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Support for Occupy Wall Street is at 50%

I have seen three surveys so far. The results were 51%, 57% and 43% support for the Occupy Movement. All together, that’s 50%. Not bad at all. Obama probably ought to get behind this more than he has, but his best friend Rahm Emanuel in Chicago called out the cops. I believe that the Tea Party movement only has about 20% support. Support for Occupy was at 54%, but apparently due to relentless attacks, it is dropped down to 50% in the last poll. The Wall Street Journal says that Occupy only has 30% support, but that is probably not accurate.

The right wing, especially Fox News, is really pulling out all the stops to take down this movement.

The US labor movement really needs to get behind Occupy in a big way. I would also love to see the major US women’s organizations like NOW and the big Black and Hispanic movements like the NAACP and La Raza get behind it too. I understand there is a group of US Marines called Occupy Marines. Great! Spread it to the armed forces.

And I believe that there is an Occupy movement in the New York City police. At the very least, they have been refusing orders to take down the occupation. Great! This is what we need to see. Cops siding with the working and middle classes against the rich and the bosses. That’s when a real movement starts.

Right now, the movement is dominated by the hard Left. That needs to broaden out, as it’s turning a lot of more moderate folks off.

One thing that the Occupy movement has done is to change the national conversation. It was all about the deficit and how we need to destroy what’s left of government to deal with our debt. The Left was on the defensive every day from the relentless deficit hawks. That’s pretty much gone now. Now it’s the Occupy movement that it’s in the press.

And the Right, for once in ages, is on the defensive, instead of us! Great! The national conversation is now about how the banks, the rich and the corporations screwed the working and middle classes and the nation itself. Do you agree or disagree? Great question! This is forcing working and middle class people to either side with the class or go over and line up with their rich class enemies as they’ve been doing for decades now.

And for the first time in 30 years, we are starting to see some serious cracks in the mass movement of working and middle class people, mostly Whites, who have been siding with their rich class enemies.

It just goes to show that Americans are not immune to the laws of history as laid down by us Marxists. Nor is history over. History’s never over, that’s just a utopian rich man’s dream. The rich can only screw their class enemies so much and for so long. All societies have a breaking point, and given enough attacks for long enough, sooner or later, working and middle class people will wake up from their slumber and defend their class interests as history predicts they will.

This is a radical movement with modest aims, but it never should have gotten off the ground. It’s hated by our entire elite class, and the whole of the business community, especially the corporations, and the corporations own the politicians. The enitrety of the US corporate media is dead set against it, and a relentless campaign has been going on for a while to kill the Occupy movement.

But for the first time in what seems like forever, the American sheep are no longer listening. They are disobeying their media, elite, corporate and political masters. They are seizing their own destiny and refusing to listen to the brainwash. They are thinking for themselves, connecting the dots. They are starting to get it.

The Occupy movement really has next to no one on its side. All it has is a message, and even the pitifully brainwashed American sheeple can see that it makes sense.

There is hope after all. That’s all we can say so far, but at least it’s something.


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12 Americans, 1 Canadian Killed in Kabul Convoy Attack

A suicide bomber attacked a US convoy in Kabul, ramming his car into the convoy as it drove past. 12 Americans were killed, but only 4 of them were troops. The other 8 were actually civilian contractors or mercenaries. As in Iraq, the US is relying heavily on mercenaries in this endless war. In addition, a Canadian soldier was killed.


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Paying Female Drug Addicts to Not Have Kids


They pay them to go on longterm birth control or even to get sterilized. I support this project 100%. A lot of people are screaming that it’s racist, but they pay women of all races. The woman who founded it is a White woman married to a Black man. They have adopted a number of kids born to drug addict mothers.  A lot of those kids otherwise will probably grow up to have serious problems. Many of them will probably have a lot of  pathologies. Many will become criminals.

This is a great way to reduce crime and social pathology in our society.


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Death in Belfast

In Belfast, Northern Ireland, there is a cemetery. A most curious cemetery at that. Like many cemeteries, this one has a wall. But unlike all other cemeteries, this wall is entirely underground. Yes, there is an underground wall separating the Protestants from the Catholics. Even in death, they shall not mingle. Now that’s some real hate.


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Large Declines and Gains in IQ in Adolescence


A very interesting new study. The study followed 30 adolescents from age 12 to age 16 and recorded declines and increases in IQ of up to 20 points either way in a number of them. These gains and declines were mirrored by increases or decreases in actual brain tissue and structure. Increases in verbal IQ, for instance, were actually mirrored by increases in brain structure in the verbal area of the brain.

I would like to see more work done on this. What were the variables that mediated increases in IQ, and what was associated with declines in IQ? I would particularly be interested in seeing research on Black youths, since they have problems in IQ, and it’s more of a national imperative to increase Black IQ than it is to increase White IQ.

Previous studies have shown that education in the teen years can actually cause increases in IQ.

White youths in general have flat IQ’s from childhood on. On the other hand, in the US, the Black IQ peaks at 95 at age 5 and then declines down to 87 at age 24. There is a noticeable decline in US Black IQ during the teen years.


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One of America’s Finest Poets Is a Black Man

His name is Jay Wright.

Not sure if you are into modern poetry, but Wright is probably among the top 5 or 6 poets in the US right now. He’s an elderly Black man, light-skinned, now poet in residence at Yale University.

Of all of the very many poets writing in America today, Jay Wright is probably among the top 5 or 6. His poems will survive his passing.

There have been quite a few good Black authors. I am a big fan of James Baldwin. Zora Neale Houston is out of this world. And Richard Wright was a very good writer. Samuel Delaney is said to be one of the finest literary sci-fi authors out there, and Octavia Butler is also a superb sci-fi author.

Cornel West is a glorious philosopher, up there with the greats.

If you go to White nationalist forums, as proof of Black intellectual inferiority, they will offer that there are no fine Black authors of the caliber of this or that White author, or there are no Black intellectuals of the caliber of these or those White intellectuals. This is a silly game. These things are so hard to compare. You are comparing the greats with the greats, and where do you begin? IQ tests make an excellent case for intelligence differential between Blacks and Whites.

Comparing the greatest Black and White authors, on the other hand, seems to be a failed exercise. Whatever intellectual and artistic talents it takes to produce a great White writer or thinker, there are sure to be a few Blacks now and then with the cognitive and creative material to match them.

Black people can write and think, at least some of them can. And the best of the Blacks can write and think with the greatest of the greats.


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“Race And Science: A Review Essay Assessing the Debates of the 1950s and 1960s in the Light of Subsequent Research,” by Raymond Wolters


Raymond Wolters’ Race And Science: A Review Essay Assessing the Debates of the 1950s and 1960s in the Light of Subsequent Research was published in Kevin MacDonald’s Summer 2007 Occidental Quarterly.

In it, Wolters reviews the following books: Social Scientists for Social Justice: Making the Case against Segregation and Science for Segregation: Race, Law, and the Case against Brown v. Board of Education, both by John P. Jackson, Jr.

Unfortunately, the article is slanted in an odd way to make it seem as if integration is a bad idea. This is exactly the way that White nationalists interpret it. Wolters even quotes Derrick Bell as being dubious about integration.

However, there is a problem with definitions here. Bell and all other sane and decent people oppose de jure segregation. That was what the Brown v. Board of Education decision outlawed in 1954. What Bell is dubious about is efforts to remedy de facto segregation via busing and other nonsense. Many sane and decent people happen to agree with Bell on this score.

At the same time, Wolters seems to attack the Brown v. BOE case on the grounds that faulty science was used in the decision. It is true that the science was largely cooked. The evidence that Blacks benefit from being in integrated classrooms with Whites is meager to nonexistent. Segregated schools are not necessarily bad for Blacks at all. There is no reason to promote integration on the grounds that it benefits Black students in some way.

But that wasn’t what Brown was all about. Brown just said that de jure segregation in the schools was wrong. Period. And illegal. Period. This was the morally proper decision for a moral nation such as ours. De jure segregation is simply evil. No two ways about it. If my Black commenters wanted to go to an integrated school, that was certainly their right, whether they would have objectively benefited from it or not.

On the other hand, de facto segregation need not be remedied, and it’s time for the courts to start moving away from busing and all of the other nonsense. The notion that busing Black kids hither and thither to White schools benefits them in some way rests on precarious empirical grounds. Neighborhood schools are a great idea. Black schools are not the end of the world for Black students. If Black parents want to put their kids in a White school, just move to the district and enroll your kid.

At the same time, districts should not be able to draw discriminatory boundaries around their schools for the purposes of creating segregated schools. This violates the proper law against de jure segregation.

Personally, I like to live in an integrated society. I like the idea that tulio, Alpha and Louie could theoretically be part of my neighborhood.

But should integration be mandatory? Not at all. If a schools is naturally Black, naturally White or naturally this or that, just leave it the way it is. Busing has been a massive waste of money with precious little to show for it. Blacks can do well enough on their own, and they don’t benefit from sitting in class with Whites anyway.

Wolters comes off like a nasty guy in this article. He’s an education professor from back East, and he always seemed like a typical liberal professor, maybe more honest than the rest. But I kept seeing him contribute to American Renaissance. Then he was speaking at Amren conventions. What’s this nice, liberal, non-racist guy doing hobnobbing with the super-racists at Amren? It never made sense.

But now it does. He’s a wolf disguised as a sheep. In the article, Wolters makes a very sly case that Brown was falsely decided, should probably be overturned, and that there is nothing wrong with de jure segregated schools. That’s a very nasty argument, and he made it in a very sneaky way. I am tallying Wolters alongside the bad guys.


Jackson, Jr., John P. 2001. Social Scientists for Social Justice: Making the Case against Segregation. New York: New York University Press.

Jackson, Jr., John P. 2005. Science for Segregation: Race, Law, and the Case against Brown v. Board of Education. New York: New York University Press.

Wolters, Raymond. Summer 2007. Race and Science: A Review Essay Assessing the Debates of the 1950’s and 1960’s in the Light of Subsequent Research. Occidental Quarterly.


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The Advantages of Patronizing a Prostitute

There are indeed advantages to buying a whore.

I decided to ask Sexmaniacman about it. He’s bought a few whores in his life. Not too many. Less than a dozen I would say.

I must say that buying a beautiful whore at say an Oriental Massage joint is a great experience. You get to have total knockout, kickass, disease-free sex with a totally gorgeous babe, and there’s no bullshit and crap that I always have to put with with a regular woman in order to get laid. No whore has ever questioned my masculinity or wondered if I was gay or not. No whore ever told me I was not a man. No whore ever emasculated me.

No whore ever screamed at me. No whore ever bitched me out. No whore ever started whimpering and bitching that I was mistreating her and using her. No whore ever hated me when we were done for what we just did. No whore ever complained that I hustled her into bed. No whore ever accused me of using her.

No whore ever played phone games with me. No whore ever demanded that I make more money. No whore ever called me a loser. No whore ever laughed in my face.

It’s just straight up fucking! The way sex ought to be.


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The Screaming Racism Game

This is a game that a lot of non-White minorities increasingly play. It’s a relict of the anti-racist movement, which, while it has done much good, has become so flawed that it is in need of being completely dissolved and reformulated into something new. As it is, anti-racists mostly just sit around and scream racism at White people. Further, the movement has become very anti-White. “Anti-racist is anti-White” is a motto tossed about by White nationalists. Unfortunately, it is true. You can’t be a principled anti-racist if you hate White people. That’s all there is to it.

Further, screaming racism is now being used by many reactionary nationalists to obviate any reasonable critiques of the behavior of their state or nation.

Anti-racism increasingly disallows all critique of various nations and ethnicities, except White people of course, since we’re always fair game. This is ridiculous. Critique is a necessary part of the progressive project. It’s conservatives who don’t want to change or improve anything, not liberals and Leftists.

Of course, the Jews have been playing this game long before there was an anti-racist movement. This is interesting because traditionally, the Jews have always been one of the most racist peoples on Earth.

Freud wrote an interesing anecdote about anti-Semitism. He was sitting on a train one day when he opened his window to let some air in. The air was very cold, but he didn’t mind because he liked cold air. People shot him angry glances, but his attitude was fuck em. Finally one guy figured out he was a Jew and stood and started shouting a bunch of anti-Semitic crap at Freud. Along the lines of how dirty Jews don’t care about the feelings of others.

Freud wrote this to describe how irrational anti-Semites are. But this man’s behavior was quite rational. Freud was being an asshole! He opened a window, let cold air in, noticed that the cold was bothering people but refused to close the window. Completely inconsiderate. The guy yelling at him wasn’t really yelling at him because he was a Jew, but because he was an insensitive prick who wouldn’t shut the window! Smart in the ways of the human mind though he was, Freud’s Jewishness blinded him to this obviousness.

The typical “anti-racist argument” goes something like this:

Not particularly racist White person: Hi, excuse me. I’d like to point out that you’re  acting like a dick.

Aggrieved non-White antiracist: Racist! Racist! Racist! Racist! Racist racist racist racist!

Not particularly racist White person: Whoa! What’s with this “racist” crap? You’re acting like an asshole. That’s the matter at hand. What’s up with that?

Aggrieved non-White antiracist: Racist! Racist! Racist! Racist! Racist racist racist racist!

Not particularly racist White person: Huh? Changing the subject are we?

Aggrieved non-White antiracist: White people are racists racists racists racists racists!

Not particularly racist White person: WTF.

Aggrieved non-White antiracist: You heard me. White people are racists racists racists racists racists! Bla bla bla bla bla bla.

Not particularly racist White person: Hmm, well, I’m not all that racist. I just noticed that you’re acting like a fucking tool, and that’s really pissing people off. So knock it off eh?

Aggrieved non-White antiracist: You act like an asshole, a jerk and a tool too! Neener neener!

Not particularly racist White person: Whoa! What I did yesterday or three years ago is neither here nor there, bro. We talking about you and your dickiness right at this moment. In fact, your dickiness that is so outrageous that a crowd is forming behind me ready to kick your ass unless you knock it off.

Aggrieved non-White antiracist: Let’s talk about why you’re a raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacist!

Not particularly racist White person: WTF.

Aggrieved non-White antiracist: Let’s talk about why you’re a raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacist!

Not particularly racist White person: Hmmm. I’m not a racist. I’m just some guy pointing out that you’re acting like a fuckwad, and if you don’t cut it out in about two minutes, this crowd here is going to kick your ass. Got it?

Aggrieved non-White antiracist: Let’s talk about why you’re a raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacist!

Not particularly racist White person: WTF.


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Situational Male Homosexuality Again

Now that you all watched the Afghan Butt Hockey out of Afghanistan, you’re primed for another gay post. So grab tight to your ass, here we go!

The number of “straight” guys who do this sort of thing is very large. I don’t have any figures. Among young men, it could very well be as high as 25%, but I think it declines after age 30 or so as they get married, settle into married life and quit fagging off.

I know this because guys used to hit on me constantly. Including a whole bunch of my “straight” friends. Yeah! A whole bunch of my “straight” friends tried to fuck me! LOL. What a life I’ve led.

Now that I’m old and ugly, I don’t have to deal with this much anymore. But now and again it comes up. The guys are typically bi types. One was seeing me in a doctor’s office a while back. It became quite clear that he was hitting on me. Very, very good looking young man, about 28 years old, married with two young kids. And very bisexual. I was watching him hitting on me with horror and fascination, all the while trying to worm my way out of it.

I was also thinking a lot of stuff. Like, this guy is really good looking! Ok, how many totally beautiful 28 year old women are openly trying to fuck me like that? Not too many! Well, maybe once in a blue moon. Young beautiful women are off limits to me now that I’m old and ugly. But young beautiful men are still plentiful! Now, suppose I was a straight narcissist who just wanted to fuck beautiful people. I could fuck some of the best looking people on Earth, still, in my aging decline, with the slight exception that they’d all be guys!

I really do think that quite a few guys do this sort of thing. Sex is always available with men. If you’re good looking or very good looking, even for your age, there’s probably tons of it.

I was on an adult dating site for a while. Every now and then queers, or bisexuals, or bi-queerious or whatever the Hell they are would message me. Some of them would live around me. They’d send me a message saying basically, “You want to get your cock sucked?” Or something like that. I’d laugh and go look at the guy’s profile.

I messaged this one guy back just to play with him a bit, a cat with a mouse. Plus I was queerious about what sort of life he led. It turned out he was in his 40’s, made lots of money, was a swinger (which was interesting to me), had a beautiful swinger wife who he screwed all the time, regularly attended swinger parties where he screwed all these hot swinger chicks, and in the meantime, well, he busied himself sucking cocks.

His wife knew all about his faggy ways, and she was totally supportive. I had to admit that this guy led an interesting life, aside from the cocksucking, which is something I don’t want to get into. It got me thinking. Why did this beautiful woman marry this fag? Why do all these other hot chicks screw this fag? Hot chicks like fags? Huh? Maybe I should pretend to be one then?

I always thought that women loved queers for friends but hated the idea that their boyfriends and husbands would do such a thing. When it comes to lovers and husbands, women don’t like cocksuckers. Or maybe they do?

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