Robert Lindsay on the Radio

Here is an archived audio of me on the Tom Biscardi Show discussing Bigfoot DNA.

G0 here.

Go down on the right side of the page to where it says Or Just Listen To Our Archived Shows In The Player Below.

Open player.

Select 30 November 30 2011.



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22 responses to “Robert Lindsay on the Radio

  1. Why don’t you reread the comments rules? Because you just violated them. This is a warning. Next time will be for real, a ban.

  2. Gay State Girl

    Lindsay has a girlfriend (I don’t know whether she’s real or imaginary.)

    Can’t you keep Wakjob around for entertainment?

    • She’s around. But she’s about ready to lose everything. She’s extremely depressed. She’s also very angry, and I can’t control her at all. She could say all kinds of crap, and I would probably have to ban her from my own blog LOL. Her Internet got turned off, so she’s not even on the Net anymore. Her phone is going to be turned off in a week or so. And she’s going to lose her house in 4 months probably.

  3. Raskolnikov

    Why did you accept her back Rob? Especially after that black cock she had up her.

    • Gay State Girl


    • I did dump her. She broke up to go marry the Black dude and move several hundred miles away. I don’t care about chicks who fuck Black.

      • Raskolnikov

        You dumped her after she broke up with you? That doesn’t really count cos didn’t she meet the guy while she was still with you? I dunno why a stud like you would take back a woman like that.

        “I don’t care about chicks who fuck Black.”

        Well maybe you’re big enough fill the hole but aren’t you worried about STDs?

        • You trying to get banned, Raskolnikov?

          No, not worried about STD’s. I’ve already had them several times anyway. All you guys think it’s going to be so cool to go out and screw like a hundred chicks, but the thing you don’t realize is that you are going to get some gifts along the way.

          The relationship ended. We were fighting and it ended. She was already with the other guy, but I didn’t really care. Then she went off with him bigtime.

          I’m not a stud, unless you want numbers. I’m basically a puss. It’s true.

        • Raskolnikov

          “You trying to get banned, Raskolnikov?”

          LOL why would you say this?

          About the STD thing I mean blacks have a much higher incidence of STDs especially HIV so it would be cause of concern for me.

        • An Unmarried Man

          Isn’t it strange that a chick who fucks a black guy gets knocked down a peg or two? Yet fucking black chicks is hot. Nothing else feels like them.

  4. Gay State Girl

    Why did she need his seal of approval? Or did you mean to say he wouldn’t give her alimony?

  5. Gay State Girl

    Ahhh black guys. They have this certain enchanting aura to them. They’ll sweet talk you to death and then leave you in out the cold. Been there, done that.

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