Man Badly Beaten in Bihar

Video here.

In this shocking video, a man knifed a college classmate in a dispute over some property. The assailant was also sent to the hospital as a result of the fight. While in the hospital, the victim’s friends learned that the victim had died of his stab wounds. A mob attacked the hospital, grabbed the assailant from his hospital bed and dragged him out to the street outside, where they beat him mercilessly.

Reportedly, this sort of mob rule is the norm in India, and cases similar to this happen almost every day somewhere in the land. Bihar is one of the most backwards regions in this backwards and blighted land.


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6 responses to “Man Badly Beaten in Bihar

  1. This week in Bengal a group of student activists (affiliated with the Trinamool Congress- a state political party in West Bengal & the SFI- the student wing of the communist party of India) beat up the principals of 3 colleges.
    Bengal principal faints after TMC gheraoes him
    Gherao, meaning “encirclement,” is a word originally from Hindi and is a typically Indian way of protest. Usually, a group of people would surround a politician or a government building until their demands are met, or answers given. Beatings are common, furniture is usually thrown, picture frames pulled of the walls & flagpoles are often used to assail the intended ‘gherao’ victim.
    Sort of like WWF, which is quite a popular show in India.

    • Blissex

      “encirclement”, destruction of business buildings, and abduction of management are also rather common negotiating tactics in France.

  2. Bihar is actually the most backwards nation on earth. Up until recently, Bihar’s per capita annual GDP was a mere $167. Incidentally, Bihar is the hotbed of casteism and probably one of the oldest Hindu cultures in India (a heritage the average Bihari prides on even though it is the root cause of their messed up homeland).

  3. That’s how you know you have good friends. They don’t wait for a silly little trial or anything. They just drag the guy out into the street, and beat him to death with their bare fists.

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