Some Very Uncomfortable Facts About Pedophilia (Pedophile Mass Hysteria)

These facts are uncomfortable because they go against the current Pedophile Mass Hysteria in our society.

First of all, in my opinion, the definition of a pedophile is not anyone who gets aroused by pedo stuff. Careful laboratory studies have found that up to 28% of men react sexually to pedophilic imagery (I wonder how they managed to do that study!). Therefore, according to the popular mass hysteria, 28% of all men are pedophiles. That’s obviously not true.

A pedophile has a very strong and generally ego-syntonic attraction to pre-pubertal children. The orientation came on around the time of puberty. Most strong pedophiles are exclusive pedophiles. They only like children, and they are not aroused by mature persons at all. There are some non-exclusive pedophiles, but these are not as common. These have a very strong attraction to pre-pubertal children, but they also have a very strong attraction to mature persons. Both types seem to come on around puberty or so.

Conversations with pedophiles on pedophile boards on the Internet find that most to all of them say that they have felt this way from a very early age. This is something that simply cannot come on later in life.

There are also many other people who molest children who are not pedophiles at all. They are only attracted to adults and have a minimal attraction to children. They do this just for sex or for power.

Further, careful lab studies have found that all heterosexual males react maximally to all females age 16 and over. The attraction maxes out at 16 and stays at a maximum into adulthood.

Nevertheless, there is a declining scale whereby normal males also reacted sexually to females under 16 on a sliding scale crashing all the way down to age 7. It is important to note that the scale started declining at age 15 and then rapidly declined all the way down to age 7. So normal males have a high, but not maximal, attraction to females age 12-15 and a much lower attraction to females from 7-11.

The difference here is simply one of scale. The normal male has a maximal attraction to mature individuals. That attraction rapidly drops off in females as they are less and less sexually mature; however, there is some minor attraction even for young girls.

The exclusive pedophile, by contrast, has a maximal attraction for girls under the age of 12, with individuals having different age ranges that they prefer. As an individual starts to become mature at age 12, attraction rapidly drops off.

So we are talking about a matter of degrees here, not absolutes. It’s ridiculous to say, “Pedos like little girls, and normal guys don’t.” Not true. All men like little girls. But to pedos, they’re the bees’ knees, and to most normal men, they’re a shrug of the shoulders and, “Ahh, forget it. You’ve got to be kidding.”


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  1. An Unmarried Man

    A lot of Black and South Pacific Islander girls skew this badly because even at 13-14 a lot of them have “big-girl” qualities.

    • There was a girl next door to me when I moved in here. I think she was 14? Black girl. She looked pretty good! The next year, at age 15, she had a really nice BIG ass. That ass really jutted out. I mean she had some serious secondary sex characteristics! I think she is 16 or so now. Mostly, I try not to look at her!

      Do Black women really have bigger booties? Is this scientifically proven?

      Age doesn’t really matter. The more it starts looking like a real woman physically, the more it starts looking really damn good to just about any guy.

      • An Unmarried Man

        Black and Hispanic women have rounder more 3-dimensional asses and i’d happily take a caliper to the task.

        Even the most curvaceous 13-year-old still has the face of a little girl and for me that is a turn off. I like when women have that “been there” slutty expression, and that doesn’t happen til later.

        • Yeah, 13 yr old girls look like little girls. They pretty much act like little girls too. They’re ridiculous. I can’t see it at all. A few of them are kind of ok to look at though. There was one here in the complex who was a hottie. I think she was around 13-14.

        • An Unmarried Man

          Once they start to display the pubescent child-bearing physical characteristics, the mating instinct is triggered. Thank GOD we have laws to suppress this!

        • Yeah, sometimes I see them around 13 or so, and I’m like, “Damn! That looks good!”

          Then I’m like, “Whoa! Wait a minute. Way too young! Look elsewhere, look elsewhere. Don’t look at her. Don’t look at her. I said don’t look, dammit!”

        • Tulio

          I dunno, Hispanic women are a mixed bag. They’re not all Shakiras. Many that are heavily indigenous(and even many mestizas) can have those coke can shaped bodies. Most these Mexican women over 25 I see pushing strollers around do NOT have nice bodies at all.

      • jessica ramirez

        You are SICK!! Stop looking a little girls asses, even if they do put it out for the world to see. They are stupid and immature and most don’t really understand the concept of pedophelia. I consider anyone who is “Attracted” to a girl even at age 18 is a pedohile. Most of you would disagree as the law states that an 18 year old is no longer a child…. maybe you’re the same ppl who are pedophiles or maybe you don’t have children. Any psycho caught looking at my daughters better run!!…don’t think I am going to hesitate to pull out a 45 and put a hole in ur di*k.
        The pain you would feel is NOTHING compared to a baby or child getting raped repeatedly by an ass wipe like u,

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  3. Shawn

    Robert, do you think Asians tend to skew pedophile? If you look at a lot of Chinese women for example (especially those living in China), they are very short, delicately built, and flat-chested. A lot of them have the bodies of White and Hispanic girls when they were aged 11-12, or Black girls when they are at age 9-12, yet these Asian women are fully mature and menstruating. Asian men have evolved to find these bodies attractive, so I wonder of a greater percentage of them are attracted to children.

    • No, the biggest child molesters of all are American Indians.

      American Indians

      That’s how it works.

    • Andrew

      “Asians … they are very short, delicately built, and flat-chested. A lot of them have the bodies of White and Hispanic girls when they were aged 11-12, or Black girls when they are at age 9-12, yet these Asian women are fully mature and menstruating. Asian men have evolved to find these bodies attractive”

      then you should love the latest internet drama of the week:

  4. Ulick McGee

    It has been my observation that Chinese men prefer to fantasize about younger girls. We have the expression “sweet 16”. I think for the Chinese it should be “phenomenal 14”.

    The Chinese are incredibly nurturing towards their kids and I would readily believe that there is less molestation because firstly,for multiple reasons predators can’t isolate the kids as easily as they can in the West; secondly, they have attractive prostitutes everywhere so there is less sexual frustration; thirdly, they may be genetically less-inclined to hurt children.

  5. Asian Philosopher Om Tat Sat

    “No, the biggest child molesters of all are American Indians.

    American Indians

    That’s how it works.”

    Are you serious or joking? I’ve never heard there was a huge pedophile culture amongst Native Americans.

    • There is a lot of child sexual abuse in Native American communities. I mean a LOT.

    • anonymous

      I’m partially of Native American descent-and there was certainly a lot of child sexual abuse in the community I grew up in. I’m not sure what the origins of this really are-it is because of the destruction of the original religious structure of those communities or was it long present?

      Now, many communities that have strong religious authority-and little oversight-like the Amish and ultra-orthodox Jews also have a lot of pedophilia. Among ultra orthodox jews, reporting pedophilia can cause extreme problems.

  6. Andrew

    Hey, with all the reports of disproportionate levels of alcoholism on Indian reservations… as alcoholism was traditionally an associated “marker” among “White” & “Black” fathers & their increased likelihood to engage in incest with their own young daughters (along with associated more socially isolated rural poverty)… correlation?

    Or perhaps it is just as Dustin Hoffman said in the film “Little Big Man” after being asked to gangbang his Native American wife’s 3 other sisters (2 more or less Adult widows & the youngest a 14ish year old young teen maiden), saving the youngest for last, thinking she’d be the easiest…
    “Those teenagers are deadly!” (woo-wooh!)

  7. The term of “Pedophilia” is misusing by hypocrites to hurt heterosexual men and natural male sexuality today. These hypocrites are OK with homosexual child abusing, especially they have no problems with lesbian pedophiles.

    • Andrew

      The majority of adults who have sex with children are heterosexual married men or approximately 68% compared with only 18% of gay men as most gay guys are not sexually attracted to young preteen boys.

      In the eyes of many heterosexual men a young preteen boy looks female. ie no body hair, smooth soft skin, slim, nice looking and those physical charecteristics appeal to many heterosexual men and some feel sexually attracted to both young boys and girls.

      Also married heterosexual men have easier access to children and are trusted more compared to single men in general.

      There are femail pedophiles however they are not as common as male pedophiles.

      • Andrew

        The REAL Andrew who posted the Dustin Hoffman Little Big Man film quote several comments above is now posting (ahem). As I am NO sexual trade union femnazi troll, I of course would never post a comment with sentiments as the one prior.

        In fact most women under age 50 are closet pedophiles in the West and are bitting at the chomps to write a boy seduction story in Penthouse Forum or are totally understanding of Middle School & High School female teachers scoring with their “Lucky” male students.

        Of course this is logical as a matter of course according to all analysis & fields of science, pathology etc. as most Western women under age 50 have swallowed miles of the Middle School & Freshmen High School little boy child cock (even to blowing half their class or most of the little boys in the church youth group) & been sexually arroused & made wet by the little boy immature child-like organ, it is imprinted in their mind & core nature as just about their foremost sexual desire & orientation. Brain synapsis, chemistry, pleasure opites, endorphins & all…

        Now what is to be done about (most) women as they are ticking time bombs.

        • Andrew

          @ (the other) “Andrew” a couple of comments above,
          Really the OP had nothing to do with Boy/Male turd stabbing, but even using your own “interpretation” of “children” as being Elementary school & younger ONLY & your “statistics” in your prior comment…

          Of course as it is universally agrred the Gay men make up less than 5% of the US population, your statistics of 18% (of case) being Gay men “child” (your interpretation) porking – that means Gays are 4X more likely to engage in full blown pedophilia.

          Taking in Middle School & Freshmen High teen boys aged 10 thru 15 may not be “children” to you, but as a foremost Gay Rights activist stated “Scratch any homosexual on the surface & you’ll find a pederast underneath”.

      • Alan Vaughn

        I think you mispelled your name – it’s Andrea, not ‘Andrew’ you pathetic feminazi troll.
        And what you stated there about heterosexual men perceiving pre-teen boys having physical characteristics to similarly aged females, thus making them attracted to both little boys and little girls is the biggest load of man-hating nonsense any of you have ever dreamt up so far.

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  9. Karl

    In the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s preteen hardcore childporn was legal to buy and own in the USA, Australia, Europe and many other countries, In 1980 it was withdrawn from sale and banned. There are only a few countries like Russia and the Cz Republic where it is still legal.

    We lived in more relaxed times back then.

    Prior to 1973 Homosexuality was illegal and a crime and it was diagnosed as a mental illness. In 1973 it was no longer diagnosed as a mental illness and it was made legal and no longer a crime in western countries.

    Medical evidence today indicates strongly that gay people are born gay and now there is extensive medical research being conducted into pedophilia as there is a possible connection that pedophiles are born that way. Once we know more and have solid medical evidence to support this then in time pedophilia will be made legal ie in anotther 20 years time and prior to this the age of consent will most likely be lowered by a few years. this will upset many people.

  10. Karl

    I have talked with retired police officers and barristers who have had direct dealings with child sexual abuse cases and they have stated to me that it many cases it was the child that made the first move ie. touched the adult or rubbed against the adults crotch thus stimulating the adult and at this point is when the adult should have stopped the play and the guys who did not and took things to the next level where often in trouble with the law several years later.

    Many kids are sexually curious and to start with have no feelings of guilt or shame, later when they seem hear and read the media which reports these tpyes of acts as negative along with the attitude of our society is where they then devlop very strong feelings of guilt and shame and

    • An Unmarried Man

      That’s interesting. When I was 27 I lived with a female roommate. We had some Chinese neighbors with a 9-year-old daughter. My roommate used to joke that the little girl had a crush on me. I was pretty grossed out by that but I had to admit she had a point. The girl always sat next to me and always looked at me. Once I was sitting in a lounge chair watching TV. I was splayed back, resting, my legs spread out, just a normal lazy guy pose. The girl came out of nowhere and ran right in between my legs and ran her hands the length of both legs and stopped just short of my crotch. Afterwards she seemed really scared of what she did and ran off giggling. It was the weirdest thing in the world and I started avoiding her if I could.

    • Cathy Creswell

      The problem I have with your comment is that it is often the pedophile who says it was the child who started it. “They were seductive, and I could tell they wanted it”, is their claim. It is ALL in the mind of the pedophile. They see what they want to see. Yes, children can be sexually curious, they can initiate something they don’t fuly understand. But, I would not take cops and laywers words as fact, my retired cop father in law is a lovely man, but he still thinks women who are beaten by their husbands usually provoke it. Very hard to change these false beliefs once they get started and repeated.

      • Frolic

        See, the problem here is that you are considered a pedophile by the pedophile-haters if you defend pedophilia, and so the only experiences and opinions they accept are their own. Everything else is a “false belief,” or heresy, as it may more accurately be described.

        Another problem is the vague assertions which are taken as doctrine. A basic tenet of anti-pedophiles is that children can’t fully understand what is happening to them during sexual activity. I doubt most adults do either. Seriously, how a child perceives events is different than how adults perceive them, but that doesn’t mean they are wrong. The mental anxiety occurs later in life when religious, governmental and social institutions originate guilt, humiliation and even criminality from these otherwise, relatively harmless sexual interactions.

        I am not saying that all sexual interactions are harmless. In fact there are many sex crimes beyond merely having sex with an underaged person, and these are rightly crimes and should remain so. Violence against others is completely unacceptable and should be expunged at every level of our society. In fact, I would visit upon providers to children of violent images, including video games, the same punishments that now stand for sex with minors.

        Perhaps the suggestion that children can’t fully understand what is happening to them is based on the concept of informed consent. The idea of informed consent is a strange idea when it comes to sexual relationships. In medical law, doctors must disclose alternative outcomes and known risks for surgical procedures. If we apply this same standard to a sexual relationship with a child, then the child must be aware that having sex with multiple partners increases the risk of venereal disease and may result in pregnancy (only in cases of heterosexual sex, of course, which might be a good argument for homosexual activity). Beyond that, there’s not much risk in sexual activities not involving pain, to which children are universally averse. Therefore, what is needed is more sex education for children at even younger ages – a lab class would be a good idea too.

        There are sexual situations which are inappropriate, but these are the same for all persons and not just children. Sexual situations which are based on abusive authority relationships are plainly immoral. However, not all authority relationships with sexual activity are abusive. It depends on whether the subordinate feels comfortable in saying “no.” Have you ever heard a child say “no” to an adult? Has an adult ever complained that their child won’t do what they’re told? Although there are some few who believe that children are simply incapable of resisting adults who encourage some latent urge for sexual activity, I believe that most anti-pedophiles simply don’t trust anyone, adults and especially children, to make what they consider to be the right choice. Thus, their extreme reactions to pedophiles and all those pedo-lovers including death-threats.

        Well, that’s probably enough for now. I think people should be brought up accepting of sexual activity as a normal part of being a biological entity that is here on Earth for only one reason as far as Nature is concerned: and that is to reproduce through sex. The rest we make up as we go along.

    • jessica ramirez

      THAT IS BULLSHIT. no CHILD is going to instigate sexual actions upon the abuser. 100% of the time the child is the victim asshole and u best bite ur tongue.. . never ever make this a childs fault. The only case where is could possibly be true is for a child 13 and up… And child 12 and younger I can’t imagine.. I am currently trying to get the law passed to where any pedophile or any person in possession of child porn SHOULD BE PUT TO DEATH IMMEDIATELY< they forfeit their rights to FREEDOM when they actually take away the innocence/life/freedom of a child under the age of 13. I fight for the children who have no more voice left because some sick-o can't contain himself.. damn perverts.. they all deserve to be DEAD..There is no one in this world that I despise more than PEDOPHILES. They don't understand their DIC*KS are WEAPONS when used with force upon a child.

      • Wow you are so compassionate.

      • Frolic

        So, I’m thinking about the eight year old boy I know who was engaging in sex with his mother. Did he realize that his DIC*K was a weapon? Is he going to be arrested for shooting his mommy? Or, maybe PUS*SIES are weapons too?

        • Frolic

          Anyways, what’s wrong with using your DIC*K as a weapon? We use weapons as weapons all the time, including using them to kill little children, but there doesn’t seem to be any interest in banning guns… Just a thought.

  11. Karl

    Those same feelings of guilt and shame psychologically torment and scar the child to the point where they feel a strong need to talk to someone and that is usually the point where the adult involved is found and reported to the police and this may be many years after the event took place.

    It is a very sensitive and emotional issue/ topic.
    It has always been the last taboo.

    We do not understand enough about pedophilia at this point in time as it has been a topic that has been swept under the rug for many years.

    In time we will learn and know more and have less fear and a better understanding.

  12. Karl

    Back in earlier centuries or times it was common for children as young as 12 years of age to marry and have a family. The life expectancy was far lower then than it is today. Society back then was okay and accepting of this.

    Societal attitudes and the man made Laws of the day or times dictates the outcome or what is legal or illegal or what is acceptable by the majority.

    • The way you talk its clear you get turned on by young children. You personally disgust me. For you to think society will become accepting so men can live out their fantasies your a joke. You’ve talked to barristers and solicitors that are locking these men away, did you get that MEN did you see me say the word child or boy…. or course kids are curious and the physiological effects of having a penis shoved in an infants mouth for your own pleasure is beyond any justification you want to give it. Your a sicko and you know it, you know it turns you on and this is the reason you defend it! Go kill yourself before you hurt an innocent child and they want to harm themselves or worse do repeat actions as you do!

      • jessica ramirez

        I agree with u 100% Yaz. I read his post and felt the SAME way and u.. No child under 18 needs to be a mother, their bodies just are developed enough. Just because they were forced to marry and bare children of their own it doesn’t mean they are ready for it. Some people just don’t get it!!! Any freak caught looking at my babies better run because as stated above, I will not hesitate to pull out a gun and shoot them, call it self defense trying to protect my child. If the damn gov’t won’t put these sick-o’s away, I will be more then happy to take the law into my own hands. One day my No More Pedophiles Law will go into effect…

        • Good luck with your legislative project.

        • Frolic

          It’s really very sad that so many women are so ignorant and so fearful of sex that it carries into every other part their life. Of course many women consider sex a weapon or tool, because they have used sex to manipulate men for millennia and, without sex, many women would have no place in some societies at all. It has been one of the very few levers of power a woman was allowed throughout history. It’s only natural that Jessica and Yasmin should think of sex as something men are using against children, because that is how they see their own relationship with sex – a tool or weapon to be used, or a tool or weapon that has been used against them personally.

          I will pray for both of you. Perhaps through God’s love you will find the peace that he offers all.

  13. Andrew

    I agree with Karl’s earlier comments that we still don’t know enough about pedophillia however in time medical science will provide the accurate answers and we will then have a better and clearer insight and understanding. As Karl mentioned earlier it strong appears that there is a direct connection between genetics or simply out pedeophile are born that way the same as gay people. I know many people will disagree with this however withing the next 5 to 10 years medical science will have rock solid evidence to prove that this is the case. The name will be then changed to pedosexual as it will be diagnosed and recognised as a sexual orientation and again this will upset many people.

    • Gay men are a scourge!

      Gay men like young boys. This is a fact.

      Something about the gay man’s personal make-up is fixated on slender, pubescent men.

      I had this friend who I knew was gay (but it was unannounced) and he always asked me to bring my son to events. I wanted to kick the guy’s ass but I wasn’t supposed to know.

      Fags love little undeveloped men.

      if you have a 15-year-old son and someone is showing too much interest in his life, beware. He’s probably a fag who wants a piece of young ass.

      It’s inherent in their deranged sexual nature!

      • jessica ramirez

        Gay men don’t like young boys. I have not seen any proof of this. If a gay man is a pedophile then yea he likes little boys, but pedophilia is not a symptom of being gay. Stop letting ur asshole talk for you and give your brain a chance for once. maybe you might say something intelligent and worth hearing/reading.

    • Pedos aren’t born that way! They turn that way. Yes there are SPECT studies done on the brain which shows a pattern connected to other pedo brains…but you can’t tell me they are born that way like Gays are certainly NOT!

      A child molested at the age of 5-7 his highly like repeat what happened to him or her. They are of no relation, they are just doing what they think is right as it happened to them, as sex is meant to be enjoyable its were the sinister act against them distorts the child’s perception of sex.

      I was 3 when I had my first boyfriend who was 12…. he asked me if I wanted to see his penis, well that was enough of that subject…he freaked me out… But some of you weird fucks up there are suggesting its OK… I wasn’t down with it…it wasn’t ok, what if he had forced it onto me, or if I’d have gone along with it at 3. I’m a child, not far off a toddler and her some boys waiting to show me his penis…yeah I had a boyfriend as I liked boys I know that at a young age, hence I wasn’t born a lesbian.

      I do phone sex for a living. The incest I don’t care about its generally more a son fantasying’s about his mom, its the guys that want to stick their parts into babies / youngsters that make me appalled. They aren’t joking and they aren’t just fantasising. They (you) really want to go through with it and in many cases you do. I refuse to satisfy you that way. I can’t wait until phone sex taboo is banned and you guys are jailed just for suggesting it.

      One particular caller is a molester that likes to be abused for what he does. What I find interesting in the fact that he was abused as a child. It is the abuse that he has turned into a sexual satisfaction. He was NEVER born that way. He turned out that way…and I’m working hard on making sure he gets locked up for good, I’m going to ensure he gets the life time of abuse he deep down wants! Did you know you have small dicked guys that have learnt the only way they get off is to be humiliated as that’s all girls have done since they can remember in an attempt to have sex, small penis humiliation emotions are turned into sexual satisfaction. Manipulated emotions, just like that of a child who was molested who repeats the same actions. You see how complicated sex is? And you people want to allow it to mould a Childs life just because your adult body says so. Sick Fucks!

      No less than 1 in every 7 children have some sick fuck touch them in the wrong way, regardless of who instigates it, seriously a child instigates drinking their parents beer…….. do you let them. They are children, that’s why you hold their hand when crossing the road. Impressionable if you leave a sexual impression on them and they didn’t want you to, you have destroyed them for life. Or yeah its would be embarrassing for any child to know they just had sex with their father or uncle GROSS! Two people put on this earth to protect me from sexual predators not expose me to it!

      Genetics ha!

  14. I find these comments to be somewhat strange as I have not seen a single link to verify one single claim any of you are making. I am trying to do some research on this topic but this does not help the situation at all.

    Do any links or data actually exist or are you guys just making it all up ?

  15. lawrence


    Robert do you think you could give us links to the lab studies that show these kinds of results? And also nonexclusive pedophiles are those who are attracted to adults and children strongly, correct? So if a man were to respond to pedophilic imagery, but likes adults better and was absolutely disgusted by it wouldnt be considered a pedophile, correct?
    Thank you,


    • Yes, such a man is not a pedophile, of course. I don’t know if you understand pedophiles very well, but it’s a very strong preference or if not fixation that starts very early in life, no later than age 14 and generally much earlier. It’s not some passing interest or anything like that. Even the nonpreferentials have a very strong fixation in this area that started very early in life. This is what they really get off on!

      The whole idea of nonpreferential pedophiles is a bit weird, as pedophilia itself is said to mean having a preference for kids. There are some guys who are SUPER INTO KIDS but also like adults just fine too.

      • Lawrence

        Hey robert,

        Thank you for clarifying that for me, but where did you get the information for 28% of men reacting sexually to pedophilic imagery? Do you think normal men react even slightly to pedophilic imagery or are there men in the world who literally just don’t have any attraction to it at all?
        Thank You,

        Lawrence 😛

        • All men react to a certain small degree to underage girls. The 28% reacted to a significant degree.

        • Lawrence

          But again, what scientific research was conducted to sort of prove this point? Now I 100% agree with you about men reacting at least slightly to underage girls, but i still feel as if i need some research to back it up. but, i also have another theory, i think that all men, if they were to think about something in a sexual context, would get erotic to soem extent, correct? So, most men don’t think about prepubescent girls in a sexual manner, but i feel like if they did then they would have a reaction?
          Thank You

        • I used to read a lot of books on sex therapy and sexology in the university library. Most of the stats came from there. Also I believe some of them came from:

          Sexual Behavior: Problems and Management (Applied Clinical Psychology). Nathaniel McConaghy

        • Lawrence

          thank You, and also if you’re interested i also founmd some interesting info. on sexuality in general in Norman Doidge’s book of neuroplasticity. It pretty much details how sexuality is the result of neuroplasticity and NOT prenatal conditions/genetics. Also nother thing I want to say is: do you think the information that you’ve gathered from these books is still relevant even in 2012 do you think?
          Thank you

          Lawrence 🙂

        • Yes, of course it is still relevant.

  16. Andrew


    In other words ALL Gays & homosexual behavior is an acquired & learned “orientation”/behaviours and therefore unnatural?

    How unPC

    • Lawrence

      well it certainly doesnt go against nature, because neuroplasticity itself is very much apart of nature. It’s a bit more complex than being an acquired trait, but it’s definitely not genetic. So far, I don’t even think people who don’t support neuroplasticity(which is absurd, considering that neuroplasticity is an established fact), have found any genetic markers for heterosexuality, bisexuality, etc. The most they might find are predispositions, and even these can be overcome with the way the brain programs itself. Which is controlled ultimately by you. this is the premise of neuroplasticity.

      • Lawrence

        lol sorry i said robert.

      • Sexual orientation is fixed in the male at an early age and cannot be changed or adjusted.

        • Lawrence

          But through neuroplasticity it is fixed in, not through a testosterone surge during the pre-natal stages of child rearing. Now, whether or not people can change their orientation as an adult im pretty sure is still being intensely debated.

        • jessica ramirez

          if it is fixed since childhood, then it is my opinion that they be put to death rather than allowed to roam the streets while our children can not.When I lived in an apartment before I had my house built on the ranch I NEVER allowed my kids to go outside and they never slept over at friends houses either. I run my own business from home and I make sure my babies are protected from pedophile scumbags. I take care of my kids because I know that most pedophiles are people you know or that your children know. That’s also why all my childrens activities have women instructors and I am always present. No sick freak is going to get ahold of my kids. This is also why we don’t go to church, partly because I do not care for the religious types and also because they are some of the biggest hypocrites I have ever seen in my life.We are Secular Humanists, it is better than any religion — no imaginary “god” to blame when things don’t go your way…only yourself.

  17. Andrew

    If I had killed somebody, it wouldn’t have had so much appeal to the press, you see? But… fucking, you see, and the young girls. Judges want to fuck young girls. Juries want to fuck young girls. Everyone wants to fuck young girls!

    —Polanski in 1979

  18. Lawrence

    So, I’ve been reading up on non-preferential pedophiles. From my understanding, these types of pedophiles usually have a preference for adults or for children. but my question is: wouldn’t this mean that technically all adults are pedophiles? Or would the pedophile have to have a really attraction to prepubescent children and still prefer adults to be considered a non-preferential pedophile? So, what I’ve been gathering is that, basically if you have a strong fixation on children (meaning that you consciously search these children out for stimuli) then you are a pedophile. If you are a male who prefers adults, but can respond considerably even to let’s say a twelve year old girl. Then you are NOT a pedophile. Basically, it’s a matter of degree in the end, correct? the reason I ask this is, because when i was 14 i remember being able to be stimulated by images of let’s say twelve year old girls, but i noticed that this was only when i focused in on their “private parts” i guess. as a whole, they had flat breasts and they were sort of attractive i suppose.
    Thank you

    • Nonpreferential pedophiles don’t even exist. Pedophilia means preferential. If you don’t prefer kids over others, you’re not a pedophile at all.

      • Lawrence

        Oh, lol. But why do so many law enforcement agencies still push this whole non-preferential crap? 50%? Ok, so that makes me feel a bit more normal haha. I thought I was a freak until I discovered this website. 😛

    • Yes it is all a matter of degree. In the lab, males respond to 12 year old girls at about 50% the rate of their response to adults.

    • jessica ramirez

      Listen, A pedophile is ANYONE [[gay, straight, white, black, indian, old, young, disabled]] with an attraction to a child under the age of 18. pre-pubescent or post-pubescent…it’s all the same if they are less than 18 years old. It doesn’t matter if they are fully mature, they are still children.

      • Ok now I am definitely a pedophile! Because I am DEFINITELY attracted to some girls under the age of 18. Oh Hell Yeah! Pedophiles FTW baby!

      • Frolic

        I don’t know what you think is so magical about the age of 18. It’s an arbitrary number #$%^&. It’s the age in the US when a person reaches their majority unless the person is legally married at an earlier age. Oddly, even an emancipated teen cannot legally have sex.

  19. Stuart

    It makes sense that a prehistoric girl’s attractiveness would peak at sweet 16 just before her first pregnancy at 17.

    Have you ever seen this graph of a human female’s reproductive value?

    It rises as the girls approaches her first pregnancy at about 17 as the probability of her dying before she starts reproducing decreases. Then it goes into decline as she uses up her breeding years.

    I got it from this book about animal behaviour:

  20. April

    Wow. I blog for closet pedos to commiserate! I hope all of you are exposed and given proper treatment and banned from being near anyone’s children. Pseudo science does not distinguish your cause form any other perversion. Children in this country are protected from people like you because innocence should be protected.

  21. jayjay

    yes i’m with April. I believe all of you guys are paedos.Cos no straight man will ever find this discussion interesting

  22. GonnaCutItOff

    After puberty is one thing but before puberty, it is rape. This man is an obvious nerd. Obviously, a young child would be the only one innocent or naive enough to be tricked into having sex with him. Robert Lindsay is quite unattractive and allegedly a pedophile. I will report him to the FBI now to monitor his blogs because he appears to be trolling for like minded individuals probably in hopes of a hook up or introduction to other pedos. Obviously, he hates grown women, and in particular I would bet on him wishing his Mother was dead. Luckily, most men with this mindset go to prison and get banged up the butt themselves against their will. Pedophilia is as old as mankind. Emphasis on MAN. They stick it in glory holes, animals, and dead bodies. Why not kids? Civilization made laws against it because it was already there. The fact that uncivilized Mommy haters like Robert are currently trying to make it sound the opposite, o.e. that the people who wrote the laws were backward & ignorant, just furthers the emphasis on the theory that this author is sexually attracted to children. They wrote the laws to further civilization, not repress it. Self preservation of the species also entered into it since very young females would often die in childbirth delivering a corpse instead of a baby. Although marriage was often approved at much younger ages such as 13 -14 for females, people also had much shorter life spans. The world is marching backwards toward chaos at a very rapid rate. People like this nerdy Mommy hater are only helping to accelerate a trend backwards toward barbarism and chaos. Humanity will rise up again, as it has every few thousand years, out of self preservation and a violent end will come to those who would take us back to throwing kids into volcanoes or using them for snuff porn for their own depravity.

    • All right, you are banned.

      Where do these psychos get the idea that I am a “pedophile” anyway?

      • Fly By Night

        These assholes just make shit up as they go Rob. Honestly I wouldnt sweat it, thats exactly what they want you to do when they come out of the woodwork and make these kind of allegations. I say to them … go crawl back under that rock or into that cesspool you came from.

        • WTF did I say in this post that makes these dipshits insist I must be a “pedophile.” It’s so weird.

          I’m not a pedophile, but I hope I would be ok with myself if I was. To me, it’s just another sexual orientation, and they can’t help it or change it.

          I do some work as a psychotherapist, and I have worked with a pedophile or two a little bit. One guy was not sure if he was one. I listened to his sexual history, then I told him, “Hey dude, you’re a pedophile. It’s important for you to accept this orientation and try to live a healthy and happy life to your fullest.”

        • Fly By Night

          Robert -nothing you have posted here has ever given me the slightest impression that you are a pedophile and I am sure there are others on here agree with me 100%
          Dont let that prick work you Rob, he is just throwing shit on the wall to see what sticks.Or put differently dont allow the the children of unmarried parents get under your skin. The guy posting this crap is just a sick dick who is trying to piss you off. You may have to start moderating to get this shit stopped.. Believe me the world is full of sick – warped assholes. I should know……

      • Brengunn

        Any hint of empathy, or non-violent sentiment concerning paedophiles is enough to condemn you in many people’s eyes. It’s part of the tabloid hysteria. That, combined with you being a bit of an introvert nerdy guy in his 40’s, that’s a stereotypical image of a paedo, even though law enforcement says it’s not an accurate image.

    • jessica ramirez

      I support ur words 100% I applaud you for speaking ur mind!!!! End Pedophelia and Child ABuse!!!

  23. Chris

    I wish it didn’t feel so scary to talk about this. I know men who would love to be open about their attractions to young girls but out of fear, they never will. I think our culture is going about “stopping” pedofilia all wrong. If people felt they could talk to someone about their thoughts and feelings, maybe fewer of them would act on their natural human desires. Nature doesn’t say that adult-child relationships are wrong…the law does. Laws do not stop biological functioning, and laws do not make all people bad. A girl does not become beautiful or sexy on her 18th birthday. Gorgeous is gorgeous…and age has nothing to do with it. I wish society would stop the witch hunt and allow for people to get help with this, since it is something that the law said is wrong.

    • jessica ramirez

      the ONLY way we are going to get rid of the sick and disgusting pedophiles in this world is by sending their asses to the electric chair!! Send out the message that if you mess with our children you will die.

  24. NcSc

    I’m a 22 year old woman. I have had the odd sexual fantasy about under age people in the past. It doesn’t mean I want to have sex with anyone underage. I didn’t think to myself one day ‘hey, I’m going to masturbate while thinking about a child today, that will be fun.’ The image just came into my mind very vaguely mid-flow. Children have crushes on adults and other children all the time. And why isn’t it a crime for an 80 year old to sleep with an 18 year old? They are just as different both mentally and physically as a child and an adult.

    My theory is this: In this society, in this world, at this time, sexual relationships between adults and children is not OK. Because of the way society as a whole feels about pedophilia, and the way people react to it, the way in which children are treated (like they are not people, but a separate species), will all go towards making the experience and it’s repercussions deeply traumatic for the child.

    Some adults feel attracted to children, that’s a fact. These people are outcasts in today’s society, but not monsters. Adults who want to hurt children, however, are monsters. Therefore, any adult who, in today’s society, makes sexual advances on a child, is (perhaps unintentionally) a monster, as it is pretty much impossible for a child not to be traumatised by the experience (no matter how unaggressive it was), as it knows that something that is deemed very ‘wrong’ has happened to it.

    (i know this isn’t a very eloquent reply, apologies, but i would like to hear what people think.)

  25. Wulf

    @ Yasmine and Jessica Ramirez, I think you need to walk away from this site, honestly you have purposefully come onto a site that is not condoning in anyway pedophilia but more suggesting that we are merely misunderstanding facts.

    I am classed as a pedophile because when I was 17 my girlfriend was 15 ( a month away from her 16th ) we we caught in the act, I had to go to court, but as the process takes a while I was almost twenty before sentencing so I received an adult sentence. Here in Australia 16 is the legal age for vaginal intercourse (18 for sodomy), I was forced to do the same sex offender course so I know more of the facts then you are aware.

    Our sexual preferences are defined though our puberty not birth I personally took part in male on male shennagins which is highly normal but I would not call myself gay or bisexual. According to our course trainers (trained psychologists) pedophilia can be triggered by multiple factors; loss of power/control in ones life, a feeling of emotional inadequacy ( a child showed them comfort or attention when they were down ), sexual desire or misunderstood intentions ( it started as a game and went too far) among others. People who were abused use it as a permission statement not a fact as to why they do it (supposedly only. 12% of abused children continue the cycle).

    The percent of males that are pedophiles (via the act of being aroused by children in one form or another). Is 100%. ALL men have or will at some point have a sexual thought of a child, mostly of the 12 – 16 range (gay guys like little boys too) part of it stems to the desire to have something that is pure and theirs. The age bracket is slowly widening because girls are maturing physically slightly faster.

    Excluding the ones who do it to toddlers and babies ( which is a sadist act if you plonked a humanoid alien in front of them who has no ability to resist they will do the same ) it turns out the main difference between them and your loving, caring, would never do anything to our children husband is “Permission statements” most offenders don’t actively seek to do it, an opportunity arises and instead of stopping the thoughts they give themselves permission statements; my wife hadn’t been intimate with me for many months and she was so loving, she started it or I was abused as a child so I want them to feel my pain. The people who kidnap kids or actively seek children merely dwell on the thoughts then they justify them to themselves, self justifications are hard to break but then when they do it they get a dopamine reward, just like an addict or a woman buying shoes it is literally just another fetish.

    How many women are “Pedos”? 100% same as males, they will at some point or another have a sexual thought or desire (ie; school teachers) that is of a child. Just like the men they don’t all act on it, they suppress it, just like a lot of the male population. I asked how many women sex offenders ( of the pedophilic type) there were, based on there studies it is not really that far off of men, but it’s hard, men are less reluctant to come forward because of societal beliefs and even when they
    do come forward there is no guarantee that the woman will be prosecuted.

    Your statements about 18 still being too young is ridiculous, oh and by the by, women were more likely to be more vicious towards their victims ( most pedos believe that they “love” their victims) and lesbians went for either gender and sadly it is because of man hate thing as they were more likely to injure male victims but be “love” female ones.

    In conclusion. Yasmine and Jessica, instead of sitting on the net all day whinging and bitching and trying to pass a law that won’t work because there are too many options for errors, how about you go out and spend some time in the real world, fight a fight you understand and have full knowledge of both sides. Same goes to the rest who echo their sentiments.

  26. me

    “All men like little girls…”

    This statement can be a great comfort to some and a terrifying disturbance to others. Does this mean that it’s normal for “normal men” (non-pedophiles) to be sexually attracted or aroused by prepubescent girls (under 12)?

    If so, where should the line be drawn for concern? For instance, if a woman (Let’s say she’s your adult daughter and you want the best for her) is considering marrying and having kids with a man; at what degree of attraction to kids would be acceptable and safe? If this is a common type of attraction, at what point should she have concerns about these attractions to protect any future children they may have?

    • Yes! It goes something like this:

      Age 16+ = maximal attraction
      Age 15 = 90% of max
      Age 14 = 80% of max
      Age 13 = 70% of max
      Age 12 = 60% of max
      Age 11 = 50% of max
      Age 10 = 40% of max
      Age 9 = 30% of max
      Age 8 = 20% of max
      Age 7 = 10% of max
      6-below = 0 attraction

      It is really hard to say. 23% of all nonpedophilic males test what a lot would call “pedophilic.” Their attraction to girls age 12-under is as high or higher than their attraction for females age 13+

      The true pedophile has an obsession and generally kids is what gets him off. He masturbates a lot, and almost always to fantasies of children. At that point, you have some serious pedophilic stuff going on. Anything less that isn’t really pedophilia.

      I work as a therapist by the way and I have worked with two real pedophiles before.

      90-95% of molestations are by nonpedophilic men. They are no more interested in girls than any other man. Instead they are just criminals committing a crime of opportunity.

      You know they say men will screw anything? Well it is pretty much true.

      True pedophiles are quite rare. Male criminals are not nearly so rare. Choose your male friends wisely. Most true pedophiles won’t even try to hook up with an adult woman, so really you are concerned about nothing.

  27. me

    Thanks for breaking that all down. I also have a background in psychology (not enough to practice), but most of the research in this subject is new to me.
    So basically (according to these studies) 40% of men will look at a pretty 10 year old girl and think she’s “hot”? Yeah, A LOT of women would find this very disturbing. I’m not sure if this information would alleviate society’s pedo-hysteria or make it worse. Also, I agree with you 100% that people should focus more on someone’s risk of being a criminal rather than their sexual leanings, since it all comes down to moral choices.

    • So basically (according to these studies) 40% of men will look at a pretty 10 year old girl and think she’s “hot”?

      No, but 23% of the would!

      Let me show you the chart again.

      Age 16+ = maximal attraction
      Age 15 = 90% of max
      Age 14 = 80% of max
      Age 13 = 70% of max
      Age 12 = 60% of max
      Age 11 = 50% of max
      Age 10 = 40% of max
      Age 9 = 30% of max
      Age 8 = 20% of max
      Age 7 = 10% of max
      6-below = 0 attraction

      What that means is not that 40% of men would look at a 10 year old and think she is “hot.” It means that all men, or probably at least 90% of men, would react to her, but only at 40% of the rate that they would react to a woman. So she looks ok, but she’s nothing like the real deal, you know what I mean.

      23% of normal males are as attracted to females aged 2-12 as they are to females aged 13+, so yes, 23% of guys would think the 10 year old girl is “hot.” However, most of those men will probably never molest a child and they are probably different from fixated pedophiles in fantasy life.

  28. me

    Thanks for clearing that up for me as well… I was totally reading that chart wrong! I understand that molestation (or any form of acting out) comes down to the criminality of the person. But to play devil’s advocate, if roughly a quarter of normal males are attracted to little girls, do you believe it’s possible that the bulk of them could be the main reason 1 in 4 females are molested? The statistics seem to plug in perfectly: 23% of men attracted to very young girls, 25% of girls get molested, 2% or so of males are exclusive pedophiles (taking up the slack, for a solid 25% molestation rate). I understand not everyone acts on their attractions and criminals can be motivated to rape despite attraction, but it seems like the numbers make a compelling pattern when you look at them all together.

    Also, if that 23% is as attracted to prepubescent girls as they are to fully developed women, should they still be considered as “normal”? Just wanted to pick your brain on that, also.

    • Of course those 23% of men are normal.

      Of the men who molest children, 92% of them are not even pedophiles. They do not have a strong or fixated thing for kids. They prefer adults, but they will just grab a little girl because she is available. I think studies of university males show that maybe ~5% say they have molested a kid. But I am not sure about that figure.

      • me

        “Of course those 23% of men are normal.”

        Though a small percentage of men molest, would you feel comfortable (on a visceral level) with someone from this group raising or being alone with your grand daughter? I think a lot of people would be very uncomfortable (Hence, your title of this entry).

        I find your insight is oddly refreshing. It’s objective and clinical yet facts are broken down in a relatable way… Not always easy to do with such an inflammatory subject.

        Also, where can I find that chart and those studies on the web… Do you have any links? My Google searches have been fruitless.

        • Of course. Those men are a lot different from a true fixated pedophile. I would have some real problems with a fixated pedophile raising children.

          The chart was in a Sexology book I read at Fresno State University in the library. I could not believe the study was true, so I kept going back and reading it over again to make sure my eyes were not playing tricks on me. I must have read it dozens of times. Unfortunately, I did not write the reference down and when I went back to the library recently to try to find it, I could not find it! But it lines up very well with what other studies have found.

          I will see if I can find those other links for you.

  29. me

    Much appreciated! I’ve been learning a lot from this exchange.

  30. Jason Y

    How about 117 years for a guy in Arizona, for just looking at illegal hardcore material, or maybe it was distribution also. What does it matter?

  31. Peter

    Professor Tromovitch summarized the scientific studies which found a surprisingly high prevalence of pedophilia among men in these two posters below:

  32. Rose.

    Salient points are that it is normal for both males and females on a subsconscious level to be physically attracted to healthy fully physically developed people and that is ok. Healthy minded adults with a conscience don’t want to and don’t go around harming and or abusinh themselves and others by acting out physically on a subconscious level.Even pedophiles who are abnormally attracted to pre pubescents have not yet become a major problem if they don’t act on it and cross any lines. It is the ones who cross the lines molest, abuse, rape sexually abuse etc that are the problems like with all crimes sexual or otherwise.

  33. Rose.

    What all offenders share in common is they have no conscience.

  34. John Muhleisen

    It’s normal and natural for men to be attracted to sexually mature females or females with adult bodies regardless of how old they are. It’s also normal and natural for women to be attracted to sexually mature males or males with adult bodies regardless of how old they are. It’s the way nature designed men and women to be.

    Sexual maturity is the cause of sexual attraction. If a sexually mature person sees another sexually mature person of the opposite sex, they are going to want to have sex with them because nature is telling them that the person is sexually mature, ready to have sex, and of breeding age, and nature is telling them to have sex with them so they can make babies with them and pass on their genes.

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