The Advantages of Patronizing a Prostitute

There are indeed advantages to buying a whore.

I decided to ask Sexmaniacman about it. He’s bought a few whores in his life. Not too many. Less than a dozen I would say.

I must say that buying a beautiful whore at say an Oriental Massage joint is a great experience. You get to have total knockout, kickass, disease-free sex with a totally gorgeous babe, and there’s no bullshit and crap that I always have to put with with a regular woman in order to get laid. No whore has ever questioned my masculinity or wondered if I was gay or not. No whore ever told me I was not a man. No whore ever emasculated me.

No whore ever screamed at me. No whore ever bitched me out. No whore ever started whimpering and bitching that I was mistreating her and using her. No whore ever hated me when we were done for what we just did. No whore ever complained that I hustled her into bed. No whore ever accused me of using her.

No whore ever played phone games with me. No whore ever demanded that I make more money. No whore ever called me a loser. No whore ever laughed in my face.

It’s just straight up fucking! The way sex ought to be.


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26 responses to “The Advantages of Patronizing a Prostitute

  1. johnUK

    Dude sounds like a Muslim or a Jew. 😉

  2. WmarkW

    Women can pay men to do the things they can’t do themselves, like plumbing and moving heavy furniture.

    The only thing a man really needs a woman for is sex, and it’s the one form of labor that’s perfectly legal EXCEPT when it’s paid for.

  3. Robert

    Who is Sexmaniac?

  4. Aaron

    Dear Mr. Sexmaniacman:

    Then why only less than a dozen?

  5. Hacienda

    Prostitutes are for losers. The winners get gorgeous women for free.

    • Dota

      True, but winners and losers alike share the same physiological need for sex.

    • This is true for young men, but after about age 24 or so, women want money. The men with the most money get the best women. Therefore, the men with the most money are surely not getting the best women for free. That gorgeous women are available for free to men past their mid 20’s has to be one of the biggest lies of them all. Women always charge, one way or another. You always pay for sex with women. That’s just how it goes. If you don’t want to pay for sex, fine, you just won’t get laid then.

      • Truer words have never before been uttered. You got to write a players handbook sometime, Robert. I reserve a copy ahead of time.

      • Hacienda

        True for gorgeous women in there early 20s. But there are gorgeous women in their late 20s and 30s. Often you find women in their 30s that sense their time is running out and want that last wild fling or affair. Some in their 30s are off divorces and looking. I had a great run of beautiful women in my 30s with women in their 30s. The 40s are when you need to be famous or rich, hence my love of internet porn. But I would never discount the nutso factor in women or their inability to truly value their own looks. Sometimes you will find women that are gorgeous, but just don’t fucking know it! It’s like the man of great talent who for some reason decides his talent is worthless. They just give it away.

        • Yeah. The free pussy! Well, that’s very nice if you can get it past age 24 or so or when you are no longer a student.

          But if you are past 24 or so and you are sitting around waiting for all the free, gorgeous knockout babe model type pussy that you deserve because you’re so fuckin cool,. well, you are just an idiot. Chances are you will wait around forever. And if you take some principled stand that I will not pay for women, well, you are going to be waiting with your dick in your hand for a long time I think. BTW, marriage ain’t free pussy either.

          Why do men compete like such wild animals over money? Because past a certain age, the men with the most money get the best women! They want money to get women. The best women. Real simple. That’s what male competition for resources is all about, at least with young men. I have to beat all those other guys and make more money than they do so I can get the hot chicks.

          “I don’t pay for it,” is the dumbest thing any man ever said. Sure, low rent ghetto chicks come cheap. Some even pay for the man. This is Black man’s game. Let the woman pay for everything. You think that’s going to work for you? And what kind of women do those Black men who live off women get? Pretty low quality.

        • Hacienda

          “Why do men compete like such wild animals over money? Because past a certain age, the men with the most money get the best women!”

          I gotta disagree. Sex is certainly core, but I think don’t think men work their asses off for a fantasy. Some idiots do, but they aren’t the ones smart enough to ever get fantastically rich. The richest men pretty much seem to “settle” for attractive enough women. Check out the wives of billionaires, many are very average looking.

        • Don’t downplay the power of infamy as well. Infamy, well-played, is a powerful aphrodisiac with or without money.

          Also, as women grow more powerful and financially independent, they are too busy fighting for money as well, and sex is becoming a commodity available to those who just ask.

          This might be the symbolic meaning of Robert’s 25+ line of demarcation. Women are usually not established until then and are able to play the role of money-grubbing vixen. Men in their early 20’s are starting to play that role now. Witness the rise of the Cougar. Seems Men have to be “prettier” than women have to be “hot” however, at least now.

        • Hacienda

          “Don’t downplay the power of infamy as well. Infamy, well-played, is a powerful aphrodisiac with or without money.”

          It’s okay. I prefer love. Love. It’s real.

  6. Shawn

    “Sex-crazed guy” has been to 7 hookers thus far. He likes it a lot. It’s fun! There’s some good arguments at the blog dissention for seeing escorts.

  7. Robert

    If women over 24 care the most about money than what do younger ones care the most about?

    • They are attracted to the guys who are the most successful in various endeavors – the hot surfer, the star player, the big drug dealer. The good looking guys with the best game. They are often attracted to very good looking men.

      • Robert

        You should write an aritlce on that subject.

      • yo

        Yeah. And I think that “looks” part should be emphasized.

        A lot of guys try going to bars hoping to get laid. But, for most dudes, its not a good idea. A bar is where every guy lies about everything, and the girls know that, so looks are by far the trait most selected for.

        Its a combination of the face, the body, and the height. I think a lot of guys may not realize that so much, and attribute a guy doing better with having a certain personality, vs just having less acne, or being taller, or being leaner.

  8. Robert

    Who is Sexmaniacman? Is he a blogger? I keep hearing his name metioned but never seen his post.

  9. Robert

    And just to let you knw Robert. The interivew on VOR is going to air wednesday.

  10. There are some women who are physically attractive, but not that much into money, either because they earn a lot, come from a rich family or are low maintenance. But yes, such women are generally rare and have a whole set of other ‘standards’ that a guy has to fit in. Also, a student or a young man who is financially unstable but very talented (~potential to become rich and/or famous) is also a ‘hot commodity’ among attractive women.
    Coming to the post, a lot of people think those who solicit prostitutes are ‘losers’, because they assume that such people cannot attract women on their own merit. The truth is, the biggest advantage of soliciting a prostitute is pleasure minus the bullshit.

    • Hacienda

      “The truth is, the biggest advantage of soliciting a prostitute is pleasure minus the bullshit.”

      And jacking off is free without the bullshit of a prostitute. What’s the point? This entire thread is idiotic. If you’re married and have a string of mistresses good for you. If you’re celibate, it don’t fucking matter either.

      • Indeed, but jacking off and sex are as similar as watching a football match on TV and watching it live in the field. The point is, some people want sex without the drama. That is probably what Robert was implying.

  11. I meant to say, “the most common reason”, not “the biggest advantage”.

  12. i have had whores bitch, and scream at me. they even complain that i dont tip enough. i have had them complain that i dont cum fast enough, but i like to take my time. whats wrong with that? she said 20 minutes. so whys she in such a hurry after only 10 minutes? alot of whores that i encounter are similar to gangsters

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