Gay Hazing Rituals

Crazy stuff.

The young male pledges got very drunk on beer, then were forced to dress in humiliating faggy outfits like pink fairy wings, women’s tank tops, women’s underwear, women’s wigs and diapers.

There was a strong smell of beer, puke and piss in the fraternity house. Young men were passed out or crying in the corner. Various objects has apparently been shoved up their asses, and police were investigating rape charges.

Then there is Haze Him. On this site, people submit videos of purported college fraternity hazing of young men that involves gay themes. I didn’t look closely at the screenshots, but it looks like they were made to have gay sex with each other and maybe with other fraternity members. Not sure, and I don’t want to check out the videos to find out. The site claims that the submissions are from real fraternities, and you win $10,000 if your submission is chosen.

Not sure if this site is real or not, but I have a feeling it might be, because there are other sites along similar lines like College Rules and Dare Dorm that also pay $10,000 for submissions from college kids. College Rules and Dare Dorm are hot!

Is there really this much gay male hazing going on in fraternity rushes? My God.

Then there is Haze Her! Along the same lines, female pledges to sororities are forced to have sex with frat boys, each other and their sorority sisters as a hazing ritual to get into the sorority. Same thing, they claim they are real videos submitted by college girls, and the winners got $10,000. Are these women going to be hurt by this hazing. Nah, they look like they’re having fun. Yeah! Haze those bitches! LOL.

Here are the 14 worst college hazing rituals. A number of them resulted in death, and in a lot of others, the people undergoing them, especially the women, were emotionally hurt. One woman was interviewed more than a decade after such a sorority ritual, and she was still scarred by it. And yes, a number of them do have gay themes for some reason.

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19 responses to “Gay Hazing Rituals

  1. WmarkW

    I suspect the colleges are going to stop these rituals, for disrespecting gays.

  2. Shawn

    EVERYTHING in porn is staged and consent forms are signed. The exceptions are very few. It’s easier to hype a porn site by pretending that the stuff is not though.

    • I don’t know. I heard that those college sites are real. Everyone in the video has to be over 18. Maybe they had to sign consent forms and send them in with the video, I don’t know. I heard that there was a minor scandal because some college kids appeared in one of those college videos.

  3. Armondo

    I’ve watched a few of the vids and have definitely seen some of the ‘students’ working on other gay porn sites. Not that porn stars can’t join fraternity’s, I’m just more apt to believe if there’s any validity to these videos it’s a bunch of frat boys who grab a camera, hire some actors, then cash in on a few hours of watching guys get it on in their frat house.

    • All right, it’s fake. I wonder how much of the rest of this stuff is fake? Haze Her? College Rules? Dare Dorm? Never seen any of those women on any other porn sites.

      I thought there were a Hell of a lot gay fraternity hazings going on out there where the guys were forced to have gay sex with each other. Didn’t seem normal. Is there really that much of such extreme gay hazing going on at fraternities across the US? That seems so dubious.

  4. Dave Coe

    Hey, what is it with Gay men wanting to show doninance over othter men? Do they want them to become gay or they just get off at the fact that they can ue their power to get some staright me to do gay shit by joining one of thire gay organizations?

  5. Bhabiji

    “A number of them resulted in death, and in a lot of others, the people undergoing them, especially the women, were emotionally hurt. One woman was interviewed more than a decade after such a sorority ritual, and she was still scarred by it.”

    Awwww poor baby. By the time we go to college we are legal adult age. Nobody “forced” these grown-ups to do anything. They made a conscious choice to undergo hazing. If they didn’t want to do it they could have just walked out.

  6. @ Dave Coe
    Maybe it is an American thing. I have known gays in many other countries, including mine and they aren’t as predatory.

    • Bhabiji

      He knows gays in many other countries but no Bahais. And “South Asia isn’t my world”. LOL.

      Desi, puh-lease.

  7. DC

    There is some ritual where they force the aplicants to drink a concotion of urine and semen.

    • Sean

      This stuff is so not real!
      Fraternities would lose their charter, kicked out and off campus for doing this stuff for money and posting it online. It would shame the Univ. Either way gay or hetero. Forcing a pledge to drink sperm? Nice…what happens if that sperm is AIDS infected? Lawsuit! What str8 guy would just suck dick and get his brains fucked out to join a frat? That would have been the end of the pledge process for many str8 men!!! Those sites are gay frat themed porn. Nothing more to it. They are giving the audience a fantasy. Are there gay guys/girls in greek orgs? Yes. They most certainly hold themselves to a higher standard than becoming an online pornstar through their frat/soro.!

  8. Jake

    I used to be very shy inverted quiet type. And I’m gay. Was not even comfortable around other gays. A friend then suggested he wanted to host a breeding party for me. I was reluctant at first. He assured me it would help me to lose my insecurities and would help me feel more confident about myself and feel more accepted in the gay community, etc. Would be like a gay version of joining a fraternity. So after a good talk, I agreed to do the party and make my body available to the group.

    17 men showed up. I was very surprised that so many showed up just for me. I felt like a celebrity, with them all looking at me and smiling and complimenting me on how attractive I was. I was being admired and desired by 17 men all at once, and I used to think I was not very attractive. After they took off all of my clothes, I was led into a huge bedroom with a bed in the center of the room taking one to 2 men at a time until all were done. Lasted over 6 hours. It was a good experience, and they were all so gentle and good to me.

    And for previously being a shy person with really no friends, it was because of this party that I gained 17 good friends all in one evening, most all being complete strangers before my party. Several of them have become very good dear friends, taking me to clubs and parties and introducing me to other people, etc., making me feel truly welcomed. Because of my initiation party I gained a sense of affiliation and a feeling of sincere appreciation as a friend by others. It was a confidence and personality booster. Just a wonderful enriching experience. This type of party is not for all. But for me it was then and still is now a very special moment of transformation for me.

    • Phil Brenick

      OMG! What Bullshit you are spouting. You are uncomfortable and you agreed to strangers screw you. Don’t make me laugh.

      As a gay man who has seen such videos, I can see some of the rituals being filmed for hazing, but what person in their right mind would let 17 random strangers screw them, some even two at a time, and then say you made 17 good friends out of it? Hmmm? Let me think. Either a porn star, or a fucking gay whore who is totally comfortable and uses a term like breed party.

      I’m surprised there isn’t a link to your webcam site at the bottom of your comment. If by any small micro chance you comment is real. Well then I guess many people will be watching you in your future profession. GAY PORN STAR!


      Gay man that calls BS!

  9. Well Xaviera Hollander (remember?) the writing hooker and azkenazi said in her mémoires that in new York Dominatrix new if a men would ask nazi stuff, thats would mean he was a jew. Playing the anguish in a BDSM ceremony would help him relliefe his anguish. Of what anguish the one who look at Haze him videos need to be realized? Apart the death of Robert Campion nowhere i read anything about how gays were treated in fraternities. (excuse my english)

  10. on internet the only time of brutality on gays in fraternities is the murder of Robert Campion. The people who watch those fake vidéos (well made) aren’t they trying to get rid the traumas of things they have to endure in fraternities?

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