Check Out Masculinism


A quick journey around the MRA – Game – PUA – MGTOW sites is enough to make any progressive guy sick to his stomach. It’s not only the unbridled and often off the charts and sickening misogyny that bothers one, but it’s the right wing, even far rightwing character of this whole movement.

I don’t get it. Guys like to pick up chicks. Some even want to be players, playboys, womanizers or whatever. According to the Game – PUA Sphere, every guy doing this is a Far Rightwinger!

Excuse me? I never knew that John F. Kennedy, Teddy Kennedy and Hugh Hefner were all secret reactionaries. Game blogs rate the best countries to go hang out and pick up chicks. Turns out the best countries are the most rightwing countries of all. Why are the most rightwing countries of all the best places to get laid? God knows, and you tell me!

There is an underlying and totally ridiculous mindset running through all of this. A lot of the Gamer guys are hypercompetitive young men out to beat all the other guys and destroy all the competition. They want a “free market” in sex as in other areas of life. They see the competition for women as part of their laissez faire capitalist project.

There are even many derisive calls suggesting that Marxists believe that every man is entitled to sex! I wish we did believe that! And I let’s throw in every woman is entitled to sex too, how bout that? The young Hindu woman who was entertaining our blog for a while railed against Sexual Marxism in India – every guy automatically gets a wife so men have no desire to compete for women and thereby maximize their value to women.

No “nanny state” has ever donated girlfriends to horny guys or forced women to marry idiots and losers. Not that it’s a bad idea. Actually, that’s one of the founding concepts of civilization. When you force all those guys to marry, there’s no George Sodinis, right?

Thing is us socialist Commies love sex too. We’re the ones that started the whole Sexual Revolution, um, remember? A lot of us are the original libertines.

Yes, sex is all wrapped up in money in capitalist society, and capitalist societies turn most women into a bunch of whores. The Gamer Right celebrates this dreary state of affairs. Excuse me? You guys are ecstatic about a system that turns most of your women into a bunch of damned whores? This is part of the glories of capitalism?

I don’t know if I’m an Alpha or not, but I’m not worried about male competition. My attitude is what competition? Other men? You call that competition? Please. There’s nothing to worry about. I don’t even pay attention to them. I ignore all the men and only deal with the women. The men aren’t even in the picture. In the picture is 1)Me 2)All the hot chicks.

Surely men have rights, and feminism has gone too far. Nevertheless, most of us on the Left are still feminists of one sort of another. There is still a movement for us out there.

It’s called Masculinism. It’s the male counterpart to Feminism. Most masculists are also feminists to one degree or another anyway, and the original Masculinist movement grew out of the Feminist movement.

Warren Farrell was one of the founders of NOW. I used to be a member of NOW. I am still on the mailing lists of many women’s organizations, and I participate in their campaigns, mostly around running progressive women for office, AAUW and abortion rights groups, though AAUW is starting to make me worry.

Masculinism is the left wing of the Men’s Rights Movement. Yes! You can be an MRA without being a rightwing asshole! It’s actually possible.

Warren Farrell is one of the founders of Masculinism and is probably the most well known name. He’s a good progressive pro-male guy, and he’s also a feminist. Robert Bly is another big name.

Steven Goldberg supposedly brings up the rightwing of masculinism, and he is said to be a conservative, but he doesn’t sound very conservative to me. One, he’s a sociologist, and there’s no such thing as a conservative sociologist. Two, his two biggest heroes are Jackie Robinson and Bob Dylan, and no conservative has heroes like that. Three, he’s a Jewish humanities professor.

I’m proud to be both a masculinist and a feminist (equality feminist more than gender feminist). That way you are for the liberation of both men and women.


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21 responses to “Check Out Masculinism

  1. ‘The young Hindu woman who was entertaining our blog for a while railed against Sexual Marxism in India – every guy automatically gets a wife so men have no desire to compete for women and thereby maximize their value to women.’
    Awwwwwww c’mon-
    Every guy doesn’t ‘automatically’ get a wife in India.
    Especially since women are getting to be a bit ‘scarce’ in India due to the high incidence of female infanticide.
    I can’t really find any good ‘marriage’ statistics in India except for the data supplied by the last census in my UNICEF manual- basically 81.4% of women of ‘childbearing’ age (15yrs to 44yrs old) are married. With India’s gender ratio in the age group of 15yrs to 64yrs being an average of 1.07 there have to be a lot of single Indian men.
    Whether they are single by choice is another matter.
    I’m guesstimating 25-30% of Indian males over 18 yrs of age are unmarried based on these figures & the number of leering Indian males who routinely harass women everywhere you go in India. I’ve grown to completely ignore the verbal commentary of these Indian males but could they please learn to KEEP THEIR DAMNED HANDS TO THEMSELVES!!!!
    Interesting Factoids-
    Sri Lanka has lowest divorce rate in the world – and the highest rate of female suicide.

  2. chris

    Game is darwinistic, (its based on evo-psych/evo-bio which is all about darwinism.) Hence, it leans to the right as the right are more darwinistic (excluding the religious people you have over in america, although one could argue that they do adhere to a darwinistic ethos even though they don’t believe in evolution).

    • Actually, it is the Left that pushes Evolution so strongly. Go the Revolutionary Communist Party’s website. They can’t stop talking about Darwin and evolution.

      To me, Game is just the truth. I don’t see why progressive guys should not try to understand the truth about men and women in order to get laid or get along better with the women in their lives.

      • chris

        Also, I should probably add that when I think of the Left I think of Rousseau and when I think of the right I think of Hobbes. I think that this is a better definition of Left and Right as it is more consistent across different countries and time periods. For instance, as I said above, in America, you guys have a lot more religious folks than other countries in the Western world and that influences your politics in an unusual manner being that the religious folks align with the right as their concept of original sin and all the ideas of human nature that flow from it tend to accord with right-wing ideas of man being inherently violent, selfish and competitive.

        For instance to quote Hobbes;

        “In the nature of man, we find three principal causes of quarrel. First, competition: secondly, diffidence: thirdly, glory. The first, maketh men invade for gain: the second, for safety: and the third, for reputation.” From ‘Leviathan’.

        It is this (cynical) understanding of humans which makes Darwinism and hence evo-bio/evo-psych amenable to the (secular) right (atleast in the blogosphere).

    • You are right, the Left has long abandoned Evo Psych. They hate the very word.

  3. Matt

    I think Evo Psych has a damaged reputation among many people because its “findings,” at least as presented in the mass media, are so facile and simplistic. I’m thinking especially of the “discovery” that bad dancing by middle aged males is genetically determined as a way of indicating sexual unavailability. Google “bad dancing evolution” if you don’t believe me.

    Also, a lot of its “findings” are so intuitive that it looks a lot like an attempt to scientifically buttress conventional wisdom. Progressives probably regard it as conservative in its implications because it seems to deny the possibility of change in human behavior. This isn’t necessarily so. Humans have altered their behavior drastically and permanently many times, in spite of the underlying evolutionary bedrock. But there are probably limits on how much behavior can change, and even the changes that we can see are really modifications of existing patterns.

    Evol psych is most valuable in that it shows us what is, not necessarily what ought to be. And whatever you may think about what is, you still have to take it into account.

  4. Pimp

    Okay, Robert, so…I was thinking about our discussion in the other thread, and I think that I may have figured it out. You believe that most men want different things than most women want and that these things will always be this way. Therefore, most men and most women will always be at war, at least in a metaphorical way. I believe that, although most men currently want different things than most women want, these things will not, necessarily, always be that way. There is a war, now, but it will not necessarily always be a war, according to me. Do you, Robert Lindsay, believe that this is an accurate representation of your position? By the way, my apologies if my words sound offensive or like they are trying to make you look stupid. It was not my intention to do so, but sometimes it can come across that way – it has in the past.

  5. James Schipper

    There is a very simple commonality between machismo and right-wing economics: egoism. If you adhere to the economic view that individuals should only maximize their own income and never give a thought to anybody’s else economic well-being, then you can also quite consistently embrace the view that women are only sexual playthings to be manipulated for the gratification of men.

    Regards. James

  6. Tulio

    I was quite surprised when I began finding out just how much of the manosphere is libertarian and right-wing. I first found out by reading Roissy/Heartiste. He probably has the most popular game/manosphere blog out there. When he stays on topic, his stuff is amongst the best out there for no-bullshit critical analysis of game-related topics. However when he veers off into politics and socio-economic topics I have to click off. A lot of his readers are racist too. Whenever he touches on race(esp interracial dating), the comments section ends up looking like youtube and I end up utterly disgusted.

    I mainly read Roosh because his game analysis is great as well without all the right-wing bullshit that has become endemic to the game community.

  7. Robert,

    As a reactionary game blogger, I’ll try and shed some light.

    My (obviously biased) opinion is that the Manosphere leans to the right because it is composed of intelligent, curious men who have started to realize that our society frequently lies to them. Game blogs correctly reject the conventional wisdom on dating and relationships, and correctly reject conventional political ideologies. Both Game and Reactionary politics are antidotes to widespread deceptions of our era, so it’s natural that the same men should be attracted to both. But I doubt this explanation will be sufficient for you.

    I saw from your about page that you have a very eclectic mix of political opinions, which is generally the mark of an honest and curious man. Three questions I’d like to ask you:

    1) Don’t you find that the bad-faith denial of race realism among liberals makes you wonder which other questions of ‘settled’ science might be similarly worthy of re-appraisal? Climate Change perhaps?

    2) Are you familiar with the men’s rights activist positions on issues like divorce theft, the bias in family law courts, false rape accusations, and so on? If so, what is your response to them?

    3) How do you square your marxist beliefs with the fact that marxism has historically led to nothing bu poverty, starvation and mass murder?



    • 1. Of course. I have checked out the whole project of the Right, and frankly, it’s 100% crap, politically anyway. And the Republicans are no better for men than any other political party. Of course Climate Change is real. I’ve researched it in depth. It’s tragic that the Right plays into an insane conspiracy theory.

      2. I do not know what to say about “divorce theft” and whatnot, except that men should support their kids. Alimony may be proper, I have no idea. I’ve never married so I don’t much care anyway.

      I do not agree that Communism has led to poverty, starvation and mass murder. Typical reactionary lie, and I have researched it to a great depth. East Europe and the USSR were not poor. Cuba is not poor. Belarus is not poor. As a general rule, folks in all of these place have and had plenty of food to eat. On the contrary, it is capitalism that starves to death 14 million people every year since 1986, mostly in South Asia. And nothing kills like capitalism.

      On the contrary, it’s been one of the greatest humanitarian projects in history. Anyway, I’m not a Commie. I am just a socialist, a man of the Left. Commies are quite a different beast altogether than from what I am.

  8. Wow:

    I do not agree that Communism has led to poverty, starvation and mass murder.

    So then do you:
    – Blame the Ukraine famine on Stalin rather than on communism?

    – Or deny the Ukraine famine?

    Also, do you:
    – Deny the Great Leap Forward killed a lot of people?

    – Or blame it on Mao rather than on communism?

    Also, do you:
    – Deny that North Korea has experienced severe famines in the last 20 years and that North Koreans are substantially shorter than South Koreans?

    – Or blame it on Dear Kim by saying he isn’t really a communist?

    • There was a famine in 1932, but under Communism in general, Soviets were much better fed that before. We know this because Stalin set a world record by doubling life expectancy in record time. Stalin was one of the world’s greatest humanitarians.

      There was also famine in China in 1959-1962, but keep in mind that every year, life expectancy was much higher than in 1948 before the Revolution. In only year was life expectancy a bit lower than in 1948. So really pre-Revolutionary China was killing much more Chinese than Revolutionary China even at its peak in the Great Leap.

      It’s true that there is starvation presently in North Korea, but you must understand that malnutrition and starvation is epidemic in the capitalist world. Even at its peak in 1996, North Korean malnutrition and starvation merely matched what India experiences every single year. In general, Communism has not been about starvation. North Korea has been an odd exception since 1990.

  9. An Unmarried Man

    Oh this is going to get dicey.

  10. Gay State Girl

    Have you ever emailed Stephen Walt?

  11. Gay State Girl

    I admire Walt because he hasn’t gone down the same path as others and always maintains a respectful, professional tone. I want to write to him about some of the problems with the Palestinian Solidarity Movement (using a more mature tone and well put together argument than on tihs site I promise) but I didn’t know if he responded. Probably wouldn’t want to hear from me anyway, but Noah Feldman inadvertently received a very personal email about my sister, and he acted on it.

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