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Bigfoot News January 30, 2012

Release date for Dr. Melba Ketchum DNA paper revealed. We are finally able to give an approximate date for the publication of the Ketchum DNA paper. According to sources close to the Ketchum camp, the paper is due to be published at the end of February. That is one month from now. A news conference will be held at that time. But Ketchum has given approximate publication dates several times before, and all of those have been wrong. But this one is after the paper was already accepted for publication (around December 31), so it’s likely to be more accurate.

There will be more than one Ketchum DNA paper. We have now learned that Ketchum will write not one but at least several DNA papers about this data. This is very interesting news. So the upcoming paper will not be the last word on this data from Ketchum.

On the other hand, I have problems with this to the extent that data about the materials used in the study may be locked down from release to the media for a long time even after the publication of this paper. For instance, after publication of this paper, I would assume that all data about the materials used in the study could be released.

However, if the material is then to be used on new studies, it may be embargoed again under the Ingelfinger Rule. All of the NDA’s, etc. so far have been done for a variety of reasons, but one of the reasons behind Ketchum’s secrecy is the Ingelfinger Rule.

However, the rule frequently allows a certain amount of release of data, so her paranoia doesn’t make much sense under an adherence to that rule. What the reasons are for it then, I am not sure. Anyway, it just prevents mostly her from releasing data to the media, and doesn’t prevent her from releasing data to fellow scientists say at a presentation. For instance, she is not supposed to do media interviews about the study before it is published.

Now, people like me can run pretty much any report we want about an unpublished study, but revealing the study results in detail would be pretty snarky and would almost constitute prior release under Ingelfinger. In the case of the Ketchum study, that would mean if we released actual DNA sequences or technical findings.

Erickson Project in Hollywood verified. This was previously a rumor, but we have just been able to verify that the EP is indeed in Hollywood working on their film, and there is big money behind it. So Randy Brisson is apparently lying in his denials. A release date for the film? The only thing I heard was “soon.” Erickson is totally broke, so apparently he is shopping the film to Hollywood to try to make back as much his money as he can from the film. Whether he is going the TV route to say National Geographic or via a film release, I have no idea.

EP video shown to a very wealthy Bigfoot investor. Adrian Erickson recently showed his footage to a a very wealthy Bigfoot investor, who shall remain nameless, but many of you can guess who it is. This person watched the footage and said there was no way it could have been faked. They saw the footage from Crittenden, Kentucky of the male, the young female, Matilda, and her two babies. The male is absolutely huge – up to 10-12 feet tall – absolutely massive. That is so gigantic that I am dubious, but this is what people are saying they see on the screen.

Olympic Project Bigfoot licking camera verified. This was another rumor, but we have now verified that the photos of the Bigfoot licking a trailcam on the Olympic Peninsula are real and have been proven by DNA. We have also verified that it is also, as we guessed, the first photo of a Bigfoot verified by DNA. Previously, this was just conjecture on my part based on putting two and two together.

The Bigfoot actually turned the camera around so it was facing the tree. This enabled the preservation of the DNA, but it also meant that for the next two weeks, the camera shot pictures of tree bark. A source tells me that the OP has a lot of problems with Bigfoots turning their cameras around so the camera faces the tree.

I don’t know why they do this, and I don’t know why the Bigfoot licked the camera. A colleague asked me, “If these things are so smart, why would they lick a camera? That’s animal behavior.” I don’t have an answer to that question, but I don’t think these things are as smart as some people think they are. Do I believe they are as smart as we are? No.

Bigfoots braided the mane on one of Ketchum’s horses. One of the strangest stories I have ever heard about Bigfoot-type creatures is that they like to braid the manes of people’s horses. Most such reports come out of the Caucasus region and refer to Almas type creatures.

We can now report that Ketchum says that the Bigfoots have braided the mane of a horse at Ketchum’s friend’s house where Ketchum sees the Bigfoots and where she also stores some of her many horses. I believe that she sees the Bigfoots at a cabin in the Honobia region of Oklahoma that her friend Arla Williams has access to, and I also think she stores some horses there. Therefore, Bigfoots apparently braided a mane on one of the horses that Ketchum keeps at Arla’s place.

Is it true? Ketchum would not make up a wild lie about this – that’s not like her. And I definitely do not feel that Ketchum is mentally ill or insane. Therefore, I will tentatively take her word for it that this happened, as crazy as it sounds. And we also have cross-cultural data from the Caucasus indicating that Bigfoot type creatures do this.

But why? Why do they braid the manes of horses? It’s so weird.

Bigfoots use tools and fire? Thom Powell has informed us that Bigfoots do use tools, and they even steal tools from humans to use. For instance, they steal knives. What they do with them, I have no idea. Powell said in one case, they stole an altimeter. What they are going to do with that, if anything, I have no idea.

Powell also said that they know fire, but don’t want to use it because it’s a giveaway. He said that they do use it underground though, and Bigfoots live underground a lot. As I mentioned previously, the Bigfoots in the Josephine Long story from ~1880 near Harrison Lake, British Colombia had fire in their cave. Powell also said that Bigfoots will not steal guns, even if they are out in the open waiting to be stolen. For some reason, they don’t want anything to do with guns

Powell feels that Bigfoots are prehistoric men like Neandertals or Java Man.

“They never went extinct,” said Powell. “They just switched to the nocturnal niche.”

Keep in mind that there is no good hard evidence to date that Bigfoots are able to use fire, either aboveground or underground. I think they know what fire is and are afraid of it, but at the same time are also fascinated by it. I have heard a number of reports of Bigfoots grabbing sticks from fires and running around with them like torches.

Photo of the Bigfoot steak. As I mentioned, there are photos of this object out there, but the photos are not of the steak itself. Instead, they are photos of a portion of the steak that has been fleshed. All that is left is skin and hair with some fat stuck to it.The photo is hard to obtain, but I am trying to get ahold of it. There may also be some copyright issues involved that prevent publication.

Derek Randles and Bart Cutino lying for Dr. Jeff Meldrum. As we stated earlier, we do not believe Meldrum’s rejoinder to our account of his appearance at the Sierra Kills site. In my opinion, Meldrum is simply not telling the truth – that’s all there is to it.

It looks like then Cutino and Randles were enlisted to lie for the good doctor. Randles apparently did this because he needs to keep in Meldrum’s good company due to Meldrum agreeing to be present on one of the OP’s outings this coming year. Cutino’s just a hack.

My source for this is someone who is close to a number of people who were present at the site that day.

My information is that Dr. John Mionczynski and Meldrum were shown a plastic bag with a small piece of the steak in it that had been fleshed. Justin Smeja fleshed it and salt-dried it so it would not spoil on the 3-day trip to the Kills site. Fleshed means that flesh was removed, and all that was left was the skin and hair.

Mionczynski got excited because he had had an encounter with a Bigfoot in 1972, and this smelled just like the Bigfoot he had encountered back then.

Mionczynski was saying things like, “My God! This smells just like what I smelled back then!”

Meldrum agreed that he had never smelled anything like it before.

Meldrum then examined it, saying over and over, “Wow, this is really great. Wow. Wow,” along those lines.

Meldrum also noted that it had a naturally tapered tip. The two doctors spent around two hours looking at the sample and talking.

They kept telling Smeja, “Oh yes, I believe you. This is the real deal,” along those lines.

In addition, while Mionczynski and Meldrum were examining the sample,  both Randles and Cutino were chiming in with the doctors saying how the sample was the real thing.

Then the party disbanded. Later both doctors said they thought it was a piece of coyote. In fact, Meldrum told one of my sources that as soon as he saw the sample, he thought it was a coyote. But that doesn’t jive with his behavior at the Kills site. I have no explanation for the behavior of the doctors at the site or of their subsequent behavior in which they completely retracted their statements and said something different. Did they not want to tell Smeja to his face what they thought the sample was?

Anyway, all of this, the two doctors examining the sample, was caught on videotape. The tape exists, and I know who has it. The person with the tape feels that Meldrum is lying about his behavior at the Kills, and if Meldrum keeps it up, the tape might just get released to let people make up their own minds. So maybe for Meldrum, discretion would be the better part of valor?

Sources have told me that what is really going on here is that Meldrum is terrified of coming out and saying for sure this or that about anything Bigfoot-related. He doesn’t want to be wrong. And he’d rather error on the side of  “not a Bigfoot” than “Bigfoot.” He’s been burned before by hoaxes, and skeptics have thrashed him over this.

He’s taken a lot of heat for his position in support of Bigfoot in his profession, and we ought to support his bravery for that. For instance, a source told me that his fellow professors at Idaho State think so little of him, possibly for his Bigfoot belief, that they boycott him at coffee hour and won’t even have coffee with him. That’s got to be painful. And there have been mumblings about revoking his tenure and how he’s an embarassment to the university.

In relation to the Sierra Kills, Meldrum is terrified of being caught in another hoax, so he just hedges and says he’s not sure. About the steak, he’d rather say it was a piece of coyote than a piece of Bigfoot. It’s always safer to hedge on the side of skepticism.

Explanation for Meldrum’s outburst towards us. We feel that our posting on Meldrum’s behavior at the Kills called him out and was embarrassing and humiliating to him, so he reacted as people do when they are embarrassed or humiliated, by lashing out and killing the messenger.

In addition, sources have informed me that Meldrum has finally accepted the fact that these Bigfoots are not apes after all – they are people. This is totally stressing him out, as he’s about to see 18 years of books and movies promoting the Ape Line go down the tubes.

On the other hand, as we mentioned earlier, his personality type is that he doesn’t want to appear wrong, and he doesn’t know how to retract all of his earlier work. His solution is that he is going to stick to his guns and ride the Ape Theory for all it’s worth to the bitter end. My post basically called him out on that, hence his rather normative if unpleasant psychological reaction. In recent days, to be honest, Meldrum has been hedging a bit on the Ape Theory and has been suggesting that he is open to the idea that Bigfoots might be Homo after all.

The problem is that if it comes out that they’re Homo, others will call him a failure. He may even see himself that way. He may view this as much of his career and life crashing down around him. So psychologically and even spiritually, this is the dynamic, out of a Greek tragedy. It’s not a pleasant place to be, and I am sympathetic to him. If Bigfoots are determined to be Homo, how Meldrum rides that out will be a testimony to his character and the adaptability of his psyche. It will be an interesting ride to watch, if not to buy a ticket on.

Smeja uncertain on the bodies issue. Smeja’s position on the issue of whether or not bodies were obtained from the Sierra Kills is that he doesn’t have any bodies, and he doesn’t know anyone who does. However, he acknowledges that some parties may have gone to the site at some time, possibly with cadaver dogs, and recovered something or other, either more flesh, bones or bodies/parts of bodies.

Battle between the Homo Theory and Ape Theory line of the Bigfoot community. As we suggested earlier, there has been a battle royale going on the Bigfoot community for a very long time now, at least as long as 15 years and possibly longer. The fight is between those who believe Bigfoots are Homo or humans and those who believe Bigfoots are apes.

The Ape Theory has been the dominant theory up until very recently. Six years ago at Bigfoot Forums, the number of people espousing the Homo Theory was very small, and they were totally outnumbered and ridiculed. That’s all turned around now, and there are presently many in the Homo camp.

However, most who have been around a long time are in the Ape camp. We listed the prominent members of the Ape camp in a previous post.

There is a tremendous amount of bad blood between the two camps. In particular, the Homo camp as the subordinate group is furious (as subordinate groups tend to be) at the Ape camp for monopolizing the field for the past 20 years and shutting them out of debate.

This is the line according to the Homo camp in italics below. Please note that the italicized is merely the view of the Human Camp towards Meldrum and the Ape camp, and doesn’t necessarily reflect my view towards either the man or his theoretical tendency.

The Homo camp line on the Ape camp and Meldrum:

Meldrum has set the Bigfoot community back to the year 2000 or even 1967 with his persistent pushing of the Ape line. He inherited this line from Grover Krantz upon Krantz’ death, but the line originally started with John Green in 1967.

John Green is the brains and money behind the Ape line. Meldrum gets money from Green for pushing and promoting the Ape line. Green gives money and backing to anyone who will push his theory. Green paid for Meldrum’s recent trip to Russia to take part in the Yeti conference.

Meldrum is an egomaniac, attention whore, liar, profiteer and bully. He will lie and shout and shout until he shouts you down. He goes around the country lecturing at conferences where he sells his books. He sells copies of his plaster Bigfoot casts and appears on TV and in movies promoting Bigfoot. He sits and signs autographs for hours on end. It’s all gone to his head in the worst way.

There are many in the Ape camp, and they work together as a tribe to discredit and destroy people in the Homo camp because they see the Homo camp as a threat to their view. Many in the Homo camp have been taken down like this in the past, all because they were a threat to Meldrum and those in his camp.

Meldrum is treated as some sort of God, when really he’s just a mortal and quite fallible human. Most of the community is frantically brown nosing him and competing to see how far they can get up his ass. They also want to hitch a ride on his shooting star.

The IM index which supposedly shows that Patty, and therefore all Bigfoots, have long arms extending down to the knees, is nonsense. There is no evidence that Bigfoots have a midtarsal break in their feet.

My notes to the above are underlined below:

We don’t want to talk too much smack about Green, as he’s an old man who is dying of cancer.

There are those in the skeptic community who chime in and say Meldrum’s selling books at his conferences is unethical behavior for an academic to engage in.

It is interesting that after I attacked Meldrum, I was told many times in online comments more or less that “I have no future in Bigfootery anymore.” This is unseemly, and it does seem as if Meldrum throws his weight around.

This reminds one of the actors who make “anti-Semitic” remarks and then get dragged into some Big Hollywood Jewish director’s office and told, “You will never work in this town again.” Recall the Marlon Brando affair, and Brando’s sickening and groveling apology to his masters afterward.

Both the IM index and the midtarsal break are hallmarks of the Ape line. I’m not sure if we know how long Bigfoots’ arms are, and I’m not sure if a midtarsal break is relevant. My research indicated that Homo Erectus had a midtarsal break until 200,000 YBP. In fact it appears that the human arched foot is a new innovation, possibly appearing only with the Sapiens line. The midtarsal break question is hard to work on paleologically, as you need to find footprints of ancient hominins for evidence, and that’s hard to do.

The Ape camp as the dominant group does not have much to say in its defense.

I don’t take much of a position on most of the judgments of Meldrum’s character matter above. My only criticism of Meldrum is that he’s just another douchebag with a PhD, arrogant and bullying. I don’t have much opinion of him beyond that, although I think he has done a lot of great things for our field and will do more in the future.

The Homo line’s charges of him being a serious liar are in doubt. A sources tells me that he has a good reputation for honesty, but like many people, he will lie to save himself. About the profiteering, I have no opinion. It’s a capitalist country, and you have a right to make a buck.

As far as Meldrum being treated as part of a seraphic Bigfootery pantheon, my motto is: Destroy all Gods!


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Bigfoot News January 29, 2012

Dr. Melba Ketchum DNA study will prove the existence of the Yeti in addition to Bigfoot! For a while now, we have heard a rumor from several people that the Ketchum study also includes purported Yeti hair gathered by Josh Gates in Bhutan in 2008. We just heard it in more detail from someone very close to the study, so we regard it as verified.

The Yeti hair tested as no known animal, not human, unknown primate. Not only that, but the Yeti sample was actually close to the nearly 100 Bigfoot samples. So not only do Yetis exist, but they are closely related to Bigfoots. Some of us have always thought that Yetis were real, but lately, there has been a lot of skeptical research pouring cold water on the theory. The Wikipedia article on the subject says Yetis do not exist, and they are mythical.

I think the Yeti is a bit of a different hominid from a Bigfoot in quite a few ways, but it appears to be a closely related species.

Explanation of Ketchum “90% human” findings. From sources who are outside of the Ketchum study (neither the author nor the successful submitters), we have learned that at least the Bigfoot steak from the Sierra Kills is nearly 90% human. This has caused a great deal of consternation because no one knows what it means. Perhaps that best theory being tossed around is that it means “10% of the way from a human to a chimp.”

This would be in odds with what we previously reported as “37% of the way from a human to a chimp.” We have no explanation for the differing figures from the same source. If it is 10% of the way from a human to a chimp, then that means a split of about 500-600,000 years, about the same as Neandertal or Homo Heidelbergensis.

New theories on the pre-publication history of Ketchum’s DNA paper. We recently spoke with Henry Gee, editor of Nature Magazine. Although he could not tell us whether or not Ketchum’s paper had ever been at the journal, he did say that all he was able to tell two people who made inquiries was that Ketchum’s paper “was not at the journal at this time.”

Reading between the lines, we now believe that the paper was at Nature at some point, but it was handed back, just as Moneymaker said and for the reasons that Moneymaker cited. Later, when people inquired with Gee about the paper, the paper was already handed back, so he gave the answer above. Ketchum then resubmitted to another journal, where it was accepted for review, passed peer review, and will now soon be published.

This theory makes a lot more sense. It means that Paulides was right when he said the paper was at Nature. How could Paulides, with his very close relationship to Ketchum, have been wrong about that? It also means that Moneymaker was not making up a big lie about the paper being handed back by Nature. Moneymaker has his flaws, but being a total bald-faced liar and making up wild stories out of whole cloth is not one of them.

The previous theory had to make Paulides out of the loop with Ketchum and Moneymaker a wild, bald-faced liar and teller of tall tales. Those two things never made much sense.

New revelations about the Erickson Project habituation site in Crittenden, Kentucky. We have been communicating lately with a source in Crittenden who lives very close to the EP habituation site. They have given us a lot of good information about what went down there.

Here is what we learned:

The property was owned by someone named Bob and consists of about 1.5 acres. He is well known around Crittenden for having such a great first name. At one point 5-10 years ago, Bob approached the source, who lived nearby, and told them about some strange “things” that were around his property at night. He put out an audio recorder near his pond, and he caught the “things” screaming and howling at night. He played the recording for them, and they got really freaked out.

Apparently Bob suspected that the “things” were Bigfoots. The source was interested in Bigfoots, so they contacted Dennis Pfohl. Pfohl was associated with the BFRO at the time, and he drove out to Crittenden.

Dennis came out to Crittenden, and subsequently made many trips to the site over a period of time, and the source got to know him well. At one point, tracks were found near the pond on Bob’s property. A decision was made to drain the pond to try to find more tracks. Around 2005, Bob shot a video of a Bigfoot walking in the woods. The source has seen the video and describes it as incredible.

At one point, Bob, Dennis and others were talking outside when another neighbor drove by.

He slowed down and asked Bob, “Seen any of your Bigfoots lately?”

Bob got very mad because he didn’t want anyone else to know about the scene there. He accused the source’s friend of telling people about the Bigfoots, and there was a fallout in their relationship.

Bob said, “That does it! I’m done with this! I don’t want all these people knowing about this.”

Things cooled down for a while, and then the property was sold to Adrian Erickson.

Bob bought a house nearby along with a boat and some new cars – he made out great. He moved 4 miles away. Bob may live now on Shady Lane in Crittenden.

Erickson then moved Dennis Pfohl and Dr. Leila Hadj-Chikh into the house as part of his research project. However, problems developed when the Bigfoots apparently followed Bob over to his new place! That’s how much they liked him, or liked his pancakes anyway.

Pfohl and Hadj-Chikh sneaked over to Bob’s new property and set up some sort of camera trap there. They reportedly managed to get a video of Matilda the young female Bigfoot with her two newborn baby Bigfoots.

According to my source, this photo shows Dr. Hadj-Chikh setting up red flags. The pond where the Bigfoot tracks were found is in the background.

There were three Bigfoots using Bob’s property: a male, a female and their teenage daughter, Matilda. Matilda later got pregnant and had one or two baby Bigfoots. The Bigfoot who knocked Matilda up is not known and attempts to locate him for child support payments have not been successful. The adult male is said to be very large, over 9 feet tall. He’s huge. Apparently he was also captured on video.

Sources indicate that the Bigfoots have completely vacated the property after Pfohl and Hadj-Chikh moved out. Pfohl had been out doing wood knocks on trees all the time, and pancakes and whatnot were being served nightly. When the local Bigfoot IHOP closed shop, the Bigfoots moved on. Bigfoots like to come hungry and leave happy too.

However, the source feels that Bigfoots may still be around Crittenden somewhere, but they can’t prove it. Recently when they were near Bob’s property, they got the feeling they was being watched by something in the woods and heard branches breaking, but they admitted it could have been anything.

Photo of the habituation site on Bob's property in Crittenden, Kentucky. Note how dense the forest is.

Bigfoot steak may be larger than thought. Justin Smeja and I have agreed to disagree about the size of the Bigfoot steak recovered from the Sierra Kills site. Smeja says it was about two pounds, and I say it was 15 pounds. However, a source who is very close to the Sierra Kills story has told us that Smeja and the driver have about 10 pounds of Bigfoot (8 pounds at a very minimum), divided into small pieces and stashed in freezers from here to Kalamazoo. The parts include not just skin, hair and surface flesh but also deep tissue, including muscle.

Dr. Jeff Meldrum – that dog won’t hunt. Meldrum and Dr. John Mionczynski have been working at training cadaver dogs to find Bigfoot sign and best of all, remains. At first they trained them on suspected Bigfoot scat, then on suspected Bigfoot tracks. These dogs are very good – they can find human graves in the woods that are 150 years old.

However, a source has told us that these dogs are having problems because they can’t seem to distinguish the scent of a Bigfoot from the scent of a human. The skeptics will surely have a field day with this, but I think this is more evidence for the Bigfoots are human theory. If it’s an ape, why can’t the dogs tell a Bigfoot from a human?

Meldrum, the anatomist who doesn’t understand anatomy. On February 19, 2010, Meldrum, who is a professor of anatomy at Idaho State University in Pocatello, appeared on Blogtalk Radio. A caller asked if Bigfoots had a baculum bone. A baculum bone is present in many animals and all primates but man. It’s a penis bone. Human men don’t have a penis bone. They rely on vasodilation to get an erection. Many human males also rely on porn to get erections.

Other apes have a retracted penis bone that moves into the penis in order to facilitate sex. Cows also have penis bones, and overly romantic bulls have been known to break them when they get too carried away with some young heifer hottie.

Meldrum answered that most of the higher primates, monkeys and apes lack a baculum. Then he got mad at the caller and asked him why he was asking the question. Meldrum’s got it all wrong. All primates, monkeys and apes have a baculum. The only one that lacks one is man, and in a chimp, it is nearly vestigial, and it’s true purpose is not known.

I’m not sure if an anatomist who specializes in primates should have known that, but it seems like he should have, no?

The war between the Ape Theory Gang and the Human Theory Collective. There is a war in Bigfootery between the Bigfoots are Human advocates and the Bigfoots are Apes theorists. The Ape Theory Gang is led by Field Marshall Meldrum and includes or included John Bindernagel, Matt Moneymaker, Henner Fahrenbach, Derek Randles, Bart Cutino, Steven Streufert, Facebook/Find Bigfoot, Mionczynski, Daniel Perez, Cliff Barackman, Rene Dahinden, Grover Krantz, Tim Fasano, Rick Noll, John Green, Loren Coleman and many others.

On the other side are the Human Theory Collective. This line includes or included Bobbie Short, Mike Rugg, Ken Walker, Paul Freeman, Robert Morgan, Esteban Sarmiento, Boris Porshnev, Dmitri Bayanov, Myra Shackley, Igor Bourtsev, Mary Green, Janice Carter, Adrian Erickson, Melba Ketchum, Richard Stubstad and others, including us. The Human Theory Collective has complained for years that they have been marginalized by the Ape Theory Gang.

In fact, they say that Meldrum’s stranglehold over Bigfootery is the biggest thing holding the field back. I am inclined to agree. I am starting to think that Lord Meldrum is a problem – the despotic associate professor of Bigfootery.

This is excellent story, but unfortunately, we are not allowed to report on the juicier bits at this time. Hopefully we can dig up some more later on.

Bart Cutino publishes false article about us. After King Meldrum’s blustery and completely out of control response to our breaking the story about the Ape Professor at the Sierra Kills site, Derek Randles and then Bart Cutino chimed in to brown nose with Meldrum and compete to see who could get the furthest up his ass.

Cutino’s article got posted to Cryptomundo, which is apparently in bed with Meldrum too. It contains numerous falsehoods about a recent interview we did with Justin Smeja.

Regarding Lindsay’s interview with Justin, you know immediately when you see a written interview of someone you know fairly well and it’s obviously sensationalized, biased and paraphrased.

That’s usually when you can’t see the written responses coming from the interviewee’s mouth any longer and it only took about two questions of Lindsay’s “interview” with Justin to see that from my perspective. Without even having an opportunity to talk to Justin until this morning, I can tell you there are countless mistruths, false facts and exaggerations to mention,

This not true. The interview was a cooperative effort, as all of our interviews are. Smeja read the interview soon after it was posted. He called us the next morning and asked us to change several sentences where he revealed privileged information from Ketchum’s study that was not allowed by his NDA. The information was promptly removed.

Although it is quite hard to get ahold of Smeja by phone and almost impossible to do so by email, our understanding is that he regards the interview as an accurate account of our conversation with him. Of course, as an interviewee, he has a right to go over the interview and change anything he thinks is not correct, but he has not done so yet other that what was described above.


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The Story of How Conservatives, the 1% and the Mafia Tried to Kill Cleveland and Its Mayor

Writeup by Alan Grayson.

Mitt Romney did not invent predatory capitalism. It’s been around for a while.

Predatory capitalism was already alive and well in 1978, in Cleveland. That was when the One Percent who controlled the banks, and pretty much everything else of value, decided that they wanted to steal the local power company from the people of Cleveland.

By way of background, Cleveland Public Power was founded by the Mayor of Cleveland, more than a century ago. It provides the people of Cleveland with electricity — without the price gouging, poor service, pollution and monopolization for which Big Energy seems to strive.

The One Percent didn’t like that idea at all. So they invested in a private company called Cleveland Electric Illuminating. They wanted to steal Cleveland Public Power from the people, and then jack up the rates, and make lots and lots of money.

They then issued this ultimatum:

(1) hand over the assets of Cleveland Public Power to us, or

(2) we will pull the plug on Cleveland.

By which they meant that they would boycott the City of Cleveland’s bonds as they came due, and drive the City into bankruptcy.

Which they then did. The One Percent forced the City of Cleveland into bankruptcy.

But they didn’t anticipate one thing. What the 32-year-old, first-term Mayor of Cleveland would say.

That was Dennis Kucinich. And Dennis said no.

No matter what the banks said, Dennis said no.

No matter what the City Council said, Dennis said no.

No matter what the bankruptcy court said, Dennis said no.

A newspaper on December 22, 1978 quoted Dennis as follows: “They are maneuvering to offer the city terms so bad that we will feel pressured to beg.” And Dennis would not beg.

No. Just no.

And Dennis paid a price for that. The “Boy Mayor of Cleveland” went down to defeat that year. The One Percent made sure of that. But the people of Cleveland kept their power company.

Twenty years later, the Cleveland City Council honored Dennis Kucinich for having the “courage and foresight” to stand up to the banks, for the sake of the people. They calculated that Dennis had saved the people of Cleveland $195 million in one decade alone. And Cleveland elected Dennis Kucinich to Congress.

And one more thing…

When Dennis Kucinich refused to turn over Cleveland Public Power to the One Percent, they decided to kill Dennis. Not kill Dennis’ political career. Kill Dennis.

You don’t have to take my word for it. You can read the chilling account in the Cleveland Free Times cover story, which includes quotes from the police interview with the hit man.

The plan was to shoot Dennis in the head, during the Columbus Day Parade. The Cleveland Cosa Nostra brought in a professional hit man from Maryland to do the hit. The hit man bought an untraceable rifle, and came to Cleveland.

Why didn’t the hit man kill Dennis? Because on Columbus Day, an ulcer in Dennis’ stomach burst. Dennis spent that day in the hospital, not in the parade. Or the morgue.

The hit man then staked out Tony’s Diner, an old rail car converted into a greasy spoon restaurant, on the corner of Lorain Avenue and West 117th. Dennis liked to eat breakfast there.

But then the banks found that they could force the City of Cleveland into bankruptcy, and force Dennis Kucinich out of office. So the hit was called off.

(By the way, of the thousands of people who have served as mayor in the United States, only three have been assassinated. Mayor Carter Harrison of Chicago, the hero of the Haymarket Riots, was killed by a disgruntled office seeker. Mayor Anton Cermak, also of Chicago, was killed by a bullet intended for FDR. And, as you may recall, San Francisco Supervisor Dan White killed Mayor George Moscone, and Harvey Milk.)

In order to save Cleveland’s municipal power company, Dennis Kucinich stuck his neck out so far that the banks and the Mafia tried to kill him. For the people of Cleveland, Dennis put his life on the line.

If the One Percent is so angry at you that they want to take you out, and they’re willing to enlist the Mafia to do it, then you are doing one heckuva good job for The People.


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Bigfoot News: How Journalism Works

There is a lot of misrepresentation floating around about this exchange of emails between me and a professor at Idaho State University named Jeff Meldrum. We wrote about Meldrum the other day in the Bigfoot update. The story is here. Look under Details on the trip to the Sierra Kills to find the bodies in July 2011.

Meldrum took extreme umbrage to much of what was written about that event and the events that followed under that heading. He wrote me an email with “junk” highlighted in bold and demanded that I take it out. He also demanded to know my sources and accused me of threatening him.

It’s really hard to say what set him off about this, although the source that I quoted had a negative opinion of Meldrum, it is true. I didn’t have a negative opinion, but the source did, so in the interest of fairness, I quoted the source.

We are standing by the gist of our story. At the moment, I have two sources with one view of the events of that day and Meldrum with another view of those events. Their stories are at complete opposites, and frankly both sides are accusing the other of being less than truthful, to put it charitably. We have had some long discussions about this with our sources, and to be honest, they say that Meldrum is lying. So for the moment, we are going to stick by our story as it is written in the link.

Meldrum’s extremely angry reaction was odd to say the least. We think we know what might be behind it, but we are not going to go into that right now.

However, Meldrum is highlighting a paragraph from one of my emails, and by the way, he is violating netiquette and also an implicit agreement he has with me by reading my emails. My emails state that when you read them, you are not to post them on the Net. You enter into this implicit agreement simply by the act of reading one of my emails to you:

The contents of this email are just between me, the author, and you, the recipient. They are not to be posted on the Internet or published elsewhere without my permission. Doing so is a netiquette violation, an immoral act and a violation of privacy. If you wish to quote me in print, please ask my permission.

Well, Meldrum violated this agreement, which is very sleazy of him to say the least. I never quote private emails unless they contain violence or threats. It’s simply not done at all.

Here is my email that Meldrum quoted:

Finally, this just received from Mr. Lindsay at the close of a brief email exchange:

“You have developed an unfriendly tone in this exchange, and that makes it hard to work with you now and certainly in the future. If you develop a positive relationship with me, you receive special consideration in our reporting about you. Just a heads up.”

You be the judge…

People are making a big fuss over this and accusing me of threatening Meldrum, trying to blackmail him, saying that I will libel and misrepresent anyone who doesn’t agree to be one of my sources, and all sorts of nonsense.

What I wrote above is simply the way that this rather nasty field of journalism works. It’s important to cultivate good relationships with reporters. Politicians, movie stars, all sorts of people do this. The pen is mightier than the sword.

Of course I don’t libel or misrepresent anyone. I have a journalism degree, and I am an ethical journalist.

But this is how this game works: If we don’t know who you are, and we have no relationship with you at all, we have the right to just write whatever comes down the pike about you, the good, the bad and the ugly. We just write it all. We don’t know you from Adam, so there’s no reason to filter the news in any particular way, and believe me, the news is always filtered.

This is why intelligent public figures develop good terms with reporters: favorable reporting. If we know you and like you, then we tend to slant our stories about you in a more positive direction.

Let’s say we are talking about Mr. A, who is big in his field. I get all sorts of information about him all the time, the good, the bad and the ugly. Well, Mr. A has made friends with me. What’s going to happen now is that I am going to ignore a lot of stories that put Mr. A in an unfavorable light and highlight the stories that make him look good. It sounds sleazy, but that’s how this game works, eh?

On the other hand, let’s say that Mr. B has gone out of his way to adopt a completely hostile attitude towards me for this or that reason. I get lots of news about Mr. B. – the good, the bad and the ugly. Well, I might just accidentally “forget” to write up a lot of those positive stories, and I might write up every single nasty factoid that comes down the pike about Mr. B. No libel or misrepresentation required, all facts, nothing but the facts.

So you see, there is good, bad and indifferent about everyone. And how reporters write about you depends a lot on the personal relationship you develop with them. We can make you look good, bad or fair to middling, all by reporting the facts.

This is called slanting the news, yes. But the news is always slanted. If you’re in the public eye, you cultivate journalists to get the news slanted in a favorable direction. That’s simply the way this game works. I’m stunned that Meldrum doesn’t realize that.


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Bigfoot News January 26, 2012: Interview with Justin Smeja

The following is an interview with Justin Smeja, the man who shot and killed two Bigfoots in Sierra County in the Sierra Nevada of California on October 10, 2010. For the full story on what has come to be known as the Sierra Kills as it was first published on this blog, see here. The interview was recorded via notes taken during but mostly shortly after the interview, and memory was added to it. It was not tape recorded.

Robert Lindsay (RL): Hello there. Let’s talk about some of the discrepancies in the Sierra Kills and some of your other stories, OK?

Justin Smeja (JS): Sure, fire away.

RL: Ok, first of all, where did the Kills take place? You have said two different places – the Sierra Buttes and Mount Haskell.

[Quite a bit of conversation follows, after which we eventually figure out that the Kills took place somewhere in the vicinity of Bassetts and Mount Haskell, but a better location cannot be pinpointed at this time.]

RL: Originally in conversations with Ken Walker, you said that the Kills happened at 8,200 feet. Then you changed your mind and said it was 7,200 feet. Which was it?

JS: It’s 7,200 feet. I know because I have measured it precisely. I originally thought it was 8,200 feet because I was just guessing. I had no idea what the elevation was at first, so I just guessed. Later I went back and determined the exact elevation.

RL: In an earlier conversion with Ken Walker, you said that you shot these things in your “hidey-hole,” a perfect spot for bear and mountain quail that you were never going to show to anyone. Did you take researchers to this site that you said you would never reveal to anyone?

JS: I did.

RL: And you’re not worried that you have blown your secret hunting spot by showing it to too many people?

JS: Not really. I’ve only showed it to a few people. Hardly anyone knows about. I’m not worried.

RL: Ok, this spot is described as a place between two valleys where you have to go on the road to get from one valley to the next, so the wildlife is pretty much forced onto the road. Is that a correct description?

JS: It is. There is one large valley, and then there is a meadow a bit away from it. You could go from one to the other without using the road, but the terrain there is so steep that most wildlife will just use the road as the path of least resistance. It’s very, very steep there. It’s hard even to walk around away from the road.

RL: What was it like when you were driving down this road?

JS: Well, we kept seeing large scat piles on the road that did not look like any scat we had seen before. Just one after the other on the road. It wasn’t bear, and it wasn’t mountain lion. It didn’t make any sense. With the scat piles, well, you see, it’s not just the Bigfoots who are going to be forced onto that road. All wildlife is going to use the road. We saw sign from all sorts of wildlife along that road.

Then we came to the spot I describe, and you go around a blind corner. Then the road ends a ways away and trails off into a meadow.

RL: Original reports said the Bigfoot was in the road. Was it?

JS: Not really. It was in the meadow about 80 yards away from us forward and a bit to the left. It was in the meadow where the road ends.

RL: And when you first saw it, you thought it was a man in a suit, and people were making a movie nearby. But then you shot it. People are attacking you for shooting what you thought might have been a human. But I heard that as soon as you saw the face, you knew it was not human, right?

JS: That’s right. I knew it wasn’t human. At first I thought it might be a man in a costume, but then I saw the face, and I knew it wasn’t.

RL: You would not shoot something if you thought in your mind it might possibly be a human, right?

JS: That’s right.

RL: What did the Bigfoot look like? Can you describe it?

JS: Well, honestly, it looked like a man in a monkey suit. That’s the best way I can put it. And it had a coned head, a tapered head.

RL: You were not able to determine the sex of the creature by looking at it? Did it have visible breasts?

JS: I couldn’t tell the sex of it, and I didn’t see any breasts.

RL: You can’t tell us the sex of the animal because that is covered by the NDA, right?

JS: Yes, I don’t know why that is covered, but it is.

RL: The gender of the animal was determined through genetic testing? I believe DNA testing can tell us whether something is male or female.

JS: Apparently, yes. Everyone automatically assumes it was a female because it had two kids with it.

RL: Do you have any idea why it was waving its hands over its head?

JS: I’m not sure. Maybe just to say, “Here I am. I’m not dangerous. Don’t shoot me.” Maybe something like that. Hard to say.

RL: Ok, when the thing took off in the brush after you shot it, it crashed down at one point and apparently died. You said it sounded like a car crash when it went down. People say in order for it to sound like a car crash, it would have had to have gone off a cliff or a ledge. What do you say?

JS: Well, we think it hit a tree and knocked the tree over. We later found that there was a tree that was apparently falling over and something had knocked it over all the way at about the 4-5 foot mark. What’s left is a stump at that level and then the fallen tree lying on the ground. The loud sound may have been the sound of a tree falling in the woods.

RL: People say that you shot the little one due to your blood lust being aroused after you shot the first one. Hunters are susceptible to blood lust and shooting a second animal after shooting a first one. Is that what happened? Did shooting the first one arouse your blood lust and result in the shooting of the second one?

JS: Yes, that’s what happened. Definitely. Blood lust is a good reason for the second shooting. As good a reason as any really.

RL: Ok, the little one. There was quite a scene when you shot the juvenile. I assume from reading about the scene and how upset and freaked out the driver was that shooting the baby was traumatizing to both you. Why was it traumatizing? Was it because it looked so human?

JS: I would say yes. It looked like a little Black kid. If you take a cross between a little Black kid and a chimpanzee, that’s what it was.

RL: What did the driver think it was?

JS: I think by then he thought it was a Bigfoot. He had heard about Bigfoots before, and he knew quite a bit about them. He was ready to believe in them, and he thought I had just killed a couple of Bigfoots, as crazy as that sounds.

RL: In the original story via, people said that the driver took your gun away from you and said, “That’s it! That’s the last one of these things you are going to shoot today. No more!”

JS: Yes. Well, I’m not saying it went down that way or not, but I don’t remember it going down that way. Let’s put it that way.

RL: But whether he actually took the gun away or not, that was his attitude, right? “That’s it! That’s the last one of these things you are shooting today! No more!”

JS: Oh definitely. That would describe his attitude perfectly.

RL: Have you heard the recent news about a leak from the Copyright Office about a film and two articles by Ketchum that describe Bigfoots as some sort of tribe of wild humans running around in the woods?

JS: Yes, I have heard it, but I don’t know what it all means, honestly.

RL: Well, if they are just a tribe of people, then what did you do that day in the Sierra Kills?

[A bit of beating around the bush as he really doesn’t want to completely answer the question. I keep pushing, and finally I get an answer.]

JS: [A firm, confident, no-nonsense tone with little emotion and no anxiety] That means I committed homicide.

RL: How do you feel about that possibility? Are you worried about going down on a homicide charge?

JS: No, not really.

RL: What do you think these Bigfoots are? Do you think they are people? Do you think they are some weird tribe of humans like us?

JS: To me, they’re not people. Whatever they are, they are not like us. They are not us. As far as I am concerned, they are animals. We are people, and they are animals.

RL: Do you talk to Dr. Melba Ketchum (who is running the DNA study on his sample)?

JS: You know, I hardly talk to her at all. I think I have spoken with her two whole times. And they’ve hardly told me anything. They don’t communicate with me at all. But after I did that radio show, Ketchum called me and got mad at me for doing the show. She said I was jeopardizing the study.

RL: She more or less told you to STFU?

JS: Pretty much, yes. No more talking to the media. She said, “Why did you do this? You can’t do this sort of thing until we publish! No more radio shows!” I thought it was strange because I did not give up any privileged information, but that was her attitude.

RL: Did you receive a recent announcement that was supposedly sent out to all successful submitters a couple weeks ago that may have said something along the lines either that the Ketchum study is under press embargo or is in the pre-publication period after acceptance and for everyone involved in the study to shut their traps until publication?

JS: I got nothing. I got no such notice. They simply don’t communicate with me at all, understand?

RL: People say that after a month in the woods, there is no way that there would be hardly anything left of the body. Most of the body would still be there. Is that true?

JS: No it’s not. I kill animals all the time, and we take the gut pile – the leftovers – everything that’s not edible – and dump it out in the woods. If you go back a month later, there is almost nothing left. There will be bits of flesh and definitely some hair, and there should be some bones. The scavengers, especially the coyotes, they just destroy anything in the woods. Nothing lasts.

RL: So what you found after you went back there on November 13 (about a month later) was what you would expect to find after a month in the woods?

JS: Pretty much, yes. The only thing was that there should have been some bones, and we found no bones. I have no explanation for that.

RL: Do you think the Bigfoots buried the body or bodies?

JS: I doubt if they buried the big one, because we would not have found anything left at all if they did. Maybe they came back later and took the bones – I have no idea.

RL: Yes, they don’t always bury their dead. We have cases where Bigfoots have been found dead, rotting and decomposing in the woods. There is a case from Happy Camp in the 1960’s of a badly decomposed Bigfoot found by Indian girls, another more recently of a from British Colombia of a Bigfoot dead maybe 10 days or so found by a trail with other Bigfoots still present and a third case from 1962 on the California-Oregon border near Applegate of a tree that fell on a female Bigfoot and killed her.

They usually bury their dead, but not always. You know, we humans don’t always bury our dead either. Even nowadays, there are a lot of bodies just found out in wherever, often in wild places, in various stages of decomposition.

JS: Yes of course. Neither we nor the Bigfoots always bury our dead. I think maybe the remaining Bigfoots did not want to go back to the Sierra Kills site due to what happened to the two that got shot. I know if my brother was shot dead in downtown Sacramento, I would not want to go back there. That place would be jinxed for me.

RL: You are aware of rumors that the two bodies from the Kills were recovered and are being hidden, right? More particularly, that they are being hidden possibly with Wally Hersom?

JS: Yes, I have heard those, and I don’t know what to think of them. I’m certainly not hiding any bodies, that’s for sure. Whether others went out there and found the body or bodies and took them away without telling me – well, it’s possible.

Let me tell you this. If Wally or anyone else was hiding bodies and I knew about it, well…right now, I would be on the phone to them demanding shut up money. And unless they paid up, I would go to the media and tell that they are hiding bodies.

And right now, I need money something awful. I am two months behind on my house payments. There’s hardly been any work at all. All I need is $2,000 – that alone would help me out. Since I’m broke, and no one is paying me any hush money, and I am not spilling the beans about hidden bodies, you can infer that I’m not in on any plot to hide bodies. I wish they had bodies! Believe me! I would be demanding hush money – you know I would!

RL: Can you give us some details about what happened in around December 10 when two California Department of Fish and Game officers came to your door? Did it go down the way I described on my blog?

JS: Yes, exactly. Everything you wrote is correct.

RL: There is one problem though. I ran this story by my sources in the DFG, and they said it can’t be true because you said you talked to a DFG sergeant, and the DFG doesn’t have sergeants.

JS: [Gets angry.] See? This is what I hate! No one believes me! No matter what I say, people say I’m lying! Yes! He was a sergeant!

RL: Ok, so one of the guys who came to the door was a sergeant?

JS: No. The sergeant was one of the guys who was at their office a few days later when we got an attorney and called up the office to set up a meeting with them. The man at the desk identified himself as a district sergeant. I heard it with my own ears. Also, Bart Cutino was with me at the time, and he witnessed the whole thing.

RL: You got an attorney?

JS: Well, we got someone in the Bigfoot community who said he was an attorney, and he was pretty much going to provide us advice and representation for free. That was what Bart arranged.

RL: Ok, so these two guys came to your house in DFG uniforms asking to search the place. Is it possible that you were punked or hoaxed – that someone in the community made up some fake DFG uniforms and pretended to be DFG officers in order to freak you out or to pull off a hoax?

JS: [Determined, sure tone.] No! No way. That’s not possible. Forget it.

RL: Did one of these officers actually say, “We are here to investigate the killing of two Sasquatches in Northern California in October 2010?” It’s absolutely incredible that a government official would actually say such a thing.

JS: It is. But that wasn’t the first thing they said. Originally, they just came to the door and kept saying over and over that they wanted to search the house. They were very persistent. They wouldn’t tell me why they wanted to search the house, but we all knew why they wanted to.

Then one guy said, “We are here to investigate the killing of two Sasquatches in Northern California in October 2010,” and what was funny was the other guy looked at him like, “Oh man! You just said something you shouldn’t have said!” You knew when people get that look on their face when they are trying to let you know that you said something you shouldn’t have? That was the look he had. Funny.

RL: Ah, that’s very interesting. So what was the result of your communication over the phone with the sergeant at the office?

JS: Well, a day or two days later, a captain called me back and said, “We are going to drop this for now. We are not interested in pursuing this at the moment. But we are definitely going to be watching you, keeping an eye on you, OK?”

RL: What do you think the DFG was looking for when they came to your house?

JS: I think they thought I had a body. They were going to search the house and try to find a body.

RL: What were they going to do with it?

JS: [Nervous laugh.] Who knows? Maybe take it away? Maybe give to the M.I.B’s (Men in Blacks)? I don’t know.

RL: Do you believe that there is a coverup of Bigfoot evidence by the government?

JS: Not really. I don’t believe in a coverup. That goes too far.

RL: But there must be, right? I mean think about it. In the last 45 years, how many of these things have been hit and killed by cars, shot by hunters, killed by government people, found dead in the woods and investigated by government people? It must have happened. It had to. If there’s no coverup, then there’s no Bigfoot. It’s that simple.

JS: Well, if you believe in Bigfoot, you pretty much have to believe in some sort of a coverup because as you say, these things are just animals, and they do get killed sometimes, and government officials are obviously on the scene in some of these cases. Several were airlifted out after the Mt. St. Helens eruption. But I am not sure if the coverup is all that organized. It might be more disorganized.

RL: I think what happens is they just keep calling their supervisors. That’s what you do when you come across a situation that you have no idea how to deal with.

For instance, there is a case on record of an Ohio police officer who came across a Bigfoot hit and killed by a car. When he got there, the Bigfoot was by the side of the road. He called for backup, and more of his officers came. They cordoned off the scene, but they didn’t know what to do.

So the next level up was apparently called. He said the next people who showed up were state police. They walked around for a while but didn’t seem to know what to do either. A little while later, the National Guard showed up, having apparently been called by the state police.

They didn’t know much what to do either, and a bit later, a black van showed up with two uniformed US military officers. They didn’t say a word, but somehow they got the Bigfoot into the van and drove off. The officer who showed up first on the scene never heard anything more about it. This is probably how these coverups occur. If you go high enough up in government, there is a plan for dealing with these things. But at low levels, no one has a clue.

JS: You’re right. In a bureaucracy, when you come across a situation that you have no known plan for, you are just supposed to call your superiors, the next level up.

RL: Right. You don’t strike out on your own and, say, call the media. That’s a no-no, and it’s a career-ender.

JS: Sure.

RL: Is there anything you are mad about or upset about regarding this whole business?

JS: Well, the one thing that really gets me is so many people don’t believe me. All these people keep coming up to me and acting all friendly and saying, “Tell me your story. Tell me your story.” So I befriend them and tell them whatever they want to know from me, and then they leave, and a while later, I hear they are running around saying that they don’t believe anything I say and what a big liar I am.

When we went to the Sierra Kills site, Dr. Jeff Meldrum and Dr. John Mioczynski were there, and they were very, very friendly. We were there for three days camping out, and everyone was saying, “We believe you. We believe you. Yes, yes, yes.” Then some of them turned around as soon as I was gone and said what a big fat liar I was and how they don’t believe me. This is what Meldrum and Mioczynski did to me. Especially Meldrum. He was really two-faced to me. Everyone says he’s such a great guy, but I don’t think so. I don’t like him very much.

All that two-faced stuff – it’s distressing. It really gets on my nerves.


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Bigfoot News January 25, 2012

Apparent photos of a real Bigfoot examining and then licking a trail cam. First DNA-proven photo of a Bigfoot ever revealed! In the summer of 2009, a Bigfoot apparently approached an Olympic Project trailcam, examined it, and then licked the camera, leaving a large amount of saliva. The OP retrieved the saliva, stored it and sent it in Dr. Melba Ketchum’s DNA project. A source has just informed us that this saliva sample from a Bigfoot licking a camera tested presumptive for Bigfoot by Ketchum.

We then went back to the Olympic Project and searched for photos of a Bigfoot examining a camera. We found this set of photos that we believe represents photos of the Bigfoot that licked the camera and left the Bigfoot-positive DNA on the camera. So the photo below is apparently the first published photo of a Bigfoot that has been proven by DNA. The Matilda the Sleeping Bigfoot photo is from a site where positive Bigfoot DNA evidence was obtained, but we do not know if that evidence was from Matilda or another one of the Bigfoots at the site.

A photo of a Bigfoot looking at a trailcam placed on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state. This is apparently the first photo of a DNA-proven Bigfoot ever released. Photo by the Olympic Project 2009.

The photo above was taken by the Olympic Project. A few Bigfoot footprints had been found in the area before the camera trap was set. Apparently the Bigfoot started licking the camera soon after the photo above was taken. The photo series was taken on July 25, 2009 from 4:23:07 to 4;23:23 AM on the east slope of the Olympic Mountains. The Bigfoot apparently approached and then licked the camera for 16 seconds. The camera was a Reconyx RC60 trailcam.

When the team returned to the site to retrieve the film on August 22, 2009, they found that the camera had been moved about four inches, apparently by the Bigfoot.

In the photo above, the Bigfoot’s right arm is up near the face as if it is scratching its head wondering what the camera is.

An artist's rendering of the photo of the Bigfoot looking into the camera above. Drawing by Chris Gunter.

Revised Ketchum study tally. Earlier we reported that the DNA study had received over 100 samples and 28 of them had tested presumptive for Bigfoots. Now we have new data that over 200 samples were received, and over 100 of those tested presumptive for Bigfoots. Of those, anywhere from 20-28 represent separate Bigfoot individuals. We also heard about a new successful submission from the Olympic Project where a Bigfoot left a large amount of saliva when it licked a trailcam (see above).

Samples submitted: Over 200
Presumptive for Bigfoot: Almost 100
# of Bigfoot individuals represented: 20-28

Details of samples:

5 hair samples from Golden Ears Provincial Park in British Colombia, representing 5 separate creatures, gathered by Erickson Project.

1 toenail from Larry Jenkins in the Grand Canyon area of Arizona.

1 blood sample from JC Johnson in the 4 Corners area of New Mexico (skunk in a drainpipe sample).

1 blood sample from Crittenden, Kentucky, gathered by Erickson Project. Sample was obtained by gluing glass shards on a feeding plate.

1 hair sample from David Paulides’ NABS known as the Ulibarri sample from Hoopa Valley, California.

1 hair sample from Larry Surface in southern Ohio. Surface shot the controversial nighttime Bigfoot video that was pulled from the web recently.

1 hair sample from Joe Black in the Great Smoky Mountains, Eastern Tennessee.

1 slice of Bigfoot flesh from Mount Haskell, California from the adult Bigfoot shot dead by Justin Smeja.

1 large sample of saliva from the Olympic Project obtained via a Bigfoot licking a camera.

1 hair sample from SE Oklahoma collected by TEXLA Cryptozoological Research, whoever they are. Description here.

That is only 14 of nearly 100 successful samples. We have no idea about the rest.

Best samples: Smeja’s Bigfoot steak and JC Johnson’s skunk in a drainpipe blood sample.

Ketchum DNA paper has definitely passed peer review. We can now conclusively state that the Ketchum DNA paper recently passed peer review, possibly by December 31, 2011, and will apparently be published by a journal soon, probably some time in the next nine weeks. We don’t have a date, and we don’t even know the name of the journal. There are a huge number of folks speculating that there is no paper and that no journal will publish it, but that is absolutely not true.

Justin Smeja Bigfoot steak is “90% human.” According to a source, Justin Smeja was informed by the DNA project that the DNA results showed that the Bigfoot steak from the Sierra Kills is 90% human. What exactly that means, I have no idea. We made inquiries around to various folks, including Smeja, and he had no idea what it meant either. Chimpanzees are 94% human or share 94% of their DNA with us.

I think it shows though that Bigfoots are not Homo sapiens sapiens. However, the source said that the previous figure that Bigfoot DNA is 37% of the way from a human to a chimp is incorrect, and the new figure is nearly 90% human, whatever that means.

Other sources told us that testing of the steak revealed that it is “non-human, but in the Homo line.” In other words, it is a non-human hominin.

Adrian Erickson Bigfoot documentary project apparently being worked on in Hollywood. We reported earlier that a junior studio tech had twitted on Twitter that he had to cancel plans for December to go to a studio to work on the Erickson Project. One of our sources found this tweet and contacted the man, asking him, “What is an Erickson Project?” He wrote back asking, “Who R U??” She replied, “A nerd.”

We found the original tweet here:

mrheatleighton Austin Leighton
So got a call for a job interview at 3 today… But told them i couldnt go cuz i gotta go to fuckin Beverly hills for erickson project at 3.
19 Dec

Originally, his description was “studio technician in the film industry,” but after the source inquired about the tweet, he changed it to a more personal description as if he were trying to keep a secret.

Randy Brisson then posted on the Net that what I wrote was a lie and that the EP was not in any Hollywood studio right now. We do not believe that Brisson is telling the truth, and we do not feel that he is a credible person.

The account belongs to: mrheatleighton Austin Leighton @Austin Leighton. We believe that Leighton was telling the truth and that Hollywood has been working on Erickson’s video since December. We also believe that this being done in secret and that the EP is not going to be forthcoming about this studio work at the moment.

There is always a possibility that he could be referring to some other “Erickson Project” that is not the EP that we know of, but that seems dubious. Another source told us that as far as Hollywood is concerned, this is only one “Erickson Project” at the moment, and that when a production worker is tweeting about an Erickson Project, they can only be discussing Adrian Erickson’s Bigfoot video.

What is also interesting is that it seems that Hollywood started working on the EP video on December 19. That was only four days after Ketchum released Erickson from his NDA, allowing him to release his video whenever he wants to. Within a mere four days, it seems that Erickson was down in Hollywood and had a studio working on his movie. This is a man who works fast!

The source told me:

The fact that he was a junior studio tech indicates hard money has been committed. If it had been a director or producer then the activity could have been speculative, but technicians are not engaged unless specific work is ordered.

What is interesting about this is that big money has been committed. From where? Erickson is broke. He’s near bankruptcy, and that very fancy house of his will be going into foreclosure soon. I don’t get it.

Facebook conversation between Smeja and a taxidermist, Chris Sink, clarified. We reported earlier that a cryptic comment left on Smeja’s Facebook page by a taxidermist could have been a reference to the juvenile Bigfoot that Smeja shot being taxidermied. The comment said: “Thanks for the stuff, Justin. That’s one ugly kid!”

It turns out we were at least partly correct. The comment did indeed refer to the young Bigfoot shot in the Sierra Kills. However, there is no evidence that it has been taxidermied, and Sink did not taxidermy it. Instead, Sink was commenting on drawings of the baby Bigfoot drawn by a professional artist who is working with Smeja on a book that he and the Olympic Project are writing about the Sierra Kills. The source said that the rendering of the baby looked “exactly like a chimpanzee except it has huge eyes.”

The source also said that he had seen a similar drawing of the adult Bigfoot shot at the Kills. The adult was said to look almost exactly like Todd (Fraud) Standing’s latest hoaxed video of a Bigfoot head. In fact, Fraud’s head looked so much like the drawing of Smeja’s Bigfoot that the source felt that that Fraud must know what Bigfoots look like, possibly because he has seen one.

This apparently hoaxed photo from Fraud Standing is said to resemble very well the artist's rendition of the adult Bigfoot killed in the Sierra Kills. The artist is working with Justin Smeja as part of a book project.

Fraud Standing is one of the worst hoaxers in the Bigfoot world. He has charged both big money to rich folks for the rights to his fakes and chump change to average Joes for DVD’s of his lies, frauds and fantasies.

Fraud’s fakes are so well done that they have fooled many in the Bigfoot world. It is uncertain whether Fraud has shot one single video of a Bigfoot, all of his videos other than one which remains uncertain are obvious fakes, and his legendary Sylvanic Bigfoot site probably does not even exist. Fraud appears to be a liar and a con artist – basically, a criminal. The Bigfoot world is absolutely swarming with these types – they are literally everywhere.

Details on the trip to the Sierra Kills to find the bodies in July 2011. Quite a few people were present on this trip, including Dr. Jeff Meldrum and Dr. John Mionczynski, a man who lives in a cabin way off in the woods near Atlantic City, Wyoming and has been interested in Bigfoot for some time. Meldrum brought a woman who had a cadaver dog.

A team including Smeja, the Olympic Project, Bobo Fay, Bart Cutino and others was already there and had already been at the site for two days looking for the bodies. Nothing was found. The team had intended to use a small piece of the Bigfoot sample as bait for the dogs, but this plan was scrapped. The piece had been salt-dried, and Meldrum was angry – he felt that the salt-drying could have killed the scent. However, Smeja salt-dried it because he was taking it on a 3-day trip, and he didn’t want it to spoil.

The cadaver dogs were indeed deployed for a short time despite the fact that the handler felt that so many humans were walking around that the scent of humans had overwhelmed the scent of whatever bodies might be out there. However, the dogs found nothing. There are several people who were there that day who confirmed that the dogs were let loose.

Someone (the exact individual is unknown – we have received reports that naming three different people as the videotaper) was videotaping when Meldrum was shown a piece of the Bigfoot sample, and he and Mioczynski examined it for some time.

Meldrum and Mioczynski huddled together for a while discussing the sample and all of the various aspects of it. They ran down a list of things about the sample that they thought were positive for a Bigfoot. The source said that Meldrum and Mioczynski’s conversation included phrases like, “This looks really good. This is what we’ve been looking for.”

All of this, the two PhD’s examining the sample, running down the list of things that were laudatory about the sample, and uttering phrases along the lines above, was reportedly caught on videotape for all posterity. The tape is still available, and we are trying to get ahold of it. If we do, we will show it on the site.

Later, several independent sources informed us that Meldrum decided that the sample was not from a Bigfoot due to what he said is the presence of guard hairs. Instead he felt it was a piece of a coyote.

We do not believe that the Bigfoot steak has underhairs. We believe that Meldrum is incorrect in stating that it does. Instead of guard hairs, what it does have is a sort of an underfur. Underfur is indeed known in primates. For example, Japanese snow monkeys have a sort of an underfur.

I believe that the Bigfoot sample that Meldrum examined is from a Bigfoot, not a coyote.

A source felt that Meldrum was wrong in characterizing the Bigfoot sample as a piece of coyote. Multiple sources told us that Meldrum bailed out on the sample because it did not fit his Bigfoot as Ape theory that he has invested many long years and so much of his own and other people’s money in. The source described the photo he had seen of the Bigfoot steak this way:

Believe me Robert, after looking at tons of coyotes in my life, that flesh doesn’t look anything like a coyote. Not in a million years. Hell, the color isn’t even right. Apparently the bigger piece was light in some areas and dark in others. The pic I have is of the darker area. In the pic I have seen, the hair is far too long for a yote and is kinky – almost like human pubic hairs. The pic in no way resembles a coyote. Meldrum just has sour grapes.

Meldrum disagrees with many aspects of the story above (see his version here). After deep conversation with our sources, we continue to stick by the account above. Our sources do not feel that Meldrum is being entirely truthful about these events, to put it mildly.

A photo or photos of the Bigfoot steak definitely exist. I have spoken to someone who has seen photos of the steak. Apparently a number of people have seen these photos, and they are definitely floating around. We are trying very hard to obtain a photo, but they are very hard to get ahold of. People who have photos won’t give them up.

Ketchum probably keeping horses at Arla Williams’ habituation site in Oklahoma. A source told us that Ketchum keeps some of her many horses at whatever place she goes to nearby to see the Bigfoots. We believe that she is a seeing them at a cabin that Arla has access to in the Honobia region of Oklahoma. Therefore, we think Ketchum keeps some of her horses at Arla’s.

Rumors about a man in Canada who is a hunting guide for big game hunters who want to hunt the biggest game of all – the Bigfoots. Reportedly, there is a man in Canada who will set up Bigfoot hunts for you if you have enough cash. How much cash is required, we have no idea. Native Americans are used in the Bigfoot hunt, at least to track the Bigfoots. The source said that this is common knowledge with elder Bigfoot researchers who say that while it is just a rumor, they all believe that it is true.

Report that Yeti finger tested human dubious. Skeptics had a field day as a purported Yeti finger from a monastery in Tibet was tested for DNA and tested out as human. However, a source told us that when they read through the report, the testers only tested a small part of the MtDNA to come to that conclusion.

If Yetis are like Bigfoots and are hybrids between modern humans (Homo sapiens sapiens) on the MtDNA side and something different on the nuclear side, then just testing the MtDNA would not be enough. In order to solve the mystery of the Yeti finger once and for all, both full nuclear and MtDNA testing should be done on the finger.

So we see once again a case similar to the Snelgrove Lake sample from Northern Ontario, Canada, where a probable sample of a Bigfoot that stepped on a board with nails in it and left blood on the board was determined to be human only by testing a small segment of its MtDNA.

Has Ketchum tested the Snelgrove Lake sample? There are rumors that Ketchum has run full testing on the Snelgrove Lake sample as part of her DNA study. The results are not known, assuming the testing was done in the first place.

False alert on Dr. Melba Ketchum movie about her DNA paper. A search of the US copyright office found this notice filed by Ketchum about a movie discussing her DNA results. The movie was slated to be released on February 15, 2012.

Link .

Type of Work: Preregistration

Type of Work Preregistered:
Motion Picture
Literary Work in Book Form
Advertising or Marketing Photograph

Preregistration Number / Date:
PRE000003852 / 2010-09-16

Application Title: Sasquatch: The Tribe Revealed

Title: Sasquatch: The Tribe Revealed

Copyright Claimant:
Melba Stinnett Ketchum.

Creation of Work Began:
2008-04-07 (Approximate)

Date of Anticipated Completion:
2011-06-22 (Approximate)

Projected Date of Publication:
2012-02-15 (Approximate)

Authorship on Application:
Melba Stinnett Ketchum.

Application Title: Sasquatch: The Tribe Revealed
Title: Sasquatch: The Tribe Revealed
Copyright Claimant: Melba Stinnett Ketchum. Address: P O Box 455, Timpson, TX, 75975, United States.
Creation of Work Began: 2008-04-07 (Approximate)
Date of Anticipated Completion: 2011-06-22 (Approximate)
Projected Date of Publication: 2012-02-15 (Approximate)
Authorship on Application: Melba Stinnett Ketchum.

Description of Work: A film and/or documentary, narration or audio book, supporting photos and literary paper/document/book that will follow the The Sasquatch Project, the scientist and the scientific testing and proof for the existence of Sasquatch/ Bigfoot.

Information will include discussion of results including A New Tribe of Living Humans, the complete Sasquatch mitochondrial genome sequence and nuclear DNA variations and text will show complete mitochondrial (mt) genome sequences were identified from DNA, analysis of the assembled sequence unequivocally establishes that the Sasquatch mtDNA falls inside the range of modern human mtDNAs and discussions of the origins thereof.

The proof that the Sasquatch is not only the closest living human relative but is actually a contemporary living human. Also discussed is nuclear DNA testing performed on the same samples and the variations found in various genes including MC1R gene RUNX2 and FOXP2 as well as other targets genes involved in the perception of sound, transmission of nerve signals, the production of sperm and the lactase gene.

Also discussed is how testing has ruled out ape cross and any ancient contributor and that Sasquatch is indeed a modern human with some genetic mutations accounting for their physical appearance. Also included are discussion of the history of samples and circumstances surrounding the acquisition, their testing, the circumstances surrounding the entire Sasquatch DNA Project. Documentary stars Melba Ketchum, et al
Type of Work: Text. Registration Number / Date: TXu001766114 / 2011-07-19. Application Title: A New Species of Contemporary Feral Homo sapiens. Title: A New Species of Contemporary Feral Homo sapiens. Description: Electronic file (eService). Copyright Claimant: Melba S. Ketchum, 1955- . Date of Creation: 2011. Authorship on Application: Melba S. Ketchum, 1955- ; Domicile: United States; Citizenship: United States. Authorship: text, photograph(s), editing, Data Tables. Rights and Permissions: Maureen A. Doherty, Doherty Legal, 10777 Westheimer, Suite 1100, Houston, TX, 77042-3462, United States, Names: Ketchum, Melba S., 1955- ===========================================
=====================================Type of Work: Text. Registration Number/Date: TXu001776703 / 2011-09-12. Application Title: A New Contemporary Feral Species of Hominin. Title: A New Contemporary Feral Species of Hominin. Description: Electronic file (eService). Copyright Claimant: Melba S. Ketchum, 1955-. Date of Creation: 2011. Authorship on Application: Melba S. Ketchum, 1955-; Domicile: United States; Citizenship: United States. Authorship: text, photograph(s), compilation, editing, Data Tables. Rights and Permissions: Maureen A. Doherty, 10777 Westheimer, Suite 1100, Houston, TX, 77042-3462, Copyright Note: C.O. correspondence. Names: Ketchum, Melba S., 1955- ===========================================

The first application is for a documentary about her DNA project, and the second is for two papers about the project.

This news provoked a flood of speculation on forums about the conclusions, which were that Bigfoots are a tribe of modern humans with some funny DNA. This is going to be a very hard conclusion to swallow for all sorts of reasons. The skeptics were already having a field day ripping it to shreds.

It turns out that this copyright notice was filed a long time ago in 2010 and was based on preliminary and incomplete DNA results which showed the MtDNA to be 100% human and a few nuclear genes to be quite close to the human range. Based on those early results, Ketchum felt that she was dealing with a very strange tribe of humans with unique mutations that result in their strange appearance, capabilities and behavior. It was not an ape, and there was no known ancient ancestor.

This theory has more potholes that I can count. As it turns out, Ketchum’s later findings caused her to revise her views, and now she believes that they are not modern humans at all, but some sort of non-Homo sapiens hominin.

Soon after this news made the blogs, Ketchum posted this retraction and clarification:

To address the recent hype and misstatements concerning my paper, please be advised that the information pulled off the US Copyright website for a 2010 preregistration for a proposed media project is not an accurate summary of our scientific testing and data and does not reflect the current conclusions of our scientific paper.

The contemplated media project was never produced and no update was ever made to the short description on the preregistration statement. Instead of working on proposed media projects, we have been focusing our time and energy on our ongoing scientific testing and data which will be accurately summarized in the final version of our scientific paper.

The final paper presenting our data, analysis and updated conclusions will be published in a peer reviewed scientific journal but we do not have a publication date at this time.

As you can see, Ketchum says that the documentary and papers were based on early results, that those results have since been overturned by new results based on further testing, and that the documentary was never made and the papers were never written up either. So the whole thing is a tempest in a teapot.

Unfortunately, there may be more to this story, and Ketchum and company may be engaging in damage control. A source told us that the Ketchum DNA report will discuss “a wild race of hairy people running around in the woods.” However, this is the same source who said that the Bigfoot steak was “almost 90% human.” Almost 90% human is not human. If you’re almost 90% human, and I am talking to you, I am not talking to a human being as we generally know them.

Please note that Ketchum’s rejoinder she only made reference to the 2010 copyright. She did not comment on the following titles from 2011 for her papers to be published with the documentary:

New Contemporary Feral Species of Hominin.

New Species of Contemporary Feral Homo sapiens.

We believe that this is what Ketchum is driving at. What is being called “a wild race of hairy people running around in the woods” will actually be described by Ketchum as a new “species” altogether of Homo sapiens.

Perhaps new species is not the correct term. Perhaps she meant subspecies? Something like Homo sapiens bigfootis (a new subspecies of Homo sapiens) or Homo bigfootis, a new species more or less in the Sapiens line. So we are going to be looking at either a new Homo sp. or a new Homo sapiens ssp., not just some new tribe of Homo sapiens sapiens that likes to run around in the woods, is covered in hair, stands 8 feet tall and weighs 600 pounds.

Ketchum’s website, the Sasquatch Genome Project. Ketchum’s webpage is the Sasquatch Genome Project (SGP). Other than Ketchum herself, Paulides and his organization, North American Bigfoot Search (NABS), are part of the SGP. The website is blank except for a self-congratulatory page on NABS written by Paulides himself which includes offers to buy Paulides’ books. The reason it is blank is because a web development team is currently working on the page and the current page is being used as a placeholder.

The SGP page is located on the webpage of Janice Carter and Tom Shirley. Janice Carter is famous as the woman whose story was made famous in the book 50 Years with Bigfoot by Mary Green. However, Ketchum’s webmaster informed me that Carter’s page was only used because it had been vacant for some time and was therefore convenient to use. In the meantime, it is being used as a placeholder to while the team works on the webpage behind the scenes. When the page is finished, it will be moved to a new location.


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“Occupy Wall Street: Longview Port Fight Isn’t Over,” by Alpha Unit

Occupy Portland, Occupy Oakland, and Occupy Longview aren’t giving up that easily. They’ve been gearing up for a fight and they’re not ready to call it off just yet – in spite of the tentative agreement that’s been reached between the union they’re supporting and the corporation they’ve been condemning.

The long, drawn-out dispute between the International Longshore and Warehouse Union and Export Grain Terminal appears to be coming to an end, on the heels of the inflammatory news that the US Coast Guard was to escort a ship owned by EGT from the mouth of the Columbia River to Longview, Washington, to be loaded with grain bound for Asian ports.

Occupy and the union are outraged not only by US military intervention in the dispute but also by the fact that the loading would be done with non-ILWU workers.

The Governor of Washington has stepped in to broker a temporary truce, satisfying those who were hoping to avert a confrontation in Longview when the ship calls at the EGT facility. The involvement of the Coast Guard wasn’t the first federal intervention in the dispute; last year the National Labor Relations Board filed a complaint against the ILWU, alleging that some of its protest tactics were illegal.

The union ended up being fined $300,000 for labor violations.

The fight between the ILWU and EGT centers around an agreement the union has with the Port of Longview that only ILWU workers would be hired at the port. EGT – a joint venture among Japan-based Itochu; St. Louis-based Bunge North America; and South Korean shipper STX Pan Ocean – signed a lease with the Port of Longview, but didn’t particularly want to hire ILWU workers. A dispute was born.

EGT is said to have begun using non-union labor during construction and during the testing phase of its new $200 million facility. In July of 2011 it announced plans to hire an outside contractor that would employ members of Operating Engineers Local 701. The ILWU had been shut out.

EGT filed a lawsuit contending that their contract permitted them to hire non-ILWU labor. Dockworkers responded, “Oh, hell, no.” They picketed. They protested at EGT headquarters. They tried to block a train heading for the terminal. They engaged in vandalism, including dumping grain from train cars, cutting brake lines, and smashing windows.

There were arrests, along with intervention by the NLRB.

Then came the news that the Coast Guard was going to assist EGT in getting its new ship to port. Other unions drafted resolutions protesting military intervention and supporting the ILWU. Occupy Wall Street started getting ready to block the port, vowing to do everything it could to keep the ship from being loaded.

The news of the tentative deal hasn’t stopped Occupy’s mobilization efforts. Their plan is on until rank-and-file Longshore workers reach an agreement. Occupy calls Coast Guard intervention union-busting, pure and simple, saying that under the authority of the Department of Homeland Security the Coast Guard has created a security zone around the port to ensure the loading can progress unhindered.

Union supporters insist that this is a crucial battle for all workers. They don’t want to see EGT succeed in this effort, because if it does, other employers will see a green light to bust unions.

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Black Man Posts on Juggalos

A Black man stopped by and left this excellent critique of White Juggalos, followers of the Insane Clown Posse band. I don’t really mind when Blacks slam Whites, but most of the time, their slams are lame. My problem is more with the lameness of their slams than with the fact that they criticize us.

We criticize and make fun of Blacks a lot (witness Chimpout, Niggermania*, etc.) but Blacks don’t get us back much in return. I always hoped that Blacks would make an anti-White version of Niggermania making fun of Whites in order to get us back, since racist humor will never go away.

This is some excellent racist humor from Black man pounding the heck out of White juggalos. I salute you, brother! Good show!

The male Juggalo (Juggalus retardus) is the most common breed of ICP fan. Clown makeup, as well as displaying how awesome a Juggalo is, also works to mask the major acne issues that they tend to have. However, it is likely that wearing makeup all day is the main cause of their acne in the first place, which explains why Juggalos are still dressed like clowns when well into their twenties: To cover up their pus-filled sores.

In their youth, Juggalos often rebel against “The Man” in unique forms of protest (By saying “fuck” to their parents and teachers, and even going so far as to dress like clowns in school, assuming their peers do not administer frequent beatings for such behavior).

Due to their accelerated education through the teachings of Insane Clown Posse, many feel fit to leave school early, opting instead for a life of cheap drugs, picking fights with other musical cliques, and trying to father a child in vain.

In the non-Juggalo, or “Hater” world, this places their entire subculture on the same intellectual level as children, which perhaps explains the appeal of becoming a Juggalo to those beyond teenage years who suffer from serious mental retardation.

Juggalos form the crusty flakes of shit around the asshole of society. Their lack of formal education or goals in life (Outside the compulsive accrual of every stitch of official ICP merchandise they can get their hands on) means that their employment prospects are on par with illegal immigrants, ex-convicts, the mentally retarded, and sex offenders.

To be fair, many Juggalos happen to fall into at least two of those aforementioned groups, with the exception of illegal immigrants due to the Juggalos’ rich Aryan heritage. Despite these stigmas, Juggalos have a broad range of employment opportunity in many fields.

It is true, though hard to believe, that there is a female version of Juggalo known as a Juggalette (Juggala syphila). Their appearance is remarkably similar to that of the males, which is why many don’t believe Juggalettes actually exist. Identifying a Juggalette from a Juggalo is like determining a penguin’s gender; the only way to find out is to administer a blood test or a genitalia examination, both of which represent a significant bio-hazard to nearby countries.

The precise mental gymnastics that allow Juggalettes to reconcile both the instruction to hate “haters” and being the obvious object of hate in all Insane Clown Posse songs are unknown.

The largest form of Juggalo, Jugalettes are invariably morbidly obese, and as breeding programs have shown, this problem in addition to their cheap drug addictions means that they are unable to successfully produce live offspring. Their natural habitat is the Gathering Of The Juggalos event where they run around topless or naked.

*Chimpout and Niggermania are pretty damned hilarious if you don’t mind racist humor with a vicious side. You have to put aside your morals a bit to enjoy that stuff. I would go there more often just for the laffs, but I feel guilty about visiting the sites. Also there’s an underlying tone of viciousness, meanness and sheer racist hate that makes it hard to tolerate that stuff. You keep pulling your body back in revulsion from the site when you are not rolling on the floor laughing. An interesting experience.


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Debates on the G. A. Henty Piece

Tulio’s critique to this article are in blockquotes (with my original post in italics) and my responses follow:

One example is Trinidad and Tobago, which has a large oil industry. However, the industry is run by Western corporations. The problem here is that all of the technicians with their expertise and all of the technology comes from the West. After decades of oil development, few Trinidadians have knowledge of oil extraction technology, and little or no such technology is manufactured on the islands.

In other words, these people don’t even know how their own wells and refineries run or how to run them. If the Westerners all packed up tomorrow, they would not be able to get another drop out of the ground.

Well duh, how many advanced engineering schools exist in Trinidad? It’s not just Trinidad or Nigeria, you’re going to find the same in ANY poor country. It’s Western firms extracting oil from Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Dubai, as well as Venezuela. These are developing countries.

They’re poor (or if they’re not poor such as Saudi Arabia, it’s only BECAUSE of oil money, not despite it), and when you’re poor, you don’t have much money to spend on education, which in means in turn makes it harder to have highly specialized workers that it would take to maintain an oil industry. I don’t know why you need to only point out black countries.

Human capital is low in all poor nations. But it takes money and stability to have a broadly educated population, and even more so a population with highly specialized skills. They just aren’t there yet in their economic development.

As far as T and T, I am not criticizing T and T or any Black country and anyway, T and T is also very South Indian. It is a model of development known as underdevelopment that is imposed on the 3rd world by US and Western imperialism and the World Bank and IMF and is part and parcel of the neoliberal capitalist project of underdevelopment.

Places like Cuba and Venezuela and China are trying to get away from that model by developing a national economy with native expertise. This is a better model and less exploitative than the neoliberal model. No country ever developed itself through foreign investment. You need to develop a national economy.

Also, T and T is not a poor country.

The reference to a Black having an intelligence similar to a White child of 10 has a modern corollary in the notion that the African IQ of 70 about equals a 10 year old child. It is interesting that people had made this connection before IQ tests were even invented. Note that this does not apply to US/UK Blacks who have much higher IQ’s at 86-87.

So let me get this straight. You think because racist people came to subjective conclusions for entirely anecdotal reasons, that it’s worthy of scientific merit? Do you really, seriously believe black adults are like 10 year old white children? If so, you and I live on two different planets.

The pre-IQ notion by the author was that the African had an IQ equal to a 10 year old White boy. Supposedly a 70 IQ is said to be the same as a 10 yr old kid’s IQ. So yes, the observation had merit. Whether Africans are the same mentally as 10 yr old Whites, I have no idea. I have a hard time understanding the argument.

If you think Africa is terrible now, you should have seen it before colonization. And this was another thing that I noted – the popular line that Africa was an Eden ruined by colonialism is a lie. As horrible as Africa is now, it is vastly more civilized and less depraved and debased than it was before Westerners showed up. So Africans have made great progress in civilizing themselves.

And this is based upon what? Obviously whatever they had prior to colonialism was working for them. Somehow they survived on their own for tens of thousands of years before whitey showed up and taught them how to stand on two feet and not speak with grunts and groans, right?

If you read Negroes in Negroland, you can see that “what was working for them” was some of the most utterly debased and depraved sheer savagery known to mankind. I don’t exactly think that’s an ideal society. Exposure to Whites and their advanced civilization has done wonders for Blacks in both the West and in Africa. In the US, it may even be responsible for 14 extra IQ points. Wonder White people are good for you! They help build strong bodies 12 different ways!

“Yet we do see, do we not, traces of Taylor’s truth? In the heart of the heart of US ghettos, US Blacks seem nearly African, almost as if 350 years of civilizational and neurological progress never happened.”

Whatever man. You seem to want to believe that whatever behavior you see in the projects is something unique to black people. Put whites in the same situation and they behave identically…Now are you going to keep this talk up?

Yes I am going to keep this talk up. Of course I am. I am a race realist, remember? And you are not, after all.


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Ti-Grace Atkinson – A Typical American Feminist

From the comments section, Comrade Jacob Bauthumley discusses a noted American radical feminist:

The price of clinging to the enemy [a man] is your life. To enter into a relationship with a man who has divested himself as completely and publicly from the male role as much as possible would still be a risk. But to relate to a man who has done any less is suicide. . . . I, personally, have taken the position that I will not appear with any man publicly, where it could possibly be interpreted that we were friends. – Ti-Grace Atkinson

Ti-Grace Atkinson is one of the most famous American feminists. An early feminist, she helped found the National Organization for Women (NOW) and served as director of New York NOW in 1967.

Her fall from grace and sanity began as it does with so many college girls, with a reading of Simone de Beauvoir’s toxic The Second Sex. It’s hard to say what made Beauvoir hate men so much. She was Sartre’s lover, and he didn’t treat her very well. Maybe that’s what did it.

Atkinson contacted Beauvoir, and Beauvoir put her in touch with Betty Friedan. So Atkinson was an intimate of Beauvoir and Friedan, two of the most famous feminists of all time. In 1968, she left NOW because they were not insane enough for her. She then founded The Feminists, a radical feminist (radical feminist means a seriously insane feminist as opposed to a garden variety insane feminist) grouplet.

Typical psychotic radical feminist positions taken by The Feminists included the dissolution of marriage as an institution that enslaved women to men (nowadays it’s more the other way around to be honest), the defining of men as the enemy, the characterization of women falling in love with men as the response of the victim (the woman) to the rapist (the man) and the desire to get rid of the horrors of uterine pregnancy in favor of some other mode of human procreation.

The evil scum traitors known as “women who live with men” were restricted to 1/3 of the membership in order to limit infiltration by enemy spies. Married women, the ultimate traitors to the sisterhood, were banned altogether.

They said that women liked men too much, and this was due to women developing false consciousness via living in a patriarchal society. At first they said that the only way to limit the paralyzing effects of patriarchy was for women to be autonomous of men. Later they said that women needed to separate themselves from us pigs altogether. Whether the members of The Feminists ever all took up residence as the YWCA is not known.

In order not to contaminate their precious pussies with the evil patriarchal cock, they advocated that women practice celibacy. As that was obviously no fun, they soon advocated political lesbianism. It seems radical feminists actually like to get laid too, just not by guys please.

Later they advocated matriarchy, a system that will fail everywhere it will be tried and has probably failed everywhere in the past due to the laws of nature which it violates. They also advocated women’s religion (Goddess worship?) which I suppose is rather harmless. These two silly ideas later morphed something dumb called cultural feminism.

The Feminists played a leading role in separatist feminism (which is really just lesbian separatism) where wymmyn separate themselves from us dirty male dogs in order not to soil their precious and dainty female selves by association with us. They also helped create an abomination called anti-pornography feminism on the grounds that porn is evil because it shows unsullied pussies getting contaminated with diabolical patriarchal cocks.

Thankfully, The Feminists disbanded, probably because God hated them too. Unfortunately, Atkinson is still alive, but lately she has more or less shut her trap, thank God.

A friend of my mother’s named M. was one of the founding members of California NOW if I am not mistaken. She went to a very early California NOW meeting in Laguna Beach, California in the late 1960’s. M. is an evil heterosexual woman. She told us that she was stunned to find that almost the entire founding membership of CA NOW were a bunch of lesbians. She eventually quit going to meetings because the other women wouldn’t stop hitting on her.

Feminism has a longstanding association with political lesbianism, which is truthfully just a lifestyle choice as the rightwingers say – a lifestyle chosen due to extreme hatred of men. There are many more women like this than you might think! All lesbians were not necessarily “born that way.” Don’t swallow the PC Koolaid on that line.


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