Robert Lindsay on TV

Internet TV, that is.

Internet TV, like Internet radio, is becoming a very big deal. A recent episode of The Paranormal Report, the Internet’s most popular paranormal Internet TV show, devoted about the first 5 minutes to me and my findings, while also discussing related issues in the Bigfoot field.Focus was on Bigfoot nuclear DNA findings and the Sierra Kills killing of two Bigfoots in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains in October, 2010. They sort of messed up the story, but oh well.

They start talking about The Great One at about the two minute mark, and they quit talking about His Hind Ass at about 6 minute mark. The rest of the show is not about me, so there’s absolutely no reason that anyone on Earth should watch it, right?

I do enjoy these guys’ mode of presentation. It’s appealing.

I’m getting famous! Way too late to enjoy it though. Anyway, where’s the money and the chicks?


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3 responses to “Robert Lindsay on TV

  1. apehuman

    For me, when anyone moves to radio or TV webcasts they are lost! LOl old school.. I do watch most TV on the net though (a week or so behind the world for free) b/c I can choose the time I watch and do away with the commercials.
    Robert, I feel today the Sierra Story is true…only because Dr. Ketchum refuses to speak to the subject. She managed a message via FB that EP is “in” the study and will be released with Journal print (implied she has a “yes” but no pub date? Or possibly in window with press moratorium – let’s hope).
    Anyway, look to me like she won’t be dealing with the Sierra Kills story until after publication – perhaps hoping the magnitude of her “discovery” will wash away any stains? Possibly. Hard to believe it didn’t happen, as just a word (or FB message) would have ended that speculation.
    So, seems to me you do have a story, a very big on, don’t waste it just blogging or on web-radio. You write really well….I would hope a complete final article is ready for general circulation (syndicate it) at the same time the “study” is published?
    Reporters are often not like because of what they print. Recently about half dozen bloggers in Mexico were killed b/c they were critical of Cartel…
    it is an honorable profession really, and critical to our freedom.
    Make it accurate!
    Thanks again.

  2. apehuman

    BTY – if the Sierra Kills story is not true? LOL, you have still have a rather big story..but it will be more fun to write!

  3. apehuman

    “just blogging” sounded I have to post to clarify..
    I see an essential difference between a Blog and an Article for traditional media outlets… not that blogging is less ( in recent years has been more timely and influential) valuable….but the traditional print media outlets (and thier online mirrors) reach a vast audience… and also have an editorial review (or sorts) that ensures some fact and cite check…hehe of course depends on the outlet doesn’t it?

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