The Latest Anti-Black Diatribe on the Site

Dwayne, a resident of the Alt-Right Sphere, spouts off the latest anti-Black outburst on the site:

Where do you get the IQ 107 figure for African immigrants? That seems way off. What about all of the research by Lynn, Vanhanen, Rushton etc., often discussed on “alt right” blogs, that suggests that the average sub-Saharan African has an IQ of 70, and US blacks have a slightly higher average IQ (due mainly to more white genetic material) of 84. It wouldn’t bother me if black people were just dumb, but honest and hard-working. Unfortunately, they are not just dumb.

They exhibit extreme lack of impulse control, increased aggressiveness and increased narcissism, compared to non-blacks. This has all been demonstrated empirically and correlated to e.g. MAO allele frequencies in different populations. Just yesterday a study was released showing that black U.S. females are three times as likely to consider themselves “hot” than women of other races.

As if Black people didn’t have enough problems as it is, they have to deal with guys like this.

First of all, the US African immigrant IQ figure is not way off. In fact, it is correct. Apparently African immigrants are a highly select bunch, and we only let in the best of the best.

Second of all, in my opinion, the US Black IQ is 87, not 84. The African IQ is actually ~67. Caribbean IQ is ~71, and Caribbeans are ~ 9% White.

There is a gigantic lie spread all over the White nationalist sphere that the US Black IQ of ~85 is “due to White admixture.” Not so! Given a base genetic IQ of 67, with ~15% White admixture, US Blacks should have IQ’s of ~71.5. Yet their IQ’s are somehow 87. By the same token, Jamaican Black IQ’s are 71.5 in Jamaica, but after they move to the UK, by the 2nd generation, their IQ’s are 86. So the Jamaicans in the UK somehow get a 14.5 point boost merely by moving to a Western country.

The US Black IQ contains 14.5 extra points that are not accounted for by genes. This rise may be due to living in a Western country, better diet or other factors. The head sizes of US Blacks have increased dramatically since 1900. Part of this is due to diet, but part of it is genetic. It appears that Blacks in the US have been eugenically selecting for higher IQ’s for the last 100 years.

            Expected IQ*   Actual IQ*  Difference*

US Blacks   72.5           87          14.5
UK Blacks*  71.5           86          14.5 

UK Blacks are mostly Jamaicans.
Expected IQ = expected by genes alone.
Actual IQ = tested.
Difference = unexplained by genetics alone.

I really doubt if Black racial factors have been adequately accounted for by MAO allele frequencies. I would very much like to see that data.

Dwayne say that Blacks have increased aggressiveness and impulsiveness compared to “non-Blacks.” I do not agree with that statement. Which specific non-Blacks are are being referred to here?

Granted, no doubt Blacks  have increased aggressiveness and impulsiveness compared to Whites and Asians, but all non-Blacks? Forget it. Prove it. Let’s line up Blacks with various other races and see how they compare. As far as I can tell, the most criminal and violent part of the world right now is Latin America. The residents of that region are generally Amerindian-White mixes, or Mestizos, as opposed to Blacks.

Finally, do Blacks really display “extreme” lack of impulse control and “extremely” elevated aggressiveness compared to non-Blacks? Show us the data. Surely it’s elevated for Blacks, but how much? Is it really “extremely” increased?

Lastly, I am glad that Black women feel so good about themselves in spite of everything.


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34 responses to “The Latest Anti-Black Diatribe on the Site

  1. seedofjapheth

    You destroyed that racists argument Robert.

    • Yeah but he’s still kinda got a point. US Blacks are less intelligent, sure. And they are more aggressive, more impulsive and more narcissistic than Whites or Asians.

      • seedofjapheth

        White Americans are fairly narcissistic though so I would be surprised if blacks were more narcissistic than whites in America.

        Black people in America may on average be of lower IQ but the IQ tests don’t test for the full range of human intelligences and so there may be some areas of intelligence that blacks way outscore whites but people just are not tested for those sorts of intelligences on those tests.

        As for more aggressive… I will admit that black people in America on average are more willing to get in fist fights than American whites however 30 and 40 years ago white Americans were just as willing to get in fist fights as blacks are today.

        ANd as for impulsive… I don’t know about that. I have a friend who is a white woman and she went into tons and tons of debt because she bought all sorts of stuff with credit cards and then she had to work 3 jobs for a number of years in order to pay off the debt she accumulated through impulsive buying.

        I also know of a white man who go into debt with his credit cards through impulsive spending on sex websites. So the credit card industry really highlights white impulsivity.

        Also if you examine the spending habits of the American government… the USA government is trillions of dollars in debt due to impulsive spending.

  2. Bay Area Guy

    Ugh, I am just so sick and tired of hearing about HBD, PERIOD. It’s soooo irrelevant!

    • Gay State Girl

      I’m sick of HBD. It hurts ones argument. That rant by Jared Taylor about white identity would be 100% kosher, had he not brought up lower IQs among non white populations.

  3. Steve

    Love the stuff about IQ. Do you think it will catch up to whites or has the potential to catch up?

    was the first couple of paragraphs after the quote supposed to be part of the quote or something Dwayne said? You said “They exhibit extreme lack of impulse control, increased aggressiveness and increased narcissism, compared to non-blacks” and then went on to argue against it.

    • Problems with the WordPress application, sorry. I fixed it now. Honestly, I am very worried that Blacks in the West have ceilinged out, but at least they got a good ~15 point gain just by living in the West. I imagine there is a lot of room for improvement in Africa and the Caribbean also.

      • Steve

        what makes you worried about that? You know this is one the the issues that got me to your site in the first place. I want it to be true that we all have equal potential but I’m not sure.

      • Tulio

        I’m not sure about that. If you’ve ever spent any time in the ghetto, it’s an environment that lacks any sort of intellectual stimulation. I don’t see kids reading. I just see them watching TV, playing basketball and listening to rap. There’s no real intellectual life in the hood. Most the kids have single mothers and are often the product of the streets. I’d like to see an IQ study of black America that breaks down kids from 2 parent households raised outside the hood versus one parent kids raised in the ghetto. I think if the ghetto culture/environment can be eliminated there will be an average IQ boost. So there is still room for growth, at least in America.

        • Tulio

          Also, me and my sister have above average IQs. My sister is just a little above average when I gave her a test as a teen. I’m well above average. My dad and mom, I never gave them tests, but my mom is probably average. She got through nursing college which involved some math and such, so she’s not dumb. Probably around average intelligence. My dad, I think his IQ is probably low even though just talking to him he doesn’t come across as dumb, but anything involving abstract reasoning skills, forget it. So somehow me and my sister ended up smarter than our parents. We were raised in a different environment than my parents were.

        • I hope you are right, Tulio.

          What’s interesting is that there has been a 5-6 pt rise in the IQ’s of Black kids over a 30 year period, IMHO. The data are controversial, but that’s the way I see it. But when they hit adulthood (age 24), it’s already crashed all the way back down, which is weird.

  4. treasel

    Curious, you said blacks have been selecting for intelligence for the last 100 years, what would you point to as behavorial mechanisms in this case?

    • I am sorry but I do not understand your question.

      • treasel

        I mean, are you saying that there are cultural incentives that select for intelligence? Are black men/women intentionally trying to marry and have children with smarter people? In general are you seeing any (mating) behavioral trends among blacks that would select for higher intelligence

  5. huax

    I doubt the true figures for Africa are correct, malnutrition does lower IQ severely. It’s not just environment or genetics, it’s both.

    • I don’t know. Caribbeans have IQ’s of ~71, and they are ~9% Black. That makes sense if genetic IQ is ~67. Anyway, I could see room for a 14.5 pt IQ rise in both African and Caribbean IQ’s.

  6. huax

    rather I doubt those figures reflect a true genetic African IQ

  7. Dwayne

    I basically agree with you, Robert, on most points. Undoubtedly the slums of Lagos or Kibera, Nairobi, are tough places to live, and living there prevents people from realizing their cognitive potential. In terms of IQ, U.S. blacks benefit not only from genetic admixture with whites, but also from better nutrition, schools, intellectual stimuli, etc.
    A few clarifications: I’m using the IQ numbers from Lynn and Vanhanen, which 2 or 3 points off whatever numbers you are using. I’m curious to learn of the source for the African immigrants-107-IQ figure. Immigrants are not required to take IQ tests upon arrival in the US. Most recent African immigrants are refugees from places like Somalia, Eritrea and the DR of Congo. It seems like their IQs would be about the same as the IQs of people in general in those countries. Can you provide a link?
    The link between MAO-A allele frequency and aggressive behavior is made by: Lea R, Chambers G (2007). “Monoamine oxidase, addiction, and the “warrior” gene hypothesis”. N. Z. Med. J. 120 (1250): U2441. PMID 17339897. They show the gene is more common amongst Maori, which, of course, is one of those “hate facts” a commentator thinks is “appalling”.
    As far as the aggressiveness of blacks is concerned, the rates for violent crime convictions (which approximately match data from FBI victim surveys) have always shown that blacks commit murder and assault at much higher rates than do all other races. The violence hierarchy seems to be blacks>hispanics>whites>asians (which, interestingly, is the exact inverse of the intelligence hierarchy). Taking whites as a baseline, the numbers are 7.5>3>1>0.25. The data comes from the FBI.
    Tulio’s question as to the correlation of socioeconomic status and IQ for blacks is answered by the following graph:

    • There are not that many African refugees coming here other than a few from Somalia. They are far outnumbered by the “Kenyan with a Master’s Degree” type. The numbers are out there on the Net and they are not controversial. African immigrants are also the most successful group. But we hardly let any of them in.

      The warrior gene study was done on Maoris! Not on Blacks. You said it was associated with violence in Blacks. This is apparently not so.

      Crime statistics are as good a measure of Black violence as any, I suppose.

      Even if African IQ is baseline 70, Caribbean IQ with 9% White admixture is ~72. No way can you get US Black IQ of 87 with 15% White admixture and an IQ of 70. You get IQ of 74.5, and you still have 12.5 points unexplained. You stated that the difference is mostly due to White admixture, and that’s not true. 75% of the difference cannot be explained by White admixture.

    • Eric

      Regarding Hispanic intelligence/violence, (for the sake of this conversation I’m referring to mestizos), I think there are many nongenetic factors which come into play. For instance, Peru is heavily indigenous (and has widespread poverty) and shows an average IQ of 90, so I don’t see why a mestizo couldn’t have a higher IQ. In the Inca empire for instance, violence outside of warfare was punished severely. So it’s not like these people are inherently violent, in my opinion. And in the US, their murder/crime rate is gradually declining and I predict that it won’t be any higher than that whites by the end of my life. And if the wave of immigration stopped and all the Hispanics in the US became 3rd+ generation and placed more emphasis on education and read to their kids more the way an average white person would, I do genuinely think that their IQ would be much closer to that of white people.

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  9. Amy

    Yo Bob, I’m curious about any studies that have been done to tease out the difference between the effect of race on IQ, behavior, etc. and the effect of economic class.

    The article is not about race differences, it’s about the disappearance of middle-class neighborhoods as part of the larger issue of the growing gap between rich and poor in the US, but this the following is relevant to the race issue (see last sentence):

    “But there is evidence that income differences are having an effect, beyond the context of neighborhood. One example, Professor Reardon said, is a growing gap in standardized test scores between rich and poor children, now 40 percent bigger than it was in 1970. That is double the testing gap between black and white children, he said.”

    • seedofjapheth

      Do you consider economic class more significant than race in determining these differences?

      Also do you think economic status is the main indicator of class difference? I know some people who are lower middle class economically but yet they are more intellectual than many upper class people.

      Should maybe a new paradigm be used to determine class apart from economics and if so what would the class definitions end up being if class was not categorized based on money.

      • Amy

        Ha, nature versus nurture. It’s a mistake to ignore either side of the issue. I don’t think we should pretend that genetic differences, racial differences, are meaningless–no point in sticking our heads up our asses about it.

        But economic disadvantages are more significant in that we can do something about them–to make the most of the genes we have. So much potential can be lost in a crappy, disadvantaged childhood, for that generation and the ones to come. It’s not impossible to do well for your kids if you’re poor, but it’s a huge handicap.

        There are lots of things that can determine class besides simply money–e.g. status and social connections through one’s familial, ethnic, cultural, or religious group, being more educated, or the kind of work you do. Kind of hard to pin down though–and it’s not something that necessarily stays the same all our lives; we can be upwardly- or downwardly-mobile.

        Since we aren’t as class-bound as say, Britain or India, we do tend to focus on money too much as a measure of worth and success.

        • Gay State Girl

          Regarding nature vs nurture

          Ancient Egypt and the fertile crescent were once the cradle of civilization, but today the average IQs fall within the lower to mid eighties. If it were true that a genetic basis is the sole factor of an individual’s intelligence, then the intelligence and wealth of those nations would have persisted throughout times of prosperity and hardship alike and northern European nations that were once considered to be barbaric and savagelike would never have developed.

          Charles Murray has written quite a bit about intelligence being entirely genetic in origin. For this he used Sophia and Louisa Chua-Rubinfeld as prime examples, though he had never met them. I read an essay written by Sophia Chua-Rubinfeld who is now at Harvard and didn’t find it particularly impressive. It wasn’t bad, but I could envision a student at Tufts, Northeastern, or even Simmons writing the same thing.

        • huax

          Genes alone definitely do not determine everything but conditions in the Fertile Crescent were inherently favorable for agriculture. It means little to have lots of high IQ people if they’re tied down in subsistence agriculture or hunting and gathering.

          That and genes that determine intelligence probably shift over time.

        • Amy

          Well, things add up over generations, the things we do and don’t do for our kids. Childhood and maternal nutrition have an effect on IQ. A healthy diet over many generations would have an increasingly positive effect on IQ, yeah?

          If their culture, government, whatever, saw to it that everyone was well and efficiently fed it would have a positive effect on the generations to come–future generations would contribute more to society. And the reverse would be true as well.

          (I assume the same would be true of e.g. lead or mercury poisoning. Some have argued that the Romans became degenerate in part because of their use of lead pipes and cooking utensils.)

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