their personal preferences which have nothing to do with money, plastic machismo, or classic GQ looks.
    This “looking for alpha male” shit is not recent, the rolling stones came out with the line “ain’t I tough enough?” long ago.
    The women you refer to are the low hanging fruit, IMO.

  2. Again I say, Robert, you are the most open-minded leftist I’ve ever encountered. This post is linked and commented on here:

  3. Bay Area Guy

    It’s not just attacking Western man’s masculinity. Sometimes, that’s not even the case at all.

    You have some radical white feminist kooks who even try to insist that gender doesn’t even exist, that it’s merely a social construct that society uses to place people in oppressive categories, etc.

    • Dano

      It’s not a matter of being “equal”, it’s being different. Nothing wrong with that- vive la difference.
      “fair” has nothing to do with it.
      If you know that attacks on masculinity are just an attempt to exploit a possible weak spot, it has no effect…sorta like telling a good lookin woman she’s ugly.

  4. seedofjapheth

    Maybe women prefer being with a guy who makes a mess of his house and never cleans up after himself. Maybe she prefers that to so called “androgynous” guys… whatever that means…

  5. Off topic I guess I came across the following quote 🙂

    “The price of clinging to the enemy [a man] is your life. To enter into a relationship with a man who has divested himself as completely and publicly from the male role as much as possible would still be a risk. But to relate to a man who has done any less is suicide. . . . I, personally, have taken the position that I will not appear with any man publicly, where it could possibly be interpreted that we were friends.” – Ti-Grace Atkinson

    Does anyone know who she is? It occurs to me that she might possibly have a favourable view of male castration…

  6. “They shoot horses, don’t they?”

  7. chk

    I must say this post seems written with the aid of a glass of wine or three. Not that I don’t get the salient point, but your typically impressive prose suffers there a bit, at the end.

  8. Control, isn’t the word I’d use. Civil is a better world. Unfortunately, the need to be civil and honourable, even to your adversaries is something that is lost on most people today. It has to be imbibed as a value system, not enforced through social controls.

    @ baloocartoons
    What Nil Gilad said. Conservatives are usually too inflexible and close minded to understand that feminazism is not a part of leftism. They are independant ideologies, even though feminazism needs the tolerance of leftists to take its control over the society.

    • You’re quite right if you’re talking about neoconservatives, but I make a big distinction between them and traditional conservatives, or paleoconservatives. I’m the latter, and the current dust-up between paleocon Ron Paul and the others, all of which are neocons, clearly illustrated the difference.
      And though the dividing line isn’t as clear on the left, there are certainly differences between doctrinaire leftists and the open-minded variety.

      • To clarify, most leftists I know of wouldn’t dream of questioning any aspect of the notions described as “feminism.” That sort of thing is always off the table. As is race, another thing Robert persistently does his own thinking about.

  9. ‘Clearly women need to be brought back under control somehow, but it’s dubious if this can be done.’
    Oh dear me.
    This seems to be the bane of the heterosexual man’s existence- how to control women & their sexuality.
    Well, don’t waste your time. It can’t be done. May as well try to put a hurricane in a can as my dad used to say.

    • Well, I don’t know. The women in my mother’s generation were much better. They were well behaved and controlled and not out of control and insane. She agrees with me when I say that women nowadays are feral and out of control. She had women had a lot of strict rules on how to behave back then. Then were not allowed to go all out of control and act insane, stupid, wild and idiotic. You weren’t allowed to attack men’s masculinity. You were supposed to fucking control yourself! Women nowadays feel that they don’t have to control their behavior in any way whatsoever, and that’s just complete shit.

      Keep in mind that I came out of the Liberation movements of the 1960’s, including Women’s Liberation and especially the Sexual Revolution. I have no interest in controlling women’s sexuality at all, and of course I support the liberation of women. But the idea that modern women have that there should be no controls on their behaviors whatsoever is not good for them or society. It’s bullshit. People act a lot better when there are limits put on the stupid crap they want to do and try to get away with.

      • ‘They were not allowed to go all out of control and act insane, stupid, wild and idiotic.’
        Robert, I’m not THAT much younger than you.
        We’re both white, from the same general area, & probably the similar socioeconomic backgrounds.
        The way I was raised, to lose ‘control’ was to show weakness or be ‘unreasonable’, to show weakness or be ‘unreasonable’ was ultimately to be STUPID and believe me STUPID was the last thing you EVER wanted to be in my family.
        My dingbat sister or my ditsy mom might get away with a non public display of ‘losing control’ occasionally but my dad would never allow me such indulgences because I ‘knew better’.

        Its all about culture, so I tell myself after living in India.
        Unfortunately western ‘modern’ seems to encourage these sorts of emotional excesses as ‘healthy’.
        I disagree, it is a MESS!

      • Alice Teller

        The problem is not that men need to control women, it is that women need to control women. There was a time when every decent woman in America would have been outraged that a predatory woman like Calista Gingrich would even be considered as First Lady. We protected marriage by excluding those who did not respect it.

        • You are so right. And also, men used to control men — Men who behaved badly risked retaliation from decent men. Now we’re supposed to be tolerant of bad behavior to show how sensitive we are.

        • Gay State Girl

          I’m as nostalgic for genteel society as you are, but focusing on the values of a candidates wife is just aan example of the cult of personality that is so prevalent in US politics today. If Howard Dean could truly have stopped the war in its tracks, than Judy Steinberg would have made a fine first lady.

      • True. And when societal constraints break down, as they have, you get the chaos you describe, and the only solution seems to be to control people’s behavior by law, which has its down side. Campus speech codes seem necessary now, because a couple generations ago, there were standards of behavior for most people that were implicit in the culture, and a guy could get his ass kicked good for misbehavior towards women. Now his behavior is regulated by educational bureaucrats, who don’t do nearly as good a job.

  10. will

    even as women attack masculinity and maleness the vaginas still tingle for the thugs and badboys

    • Yes, I used to think it was possible to be so macho that women won’t attack your masculinity, but it’s not true. The most extreme macho guys I have ever met have had ex gf’s that really ripped the shit out of them as men. So there’s no way to be so macho that no bitch ever calls you that, and getting attacked like that is not necessarily a function of lack of masculinity or anything. Bitches will simply say that to any man on Earth nowadays if they hate him enough.

      PS. The really macho guys who got called that by their ex gf’s are all homicidal towards these women. They all told that they REALLY WANT TO KILL these bitches. And they were serious about that.

      • will

        I think there is a fair bit of cognitive dissonance as women are inherently wired to want to be dominated by a powerful man and the fact that she is attracted to the very man that feminists have taught her to hate makes them really amped up to attack a man the more masculine as he gets.

        Anyways are those macho guys pulling alot of women anyways?

        • Not necessarily. Really macho guys are not necessarily pulling a lot of women, or any women at all, actually. I’m known some extremely masculine guys who told me they hadn’t had a date in 13 years. Another guy, people said, had never been seen with a woman ever. Macho guys don’t necessarily get a lot of chicks at all. Just being macho doesn’t get you women necessarily.

        • They do it to macho guys I think because they must know that the more macho a guy is, the more furious he gets when you attack his masculinity. So they just do it because that’s his achilles heel, the worst thing you could possibly say to him.

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  12. flybynight

    All their controls are off..they feel they can do anything without reprecussion. I was verbally castrated by my female boss..I wanted to smash her face in..but I have better than average impulse control…what am going to do..go to the all female human resources department and complain(white male 275 pounds). Someday payback is to going to be a bitch for current female behavior.

  13. Most of western women are following western feminism. Feminism does not teach women to be feminine and to be consistent with male sexuality. That is why feminists do not like to represent the femininity corresponding to men’s masculinity. Instead of being feminine and being consistent with masculinity, they are trying to be masculine and attack real male masculinity.

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