What Androgyny Is And What It Is Not

As a straight guy who has spent a good part of his life being accused of being gay, I know a lot about this subject. I never understood where this is coming from, but when it all boils down, I must be an androgynous fellow. A lot of gay men call themselves androgynous, and people think androgynous means gay. I think that’s ridiculous.

A truly androgynous man, the sort of man that I am, should ideally have very strong components that are both masculine and feminine. For instance, the masculine part of me is very strong. I feel that part of me is as masculine as any man who has ever walked the face of the Earth. Most guys figure this out about me somehow, and more or less give me the benefit of the doubt and accept me as a man even if they can’t totally figure me out.

For some reason, women are not able to see this side of me. This includes girlfriends that have known me for a very long time. What this means to me is that only men understand masculinity. Men understand masculinity because it’s what we are all about.

Women have a limited and incorrect idea of what masculinity is. They just don’t get it. Women’s view of masculinity must just be a caricature of what masculinity is. Sure, they can see it where it’s obvious, but apparently they can’t see it where it’s not obvious.

Anyway, if you have a part of you that’s as masculine as any man who’s ever walked the face of the Earth, then surely you’re a masculine guy. If you have a feminine part going on too, it doesn’t cancel out the masculine part. They both exist in tandem. Women don’t seem to get this either for some odd reason.

So, yes, there is a feminine side of me. I’m not sure if I like it or not. Maybe I do. Anyway, it’s a part of me, and there doesn’t seem to be any way to make it go away. I notice that when I’m alone and very relaxed, it comes out a lot more. I probably try to tone it down when I’m out, because it confuses people and gives them wrong and stupid ideas.

A girlfriend once told me, “You’re too sexy to be straight! Women look at you and they think, this guy’s way too sexy. He couldn’t possibly be straight!” This is probably one of the only women who has ever understood me, other than my Mom. That makes two.

The gay view of androgyny is the mainstream view. So those genderqueer characters – the lesbians who are so dyked out that they’re male for all intents and purposes, the Australian male model who looks like a woman, are said to be androgynous. But that’s not correct. The ultra-dyke is 100% masculine, 0% feminine. The Australian male model is 100% feminine, 0% masculine. To what degree is this androgyny?

Androgyny is when both masculine and feminine parts exist in the same individual. The stronger those parts are and the more they are in equilibrium with each other, the more androgynous the person is.

The most androgynous man would have strong masculine and feminine characteristics. My model for the ultimate androgynous man was always the rock stars of the 1970’s, especially Mick Jagger, the New York Dolls, Steve Tyler, etc. There’s this extreme masculine element in them, but then there’s that other thing, too.


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  1. dano bivins

    Oh man…laffin…stand by for the shitstorm from the retards!
    LMAO. You’re a hoot.

  2. P-I-C-S

    You have a deep voice. Are you sure you’re androgynous? Pics!!!

  3. Daniel

    Mick Jagger is total pussy hound. Steve Tyler is pathetic.

    Androgynous questions=: what is the fem analogy to scratching one’s balls in public?

  4. dano bivins

    I imagine it’s all relative really. The measure of how masculine a male is depends on whether he keeps company with Marine Force Recon Sub Unit one members–or guys in an office in New York City.
    Whether you hang with roofers/oil rig workers, or starbuck’s barista’s.
    Whether you pal around with Aryan nations members at the Wagon Wheel bar, or chartered public accountants who dream of changing professions and being a lion tamer.

    • Jason Y

      That sounds about right. If you’re in the company of rednecks or hypermasculine douchebags, then obviously they’re not tolerating any androgyny.

  5. marco

    I agree with your post regarding the androgynous man. I too feel that women are fucking morons regarding their ability [or
    lack thereof] to perceive & understand masculinity. Also queers have truly “poisoned the well” so to speak, regarding any sort of genuinely intelligent rational discourse on the subject of male androgyny – because queers are all too happy to buy into mainstream stereotypes & distortions of androgyny & are too stupid & myopically self – centered [ just like feminists!!] to have a clue or to give a shit that their exibitionistic embracing of stereotypes perpetuates mainstream assumptions & ignorance regarding the androgynous heterosexual man. I live in San Francisco so perhaps my viewpoint is heavily influenced by my experiences in S.F.

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  7. Adam Brunswick-Stokes

    does anyone notice men of different ethnicities act differently– in my opnion celtic men (men of western european descent | irish, english, scotish, north spanish, french, some czech, some poles etc) are super, super expressive and even look more feminine as opposed to the other white majority in the US, the germanics, hispanics…im a super masculine gay man and my mom is czech but my dad is german..i feel like my masulinity is the german side but my expressiveness and homosexuality comes from my mom side (she had a gay uncle) she is straight of course tho….i also feel like when the celtic blood entered the black community (ie. irish ppl mixed heavily with blacks when they first arrive in us, especially in the deep south) so it created many men with a strong gay propensity however in a community that is very homophobic thus creating a sub-culture of being on the DL and the black community being famed with this certain phenomenon and black women always talking amongst themselves about men who are “suspect” which is a very strong theme in movies with all-black cast as leads (ie. beauty shop, boys in the hood, for colored girls etc) this is just part of my theories, im thinking of creating a blogspot in the near future…the psycho-social and anthropological dynamics are very evident once they are unearthed and verbalised…just my two cents #JMTC….also in places like berlin more gay men are tops as opposed to a gay US city like LA where bottoms are 99 percent of the gay men….this is all very true once u really think about it…the most annoying “fem” gay men are always irish, scottish, french (no offense its just an observation, i like “celtic” descended people and have nothing against them) even if u go way back the “celts” were very gender-reversed, their women were warriors and they even have women in the highest position, only england allows a queen to rule with out a king other countries with remaining monarchies have the law written that only males can recieve the throne and no queen will rule with out a king…the two longest running english monarchs have been women–elizabeth 1 and elizabeth 2. think about it, this all makes a lot of sense….the way we act is a direct result of genes we inherit, POINT.BLANK. theres a reason for everything, ya just gotta look in the right places for the answer.

    • Nordic

      What the fuck are you talking about? You clearly have never been to western europe, know what counties are IN western Europe or know ANYTHING about celtic history and culture

    • I understand exactly what you are talking about. And I find your musings very experimental and deeply analytical on a cultural,historical and philosophical level. Forget the fool who says you know not of what you speak.

    • Irish-Americans on the East Coast are not that effeminate. I’ve known some tough ones. They tend to have really course features like Sean Penn (He’s half Jewish but looks like his Irish mother) or Mel Gibson.

      They have dramatic coloring-blue eyes, dark hair-but are not pretty by any stretch of the imagination.

  8. Bhabiji

    A girlfriend once told me, “You’re too sexy to be straight! Women look at you and they think, this guy’s way too sexy. He couldn’t possibly be straight!”

    Bobby Ji, I can’t see this. Can you post some pics of yourself at the time she said this? Give us, your loyal readers and commenters, a chance to rate you on the 1-10 scale?

    • It’s not the way I look; it’s the way I act.

      • Bhabiji

        How do you act?

      • Emil Atik

        Yes, it is for sure that the look also matter the way you are into regard genders.But that could be exceptations to the homosexual men, they can surely be both of them, masculine and feminine. Without its ridiculous and weird. I hope you get it, otherwise you say heterosexual men becoming more femininie than lesbians and masculine gays, and that’s absolutely weird and it also dosen’t make any sense, however we also have that meterosexuality that ruin all the “real man look” What a pity:-)

  9. Robin

    I agree with your premise, except that word ‘retarded,’ ought to be replaced. As someone who works with those with a developmental disability
    I can assure you the word, in the context you describe, is extremely hurtful and inflammatory. Surely the feminine element of your psyche can recognize that words can hurt, and I urge to to call up that empathy and compassionate part of you. Replace the word.

    • honyok

      actually Robin retarded people are so retarded that they are not even aware that the word retard is inflammatory or degrading. I think we should stop this political correctness crap and go back to the days when we called Gay people Faggots and Queers &.Lesbians – were called carpetmuchers and leg Lickers and bull dikes. REALLY ALL THESE SO CALLED GAY PEOPLE ARE REALLY JUST PERVERTS. Nature did not intend for species of the same sex to be attracted to one another. How can they reproduce? As far as special needs people – go back to the basics
      Idiots, retards or retardos, maniacs, morons. Just tell it and call it like it is.
      that works for me. I am a retard and I like being called one.

      • Fly By Night

        @EM Well yes for the most part for most people – they are trying to be verbally nice – I notice younger people are more apt not to use the negative terms.
        I mean its not perfect but it is better. Also Realize one thing about me EM
        sometimes I just throw things out there to get a rise out of people.
        That is being a troll. However due to one of your recent post directed towards me I promise to clean my act up. I have a question …How did you know I was a married man?

    • I agree with Robin here. I echo this post, except for the r-word. I am autistic, so I take disability rights seriously. Besides, people don’t sound very intelligent themselves when they use words of such low vocabulary.

  10. I love what this srticle says and i agree most women sre stupid…

    • Thanks for your feedback my dear!

      • honyok

        I dated this chick or er uh dude once – and this person had a combination of male and female sex organs. So when we finally got down to business I was rather confused and politely asked – well which one of these do I do? and the person said “take your pick” and just go for it.
        That is one night I will never forget.

      • honyok

        Hey Roberto
        Back in my old poontangin days I took this chick home who was ugly as homemade sin. I mean she was a 5 star dog. BUT she had a killer body complete with a perfect ass and a huge set of knockers. WOW
        Her pimply face, cross eyed, and buck teeth were so bad my Big Johnson just could not stay hard.
        Being the resourceful person I am I had her hold an old playboy centerfold of Miss July over here face while I poured the meat to her. IT WORKED !!
        In fact at the time I exclaimed “Hey this is great, its kinda like jacking off with real pussy” Who wouldve thought right?
        Nothing succeeds like success. She was a good sport about it too.
        I am sharing this experience with you just in case you or others find yourself in the same circumstances you will know what to do.
        I mean UGLY Chicks need love too…… so make it happen

        • Sure, why not?


        • honyok

          @ Robert

          I tried that first but my patriotism was not erotic enough to generate the ole libido.
          “Miss July made it happen” (several times)

        • honyok


          I can also quote scripture…
          Those of you who are without sin may he or she cast the first stone….

        • honyok

          You say “You think it is hate that makes you strong”

          I beg your pardon – I dont believe I said anything about hate in my posting. I mean me and the young lady both enjoyed ourselves. Actually she thanked me for my ingenuity. Where you get hate out of that I have no clue. I was hoping that you gals would really give me hell over it though.

        • honyok

          I can tell you are a very charming and witty lady.
          You have shown us that you can indeed be funny without being crude. I apologize if my recent post have insulted you and I will refrain from doing this sort of thing in the future. I guess I was having fun at the expense of others. Which is not nice. but you know how we Trolls are. I mean it this time.

        • Fly By Night

          Talking about androygenous people – back in the day I used to frequent this topless bar that was known for its drop dead gorgeous beautiful women. The owner was also known for his perverted sick sense of humor. I made the mistake of going in there one night and forgot that it was April fool’s day. I no sooner got set down when this gorgeous blonde plops down on my lap. I thinking OH YEAH – What a Doll
          Then she speaks in a very deep voice that would make Barry White sound like a Soprano “Whats your name honey”? There was also a visually disturbing bulge enlarging occurring below (his or her) waist in the pelvic area. (I have promised to clean my act up so I am trying hard not to be too graphic or crude) The bar owner and his cronies were laughing their asses off at my expense. – I will return with more tales from the underbelly of humanity. My friends tell me I should do a book.

  11. jameson7

    I think our whole ideas of gender are pretty stereotyped period. I think all of the hard intellectual cultures are going to have some androgynous aspects as either masculinity or femininity taken to the extreme is not conductive to refinement.

    Are their really people that are completely incapable of having a feminine side? Even if they were raised by women and a feminist dad or something? I find it difficult to believe. If you increase your testosterone by bodybuilding or some sort of competitive sport there is no way you won’t become more masculine.

    American male culture in particular is itself obsessed with a caricature of masculinity and males often identify with masculinity over everything else. Why would woman have a different idea of what male masculinity is?

    You have with Blacks a culture that never valued intelligence compared to masculinity(intellectualism isn’t useful with Lions) and the result is selectivity towards very masculine men and women….yet they don’t have any less homosexuality to show for it. How much of the link between male femininity and homosexuality is in fact psychological?

    “This is probably one of the only women who have ever understood me, other than my Mom. ”
    You mention your mom quite a bit Robert. You know who else has a close attachment to their mothers? Jewish men…..and they aren’t exactly known for being archetypes of masculinity.

  12. Fly By Night

    Reblogged this on Fly by Night.

  13. thnxx for writing this article.i actually feel a sigh of relief on hearing this.i m 18 yr old guy who loved to have his masculine body.i love to have hair on my chest and would lyk them to grow more but over the last one yr i had felt conscious of feminine side in me .like sometimes my expressions were feminine while talking and sometimes i have felt like a girl.sometimes i have experimented with walking lyk a girl but i have never done this in public.i would be embarassed about myself to do so.this week i had thought of committing suicide just bcoz i read one article and felt i was transgender.i feared i might turn into women and it was better for me to die than to be women or inbetween.please guide me more on androgyny.

    • now im feeling relieved that there are people lyk us who have mix of feminine and masculine emotions and would still love to be in a sex assigned to them at birth.please rreply

  14. Lyds

    Maybe this post is forgotten (no replies), but anyway I just wanted to add – tq for writing this, in name of us ‘androgynes’. As an androgynous woman, with a mostly male brain, I wish I could meet more of my male counterpart!! Guys that have both sides, are not embarrassed by them, and are attracted to women (because until now, all I found were gay T_T)

  15. Pete

    It’s always difficult to study gender and sexuality. Many people feel that androgyny exists mostly in women since it’s easier for them to pull off the sort of look. And the female gender and sexuality is often fluid, very independent of each other. But many believe that the male gender and sexuality is not and often closely associated with one another. Feminized brain structures in men are thought to be indicative of homosexuality. But believe it or not some traits like empathy and compassion in males are thought to suggest some feminized traits. But I think bc of the culture and everything androgyny in males is more discreet. Maybe the so called metrosexual men are androgynous but I do agree about sexual orientation. People think men are either gay or straight and those who claim to be bisexual are just in the closet. But that’s not the case. It all seems to be the result of testosterone during fetal development…men are more sensitive to it so it has a profound effect on behaviour but maybe slightly less that doesn’t affect sexual orientation could actually be more attractive to females. Yes females crave masculinity and the masculine guys are likely to be more sexually experienced but when it comes down to it an androgynous male could make a good partner and parent. Ideally it’s good to have the best of both traits that can be seen beyond physical appearance like personality traits (conscientiousness, openness, extraversiok) and even masculinized traits are thought to affect intelligence so it all works out

    • Actually, the most notorious players that I ever knew, guys that seemed like they were trying to break Wilt Chamberlain’s record, were at least somewhat androgynous. Some of them were frequently accused of being gay. Women like androgynous guys! A lot of them LOVE androgynous guys!

  16. Ricco

    Really, This whole article is absurd. I feel as if when reading this i got the gist you are not to fond of you’re feminine qualities aka Androgyny. A true androgynous male is not ashamed or hesitant in presenting themselves in a feminine way because they have completely confidence in their sexuality. I am a true androgynous male. I am a model who does favor the look of Australian Models but i assure you my girlfriend finds my Androgyny quite attractive. In retro just come to terms with who you are and finally accept the fact that their is nothing wrong with being gat. If some says hey i though you were gay, i say nope but i take it as a compliment that you did so. I mean lets not look at gay statistics that show the groups overwhelming amount of success and overall happiness in life. I mean damn, I’m not gay but i sure wanna know what all the fuss is about. I’m learning not to think so much about sexuality and just live by the erection in my pants. If it makes my cock jump I’m obviously turned on. And the women are retarded reference makes me question your love for women… every man knows thats a no no.

    • Gays do not have overwhelming success. They live 20 years less than straights. Gays do not have extremely happy lives. They are much unhappier than straights. The fuss is nothing but pro-gay propaganda.

      Male androgyny does not man a man acting feminine. It just means strong masculine and feminine traits going both at the same time (pure androgyny).

      All right idiot, I am banning your ass. Back to the Outback with you!


  17. Phillip

    Thank you so much for sharing such an informative article.

    I am a gay man and have recently being wearing female clothes and make up.
    Although I’m enjoying it, and enjoying the experience of being with another man dressed in lady’s clothes, I have also been feeling very confused.

    Am I androgynous, am I a cross dresser?
    Am I both?

    Reading your article has helped me understand myself. And I’m embracing every aspect of myself. I’m very grateful that I’ve come across article.
    Thank you 🙂

    Sincerely, Phillip.

    • I am not sure if you are an androgyne or not! To me, the ultimate male androgyne has a very strong male aspect and also, well, something else. I am thinking Mick Jagger, the New York Dolls, David Johansen, T Rex, Mott the Hoople, Queen, Steve Tyler, Iggy Pop, etc.

      Other than your physical body, how do you feel? Divide it into masculine and feminine. 50% feminine? 100% feminine.

      It would hard to be a pure androgyne and wear women’s clothes, although the Dolls used to dress up like chicks a lot. They were still androgynes because they had an extremely masculine side even while dressing up like that.

      I am very glad that you are happy.

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  19. TurnTables

    Not all women are retarded

    • EAP

      Being an androgynous straight female, I agree. Not all women are “retarded,” or, better put, naive to the masculine side of male androgyny. My husband also portrays traits of androgyny, however I see and understand his masculine side completely and appreciate it just as much as (if not slightly more than) his feminine side.

    • Jason Y

      Possibly women who have 50s views of androgyny are simply the type who hang around rednecks and hypermasculine military guys. Of course, those women are going to be narrow-minded. What sample of women is Robert using to make this generalization? Note, in statistics, the sample is very important in making a statement.

    • Jason Y

      Retarded people and kids tend to be narrow-minded, especially in distinguishing gender identity, mainly cause they don’t have the intelligence to think otherwise. As Robert said, boys are stone-evil and also girls so being around them often isn’t a pleasant experience for those more open-minded. Anyhow, I’d say a large minority of kids are stone-evil.

  20. Juanny Boy

    My impression is that this relates to the ‘killer instinct’….you either have it or you don’t.
    Robert probably has some effeminate characteristics while still having the ‘killer instinct’

    Both men and women can have this but it is more typically a masculine trait.

    • I have some feminine characteristics. That would be the feminine side of my androgyny. But I don’t have any effeminate characteristics. That means acting like a woman. That’s how gay men act. A lot of straight men have feminine characteristics, but few have effeminate traits. Effeminate straight men exist, but they are not common.

      What is the killer instinct?

      • Juanny Boy

        Having a killer instinct essentially means being “a force of nature”

        It is more common in men but can be seen in women as well.
        It is also more desired in men.

        Being a force of nature can override feminine traits in how women view you, I suppose.

      • Juanny Boy

        It depends on where you’re at.

        Wealthy Southern Men were said to effeminate, as are Secular Jewish men, even if straight.

        In their culture it’s the norm.

        • This is because the losers are aggressive and desperate and have to live on the muscle.

          If you are flying to Monaco next month to get laid you will not be as eager to prove your manhood in a bar.

          Secular Jewish men and wealthy Southerners are educated, affluent, take nice trips overseas, drive a nice car, live in a house worth 1.2 million, can afford to visit the most expensive restaurants and bars.

          Males with babies crying in the other room and pressure to pay bills and no room for any meal out more expensive than McDonald’s are the assault merchants, wife batterers, thugs, macho men.

        • JUANNY BOY

          Actually it is the prole who has nothing but their culture.

          Prole culture erroneously and stupidly teaches its young that having children in early twenties is a way to mature and become responsible-actually it stunts development while the Secular Jew or Southern white purges all anti-social crudeness and folly between 19-23 in undergraduate school. The orgies, brawls, drugs and vomiting are all over with at 25 and took place on campus.

          The prole assumes responsibilities young in life but cannot meet them. Usually the child he had at 22 with the 19 year old is long, long forgotten except from the child support payment.

          The prole fights over the wrong word because he’s been to jail before and figures he will go there again and his job is so lousy that losing it and going to jail for his third assault does not matter.

          Most of his fights are public or semi-public because those are the places he can afford to go unlike casinos, expensive hotels, a restaurant that requires reservations.

          Call a Secular Jew a name or a Wealthy White Southerner. He does not care. He’d rather be a JOOO or a Cracker than a NAM who never knew his father and lives on mattress in subsidized housing where his sister slips out most evenings to sell her body for crack.

          Missing work because of jail means little to him. It is a job that barely pays the child support on his two kids that he has not seen in 5, 6 years.

          Unlike the Secular Jew or Effeminate Southerner he is not going to lie on a beach in South France or Hawaii anyhow so parole or probation are unimportant to him. He’ll be around to report.

          I stopped in a bar and a large hick man I’d never seen followed me out screaming he did not want to see me “around again”.

          He jumped in his car and followed me but I was gone around the corner.

          Next week I was back overseas.

          Why do I care about him, his lousy bar or getting my hands dirty with a someone who will never hold a decent job, never have a decent family, never pay his bills on time, never travel or experience other countries?

          Secular Jews and Wealthy Southerners and White-collar people don’t. They feel a boredom and sometimes contempt but generally just plain fear and loathing for poor hicks and NAMS who will run around the corner out of their mind from a lifetime of poverty and bad decisions.

          These people have nothing to lose and life is so unpleasant that they do not really care if they are killed or injured in a fight. They won’t be missed at their job even if it happens. Their problems in a way will be over.


          The Wealthy Southern Elite or Secular Jew gets laid. In Prague or perhaps Thailand while the Trumpenproletariot is caught with police flashlight in his face and a crack whores head over his lap on COPS behind the No-Tell Motel.

          Secular Jews and Wealthy Southern Elites are not on the news tearfully stating their inability to support their children.

          Perhaps the prole thought they were fags in high school jerking off while he was screwing some girl with no father who had become promiscuous in search of love and got pregnant with children of men who could not be made to pay unless it was deducted from their paycheck.

          Wealthy Jews and White Southern elites are not tearfully decrying the economy or their inability to sell property and move to another state or how the fiscal budget has withered to such a degree that the remaining residents have no clean water to drink like those of Flint.

          Wealthy Jews and Wealthy Southern Elites are weeping about why they become meth junkies who bought a 40 year sentence their third distribution rap or how their 5th assault on a smaller hick in a Sports Bar landed them in the joint where huge black penises were shoved down their mouth to muffle screams in the shower.

          Secular Jewish and Wealthy Southern men’s daughters do not tearfully recount the stepfather who forced them to learn fellatio at the age of 11 as the reason they became crack whores….The Wealthy Jew or White Southerner flies to Thailand or Russia for discreet orgies with 19 year old models.

        • JUANNY BOY “Fag response” from a wannabe-elitist (Poor but overseas)

          An Example from the 1990’s

          One young man then who had a GED and moved furniture I am sure is now a Trumpenproletariat today called me a “fag” in the hallway of my off-campus apartment building.

          He was on the run for child support because he a kid at 20 and of course had no way of paying or wanting to pay for it. He went to jail for it.

          …I was getting laid in UK and Amsterdam as a student backpacker from 20-25 while every time he managed to get some beer sloppy drunk girl of mixed-repute on a bed he ended up going to jail off and on for failure to pay child support.

        • JUANNY BOY

          Wealthy Jews and Southern Whites get LAID ALOT as young people but they don’t end up going to jail for failure to pay child support for it.

          The prole who calls them a “FAG” gets less sex action with women than he does of course.

          He cannot travel to Europe or attract college girls of beauty and brains who use birth control.












        • JUANNY BOY I am not wealthy at all but left America so young that none of the concerns of adulthood-trapped in a specific location with no money to leave, kids and marriage at an early age, house payments-affect me.

          Let me then make the following remarks:

          The Wealthy Southern Elites and Secular Jews get LAID a lot both on campus and over in Europe on Holiday.
          The prole who calls them fags has to pay with jail time per screw because usually he has a kid at 21 he of course cannot or will not pay for.
          The prole cannot sleep with women outside his own culture or demographic because they are usually in the vicinity of the two bars he frequents trying to get laid.

          These are my opinions being a guy who did not have children young and went overseas permanently at 25.

        • JUANNY BOY

          Let’s define effeminacy

          TRUMP SUPPORTER Drinks on Lady’s Night at the Sport’s Bar in the hopes of getting laid. It happens once a year in the dark.

          EFFEMINATE Has hot sex with women on vacation in college and later on various trips.

          TRUMP SUPPORTER Is busted trying to have sex with crack addicted hookers in bad part of town and is featured on COPS

          EFFEMINATE Flies to exotic destinations to screw good-looking models

        • Juanny Boy

          you’re having a pointless chimp-out again.

          Having a sense of dignity is a good thing, yes.

          But the point is that not getting into brawls at a sports bar, and instead waiting for ‘muh free market’ or whatever to destroy the guy who attacked you is NOT masculine.
          It’s feminine.
          Such is why some say women make better bureaucrats

        • Juanny Boy

          not blowing your load on a bimbo at age 18 and getting her pregnant and instead waiting to have money at 30-40 and getting ‘arm candy’ takes self control or, shall I say, delayed gratification

          Such goes in correlation with r-selectivity of the races, meaning less masculine males and less feminine females are better at delayed gratification.
          Get it?

        • Jason Y

          If you are flying to Monaco next month to get laid you will not be as eager to prove your manhood in a bar.

          Gosh, what a spoiled bastard., lol. Well, I guess he will pay in the next life, but so will Clint the prole, but for different reasons.

        • Jason Y

          Anyone up for Dante’s Inferno – The 21st century Tale – by Trash ??

        • Jason Y

          Austin Powers is definitely effeminate but look at all the women he shags.

        • Jason Y

          The 60s and 70s were full of effeminate guys, though some of them managed to look macho even with long hair. Of course, the queen effeminate guys were the hair bands of the 80s, but by that time most guys had short hair, long hair was reserved for heavy metal rockers.

      • ROBERT LINDSEY I have noticed some women who are straight have very masculine characteristics and generally these man-hungry women enjoy giving BJ’s to feminine men as an expression of power and dominance.

        I am slightly effeminate and dated an older French-Canadian woman who blew me constantly and aggressively.

        Being effeminate as a male is not that bad.

    • “Killer Instinct”

      The schoolyard bullies are usually the ones who go onto absolutely nothing in life. They are crying about “jobs” and about “their kids” and being a “general no-purchase in the economy”.

      They tend to dislike blacks because their circumstances place them in the same proximity. They commit NAM-type crimes as they get older. DUI, failure to pay child support, corner-dealing, property crime.

      “Killer Instinct” does nothing for you if you have no sought-after qualification and you are trapped somewhere like Detroit and you have children and are on probation.

      …You’re just another white-trash mo-fo who gets assault raps for fights outside Sports Bars.

      • Juanny Boy

        The Wolf of Wall Street
        Bill and Hillary Clinton
        The Rolling Stones
        Jonas Salk

      • Juanny Boy

        TRASH plenty of guys who work on Wall Street have it, as do politicians, scientists like Jonas Salk, etc. not really ‘bubba’ per se.

      • Jason Y

        You can look on a job search website and find jobs for dishwashers or cleaning personnel (no experience needed). Is the white prole situation that bad – or is it the fact they find these jobs degrading? I mean they could make $1,500 a month at least working full time washing dishes.

        Is it the criminal convictions keeping them out of this work?

        • Jason Y

          Note, I am generally speaking of the 1/4 percentage bully prole, but it might apply to other ones. Oh, by the way, for a prole who isn’t convicted of crimes there is plenty of factory work despite with Trumpsters say.

  21. Effeminacy and Masculinity.

    In Canada I was walking away from a pay phone in a hotel with a cheap bar and a drunken large hick patron said something to me in a slurred voice as I walked past.

    I did not look at him but my expression was that of a man avoiding a pile of dog shit on the sidewalk.

    He leaped in his car and reversed to follow me as walked across the street to my hotel shouting “I’ll kick your f*cking ass if I see you around here again.”

    ….But he would not of course because I was on to a job in another country and on an airplane.

    He would remain in his 10 square mile radius his whole life. He cannot leave because of parole or probation, because his record prevents him from having a job anywhere else, because most obviously he has no money, because his two children that were conceived with two different young women of mixed-repute 10 years earlier still suck up his paycheck if has one, because he lacks gasoline money.

    Why fight him for it.

    All these people have is their culture. They can never experience another culture.

    • Jason Y

      Payments for crimes normally take up a huge sum of a poor white prole (or NAM underclass) paycheck. I can totally see how that would keep them in a certain area their whole life and pretty much block their future and ability to even take a beach vacation in the US, much less one overseas.

      It does seem to be the new slavery as there seems to be no escape from it.

      • JASON Y

        We return to “Scott”. Scott had a GED and got a Mexican girl pregnant when he was 20 years old. He fled his city and child support payments for a university campus where he sold some marijuana. He was later busted and did some jail time. I later heard he lived in a trailer with his mother.

        I knew him when we were both 22. I was a single college student who bought his marijuana, graduated and went overseas. He had no qualifications or money to do so and had a kid. That is the end of his story.

      • JASON Y It’s three things:

        Child support. Probation. Parole.

        By the way, if your record is not squeaky clean you will not even be allowed to visit Canada or Australia for a short holiday.

        When American dirtbag proles do go somewhere it is always Mexico or Latin America.

    • Jason Y

      I didn’t even mention credit and insurance, of which the NAM and white underclass cannot access, so they have a tough time getting anything cause even house rentals, not buying, often requires credit.

  22. Juanny Boy


    It’s a form of delayed gratification.

    Those with lower hormone drive have this impulse control.
    Hence, yes, men who wait until they have money at age 30-40 to buy a 10 Litvak mail order bride are probably more effeminate.

    Or you yourself who managed to not entangle himself here, and traveled to Asia where you were far more masculine than their men on average.

    In the long run one IS living the good life, but it still doesn’t equate to ‘masculinity’ as you are saying.

    Such is why I find WNs’ obsession with this sort of thing to be distasteful, especially since they can never really compete with Blacks on this front.


      I was a college graduate and bachelor when I moved overseas at 25.

      Most of the things Trumpeproletariots do to screw themselves they do under or around the age of 25: drop out of high school, have children they cannot earn a wage to support, develop a crack or meth addiction that leads to crime, go to jail, buy a house, become alcoholics, have bad experiences with NAMS.

      Asian men are not that impressed or dominated by the masculinity of white men who are 5’9 and 190 pounds like me (I’m a stocky Mark Wahlberg-type German-American with a large torso and short legs).

      Maybe if you were WWF-sized you’d intimidate people.


      90% of them cannot go anywhere. That is the big core issue. They are stuck in a particular geography with no hope of leaving.

      If you end up overseas at 25 then really that is the end of your problems in the United States. They are over. You will work and live overseas and have no problems.

      90% of the Trumpenproles I knew came from working-class families where the parents were divorced.

      90% started on the drugs REALLY early. Sure, I smoked pot in college almost every day. Drank beer too. But Trumpenproles are doing hard drugs at 15. It’s one thing to be a 30 year old car salesman who is a coke head. Fifteen? This is going to deeply affect your life.

      90% of them were discipline problems in adolescence. Running away, bad expulsion from school, single divorced mother unable to handle them.

      90% of them got their ass kicked by a black at least once.

      50% of them had done jail time and had a fairly extensive minor record.

      50% of them were fathers out-of-wedlock.

      50% of them had a GED. Or they barely graduated high school.


      My chimp-outs are simply a reaction to how stupid the white proles and NAMS I knew as a young man were. No surprise that they are now in their early 40’s, have nothing, their kids have nothing, spent their life in and out of jail, never traveled or lived overseas…blah blah.

      Boys with no father who grow up with a single mother seem to never have any common sense. This is the first thing you notice about them. No understanding of consequences. Of course they are f*cked when they are 40. Especially since they did not see the economy of 2015 when they were trashing their future back when Pantera was on the radio in 1998.


      I do not find NAM women feminine. If anything they have higher levels of testosterone and higher sex drives which is why they end up pregnant from various lovers as oppose to white and Asian women.

      WN Masculinity? So you are a CLOCKWORK ORANGE type white prole who is committing vicious and reckless crimes to rival any NAM until you end up in the joint at age 22 for the rest of your life.

      Who is going to give you a million dollars for this measurement of masculinity.

      If you fight in UFC championships and win then maybe your ultra-masculine behavior is a payoff like Connor McGregor.

      Otherwise it is merely a fast ticket to the cemetery or the joint.


      A mediumish-sized white man in Asia (I’m built like Mark Wahlberg, stocky 5’9 German-American with a large torso and short legs) cannot intimidate Asians IN Asia with his virility. Please.


      Bet alot whites I knew in Flint or Arizona are Trumpenproletariots. A few of them were already fathers in 1993, 1995. Wonder what kind of nice opportunities those kids grew up with? Anyhow none of these Pantera thrashing dudes figured their life at 40 would be as pathetic as it is back in 1994.

      Americans in Asia simply do not want to be around NAMS or the white underclass. Period. NAMS behavior is not going to improve in our lifetime whether they stay on the street or half of America becomes a huge jail.

      Most of us left the U.S. very young as college graduates with no kids, no house, no credit problems, no probation.


      …You move overseas and start getting laid a lot and no woman in particular could possibly matter to you. I would put the effort in to try and get laid in a bar in America. What’s the point?

      …You stop caring about particular geographies. Who gives a single shit about one city, one region, one heritage?

      …You are shocked at how little most people know beyond their own geography. Posters from the South here know little about history in the rest of North America.

      …You have no credit problems or kids or house payments so you do not care about a single community at all.

      ….If you have a problem or dislike a place…you leave. “Passing through” is the expression.


      When you know that you will soon be enjoying some sexual experience in a new country with paid or free it is hard to want to get worked up over love or breakups. I don’t EVEN remember my college girlfriends very well.

      Fight some asshole for his 9 square feet of ground in his lousy city or his two-bit Sports Bar? Overseas you know you are going to be traveling soon somewhere else.

      Being overseas helps your perspective because you get a sense of distance.

  23. Jason Y

    In Korea and Japan, some guys turn to androgyny cause the whole macho haircut thing is boring – so many of them seem to have one. So the girls want a guy with the soccer pretty boy look.

    • JASON Y

      I think Asian women really want money. If an Asian guy has no money, no decent job and no prospects he simply will not get laid at all.

      This is why the population of those countries plummeted the last 30 years.


      Scott the prole I knew from Detroit ended up living in a trailer with his mother after a long jail sentence for stabbing one of 3 assailants 6 times with a knife in a bar brawl. He’d be 40 years old and with a bunch of faded tattoos. His daughter would be 23. Wonder how she turned out.

      Mac the prole who robbed other people for crack. Ended up at 52 living with his mother in Flint.

      Scott the Arizona crusty who kicked a “fag’s ass” while donating plasma. I bet he went on to nothing.

      I’d go on and on but I am not amazed these people vote for Trump.

      Thank GOOOOODNESS I left the United States when I was 25 as a pot-college party animal bachelor pig with no house, kids, wife or responsibilities. I’ve had a wonderful life overseas. Travel, work, meeting interesting people, getting 5000 x more sex than the prole who pays for each drunken lay with child support and jail.

  24. JUANNY Territoriality and Masculinity

    My experience with the worst proles of all races is that at a certain point their neighborhood or geography IS ALL THEY have.

    Sopranos or Sons of Anarchy’s Charming reflect this. These people are really resigned to living, dying and being trapped in a single Zip Code their entire life.

    This is really shocking and unimaginable to somebody like me who has spent all of their life overseas.


    I’m surprised more lower middle class American males don’t simply leave America when they are 22, 25 like I did.

    You are better of living on $500 a month in Thailand or Philippines or immigrating to Australia.

    If you are going to be unemployed or marginally employed in America in a depressed state with cold weather what is so awful about simply f*cking off to Asia.

    • Yee

      Most people don’t want to leave their country. Especially alone. It’s quite frightening to go to unfamiliar places alone.

      You’re one of the unusuals.

      • YEE

        Chinese have been doing this for hundreds and hundreds of years.

        • Yee

          They were forced to go at first. And then settled down to bring relatives and wives. It’s different if you have someone to depend on.

          If Jason has a brother settles down in South Korea, perhaps he would have stay.

    • Jason Y

      Yee has a point. Note, I’ve lived in the Phillippines awhile and it’s great, but it just isn’t home – and also the begging from kids and adults etc. is too much to bear.

      South Korea is also great, despite the anti-Americanism, and of course, the large paychecks are nice. Nonetheless, again, it just isn’t home and the constant ball-busting remarks about the US gets old, but since you’re on their land, they feel they have a sovereign right to say what they want.

      Oh, yeah, fat chance at getting most Americans to leave the US. Americans, despite their denial, are sort of latent racist. Also, they are tied to their friends back home. Possibly only incredibly open-minded people, and it helps if you also feel rejected and weak back home, would consider going to Asia.

      • Jason Y

        It’s sort of like those black people who went to Paris back in the early 1900s or Jimi Hendrix in London. They were treated with more respect Europe – so they thought highly of Europe. Why not be a king in Paris when back home you’re some worm on the lookout constantly for a lynching rope?

        • JASON Y

          Blacks and democrats are less likely to own anything why do they give a shit if they stay and what have they got to lose by moving?

          What real stake to do blacks or democrats in general have in the U.S. so why would they not want a higher wage in Paris or Australia?

          I’ve noticed Republicans don’t like being overseas or want to be there either.

          Democrats leave out of choice.

          I did.

        • Jason Y

          Republicans would definitely dislike being overseas because they would get their balls busted in a lot of nations about being American, and you know how patriotic rednecks are. In addition, they are generally, at the least, latenly racist.

      • JASON Y

        Like everything else, its an exclusionary club. NAMS, criminals etc cannot live in Dubai or East Asia.

        You don’t miss them either.

        Anyhow, to each their own.

        • Jason Y

          NAMS can live in East Asia, though they’re heavily discriminated against in ESL jobs. I mean, would you want to be a NAM and go thru that crap? And also how ethical is some ESL teacher, who probably is untalented anyway, who benefits from white worship?

        • Jason Y

          I mean people shouldn’t be oversensitive, but as Robert pointed out, NAMS or Arabs etc.. are not interested in being field negroes. And that’s exactly how they’re treated in East Asia, assuming they’re tolerated at all.

        • Jason Y

          Field negro might not be the right word here, It could be house or field negro but definitely, it’s a situation where they are put on a plantation of sorts. They’re not treated as an equal, not viewed with respect. But a dumbass white person, assuming they’re not disabled or weird, can get a job teaching ESL like nothing and automatically command the respect of most Asians.

      • Juanny Boy

        TRASH I could not live a life as the only ’round eye’…who also stands out in physical stature.

        There aren’t many 6’2” Whites of large physical stature over there.

        They’d avoid me in the same way you avoided this guy back in the states;

        • JUANNY

          You’ll either get jumped by 10, 15, 20 of them in Asia or do 4 or 5 years in jail if you beat one up. Conditions are not five star in there.

        • Yee

          It mostly depends on if you have a nice job or not. If Exxon hire you and send you to the Philippines, will you go?

        • JUANNY BOY

          There many places to live overseas. Americans choose to live there basically for the same reason they leave Detroit.

          Republicans, tied to the country and usually from older Colonial stock miss their rodeos and culture too much.

          Democrats like me, no we don’t miss it all. I’ve literally not set foot on U.S. soil since one trip to LA ten years ago.

          You do not notice living the United States but it has regressed FAAARRRR behind other First World Countries. Australia, Dubai, just about anywhere.

          The economy, quality of life, wages and everything else have really declined since 1999.

        • Jason Y

          If Exxon hired you, you could buy half the nation.

        • Jason Y

          East Asians are not softer than blacks as far as teasing etc.. Though, the westerner in Asia can get around teasing cause he’s getting paid a lot – sort of like rich Jews enduring anti-Semitism. On the other hand, Sam in Atlanta is poor and so the teasing carries an extra sting.

        • JUANNY

          Better to be surrounded by hostile NAMS? As Robert noted, unless you are loaded you have no option but living with rednecks in the boonies, only a step up.

        • Jason Y

          Meth addicts, assholes who hate white liberals – particularly ones sensitive about discrimination against NAMS, people wanting to rob you for drug money or weasel the money out via family ties – what’s there not to love about being redneck-land? 😆

        • Jason Y

          How in the hell can anyone survive in the Phillippines? At least in other southeast Asian nations, they have low paying ESL jobs. You have to have a pension or some kind of savings to survive in The Phillippines.

  26. YEE These folks don’t live very long in another country. They have enough happening in their home country that living in the Philippines is not very appealing.

  27. JASON Y

    True, you’d have to find $200 a month minimum to get by in the Philippines. Most foreigners do.

    But I did know one steelworker who lived on nothing and was homeless. If you are going to be homeless in the Philippines you can sleep on a beach and people will let you have free rice.

    I asked him why he stayed in the Philippines homeless and he responded that because he had lost his condo in Connecticut and was divorced he would be homeless anyhow, but on colder streets with NAMS who might take offense to an old white man wandering around.

  28. Truealpha

    I agree with you, androgynous is so mistaken for LGBT and other terms. Androgynous people are straight. It’s just that a feminine or masculine part is lil’ bit dominant sometimes. What does the world not get in it?

    • Exactly the world is all mixed up about it. Plus Gay Politics has stolen the term just like they stole so many terms, garments, hairstyles, etc.

      Androgynous is John Malkovitch. James Dean. Mick Jagger. Prince. Iggy Pop. Mott the Hoople. The New York Dolls. Motley Crue. David Johansen. David Bowie.

      See those David Bowie videos on Youtube where half the women are saying they want him and quite a few of the guys (bi and gay) are saying the same thing? That’s how people react to a sexy androgyne. Everyone wants to have sex with them.

  29. Pingback: What’s it like to be androgynous? – Rwose

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