25% of California Births Are to Illegal Aliens

Figures as of 1996. It sounds almost too incredible to be true, but apparently it is so. The source is Jared Taylor’s latest book.

Every one of these kids becomes a legal US citizen.

Excuse me but this is bullshit. I mean the fact that 25% of the births in my state in any given year are to illegal aliens is a bunch of crap, assuming it is true. It’s an outrage. It’s ridiculous. It’s my state. It’s California.

Welcome to Northern Mexico, formerly the state of California.

RIP California. Former US state, 1850-2011. Presently a Mexican colony.


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10 responses to “25% of California Births Are to Illegal Aliens

  1. tulio

    It does sound outrageous, but I believe it. We passed a critical mass tipping point some time ago, probably the late 80s to early 90s where something could’ve possibly been done to stop this. The population of both illegals, former illegals who became legals and Hispanics that have parents or other family members that were illegal is so large that doing anything to stop is now politically unfeasible. You can pretty much write California off as lost to Mexico. It’s not too late in other states though. But they are where California was a few decades ago. The more the illegal population blooms evenly across the nation, the less likely there will be any chance cracking down on it.

    We need to revise the 14th amendment and we need to cut off all taxpayer services to illegals and boot anybody out of here that is not here legally. If we need people to pick strawberries than we can have a competent and fair guest worker program only if it’s proven that Americans will not do that job. It’s probably true most Americans will not want to pick lettuce in the hot sun, however many will work in construction or meat packing. Guest workers will not be given permanent residence and any kids they sire here will not be citizens. In fact I’d make it so that any guest worker that knocks someone up will not have his guest worker visa renewed again. No family re-unification for guest workers. They are just here to work, that’s it. If they want to move here, they are more than welcome to apply for residency like the citizens of every other country in the world, or get lucky and marry an American. There would be stiff penalties for companies that hire workers illegally.

    Is there anything draconian about my immigration plan?

    • Bay Area Guy

      @ Tulio

      Not at all. I agree with everything you’ve just said.

      By the way, I recall you once mentioning that one anti-illegal immigration radio host.

      Can you provide a link to him?

      • johnUK

        @Bay Area Guy

        Micheal “Alan Weiner” Savage.


        Roman Catholic Church and immigration

        In March 2006, Savage drew the ire of some in the Roman Catholic community when he accused the Roman Catholic Church of breaking federal law by giving assistance to illegal immigrants (in response to statements by Roger Cardinal Mahony of Los Angeles calling it “pastoral support”).[72] William A. Donohue, the president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, was scheduled to be on the show that day, but refused after hearing Savage’s language. He later said, “what is not fine is Savage’s diatribe about the ‘greedy pigs’ in the Catholic Church and how ‘the institution is rotten from the top to the bottom.’ He owes all Catholics an apology.”[73]

        On March 28, 2006, Savage encouraged his listeners to burn Mexican flags to counter massive rallies held in California during which demonstrators marched in opposition to proposed legislation that would impose new immigration restrictions.[74]


      • mott

        BAG- Savage (Weiner) is nasty piece of work- but he’s dead right on this one issue. Otherwise, he should be euthanized.

    • mott


  2. johnUK

    I take it Taylor provides a source in his book to back up this claim?

    Roberto if the US did not turn their home country into a hell hole then they would not have had to flee to the US in the first place.

  3. ….and the other 75% are to legal Mexicans.

    Reagan ‘Amnesty’ 1986.

  4. Ken Hoop

    JohnUK this only really means the sophisticated leadership of U.S. opposition to the invasion should as much as possible proportionately direct their political actions against the sponsors of the invasion and the invaders themselves.

  5. As Reagan’s amnesty illustrates, the question of “legality” is meaningless; it’s just a piece of paper. The real issue here is that there are too many mestizos/ Mexicans, whether they are here “legally” or not.

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