Why You Don’t Want to Be a Genius

I’m a genius. That is, I have a genius IQ. My IQ is 147, and genius is 140, so the argument is over.

I’m always accused online of bragging about my IQ (almost never in Meatspace because I know how to discuss it without offending people), but the truth is that there is nothing to brag about.

Face it. In America, you can brag about anything but your brains. Brag about how much money you make, what a great job you have, what a nice car you drive, how many chicks you get, how nice you are, how everyone loves you, how awesome your kids are, how angelic and pure as driven snow you are, and no one gives a flying fuck.

Bragging about brains is only resented in that not only do most folks obviously not have any, but worse, they are never going to be able to acquire any, not even at discount at Walmart.

Furthermore, brains have zero value in US society, hence bragging about them is proscribed. If brains were as valued as money and you could get just as many chicks and as much validation with brains as cold cash, bragging about would be the like soup du jour, an everyday thing.

I must honestly say that my brains have never done my much of any good, and any good they have done has been massively counteracted by all of the negative stuff. They’ve turned off way more women than they turned on. They’ve hardly made me a nickel. They potentially openly and objectively turn off the vast majority of people I meet. They’re essentially useless as far as making a good show in the interpersonal world and the world of money and success, or maybe worse, they are worse than useless, an actual hindrance.

Since they are such a great big negative, why all the fuss about “bragging” about brains? I suggest it’s sour grapes. Even though your average moron says he hates brains, and every day he sets out to prove just that, deep down inside, he resents the brainiacs.

A commenter said a while back that when there are 30 IQ points difference between individuals, communication is often difficult if not impossible. There may well be something to this, but I think it is especially appropriate for those with IQ’s below 100. That means that when I am talking to many people with IQ’s 100 and below, it’s a hopeless endeavor at some point, and I may as well throw in the towel. Sure, there are people with IQ’s under 100 who understand me just fine, but most of them won’t.*

The typical scenario is I am saying something in Meatspace or writing something here, and the other person’s interpretation is over there, 150 miles away. They’re not getting it. They’re not understanding what I’m communicating. Worse, they are getting a 100% inaccurate message from what I am communicating. Often the message they are getting is the exact opposite of what I am communicating. It’s very common that people claim I am communicating a view that I actually hate.

I have tried and tried to take these people aside and show them what I really mean. It hasn’t worked yet. I may as well be talking to my cats. No matter how much I try to explain it, they never get it.

Let’s think here for a moment. If you are an average person, your IQ is 100. A person 30 IQ points below you is a Goddamned retard. So for most anyone, a person 30 IQ points below them is probably going to seem like a total fucking retard. Now, 85% of the population has an IQ below 117. The question is, “Robert, does 85% of the population really seem to be total fucking drooling retards?” This is a very painful question for me, because I want to give people the benefit of the doubt and get along with everyone. I especially try to be nice to folks of lesser intelligence.

Yet if I had to sit back and answer that question, I have to answer very sadly, “Yes, or at least most those with IQ’s of 100 or less do.”

It’s true. When you’re as smart as I am, a good 50% of the people you meet day in and day out seem like total fucking drooling retarded ass pinheads. They’re so stupid and so incapable of understanding that you’re almost afraid to even talk to them because half the stuff you say is either misunderstood or not comprehended at all. You especially have to watch out for jokes, because maybe half your jokes either don’t make sense at all to them or are interpreted in drastically wrong ways.

So not only are they stupid, but they’re also sort of dangerous because they are always misunderstanding you, often in nasty and malevolent ways. Most people think if they can’t understand you, that you must be either weird, crazy or possibly evil or criminal in some way.

Every day, you step outside and it’s Moron World. Moron World, all day, every day.

Now, I ask you. You still want to be a genius?

No you do not.

*I will say that I can actually communicate pretty well with folks at the higher end of that range. I have known folks with IQ’s of 113, 115, 116 (2 of them), 117 and 119, and I could communicate very well with all of them, and none of them seemed stupid.

In fact, sometimes I wonder if the 117 IQ guy isn’t smarter than I am, and the 116 guy was very, very smart. That is because both of them have filled their brains up with many things. People in this range may seem fairly average at first, but the truth is that many of them are just not having their brains stimulated. Once you stimulate their brains a bit, it is often amazing how smart they can be. They just need a little prodding.

I have also known a few folks with rather average IQ’s. One has an IQ of 97and the other has an IQ of 94. The 97 guy also has a learning disability, and I wonder if that affects his score. The 97 guy, amazingly enough, is shockingly intelligent, so much that you start to doubt his IQ. But he is in his 50’s, and I think he has been packing his brain full of stuff for decades, and it shows.

The 94 guy just needed to get his brain stimulated a lot. When he first came to the site, he told he could hardly understand what I was talking about. I thought he had potential, so I told him to stick around, read the articles and stimulate his brain that way. He did it and now he seems a lot smarter than at first. I think the importance of stimulating your brain  and filling it full of knowledge cannot be underestimated.

I also had a fellow with a 91 IQ posting on the site a lot He was completely obnoxious and he was a horrific misogynist such that he was finally banned, but he was so smart that you wondered if the 91 IQ was a correct score.

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471 responses to “Why You Don’t Want to Be a Genius

  1. Tulio

    While I’m not at 140, I feel like I have to dumb myself down substantially to talk to women. There are some intelligent female friends I have that I can discuss politics and science with. But most women, they are completely turned off by intellectual subject matter. I know when I’m on a date, to just avoid it like the plague. Don’t come off as brainy, just try and engage them only on an emotional level. Which means finding watered down things to talk about like something funny you saw in a movie, of situational jokes. I feel like that’s not my natural self, but I have to turn half my cylinders off to have any connection with a women.

    Hey just curious, why hasn’t being a genius benefited you financially? You could be working at JPL with an IQ of 147. As shitty as the economy is, there are always jobs for very smart people because there’s such a shortage of them.

    • I am not sure, really. There are a lot of us like this. Once you get towards the high end, a lot of us are not making out at all. I remember some articles about really high IQ people – higher than mine by quite a bit – and a lot of them were not working or living right around or even below the poverty level. It didn’t surprise me one bit.

      I know two other people with IQ’s over 140. One has not worked in many years and is in fact on disability. The other has been working at only working class jobs his whole life. This society doesn’t respect brains as much as you think my friend. If you think geniuses can just write their own ticket, I am afraid that you are wrong.

      One thing I am talking about for instance this website. Ok, look, you think I could show 90% of the women I might meet this website? You think I could show it to 90% of the guys I meet?

      I have been specifically told, by my Mom no less, to *not show this website to anyone you meet in Meatspace*. I asked why not, and she said, “They won’t understand it. They’re too stupid. They won’t get it, and they will read everything the wrong way.”

      On the bright side, I just realized that almost all the critics of this website are fucking retards, so that feels nice.

      I also think that Political Correctness is a symptom of Mental Retardation. Anyone spouting PC cannot possibly be thinking at all. Either that or they know they are lying, and they are just using PC crap as a club to hit their enemies with.

      I also think that most Commies are a bunch of retards. Look at the way we shut down 50% of the debate in human society. We Commies let women make 50% of our decisions, so of course the result is mass retardation. Women don’t believe in freedom of speech. Women think, “If it hurts my feelings, it should be illegal.” Women are at fault for almost all “hate speech” codes and whatnot.

      • Harry S

        PC is very feminine.

        I recall a girlfriend of mien constantly saying things I said were ‘offensive’ when they blatantly weren’t. (E.G asking an Afghan guy if he owned one of those hats)

        Women are always the first to get offended on someone else’s behalf. The world simply doesn’t work when we let them make the rules.

        • PC is so pussy. PC is what happens when you let women make the rules for society. What women want illegal or nearly illegal is “whatever speech offends me.” That ain’t gonna cut it.

      • Vani Nambudiri

        Such strange, unfair comments that broad brush and generalize about an entire gender and show a poor understanding of recent historical changes. I’m a female with a high IQ and attended Harvard. I find high intelligence to be a huge turn on. So do most of my female friends. If you are looking for smart women who genuinely appreciate/prefer/seek out intelligent men for that sexy, witty banter, then find ways to connect with high-powered women. There are plenty of us out there.

        Tulio’s comment and Robert’s response show a poor understanding of history. Up until the 1950’s, women were encouraged to not show too much brains, or they would be viewed as shrill or too masculine. Up until the 1990s, we’ve been told to “quietly succeed” — do well, but hide it and don’t let your mate feel threatened. Just like males feel a strong social pressure to act “tough, masculine,” women have felt huge social pressure to not pursue braininess too actively or those delicate male egos will feel threatened. Only more recently are truly strong, intelligent, tough women looked on positively – it’s a fairly recent phenomenon. My point is, women are NOT naturally less brainy/less interested in pursuing knowledge. We’re simply recovering for a 2,000-year nightmare where we were pressured by society (and barred by society until the early 1900s) from being too smart, from appearing too smart.

        TONS of brainy women feel totally alienated in this society, because we are intellectually curious but still feel pressure to not come across too smart, or we’ll threaten men. They (and I) would be thrilled to meet a man who is smart enough to keep up, AND interested in a woman with opinions, brains, ideas. If you all are truly secure with yourselves, seek out smart, high-powered women. Just like smart men, we truly want our mate to be our intellectual equals, and we feel pretty alone out there too.

        • JMO

          Agreed! Nicely Stated. Thank you!.

        • Priyamvada Jain

          Hi Vani!

          You use the word “high-powered” twice. What do you mean by it?

        • The sad, very sad truth, is that you’re literally incapable of understanding what has been said. Women are inferior to men. That may not sound “nice”, but, sorry, it’s what we call the “truth.” Women are emotive beings, and some might have a decent IQ, but this doesn’t qualify them to be compared to men. Show me a Female Wittgenstein, a female Kant, a female Plato. Women just aren’t biologically capable or understanding the deeper truths of existence. It’s a SAD, AWFUL, truth. I don’t give a shit what you say, whether it’s “sexist”, or “incorrect.” I have an IQ of 190 and speaking to women is useless. I have aspergers syndrome, and am actually good looking as well. Women are here to have babies and attend to the utterly useless facade of promulgating even more useless idiots. This may sound mean, but remember, the reason that you’re mad while reading this, is because…..it’s the truth. Truth is very painful, and until we acknowledge that which is the case (truth), we will continue on this path of intellectual degradation that is plaguing the world. The end. Now go tell your husband how mean and “sexist” this man on the internet was. Fortunately, truth doesn’t need support. It stands on it’s on as self-evident. THE END–UNTIL THE END OF TIME. GET AS MAD AS YOU WANT. It doesn’t change the FACT, that women are intellectually inferior to men.

          k bye.

        • Congratulations on the 190 IQ. That is very impressive! Not so sure I agree with you there. I have had a number of gf’s who love to listen to me go on. One called my intellectual meanderings, “the lectures.” She loved them.

        • I hope George Leon meets some woman who appears to be dumb to him who tricks him for all he has worth in divorce court.

          The only way to deal with arrogant people who think you can’t succeed is to either outshine them or if they continue to believe you are an idiot to trick them and let them suffer the humiliation. If people think you’re a moron, they won’t see what’s coming and once they fall they will regret the arrogance.

        • Here here. I have many females friend and ex lovers who tell me the same thing, that all too often men are ‘intimidated’ when they appear too ‘intelligent’ or capable. For myself, those are both huge attractants and turn ons.

        • devin

          Hi i have an iq of 258. I will continue to prove otherwise.

          Seriously, this debate is full of idiots. Stop it. Misogynism is retarded. you u are dumb.to think otherwise. The truly intellectual superior are of democratic objective and relative temperments. Period.

      • Nisha

        R. Lindsay Idiot, I have an IQ score of 197 and I am a Indian Female,.
        Don’t you freak talk about female IQs and all, its beyond your comprehension level,
        You write “Women think, “If it hurts my feelings, it should be illegal.” Women are at fault for almost all “hate speech” codes and whatnot.;
        Since when did you allow woman to make decisions? All you men take your decision of your own and then blame it across woman you juvenile clowns,. You are the ones who advocate hate speech not women.
        How misogynistic you’ve written?
        In communism if women’s policies does not work its the problem with the filthy ideology communism itself. communism is a place where one loves to waste their time and try to earn without working and raising protests on juvenile matters not allowing others to live peacefully and showing no empathy for dissents,. in such a filthy lunatic ideology how can a woman survive? how will her concepts work?
        Get back to your mental hospital dog…

        • slartibartfast

          Oh, no, I have the biggerst penis… No, my clitorissis is biggerest… Oh, my Daddy is richer! But my Daddy will beats your Daddy off!
          Seriously, what a bunch of misfits! Why don’t you just stick to your Mensa meetings and come up with creative ways to revenge yourselves on the bullies who beat you up in junior high?
          You think a bunch of Stanford-Binet legos define your intelligence? Your measured intelligence may be one thing, but your functional achievements are what define your mental aptitudes in the long run. IQ is really IQ POTENTIAL; what you do with it is a matter of initiative, luck and opportunity (which is in part luck).
          Oh, and IQ Queen of 197: I think you added an extra digit by accident. Certainly, your spelling puts you in the bottom 10%. Even for a non-native speaker (which I also am). But there’s no reasoning with high school dropouts (which is the thesis of this website’s Master – and a thesis that is hard to argue).
          Vani, on the other hand, sounds yummi. Even it there is a tiny bit of whining there, but it’s the only post that shows some depth and insight into “the deeper truths of existence”. Thanks to that Hahvahd education, I presume (though Yale is better, hehe). Nevertheless, a well composed and structured post. A rarity.
          Oh, and about the Asperger baby (we don’t have to be PC here, do we?; after all, your posts are about how manly-men you are with your vast brainiac computadors), does your piss smell like Asparagus? I hear autism is supposed to be in part caused by sensory overload from inaccurate processing of proto-hallucinogenic substances in food… As if. Seriously, I’ve worked with a number of supposed idiot-savants (yeah, I is a doctor…), and: 1) No, there is NO SUCH THING AS PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY. 2) NO, PSEUDO-PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY DOES NOT MAKE UP FOR TRUE INTELLIGENCE. 3) NO, ASPERGER’S ARE NOT, ON THE AVERAGE, SMARTER THAN THE AVERAGE POPULATION; THEY ARE WAY, WAY, WAY DUMBER (PERHAPS YOUR PARENTS WANTED TO BE NICE TO YOU AND NEVER TOLD YOU THE TRUTH?). 4) NO, VACCINES DON’T CAUSE ASPERGER’S. 5) YES, ASPERGER’S GET LAID LESS, NO MATTER HOW SMART (OR UN-SMART). 6) MENTAL HANDICAP DOES NOT KIND MAKE.
          Which does not mean that you’re doomed if you have Asperger’s, but I’d certainly fine tune that attitude given that one of the base characteristic of the DISEASE is an inability to comprehend other people’s feelings and thought processes (care to re-read your post?).
          Now take this wisdom, kids, and go out there and make a difference. And stop being so fucking self-involved – the truck might hit you a couple of decades early if you don’t look around you now and then.

        • john

          you basically just did the same thing as him except put women as superior and called him a dog. also lumping in everyone to this just cause of gender is stupid not every man blames his fail on women. personally when I fuck up I take credit for it but only my fuck ups. just cause some dude did something stupid doesn’t mean it was every mans fault just that one guy. that’s like calling a whole country racist when it was only a hand full of dumbasses.

        • Corey Rogers

          If you have such a problem with sexism blame human physiology men have grown to be regarded as “better” by society current and past for the fact men are designed to be physically stronger that’s why the roles of hunters were men these were task women weren’t as suited to perform. I don’t agree how society looks at women currently it’s wrong trying to put women and most other race beneath white males, but it’s human nature and maybe one day things will change until then find a way to cope with this bullsh** society.

        • @George leon

          Right. Here we go.

          “Women are not inferior to men. That may not sound “nice”, but, sorry, it’s what we call the “fact.” Women are emotive beings, some have a decent IQ, but this has nothing to with being compared to men. Men and women are meant to be different, and their inteligence will manifest in different ways. However, I will challenge your request with a counter-request, since you seem to carry a believe that men are in deed responsible for building a great society of thinkers, when the truth is, today we have a society of psychopaths mostly run by men.
          Show me a Female Hitler, a female George W. Bush, a female Osama Bin Laden. Women are biologically capable of understanding the deeper truths of existence because they use more than just their brains. They are naturally spiritual beings, far superior to any intellect. Which the ancient Egyptians knew, and they were far superior to our society today, where we can’t even recreate their technology to this day. So much truth has been hidden from the general public, women suppressed so that a few men with their huge egos and complexed could remain in control. They have created destruction, torture and death, and will eventually kill this planet. It’s a SAD, AWFUL, truth. I don’t give a shit what you say, whether it’s “feminine”, or “inferior.” I have an IQ of 136 and speaking to people like you is useless, because you actually believe that your IQ of 190 actually means you understand the universe. You merely have a higher OSX, able to process data faster, that only means you’re limited to your hard ware, even with a high IQ like yours, that does not mean you have a well rounded capability to comprehend, because you lack EI – emotional intelligence. I have ADHD, and am more than just visually pleasing. I’m here to teach, and people like you ought to listen. I know that your condition may make it very hard for you to understand any such concept as emotional intelligence, because by definition, your basically incapable of it. Women are here to have babies, which men can’t do, and thus men merely serve one purpose – fertilise and leave. This society has been disregarding the value of women and even defiling the sacredness of a woman’s ability to bear children, as if it was something to be ashamed of, a lesser job to do. It is men like you, who appear to be geniuses, who seem to forget that the only reason they exist is because of A WOMAN, who went through a whole lot of trouble to carry you, give birth to you and raise you. I’m sure it wasn’t a cake walk either! It doesn’t take a high IQ to understand that it takes more than a high 3 digit number rated brain to raise a child, not to mention an obnoxious one like yourself. This may sound mean, but remember, the reason that you’re mad while reading this, is because…..it’s the truth. Truth is very painful, and until we acknowledge that which is the case (truth), we will continue on this path of blood thirst and greed of power hungry men that is plaguing the world. The end. Now go tell your mother how mean and “stupid” this woman on the internet was. Fortunately, truth doesn’t need support. It stands on it’s on as self-evident. THE END–UNTIL THE END OF TIME. GET AS MAD AS YOU WANT. It doesn’t change the FACT, that you are inferior to many women with lesser IQs than you in so many ways.

          k bye.

      • arprok

        Do you? as I do, also enjoy seat on the colourless spectrum? 😛
        I recognise a few things, 140 + I.Q, general irritation at well, everything..

        Some people call it autism, I call my brand.. Idiot Frustration Syndrome.

        If everyone had 1 leg, 2 would be a defect.

      • Luke

        Yes, if you have a high IQ you should be able to figure out how to make money. I have an IQ of 168 and I only have a high school education but I make 120k. Most everything I know is self taught. School and me did not mix well since I am dyslexic. If a person is really smart then he/she should be able to figure out how to make money. Otherwise the person’s IQ may not be as accurate as he/she thinks.

        • More nonsense, and I actually feel like banning you. I know quite a few people with IQ’s from 130-150 who make low to average incomes (max $40K) but most make $12-18K. I know many high IQ people who have never made much money in life. It’s a complete lie that high IQ people can automatically make bank, what a stupid joke that is.

        • There are many people who lack the drive and desire to commit to a stressful, soulless existence structured purely around procuring and maintaining lots of money. In fact, intelligent people are more likely to cultivate a rich life independent of shitloads of moolah.

        • Luke

          Sounds like a bunch of BS and excuses to me. I so smart… look at how smart I am but I F’n poor. I can’t make money boo hoo. BS! Get off your high IQ ivory tower. And yes you can ban me. I stumbled across your blog and though to myself “this guy is full of BS” so I decided to post my thoughts. If you can’t take the honesty then you are just as bad as the political correctness idiots.

        • Luke, you little rightwing weenie. Banned, jerk-off.


      • Aurora

        As a woman who’s scored 146-148 on IQ tests, I don’t believe for a second that the person who wrote this comment above (and to a lesser extent the original blog post) has an IQ anywhere near “genius”, which is a category that has no formal score threshold anyhow.

        • All right you silly woman, I am banning your sweet little ass.

          Various different IQ thresholds have been labeled “genius.” It depends which one you want to believe. Your comment is utterly unscientific.


    • Bill

      Simply one simple question to all these supposed geniuses. Why do most of you misspell words or use improper syntax?

      • Amy

        Bill, I used to make the same assumption you do, but high IQ and perfect spelling don’t always go together–it’s a mistake to conflate the two. When I worked at NIH as a secretary, I worked with many researchers who were clearly brilliant, yet lousy at spelling and grammar. Some people just never get a knack for it, just as some people are tone-deaf no matter how long they practice their singing.

        • slartibartfast

          Sorry, just can’t resist… This forum is a peach! Amy is clearly very well intentioned, but she suffers from INAPPROPRIATE RESPECT SYNDROME. It generally exists in EXCESSIVELY STRUCTURED SOCIETIES and consists of blind respect towards pre-printed pieces of paper.
          Contrary to popular belief, most “dyslexics” are not very bright. It’s a nice myth (sort of PC, actually), just so everybody can feel included in that big wonderful basket of super-geniosity, but the ability to spell and structure one’s thoughts is a reflection of one’s capabilities. Most highly capable people thrive on being organized and being able to apportition their resources to the tasks which provide the greatest return. The process of learning which are those tasks is called an education, which can be composed from without by draconian instructors (“getting an education”), by harsh life (“getting experience”), or through ethereal contemplation, deduction and extrapolation (“meditation”).
          Most people have some level of dyslexia, since the brain is not a computer and is non-linear. If you know anything about synapses, you’ll know that they are not absolutely predictable in their behavior, since they are all integrative (they summate several impulses). Since the raw stimuli are themselves not digital (on-off), even slight variations in the input can cause misfirings. Added up over the entire nervous system, this means humans are highly inexact in performing even repetitive tasks.
          Training, however, allows a human to compensate for these mistakes, permitting tasks of incredible complexity. Which is why an idiot savant will never play the piano with the depth and intricacy of an Arthur Rubinstein, or a Glenn Gould, even though the savant’s key sequence may be much more accurate. The savant automatically keys in the sequence because he precisely because he doesn’t have that variability; unlike Glenn Gould and Arthur Rubinstein, who were born with the innate talent to understand and interpret the music, but had to spend a lifetime to acquire the skills to express their talent.
          But the crux of the matter is, though nobody wants to listen to a tone deaf man sing (except for William Hung, how the fuck did he do it?), neither do people want to listen to a would-be opera diva scream random obscenities at the top of her voice (wait, isn’t that most of today’s pop-music… Uh… I’m getting lost here, aren’t I?) Anyway, there might be dozens of potential virtuosos with the capability of a Rubinstein begging for coffee money by the roadside, because they didn’t have the determination and tenacity to refine those skills.
          So of those people who you claim were brilliant researchers, generally the ones who lasted and achieved anything were in fact the ones who were able to spell. Because it indicates that they were able to compensate for their brains’ deficits, thus maximizing its capabilities. Again, IQ is only potential; it’s what you do with it that matters.
          Which is why in a society that values money above all, unfortunately, achieving a good income is a basic indication that you are truly intelligent. Not a genius, mind you, but ACTUALLY intelligent – meaning you have actualized your potential into reality.
          So, yes, making money does matter to some extent in distinguishing yourself. It shows you have the ability to identify what society values and then have the initiative and skill to capitalize on those priorities. And that you can interface with others to create value.
          Similarly, spelling matters. A lot. It shows you understand the value of concensus and a standard means of communication. And that you respect others’ need to receive accurate information, rather than have to guess at your real meaning.
          (Spoken from extensive experience: English is my fourth language of eight; in my native tongue – Hungarian – on cannot get away with imprecise diction or spelling, as it automatically identifies the author as an idiot – no matter what the claimed ancillary skills and IQ).
          So, please, please, please, please… Puhlleaaze! Go out there, you super smarties, learn how to spell. Get over this need to be a dyslexic genius… Gget a job, play the game… And if you really are as talented as you claim, perhaps one day you’ll get a chance to refashion the world in your own image. But remember the old Chinese proverb: “Be careful what you wish for… For you might get it!”

        • Amy re-reading your comment made me think of something. The stringent mathematical academic standards for college-bound high schoolers is infinitely higher than correlating language standards for college-bound seniors.

          Weakness in maths seems to be the death knell of “intelligence” while people who are incapable of expressing themselves in a coherent and grammatically flawless manner get an intelligence pass because maybe they simply don’t have a “knack” for it.

          If Jonny lacks the “knack” for radicals or exponential functions, his pursuit of higher education will be swatted down by the academic-industrial complex which deems Algebra 2 is required to merely be in a position to major in Sociology. Why is this?

      • Big G

        my brain doesnt read left to right. i start a word in the middle then force myself to follow a sentence to the right. a statement comes out of my brain at the speed of light. i have to slow down to get it typed properly. if you and i were having a conversation i would be finishing your sentences and turning a sentence into a paragraph. my mechanical drawings are easy to read.

      • Sonjia Brown

        I have a very high I.Q. and I hate bad spelling with a passion, I even think I might be a bit O.C.D. about it.

        • Big G

          i have to excuse myself for my spelling all the time as you well now im attacked continually over it. poor spelling is a sign of unintelligence by the wolf pack and since the idiots out number the smart it’s a life long mine field. which could be spelled mind field.

        • Big G

          But while i cant spell i can whip up a mechanical drawing of any vehicle including all nuts and bolts. i can even draw up a wiring harness for any vehicle of the top of my head including all devices, swithes , relays and fuse panel with correct fuse amperage per accessory. But i cant spell amperage. Iq 147 ( stoned)

        • Sonjia Brown

          See Big G you have different and very good skills, I know a guy who runs a huge executive homes housebuilding company, worth over £1 billion pounds approximately $1.5 billion U.S. and he can`t even read or write, he gets his staff to do all ` that stuff ` so lack of spelling, reading etc skills need not be an impediment.
          P.S. It annoys me to see how you are attacked particularly on the Bigfoot forum over your spelling, after all if we were all the same what a boring world it would be.

      • slartibartfast-

        “So, yes, making money does matter to some extent in distinguishing yourself. It shows you have the ability to identify what society values and then have the initiative and skill to capitalize on those priorities. And that you can interface with others to create value.”

        Some things in life take time to master. You see some people are interested in creating real value in their lives, not just inhaling asbestos for 35 years and enjoying the last 10. You sound soulless and unhappy to me. Most people are capable of earning a decent income, it is no measure of true intelligence.

        Society is a drag so why not drop it. You think that everyone is down with what society values – holy shit man, get a grip.

      • because we think too fast, and, basically, an article like this just really is a notice to anyone to think before they speak. we’re always rush ahead to the next project. that’s why we do so badly in school and can’t do math — it’s just too finite, there’s nowhere to go with it because there’s always a prime state: the answer is provable. we like to not stop at the obvious.

    • Sonjia Brown

      Mine is 168, it has been very useful for me as I see many different ways around a problem when friends only see one. I saw a great business idea many years ago and grabbed it and made a lot of money then sold it and semi retired. Mostly I don`t bother talking too much to people as they can`t see the bigger picture, especially with world affairs, so I have given up with the X factor generation and other retarded types. I see it as a deliberate policy of ` dumbing down people `

      • Big G

        Are you interested in a subterrainian salt water battery the size of a swimming pool. bio degradable and it will store all the solar and wind energy for a 24 hour program of energy usage.

    • I’ve always tested in the 140+ range. My best friend has never done an actual test, but he’s certainly somewhere between 130-150. He has a much more powerful grasp on names, dates, places, historical progression, and concrete fact. We have the same profession, where he has risen much higher, much faster.

      I’m socially crippled. He’s a a social vegetable. My strong point is a vast and variable lexicon, powerful empathy, and empathetic reasoning, cause and effect, and correlations. Often times when he talks to me, he fails to cut to the point, and instead keeps shovelling my ears full of what I call word salad. I think at least some of this is an attempt to match my active vocabulary. Another term I use is word soup. He just mashes it all together, often repeating large sections multiple times, and presents it in a 15 minute soliloquy. He will often interrupt me in the middle of the first sentence I’ve spoken in a long period of time, or respond only to the first keyword he hears in my sentence and not actually interpret the sentence as a whole before delivering another monologue, often times missing the topic, and offending me for not having listened to my concise observation(s),

      Furthermore, talk of politics with this fellow is especially painful, seeing as he is a right wing, nationalistic fascist, and I am a left wing socialist. Our views on religion, ethnicity, and rights issues are equally at odds. Dumbing down an opinion doesn’t make it more palatable.

      It often suprises me at how quickly people notice my intelligence. Even when I think I’ve done or said nothing unusual, I’ve had the issue commented on. Women will notice your intelligence without you even trying. Trying too hard is like the difference between hacking a system and hitting it with a ddos. Those mental muscles should be used the same as physical: in varying degrees of force, and always with careful direction. A fumbling mind can be as bad as fumbling hands.

      Have you seen the show Scorpion? I wanted to strangle the protagonist within 10 minutes, and by the end of the show I loathed the man. It’s worth watching simply to see how intelligent people should not act.

    • Sabrina

      I’m a woman. I’m also a member of MENSA and have an IQ of 150. Einstein was 160. I’m aware that I am a genius.

      I am reading this with tears in my eyes right now because this article articulates my life so accurately it literally brought me to tears. I have struggled so much with being misunderstood as stupid when I’m anything but. I attend one of the best universities in the world, have worked in cancer research in the best cancer research hospitals in the state, I’ve traveled the world, and have even received multiple recruitment e-mails from the federal government for security clearance positions. However, these achievements (like school acceptance, federal recruitment, cancer lab) were mostly accomplished without meeting me in person and I was chosen for these things for how I look on paper and my resume. When people meet me, it is an entirely different world of respect and I receive completely opposite reactions.

      People continue to treat me like I am dumb and job interviews are a problem because I have to find a way to be accessible and smart at the same time. I can’t go over their head and brag about my achievements and seem like an intellectual snob because people feel inferior and don’t like you, but I can’t avoid bragging entirely or I sell myself short and seem stupid/simple. A lot of this problem is compounded by the fact that I am conventionally attractive and a lot of men like the way I look. When I go to parties, people see me as a bimbo because I’m pretty, I wear make-up, and I’m feminine and have a higher voice. Older women hate me and often try to make me out to be a bimbo to make themselves feel better…about what I don’t know.

      My brother is the same way (also smart) and we were both asked to skip two grades as children. He has a much harder time socially than I do as he’s incredibly shy, I am more outgoing, but he has a much easier time being called genius by his peers than me. I remember it being so easy to be considered smart before puberty. I won math awards, English awards, science, everything. After I got my adult body I am constantly accused of cheating, people talk down to me, people think I used my looks to get these amazing opportunities when the truth is the only way I can be accepted to these things is by not meeting in person.

      It is so much like being in prison. For the guy saying “why don’t you work at JPL with a 147 IQ” (Tulio). GUESS WHAT. I applied at JPL. I got the interview, and as soon as they saw me in person they didn’t believe a word on my resume. It didn’t matter that I had that I had headed research projects to the NIH at my cancer research lab and presented honors research in Math, Physics, and creative aeronautics at UC Irvine. I’m only twenty-five and I have accomplished all of this coming from a family where my dad killed bugs for a living, we were not rich at all. As soon as they saw I was an attractive female with big boobs and a high voice, their faces went blank and they were ready to move on to the next stereotypical nerdy guy they are used to.

      I have been accused of cheating when writing papers multiple times in college despite having 0% plagiarism rating on turnitin.com, both times. My honors counselor even told me when I was accepted into my college “people are really smart there, maybe you should pick an easier school where you will stand out more and won’t struggle”. My science and math teacher, despite having A’s in her classes, “I don’t think you understand how hard medical school actually is, sweetie”.

      I have perfect grades, last year I worked three jobs AND went to school full time and got a 4.0 gpa at the same time, and I can’t get an internship to save my life. I have a million interviews, I never fail to get the interview, but once they see me, it’s all over. I just can’t take it anymore. I found this forum after yet another failed interview (this time with the U.S. State Department) and I’m just sick of working my ass off and knowing I’m smart but being shot down because of how I’m perceived.

      I’m so sick of people telling me “You look like Angelina Jolie! How could your life be difficult? Your life is automatically easy when you’re a pretty girl!” It takes every bit of strength I have to stifle my rage when people say stupid shit like that. Getting out of parking tickets and getting drinks bought for me at a bar doesn’t improve my quality of life or help me achieve my dreams. Yah maybe my life would be easier, IF I were aspiring to be somebody’s trophy wife, but I’m not. I want to be a leader! I want to be a scientist! A doctor! I want to go around the world bringing people free healthcare where they need it most!

      I wish someone would just give me a chance to prove myself before deciding I’m stupid because of my gender or how I sound or look. I can’t work in my laboratory without being treated like I’m dumb (despite having the same job they do), I showed up to a STAT 3 pathway (Lymphoma) lecture and the lecturer laughed at me when I walked in and proceeded to ask for my employee number and name of my boss to “make sure I belonged there”.

      I can’t go to parties without being treated like I’m dumb and having people be shocked that I actually know things, and even then they explain things to me like I’m a child. If I tell them about my school and job, they decide my school is easy to get into after all (despite being the best in the whole goddamn world in some areas like science) and ask things like “oh cancer lab? What are you like a secretary or something?”.

      I can’t do job interviews without people thinking I’m dumb or that I somehow cheated or lied to create my resume. I’m constantly subject to sexual stereotypes that I’m spoiled, naive, stupid, slutty, rich, only date rich men with perfect bodies, etc just for being a conventionally attractive young girl. This article is dead fucking on. Moron world all day every fucking day. I can’t take it anymore. Quite honestly, the world is unfortunately full of “Tulio’s” like the one commenting below, and they make my life a living hell.

      • Pawel

        I certainly appreciate smart and beatiful women 🙂 Could you respect a man who is not as smart as you are? The majority isn’t.

      • Sam

        Sabrina you should find a way to save your eggs. They can be frozen for I believe any reasonable amount of time.

      • In many ways, the thing that I am most grateful for is my wife, who is tall, thin, beautiful, and as intelligent as I am–and is smarter in many ways than I am. We’ve been married now for over 20 years.

        I do sympathize, and I wish I could offer any solutions–my wife was a Ph.D. student in theoretical physics studying string theory at Caltech when we met, but left the program because she encountered the same problems you are experiencing. Unfortunately we never did figure out how to crack that nut: too many gatekeepers have too many biases, and at some point it was more important for us to buy a home and settle down rather than continuing to bash against that brick wall.

        And yeah, that may have taken a couple of folks whose IQs are in the 170’s out of circulation–but fuck it; it’s a nice day today, we’re going hiking.

      • EPGAH

        Why can’t Men like me meet women like you except online?

    • My IQ was last test at 139 but i also got 148 when i was a kid, I can tell you that you can have a high IQ and still be a retard. Like you for example, a pin head is a pinhead and you are supposedly smarter and able to innovate your approach to communication more therefore you should find solutions to the effective communication issue. The smarter you are the more solutions you are capable of generating, the fact you cannot understand women further enhances your lack of brains and no IQ isn’t the only determinant of smarts. Seems as though even though you have high IQ you are lacking in many other aspects intelligence.

    • Think about how the interview process works at any institution: someone talks to you, asks probing questions, determines if you know the field, if you are quick on your feet.

      Then they ask social questions. They may have others on the team meet you. They may talk about your resume as a topic of conversation in order to see how well you get along with the rest of the team.

      And afterwards they go and take their 15 minutes of interaction with you and discuss it with other people. “Sure, he’s smart, but can you get along with him?”

      If you can’t–meaning if, as is the case with the extremely intelligent, you seem “stuck up” or “too smart for his own good” or “too intimidating”–then they may pass on you despite how smart you are.

      • EPGAH

        And that’s the problem: If you dumb yourself down enough to be friendly, then it’s “Sure, he’s approachable, but he’s dumber than Ashton Kutcher!”
        If you stay professional, then they give you the Pocahontas-like, “He’s so…serious!”
        When did THAT become an insult?

    • John

      I too have a very high IQ, I am quite lucky in that I have managed to be normal enough to find love, marriage and kids. This is not easy, income has been easy, but progression within a business I have found impossible because I just don’t get the internal politics (bolitics as I like to call business politics).

      IQ has meant everyone expected me to be a millionaire at 16, 18, then 21, then 30, then 40. I know the reason money is not important enough to me, the successful people are largely lucky or ruthless.

      It has been a tough journey with everyone expecting so much, at 15 I built for the government a radiation fallout tracking system, 18 I created the first realtime voice correction platform, systems that track the individuals within the whole country at 21, banking platforms, matching platforms the list goes on. I make an amazing salary setup a company get ripped off, get an amazing salary get ripped off, this loop repeats, god help my poor family. I have just finished been ripped of by someone, 2 years of legal crap costing me over $250k, won but getting my money back, no because they don’t have it. Mao back to a job, earning $300k but designing databases for government again, arrhhhhhh.

      IQ has cursed my life with stupid expectations,Mehta I would give to have been born with a 100 IQ and not had the expectations and been happy with just working as a labourer. Far from mocking those with a low IQ I wish I was you (the grass is always greener).

  2. Bay Area Guy

    From what I’ve observed, there is a very anti-intellectual culture in American society as a whole, particularly when it comes to matters related to history and social sciences.

    However, I have noticed that people seem to respect brains when it comes to having a high paying job.

    For example, doctors are highly respected and enjoy much prestige. Ditto for similar professionals.

    Americans don’t want to hear about any of your book learnin’ or have you talk down to them intellectually, but if you used your brains to land you a high paying job, then more power to you!

    I guess the point I’m trying to make is that in a capitalist and anti-intellectual society such as the U.S., your intellect is only important in terms of how it helps you make money.

    That’s why education in the U.S. is simply seen as a means to an end, a matter of acquiring skills in order to land a high paying job. That, as opposed to actually learning anything meaningful.

    • Georgia Prewett

      It has been well over a year since you left this message. But still, I have to reply and say, “yes” sadly so, you are correct.

    • Jason Y

      In America, an auto mechanic makes more than some history major. In a sense, it’s laughable. The history guy can act all “smarty-pants”, but the average or low IQ blue collar worker has a nice home, chicks, and money to spare.

      In America, though, everything is about money, so I’m sure doctors get off on “being superior”, even though history majors are just as smart. But the doctor will make money to give him the illusion of being in the elite.

      • Jason Y

        I would go even further and say a janitor makes more money than a humanities major, maybe even a fast food worker, lol.

      • Jason Y

        O.K., Your a philosophy major, then explain the deep meaning of why your a loser, with no money or women, LOL.

      • This comment is just wrong. I have seen studies of IQ’s and professions. Amazingly, many auto mechanics have IQ’s of over 130. That is, they are ‘gifted” enough to get into Mensa. People underestimate how smart those guys are.

        • Dave Deal

          Thank You Robert Lindsay. (please bear with my intro, it works into how I came to this site) My Dad was an auto mechanic. Self taught, while working at a Ford automotive plant. His formal education ended about age 15 (not sure exactly, he never talked about his childhood, or about himself, I never heard him brag about anything) He had low reading and writing comprehension. His politically INcorrect (for the spelling nazis – “IN” intentional for emphasis) comments could be off the grid and was a source of embarrassment to me that I often distanced myself from him.
          Still, I always sensed he was extremely intelligent yet I could not identify how or why. I’m fairly confident I am not even near the “stupid range”
          but intuitively knew my Father’s intelligence over shadowed mine, even though there was a lack of tangible evidence, except for one possibility: my brother had an IQ of 150. (he died in an auto accident 1980- a little irony here with word “auto”) Anyway, my brother had to have gotten his “genius” from somewhere(my Dad?) it being there from the beginning. He skipped 2nd grade in Catholic School. Anyone familiar with the older parochial school system (1950’s & 60’s)understands skipping a grade back then was a small miracle in itself. It’s forte was holding kids back a grade when the public system would of passed them on. He died at age 27, which to me, leans toward the genetic rather than nurture basis of his genius. Also, the scientific jury may finally be in regarding ‘nature vs. nurture’ source of genius. (Refer to Plomin’s discovery of a specific gene)
          Okay, putting aside my family biography (hope not too boring). Why am I on this site? I’m here for help in finding answers and info on 2 topics.
          1) Does anyone know for fact if our U.S. Government lists and tracks all of the citizens whose IQ is within the standard range of genius?
          Subjectively, I suspect this to be true because of the following background information: Our family knew my brother was bright (skipping 2nd grade), but we were never formally informed that he tested out in the genius range. In fact, back then students were tested every 2 yrs. but parents were never told the results of their child’s scores. We were tested for an assortment of things besides IQ. If memory serves me correctly, I think they were called something like “The Iowa Tests”. Exact scores were never given to the parents, only a vague implication that classes were arranged by test score results. Example: If there were 4 classes of 5th graders, one class would have mostly bright (advanced) students. i want to pause and explain “mostly”. There were always a few kids out of place in the class they were assigned. We became aware of this because their classroom test scores never matched the majority of the kids in that classes.
          I suspect that was done intentionally by the education system as a kind of experiment, testing “nature vs nurture” of intelligence. Pause off: likewise, 2 of the 4 classes had mostly students in the average range, and the fourth out of four, avg to below.
          We only found out my brother was in the genius range because someone in the local board of education quietly confided to my Mom what my brother’s score was. I was in my 20’s when my Mom finally confided all of this to me. Naturally laws changed, parents now have the right to know tests scores.
          All the past secrecy about test scores makes me wonder and speculate why would anyone in the board of education even be aware of a specific students IQ scores! Unless there was a tracking system already in place specifically for genius IQ’s.
          One last comment to add on this topic. I grew up in a town whose population at the time was 8,000 or 10,000 tops. My brother, ( a few others)in that sparse population must of been like moths(government) to a flame(brother,others).
          The following topic will explain why I am interested to know if our government has always tracked geniuses. All of my immediate family having passed on, can no longer give me information.
          Topic 2-
          Introduction: For over a decade I have had strong and vague feelings that a kind of shadow has been following or attached to me and my life. There has been an over abundance of bad breaks, mishaps, mean spirited people and way too much attention from law enforcement. No matter what town I would be visiting, Police would always pull me aside (I was always on foot, haven’t driven in 20 yrs) and they would ask a barrage of questions. First, ID please. Where am I going? where did I just come from? Then things would be added like (example) I hope you’re not the perp we are looking for. One time I was even accused of being an accomplice in a recent theft of items from a car. Cops already had the first suspect handcuffed at an area no where near the place that cops accosted,me at, had me get in cop car and drove me to the suspect for positive ID as accomplice. I was not accomplice and suspect confirmed it and i was let free, with the cops making it a joke to me saying “Now you can tell your friends something exciting happen” . Another town i got a bogus jaywalking ticket. Many more incidents but I’m not here for pity
          Introduction over, the following is my 2nd topic: 2 weeks ago, and only by chance, I had never heard of it before, I discovered something on the internet: It read like a screen play for my life. It’s called GANG STALKING, aka, TERROR STALKING, PROXY STALKING. When I began sharing my new found information and my belief that it is the “shadow” in my life, here is what happened and I’m saying it in plain English “The shit hit the fan”!
          I don’t even have a shadow of a doubt that this is the shadow. (a little pun, haven’t lost my sense of humor). Still, I want to make a very informed decision. Anyone who can share, or shed more light on this topic I would greatly appreciate it.
          Robert, sir, I apologize if my post diffuses the topic of this forum. It was not my intention. Though once here, i freely confess i gleamed a chance to capitalize in expressing my topic. There are few, if any, places I can turn to.
          I did learn something that is more pertinent to this forum. I already know the results of the study that I will mention. You, of all people here, probably already know of the study and it’s results. I don’t want to give results here, they seem somewhat divisive and I just hate war; war between nations, religion, races and the sexes.
          The following study may shed some light on superiority or equality between the sexes: A study by Professor Camilla Benbow of Iowa State University and her use and findings from computerized brain scanning.

        • Great, if you like the site, feel free to make a contribution to support the continuation of the site. Donations are the only thing that keep the site operating.


        • pepperroncini

          I don’t know about Auto mechanics but a lot of guys who work on and modify cars as a hobby are quite smart in mechanical engineering.

          They don’t generally have degrees but have a sort of innate sense of design and coming up with ideas that work. It takes smarts to design and build tractor pull vehicles, hot rods, drag racers, rock crawlers etc..

          The popular media perception is that these guys are a bunch of redneck know nothings but they have more practical knowledge and ability to innovate and problem solve than some Indian or Asian guy who thinks he is all that because he went to a top notch school and has a degree to prove it.

    • Absolutely, could not agree more.

  3. Bay Area Guy

    @ Tulio

    Re: Having to suppress your natural instincts around women

    We’ve been over this many times, but I have to co-sign yet again.

    There’s just no winning with them. On the one hand, you’re always told to “be yourself,” but I can tell that such an approach clearly doesn’t work. If girls don’t like “yourself,” you’re already fucked.

    As Chris Rock once said in the context of trying to go for girls, “you’re not you. You’re the ambassador of you.”

    • I generally do NOT just act like myself when I am around women. Sitting here at the computer typing this, yeah I guess I am acting like myself. My basic position is that acting like myself probably is just not very attractive to women. So whenever I am out anywhere where there are any decent women about, I usually put on the “show” Robert Lindsay. It’s a “show” personality that I use a lot around women. Basically, my natural instincts if women are about is to try to attract them to the greatest extent possible. I honestly feel like “just being me” ain’t going to cut it.

      Thing is the “show” Robert Lindsay is also me too, so it’s very easy to drop right into that.

      • Bay Area Guy

        My basic position is that acting like myself probably is just not very attractive to women.

        Same here.

        Around many people in general, that’s how I am. One girl even once called me “enigmatic.”

        Maybe it’s because of my un-kosher views, or because I’m a naturally shy and introverted person, but I do feel like I’m often wearing a mask in public.

        That’s why I come to this blog, Robert. It’s one of the few places where I can express my true views and feelings, and on a variety of topics that I never get to discuss in my everyday conversations.

  4. Suz

    The bragging rights for intelligence come from how you use it. Being “smart” is nothing more than potential, until you use your brains productively. Pretty much like any inborn trait (think physical: strength, dexterity, beauty…) I don’t feel the need to “hide” my intelligence, because I study people, and figure out how to communicate with them. I don’t see it as compromising or “dumbing down,” but as adapting to my environment, and it’s a challenge. Stupid people will never understand your language, but you can learn theirs, because you’re smart. (And let’s face it, unless you’re a hermit, you have to interact with them.) Like every productive use of an asset though, it takes effort. Intelligent people are always going to be somewhat isolated because we’re “different,” but we don’t have to be inaccessible.

    Bay Area Guy makes a good point, and I’d take it one step further – it’s not just high-paying jobs that earn respect for brainiacs, it’s any measurable success. You can see this among intelligent people who lack formal education – they solve problems, see the whole picture, innovate, and generally just get thing done.

    I agree that “sour grapes” is a part of the general disdain for intelligence, but I think that a bigger part is the appearance that we’re all talk, no action. “if you’re so smart, why can’t you…?” and, “If I had that I could…” are very common themes.

  5. Tim Weir

    As well as IQ, you have to consider EQ. We had a Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, who had a very high IQ but one of the world’s lowest EQ’s, judging by his ability to alienate people and to not understand why they disliked him. His predecessor, Tony Blair, may not have been as intellectually smart, but he was fantastic at articulating what people wanted to hear – what he said pretty much off the cuff when Diana died is a classic example. Arguably Bill Clinton had genius level both in IQ and EQ, but it’s a rare combination

    • The problem is that the brains-haters go on and on about how high IQ supposedly have low EQ. But the truth is that EQ and IQ actually show a pretty high correlation. As far as insight goes, it’s hard to say. I know a lot of very smart people who have or had virtually zero insight into their often extremely obnoxious behavior. But a lot of people of lower IQ are probably the same. Nobody wants to hear how they’re fucking up or even try to figure it out if you ask me, and most folks don’t have the slightest clue how they are alienating people or turning them off. Point it out and you’re asking for a tirade. Sad.

      • The fact that you wrote this post, though, shows that you are incredibly clueless in huge areas of the human realm. Read Suz’s message just above. She was using everything she could to try and slip a certain idea into your head, but you were – at least apparently – blind to it. The fact that you don’t understand this issue means you are insensitive and dull in ways that others are smart.

        • All right jerk, you are banned.

          I don’t agree with Suz’s post at all. We are allowed to show off our success in just about any human endeavor you can think of except intelligence. There can be no possible reason for that other than the general disdain for human smarts and intellectuals, probably an American thing. I doubt if all cultures share this disdain. I suspect Jewish and Chinese people don’t.

  6. An Unmarried Man

    What obligation is there on the part of the very intelligent to convert their brains into success or contributions to the ordinary 100-IQ’d society? 100 IQ’d people are quite happy with the status quo. It’s only the geniuses who continue to feed them delusions of grandeur and keep them wanting more.

    A society with a 100 cumulative IQ will invariably construct a social conformist structure around the values and limitations of its intelligence level. The further anyone deviates from the IQ mean, the more likely they will express social behavior at odds with society’s social rules and conventions, and thus, they are called odd.

    • Tim Weir

      That’s an interesting idea but I don’t think it is true that conformist societies = average IQ societies. The first counter-example that comes to mind is Singapore, which is extremely conformist but is run by people with very high IQs, and raising the average IQ is an explicit goal of the state (hence the campaign to persuade educated Chinese girls to have babies). Japan is another counter-example – very clever, very conformist. Both Asian & Confucian, which may be relevant. I think Swedes are also clever and conformist. One to ponder.

      • An Unmarried Man

        The distinction I’m making is not that conformist societies in and of themselves are necessarily average IQ’d, but that the reigning social subculture’s values within any society is an extension of the same society’s mean IQ.

        For instance, assume Singapore is able to pull its mean IQ to about 110. I then propose that Singapore’s social personality (habits, values, diversions, family structure, etc) would best capture the social value system of a random Singaporean with an IQ of 107. The farther we deviate from 107, the more alienated an individual would feel there.

        Someone with an IQ like Robert’s essentially means he is alienated from most societal norms, regardless of whether it’s Hong Kong or Gabon we’re talking about. And I mean that in a good way 🙂

        • An Unmarried Man

          *typo alert
          I meant:

          …would best capture the social value system of a random Singaporean with an IQ of 110.

  7. seedofjapheth

    I just listened to a audio documentary of Jean Paul Sartre and in the documentary it said that in college even though he wasn’t the best looking he still had a lot of girls who wanted to sleep with him because he was outspoken and engaged in lots of discussions with fellow students and when he talked he sounded intelligent. SO that shows you that some women find intelligence sexy.

    • Tim Weir

      Yes, it’s definitive proof. Unfortunately it’s also proof that the French are very different. It’s also worth notice that Sartre ended up with Simone de Beauvoir, who was so impressed by him that she decided to found the feminist movement (The second sex) and also wrote extensively in fictional form about what a bastard and hypocrite he was (The Mandarins, She came to stay). In many ways she preferred the American writer Nelson Algren, who was less complicated and (apparently) slightly less of a bastard.

    • Those are FRENCH women. Very different.

  8. mitchw

    May I apologize to you, Robert? Sometimes I read your columns, finding it funny how your words will get some people to go nutso. If you want to feel what it’s like to confront incomprehension like the dodos do, you might want to start with Kafka’s “Amerika,” or The Disappeared as it’s known in German.

    Hey, here’s a story about money and brains. If I’ve got it pretty accurately, the professor of economics and the rich banker were arguing.The banker asked, ‘if you’re so smart, how come you’re not rich?’ The professor then replied, ‘if you’re so rich, how come you’re so stupid?’

    ba dum

  9. Pimp

    Well, I can’t say that I really agree with those intelligence tests, but usually people who score high on them have some reasonably good level of intelligence. Be proud of intelligence and good reasoning ability. Hate all of those who refuse to have respect for intelligence and good reasoning ability.

  10. johnUK

    How do you know what your IQ is?

    Do they take mandatory IQ tests in schools in the US?

    • I was given the WISC in 1971 at age 14. The counselor showed me my score, even though he wasn’t supposed to. They used to give mandatory tests in schools, yes. But that has been ILLEGAL in California since 1979.

      • Robert Jackson

        They gave me a test when I was about 12 because I kept getting in so much trouble. I was always bored. They told me my IQ as well, I’ve never heard that they were not supposed to tell the person they tested. I don’t think they put it in my school records though, because I had a highschool geometry teacher tell me that she had looked at my school records and can’t believe how easy geometry came to me. She said she thought I was probably a genius. I just laughed and said I am. People in class would get so mad that the shit was so easy for me and I came to school high all the time. They couldn’t understand how i could just understand it and do so well on the tests yet they had to study and study and still struggled.

  11. Shawn

    No offense because you come across as being quite smart but how certain are you of that score? Such a score is very rare. When was the test taken? Which one?

    • WISC – 1971, age 14.

      I took another one with a psychologist at my Mom’s work in 1986. This was WAIS. He didn’t give me a score, but he said, “Very high, very, very high.” He also said he had been doing this for 20 years and given like 600 tests and only 10-15 had scored in my range or higher.

      • Shawn

        No offense but you may want to retake one. They say scores are stable but there is variation.

      • Shawn

        You can go to a Barnes and Nobel Bookstore and self-administer your own IQ test there. They have books that let you do that. Of course don’t take tickle.com’s test 🙂

        I think my IQ is probably between 107-119

        • What’s weird is you are one of the smarter commenters on here. This is what I don’t get. I’ve never made an argument yet that you could not understand. Maybe you are operating at a level above your IQ. Supposedly you can operate at a level up to 20 points above your IQ by using “extra-IQ factors.”

        • Gay State Girl

          I can’t imagine.

      • Robert Jackson

        They told me my score but I don’t know which tests they gave me. I remember the testing taking many many many days. They tested far more than my IQ I am certain of that.

    • It’s not so rare. 1/1000 Americans have a score that high. In the small town in lived in the Sierra Nevadas, there were probably a good 15 others with scores that high.

      • Shawn

        You may want to do to your local Barnes & Noble or similar store and look at one of those books that let you self-administer your own IQ test. You can do it in the store for free on one of their couches, and it’s a real test not one like tickle.com or some similar site where they inflate your IQ to sell you a certificate. Also just bring your watch.

        I think my IQ is somewhere in the range of 107-119. I’m terrible at math but did well on the verbal section of the ACT.

        • Fuck that. I got my nice two juicy scores. I ain’t takin no more tests. There’ve been a lot of drugs in the interim.


        • Robert Jackson

          Some of the tests are fucking flat out stupid and test skills not intelligence. It’s not like a genius just magically knows shit like how many months had 30 days in the year 1923. That is shit you figure out with skills you learn. Testing things related to certain skills like math or vocabulary are not really testing a persons raw potential, their real IQ, those things are testing what knowledge a person has.

          Too many people confuse knowledge or education with intelligence.

  12. Matt

    I don’t claim to be any kind of genius, but I’m a lot smarter than most of the people I deal with on a day to day basis. There is an important distinction between amiable dull wittedness and aggressive stupidity. With the former, you can enjoy good relations as long as you keep it light and don’t flaunt your intelligence. They might even respect you for it if you can help them out. The latter? Hopeless. They’re just looking for deviants to ostracize from the herd. You’ll know them when you see them. Try to have as little interaction as possible without seeming like a conceited jerk. If they detect that you’re different in any way, they can make your life miserable.

    • Yes, what bothers me is aggressive stupidity. They don’t understand me, which really is just fine. If they were amiable and dull-witted, they might just smile and be nice. Instead, they try to figure out what I said or wrote, and they get it all wrong. I mean really, really 1,500 miles off wrong. Like I said A and they say I mean Z wrong. Then they get mad at me because of what I said or wrote based I guess on this misinterpretation.

      Or they just don’t get me, and as a consequence, they think I’m weird or insane. All cuz they didn’t understand.

      Aggressive stupidity. Yes.

      • You know, most stupid people are so stupid they don’t even know they’re stupid.

        • Chatnoir

          So if someone is fearful they are stupid and it keeps them up at night, are they really smart? Or just stupid?

        • Dumb people never stay up all nite long worrying that they are dumb. Dumb people are perfectly happy being dumb and they see nothing wrong with it. If you are staying up all nite worrying that you are stupid, then you are probably at least fairly intelligent.

      • J

        Thank you! I struggle with this so much. I was accused of playing devil’s advocate for that sake alone, like I’m some rabble-rouser. I only care for the truth, but they could not see that I was doing exactly the opposite. I don’t care for dramatics for the sake of dramatics, and I felt like I left this perverse room with so much frustration. I vented to my intelligent boyfriend for hours but he also didn’t see why I was so frustrated! I could not get over this lifelong insensitivity and primarily misunderstanding! Almost constantly!

        • J

          Cannot get over, sorry this still often leaks over obviously every day! I’m getting a bit drunk at the moment.

  13. Gay State Girl

    I believe you wrote a piece a while back on how IQ is destiny and you opined that society should recognize IQ as a factor of one’s potential so that they could be properly compensated for their work.

  14. Gay State Girl

    I haven’t had that problem as I live in a high end area and I only score in the mid 120’s, but I can vividly recall trying to feign an interest in “it” boys and idle gossip when I was in middle school.

  15. KarolS

    As someone with an IQ of 152, I now realize why I find this blog so dumb sometimes. It’s like apes trying to create a Space Program. For instance, Lindsay extrapolates from a test he took at 14 that his current IQ is 147 – the supposition itself proves his IQ is very low – probably around 117. Due to his low IQ, he is probably completely unaware of this irony.

    WAIS -147
    Geez I’m such a flake though.
    Joined MENSA in my mid 20’s-BORING.
    Never/rarely mention my IQ to anyone.
    Causes way too many problems.

    • Suz

      Stealth Smartie. They either hate you or they want something from you. It’s safer under your hat.

    • Hacienda


      That’s good girl. I got 136 on by SB, but my English wasn’t fully developed when I took it as it was a 2nd language. Could have reduced my score anywhere from 5 to possibly 50 points.

    • I am sorry. Both my scores were Sanford-Binet, I think. Good God, you have an IQ of 152, Jesus Christ. I never talk about it either, except online.

      It’s caused problems online, but in Meatspace? Not really, to be honest. Most people who hear it are just stunned more than anything else. One would expect some negative shit, but I never get any. The only time it ever comes up is when people ask me, “What’s your score?” And they do that pretty regularly. That’s because sometimes I said, “Yeah, I’m smart. I’ve seen my IQ score.” Most of the time that leads to a curious, “What is it?” Then when I tell them, I almost always get a good response.

      I don’t go around bragging about that number. Are you fuckin crazy! Hell no, I would never do such a thing. I talk about stuff like that online because I can talk about things here that I can’t talk about in Meatspace.

  17. The original point about inability to communicate with people 2 SD below your own level of intelligence is correct, I think, except that the problem is limited to a window of about 1 SD. So Robert, with an IQ around 145, can’t reliably communicate with folks in the 100-115 range, but I suspect he could make out well with those below 100.

    It has to do with the ability to model the other person’s mental behavior. It’s not hard to figure out how the truly stupid think, or to run an internal emulation of a very unintelligent man.

    In communicating we attempt to run a model of the other person. For people within a certain range of your own intelligence, this involves something like a virtualized OS, which can run at near native speed. For those very far below your own level, it is more like an emulated OS, where you have to run a pretend version of the base hardware. That 15 point range in the middle would be the people smart enough that you don’t have the processing power to achieve an emulation, but their mental hardware is different enough that you can’t do virtualization, either.

    The men whose company I have enjoyed most in my life have all had (at a guess) IQs 3 SD below my own. No deep conversation, obviously, but that’s not much of a loss in terms of companionship. Serious conversations on serious topics are usually contentious, because even other highly intelligent men are so well programmed.

  18. Gay State Girl

    Internet tests are pretty unreliable but my scores from tests I took on the internet tests fell within the 120’s range as well.

    My IQ has progressively risen since I was born (as meconium aspiration probably took off a few points, but apparently brain cells can replicate, as is evident with Gabby Giffords.) I scored within the bright/normal range during early childhood assessment (I think that would translate to 110-115) but scored 122 for my verbal IQ on the WISC when I was seventeen. My linguistic ability isn’t so strong (around the 88th percentile) but my logical/mathematical scores fell within the 98th percentile.

  19. Dota

    Join the next gaza flotilla and you just might 😉

    • Gay State Girl

      Making love during a raid while being beaten and humiliated, and ultimately sealing our love behind bars? Don’t feed into my fantasies. I can’t think of anything more romantic and I may want to take you up on your offer, although Palestinian Solidarity ain’t really my thing.

      You don’t give yourself enough credit. Why only 115?

      • Dota


        115 feels right. I forgot to mention that I did have my IQ professionally tested in India when I was around 10 I think. The score was around 110 if I recall it correctly. I’m pretty sure it must have been bumped up to 115 during my Uni years in Canada. My fluid intelligence is poor but but my crystallized intelligence is strong since I’ve always been a reader. My mother’s IQ is over 120 but I got stuck with my Dad’s average IQ, but also inherited his love of learning and reading, which has helped my CI. Some of the online IQ tests I’ve done gave me a breakdown of my result. Clearly I failed at the number sequence questions (extrapolation) but did quite well at some of reasoning questions such as analogies ect. Since debating (whether online or in real life) requires the use of CI more than FI, I have been able to consistently project the illusion of a high IQ. I’m a fraud, but a damn good one 😉

        • Yeah but see. You’re one of the smartest people on here. See what I mean? Raw numbers don’t matter all that much.

        • Gay State Girl

          You do a good job of faking it. I would have thought it was closer to 130, but IQ tests usually measure logical/mathematical ability more than verbal ability, which is probably why I score high on IQ tests, despite lacking outstanding verbal skills.

        • Dota

          Robert L

          I have nothing against Intelligence testing, however I’ve come to realize (as many have) that the standardized IQ test is a highly clumsy tool that’s been used to gauge a variety of cognitive abilities which have so many dimensions. The theory of general intelligence (FI + CI) is what I’ve used to explain on one hand my strong long term memory and debating success over the years, combined with my dismal performance in mathematics and school in general. However I also recall scoring the highest marks on an inductive reasoning test in a Philosophy course in my second year. I’ve never given my intelligence much thought anyway, this is the first time I’ve actually talked about it.

        • Dota

          “”You do a good job of faking it. I would have thought it was closer to 130,””

          Sucker 🙂

        • An Unmarried Man

          How do we differentiate between “smart” and “high IQ’d?”
          Or do we?

        • Hacienda

          “How do we differentiate between “smart” and “high IQ’d?”
          Or do we?”

          Aristotle thought that adults had 28 teeth. He was stupid for thinking that. He was also stupid for not bothering to look. (No theory of empirical method). So he had a high iq, but was stupid.

          It’s not possible to be smart without stating something, thinking something, believing something. It’s still possible to be high IQ’s, even when you’re sleeping. One is a property of physical makeup, the other is non physical property. But high IQ people tend to be smarter more often than low IQ people.

          What do you think hoss?

        • An Unmarried Man

          Aristotle might have been lazy, disinterested or repulsed by sticking his nose in foul-smelling mouths. Maybe oral research wasn’t his “thing.” He isn’t stupid until someone (Hacienda) questions his half-baked observations. Who first thought men had more ribs than women? Stupid.

          More interesting and peculiar than the very intelligent are the very average clever people who make people think they are more intelligent than they are. It’s is easy to pull the wool over the eyes of the mean. Successful con artists are very clever.

          So if IQ is distributed in a Bell Curve, the manifestation of IQ is also distributed in a Bell Curve. A Bell Curve within a Bell Curve. Some intelligent underachieve, achieve what is expected, or overachieve, with most clustering at just what is expected. The same can be said of morons. What the hell are we doing?

  20. An Unmarried Man

    An IQ vanity thread. Fucking awesome. I took an IQ test in Omni Magazine in 1978 and scored 195.

    Well that’s a lie. I scored an 83 on the RIAS and made many wonderful friends on my way to, and back fro, school

  21. Dota

    Robert L

    Ok out of sheer curiosity and boredom (my Wow account’s expired) I decided to put my own theory about my intelligence to the test.

    I did a 50 question test on Verbal IQ/analogies here http://alliqtests.com/tests/1/9/

    I scored 33 and based solely on this result, the program estimated my IQ to be 127. Since Verbal IQ is a function of CI (Gc) it turns out I was right in my assessment. My FI (Gf) does drag my overall IQ score down. Oh well. It’s all your fault Robert, I was going to get some reading done this evening until you pushed me down this damn rabbit hole -_-

  22. ski

    Just strangely enough– but not too strangely mind you– I have that exact same 147 IQ as Rob. I’ve only been tested once though at around age 6, give or take a year.

    Curiously enough– but also, mind you– not too curiously (and neither do your suspicions deceive you) I’m a college dropout, chronically underemployed (only for the past 2 years though) underachiever.

    What sucks is that ever since my mom found out ’bout that IQ score she’s been ranting nonstop from childhood to recent times about how I’m smarter than 99% of people and failure is unacceptable etc. Plenty of people who don’t know my actual score have been telling me the same thing since as far back as I can remember: peers, teachers, family friends etc. So yeah, I get that “you’re so smart! what the hell are you doing with your life,” bit all the time.

    Well god bless ’em but they just don’t understand. The damn niggers is ruinin’ everything so a good ol’ White genius like yours truly just can’t succeed…

    …which translates loosely as: nothing in this world that seems worth doing seems achievable and nothing achievable worth doing. But only because of the damn niggers (and Jews too).

    I’m not gonna be a minimum wage slave forever, but also not gonna go back into the rat race.

    I’m already in the process of changing my line of work to something that will allow half-decent pay and rural living. In a few years gonna own me some land in rural Virginia where I’m gonna enjoy the peace and quiet, stare at the stars and mountains, pore over ancient Latin texts and and maybe even pick up some Ancient Greek. I’ll have season tickets to the classical music series in a nearby small city and go into town once a month for that.

    I will eventually contribute several things to mankind though, my magnum opus: “Quemadmodum niggeri vitam patriamque meam adeo orbem terrarum perdere potuerunt”– “How exactly the niggers were able to destroy my life, my country, and at last– the entire world.” And if I have some extra time “Si Iudaei tam sapienti sint– cur nasos tantos magnos possident?” “If Jews are so damn smart, why are their noses so damn big?” And dedicated to RL himself: “Ad infernum te, Gypse, ad infernum accedes” “To hell with you Gypsy, to hell you shall go.”

    And of course my autobiography– “Historiam Viri, nominati interretialibus ‘Ski’– vir bonus, heros glorisissimus qui niggeris Iudaeisque contumelias tantas atroces tam acriter iecit, ut in caelo memoriaque humanitatis locum meruit.”
    “The story of a man, called ‘Ski’ on the internets– a good man, a most glorious hero who hurled such vicious insults so pointedly at the niggers and Jews that he earned himself a place in heaven and in the memory of all humanity.”

    And I will DEFINITELY be clinging to my guns and Bible.

    But I will avoid becoming a pretentious stereotypical egghead MENSA type as they neither live in the country nor rant about the damn niggers ruinin’ everything.

    The modern world is actually just too damn LOUD (in every possible concrete and metaphorical sense of the word) for me. I suspect that simple country livin’ will allow me enough quiet to the point that ranting about the damn niggers ruinin’ everything will actually become wholly unnecessary.

    The ultimate lesson of my life is do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, attempt to take the reigns on Apollo’s chariot even if you are Apollo’s son. Besides, you probably are not Apollo’s son even if you think your 147 IQ proves you are.

    PS. This may seem like a nonsensical rant and there are two possible explanations. One is that I’m a bit loopy at around 4:00 AM when I can’t sleep; and the other is that such an odd seemingly nonsensical ranting and raving disproves my supposed 147 IQ.

    However, the third possibility is actually the correct one.

    And that mysterious third which was not given is:
    that this peculiar bit of raving is a true work of genius, a poetic masterpiece in which– as Jesus did– the secrets of the universe are explained in parable (although the author is of course not even the son of Apollo, much less the Christ).

    That, my friends, is the wonderful truth. And sadly, if this third option was not already obvious to you before I mentioned it then your IQ is significantly lower than 147.

    • Ahhh I always knew you were a 147. You just gave off those 147 vibes from the moment you strolled in here.

      I’m sure that the niggers and Jews have ruined your life and prevented you from achieving your just rewards.

      In my case, it was the Gypsies. They’re all in Europe, but they ruined my life anyway, If it wasn’t for those flamenco dancing horse traders, I’d be a rich man by now, mind you.

    • Daniel Abe

      Let me pick your little brain a bit. Could you please explain how exactly a group of people (“niggers”) who have virtually no power, since they have been completely disenfranchised and subjugated for centuries, have “ruined your life”? Also, just for curiosity’s sake, would you mind explaining why Hispanics are not included among those that have “ruined your life” because the last time I checked, Hispanics are also big on welfare, benefit from affirmative action, have a relatively high rate of poverty and crime and are also very much into hip hop. Thus, I am curious as to why it is only “niggers” that ruined your life (besides Jews) and caused you to be a perpetual loser. Could it be because they were the ones that got enslaved?

      You were flattered by your fellow racist (the author of this silly article) that you give out “147 IQ vibes”. I’m sorry to have to inform you that the only vibes you really give out, to truly objective and reasonable observers, is that of the typical internet self-aggrandizing egotistical moron who likes to find scapegoats for his/her own failures and hypocritically refuses to take responsibility (and there are several such people on this thread brandishing silly figures about. So you are in good company). Don’t kid yourself: most people can remember certain occasions in their lives when people (usually their parents) have said to them “you’re so smart”. It doesn’t really mean anything. (By the way, have you ever considered the possibility that your brain may simply have matured too quickly when you were a child and stopped developing very early? This might explain why you scored a supposedly high iq as a child but turned out to be an idiot as an adult – or, at most, very mediocre.)

      Interestingly, vulgar-minded people who have being deluded in this manner have a tendency to confuse inadequate public manifestation of their own wishes for evidence of intellectual deviation and, thus, personal intellectual eminence. This further reinforces their delusions of grandeur. The irony is that people like you fail to notice the irony (“embryonic irony”) of maligning, for example, blacks and jews while loftily complaining about social conformity in the same breadth. You sub-consciously ignore the fact that racism against black people and, to a much lesser extent, Jewish people has been the strongest, most powerful and most rewarding social trend at least in America, and is one of the biggest indicators of social conformance and “group think” in the United States. Thus, black-bashing has become a powerful emotional crutch (and sometimes a social stepping stool) for whites like yourself who suffer low self-esteem. Yet, people like you manage to convince yourselves that you are somehow breaking the norm by engaging in what is already and has always been standard behavior in America (even though it is pretentiously frowned upon in public).

      I will refer you back to the tell-tale sign that I indicated to in your ludicrous post: that if everyone’s brain was left exactly as it is but only one little piece of data was changed (perhaps by hypnosis) and that is the identity of the people who were used as slaves for the past four centuries and their descendants, your entire rant would have been noticeably different in content though the quality would remain exactly the same. You may spend the rest of the day using all the pep you can squeeze out from your ‘147 iq’ to understand why that is before trying to figure out what you can contribute to the world other than carbon dioxide.

    • Daniel Abe

      By the way, I forgot to add: who do you think you are kidding (other than your fellow racist imbeciles) with that crap about “oh, I didn’t really mean everything I just ranted?” You think many people aren’t already familiar with that form of post-catharsis laundering?

      Let me give you a word of advice: Whatever masturbatory satisfaction people like you get from posting hateful tirades about others on sites that few of them will ever even visit, it will always be a pyrrhic relief as long as you continue to maintain the subconscious notion that the objects of your targets are so far removed from human subjectivity that they cannot even be bothered by or conscious of such antics. Unfortunately, this psychological paradox (as with many other psychological paradoxes that are a product of the events of our recent history) will remain in American society well into the foreseeable future. And, like I reassured you earlier, you are in good company.

    • spino

      Really if you had a IQ that high then I fail touting that im around the 140s from some internet tests you would understand that being racist is reserved for the inferior such as you’ve just been included are you so lame as to not see having a very High IQ is an individual matter an not subject to exclusivity within a group determined by race creed class age or gender. I’m mixed mostly black. But suffered from communication issues since Early grade school have been called retarded as well mainly because of the original subject of this thread. …If people can’t understand you … So yes hated for not being the norm I isolated myself a lot. Please stop fueling more hatred towards others who are a minority which you happen not to be part of. ….Do not compare this to eg. the current plus size model issues, facts over opinions.

  23. Hacienda

    “rural Virginia where I’m gonna enjoy the peace and quiet”

    I’ve had this fantasy for decades. But for me it’s more like living on a remote island in the Pacific. Maybe creating a new religion. Non of this new age religion shit either. But one with the moral focus and intensity of the monotheistic religions, but somehow without the naked stupidity.

    Or a place in the California desert. Solar energy. Create a beautiful glass paneled place and howl with the dogs and coyotes out there. Maybe become buddies with a couple of them.

    As far as the niggers screwing up civilization, I agree. But it’s gonna be a circular process with the liberation of the red man. Then we take care of the nigger-Jew problem in a fair way.

    • I don’t think he was serious with all that “Niggers and Jews ruined my life” bullshit. 135 IQ, you should have caught that one, grasshopper. You been slacking off on the meditation. Try this: meditate on the sound of one nigger’s hand slacking.

      • Hacienda

        136 with a huge asterisk, buddy.

        Did much higher on the “proxy” IQ test like SAT, LSAT. Beside, not convinced that meditation while meditative, doesn’t make one stupid. Like a brick.

        Let’s ask ski. What do you REALLY think of niggers?

        • ski

          Nowadays I think of them as America’s adopted mentally retarded child. Sometimes very charming and endearing, sometimes embarrassing and silly, all too often dangerous– ’cause this retarded adopted child doesn’t lack brawn like he lacks brains. Often I think damn, why the hell was mama America thinking when she adopted this retarded child? I’m sick of living in the same house with him (if any White person claims he’s never had this thought, he’s probably lying). Ultimately though, I’ve come to accept him as a part of the national family. A handful and a headache, but still part of the national family.

          I see emancipation and desegregation as analogous to the mass closings of public mental hospitals. Sure, conditions were absolutely atrocious in many/most of these facilities, but when they just suddenly closed the doors we ended up with millions of schizophrenics on the streets where they were more of a danger to others and themselves. Just as conditions in the public mental hospitals were unacceptable, slavery and segregation should have been dropped or improved, but I don’t think what’s replaced them is good.

          I think we ought to try to do what’s best for Blacks and Whites in America, but that what’s best must necessarily involve Whitey both giving charity to, and imposing rules on Blackey.

          As far as specifics, don’t know what the solution is.

        • Gay State Girl

          “Nowadays I think of them as America’s adopted mentally retarded child.”

        • Bay Area Guy

          @ Ski


          My views on blacks have mellowed since a couple of years ago. I admit, I’m still a bit racist against them, and I don’t have a very high opinion of them as a group.

          But now, I try not to dwell on them too much. As long as I can avoid them and avoid dealing with them, they don’t bother me too much.

          I’m sick of living in the same house with him (if any White person claims he’s never had this thought, he’s probably lying)


          I don’t think that most whites hate or actively dislike black people, but I do think that most prefer not to live around/deal with blacks. I also think that if all blacks were to just magically be shipped to some African country by tomorrow, most whites would have a coke.

          Even though he’s considered one of the founding fathers of Critical Race Theory and I’m thus compelled to hate him, I think Derrick Bell’s “Space Traders” hit the nail on the head.

        • Gay State Girl

          It does make me sad though. The blacks and latinos that I deal with on a daily basis are pretty nice..

        • ski

          Yeah same with me. For a while there I was an ultra-racist and just really hated them, but now I would say I’m just a realist with a sprinkle of animosity. Avoiding them is a good idea, but the even if you can avoid the Blacks it’s damn hard to simultaneously avoid the White liberal PC white-guilters. These days I actually have much more animosity towards PC Whites than I do towards Blacks.

          That’s the thing. I do know quite a few Black folks who are really good people. And it also doesn’t seem right to lump the Tulio’s or Alpha Unit’s of the country in with “America’s mentally retarded adopted children,” but on a group level that’s really the only way I can think of Blacks.

        • WmarkW

          If black IQ’s are one SD below whites, that still implies that 75% of the populations will overlap. There are few whites “equal” to ghetto types, and few blacks equal to top scientists and other intellectuals. But in blue collar jobs employing the 25-75 percentiles, you wouldn’t notice any difference.

          I grew up in a suburb with an entrenched black population from its rural days, to which educated whites migrated. The black’s background wasn’t the same as the whites, so I accepted the “legacy” theory.

          When I started my career job, I joined the employees union, made up primarily of philosophically/politically pro-labor whites, plus blacks who believed they were victims of discrimination. Within a few months, it became clear that discrimination or legacies of oppression were NOT their problem.

        • Hacienda

          “As far as specifics, don’t know what the solution is.”

          Sex. Sex, sex, and more sex. Lot’s of it. It’s always been the salvation of mankind, it will be the salvation of mankind yet again. Let no cock-block stand in the way. It’s what the blacks have been saying all along. Sex, sex, and more sex. The Jew porn masters understand, Ron Jeremy “gets it”, Avena Lee “gets it”. Thailand “gets it”. Do you? Why go the hard road when the easy solution is right there?

        • Sam

          I just started reading Derrick Bell’s “Space Traders”. I’ve got to the trade part and I would say”no way”. Even though I’m in favor of deporting Blacks to Africa I wouldn’t give them up to aliens. Fuck the aliens. I’ll finish reading it now.

        • Sam

          Very unsatisfying ending.

    • WTF you are the Great Asian Man, the greatest product of human evolution ever, right? Just look at your ET appearance. You guys are evolving right up out of the damned naked ape race dammit.

      You’re afraid of a bunch of feral Black people?

      Chigga please.

      • Hacienda

        This Chigga loves Niggas like nighttime. Where would chinks and crackers be without our beloved niggers? Nowhere, that’s where.

        • You’re right. Everyone needs someone to look down on. Black people are like the dog that the frustrated office worker kicks when he gets home after another brutalizing day. A good outlet for displaced aggression. Kick the Black pet dog lying on the floor, after all, you can’t very well punch your boss.

          And why not? Everyone else is doing it.

      • Xera

        Ha ha ha ha ha ha, I can’t stop laughing you are the best Robert Lindsay.

        Although I don’t think that analogy with the black dog is right because all only the whites living in leafy houses can do that, the rest of them including the chigga’s have to deal with their athleticism and their popping caps, the chigga’s are perpetually stuck in the E.T zone due to their inability to drive properly, lack of any physical proficiency, and their perpetual foreigner status based on their weird looks causing them bamboo ceilings to shutten them in enterna chigga zone.

    • Don’t you understand, Hacienda-san.

      Look at ski.

      He’s White. He could have been a contender. He could have been somebody. He could have had class. Instead he’s just a bum, which is what he is, let’s face it.


      • Hacienda


        I told you. English is my Second Language. I’m just an ESL student with pretensions of knowing the white mind.

        The depths of white/black thing-ding-whoop-ass-motherfuck-kkk-oomph-ooga-luga the shit that’s been going down between you two for centuries. I’m just a newbie trying to find my way. Dead bodies black and white buried underneath me, everywhere and everyone too traumatized to show me the way.

        I really did think that ski, being the good Christian that he is would want to reveal the Jew hiding behind the enormous black jock-strap. Lift the yarmulke covering the black welfare masses. Shine a light on all dat. But, double crossed again. It’s true, two white minds in network beat one Asian, even if that Asian is a Korean.

    • Dota


      “”Non of this new age religion shit either. But one with the moral focus and intensity of the monotheistic religions, but somehow without the naked stupidity. “””

      If you read the Quranic polemics against Jews and Christian doctrine, you’d think that Muhammad had the same idea as you, but things didn’t work out exactly as planned =p

      Let’s hope you have better luck 😉

      • Hacienda

        “Let’s hope you have better luck.”

        Islam is the last true religion. Christianity is looking mighty sickly. Islam may be man’s last best hope for men. Christianity seems to be the last best hope for women.

        • Gay State Girl

          Based on what I said earlier, What do you think of the role of Jewish women?

        • Hacienda

          “What do you think of the role of Jewish women?”

          I don’t really what the Jewish role of women is. I’ve read
          parts of the old testament and that was so long ago.

          From what I know (not much), the roles seem very segregated, as
          all ancient beliefs about men and women have it. It seems
          like the men get the freedom and power, the women get
          the reproduction of Judaism itself. It’s a very civilized set up.
          I like it.

        • The role of Jewish women?

          Like all women. Prone. Next question?

        • Dota

          “”Islam is the last true religion.”””

          Depends on how you define ‘true’ of course. That part is debatable. I’d rephrase that sentence and say that it is the last Abrahamic religion that won’t go down without a fight.

          “Christianity seems to be the last best hope for women.”

          You’ll have to explain this to me. I might have an idea but I’m not making any assumptions.

        • Hacienda

          ” I might have an idea but I’m not making any assumptions.”

          I got nothing to add about it that isn’t well known already. Jesus is the teen idol, natural magnet for teenage girls and mothers too. The boys latch onto that as a way to become studs and a way to poon. This has been well observed about Christianity. The erotica, the lust at its heart. It feeds the female.

          Islam is manly. It’s got male dignity. At least enough of it. I’m for neither. I like it that both are polarized.

        • Gay State Girl

          “I got nothing to add about it that isn’t well known already. Jesus is the teen idol, natural magnet for teenage girls and mothers too. The boys latch onto that as a way to become studs and a way to poon. This has been well observed about Christianity. The erotica, the lust at its heart. It feeds the female.”

        • Gay State Girl


        • “I got nothing to add about it that isn’t well known already. Jesus is the teen idol, natural magnet for teenage girls and mothers too. The boys latch onto that as a way to become studs and a way to poon. This has been well observed about Christianity. The erotica, the lust at its heart. It feeds the female.”

          Jesus Christ. Pornstar. Do you think you’re what they say you are?

        • Dota


          “”Jesus is the teen idol, natural magnet for teenage girls and mothers too. The boys latch onto that as a way to become studs and a way to poon. This has been well observed about Christianity. The erotica, the lust at its heart. It feeds the female. “”

          lol at how you’ve put this. Some authors have described a sexual component to the female devotion to Jesus. I never knew what to make of it since I’ve never experienced Christianity from the inside. Islam was based on the old Bedouin values of honour and Chivalry which Muhammad was trying to protect from the excesses of Meccan mercantilism.

        • Amy

          Re: Dota and the sexualized aspects that may occasionally observed in Jesus worship (I’ve read some weird things about some nuns)–I suspect that, in part, this is one more thing that Christianity picked up from polytheistic religions–specifically, all those weird orgiastic Greek and Roman cults, e.g., Dionysus/Bacchus, Adonis, Orpheus, etc.

          There’s also the metaphor Jesus used of Himself as Bridegroom and the Church as the Bride, which has got to be discomfiting to many Christian men.

          In terms of male-female relations, though, according to the New Testament the husband is the head of the household. (The original Greek word, kephale, was also used to mean the “point man” in a military squadron.) Husbands have responsibilities of leadership in a Christian marriage. It’s not a feminist religion, at least not going by the contemporary definition of feminism, which blurs distinctions between men and women (except of course when men are being portrayed as oppressors or monsters). However, Christian wives are not treated like property, children, or slaves. There’s even a verse in the New Testament stating that if husbands do not treat their wives with respect their prayers will be hindered.

        • Dota

          @ Amy

          What you’ve said makes sense. I’ve come across Christian agony aunt forums online where Husbands are jealous of their wives’ devotion.

          But this is familiar

          Hindus worship the phallus (lingam) of the deity Shiva. I think it was Angana Chatterjee who also observed that some women rub their genitals against it to boost fertility. Remarkable how geographically diverse pagan cultures shared certain commonalities.

        • Maciano

          Fuck that shit. I don’t need Islam or 72 virgins in afterlife to live like a man today. Whatever happened to just living your life and having a bit of fun? Two kids and a dog is still possible whatever MRAs say. The West, for all its ills, still is a place where you can have fun, be yourself and be fairly well-off at the same time. You can do all sorts of hedonistic stuff and nobody gives a flying fuck out here. You prefer Islam over that?! I sure don’t.

          OTOH, you are right in your basic analysis. I always wondered why lefties, women or whatever progressive-alligned group always stand up for Islam, because Islam in the West would work out wonderfully for straight traditionalist white men. Ironically enough, it’s this group that fights hardest against it.

        • Priyamvada Jain

          Maciono, “I always wondered why lefties, women or whatever progressive-alligned group always stand up for Islam”

          We don’t. We stand up for religious liberty and freedom. We are not partial to Islam because Islam opposes religious liberty, but we support an individual’s right to choose whatever religion they fancy, even if its a morally, spiritually and intellectually bereft one. There is no accounting for taste, my friend.

          “because Islam in the West would work out wonderfully for straight traditionalist white men.”

          Islam would work out horrifically for the West. There is a tipping point of Muslim population before it starts to negatively effect the society as a whole and begins to infringe on the liberties of other citizens.

          If Christianity, Judaism or any other religion that’s on offer doesn’t appeal to you, then why not create your own?

  24. An Unmarried Man


    Is Stephen Hawking just being modest?

    What is your I.Q.?

    I have no idea. People who boast about their I.Q. are losers.

    • Amy

      I expect he probably does know his IQ, but doesn’t consider it worth discussing.
      That line is probably even funnier when heard through his voice synthesizer. It’s oddly suited to his dry wit.

      • An Unmarried Man

        I stumbled across this because I was trying to back up my intuition about a correlation between intelligence and physical robustness. Stephen Hawking sorta killed that. Is it possible to be a nuclear physicist with a 105 IQ?

        • No.

          Hawking’s IQ is ~160. Something like that. I have seen it written up.

        • Amy

          “Is it possible to be a nuclear physicist with a 105 IQ?”
          Probably not, but I wouldn’t be terribly surprised to find I’m wrong about that.

          There’s intellectual robustness, physical robustness, emotional robustness, attitudinal robustness, robustness of character–many overlapping elements that either strengthen or handicap us. Some of us can overcome pain and other physical discomforts more easily than others. Likewise stress and other nervous/emotional discomforts.

        • Heynman’s IQ was supposedly only ~120 or so. James Watkins IQ is only ~117.

        • Hacienda

          “Is it possible to be a nuclear physicist with a 105 IQ?”

          Yes, but it would be an awful existence. Yo’du have to study 24/7 to only have the most basic ideas understood with no pleasure in actual feeling of mastery or skill or fluidity. The math would be incomprehensible and too fast for you to follow any lecture. You’d always feel a sense of nagging inadequacy and alienation. All the other nuclear physicists would treat you like a laughingstock. The only benefit of it is that you could say you are a nuclear physicist to your relatives. But it would be empty as they know your actual capacity.

        • An Unmarried Man

          The difference between an intercooled, turbocharged 2 liter 4-cylinder engine pumping out 300 horsepower and a normally aspirated V8 pumping out 305 horsepower. They both hit 60 in 5 seconds, but…

          Devotedly applied, yes, it’s possible. I think what will be missing is the innovation and discovery. I don’t believe the 105 IQ’d physicist will be able to extrapolate any groundbreaking theories from the existing models of string theory, etc. Intelligence is an ability to know and realize beyond what you know.

        • Hacienda

          ” I don’t believe the 105 IQ’d physicist will be able to extrapolate any groundbreaking theories from the existing models of string theory, etc. Intelligence is an ability to know and realize beyond what you know.”

          Live without delusions. The 105 IQ man belongs in nuclear physics, like
          a cripple belongs in the Olympic 100 meter final.

        • An Unmarried Man

          I’d be curious to see how that scenario would pan out. Has a deranged Monty Pythonesque feel to it.

        • Gay State Girl

          Or a testicular cancer survivor in a ‘shooting’ contest.

        • Hacienda

          “Heynman’s IQ was supposedly only ~120 or so. James Watkins IQ is only ~117.”

          Feyman’s verbal IQ is fairly modest. Mechanical and constrained. Watch a video of him. He has unusually great visualization skills. Won some junior math contests in record beating ways.

          Check out this video of Feynman. If this was your high school teacher talking you’d have a DOH! reaction. But this is the great Feynman so you go Damn that’s deep. LOL.

          Watson at 117? LOL, if that’s true, given some of his words of wisdom. Including his regret that he wasn’t born black and a pimp. Upon such assholes is Western civilization built.

        • An Unmarried Man

          Hacienda said “DOL!”

          Springfield Curve:

          Homer Simpson: 93
          Marge Simpson: 94
          Bart Simpson: 102
          Lisa Simpson: 111
          Maggie Simpson: 140 (est)
          Barney Gumble (adult): 87
          Burns: 147

        • Hacienda

          Gotham City:

          Batman: 170
          Robin 110
          Joker 120
          Alfred 80
          Riddler 140
          The Commissioner 75

          What’s your point hoss?

        • An Unmarried Man

          Why the point is that Rudolf Franz Ferdinand Höss and I have the same birthday, albeit, with 64 years of separation.

          And I think you gotta take 15 points from Batman and give them to the Joker.

        • Hacienda

          170 is low end already. His creation of the Batplane alone qualifies him for that at least. A technological wonder. Breathtaking.

          Joker never creates, he just steals things and throws smoke bombs and tells bad jokes. Just an uninspired mediocrity destined for no good.

      • An Unmarried Man

        But it can also be argued that perhaps his physical robustness has allowed him to survive so long with ALS. After all, his IQ obviously pre-dated his illness.

        • Amy

          I suspect his sense of humor has added years to his life. Pessimism is a killer–many studies back this up!

      • An Unmarried Man

        Batman sucks cock, but you got me 🙂

    • I’m a loser. And I’m not what I appear to be.

      • Tim Weir

        She was a girl in a million, my friend

      • An Unmarried Man

        Your post was really about how being extraordinarily intelligent is like having a harelip. Then everybody started bragging about he hideousness of their harelips 🙂

      • Hacienda

        “And I’m not what I appear to be.”

        You sound a lot different on the radio. Kinda flat and thoughtful. Don’t really hear the womanizer, lady-killer.

        In this kind of race-realist format, where posters tend to take on the identity of their race, religion, or ethnicity, they seem larger than life. Like statues.

  25. Gay State Girl

    Normans going to craft me an engagement ring out of spare thread of his prison uniform.

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  27. Yeun from SG

    Why not? If you are given that, why don’t happily accept the fact (even though it might not bring you any higher salary)

    I took Mensa’s IQ test about 12 years ago, certified with an IQ of 156 & found out recently that I am also a INTJ (being a INTJ woman is even more rare on this planet). There’s no wrong being a “Genius”. To me, Intelligence should help you find a way in making the communication “easy to understand” by any common people. Make full use of your gift to find your best method(s) to let the normal ppl get your point effectively. *let face it, the ppl we meet daily won’t just simply disappear, this is reality.

  28. Yeun from SG

    people become “idiots” when they too full of themselves & start thinking too highly of themselves that they are above all other living things…… **maybe they think they are immortals already….. what a shame….sigh

  29. Oh hallelujah! I loved reading this post. I was screaming YES and AMEN to myself repeatedly while reading, dammit, I almost cried a bit!
    I realize it’s been over a year since you wrote this, but you wrote a LOT and I’m trying to catch up!
    I used to have an IQ of 145 in my twenties. The last test I took was one by Illustrated Science and apparently I have gotten a lot dumber. 133. On the other hand I had primary hyperparathyroidism at the time and my brain has been feeling unusually muddled these past few years, although it’s been taken care of now. Well, the hyperparathyroidism at least.
    I have this love/hate relationship with my brain. I love how quickly I learn which gives me the time to learn even more. But that’s pretty much all I love about it.
    I hate that my brain never shuts up, always needs to over analyze everything, usually adding depressive gloom to the analysis so that the final product comes out way more negative than necessary.
    I hate the OCD!
    I hate the feeling of isolation. Like I’m not really part of the human race because no human seems to understand me in the slightest. For some reason I have always felt inadequate, like I’m the one who’s not doing a good enough job explaining.
    I don’t fit in. Never have. Society is built for the people of average intelligence since they are in majority. For the below average ones there’s a safety net in most cases. I wish there was one for the above average ones. I may be smart but that is in NO way helpful in trying to get through this confusing concept called life! I’m on disability and have been for 20 years! And I’m 40!
    It SO doesn’t help with men! Men could not be any less interested in your IQ, they just want you to be happy and grateful and horny.
    Oh, and then there is that shame thing. You’re supposed to NEVER EVER EVER mention that you happen to have a high IQ because WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? You so much as mention it once and you are a stuck up bitch who is looking down her nose at others.
    What you wrote about people always misunderstanding you… Yeah, I’m starting to get it. It’s not me, it’s them. I can explain until the cows come home but if I do that for a while and they still don’t get it then they start feeling like I might think that they are dumbasses (which I do although I try to stretch my patience and contain my frustration in order to hide my thoughts on the matter) in which case they respond with aggression and abuse to show me that I have no business coming here and blah blah blah…
    There is zero winning with a high IQ. Yes, I concede, some seem to be able to make it work for them, but I am completely oblivious as to how! I think there must be another factor. Something separate from just intelligence. A quality, a gene. I tend to think of it as the chess gene. High IQ people are known for being such masters at chess. I suck HARD at chess! I completely lack the ability to plan 19 steps ahead and manipulate the situation. I know plenty of people with significantly lower IQs than mine who have this ability. They float through life. Everything seems so smooth for them. They even rock at chess which of course convinces them that I’m in reality a dumbass since I can’t beat the first level of a chess game against the computer….
    Maybe I’m the only high IQ person that lacks the chess gene, I don’t know. It’s just something I’ve been pondering.
    I know I’m not mistaken. I have taken enough IQ tests in my, even the Mensa one, to know that I’m at least around 140. But sadly, I will always remain a loser at life.
    Anyway, thank you so much for this post! It was a very necessary one! 🙂

  30. Joule Ruse

    It seems you need to vent once in awhile. I can dig that, man.

    Say, you ever try focusing on emotional reciprocity in interpersonal exchange as opposed to intellectual capacities?

    You may find that they have a few strengths where you have a few weaknesses.

    And also, when this frustration happens, if it does still go on, maybe you could consider other factors aside from intelligence, to help you grow in patience rather than in anger.

    Like…processing speed…the ability to reduce uncertainty…learning disorders…so it goes.

    Your estimations may often be more inaccurate than you presume.

    And lastly, consider the concept that a high IQ has nothing to do with communicative intelligence. That is, people and street smarts. Have you considered that you’re kinda socially inadequate? and that that has nothing to do with general and abstract intelligence?

  31. Pete

    “I must honestly say that my brains have never done my much of any good, and any good they have done has been massively counteracted by all of the negative stuff. They’ve turned off way more women than they turned on. They’ve hardly made me a nickel. They openly and objectively turn off the vast majority of people I meet. They’re essentially useless as far as making a good show in the interpersonal world and the world of money and success, or maybe worse than useless, an actual hindrance.”

    I can relate to all but the money, I am doing well making money by making websites and online marketing, intelligence does convert to cold hard cash if your doing it right, the only thing is, I have to dumb down all the creative stuff (generic and simple has mass appeal).

    ” Worse, they are getting a 100% inaccurate message from what I am communicating. Often the message they are getting is the exact opposite of what I am communicating. It’s very common that people claim I am communicating a view that I actually hate.”

    This ^ is the worst, happens a lot and sometimes it’s just too awkward to correct people. My really dumb friends often repeat something that was just said on tv or by someone else, but use different words that totally mess up the meaning of what was said. The worst part is they are usually stubborn about the “facts” they have learned through such misunderstandings.

    “It’s true. When you’re as smart as I am, a good 85% of the people you meet day in and day out seem like total fucking drooling retarded ass pinheads. They’re so stupid and so incapable of understanding that you’re almost afraid to even talk to them because half the stuff you say is either misunderstood or not comprehended at all.”


    I have very stupid friends and it’s refreshing to hear someone who experiences the same things I do. Dumb people often think I’m the idiot because I usually cant make much conversation with them and it can be discouraging for me, sometimes I even worry I have a mental illness. But to hear the same things from you reassures me of my sanity in this crazy world. Sometimes I honestly fear for the stability of society.

    • Revel8

      You have a right to fear for the stability of society, as it’s not stable. The reincarnation of Rome is about to fall. Yes, the American empire. The deflationary crash of ’08 hasn’t ended just because they pumped a massive amount of temporary inflationary stimulus into the system…

      On top of that we have an ongoing nuclear disaster which will be gushing immensely radioactive water into the pacific ocean for decades. If not centuries. We already seem to be seeing the “mysterious” mass die offs in the Pacific. And they haven’t even removed the spent fuel rods yet either…

      What moron decided to put a damn nuclear power plant on one of the most geologically active spots on the planet? This may very well have doomed nearly all life on this planet as we know it. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the human species is dead or dying in the next 20-30 years. If something goes wrong in removing the extremely delicate spent fuel rods, it may be sooner than that.

      Add to that the fall of the American empire which will now come as a partial result of Fukushima and the world war it’s likely to generate, there’s not much to be hopeful for as far as the stability of humanity is concerned.

  32. Rose

    This resonated with me. My I.Q. is also 147 and I do not feel that I can communicate effectively with the majority of the population. I have also been intrigued by the link between intelligence and alcoholism.

    • Big G

      I here you. I can watch something , wether sports of political and the majority sees something else. I need to be around a different crowd. im 145 and I seem to be alone in this world. where are all the smart people I want to talk to.

  33. Pretentious

    So pretentious. You’re using your score on an intelligence test as a cop-out for your poor social skills. If you are in fact a genius, as you somewhat conceitedly proclaim, then you’ll have no problem finding ways to communicate fluidly and intelligently with other people.

    • All right, you are banned.

    • Revel8


      “When a true genius appears, you can know him by this sign: that all the dunces are in a confederacy against him.”
      – Jonathan Swift

      Including you, Pretentious.

      “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly.”
      – Albert Einstein

      It’s not necessarily that his social skills are poor; it’s more likely that everyone else’s are. Including yours, Pretentious.

    • Robert Jackson

      My IQ is high I can communicate quit well with people when I want to. The only thing I hate is most people call me crazy once they get to know me.

  34. John

    Mr. Lindsay,

    I ran across this while doing a Google search today.

    I have scanned your comments policy. I am here to attack the thinking in this blog post, starting with your opening sentence. I’ll be polite, but given the nature of this post I will have to speculate some about you. I’ll try to limit that.

    First, my background, as it applies to this post: IQ taken by academics using WISC-R in my youth: 135. My mother is an English professor at a Big Ten university; my father was a direct hire of the board of a Fortune 500. I have been around very intelligent people my entire life. My mother’s current partner is an Oxford-educated professor of philosophy and the author of the Oxford textbook in his given field of expertise. He’s no slouch.

    You open by declaring yourself a genius, based on an IQ score. I looked at the Oxford definition of what a genius is and it didn’t mention IQ score at all. That’s something to think about.

    Taken further: one commenter on this very post suggested you take the IQ exam again, to which you replied “Fuck it, I got my nice scores, I ain’t taking any more tests. Besides, I took a lot of drugs in the meantime LOL.” With that statement you seem to acknowledge the possibility that you may not have an IQ of 147 anymore, and that (based on your own reasoning) you may not be a genius at this time.

    The first salient word in your article is “value”. You say your brains never did you any good, and then go on to imply that them doing you good would mean them bringing value into your life in the form of money and women. You say “they” (your brains) never did this, never did that, turned off women, etc. I only offer: nobody sees your brain. People see your body, and hear your voice. Your brains didn’t “do” anything. It’s true: they have no inherent value. Only what you do with your brain is valued by others.

    Why? Because people value what they can possess, and you can’t give them your brain.

    So whatever it is you’re offering to people (to women, in exchange for their company, and to all people, in exchange for their money) is not of enough value. People don’t want to barter with you because you aren’t offering enough in return. It’s that simple. People will always snap up a great deal.

    From value we can get to power and to attraction (which applies in women and in business), but I’ll skip that: it’s implied, and it follows.

    You go on to say that “Most people think if they can’t understand you, that you must be either weird, crazy or possibly evil or criminal in some way.”

    I agree, but let’s reverse it: have you ever been IQ < 100? How can you assume that you understand those people? How can you understand what it's like to "be like everyone else?"

    To conclude: you haven't creatively transformed your asset into value that others can use. Many, many, many creative people have been able to do this. Stevie Wonder certainly did, as did Einstein, and the list goes on.

    I'll be interested to read your reply, if it is thoughtful. I'll definitely be checking back.

  35. Derek Mason

    My IQ is only 115, but I got a near perfect score on my SAT and make nearly 100,000 dollars a year while working only 5 hours a day at an operating room. This just goes to show you that neither IQ nor genetics=destiny, and effort and environment are the predominant factors in an individual’s success.

    • Robert Jackson

      Yeah I don’t read to deeply into the IQ scores and tests. They really are just an educated guess based on some theory someone came up with.

  36. Eric

    On point John. You need to relax Robert and join a sport, get outdoors and stop smoking weed that shit will fuck with your head in the long term.

  37. Mike Surname

    Tested at 138 on Weschler and 141 on Ravens advanced progressive matrices. I work in a warehouse. I managed to teach myself calculus at 13 years old. I consider that my greatest life achievement to date lol.

    Everyone calls me weird at work all day long while simultaneously avoiding me like the plague. I can’t talk to anyone at work about anything. Often they do not understand any of the words i use. The communicative gap you mentioned that becomes readily apparent with a 30 point gap is the bane of my existence.

    I suppose I could try and find meaningful social interaction at some artificially constructed group like mensa that narrowly concentrates IQ.

    It really sucks when you see that humanity doesn’t have more than 200 years left on this planet before the inevitable regression back into tribalism due to mass ecocide. Oh, and the sporadic and episodic bouts of existential depression and seeing the logic in suicide is always fun.

    Having a high IQ fucken sucks. Be thankful if you’re stupid is what i say.

  38. Basit

    I found out quite early that I was a bit – well, quite a lot – more gifted than most of my peers. Per the adults I grew up around I learnt that I showed a significant presence of mind that most of my peers didn’t. Talk about I.Q. tests? I’m a high 166 (Weschler). I won’t pretend. Being smart is amazing. I like to think I possess the most important, basic skills: lingual mastery and logical prowess. That is to say my speech is near flawless, interesting and full of rich grammar. I am currently writing a book series, by the way. I,m no Sherlock Holmes but you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone whose powers of deduction and induction rival mine.
    It’s good to have good ideas flowing into your mind all the time (I am quite imaginative) but there is the slight price of being misunderstood. It happens to me all the time and grammar that seems very basic to me ends up being the pivot around which people would sooner turn away from me than be made to look unintelligent. Not my fault but there it is. In my opinion that is a price I have no problem paying. I am not very sociable, anyway, and would sooner have my thoughts for companion.

    • Thank you very much for this.

      • Ambrose D. Roger

        My IQ is 134 and this is no deterrent to having a social life. Just find a bunch of high IQ friends and discuss politics or science with them. You can always join a high IQ society or find high IQ friends online. There are 30 million people with IQ’s over 130, sure you could find one if you look hard enough. Sadly, this limits 130±’ers to 3% of the world popupation, and the artifically inflated high IQ’ers (CHINKS!) are no fun to conversate with.

        • George Mack

          ” Just find a bunch of high IQ friends and discuss politics or science with them.”


    • Robert Jackson

      I think IQ can be used by those who posses it in what ever way interests them the most. One person with an IQ of 160 might be shitty with language but great with math. I see higher IQ as something that makes it easier for a person to hone whatever skill they are interested in the most. Not every Genius who is interested in Physics is interested in language, however if they wanted to they could be.

      I don’t put much stock into IQ test results, I think it helps maybe show that one person may have the ability to learn things much more quickly than another but I don’t think testing skills is any way to measure IQ. Testing how quickly a person can learn skills would be a more accurate way to judge IQ.

  39. Ambrose D. Roger

    With a 147 IQ, you could make good money if you put in some effort. In my opinion, high IQ+mild psychopathy=high success. CEO’s are the occupation with the highest rate of psychopathy and the highest rate of top 1% percentil IQ occurrence. 147 puts you above the top 1st percentil so if you are just willing to be a mild psychopath and do some backstabbing, manipulation, and fucking over, you could very well make some decent cha-ching. However, you don’t sound like the type that is willing to screw ppl over.

  40. JMO

    Thank you for your article. My mother recently told me “I didn’t acknowledge how smart I was”, she told me my tested IQ was 147… Your article helped me realize I wasn’t crazy. In the work place people pretend I am the one who doesn’t get it, even though I’m thinking steps ahead and can’t believe they really can’t see what I am talking about, it’s befuddling. In addition, the lack of basic reading comprehension this email era can be infuriating. No matter what. Thank you. I don’t feel alone or crazy. So thank you.

  41. upanddown

    I had an IQ test done. 138. Then I was diagnosed as Bipolar and put on a shitload of medication. I felt numb, so stupid. I had another IQ test done, just to see how far I had fallen– it was 147. Basically I see it like this: if you can’t change the situation, change your mind. If you think everyone is an idiot, then they are going to BE idiots, but if you expect them to be living, breathing human beings, then they are pretty okay. I don’t expect anyone to understand me. I tell my students that having a high IQ is all very well and good but if you are neurotic, it is all for nothing. Use your brains for love, man. ❤

  42. I didn’t know i was all that much smarter then most until college. I didn’t have to study in k-12 to get by, so i didn’t. I thought i wasn’t much good at conversing since many couldn’t figure out what i was talking about, so i clammed up. Then I got motivated and graduated with honors in comp sci. Rose to top at work too. Managed to figure out how to dumb it down. After all i could figure out what dumb dumbs where ‘thinking’, had to plan ahead a bit and keep it stupid simple. Works ok, but is tiresome and as rewarding as a sunburn. Usually takes little more than initial contact to figure out how low i had to go. But get yacking with another sharp engineer and i can rattle on and on. Took IQ test dozen or so years back and i too have an IQ of 147. I’m fortunate to have found an excellent career for my personalty type and IQ. Most others are reasonably smart and the subject matter is confined. Still pretty much keep my yap shut tho.

  43. JessicaGiovanna

    *sigh* thank you so much for writing this. I often feel so misunderstood.

  44. Austin

    Interesting look at society Robert. While I don’t agree on all the points I like the perspective. My IQ is roughly the same as yours, 145 or something around that. As you probably know IQ can go up, and down with time, and is not static, but mine over the last few years has held around there, give or take a couple points.

    I know what you mean about it being difficult to communicate, but there are ways around it. It’s difficult though, because then you find yourself explaining things all the time, and when you finally do talk to someone actually intelligent, you sound insulting. aaaa communication. Think about this though, have you heard of the Flynn effect? Basically it shows that average IQ goes up in time, so I find it interesting to think about how the English language was possibly created by morons, if they indeed had such low IQ’s.

    As for how Genius pertains to wealth, and women, I like to think it’s like a tool. Like any tool say for instance a truck, it can be used for whatever. You can leave it parked in the garage collecting rust, or you can use it to haul hay or do other things. Like high IQ which is just a tool. A means to an end, it’s not a hindrance, unless you can’t afford the insurance payments that is. Good and bad, these things can coexist. There are many bad aspects of stupidity as well, death I would think being high on the list.

    Also just one last thing, I hope that you know that intelligence comes from the mother. So saying that women are not as smart as men is provably false, because we received our intelligence from women. Pretty mind blowing I know. Check out this link.


    • Robert Jackson

      These theories and Ideas on where intelligence and many other things come from change constantly, none of it is pure fact. I can tell you the mother of my father was not a genius. I am not sure if the mother of my grandfather was or not.
      They just discovered that Humans actually have 24 chromosomes and that could explain heritability. They have even discovered that our genetic code is made up of more than one language, they know there is at least two languages, one built on top of the other. Genes turn on and off from generation to generation.

  45. Robert–loved the post, hit spang on, thanks!

    I run 140 +/- 5 (depending on drugs consumed lately). To me this means I make mistakes 40% faster than the average dude. At least that gives me more time to recover, right?

    OR DOES IT??!?

    I’m a city bus driver. I’m good at it, too. I drive the **** outta that bus 5 days a week. Great career choice, huh?

    If you ask me something about my transit system, you ask me for directions, you ask me where the bus stop for the route 69 is, I’m your man. You ask me anything else and I have to make a judgement call about you.

    (Well, truly, sometimes it takes me a couple of tries to describe where the route 69 stop is. I mean, really? What part of “turn right at the corner” did you fail to understand the first time?)

    Usually my riders like to talk about sports. I don’t give a shit about sports myself, so I have some canned responses. Like:

    Dude: “Do you thing Surname will do good things for the Team this year?”
    Me: “Sure. But he really has to WANT it.”
    Dude: “Wow! Man, are you right!”

    I send out little probes, of course. I quip wise, I flirt carefully (I’m a public employee…gotta watch that!) Once in a while I strike gold. Once in a great while…

    Anyway, thanks for giving voice to my frustrations!

    • George Mack

      Do you mean to say that you’ve tested at 140 and estimate that it runs up and down within a range of 10 points?
      Or do you actually mean that you’ve tested repeatedly between135 and 145?

      If so, how do you have access to these tests? Are they online? Do you buy those “Know Your IQ” books? Or what?

  46. I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoyed this article. I have an I.Q. of 148. I’m 29 years old an until recently I never was very interested in I.Q. when I started to get older more n more things started to make sense to me as to why the situation was happening that I was in or the outcome of something. Relationships ruined cause of not being able to communicate with my girlfriends. I actually just read up on a list of 5 things geniuses are prone to n I fell into all 5 groups. Staying up all hours of the night, depression, bad health, drug n alcohol abuse and paying attention to detail. Sometimes I feel so alone cause nobody understands me. Every woman I’ve been with has left me because I hold such strong point of views. I think something ia common sense while someone else Doesn’t know what the hell I’m even talking about. I feel like its a curse. I’ve done nothing productive with my I.Q. besides argue with every person I know. Its yet to bring me any good fortune an I’m beginning to hate it. Other characteristics associated with genius is lieing, I’m the biggest liar to my friends. Not having children cause its not a fitting situation. ..this summer my most recent ex gf was pregnant n I decided an abortion was the intelligent thing to do because we wernt where we wanted to be in life needless to say she left me. I don’t know what to do I don’t wanna live this way amymore.

    • I am a genius too, but I do not lie a tremendous amount. I do when it seems to be the best thing to do in the situation. Mostly these are white lies but not always.

      There is no reason to push strong points of view on people. I am a genius too but I do not push my POV on people. No agrees with me about anything anyway, so why bother? That said, you really do need to stick to your guns sometimes.

      No reason to be suicidal. I am 56 years old and I haven’t killed myself yet and honestly I do not think I ever will. Life isn’t always the best, but the alternative seems so much worse.

    • Guy

      Mr. Lindsay, with all due respect, I don’t believe that as a group individuals with relatively high IQs find life more challenging and less rewarding than those with average or relatively low ones. My psychologist-administered test score is 148, and I most definitely do not consider myself a genius; Stephen Hawking is a genius. It also would never occur to me to volunteer my score to anyone; frankly, I cannot even imagine a context in my social environment in which the subject would come up—it would be like volunteering your salary or how beautiful people think you are, both of which would be just as gauche in western society as offering up that one scores in genius range on an IQ test or tests. I am fortunate to have wonderful friends and a fulfilling career, and I have been in two long-term relationships that span virtually my entire adult life (I’m 52). I’m very curious and revel in my ability to process information quickly and understand complex issues. In my interactions with others, do I sometimes perceive that I’m quicker, know more, have a better vocabulary, etc., than others? Yes, but that doesn’t make me see them as inferior, just different. Does this perceived disparity in quantifiable intelligence impede my ability to have a rich and full life? Not in the least. In fact, I see it as a gift for which I’m tremendously grateful. If I have one regret it’s that I’m just smart enough to know how limited I am in terms of my ability to think and comprehend at a truly high level. It’s like being given just one bite of an especially luscious piece of cake and knowing that’s all I’ll ever get. In any case, I sincerely hope that you can find ways to appreciate your gift of intelligence, rather than using it as a scapegoat for what you think is wrong with your life, and in particular, how others perceive you. I think you could be a much happier person if you searched for answers inside rather than outside of yourself.

  47. Revel8

    “The public is wonderfully tolerant. It forgives everything except genius.”
    – Oscar Wilde

    I agree with you Robert, you can have such a comprehension of subjects that those without the same level of comprehension often just can’t relate. The average person typically can relate to only what they know. And if they don’t know what you’re saying, it can be much more difficult for them to relate to you.

    At this early point in human history, success in most areas is built upon relationships. When you’re so smart in areas that others can’t relate to you, it can be difficult to build many of those success-building relationships.

    My own experience seems to be nearly exactly the same as yours. I’ll tell people one thing, yet they’ll interpret it as me saying the exact opposite. It seems that often times those in the general populace have so many irrational prejudices that if you don’t fit into one of these prejudices, they try to make you fit.

    It’s enough to make one avoid social contact in near totality. And that’s what I did. At around the year 2005, I had enough of it. The irrational redundancy of social interaction at this early point in human history was easier for me to avoid than to participate in.

    This isolation was also driven in part by my formulation of a new macroeconomic theory which accurately predicted the housing, stock market, and dollar crashes in relation to commodities like gold and silver. I warned nearly everyone I knew about these upcoming events. And what did I get for doling out such sage economic advice? I got called dozens of names, mostly amounting to me being an idiot. Even my own grandmother said I should stop being so pessimistic. As if pessimism had anything to do with it.

    So with virtually no support for my ideas, with no understanding of them, I just stopped desiring social interaction. With nearly everyone. Including my family. I haven’t been to a Thanksgiving or Christmas in about a decade. I have little desire going out in public as the public demands I be something that I’m not.

    I agree with you. At this point in human history, it’s often better to be around average than exceptional in an intellectual sense.

    “When a true genius appears in this world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him.”
    – Jonathan Swift

    P.S. Have you by chance seen the movie Idiocracy Robert? If you haven’t, you might just enjoy it as much as I did.

  48. Robert Jackson

    LMFAO this article kind of sums it. I love this.

    “Robert, does 85% of the population really seem to total fucking drooling retards?”

    I always say “It amazes me that 90% of the people on this planet can put a fork to their fucking mouth and feed themselves”

    I am always saying how “Most people are just one step up from being drooling retards. So yes most people seem like drooling retards, I feel bad for them. I also have often wished I was just normal, I could live a much simpler life and not have to analyze every last fucking thing I see or hear. I would probably have been married by now and had a family too.

    I know in the near future I am going to have to force myself to meet someone and start a family, I want to do that before I die. I have always had a problem meeting women. Well dating them, I do good at meeting them because I was lucky to be born attractive. My problem is I turn them all into friends because I over analyze shit and can never figure out if they like me or not? I mean honestly if a female doesn’t just come out and say it or take their cloths off I am totally lost.

    I did have a long term relationship of nearly 3 years. She would always get upset because everything was so easy for me. She would get sad that I could look at something and know how to do it. She would say being with me made her feel like a retard, not because of how I treated her, but the fact we were together constantly and she saw how insanely easy everything was for me to figure out.

    And yeah trying to figure out what to talk to a female about is seriously hard, even with a really intelligent female. I have a knack for saying the wrong shit or putting things too bluntly, I am just not good at lying because that requires to many fucking calculations of what could happen.

    And the whole thing about people interpreting what you say the wrong way is 100% on, everyone has always called me crazy. I just finished telling someone that if I had to explain every little detail of every fucking thing I say just so that people can understand it then I’d be wasting a whole lot of time, so I just say Fuckem and move on. And people rarely catch my sarcasm.

    When I was 11 for example, I was sent to have a psychiatric evaluation. I told the doctor about DNA and how scientists were working on cloning a sheep, I told them about nano technology and how nanobots would be used in medicine in the future, I told them about all kinds of shit.

    When I was 10/11/12 etc. I was reading Discover, Popular Science, Popular mechanics, the NASA publication and other related content, while other people were reading shit like the Hardy Boys and struggling to understand basic fucking science

    That is why siting in a class hearing lame shit 10000 times bored the hell out of me and they wouldn’t let me read books or magazines in class that I liked.

    College wasn’t much better. I’d go in with a hangover and make a 100, then when the tests were handed back I’d get pissed that the teacher gave 10 to 15 points back to everyone but me because they felt since so many dipshits did so poorly. They would tell me that 100 is the highest score you can get, I once said then why don’t you keep track of all my extra points and let me skip one of these useless tests and give me the 100 I always get. I did work out a deal with my professors so that I didn’t have to come to class. I’d just get my list of assignments and either email them in or take them then leave. There was no way I could sit there and listen to the professor cover the shit that is in a book that I was 100% capable of picking up and reading and figuring out myself.
    And listening to the wrong answers in a college course was worse to me than nails on the chalk board. I was so glad they allowed me to not have to show up, THANK GOD.
    I graduated with a 4.0Gpa in accounting, but found that subject to be as dull as watching grass grow, I was the only one in my graduating class to graduate with a 4.0, all I did was do the damn homework.

    Since I was bored with Accounting, I went back for Computer Science, I had a 4.0Gpa for the first 2.5 years. I got a 95 in one class which dropped my GPA to 3.98 because of how the college calculated the GPA. I still had the highest GPA out of 7,000 IT students. I dropped out to build a website with my newly found skills in hopes that it would either make me money or get me a decent job, so I could later go back to school.

    I love Computer Science because it challenges me, I have to constantly research things. I get to use my brain to solve complex problems daily, that is really fun. I dropped out about 2 years ago to pursue a project, however once the project is done and I have money I plan on going back to finish my degree in Computer science. I’d also like to study electrical engineering. I used to read about electrical engineering concepts as a kid and loved the electronic kit I bought from Radio shack.

    It is sort of hard to go from reading and studying scientific subjects and other things to having a conversation with some one about some moronic shit like sports. Sports are useless.

    Another thing that has been a problem is that I am the kind of person that can look at most mechanical objects and almost immediately understand how they work. This leads to people always asking me if I can fix shit. I feel bad if I say no, plus curiosity can get the best of me. I love taking shit apart, I always have.

    I think most geniuses are introverts because they find things to study and research. It is depressing to think about all of the things you could learn and realizing you only have xxxxxxxx hours of life to learn about as many things as you can, and then realizing that you will have to choose which ones to learn about, then trying to figure out which ones you want to learn. Why read some fictional shit when you can pick up a book about something that is real, something you can investigate further? I’ve never understood why people read novels and fictional shit.

    I wish more people would study and learn more things. It is said that a persons IQ can be increased by around 20 to 25 points by reading and learning new things. Considering that the average IQ is 100 this means there are quite a few below 100, adding 10 or 20 points might help, from 100 to 120 is helpful too. I read a funny post earlier, this person had asked how they can turn themselves into a genius. I about fell out of my seat laughing. I believe it is mostly genetic, my father, grandfather and great grandfather were geniuses all with IQ’s ranging from 165 to 185. My great grandfather was a petroleum engineer, my grandfather was a chemical engineer and my father was an accountant.
    When I met my dad and grandfather at 15 I was surprised how much we were alike, the shit we would say about people when no one could here us etc.

    I try to remind myself I am gifted and lucky for that and try to be nice to slow people. I am never purposely mean and I try to be nice to everyone.

    I’ve been alone in a room for about 5 years now, reading and learning, but also because I am not employed and have had zero luck finding a job since I worked for myself from 18 to 28, I have no work history to put on my resume other than that. The interviews I did get they seemed to not be able to get over the fact I wanted a job and didn’t want to start another business. But this situation should all change soon if my website actually works out.

    • What is your IQ, my friend?

      • Robert Jackson

        The last time I told what my IQ was on a website/blog, I was ridiculed and called a troll and told there is no way my IQ is what it is because only xxx amount of people on the planet have one in that range… blah blah blah shit blah.

        After all of the many, many days of testing I was told I read and comprehended at the rate of someone who was 24/25 who had been in college for at least 2.5 years. I had about an 85% photographic memory and that my IQ was 192. I was about 12.

        The results didn’t make sense to me until I met my real father and his father and learned they had extremely high IQ’s. My father even though his IQ was 165 had little common sense and was the absolute opposite of mechanically inclined.

        I am extremely mechanically inclined. I feel I sort of lack in the vocabulary section, but that is probably because I don’t read fiction, that shit is a waste of time. I read all reference material and it typically does not have the same vocabulary as fiction books and many IQ tests focus on vocabulary that people would pick up from reading fiction. I don’t really have an urge to improve my English vocabulary as I plan on learning Spanish soon. I’d rather learn a foreign language than try to improve my English vocab by either reading fiction or just memorizing new word definitions. I don’t really agree with most IQ tests and how they test learned skills instead of the speed that one can learn new skills. To me the speed a person can learn new skills is a better judgement of IQ than what someone already knows.

        I was tested because I got in a lot of trouble for answering questions out loud and making jokes. I started reading at about 3. My parents played music on my mothers stomach while she was pregnant, they started teaching me to read when I was a few months old. My toys as a kid were a map of the USA a Speak N spell and flash cards. So by the time I started school I was already far beyond most kids

        I’ve always done pretty good at making friends. I don’t have a problem being nice to people and making small talk, I try not to analyze shit too much, but that can be hard when I am talking to a beautiful female. I’ve gotten over that shit though, nothing that anger and determination can’t fix. Now that I’ve grown up I learned that all these girls I was just friends with actually liked me at one time and thought I was rejecting them. I feel like a fucking idiot for not being able to pickup on hints that women like me. LOL I feel very fortunate that I am fairly attractive and I can meet women, but stupid as shit that I can’t quite figure out if they like me, plus I try to be a nice guy and not look at women as sexual objects.

        I don’t do so good at having like day to day conversations with people, but that is no big deal. I mean my interests are different than other peoples regardless of my IQ or theirs. I do prefer talking to people of higher intelligence though. I once had an awesome conversation with some Government defence scientists negative ION propulsion and how it works. I found that to be very interesting.

        I like being around people, but mostly if we are going to do something, I don’t like sitting around doing nothing just to be around people. I’d rather go home and read something about Database design theory. I do enjoy outdoor activities and always have. I did all of the exgame sports growing up, I don’t know shit about foolsball or baseball or any of that. I am paying the price physically for all of my outdoor activities now though.

        I enjoy fishing with people, 4 wheeling, mudding, and other activities from time to time. I get frustrated with humanity and most humans in general, but I don’t display it outside of my house. I try not to hurt peoples feelings.

        I feel very fortunate to have such a high IQ it gives me many more opportunities in life that I wouldn’t have if my IQ was average. Many problems in IT and Comp Sci subjects require you to think long and hard to develop a solution. Often you have to go over the steps in your head to envision how something will work, I do that with notes and other software as well. The human brain can only think about somewhere along the line of 7 steps in depth.

        I don’t really regret having a high IQ other than the fact it can get a little lonely some times and people can frustrate you, especially with stupid questions that defy logical thinking. The one thing that makes me feel bad is when I get closer to people, friends, family etc. and they are trying to do something and I can see immediately that what they are going to do won’t work. I often fight telling them that I don’t think their plan will work because I don’t want to hurt their feelings by showing my intelligence and predicting their failure. I have had to learn to not intervene or give my opinion in order to not come off as a narcissistic self absorbed asshole who thinks he is superior.

        Even though I feel most people are drooling mental retards, the only person that has ever heard me say anything is my mother. It is not my high IQ that bothers me it is the fact that so many other people don’t have a higher IQ and I have to witness it.

        It makes me sad that more people don’t have a higher IQ. I hate watching people struggle with things. I tutored all through college, I tutored over 40 courses in Accounting and Computer Science. I also tutored special needs kids when I was younger. I loved tutoring because I could help people who were struggling, mostly because the way I solve problems is usually drastically different than how most people solve problems. I have been able so many times to explain subjects to people who were seriously struggling and 99% of the time the ways I showed them were absolutely nothing like what their instructor or books were trying to teach them. I showed them simple ways, ways they would remember. I had many people come to me after tests and tell me they aced the test and thank me for showing them the tricks to solve the problems in a simple way.

        I literally destroy any subject I want to learn. I can’t wait to get back to college and take Calculus, statistics and discrete math and finish my degree. I love learning, the problem is deciding what I want to learn, I hate that life is so short and there are so many things I won’t get to research and learn, that makes me sad.

        I would really love to meet a woman with a High IQ who is attractive. I’ve seen them and met them I know they exist, some are smoking fucking hot too. I will be trying dating sites. I think that would work better for me since I would know that if I met the woman on a dating site and we were dating that she was interested in me. Finding things to talk about can be hard, I fear that I will come off as some really smart guy who is intelligent but self absorbed. I have learned to let others speak more and to talk less. That is a must when talking to a woman, and you better be able to talk about what ever it is she is talking about too. LOL

        I know that many women who liked me that I didn’t know liked me liked me because I was smart. Women like smart men as long as they don’t act like they are superior or try overly hard to impress them with what knowledge they have. Other than that I have to be careful of what I say, I don’t lie, I don’t beat around the bush, I don’t sugar coat shit, I just say it and the truth can be brutal sometimes. I’ve learned I have to be with someone whose IQ is at least near 120 or higher or once they get to know me they may feel dumb.

        The only other thing that disappoints me is that people tend to call me crazy once they get to know me because I open up more and my mouth filter gets removed and shit just comes out as I see it. Some people think the shit I say is funny, even when I am not trying to be funny. Most can’t tell when I am being sarcastic, but when I rethink about some things I can understand why. I have a sense of humor but not everyone shares it with me. LOL

        I hope to do some more research on IQ test and take a few in the next year or two, real tests not online shit guessing tests. Who knows maybe I’ll meet my future wife if I run into a hot psychiatrist who is intelligent. But then I’d be with someone who analyzes me as much as I analyze others, then I may need to analize her. LMMFAO

        • George Mack

          ” I love learning, the problem is deciding what I want to learn, I hate that life is so short and there are so many things I won’t get to research and learn, that makes me sad.”

          That’s been me since I was about 10, and it has never gone away. It’s terrible if you’re choosing a major in college! Sometimes I just want to pause my life and gather knowledge and skills in solitude. (Read “The Bet” by Chekov.)

          “I hate watching people struggle with things.”

          Sick to my stomach. I then hold my intellect abashedly and cloak myself in the basest form of humility. And help.

          “I also tutored special needs kids when I was younger.”

          I had to do the same when I was in the 8th grade. I was an “algebra partener.” I really wanted to understand the way in which the girl I was paired with understood. Her reasoning was oddly creative, inconsistent, and even mystical.

          “The letter ‘y’ just popped up in my mind, so I thought the answer was ‘y.’ If you take the little slash off of the stem of the ‘y’ and move it, you can make a 7. So I thought that helped me to confirm my answer to myself. I saw a 7 on the paper anyway. And another proof was that ‘y’ is next to ‘x’ in the alphabet. But wait… ‘w’ is too. But we never see ‘w’ in math, so I let that idea go.”

          I’d ask her about the same problem a day later, and she would bring a new answer and a new explantion.

          192 is a very beautiful number. And having a personal connection to it must be cool.

          67 is another favorite.

    • Robert Jackson

      I am actually nearly finished coding a fairly unique website that should probably take off fairly well. I have been coding it for about 2 years. It is nearly 4,000 files in size and will be well over 5,000 on completion.
      I literally went to college to learn the skills I needed to build this site and I dropped out with my new skills and went at it. I feel insanely lucky to have a high enough IQ to be able to do this and to just learn complicated subjects so seriously fast. If not for my IQ there is no way I could do what I am doing.

      I read an article the other day about the habits and qualities of the most successful people. I was astounded to read that every highly successful person has at least an IQ of 130.


      • That’s dubious stuff, man. BI’s specific wording was No one who changed the world had an IQ under 130… which is too ambiguous to be anything but malarkey. Reading that made me wonder if Anthony Robbins was peaking over my shoulder LOL!

      • Robert Jackson

        it is interesting but it makes you wonder how far back is the research going? I mean do they know what the IQ of someone was hundreds of years ago? Maybe they mean in modern times? Also what is their definition of changing the world or success?

      • It’s like some catch-all gimmicky phrase with no grounding in reality. It’s a complex, multi-layered global puzzle we live in now and it’s difficult to “change the world” or whatever that means. Perhaps the 130 threshold is more appropriate now than it was in 1740.

      • Nowadays most folks who are “changing the world” are doing things like what Osama bin Laden did on 9-11.

        You are damn right he changed the world that day!

      • Robert Jackson

        Yeah just wait. soon Iran will have a nuke or several and they will change the world too.

  49. Matt D

    This is such an obvious case of self-deception as a means of compensation for likely a lack of intelligence and / or social awkwardness. Your article is not only full of grammatical errors but very undistinguished in both vocabulary and context. Your overtly sexist point-of-view is most likely a defense mechanism to protect yourself against hurt feelings from a lifetime of rejection from the opposite sex. Furthermore if you have a 147 IQ, don’t suffer from a mental or physical disability and can’t make any money then YOU are the one who is a retard.

    I do agree it is more difficult to communicate with persons with a significantly lower IQ, however, an intelligent person can recognize and adjust his/her method of communication to effectively converse with most individuals despite their level of intelligence. I might suggest that it is easier for you to dismiss people and refer to them as “retards” because by actually having a discussion with them, you run the risk of them realizing that you are lying about your IQ and they would not only brand you as a liar but as a person of mediocre intelligence that you actually are. If your mother really did make that comment about your article, which I truly believe is made up just like the majority of all your other claims, then she is just trying to be nice and not call you an asshole like she probably wants to.

    It’s OK to be yourself Robert and stop compensating for whatever it is that has plagued you throughout your life. By continuing this facade, you are giving people who actually believe your bullshit a false image of what actual intelligent people are like. It’s time to grow up Robert and accept yourself as you are, an asshole with average intelligence who couldn’t get laid in a whore house if you had a million dollars in your pocket.

    • Ok listen up you idiot.

      147 IQ was taken in high school at age 14 and shown to me my counselor, Mr. Standard. An IQ test in adolescence is good for life. I was already in the gifted program from elementary school (IQ 132+ required to get in), so I guess there were other tests, but I do not remember them.

      My mother has a 150 IQ, my father had a 129 IQ, and all of my siblings are 140+, so my IQ should not be surprising.

      I took another test at age 29 from a clinical psychologist just to satisfy worthless people like you, and though he would not tell my Mom the score, he said, “140+” and he kept walking around, saying, “Very high, very high,” and shaking his head like he couldn’t believe the score. He had been doing this for 20 years and had tested ~600 people and he said there had been only ~10 who had been that high. So I figure the 147 is good.

      Everyone who meets me in meatspace says I am very, very smart. No one ever says I am dumb or even average. People often say I am the smartest person they know or have ever met. An audiologist recently told me that I was the smartest person he knew, and he said that’s pretty good because he knows a lot of doctors and lawyers.

      I have been pretty popular in life, used to throw parties with live bands where 200 people showed up, and I knew all of them. On weekends it was not uncommon for me to go to 5-10 different parties, stopping in for a while at each one. It would not be uncommon for 5-10 people to call me on weekend nights. It was not uncommon for me to date three different women or girls in a week. So, yes, I have good social skills.

      As far as sex goes, women won’t leave me alone. I’ve dated over 200 females and I have had sex with more women and girls than you will in 10 lifetimes.

      I know a lot of people with IQ’s over 132 or even 140 who don’t make any money at all. Some of them don’t even work, and others live in poverty. Others have quite low incomes. It’s quite common actually.

      Actually my Mom did say that. She said people don’t understand me a lot of the time, and this causes me a lot of problems because they are always reading me the wrong way, misinterpreting what I say, etc.

  50. SHI

    I have an IQ of 130 (Mensa) or 135 (High IQ society) and totally agree with this blog post. I simply don’t get along with the average bloke; once I administered an IQ test to a sample of friends. They reluctantly participated only to score in the range of 97-117. Interesting analysis as the ones above 110 IQ seems like the only ones you can have an intelligent chat with. T

    I have noticed medium IQ people have more social intelligence than geniuses. They don’t feel awkward in parties where they don’t belong, can get along with all and sundry and are conformists to the bone. They call you socially awkward for not getting along with them while silently resenting your God gifted intelligence. They don’t miss any opportunity to depict you as psychotic and paranoid at the slightest opportunity. They spend more time and money trying to look attractive rather than grow brain cells.

    I also see low IQ people populating in numbers while geniuses put off marriage and kids for as long as they don’t feel settled in life.

    On a side note, you don’t have to be isolated socially. You can always find good company among doctors, politicians and military people. Usually they have above average intelligence – it takes very high exam score to get into Med school and survive there for six years. People studying political science, economics or specialized subjects like anthropology are a cut above the rest of the population spectrum who think from their dicks: yes they have pubes for brain cells.

  51. This article has so many problems.
    1. The 30-point idea is not at all correct. It disregards thresholds. People with IQ’s of 70 do not meet the threshold to learn to read or communicate well. This communication and reading ability is needed to first understand arguments and information. People with IQ’s of 100 can learn to read well and are trainable, meaning they can acquire and perfect skills through practice. The difference between 100 and 130 is not the same as the difference between 70 and 100.
    2. High IQ’s are valued in society, just not in the lower eschelons.
    3. I hate the idea of IQ after 120. I don’t think it at all a good idea to have people with IQ’s of 140 walking around calling themselves geniues and never feeling any need to get educated or show for their intellect. It’s like you’ve already won. No matter what. At that level, you’re just boasting chance and genetics. And you’re behind the geniuses that came before the IQ era. Literature. Aestheticism. Philosophy. Mathematics. Formal Logic. Physics.

    I do not agree with this post.

    The problem you have with women is likely that your IQ is seeping from your mouth. And not in the sense that what you say sounds intelligent. But in the since that you actually bring up how smart you are. As you said, no one likes that. High IQ people who don’t buy into other high-IQ people boasting scores don’t like that.

    Once you have reasoning ability, those who also have it don’t care for you to tell us. Once a common denominator has been established, intelligence should be discriminated in other ways. In other words, once we both have IQ’s of 140, I don’t want to hear about your score or your brilliance. Show me some fucking intellect.

    Because of you people like the writer of this post, well-bred high-IQ people can’t find good well-bred high-IQ friends. We get losers.

    • I am banning your smug ass.

      I don’t have any problems with women. I’ve dated maybe 200 females in my life. The only problems I’ve had with women in my life have been too many of them to handle and them always bothering me and not leaving me alone.

      Some people like smart guys. Some women like smart guys. Usually smarter women like smart guys. Smart women are not offended by your IQ score. She will probably tell you hers, and I bet it is near yours.

      Generally speaking, the only women who get offended by talks of how smart you are what your IQ is are women who are not real bright. Those women often also do not like smart guys. But they are boring to us anyway. Telling someone your IQ score is hardly bragging because most people think IQ is bullshit and they hardly value brains anyway. It is not bragging to discuss something that hardly anyone values. Look. You can tell people about your sports skills, your great job or career, your travels, your art, your good looks, your success with women, and most folks will be amazed if you did well. All of a sudden you bring up brains and you are “bragging.”

      On the contrary, really bright women love to tell me their IQ scores. I volunteered mine to some women who seemed smart and they told me theirs: 140, 143, 143, 133.

      Anyone with a high IQ doesn’t have to “show you intellect.” I assure you that anyone even a woman with an IQ over 140 will come across as quite intelligent automatically. They do not even have to try. It is quite typical for people with IQ’s over 140 to be educated. They often have a BA and it is common to have an advanced degree like a Masters. And as I said, once they open their mouth, they are usually showing off their intellect once you prompt them a bit. They can’t help it.

      Over 140 IQ is genius. Anyone with an IQ 140 or over has a right to call themselves a genius based on the definition.

      I do not go around bragging about my IQ to everyone. If anything, I am self-effacing about it and if I mention it in person, I act like I am embarrassed or ashamed of it. I also point out that it’s never done me any good anyway. Most people do not get offended.

      • SHI

        I don’t have any problems with women. I’ve dated maybe 200 females in my life. The only problems I’ve had with women in my life have been too many of them to handle and them always bothering me and not leaving me alone.

        That’s classic Robert Lindsay 🙂

        • Daniel Abe

          Unfortunately the guy has me beat in this area (if he’s telling the truth). And that’s because I tend to be very picky about women, only preferring really ‘hot’ ones. Thus, I can only claim a couple of dozen trophies since high school (which wasn’t that long ago). But I can understand that a guy with a face like his would have to have gotten used to settling with ugly/plain chicks and can therefore build up a trophy collection of “maybe 200”.

        • All right idiot. You know, it really doesn’t matter what sort of women you screw or date. Homely, pretty, in between, no matter. Only competitive filth like you think that only losers get homely chicks and only winners get hot chicks. PS only reactionaries and social Darwinists think in this filthy winners and losers way. So you are a PC liberal and at the same time, you area Social Darwinist,an ultracapitalist, winner-take-all asshole and a PC weenie! All rolled into one great big 170 pound piece of shit!

          PS. I only like pretty girls. But I can afford to be picky. I do not bedgrudge guys who go for homely women, after all, around here they seem to be the majority. The pretty girls thing is one of my hangups.

          There’s nothing wrong with my face. Quite a few women still tell me that I am very handsome. As they have been saying my whole life.

          Didn’t I ban your worthless ass before?

    • big g

      I disagree with your assumption George. You think a person has to be a part of academia to have full filled his intellect potential. While the really smart ones do what makes them happy. Your 107 IQ isn’t allowing for the fact that the smarter you get the more away from mainstream you play. You might have schooled your brain to 120 at times and made other people think your smart while a 140 doesn’t care what the 100’s think. Period

      • George Mack

        That’s just completely stupid.

        Your IQ estimation makes you look like a fucking idiot.

        Argumentative capacity is the “show me” of high intellect. If all he can do is say a score, then, yes, his inability to show intellect outside of a test makes his intelligence suspect.

        That shit you said is stuff that loser asses say to make themselves feel better. It’s a product of American thinking and low conscientiousness.

        Don’t try to make what you say worth shit by tossing quantitative values.

        Don’t tell me you think that graduating from school really early and attempting different feilds of study with a mere math agree is following mainstream society. A math major with experience in genetics, computer science, and artificial intelligence who also writes papers on orinthology and linguistics!

        The differences in those 140’s and 100’s as you try to say is better explained with a test such as the Jung Typology Test, and not an IQ test.

        But there may be some correlations.

        • big g

          I started to read your shit then I realized your having an argument with yourself. The reason your are a low IQ is you only see the world thru your eyes. Being a great debater means you already know both sides and can debate the merits of both sides just as passionately . You would be my lawyer. You would be the person to iron out details for a patten or contract. You would not be on my team to develops prototypes. I also want you to think about everyone accepting their roles. The smarter you are the less you feel the need to impress socially or argue like a woman. Facts are facts and an arguement doesn’t change the facts except in government.Those who use big words to show off intellect rarely exexceeded 115 IQ. So your shooting your mouth off about something you know little about.

        • George Mack

          The things you say drown in self-made observations and likely parenting books for gifted kids.

          I wanted to continue, but I will not.

          I don’t mind if you annoyed me or disagreed with me. And I definitely see the human in you now. (Read one of my posts at the very bottom of the page.)

          No point in me shaking more ideas you have of yourself. It’s not fair nor right.

          So I’m done.

        • George Mack

          You “realized” I’m having an argument with myself.

          How did you come to that? An epiphany? More of your mystical logic! Answers that just pop in your head an have no explanation are not always right. It’s cute that you’d make such an epiphany the foundation of your point.

          You only think that because that’s a very cliche thing that shows up in life and TV.

          But, no. Anyone who can read well can see that I’m arguing only with you.

        • George Mack

          Big G,

          You told me that being a good debater requires being able to argue both sides passionately. That I have not done that does not mean that I cannot. You’re taking the fact that it’s not currently present as proof that the ability does not exist.

        • George Mack

          “Don’t tell me you think that graduating from school really early and attempting different feilds of study with a mere math degree is following mainstream society. A math major with experience in genetics, computer science, and artificial intelligence who also writes papers on orinthology and linguistics!”

          That was not about me.

          I don’t want you determining that I’m smart based off that.
          Read my shit and let the IQ awe you.

        • George Mack

          What happened to my friend?

      • George Mack

        The sad ass thing is that you don’t realize that you seem to spend a lot of time comparing yourself to those 100s.

        You’re playing with those numbers like a goddamn child.

        I would say that a man who can argue without sounding like a sack-of-shit child with an unexpressed high IQ is respectable fulfillment of intellect.

        I did state those academic studies.I couldn’t imagine myself not dabbling with the writings of intelligent men who came before me. They give you more things to put your mind on. I didn’t at all say that you have to get a degree in them.

        The actualization of your intellect is likely no more than realizing that your “different” from those around you.

        If you rely on intelligence tests, yes, I’m one of those 140+ scorers. And you saying that stupid 107-to-120 shit is laughable. 142 is a number on a paper. And whatever number you hold to is a number on a paper. These things cannot be debated. But I don’t value your score. And I think it’s funny that it just makes you feel so free and confident. I hardly care about my IQ. I know the number isn’t exact, firstly. So there’s no reason for me to develop a sexual attraction to 142. You can easily test as, say, 129 or 136 or 149 during another assessment.

        But if you like watching movies and figuring the underlying stories and your good at it, good. Or if you like writing articles that no one publishes, good. If you like picking up cool skills on whim, good. These are manifestations of intellect in my opinion.

        But if you whine and fill self sure over a fucking number and do nothing at all, I’ll laugh. For sure! But do what you do. Me and my mind have fun.

        • big g

          Oh and I don’t have to argue like a woman with you. You calling me out doesn’t make anything you said accurate. Its all made up. You seem conflicted inside. Extremely mad that smarter people won’t debate you. I have a question that you can debate. Why do different aluminum alloys transfer heat at different rates. We use aluminum in our cooling devices and an alloy that transfers heat slower like steal would benefit the operating range of a device. What alloys do you feel beneficial to a cooling system in a sub zero.

        • George Mack

          You misunderstand what I mean when I keep saying “let’s argue.”

          And that may be my fault.

          But that is a very raw measure of intellect. It requires little formal education. And is a fun activity. And it can also be used to validate IQ tests by seeing whether high scorers on logical and verbal IQ tests actually present themselves as more logical or fluent than others.

          But I could just as easily say these
          Talk about the meaning/meaninglessness of life.
          Make super hilarious jokes.
          Make up a lame-ass theory of what one simple thing can make a woman fall in love in a day and test it out at the mall.

          Or anything else.

      • George Mack

        Lastly, I will change one idea. I will say that 140 does indicate high mental ability, but it’s most logically interpreted exactly by what’s in the test.

        Ability to unscramble anagrams, should be seen as the ability to uscramble anagrams. Of course, you can add in the very obvious mental processes. Like fluency with with perceiving words. But you cannot say that this person has high verbal ability generally. Having seen a word very previously before solving an anagram increases the changes of solving an anagram very highly. (You can attack my presentation of this information. One thing you can say is that if someone consistently shows grace with anagrams, then the previous viewing of words means a lot less. I wasn’t focusing on this in such a very narrowed way. I meant to generally show that so much goes on into solving anagrams. If I hardly use “impromtu,” I likely won’t think to see “impromptu.”) Either way, it suggests ability. But can I say that I would expect this person to be great with arguments and writing? Hardly.

        Like I said, once you’re matched in IQ, you have the freedom to speak openly about the other’s intelligence. You… No. I wouldn’t find myself valuing your input. Cute score, by the way. If you want to shy away from arguing and all of the other smart stuff, we can just go pick tests to take and see who gets the higher score each time. Everytime I feel I want to debate a new political or ethical topic, we can instead go take the newest IQ test because it’s something we both can partcipate well in.

        BIG G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • George Mack


        • big g

          Once again I didn’t read the whole thing because it a half hour I won’t get back. In paper form it would be in the garbage. I gave it an F for you proving a point. You proved that you are incapable of thinking on different plains. And another thing. I don’t have to debate you like a woman
          because i have a penis. If you do stop acting like a woman wanting satisfaction from a pointless debate. Yea completely pointless as you’ve changed nothing.

        • George Mack

          Big G, the last paragraph is the one you should spend just 2 minutes reading. I don’t know how reading 3 replies will take you half and hour.

          And I started off with a certain point. The only reason I seem so hard-pressed to see it my way is that I choose it. We were “arguing.” If I were to recant any of my statements, a person like you would have called it idiocy.

          And it is not at all stupidity that keeps someone from considering a certain point. And some of the points you want me to see are things that don’t seem to immediately follow from having high intellect. It seems like observations that American authors of “gifted kids” book write. So it is not a certain IQ that keeps you from seeing it. It’s education, however misguided, that you have that I don’t have. So you’re calling me an idiot for not having your “non-mainstream education.” You seem the reader of such books: “The Things You Didn’t Know About Gifted Kids.” The reason your points seem as something so immediately logical to you is that you drown in an American mindset.

          I didn’t plan to change anything, I planned to talk.

        • George Mack

          Big G,

          What you said about fake smart people being those that use big words is stupid. Those that deliberately choose to use sesquipedalian words (yeah, I did that on purpose 🙂 ) for show likely are those who are not too bright.
          But some people who use big words do it because that’s how they speak and write. You don’t know if I was bred in a super-literate society. (And that doesn’t take away from innate intellect.)

          So something that you chose disregard (because your IQ is low and you think like a kid who uses anecdotes as facts and figures and so has shitty logic): In order for your idea that big-word users are stupid, you have to consider how the person speaks regularly and how those around him speak. And if he’s dutifully choosing his words. Does everyone in his environment speak like that? So is it just everday speech to him.

          It’s a pretty simple logic to follow actually. And it gives you a set of criteria to look for when trying to decide if a big-word user is actually stupid.

          Now you don’t have to use that somewhat random and mystical determiner! You don’t know the other half that you need to consider.

          115. Look, you used a new number! What you do with number is another sort of mystical thing. It’s weird and dumb.

        • George Mack

          And highly intelligent people can seek validation just as any other!

          Like I said Jung Typology Test! What drives this individual? That’s the whole idea of the inventory.

          So your IQ stories are dumb.

      • George Mack

        I’ve missed you, man.

  52. I love how you chose to tackle an argument that can get lost in anecdotal things.

    And I know what it’s like to have a high IQ. And I hardly care about your IQ parties.

  53. You assume too much to be regarded as smart person among those with IQs of 140. Because of your reliance on assumptions, you don’t seem to have manifested your intellect. You’re at the play-play level of high intellect.

    By “show me some intellect,” I didn’t mean that you just have to have a BS in physics. But maybe damned-good jokes or good arguments. Let the IQ seep unrestrictedly from your mouth, as you were hinting. That’s all I want. You don’t have to show a PhD.

    And you can’t blame anyone who would come and doubt your IQ or your intelligence. That works on stupid people. I don’t doubt your 147. And I’m not claiming to have reached about the play-play level. But do know that smart people like empiricism. If your 147 is the only intellect you have, then I would doubt that intelligence will be replicated in another instance. Thus, the theory of your intelligence is debunked.

    This one is too obvious to touch on, so I will give a one-liner: You went from an absolute statement in your original post to a complete disregard of it. I’m not saying what it is. Scavenger Hunt!

  54. George Mack

    I just want to say that I didn’t know about the comment policy.

    And I now see why I was banned.

    My bad…

    • So you going to be good or what?

      • George Mack


        I tend to just blow off the hat online. I never really see online people as people. So I have no social pressure to be sensitive.

        I don’t get to be so passionate offline.

        • That’s interesting. I too tend to “disembody” people and conversation when online. I even do this with people I know (ie, FacebooK). I emote so much differently with the written word that I’m unrecognizable.

  55. George Mack

    I just like to really get passionate about something.

    I just got out of a conversation on FB speaking about achievement and IQ in different light.

    I like to argue, no matter the side. And I like to be skeptical, critical, accepting… Anything that requires boldness of mind and presence.

    I will give you a snippet of that conversation if you ask of it.

    • George, you can argue all you want on here, and you can even fight with the other commenters all you want. I don’t exactly encourage it, but a lot of commenters on here do fight each other from time to time.

      Only rule is don’t fight with me. You can disagree with me on here (a lot of commenters do) but you need to be really nice about it.

      That’s the way the rules go. And all bans can be petitioned of course. Often people who petition a ban are reinstated.

      I ban way too many people on here and I don’t feel real great about it, and I would like to ban fewer people if I could.

  56. Interested in South Asian Gene Pool

    Hey Robert I had a question I wanted to ask you. Is it possible for me, with an IQ of 116, to finish Computer Engineering or is it impossible? I had an argument with a friend of mine, about this. I really wanted to do a second degree in a “hard” science field like Engineering, but he was saying that a minimum of 120 is needed to succeed in such fields. Is that true? (Note: I’m not going to an high tiered Ivy League schools, just a good ‘public’ institution like UCLA)

    • No you absolutely do NOT need a 115 IQ to get a degree in or succeed in these fields.

      However, to get a doctorate, it would certainly help to have an IQ over 120.

      Forgot if I asked you, but are you male or female?

      • Interested in South Asian Gene Pool

        I am a female 😀 Sorry for the late reply

      • Anwar Kisan

        I have completed doctorate in scientific computing and i have an iq of 118 say what

        • Who exactly are you arguing with here?

          First of all, congratulations!

          I never said that you needed an IQ of 125 to get a PhD. However, it would certainly help. I said if your IQ is between say under 125 down to 115 or so, you could still get a doctorate, but you might have to work a lot harder than others.

          How come you can’t punctuate or write a sentence properly, doctor?

        • Anwar Kisan

          A techie doesn’t need to bother about the punctuations in a sentence mister Journalist. All it matters is the content sir…

    • SHI

      You can finish Computer Engineering degree but if your IQ results are accurate (I suggest you to cross-check), then you wouldn’t make an excellent programmer or someone who can solve logical challenges fast. You’re certainly at intelligent levels with an IQ of 116 but hard coded programming may not be your cup of tea although you may find it interesting presently.

      You’re best suited to a sales or marketing role. Even if you get a Computer Engineering degree, you should use it to become an IT marketing or sales professional. The average among them make a lot more than programmers.

      You can never be someone like Larry Page or Sergey Brin or Steve Jobs. They have GENIUS level IQs beyond 150.

      Be happy with what you got, thank God at least you don’t lie on the same boat as people who struggle to find their place in the world with only 85-90 IQ points. Now that’s seriously deficient. Such are the people who don’t have patience to read 10-12 lines forget about devouring entire novels or books of literature. They spend their whole meaningless lives trying to appear “good” and playing with apps on their mobile phones. They don’t use birth control while having sex; spend enough time among them and their dumbness starts rubbing off on you. Most intelligent people don’t keep their company which furthers their social retardation.

      You still have enough IQ to become a successful lawyer, pastor, sales and marketing professional. With some serious study, you can raise your IQ by 5 or 10 points but that’s about it. Don’t push yourself harder or you’ll end up confused, dejected and have thoughts of failure.

    • George Mack

      That’s a really weird question in my opinion.

      I would advise you to just go into it at the start of your freshman year and try hard. Then measure your success at the end of the year, and do it wisely:
      1. Consider the average grade of the class.

      Try to get a taste of computer science as early as you can.
      If you can participate in CS projects, do so. If you can learn programming online or through reading, do so.

      And determine your ability.

      You don’t have to be a natural to ultimately have success in it.

      I know a girl from my high school who was not in GT and didn’t achieve an impressive score on the SAT at the end of junior year. 1130/1600. But she did well on the Math section of the ACT. 27. And she studied well in calculus and got good grades. And she’s in Biochemistry and statistics.

      G mostly expressed in the swiftness of skill and knowledge acquisition. But other things such as conscientiousness contribute to ultimate success with a subject. Practice can oftentimes lead to automatization of mental processes and skill usage.

      I would use your IQ as a determiner. No one can claim to know if you can excel in CS based on that.

      Some IQ’s are easier to make predictions for.

      • George Mack

        Needed correction:
        I meant to say “I would NOT use your IQ as a determiner.”
        Petty correction:
        I didn’t mean to capitalize “Biochemistry.”

        • Interested in South Asian Gene Pool

          Thank Robert, George Mack and SHI. I’ll test the waters first and ask my guidance counsellor for potential switches. I was thinking about the options the three of you gave me.


  57. Max

    Dude, I have a verbal IQ of 136. My visual is a pitiful 84, so my cumulative is a 104. I AM ,however, NOT an idiot. I always did well in school and could certainly become a lawyer if I put my mind to it. The only thing you have on me is that you can probably do math better,

    • The only reason you could be attorney is due to that very high verbal IQ, which is in the gifted range.

    • There is a problem with using IQ as a singular number to say someone can or can’t do this. Someone can be in the 99th percentile in one subject and the 1st percentile in another. If someone has say a 180 IQ in mathematics it doesn’t matter if they are low or mediocre in all other subjects If they want to be a mathematician. Super specialization takes you further in life than being a bit above average.

      • Not really. It makes a lot of sense. I was on a med student discussion board recently and they were asking everyone what their IQ’s were. Turned out almost all the med students had IQ’s of 120+. So it figures that at a certain point below 120 IQ, you are going to have a hard time getting an MD.

        I submit that most folks with IQ’s below 115 are going to have a hard time getting any sort of a doctorate degree. You show me 100 people with IQ’s of 115 and below and I assure that the overwhelming majority of them will not be able to complete a doctorate degree except for maybe an EdD.

        • Not everyone has an even level of intelligence. That’s where it doesn’t make sense. This is also where IQ as a method to gauge a person’s intelligence fails.

          The person with a 150 IQ in one area and an 80 IQ in another will get a 115 IQ. If they major in the area pertaining to the 150 IQ they can get a doctorate degree.

          It’s like putting someone in average classes if they get a genius math score and a low English score just because the whole test gives an average result. Wouldn’t it make sense to put the person in advanced math and remedial English in this scenario?

        • I already said that someone with a ~115 IQ can get a doctorate. They just have to work very hard for it is all.

          These people with 150 on one end and 80 on the other barely even exist, you realize that?

          Let me ask YOU something. How many people with IQ’s of 115 and below actually WANT to obtain a doctorate degree? How about that?

  58. Max

    2 questions for you.

    1. Will Mensa take me with just a verbal 136. (My grandfather was in Mensa, so I want to emulate him)

    2. Can I raise my visual IQ with brain training?

    • Answer to

      Question 1: No.
      Question 2: No idea, somewhat dubious, but some say you can raise your IQ up to 15 pts.

    • George Mack

      If it was on a verbal IQ test like the Miller’s Analogy test. So, yes.

      To the second question, I doubt the gains will be substantial and repeated in other measures. Like if you practice one sort of game or whatever, it is likely that you will get good at the game. But it is unlikely that you will gain generalizable ability in it.

      And IQ tests seem to have a lot of concepts in common. I’m sure someone who takes many IQ tests will get higher scores. It’s as if the IQ questions have become the games that you practice on.

      But that gain doesn’t mean that you raised your g. It means that you have familiarized yourself with those concepts and have lead to automaticy of mental processing of those concepts.

      G is best shown in learning completely new things.

  59. Jonathan

    Robert Lindsay’s blog is consistently interesting to read. As someone with an IQ measured at 145, I can wholeheartedly agree with his sentiments.

    I am fortunate to have a good friend who has an IQ of 143, and we recently discussed some of the problems inherent to being significantly more intelligent than the majority of people. When you are intellectually capable, your views just go right over the heads of the common folk. I don’t mean to sound arrogant, but it is very much the truth. During conversation, even my most carefully worded, informed and relevant statements can be taken out of context, misinterpreted or met with guffaws.

    On the subject of women:

    Although communicating with people in general can be difficult, my friend and I agreed that doing so with females can be exceptionally problematic.

    I think of women as the gatekeepers of human evolution. Unfortunately, said gatekeepers have preferences for alpha-type males, (usually of lesser intelligence), do to innate biological programming. Even intelligent women tend to be attracted to big men, with muscular physiques and domineering, arrogant tendencies…even if they say they are not attracted to such types. Biological programming controls almost everything we do. We might live in a modern age, but human reproduction is still almost entirely dictated by instincts hard-wired into us back in the days when our early ancestors were swinging from tree to tree and fighting over tropical fruit. It’s really frustrating.

    Because Mother Nature is as cruel as she is slow, intelligent men often have to consciously dumb themselves down if they want to get laid. If you stray too far from the “norm” – even in positive ways – females tend to be turned off. This biological shin-dig we call “life” is really about reproduction, after all, and, as one need not be overly bright to successfully breed, the smart males of our species tend to be left on the side-lines to tug at themselves in despair.

    I never got laid until I read about female psychology and made a conscious effort to make myself seem less intelligent and more “normal”. Sad but true.
    Thankfully I am considered reasonably good-looking; it has made the gradual process of integrating myself into society less painful but no less boring. I have learned that the best way for me to get laid is to avoid any topics of conversation that could make my date suspect my synapses fire abnormally quickly. Alcohol really helps with this. (I am sure a mild concussion would work even better, but I am not willing to test that idea out).

    I can’t say I like the “game” one need play with women in order to get laid, but as a heterosexual male, I have not other choice but to forge ahead. I am sure it would be way less convoluted to get sex if I were gay, but the idea of doing anything of a sexual nature with my own gender completely repulses me. Homosexuality is totally antithetical to me, so I am forced to perform mundane activities and keep social contact with many morons simply to procure further sexual unions with women. Onward evolution.

    • big g

      Its a lonely world in the 140’s even ,if your big. Once they get a little smell of your intelligence they’re gone. I to have dumbed down. For many years a stayed stoned in social environments. It was a lot of fun. I think. I don’t remember.

  60. Max

    What annoys me is that everyone says that a 100 IQ is average, yet their are so many highly intelligent people running around, that I wonder if the average has shifted. Also I hate the fact that even though I am a bookish nerd, I am surrounded by guys who are athletic, “cool” assholes who are still smarter than me. I can never win!!!! My verbal IQ is 136 but my visual is 84. That drops my IQ to a 104, which sucks. I feel like I can learn many new things quickly and love to learn in general. I love science and the concepts explored in astrophysics and theoretical physics ,fascinate me. Yet I am held back by my own inferior genetics. I don’t even know if I can classify myself as smart.

    • Your 136 verbal definitely classifies you as highly intelligent, even gifted. And yes you are very smart based solely on that verbal IQ right there! In fact, your verbal IQ alone may make you smart enough to get a PhD or a law degree. Not sure about an MD though, there is some math in that.

    • 100 IQ is the average for US Whites, or it was. They have now changed it so that it is the IQ of the US as a whole. Under the old scoring method, the IQ of the US as a whole would be 98. The US IQ is starting to decline as we idiotically import more and more low IQ 3rd Worlders.

      You can still be cool and have a genius IQ. When I was a teenager and young man, I spent half the year surfing at the beach and the other half the year skiing. I was a surf bum/ski bum. The whole year I was enveloped in a cloud of marijuana smoke. I thought I was the coolest guy in the universe, and maybe I was. I just acted stupid is all. If you are very good looking, are charming and have great game, a high IQ is not a deal-killer at all.

      • Daniel Abe

        “The US IQ is starting to decline as we idiotically import more and more low IQ 3rd Worlders.”

        From what part of the world specifically? If, as I assume, you are talking about sub-saharan Africa, then you obviously haven’t noticed that immigrants from there only constitute an inconsequential percentage of the US population. In any case, most “3rd Worlders” are here because they are high achievers in their countries (have you ever heard of third world “brain drain”). Did you know that the most highly educated group of people in America are Nigerian-Americans? Furthermore, even if the iq scores of 1st gen 3rd-world immigrants are relatively low due to lesser Flynn effect in their countries, do you really think their American-born offspring show the same results? It’s pretty obvious from your comments that you have no idea what you are talking about. Other than mere claims and anecdotes, I have seen no evidence whatsoever that your intellect is anything much beyond ordinary. I don’t know where you find the kind of people you hang around but you might want to go back to that psychologist and ask him why exactly he was “shaking his head”. It might well turn out to be not for the reason you assumed.

        • No they aren’t, you idiot. The low IQ 3rd Worlders are from south of the border primarily, if you haven’t noticed already. Of course the Nigerians have high IQ’s. Most immigrants do not come here because they are overachievers, you idiot. Look at the floods from south of the border. Overachievers? LOL.

          No one knows if the problem is 3rd world places is lesser Flynn effects. It could be genes for all we know.

          The children of recent low IQ 3rd worlders have not shown increasing IQ’s. They stay pretty near the same level. It is a false hope.

          Actually I do know what I am talking about. I have studied this issue longer than you will in 20 lifetimes. And Mr. Flynn is a friend.

          He was walking back and forth saying, “Very high. Very high.” and shaking his head. My Mom worked for him and she told me this.

          You must be one of the few people around who think I am not smart. Everyone I meet who has an opinion says something along the lines that I am one of the smartest people they know.

        • It is rather hard for anyone to prove their IQ score other than “claims and anecdotes” isn’t it, you PC nut?

  61. Max

    Thanks Robert 🙂

  62. George Mack

    Big Genius?

  63. George Mack

    Puzzles are fun.

  64. Interested in South Asian Gene Pool

    Sorry to bother you guys again, but if my score on an Advanced Raven’s Progressive Matrices Test yields an IQ of 118 and a previous test yielded an IQ of 116, which should I choose? I feel a little distressed. Also Robert, SHI and Mack I took your advice into consideration. I tried out programming and proved to be a little difficult, so I switched into Commerce at UCLA. The transfer should take place in late August, before I resume school. 😀 Anyway, thank you guys 😀

    • George Mack

      IQ is not as exact as your question makes it seem.

      116 and 118 are in the same range, which is usually called high average or slightly above average.

      116 has a rarity of 1 in 7.
      118 has a rarity of 1 in 9.

      A 2-point difference is insignificant at this level.

      At another level:
      133 has a rarity of 1 in 72.
      135 has a rarity of 1 in 102.

      IQ would be better understood if it were reported more similarly to the way SAT scores are reported.

      If you get, say, a 600 on the verbal section of the SAT, your full score report will tell you that your score will likely dance between 570 and 630 upon retesting (assuming that nothing has changed like the amount of knowledge you have and the amount of preparation you have).

      It’s best for you to see your IQ as a qualitative statement: Slightly above average.

    • George Mack

      The time interval isn’t great enough to say that you have tried out programming seriously. But if your short time with it makes you feel uncomforable, then the switch is fine.

      • Interested in South Asian Gene Pool

        For the SAT, I wrote it a while ago. My score was a 1900 😦 It made me get a lot of offers from public schools such as Washington and UCLA and one Ivy offer from Penn State. However, UCLA was the best option, as it was not only close to home, but also fairly reputable.

        I totally agree with you Mack. Scores may vary by a few points from test to test. My 1900 as an example may hover between high 1800s to low 1900s. I realized that I should just take an aggregate score of my IQ’s and use that as an idea of what I can and can’t do.

        • George Mack

          This is very simple and not thorooughly considered, but here it goes:
          We don’t have enough data nor have we even began to closely research the extent of each IQ range. What we know about the capacities of certain IQ levels is only good for IQ’s below 80.

          And “capacity” is not a one dimensional. It’s the interplay of so many things like conscientiousness, intellect, and so on.

          So your IQ alone is a crude (maybe altogether faulty) measure of what you can do.

          If you take 100 people with IQ’s of 116, some will have higher capacity for excellence as compared to others. Once IQ is controlled for, the role conscientiousness and all of the other shit can be shown. I don’t know of any study doing such a thing.

          I’m am completely sure that if we raised the level of conscientiousness of each individual, we can raise the capacity of success at each IQ level.

        • In this blogosector where IQ-compulsiveness is a nerdy metaphor for cock size, this is one of the most refreshing comments I’ve read in a long time. Good job, Mack the George!

        • George Mack

          That’s a cool way to say the name!

          But I when I read it, I think of myself holding the Excalibur or something.

        • In this blogosector where IQ-compulsiveness is a nerdy metaphor for cock size, this is one of the most refreshing comments I’ve read in a long time. Good job, Mack the George!

          Huh? My IQ Cock is bigger than yours, Socially Stinkt, you girly boy! How bout if we just call you Small Dick Brian from now on?

        • George Mack

          As long as he can help us find some chicks to hop on the IQ cocks…

          I’d let him go first, you know.

        • Well as my grandmother (God bless her soul) once told me before she tucked me into bed one night, “It’s not the size of the wand, it’s about the magic.”

        • George Mack

          I should’ve added confidence with “conscientiousness and other shit” to hit more closer to home.

    • Call it 118. 118 is a very nice score.

      • Interested in South Asian Gene Pool

        I will 😀 I guess I’ll leave at that 😀 Take care guys and see you on another post

  65. jonathan

    Hey, Robert. Is it possible for someone to have a high IQ whilst also possessing a relatively poor working memory? An ex girlfriend of mine had an amazing memory – way better than mine – but despite her ability to memorize things, she was never as sharp as me or as good at putting things together and coming up with creative solutions to problems. How dependent is IQ on memory?

  66. George Mack

    Welcome to our IQ play!!!

    And there’s no need to quote yourself. Are you promoting yourself and your score?

    220 won’t do anything but help you wipe your ass off cleaner and read better than a 21-yer-old.

  67. Jonathan

    Oh man. That dude is banned, or very close to it.

  68. Aaron

    Wow, you come across as a massive douchbag. You can ban me now, this shit is worthless.

  69. Mrs

    Duuuuuuuuuuh…me woman i.q. of 116…me sad after reading mean-man posts… gonna go kill myself 😦
    to make matters worse, I have a small head and I’m ugly also.
    I hate PC myself, I know and embrace the truth.I am an Ugly, Inferior, Stupid breeding machine. sigh… truth hurts.

  70. Bob

    I feel like I could have written this. I have a group of five guys for college who are the only people who can take me full force. I say every time that we get together that it is good to feel my brain unfold. I have ways liked Rush Limbaugh’s line about having half his brain tied behind his back to make it fair. I have been asked twice in the last year by the owner of the company I run to slow the thinking because others can’t keep up. Without key friends I would have walked off into the woods a while ago. Thanks for voicing how we

  71. I’m not going to disclose my IQ, but let’s just say that I hope one day to leave Earth for another planet in search of intelligent life because I can’t find any here. Communicating with others is very difficult for me, as such, I find myself becoming more and more secluded every year. I can see myself living as a recluse in Montana when I die. One can only hope.

  72. I appreciate a certain modesty amongst the arrogance here.

    Some people think quickly and talk quickly, and so It’s difficult to keep up with them. They don’t wait for others. They stare impatiently.

    Maybe you are one of these people: think quickly, talk quickly.

    But when you take the time to write a column such as the one above nothing you have to say is particularly interesting or creative, nor hard to follow. Certainly nothing ingenious.

    No way in hell 140+ is genius. That’s just a nonsense to give the theory validity. Genius isn’t measured with IQ (Einstein is not a genius because of whatever his IQ happened to be; he is granted status of quintessential-genius for other reasons (the stuff he did)). A high IQ may however mean a higher probability of being a genius.

    Maybe you’d agree with me. I dunno.

    • IQ’s are ranked according to many scales.

      90-110 normal
      110-120 high normal
      120-130 bright
      130-140 gifted

      Usually these scales denote some IQ range as “genius” somewhere along the high end of the scale. Genius ranking typically starts at 140 or 150, take your pick. If you don’t agree with that, take it up with them.

      I actually think I am going to ban you for insulting me.


      • I’m sorry if you thought I insulted you. I thought I was being quite even handed.

        I know that IQs are ranked according to scales, and that 140+ is often denoted as genius level. I however, believe that that is nonsense. Einstein was a genius, so was Plato and Aristotle. Neither are my friends with IQ 140+, they’re just ‘highly intelligent’. I have no interest in taking up the matter with Pop Psychology, I’ll just continue using the word correctly, hope you do so too.

        Do you really think you are a genius?

        One thing I was thinking about re: your predicament, is that perhaps you use too many qualifications for many to understand (or be bothered trying to understand). I have had many difficulties with being misinterpreted myself with statements like “In general X, but sometimes Y”; this to many appears an obvious contradiction”.
        Black and White world views do not mean low IQ.

        Note in the post how you talk about about having a genius level IQ, and talk about 30 points less appearing as morons, but then you have the long qualification after the asterisk, referring to the intelligence of 97 iq guy etc., a point I happen to agree with.

        • It isn’t pop psychology who uses that word in that way. Anyone who ranks IQ’s in a list and gives them names usually calls one of the higher ranges genius.

          I do not think there is a correct use of the word. I have an MA in Linguistics. Words mean whatever people who use them say they mean, pretty much. Also the dictionary defines correct definitions of words.

          I do not think people with 115 IQ’s appear as morons. I have know folks like that pretty well. However, I notice that I do end up explaining things a lot to those people.

  73. Holy Shit. There are many interpretations of the IQ scale, however, a score of 147 is still indicative of genius level intelligence. Think up as many ways to attack this as you can, but Mr. Lindsay will still wake up tomorrow as a genius. He will think more quickly, and with more depth and accuracy than most of anyone in Moronworld. Period.

  74. I had no idea this was originally posted in 2011!

    I’ll just reiterate my point: I don’t believe IQ tests measure genius. IQ tests are standarized, and they attempt to measure several innate ‘capacities’. They do this by posing questions for which answers already exist. However, at least one thing which it seems to me separates genius from highly intelligent is the ability to go beyond what is already ‘known’ – this is a creative ability which cannot be measured by an IQ test.

    faster, more accurately, deeper are all good adjectives for an IQ test – though its possible for high IQ individuals to be shallow thinkers- but they are not sufficient for genius. I think it’s quite simple, provided you accept my account of genius -which is what Shakespeare, Joyce, Einstein etc., had and which other high IQ individuals did/do not.

    I hesitate to wheel out that old walnut, that IQ tests were originally designed to detect children with learning difficulties -it’s really neither here nor there – but the point is that IQ later became something else : the quintessential measure of intelligence, at least in many western countries, with a lot of vested interests in tow. What sense does it make if the pre-eminent intelligence test is incapable of measuring genius, the form of ‘intelligence’ which has the greatest cultural capital? To rectify this, high IQ scores are posed as being ‘equivalent’ to genius, though in fact what is being measured something else, a close resemblance at best.

    I realise that you can simply say “well, genius is whatever I say it means” (or what IQ administers say it is, if you wanna appeal to authority). In that case you need a different descriptor to separate yourself from the ‘men of genius’ who have formed much of our intellectual culture, unless you do hold yourself to belong amongst them.

    • Genius certainly has a definition. I am certain that if you look it up, there is some dictionary somewhere that will tell you the genius level measurement on an IQ test is anywhere from 140-160, depending on where they draw the line. The appeal to authority argument is crazy. I have an MA in Linguistics. We studied Semantics. Words mean whatever people using them intend them to mean. That’s all there is to it. If a lot of people are using a word to mean a certain thing, then that is one of the definitions of the word.

      I suppose the confusion here comes from genius as simply a notch on the IQ measurement chart whereby everyone past that point gets their intelligence described as such. This is definition 1 of genius.

      There is clearly another meaning of genius as all of you endlessly bang on and on at your podiums about. This is Shakespeare, Joyce, the men who built our societies, etc. This is definition 2 of genius.

      And while the men in definition 2 are almost always included in definition 1, the folks in definition 1 are usually not in definition 2.

      I am having a very hard time why everyone is getting such a wild hair up their asses about this trivial matter.

      • I agree it is utterly trivial.
        “The appeal to authority argument is crazy. I have an MA in Linguistics.”

        It’s rather ironic you should choose to place these two sentences so close, I’m sure you know.

        I won’t take it any further 🙂

  75. Tata

    Hello Mr. Lindsay. I like to read your blog, and Google search often brings me here. Maybe we have many interests in common. (My english is not good it’s not because i’m dumb, it’s only because it’s not my first langage). I’m sure you’re very smart. You are often right in many things you say, but not always. Please don’t censor me to say you what I think. You always say that you hate the politically correct, and I hate that more than you. I’m a women who don’t believe all the feminist crap we heard and read everyday. The studies about IQ show that there is more men genius with an extremely hight IQ than women, but there is also more dumbs men than women. Women tend to be more average intelligents. But there is exceptions of course. So it’s true to say that men are more intelligents than women, but it’s not totally true. Many guys are very stupids and I know what i’m talking about. But there is often a bias in your opinions. I feel some sexual frustration against women in your wrinting. Maybe you’re not conscious of that, because even the smartest man in the world have a part of the brain primitives lead by his hormones and instincts. You have this, and we all have this. I think i’m smart too (i don’t know what is my IQ but un psyciatrist think that i’m very smart and i have a level of empathy very hight (not necessary sympathy, it’s not the same thing. She said empathy is mostly genetical like the IQ and only smart people have this trait). But sometimes i act very dumb with the men, when my hormones lead my head. I’m very naive, stupid and do the worst mating choices, with low IQ men (mostly hispanics). And i become very frustrated after, and this is inteferes with my intelligence.

    • I am not a misogynist. I do not hate women. Actually I love them. All heterosexual men are frustrated with women to some extent, and the more experience you have with them, the more frustrated you are.

      I doubt if men are smarter than women. They were for a long time, but women lately have closed the gap.

      • Tata

        The average women is as intelligent than the average men. We are equal in the “normal” IQ range (85-115). But there is more men who are genius or mentally retarded. And more men autist and hyperactive, and many mental illness. But there is more problem of depression and anxiety in Women. We are differents.

    • Big G

      sexual frustration Robert ? so your not happy with twice a night. where is this woman coming from. sexual frustration is what high school guys go thru not old guys like us who have had it all. and are basically sick of dealing with them just to fuck them.

      • Big G

        the only way a man can be stupider than a woman is because a man doesn’t have esp to know what the problem is because its made up. That’s right ninety percent of the problems you create aren’t real. as a result your considered stupid. there I said it.

      • Tata

        This have nothing to do with age. Sex is everywere, and is a part of our animal brain. We are monkeys. People who work in marketing know that. Your tooth brush have the curves of a woman body.

  76. Frustrated with women, yes? I did not say I was sexually frustrated by women. At my age, most guys aren’t having any sex anymore anyway so I consider myself lucky.

    • Tata

      We can fuck everday and still be sexually frustrated, for variety of reasons. This is have nothing to do with age. If you don’t have the girls you really wanted, or don’t have enough, you can become frustrated. A lot of war and violence in the world have for cause, the testoterone.

  77. Tata

    I continue…
    The average intelligents women are very bitch and stupid. I know that very well because i’m a woman, who have to deal with others women. My mother is very dumb, and my sisters are crazy bitchs. I inherited my intelligence by my father. My mother like to watch stupids soaps programs in the tv and is very selfish and immature. She act like a little child and i suspect that she is very in the lower average IQ range. My sisters in laws are not better. The average intelligent women, are primitives and cannibalistics with others women. They are always jealous, and want to destroy others women, because of their primitives instincts to get the males for themself. There is always a sexual competition between women. They make me crazy. Now i have not a single female friend because. I had in the past, when i was teen and young adult. Some rare women are very good person. But most was my worst nightmare. Women are superficials, futiles and selfish (but there is exceptions). those who are more educated, are leftists and believe everything the teachers and their friends or journalists say. They are pretentious and arrogants and think they know everything (dumb people often think they are intelligents and know everything). But the greater scientifics in the workd know that they don’t know everything and have to learn and search always.

    • Granted this is broken English, but nevertheless I understand everything you say. But I find this particular broken English style of yours to be fascinating. Can you please tell me what your first language is?

        • George Mack

          I guessed that it was a Romance language based off your extended plurals.

          “Average intelligents women.”

          You interpret the word “intelligence” as a plural to connect it to “women.”

          Or maybe I was unaware of language families that use the same extended plural system and got lucky.

  78. Well written article, however you seem to mention how intelligence is often frowned upon yet have you considered how annoying it would be for someone more intelligent than you to constantly patronize you. Condescending isn’t the only reason someone may feel uncomfortable, sometimes they feel inferior without being influenced by anyone more intelligent because they may fail to evaluate their own qualities. Even the most intelligent of people can have a low self esteem this makes them potentially prone to feeling inferior despite the opposite being true.

    Women definitely have the same potential to be as intelligent as men, but we just tend to pay more attention to women so we sometimes come to the conclusion that all women are stupid, I’m sure women often come to the same conclusion about men.

    At the end of the day intelligence has little to do with success and money, sometimes the ladder is just a dream.

  79. tortu

    Rofl this made me laugh because I know how you feel.
    But I can be friend with anybody, easily. Even the toughest guy, the dumbest guy, any woman. I just can’t bear them anymore so if I do this, and they fuckin start to say dumbshit, I’m going to argue with them and they will keep misunderstanding and saying things above stupidity and I’ll finally have to admit them they are a piece of shit I allowed to speak to me. That’s how it ends all the time. I can’t bear them, it’s not their fault, they are just dumb and badly educated (if they were smart they would educate themselves but society does very poorly its job). So whenever I decide to reveal them they sux ass, they do not accept it. Dunno why, everybody should accept being told the truth about their stupidity, no ? 😀 (joke for suckers reading)

  80. tortu

    what the hell you wanted to ban the guy for saying you’re arrogant ??
    Was it a joke (read quickly) ?
    Also I agree IQ value doesn’t make you a genius. And being a genius doesn’t make you the most intelligent. Being a genius = being awesome at one thing most of the time. Look at the autistic geniuses, they can do incredible things but are they that smart globally ?
    I think the IQ lists only abilities to do this and that quickly or not. It doesn’t mean you’re smarter. It’s linked certainly. Lots of High IQ tests are not limited in time while usual IQ tests are. I spit on you IQ. I did some tests, I had 131, then I had 140, then I had 158 on a high IQ test. I don’t give a fuck anymore. I’d prefer to create my own IQ, are the guys who created those smarter than me ?? If they spent their life making tests I think they sucks hard.

    • Very true, IQ is meaningless yet people seem to be indoctrinated by the idea that high IQ= amazing, you could be good at IQ tests but terrible at what matters in life. I could be the most amazing artist or musician but my IQ could be low just because I’m not very adept at thinking in the manner required of me to succeed in an IQ test.
      I haven’t ever taken an IQ test nor will I bother because there is just no point, scoring IQ points isn’t a competition, you don’t here people saying “It’s a dog eat dog world”, to find out they are in fact referring to the *intense* competition of an IQ test.
      I dislike the way some people act high and mighty just because they have a high IQ score when in reality they have gotten nowhere in life.

      • MB

        I don’t disagree altogether.

        I took the IQ tests that I took for different reasons:
        1. I wanted to know how smart I was. Getting my IQ tested was a better measure of my intelligence than myself. We usually align our behavior and thoughts around our perception of ourselves, including our intelligence. I wanted to have an accurate representation of my ability. Sometimes we (and others) overestimate or underestimate our own intelligence. I saw it nearly as a personality scale. It also allowed me to trust my reasoning more.
        2. IQ testing is required in some districts. They don’t always disclose scores.

        I sometimes tell people for kicks. But it’s never arrogant. My friends never saw it as threatening. It’s threatening if you have a history of using it as a sword.
        “Hell, yeah. I’m an idiot as far as expression goes. But I have a spatial IQ of 151. That just means that I knew was a triangle was before you did.”

  81. Tuvak

    You all are weak and worthless. Now get down and give me 20!

  82. MB

    I honestly don’t find it very hard to get along with most people.

    I like attention very much, so I’d prefer to have an huge unexceptional audience rather than a small exceptional audience.

    I usually believe that people understand what I say whenever they laugh or nod or say “Yeah”. I find that it’s sometimes a faulty belief whenever I ask. It’s not always faulty, though.

    I have a pretty high IQ, which is mostly displayed in abstract and spatial reasoning. I’ve scored 151 on an intelligence test based on abstractions and spatial reasoning. I’ve scored 141 on a more verbal test. The 151 was from an experimental test to measure genius IQ’s. The 141 was from a standardized instrument.

    I see my intelligence as something for me, honestly. I enjoy understanding the world in my way and explaining math principles with spatial reasoning.

    I share my intelligence with others by giving them unusual jokes and helping them in academic work.

    I do sometimes feel frustrations. I really hate it when I want to talk about my appreciation for specific items on a certain exam and people assume that I’m just trying to hint to how well I did. Or that people just don’t know how to comment on it and didn’t appreciate it themselves. Or they don’t even remember the item. The feeling is mostly self-hating. I feel bad for making people feel worse about their grades or themselves.

    I hate it when I want to show something cool that I’ve designed or written or solved and my audience shows no real appreciation or understanding of it.
    It is sometimes that smart people don’t have an appreciation. I see it appreciation as a thing of interest.

    I some hate in high school.

    “You’re the guy who got the only A on the physics exam, right?”
    “Yeah. I got a 95. Why? How would you know?”
    “Amy was telling me that you make high grades without even trying. That’s bad. You should study. I do. You must be a lazy person.”

    I found the conversation to be stupid and pointless. It was almost as if she saw my 95 as a score that she had to beat. And she tried to beat it by saying that I was lazy and implying that she was hardworking. Odd. I didn’t even tell my score to anyone previously. Actually, the teacher did: “The average for the class was a D-. I thought to change the grades, but _____________ got a 95%. I must be doing something right.”

    “No offense, Ms. But we are not _______.”
    I spent the whole class asking others to work with me and pretending I didn’t know certain answers.

    After class:
    “You will make the class hate me for that. I wanted to add that the average is more telling than an exceptional point on the far end of the bell curve. Reconsider the curve.”

    • MB

      Excuse the typos.

      Bad fingers. Sticky keyboard (I eat and type). And minor bouts of idiocy, maybe. And screwing up during editing.

  83. I’m 15, I have an IQ of of 152 and I’m just out right stupid when it comes to making smart choices. I am incredibly fast at counting back change and good with numbers and science. But I can’t seem to make a smart choice even though I have an IQ of 152 which is a genius level. Any advice on why I keep making bad choices and how I could fix it?

  84. John

    Robert, I read your posts all the time and I haven’t encountered a single one that was not understandable to me. The language you use isn’t difficult. To me, it just seems like regular, everyday English. I’m not really sure what my IQ is since I’ve never taken an official test, but on online tests I’ve gotten anything from 109-133. What do you think?

    • The online tests are good. Just average them together and you get a score of 121, which is excellent and it means you are qualified to do just about anything, including getting an MD or a JD. A PhD might be a bit difficult, but I think you could do it if you work really hard. 117+ is in the category called “bright” I believe. It is a great score. You are in the top 13% of the population or so.

      It seems like not an extremely high score but some extremely bright geniuses had scores in this range. James Watson scored 117. I think Richard Heynman was 121 or so. IQ is funny. Maybe those geniuses just worked very hard and pushed their brains to their limits. I have a commenter on here with a 117 IQ. My IQ is 30 points higher than his is, but it is really hard to say that I am smarter than he is. Maybe he has worked his brain very hard and filled it up with lots of stuff.

      Are you a student at college or high school? If you are, go to your counselor and ask to take an IQ test. I think they are required by law to give it to you. Or if you have some money, pay a clinical psychologist maybe $200 to take the test. Or if you are anyone you know knows a clinical psychologist, see if he will give you one gratis. I took one my tests free because my Mom worked for a clinical psychologist.

      It’s people around 90 that I have a problem with. They don’t see to know about anything I want to talk about. It’s like they have never heard of anything. Not sure if they are stupid but really just more ignorant than anything else.

      A lot of the people who don’t understand me don’t like me anyway, so they are sort of inclined to read all sorts of suspicious and weird stuff into my conversation. People who like me give me a lot more of a break and don’t read weird suspicious stuff into everything I say. I think that has more to do with it than sheer intelligence.

      • John

        I’m not in high school or college. I’m in my early twenties, studying to be an electrician, want to learn carpentry and HVAC on the side. Math doesn’t exactly come effortlessly to me, but I don’t ever have problems understanding mathematics once I get the concept. I used to do a lot of reading about ethnic groups and linguistics and I really wanted to study that in tertiary education but then I realized I wouldn’t make any money and I’d just be some liberal arts pussy that cant do any manly stuff, so now I’m involved in the construction trades. Hope to work my way up and eventually get some kind of STEM degree. Now that I have started exploring math I am fascinated by it and I still have the logic I acquired from my study of cultures and languages.

        • It is great news. I like this little biography of yours.

        • Jason Y

          Liberal arts can surprise you, some courses like Logic are incredibly hard, not for the weak at all. Being able to write good papers can be as difficult as doing higher mathematics.

        • Jason Y

          Learning manly stuff isn’t the challenging. Just get a Dummies book for football or auto repair, but don’t let anyone know you bought one.

  85. Wellshii

    I feel at home now.Society overall is becoming dumber and dumber .Iq scores are declining and people do not kno hot to reverse it because they are eatig too mucgh processed food to care.It’s rather stressful .

  86. Aria

    With all due respect, I will have to disagree with the opinion that IQ should be disregarded as a useless measure of intelligence. My IQ is considered highly genius, as it is over 160. I’ve always been at the top of my classes, scored in the 99.99% on standardized testing, and have had huge success in academics since a young age. Many of my friends who have genius IQs have experienced the same. I took my first IQ test around the age of 6 and was placed in an Enrichment program in which I learned things that kids my age would wait years to learn. The only reason I continued attending school was due to the gifted program we had set up for advanced children, because I was extremely bored in school. Using IQ is a very useful measure of intelligence, especially for determining a child’s academic potential. My teachers treat me differently, giving me harder courses, and I greatly appreciate it. School is no longer a burden, as I now actually enjoy learning. My genius is a bit burdensome because my teachers do treat me differently, but as someone with a very high academic potential, the different treatment is exactly what I need to do the best I can.

  87. Corey Rogers

    Hi Robert I myself have every problem you described in your wordpress. I’m 15 and currently I have an IQ of 140, and I’m having huge problems in school. A vast majority of my peers despise me simply for the fact I think differently than them, and my brain functions at a higher level. I’m tired of being around what I consider a mass collection of self centered inconsiderate babies, my question is how did you get through your high school years I really need the help because at this point I’m letting my depression beat me to the point medications hardly help. Thank you if you read through this, hopefully you’ll find it in you heart to help out.

  88. Chris

    George leon, i don’t agree with you. if your iq is really 190, you should appear on the top smartest people lists around.
    women are generally less smarter than men, but they are emotional. they’re basically the glue that holds the world together. never downgrade the opposite gender. they are also humans. if you really are so smart, you shouldn’t type stuff like that.

  89. MJM

    Interesting discussions here. I found this blog when searching for “IQ147”, bceause that happens to be my number. I am a 40 year od guy from a small and undisclosed country in northernmost Europe (not the UK), and encountered a lot of the phenomenons you guys describe. Already in my early childhood I felt somehow different than other kids, but I didn’t understand (sic!) what it was. But it always conveyed the feeling of loneliness, even though I never was really alone. My family was great, and I always had friends, although they were only few. But I was bullied in school for several years, so I guess that others recognised me as different.

    Actually not until I was an adult I began to slowly (again!) understand why I never seemed to really fit in, and why almost nobody really seemed to understand me. I Always get excited when I have the opportunity to really discuss complicated things and be philosophic with somebody, in person, that actually can catch the ball and throw it back. But all too often, just when you get started, there is nobody actually “there” anymore to discuss with. They can’t grasp it and the discussion becomes a lecture, were I first try to correct and teach them on the more simple and basic issues before I realise it is all pointless.

    Having a high IQ can truly be a lonesome road to travel. But on those rare occasions when you meet somebody that can really challenge you, it is all the more rewarding.

    Probably even more so than in the US, in my country it would almost be considered a crime to even mention that you have a very high intelligence. Funny how people born with athletic talents are widely celebtrated, but those born with an efficient brain are almost shunned. Why? Both are more or less what you are born with. Exercise of course helps, but without a good fundaition it doesn’t really help.

    Socially, I never was in the “A-team”, although I wasn’t the classical nerd. Women always were a bit of a mystery to me, and successes in that department were few. In the end I met I girl though that I connected with instantly. The first time I saw her, Before having said a single word to each other, I knew she was different and special to me. She later became my wife. Her IQ showed later to be 127, and she is one of the few that I often (not always!), have interesting discussions with.

    Financially, I am doing quite ok. I have a fairly well paid job earning about 65k€/year, about 2 times more than average were I live, and it even occasionaly provides me stimulating work tasks. Although much of it is the daily grind. With regard to IQ and Money, I think that personality, character and personal drive are hugely more important to earning well than mere intelligence. Of course low IQ sets its own limits to the kind of jobs one can be successful in, but the help of IQ in that department is highly overrated I think. People of average intelligence or slightly better can occupy virtually any job, or have a successful business.

    Politically, I consider myself a right wing liberal. Religion, I have none, I am an atheist. Believing in a god or other supernatural things I think is childish to be honest. But that shroud of religion will probably cover the eyes of humanity for as long as there are humans. In my childhood I was immersed in the conventional Jesus Christ-theme for long, but the older I got, the more I doubted. I remember already when at the age of 6 I doubted the whole thing, and all the more facts and science I learned, the more bogus it seemed.

    All in all, I wouldn’t say that a high IQ has helped me a lot in life. Although i recognize (now!) that my perspective might be warped. What might seem ridiculously easy for me might not seem that way to the average person. We all have our burden to carry, nobody will get through this life very easy.

    But getting older, it becomes more obvious that life isn’t a competition anyway. In the end we are all dead. Life is about living. It is not that easy to harness a high IQ in getting a more satisfying life, but it can be done, and should be done. The key is to get a passion, something to burn for. And who is better equipped to recognise the beauty and complexity of the things in life than the person with a highly developed mind?

  90. Sabrina

    All of you people claiming “190” and “160”, shut up. Those are outright lies and you know it. 220 is highest ever recorded, so unless you just happen to be one of the smartest human beings in recorded history or you are full of it. People who score 160 or more (on actual standardized IQ tests and not the Internet quiz you took telling you have a genius IQ) make the news almost always.

    In MENSA most people don’t even crack 150 and they are collectively known to be the epitome of high IQ. So unless you are all smarter than Einstein, stop it. I took a standardized government test and also one with MENSA with the same result. An IQ above 135 is the 98th percentile, 150 is 99th percentile classifying as a genius. Do your research people before you spout off saying impossible stuff like “190 IQ here”.

    • Reply

      I think it’s quite clear that most online people lie about their IQ scores.
      Most others hush about what they know to allow people to build whatever online personality they wish to have. Plus, why would you want to crush people’s pride in themselves. If they’re boasting about false scores online, odds are that they don’t have true pride offline. Let them have that online.

    • Reply

      What you said about people with IQ’s over 160 could be very stupid, depending one what exactly you meant. Hopefully (I’m pretty sure you did.), you didn’t mean that the headlines will say this: “Man scores over 160 IQ.” If you think that nearly all people with tested IQ’s of 160 will be in the news for it, you’re wrong. The number is not nearly high enough to use that as a verification. “Show me your news story.” Absolutely absurd. There are programs full of profoundly gifted kids. IQ is something confidential, firstly. The disclosure of an IQ must be by permission. I say that to shake your confidence in what you said. You actually could have thought of this yourself as a reasonable measure of verification against that claim you made.

      I will save you by considering that you meant they make the news because of contributions, an implicit IQ headline. “Man discovers cure to age-old problem.” But that doesn’t exactly suggest that he took an IQ test, only that he likely has an IQ of 160. So I’m sure you didn’t mean that.

      You make a lot of claims that are clearly BS. “Einstein 160.” Nope. Just a guess. “220 highest.” Nope.

      Your presentation of the percentiles was terrible. At least it was for someone making the argument that you are making. You attended to the rarity of scores as a way to confirm to yourself that the people are likely lying. Then you say that 150 is the 99th percentile. The 99th percentile isn’t very rare, so it doesn’t help your point. 150 is actually 99.96th or 1 in 2,330 (using the 15-point deviation) and 99.91st or 1,125 (using the 16-point deviation). That helps your argument.

      Most Mensans hate it when others present the name as “MENSA.” It’s Mensa, which is a word.

      You would also know that telling your IQ has nearly no function in your argument. So it would seem irrelevant. But it’s irrelevance is explained away when you consider that you likely have the same pride issues as those I mentioned at the beginning of my post.

      It’s sad that 150 isn’t the point of clear rationality at all times. Hopefully, you’re lying about your IQ also.

      But maybe you just took at test that only focuses on Lumosity skills instead of true complex reasoning. Or took at test that requires speed more than it requires hard reasoning to get a high score.

      I don’t see you posting anywhere else on this site. So I’m pretty sure that Googling “IQ” got you to this page. I wonder what all that means. Have a nice day!

  91. GG

    I’ve been dating a guy who has a IQ of 180. You are absolutely correct about communication with someone who has an IQ 20-50 points lower and the jokes tend to be difficult at times. He loves telling jokes which, make me laugh. I love this about him, but I don’t get all his jokes. Of course, he knows this immediately and explains or he will say bad joke. I’m concerned he will grow tired of communicating on my level or explaining. I like him and enjoyed our last three months of laughter. Does anyone have tips for dating a genius or had a relationship with a difference of 50 points? If the latter, any success stories?

  92. njwhitey

    I’ve apparently a lower IQ than many of those bragging and blustering beneath me- a paltry 168 average. Yet, I can honestly say from reading the first couple of dozen comments, that I see little evidence of intelligence. Instead I see petty chest beating, grammatical fumbling, childish spelling errors, misogyny, contrarian blustering etc etc ad infinitum- in short, I see very little evidence that most of you have much of a mind at all.

    I thus call bullshit. I suspect this is just a stream of lonely young men, fresh from their online I.Q tests; young men who’ve just found an all-inclusive reason for their appalling social skills and nonexistent sex lives. It’s all so clear suddenly- all along THEY were a misunderstood genius, their failures are now a failure of the world, and women have ignored them because…well, all women are stupid. Apparently.

    Slow clap

    Thanks for the light relief.

    • So here you come along & sound exactly the same as them. Well done. One hand clapping slowly..

    • big g

      I have problems spelling. But I don’t have problems getting woman. I certainly don’t have any problems dealing with shitheads like you whitey . Before you comment on communication skills try developing some. Your a 105 all day long.

    • people with average i.q. are protected by the school system: you’re at least taught rules you wouldn’t be able to deduce on yur own — you’re upset about incorrectness but can’t invent a correction… only a snarl and chastisement crying from the depth. that’s also how and why governments invent religion: they use word-pictures to make you feel special. whadda yu care?

  93. William

    I absolutely agree with every point in this text. I also enjoyed it emmensely based on the fact that you and I seem to have a similar sense of humor. My iq is 132, so I am at the high end of the bell curve. I am also in 8th grade. It becomes painfully apparent, at my grade level, how iq really shapes a person’s character. I am rarely able to relate with peers of mine and have an extremely difficult time finding my,”place,” in social situations. In the last few years, however, I have learned how to,”dumb down,” my conversations. You see, people my age are terrified of intelligent, and moreover, the education system does nothing to counteract this. I often find myself in the middle of a sentence only to be interrupted by a peer saying something along the lines of,”hey, that was a big word.” I, more than my peers, have a tendancy to enjoy very mature conversation (ex. Political, social, biological, philosophical, etc.) and am often made fun of for it. I do take pride in my intelligence, however. It has tought me a valuable lesson in my teen years so far. I have found that appealing to social expectations is for the weak of character. And don’t get me wrong, on the outside, I am a normal teen. ( I’m just trying to convey that I’m not emo or goth as my last statement could be easily misconstrued, ever though it doesn’t really matter.) What I have also learned is that my intelligence is a curse, a bittersweet blessing, if you will. I love my intelligence, I love the pursuit of knowledge. However, public schooling and its curriculum doesn’t account for gifted students. My gifted friends and I are almost all B avg. students, but show remarkable cognitive abilities in every other situation. It is remakably irritating having a massive, provocative adventure in one’s mind one second, only to be interrupted the next by your math teacher handing back your 83% scored math test from two days before. Well, I am officially rambling. I apologize for any point I might have addressed and dropped in this behemoth of a response to your article (it might almost be just as long as your article at this point). I also apologize for my grammar (I am writing this on an iPhone at 10:35 pm.) Anyway, I loved the article. Please feel free to contact me at any point, I would absolutely love to talk. Even a reply to this comment would be nice just as a refresher from all the bland conversations I am forced to partake in everyday. Sorry for the long reply, best of luck to you, and good job,

  94. Alfredo

    I also have a 147 IQ and I do think that some people with 115 IQ’s I can communicate quite effectively. Yet, I know someone who has a 128 IQ and I think his brain is not connected correctly. Great article!

    • Esme

      I don’t know it my comment went through. I don’t see it. I am 27 years old. I am a women and my IQ is between 127 and 148 depending on how I feel that day I suspect.(I also did the tests in English my second language which is a disadvantage for me so I believe it to be higher) I am Afrikaans speaking so please excuse my broken English.

      I am very unhappy today and I know that I can only blame myself for this. I am grateful to be intelligent, but I also know that having an high IQ as a women is very hard. I do also sadly believe that women are overall not as smart as a man. Our whole being is wired different and that is a good thing for our children and house. I am one of those women that likes to spend time with men more than women. I am aware that with that comes issues like your friend falling in love with you and you becoming a ‘slut’ in other people’s eyes. The reason why I spend my time with men mostly is because women makes me depressed with the silly bullshit they find interesting and talk about. Women act dumber than they are to get men to like them. In South-Africa women are still treated like in the old days. Our man here are very proud and ‘Manly’ they expect their wife’s to sit at home, clean the house, and never EVER be smarter than men. While the drink and cheat on their wife’s and down grade then infront of other men(the normal average SA man) I’ve had boyfriends that for instance got so jealous of me being smarter than them that they start computing with me and trying to make me look dumb in front of other people. I beat men in games as well and they do not like this.Even my girl friends does this. I started doing tests 3years ago to find out wtf is wrong with me. I’ve been bullied since I can remember. And I can remember since I was at least 3years old and some things even before that. I can even remember lying in my cot when I was a baby and being happy when I saw my dad. I know I am not ugly and when I was a child I was really pretty. I didn’t know it, I thought I was dumb ugly and the kids in school picked on me. Not because I smelled bad or looked bad. Just laugh at Everything I did. I was very weird. I did not bully my friends and chased after boys with lipstick like other girls. I played with the boys. I had girlfriends but every single one of them got jealous of me and then started computing with me. Tried to take my boyfriends. Even my own sister. I can honestly say that I did not do it back. I have no need to prove anything to anyone. My problem is I think that my dads IQ is around 148 or more. My moms IQ is average. I understood things better than my mom and I’ve been years before everyone around me my whole life. At 7years old my mom spoke to me about her and my dads problems and my dad also did this. I had a nervous breakdown and I especially didn’t want anything to do with women. I was in pain and all the women when I needed them to listen to me just dumped more of their problems on me and then I snapped. I was brutally honest with them and they got a scare. My best boy friends was the ones that held me together. What is my sobby storie’s point? I do really believe like Robert says that my problems and the pain I carry inside is mostly because I am a very sensitive intelligent women. I felt like I was from another planet when I was a kid . And I thought something is wrong with me because I do not speak act or think anything like other women and men. When I took the tests and realized that my IQ is very high, my EQ as well and my spatial intelligence is exceptionally high I started understanding myself and everything that has and is happening around me. People really do not understand me. When I speak to people about things I think about like space, time or anything they stare at me like I’m fucking crazy. They don’t even understand what I am talking about. I had a friend that is also very smart unfortunately he lives over seas. But when me and him spoke to each other we spoke so fast and about things other people don’t even think about that they really just couldn’t understand us. People also mistake this for being stupid. Like Robert said. I make a lot of jokes. I see jokes in sentences people use and the way they use them for instance and 60 percent of the time people just look at me like I’m stupid having no clue on what the joke is.

      Being smart doesn’t guarantee anything. I find that the dumbest people have no consciousness and this makes life ‘easier’ for them. The dumbest people always think their the smartest as well. They do not get shy as easily as we’ll. being smart can actually hold you back more than being average in society

      The reason why I am sad today is because I am leaving my boyfriend. I have left every single boyfriend for basically the same reason. They do not understand me. Like Robert also said they take something you say or do and understand it totally wrong. I don’t like to fight but I do feel a good argument is healthy and how I get to know and understand people. My boyfriends have always misunderstood me and what I say and when I do speak from my deepest thoughts they really just don’t understand what I am saying. When we have an argument I get so frustrated that I loose my temper because they don’t understand what I am saying even if I explain it. They just don’t grasp the thing I say. I am worried because I am 27 years unmarked and have had 4 serious relationships that I couldn’t bear being in anymore. Where do I find a intelligent man who shares my ideas and understands my thoughts?

      Is their any advice for this? If my iq is 140 then already I struggle to get along with 97 percent of the population. The fact that I am a women makes this even more difficult. And the fact that I am 1.76m tall already makes it difficult. I also drink a lot and started acting like I am stupid sometimes just to fit in for one night.

  95. Esme

    Dear Robert

    My dad’s Iq is 148 and mine is between 127 and 140 depending on how I feel. My moms iq is maybe 100. They were always mis communicating. And you can imagine the complications of growing up like this. At a age of 7 years old I understood things better than my mom. I am really struggling in life. I am a women…I am really sorry to say this but I find women to not only be less smart than men but also act dumber. Women have hated me since I can remember. Just because… I was n a really good looking child so it’s not that I was ugly. I remember asking my parents if I am here. If they can see me. I have never fitted in anywhere although I am very good at acting like the people I am around since I was 16. Men are scared of the real me. And the ones that do get to know me usually try to break me to feel better about themselfs I think. And the ones that do like me doesn’t know me because in front of people I have to dumb myself down and act like it to communicate with them. Now I basically hate myself that myself created to function in society. I am leaving my boyfriend today because he really just doesn’t understand when I speak to him about things. He also doesn’t understand me because if this. This is really difficult for me. He is a smart man but with my IQ how many men will I meet that I can communicate with? Men dont like it if their wife is smarter than them.. esspecially not in South-Africa. I’ve had 3x people in my entire life that understood me. My dad and two friends. One is n girl with an iq of 158 and I don’t know my guy friends iq but I know it has to be atleast 130. Both of them are overseas and I will probably never see them again. My dads wife get angry if we speak to each other and my brother and sister is bullies, jelouse and have always also tried to break me for some reason. So I do feel totally alone! I don’t feel like I am made for this world and sometimes I even think I am not from this world. I am gratefull that God gave me this ‘gift’ but I really struggle! I am a highly sensitive person. Everything about me is sensitive. My body, my emotions and even my ‘3rd eye’ . No, it is not something to brag about to be smart. And know people won’t like you it they know you ate wat smarter than them. And in South-Africa the white men especially don’t like a women with brains. They want a dumb sexy girl who makes coffee for him and says ys to everything he asks. I realize that I speaking in circles now. My point is yes. 140 compared to 100 is a loooot. Like my dad always says other people miss that 40 and they will never see or understand that. I am truelly also sad about all off these facts and the fact that it will really be very difficult for me to find a husband That understands me. Men fall in love with me easily and they keep on loving me years after. I’ve left all of my boyfriends and it hurts like hell! But I just can’t! I can’t also downgrade myself at home. I atleast want to be myself at home. I like talking about everything. People think I talk negative but I am not. I am merely just talking about things. The way they are with out suger coating it. Is there any advice? I am 1,76m tall so that already narrows down the men for me to atleast 50persent. My Iq is higher that 97persent if the world so with me being tall, living in SA and being smart, women being 7x more than men what is my chances of ever finding the right man? About 0.03 persent?? This is depressing to me

    • So your true potential IQ when you are at your best is 140, but on a typical day, your IQ is 134. Have you ever had an IQ test taken by a certified professional or at school? How old are you? Are you working? Are you in college? I think you can find a man. I have met some women lately who have IQ’s of 132, 140, 143, 143, and 156, and they had all been married at one point and three of four of them had kids. And they were all pretty social too, most of them were extroverts actually, and got along well with others. I think they are just sociable types. So anyway, there are quite a few women in your IQ range who have a number of friends, are sociable and like to socialize, work at good jobs and regularly date men. So it is not all hopeless out there.

  96. Charlie Farley

    I was looking for someone to write this article. Good to see examples of experiences I can relate to. I’ve given up on other people and just jerk off to porn all day, haha (jk)… kinda :/

  97. my cut off is 130. below that, people are too linear, verbose but plodding and not able to overlay concepts. they can’t even do imaging — just symbol plus symbol. it does make me lonely: they seem to hear or read what i like, but then tell me i’m ‘rambling’. i hate that.

    • sorry, ‘write’ became ‘like’, but i’m a poet and juggle with word-sound.

      • normal for me is about 150 verbal. the only poet on the poetry site i use has an i.q. of 150+ also. he’s the only one who actually reads me as i’ve intended — has an idea, too, of who i am. he’s not as good a poet, though. but i think that’s only because he’s burdened by a higher quantitative ability. this makes him more a proser: always thinks inside the poetry box because he’s afraid of losing that emperical ground that freezes mathematicians into stopping when they get an answer. the answer must always be an answer within maths… and, that’s one dimensional.

  98. Em Walker

    I generally enjoy reading things that are above my IQ level, I find that many of the folks who are generally smarter than I, are like my son. He has Asperger’s, his spelling is atrocious, his handwriting is even worse but, he’s a genius. Granted he is still a child and IQ does change with age but, reading these replies here, I realize that while I’m well above the “average” IQ and feel that this is an important avenue to focus on for my son, I can now see why so many of our ‘savants’ don’t always last long in a ‘social’ society.

    You clearly have a lot of bias and aggression towards women. For whatever reason you feel this way, I’m truly sorry. I will take these scarily expressed opinions though and use them to teach my son some compassion. I clearly never had any until I had children, and most times I find myself wobbling between what is clear and concise logic and my “emotions” since becoming a mom some time ago. I know that I have some room to grow in understanding socially acceptable lines to walk, but I refuse to let my son come across the way in which so many of you here have. It’s aggressive, emotional, irrational and if you truly used your genius (which should NEVER be wasted), study history. Not the kind you learn in school, travel the world, read the old world pictographs, hieroglyphics, scrolls, personal family histories, etc.

    I ask you to do so because, your assumptions, based on JUST your personal experience, and your version of history, are wrong. I don’t mean to sound blunt and rude, if I do, please know that this is not my intention. I simply want to educate you in what you might never have been interested in and have since chosen not to keep educated in.

    Women were never inferior. Not that we’re superior either!

    Anthropology shows that women were the physically weaker (muscularly) than men. On pain scales, woman have always been much tougher then men. Woman generally also have pound for pound, as the saying goes, more upper leg muscle than a man. This doesn’t hold true for every case but, it is the average, if you will. Women accepted their role as a submissive for many generations, simply out of fear for their lives, and/or that of their children. As we became more modern though, women began to spring up that were very much smarter than their male counterpart.

    Here is where your point, proves mine, so please bear with me.

    You say that women do this, don’t do that. That they don’t appreciate this, or are capable. This is the hive mentality. Please know that I am in no way a feminist, nor am I submissive. Back to my point though, this hive mentality has existed for thousands of years. So, when a woman arose who was smart (not necessarily more emotional), that was a challenge to the alpha male, or the societal norm, the pack, or hive mentality takes over and the majority beat her down into submission. Much like women have done to you simply based on your intelligence. Hive mentality – women want an alpha male, with symmetrical features. It’s a biological imperative that is hard to override, just as being monogamous is.

    Women have been here, are here and will continue to be present that are incredibly smart but, due to society, or the hive mentality, they will be beat down with repeated attacks: she’s too controlling, she’s a b*^%@, etc. You generalization based on only personal experience that every smart woman is emotional is flawed. Yes, we are programmed if you will to be so, but not every one is. Granted, non-emotional women are rare, but not every woman you meet is, or will be inferior to you. Many women have been beet down in various ways over the generations and don’t feel that they can show their intelligence, because even amongst my fellow “nerds”, as we referred to ourselves back in the day, letting a smart female into the group was a misnomer to them.

    While I respect your right to your opinion, as well as the majority of what must be clearly males, I find that you’re really just making assumptions based on the partial histories you’ve learned, and personal experiences that you’ve had. Thank you though, for helping me to realize that I need to teach my son the things I didn’t learn until I became a parent. I went through much of my youth feeling the same as you, both about other women and about majority of men I met.

    With time and experience, as with all things I’ve learned the error of my ways. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I wish you well and will continue to read your stuff from time to time. That is if you don’t irrationally ban me as well. If so, I hope you can make your way in life, and thank you for the informational reads up to now.

    • You are leveling a lot of charges here at someone, either me or the other commenters. I can assure you dear, that I am not guilty of even one of these sexist charges that you lay against me.

      Some of the other commenters are. Please be clear who you are addressing your complaints to, either the author or the commenters. This piece was not written with any sexist intent. Quite the opposite actually.

  99. Also, don’t fault George Leon for his comments. They will come off as rude. People with Aspergers have little to no emotional intelligence if I remember correctly. I’m psychopathic, and sociopathic, so not only do I have an exponentially high IQ for an 18 year old, I have an almost equally impressive ,EQ(emotional intelligence quotient). I am very good at interacting with most people, even women, but mainly because my personality disorder causes me to be nearly an expert at determining and playing off of people’s emotions, and partially cuz I’m relatively attractive. You can never lie to me, I can read your voice tone, facial expressions, and body language, plus I catch your slip ups. Sorry getting off topic. While I do agree that women are inferior for the fact that they mostly make decisions based off of emotions instead of rational thought, I don’t believe that there isn’t the probable chance that there can’t be women who are inconceivably more intelligent than men. Intelligent women turn me on immensly. Emma Watson is one of my biggest celebrity crushes because she’s batshit smart and drop dead gorgeous. It you have trouble with ‘stupider’ women, try using clever word play, or using sarcasm, dumb your jokes down a bit, and ask about them more than you tell about yourself, that way you can add on to whatever they say and eventually lead into another conversation. Pretty much ANYTHING you see can be an icebreaker with ANYONE of you know how to kick off the conversation correctly. As you can see my psychopathic tendencies are subconsciously taking over, as I’m randomly jumping from one topic to another.

  100. Edmond Leonard

    Hello , I’ve had 6 head injuries, I am a 37 year old male with adhd. In high school I was told I was a visual math matician . I have a G.E.D. obtained in 2002 .when my graduation class is 1997 . In 2003 my IQ was a 174 . I just took it now and received a score of 147 .

    I read something earlier about high IQ’S and misspelling words. I think the connection has to do with common sense ?

    For being 37 and having adhd and multiple head injuries. Is my score of 147 a good score ? Please be honest . Thank you for your time

  101. Michelle W.

    In response to-George leon
    April 20, 2014 at 1:49 AM

    Mr. George Leon, sir,
    You may have a genius IQ, but, you sir, are an idiot. Having Asperger’s is no excuse for misogyny. I have met quite a few people with Asperger’s and I am lucky to count 2 of them as good friends.

    I, myself, am non neurotypical woman, having both ADHD and a high IQ (only 133, not even in the same zip code as yours, but not an imbecile, either) as well as being a HSP or Highly Sensitive Person (I give the definition because I have a feeling that you don’t care about much that doesn’t involve you, personally) and these things give me empathy, acceptance and understanding towards those who experience life differently.than I do and certainly differently than the majority of the population.

    I did not get mad when I read your comment. I felt sorry for you.
    You, obviously, have a stunted, lonely and miserable emotional life.
    I am aware that the emotional pathology of Asperger’s does not make interacting with other people either easy or enjoyable at times, but there is no excuse for your demeaning tirade against women.

    The reason it is useless for you to talk to women has nothing to do with their, alleged, inferiority it is because you are an asshole.
    I think you feel inferior and insecure around women and to compensate for the feelings of weakness you have you behave like a jerk.

    I hope that someday you grow up and realize that we aren’t inferior, just different.

    • Michelle W.

      I would like to add to my previous comment after reading the comment from Elijah Bailey June 30, 2015 at 11:00 PM
      I am aware that people w/ Asperger’s can have little to no emotional IQ, it is dependent on where they fall on the Autism spectrum. I, obviously, can’t know where George leon falls, but from his comment, it seems to me, that his opinion comes from emotional ignorance not any lack of emotional intelligence.

  102. Tracey

    The sarcasm, the wit, and all for what? 147 IQ points and well because you can. Lucky I have exactly same brain malfunction as you, 147 points. Now the pay off please!!

  103. Her

    So I came to this website because I have a gifted to genius IQ and it was pointed out to me that I greatly dislike people of average or slightly above average intelligence. I was hoping to find some advice but, alas, I was not able to find it here. I desire to get along with people because community often proves to be an evolutionary advantage.

    I feel really sorry for the men on here to hate women or at least appear to. I used to feel that way about men. I thought I was unlovable. I had to do some real behavior mods as well as change my perspective in order to meet a good match. I couldn’t expect it all.

    There are only 24 hours in a day, and if I want a relationship with a well-read and fun person, it may be that I need to forgo some of the more physical attributes I desire and vice versa. As for the golden few who border on superhuman intelligence and attractiveness plus the integrity of a Boy Scout/Girl Scout – these people are mostly likely pairing off with each other.

    I worked on changing my outlook and approach to dating (made friends first), and I am in a happy relationship. I also had to let go of some of my anger towards men before I could be in a loving relationship. It’s possible.

    But I get the loneliness. For us social creatures, even a recluse like me, loneliness can create a monster using our inner monologue. Also I get being overlooked. I just focus more on writing and other hobbies of mine.

    I am worried about “The Bell Curve” influence I am seeing in some of the posts. The writer of that book made claims that women never made any major pioneering changes in their fields, especially the theoretical fields of academics. Correlation is not causation. Most women were not involved in academic field until the past 200 years, and their absence in academic dialogue may be due more to their lack of access to intellectual environments.

    Due to the large population of the modern world, there are several million geniuses out there and with so many niche fields, I would find it unlikely that there are no women making tremendous discoveries and creations. Just because media sources don’t tell us about them doesn’t mean they are not there.

    I also think it is important to note that IQ tests were created to identify at risk students, not talented or genius students. Last source I read argued that IQ tests are as useful in identifying genius individuals. Background information also plays a larger role in the questions on IQ tests than many people understand. The questions don’t only rely on working memory but long term memory as well to answer, and I wouldn’t be surprised if high scorers on these tests encountered certain information earlier and in greater quality than some who score closer to average.

    By the age a child can be tested with a test like the Weschler Intelligence, they have already acquired a unique array of information. The type of information an individual is exposed to likely influences the outcome of these scores…Unless there is a learning issue which would be identified by a child’s inability to use their already acquired information to infer the appropriate way to answer the question on an intelligence test.

    • Her

      1. Last source states IQ test not as useful for identifying talented and genius individuals.

      I meant quantity not quality.

  104. I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 17, and tried medication for a while but ditched it shortly after and decided to just do it my way. I find that I somehow just seem to “know” things and I tend to pick up new skills and learn things quite fast. Other things I struggle with such as processing certain auditory things and doing math in my head. As part of the diagnosis I was also asked to take an IQ test at the clinic where I was diagnosed. My result was 125 at that time. I’m now 29, and when I went online 2 weeks ago out of curiosity I took the test on http://www.iqtest.com/. My result was 136. Is the page legit?

    • Take the 125 test. That’s the good one. I really doubt if your score is going to change much or if you can change it much honestly. The good score is the one you got from the formal tester.

  105. Matthew

    Laughing at all the replies. “My IQ is 197” or “My IQ is 190”, very funny. The ceiling for nearly all standardized IQ tests is between 155 & 160 (WAIS III & Stanford-Binet respectively [past yr 2000]). IQs of 197 and 190 are 1 in 20 billion & 1 in 1 billion in rarity (respectively). The woman with the highest recorded IQ in history is Marilyn Vos Savant, IQ 186. The highest IQ ever recorded by anyone ever was a man with IQ 198. Any IQs higher than 198 are estimates by non-psychiatrists. All those “Top 10 highest IQ” articles you read are complete bull. Almost none of the individuals on the list have ever taken IQ tests or their scores are greatly exaggerated. It’s funny how people will post such ridiculous numbers without doing any research. If you’re going to give a fake IQ score make sure it’s not near or beyond the world record in the future.

    Additionally, regarding child IQ scores. eg “I’m 12 and my IQ is 162 so I’m more intelligent than Albert Einstein”. Any IQ given under age 18-25 is inaccurate and is a bad predictor of intelligence. One child may develop faster than another in height. Say they’re 5’9″ in 8th grade for example. They may never develop taller than their current height. Which means when they’re an adult they end up being in the average-below average range. Intelligence is not different. It is often that a child will have their IQ taken at a young age and into adulthood it greatly decreases. yet the child’s views towards themselves do not change. This usually causes unwarranted narcissism (megalomania).

    Best wishes,


    • That’s not true. A childhood IQ score is fine. IQ is very stable after age 7. All IQ experts believe that IQ scores in childhood are just fine.

      • White and Asian IQ is stable from 7-24. White IQ is 100 at age 7, and 100 at age 24. There’s not much movement at all. Black IQ only crashes in the West. I think it does not crash down in the Caribbean or Africa.

  106. Mike

    I only skimmed this article, so hopefully my comment is relevant.

    I took the Stanford-Binet IQ test twice in my life. The first time I scored 146, and the second time 134. (Nerves?)

    IQ scores don’t mean much to me. Yes, I always seem to comprehend faster than those around me, and I tend to notice details others don’t, but never do I feel as though the people I encounter daily are “retarded.”

    Beethoven wouldn’t have passed an IQ test. He could barely grasp simple arithmetic, and yet his musical intelligence made him legendary. The mathematician Richard Feynman reportedly had an IQ of “only” 125, but this didn’t stop him from making important contributions to his field. Likewise, one of the highest IQs ever recorded (200+) belongs to a club bouncer with a GED.

    In my opinion, high IQ scores are like awards: the only people who give a crap about them are the ones who have them. The way a man lives his life will determine his worth far more than a number ever could.

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