Great Article on Game and the Modern Dating Scene


It covers all of the stuff we have been talking about on this blog for a long time now. It also uses phrases such as Alpha, Beta and Omega and suggests that those categories are indeed valid. In addition, it analyzes the Game and PUA culture, suggesting once again that these guys are onto something, and that the evidence suggests that Game can in fact work when properly applied. It’s not a joke. This stuff actually works. Reviews Roosh, Roissy, Lady Rayne and some others.

Lady Rayne in particular comes off terribly. If you go to her site, she’s an ultra-feminist, liberally quoting Valerie Solanas’ SCUM Manifesto (which she praises) and other works of ultra-radical feminism. She wants to make it illegal for men to come onto women in public. Instead, there will be certain public spaces set aside (meat markets if you will) where men and women can mingle that way if they wish to. All of this is to protect women from being bothered by horny men all day, which is, like, a crime almost worse than the Holocaust or something.

Her partner in crime is a super-feminist therapist from back East named Denise Romano who rants and rails on and on about men and rape, men and rape. It never ends. She has also accused me of being a rapist due to confessions I made on this blog. I’m actually not a rapist; what I discussed was seduction and not rape.

Fortunately, seduction is still legal; the psycho bitches haven’t made that illegal yet. But in the minds of the nuts like Lady Rayne and her therapist pal, seduction and rape, well, it’s all the same, see. Game is seduction and therefore rape. Screwing a woman who is high or drunk is rape because she can’t consent.

We men are raping women all the time, and women are constantly getting raped, yet no one has a clue that any of this is going on! We think we are just screwing, but really we are raping and getting raped. How stupid we are!

But it’s so much fun…

Anyway, Lady Rayne and her nut friend want to make Game illegal, because it involves men taking advantage of stupid women. The Hell with it. If we’re going to make Game illegal, then let’s make stupid women illegal too. One can’t exist without the other. Making stupid women illegal would be great for the economy. It would open up a lot of jobs for us breadwinner guys, while women could learn the lost ancient arts of cooking and cleaning and whatnot.

Paradoxically, when she’s not quoting Valerie Solanas, Lady Rayne says she hates women, and she spends most of her time around men. She loves men. Except she wants to make most of us illegal and her favorite book is one that lays out the Final Solution for men.

Meanwhile, Lady Rayne acts like a whore. That’s because she is a whore, or she used to be one anyway. Snicker. She used to be a “stripper.” Snicker again. She’s also covered with tatoos. Triple snicker.

Some feminist man-hater. She hates us so much she can’t stop stripping for us, fucking us and covering herself with tramp stamps.

Lady Rayne is also raising her 7 year old son alone, and she is quite proud of this. In fact, she wants to purposely raise him as a single Mom. What an idiot! God knows what anti-male crap Lady Rayne is pumping into that boy’s mind.

The kid’s father was a no-good alcoholic bad boy.

When she is not brainwashing her poor son, Lady Rayne dates an assortment of men, who are invariably bad boy types who screw up in life and screw her around this way and that, leaving her all upset, bitchy and even crazier than she usually is while waiting for the next bad boy to show up.

She wants to make Game illegal, but she only screws Alphas. Uh huh.

For the life of me, I can’t see why any man would date this bitch, except that she’s hot. I personally wouldn’t take her out without a leash, collar and muzzle, and I wouldn’t fuck her unless I could tie her to the bed first. Ah, forget it. She’s too much trouble. Instead of dating her, just get a restraining order.

Lady Rayne and Denise Romano both came to the blog a while back. Lady Rayne was throwing a temper tantrum, and Denise wouldn’t stop screaming about rape. Denise was screaming so loud, I thought maybe she  actually was getting raped. I was about ready to grab these bitches and jolt some sense into them, but they say to never shake a baby, so I decided not to. Instead I just banned the bitches and took a Tylenol.

Meandering around her blog a bit, you get the feeling that she is highly narcissistic.

As you can see above, she is also extremely self-contradictory, and her general philosophy paired with her lifestyle simply makes no sense at all.  Every now and then she ventures into politics, and her politics doesn’t make any sense either. It’s as incoherent and screechy as everything else about her. She’s the prototype for the insensible female.

Lady Rayne got so angry at Roissy that she outed him, along with photographs, as a 40 something guy who works in a cubicle at a government job somewhere in Washington DC. .

And so the Internet Game Scene has its share of drama.

Lady Rayne’s blog is here. Thankfully, it has not been updated since July, so the world can breath a short sigh of relief.

She links favorably to the unfortunate Black woman blogger Jamila Akhil and Chic Noir, who used to hang around her until I drove her off by not showering enough and stinking up the place. She also links to Red-Alerts, one of the worst bloggers on the Internet. He launched a campaign a while back saying I had been arrested for child molestation. He linked to a news article about some freak with my name. She links to In Mala Fide (which links here) and Roissy under “Sleaze, Sexism and Hate.”

The blog is basically endless drama, hysterics, histrionics, rants, drama queen bullshit, insipid gushing, off the cuff emoting, permanent violent mood swings, huge doses of narcissism, endless self-contradiction, stupid misspellings, incoherent punctuation, retarded syntax, first-class bitching and hate-filled  screeching at the “misogynists” in the Men’s Rights Movement and PUA scene.

Oh and did I mention narcissism?

It’s like some woman with permanent PMS. Maybe God got her periods mixed up; she’s on 28 days and off four.

And one more thing, did I point out that her site has a lot of narcissism?


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4 responses to “Great Article on Game and the Modern Dating Scene

  1. DC

    Lady Raine sounds like a former hypergamous slut and now the bad boys she chased after no longer want her because she has baggage and is aged so she takes out her hatred on all men. Even Roissy knows her stick.

  2. DC

    Chic Noire was the one who posted this disgusting video about her hommies on the down low.

    She even posted it on Rossy’s old blog.

  3. Aaron

    I didn’t click on any of the links (spare me!), but the “SCUM Manifesto” is a good read. Check out the first sentence:

    Life in this society being, at best, an utter bore and no aspect of society being at all relevant to women, there remains to civic-minded, responsible, thrill-seeking females only to overthrow the government, eliminate the money system, institute complete automation and destroy the male sex.

    How could anyone stop reading after that? Besides being a fun read, the manifesto makes some good points. It was written way back when feminists were interesting.

    Speaking of whores, I think I read that that’s what Valerie Solanas was when she died, a street whore and a drug addict.

  4. khay

    I actually fund this blog offensive to women. But find it appealing i actually want to read more stuff on this he said she said i find it quite funny!!!

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