Men: Don’t Buy the Guilt That Women Are Always Selling

Steve writes:

In man world, the emphasis is more on strength than guile; we just say what we want and sort it out directly. We’re simpler and more straight forward in a way, and we’re reasonable, as in logical. Woman seem more complicated and emotional, and sometimes we just don’t understand them.

I actually imagine that in some ways, we seem stupid to them.

Woman: “You don’t get it do you, you don’t get what’s bothering me”.

Man: “No, I really don’t. I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong”. Woman have their reasons, they’re just too subtle for us, or they’re not the kind of reasons we are good at- they refer to feelings. We’re not as big on understanding people’s feelings and why they would be hurt in certain circumstances. We’re good at logic; the kind of logic you use to get shit done.

That’s why to us, men are simple, straight forward and logical creatures, and woman are complicated and hard to understand. Does that mean you shouldn’t try? It seems to me the fact is you better try, or you’ll suffer for it. When you get it right, there are rewards- a pleasant female and an easy life. When you get it wrong, there is passive hostility and problems.

This is why I think that guy has got it wrong on 2 and 3. They’re not stupid, they’re different. They don’t lack intelligence; they just have this other dimension that they’re stronger on and working from. That’s a valid part of experience though. And ignoring their grievances is counterproductive.

First of all, I do not agree that the reasons for women’s behavior can be easily discerned. They often cannot be discerned.

Most of the time, they don’t even want an answer to the question. She’s being a bitch, in a bad mood. You ask, “How are you feeling? How are you tonight?” Irritated, she says, “Fine!” If you point out she’s in a bad mood, she gets mad. Most people, including most women, don’t even want to acknowledge their anger. In my opinion, women are either not even aware of their anger most of the time, or they are lying about it. If she won’t even admit she’s mad, why pursue it? Most of the time, when you look around for a reason, it’s something dumb like, “I’m tired.”

Suppose she’s furious, you figured out why, but you don’t care. She’s ranting and raving and calling you an asshole. Laugh at her. Call her a bitch. Call her a cunt. Call her every name you can think of. Don’t flinch in the face of any crap that she throws at you. Just laugh at all of it. Point at her and laugh. Laugh so hard you fall on the floor. Say, “Shut the fuck up, you dumb bitch.” And then laugh even harder.

This works very, very well. And in many cases, they get really horny when you do this. The main thing is to not get your feelings hurt. If you get your feelings hurt, she wins.

If you fight back, it shows you’re not a puss. It means you can take her or leave her. She’s nothing to you. Not important. If she walks out tomorrow, so what. Go for it, bitch. Knock yourself out. Pack your bags.

A pussy whipped guy is a guy who won’t fight back. Why won’t he fight back? He doesn’t want to jeopardize the pussy supply. He will climb Mt. Everest, walk through a field of razor blades, and put up with endless insane abuse without murmuring the tiniest protest, just to keep the sex coming. If you act like you could care less if she cuts off the sex, that’s some real power. You’re a real man. And she will respect that. Because women don’t respect pussy-whipped idiots.

If you did something wrong and that’s why they are mad, fine. Apologize and be done with it, move on. Trying to understand why this or that woman is acting incomprehensible in this or that way is ridiculous and insensible. It’s as insensible as women.

Just because she screamed at you and acts like she hates you doesn’t mean you did anything wrong. Analyze the situation. Did you do anything wrong? If you did, then apologize.

If you don’t think you did, the Hell with her and move on. It’s quite possible that she is screaming like a banshee at you for no intelligible reason at all. This has happened to me many, many times from many different women. Mostly, I just assumed that they didn’t want anything to do with me anymore, and I used that as a signal to simply end the relationship. If they don’t want to end it, they have my number. Fine, she wanted it over. But why did she want it over? Who knows? Who cares!

Men have to stop wussing out and feeling guilty every time we make women cry or scream at us. We do this. We make them cry and scream. The more success you have with women, the more they will scream and cry. Kiss the girls and make them cry.

Stop feeling guilty for making women feel bad! If she feels bad, in many cases, too bad for her! Move on, don’t apologize for your behavior, don’t feel guilty, and don’t feel like you did anything wrong. Don’t take it upon yourself.

The message women give us all the time, with their crying and screaming, is, “You are a bad person. You are a bad human being.”

Maybe it’s true, maybe it isn’t. In my case, I believe it’s not true. I spent years of my life being too inhibited around women and feeling guilty, bad and like a failure for all the crap women threw at me and did to me. The heck with that. I’m fine, I’m not a bad person, and I don’t care if women agree or not. If they don’t agree, then they can just take off.

Appeasement does work in a sense, but there are limits. There are females that I simply cannot get along with. I guess they hate me. Whatever. I am not going to spend forever feeling like I’m a bad guy because some silly woman hates me. I am not going to spend forever appeasing and apologizing for some lame female who hates me. If she hates me, that’s her problem, now isn’t it?

Stop buying the lies of the women and the manginas. You’re probably not a bad person. Women and manginas want you to feel like you’re bad.

Don’t buy it.


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41 responses to “Men: Don’t Buy the Guilt That Women Are Always Selling

  1. Shawn

    I’m leaning more and more towards getting a mail-order bride.

    • There are a LOT of great women overseas. I mean a LOT.

      • Shawn

        Agreed. I’ll add that an average to good-looking man earning $24,000 a year here can get a very attractive foreign wife; to get an equally attractive American woman that man would have to make well over $100,000 (or have rich & generous parents) and the American wife he gets would tend to lack proper feminine qualities.

        • Asian Philosopher Om Tat Sat

          “Agreed. I’ll add that an average to good-looking man earning $24,000 a year here can get a very attractive foreign wife”

          Are you serious? Which country? She’d have to be from a very poor and disadvantage background. Like living in the street or a hut level of poverty.

      • Aaron

        I once had a girlfriend who was the offspring of a mail-order marriage. Her mother was a Filipina mail-order bride, and her father was Canadian. The marriage didn’t work out. The mother was never attracted to the father, so she just cheated on him all the time (maybe that’s a Philippino thing too, I don’t know). The marriage ended in divorce.

        • Shawn

          It may have been in part because it was in interracial relationship; those have higher rates of failure. Statistically speaking marriages with mail order brides have divorce rates < 'normal' arrangements.

  2. Steve

    thanks for the advice.

    I think you’re right. Sometimes woman just get upset because of hormones or for some reason that isn’t really apparent or necessarily to do with you, and sometimes they get upset for something you did when you didn’t really do anything wrong and they’re being unreasonable, and sometimes they’re just being selfish or neurotic. All exceptions to what I said. I based my post, partly, on my experience of upsetting a girl I was courting with my behaviour and then realising that she did have a valid point when she explained it later. It was a pattern with that girl because my heart wasn’t really in it. She was a good person too. Maybe that’s my problem. I’ve been around too many good people :-P. Not that I wish to change it. I’ve never had a girlfriend or female friend who was abusive. I wouldn’t put up with it.

    • Steve

      I think I’ll just stick to making statements on things I know about from now on 🙂 hehe

      That’s probably a good principle actually.

    • Hell, they’re all abusive. They all scream and yell and cry. And they all act bitchy sometimes. All that stuff is just normal.

      My message when I was growing up was if you are a good person, no woman will ever get mad at you. If a woman is screaming and yelling at you or crying, it is because you are a bad person and you made her feel this way. I spent years feeling guilty for making females feel bad. The manginas and women laid all this guilt shit on me.

      I am not saying never apologize. I apologize to women all the time. But only apologize if you really think you did something wrong. A lot of times they DEMAND apologies. “If you don’t apologize, I am leaving you. This is through. Bye bye.” I fall for that one and apologize, it’s true.

      See, I am pussy whipped too. We all are, I think.

  3. An Unmarried Man

    There is an underlying thread here that I feel bears repeating and highlighting.

    Today’s man kowtows to his wife or girlfriend because he doesn’t want to lose the pussy supply. Why is this? Why is pussy in such apparently short supply? If guys knew they could get laid anywhere, anyhow, they would tell any woman who acted up to beat it. But men don’t feel this way and now they are simpering pussies. The only men worth a damn are the true Alpha studs who can get laid whenever they want or the men who have internalized and live a pussyless life. All the other guys who live for pussy let this drive rip off their testicles.

    Women are “strong” and “powerful” now and they market their pussy wisely and ruthlessly. The seller has all the power.

    • Shawn

      How about just buying whores?

      • An Unmarried Man

        Whores are a wonderful option but in the United States, they are illegal. So rather than spending 150 roses on some Chinese chick, you might instead end up with your reputation ridiculed and paying some hefty fines. I don’t know the legal punishment for solicitation, but I don’t think a lot of guys want to chance it, regardless of how desperate they are.

        • Shawn

          Well with out call to a hotel with a well-reviewed whore the odds of getting into trouble are very very slim. Stings are incall because that way the environment can be controlled. If one gets caught for solicitation it is just a fine. I think someone is safe if they stick with 18+ girls, do outcall to a hotel (only), and well-reviewed girls. There are escort review sites out there….J

        • An Unmarried Man

          Other than on “Cops,” do men do the “drive-thru” hooker solicitation any more!? Seems that’s gone the way of the car hop and drive-in movies.

          The concept of driving up to a slut on the corner and paying her to please me is pretty cool though, gotta admit.

        • Hacienda

          “150 roses”

          That’s a lot of lawns for some clammy clam.

        • Other than on “Cops,” do men do the “drive-thru” hooker solicitation any more!? Seems that’s gone the way of the car hop and drive-in movies.

          The concept of driving up to a slut on the corner and paying her to please me is pretty cool though, gotta admit.

          Damn right they do. Even here in my own town. I gave a ride to one once, with her pimp. I didn’t understand the game really. I thought she just wanted to get laid. We went to her place, went to her room, talked sex. Her roommate was in the next room. Then she said pay and I figured out she was a whore. I thought she was just some chick who wanted to fuck, because that was how she acted. She said pay, and I said no way, I only want to fuck you for free. So she said bye bye.

          As a rule, don’t pick up obvious street whores. Yes, you can fuck them, but they are often very scaggy, more or less low lifes and often on drugs. The Black street whores are very much ghetto types. They are often nice people, but…Also, street whores have VD. A friend of mine caught gonorrhea from one. It is also a dangerous scene, pimps often around. Some guys getting robbed. You go to the girl’s room, the pimp comes in and robs you.

          All this info is from friends of mine who used to fuck street whores sometimes.

          I have picked them up a few times just to talk to them and try to seduce them into giving me a free fuck because I’m so hot. It’s never worked. They all want money. It was kind of entertaining anyway.

        • An Unmarried Man

          Ha! They are businesswomen. All your good-looking swagger will not get free anything. It’s like trying to talk the Chinese laundry owner to starch your collar for free because your shirt is so nice.

          Me and friend once “ended” up with a girl in our car who had skin lesions and Crack breath. I can’t believe there are men who would do that.

        • With an outcall call girl, you run about 0% chance of getting caught. Hell, I might have even done a couple of them myself! LOL!

          The stings are all street whores. Rarely, a massage parlor. They bust the parlor and then stick around for a few hours and bust the guys coming in.

        • Gay State Girl

          Delaware is the second state to legalize prostitution.

        • An Unmarried Man

          Even these sexual utopias where pussy is legally for sale have too many qualifications. I don’t want to have to leave L.A. just to get laid and I absolutely hate Vegas/Nevada with all my heart.

          Delaware??? Credit card companies and whores now? Sorta falls into place.

        • Asian Philosopher Om Tat Sat

          Unmarried man, look in the Yellow Pages. There are ads there for “bull body massage” at “parlors”. All over the internet there are ads for “meet girls in your area tonight” where you put in your zip code and that night you can get laid, for a price. Adult Friend Finder is huge.

          Prostitution is alive, well and legal in the US if its done in the above fashions, which it is.

        • An Unmarried Man

          Sometimes I think I’d rather have the foot massage than the happy ending. How sad is that?

        • Steve

          are those girls in your area things just fronts for prostitution :-O

        • AFF is not for whores. It’f for non-whores. Also, there are 10 men for every woman on AFF. And 50% of the women are only looking for other women. So make that 1 woman for every 20 men. And the people who run AFF are more or less out and out criminals. AFF itself is not a bad site, but there are now a lot of spinoffs that are simply crooked. I signed up for one, and they automatically renew you every month whether you want to or not. And if you try to cancel the crooked site, you also have cancel the decent AFF site as well. Really sucks, the whole thing is crooked, crooked, crooked.

          It’s run by some Persian psycho who became a multimillionaire from running the site. He’s a total scumbag, treats his employees horribly and has been using shady tactics and more or less fraud from Day One. He’s basically a con and a ripoff artist. Very shady and sleazy person.

    • Dota

      “Women are “strong” and “powerful” now and they market their pussy wisely and ruthlessly. The seller has all the power.”

      I’m not sure. While your assessment sounds reasonable on the surface there are other hidden factors at work. ‘Streght and independance’ comes at a hefty cost as women must stifle the nurturing instinct and remain in perpetual war with their bodies. The psychological toll generally leads to neurosis and depression. Women think they wield the power of the pussy, but this power is an illusion.

      • An Unmarried Man

        Strength and independence come at a hefty cost to women just as the loss of strength and independence comes at a hefty cost to men.

        • Dota

          “”Strength and independence come at a hefty cost to women just as the loss of strength and independence comes at a hefty cost to men.””

          Fair enough. However I think this arrangement will screw women over long term. We’ll see though

    • My attitude is sort of “fuck em.” When women get nasty with me, sometimes I say, “Shut the fuck up.” “Shut up!” “Shut up bitch!” It actually works pretty good. They shut up, don’t leave, and they often start acting horny afterwards.

      I do not men should act pussy whipped. There is something to the attitude of, “Yeah, I’m risking the pussy supply! So fuckin what! You don’t like it? So leave, bitch.”

      It actually works pretty good, but I am scared to do it too much. Tbh, I am pussy whipped myself a lot of the time. Even if nothing has happened yet, if I have a hottie, I don’t want to end the relationship by telling her off.

      • Asian Philosopher Om Tat Sat

        I would never get near a man who would talk like that to me. Its very low brow and ghetto. If I’m going to slum it, it’ll be with the real thing. Someone with smooth mocha muscles, a nice round booty and a nice thick, long Hershey’s Chocolate bar! LOL. Remember Robert – who you attract into your life is your mirror.

        Here’s a more mature and cultured way of handling things:

        My first exposure to Deida began with reading Way of the Superior Man. The book is about the tragic loss of masculinity within our culture, and the triumphant rise of men who dare to claim it back. If I can share one story, it would be a simple parable of a man coming home on the day he won his million dollar contract. He’s so happy and overjoyed, but when he gets home, his woman smiles briefly and quickly asks, “Did you remember to bring the milk?”… So how does the man react?

        The man is severely disappointed. He just accomplished a major goal, and all his woman can think of is the milk (which he did forget). Now I could identify with this man. How could this woman be so insensitive? I would have felt thoroughly deflated in this situation… Little did I know, I was identifying with the weaker man.

        David re-tells the story, only this time the man hears the question and instead picks her up his arms, kisses her and says, “Baby, I’ll buy you all the milk you could ever want!” And she melts in his arms. What’s the major difference here? In the second story, the man is unperturbed. He doesn’t need her validation. He’s so secure in who he is and his own purpose, that any question or complaint from his woman can’t shake his resolve. Wow. I had totally missed the boat.

  4. Shawn

    ” spending 150 roses”

    Roses…hahahah…or diamonds

  5. Asian Philosopher Om Tat Sat

    Men: Never Take Advice About Women From A Man That Doesn’t Have One.


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