Bigfoot News December 7, 2011

Matt Moneymaker attacks the Sierra Kills story. The leader of the BFRO released a statement on Cryptomundo attacking the entire Sierra Kills story and Justin Smeja and accusing Smeja of lying. He also seemed to imply that Dr. Melba Ketchum was lying in her assessment of the Sierra Kills Bigfoot steak.

BTW, I would bet a whole lot of money that Justin Smeja is lying and did not shoot a bigfoot at all. In my opinion his story is totally ludicrous, if you know the details he initially described.

He claimed he found the pieces of hide after to returning to the area of the “shooting” after a snow storm. He says he didn’t know if the hide was related to what he claimed he shot. To me that sounds like he’s structuring the story so he can remain blameless when the hide is shown to be from a known animal.

On top of that, he mentioned that he’s got a freezer full of dead coyote parts (he hunts those too). I do suspect he cut a piece of hide from one of those dead coyotes and provided that to the people who bought into his shooting story.

Here’s the red flag for that: Some folks I know spent a lot of time questioning the dude in person … One of them says that when he heard Ketchum “confirmed” that his samples came from a sasquatch, he said he thought SHE was a hustler … which seemed strange to the person he said that to.

It doesn’t puzzle me at all. He would have good reason to say that if he knew the hide came from a coyote. And that’s exactly what it looked like. I saw a photo of the hide piece. I was a roughly rectangular piece of fur and skin which looked like it was cut from a larger hide. The piece in question looked like it came from the belly of a coyote. Supposedly Meldrum also said it looked like it could have come from a coyote.

– Matt Moneymaker

These are some interesting comments. Smeja did indeed whip out a piece of the Bigfoot steak when he took a team to the site of the Sierra Kills in Sierra Buttes, California. It was nothing more than a small rectangular strip. One person there said they thought it was from a coyote, and some others apparently agreed.

Smeja acknowledges that the steak resembles a piece of coyote. In his initial description, he said it was the color of a “pale yote.” Meldrum’s view that it resembled a coyote may be related to the hair structure, which is unusual it is true. It is a fact that Smeja has four or five coyotes that he shot chopped up in his freezer right now. But that doesn’t mean that the steak is a piece of coyote.

I do not believe that the steak is a piece of coyote. For one thing, when Ketchum first received it, she said it appeared to be a piece of the thigh of a human cadaver.

Matt Moneymaker’s purported drug problems. Sources have disclosed the following to me about this sensitive issue:

It’s long been known, but never publicly disclosed in Bigfoot circles, that Matt Moneymaker has a drug problem. He reportedly completed a stint in a drug rehab facility not long ago. It is not known what habit he was trying to kick.

It’s long been rumored that he has or had a cocaine habit. A source said, “A lot of Wally Hersom’s seed money for the BFRO went straight up Matt’s nose.” A source close to Moneymaker said that Matt had never used cocaine.

However, he is said to be a heavy marijuana user. Sources told me, “He smokes it every day, all day long.” He is also said to be a heavy pill user. The pills he is using are not known, but narcotics are a good possibility, as they are favorites nowadays. Sources also said in reference to Matt’s drug use: “He stays up for 3 days at a time.” In the context of our modern era, this could possibly mean he is using meth, a very popular drug now.

I asked the source how sure he was of these serious charges, and he said, “Everyone in Matt’s circle of close friends, maybe 20 people or so, knows about this, and they’ve known about it forever. It’s been an open secret in the Bigfoot community for ages.”

Sources told me that Matt’s drug use became quite an issue on the set of Finding Bigfoot, where he was showing up on the set stoned. The filming went on anyway, but the producers were not happy. A source close to Moneymaker said that it is actually another member of the cast who is showing up stoned for every shooting, and this person is attempting to displace blame onto Matt.

However, in Matt’s favor, he recently spent several days with Stephen Seuvert at Willow Creek, and while he was there, no one saw Matt use anything stronger than a single caffeine drink and a single beer. So it looks like they “heavy daily drug user” characterization may be an exaggeration.

Matt is definitely straight from my generation. I’m a bit of a drug fan myself, though I hardly use anymore, so I completely understand where Matt is at. Although I used drugs for decades, I was always a casual user. I’ve known thousands of people in the scene – users and dealers. Many of my friends ended up on the boulevard of broken dreams due to drugs. Some of them are already in the grave, and it is was drugs that put them there.

Matt’s use sounds like it goes beyond recreational to the point where it’s affecting his work, health, etc. If it isn’t, and he’s able to use and function well in life, well, I hope he has lots of fun.

On the other hand, if it’s getting out of control, here’s hoping he gets the help he needs, from one who has known the drug scene inside and out, up and down and up close and personal for decades.

I understand that Matt has long threatened to sue anyone who writes about any of this stuff. I have a Journalism degree. We had to take a law course called Law of Mass Communications, so I am very well trained in Libel Law, and I know it inside and out. 99% of US libel cases are tossed before they even get to court, and the plaintiff has to pay court costs.

The main stickler in US libel law is that the libeler has to know that what he is saying is untrue. In addition, Matt’s a public figure like the movie stars, etc. that you read about in the tabloids. He has about the same protection from libel as other stars do, and look what people write about them. Bottom line is that public figures have much lowered protection under libel law. Further, the charges must be untrue, and there have been rumors swirling around about Matt forever now.

How does Matt Moneymaker support himself? It’s not known. He’s intelligent, and he has graduated from law school. Good for him, that’s not easy to do. He says he’s a lawyer, but that’s not true. He may not have been able to pass the bar – the details are not known. It’s also not known how he’s been supporting himself all of these years. However, in the past year, he has apparently been receiving a salary for acting on the show Finding Bigfoot. He’s a married family man.

Motivation for Moneymaker’s comments about Ketchum and Smeja. In recent days, Matt has made some serious digs at both Ketchum and Smeja. Matt is another guy in on the Bigfoot Gold Rush, and he has to be the first one to find Bigfoot. He’s insecure and feels threatened by Smeja and Ketchum, so he’s trying to destroy the competition.

This is unnecessary. For all of its faults, the BFRO has done a great service to the community. Its investigators are top notch, and the group trail-blazed cutting edge investigation methods. The sightings database is a glorious achievement akin to the Bigfoot Library of Congress. Many of the articles on the site are quite good.

Matt’s comments on wood-knocking and shelters were ahead of their time. The BFRO is very careful about investigating footprints, photos and video, and the evidence that they do confirm in general seems to be good. They have rarely fallen for a hoax.

It was a visit to the BFRO site this spring that got me back into being interested in Bigfoot and spurred all of these columns, so ultimately you can thank the BFRO for my reports.

Along with the bad often comes the good. So it is with the BFRO, and so it is in life.

Results of the nuclear DNA testing for the Bigfoot Steak. Sources have informed me of the following:

The steak was sent out to ~8 different labs to be tested on a blind basis. Nuclear DNA testing was part of the process. The labs were not told what they were getting, and they had no idea what they were testing. Two of the labs were said to have “figured out what it was,” whatever that means, and honestly it doesn’t make sense in the context. The cost was $~11,000 per result, so ~$90,000 was spent on DNA sequencing of the steak. This cost was apparently footed by Wally Hersom.

From all eight labs, the results came back:

1. Not human.

2. Not any known animal.

3. “Unknown primate.”

A lot of the labs made communications to Ketchum along the lines of “What in the Hell is this we are testing anyway?” “WFT?” “WTH?” “Huh?” The labs were dumbfounded and befuddled by the specimen, but they reported the results in official reports as they were paid to do.

#3. is important, because although the DNA matched no known living creature, it is primate DNA. I would go further and suggest that it is hominid DNA.

#1 is extremely important and cannot be emphasized enough. This is because the skeptic blogs keep repeating over and over that Ketchum’s results are “human DNA.” I can emphatically confirm that the results for at least the Bigfoot steak from the Sierra Kills were definitely “100% non human.”

The reason we know it is not human is because the genes are too far apart from human genes.

Say we look at 20,000 nuclear DNA genes. The results will be something like this:

      Human  Bigfoot Chimpanzee

Human 0?     400     1,200

Out of 20,000 nuclear DNA genes, the chimpanzee will differ from the human on ~1,200 genes. The Bigfoot will possibly differ from the human by ~400 genes. It is this distance in genes, and nothing else, that is apparently leading Ketchum to say that Bigfoots exist as a biological entity.

If you have a sample of 20,000 genes in which 400 of them differ from Homo sapiens, there is no way on Earth that we are dealing with “human DNA,” as the skeptics repeat in a near autistic, Tourette’s like fashion. I really wish we could put this to rest, but the skeptics keep banging their heads against this wall, so we have to keep answering it as redundantly as they ask it.

Bigfoot steak still intact. The steak is still intact after all of the testing. It is not destroyed yet.

Driver’s Bigfoot steak also for sale. The driver who went with Smeja on the Sierra Kills trip is also selling his Bigfoot steak. He may have ~2 pounds. Asking price is unknown.

Sequencing of complete Bigfoot nuclear DNA. I believe that the DNA sequences run on the various Bigfoot specimens were probably partial sequences, maybe 30,000 base pairs or so, but I have no idea. Sequencing the complete Bigfoot nuclear genome of 3 billion base pairs is no doubt quite an undertaking. It is rumored that Wally Hersom paid for the complete sequencing of the genome. It is not known what this may have cost, but it may have been a pretty penny.

Ketchum and Bigfoot sample submitters. Ketchum has returned few if any samples to the sample submitters. I feel that in general, she is not going to return any samples to anyone, whether she uses them up or not. This is apparently just the way she operates.

For example, the hand of unknown origin, which has been shown to be a bear paw, has not been returned to its Montana owner. Not only that, but it was never even DNA tested.

Some of the submitters are furious at her for not sending them back whatever is left of their samples.

Ketchum also told at least some of the submitters that they were going to be famous and millionaires as a result of the study. She may have said this to rope them into the study. A number of them believed her. One even quit his job, and he is now quite broke.

The submitters have been sitting around waiting for results for months now, and they’re not forthcoming. Obviously, neither is the fame or fortune, and looking at Ketchum’s nice NDA’s, the submitters are probably not in line for any fame or fortune anyway. So you have a number of submitters who are smoking mad at Ketchum.

Ketchum’s one woman show with her study. We have been saying for a long time now that Ketchum’s paper is a one woman show. That is Richard Stubstad’s characterization, and we agree with that. Her paper stands the best chance of acceptance if she gets a number of other top flight authors on board, including a zoologist as the Nature reviewers suggested. The paper ideally ought to have a few or even several lead authors instead of one lead author. Possibly the lead author should be a geneticist or a zoologist.

A while back, people suggested that Ketchum give the lead author role to a very good geneticist who she had on board. Ketchum’s got very angry in response, and soon the geneticist was fired for no apparent reason.

Interpersonal conflicts are a part of the tapestry of life. But if Ketchum needs to make a zoologist or geneticist author, co-author or top billed author, then that’s what she ought to do. She needs to do whatever will maximize her chance of getting published, ego needs and interpersonal rivalries be damned.

Alex Hearn of the AZCRO. Alex has a very difficult personality, and he is not well liked in the field. Interestingly, only a few years back, he is said to have had a very different and much more pleasant personality. But he got into a bad car accident, and he may have suffered a head injury in the course of the collision. Since then, he has been a very different person – angry, cantankerous and difficult to get along with. A sad story if true.


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48 responses to “Bigfoot News December 7, 2011

  1. This is a fantastic post in so many ways. Thank you so much for this.

  2. apehuman

    @Steve nice post. i think you may be correct.

  3. Mr. E2ME

    So Matt and BoBo are the Cheech and Chong of Bigfootery ( c’mon look @ Bobo. He know’s when a bong is right side up.. and he was a roadie wuzn’t he ) ?
    I actually find this valuable information regarding MM, as I have been considering attending one of his expeditions. I now know that I should camp as close to MM as possible for maximum enjoyment of the trip.
    Thanks Mr. Lindsay. Been enjoying your blog for a little while now .

  4. Good post Robert ! Thanks again for the News.
    I would think that once bigfoot is totally proven to everyone that a lot of people will feel validated after taking years of abuse from skeptics. Once accepted by the general public there should be a good market for people who want to see real video of the creatures…so research will continue.
    Maybe kind of like chimp island..only with bigfoot.
    Thanks again

    • Acceptance will be gradual, unfortunately. But as acceptance gradually increases, both public interest and research will probably explode! And whenever real acceptance comes, public interest will skyrocket, and there will be more need for research than ever, because honestly we hardly know a thing about these creatures.

      And you are very welcome my friend!

  5. mitchw

    After all the work Matt M. has done, I’d be very sad if he’s been rash at this point.

    Robert, a fine column, though it seems like your section related to Stubstad repeats what he wrote on Bigfoot Forums a couple of days ago.

  6. RL, I have to say i like your put it out there like it or not style.
    I get pissed off at some these guys bickering back and forth in the bf community,
    they are only hurting themselves.between moneymaker,coleman, biscardi,
    they just fire away. Moneymaker shouldn’t say a word,he will do fine either way, when/if proven real,
    he will be known as the pioneer for having the balls to ms with his show.

    Coleman really pissed me off when he started on the abductee’s. (not picking a side pro or con on the abductions)
    similar to the old glass house,
    people that have a crypto museum, shouldn’t throw alien abductee’s around in it.
    He’s so friggin’ smug and rude to so many in the field, i’m surprised they even mention him.

    • Coleman is a blowhard with an ego as big as Mt Everest. He is also wrong all the time and has some very weird ideas. He’s good at crypto, but he’s also a sort of carnival barker and he’s very annoying.

  7. Pete

    Lindsay – fyi
    Here is a list of the failed BFRO records:

    Silver Star Mountain = hoax
    Marble Mountain images = hoax, unprovable
    Memorial Day footage = hoax or misidentification
    Sonoma Footage = hoax by Penn and Teller
    The Skookum cast = hoaxed
    The IMAX film = misidentification
    The Mike Greene IR images = controversial
    The Rick Jacobs images = bear not bigfoot
    The Danny Sweeten debacle = hoax

    You want more?
    Nothing credible ever came out of the BFRR turned BFRO.
    Ask any of the old timers.
    Matt makes his $$ off his expeditions: 30+ people @ $300.00 ea =
    $9000.00 a weekend times 4 weekends a month – you do the math. Some paid $500.00 a head in the early day bfro expeditions. Moneymaker’s income was $36,000.00 month during monthly expeditions. AT LEAST.

    • I don’t agree with that analysis. I think most of those are real.

      I don’t know the Sonoma footage.

      Silver Star Mountain = real
      Marble Mountain images = surely real
      Memorial Day footage = certainly real
      Sonoma Footage = hoax by Penn and Teller – OK
      The Skookum cast = I believe it is real
      The IMAX film = misidentification – YES
      The Mike Greene IR images = surely real
      The Rick Jacobs images = young BF
      The Danny Sweeten debacle = 1st one is real, he hoaxed the 2nd one

  8. Shawn

    Sorry a bit off-topic here, but Robert, what is your belief regarding the Loch Ness Monster? Is it a dinosaur or what? Or a hoax? How about ghosts & demons? I once heard an audio clip of this girl speaking in Latin (except she did not know it supposedly) in a very strange voice. People thought she was demon-possessed although it could have been a mental illness, as mental illness has often been thought of as a sign of demon possession. Or it could be another hoax. Where do you stand on aliens?

    • Loch Ness monster is probably real.

      Ghosts are definitely real. Demons are just evil ghost type things. I don’t think people can be possessed.

      I think that aliens landed at Roswell in 1947 and we took the bodies and the government still has the bodies and is studying them.

  9. Wow. That was not me who wrote that. Here’s my real account connected to Twitter and it can’t be faked.

  10. I’ve heard the stories, but for what it’s worth, friends, when Matt was here in Willow Creek I spent a great deal of time with him and the crew. I never once saw him doing any drugs. Film folks will smoke pot, but Matt did not, at least when I was around. I bought him a beer on a hot day at the Vets’ Hall before the town hall meeting, but when we were all at the Forks Lounge another day he abstained altogether save for a clove cigarette. I once saw him drink a Red Bull. Hardcore.

  11. Notsocynical

    Very thoughtful post by Steve Byrne. The only thing I would disagree on is the whole notion of “conditional coverup.” I have been employed by a federal land management agency for the past 20 years and get a chuckle whenever I hear someone suggest we would be capable of such a conspiracy (though it is flattering). BF believers certainly exist within the land management agencies, but they tend to keep quiet for fear of ridicule. Sound familiar? Once there is scientific acceptance that these creatures actually exist, the federal land management agencies will be directed to study BF in earnest.

    The implications are mind-blowing. Remember how an OWL, the Spotted Owl, brought the mighty timber industry to its knees in the Pacific Northwest? Once the federal govt becomes commited to the cause, methods of study will be devised, and technology will become available. Picture a fleet of aircraft equiped with advanced night-vision technology flying patterns over Northern California to locate BF in the middle of the night. Picture helicopter crews on standby trained to traquilize, restrain, and transport the Big Guy(s) to a facility for study. Management plans will be created and large tracts of land will be protected. Sounds so crazy and earth-shattering, but from the sounds of things, a very real possibility.

    Thanks Robert for bringing so much info to light!

    • apehuman

      Thanks for your post and I agree wrt to the general Gov BLM/FS employees…what is your take on Robert Lyle Laverty?

      From his summer at the PG site and on to Asst Secretary of Interior…my impression – his knowledge of Bigfoots contributed to his rise…and his “management” of that…. I think perhaps Bigfoots were factored in the wilderness system w/o asking all of us what we though?!
      Of course, LOl that wouldn’t be visible to you ..or me…just wondering what the general “feel” is for that possibility

  12. Notsocynical

    I actually met Lyle Laverty when he was the Regional Forester for the Rocky Mountain Region of the USFS on a field trip in 2000. I wasn’t interested in BF at the time, but my how I wish I could visit with him now! To my knowledge he has never spoken publicly about BF. I suspect he has remained “in the closet” all of these years since Bluff Creek in 1967 and seriously doubt he parlayed that knowledge/opinion of BF to enhance his career–in fact I suspect his “opinion” on BF would have likely caused the opposite effect. As far as wilderness legislation is concerned, BF wasn’t (and still isn’t) taken seriously in 1964 when the Wilderness Act was passed. However, I do recall in recent years that the belief of BF by certain people was acknowledged in an environmental document (EIS or EA) coming from a Northern California forest. I did ask the Supervisor of a National Forest in Oregon last summer if he believed in BF, and he remained on the fence–hung up on the typical “where’s the body?” line of reasoning. He did, however, relate a story his grandfather told him one time of how one of his pack mules had been killed in the middle of the night in the backcountry and “hoisted” up into the crotch of a tree several feet off of the ground by something with unbelievable strength. Time will tell. Thanks

    • Maurice Cloud

      Laugherty, erm, Laverty notwithstanding more and more forestry/fish and wildlife officials, etc . . . are behaving much more cautiously these days vis-a-vis bigfoot. There is, to be sure, a residue of scoffing diehards with whom conversation about the critter is just so much wasted verbiage, but here in Colorado at least ‘officialdom’ is increasingly less dogmatic regarding its existence. One state wildlife employee told me, “We’re starting to keep an open mind regarding it.” although I hasten to add he amended this by adding, “some of us are anyway . . .” Cheers!

  13. apehuman

    hummm….. perhaps…. it makes sense not speaking in that career line is better, until you are at a point where meetings are happening not visible to most of us..
    he did make some comments, rather coy actually can’t recall the year, but some time later….it did not come up in confirmation hearings.
    so, if your take is accurate, if he remained ignorant/quiet and never put any Public Resources to use when he was clearly able, understand what witnesses were experiencing, he let me down.

  14. OK, another block-buster post. Thanks, all.

    I still believe (but do not know) that:

    1) Ketchum has a bigfoot steak that is from a real bigfoot.
    2) Smeja did not kill the bigfoot from which Ketchum’s bigfoot steak came from.
    3) While Ketchum said to me, excitedly, that she had just received this “bigfoot steak” from California, how could she know it was Smeja who shot the sasquatch?
    4) Answer: She didn’t know; she was told it was from Smeja as a red herring to cover up the circumstances and murderer involved in the real bigfoot kill.
    5) Smeja probably went along with the story in order to make money. Judging from the on-site stories floating around about Smeja showing folks where he shot two sasquatch, I doubt he believes in the creature 100%–even now.

    Just my two cents worth, as usual.


    • apehuman experience with big things that lots of people want? I don’t even have to finish that do I? you guys can, I won’t be so glib…

  15. Game On

    Moneymaker is a turd, yet you commited slander and you are a Biscardi supporter making you kinda questionable yourself.

    • Bye.

      There is no slander here silly. Libel, maybe so, but I don’t think so. Remember, truth is a defense against libel. It’s only libel if you know it’s wrong or if you recklessly disregard the truth. There have been rumors swirling around about this character for many years now.

  16. Mateo

    I honestly think no one will actually remember the person who finds BF and proves it, only small circles will, who remembers who found Saddam Hussein? Barely anyone, who knows who found the mountain gorilla in 1902 or the giant chimpanzee thought to just be legend until…who found them? Exactly, general public has forgotten the person behind the discoveries, unfortunately I think the same fate for the BF finder.

  17. apehuman

    @mateo if that is all they do you are right a simple footnote…if they go on and are pfolific..well who knows..
    I read recently that the second or third to take an invention (it was industrial example, but might apply) actually goes further with it..that discovery rarely results in the “Big” innovation that makes it available etc

    and so with BF..DNA is a genome..anthropologists will define who they are

    also to Robert…

    it was not Bindernagel in the Bigfootevidence.blogspot.. I wrote and asked and he replied..with a thank you for watching out for him! So go figure.. I imagine a clue is in the last post…amazing really, I am blown away someone would do such a thing…but then everyone warns us about the Bf just can’t believe it till they experience ti!

  18. apehuman

    ahh shoot..and no edit function on this..time to close this laptop!

  19. Another thing —

    Why are (some) folks so caught up in who I’m connected to, etc.? Or Robert for that matter?

    I’m in fact not connected in any official or unofficial way to anyone in the bigfoot world; I know quite a lot of folks, not all of them to be sure, and I try to stay in contact with many of them without burning bridges. Does this make me “connected” to anyone? Is the idea to NOT communicate, then I’ll know anything and everything about who is a hoaxer and who isn’t?

    Why would the knowledge that Patterson wasn’t the most honorable man on earth when he took that “Patty” film in 1967 automatically make it a hoax? What kind of logic is this? Once a hoaxer (or a dishonorable man), always a hoaxer?

    Anyone with an ounce of brains would see that the first (potential) fact does not necessarily lead to the next one. Maybe — just maybe — Patterson happened to be in the right place at the right time for once on October 20th, 1967 and didn’t hoax that one? Actually, an honorable man, Bob Gimlin, was there too and has never, never changed his “story”. On the other hand, Bob Heironomous claims he was one of the several men in the suit that day, and the man doesn’t even believe in the possibility of a real sasquatch–anywhere, anytime. His credibility is — by far — worse than even Patterson’s, let alone Bob Gimlin.

    Meanwhile, many of you “bigfooters” love to categorize. This or that guy is a hoaxer; this or that guy is not a hoaxer. Each and every time. Ditto with Biscardi; since I know Biscardi (I’m not associated with him, but I kind-of know him), and since Biscardi’s a hoaxer (which he is not), that makes me a hoaxer?

    What utter nonsense. If you detractors and categorical “experts” had dynamite for brains, you wouldn’t even be able to blow your noses.

    So there — now that’s off my chest.


    • mitchw

      There are going to be people who still won’t buy the PG film, even if bigfoot becomes established. “Hey, it could still have been a hoax.”

      As a phenomenon, bigfoot draws out the character of humanity like few others. Personally, I don’t like talking about it.

  20. This whole article is hearsay and leads to unreasonable speculations. It’s a rather annoying read at best.

  21. Mre2me

    Oh hey Bobby Buddy, better check out B. E. Melbs dropped a bomb.
    Thoughts ?

    • Yes I saw that. It’s very good news indeed! And some of it is very strange…

      • Mre2me

        Strange , in that it comes hot on the heels of the grumpy russian’s proclamations , strange in that it seems like there’s a box of chardonnay in front of her and she’s done with being reviewed and judged and she’s got a post thanksgiving sense of joi de vivre , with a little Marilyn Monroe
        “Ever notice what the hell is always the right decision” kind of strange ?
        Me too.

      • buckhunter1969

        What do you find strange Robert? I had almost given up on the DNA results. Maybe the EP video will be released soon as well. Have you heard anything about the EP lately?

  22. crystalkernan

    While I found this post for the most part interesting, I found your statements about Mr. Moneymaker’s alleged drug use to be ill-placed and irrelevant, if not downright malicious. He has every right to doubt and certainly has earned his right to voice that doubt. Bringing up murky rumors about drugs as a means to discredit him in some backdoor fashion is inappropriate and woefully unprofessional.

  23. Seems like Matt was right bout smeaja. There was a show on Nat geo channel couple yrs ago. There is a scientist in England that has created a way to decontaminate DNA samples. On this show he tested several samples one of which was indeed from smeaja they had him tell the story then he gave the hide sample along with the pair of boots he wore that Bigfoot bled on l. The hide sample was from a bear and there were no traces of blood at all on the boots. I have an issue with the hide sample if he covered up the Bigfoot after he shot it and there had been a snowstorm occurred before he could retrieve the body. I’m from IN originally and I know it has to be freezing or below for it to snow which means whatever animal that died before the storm was frozen if not eaten first. With the body covered and the accumulation of snow from store would keep the body frozen. He was only able to find this one piece of hide nothing else. What I gather he didn’t notice any sign of ground being disturbed down by the body he was able to dig down to it easily.I’m sorry but there would have been more than that lil piece of hide he gave smaller pieces of for testing. The guy from the show I talked bout above met smeaja at a restaurant and gave him the results of the test. Smeaja was only worried bout being on tv cause of his story that he’d been given the news was a flat lie. I don’t know where that steak came from but if it did come from a Bigfoot r we to believe that the only thing he took from the body was steak…I mean come on he was proven to b a liar now we’re supposed to believe he just wanted the steak so could b tested and didn’t take anything else from body to back story of the steak. Sorry but I can’t swallow it wouldn’t surprise me if he put the steak concoction together outta someone’s pet. He’s a blatant liar besides that story and the one he told on million dollar Bigfoot bounty was nuthin like the story he told on tv first time I heard him talk bout it. I had a Bigfoot encounter many yrs ago every time I tell people bout it My story is same as first telling my family shortly after the encounter occurred actually there were 3 others that experienced it when questioned as to what happened our stories were the same we went 3 different ways after encounter w them ending up at my house eventually so we weren’t anywhere near each other to make the story up.

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