Bigfoot News November 30, 2011

The Tom Biscardi Show. Richard Stubstad and I were guests on the Tom Biscardi radio show tonite. Discussion topics were Bigfoot DNA and the Sierra Kills incident. Biscardi is a very controversial character in the Bigfoot world, widely hated by many who regard him as a hoaxer. I do not believe that Biscardi is a hoaxer. He’s simply a guy with an average IQ who has a very strong need to believe in things and gets taken for a ride a lot by hoaxers or folks who just don’t have anything.

He’s competitive, like most in this biz, and he’s out to discover Bigfoot and beat everyone else. He also has a large ego like many in the biz. He can be very gregarious, and he can also come off like a tough macho hardass. Well, he’s Italian after all. He also talks smack about most of the other players in the scene, but he’s not the only one who does that.

Biscardi is a Las Vegas showman and has precisely the type of personality that such a person would be expected to have.

Biscardi believes very much in Bigfoot and is dedicated to proving the creature’s existence. He has seen Bigfoots 4-5 times in broad daylight, and he has had countless night sightings, but those hardly even count anymore.

Biscardi was very instrumental in the early days of the DNA project of Dr. Melba Ketchum. Ketchum needed people to run samples to her, and all of the blowhard puffing lions of the scene refused to lift a finger. Only Tom Biscardi would step up to the plate. Let’s give credit where it’s due.

Offer to buy the Sierra Kills Bigfoot steak. As we reported earlier, Justin Smeja’s Bigfoot steak from the Sierra Kills is up for sale. Asking price was $10,000. On the show, Biscardi upped the offer to $50,000, with money to go into an escrow account and money transfer to occur upon proof that the steak is what Smeja says it is.

Bloody clothes from the Sierra Kills. Smeja has agreed with us that the juvenile Bigfoot died in his arms. That’s a very strange thing to do to a wild animal. Hunters don’t cradle their dying prey. But I feel that this thing may have looked so human that it brought out Smeja’s compassionate or guilty instincts. This is why he cradled it in his arms as it passed. As a consequence, Smeja got Bigfoot blood on his clothes. These bloody clothes are in storage at the moment, and they may have Bigfoot DNA on them.

Ketchum and Biscardi. In the early days, when Stubstad and I broke this story, Ketchum made a brief appearance on the scene to attempt to shoot the messenger. She said that Richard’s samples were “not useful to the study.”

We do not believe this is a truthful statement. Instead, we believe that the Arizona toenail and the blood on the plate from Crittenden, Kentucky tested positive for Bigfoot in repeated tests. In addition, Ketchum attempted to trash Stubstad by saying that the samples came from Biscardi. In doing so, it appeared that Ketchum held Biscardi in disdain.

However, the truth is more complex. We actually don’t report much on personal relationships here other than some fancy wording that you can take however you wish. But if two adults, male and female, have a good platonic friendship, we don’t see why we should not report on that. And Ketchum and Biscardi were close friends at one point. I would urge you not to read anything more into that.

The friendship ended rather abruptly. I am happy that Ketchum and Biscardi had a good friendship, and I am sorry it ended on a sour note. Indeed, Biscardi can be a charming fellow. At any rate, Ketchum trashing Biscardi as persona non grata is rather rich considering he was such a good friend at one point.

Rumor on publication date of Ketchum’s paper. Rumor says it is coming out on December 31, 2011. There is no way to prove that one way or the other, however, the report does come from someone close to the Ketchum DNA project. Make of it what you will.

MC1R gene and Bigfoot. Skeptics say that the polymorphisms that Ketchum found in the MC1R gene has been characterized as a “Bigfoot marker” by Ketchum and she is hoping to patent a DNA test on this basis. There is no way that this is the case.

Instead, as I have reported repeatedly, Ketchum has apparently decided that Bigfoots exist based on the distance between Bigfoot genes and human genes. The difference is apparently ~2% on the nuclear side. That is, Bigfoots share 98% of our genes. Let us say Ketchum looked at 30,000 genes of Bigfoot nuclear DNA. Of those 30,000, the number of genes different from humans would be as follows:

Distance  Human  Bigfoot   Chimp

Human     0      600       1,800

It’s really sad that I have to go over this endlessly, as the skeptics just can’t seem to bend their heads around this stuff.

Melba Ketchum’s “Hollywood lawyer”. Well, here he is. Hank Fastoff. He’s apparently not well liked at all, but no one likes lawyers anyway. I get that he’s a ruthless fellow, but that’s the nature of the biz. I am so glad I’m a society dropout!

Justin Smeja looking to taxidermy a Bigfoot? I had already heard this rumor before, but it was off the record, so I could not publish it. Here are two old threads from

The first is from October 11, 2010, three days after the Sierra Kills. The poster is “General Lee,” who may just be Justin Smeja. After all, he posts as “General” on Bigfoot Forums, and he takes redneck as far as you can possibly take it. It makes sense that a hardcore redneck like Smeja would idolize Robert E. Lee, famous general of the Confederacy.

In this post, General Lee is asking if anyone has a taxidermied Bigfoot he can look it. He wants to see if what he shot was a Bigfoot or not. This could be Smeja, three days after the kills, (ignorantly) trying to find a Bigfoot specimen to compare it with what he shot. I believe this could well have been Smeja as “General Lee.”

Bizarrely, one reply, from November 23, 6 weeks after the Kills, suggests that “General Lee” is the only person on Earth to have a life-sized taxidermied Bigfoot. Is this person implying that Smeja had a taxidermied Bigfoot by that date? For the record, Smeja denies having a taxidermied Bigfoot.

The next thread is from October 24, 2011, one year after the Sierra Kills. In this case, a taxidermist from Indiana reported that he got a call from a strange guy who asked if he could taxidermy a Bigfoot. The taxidermist said sure and quoted him a price. But the strange man never called back.

My sources suggested that the man may have been Smeja. Also the return call from the man had caller ID blocked, and Smeja has had his caller ID blocked for some time now. Does this mean that Smeja was looking around for someone to taxidermy a Bigfoot? For the record, Smeja denies looking for someone to taxidermy a Bigfoot. He also states that he does not have a body.


General Lee
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Skinned or frozen whole
« on: October 11, 2011, 05:34:06 PM » Reply with quote
Looking for a Sasquatch (Yeti, Big Foot…etc..).
Preferably with skull, hands and feet in. Dorsal cut. Please include pics with NTB measurements. Also, would like to know of any slippage or nicks if any. Would like a good thick winter fur with long guard hairs but am interested in any specimen. Must have all papers and documentation and tagged according to Fish and Game regs.

I look forward to hearing from you.


« Reply #6 on: November 23, 2011, 10:21:51 PM »
General Lee is a famous Sasquatch researcher, has encountered them before and has documentation. The best out there, he’s the only one in the world to have a real life size taxidermied big foot, I hardly think hes joking.


Kevin M.
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Sasquatch manikin ???
« on: October 24, 2010, 11:14:22 PM » Got a call tonight asking if I did Sasquatch. I said sure. They’re about the size of a Griz, right? Told him $3200. He said he will be here tomorrow. Boy am I excited.
P-burg Taxidermy
Kevin Mcclure
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« Reply #1 on: October 24, 2010, 11:17:54 PM » Reply with quote
Are you going to wrap a body? Post some pics.

« Reply #3 on: October 24, 2010, 11:21:49 PM » Reply with quote
I’ll need to wrap it? I can’t but one? Guess I should have charged more!!!!

Kevin M.
« Reply #4 on: October 24, 2010, 11:26:25 PM »
Good Idea Coonhollow. I didn’t even think of the open mouth. It said private number on caller ID. But I think he’s gonna show up. I’ll bring it up then. Thanks.

« Reply #7 on: October 25, 2010, 01:19:57 AM »
Did the guy ever show up? Curious to hear about this one!

Rumors of ET DNA in Bigfoot nuclear DNA. This is a very strange rumor that is floating around. The line goes that there is something in the nuclear DNA that Ketchum has found that is “not of this Earth.” The suggestion is that the DNA is from outer space, and hence the Bigfoots are derived in whole or in part from ET’s and UFO’s. Well, it sure fits the Bigfoot-UFO theory well, does it not? Wally Hersom is said to be very interested in this aspect.

Whether this is true or not, and I doubt it, I sure hope that this is not where the Ketchum team is going with their report. If so, surely this report is not going anywhere.

Justin Smeja and Robert Lindsay. Smeja and I are now talking. I find him honest and forthright. And compared to so many of the hyper-competitive, ruthless, cutthroat backstabbers in Bigfootery, I actually think Smeja is a very nice guy. He’s not your average treacherous Bigfoot kook.

He’s just a regular guy who didn’t even believe in Bigfoot who got dragged into this mess against his own will. He has now been dragged headfirst into a whirlwind. I don’t think he’s out for fame or fortune, but like anyone, he wouldn’t mind making a bit of cash. To me, he’s just a regular working guy, unpretentious, doesn’t put on airs, a bit of a redneck, deeply religious, who just gets up every morning and goes off to do his job. Very down to Earth and a quite decent fellow.

Some sources have suggested that Smeja has narcissistic or sociopathic tendencies. At least the narcissism is epidemic in the Bigfoot world, not so sure about the sociopathy. In an extended conversation, I did not observe any extreme narcissism in Smeja, and I understand this problem very well. I also did not detect any sociopathic tendencies, but admittedly that can be hard to pick up on. If anything, he may be a bit young, trusting and naive.

Is he trigger-happy? Possibly, but I don’t get into the good hunter – bad hunter dichotomy. You either shoot live animals or you don’t. If you do, well, you’re the same as all the rest of them. I don’t hunt myself, and I could never shoot a live animal, so I don’t get hunting, but I try to be understanding.

And yes, I do believe his story about the Sierra Kills, bizarre and insane as it is.

I am very glad I met Smeja, and I am looking forward to a fruitful relationship with him.

Location of Sierra Kills revealed. Smeja has revealed the location of the Kills to be at 7,200 feet in the Sierra Buttes near Sierra City, California in Sierra County, California. I had previously said that I thought it was in the Buttes. You can look it up on the map and see if you can find a more exact location.


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  1. apehuman

    The date of the “I want to buy a frozen Sasquatch” is actually a year after the shootings…in 2011. The response (a month ago) that Justin had a taxidermied Sas makes that possible. Since, the ‘call on Pvt. ID” was the prior year (you had that right) it is possible isn’t it?

  2. Shawn

    I really don’t respect Biscardi as he has zero credibility.

  3. Shawn

    Please delete the above link which I posted. Thank you.

  4. We can debate whether or not Biscardi is a hoaxer or not. We can debate whether he was the victim of hoaxes or not. We can even debate whether Biscardi clever or of average IQ.

    What is not debatable; Biscardi does not verify his own evidence before writing a press release. Not only does this imply that he doesn’t do his homework very well, it also implies that getting attention may be more important then the research,

  5. Well, folks, we had a good chat last night on Biscardi’s Bigfoot Lives radio show. We even had a good laugh or two.

    Re. Biscardi’s reputation: It is what it is; some deserved, some not. All I care about is whether he can get us some reliable sasquatch DNA samples. The first time around (he was first in getting samples to Ketchum–five of them), 1 was the real deal (the toenail, not from four corners, but from NW Arizona); two were hair from common animals, according to Ketchum; one was a bear paw, called “the hand of unknown origin”, according to Ketchum; and the fifth was an approx. 9 foot tall American Indian, also according to Ketchum. On the other hand, she hadn’t tested either of the latter two samples by the time I left the project, in November of 2010. While I think it is highly likely that the bear paw was, well, a real bear paw, I’m not at all convinced the 9 foot skeleton specimen was NOT a sasquatch. I just don’t know.

    This essentially means that Biscardi’s “success rate” was either 20% or 40%, depending on what the 9 foot tall fossil sample comes out. Not to bad, especially considering the fact that Biscardi lead the charge.

    So — for the present “Ketchum” project at least, Biscardi was there first; I was there second to discuss testing details and to contribute through “connecting the dots”; comparison of mitochondrial DNA sequences. There were three of these when I left–all of which I believe were from sasquatch (pl.). Two of these mito sequences were supplemented by “very strange” MC1R sequence results not known to be from modern humans.

    While the above does not consitute proof that sasquatch even exists, it does provide quite convincing statistical evidence that this is the case. All that remains to be done, then, is for Ketchum AND others to complete the DNA testing of the nuclear genome (preferably several complete genomes, if feasible). The reason I say “AND” here is that the first published study will still be controversial, to say the least. Doesn’t even matter who carries out this first study, or who is first to the goal line. We all win; and more importantly, SASQUATCH WINS. It’s about time.

    The wording by Bob Lindsay above about the nuclear DNA being from “out of this world”; in other words from some kind of ET, would indeed end up begging the question — what about the possible connection of the nuclear DNA to some kind of hominin that hasn’t been sequenced previously? Why wasn’t this considered as a possibility first, or at a minimum simultaneously?

    For example, David Claerr has posted a hypothesis that seems to make a whole lot of sense, and does NOT involved either ET or Superman: It involves the fossil skull originally called “Rhodesia Man”–which may in fact be DIRECTLY related to the mitochondrial results from Sample 3 that I’ve reported on, both in one of Bob’s threads and my own Webstie shown below. For a look at this hypothesis (not PROOF, but rather a possible hypothesis, please see:
    Let’s not jump to conclusions before the evidence is ALL in, and also analyzed by scientists who are a whole lot more knowledgable than either Ketchum, Lindsay, Paulides, or me.

    Thanks exactly what we are working on. We have a number of new, pre-vetted samples already for this “parallel” study to Ketchum’s work. Just let me know, everyone!



  6. Well, there is the video evidence they supposedly have. They say they have video of a sleeping squatch that gets up and walks away, and numerous other video clips of other squatches. Of course, nobody objective has seen those yet, they don’t seem to be available or leaked anywhere. I can see how the whole project can sort of disintegrate into the mist if done with various mutinies, political desertions into obscurity and so on, and eventually people (bigfooters) will just let it die in peace, knowing that there is something suspicious about it enough to let it go and not drag it out as an embarrassing skeleton in the closet. That said, I’d still like to see the videos they say they have. 🙂 And yeah, I do see some parallels to the whole Roger Patterson, PGF marketing machine trying to hype the whole “project” up. But at least the PGF made a debut.

    • If Ketchum had published her work (in part based on the Erickson project specimens), the video would already have been released.

      We’re working on a parallel study; as soon as we have DNA evidence to support what is in the video(s), they will be released.

      Please be patient. The BF industry has been at this for, well, over 50 years. A few more months or a year max. won’t really make a huge difference.


  7. Sarah

    Why are white males not attracted to black women?? Can you please do a post answering this question?

  8. johnUK

    I can’t believe you seriously believe in Bigfoot.

    I believe there is a slim possibility that there might be a Yeti Bigfoot in Siberia due to its cold climate and vastly under populated land mass but a Bigfoot in the US is pretty ludicrous and would have unearthed some credible evidence by now that would stand up to scientific scrutiny.

    • I’m an agnostic; I don’t believe or disbelieve in anything.

      Re. sasquatch, I’m merely looking at some compelling DNA data; six sequences from likely sasquatch (pl.), all “very strange” and highly unlikely–all of them.

      Statistically, I’m 97% convinced that sasquatch (North American version) exists. I am convinced, but not positive.

      On the other hand, I have zero data from the Yeti or Almasty, etc., so I really have no idea, one way or the other.

      Actually, that’s not true: Very limited mitochondrial DNA data exists for two “folks” called Zana and Khwit who lived about a century ago (Khwit died in 1954 as I recall). However, the snippet of data is so small, it doesn’t provide any convincing evidence, one way or the other.

      Richard Stubstad

  9. johnUK

    Bigfoot hoax and the man behind the suit Gerry Romney.

    ”Now, in an article by Chambers expert Scott Essman in the current issue of the special effects magazine Cinefex (Scott Essman, “John Chambers: Maestro of Makeup,” Cinefex #71, 1997, p. 172), veteran Hollywood director John Landis (Animal House, An American Werewolf in London, Trading Places) reveals “a makeup secret that only six people know.” The secret — that the “famous piece of eight-millimeter [sic] film of Bigfoot walking in the woods that was touted as the real thing” was “just a suit…made by John [Chambers]….” Landis learned this information when he worked in the mailroom at Twentieth Century Fox and would occasionally pop into the makeup laboratory there, where John Chambers was a to work at the time. Landis learned this while Chambers was working on Beneath the Planet of the Apes (1970). “

    • Well, well. That clarifies everything about the P-G film (1967). Now we have two costume creators who BOTH claim to have made the very costume that (someone) donned & walked across the sandbar for 59 seconds. One is John Chambers and the other is Phillip Morris (not the cigarette but the equally well known costume maker who survives to this day). Besides, I believe there is no less than 3 or 4 individuals, all of whom claim to have been the man in the suit. The most credible of these is Bob Heironimous (survives still today), and now are you saying there’s yet another, Gerry Romney?

      It must have been damn crowded in that suit; maybe that’s why they needed two separate suits to pull it off.

      Still, it may well have been a hoax, considering the likes of Roger Patterson and his checkered history. On the other hand, his “partner in crime”, Bob Gimlin, is also still alive today and is — contrary to your opinion, sir — a credible individual with a whole lot of integrity. He has never — never — changed his story. He was offered one million dollars to do so once; he refused, and he’s just as poor today as he was when the two of them shot that 16-mm (not 8-mm) film in the fall of 1967.

      The fact is, sir, I have studied the pros and cons of this film extensively. Have you? Even so, I still don’t know for sure; after all, I’m a pragmatist. The reason I don’t know and never will? No DNA. You can hoax all kinds of stuff, but not DNA.

      You must be quite superstitious to believe — or not — that the P-G film was hoaxed. The evidence, in my view, is about 70% in favor and 30% against its authenticity.

      Richard Stubstad

      • Maurice Cloud

        Cheers Richard! I’ll go with 98% certainty it’s real. The, erm, gentlemen who claim that they wore the suit have significant credibility issues — especially BH — while the very simple fact that suit technology of the mid/late sixties was not up the standard required to create what we see in the film, even allowing for the inevitable degradation and corrosive influences of time, has never been satisfactorily, much less plausibly, refuted. Anyone interested in this hugely important event would be well advised to watch National Geographic’s doc. on same. These guys are as cranky, conservative, and conventional as they come, yet they concluded that the PG film captured, in all probability, exactly what Patterson and Gimlin said they saw — a sasquatch. The PG film remains today the single most illuminating bit of evidence available that supports the critter’s existence and as such attracts more than it’s share of aggrieved, or just plain mischievous, moths . . . Cheers!

        • Once upon a time–in 2009 in fact, after I studied the P-G film quite extensively (with counter-arguments a whole lot more credible than the one posted by johnUK, above, I was about 50-50.

          Then, I read an entire book dedicated to debunking the film, with so-called “proof positive” by Greg Long. After that long song and dance, instead of being convinced by Greg Long (who spent literally YEARS trying to complete his book as convincingly as possible), there were so many contradictory statements and prejudice a’priori, that I became even more convinced the film was authentic.

          So today, I’m 70-30 about that film. And BTW, Erickson has much better footage than that; I’m maybe 95-5 or better than his footage is the real deal–especially the parts of the film where we have DNA evidence to boot.


        • I am 100% sure the P-G film is real. Of course it is.

      • What do you mean he was offered $1M to change his story? Can you elaborate?

    • It’s not true. Both of those guys have been proven to be liars. They did not make any costume that was used in the Patterson film. No such costume exists or ever existed, and no such costume could ever have been made.

      • NonKoolAidDrinker

        I agree. there’s to much detail in the musculature of the legs as the bigfoot walks. A “gorilla suit” wouldn’t have anything close to that kind of detail. You can actually see the leg muscles flexing and contracting in the film.

        • They have found something like 40-50 different muscle groups in that Patterson creature. The suits available at the time could not possibly show muscles of any type.

        • Plus i feel like have have proven more about the patterson film like
          * A second bigfoot
          * no way Bob H was in a suit
          *and more
          watch the videos

          I think a lot of people tried to “band wagon” on the patterson film in order to get some fame and some cash.

    • Shawn

      I think it’s bogus. The line down the back of the suit is the clincher.

  10. Pimp

    Don’t be a jerk about the alien possibility, Robert. It is possible, and if it is true it should be told.

    • I am sorry but this is just whack. Who cares if it is true or not? It’s so crazy that it will sink us just like that. Let’s prove this thing exists first, then we will deal with the weird stuff. And I do mean weird!

      • Pimp

        Ummm….I care if it is true. I mean isn’t Bigfoot already pretty significantly weird. You need to figure out which side of the fence you’re on, dude. You remind me of these folks, like Michael Prescott, who think that the idea that 9/11 could be an inside job is crazy, but also believe that communication with the dead is possible – or these cold fusion advocates who can’t bring themselves to consider the possibility that psychokinesis might account for some of the anomalous cold fusion readings. Face it – we’re all crazy to the mainstream. I have said for a while now that if we could get all of these groups together and working on the same page lobbying for real social change, and stop bitching at each other, then we would have a force that would not be denied.

        • Tell you what.

          Let’s prove Bigfoot exists first. After that, we can talk about whether they are part alien or have a relationship to UFO’s or this or that.

          You have to understand my position. I am already maligned enough being a BF believer. There’s no need to add fuel to the fire by piling all sorts of other woo beliefs onto an already crazy belief. Most BF folks believe in all sorts of other woo stuff too, and this makes it hard for others to take us seriously.

        • Please, folks, Bob is right. We cannot determine likely “origin of the species” without testing the nuclear DNA first. In this case, it will be carried out by a European lab, and they will determine everything based on the two DNA genomes (nuclear and mitochondrial).

          For now we’re calling them a member of the hominid branch of primates. They are most likely from the hominin branch, just like the Denisovan was. We don’t even know this distinction yet, so why complicate matters.

          PLEASE BE PATIENT. Maybe Ketchum will come up with something soon; if not, we will. Eventually, both groups will. Everyone wins; stop speculating and let the scientists do their work without interference from us (except to find viable DNA samples).

          DON’T WORRY; BE HAPPY.


        • Pimp

          I do see your position. I guess your plan sounds like as good a plan as any. I just wish you wouldn’t use terms like “woo.”

  11. apehuman

    Mk Davis’s work on the PG fime is unrivaled..with a first gen copy provided by Patricia Paterson (Roger’s ex – and widow) is amazing work (you can get there via what’s new page)
    What troubles me is Green suddenly “found” more footage he “forgot.” 🙂 an also the original footage location unknown..or secret…with the entire footage pre splices, etc…in a vault somewhere?
    After you look at Davis’s work (if you haven’t already) you might find it illuminating.

  12. apehuman

    too funny! Crypto just posted a story on that Green “lost” footage (for 50 years! wow must be a hoarder? says it was just somewher in a box?)..he gave to Bill Munns to work..see here:

  13. At least your screen name fits your sophisticated use of language.

    I’ll make sure I inquire with you before I associate with anyone; I’m sure you know who is who and what they are, without even knowing these folks personally.

    Fact No. 1: Biscardi delivered, in person, the first viable sasquatch specimen (a toe nail) to Ketchum in January of 2010. The DNA does not lie; this was NOT a hoax.

    Fact No. 2: Biscardi was hoaxed by the Georgia Boys; not the other way around. He would not have paid them $50,000 that he never got back just for the sake of a well-planned hoax.

    Now, tell me something useful — assuming you don’t get thrown out of this forum. Lindsay doesn’t appreciate comments like yours (not even your screen name); meanwhile I can simply consider the source.


  14. Shawn

    I am very disappointed to hear that Biscardi provided the toenail sample. Now I know the whole thing is a hoax.

    Here is a picture of this Biscardi character holding up a picture of bigfoot, which at first glance the picture is obviously fake. I never believed that Biscardi himself was hoaxed. Look at the picture of the mouth and bigfoot’s perfect straight white teeth, something that would never be seen on wild primates:

    • Yes, I know about this picture. I told him, personally, “jeeze, Louise, if it sounds, smells, and looks too good (or bad) to be true, it probably is!” Still, he believed it in his gullible way and continues to do so yet today; I have many examples of this over the past couple of years, and each and every time I have to repeat the above mantra — to little or no avail.

      Still, if you believe enough stuff, you will eventually get a few things right along the way. The toenail was such an item. Biscardi didn’t “find” it (Larry Jenkins did). He merely delivered it to Ketchum, and, no it was not a hoax, not by Biscardi (who is not a hoaxer) or anyone else. This time, Biscardi was right–it WAS the real deal.

      I know that (~97% confidence level) based on the DNA, not the source(s) of the sample.

      And–just for the record–neither Lindsay nor I are “associated” with Biscardi in any formal or informal way. We both operate independently from any group or person–even one-another. That way, we can remain objective in our research, and open to various forms of evidence such as the picture (from TV) that you showed above. Neither of us would have EVER believed that was the real deal. Unfortunately (to the tune of $50,000 as payment to those Georgia wankers and another $50,000 of costs from Biscardi associates (NOT me!), Biscardi believed it and sent his crew, including his son T.J., on a wild goose chase across the southeastern and north-central states, only to find out — after the fact — it was truly a hoax.



  15. Shawn

    Thanks for your response, particularly regarding the clarification with regards to the toenail, although I still think Biscardi IS a hoaxer. For someone that spends so much time studying bigfoot he would have known that that picture was obviously fake. So if he is not a hoaxer he is incredibly, incredibly stupid. It’s either or.

    • I agree with your overall statement, except for one word: STUPID. He is gullible and severely lacks any semblance of circumspect when assessing new “evidence” due to his incredible passion to be “The Biggest and Baddest Bigfoot Hunter of All Time” as I like to put it.

      He is so passionate and so convinced that Sasquatch Live(s) — hence the blog talk radio show of the same name, that anything at all will get him started, After that, no one can stop him — not me, not Lindsay, not Java Bob, and not his own son, TJ.

      In that sense, then, you may of course “think” (as you put it) that Biscardi is a hoaxer; I think quite the opposite, so where do we go from there?


  16. NonKoolAidDrinker

    Good points. But I think the “dawn men” in the film 2001 were probably the pinnacle of money-is-no-object ape makeup for the late 1960’s. Still no comparison to the PG film.

    • Hey, man!

      Now you’re talking my favorite film of all time — “Hello; I’m Hal, the twin 9000 computer created at Champaign-Urbana. Would you like a game of chess, Dave?”

      Even better were the “man-apes”; these were created in 1969, I believe. Very good indeed! I’m sure Patterson & Gimlin had access to the same levels of Cash needed to pull it off.


  17. Hey, Ken, nice to hear from you in this forum!

    I have often done the same thing: asked folks who have actually seen a sasquatch in daylight about the P-G film. All but one have responded, “yea, that’s the real deal, for sure!” The one who has changed his mind is Biscardi. Instead, he now believes that Heironomous is telling the truth that he was the “man in the suit”. When I asked him, “well, what about Bob Gimlin, is he lying then?” Well, no, “but Gimlin therefore must have promised Patterson on his death bed that he would keep the secrete forever, and he therefore won’t go back on that promise.”

    Somehow in my view, Bob Gimlin is the most credible of all the people with first and even second-hand knowledge of the event. That’s why I’m 70-30 in favor of the authenticity of the film. Was it you who told me that Gimlin once was offered a “substantial sum of money” to “tell the truth” and admit to the hoax, as well as tell the story of what really happened that day in October of 1967? Rather than me reiterating your story here, if it was you who told me, how about writing it up here, in public? I think that would pretty well seal the deal & even get me, the ultimate skeptic, to move towards 80-20 in favor instead of 70-30.

    Also, any comments about the timeline, i.e. the claim that the film itself was shot around 13:30 hrs and all that supposedly transpired — the very same day — afterwards? Even if the film is the real deal (as I suspect), I think it must have either been: a) much earlier than 13:30 hrs, or b) a day or two earlier than the 20th of October, 1967. If so, why would they lie about the day or time the film was actually shot?

    Thanks for re-joining us, Ken! And — please don’t forget — you’ve got a couple of favors to do for us in connection with our “parallel DNA study”.


  18. I am GOD!!!! NOT you ME!!

  19. James P.

    Hate to be a buzzkill, but the rumor of the “published on December 31” didn’t sound right to begin with (most journals of scientific bent that I am aware of–even weekly issued ones–don’t make announcements at the end of a month), and now we know that it didn’t happen. Well, I think this. Based on this posting, and the subsequent ones that Robert kindly provided, I don’t think that there is an article that is going to be published in some refereed scientific journal whatsoever.

    It may have been that it was submitted to Nature, which has wide-spectrum interest and catholic subject matter. But the crux may be that the paper was not written by zoologists or primatologists or anthropologists, so it will not get to publication. That’s my read.

    Whether it causes a storm of protest or not, the only way an article about Sasquatch will get into a scientific journal (and written/reported upon by a non-scientist with technical expertise) is that a corpse is available, and imagery is taken of it, with some moprhological examination happening. Not blood, not alleged hair fibers all by themselves. They will have to have a body. So the head, face, dentition, hands, fingers, feet, toes, extremities, etc can all be examined in toto.

    That’s my two cents on January 2nd, 2012.

    • I knew a while back that the Dec 31 date was no good. I never published that rumor. I am quite sure that the paper will be published quite soon by the journal that it is now at. Of course she has blown it by not putting a zoologist, an anthropologist, etc. on board, but that’s just the way that Ketchum operates. She wants 100% of everything. That’s her, that’s her way.

  20. Actually, I find the term “Zoologist” as mentioned by Moneymaker a bit odd. I would have thought that either a geneticist or anthropologist (peferably both) would have been the appropriate folks to include.

    The term “Zoologist” generally covers non-Homo “animals” as it were.

    I agree with Lindsay that, evenetually, Ketchum will publish her work. If she can just report the findings without any conjecture or hypothesis (whether scientifically verifiable or not), that will do just fine.

    I do not agree that a complete body is needed to conclude there is, or isn’t, a creature called “sasquatch”. Sure, maybe it should be called something different than bigfoot or sasquatch, but the point is that DNA can show all necessary differences between modern humans and other past and present hominids, including archaic humans.

    What many folks don’t seem to realize is that both Neanderthal and Densiovan have been “discovered” based on fossil relics alone — the latter with only a finger bone and some other small bone from a cave in Russia.

    Even without a complete skeleton, let alone a body, the Densiovan has already been scientifically recoginized to have existed in the past, up to maybe 40,000 years ago or so (becoming extinct maybe 10,000 years prior to Neanderthal becoming extinct).

    On biological time, 30,000 to 40,000 years is not long at all. It may well be that sasquatch (if that is what the correct, popular term is) is related to one of these supposedly extinct hominins. I know that modern humans (or at least most of us) are.


    Richard Stubstad

  21. Robert:

    What is your lastest “Bigfoot” thread date? I haven’t seen anything new since December 7th, 2011, the Pearl Harbor anniversary.



  22. Andrew

    Bigfoot is real as many people from all walks of life, backgrounds and professions over the years have sighted bigfoot. Chances are there is more than one bigfoot ie a family of them. They either are an animal with some similar human physical and biological similarities from way back in time and a handful have managed to survive in the wild today.

    There could possibly also be an Alien or ET connection however to establish that we would need some proof ie a sample of their blood or dna.

    We need to view this with an open mind.

  23. Andrew

    85% of the human population have rhesus postive blood and scientists have establied the fact the blood of thsi group is from the rhesus monkey hence the basic and elementary evidence to support the fact that 85% of the human race evolved from the ape or the monkey.

    On the other hand only 15% of the worlds human population have rhesus negative blood of which scientists state it’s origin is unknown. With regard to the rh negative group of people thay could be hybrids ie partly Aliena nd partly Human.

    Most Alien abductions are rh negs. RH neg blood is very high in copper content and lower in iron which is why so many rh negs have psychic and clairvoyant abilities.

  24. Andrew

    The high copper content in rh neg blood conducts electrical current and is more sensitive to electro magnetic radiation also rh negs can not be cloned and it is very difficult for them to contract aids. Rh negs have a lower body temeperture and lower blood pressure than rh positives and stronger immune system.

    Youtube has a great source of information about rh negs.

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