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The Rules of Life: Those Who Have, Get More. Those Who Have Not, Get Not.

Asian Philosopher, discussing the 500 pound human beanbag True Forced Loneliness guy, says:

I feel for lonely people, but all it takes is one look in the mirror for him to realize why women don’t want him. And yet he tells men not to “change themselves” for women. It doesn’t work that way. If you want to attract sexual partners then you will have to make yourself sexually attractive.

There’s no getting around that.

The worst advice a lot of men get about women is, “Just be yourself.” For a lot of guys, that is definitely not a very good idea!

This is for the most part the only “advice” you will ever get from women about how to get women. Like most advice from women on this subject, it’s ridiculous and idiotic.

Some women will give you good advice on how to get women, but they have to respect you as a man first. In Game speak, maybe they have to think you’re an “Alpha*.” If women already think you’re an Alpha or whatever you want to call them, you will get lots and lots of great advice on how to get even more chicks!

LOL, those that have, get more. Those that have not, get nothing more.

*I don’t really know what an Alpha is, so I put it in quotes. They need to think you’re a hot guy who gets hot chicks, something along those lines. Once they figure out that’s what you are, they will gladly help you get even more! Humans are funny.


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