What Does a Serial Killer/Rapist/Pedophile Look Like?

Supposedly, this guy is a serial killer.

There’s now two people who came by the site and said that. Unless they are just spouting off and trying to get my goat, I don’t really understand. First of all, what does a serial killer look like? I’ve been around this world a long time, and I’m not sure if I ever met one person who, when I looked at them, I thought they looked like a serial killer.

There was this really weird White boy at church camp. He had the coldest eyes and a very evil voice, and he talked about killing and cruelty. I don’t know what happened to him, but he sure rang my bell.

Others? Well, I’ve met a ton of folks who looked like criminals. Hell, about half of the males in my town look like criminals. Most of them look like they could kill too.

I went into a redneck bar called the Oak Room in Oakhurst once, full of bad-ass White guys. I thought about it and I figured that most of the guys in the room could be serial killers. They looked bad enough.

But have I ever been out and public and saw some guy and thought, “Wow! He looks like a serial killer!”? Nope. What do the serial killers look like anyway?

What about rapists? Ever seen anyone who looks like a rapist? Once in 1980, I was coming out of a porno theater at in downtown Long Beach at 1 AM. The porn movie was really sick, about a rapist. Most of the movie was some guy with a ski mask over his face raping women. That’s not really my thing – I’m not into rape fantasies, so I thought the movie sucked.

I came out of the movie, and there was a young White man with long blond hair and shorts. He had a knife in a sheath on his belt. He looked really mean. He seemed to be panting. He had just come out of a rape movie. He looked like he wanted to go out and rape some bitch. I thought the guy looked like a rapist. In all of the rest of my life, I have never seen one guy out in public who I thought looked like a rapist. Seen a lot of guys mean enough to rape? Of course. But to look at some guy, and think, “Rapist”? No way. What do the rapists look like anyway?

I’m also hearing all the time about guys who look like pedophiles. It’s always some White guy with glasses. Now that seems weird. Why is a White guy with glasses a pedophile? I don’t get it. I’ve never in my life been out in public and saw some guy minding his own business that I thought looked like a pedophile.

Once I was teaching at a school in Compton. On lunch break, there was this Mexican guy with long hair in a blue van parked next to me. He seemed to be watching the kids. I got the weirdest vibes off of him. So weird, I got his license number and called the cops. He saw me looking at him and got really scared and took off.

Ok, he seemed like a pedophile, but that was due to his behavior, not his appearance. How could you possibly look like a pedophile. What do the pedophiles look like anyway?


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29 responses to “What Does a Serial Killer/Rapist/Pedophile Look Like?

  1. These are criminals who don’t visually signal their craziness. A lot of them lead solitary lives for prolonged periods of time and this manifests itself in alienating behavior and speech patterns. It’s easier to get a sense of this kind of abnormality by speaking to one or observing him in real life. A lot of them seem to have frightening eyes, don’t they?

    Joseph Duncan III is one of those demented, evil men who looks the part.


    • I don’t know about that. I’ve never met anyone and thought, “This guy is a psycho, a criminal.”

      I’ve known some “pyscho” types, but they never did any crimes. One guy was always making bombs. He never committed any bad crimes except for cocaine possession and drunk driving.

      Another guy was thrown out of the Army for liking to blow stuff up too much. I worked with him as a security guard. He did crossword puzzles where he crossed out every word and wrote “kill” instead. I never knew what happened to him.

      Of course terrible criminals like Duncan have evil looking eyes, but I’ve seen a million guys with evil looking eyes. What am I supposed to think, that they are all violent criminals?

      • I have met people I wouldn’t trust. They weren’t guilty of anything other than running home and microwaving flies or moths. The point is, we must err on the side of caution. I’d rather avoid Ted Bundy than assume Richard Ramirez just looks “odd.” This is the fear that our modern helicopter state is built on!! Your “kill” crossword friend is awesome. I knew a guy who cut before cutting was fashionable. He used to carve pentagrams into his forearm. He got me to do it too, but I used a razor because they hurt less than a house key.

  2. Louie jacuzzi

    It’s the glasses bro, go slimmer, lol

  3. johnUK

    In certain Islamic countries like Afghanistan child brides are legal under regional Islamic which is presumably sanctioned in Islamic scripture just like sex slavery.

    It is amazing that leftist and feminist groups are in bed with Islam and Islamic activists.

    I’m also hearing all the time about guys who look like pedophiles. It’s always some White guy with glasses. Now that seems weird. Why is a White guy with glasses a pedophile? I don’t get it.

    Probably because they are into distribution of child porn networks via secure internet networks.

    A lot of these guys operate out of the former Soviet states with these evil Jewish MF’s involved in child pornography which included an international child rape and murder snuff film industry of Russian children uncovered in Italy that was silenced and blocked due to Jewish pressure.


    I already mentioned before about the Kazakh Jewish oil oligarch that was involved in running a 24 hour Jewish news channel that runs an international child sex trafficking ring.

  4. tulio

    I read a study not long ago where photos of criminals were mixed in with photos or normal people. People were quite adept at picking out the faces of the criminals without even knowing any other information. If someone says you look like a criminal of any sort, it may be that you really do share physical features of people likely to commit crimes.

    Certain people just have that look:

    • He doesn’t look like a child molester. He just looks like a nerd!

      You’ve seen my photos on this site, so you are well equipped to decide if I look like a criminal or not.

      This whole notion of “looking like a criminal” is bullshit. Majority of the Blacks around here look like criminals. So do most of the Hispanics. Why? They look mean and hard.

      Now where do we go from here?

      • tulio

        The study I saw only listed faces of white men. If race were thrown it, it would’ve been quite interesting. So you can at least say that people seem to have some skill at guessing which white male faces are more likely to be criminal. My guess is that unless they spent a lot of time amongst blacks, they wouldn’t be able to pick out the black criminal vs non-criminal with much accuracy. But blacks probably would.

        • The bullshit, and Blacks have been very responsible for perpetrating this more than anyone else, is that criminals look weird, nerdy, dorky, strange, geeky, neurotic, or they have weird stares and wear glasses.

          It’s all crap. I’ve known tons of criminal types. Not one of them looked “nerdy.”

          Criminals look mean. Or they look hard. Or they look cold, flat, empty and blank. Or they have a predatory glare about them. And you can see most of it straight through their eyes.

          Criminals are not nice people. They don’t look like nice people. They don’t look warm and friendly.

        • The problem is that the inhibited 33-year-old unemployed stay at home son has had a chance to allow his psychopathy to brew in secrecy for so long and in the dark, and he has not appeared on the radar yet. When he begins that killing spree, no one saw it coming. But his eyes will look lifeless, regardless. Pedophiles, rapists, serial killers, are unlike the typical career criminals we are used to seeing in the hood. We’re talking 2 classes of criminal here.

        • I have only met 2 child molesters or rapists in my life. I only found out by looking up the lists on the Net.

          One guy is an Indian. He’s an artist who hangs out in the library. He’s introverted, but he’s extremely mean. He seems like he just hates everyone. He sits at his desk and draws pictures. If you try to talk to him, he gives you a hate look and won’t respond. He raped a girl under the age of 14. He doesn’t look like a criminal; he just looks really mean.

          Another guy works at the local store as a helper. I just thought he was a typical somewhat sleazy overweight Mexican guy like we have everywhere around here. Later I found him on the list. Sex with a child under the age of 13. I had known him for a long time before I found him on the list and I never thought he was a pedophile. Later I talked to him and he has a very high voice. And he is way too interested in the little girls on the store. Anyway, the guy is not obvious in any way whatsoever.

    • There’s only one thing that people who commit crimes look like: they look mean.

      Or they look Black or Hispanic. After all, those races are vastly more likely to commit crimes than other races.

    • You want to give me a fuckin reason why I should not ban you at this point, tulio?

      I’m giving you a chance here.

      • tulio

        I’m not implying that you are secretly a pedophile. I can see how you might have took it that way and it wasn’t my intention. I guess a pedophile can look like anyone. I just thought the study of people picking out the faces of criminals was fascinating. But if two people said you look like one, here may have been 98 that thought you didn’t but didn’t bother to email you saying, “hey, just thought I’d let you know that you *don’t* look like a pedophile.”

    • What’s the deal with that over-developed neck??????????? I don’t wanna know how that happened.

  5. Bob, you must be the only man on Eart who openly and matter-of-factly admits going to ‘porno theaters’.
    I don’t know if you’ve ‘passed it’ yet, but surely a BangBros subscription must seem like all your christmases come together.

    • Back in those days, if you wanted to see porn, you really needed to go to a porn theater. There was no internet porn. All porn movies went through the theater circuit just like regular movies. I used to meet some really normal people in there, and on weekends, there were a fair number of couples. I used to see my friends there too! LOL.

      Later in the 1980’s, if you wanted porn, you would go to the arcades. I used to go to those all the time too. Great way to get rid of extra quarters. Once they had stalls with locked doors, they were a lot of fun. Then it moved on, and now, it’s pretty much all on the Internet.

      I don’t watch that much porn anymore, but once in a while I do.

  6. gary

    The above usually aplies to the person or persons you least suspect.

    On the outside a well respected charming individual who appears to fit in with other normal everyday people.

    Most pedophiles who sexually abuse children are married heterosexual men.

    They can be from a working class, middle class or wealthy bacgoround with either a basic high school education or a university/ college degree.

    Most have been abused as child either sexually, emotionally or physically and these traumatic events have gone on to trigger the aforementioned anomalies and mental personality disorders.

    On the other hand some of these people are rough, poor, uneducated and have a low IQ.

  7. Matt

    I have the “psycho” look and I use it to my advantage to freak people out. Its fun lol I once at work drew a comic strip of a man shooting himself in the head then coming back to life. I was fired from that job for that, but why they believe in Jesus. I will sit and light lighters and stare at the flame. Do I have the thoughts? Yes, but I believe everyone does. I’m just able to know the difference between right and wrong but some people have less of a control valve. Maybe mine will break one day too, and if It does I’m sure you will hear about me. Until then I will just live my life on the fun side freaking out those around me.

  8. allenmyles

    I don’t understand where this stereotype comes from either, its always a white male, with glasses, or a geeky or somewhat strange looking white guy. Its never a big muscular handsome black guy! maybe this stereotype has been created by women who think because some guy looks a bit nerdy, he mustn’t get laid, and therefore must be a pedo/rapist/serial killer.

  9. You asked, so yes, you look like a pedophile, clearly you aren’t. But your above comments do paint you as a possibly racist/strange individual with a weird atypical mindset, so maybe you really can tell the weirdos apart by appearance.

  10. Trrriisstan

    Fortunately there are the master’s of intuition of there who can detect rapists and murderers simply by looking at them. These people should be given weapons and be allowed to execute people on sight.

    P.S. Rapists are bearded white men with glasses, usually angry and kinda ugly. Rapists never resemble your brother or father.

    • Thanks so much for this my friend. Great comment! I am getting so sick and tired of, “That guy looks like a child molester. That guy looks like a serial killer.” I have seen a lot of these people who get called these things and honestly they don’t look like that at all, assuming there is even a “look” in the first place. Most of them just look like neurotic, nerdy, geeky guys. Sure guys like that look sort of weird, but as a rule, they are pretty damn harmless.

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