What Do Women Mean When They Refer To Men As Tools?

I have heard women, usually young women about college age, refer to men that they don’t like too much as “tools.” A woman recently referred to Matt Moneymaker of the the BFRO as a “tool.” I couldn’t figure out exactly what she meant by that, but this definition seemed to be the closest:

1.) A guy with a hugely over-inflated ego, who in an attempt to get undue attention for himself, will act like a jackass, because, in his deluded state, he will think it’s going to make him look cool, or make others want to be like him. The person may even insincerely apologize later on, but only in an attempt to get more attention, or to excuse his blatantly intentional, and unrepentantly toolish behavior.

2.) Someone whose ego FAR exceeds his talent, intelligence, and likeability. But, of course, he is clueless regarding that fact. He erroneously thinks he is THE MAN!

3.) Someone who others normally refer to as a prick, dick, or schmuck.

4.) Someone who acts like a dick, because…well…he’s compensating.

5.) Kanye West


Observer #1: Hey, did you see Kanye West’s idiotic stunt at the awards show?

Observer #2: Oh, you mean, “Mr. It’s-All-About Me?”

Observer #1: Yeah…what an asshole.

Observer #2: I know. He’s such a tool!

Is that something like a “douchebag?”

I have also heard young women use to refer to boneheaded young sexist male morons. For instance, the guys who held up the We Love Yale Sluts sign at Yale University were referred to on feminist blogs as “tools.”
This definition would seem to suffice:

In fact, tools often take life too seriously, and therefore try too hard to manipulate others and to win everything, but always playing by the rules of society. Intellectual pursuits are not of any interest to a tool, and people who are interested in them are “stuck-up” or “faggy”.

A tool just likes to have a few beers, watch and talk about sports constantly, and refer to women as “sluts” and themselves “players”. Tools are usually borderline retarded, but hide it well because they have the uncanny ability to conform almost perfectly to social norms.

If a movie, or song becomes popular in society, the tool will quickly adapt said movie or song as one of their favorites (see Lil’ Jon, Souljah Boy, Boondock Saints). Their “social commentary” is often crudely taken from the last episode of South Park.

A tool can usually be spotted wearing a backwards baseball cap and athletic attire, playing beer pong at any large, obnoxious party where loud mainstream rap music is played.

“Whoaaaaaaaaa, party foul bro! What a fag!”

“Wow, that guy is such a tool.”

That should do it for now. Next we will move on to “douchebag.” I am not exactly sure what that means!


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56 responses to “What Do Women Mean When They Refer To Men As Tools?

  1. An Unmarried Man

    Male tools use too much hair product and only do weight exercises that work the upper body.

  2. seedofjapheth

    The literal definition of tool is an object whose purpose it is to be manipulated. Something whose purpose it is to be used.

  3. Thanks Now I don’t know if I should call MM a “tool” or a “douchebag”…lol

  4. Maciano

    I’m no native anglo speaker, but here goes.

    A stupid macho is a buffoon, right? A tool is clearly stupid and macho, but also a bit more narcissistic than the usual buffoonish macho. They don’t know that they don’t know nor can they made to know. A tool is worse than a buffoon.

    A douchebag I don’t know. Probably the same as an asshole or a jerk.

  5. Pimp

    Most women are stupid and don’t care to think about meanings of the words that they use. The word “tool” is one of those instances. I mean, I’m sure that it has some real origin, but these types of cunts don’t care about that. It’s like when they say “ewww.” They say this, many times, when stuff isn’t even gross. I saw the ending of that dopey High School Musical movie on Youtube, and in it there is this cunt with blond hair. If I remember properly, she goes “ewww” when she finds out that some boy baked her cookies. What’s so gross about that? Also, sometimes these cunts go “ewww” when they look at a picture of a cock, and then turn around and swear on a stack of Bibles that they are heterosexual. It makes no sense, but that doesn’t bother these cunts. Well, it is the same thing with the word “tool.” These cunts hear the word being applied to men that they don’t like, and then they pick it up and start doing the same. It is as simple as that.

    • Joe

      Pimp do you have a blog by any chance? Some people may be interested in the observations you are making.

      • Pimp

        Uhh…thanks…I think. No, I don’t have a blog. I’ve been thinking about it, but I’m not interested, for the time being. Too much work keeping it going. Maybe I’ll change my mind in the future.

    • Mateo

      LOL, Priceless!

      Not sure if your serious or sarcastic, ether way, its making me laugh, Descriptions of tools or the feminine view of simple words!

      Whos the tool now? lol.

      • Pimp

        Go to Hell, Mateo!

        • Mateo

          LOL, ok so serious it is then, lol.

          Pimp you do have a point about women investing way to much with some words. I dont think cunt is the equivalent of tool though, but your name and comment just made me laugh after reading the main post.

          You should totally have your own blog, id read it lol, This is the only blog site I read so far!

          LOL, im still laughing from the irony… thanks man it was great.

        • Pimp

          I don’t make comments to be funny. I don’t appreciate being laughed at for making serious comments, nor do I appreciate being called a “tool.” I meant everything that I said. Cunts DO act like this. They don’t think. They just act based on what their emotions tell them to do. Cuz they’re cunts. Like the thing about cocks. I mean, these cunts see a picture of a cock and then react in horror. Then they say that they like men. That makes NO FUCKING SENSE!!! That’s like being a vegetarian who eats pork rinds (let’s see if anyone catches this reference). Imagine if I saw a cunt’s cunt and I said, “ewww!” “Yuck!” “Get it away from me!!!” Oh, but I’m heterosexual. WHAT THE FUCK?! What would people think about me? Yet cunts do this all the time and no one calls them on it. Dumb fucking cunts. Okay, so I can understand if you are laughing with me at cunts, but I do not approve of being laughed at.

          When did I say that the word “cunt” and the word “tool” are equivalent?

    • An Unmarried Man

      Women use words to emote, men to explain.

  6. Mateo


    Fair enough. Im sorry for upsetting you.

    Estrogen vs Testosterone its a bitch!

  7. Pimp has a fair argument. Most women use words very loosely, often with little or no meaning to them. For the record, the majority of women, like the majority of men are social conformists. Calling someone a ‘tool’ is their way of social conformism, by showing disapproval of certain behaviours or characters. It is nothing more than that.

    • Pimp

      Thanks. I agree. I would argue that men, at least for the time being, tend to think a little more carefully about things, but I do agree that men do some things that are similar with respect to social conformity, as you put it. Interesting blog that you have, by the way. I like the tagline.

    • An Unmarried Man

      Most women use words very loosely

      This lets women off the hook. They are very aware of the words they use. They are cunning because they understand the backhanded influence language can have in influencing behaviors or influencing desires. Women are the original practitioners of NLP (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neuro-linguistic_programming) and this is why the Game community now seeks to learn NLP just to get on an even footing with women. Guys are terrible at it and they either get it or they don’t, I would argue NLP is an innate skill. The guys who get it can recognize the verbal cues women will give, the oblique red or green lights we can use to gauge our chances to get laid. Women are skilled at innuendo while men just blubber over it and make the lamest crude jokes and think it’s charming to women.

      Women use language loosely in the respect they aren’t accountable for what they say on a prima facie level.

  8. Raskolnikov

    Robert you shouldn’t be overly concerned with what women think or what they mean. It’s a waste of time trying to figure what’s going on in their heads because most of the time there’s NOTHING going on.

    • An Unmarried Man

      More “let them off the hook” thinking from dismissive and lazy men. Women know what is going on and they use our blind eye to proliferate this. It’s like invasion of the female pod people!

      • Yeah, I did not agree with that comment, frankly. To me, a woman’s mind is as mysterious as the deep blue sea, and just as full. I don’t for one moment think that there is nothing in it.

        If only it were true!

        • An Unmarried Man

          I’d love to believe it too.

          This is where “Game” is good, so to speak, in that it’s signalling to women that men now see what is going on. The problem is, women still pull the same shit and men keep eating it up because of the Pussy Access.

          Goddamned pussy access is killing society now and always 😦 That was my Samuel Beckett allusion for the day.

        • We all put on that show, don’t we 🙂

          Reportedly, the real Iggy Pop has just about zero game. If women don’t know he’s Iggy Pop, they won’t so much as give him the time of day. As soon as they figure out he’s the Ig, they come swarming from miles around.

      • Raskolnikov

        I don’t know where you got “let them off the hook” thing, it’s more that I don’t find them (women) to be worth much serious thought. That’s been the attitude of men in every great culture, especially during the rising phase. Do you think the likes of Issac Newton or Leonardo spent much time worrying about what women think?

        What is it that you find so mysterious and interesting about them?

        • dota

          I agree with you Raskolnikov

          As I’ve said before, this obsessive urge to decipher the ‘mysterious’ female mind merely feeds their narcissism. Why do men give women this power?

          Remember this ballad?

          “Ah, it’s wilt thou come with me, my love? And it’s wilt thou, love, be mine? For I will give unto thee, my love, Gay knots and ribbons so fine. I’ll woo thee, love, on my bended knee, And I’ll pipe sweet songs to none but thee. Then it’s hark! hark! hark! To the winged lark And it’s hark to the cooing dove! And the bright daffodil Groweth down by the rill, So come thou and be my love.

          “Now get thee away, young man so fine;
          Now get thee away, I say;
          For my true love shall never be thine,
          And so thou hadst better not stay.
          Thou art not a fine enough lad for me,
          So I’ll wait till a better young man I see.
          For it’s hark! hark! hark!
          To the winged lark,
          And it’s hark to the cooing dove!
          And the bright daffodil
          Groweth down by the rill,
          Yet never I’ll be thy love.

          “Then straight will I seek for another fair she,
          For many a maid can be found,
          And as thou wilt never have aught of me,
          By thee will I never be bound.
          For never is a blossom in the field so rare,
          But others are found that are just as fair.
          So it’s hark! hark! hark!
          To the joyous lark
          And it’s hark to the cooing dove!
          And the bright daffodil
          Groweth down by the rill,
          And I’ll seek me another dear love.

          “Young man, turn not so very quick away
          Another fair lass to find.
          Methinks I have spoken in haste today,
          Nor have I made up my mind,

          And if thou only wilt stay with me,
          I’ll love no other, sweet lad, but thee_.”

        • An Unmarried Man

          By dismissing their behavior you are letting them off the hook. It’s easier to be a casual skeptic. Everything deserves our serious thought.

        • Dota

          @ UM

          Perhaps there is no logic to their behavior. Perhaps by keeping men in suspense women feel like they can get away with all sorts of outrageous behavior. Perhaps narcissism is an end in itself for most women, as they are particularly susceptible to it. These conclusions are the result of serious thought. You’re welcome to disagree with me but I think your intellectual energies are better spent elsewhere.

        • Gay State Girl

          “Perhaps narcissism is an end in itself for most women, as they are particularly susceptible to it.”

          Cough cough…

        • Gay State Girl

          Ah poor baby…
          You know I support your cause, but you guys are starting to sound like a bunch of sissies.

        • An Unmarried Man

          Sure, we sound like sissies because defensiveness oozes out our assholes while we cry about women.

          However, we are all narcissists, but women have that market cornered. Tell me this is not true. Nature has constructed a narcissistic animal. Her nature is not her own, this is the problem. When YOU are a construct, of course everything you do is centered around padding this. Make-up, high heels, form fitting outfits, shit, of course women are what they are. We made them this way!

        • Gay State Girl

          But a man’s greed and vanity do not stem from womans’ demands for him. Sure we pressure you professionally and finacially but generally when a man ventures on an ego trip, he is not motivated by womans’ perception of him or her desires.

        • An Unmarried Man

          Sure a man’s ego and vanity stem from the woman. All the stupid shit men do is because of ego, hence, a reflection of their putative influence on external members of the tribe. If males have a beef with other males (primitively) they will just fight. Females dilute this into agonizing bouts of indecision and fluff. To denounce a man’s nature as “elementally” evil is a joke. Women are at the root of all evil.

          I personally think men and women should all be segregated. Only allowed to mingle for mating purpose. Only harm comes of their association.

        • Gay State Girl

          Male vanity stems from a man’s desired perception of himself not womens’ demands for him.

          “Women are at the root of all evil.”

          I take it that was intended as a compliment.

        • An Unmarried Man

          Yes, vanity as you spell it out.

          I like to think I’m unusual, personally, in that the normal vanity “triggers” don’t apply to myself. You counterbalance a man’s expectations of himself and women’s expectations of him. But I think ultimately vanity is a man’s (and woman’s) behavioral reaction against or with the Hive’s judgement. Society and its mores and collective expectations are what steer individual decisions. The more disconnected we become from the Hive, the more free, but disabled, we become.

          “Women are the root of all evil” is a mechanistic deconstruction and nothing else. I am not a misogynist and I don’t think men are all That either.:).

          In fact, I’m convinced we are all really fucked. Equally.

        • Sure a man’s ego and vanity stem from the woman. All the stupid shit men do is because of ego, hence, a reflection of their putative influence on external members of the tribe.

          I think this is true in my case. There is this “real me” type of guy. Whether he is good at attracting chicks or not, I have no idea. I think he is not, but maybe he is. I was at a store recently, and I went outside of the “me for show” and into my ordinary me. I was all involved in cleaning up on one of the objects that I own. After a few minutes of cleaning, I looked up and there were two teenage high school girls about 16-17 and they were both looking right at me. I looked at them and smiled and then they started giggling.

          This is implies that even the “real me” which I figure is like some AFC is attractive to women. But I figure the real me is not attractive. So I generally put on a show if there are attractive women about. It seems that putting on my show personality attracts women. That’s why I do it. It seems to work quite well. Could I still attract women without going into the show persona. Possibly, but I don’t want to risk it.

        • An Unmarried Man

          We all put on that show, don’t we 🙂

          A girl told me that she was shy “in the beginning.”

          Yes, life is nothing but hurdles but sometimes I think people forget this. They want some fucking stroll in the park for their 74.8 years or whatever it is.

  9. An Unmarried Man

    Oh god, now who is adding to their mystique?

  10. Ha Ha Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa…….
    I’m a big James Bond fan, does anyone remember the character named ‘Plenty O’Toole’ in ‘Diamonds are Forever’ played by Lana Wood (Natalie Wood’s sister)?

    Plenty O’Toole: Hi, I’m Plenty.
    James Bond: But of course you are.
    Plenty O’Toole: Plenty O’Toole.
    James Bond: Named after your father perhaps?

  11. Gay State Girl

    Norman Finkelstein is the sexiest man alive!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Gay State Girl

    Have you ever hated anyone for irrational reasons, and assigned the worst.

  13. prick

    Just make sure whenever you are done using your “tools” that you don’t forget to throw them out quickly. The women that is.

  14. Tool Girl

    Truly amazed that I read all of this, you’re all retarded.

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