What Can Be Done About Black Pathologies?

The racists like to scream on and on about all of the problems that US Blacks cause. Crime is not the only issue. There are a ton more problems too.

Racists have a problem with this issue, and that is that the primary victims of all US Black pathologies including but not limited to crime are simply Black people themselves, many of whom are as good a people as the racists screaming about Blacks.

But no matter how much you yell about Blacks and their shit, there’s really nothing much to be done. So in a sense it is an exercise in frustration. If someone is yelling about a problem that cannot be solved, I don’t really want to listen too much.

No matter how much you hate American Blacks, there’s absolutely nothing whatsoever to be done about them that is still sane and decent.

These racist idiots mostly propose:

1. Sending all Blacks back to Africa. Yes, actually many of them do propose exactly this! You would be stunned at how many hardcore US racists (White nationalists) actually think this is a cool idea.

2. A separate White state in the US. No one is sure exactly what to do with the Blacks. Some call for some kind of a Black state in the SE US and all Blacks to be shipped there.

3. Return to some sort of legal discrimination or Jim Crow. Almost all serious anti-Black racists advocate this. Never heard a single one of them oppose it.

4. The right of municipalities and counties to decide who can and who cannot live in their cities and counties.

Since all of this bullshit is beyond the pale, there really is nothing reasonable to be done about Blacks and the obvious problems that they do in fact cause. Some of the more reasonable remedies:

1. Stop affirmative action. This honestly does zero to stop Black pathologies and probably makes them worse by depriving Blacks of income, but nevertheless it’s always proposed as some lame solution to the “Black problem.” It doesn’t do the slightest damned thing about the Black problem. What problem does it remedy? The anti-White discrimination problem, yes.

2. Put more Blacks in prison or jail. Works, but at considerable cost.

3. Stop importing so many Black people or get a lot more serious about screening the Blacks we do import. Good idea, but will have a minimal effect as most Black problems are caused by US born Blacks.

4. Start throwing a lot more Black idiots out of schools when they act like animals. Set up schools in the districts called Animal Schools or whatever and send them all there. I actually support this one.

5. Expand Head Start to all eligible Black kids. Actually proven to somewhat reduce Black pathologies and is apparently cost effective.

6. Expand Section 8. Has been proven to reduce somewhat Black pathologies. However, it has a cost of spreading Black pathologies around.

7. Nothing more to be done. Unless a project can be actually shown to reduce Black pathologies, there is no need to propose it. It would be nice if these project were cost effective too.


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20 responses to “What Can Be Done About Black Pathologies?

  1. seedofjapheth

    There is nothing that should be done about blacks. People that want to avoid them should stay out of black neighborhoods.

  2. Anônimo

    The question in the title of this article: what you can do against black disease?
    The answer on this question is right, NOTHING. They just born that way.
    Now, I do not implausible to think in racial-realistic proposals.
    At least they’re thinking about something. (Please, no the stereotype of Nazi evil and uneducated !!!!)
    What we can not do is stand still asking ourselves, what can you do?
    For now they are in their slums, but in the near future will be closer to you.
    Hopefully by then you’re not thinking, because it is too late.

  3. Anônimo

    I think smart on your part to dodge the label of nationalist, racist or Nazi but one thing you can not avoid being a racial-realist. And I say, the differences between these groups is minimal.
    It does not help you admit that there is a black problem and blame the racists groups labeled because they want to propose solutions, radicals for you.
    It’s like admitting that smoking is a bad habit but do not try to stop.

  4. Hacienda

    Blacks are okay. I don’t believe Americans deserve a domesticated black population. Just be too obscenely hypocritical. A people that possess the killpower Americans have and routinely flaunt, they must be subject to random predations of a so-called underclass. Some countries deserve peace, but not the UNITED states of America.

  5. Dan

    How about we just legalize all drugs? This way a lot of “black pathologies” will stop because there won’t be a culture of violence which has its roots in the drug trafficking trade. I read a book that Reagen supposedly transferred huge amounts of crack from South America to poor local Black communities to prop up Latin American dictators during the 80’s, and America’s siege of Latin America.

    • That might be an interesting thing to do to ameliorate these problems.

      • Dan

        Robert Lindsay, I know this isn’t related to the subject here but you should do more posts; another one about India and the arrogance of its immigrants, overseas communities and the refusal/hypocrisy involving both of them on how they refuse and are too stupid to assimilate into and understand American values. This applies to tp Pakistani and Bangladeshi’s who are even sometimes worse when it comes to the same issue.

        Speaking of which, you should do a post on how both Pakistan & Bangladesh are major shitholes, with despicable, hideous looking, dishonest, scummy, self-serving ruling classes. I am a American-born Bengali but one of those Middle Eastern looking ones and dealing with this primitive culture with the same fair-skin masturbation, cultural double-standards, self-loathing involving white-men and “perfect looking” blue eyed blondes, self-hatred on not being clean as in not being white, is a pain in the ass with face-palm moments. Bengali’s did come up with “microfinance”, and are actually progressive but this only applies to that smart minority and they should not be exempt from criticism. What’s even more funny is that they consider themselves Muslims, but they are not Muslims but Hindu’s that converted into it, hundred of years ago and the rest of the Islamic world treats them like absolute shit, (especially the Arabs). I don’t get it, when these people irrationally & stupidly adhere to a religion that sees them as garbage and are seen as citizens of a failed state by the rest of the Middle East. I also noticed there isn’t a post about China being a complete shithole with scummy citizens.

        I have lived in China for a while, and the Industrial filth in the sky, the self-serving, petty greed of it’s citizens, human rights abuses on its own citizens, lies/hypocrisy, animal cruelty, Industrial espionage and theft of U.S technology/jobs along w/ displacement of American workers for low prices w/low quality products, plundering, narcissism, threatening surrounding countries w/ weapons, failed policies while spreading pollution as far as Alaska. China is a shithole too if you go deep into the country. The only reason why people don’t realize China is a different shithole is because it’s government is smart enough to hide and keep everything under the carpet. The Chinese along with the Hinduvta’s are a legitimate threat to the world, they are in the process of destroying and looting Silicon Valley. My experiences with the Chinese have not been good. Almost all of them have been power-hungry, shallow, petty, greedy, self-serving, xenophobic, lying, childish, stealing, short-sighted pricks. They are destroying America by siphoning millions of dollars off of U.S manufacturing jobs producing inferior products painted with lead, stealing U.S military technology to design weapons specifically made to kill Americans and others that oppose their agenda, stealing U.S jobs and driving out American workers en masse in American companies in similar ways to Hindu 1-b workers, colonial aspirations, class bigotry in Africa.There is a sizable Chinese population in the U.S but they have done absolutely nothing of significance for mainstream America. They have a bad track record but you seem to completely give them a free pass. Sorry if this sounded like a long rant Robert and took too much space.

  6. Another option is to let people discriminate however they want when selling a house or renting property. If this were legal, you would see a lot of de facto “no blacks” clauses sprouting up in places like Marin County and Great Neck, and some explicit clauses in the suburbs of Detroit and such.

    And of course, turnabout is fair play. If people in a black neighborhood don’t want hipsters moving in, they should be able to discriminate against whites.

    Legalizing this would eliminate a lot of humbug and doubletalk. I grew up in a sundown town, and the mental contortions people went through to condemn racism while reaping its benefits were astounding. There’s already racial discrimination in housing, but it’s sly and “intellectual” as Carl Jung described intellectuals––the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing.

    Long-term, the only thing to really do about black pathology is to reduce the number of pathological blacks. The most ethical solution would be something like Project Prevention on a large scale, e.g. requiring welfare recipients to be on NorPlant or some other implanted birth control. Not ideal, but not beyond the pale––not to me, anyway.

  7. Ken Hoop

    A few months ago, weren’t you equally passive, not to say defeatist about, even a seminal, street opposition to Ruling Elite runaway capitalism being organized anytime soon in the US?

    At any rate, the elite have mischanneled any natural and healthy Majority militant efforts to restore qualititative life to American metropoli to a self-defeating violence against unthreatening Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, and if the Jews get their way, Iran.

    • Left protest movements do happen regularly in America’s history for some time now. OTOH, racism is NOT coming back in the US. The WN’s are trying to revive White racism, which has been declining every year since 1970 or so.

  8. johnUK

    They already implement birth control programs to quell the black population with the establishment of Planned Parenthood and in the 80’s with the start of a massive CIA drug network Empire in Latin America importing drugs into black neighbourhoods and the promotion of gangsta rap music coupled with the fact they have these career establishment black civil rights activists who act as a safety net and apologists for black criminality and failure that it is simply “racism” and “discrimination”.

    Maybe the best solution of the US towards blacks is for the state to stop interfering in black communities which always makes situations 100 times worst like the state programme to challenge black illegitimacy rate at about 30% in the 50/60’s to were it is 70-80% today.

    Sending all Blacks back to Africa.

    Lol! Yes I am sure that US blacks that have no real affinity towards Africa and can not speak the native languages would just love to go back to war torn, famine infested African continent especially now that the US/British Empire is launching a new imperial crusade in the continent.

    A separate White state in the US

    There was a Jewish WN leader Michael H. Hart affiliated with American Renaissance that proposed this which was at the time of the break up of Yugoslavia, South African black rule and the serious US white militia movement that I think posed a real threat of pan-secessionist movements across the US until the Oklahoma City bombing put an end to it.

    ”In 1996, Hart addressed a conference organized by Jared Taylor’s race-realist organization, American Renaissance, on the need for a racial partition of the United States. Hart proposed a three-way division with one part for white separatists, one part for black separatists, and one part left as multiracial nation. He said that a peaceful, voluntary partition is the only way to prevent violence.”


  9. James Schipper

    Dear Robert
    You forgot one important thing that the US government can do to mitigate problems in the black community: end immigration of low-skilled labor. Low-skilled immigrants compete with low-skilled natives. Since the majority of blacks are low-skilled, they are negatively affected to a high degree by the massive inflow of low-skilled immigrants. If the US had not taken in any low-skilled immigrants since 1960, most blacks could get higher wages and they would have a stronger incentive to take a job.

    The best way to reduce the underclass is to increase the supply of decent jobs for low-skilled people. Any leftist who is interested in promoting greater economic equality within his country should advocate total prohibition of low-skilled immigrants. The fact that so few leftists nowadays realize this shows, once again, that political correctness has denatured the left and made leftists de facto allies of the plutocrats.

    Regards. James

  10. Anônimo

    forgive me, but you irritates me their strong tendency to accept an alleged immutability of facts. I really believe that you do not know what will happen tomorrow, do not know how common white people are thinking or how they think about the future. The vast majority of them white liberals are hypocrites and yes RACIST, because part the assumption that blacks and other minorities are always victims, poor things who suffered at the hands of the indomitable genius white. Many of these liberal people know exactly how blacks working. Even those who do not know of black dysfunctionality know they will earn much holding this position, both financially and by intellectual status.
    What is happening now is a preparation for the inevitable: the explosion of ethnic conflict across the West. It makes sense given that racial issues were thrown into the carpet for years, decades to come. In the past white Californians could smoke a joint and believe in hippies and Marxist theories, when the state where they lived was 80% white. Even the self-immolation white only works when most of them are white.
    I read that every year 300 000 white Californians leave the state in search of a more environment friendly ‘white American.

  11. Anônimo

    you’re an unknown, is fighting against his racial realistic visible tendency.
    Remember the cigarette addiction. Assume that is an addict but does nothing.
    Admit that blacks do not work in modern societies (after all, not built duuh) but believes that nothing can be done.

  12. archemdis

    Wow and you are supposed to be the wise race, the so superior race, but if you are any indication of what your race is all about, it is an ignorant race. Have a good night reveling in your false pride and sense of perfection. Look around you the world is changing and this so perfect race of yours is all but extinct and has become blended with all of us lesser races. Now how do you think that such a smart and superior race as yours, allowed this to happen?

  13. Anônimo

    How do you ”Teacher Sparrow” said, as the superior race may have allowed this to happen?
    Some”forces” it pushed us for this situation.
    I do not know if it’s black, white traitor, oriental … I know is that you are using one of the many inventions of WHITE. If you hate us so much as it seems to please remove the white majority countries and / or founded, built by whites; destroy your computer in order to demonstrate his hatred of these hideous creatures (Will do this?? LOL). We are in a process, the western world not equal today to tomorrow, never.

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