Arabs Are Stupid, Backwards, Low IQ Morons Who Can’t Create Anything

The failed state of Dubai.

I must admit that I don’t understand US Blacks. I believe that the UAE has an IQ of ~83 or so. That is ~4 points lower than US Blacks. Based on IQ alone, there is no reason why US Blacks should not, theoretically, be able to produce something like this, if they had the income to do so. But does anyone think that they would?

Black oil states in the Caribbean have sky high murder rates. Black oil states in Africa have utterly failed to redistribute the income in a fair and reasonable way; instead, it’s a zero-sum game with everyone for my tribe and my favored group and nothing for anybody else. The nation of Gabon has a PCI of $20,000/yr, yet has some of the worst health and nutrition figures on Earth. Most of the population is sick, starving, unemployed and barefoot.

I don’t get it. Arabs are dumber than US Blacks, and they create Dubai. US Blacks are smarter than Arabs, but they create Detroit. What gives?

Whatever is wrong with US Blacks, it ain’t IQ. Their IQ ought to be sufficient to create scenes like the above.

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683 responses to “Arabs Are Stupid, Backwards, Low IQ Morons Who Can’t Create Anything

  1. Mark

    So what do you think the problem is?

    • I don’t know. Whatever holds US Blacks back, it can’t be brains.

      • If everyone has a low IQ from those countries and it’s inherent, why did the early immigrants from the Ottoman times outperform the locals? Why is it you hear of them being good in business and trade?

        If low IQ is inherent to the population, why do Christians in Israel outperform Jews and Muslims?

        “When it comes to education, Christian Arabs are among the most successful groups in Israel. In 2011, 64% of the community’s high school graduates were eligible for Bagrut matriculation certificates, generally a requirement for entry to university, while among Jews that figure was 59%, and only 48% among Muslims. The CBS statistics also showed that Christian Arabs enjoyed relatively high incomes, and were generally more prosperous than their Muslim neighbors.”

        • Not entirely correct. The secular Jews actually do perform better than anyone else, but combined with the ultra orthodox Jews (20% of the entire age group of 0-18, or 30% of the Jewish at this age group) the results are much lower. That’s always the problem when analysing stats from Israel. FYI

      • Yaroslav

        Do you think that maybe its “institutionalized racism” and neo-colonialism? Also, IQ tests are simplistic and incomplete measures of intelligence.

        • “IQ tests are simplistic and incomplete measures of intelligence.”

          Unless you have a high IQ, then they are completely accurate.

        • Black’s lack intelligence because of hereditary, why do they breed out of their traits? Because even they know it…

        • “Black’s lack intelligence because of hereditary, why do they breed out of their traits? Because even they know it…”

          Where do Black breed out their traits in intelligence? Yes, their is a preference for light skin blacks but that doesn’t equal what their actual breeding is nor is that actually based on an attraction to intelligence but aesthetics.

          Had that actually been the case with intelligence, replacement level breeding wouldn’t even be the problem.

    • Daniel

      Dubai was built by European engineers and architects with the help from arab workers. Detroit was built by americans and destroyed by american inflation and greedy car companies.

      • pepperroncini

        I was over there many moons ago; depending on the projects, the engineers are Western, Asian and Arabs from outside the Peninsula. The workers are almost all Nepalis, Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis.

      • pist white

        Stupid fuck. Detroit was not destroyed by car companies it was built by car companies and destroyed by gdamn niggers you fucking nigger of nigger coddler.

      • TRASH

        Dubai was a British colony and then a protectorate until the sixties. Trade with India existed since ancient times because it is situated on a Creek and also with Iran and Pakistan.

        Arab businessmen really did not build it. Europeans built it with Pakistani labor.

        Russians brought an organized crime/prostitution into Dubai in the nineties and subcontinental, Filipino also engage in minor petty crime but nothing of any consequence.

        Prostitution is actually an industry in Dubai.

      • Detroit was built by Americans of European descent, and was the most prosperous city on earth while it was still majority White. Blacks moved in, and it became a crime ridden murder capital of the US. The demographic shift killed Detroit, not the auto companies. The White suburbs around Detroit, built by Whites forced out of Detroit by black crime, are safe and prosperous.

    • Rod Fleming

      Racist fuckwits like you.That’s the problem.

      • TRASH

        ROD You working-class father of a street chav in some South England “bay-window town” what website do you think you are on Homeboy?

        A German-American is curious to know if you think this a Tony Blair fellowship Multi-Culti forum.

        Welcome to “European-American” schools of thought.

      • TRASH

        ROD I’m sure you’re prole in with chav kids in South England somewhere who does not understand the German-American mentality but this is a WN website.

        Vote for you new Sikh prime minister while Pakistanis groom your 12 year olds for prostitution but none of these things can happen in North America.

        I’ve enjoyed Filipino prostitution in Dubai for quite cheap. I recommend it. I did not have pay the room because a dumb British oil engineer was softly posh enough to think a human vacuum cleaner was the love of his life and while he was earning money from his Petroleum job I received BJ’S on his couch that his Anglo-Dutch company paid for.

        Brits are soft and naive sadly. That’s why foreigners run your streets.

    • Anonymous

      The lack of liberty, Gov control and welfare state are the main problems why arabs are backwards.

  2. tulio

    Remember we were talking about Barbados the other day and some said it is doing well because of tourism, white banking? Why is the same not true of Dubai? All those gleaming towers were built by Western firms with oil money. You know that right? And there are shitloads of foreign workers. In fact I think there are more foreigners in Dubai than there are natives. So maybe not the best example. I think you need to look to middle eastern countries without oil to see what things would otherwise be like, for example, Yemen. Where are the gleaming skyscrapers there?

    • Nigeria has just as much oil as UAE and look what a shithole it is. Gabon has more oil than UAE and look what a shithole it is. Just because you have oil, doesn’t mean you live in paradise. I am very disappointed in Africans. Even with all that oil, they can’t create this.

      Are you sure that all those buildings were built by Western firms? No Arab firms built any of those buildings?

      You sound like a Zionist Jew. Every time someone points to the Gulf, they scream about how primitive Arabs are and say it’s all because of the oil

      Barbados is a good example.

      But Black Africans can’t create anything like this even with oil. Give a Black African country the oil of a Gulf state, and they create Nigeria.

      • tulio

        LIke I said, the majority of Dubai isn’t even native. They are foreigners. And then there’s all the millionaire expats buying homes on islands in the shape of palm trees and what not. Maybe if Gabon was populated mostly by foreigners it would look different.

        • The native Arabs still run, plan and managing everything, you fucking idiot. You sound like some of these Hinduvata assholes I deal with. The majority of the UAE may be foreign, but it takes an extremely articulate leadership to capitalize on it’s native resources in such a way. In other words, the smart folks running and controlling the show invited the best and brightest know-how in, to make what you see in these pictures. A modern day Switzerland of the Middle East. An Internationalist’s paradise. That takes an intelligence all unto it’s own. A forward thinking vision, combined with a very down-to-Earth notion of one’s on current cultural limitations. This, as opposed to allowing yet another oil-based banana republic to come into existence…

          I may not like Arabs, but I give them credit where credit is due. I just knew some dipshit was going to go down your route. Mind you as well, many of those companies involved in the building of “all that” are Middle Eastern and South Asian based, along with many East Asian, European and even South American firms. Truly and international scene, and a prime example of the globalized world we (un?)fortunately live in.

        • Wade in MO

          Don’t janitors and other low skill workers compose a signifigant portion of Dubai’s foreign populace though? It would be hard to believe that Dubai is as rich as it is because there are a lot of filipinos there shoveling up camel shit.

        • Sounds sorta like Mexican drug cartels you described there Sandman.

        • Dota

          They also got quite lucky tho Cyrus. As many analysts have pointed out, Dubai was an island of stability in an ocean of instability. However their short sighted policies were bound to fail eventually. You cannot outsource development to outsiders and not offer them citizenship. The sheiks had drive which I’ve already acknowledged, and they did leverage their geo-political position wisely but their economic policies were really short sighted. There are good things happening in the Shami Arab states. Egypt has made decent macro economic gains over the last 10 years and Syria remains the least hungry state in the world with an extremely efficient food distribution system. Genuine development takes time. Sheik Muhammad is not Lee Kwan Yew.

        • Yes, Wade. They ARE shoveling camel shit. That is the point. The 19% percent of the population of the UAE that is actually “native,” sure as shit benefits from all this. High skilled Westerners and East Asians to design your half mile high sky-scrapper…Filipinos to clean your commode. It sucks, but that is what it is.

          It’s good to be the king…Yes?

          Oh, and Unmarried Man, your Mexican drug cartel reference is not without merit. In fact, I do recall that Robert had a good theory on various cultural similarities between Latin Americans and Middle Easterners. Might very well apply here. Perhaps he might explain it better.

        • Wade in MO

          “Yes, Wade. They ARE shoveling camel shit.”

          I wasn’t disagreeing, I was just saying that importing cheap labot isn’t anything (alone) that is going to make you wealthy. Just like importing illegals to pick fruit isn’t what make CA a wealthy state.

          And if they’re actually there shoveling camel shit that would be hilarious.

        • No Dota, I am not putting all the Sheiks of the GCC on a peddle stool. Nor do I mean to. They ran an efficient real-estate poncy scheme, and they are complete capitalistic whores, by any metric.

          My only argument is that with what they started with, they had a genuine business plan, regardless of it mortality or long time worth, and they went with it. What you see in those pictures are the result. Forty years ago, there was nothing there. That is my only point.

          If anything, there are a good example of what the Western world has largely become in the modern era. A lot of economic smoke and mirror.

          You lived there. What you tell pretty much jives with what all my cousins who spent time there describe. Now you mention nations like Syria…But that’s a whole different story. 😉

        • I wasn’t disagreeing, I was just saying that importing cheap labot isn’t anything (alone) that is going to make you wealthy. Just like importing illegals to pick fruit isn’t what make CA a wealthy state.

          Wade, with one major exception. What is now the UAE, or the entire GCC, NEEDED the importation of foreign labor. There was literally nothing there to begin with. Even worse, importing other Arabs wouldn’t work…They’d quickly take over the place.

          In my own humble opinion over these last forty years, and in contrast…What the fuck is America’s excuse?

        • Wade in MO

          ” Maybe if Gabon was populated mostly by foreigners it would look different.”

          It was, except it was called South Africa.

          Of course all this talk may be premature. Last time I checked, Angola has a rapidly increasing economy based on oil, especially in the exclave of Cabinda(?). Of course that was a while ago. Apparently Botswana with its large diamond mines and small populace wasn’t doing as bad as others (if yoiu discount the aids rate). I heard that Mugabe is going to build skyscrapers out of dung so he can tell white people “and you said we couln’t do shit…”

        • Wade in MO

          “What the fuck is America’s excuse?”

          We wanted more mexican restaurants to get the shits from.

          I dont understand why you are being so defensive when I was essentially agreeing with you. Many of the foreigners are non-skilled labor, not the one’s producing the output.

        • Defensive? You read me wrong. I am completely in agreement with you in this case. Importing cheap labor does not equal wealth.

        • Hacienda

          LOL. Is this what 10 million gets you? A couple of sets in 20 mph winds, vertigo, and a bunch of lost tennis balls? Not sure I would want a piece of that. Arabs don’t even like golf, tennis, or horse racing. Fuck it, Americans don’t really like golf, tennis, or horse racing. They DO like watching a half-breed black/thai in Karmic whoopass against athletically crippled whitey, preferably in a Southern country club that would normally see all golfers as a lower form of vegetable, carrots, broccoli, celery.

          Good luck Saudis, we’ll put up with ALL your juvenilia as long as you’ve still got the spigot open.

        • Mike

          Arabs!!!! very interesting subject!! who are we to talk about there IQ….every thing good we have was either originated from them or done by one of those Arabs!! Read history, and I am sure any doctor, engineer, etc will agree with me…do not forget Al-Jabra,etc…it was not formulated in America!!Stop hating!!:) I think Arabs are brilliants..look what they have done here i the USA…Steve J for example…go check doctors in Houston Medical Centers…….If we just learn how to get a long we can all live in heaven….

        • Nono

          Right the majority of dubai is not native about 90 per cent forigners the natives from dubai has nothing to do but sleeping at home and living by the social security money who come from the people work because dubai economy did not depend on oil (only in the past) mostly now are trade,finance,real estate and tourisum all of that from the work of expacts .and also natives from other emirates did not feel dubai like thier home any belong only to his emirates or state like abu dahbi or ajman.

      • Mike

        How about the IQ score for the Arabs listed below Roberts!!
        Zaha Hadid A Pritzker Architecture Prize laureate, famous for many iconic buildings around the world. (Iraqi)
        Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad teaches religion, science and freedom at the University of Maryland, College Park and directs the Minaret of Freedom Institute.[1][2]
        Ismail al-Faruqi, philosopher, professor
        Fouad Ajami, Professor of International Relations
        Saddeka Arebi, professor of anthropology at UC Berkeley
        Mostafa El-Sayed, is a chemical physicist, a leading nanoscience researcher, a member of the National Academy of Sciences and a US National Medal of Science laureate. He is also known for the spectroscopy rule named after him, the El-Sayed rule.
        Farouk El-Baz, an Egyptian American scientist who worked with NASA to assist in the planning of scientific exploration of the Moon, including the selection of landing sites for the Apollo missions and the training of astronauts in lunar observations and photography.
        Elias Corey, organic chemistry professor at Harvard University and 1990 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry[3] (Lebanese parents)
        Nawal M. Nour, an obstetrician and gynecologist and 2003 Genius Award winner (Sudanese).[4]
        Michael E. DeBakey, pioneering American-Lebanese cardiovascular surgeon and researcher[5]
        Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Professor of Mathematics at the Polytechnic Institute of New York University
        Charles Elachi, Professor of electrical engineering and planetary science at Caltech and director of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Lebanese)
        Taher ElGamal, Inventor of the ElGamal discrete log cryptosystem and the ElGamal signature scheme.
        Samih Farsoun Sociology professor at the American University [6]
        Fawaz Gerges, ABC analyst, professor, regular guest on Oprah’s Anti-war series (Lebanese parents)
        Michel T. Halbouty, famous Lebanese-American geologist and geophysicist, pioneer in oil field research[7][8][9]
        Philip S. Khoury, Ford International Professor of History and Associate Provost at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Lebanese)
        Edward Said, Palestinian-American literary theorist and former professor at Columbia University
        Mohammed Adam El-Sheikh, executive director of the Fiqh Council of North America.[10] (Sudanese)
        Donna Shalala, President of the University of Miami (Lebanese)
        Fawwaz Ulaby, (Ulaby was born in Damascus, Syria and grew up in Lebanon. He attended the American University of Beirut, from which he received a B.S. degree in physics in 1964). Former Vice President for Research of the University of Michigan and first Arab-American winner of the IEEE Edison Medal
        Ahmed Zewail, Egyptian-American professor at Caltech and winner of the 1999 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.
        Elias Zerhouni, Algerian-American director of the National Institutes of Health, appointed by George W. Bush in May 2002,
        Nada Shabout, Professor of Art History at University of North Texas.

        • Mike

          Another list of Arabs!! low IQ, are you kidding me!!
          Najeeb Halaby, former head of Federal Aviation Administration and CEO of Pan-American Airlines (Syrian father) [11]
          Steve Jobs, head of Apple, biological father was Syrian[12]
          Mario Kassar, formerly headed Carolco Pictures [13] (Lebanese)
          John J. Mack, CEO of investment bank Morgan Stanley (Lebanese parents)[14]
          Joe Sitt Real Estate developer and founder of Thor Equities (Syrian grandparents)
          Sam Maloof (Lebanese parents)
          Maloof family, (The Maloof family is a Lebanese family which owns numerous business properties in the Western United States, majority owners of the Sacramento Kings and the Palms Casino Hotel in Paradise, Nevada, Nevada
          Sam Moore, the founder and president of Thomas Nelson Publishers, the largest worldwide distributor of the Bible
          Paul Orfalea, Nicknamed “Kinko” because of his curly red hair, born in Los Angeles, California, to parents of Lebanese descent, founded the copy-chain Kinko’s.
          Farouk Shami, founder of Farouk systems, a Houston based company that manufactures hair care and spa products like CHI hair Irons (Palestinian)
          Joseph Jacobs, founder of Jacobs Engineering, one of the leading engineering firms in the US (Lebanese)
          Alec Gores, founder of Gores Group. On the Forbes list of billionaires. (Palestinian)
          Tom Gores, founder and CEO of Platinum Equity. On the Forbes list of billionaires. (Palestinian)
          Sam Gores, founder of talent agency Paridigm Agency. On the Forbes list of billionaires.[15] (Palestinian)
          Tamer M. Obied, Management Consultant, Booz & Company (Egyptian descent)

        • Sinks Diesel

          A majority of those you mentioned are cultural Arabs. The Maghreb, Sudan, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon are not ethnically Arab. The ethnic Arab is a dullard and a dunce, Steve Jobs is half Syrian not Arab.

        • stf

          syrians aka palestinians, jordanians, lebanese are not arabs.. their culture has been arab/islamic influenced but the roots of them arecentral-eastern european like nowadays americans,canadians, withe south africans and australians.
          Time and politics have bulit fake covers for many etnies.
          About pure arabs… we should consider the gulf people only. And yes they are low cuz without european brains and asian effort they would still pledge allegiance to oases’ shadows.

        • rrut

          You ‘re right , Mike for myself I can,t believe what read it while we are in the twentieth century and beyond that there are people who think on this way which is violation of all human values , And ​​ the knowledge belongs to humanity collectively and no one hasbelongs to humanity collectively and no one have its key alone whether that was an individual nation or race or sex so Why do not you go to libraries or museums around the world to see or read about the effects of the Arabs and the effects of all nations?. Thinking this hostile way is against humanity.Please Enough see what you submitted for yourself and for your family and your neighbors to your land and then the home country then the the continent and the world and humanity. All around the world there you con find smart and stupid and genius, But we are all human beings no one is dog race or monkey raceWhat is the meaning of civilization and the advancement and progress

      • Karim

        Black IQ in sub-Saharan Africa averages 67. This is why the people in that area can’t create a nation resembling the UAE or Qatar or Kuwait.

        Also, the Gulf countries are tiny which means the income from oil is spread amongst a MUCH smaller population.

      • Christians from the Middle East actually outperform all of the other religions academically. It would be unfair to lump Christians into the low IQ group.

      • Chase

        Thats bullsh!t. None of those towers were built by western firms, some have been designed by western architectural firms, but all are built by local firms such as Majid Al Futtaim group, A ghurair group, Emaar group, Arabtec. If you take Saudi Arabia for example, Mecca doesn’t allow any non-muslims inside the city, the 2nd highest building in the world is the clock tower in Mecca, built by Bin Laden group (OBL’s family’s company) It is a company worth over $200 billion. Saudi Aramco is considered to be the worlds richest company worth $10 trillion according to financial times…

      • EPGAH

        Could it be they just let their betters build things, then conned them out of it, then because they’re NOT Black, they didn’t destroy it?

        You know all those oil wells and refineries WE built in the Middle East? We did that by making trade agreements with the rulers of those lands. Why did we agree to those? Because we couldn’t do anything without their consent because they have armies and we didn’t conquer them first.
        (Why we didn’t conquer them is a whole other discussion)

        So after we built those wells and refineries why didn’t we call in the loans to own their butts? Because you can’t make someone pay unless you conquer them. No one is going to pay back the money they owe you unless they are either honorable or you force them.
        Moslems are neither.

        But we didn’t loan them those oil wells. We traded to buy some of their lands and drill. What did they do? Being Moslems whose religion teaches them they don’t have to honor agreements with infidels…they stole them! They call it “nationalizing” but it’s just theft.

        What did we do about that? Did we invade and conquer them? Did we shut down trade with them? No. We paid through the ass to them and they held us hostage in the 1970s for the oil WE developed and needed.

        Now what part of that sounds like they MADE anything? (Except “made” us in the conartist sense)
        Why would they now want to kill us? The answer is not because we swindled them, but because they swindled us! That is what Muhammad teaches them to do in his Cult.

        Nigeria was a great place under Civilized World rule. Hand it over to savages and you have Detroit+Oil…Oh, and once they got Internet, they used that to steal too. No reason to build or maintain if you can con or guilt others to pay your way through life, right?

      • Unknown

        Stupid huh? Where is your proof? While your economy is going through s*** Ours ranks way better than yours. Please shut up and educate yourself about your crappy country.

    • Steve

      Riyadh isn’t mostly populated by foreigners. That’s pretty impressively modern and orderly. Plus harnessing the strengths and abilities of others to the max and in a way that benefits you is pretty impressive in itself. That’s exactly the smart thing to do in that situation. Arab countries tend to have quite low crime rates too.

      Barbados is a good example for a black country. Central Bridgetown is just gorgeous.

      • Pepperoncini

        There are different kinds of Smart, Arabs are geniuses in a cunning and schrewd sort of way.
        Modern Riyadh like any other modern gcc city was built by foreigners , from Western technical assistance to South Asian labour.

        • Steve

          I know its only a tiny anecdote but I used to play doubles tennis on the same team as a Saudi Arabian lad, against Chinese or Pakistani opposition, incidentally. He was quite a tricky player. We came up with some quite cunning tactics. its was funny. He was great to have on your side. Really nice fellow actually. He lived up to the hospitality stereotype too. I bumped into him in a Lebanese restaurant when I was out with different friends and he had a whole chocolate cake sent to our table.

  3. johnUK

    It is because US and British private interests (companies, banking, security, etc) run these countries in exchange for exclusive oil contracts and US/British money laundering and terrorist financing as well as transferring the wealth back into domestic US and British economies especially the arms industry with the main countries being Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

    Qatar has been active in buying up real estate in Britain and France.

    They are nothing more than British/US colonies.

    • TRASH

      JOHN UK Go to Knightsbridge or Hyde Park to see who is pushing who out of the neighborhood.

      Whites are the ones who are hassled by the bobbies if they hang around there without a good reason, not Arabs.

      They’ve done quite well with London real estate.

    • TRASH

      Prostitution too. That’s the dirty secret of the Gulf. Dubai is a brothel.

  4. Gay State Girl

    Arab society is two tiered as well. I’ve heard that quite a few of the members of Hamas have degrees in Physics from Kuwait University (I don’t know what they are worth.)

    • TRASH

      GAY STATE GIRL Extremists always come from decent families and old Osama himself was a brilliant engineer. It’s not the ignorant masses who get radicalized in these countries.

      With Orthodox Jews who are basically Taliban I’ve noticed those people tend to be less educated, less white-collar (Some of them make good money in jewel or garment districts) and more backward. So with Judaism the extremists come from the less-educated, less white-collar families.

      But with other groups it is the opposite. Their families had money to send them to college where they were radicalized.

  5. Gay State Girl

    I have difficulty believing that the Arab royalty have low IQ’s.

    OT How come rich Africans aren’t as visible as rich Arabs?

    • johnUK

      The lower IQ in the general population is probably due to them marrying their cousins which the ruling elite do not practice, plus the fact that elites in every society are usually smarter than the general public.

      • Gay State Girl

        I disagree that inbreeding causes low IQ. Jews are considered to be among the smartest people and we’re more inbred than red necks.

        • louie jacuzzi

          You’re Jewish, you don’t really blows bells and whistles about it though…but as for the matter at hand, I say black americans, and blacks as a whole really don’t have as much group solidarity as we’re given credit for. Oh we have group solidarity when it comes to excusing heinous behaviors on the part of our group members and horse-whipping non-blacks for even the most miniscule of crimes committed against us, but for things like nation building, and putting our minds together to make a better world for blacks, we’re suddenly individuals, and individual groups. Consider this; America pays 6B to 200 or so black athletes, and entertainers every year. In addition Black enterprise magazine puts out two particular lists every year: top black executives(Fortune 500 execs) and top 100 black owned companies. So we have the three primary ingrediants necessary for a successful business class: corporate, entrepreneurship, and material capital. Why aren’t we more prominent in the business world? If we were truly the isolated, monolithic, uber ethnocentric group we’re perceived as, we would end a large portion of the racial divide in material wealth.

        • Gay State Girl

          Louie Jacuzzi
          Africans from rich oil states or professional African American athletes could potentially buy up a lot of property as individuals. They don’t need group solidarity to do that.

        • Very excellent point, and one that has been noted a lot in academia. Also, I would like to fuck my cousin. She is Jewish. Any pointers?

        • Dota

          “”I disagree that inbreeding causes low IQ. Jews are considered to be among the smartest people and we’re more inbred than red necks.””

          High IQ people inbreeding will result in more high IQ people being produced. Wasn’t that the theory?

        • Wade in MO

          “Consider this; America pays 6B to 200 or so black athletes, and entertainers every year.”

          That is a lot of Cadillacs and gold teeth.

          ” In addition Black enterprise magazine puts out two particular lists every year… 100 black owned companies.”

          It starts off like this:
          1) Crips
          2) Bloods

          “Why aren’t we more prominent in the business world?”

          I don’t know. A collapse in the marker for crack futures?

        • Wade in MO

          “Any pointers?”

          Her nipples, if she;s interested.

        • Take her on a date? I want sex, not a dinner and movie…Sheesh.

          Oh and Wade, and her tits are mega-fake, so I’ll be sucking synthetic when the time comes…Is that Kosher?

        • Pay to play? Sort of like pay-per-view?

        • johnUK

          @Gay State Girl

          It is a well known fact that inbreeding into your own family causes a higher rate of birth defects and lower IQ.

          Jewish groups inbreed among their own group but not between their own family members (probably).

          I know Einstein married his cousin but they never fathered children

        • Strauss

          By ridiculous as it may sound, i once had a crush on a hot cousin-once-removed of mine, worst (or best) of all, i told her and i was a rejected on the spot, a somewhat sad story. I felt a little creepy afterwards, but finally as they say, rejection is better than regret.

        • Mike

          Jews!! now we mixing race with faith, jews can be Arabse, white, black, Asian, etc…I thought the decussion was about race and faith, so what about the black jews, are they smart or not since most are saying black are not then how do you suggest saying jews are smartes people!! I do respect every race and faith and I belive your IQ(consideing it is an accurate measurment of one intelligance) has a lot to do with the surrounding and yes your parents has a lot to do with it….:) Now keep in mind that Arabs today are almost 100% mixed race, there are white , black, Asian, etc…..I guess what I am trying to say is that Arabs is not a race, rather a language and maybe a culture…a very mixed one though.!! The original Arabs do not exist anymore and if they do they are with no doubt one of smartest people we have ever known!! anyone who went to school, university to be more accurate know that Ibn Alhaithem, Alrazy, Al-jebra, Ibn hayan are one of the reason we have math, medicine, chimistry, etc!! we can not deny them that.

    • Wade in MO

      “How come rich Africans aren’t as visible as rich Arabs?”

      They must only walk around at night.

    • TRASH

      They don’t. Rich Africans are not as FILTHY RICH as Arabs.

  6. louie jacuzzi

    Hmmm? Consider this, let’s for a second assume that the race realists are partially right about blacks. For this excercise, I’m going to reject Lynn’s numbers on black IQ, in favor of Weicherts. That is, blacks the world over, when generally healthy have an IQ of about 81-82. There’re about 1.2B of us, so the stats should play out as follows; about 240M should be above 97, about 24M should have an IQ above 112, about 4M should have an IQ above 127, about 500K over 142, that’s enough to make a better world for black people. But for reasons that really don’t make a 10 of sense, we choose not to.

    • Jojo

      It’s because of the (should be obvious) simian, detrimental, obnoxious “Hip-Hop” culture. Remove that chimpanzee-meme, and all African Americans will become (at least) as successful as George Washington Coover.

  7. Dota

    Wade is back!

    Anyhow this debate seems to be going of the rails and its time for some perspective.

    As you guys know, I’ve spent over 10 years in Dubai and my parents are still there.

    Tulio is right about many things. Dubai was built by foreign labour (virtually slave labour) and there are indeed more expats than natives. The place was built on foreign investment which drove the real estate boom between 2000-2008. The money came from rich Westerners (mostly Euros and few Americans) and the south Asian folk. Many of Dubai’s policies were meant to ape Singapore however the sheiks neglected to make the appropriate investments in infrastructure and education. Dubai is pretty backward make no mistake. Socio-politically, they are 100 years behind the West. The country is an absolute monarchy, which means the sheiks own the very ground the public walks on. I will say this for the Sheiks, they had drive and initiative. They just went about doing things the wrong way. Bubble economics = epic fail. Anyhow the global recession screwed Dubai bad so its history now.

    Johhny boy is also right about some things. Without going all Brzezinski on you guys, Dubai was a money laundering hub for Dawood Ibrahim’s criminal syndicate (largest in South Asia). The dirty money would go into the real estate market and this partly help create the surge between 2000-2008. The opportunistic sheiks pretended not to notice.

    This makes for some excellent reading:

    I think comparing Dubai to Africa is just plain wrong. Completely different set of circumstances. Dubai wasn’t colonized in the same way as Africa (drain of capital ect..). Africans were screwed by the IMF and WB via loans and Structural adjustment programs which forced open their markets to Western shit bag elites and MNCs. After de-colonization, Africans realised that they were sitting on a gold mine, but couldn’t afford a shovel. The west would lend them a shovel with certain conditionalities that would have severe long term economic consequences. I don’t want to get into too many details, its been a while since I studied this stuff, all I’m saying is that it is very complex picture.

    • louie jacuzzi

      Thanks dota, and I would add, it’s not like black africa never built impressive civilizations before. Mali, Songhai, Ghana, Kanem-Bornu, Nubia, Meroe, etc. Given adequate time, freedom, self-determination, and little outside influence beyond trade, black Africa is much more capable than people give them credit for.

    • johnUK


      Johhny boy is also right about some things. Without going all Brzezinski on you guys, Dubai was a money laundering hub for Dawood Ibrahim’s criminal syndicate (largest in South Asia).

      What the fuck does that mean? Is it a euphemism for going into detail?

  8. Gay State Girl

    Dubai is vibrant and flamboyant, but not sustainable. It has little long lasting cultural or intellectual value.

  9. James Schipper

    Dear Robert
    Let’s be clear about one thing: having oil doesn’t make necessarily make a country rich. We have to to divide its annual oil profits by population. Let’s take Ruritania and Slobodia. Ruritania has 100 million inhabitants and produces 15 billions of oil per year. On each barrel it can make 10 dollars profit. That yields a total profit of 150 billion dollars, or 1,500 per capita, hardly a princely sum.

    Slobodia has 1 million inhabitants and produces 5 billion barrels of oil per year On each barrel it can make 20 dollars of profit. This results in total profits of 100 billion, which is 100,000 per capita. Very well, Dubai has fewer than 1 million people and Nigeria has 150 million. That is a very relevant fact.

    Profitability is also a very relevant factor. If you can sell oil for 60 dollars per barrel but it costs you 50 to get it out of the ground, then you are not in the same situation as a someone who can get it out of the ground for 5 dollars. It is annual oil profits, not reserves that we should look at. It is like land. If Peter has 20,000 acres but Paul 200, it dooesn’t follow that Peter is richer than Paul. Peter’s land could be infertile while Paul’s is highly fertile.

    According to the CIA World Factbook, Nigeria produces 2,211,000 barrels of oil per day and it consumes 280,000. The difference is 1,931,000 per day, which is 704,815,000 per year. If Nigeria can make 30 dollars of profit per barrel, then it has 21,144,450,000 annual profits, which is only just over 140!! dollars per capita. That’s right, 140 dollars per capita! So much for the argument that Nigeria should be rich because it has lots of oil.

    Regards. James

    • tulio

      Very astute post.

    • louie jacuzzi

      Co-sign, never even thought of that

    • Dota

      I just want to add a bit to James’ insightful post.

      The Dubai elites still practice old fashioned tribalism and the UAE Sheiks are extremely generous when sharing oil profits amoung the natives (Emiratis). Emiratis who marry within the community have their wedding bills paid for and are gifted 20,000 bucks with a house. 3000 bucks as unemployment income and all their educational and living expenses paid for if they wish to pursue higher education in the west. Food and gas are subsidized. The sheik’s just shower their people with money. Bear in mind that the rest of the market is run by expats in a free for all capitalist shark fest that guarantees no protection to consumers, workers or tenants. As such with rising oil prices, the Emirati Arabs have enjoyed a vast increase in their personal fortunes. Nigerian elites on the other hand are immensely corrupt and so the people get nothing.

  10. John

    First of all, the Nigerians are not U.S. blacks. U.S. blacks have white admixture and are living in an artificially elevated standard of living. I doubt the Nigerians have 85 IQ.

    Second, I believe it is true that IQ is not everything. Other things such as violant tendencies, time preference, functional nationhood (as opposed to tribal structures) all play a role. If you open a factory in Nigeria, I doubt you can get them to sit for hours at a time to pump out the work, even though it involve low IQ type of work.

    Many of these other factors are also genetic in nature or deeply entangled with cultural/genetic issues which are not easily fixed.

    • Very well put. There’s a minimum average IQ necessary for a functioning modern society, but even if you have that, you also need the other things you mentioned to be working right. Advanced people seem to have evolved in challenging climates, where both intelligence and traits that encourage social cooperative behavior were selected for. Not so in most of Africa.

    • gschu

      Intelligence is highly dependent on the life experiences of the person involved. A persons potential intelligence is in part based on the mental stimulation that a child receives when they are young, among other things, so when we look at groups, whether ethnic, racial, socio-economic, or what have you, we need to think about it as unused potential. NOT some quasi-determinate genetic inevitability. The assumptions that underlie this post, and the vast majority of the comments are unstated, and for the most part un-thought about.

      Also, to Robert; You are not a genius, you are deluded.

      • You’re banned, chump.


      • Mike

        The best I have read this far!! very true, thank you.

      • Jojo

        Fully agreed!For example, according to world IQ survey, Indians have only ~85 IQ. But they produced Srinivasa Ramanujan, Subramaniyan Chandrasekhar, and (father of quantum computing, a subject I am right now studying) Umesh Vazirani. The whole “IQ is gene-determined” sentiment is stupid.

        • Arvi

          You seem to forget that Indians are not a homogenous ethnic or even cultural group. Two of the men you mentioned belong to a small subset of 1.5 million people of Tamil Brahmins who have a very high average IQ. I always laugh when foreigners think a recently formed geopolitical entity somehow automatically fuses a population which has maintained separate breeding lines for millenia.

  11. Bay Area Guy



    Good to see you again, old friend!

  12. Bay Area Guy

    Now we just need to get Lafleur to come back, and this blog will be in business!

    • Hacienda

      “Now we just need to get Lafleur to come back, and this blog will be in business!”

      It’s a happening blog already. Congrats to Robert.

      Come back LAFLEUR!!!!!!!!!!! COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. FWIW, I understand that a lot of that sort of thing was done by Persians, not Arabs.

  14. Kubak

    Dear Robert Lindsay, here are my thoughts on IQ and the wealth of nations, I don´t believe IQ tests really measure the full range of human intelligence, I also believe that about 10 points of IQ or more are mostly the result of environmental conditions…meaning nutrition, a good family environment, good upbringing, good quality education, home values, habits etc. have a great impact on a person´s life and general intelligence, this I base on what I have read about the Flynn effect and the upbringing of adopted black kids in white families, the bias of tests etc. and on my own personal experience and upbringing. I have an IQ of 130 measured by a psychologist, but most of my success in life has depended on the early guidance of my parents and the help of friends and opportunities that I have been given that have greatly expanded my chances in life. I also believe that the first 5 years in a kids life will have the greatest impact…I´m not saying there is no differences between races, there probably are, but my informed guess is that they are much smaller than what we currently think, I think the differences have been spurred by many factors, and the cold weather theory is a poor explanation of it, I think that Europeans had actually a better weather conditions than Africans, since there is so much higher rain fall in Europe and much more predictable than in the warmer weather of Africa, India or Mexico for instance. The Aztecs were a successful empire (until the spaniards destroyed them, because they created the chinampas which allowed them to have up to seven growing seasons each year). A guaranteed seasonal rain will create a higher level of civilization because there will be food guaranteed for a larger quantity of people that can spend their time doing other things than just trying to survive. Also the colonialist movement of the past 500 years has put many races under a great disadvantage, my parents are European, from Poland, but I was born in Mexico, and I was raised here, both my parents have university degrees, my mother is a professional violin player, my father is a chemical engineer, however I finished a master degree in California, thanks to a Fulbright scholarship, how can I compare my IQ to lets say with the Mexican indians who have been third class citizens for over 500 hundred years, always exploited and abused by their fellow white men who had a more advanced technology and culture (which by the way wasn´t created by them, only expanded, and inherited by ancient civilizations such as the Mesopotamians, the Egyptians, the Greek the Romans, the Chinese and the Italian renaissance which put it all together again. Also IQ tests for instance in Native Americans show that they have very good performance in non verbal tests because, particularly spatial, sometimes with IQ levels over 180, this parts of the IQ test are less bias towards them, they definitely don´t have the same language skills if they don´t belong to the mainstream culture, how can you expect an Mexican Indian with less than 5 years education if he was lucky, surviving only on tortillas and chile and working since he was 12, since the government in Mexico is mostly ran for and by a white elite, to compete with a middle class white boy who has all the environmental advantages of the wealthiest country in the world, the US, it just doesn´t make any sense. I believe that once wealth is created around the world the differences in IQ will tend to grow smaller over time, this has happened in east Asia for instance, Chinese used to have an IQ of about 90-95 and I believe in the less developed parts of China today could be even less than 90, but in Shanghai Chinese kids outperform white kids around the world. Because we the whites have less work habits and values and have become lazy and spoiled thanks in part to our good living conditions and our arrogance of thinking we are the masters of human civilization, which in fact is a lie. And blacks in America had only the time since the civil rights revolution to be on supposed ¨equal¨ terms of development than whites, but just consider this…how long does it take for a culture to be part of a family core values, to be so intertwined with a person that you can´t tell them apart, for Poland it took a 1000 years for us to develop a true polish identity and culture that parents teach their children, how long will it take for blacks in America who have been outside of the main culture for the last 500 years.

    • louie jacuzzi

      And I’ve been saying this for how long? A measly 45 years of integration, and we’re supposed to be more civilized than even our white counterparts. Nigeria has only been free for about 50 years. Aparthied only ended about 30 years ago(if it’s been that long). Colonialism ended went on until the mid 20th century, but somehow, by some miracle, blacks are supposed to be on equal footing with Europe. Forget about Kenya and Nigeria’s growing middle classes. Forget about the medieval empires that were on par with, or even ahead of europe at times, we’re all just watching TV, and listening to racist rants, without any real context, or understanding of black people and our history.

      • Gay State Girl

        Apartheid ended 17 years ago. I was in South Africa at the time.

      • Colonialism LOL. Oh boo hoo.

        US Blacks are an ongoing project. When we brought them out of Africa 300 years ago, they were savage as can be. They’ve improved dramatically under the careful influence of civilized White behavior. US Blacks act better than Africans by orders of magnitudes. This is because we have substantially de-Africanized them culturally.

        Colonialism didn’t make Africans act worse. It made them act better. You should have seen how they acted before colonialism. They were as savage as a human gets, and I don’t use that term lightly. They’re much better now, but they’re still a behavioral clusterfuck. The de-Africanization of Africans and their progress towards relative civilization is an important world project.

        • louie jacuzzi

          Read your history a bit more thoroughly Mr. Lindsay. I’d call the Nubians(who had monarchy, and vowels before the Egyptions, and even ruled Egypt for 100 years), the Songhai (who ruled an empire) larger than western Europe, Ethiopia (the longest continuous independent state in human history until 1973), or Aksum(considered one of the 4 major empires of it’s day) any thing but savage

        • Gay State Girl

          Louie Jacuzzi
          It’s no use arguing with Lindsay. When his mind is set on something, it’s set.

        • louie jacuzzi

          I can see that GSG, but it’s a worthwhile discussion when even people who fancy themselves as “liberal” and “black-friendly” are prescribing to such thoughts.

        • Do we like Blacks? The ones that are not savages? Sure we like em! You got a problem with that Louie?

        • louie jacuzzi

          Not sure how to take that, but you’ve already made that clear.

        • gschu

          You are a ahistorical nut job. I would refute the points you make but they are just racist assertions of opinion. Read Guns Germs and Steel, Read Why the West Rules for now, Read any book on African colonialism. We were taking Africans as slaves, and doing absolutely inhuman things to fellow people in the process, but they were the savages.

          Also, anyone who calls themselves a genius, unless employed by the institute for advanced study, is just proving that he/she needs to expand their circle of acquaintances, and probably tone down the ego. And Cal State Long Beach, really? One of the worst schools in the CA system, yeah, your a genius.

        • I have an IQ over 140. According to my dictionary, I’m a genius.

          BTW, you’re banned.

        • Mike

          You must be kidding and if not you really have some type of haterd against black! Keep in mind and if books we studied in scholl are correct we are all black!! It is all about the surrounding Robert, you color is not all that determine your intelligence.

        • Keep in mind and if books we studied in scholl are correct we are all black!!

          Really? I’m Black? Damn, my dick just grew 2 inches right after you said that.

          Anyway, if that’s the case, sup nigga? Where da White women at?

        • Arvi

          I’m sorry Lindsay but I really doubt if Africans were the savages you portray them to be. In fact, one could call the colonial-era European a savage, judging by the way they waged war and enslaved huge populations. Also, regarding your comment on US blacks vs. native africans; I’ve met modern Kenyans and Nigerians and they were far more “civilized” than the average African-American. The people I met from Africa truly had a thirst to develop their country, and their intent is what sets them apart from the average African american who wishes to distance himself from being “too white”. I wouldn’t blame the latter either, considering their history, but I would suggest you broaden your perspective regarding Africans. P.S my IQ is over 145 as well, so the idea that an intelligent person’s opinion is factual is obviously flawed.

      • Kenya. Bad example.

        This is Kenya folks. Countless numbers of starving humans are fleeing the Black Hell of Somalia to the relative safety and food security of Kenya. On their way to refugee camps in Kenya, they have been mass attacked by vast gangs of Kenyan savages. These savages have stolen everything in sight from the starving people, and they have mass raped the female refugees. This has caused damage to many of the women, because Somali women practice some savage barbarism called FGM, which destroys their genitalia. Rape just rips it open even worse. Almost all of the refugees have been waylaid 2-3 times. Almost all the women have been raped.

        Folks. This is Kenya.

        Welcome to Kenya. What good is that “growing middle class” doing to these poor women?

        • louie jacuzzi

          The point is that these nations and peoples are progressing faster than should be expected from “savages.”

        • Wellington Seixas Castello

          I’m sorry but you’re just a truly retarded racist, not a bit more civilized than the savages you’re talking about.
          Fuck your IQ, genius, any teen capable of training for logical tests would reach your score. I can’t even explain how stupid you sound. Go back to school and re-civilize yourself.

        • Ok you’re banned. I see sarcasm is beyond your comprehension.

  15. KarolS

    Ethnic groups express their solidarity in different ways. US Blacks express this by complaining of racism by whites. Other groups express it by supporting each other when they are going up the ladder. Blacks just don’t think like this – it’s a combination of the crab in the barrel mentality (“if I can’t have it, neither can you”) and the slave mentality of blaming the white man, as if the white man should be a benevolent father-figure master.

    Flavor Flav expresses the shit or be shat on mentality:

  16. KarolS

    In other words, blacks expend all their energy on complaining about whitey that they have none left to improve themselves.

    • louie jacuzzi

      generalizations, generalizations…the average US black does not have the time to really complain, bc he’s probably trying to figure out how eek out a meager existence. I’ll admit something(last time) those of us complain the most, are middle class(or near middle class), who’ve already achieved something, like attainment of a college degree, or maybe our first professional gig, or finally got our FICO scores high enough to get our first home. We look out at America, and still see that for all our hard work, all that going the extra mile, all that “personal responsibility” that white people told us would save us, all that kissing white ass, all that working extra hard in school even when we knew we were academically in over our heads( in both school choice and major choice), those 55+ hour work weeks, sacrificing our health in some cases, yet our life outcomes are still dramatically behind our white counterparts. So hell yeah, I’m complaining

      • KarolS

        I think you’ve proved my point. Are asians complaining they have to work at their parents restaurants and shops? Do asians thinks that the white man is a father-figure who owes them something? No. They help each other up. You should read some Malcolm X, grow a spine, and throw away your slave mentality.

        • louie jacuzzi

          Soooo, you’re saying we should all say “fuck whitey”, drop out of school, quit our jobs, stop paying our debts, and form black millitant groups? Help me understand here.

  17. Kubak

    Dear Robert, following up on colonialism, there are different kinds as you probably know…in the USA it meant the removal of the Native Americans from their lands and he establishment of reservations for them to keep them away so they would not be in the way of the Europeans expansion…in Mexico it was a completely different type of animal altogether, here the Spaniards came with the idea of conquest, which meant they were here for the gold, and for power, they destroyed the aztec civilization and became the masters of the land, it worked pretty well since the aztecs had the same type of mentality, although the spaniards never really saw Mexico as their country, it was only an exploitation field for them, of the resources and people who lived in this land, I recommend the book The Broken Spears: The Aztec Account of the Conquest of Mexico (Spanish title: Visión de los vencidos: Relaciones indígenas de la conquista) is a book by historian Miguel León-Portilla, I think is available online, in this book you can appreciate the type of relationship that the spaniards had with the natives, specially after the conquest, with very heavy taxing and a very close to slavery economy, this kind of mentality continued in the mexican elite up to the present day, so you can imagine that not all people in Mexico had equal opportunities for development, this also explains the great disparity among the different social classes here. Mexico´s history was defined by the clash of two races, but also of two cultures at a different level of development, obviously we know who lost the battle and had to carry the heaviest burden.

  18. Bartos

    The problem is with the entire IQ concept in the first place. For some reason many Jews are “IQ-fetishists” (though of course not all Jews are IQ-fetishists and not all IQ-fetishists are Jews), which makes the IQ-fetishism of the White Nationalist tards all the more ironic (i.e. when they point out the purportedly low IQ of Black African descended people relative to those of Caucasian origin, or when Nordicists compare aggregate IQ of industrialized Northern Europe with Agrarian Southern Europe). Witness for instance the phenomenon of MENSA, which (in the American chapter at least) is practically a social club for Jewish idiot savants (though the majority of the membership is Goyish, MENSA is, or at least was, owned and operated primarily by Jewish, and the Jewish membership is disproportionately greater than the general population.) Why is it that many Jews fetishize IQ? Could go with the stereotype that Jews are a very “bookish” people (the “Jewish nerd” archetype), but that’s just it. IQ is a very academically abstracted concept of intelligence. Using IQ scores (particularly when they are largely estimated) is about as bad as using ACT/SAT scores to measure population intelligence. IQ is not a measure of intelligence, it is a corelator of intelligence at best. The IQ concept was never even intended to scale adult intelligence. French educators originally intended Intelligence Quotient to measure childhood intellectual development. (It is “mental age” divided by calendar age after all!) Personally, I do not believe that there are significant differences in intellectual capacity between the major races (Africans, Caucasians, Asiatics, Australian Aboriginal…). Indeed, in his brilliant work Guns, Germs, and Steel, Jared Diamond pointed out that Papuans may actually be innately more intelligent than most groups because they were subjected to rigorous tests of intellect in their survival while most of the rest of humanity had societies built on intensive agriculture keeping everyone in check. That does not mean that smaller ethnic groups are not more or less intellligent than the human average due to genetics. For instance, detrimental effects of inbreeding may mean that some tribes or smaller racial groups might be a little less intelligent than everyone else. Case in point, gypsies, who are fairly inbred and suffer from recessive genetic diseases. I imagine that the Kalash and Kafiri, probably the most inbred people on the planet, are borderline retarded. (Your fascinating study on the races of humanity shows the Kalash to be “extreme outliers” but I suspect this is mainly due to extreme endogamy, which accelerated genetic drift to unnaturally high speeds.) Instead of IQ, my proposal for a better definition and measure of intelligence would be a “learning ability scale.” You can compare literacy rates for various countries on the CIA World Factbook. Most developed nations have a literacy rate of around 95-100%. Poorer nations generally have lower literacy. Interestingly, the Arab countries have embarassingly low literacy rates yet they have some of the highest per capita GDP rates on Earth. You would think that they would invest some of that wealth in basic education for their populace? African nations have even lower literacy rates but they have the excuses of extreme poverty, a plethora of languages within a nation-state, lack of an orthography pre-colonialism in many cases, in the case of Ethiopia a very difficult writing system (as opposed to a simple alphabet or syllabary… India also uses an abugida which may partially explain the lower literacy rate) and so on. Arabs have a relatively simple abjad (the Chinese have a higher literacy rate than virtually every Arab state despite their complex logographic system), which they had for centuries yet they still can’t reach Western levels of literacy. Africans and South Indians have the potential to catch up with everyone else, but I feel that Arabs have a slightly lower average intelligence than everyone else. The blogger Bacon-Eating Atheist Jew actually had some interesting posts on Arab literacy and intelligence. I think the lower innate Arab intelligence explains many of the problems facing that part of the world, why they tend to be so superstitious and reactionary. Why is it that most Muslims who abandon the faith become atheist (i.e. almost every Persian or Indian-Muslim apostate from Islam I’ve ever known of, or Ayaan Hirsi Ali (Somali)), but Arabs and Pakis typically convert to Christianity, and usually a dumb Evangelical sect rather than a more intellectually respectable Apostolic (Catholic/Orthodox) sect? To be perfectly honest, Robert, your title does not seem to be far from the truth…

    • Kubak

      Which somehow contradicts all of the cultural accomplishments in the Arab world during the medieval times…as they carried ancient culture from the broken Bizantine empire, which they conquered, and made advances in architecture, mathematics, warfare, clockwork etc, their dominance of the Spain for over 800 years, of the Eastern Roman Empire which they conquered, ….also contradicts the ancient civilizations that once stood there like the Persian Empire, Mesopotamia, Babilionia, Egypt… I´m not sure intelligence is the problem there I think religion can actually do a lot of harm if it´s not the enlightened version of it.

    • louie jacuzzi

      I agree with you guys on arab iq, history certainly tells a different story the islamic world, but this is the problem withis the eurocentric view of the world and world history. Let the west tell it and every one else was just sitting under a tree eating leaves waiting for white europeans to come and shave off their gorilla fur and civilize them

      • Kubak

        lol…civilizations come and go…they all eventually fall…sometimes misteriously…but there´s always something that remains and thanks to that we are not steping back on trees or growing more hair than what we need in cold weather conditions… 🙂

        • Kubak

          for instance the aztecs used to be a nomadic tribe, but they saw the abbandoned city of Teotihuacan, and they had a dream of one day being as great as those vanquished guys, and somehow, within 200 years they managed to build the largest empire in the Americas…until some spaniards decided to build their own empire…that has also succumbed the test of time…

    • Mike

      I hope you are not judging arabs and moslems by our media here bc if you are then we got issues!! i suggest we all start reading more history and books that state the truth without any hatred and racisim! most of you sound like good well educated folks but every now and then i sense some haterd! one cultur , faith, and surrounding can change there behavour but not much there intelligence!!

  19. sono

    In Poland, soccer fans from local Warsaw’s team Legia, prepared a great banner for the game that took place in Waraw yesterday, with a team Hapoel from Tel-aviv. of course , they ‘ve laredy been accused of anti-Semitism, supportong of arab terrorism , using too much green and whatever else.

    • Gay State Girl

      Is “Jihad” a word in Polish?

      • Kubak

        not really, I speak Polish…you can accuse poles of antisemitism, but that would be not very fair for all the many people who risked their lives saving jews during World War II, (something jews for some reason seem to not remember that much) In fact, Poland was the only country were even giving bread to a jew was punished by the dead penalty by the nazis, or helping them in any way for that matter, many poles hid jews in their homes for years…however I guess there is some level of antisemitism in many countries…

        more on this here:

        • Many Poles risked their lives to save Jews, yes, and also, many Poles are anti-Semites. During WW2, while many Jews risked their asses to save Jews, many others turned them in. There is a considerable amount of anti-Semitism to this day, now tied in with anti-Communism, but some Jews have also moved back to Poland, where official society treats them with care. Some of the major media in recent day Poland was run by Jews, and nationalists accused it of being anti-Polish. It probably was.

          Poland is a very complex place WRT to the Jews, and the Jews and Poles lived there together for hundreds of years. Truth is, Poles got treated like shit over centuries and so did Jews. But Poles turned on the Jews, their fellow victims. One victim turning on another victim.

          Many Polish Jews were very poor.

          Primo Levi discusses this in his books.

        • johnUK

          Actually that was quite impressive how the fans organised it.


          “I guess there is some level of antisemitism in many countries…”,/i>

          Gee I wonder why that is. 🙂

          When the global banking system collapses and names and faces start to be known in association with the big banks it will be like the Bolshevik revolution in reverse.

    • johnUK

      Weird. I thought Poland was pro Jewish/Israel like the Czech Rep?

      • Kubak

        Poland is actually more pro Poland and somewhat pro USA, and it has helped them grow out from the totalitarian system that kept them behind for half a century…being pro USA hasn´t help them that much though, other than being actively involved in two wars and being given the finger by current US president in many occasions, funny fact, all of the European Union citizens can come to the USA without a visa, but poles can´t, even though they can pretty much travel anywhere else in Europe and work there…it´s funny considering Germany and France gave them the finger when they started their so called war on terrorism. Not that poles really want to go to the USA, most of them are even returning now from UK and Ireland…but it´s still meaningful behavior on behalf of the US politicians.

        • johnUK


          Being pro US and Israel/Jewish is pretty much intertwined where commentators in the US consider anti-Americanism to be anti-Jewish among other things.

          “Proponents of the concept argue that anti-Zionism, anti-Americanism, anti-globalization, third worldism, and demonization of Israel, or double standards applied to its conduct, may be linked to antisemitism, or constitute disguised antisemitism.”

      • Kubak

        agreed some jews (I´m not antisemite by the way, since I have close jewish friends some of them christian, some secular some religious, yeah they come in different sizes and packages), really market supposed antisemitic attitudes to their own advantage, and if you speak against them even for valid reasons they will call on the antisemitic card, truth is Poland is pro USA because they kind of like them, they were allies in WWII and both were against communism, we fancy democracy, and having the first modern constitution in Europe only second to the US is a testament to that:,_1791

        Too bad the monarchies around us did not like those incendiary ideas…causing the partition of Poland

      • sono

        Poland official government is very pro Israel. Same like US Government , Czech and UK and Palau and Micronesia end quite a few others.
        Do you always agree with what your government says???

  20. Kubak

    More on intelligence, according to Hitler poles were under-humans, only suitable for slavery due to their low IQ, and other qualities, interesting factoid, according to Lynn Ivy League of Nations IQ, current Polish average IQ is 106, German is 107, I guess,both are ranked on the very top of European IQ, but I guess 1 point difference makes you an undermenschen… also forget that Poland gave to the world people like Copernicus, Chopin, Madam Curie, etc…all the very best in their fields, according to nazis, we were only suitable for slavery…every time one nation thinks is better that the nation next to it, it´s always good to question their intentions…for Hittler was lebben raum…

  21. sono

    @Robert A LOT OF Polish people risked ther life to save Jews.
    Remember, doing so meant you could easily lost your and your family life.
    Before WWII thousands of Jews lived in POland becasue it was one of the SAFEST places form them to be in Europe at that time . Many of them escaped so called Russian pogroms and came to Poland to live. Yes , thery wer poor , like many other people at that time. POland was called “Paradisum Judeorum” (Jewish paradise) for many centuries because Jews felt THE SAFEST there.
    Unfortunately, They are not grateful at all.
    They turned their back on this country and are constantly stabbing its back.
    Time to learn some true, untwisted history , not to repat tainted , false propaganda.
    BTW, Americans , are often so soaked with a pure propaganda and rhetoric that it is almost impossible to discuss with them anything since they take lies for the truth and have no deisre to search for the truth.

    • Kubak

      If you read the wikipedia article that I posted earlier on poles helping jews, you can see the numbers, quoting: “Up to 50,000 Polish gentiles were executed by the Nazis for saving Jews.[2] Of the estimated 3 million Polish Gentiles killed in World War Two, thousands were murdered by the German Nazis only as punishment for assisting Jews. After the War most of this information was suppressed by the Soviet-backed regime in an attempt to discredit Polish prewar society and government as reactionary.[3]¨

      “Some estimates put the number of Poles involved in rescue at up to 3 million, and credit Poles with saving up to around 450,000 Jews from certain death.[2] The rescue efforts were aided by one of the largest anti-Nazi resistance movements in Europe, the Polish Underground State and its military arm, the Armia Krajowa. Supported by the Polish government in exile, these organizations operated special units dedicated to helping Jews; of those, the most notable was Żegota.”

      and finally: “The imposition of the death penalty for Poles aiding Jews was unique to Poland among all Nazi occupied countries, and was a result of the conspicuous and spontaneous nature of such an aid.[2]

      In an attempt to discourage Poles from helping the Jews and to destroy any efforts of the resistance, the Germans applied a ruthless retaliation policy. On November 10, 1941, the death penalty was introduced by Hans Frank, governor of the General Government, to apply to Poles who helped Jews “in any way: by taking them in for the night, giving them a lift in a vehicle of any kind” or “feed[ing] runaway Jews or sell[ing] them foodstuffs.” The law was made public by posters distributed in all major cities.[56]”

      • Kubak

        But many jews see poles today as pure antisemites, almost on the same level of Nazis and think the only person who ever helped them was Schindler, that´s the power of Hollywood

  22. Who give you the right to judge people,
    Do you think that you was born in special ways!!
    For your information the western & Eastern need he Arab and without Arab oil you will have not any technology Car Mobile etc.
    all people the same no one is better than any one judge people he have critical metal issue.

    • Pepperoncini

      What an absurd comment. The Arabs need the West a hellva lot more than the West needs them.The automobile was invented long before the oil fields were fully developed in UAE, Kuwait or Saudi. The Ford Model T was produced before Saudi oil fields were developed.

      You speak as if there was no oil in the West or elsewhere outside of the Arabian Penninsula. Were it not for Western ingenuity, Arabs would not be able to extract and refine the oil.Were it not for the invention of the Air Conditioner (An American invention), Dubai and the rest of the oil rich gulf states would not have the modern cities they enjoy. Were it not for industrial Desalination (another Western invention) , these oil rich Arab cities like Dubai would not exist in anything resembling their current form.

      The modern cities of the oil rich Arab gulf Arab states are essentially a Western creation.

      • Mike

        Both of you are wrong, neither one could have had what they got with out the other, most of our inventions needed the knowledge and scince of the early arabs, non of it could exist with out math which it won’t exist as it is today with out those Arabs in the early stages!! And yes alot of Arabs are enjoying those inventions as well, however and keep in mind arabs are part of the American society as well and many of those brilliants american are from arab decents.

  23. Someone

    So u seriously think africans who literally were just introduced to civilization are smarter than the Arabs in Dubai? What a moron! Whatever iq results u have read are extremely biased…
    Arabs were at one time a more advanced civilization than Europeans, at he time of the crusades…
    Plus, the people of dubai are not genetically pure Arabs, they have been mixed with the persians, who are by the way one of the most intelligent peoples on earth, do your research before calling middle-easterners dumb, cuz this just proves you’re an idiot…

    • Pepperoncini

      Penninsula Arabs didn’t create the advanced civilization you speak of, it was created by non Arabs who are only called Arabs because Penninsula Arabs forcibly imposed their language and religion on these non Arabs. Genes don’t change when religion and language changes.

      The Gulf Arabs are the real Arabs , and having lived there I can tell you that the locals do differentiate between them (the real Arabs) and cultural Arabs like Eyptians, Lebanese, Syrians, Iraqis , Jordanians and Palestinains etc…. The most easily visible and stark difference is in wages, which is based on nationality and not on equal pay for equal work. In the UAE, an Eyptian or Jordanian will get paid much less than an Emirati for the same work but a White American or European will get paid more than the Eyptian or Jordanian but less than an Emirati. In the UAE , the locals view Whites > Cultural Arabs .

      • Steve

        where do the Chinese and south Asians rank?

        • Pepperoncini

          Chinese I am not sure as when I lived there , there were none. South Asian labourers and maids are at the bottom of the totem pole but professionals are pretty much on par with cultural Arabs as far as pulling rank goes.

      • Mike

        I have to agree and disagree, Arabs did create the advanced civilizations we enjoy today, and yes some were not Arabs! however our hatred towards arabs and islam is making us blind to the truth, Arabs can be smart and stupid as the rest of us ! Americans do get paid more than Jordanians, Egyptians, etc but for one reason and that is whatever payrate they get is better than what they have home considering life expenses on those countries is much lower than ours. 100K in the US is not a lot of money but it is in Jordan or Egypt….peace!

    • Mike

      You are correct, I live in Houston, and I have a lot of Arab friends, mostly doctors and they are among the best in the Medical center!! we all know it is the best one on earth.

  24. Pepperoncini

    “I know its only a tiny anecdote but I used to play doubles tennis on the same team as a Saudi Arabian lad, against Chinese or Pakistani opposition, incidentally. He was quite a tricky player. We came up with some quite cunning tactics. its was funny. He was great to have on your side. Really nice fellow actually. He lived up to the hospitality stereotype too. I bumped into him in a Lebanese restaurant when I was out with different friends and he had a whole chocolate cake sent to our table.”

    You mentioning Lebanese reminds me of the followin comment in a Lebanese forum; Only a Lebanese can out Jew a Jew. The comment alluded to Lebanese business acumen. And on that note ; only a gulf Arab can out Lebanese a Lebanese.

  25. andrey

    Dude arabs didnt creat dubai, arabs know shit, they are paying ppl for around the world to work for them…
    arabs are backwards peace of shit. they stiull live in middle ages

  26. Big Arabic Cock in your mom pussy

    All of ya are super stupid and gays lol, Robert Lindsay: you are so stupid and your friends as well

  27. its all about your environment. If a man spends most his time “hanging out with his friends or “watches american football” whilst another man has his head in books etc. they will naturally have a lower IQ regardless of the ethnicity or genetics.

  28. Yes I am Arabian and we dumb!!

  29. Azazil

    As an Arab with a certified IQ level of 173, I’m peacefully smiling at your extraordinarily handsome picture, which tells me a lot about your psychological dispositions, Robert. 🙂

    • I guess you realize the title of this post is sarcastic, right demon?

      • Azazil

        Well, you’re pretty much right about the average figures though, Robert, that’s why I didn’t take your sarcasm seriously. But nonetheless, whatever their true motivations, personal agendas and intrinsic complexes, I do admire provocateurs anyway.

        • Thx Demon.

          Are you a female devil?

        • Azazil

          I guess you realize the phrase “extraordinarily handsome” is sarcastic, right Robert? I’m a well-endowed hyper-male with an extremely low 2D:4D ratio, a living proof of the fact that being a feeble nerd is not a requirement for a lion’s share of IQ. I’ve fallen because God was jealous.

        • Xera

          Probably you are a hyper male; specifically on the internet since anyone here can give us great stories about every subject matter, especially when it concerns cock sandwiches, teleporting penises and the occasional drivel of intelligent dogs that confide with wives of their owners; also Asian males suddenly making women in ex-soviet states wet because they resemble aliens from another planet, can’t forget that one!!

        • Xera

          The other great typical Arab fallacious logic being deployed so famously here, is the notion that a sentient God with human motives actually runs the universe without taking into account the Dinosaurs, insecticides ruling the planet in earth’s past, Atlantis and lost Civs, the strangeness and weirdness of human history and events in our past. If both of these things were to occur in the same space, then a God would never function properly or how it purports itself to be.

        • Naruto Uzumaki

          well, i will watch anime now, but in my opinion debating is 10 times better when you do it with a purpose, when is real, if is for the sake of trolling like with this Xera, is like if is all fake and acted : ( ,is more fun challenging people with real views about certain issues, thats why i enjoy real debates more rather than trolling ( fake) debates : P ,now time to watch anime

      • Xera

        Who is demon again? Your local Arab supremacist? I don’t think God is jealous of you or in anyone in relation to you; he is too busy sending drone attacks, heat waves and other cosmological disasters your way. Which is not out of jealousy, but just to de-populate the planet of humans, which again is far bigger then what humans think it is.

        • Azazil

          Yeah I know, Xera. I sound simply too good to be true. It is so unfortunate that people who are miserably trapped within the confines of their own mediocrity don’t believe in angels anymore. Such a pity… In case you are a true marvel of evolution, though, and of a strictly female nature, I’d be glad to effectively disprove your allegations concerning my exclusively virtual identity, in any way you deem suitable to your needs. Just let me know.

          Now, about the great typical Orientalist fallacious mentality being deployed so illustratively here, which makes its owner look for “the great typical Arab fallacious logic” before even starting to read what has been written, I can only say that curing this kind of a deeply ingrained mental infection would be even beyond the abilities of Jesus himself, had he really existed. Such curses cannot be undone by natural selection in a generation or two, either. We’ll see wherever it is going to lead “the West” in a foreseeable future.

          Finally, let me share some inside information on the pre-apocalyptic developments you mentioned. It is not God or any other fictitious being who sends drone attacks, heat waves and other cosmological disasters “our” way. It is exactly the machinations of the twisted mindset I partially summarized above that causes the ever more amusing disasters mankind has experienced so far. And yes, there’s much more to come for me to enjoy.

          God was too jealous of me that he couldn’t even stand my existence as a fallen angel roaming the world, since I’ve been relentlessly copulating with the female hallmarks of His quite advanced sense of aesthetics. So finally, He committed suicide, decisively leaving the stage to evil forms of existence thriving on chaos, such as myself.

        • Xera

          “pre-apocalyptic developments you mentioned. It is not God or any other fictitious being who sends drone attacks, heat waves and other cosmological disasters “our” way. It is exactly the machinations of the twisted mindset I partially summarized above that causes the ever more amusing disasters mankind has experienced so far. And yes, there’s much more to come for me to enjoy.”

          No, it is not out of any twisted machinations or anything like that, now that is just pure fantasy it is more like, boom!!!! Although given all the great literature that Arabs have given us on disasters and human dangers including getting swallowed by a giant fish as a potential hazard for humans, I can see the penchant Arabs have for dramatic narratives, it is like shit happens humans!!!!

          “God was too jealous of me that he couldn’t even stand my existence as a fallen angel roaming the world, since I’ve been relentlessly copulating with the female hallmarks of His quite advanced sense of aesthetics. So finally, He committed suicide, decisively leaving the stage to evil forms of existence thriving on chaos, such as myself.”

          If supposedly God had those feelings, he would definitely jealous of just one person since again that is not another faulty Arab logic seen here, and if he did feel jealous of multiple people it would not be exclusive to Arabs which goes against the jealousy rule of being jealous of people that somehow counteract each other. As for copulating females, while as different hands and different star systems have different genders, and as nature knows no bounds when assigning genders to different species, tell me, how was the experience copulating those right and left hands with those aesthetic goats and shemale of steeds? I have heard the Western world counts even British women as beasts of burden, since that is the only female human species you would likely to interact with, I am sure that went well also.

  30. Ishmael

    Despite being backward, Arabs typically have stable families. Islam pretty much curbs down their animal instincts to curb down chimp outs, blood feuds and endless slaughter. You should read how bad the Arab/Berber world was before Islam – Africa and Pashtun Afghanistan is the closest example. Of course those instincts often get the better of them from time to time.

  31. I lived in Dubai for 2 years, and here is a word of advice.

    If people are not happy with how things are done in that country, which is NOT THEIR COUNTRY, then they can go back to their own country.

    Many are obviously in Dubai and the rest of the Gulf because they can have a better lifestyle and get paid way more than they would in their own country.

    So people should start APPRECIATING a different culture and stop acting like Emirates are the foreigners, WESTERNERS and SOUTH ASIANS are.

    I’ve come across many western self-righteous expats, who used to use mass transportation in their country, were without a job and had a degree from some unknown community college. Then they come to the gulf and are treated like royalty, driving cars they could have only dreamed of, and living in homes they’ve never visited in their life.

    So, what makes me laugh is when a bunch of losers who come to the Gulf and suddenly think they are worth a penny, when they are worthless in their own countries. Why don’t people learn to appreciate the gulf instead of criticizing it?

    • Xera

      Why exactly would they be treated like Royalty?

    • You realize the title is sarcastic, right?

      • I do.

        And Gulf people don’t like beating their own drums and are always on a self improvement path be it educational or economically with the perplexing question: How to diversify away from oil?

        A close childhood friend graduated from Harvard, another from MIT. These are the ones I know and there are more whom I don’t know who are approaching 100,000 on government scholarship at top 100 universities around the globe.

        PR and Arab is an oxymoron. But we’ve had stories of a Saudi lady heading a nano tech team in University of California. Another Saudi doctor heading a stem cell team in Japan. Countless stories of international tech competition sponsored by Intel where Saudis grabbed top spots.

        Long story short, not impressed and try to do better.

    • Dota

      Because exploitation in one place doesn’t justify exploitation in another. Morality 101.

      Then they come to the gulf and are treated like royalty, driving cars they could have only dreamed of, and living in homes they’ve never visited in their life.

      Yes because Khaleeji Arabs worship white skin and pussy.

      Why don’t people learn to appreciate the gulf instead of criticizing it?

      The Gulf is hugely appreciated. It is appreciated by those people that are predatory and amoral. Those people that have no moral compunctions whatsoever about oppressing, cheating, and scamming their fellow man for a little worldly gain. Dubai (and the gulf in general) is a shark infested neo-liberal hellhole. Dubai is Capitalism’s dead end.

      • Moose

        “Dubai (and the gulf in general) is a shark infested neo-liberal hellhole. Dubai is Capitalism’s dead end.”

        You’re a talented writer. I hated Dubai when I was there. It’s like a grotesque, Arab version of Las Vegas. If this is the best Arabs can do, then their collapse is only a matter of time. It would have already happened if we didn’t station our military throughout the region.

        My answer to why Arabs are better off than Africa despite a lower IQ comes down to geopolitics. Saddam Hussein would have destroyed the region and Arabs would have reverted to their normal behaviors had we not stepped in. The current situation in Syria displays their natural tendencies playing out with modern weaponry. It’s a matter of time before the Gulf succumbs to its tendencies and we walk away laughing.

        • Moose Wrote:

          You’re a talented writer. I hated Dubai when I was there. It’s like a grotesque, Arab version of Las Vegas. If this is the best Arabs can do, then their collapse is only a matter of time. It would have already happened if we didn’t station our military throughout the region.

          The U.S and it’s military are the single most destabilizing force in the region. To the think of how much better life on either side of the Persian Gulf would be without the U.S bullying is heartbreaking.

          P.S…You’ve never been to Dubai, or anywhere in the Middle East.

          My answer to why Arabs are better off than Africa despite a lower IQ comes down to geopolitics.

          Lead one to believe the metric by which one measured I.Q, at least in these cases, to be bullshit in nature.

          Saddam Hussein would have destroyed the region and Arabs would have reverted to their normal behaviors had we not stepped in.

          More like he would have turned it into a Baathist/Socialist paradise, but he made borderline retarded choices along the way. I.E Iran, the U.S, the U.S again.

          The current situation in Syria displays their natural tendencies playing out with modern weaponry. It’s a matter of time before the Gulf succumbs to its tendencies and we walk away laughing.

          They’re natural tendencies?…Good thing they have the heart of the white man and his burden, to bleed for their ever increasing sorrows.

        • Arabs do not have a lower IQ than Africans. They have a lower IQ than US Blacks.

        • Moose

          @william t. sherman

          I almost took your comment seriously until you wrote that Saddam Hussein would have created a Socialist/Baathist paradise…hahaha! Then I saw your avatar of the mass murderer Tecumseh Sherman and your psychosis became clear. Btw, Bashar al-Assad is also a Socialist/Baathist dictator like Saddam. How’s that working out for them?

          If we’re such a destabilizing force in the region why did our presence help Europe and Japan rebuild after WWII. How about Korea? Your theory is bullshit b/c the Saudis who hate us so much are doing exceptionally well under our umbrella of protection. Our 5th Naval Fleet is based in Bahrain and we have troops in Kuwait. I lived in Jordan, and it’s doing very well thanks to its Western-oriented king and our presence. These and other countries are doing very well because of us.

          Iraq could have had it too, but without the fear of Saddam, they reverted to their natural ways. Arabs must be kept in a state of fear or they’ll treat you like a Bangladeshi migrant worker. What you see in Dubai is a snapshot in history. The entire region is an asset bubble buoyed by Western investment that will go to hell in a handbasket very fast.

          Here’s a quote from Matt Damon’s character in the movie Syriana, to the future sultan of Saudi Arabia. It sums up my position very well:

          “Twenty years ago you had the highest Gross National Product in the world, now you’re tied with Albania. Your second largest export is secondhand goods, closely followed by dates which you’re losing five cents a pound on… You know what the business community thinks of you? They think that a hundred years ago you were living in tents out here in the desert chopping each other’s heads off and that’s where you’ll be in another hundred years, so, yes, on behalf of my firm I accept your money.”

        • Wow…Quoting Matt Damon from a movie…You’re so smart.

          Here is a better idea. How about you go read a book written by the author who also wrote a book by which the film Matt Damon is quoted in is based upon.

          Once again, a right-winger neocon retard gets PWND!

    • Dota

      and of course the Saudis appreciate Dubai, especially on long weekends when they pile up at the border to get access to harems of hookers and booze.

  32. Boo hoo! Millions of south asian immigrants end up here doing menial jobs for survival and are exploited. Then there is not much point being here is there? You could stay in your own shit hole country and do those same jobs and not be subjected to the same hostility and arrogance your people supposedly receive here.

    Many billions of dollars have been given to India and what has it done over the years? So stop pissing and shitting on the people of a country YOU CHOSE to live in, and contribute something other than the racist hate you spread everywhere you go! Nobody held a gun to your head and told you to come here. People with diseased minds are not good to anyone, not even themselves. Our indigenous population is our business, not yours.

    You are a person of limited experience and perhaps intelligence so I forgive you, uneducated comments about khaleejis. Do you know everyone here? Your “research paper” on sex tourism has ZERO scholarly value.

    • Steve

      shit, what are you guys gonna do when the oil money runs out? 90% of export earnings from oil and 75% of government revenue. ouch.

      But don’t worry, I have a plan for Saudi Arabia. You have a huge desert and lots of sunshine, right? What you do is use a significant % of the oil revenue every year to install solar panels in the desert. By the time the oil runs out, you can be the world’s biggest green electricity supplier.

      You’re welcome.

      • Steve

        and if you’re all talking about UAE then same thing.

        • Steve

          I saw the plans for that place a while ago on youtube but I didn’t know it had been downsized or that it was gated.

          The people in the vast ghettos don’t have to care about sustainability but they can still use green energy. The KSA government just have to appoint me project manager and they’ll be good to go.

        • Gay State Girl

          Bibi Netanyahu

          Jeez I wasn’t expecting a response like the one you gave me. I understand the limitations of renewable energy and I loathe Jeremy Rifkin. I never had a problem with you. I just think that Dota is overrated.

        • Dota

          overrated by whom? Do tell 🙂

        • Gay State Girl

          I’m a Gay State jew. We’re much classier than Jew Yorkers.

          Overrated? By the honorable Robert Lindsay himself. Mott and Wade came up with humorous insults for Andyboy. The most creative insult Dota could muster up was to call me a dumb cunt.

        • I think GSG is one of our best commenters. I’m glad she’s a Jew. We need more Jewish commenters here. This board isn’t Jewy enough yet.

        • Gay State Girl

          “Which state is the ‘gay state’. Is there a state any ‘gayer’ than my native California? (To which I shall never return)”

          Oh yes there is. The Bay State, also the first to legalize same sex marriage. California is home to The Gay Area and Long Beach, but the large number Hispanics balance it out, so that liberals can’t have their (wedding) cake and eat it too. In the Gay State, queers know to reserve their overt behavior for their isolated enclaves, but the religious right is not strong enough to overturn the legalization of same sex marriage.

        • LOL!

          California is ALL fagged out.

        • Gay State Girl

          Liberals can’t have their cake and eat it too. You can’t have a state that is racially diverse and socially liberal. I don’t know when they’ll recognize that.

          The West Coast is more welcoming to overt faggotry, like you won’t see in whitebread suburban Northeast, but they also welcome Mexicans, who are not so friendly to gays.

        • Bay Area Guy

          The West Coast is more welcoming to overt faggotry, like you won’t see in whitebread suburban Northeast, but they also welcome Mexicans, who are not so friendly to gays.

          Oh yes, my experiences with Hispanics have taught me that they are very homophobic, at least relative to other groups. Many Hispanic guys also have attitudes towards women that would be considered bloody murder by the SWPL crowd.

          I guess the SWPL’s hope that as Hispanics become more Americanized and assimilated, they’ll pick up their socially liberal attitudes through osmosis.

        • Gay State Girl

          I won’t say it doesn’t faze them, they just can’t imagine that hispanics have their own opinions and bring their world views with them. They think they can mold them and their kids from ground zero.

        • Gay State Girl

          Gay Area Guy
          Liberals even assume that conservative Arab Americans such John Sununu and Darrell Issa or the Arab American republican caucus are “self hating arabs.”

      • @Steve

        I’ve heard that oil wouild run out in the 80s, didn’t happen, in the 90s, didn’t happen, in the 2000s, didn’t happen.

        I’m not overly worried and there will still be oil after we are all dead.

        I once worked and coordinated with a seismic team on oil exploration missions, 40 gigs of data gets uploaded daily via satalite from unexplored locations. Long story short, there is shitload of this stuff.

        Mecca is going totally solar as a pilot project. Recently a Saudi company won a bid in Morocco to supply 2 gigs of solar at competitive prices. .19 cents per killowatt while Italy and Spain offered .24 cents.

        Europe might get its future electricity from North Africa.

        Nuke and solar are work in progress, considering a report that shook the energy markets when some analysts predicted Saudi might become a “net importer” of oil in a decade or two!

    • Dota

      You have made one very convincing point Thamir. That a camel jockey with a western education becomes a camel jockey who writes and speaks well, but is no more civilized than before. It is keeping clowns you in mind that I wrote my article “”values and Education””

      No matter how many research teams Saudis may lead in Japan or whatever, you people will always be backward, uncivilized, and tribal at heart. It’s just coded into your cultural DNA.

      As I’ve said before, exploitation in one place doesn’t justify exploitation in another. Just because they choose to go there doesn’t mean the locals have the right to shit on them. In many cases naive villagers are deceived into going to the Emirates where there passports are confiscated upon arrival. How are they supposed to leave?

      Why are you defending a society which fails to protect its own people? A society that fails to protect women, consumers, tenants, workers and immigrants? You write very well but sadly your education failed to impart in you basic human decency. I guess your tribal instinct is too strong.

      Are all the white people here taking notes? Do you now see how individualism and moral universalism make your culture so unique?

      • Likewise, an Indian with a western education will remain an Indian. Your obsession over me and Arabs is flattering.

        Its always interesting to read articles of Indians immigrants complaining of racism among other things anywhere they go when they come from such a divided caste ridden society with horrific racism that anything they experience abroad is dwarfed by multiple magnitudes of anything they may experience outside India.

        Its been explained to me this way, when an Indian shows up and is not treated like a god by the underlings, his only conclusion is that they, like himself, are racist. They see what they want to see through their own cultural optic.

        The gulf is not perfect, and so is the west, but compared to the rest of the world both regions are orders of magnitude better than the south asian cesspool.

        Why don’t the naive villagers approach their embassies when they get in trouble? That’s right, it doesn’t care for them just like their country wont.

        Pot calling the kettle black, Arabs outscore you in every field, education, tech, infrastructure, industry, health, telecommunication, innovation, research, and most of the people who work in professional jobs are Arabs and nationals.

        • Xera

          Then there is the other fact that despite claiming that the Arabs aren’t keepers of Islam anymore, the book still tells you to face the Mecca or at least make a pilgrimage to it. Which in itself is ironic because everything there is pure Arabic to the core. Also it’s funny that some people think that the Prophet looked like a Paki or Indian, when he had full Arabic features and a phenotype, which isn’t like anything elsewhere. Bedouins look completely different from people elsewhere even they are dark skinned, (no offense).

        • Dota

          Everybody here knows that I am the harshest critic of India’s crappy culture. Why don’t you ask around? Go ahead, I’ll wait. Nobody expects to be treated like gods, but a little human courtesy will do. Clearly that’s beyond your people. Imagine if the west followed your idiotic logic. It would mean that poor treatment of South Asians would be justified on grounds that they are used to it back home. But no, whites confer upon them with the same rights and privileges as they would upon themselves. That’s the difference civilization makes. Once a camel jockey always a camel jockey.

          “Arabs outscore you in every field, education, tech, infrastructure, industry, health, telecommunication, innovation, research,”

          True enough. But there is one area where crappy India outscores you: defending its borders and doing so without anybody’s help. Whereas you guys have to whore out your women to western armies every decade or so. Must sting your Bedouin ‘honour.’ Tsk tsk
          “And most of the people who work in professional jobs are Arabs and nationals.”
          Where? In Gulf countries where stupid laws like Emiratization are in effect? Where lazy arab nationals are paid to stay at home while their positions are ghost worked by South Asians? Where stupid newspapers like Gulf news and Khaleej times trumpet every mediocre Arab graduate? (Is Khaleej times still around even?)
          And besides, what’s wrong with working manual labour jobs? You live in the US right? Didn’t something called the Protestant work ethic penetrate your camel hide? Degrees are nice, civilization is better. You live in the west, get some.

  33. Bollwood star

    I think the thing here is that Arabs have oil. Oil means money in the bank. It does not last forever and so it has be spent wisely. Once the money runs out then it will be a strange place. The ME will start to look very different. I do believe that Arabs/Muslims and Blacks tend to end up at the bottom when place into a western society. In the UK Somalis are the most state dependent followed by Bangladeshis and Pakistanis. At school they do very badly and they are over represented in the Prison population. Blacks in the states have all the same problems. However, Chinese, Indians, and East Europeans do not. Soooo………… if we disregard IQ scores and just see how real world attainment pans out we can see that when it comes to it in Western Countries the Blacks and Muslims do about the same in terms of getting on. However, the difference in their own resource rich countries comes about do to different leaders. Some of the Sheiks have been very good at organising things. Some have not. But in Africa they have been blessed by a whole load of bad government. The leaders have all been corrupt. But the similarity blacks and muslims share is that without some resource to loot by the leader or for a smart sheik to loot or organise his country with (USUALLY both) then things work out pretty badly as in the case of Yemen. The exception proves the rule Turkey is a semi-smart country with a small GDP per capita income compared to Western Countries but quite high compared to African countries. I think with Turkey the muslims have reached as far as they can go. In Germany these same Turks can not compete with the Germans and live in Ghettos and love street gangs etc and have been accused by one notable banker of lowering the IQ of the German nation. |In conclusion in the world of today it appears that in terms of accomplishment Blacks are at the bottom and the Arabs and Muslims are ahead of them but behind the rest of the world.

  34. Bollywood star

    You do have to remember that Per capita Arabs are the most resource rich people in the world. Quatar for example has only 3 hundred thousand people to share the wealth with and guess what they have the highest GDP per capita in the world. Their GDP per capita tops a hundred thousand dollars. Now ask yourself is it really that difficult to organise such a resource rich society? You can buy any amount of Indian, Filipino slaves. You can hire any amount of Western technocrats etc. I could do it myself and I am just an filthy Indian! Could a rapper from Compton do? Of course he could.
    When it comes to Saudi Arabia you have to remember they have got the world’s biggest oil field which is called Ghawar. It is the most expensive real estate in the entire world. It has been pumping oil for over sixty years and accounts for over 60 percent of Saudi Oil out put. Could even I a filthy Indian organise a society around such wealth? Of course I could! Could a rapper from NY do? Of course he could! The same analysis could apply to Kuwait which has the second largest oil field in the world.
    The key here is that the resources that the Arabs are blessed with outrank any other resource in the world in terms of monetary value when placed in societies which have, comparatively speaking. small populations. The per capita explosion of wealth is easy to organise even if this is done by a filthy Indian like me or the blacks rappers etc of America or fat Arab sheiks.To organise such wealth is the easiest thing in the world. With Africa the populations are much bigger (in the case of Nigeria in the hundred million plus zone). No Arab country has such a huge population. No one even hits a hundred million people. No African country is blessed with oil fields that rank number one and number two in the world. Believer me if you gave the same oil field to Swazi land which has a small population you would see the same results. The thing is that like is not being compared to like and hence a foot placed wrongly at the beginning of the debate has led to erroneous conclusions.

  35. Bollywood star

    Xara it is important to show from Islamic scriptures that Mohammad was a white guy.
    Here are some quotes from Islamic scriptures. These are just two. Many more exist but I leave it to diligent readers to research the matter further

    While we were sitting with the Prophet in the mosque, a man came riding on a camel. He made his camel kneel down in the mosque, tied its foreleg and then said: “Who amongst you is Muhammad?” At that time the Prophet was sitting amongst us (his companions) leaning on his arm. We replied, “This white man reclining on his arm.” The man then addressed him, “O Son of ‘Abdul Muttalib.” Volume 1, Book 3, Number 63. Narrated Anas bin Malik:

    Muhammad owned a black slave

    I came and behold, Allah’s Apostle was staying on a Mashroba (attic room) and a black slave of Allah’s Apostle was at the top if its stairs. I said to him, “(Tell the Prophet) that here is ‘Umar bin Al-Khattab (asking for permission to enter).” Then he admitted me. Volume 9, Book 91, Number 368. Narrated ‘Umar:

    There you have it. Mohammad was a white guy who owned slaves.

    As a side note He liked the ginger look as well. That is why he used to dye his beard and hair red. You sometimes see Pakistani and even black muslims doing the same. They dye it with Henna which is how their white gingery looking prophet liked to dye it. They are copying their prophet and hence are called Mohammadans.

  36. Bollywood star

    “The gulf is not perfect, and so is the west, but compared to the rest of the world both regions are orders of magnitude better than the south asian cesspool.”
    Not for an indian/pakistani slave worker or for a Filipino maid who has every chance of being raped.

    (ANSAmed) – DUBAI, OCTOBER 10 – Filipino and Nepalese maids are in great demand in the Gulf oil monarchies, but this is where they also suffer a range of abuses, from psychological and sexual exploitation to passport seizures, to being forced to work without rest for inadequate pay. Authorities from Nepal, which registered 82 domestic worker suicides in the Gulf in the past 18 months, and the Philippines, the country with the highest number of domestic workers in the region, are working to set up legislation to protect their citizens abroad.

  37. scorp

    Listen dumbass ,

    First, try to get rid of racism.
    Second, remember that most of the scientists in NASA and many other prestigious US agencies are Arabs. Also, people cannot be judged by color. They are judged by their deeds only.

    I guess your IQ doesn’t exceed 50! What a fucking stupid racist are you?

  38. NASA: National Arabs and Saudis Administration.

  39. Bollywoodstar

    On a personal note I really love black people. I am only a filthy indian but most of my cherished relationships are from this group of fine people. It breaks my heart to see the crime and suffering that they go through in the ghetto and in Africa. But life is hard. I can not say I know any Arabs apart from the racist “Death to America” types of the media but I am sure there are many fine arabs too. This said the point of the issue is real life performance and not some number from a test. The real life performance of Blacks int he US was at its height during Jim Crow. The family was strong and blacks worked and contributed to society and had a high church attendance and took a pride in building for the future. Along came civil rights and all hell broke free. Crime, Single mothers abandoned, jailbird fathers, and drugs. The stuff of White Nationalist complaints. A similar comparison can be made with Arabs. Now the slaves from India, Pakistan etc do the work under the loving gaze of the white man (whites are madly in love with Arabs of all kinds and especially Palestinians) ; but of course oil revenues from some of the biggest oil fields on earth and low populations make it all possible. Take some of these things away and things start to go wrong. Take Saudi for example. There GDP per capita has slipped to 24,000 dollars per capita. Not great. But still good. They share a position below the Czech republic and Portugal. There was a time during the heady days of the seventies that it was higher than that of the US but slowly the web unravels. Higher population due to births of the Saudi population and an ever increasing slave population means less money from oil wells for revenue generating oil exports. Oil revenues increasingly feeds people and are not used for oil exports. And they are used to generate electricity for AC units especially in the sweltering summer months. Once the slaves have gone home and the loving gaze of the white man who oversees it all has gone then what will happen to Saudi once the oil runs out. The process is slow but we have seen a massive drop in GDP per capita in only thirty years. You will see an even faster drop in the coming thirty years. A business as usual model predicts that there will be no oil for export by 2038. The same scenario can be applied to other countries but the drop will occur at different rates and in different ways. But the sadly the same unraveling is going to take place and (apart from Lebanon which is run by intelligent Arab Christian with the same DNA as crusaders of old from France etc) the inbred Arab muslims will see a terrible collapse when the oil runs out and they have no agriculture to feed themselves (as they live in a desert). They do not in reality live in the real world where people make their living from the sweat of their brow. As the oil runs out and the populations keep on growing gradually they will be exposed to the real world. Quote from Greentech media:

    A new report from the U.K.’s Chatham House (PDF) examines this problem in detail. They conclude that Saudi Arabia’s oil exports will peak around 2020 and, under current policies, decline to zero by 2038. You read that right: decline to zero. This decline will occur due to the dramatic growth in consumption by Saudi Arabia’s rapidly growing population and increases in per capita energy consumption. Saudi domestic consumption of oil is growing at about 7 percent per year, which leads to a doubling of consumption in just ten years.

  40. Bollywoodstar

    Some typing errors. I rushed a bit during the latter part of a long post. Apologies.

  41. Bollywoodstar

    I believe nine eleven was the the civil right moment for the arabs. It unleashed them into a world of violence like the blacks before them in the sixties. Sure the arabs and muslims had been doing jihad or holy war against the infidels for centuries, indeed since the birth of Islam, but nine elven meant the lull brought about by western superiority in all things was now officially over and offensive jihad would become a global affair. Since nine elven over twenty thousand terror attacks have taken place. Entire countries have been decimated. Western prisons have filled up with muslims. There is no turning back for the blacks and arabs now. Forces have released the genie of violence and it will not go back in. Black violence though it affects whites and arab/muslim violence though it affects the infidel, at the end does more damage to the blacks and to the arabs and muslims. A violent and poor future sadly awaits them both.When the world that protected blacks know as Jim Crow fell apart they went crazy. When the might of the West was so awesome it simply terrified the Muslims and kept them quiet and passive was broken during nine elven then the muslims turned from being the docile creatures of my youth and became the jihad racists of today. The world of the blacks and arabs have changed for ever and is continuing to change for the worse all the time.

    • Bollywoodstar

      The proportion of young offenders in England and Wales describing themselves as Muslim has risen.One in five males in young offender institutions (YOIs) identified themselves as Muslim in 2011/12, compared with 16% in 2010/11.
      In France, almost 70% of the prisons are filled with Muslims although only 12% of the population is Muslim. In the Netherlands and Belgium Muslims also fill their prisons with disproportionate numbers.
      Two weeks ago UPI reported that there are too many Muslims in a high-security prison in the UK, almost 33% of the prison population ; ten times their 3% representation among the general population.
      The US is not immune as well: there are tens of thousands of Muslims behind bars, in greater proportion to their representation among the general population.
      The black figures have white nationalists gnashing their teeth on a regular basis and are well known. Here is a snippet of news from ABC:
      Black males continue to be incarcerated at an extraordinary rate. Black males make up 35.4 percent of the jail and prison population — even though they make up less than 10 percent of the overall U.S population. Four percent of U.S. black males were in jail or prison last year, compared to 1.7 percent of Hispanic males and .7 percent of white males. In other words, black males were locked up at almost six times the rate of their white counterparts.
      Now we can see that there can be no disputing the high crime rates of blacks and arabs/muslims in prison so how to explain it. I believe that blacks and arabs/muslims need a strong hand of guidance and when that unravels they can not function. In the middle east of today the white man is the technocrat and works with the wealthy dicatator/king to see all it well. When the oil money runs out all will not be well and the white man will have to head back home to his gated community away from all the black and muslim violence that regularly makes the news.He could get a new job designing better gated communities in which whites can live in peace and comfort. Whitetopia is expensive but very real. Always the solution for white nationalists but most of them are so poor they spend their days going over the crime figures and how the government is corrupt etc. Occasionally a filthy indian like myself may go by and stink out their contemplation but hey white nationalists never really say anything too original so we will not lose too much if that particular thought process they were engaged in is disrupted by the likes of a young smelly Asiatic like me.

  42. Bollywoodstar

    I do find it hard to admire a slave society. Over eighty percent of the Dubai population are asian slaves. Only five percent of the emerati population exist in a sea of foreigners almost as observers as their country which has been taken over. The same could be said of Qatar.

    English is the main language. Islam takes a back seat and for Arabs that is tough as they are addicted to Islam. Even a Sikh temple has been built. Mormon are busy with their own meetings.

    A population and a cultural exchange has taken place. The Emiratis continue to dwindle in population. I am not sure building a slave society and replacing your own people is too much of object of admiration. But each to his own.

    The good side is that this replaced population knows how to work and get things done. Once the oil runs out they will keep things ticking over as a tourist haven for the world’s ever ready travelers.

  43. I am smart

    Oh common now! I won’t argue about IQ’s and all of that. But, Arabs are way more smarter than Americans. We know how to find solutions, think critically and moreover WE TEND TO KNOW MORE ABOUT WHTA IT HAPPENING AROUND IS, although we are not playing as the big brother and try to solve the world’s problems. 🙂

    • Gay State Girl

      I wish they did leave you alone and let you sort out your own shit. You know how to put up a good fight and outbreed the enemy, but nation building I’m not sure.

  44. Bollywood star

    I am not going to argue about IQ as that leads no where. The IQ of Israel is not high (about ninety) but they manage to create some fine technologically based companies and create a situation where they flourish as a people demographically, intellectually, economically and militarily. So I think the whole idea of focusing on IQ on a national basis is not compatible with the real life performance of lots of countries. As for Arab countries we are looking at their performance in creating countries that do not flourish economically, technologically, and militarily. And some countries like Tunisia, Turkey, Iran have demographically hit the dust as well. They are faced with aging populations and failed economies that will spell disaster for them in a generation and in the case of Iran just when they need the resources of oil wealth to deal with the aging population as it runs out completely.With so much of the oil resources in the world at their disposal the Muslims have at best created slave societies. They have failed in every war with tiny Isreal. They have failed to create post oil economies which are not slave based. In Dubai and Quatar they are busy replacing their own population with foreign ones which speak English. Technologically they are nowhere and need help with everything from building a tower to cleaning a room ( a westerner to design the room in the tower, importing vacuum cleaners and asian slaves to use them in the room that other asian slaves laboured to build). And finally their stated goal of taking over the world for Allah is nowhere as foreigners take over entire arab countries as the worker bees. True they try hard with the Jihad but that bites them more than it does the Kuffar or non-muslim. In Pakistan 35,000 people have died since nine eleven in terrorist attacks. Entire countries which rely on Tourism like Tunisia and Egypt have disrupted that industry and destroyed their economies by going all out for Allah. The future means the gap between Africa and the Middle east closing as the Middle east become more Africanised. In other words more poor as countries run out of oil and go back to their original slave based ways of Islam; cutting off of hands and keeping women in black hoods with only their eyes peeping out as the Arab male gets his hots with his Gay boyfriend.

    Oh yes all that segregation creates lively gay societies in Saudi in which the authorities tolerate homosexuality as long as the gay lifestyle is not too open. It is easy as anything to meet a man for sex in Saudi. Saudi is the Gay capital of the world. All that oil wealth and segregation and access to gay dating sites means the Saudis do lead the world in one thing. In a funny way this is not a bad thing. Gays do have a lot of discrimination in many places but in Saudi it is so easy to be Gay. The religious police never trouble two guys walking together. They will want to see the papers of a couple walking together, however. So praise where praise is due. I am not Gay myself but I do not support discrimination against Gays.

    I do want to say something else which is positive but I do not know any arabs and only ever met one for few seconds. Oh yeah there is something positive that I can say. And it is this: A lot of Arabs are waking up to their reality. They are ditching the good old ways of shouting “Death to America” and saying openly everything I have said. In Pakistan there a journalist called Hassan Nisar who also says the same sort of thing and quite openly too. The arabs and muslims are waking up to their failures.Great. Then the hard work of adjusting to reality begins.

    • Would you PLEASE use commas? It distracts me from focusing on your content. Thanks.

    • ahmed

      why you are dislike arab like that.may be you are someone who is dying to live in saudi arab and you canoot.thanks because you focus on things that are real but not all of the end we had heaven now and in life after death also will be for us and you will of sure in hell.

  45. Bollywood star

    I do feel the grammatical issues with this statement do need to be ironed out I am smart. How about ” We tend to know what is happening around us.” I agree with this. Arabs do love the news and watch it avidly. Some arabs are certainly able to get to a good understanding of what they need to do in order to get out of the situation of failure they are in. Ibrahim Albleahy for one comes to mind. Check him out on Youtube.

  46. Bollywood star

    Thanx Nominay. Yeah my sentences just run and run for ages without commas. “Could do better,” as my old school teacher used to say.

  47. The Real McKoy

    Arabs are LOW IQ morons. Arabs are the most backward people on Earth after blacks. Name a famous Arab scientists, architect, athlete?? NONE. ZILTCH. Dubai is a sole creation of Europeans. Europeans do everything from getting the oil, to designing the buildings and every other system in Dubai. Only thing the ruling sheiks do is just give them permission, which is nothing to be proud of. Gabon and Nigeria are like that because no European wants to go there. One reason is that the middle is where the action is now. So now Africa is not a go to place for White.

  48. Bollywood Star

    Gay State Girl I hope the day comes when the West loses its fascination with the Arabs and thus just leaves them to do whatever it is they do. But at the moment the West does have commercial interests in the Middle East . In the future these may dwindle and so the Middle East and North Africa, known collectively as MENA, may not be the land of such enchantment for the West. Who knows whether the worlds most loved, pampered and talked about people, the Palestinians, will be completely forgotten by the West at some point in the future.

  49. Bollywood Star

    It seems the arabs are losing entire countries that are islamic. Here is a snippet from the Guardian about the ex soviet boss of Tajikistan who is now the President:
    “Also striking is Rahmonov’s profound aversion to Islam. Having just fought a war with Islamists, with the Afghans as neighbours and the Iranians as cousins, Rahmonov strenuously avoids mention of the majority faith of Tajikistan. When he does touch upon it, he implies that it is alien to the “true” Tajik identity: Islam came with the Arab conquest, he explains, and “the religion of our forefathers was prohibited by the force of the sword … The new authorities observed the people and put a watch on their houses, forcefully imposing on them the rules and habits of Muslim law … many of them were forced to accept the new faith established by the invaders.” In 2007, authorities in Dushanbe shut down 300 mosques, leaving only 57 open. The rest were converted for secular use, showing once again that you can take the apparatchik out of the USSR but you can’t … etc. “

  50. Bollywood Star

    How are blacks more backwards than Arabs?
    A good way to look at this is how are arabs doing without oil and without the help of whites (Yemen). AND How are Blacks doing without the help of whites or oil, diamonds, gold etc (Haiti). Left to their own devices Blacks do seem seem to do worse. Finland on the other hand is so remote and has no natural resources and manages to have one of the least corrupt and most prosperous societies on earth. Even Santa wants to live in Finland. However, if I point out Finland someone is bound to point out Ukraine. Not so good.
    I remember a story. The first point of contact for a Hare Krishna guru from the States when he arrived at the airport in the Ukraine was for a bribe. His embarrassed Ukrainian disciples had to apologise and blamed the whole culture of corruption in the country. It pained his spirit and he felt saddened by the suffering of the people and mentioned it later in his report, (after having completing his mission in the Ukraine). Still both Ukraine and Finland do better than Yemen or Haiti.

  51. Bollywood Star

    Haiti is number seven in the failed states index for 2012. Yemen is number 8. I got the data for 2012 from Wikepedia.

  52. Bollywood Star

    I mentioned Ukraine. It appears they do not have a high opinion of either blacks or arabs. Check out:

    Ukrainian newspaper depicts Africans and Arabs as monkeys groping woman

    A local newspaper in the western Ukrainian city of Ternopil illustrated its front-page story on Tuesday with a photomontage of monkeys groping a woman to depict African and Arab men who had allegedly gotten into a bar fight. Our Observer, a Congolese student living in Ternopil, tells us this has deeply upset African students at his university, who he says are frequently the target of racist attacks.

    Nova Ternopil’s article explains that police had to intervene after an African man and an Arab man got into a fight involving a woman at a local bar on the weekend. The headline reads, “Arabs and negroes fight over our prostitutes.” The photomontage shows two monkeys groping a white woman in the foreground. In the background, a group of black men are sitting around a table, having a drink. According to our Observer, the men pictured are students at a local university and had nothing to do with the alleged incident.

    We have not yet been able to reach Nova Ternopil’s editors for comment. As soon as we do, we will publish it here.

    The men circled in red are local university students with no connection to the alleged fight, according to our Observer. Photo courtesy of Beckhs Love.

  53. Bollywood Star

    A documentary about the slave trade by arabs slave masters and their black slaves in the 1960s.

    On youtube try to get it by typing:Slave Trade In The World Today 1964 FULL Shockumentary .

    This is future when the oil runs out.

  54. Bollywood Star

    There is also the problem of inbreeding among muslims which makes for a conditon called microencephalisation, which means the brain is smaller for the body than for a person without this conditon. Muslims literally have smaller brains. This leads to mild retardation as well as other genetic problems which are also associated with inbreeds.

    Then there is the fact that muslims love to smash their heads on the grounds as an act of piety. The most faithful show signs of a callus on their heads which in arabic is called zebiba (raisin).

    The medical reference website cites the medical term for repeated mild head trauma as Repetitive Head Injury Syndrome, and a study authored by Dr. David Cifu, MD, and Dr. Sherwin SW Ho, MD. states

    “cognitive impairments when compared with a control group in the areas of episodic memory, short-term memory, visuospatial processing, object naming, and semantic processing.” Or to put it more simply:

    TBI can cause a wide range of functional short- or long-term changes affecting thinking, sensation, language, or emotions.

    Thinking (i.e., memory and reasoning);
    Sensation (i.e., touch, taste, and smell);
    Language (i.e., communication, expression, and understanding); and
    Emotion (i.e., depression, anxiety, personality changes, aggression, acting out, and social inappropriateness)

    What if one finds oneself in a room in a room full of inbred muslims with zebibas on proudly on display? Exercise extra caution in what you say or do.

  55. Bollywood Star

    What if one finds oneself in a room in a room full of inbred muslims with zebibas on proudly on display? I needed one less “on” in that sentence. From Grammar to the stench of the slum in which a typical indian like me lives.
    An arab decided to visit me in my slum today. He had four wives with him and he covered his nose when he came close. The stench in the slum was not for him. Slum tourism. He and his four wives (who were his cousins) came with him withe their black burkas on. He had his zebiba on display and his face was full of huge whiskers. He got his zebiba by pounding his forehead on the ground 55 times a day, year after year. After twenty years he had done it 40,400 times. His five prayers a day meant he did that pounding action with vigour 11 times each session. He told me this in order to teach me some mathematics and to show his exceptional piety. He proudly wore full arab clothes to complete his look with his male arab clothing style or dishdash. I had heard that arabs are genitally mutilated or circumcised and so are the women. It sent a shudder through the slum when we discussed it afterwards. Still the slum’s stench meant they could not stick around for any inbreeding. That would have to wait for the hotel.

  56. Arabs are low IQ’D????dude I’m An Arab and I think I have double the iq points u have therefore u have no right offending Arab turfs I’m not from the UAE but I still don’t support ur thinking dude………Answer this question.What country owns the tallest tower in the world???????I’ll answer that for ya,the Arab country of Dubai owns the tallest tower in the world I know Dubai was made by foreigners but from what I understood u were blaming the country itself.wait I’m not done plz tell me how astronomy was founded?yes by Arabs so plz think twice b4 posting smthn that u have no accurate info about

    • Look, I am banning you for 2 reasons.

      1. Rude and insulting.

      2. Stupidity. You were dumb to figure out that the title was sarcastic.

      And no, you do not have a 296 IQ, nor do you want to have one. Or if you do, contact Guinness.

  57. Bollywood Star

    I might add the fellow who came to see sometimes would could cover his zebiba with his head piece. He told me this was because of his modesty as taught by the Koran. I cleaned his hotel room as a job while he was in India, so I got to know him quite well. As I got to know him further he tried to convert me to Islam and well that was enough. I got someone else to clean his room. All’s well that ends well as they say in Blighty.

  58. أنت الغبي نحن لدينا شيء أكثر فائدة من النفط يوجد لدينا دين اسمه (الإسلام) انتم تريدون تدمير العرب منذ قرون ولكن نحن صامدون الى الابد. الامارات العربيه المتحده كانت لدولة اسمها (سلطنة عمان) ثم. انفصلت عنها انا من سلطنة عمان. وتعتبر عمان ثالث اكثر دوله غنيه بالنفط انتم ﻻ تعرفون سوى الدم والقتل. نحن مسلمون وﻻ يهمنا رائيكم.



    You stupid we have something more useful than we have oil cleric named (Islam) You want to destroy the Arabs for centuries, but we are steadfast forever. United Arab Emirates was the state called (Oman) then. Separated from them I’m from the Sultanate of Oman. Oman is the third most oil-rich country you do not know only of blood and murder. We are not Muslims interested Raúakm.

  59. M. Suhail

    Arabs are stupid?! Wow how genius is that!

    Have you heard about Baghdad battery 200BC?!

    And their dark ages?

    And how they were idiots?

    So idiots!;

    Go for penicillin history and find out how used it first;
    ,,,,YES,,,, the stupid Arabs!

    A stupid from Arabia!

    • M. Suhail

      And the stupid who made first lens in history 3500 BC in Iraq!:

      • Bay Area Guy

        If you’re actually claiming 3500 BC Mesopotamian inventions as Arab inventions, then you are reinforcing the stereotype of the dumb Arab.

        The Arabs, throughout most of their history, were confined to Arabia until they invaded and conquered what is now known as the “Arab World” in the 7th century. They were not the original, indigenous peoples of Mesopotamia.

        Prior to the Arab Muslim invasion, Iraq was ruled by the Iranian Sassanian Empire.

  60. M. Suhail

    And the first Justice system and written law in HISTORY!

  61. M. Suhail

    And more than currently used surgical tools were made by a stupid ARABIC , 1000 years back!

  62. M. Suhail

    And,,,, the ancient GPS of stupid Arabs!

  63. zuluman

    M. Suhail…..obviously an Arab, stupid, repetitive comments!

  64. ishmael

    Is Arab IQ really that low? From what I’ve seen, Yemenis/Egyptians are probably in the lower IQ ranges, but Saudis, Qataris, Omanis and Emiratis seem to be more intelligent – probably within the Israeli IQ range (non-Ashkenazi). Christian Lebanese (Arab? Phoenician? I don’t know) are probably the highest IQ group in the region, and are very aggressive in business. Most are in Latin America or Africa now.

    • ishmael

      Oh and most of those ‘glory day’ Islamic Empire discoveries were done by Persians, and in Spain, Jews.

      • Dota

        True, but there were Arabs involved in the construction of their own civilization. Al Kindi, Ibn al Haytam, Nuwas ect…

      • Jojo

        Hey, think of it this way. Actually, the Persians’ (modern Iranians, Afghans and Tajiks) IQ is only slightly higher than Arabs (and much lower than white Europeans and Northeast Asians).
        But even an IQ 85 race occasionally produce geniuses. What they did is that they structured the civilization in a way that geniuses (genetically luckier ones) are discovered, and developed to the fullest.
        And plus, we don’t know that whether ancient Persians’ IQ are higher than their 21st century descendants. Some kind of unwittingly carried out “dysgenicism” may have happened in the past few centuries, when world population skyrocketed.

  65. Bollywood Star

    You have to remember it is real life achievement that counts in today’s world. The past is completely dead and is of no relevance whatsoever when you have to make a living in today’s globalised world. And in any case just like intelligence one can lie about the past. So the gold standard has to be real life achievement in the world of today.

  66. Bollywood Star

    Now Now Ishmael. Newton was a strong Christian who would certainly try to baptise you. Newton was very keen on end time theology and had a lot to say about the return of the Lord Jesus. He even gave some dates which are still in the future.

    • Ishmael

      This is what I’m getting from you: Newton = Christian. Therefore stupid.

      Clearly you don’t know what physics and math are. You’re another Indian idiot.

  67. Bollywood Star

    i hear the Koran says that the Sun sets in a pool of murky water. It even tells us that Alexander the Great went so far west he found the place where the sun sets ie the murky water. The koran tells us that stars are missiles that shoot jinns trying to escape the earth and sneak into heaven. The koran tells us the earth is flat. The koran also tells us where semen is produced. Semen according to the koran is produced between the ribs and the spine. Koran also tells us that humans go through a blood clot stage during embryological development. The Koran is scientific disaster. After reading it you will be brain dead and then you can believe all the revisionist history you like. All that so called science history has been debunked. Do not be so ready to believe propaganda to make yourselves feel good.

    • Shazam

      The Koran is an insult to human intelligence. So is the Bible. Even more so are the Hindu sacred scriptures. At least the Koran does not teach human sacrifice like the Hindu Vedas.

      • Manny

        The Koran was written by a Pedophile/// Right?

      • Zippy

        Halal meat is a live animal who has his throat cut while prayers are offered to Allah. Are you even a muslim? You eat this meat every day and claim Islam does teach sacrifice? Oh you mean human sacrifice. Same thing happens when you cut up and kill humans, the shouts of Allah Akbar ring through the neighborhood whenever you kill some humans for Allah. It is standard. Just try shouting Allah Akbar in a plane. People know you want to sacrifice the humans to Allah and they will bring you down in a second.

        Sacrificing humans and animals is what Islam does best of all in the modern world. Allah Akbar! Actually I am superior to Allah: Zippy Akbar! and Alllah not so Akbar!

  68. Bollywood Star

    Shazam are you not a muslim? I thought you defended Islam on the other thread.

  69. Bollywood Star

    Ishmael now now. Newton is extremely intelligent. I was just pointing out to you a muslim that he was filthy kuffar who would lead you astray by trying to converting you to christianity. Do not go that way my friend. Do not let your admiration of the filthy kuffar lead you astray. The truth is not in them. Inshalla.

  70. Bollywood Star

    Shazam did you hear about the cannibal in Germany. He advertised for someone to eat on one of those “cannibals on line” sites. He actually got a volunteer. Do you think that I might get people to volunteer to become human sacrifices. I thought of sacrificing you but the logistics of getting hold of you may be beyond me so I thought of opening up a site in the same mold as of the “cannibals on line” site in order to attract sacrifice volunteers; so this would be a “become a human sacrifice” site. What do you think? A good idea or do you know of anyone who is interested in helping me with my problem.

  71. Bollywood Star

    But you are wrong with regard to the Koran. Sacrificing the Kuffar to Allah makes Allah extremely happy.

    Qur’an:9:19 “Do you make the giving of drink to pilgrims, or the maintenance of the Mosque, equal to those who fight in the Cause of Allah? They are not comparable in the sight of Allah. Those who believe, and left their homes, striving with might, fighting in Allah’s Cause with their goods and their lives,

    have the highest rank in the sight of Allah.”

    So you see the following verses show that you how you will be given you the highest rank in the sight of Allah; he will be very happy to obtain the sacrifice of the infidels during jihad and will reward you because he is so happy with you.

    Qur’an:9:88 “The Messenger and those who believe with him, strive hard and fight with their wealth and lives in Allah’s Cause.”
    Qur’an:9:5 “Fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, take them captive, harass them, lie in wait and ambush them using every stratagem of war.”
    Qur’an:9:112 “The Believers fight in Allah’s Cause, they slay and are slain, kill and are killed.”
    Qur’an:9:29 “Fight those who do not believe until they all surrender, paying the protective tax in submission.”

  72. Bollywood Star

    The exhibit begins with star power – a short movie starring Academy Award-winner Ben Kingsley. Kingsley plays a librarian who faces a trio of young uniformed (presumably British) students seeking information about “the dark ages.”

    Kingsley’s character bristles at the children’s characterization, critical of those “filling your head with such nonsense and ripping down the good of former civilizations.”

    But “everyone knows the Greeks and Romans invented everything!” one child replies.

    Kingsley’s librarian doesn’t equivocate – “some of the most important discoveries” were made by “Muslim civilizations.”

    Harry Potter-style magic takes over, and Kingsley is transformed with beautiful flourish from an English librarian into the exotic turban wearing historical figure of Al-Jazari. The children are enthralled, both on the screen, and in the audience.

  73. Bollywood Star

    Al-Jazari informs the three children that a grand civilization “that stretched from Spain to China” was responsible “for some of the most important discoveries” in the world. These include, according to Kingsley’s transformed Al-Jazari, devices such as the camera.

    And herein lies the most fascinating characteristic of the entire exhibit – the slipperiness of its language. Indeed, language throughout the exhibit, as we shall see, becomes a way to trick attendees. Cleverly chosen words nudge readers toward unsupported conclusions. Myth mingles with science. Rumor becomes history.

    Consider the “invention” of the camera. Al-Jazari, portrayed masterfully and magically on screen by Kingsley, says “he” was responsible for explaining “how our eyes work” and developed camera obscura. Even if it is historically accurate that Al-Jazari pioneered camera obscura, the slithery language of the screenplay generates an inference that Al-Jazari is somehow legitimately involved in the chain of inventions culminating in my Nikon 35mm.

  74. Bollywood Star

    I was reminded of George Orwell’s Politics and the English Language when he wrote: “But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.”

    Kingsley’s Al-Jazari fulfills Orwell’s warning in the film when he introduces another Muslim inventor, Abbas Ibn Firnas, who “dared to dream man could fly 1000 years before the Wright Brothers.”

    Outside the theater, Firnas is featured in a flight exhibit. Firnas is “said to be the first person who tried to fly. His first attempt which has passed into legend took place when he leapt from the minaret of the Great Mosque in Cordoba. Equipped with a glider with wooden struts, he managed to fly and landed more or less unharmed. [His] next flight was more ambitious. From the top of a nearby hill, he launched himself and his flying machine, apparently gliding for some distance before falling, a problem blamed on the lack of a tail.”

  75. Bollywood Star

    Notice all of the tricks of language. He was the first “who tried to fly,” and “passed into legend,” “more or less unharmed,” the “flying machine,” (implying moving parts), and “apparently gliding for some distance.” Naturally he also diagnosed that that cause of his failure was the want of a tail. The exhibit neglects to inform us about whether he applied this fix to his “machine.”

    The exhibit also features an interactive game for children where they can help Firnas fly by flapping their arms.

    This all might seem harmless, but consider the argument I had with my 8-year-old after leaving the exhibit. She was convinced that the Wright Brothers were not the first to fly, and instead it was Firnas launched from the mosque at Cordoba a millennium ago. This would not be the only instance when thought corrupted the language of the exhibit, which in turn corrupted thought, at least among the more impressionable.

    The short introductory film with Kingsley playing Al-Jazari goes on to tell the three on-screen students (and the many children in the theatre) that the 1001 inventions include medical devices, ideas or unspecified things which somehow led to the compass and GPS satellite navigation and the very Industrial Revolution itself.

    Al-Jazari hands the children a book called “1001 Inventions: Muslim Heritage in Our World” and urges them plainly to “spread the word.”

  76. Bollywood Star

    Maybe the list of the 1001 inventions was in the book, but they were nowhere to be found in the exhibit hall. But the book is available for school curricula teaching about the exhibit.

    Instead of a list of 1001 inventions, there was more slippery language throughout the exhibit. Consider the station boldly entitled “Creating the Chemical Industry.” It starts, “some sources say” that in the 8th Century Jabir ibn Hayyan used an Islamic alembic for distillation. How does distillation, a process that existed for 2,800 years before Jabir, have any bearing on “creating the chemical industry”? The exhibit gets around to that question, sort of.

    “Scientists of this period laid important foundations of the modern chemical industry.” These include new ways of “classifying substances,” sort of like Aristotle classifying Earth, Air, Fire and Water a millennium before Jabir. But other Muslim scientists developed varnishes, synthetic chemicals, paints and pesticides, we are told. No details are provided for these very specific inventions.

    Other “inventions” or skills used (and therein lies the riddle) described in the exhibit are windmills, water pumps, and crop rotation. One exhibit entitled “Home Life” claims that the influence of Muslim civilization on modern living is ubiquitous. “From gardens to games, fashions to fabrics, clocks to cameras, today’s home life is packed with influences from early Muslim civilization.”

    The Soviets were notorious for claiming communists were the first in everything. At least with human rocket travel, they were right. But the exhibit steals the Soviets’ thunder:

    The desire to blast off in a rocket has been alive for centuries. The famous traveler Evlia Celebi recorded that the first person to take a rocket powered flight into the sky was his brother, Lagari Hasan Celebi, in 17th Century Turkey. Celebi’s gunpowdered fueled rocket is said to have carried him high into the sky, where he spread out his wings, glided down and plunged into the Bosporus.

    Sounds like the Space Shuttle. This story of Celebi is juxtaposed with a photo of an American Apollo moonwalker.

    Notice, again, how the language hedges bets. A “famous” traveler reported his brother was the first to fly in a rocket. Since he is famous, it is likely to be true. The exhibit does not say a gunpowder rocket carried him high into the sky, but rather, the rocket is said to have carried him high into the sky.

    The rocket story borders on dishonesty, as do so many other parts of 1001 Inventions. An exhibit purporting to present history, especially one sponsored by National Geographic, has an obligation to say what the history is. Instead the language of the exhibit equivocates, prevaricates, and in the worst moments, tricks the unwary.

    Naturally, all of this raises the question of whether the slipperiness of the exhibit is deliberate or accidental. Knowing more about the sponsors may be illustrative. The Abdul Latif Jameel Community Initiatives sponsors the exhibit, a group which proudly sponsors scholarships at MIT.

  77. Bollywood Star

    One thing is for sure, 1001 Inventions has high-power support.

    1001 Inventions is supported by Prince Charles who said it “highlights how many of the most important scientific and technological discoveries and building blocks of modern civilization came out of Muslim society during the centuries after the fall of ancient Rome.” 500,000 attended the exhibit when it was in Los Angeles. Hillary Clinton praised the exhibit. Clearly, this is no backwater traveling show.

    History is often determined in great battles. But ongoing battles about history can redefine it. The 1001 Inventions exhibit is diminished with a more understandable me-too-ism, a desperate search for cultural pride despite the technological dominance of the West after the Renaissance and the Industrial Revolution. But as Orwell noted, language and word choice are powerful weapons in battles about history. National Geographic has an obligation to clarify whether the words and claims in 1001 Inventions is history, legend, or a mix of both, before another half-million Americans march through their doors.

  78. Bollywood Star

    Islam the ideology is responsible for only one invention. That is time travel. Islam wants you to live like a seventy century arab.

  79. Bollywood Star

    Since islam depended on jihad to conquer others as soon as that stopped all scientific progress that the conquered people had made stopped. Hence the reason why muslims are so backward today. The modern jihad is a flop and so their is now taking over the work of others and claiming them as one’s own.

  80. Bollywood Star

    Not much modern science in the show. Just a bunch of antiques and guess what some of them are fakes.

  81. Shazam

    The Arabs created an Empire that ranged from Spain to India. When Europe was in the Dark Ages the Arabs were the superpower of the world.

    Even today no one starves in the Arab nations while most Hindus are malnourished and millions of them die every year from it. Instead of being ashamed and doing something about it you heartless hindu assholes spend all your time boasting about India and ridiculing other races. Amazing.

    • Lady Matilda

      “Even today no one starves in the Arab nations”

      It appears you do not know the news to well. I thank you for the above quote from you Shazam. This is because this seems to be a common articulation of the well being of Middle eastern people. How wrong it to assume without evidence. Still here is plenty of evidence to the contrary. Please do something about this as you obviously have some genuine love for your people. Let us look at one country. This country is called Yemen. Recently a conference was held in the capital, and hence this following news item for is for you.

      A Sanaa news conference by UN humanitarian chief Valerie Amos and World Food Programme executive director Ertharin Cousin heard that “the humanitarian situation in Yemen remains critical,” despite “positive” political developments.

      “People need food, water, education and healthcare. But they also want to know that there is investment to secure their future. We urgently need more funding to help those in need,” Amos said.

      The UN estimates that more than 10 million people — nearly half of the population — goes hungry or are short of food “with very high rates of food insecurity.”

      According to the UN, child malnutrition rates are among the highest in the world with close to half of Yemen’s children under five years – around two million children – stunted.

      Ertharin said the “WFP is providing life-saving food assistance to almost five million Yemenis to break the intergenerational cycle of hunger.”

      By Agence France-Presse
      Thursday, September 12, 2013

      Why not check some videos of this starvation out. Plenty on the net to back this up.

  82. Shazam

    If Arabs did not let millions of poor Indians into their countries to work as maids, servants and laborers India would be even more impoverished. The money these Indians send home feeds tens of millions of Hindus and gives the Indian government billions of dollars in foreign exchange which it wastes on buying expensive weapons from South Africa and Russia that it rarely uses.

    You should be on your knees thanking Arabs for giving you jobs that your own people cannot provide, you ungrateful jerk.

    • Rahul

      Lady matilda punkd in your a** and even after you rant about India, Hindu great.. why dont for a second turn back and clean the dirt

  83. Shazam

    The Muslim conquerors built this in India:

    taj mah

  84. Bollywood Star

    So you are a muslim Shazam so how come you say “The Koran is an insult to human intelligence.” Way to go Muslim. Do not say that in front of the Taliban.

    Anyway we are not grateful to the arabs. We despise them with every fibre of our being. More fool them for allowing their hindu kuffar enemies into the country.. We are just building up our number to take over when the oil runs out. The arabs are nothing without oil and the oil is running fast. But we have the numbers on our side (population is expected to be the biggest in the world soon) and the ability to work and live in the toughest conditions. Hopefully the first Hindu temple will be built in MECCA and the Jews can then come back to Medina and take back their old city and rename it Yathrib . Mecca belonged to the polytheists in the days of Mo and we are just coming back to take what is rightfully ours. We will put the idols back into the Kaaba and once again it will be what it was in the days of old, a a place of many gods.

  85. Bollywood Star

    Arabs without oil do not do well. Look at Yemen. In the list of failed states it is ahead of Haiti. It makes the top ten of failed states. Here is the list of the top ten. Somalia, Democratic Republic of Congo,Sudan,Chad,Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, Haiti, Yemen, Iraq, and finally Central African Republic.So you can see there plenty of people in this list who are brown and running around with their circumcised penises in Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan shouting Allah U Akbar. People just like you Shazam.

    What went wrong for these “inventors” and “world conquerors?”

    Believe me these are the worst places on earth and this idea is backed up with statistical information from the differing scales used to judge of what makes a country tick. Check out the 2012 Failed States List for yourself.

  86. Fadi

    how the hell we are stupid ???
    we make the fist civilization in the history
    we are successful in all battles …
    when we were lived in our golden ages u lived in your dark ages with poor and failed after failed ……
    middle east the best place in the history …
    without us there was no renaissance or modern ages
    we made the basics of fire power and camera and Algebra and alot of things
    it all was in our ages not yours …
    where are backward now because of our rulers and their regimes who controlled by west and USA because we have the Oil.
    look at the history the didn’t leave us from more than 300 years
    but now we changed our present

    • Swedish shit

      You allow kuffar to rule and control you.
      Right now Jews are controlling you. Each Jew control hundreds of muslims. How can you be successful in all battles when the Mongols, the indians, the Jews and the West have each whipped your ass.
      What does that mean? It means you are not really clever now.
      And you make stuff up about the past but because
      you are not clever now and you expect people to believe you even though you offer no evidence for your claims. That is not clever.
      Since you are not clever now how will you convince intelligent people about how clever you were in the past. That is hard.
      If you were clever now and jews were not controlling you it would be easier but when the oil runs out you run out.
      Plus you do not have much oil. America does not get much oil from you. The number one supplier for America is Canada followed by Mexico and then followed by the Nigerians. You are already moving out of the game of oil. Russia is the worlds biggest oil producer. And Saudi will stop exporting oil by 2030, but the financial headaches will hit a lot quicker as the budget problems become impossible to manage and by 2030 (for the Saudi princes) will be very severe. Even with all the Oil you had you could not do anything with it and soon you will return to the tent living style you like so much.

      • Swedish shit

        Sound good to me Coward. It could be quite an interesting cartoon. The shit could be kind rose shaped and the moms and dads could be rock shaped. It could all happen with rock people shitting rose shaped shits and rock people sucking and fucking each other off. I would call it “The Rocks go wild”

        There could of course be contests as some rock people could start shitting better shaped rose shits and hence there could be contests as to who shits the most attractive rock shits.

        Some rock camels could come in from Arabia and judge the rock rose shitting contests. These camels would be so good looking that rock arabs could then get into sexual positions with them and have their picture taken. The local rock indians would be outraged and throw rock shits at the arabs and the arabs could start a whole lot of jihad and threaten to take out the Indians but as a full scale war begins the rock american rock stars arrive and blast everyone one’s ear drums with their heavy metal rock riffs and everyone goes to bed for some ear relief. The end.

      • coward

        Man, youre no fun to debate with. I liked you better in your Australoid Negroid Indian and toilet shitter supremacy days.

  87. Fadi

    Bollywood Star we didn’t use oil in the past !! … oil is not our problems
    our problems because our dictators rulers … dictatorship countries can’t move forward … when Europe were ruled by dictators they were stupid and backward … every civilization have it’s own Great ages.
    west can’t stay the strongest forever …

    • Swedish shit

      No Europe has always been intelligent. Europe is intelligent and successful now and was so in the past despite the propaganda from people who like to bash white people. Western Europe has always been up. No one can compare with Europe (Western). However, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and the Celtic fringe were good students of Western Europe and have learnt well from their pioneering brothers in England and Scotland, Germany, France, Holland, Italy and ancient Greece; and empire building Spain and Portugal.

      “when Europe were ruled by dictators they were stupid and backward”

      How dare you say that. Comparing mighty Europe with you tent dwelling savages. Take that back. Do not throw Europe into the same group as you. Just because the modern redneck liberals of the west are madly in love with the you and your palastinians does not alter the facts of history. It is just a passing phase for these people. Yesterday they were madly in love with someone else and in the future they will forget you and move on to the next object of their delusional love.

  88. Ken

    The average IQ of the UAE is 83, but i willing to bet the IQ of Dubai is higher. The average Indian IQ is much lower than the cognitive elite of India which is said to be about 120.

    • Swedish shit

      True Ken but the cognitive elite by definition in the west will also have a lot more fire power than the mentally less well equipped. That is the truth in most place but……………..

      However, I sometimes do wonder it there are any cognitive elites in places like the Congo. Years ago I read a book called the Heart of Darkness and I enjoyed it; and consistently the Congo has done badly in all things. I am not one to draw conclusions in haste but it does make you wonder about things. Because I like blacks so much, I would rather give the Congo the benefit of the doubt. I just hope things improve and a bright new sunny tomorrow happens and the cognitive elite jump up and show the world what they can do. Maybe even show the software programmers of Silicon chip valley and Bangalore a thing or to. One certainly hopes for good things for Africa.

    • Swedish shit

      The thing about these national figures Ken is that they look suspect right from the word go. I mean the figures for some African countries are so low that the people would be retarded and unable to function! This is plain as day and yet people keep taking these figures seriously. On the other end of the spectrum we have a low figure for Isreal. As I am sure you are aware many people think that Jews rule the world through a secret society and yet the figures flat out contradict this. Now we know Jews are indeed very smart so I just look at the figures for Isreal and some countries in Africa and instantly know without having to do any further research that they must be flawed. It is much better and easier and less prone to error to just go by real world performance. For example the Jews in the US are among the cognitive elite and in Isreal they operate a first world society, hence the figures are suspect and so if that is the case in the two example cited then it casts doubt on this whole lot! Another example here in the UK. The immigrants here from india like myself come from the lowest ranks of Indian society and are happy to clean your toilet for minimal wage and yet these people have risen to be champions of industry and the majority are employed and able to take all kinds of exams and pass (even while working long hours cleaning toilets to pay for the tuition fees) in just a few years of being here. Now that is three example and I could give more, but you get the picture. The real world shows the real extent of intelligence not just pieces of paper. This is not to deny flat outright that there is no correlation but to cite the real world as a basis for correlation for intelligence(as understood by the layman) per se;as well and to assert that the real world is a place in which the three example given contradict the assertions of the test believer crowd.

      A high IQ is a bit like the toilet shitter supremacists who boast about having a toilet and looking down at slum dwellers who do not. The real world they inhabit inside their toilet validates their supremacy and they are happy to keep using their toilet as often as possible; and do not like to going camping. Camping is a no no for all toilet shitter supremacists.

      However, for some reason they never boast about having a door. I will regard myself in this category. As I have no toilet, live in a slum in New Dehli, have a low IQ but at least I have a door to my slum residence. Viva Door possessing supremacists! We are all supremacists. But the lucky ones like me like to boast about having a door! I look down on the hinge supremacists who are still trying to get a door sorted out. These hinge supremacists! Will they ever get a door! Not the way they go about things. I mean you should see how they bring up their kids!

      • Ashkenazi Jews have a high IQ. Mizrachi Jews do not. Their IQ is about 90. Hence the Israeli figure. Also there are 20% Arabs in Israel.

        The figures for Africa are apparently pretty good.

        Indians get a 10-14 point IQ gain in the 2nd generation after coming to the West. The West makes you smarter!

  89. Swedish shit

    I know it gets boring without conflict but that is the pain of life. Once the belly is full then the boredom starts. Life is always in want. Boredom just means want of stimulation.

  90. I might the current clusterfuck called Detroit was made by Black people. Not the city itself.

  91. Swedish shit

    There were a lot of people in the local government who must be responsible. The blacks were there at one time there along with whites and were employed by the Detroit car industry. What happened to all that? Something in the time line came and destroyed the affluence of a once great place. Bad policy ideas from the government perhaps?

    • Swedish shit

      One of the mystifying capabilities of the human brain is embodied in the genius. A genius is an individual with astounding creative talents and distinguished mental abilities. They are able to generate new ideas. A new idea cannot be called creative unless it is quite hard to come by. It is a common mistaken idea that geniuses are born, not made. If we look at the lives of world’s greatest geniuses like, Shakespeare, Da Vinci, Socrates, Einstein, Gutenberg, Ibn Baz, Edison, Newton and many others; we will soon realize that almost all of them have many common personality characteristics. Any common people can develop these characteristics and operate on a genius level.

      As per Dr. Barrios (1980), geniuses have a strong desire to work hard and for long and continually accumulate information. Thomas Alva Edison said “Genius is ninety-nine percent perspiration and one percent inspiration”. Geniuses are highly motivated and do not bother about what common people will think if they are different. They have the courage to do something which others might consider impossible. These characteristics enable geniuses to come up with and develop new and fruitful ideas, which simpletons of their days cannot think of.

      The common folks had seen many geniuses and have benefited from their extraordinary constructive talents from time to time. One such genius is Ibn Baz. He hailed from Saudi Arabia (the land of Prophet Muhammad) and his full name is “Shaikh Abd-al-Aziz Ibn Abd-Allah Ibn Baaz” (the name means – Servant of the almighty Allah, or, son of the servant of Allah). He is better known by the short name ‘Ibn Baz’ (though there are many uncanny similarities between Mr. Ibn Baz and Mr. Bin, these are coincidental only). From the very childhood days he was very fond of memorizing Koran and learning Islamic religious scriptures (Saudi Gazette, 1999). He believed that there could not be any knowledge beyond Koran and Ahadith; and hence it was unnecessary to learn anything else other than the religious scriptures of Islam.

      At the age of sixteen, Ibn Baaz contracted a serious eye infection. His sight deteriorated and by the age of twenty he was completely blind. But, since he was a true genius, he never gave up. Despite of his blindness, he determinedly continued to study Islam under the direction of some of the most renowned Islamic thinkers of his day, such as the Sheikh Shanqeeti and many other Islamic scholars of different pedigree. An article published in ‘Saudi Gazette’ highlighted the educational background of this genius, as follows

      “The subjects he studied included Arabic language and Islamic science including the interpretation of Holy Qur’an, the Prophet’s (pbuh) Traditions, jurisprudence and Islamic history. As an Islamic visionary he fully understood the influence of history on the Ummah and worked hard to ensure that the evil influences which did affect people in the past did not repeat itself in the present age.” (Anon, 1999)

      Shortly, his creative Muslim brain was completely Islamized and, hardly any Islamic scriptures were left for him to study. By this way he became a great scholar and highly respectable nobleman in Saudi Arabia. There were no science left in Koran and Ahadith which he did not pull out and learn. In infidel world there are many scholars who can be called a ‘walking encyclopedia’, but Ibn Baz soon became a ‘walking Koran & Ahadith’.

      Throughout his life, this great Islamic genius was totally devoted to comprehend scientific miracles of Koran and had issued many fataawa (fataawa – plural of “fatwa”, means edicts) for the development of human civilization, starting from 1940 onwards (Wikipedia, 2006). A staff writer of ‘Arab News’ (a leading newspaper published from Saudi Arabia) reported on 15th May 1999 , “He has issued thousands of fatwas on various contemporary social and economic issues on the basis of the Qur’an and Sunnah”.

      His first fatwa was ‘employment of non-Muslims in the Arabian Gulf forbidden by Islam.’ After few decades, this genius gave another fatwa ‘Non-Muslim troops should be deployed on Saudi Arabia soil to defend the Kingdom from the Iraqi army’ (Kepel, 2004). This fatwa seems to be just a reversal of the first one, but we have to understand that geniuses always think differently and they develop new creative ideas from time to time. It is not easy for a simpleton to understand the creative capacities of a genius.

      He had authored many books to benefit mankind which are full of wisdom. His books are always best-sellers within Muslim world only. The most famous of his discovery is that which is stated in the book named, “Evidence that the Earth is Standing Still.” This scientific research work was published by Islamic University of Medina, Saudi Arabia, during 1974. On page 23 of this academic research work he talked about his brilliant discovery and cited many references from Koran and Ahadith. He confidently challenged the age-old belief of earth’s rotation and quoted as follows,

      “If the earth is rotating as they claim, the countries, the mountains, the trees, the rivers, and the oceans will have no bottom and the people will see the eastern countries move to the west and the western countries move to the east.”

      Parvez Hoodbhoy had mentioned the above valuable scientific conclusion of Ibn Baz, in his book “Islam and Science: Religious Orthodoxy and the Battle for Rationality”. On page 49, he wrote,

      “.. The Sheikh (Abdul Aziz Ibn Baz) authored … a book in Arabic entitled Jiryan Al-Shams Wa Al-Qammar Wa-Sukoon Al-Arz. This translates into Motion of the Sun and Moon, and Stationarity of the Earth… In an earlier book, he had threatened dissenters with the dire fatwa or takfir (disbelief), but did not repeat the threat in the newer version.” (Language and grammar unchanged)

      The news of this great discovery of Ibn Baz spread like a wild fire throughout the world and soon many Muslims probably had accepted the credibility of ‘motionless geocentric earth theory’. However, the infidel world (including many western educated Muslims) was hesitant to accept his opinion. Judith Miller, wrote in his book ‘God has Ninety-Nine Names’, on page 114,

      “When he (Sheikh Bin Baz) had condemned what he termed the Copernican ‘heresy,’ insisting, as the Koran said, that the sun moved, Egyptian journalists, much to President Nasser’s delight, had mercilessly mocked the leading cleric as a reflection of Saudi primitiveness.”

      So, the Egyptian journalists did not value his ‘freedom of speech’. It is a ‘crime’ to subdue the creative competence of a great genius like Ibn Baz at the beginning stage. It is a ‘stupidity’ to ridicule great geniuses like Ibn Baz.

      Again, during 1993, the fertile Islamic brain of this Muslim genius again started working overtime. On one fine morning, the great genius opened his personal copy of Holy Koran, pulled out some scientific miracles from Allah’s Holy book and came out with a new discovery that ‘earth is flat’. This was recorded by Carl Sagan in his book “The Demon-haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark”. Sagan wrote,

      “In 1993, the supreme religious authority of Saudi Arabia, Sheik Abdel-Aziz ibn Baaz, issued a edict, or fatwah, declaring that the world is flat. Anyone of the round persuasion does not believe in God and should be punished.” (Language and grammar unchanged)


      “That is a well-known religious edict, or fatwa, issued two years ago by Sheik Abdel-Aziz ibn Baaz, the supreme religious authority of Saudi Arabia. The blind theologian’s status gives his fatwas great weight, though his opinions have often raised eyebrows or embarrassed worldly Saudis…” (Language and grammar unchanged)

      Soon the whole world (except the infidels and civilized Muslims) started accepting the new scientific discovery. As example; on 12th February, 1995, on page A-14 an article was published under the title “Muslim Edicts take on New Force”, where Yousef Mohammad Ibrahim wrote “The earth is flat. Whoever claims it is round is an atheist deserving of punishment.” There are many verses in Koran as well as there are many Ahadith, which indicate that earth is flat (Sina, n.d).

      But again, the great Islamic scholar Ibn Baz changed his mind as before. He denied that he had described the ‘Flat earth theory’ (Kepel, 2004), when his theory was gaining popularity amongst Muslims. There was no clue available why he suddenly abandoned his excellent scientific conclusion. Perhaps, this is one of the characteristics of a genius. However, he confirmed that his koranic belief about “the motionless state of the earth and sun revolves around the earth” is still intact even after so much ‘merciless’ mockery of Egyptian journalists (Kepel, 2004). Another Islamic scholar, Sheikh Muhammad Tantawi said “he (Ibn Baz) did not fear any criticism while expressing his Islamic viewpoints”, (Arab News, 1999). His strong determination proved that he was a true genius. Probably those ‘shameless’ journalists were not aware of his professional achievements.

      This great scholar held the position of Grand Mufti of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Head of the Council of Ulema (Senior Scholars) – 1993 to 1999 CE. This position refers to the highest official of religious law in a Sunni Muslim country. The Grand Mufti issues legal opinions and edicts, fatwa, on interpretations of Islamic law both for assisting judges in deciding cases as well as for private clients.

      Other remarkable achievements include (Saudi Gazette, 1999; Riyadh Daily, 1999; Arab News, 1999),

      Vice President, and later President of the Islamic University in Medina, 1960 CE to 1970 CE

      Chairman of the government department of Scientific Research and Ifta (guidance) with the rank of Minister. 1974 H to 1993 H.

      President of the Permanent Committee for Islamic Research and Fataawa.

      Judge of Kharj For 14 years ,

      Honorable teacher amongst faculty of Shariah [Islamic Law] of Riyadh Institute of Science from 1951 CE to 1960 CE.

      In 1981 CE, he was awarded the King Faisal International Prize for Service to Islam.

      In addition to his intensive activities, he used to attain seminars and deliver lectures in different Islamic universities till his death (Riyadh Daily, 1999). His favourite topic was – the importance of adherence to Sunnah (the Prophet’s teachings). Today, most of the prominent judges and religious scholars, University lecturers, scientists and top government officials of Saudi Arabia are his students which also includes the Education Minister of Saudi Arabia.

      Though his success story was quite impressive, he never received any award from outside Saudi Arabia. The infidel world did not pay serious attention to his discoveries, though there was much curiosity about this Muslim genius and many newspapers of western world published his ‘flat, rigid, geocentric earth and rotation of sun’ fataawa. Ibn Baz died during 1999. The Mullahs allover the Islamic world must have used local mosques’ loud speaker to inform Allah about the mighty arrival of Ibn Baz to paradise. It is hoped that Ibn Baz did not have to wait much to get a rightful place in Islamic heaven.

      This is the misfortune with many great geniuses. Often geniuses are misunderstood at the beginning. Sometimes they are laughed at and ridiculed or thought to be crazy. The fact is that, geniuses are so advanced that the society of their day rejects their ideas. It is the future generation, who confirm their status of genius. As example, when Galileo challenged the existing cosmic map and geocentric earth theory, he was ordered imprisoned which was later commuted to house arrest by the Catholic Church (During 1992, Pope John Paul II expressed regret for how the Galileo affair was handled), when Sir Isaac Newton was inspired to formulate his theory of universal gravitation by the fall of an apple from a tree, he was ridiculed. There were cartoons which suggested that the apple actually hit Newton’s head, and that impact and pain in fact sensitized him of the force of gravity (no pain, no gain!). Similarly, when Ibn Baz condemned the ‘heliocentric Copernican system’, the Egyptian journalists targated him mercilessly with mockery. Another great philosophical genius was Socrates who was accused of corrupting the youth and interfering with the religion of the state and sentenced to death. At least Ibn Baz did not have to die to defend his scientific discovery. Darwin’s evolution theory was also not accepted at the beginning by the academicians. Einstein’s research paper on general relativity was not liked and thought to be wrong by most of the members of Royal Astronomical Society of England. Similarly, the ‘Motionless earth, Flat earth and Sun revolve around the earth’ discoveries of Muslim genius Ibn Baz are not taken seriously yet. It is just a matter of time.

      That day is not far away, when the great discoveries of this Islamic scholar will be recognized by the whole world. With the further advancement of science and technology, in the future, the infidels will agree that the earth is really motionless and flat, and the sun revolves around the earth. This will prove that the scientific miracles of Koran and Ahadith are not laughable matter at all and on that day Islam will take over and rule the flat and motionless earth from one edge to another and the leftover Infidels will be thrown ‘overboard’ from the edge of the flat earth for not believing in Koran. Muslims will offer their five time obligatory prayer on the flat and motionless earth and the sun will circle around Makkah ‘round the clock’ by Allah’s divine instruction.

      The death of this genius was a great loss not only to Saudi Arabia, but also for the whole Muslim world. When this great scholar died, the loss of “his erudition and reputation for intransigence” was so great the Saudi government was said to have “found itself staring into a vacuum” unable to find a figure able to “fill bin Baaz’s shoes.” (Kepel, 2004). ‘Arab News’ reported (1999) that more than fifty thousand people came forward to carry his body to his burial ground at Makkah, while millions of Muslims performed funeral prayers. King Fahd said that the Islamic world was shoked hearing the sad news (Arab News, 1999). The news of his death was so unbearable that many Muslims must had been wallowing on the ground as if they were orphaned. Many of them must have been soaking their long beards with endless teardrops.

      The death of Ibn Baz is a great loss to the mankind as a whole. In fact the whole world is still “staring into a vacuum” because a genius like Ibn Baz is very rare to find out. He was an original genius of too high standard. There is not another genius in ten million like him. It is difficult to replace him.

      Life is an ocean of grief and sorrow. Modern fast lifestyle, work pressure, unhealthy competition, jealousy, political unrest (intentionally, I did not mention the Islamic terrorism, because in this article I am glorifying a Muslim genius and it is a wrong place to talk about Islamic terrorism) are increasing day by day and no way leveling off. Everywhere, there are lifeless, sad, and long faces to see. It looks like, slowly people are forgeting to smile. This is the time when the whole world looks forward for the geniuses like Ibn Baz. However, it is not late yet. The present Islamic scholars should try to fill up the “vacuum” as early as possible and start digging up new scientific miracles from the Holy Koran and Holy Ahadith and put up the new findings in the form of many fataawa for the whole world to see. There are enough scientific miracles in Holy Koran and Holy Ahadith which can amuse the infidels for next several decades, if not centuries. This is the only way Muslim scholars can make a positive contribution to the mankind by bringing back the long lost smile on others face.

  92. Roscoe

    suck a dick u trashbag

  93. Po9ny

    Prophet Muhammad claimed to have communicated with Allah in a prophetic trance. We can find detailed records of Muhammad’s mystical experiences in the traditional Islamic sources.

    “At the moment of inspiration, anxiety pressed upon the Prophet, and his countenance was troubled. … for some hours he used to become drowsy like a sleepy person.” (Ibn Sa’d Tabaqat: Volume 1)

    “A’isha reported ‘The Messenger of Allah did not see any vision but it came like the bright gleam of dawn’.”(Muslim: 1.301)

    “The Prophet said, ‘I had been standing, but fell to my knees; and crawled away, my shoulders trembling.’” (Tabari: VI.67)

    “Then Allah’s Apostle returned with the inspiration, his neck muscles twitching with terror till he entered upon Khadijah and said, ‘Cover me! Cover me!’” (Bukhari: 9.87.111)

    Revelation came to the Apostle of Allah and he was covered with a cloth, Omar lifted a corner of the cloth and I looked at him and he was emitting a sound of snorting. He (the narrator) said: I thought it was the sound of a camel.” (Muslim: 7.2654)

    In the cold-eyed view of a trained psychiatrist all these are symptoms of temporal lobe dysfunction. Temporal Lobe Epilepsy (TLE) is the form of a chronic neurological condition characterized by recurrent seizures. The features of the seizures can be extremely varied, but certain patterns are common. There is a mixture of different feelings, emotions, thoughts, and experiences, which may be familiar or completely foreign. Often, a series of old memories resurfaces. In others, the person may feel as if everything – including home and family – appears strange. Experiences during seizures vary; sometimes the seizures are so mild that the person barely notices. Otherwise, the person may be consumed with fright, intellectual fascination, or even extreme pleasure. Muhammad had epileptic seizures from his childhood. Halima, his wet nurse, reported to have said,

    Hallucinations are prominent component of TLE seizures. It consists of a buzzing sound, voice(s), or muffling of ambient sounds. Hallucinations of music, people, smells, or tastes may occur which is called “auras” or “warnings”. These may last for just a few seconds, or may continue as long as a minute or two. Distortions of shape, size, and distance of objects are often reported. There may be intense emotions and sensory experience including vibrancy of colors. Things may appear shrunken or larger than usual and visual images of a face, ghosts, UFO or even God are seen. TLE often occurs unexpectedly and without any prior notice to the patient. If the seizures have occurred for more than five years, the patient may suffer from memory loss. Many Qur’anic verses were lost because Muhammad forgot them.

    “Revelations… We abrogate or cause to be forgotten”. (Q: 2.106)

    “The Prophet said, ‘It is a bad thing that some of you say, ‘I have forgotten such-and-such verse of the Qur’an’. For truly, I have been caused by Allah to forget it. So you must keep on reciting the Qur’an because it escapes faster than a runaway camel’.” (Bukhari: 6.61.550).

    If Qur’an is the eternal word of God, why “it escapes faster than a runaway camel”? What should we think about a God who causes his word to be forgotten? In the context of a true God, this is utterly senseless. One of the reasons many verses were abrogated simply because the epileptic Prophet forgot what he revealed before. Memory establishes continuity in a steadily changing world but since his memory was characteristically impaired, many revelations were “readjusted” (abrogated) causing a severe discontinuation in the process of revelation.

    About forty percent TLE patients show symptoms of religiosity, associated with egotism, stubbornness, fearful utterance, strong determination, impaired memory, impaired thought, lack of spontaneity and retardation. The patients have reported communing with spirits or receiving profound knowledge from the extraterrestrials or Gods. Some have reported hearing even the singing of angels and the voice of “God”. The delusional Prophet of the Muslims was not an exception.

    Schizophrenia hallucinations (both auditory and visual) are very common amongst epileptics, because the activity of the temporal lobes is increased in schizophrenia. There are multiple periods in TLE in which symptoms of schizophrenia may occur – during a seizure (ictal), after a seizure (postital) and in between two seizures (interictal). Paranoid schizophrenia bears the closest relationship to TLE, occurring in up to ten percent of postical or interictal periods, with the seizures and psychotic symptoms frequently alternating. One researcher reviewed seventy case-studies that connect religion to schizophrenia and found forty-three percent of the patients had religious delusions and hallucinations. Living in a world distorted by hallucinations and delusions, individuals with schizophrenia may feel frightened, anxious and confused. Although hallucinations can occur in any sensory form – auditory (sound), visual (sight), somatic/tactile (perception of a physical experience), gustatory (taste), and olfactory (smell) – hearing voices that other people do not hear is the most common type. A feeling of déjà vu is also very common with these patients along with hallucinations. Voices may describe the patient’s activities, carry on a conversation, warn of impending dangers, or even issue orders to the individual. Muhammad’s hallucinations were visual, somatic and auditory. Ishaq recorded,

    “The apostle, at the time when Allah willed to bestow His grace upon him and endow him with prophethood, would go forth for his affair and travel far afield, until he reached the glens of Mecca and the beds of its valleys, where no house was in sight, and not a stone or tree that he passed by, but would say, ‘Peace unto thee, O apostle of Allah.’ And the apostle would turn to his right and left and look behind him, and he would see only trees and stones.” (Ishaq: 105)

    Ali Dasti mentioned, while wandering around the lonely spots near Mecca, Muhammad often heard voices.

    “In the days before the appointment, whenever Mohammad walked beyond the houses of Mecca to relieve nature’s demands, and as soon as the houses disappeared behind the bends in the path, a voice saying ‘Peace upon you, O Apostle of God!’ rang out from every rock and tree that he passed. But when the Apostle looked to one side or the other, he did not see anybody. There were only rocks and trees around him.”

    This is a first-rank symptom of schizophrenia. Schizophrenia affects a person’s ability to “think straight”. The schizophrenic universe is like a vast jigsaw puzzle, where none of the pieces fit together. Thoughts come and go rapidly; he is not able to concentrate on one thought for very long and easily distracted, unable to focus attention. He cannot sort out what is relevant and what is not relevant to a situation, because he is simply unable to connect thoughts into logical sequences. Hence, the thoughts become disorganized and fragmented. This lack of logical continuity of thought, termed “thought disorder,” can make the conversation very difficult. Muhammad suffered from thought disorder.

    “Allah has said: Take not (for worship) two gods: for He is just One Allah: then fear Me (and Me alone)”. (Q: 16.51)

    Who is the speaker of the words “Allah has said”? No way could Allah have expressed himself in those words, and even if he did so, it proves that he was crazy. The later part of the sentence “then fear Me” indicates whom? It is definitely not Allah, because he already said before “He is just One Allah”. Therefore, this “Me” should be someone else and he is also the speaker of the same verse.

    “And We have not taught him (Muhammad) poetry, nor is it meet for him.”. (Q: 36.69).

    “Lo! We inspire thee as We inspired Noah and the prophets after him, …” (Q: 4.163)

    The doubt is who used to teach and inspire Muhammad besides Allah? In the following verse, the use of the words like “He said”, “your Lord says”, “easy to me” in one sentence are not only confusing but also self-contradictory. The author of this verse is utterly confused.

    “He said: So shall it be, your Lord says: It is easy to Me, and indeed I created you before, when you were nothing”. (Q: 19.9).

    In the following verse, both Allah and Muhammad speak together.

    “Glorified be He Who carried His servant by night from the Inviolable Place of Worship to the Far distant place of worship the neighborhood whereof We have blessed, that We might show him of Our tokens! Lo! He, only He, is the Hearer, the Seer.” (Q: 17.1)

    A merciful, compassionate and all-wise God cannot praise Himself. The first sentence of the above verse is Muhammad’s thanksgiving to Allah for his favor. In the second sentence Allah is speaking. The third sentence is clearly Muhammad’s word. We find these errors in the entire Qur’an that lead to one conclusion – Muhammad was the actual author of this book. Allah was just saying Muhammad’s “own thoughts out aloud”. This is a sure sign of schizophrenia.

    A large section of the Qur’an seems to be twisted rant. Reading the Qur’an is often like walking in on a conversation between two people with whom one is only slightly acquainted. Frequently they make reference to people and events without bothering to explain what is going on. Many Surahs of the Qur’an start off with specific Arabic letters which it nowhere explains, as example, Alif Lam Ra (Surah: 10, 11, 12, 14, 15), Alif Lam Mim (Surah: 2, 3, 29, 30, 31, 32), Alif Lam Mim Ra (Surah: 13), Alif Lam Mim Sad (Surah: 7), Ha Mim (Surah: 40, 41, 43, 44, 45, 46), Ha Mim ‘Ain Sin Qaf (Surah: 42), Sad (Surah: 38), Ta Sin (Surah: 27),Ta Sin Mim (Surah: 26, 28), Ta Ha (Surah: 20), Qaf (Surah: 50), Ka Ha Ya ‘Ain Sad (Surah: 19), Nun (Surah: 68), and Ya Sin (Surah: 36).

    Do these Arabic letters mean anything at all? Muslim scholars admit that there are no reports from either Muhammad himself or his companions where Muhammad commented or explained the meaning and purpose of these mysterious letters. The use of unclear and ambiguous verbal references is a stable trait of schizophrenia. In addition; schizophrenic utterance is rich in metaphor. Although metaphor is an indispensable tool of thought and expression – a characteristic of all human communication, even of that of the scientist, we use only the labeled metaphors. The peculiarity of the schizophrenic is not that he uses metaphors, but that he uses unlabeled metaphors. Hence, though he hears fragmented sentences and disorganized words he immediately knows the meaning.

    Chronic schizophrenia patients suffer from a variety of movement disorders. They make mistakes about the agency of various bodily movements. They may make peculiar involuntary movements, grimaces, with lips and mouth. Often a significant increase in oral muscle activity just before a patient indicated hearing a voice. As example one hallucinating patient making frequent sounds from her nose and mouth, interpreted as originating from alien sources. Many researchers had also observed the same in other patients. These patients are suffering from delusion of control and feel that movements are made or caused by someone or something else. This is such a pathetic situation in which no matter what the patient does, he “cannot win”. The following narration of Bukhari (6.60.451) needs to be understood carefully.

    “Narrated Musa bin Abi Aisha; When Gabriel revealed the divine Inspiration in Allah’s Apostle, he moved his tongue and lips, and that state used to be very hard for him, and that movement indicated that revelation was taking place.”

    The involuntary tongue and lips movement (i.e., oral muscle activity) of Muhammad – “that state used to be very hard for him” – indicates a minor seizure, and the revelation that followed was an occurrence of a schizophrenic voice hallucination in postical or ictal periods – “that movement indicated that revelation was taking place”. Muhammad genuinely believed that he was receiving messages from his Allah in that involuntary movement of tongue and lips, but he made an error of identification concerning who produced this motion. The sense of agency, rather than the sense of ownership, is disrupted. The schizophrenic knows that it is his lips and that he speaks, but his lips were moved and the words were made by someone else.

    Muhammad’s Allah delusion was the result of his disability, social isolation and his enhanced need for the consolation of religion. Allah is not the creator of the universe; he is a paper tiger – a harmless, spineless scarecrow – a figment of Muhammad’s private fantasy. Islam is clearly a losing cause. Fortunately for Islam, a suicide bomber cannot return to demand a refund. The dishonest god of Islam is not worthy of a religion, devotion, sacrifice, or martyrdom.

    • Sanbone

      It looks like the topic is about blacks and whites and the fact that the title is sarcastic. It seems to be about blacks in the USA.

      Anyway the question is posed:

      “I don’t get it. Arabs are dumber than US Blacks, and they create Dubai. US Blacks are smarter than Arabs, but they create Detroit. What gives?”

      Firstly I am not sure blacks are wholly responsible for Detroit. I think that is complex issue and now that they have declared the place bankrupt the details of government overspend and auto worker excessive benefits are making it into the picture. But in any case what about the wider picture:

      “The nation of Gabon has a PCI of $20,000/yr, yet has some of the worst health and nutrition figures on Earth. Most of the population is sick, starving, unemployed and barefoot.”

      Gabon is in a bad way as is lots of places in africa. But notice the comparison is between blacks and arabs. Why? Why not between Arabs and Japanese?

      There is a reason and that is why the author is spot on to pair the arabs and blacks together.

      Firstly the arabs are not doing that great. They are lumped in with blacks because economically these are the two poorest regions in the world. Blacks at the bottom, followed by Arabs. On Wikepedia we find the list of countries and their GDP on a PPP basis. The list we look at is for the IMF figures. This gives a combined figure for all of Africa of 2,103 trillion dollars. In other words less than that of France. The entire Middle East including Iran and North Africa gives us a figure of 4,069 trillion. Since Iranians are not Arabs we take away 997 billion which gives us 3072 trillion for the Arab nations, which is less than the GDP on a PPP basis of Germany. The German GDP on a PPP basis is 3,194.

      Asian counties of Japan, India and China also weigh in higher. The list of of just three asian I gave is from lowest to highest. Put all three together and we have 21711 trillion dollars. This is a huge number. The EU comes in at just over 16 trillion. Again a huge number. And the US comes in at about 15 trillion and 653 billion. Another huge number. With figures like that it does make sense to pair the arabs and blacks together. Indeed when compared to the Asian and Western giants their economies are tiny.

      Now individual arabs can be wealthy and they even have areas like UAE which are thriving due to slave labour and western technical know how. Good for them. They have done well. But in a world of big fish they are tiny and fairly insignificant and only get noticed because they tend to be a little flashy.

      Blacks do worse than arabs because (according to a Somali web site I went on in order to see if they could help me with the reason for this), they have less pride in themselves than arabs; who are a very proud people and can not bear to think that one of their number is looked down upon due to poverty. Hence the widespread public spending for the common good. A very good thing but it gives a flashy but false illusion. The fact is the Arabs are poor when looked at from the view point of the figures I got from the IMF.

      • Solid crew

        Yeah but see the thing is what happens when the oil runs out. It is going to be tough to keep the slaves from asia and the white technocrats. Some slave from asia will hang around but not the whites. I am sure in time the whole of the middle east will be become more africanised as the africans are more fertile and more likely to risk life and limb to get out of africa. Arabs tend to like to go the west. So in time the arabs through interbreeding will become more good looking and more vigorous. With larger muscles and penis sizes increased they will be able to compete withe the africans in the heat of the desert. The new african masters will introduce them to new types of dancing and singing and so evolve their stagnant culture. Witch doctors will of course cure their ailments when the white doctors leave the hospitals to go back to their home countries, though the indian and chinese doctors will stay in part to keep the whole thing ticking over( just enough).

      • The figures are out of date. The new figures are even higher for china, India and Japan. Check the new figures on Wikepedia by going to gdp ppp

  94. Sir Hector Longfellow Norman

    Water will be a huge problem in the future when the oil runs out. Water scarcity Plus tribal conflict between the different arab tribes. Plus food scarcity. At the moment the water comes from huge desalination plants that produce lots of clean water and lots of salt which is thrown back into the ocean to damage the marine life. A little Arab snack for the fish from the Allah snack bar in the world of the arabs!

    By the time the future arrives with a vengeance various militia will be going through further sunni VS shia civil wars. These will be tough to deal with in the gulf states, as at present they keep a lid on them through the use of oil money which funds the welfare states which though benefiting sunni muslims more, still keep things just about ok for the rioting NOT to start in earnest. When the money runs out, then of course the rioting WILL start in earnest.

    In any case the author has mentioned UAE. So let me take a look at this interesting place. Lots of buildings and lots of western technocrats and asian slaves. A good combination for creating wealth backed by oil money. Still as long as they do not jail northern women for being raped (its all over the new; a norwegian woman got raped and was then promptly jailed for immodesty!) They should still be able to attract some tourists as the neighborhood gets tougher and tougher to live in. But it will be a more seedy, run down operation as the asian slaves are repatriated to their home slums and the western technocrats jet back to their home countries and continue developing their careers further. The local Arabs will look back at the present time as the good old days.

    • Allwell

      Don’t forget all the wild animals people keep as pets Sir Hector. Once the oil money is gone wild lions will roam the streets along with the odd rhino and giraffe. So yes it will get more africanised as you said Solid crew! These wild animals are kept in private zoos as pets and lots of them abound in the UAE. Once the money is gone out they go! Dubai will be a wild experience!

      • A Mormon in Dubai

        Once the people of God left the sands of arabia and took the work of the Lord to the Americas. Jesus appeared to the prophet Joseph Smith and the restored Gospel was able to once again preached in truth and boldness. Mormons then arrived in Dubai, once again the Lord’s people were in the sands of Arabia; but it looks as if they will again have to leave their business and work to go the Americas. America is now the new place for God’s work. Dubai will go back to the frontiers of nature’s wilderness, which to a deep ecologist is no bad thing. To a mormon it means the work must go back to America. It seems the Lord meant it to be thus and so shall it be.

  95. schocked by the future

    “Dubai will be a wild experience!”

    Can’t wait to go on urban safari! It could be a new trend in tourism. “Dubai, your urban safari awaits you” adverts would adorn the buses and billboards of western countries. You never know when a rhino will charge your car as you drive down deserted downtown Dubai!

  96. First of all: You are thinking that Dubai has built by the Arabs but it’s not… Have you ever been in Dubai ? Because I used to be there, the great creations from Arabs in Dubai is the dance bars, brothels, prostitutes and pimps only and that you could see in and around Dubai (Especially Deira). The main ideas and execution of everything is from India and by the Indian guys that you could not see much in African countries.

  97. Arvi

    Arabs didn’t build Dubai. Their Sheikhs financed it, that’s all. All the actual design, development and maintainance was done by Indians, Egyptians and western expats.

  98. Abdullah

    n Bangladesh in 2011, a 14 year-old girl, who was sexually assaulted by her 40 year-old cousin, received 100 lashes for her “adulterous” behavior. She did not survive her punishment for being a victim. Over the past decade, several hundred women have been flogged in Bangladesh under similar circumstances.

    Flogging is the punishment for fornication in Islam, whether the woman had casual sex by choice outside of marriage or was raped. Without four male witnesses or the confession of the attacker, no rape case can be proven, according to Shariah law. So if the victim is “brazen” enough to report the crime, she is thus admitting to having sex, which in itself is a crime if the sex was not with her husband. And in normal circumstances, a rapist would not attack in front of any witnesses, unless they were also a part of the attack. Facing such dire punishments, it is highly probable that most Muslim women would not dare report these attacks, even if they need medical attention.

    With such laws, it’s no surprise that rapes have become a part of Muslim culture. During the “Arab Spring” in Egypt, hundreds of women were raped in Tahrir Square by those Egyptians who were glorified in the West as “fighters against the cruel dictatorship of Mubarak” and who then voted for the Islamist Muhammad Mursi and made him the President of Egypt. Then, just 13 months later, those same Egyptians again crowded into Tahrir Square and enthusiastically supported the military coup against Mursi “for democracy”– and in just four days raped 130 more women on the way to that democracy.

    In Darfur, rapes had become the true Weapon of War, and the number of raped women and girls was in the thousands. The same happened in Bangladesh. Author Ibn Warraq’s book, Leaving Islam: Apostates Speak Out, provides the testimony of Muhammad ben Abdullah whose reflections on the massacres committed in Bangladesh in 1971 give a glimpse into this Muslim world of rape. Both Ibn Warraq and Ben Abdullah are pseudonyms because speaking out against Islam, especially from an apostate, can be deadly. Ben Abdullah renounced Islam and became an apostate after seeing the crimes committed by Muslims in Bangladesh.

    He writes: “I saw a well-equipped invading army indiscriminately killing millions of civilians and raping 200,000 women. Eight million uprooted people walked barefoot to take refuge in a neighboring country. The institution of Islamic leadership supported the invading army actively in capturing and killing freedom fighters and non-Muslims and raping women on a massive scale. Each of 4,000 mosques became the ideological powerhouses of the mass-killers and mass-rapists. And these killers and rapists, these Islamists, were the same people of the same land as the freedom fighters and raped women. That was the civilians of Bangladesh and the killer army of Pakistan in 1971. All the Muslim countries and communities of the world either stood idle or actively sided with the killers and rapists in the name of Islam. The message was clear. Something was very wrong, either with all the Islamic leaders or with Islam itself.” (page 294)

    In Syria, women were raped by both governmental troops and by “fighters for democracy” from Al Qaeda and other Islamist groups.

    The truth is that raping the enemy’s women has become a part of Muslim warfare since Muhammad started his conquests.

    Waqidi was a devout Muslim who sincerely admired the prophet Muhammad. But he was also a historian and one of the best experts on early Islam. In his book Kitab Al Maghazi, he describes the following episode:

  99. Abdullah

    Bani Mustaliq was a branch of the tribe of Khuza’ah who were the neighbors of Quraysh, the tribe of the prophet Muhammad. They were a free Arab tribe, not Jews or Christians. In the sixth year of the migration, Muhammad, under the invented pretext that Bani Mustaliq wanted to besiege Medina, took his gang of the Muhajirs (emigrants from Mecca who followed Muhammad to Medina; also called “Companions”) and the Ansar (those of the people of Medina who joined Muhammad and became Muslims), and attacked Bani Mustaliq by the Well of Marysi’. As a result of the “bloody battle,” ten men of Bani Mustaliq and one of the Companions were killed, gaining Muhammad a triumphant victory over the “idolatries.” Consequently, a large booty fell to the hands of the army of Islam, and the women of the enemy were an important part of that booty.

    You may have supposed that Muhammad, described by Muslim scholars as ”the most merciful of all men,” immediately ordered his army to show mercy on them, but the truth is that he did not.

    The troops composed of the first Muslim “saints” and “martyrs,” and commanded by Muhammad in person, started to rape 200 women whose husbands were not dead, and were in fact only a few feet from the site of the rapes. I repeat: 200 captured women of the tribe (expressly said to be free women and not slaves, “kara’im al ‘Arab”, Halabi ii 296) were raped by Muhammad’s men with his full consent! And what did “the most perfect of all men” do? He recommended to his men the means to prevent conception! To make the situation even more cynical, the Muslims, when they got bored of Bani Mustaliq women, made the husbands buy back their raped wives.

    That was really a great idea! Such a wonderful method of raising funds for the “Sacred War” could come only to Muhammad’s clever head! First attack the free Arab tribe, then rape their women, then make the husbands pay ransom for letting their raped wives free, and on this money, organize the bandit raid on another Arab or Jewish tribe where the cycle will continue.

    Now I understand how Islam spread so fast in Arabia!

  100. Manny

    This is why we need the caste system. This way we can treat the Arabs as untouchables.

    Caste system is pretty useful you know.

    • Manny

      Personally I think its the goat herding culture of the middle east.. you know christianity and Islam that makes people stupid/.

      Hey whatever floats these christians Muslims peasants…who cares!

      You know what I mean. I look at these two as untouchables anyway.

    • WA

      They may be Pakistani of whatever religion but they still are very much closely related to Asia or Oriental Asian race or Asian culture of this century. Look at the map and see how close is Pakistan to China and India. I am sure those Asians who behaved badly deserved to be called Asian too.

  101. Jones

    Yeah I can see that. Robert Lyndsay has his own caste system with his white people at the top, and yet he is always critical of India. However, he is the leading racist on the net so it normal. Oh he is getting ready to pull the “bye hindu lever.” His temperature is rising. The siren on his computer is buzzing. Ahhhhhhhhhh Bye…………

  102. loonw

    Palestinians have the highest literacy rate amongst arabs and hold the highest phds per capita in the world GOOGLE IT its well known even the west knows this from mahmoud darwish to edward said and many many more!!!!!

    • loonw = Loonwatch

      I did google it. Turns out you are completely full of shit. Jews are 1,000,000 smarter and more successful than Arabs and Palestinians.

      • Pacer

        Obviously, that guy is simply just not correct.

      • Lady Matilda

        Jews are a lot smarter than persians too. Iranians as they call themselves nowadays can not even build a nuclear bomb. The Jews did it in the last century and that is what knocked Japan out of the war. What is about you guys? I was on a white nationalist web blog recently and they have a whole thread about how you want to be white; what pitiful nation of brown men chanting ” Death to America” you have become.Even India and Pakistan have nukes. Not you guys. Ask the Jews for some technical help. Go on why dontcha!

        • They’re still 1,000 thousand times smarter than Arabs! Ever drive an Arab made car? NO! Ever heard of an Arab scientists? NO! They’re all Persians and Jewish! BAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH!!!!

          Arabs are SO STUPID!!!

  103. Pacer

    Ok then, you go dubai. You would see the buildings near the road, but then you would see desert in back of the building, fully empty.

    Not to mention that UAE has actually managed to get much more debt than Brazil, just go by Debt Per head. It’s way tooo much.

    • Lady Matilida

      “They’re still 1,000 thousand times smarter than Arabs! Ever drive an Arab made car? NO! Ever heard of an Arab scientists? NO! They’re all Persians and Jewish! BAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH!!!!

      Arabs are SO STUPID!!!”

      Just look at the response. No I have not driven a arab car. I have driven Ferrari camel though when I went on holiday to Tunisia. And neither have I driven a Persian car. They just do not meet western standards so we do not bother with third world copy cat trash. Never seen one on a western road. Even the oil rich arabs do not want one. They love Volvos, Mercedes, and Bugatti etc etc.

      You non-whites are all the same. Oneupmanship against the other non whites. Persian scientists can not even put a nuclear bomb together. No they need help from Russians (whites) and North Koreans (Asians) and then along comes the Stuxnet virus (from America and Isreal) and they are running around trying to figure out what is going on. You non-whites are all the same. Guess what the Pakis and the Indians have at least built a nuclear bomb. And guess what they live in a slum without sanitation! Maybe they had a few text books they read about western science while they lived in that ol’ slum and put the info to some use.

      Get off your ass and show us what you can do. Oh you can’t, but you post trash on the net! I know, next you will whip some scientist no one has ever heard of from your ass and boast about some glorious mythical time just like the arabs do. Get over it. In the present you are nothing but “Death to America” chanting brown men who can not build a bomb. Maybe all that inbreeding with the cousins has dealt your brains the curse of microencephalisation. Read about. In the west we know all about that malady and try to help you people, but of course you guys always know how to be sensitive and will not let a doctor interfere with your primitive culture. Keep with the sensitivity and white doctors will laugh behind your backs as you bring more inbreeds into the world.

      • Manny

        ” In the west we know all about that malady and try to help you people, but of course you guys always know how to be sensitive and will not let a doctor interfere with your primitive culture. ”

        How far would the west have gone with science if all you had was I, II, III, IV, V X IIV etc?

        Ha Ha Ha!

        • Lady Matilda

          Quote from Manny: “Ha Ha Ha!”

          The laughter of the damned. You are damned to live in slums and yet you laugh. The laughter of the damned will not save you. Unless you get on board (the whole of non white society) with western science, you will continue to laugh the laughter of the damned. You will continue to live in your various non-white past tense worlds where your present degradation of stupidity and poverty is not so great. Keep living in the past tense worlds non-whites. These long dead worlds are the only place where you can live to console yourselves with regards to your present failures.

          I take it you are from India and yet India has not even managed to send a manned mission to space! Get with it! Stop living in the past.Well at least you have the bomb! But you are still backward. You need to learn a bit more of the “white man’s magic” before you get level (or not)! Koranic science will not help you. Go to the white man and pay him respect; keep going to his universities and learn deeply from the well of his knowledge. This is the only way forward for you.

        • Manny

          Don’t worry lilly white Matilda,

          We Indians and Chinese are going to fk all you white people and in a few 1000 years, Lilly white people would be no more..except maybe in some far corner of the world hiding away from the rest of us.

          But like virus, we would be onto you we are destined to corrupt your wonderful race…and that is our manifest destiny. We will make up with sheer numbers even if we are dumb and not so bright as the white race!


          😛 .

        • Ambrose D. Roger

          Numbers don’t mean shit against a superior race. 300 English defeats 4,000 Zulu, 1,000 Europeans defeat 100 million Native Americans, 300 Spartans hold off the entire Persian army for 3 days, Mongols 1/50 the size of the sand nigger Arabs demolish them. Yeah, you dirty Hindu Indian slumdog bitch, you Indians and Chinese are not going to overwhelm us.

        • Manny

          Dream On.

          Whites are going to be minority in the US pretty soon.

          Oz is going to be Chinese for the most part.

          Britain is now being owned by the P0rkies.

          Only Western Europe we are behind.. Whats up with the liberals of Europe…come libs, open the door wider …will ya!


        • ale

          Indians are not Caucasians at all, most Indians have skin as Dark as Blacks from Africa, many of them want to be color White like Europeans, and their eyes and hair are Black, like the hair and eyes of Mongoloids, they have common traits with Africans and Mongoloids, at least East Asians can look good with artificial light hair, because their skin is quite light, Black Indians would look ridiculous with light hair ; P

        • Ambrose D. Roger

          Ale, you are a stupid whore that classifies race by skin color. Is an albino nigger a white man? No. Is an albino chink a white man? No. If a gook goes to the beach and tans like hell and curls his hair, is he a nigger? No. Indians are Caucasians (though I fucking hate to admit it) because of genetics. Skin colour has very little to do with major races. Indians may not be white people but they are Caucasians all right. And I am still LOLing at “Asians look good with dyed hair.” The fact that chinks dye their hair means they want desperately to be white, they will do anything to be part of a superior race. You stupid little slut, go back to sucking my cock.

        • ale

          If Indians are that caucasian ? why they lack LIGHT eyes at least? i won’t count anymore light hair, because is not that common in Europeans neither and Australoids also have that trait, but again Indians are all the same looking black eyes, there is a HUGE genetic difference , light eyes(including light-mixed eyes) in Europe are at least in Serbia, Bulgaria(28%); Spain(25%); Georgia, Portugal(23%); Albania(20%); Turkey and Greece(18%); In the Middle East 18% in Lebanon, 15% in Armenia, 13% in Israel but India is less than 1% light eyed : D , they are Black, Black ,Black to me.

        • Manny

          We are Black and we are proud! 😛

        • Manny

          BLACK POWER! 😛

        • Ambrose D. Roger

          Caucasians do not have light eyes. WHITE Caucasians have light eyes. There are white Caucasians and non white Caucasians you ugly little slut. Indians are genetically seen as Caucasians, only a butt ugly little whore like you would deny the legitimacy of genes. Albino niggers have light eyes, so are albino niglets Caucasians? Stupid fucking 2 cent call girl.

        • TRASH

          You will still be some Brahmin or Khatris runner in 25 years when Indian is a Third-rate superpower like Russia with a War in the North you middle-caste chest-thumping Indian cricket-loving Gori-lusting little Dravidian slob.

          Primitive culture? Whites invented the outhouse at least.

          Chinese loathe you as evidenced by Singapore so I doubt that you can look to them for solidarity in the world of Asian Superpowers.

  104. Manny

    One thing though the Arabs and the Middle East Muslims have done right… In keeping christianity away. I totally admire them for fighting christianity and not allowing the christians converting them

    The idiotic Indians with their low IQ and slave Gunga Din mentality (PArticulalry the Malayalees and Bengalies) are cowards.

    Hindus ought to learn from Muslims in how to fight christianity.


    • Monkey D. Luffy

      in Iran besides Islam ,the only allowed religions are Judaism, Christianity and Zoroastrianism, but Hinduism is not. They like more Christians than Hindus.

      • Manny

        Thats why they are going to get bombed. 🙂

        • Yah Dude…That’s it.

        • TRASH

          Persians have run India for 3,500 years if accept the fact that upper-castes came down to India to become Brahmins, Jains, Khatris and Parsee leaving a mixed-group of morons like you in the middle with some real dark ones down South.

          Most of your high-culture is Persian because before they “poured-the-pork” to your Australoid female ancestors you were shoving needles in your skin on a coconut tree.

      • in Iran besides Islam ,the only allowed religions are Judaism, Christianity and Zoroastrianism, but Hinduism is not.

        That’s not surprising or shocking at all. Islam, from its inception, always tolerated (even if they discriminated against) “people from the book” (ie. Christians and Jews). Zoroastrians were also considered honorary people of the book.

        So long as they paid their special tax and knew their place, they were left alone to practice their religion.

        • Manny

          “So long as they paid their special tax and knew their place, they were left alone to practice their religion.”

          I believe christians and muslims should pay such a tax to practice their faith in Dharmic India.

        • Not exactly right, BAG…Zoroastrians are really only considered “people of the book by Shia and non-Arab Eastern Sunni schools…But mostly by Shias.

          As for Hinduism in Iran, it ain’t band. I recall there being a temple somewhere in the South. Sikhs and Hindus have always been tolerated…Just not as converts from Shiaism. Anyone claiming otherwise is probably a whiny Hindu Indian playing the victim card.

    • Lady Matilda

      Ambrose D. Roger you said it.

      These non whites are clueless. They always go for numbers. Way back, as you said,the Persians were defeated by the Greeks and they still do not learn. Later on the Arabs imposed their bababrian cuture on their fellow barbarian non whites in Persia, who had already tasted being defeated by superior whites.

      And now thousands of years later all the other non-whites, like Manny, still still think having lots of stupid people is all they need. They can not even learn from each others mistakes!

      They need brains and of course it is always a catch up operation as they need to learn from the whites. They are always behind. They never seem to get ahead. Even in the Space race, once the whites showed them how then they sent a man into space. India still has not got there yet, but still they have got a viable space programme. Just catching up with the whites! Just like the Chinese! I believe the Chinese managed to do the programme of getting a man into space recently. Lots of people with lots of catching up to do.

      Of course some people like the Arabs and Iranians and Afghans, and Blacks and Aboriginals in Australia and…. will never have a space programme, in order to even attempt to explore the destiny of mankind in space. So you have two types of non-whites. Those that attempt a catch up and succeed to a a degree and then the complete failure non whites! Compared to whites they are all failures in any case! But at least, to be fair, a distinction can be made.

      • WA

        I am sure those many non-whites are desperate to catch up, but I sure hope they won’t contaminate the White world with those typical non-white filth or typical non-white horrible characteristics.

    • TRASH

      Christians are not too interested in India, Manny. It offers nothing but tea and disease. The Brits got bored and left because middle and low-caste Indians are incapable of self-improvement.

      Keep letting your leaders distract you from your own poverty with Nationalism and go down to Goa feeling pangs of jealousy as you see the rich Goras on the beach with their pale Gori girlfriends while you jerk off in a bush.

      Privately you hate the color of your skin and your salary and your short penis which does not satisfy Desi girls like our longer Gora ones.

    • TRASH

      Christians and Parsees do moderately better in Indian society than your average Hindu so that will not happen.

      Hindus fight Muslims and riot occasionally, what’s your point? Muslims drove Hindus out of Kashmir which is the only scenic part of India with people that look sort of white…but they ain’t bright and have to sell drugs in Goa.

      Want to hear more about what a GORA WHO HAD TO LIVE IN YOUR COUNTRY SAYS ABOUT IT?

  105. Manny

    Poverty significantly saps our mental abilities say researchers

    So the leftist congressi tyrants of India have ruled India 90% of the time and have been responsible for 800 million crawling on the floor in dirt and have gone mentally insane that they are raping and running around peeing and pooping.

    But the liberal left congressie and the Bengalies and commi Keralites don’t seem to have one ounce of shame.

    • TRASH

      Kerala became Communist because black Dravidian people got “Native American Indian” about being treated like dog shit by people whose Aryan ancestors came from Afghanistan or wherever and kicked out the Brahmins.

      Nairs rejected Hinduism my little Babu tea boy.

      Bengali women make great prostitutes and porn stars so power to them (I’m a Gora who has been paying Desi women for sex all my life).

      • Exactly. Earlier, there were FIERCE SWEBIAN OR SAVARNA high lords, who had designed a system of warrior culture. Over the years, after their extinction, fake people came into it, and that’s when the brachid people took control.

        The ancestors of these indians are in reality, mayans, aztecs, and all those type of ‘ameriindians’.

      • //Bengali women make great prostitutes and porn stars so power to them (I’m a Gora who has been paying Desi women for sex all my life).//

        ugly shits, worse than mestizos.

        indian males and females stand no chance in anything, be it inventions, looks, morality, they are a GARBAGE.

  106. Angelina. Mufasa

    Some comments here are terrible…first the Indian people have various skin colors…and the color of ones skin should never define who a person is and what they can achieve in their life.

    • ale

      As a proud White girl, i am ashamed of Indians, because they are Caucasians too yet they have worse malnutrition than Africans!!! they treat women worse than Africans !!! acid attacks are common in India, they are more violent than Africans !!! they suffer worse terrorism than Africa, and China has about the same population as India and Chinese are 3 times richer than India!!! such a shame for Caucasians, anyways, most Indians are Black skin like Africans, and even the Indians who aren’t Black skin at all, still have Black eyes and hair like Negroids and Mongoloids ; ) they aren’t like us at all

      • Ambrose D. Roger

        Again, classifying race by skin colour, you dirty heathen whore. Just because Michael Jackson had surgery doesn’t mean he stopped being a queer gay nigger who touches little boy’s dicks like he always was. Just shut the fuck up and get back to sucking the white man’s dick.

      • Lady Matilda

        I am a proud white woman. Ale why do you give a damn about non-whites? They are all the same. Be a proud white woman who loves her western culture. These Asians,Africans etc are all non whites. Keep the distinction in mind. The world is split between whites and non-whites. Once you are born into the bracket of the most successful and beautiful race in the world, the rest can go to hell or at least try and catch up with us.

      • Jeff

        Race is only anus deep. Caucasians did not evove from negroids or mongoloids.

    • Ambrose D. Roger

      Angelina, like Ale, you are another slut who thinks we give a damn about skin colour. Fuck skin color, race is classified by skull shape and genetics. Skin color never had anything to do with it. Albino niggers are still niggers regardless of their fucking skin color.

    • WA

      The comments are not terrible when one see those black side caused most of the filth, hardship and insecurity in the world.

  107. owcch

    Vanity Height is classed as the distance between a skyscraper’s highest living space, and what is considered its architectural top.

    The 10 worst offenders, with unused space ranging from 27 per cent up to 39 per cent: five of them in Dubai.

    The skyscraper with the greatest Vanity Height was found to be the iconic Burj Al Arab in Dubai.

    It is architecturally 1,055 feet tall, yet the top 405 feet is ‘useless’ and without this unused space, the skyscraper wouldn’t qualify as supertall.

    Creating lots of these kinds of structure is what Dubai does best. It is the exact equivalent of the bling bling that rappers wear on a grander scale. It is just for show. It is a waste of money.

    Money that could have been used more effectively on Jihad, investments, buying filipinos slaves, bribing politicians to hunt down and demonise anyone who says anything against Islam, funding islamic studies at Universities, building mosques and madrassess, infiltrating government offices, broadcasting islamic TV, pushing halal meat on unsuspecting populations etc. This is how Allah wants money to be spent. Instead the silly Arabs throw it away. Use it to defeat the zionist enemy/ western enemy instead of building towers. Now that is the halal use of money. These arabs will, Inshallah, be thrown into hell!

    • Wendy Worthorne White

      Dubai needs to get some people into those spaces at the top of those skyscrapers and use the space for knitting. Knitters could knit some nice things up there. They have the space. They could knit nice little hats for the top of the skyscrapers in a Rasta style. Whoops! can not do that as that is not halal but maybe not in a Rasta style but more of a arab style head gear style and that would give those towers the finishing touch they need. Yarns of wool could of naturally be stored their for further knitting adventures. It would get one away from the foul stench of sewage from the lower depths of Dubai:

      The country’s once-pristine coast, which is dotted with six star hotels and exclusive resorts, has been transformed into a foul-smelling health hazard in recent weeks.

      The state of the beaches have become so bad that a stretch of the exclusive Jumeirah Beach – a magnet for Western tourists and home to a string of expensive hotels – has been closed.

      “It’s a cesspool. Our tests show too many E. coli to count. It’s like swimming in a toilet,” Keith Mutch, the manager of the Offshore Sailing Club, told the Times.

      His club has posted warnings about the danger of entering the polluted water and has been forced to cancel regattas.
      The state of the beaches is a blow to Dubai’s reputation as an international holiday destination offering almost guaranteed sunshine and sparkling seas.

      But it is not clear who is to blame for their deterioration. Local authorities have been criticised for failing to stop lorry drivers dumping human and industrial waste into the ocean, but the rapid development of the coast in recent years, in an attempt to capitalise on the tourist market, has also contributed to the mess.
      Mr Mutch first detected the sewage during a walk on the beach last summer. “The stench was unbearable and the water was a muddy brown. There was toilet paper in the sand,” he told the paper.

      He traced the sludge to a storm drain that was spewing effluent into the sea. He followed the drain several kilometres inland to the Al Quoz industrial area, which houses the factories that have helped to fuel the city’s rapid growth.
      There he discovered that dozens of sewage lorries carrying human waste from Dubai’s 1.3 million inhabitants emptied their tanks into storm drains such as the one leading to the sailing club.

      From the telegraph (UK) 2009

      Hey arabs get your shit together and I do not mean the Rasta style smoking kind! Or maybe you were high when you built your towers and forgot to make use of the top layers and forgot to plan for the sewage disposal of Duba on the ground level.

      I think you guys were high!

      • abdul

        Psychopathic people and behaviour are found within all cultures and religions. But one tops them all — by many lengths– Islam. The daily mass killings, terror, persecutions and family executions committed by the followers of Islam are nauseating, and the ingenuity behind the attacks — always looking for new and more effective ways of killing and terrorising people — is astonishing: beheading someone on the streets of London with a meat cleaver, hijacking jumbo jets and flying them into skyscrapers, hunting unarmed and innocent people with grenades and automatic rifles in shopping malls, planting bombs in one’s underpants, using model airplanes as drones, attaching large rotating blades to pickup trucks and using them as human lawn movers, killing family members with acid or fire, hanging people publicly from cranes in front of cheering crowds, widening one’s anus in order to insert a bomb with which to kill a Saudi prince etc. It makes one ask oneself: what creates such lack of empathy and almost playful and creative attitude towards murdering perceived enemies?

        Well it is certainly not the asian people building Dubai who do all this stuff.They are the slaves. Need slaves for the hard physical labour, but the rest of the infidels who are not so useful can be creatively killed. And as for the creativity with regards to the buildings, well Western Architects can be hired for that.

        Creativity in islam does seem to revolve around killing and when it does not revolve around that, then people get paid to be creative on behalf of the rulers of Dubai or other oil rich sheikdoms.

  108. Get Cooking!

    For at least three decades, rural migrants and slum dwellers searching for ways to survive and improve their lives have colonized lands in and outside the big Iranian cities. Silently, away from the eyes of the authorities, they build shelters and organized communities.

    But how good is their cooking? Slum cooking can be a healthy and tasty feast and I for one, having tired of my life as a three Michelin star chef in the west, recently made a trip to enjoy the slum cuisine of the persians.

    The slums of Southern Iran are particularly good at cooking and I found roasted unbeliever on the menu in one of the roadside squats. This was an American captured and roasted with spices normally used for chicken or tandoori chicken. This roasted tandoori unbeliever was an eye opening part of the the Death to America social meet up after friday prayers. As I was with a film crew (we pretended we were Bulgarians on a mission to learn about the peace and love of Islam, plus we brought a one year child with us who claimed rescued from the Jews!)

    Now what has all this got to do with UAE and the Arabs? The dessert was a roasted Arab from the UAE!!! He was kuffar or unbeliever too as he was Sunni muslim and not Shia. At this point they started to question us about our beliefs and we said we were All love the Shia. They are ace! We made our documentary and flew out the next day! What a trip!

  109. Don't cook me, I just came to get my money back!

    The emirate survived its 2009 debt crisis largely by restructuring obligations of state-linked firms, pushing them several years into the future. Many of those obligations will come due between 2014 and 2016, saddling Dubai with tens of billions of dollars of payments.

    In May 2015, for example, Dubai World will be required to repay a $4.4bn loan from banks.

    Things are going to get interesting as asset sales will have to be made to make up the shortfall. The end is nigh for the glitzy world of bling bling Arab style. You can not postpone the inevitable payment dates for ever!

    A tiny little place with this kind of debt is unsustainable in the long term.Things are also unraveling in big neighbor Saudi as well, but that is another story of old oil well pumping out less and less oil per year. Ten years from now when the crisis is full blown we will have a very different world in the Middle East in comparison to the bling bling arab style one we are used to seeing. Ten years is nothing. We live in interesting times!

    Tourists to these oily middle east places must beware, as these people you are visiting, may eat you, due to their slum cuisine being added to by the Roasted Unbeliever menu selection in the slum eateries of these places!

  110. randomrandom22

    I think blacks are more laidback and lazy, also they are more aggressive -all those are probably genetic traits. It is like maoris in new-zealand, they have pretty high IQ but still they commit a lot of crimes… mostly because they have “warrior-gene” and some other genes..

    Arabs are maybe not the most smartest people but they seems to be pretty hardworking.. thats how they created dupai.

    • WA

      Most mixed arabs in this century still have lots of black genes. In fact it is scary to read about so many young White female died in arab countries. And the fact that those arabs treat foreign workers like slaves itself is a crime. In fact arabs and asians are one of the most laziest and exploitive
      non-white groups.

      • White whores actually aren’t the number one, or even number two type of prostitutes the Gulf Arab like to fuck, according to the Christian Science Monitor…I bet you’re way to stupid to guess who number one is. 😉

  111. WA

    The less black genetic trash the White world have, the better it is for the White world.

  112. DHL

    The Ultimate in Outsourcing: “Suicide Bombing” ; Hope Pakis take up the offer.

  113. Reseonable man


  114. just saying

    arabs did not create dubai, it was built by indians.

    • More like Indian/South Asian Muslim slaves/laborers being directed by European and Asian architects at the behest of forwarding thinking Gulf Arab Sheiks…Oh, and Hindus get to drive the cabbies and clean the toilets! 😀

      • Pony

        Four UAE residents have been featured by Forbes magazine in its latest ranking of the Richest Indians, with the Dubai-based Landmark Group’s 62-year-old founder-owner Micky Jagtiani ranked at No. 13, with a net worth of $5 billion.

        Forbes estimates Yusuff Ali’s net worth at $1.6 billion, up from $1.5 billion last year, although he has dropped in the Forbes Richest Indians’ list from No 35 last year to No 40 this year. “Born in a small Indian village, MA Yusuff Ali immigrated to Abu Dhabi in the 1970s to join his family’s trading business,” says his profile by Forbes.

        “His first LuLu store opened at the peak of the Gulf war as purveyor of value-for-money goods. Nowadays his flagship $5 billion (revenues) LuLu Group International has 106 retail outlets in the Middle East, Africa and India. Plus it opened its first mall in southern city of Cochin where he also has a stake in its airport, 2 Marriott hotels and a Grand Hyatt hotel. He lobbied the Abu Dhabi government for a crematorium for Hindus and now heads committee that runs it,” the magazine says.

        Sunny Varkey makes his debut this year on the Forbes Richest Indians’ list with an estimated net worth of $1.4 billion. “Son of Indian expatriates who went to Dubai in 1959, Sunny Varkey never went beyond high school himself. In 1980, he took over management of his parents’ Our Own English School and transformed it in three decades, doing everything from laying bricks for school buildings to driving the school bus,” the magazine says in his profile.

        Last but not the least, NMC’s BR Shetty has improved his standing among richest Indians from No 97 last year to No 72 this year, with Forbes estimating his net worth at $880 million, up from $540 million last year.

        “Middle East tycoon BR Shetty, who got a start as a pharma salesman, migrated to Abu Dhabi in 1973 with $8 in his pocket and a load of debt back home,” the magazine profiles his humble beginnings. “[He] went on to build a healthcare and financial services empire. His NMC Healthcare, the region’s largest integrated private health care provider, listed in London last year,” says Forbes.

        “His money transfer firm UAE Exchange, that helps Indian expatriate workers send money back home, has 700 offices in 31 countries. It has applied for a new banking licence. Shetty owns an apartment on the 100th floor of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa and a fleet of limousines,” the magazine says, painting a flamboyant picture of a man with very humble beginnings.

        Just a few of the fifty richest indians in the gulf, all rolling in hundreds of millions or in the case of six business men, in the billions of dollars. I wonder how many of your Iranian people have that kind of influence in the Middle East. The only influence you have is the death to america chanting party after prayers every Friday. And do not forget the PITIFUL LAMENT: “I want a nuclear weapon like India and Pakistan but we are too STUPID to conjure one up!”

        • Ah…It looks like I made our little Hindoo upset…Poor little Hindooooo. 😦

          At least America and the UAE let little Hindoos in, since Hindoos can’t seem to do much in their own shitty country(s). 😀

        • Paul

          I find it interesting that despite the recent history of Detroit and the UAE people have not looked at the historical aspect. The writer Robert Lyndsay in his opening remarks paired the two in order to understand them and then mentioned the historical aspect in passing with regard to the expression of Detroit and the UAE we see today;but let us take a closer look.

          Firstly we notice that the area of Detroit:In 2010, the city had a population of 713,777, more than a 60 percent drop down from a peak population of over 1.8 million at the 1950 census, indicating a serious and long-running decline of Detroit’s economic strength.

          Why is this the case. One of the reasons is White flight. But previous to this the Detoit was a place where whites showed their strength
          “By the 1920s the city had become a stronghold of the Ku Klux Klan, an organization committed to white supremacy.”

          However, as blacks emigrated from the south to look for work the demographics changed and after the Jim Crow era ended in the sixties riots took place in 1967. Many people dies and many were injured. This and the fact that efforts to desegregate housing cased forced a steep decline in the tax base as white families left for the suburbs.

          The Unions and the big car companies fought each other and the rising cost of building cars in Detroit made it difficult;and plants shut down and work moved overseas.

          Meanwhile the projects had been built and occupied by blacks where black gangs selling drugs fought for supremacy against each other and then of course against the authorities.

          The UAE is a little easier to understand. It In 1962 Abu Dhabi began to export oil. This provided the revenue but not the manpower for the development. In this case European descended western whites moved in as technocrats and managers to oversee the development. Slave workers from Asia also began to arrive and so we saw a population change.

          In 2009, Emirati citizens accounted for 16.5% of the total population; South Asian (Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi) constituted the largest group, making up 58.4% of the total; other Asians made up 16.7% while Western expatriates were 8.4% of the total population.

          However, as has been previously noted some of the Asians rose to high ranking positions and in six examples, from India, even became Billionaires. However, they occupied a smaller niche at the top than did the white westerners who ran the place for the Arabs, who became increasingly isolated in the UAE, and this pressured them to revisit their origins, in their hearts and minds, in order to stablise themselves in this turbulent sea of change.

          So the common link: Whites leaving Detroit, with a collapse in the tax base for the local government. Western Whites arriving in UAE as managers and technocrats to oversee the development taking place. This is the most important common change we see. White western movement. It has made all the difference.

      • Pepperoncini

        When I lived in Abu Dhabi, the vast majority of taxi drivers were Pathans. Pathans also made up a sizeable % of construction and infrastructure workers,

  115. Paul

    It appears that the dynastic realm in Dubai and in the whole of the middle east is a hangover from the past and it functions quite well. Religion is also a hangover from the past. In the west both of these cultural aspects of life are very very hollowed out.

    However, in Dubai, Islam functions less well than in the rest of the Middle east and is downgraded to almost the realm of the private thought in Dubai; but of course, periodically we are treated to tales of couples being locked up for kissing or women who have been raped being jailed for immodesty. These pre-modern remanants belie the glitzy in debt exterior we see of modern Dubai.

    In Detroit of course many many aspect of modernity are well established. A woman can get real help if she is raped and people are not put in prison for kissing. The pre- modern culter is rampant in the middle east and it exists alongside the modernity of the material culture brought in by the west.

    In Detroit the modern culture exists alongside a hollowed out city which is rife with crime. So the level of criminality in the Midde east, including Dubai is within the context of its pre- modern barbaric culture but in Detroit it is within the realm of straightforward criminality engendered by poverty.

    • India Land of Paradice

      So how would someone who is hard core left leaning member of the Socialist Workers Party here in the UK find his bearings in a place like Dubai?

      Why is this important? Due to the complexity of Dubai different social paradigms could help. The obvious one of course is multu culteralism, but that is western at its core though Asian countries have also adopted the model but with less fervor.

      Arab supremacism in it naked core is a no no. Why?Too many races! A hesitant Arab multiculturalism with aspects of sharia? A sikh temple and churches have been built. The United Christian Church of Dubai is one for its rousing praise unto the Lord every Sunday. Try that in Saudi! So a a hesitant Arab multiculturalism with a kind of case system intertwined with sharia seems to be the model that operates: with arabs at the top, followed by whites, followed by the slaves from Asia. Some slaves as we have seen from India have broken out from bondage and have taken the reigns of big business, but the vast majority toil for their masters in silence.

      Still back to the question; I wonder how someone with such a different mind set from the average person as a member of the Socialist workers party here in the UK would make of Dubai and this complex Dubaian system I have just described. Indeed it could be said that the Dubai system is one of the most interesting paradigms for dealing with the incredible amount of social engineering which has grown so fast. I think it just about holds things together and when it does not we have the odd expose about slavery or people getting locked up for kissing. Still Dubai works both socially (after a fashion) and in terms of business. We await the Dummy’s Guide to the Sociology of Dubai.

      • India Land of Paradise

        “Egypt has made decent macro economic gains over the last 10 years and Syria remains the least hungry state in the world with an extremely efficient food distribution system”…… from the beginning period of this thread. Times change.

        Recent events have overtaken this picture. Egypt is an economic basket case and dependent on foreign aid, especially from Saudi; and with an almost complete collapse of its tourism industry; and Syria is running the latest installment of the Shia vs Sunni war and is filled with hungry refugee camps. On my train to work I see the posters asking for food aid to Syria with pictures of children in the refugee camps to help the train passengers give some money to help out.

        Still what has this got to do with Dubai and Detroit? Times change. Another few years and we may well be seeing things change in Detroit and Dubai. In fact they have changed in the course of this blog rapidly for the countries cited above at the beginning of this thread.

        • ProudFeministGirlUltraEmpoweredGirl

          Swedishy Shit ,now that i think deeply about it, your new name is really inappropiate -.-” , no way India is a Paradise the way it treats women, i don’t really like that name at all, what a joke .l.

        • Times Change

          Indeed times do change, America is now ready to become the world’s number one oil producer. Russia already rivals Saudi in oil production. Now get ready for America, thanks to the fracking revolution: From Bloomberg:

          The U.S. will surpass Russia and Saudi Arabia as the world’s top oil producer by 2015, and be close to energy self-sufficiency in the next two decades, amid booming output from shale formations, the IEA said.

          U.S. oil production will rise to 11.6 million barrels a day in 2020, from 9.2 million in 2012, as it taps rock and shale layers in North Dakota and Texas with the use of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, according to the IEA, a Paris-based adviser to 28 energy-consuming nations. The report didn’t specify an output level for 2015.

          Over the same time period, Saudi Arabian production will fall to 10.6 million from 11.7 million and Russia slips to 10.4 million from 10.7 million barrels. The figures include natural gas liquids, condensates and crude.

          Soaring shale output in the U.S. is helping the world’s largest oil consumer achieve its highest level of energy independence in two decades, cushioning it against disruptions in Africa and the Middle East. The boom threatens revenues for OPEC’s 12 members, whose production is at its lowest in two years amid political unrest in Libya and theft in Nigeria

  116. India Land of Paradice

    The macro economic gains that Turkey has made are up for unraveling as well. Saddled with debt and a bubble economy Turkey will hand over the reigns to the Kurds who have a much higher fertility. A real disaster for Turkey and the Turks but a massive gain for the Kurds.Perhaps the country may even have a new name after this demographic transition?!

    I wonder what the world will look like in just a few years time? As Iran runs out of oil and has to deal with an aging population and a fertility rate low as they come, and Saudi runs out of oil and stops exporting oil by 2030 and as hungry Egypt limps along as a child of the Saudis who will not be able to fund them forever, and Syria emerges along with Iraq emerges from the Shia VS Sunni civil war within Islam. And of course as our very own social engineering star Dubai starts to run out of oil and pays back its debts; frankly the future does look bleak.

    One bright spot or even two? Yes. Quatar is so rich it will ride out all the storms and remain fabulously rich compared to Kuwait (also running out of oil, Kuwait own the second biggest oil field, while Saudi own the biggest in the world; both own aged oil fields past the point of their maximum capacity). Kuwait the neigbour of Quatar will go down the tube along with everyone else. Qatar and the Kurds are the winnners of the Middle East not Dubai or anyone else. The rest are all going down with more militias, debt, poverty and hunger and desperation while those in Quatar continue to live high on the hog and the Kurds are able to breath free after a very long time. So in conclusion……………………………………..

    The future is bright indeed in the Middle East if you are Kurd or Quatari.

    • Peadophile Prophet

      The write Robert Lyndsay is trying to make sense of the accomplishments of Arabs and Blacks and yet leaves out the brilliant accomplishments of blacks in music. He leaves out their sporting prowess and charisma in terms of movies and TV. All things that make the world a happier and better place. Detroit birthed Motown records and from there we can bring in all the rest of the black giants of American culture.

      • Norman Longfellow

        #1 Detroit, Mich.
        Violent crime in the Detroit metro was down 5% in 2011, but it remains the highest in the country with 1,052 violent crimes per 100,000 people, according to the FBI. Home prices were off 35% the past 3 years, which is the biggest drop in the U.S.

        From Forbes. They looked at twenty US cities in 2013. The article is called
        “America’s Most Miserable Cities 2013.” See it with a pictures and it really drives home the suffering of these places.

        To top such a list, for Detroit, the city under discussion in this blog, is something. The list includes such notables as Chicago, which came in at number four. Again a lot of black people in that city.

        On a postive note wild life is making a good comeback in Detroit.

        “On Detroit’s east side, entire blocks of burned-out or derelict homes and businesses have been abandoned and bulldozed, and nature has responded by taking them back to her bosom. If you could paint out the houses and factories in the background, it would look much like the pheasant Conservation Reserve Program land in North and South Dakota.”

        Every cloud……………

  117. Negro Finder

    Detroit blacks and Arabs meet at Dearborn, which is where the largest mosque in the US is based. Dearborn, a city of 97,000 surrounded on three sides by Detroit. The Nation of Islam was first established in Detroit by Elijah Muhammad.So the islamic arab connection has travelled all the way from the Gulf to make its home in the worst city in the US.

    • Valuable

      So Negro Finder Arabs and Blacks have met in Detroit and Dearborne. But who is the most powerful in terms of political power in the US? Arabs are the most powerful. Barack Hussain, a mullato President, with two Arab names just listed as his first and middle name does not care a hoot for blacks as long as they give him the vote; and they do of course but Arab muslims are the number one when it comes to the hierarchy of victim groups. In the

      Minority Victim Value Index

      their suffering and pain is the most felt by the establishment and that grants them the political power to outrank the blacks and dominate them. Watch it play out in Dearborne. Indeed they outrank everyone.

      They rule blacks with Islam and in the influence they wield locally and nationally. The MVVI is the mechanism by which political power for minority groups is granted and the Arabs understand and use the MVVI mechanism better than blacks (backed up by billions in lobbying money from oil sales) and they will succeed in using it as blacks go further and further into the real world problems they suffer. These are actual tough problems that blacks face but these matter little to the mechanism of MVVI. The nitty gritty quiddity of problems matters little to the politicians who hear those who shout loudest about their problems; and the Arabs are masters at shouting at the top of their voices. Good luck to them. That is the way the world works and they understand and use the workings of modern political mechanisms; but blacks do not to the same degree.Politically and economically blacks are losing in the US.

      Blacks are near to the bottom economically and behind Arabs in the Minority Victim Value Index. Arabs are economically and politically ahead of blacks. Soooooooooooooo blacks could do better on both scores.

      The question for me is where do Homosexuals go in the MVVI? It is hard to figure them out. Maybe they go up and down according to events? On the face of it they are doing well and even have a hotline to the Pres himself.

      All Americans are equal but some are more equal than others.

      • Lony Pony

        The Household incomes of Arabs and African Americans will be compared in this post. The Data comes from Wikepedia:List of ethnic groups in the United States by household income

        Lebanese American : $67,264
        Egyptian American : $62,812
        Syrian American : $62,637
        Palestinian American : $55,950
        Assyrian/Chaldean/Syriac Americans : $53,471
        Algerian American : $52,815
        Moroccan American : $44,521
        Yemeni American : $34,667
        Iraqi American : $32,075

        And now the African American by way of comparison.
        African American : $38,705

        So we see Blacks on average do worse economically than Arabs and in the case of some Arabs (Lebenese) significantly so. Of course blacks do better in the sports and entertainment where Arabs achievement is ranked at close to nil. The voice of Shaggy of Scoobeedo fame was done by a Lebenese.

        In the key areas of economics; and politics via the MVVI mechanism and billions in lobbying Washington, and of buying politicians all over the US; Arab impact on the media (even ownership of media outlets like Al Jazeera and a Saudi Billionaire Bin Talal owns a 7 per cent stake in News Corp); and influencing Universities all across the US we can clearly see that Arabs are doing much better in the US than blacks.

        • Samantha

          So who is at the top of the MVVI is now established. Who is at the bottom?Indians (East and Native), Jews and White men and white women(despite the useless efforts of feminists). These groups have one real avenue for political power and that is with an alliance and representation of the leaders of the MVVI big hitters.

      • Samantha

        So true. Not all Americans are equal. Equality is a hard thing to attain. The top of the economic tree in the States looks like this. Jewish Americans are not included in this list.

        Indian American : $86,130[2]
        South African American : $81,912[3]
        Filipino American : $76,954[2]
        Taiwanese American : $73,988[2]
        Maltese American : $72,847[3]

        But the Minority Victim Value Index which values political power looks like this

        Arab Muslims

        Now a whole lot of people are out of both the political power base and the economic power base. People like the Bhutanese American who have an annual income of $17,843.

        Bhutanese Americans are powerless both in terms of numbers, economics, sports and entertainment and political representation. In the America of today people like the Bhutanese register on none of the main categories of power.

        Spare a thought for the Bhutanese Americans!

  118. Samantha

    Would it be OK if I just responded to a comment? I know I am under strict moderation.

    It concerns Proudetcetc.

    Paradise is a park like place. The name reflects the geographical features of said place.

      • Samantha

        Thank you Robert.

        The geography of said place was foremost in my mind when I wrote used that name “India Land of Paradice.”

        I came upon the name while I was sitting in my room with a conceptual artist called Pamela Bowing. She lives in Oxford and I invited her over to my place for some conceptual art work she wanted me to help her with. I photographed her sitting in a room with a black austere Victorian dress, She sat in the lotus position and looked peaceful. Meanwhile a hundred vibrators were buzzing in the room and surrounded her on all sides. I guess the name came to me at that moment because I just felt I wanted to be back in the lush vegetation of the jungles of the said place. I felt the place I was in at that moment was so….. unnatural. In any case the vibrators were timed to enter into each other in a devious geometrical way and create one large vibrator which would then take off. Again I thought I wish it would take off and deposit me in the lush jungles of the said place. But It did not do so. No. It could not do so. That would be impossible. It was not designed to carry an adult person, since the resultant rocket of the mating vibrators created a rocket of a child sized height. Instead it took off and made a whole in the roof and ended up in the garden of the next door house; and killed a terrorist who was wanted by the FBI for his work with Al Quaida . Again I felt the unnaturalness of the situation and longed to be in the natural environs of the said country.

        So that is where the name came from. It came from a rather strange but fortunate situation for which I received thanks from the FBI. I would have been featured on the programme the FBI files but the vibrators in the room created too adult an atmosphere for the programme makers so my chance for stardom did not materalise; but I had a new name and I had done some conceptual art work and I had killed a terrorist.

        • Lady Matilda

          Ok so blacks and arabs meet up in Detroit and Arabs of the US come out on top. Did you know the same pattern holds in other countries such as Mauritania. Let us swiftly take a look at Mauritania:

          “The government has expropriated land owned by black Africans through expulsion and dispossession. An ethnic cleansing campaign that began in 1989 led to the expulsion of an estimated 100,000 blacks from Mauritania. The government and army were purged of black officers. Amnesty International reported that thousands of blacks were killed, and many tortured, while hundreds of African villages in the south were demolished.

          Mauritania holds the distinction of being the last nation on earth to legally abolish slavery, which it did, with no mechanisms of enforcement, in 1981. Slavery was not criminalized until 2007, but to date there has been only one single conviction. Indeed this is one nation where owning black slaves is quite the thing to do. Why no Western protest? Mauritania has signed up for fighting terrorism! So the west leaves them alone. Also Arabs suffering is worth more so it makes sense from the mechanism of calculating when to give political concessions.”

          OK let us know take a look at those well fed well connected Arabs the Saudis, those arabs whose pain is keenly felt by the US administration of whatever hue.

          Saudi Arabia Forces Couples to Divorce over “Racial Inferiority

          Saudi Arabia only abolished slavery in 1962 after pressure from President Kennedy. JFK wanted the Saudis to hold elections. The Saudis, who weren’t as influential in American policy as they are now, gave him slavery, at least officially. Unofficially, Saudis continue to own and sell slaves, sometimes even over the internet.

          Deputy Saudi Foreign Minister Abdul Aziz Bin Abdullah, son of the king is deemed an architect of Riyad’s policy against the estimated three million blacks.

          “The Saudi monarchy bans blacks from many jobs including diplomats, judges, security officers, ministers, mayors, senior clerics, and heads of government departments,” the institute said on Sept. 16. “The Saudi Foreign Ministry bans blacks from all diplomatic positions. That’s why none of you have met a Saudi black diplomat before.”

          “The monarchy bans black women from appearing on television or working as on camera reporters, and from many low-level jobs such including school principal,” the institute said. “There is not one single black school principal in Saudi Arabia.”

          And with this background as context for present day Saudi let us take a look at a possible marriage between a black and a Saudi Arab as per the title of this piece.

          ” In three months, 14 lawsuits have been filed calling for breaking of marriages by relatives who thought the husband and the wife are not socially equal. Some judges and lawyers do believe there are merits to these claims. Many legally married couples were divorced, as an afterthought, because somebody discovered that one or the other was not good enough based on his or her bloodline.

          Before these cases reach the courts, pressure is used against both parties to divorce voluntarily. Threats of economic and social boycott is typically used. In some cases, violent acts are committed. If, however, both are resisting and insisting on staying together, then any family or tribe member has the right to take them to court.

          The judges will then call on the “less equal” party to bring his/her proofs of equality — family trees, tribal historians, documents, witnesses and others. If these evidence were not satisfactory, then it is up to the judge to order the forced separation of husband and wife.

          Custody of the children is usually given to the “racially superior” parent.”

          Folks there you have it when Arabs meets blacks, Arabs come out on top! Whether its the US,Mauritania, or Saudi. In Arabic the word for black and a slave are one and the same: Abid. I have met a Somali gentlemen at work with this name and he did not realise the meaning. I never explained it to him as politeness is the order of the day.

          Blacks make up 13 percent of the US population and 10 per cent of the Saudi population or about three million. So there is a kind of rough parity in terms of percentage population but blacks do better in the states than in Saudi.

          Any bright spots in the Saudi horizon. Yes I remember a black guy in Saudi does rank highly as a Islamic cleric, Indeed he visited the UK just recently. Since he is the only one, when he got the job of such a high ranking cleric he said it was more important than Obama getting the Pres job. Obama is a mulatto in any case and this guy is totally black and there is nothing the sun rays can do to him. It makes sense now (his comments I mean). This is all new to me and well it makes you wonder even more about just what kind of place the Saudis operate beneath the radar of the mainstream media. The pattern of slavery in Dubai is well know known and documented. But the Saudi case is kept strictly hush hush.

  119. Lady Matilda

    I just found out the guy’s name:

    Sheik Kalbani, the first black imam of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, is distinguished by his resonant voice and the soulful intensity of his Qur’anic recitation.

    He should sing some rap to show his pain:

    Too black in his ways He is gangster enough Loving the heaven sent sun rays Aint fair enough Like those non paying lurkers getting hot under those Arabian women burkas

  120. Lady Matilda

    Naturally there are gaps in the narrative of slavery in Saudi. Briefly, I will fill those gaps and leave readers to make up their minds on the issue of slavery for blacks and asians in the 21 century as practiced by the Arabs of Saudi. As blacks and asians have differing minority victim values the responses should be pretty predictable by the readers of this blog.

    Firstly, let us take a quick look from a historical angle. When rumors reached Mecca that the Ottoman Empire might be considering the abolition of African slavery and equal rights for all, the chief of the Ulema of Mecca issued a fatwa declaring “the ban on slaves is contrary to Sharia (Islamic Law)… with such proposals the Turks have become infidels and it is lawful to make their children slaves.” Ulema means a body of reputed islamic scholars. Saudi banned slavery in name only under pressure from Kennedy in 1962.

    The reason for this was that Saudi Arabia’s oil wealth eventually made slavery economically unnecessary. Early on, African slaves worked for foreign oil companies which paid their masters, but they were a poor fit for the oil economy. The Kingdom no longer needed agricultural slaves and pearl drivers; it needed trained technicians from the West and international travel made it cheaper to import Asian workers for household labor and construction than to maintain its old trade in slaves.

    The Saudis replaced the 450,000 slaves of the 1950s with 8.4 million guest workers. These workers are often treated like slaves, but they are not property and are therefore even more disposable than the slaves were. Exact numbers are hard to come by, but Nepal alone reported 265 worker deaths in Saudi Arabia in a single year. Some countries have banned women from traveling to Saudi as domestic workers following horror stories that they brought home. Ethiopia is one country that now bans women from traveling to Saudi in order to work. Other countries in Asia have followed this example of late..

    Human Rights Watch has described conditions for foreign workers in Saudi Arabia as resembling slavery.

    Now let us turn to the 3 million afro saudis.Kafa’ah, equality in marriage, is used to establish that both sides are free from the “taint” of slave blood. The blood of Takruni, West African slaves, or Mawalid, slaves who gained their freedom by converting to Islam, is kept out of the Saudi master race through genealogical records that can be presented at need.

    Challenges to the Kafa’ah of a marriage occur when tribal members uncover African descent in the husband or the wife after the marriage has already occurred. The racially inferior party is ordered to present “proof of equality” in the form of family trees and witnesses. If the couple is judged unequal, the Saudi Gazette reported, “Children’s custody is usually given to the ‘racially superior’ parent.”

    The guest workers however, if they survive the witchcraft accusations and sexual assaults, will escape back to Pakistan,India, Sri Lanka or the Philippines with a fraction of the money that they were supposed to earn. The Afro-Saudis however have nowhere to return to. Saudi Arabia is the only home they know.

    Nawal Al-Hawsawi was dubbed the Rosa Parks of Saudi Arabia when she took three women to court who insultingly called her “Abd” or slave. Nawal dropped the court case after she received an apology, but the taunt of “slave” is one that Afro-Saudis have to live with daily in Saudi Arabia.

    In Gaza, 10,000 Afro-Arabs face daily discrimination. But their pain is tiny from an political international point of view. I only just found out that they even exist. The same tiny pain index goes for white women who go to help the palastinians as part of the international and UN aid help for these much loved people the Palastinians ( whose MVVI is the highest in the world) and end up being raped and completely forgotten about as the cause of the “resistance” is so important. No one can say anything about these rapes.. No embarrassment for the cause is allowed. This secret stays well hidden. It seems like blacks and white women have a very low Minority Victim Value Index attached to them in the middle east.

  121. Zulu Lesbian Companies

    I am having some difficulty posting. It is because of the moderation. So I will try to get this post through here as I have been allowed to post here previously, and if allowed take part in the immigration to the west thread.

    Anyway, the writer Robert Lyndsay has written about two distinct groups and the reader is left to ponder the other variables in the mix. One such variable is the lack of a super state for both blacks and Arabs. If one looks at the top ten for GDP on a PPP basis (the most accurate way of measuring GDP) we see that neither the blacks or the Arabs have anything in the top Ten. America, China, India, Japan and Germany are in the top five. Other western nations, (Britain, France, Italy) and Brazil and Russia all are in the coveted top ten slots.

    Not an arab or black state in the list. The Arabs do make the top twenty as Saudi comes in at number 19, and this is recently the case. Previous years have seen it languish outside of the top twenty, though it is surely the top ten that matters.

    This matters more to Saudi than it does to blacks. Why? Previously the caliphate was vast state and the last such manifestation of this state was the Ottoman empire; and this was dismantled by the West. Memories of this linger on; and Bin Laden even mentions it is his letter to America.

    The lack of a Muslim superstate makes the Arabs yearn for past glory,especially after they see the Infidels go from strength to strength. I believe they have pressed the case right up to Obama, who is always keen to help, since he is a cultural Muslim, and perhaps yearns in his own heart for such a thing in order to calm the suffering of the arabs, who have the highest minority victim value status in the entire world. He feels their pain.

    It is the ideological and historical underpinnings of this task of establishing such a state that may have been emphasized to him by the Saudis. No Blacks have done so with regards to a black super state and he does not have that task on his to do list. In fact the Saudis have given him quite a hefty to do list but Black Africa has not! Again a vital difference in moving into the labyrinths of power between the arabs and the blacks.

    Any chance that a Muslim state could make it into the top ten? There is Turkey at number 15 but the Turkish lira is now in free fall and the economy is as indebted as Greece was during its troubles and its subsequent bailout. Turkey has failed to live up to the super state needed for islamic/arabic power. So has Saudi and so have the wealthy Arab micro states which have of course no chance at all of doing any such thing as even making it to the one trillion in GDP on a PPP basis status. Obama has not come through with his support for various Sunni Arab sharia enforcing governments (or potential governments) in Egypt, Syria, Lybia. The Arabs and the muslims must look and wonder as to where Allah is in all this by his allowing the infidels to create so many powerful states around his beloved people the Arabs and muslims; and then go and demonstrate ( usually after friday prayers).

    Blacks sadly do not even think in this way. It is a credit to the arabs to at least think in this positive up beat manner, even if they do so with a sigh; but blacks never mourn the fact that they never had a super state or ever will have. I have heard about Nigeria, being described as the giant of Africa, however, but alas that country is mired in corruption and the jihad in its north as I speak.

    No, it looks as if the hyper power multi trillion dollar states belong neither to blacks or arabs or muslims. The only two groups on earth who do NOT possess such states.

    The jews as always are a special case!

    • Zulu Lesbian Construction Company

      The fact that there is not a Muslim superstate that runs an economy worth multiple trillions is a source of suffering. It is intense and has the arabs weeping into their manly beards. Oh how the mongoloids wish they could grow such fine beards but they will have to content themselves with growing large economies like China, Japan or South Korea ranked at number two, four and thirteen in the world. Though lacking fine beards they have larger economies than any arab or muslim nation. Some individuals in these countries would trade their economies for large beards but I think the governments of these places would not.

      And yet it is the Mongoloids who are the biggest threat to Arab hegemony over the world. The Mongoloids are set to be the worlds most powerful people after the collapse of the West.

      And yet Allah owns the world and the Arabs are his favourite people. They have done so much to spread the religion of peace and yet the Mongoloid do not care. Arabs focus on the West because the West loves arabs and feels their pain. And quite rightly too. Feeling the pain of another is a good quality and is known as empathy.

      Mongoloids are a whole nuther thing as they say.The Chinese act with a complete interest in their own affairs and how to further them. The south Koreans and the Japanese put self interest above all else. They are a tough nut for the arabs to crack, though Japan has recently sent a few hundred million to the world’s best loved people the Palastinians. Still it is not a enough. Too little and too late. More will be needed. One tiny run down mosque in Tokyo will not do. I believe this tiny mosque (or mosquito) is the only one in the entire country of Japan.

      The Mongoloids of Central Asia are in a war with Islam and associate it with terrorism. All central Asian states have tough regulations when it comes to Islam. They are what in the west would be called bigots and quite rightly so. “Islam is the religion of peace” according to Bush and he was right; and “the future does not belong to those who slander Islam” according to Obama and of course he is right as well. The GOP and the Dems both agree on this one. Let us take a quick look at just two central asian nations and two fellow mongoloid nation from south asian nation, Burma and Singapore.

      In Turkmenistan they have started their own religion Ruhnama and asked Ruhanama messages to be preached in the central mosques. Islam the religion of the arabs has all but died in this mongoloid country. A former imam who refused to preach Ruhnama ended up in prison.

      Burma another bigoted mongoloid nation has put all its muslims in a camp. All of them have thus been housed following a rape jihad incident. Talk about an over reaction! What about some love and compassion for those who are completely innocent. And of course jihad is a good thing according to allah but some muslims do not like it:

      Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knoweth, and ye know not. ( Koran 2:216)

      Uzbekistan is course notorious for oppressing muslims as they do not give a damn and jail anyone with a beard!. Again they do not feel the pain of the arabs who have such fine beards and perhaps they do not even feel the pain of the palastinians. What little empathy they have for arabs and arab concerns. How concerned they are for themselves!They do not even want jihad in their country, but as the Koran says Allah knoweth and they do not.Jihad is a good thing.

      Now let us look at the city state of Singapore which has no oil whatsoever and compare its GDP per capita with that of the city state of UAE/Dubai (which is a leading oil producer),

      Singapore GDP per capita:64,584 dollars
      UAE GDP per capita:30,122 dollars

      Let us pray:

      Oh Allah why do you favour the infidels. Do not be a bigot! Show mercy and compassion to your favourite people.

      Let us pray to Allah with increased fervour. Pray like you mean it!

      May Allah show them empathy for arabs and arab causes. Inshallah! Allah u Akbar, Allah U Akbar (repeat for a couple of hours).

    • Things have changed, Indonesia is in the top ten of the new new list for GDP Purchasing power parity. The Middle East are still out of the big league. Things seem pretty bad for Iran and Turkey on that score. Check it out yourself!

  122. Zulu Lesbian Construction Company

    Running a Zulu Lesbian Construction Company can have profound social and political effects. Since Robert Lyndsay spoke about Arabs and Blacks in his article we though we would get the Arabs and blacks together at our HQ here in South Africa and get them to build something wonderful. After much thought we figured they could build a wonderful house full of sweetness. It would be a ginger bread house. We hired a group of then blacks and ten Arabs and set them to work. In two day they had completed a wonderful house and the house was featured in a local newspaper.

    For the house warming President Obama agreed to attend. When he came he was quite the dashing fellow and looked at the house in awe. If only the white house was made with such love and sweetness he said as tear trickled down his cheek. He then gave a wonderful speech about feeling the pain of the Saudi princes who did not have a caliphate and wanted one. “Have you in your heart something that you dearly want…………”he said and one of the Zulu lesbian mangers said a “Gay rights march in Mecca” and then everyone started to speak at once, much to the annoyance of the President. Finally he regained control and and he said that there is only one conversation in this room and that is his conversation. And then he paused and then he look at a a huge collection of polished stones on the floor. He said that he was going to give the stones out and everyone would stone the house as that would be a way of honoring the Arab culture as that is an important thing in their culture. After the house was stoned we could all have a piece of the house and then once we have eaten we could have a ………. someone shouted “orgy”……. and the president once again had to regain control. Once the house was destroyed and then eaten; the President lead the crowd in singing. He sang a song from the Prince of Pop with the words changed by Saudi royal command.

    Lets make the world a more Saudi place
    For you and for me and for the entire
    human race

    Micheal would have been proud. In any case not only did the Arabs work together in harmony they sang together in harmony. And is that not what it is all about. As the great man said “Can’t we all just get along.”

  123. SHI

    “I don’t get it. Arabs are dumber than US Blacks, and they create Dubai. US Blacks are smarter than Arabs, but they create Detroit. What gives?

    Whatever is wrong with US Blacks, it ain’t IQ. Their IQ ought to be sufficient to create scenes like the above.”

    Arabs did not create Dubai. Menial workers from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh (often working in near-slavery conditions) and experienced architects and engineers representing world’s best firms such as WKK Architects worked day and night to create all those massive buildings and six-lane roads you see around Dubai.

    The Arabs did only one thing: bankroll these highly expensive projects. Somehow they got lucky from the oil boom of the 60s and 70s which means a lot of cash to freely dispense with and reinvest.

    Compared to African nations, Arabs have tremendous filial loyalty to their clans, cousins and ethnic groups and as you rightly point out, the wealth distribution is fair and equal.

    Dubai is a mirage; sure, it looks all nice and beautiful on the surface but it’s like a giant fake orgasm.

    The sons of Ishmael are a hopeless lot; they cannot create anything meaningful on their own and all these countries are really failed states like Iraq, Syria, Yemen.

    Well, US blacks have created some of the BEST music we have today – where would we be without Whitney Houston, Louis Armstrong, Stevie Wonder, Tina Turner, Tupac Shakur, Pussycat Dolls, TLC and hundreds of black American (and a few Jamaican) artistes) — they played a major role in making the music scene richer.

    US blacks are perceived as “COOL” anywhere outside America.

    • Zulu Lesbian Construction Company

      J ZEE, Kanye West, The commodores etc. Too many in fact.

      • Zulu Lesbian Construction Company

        On the question of cool I can not really think of any cool Arabs…………. Oh yes I can. I believe the voice of Shaggy of Scooby doo cartoon fame is an arab from Lebanon. Now you may say well Shaggy is not that cool. Well he is ok. A scardy cat just like Scooby but you have got to love him. Even the South Koreans are not cool but they certainly try to move in that direction in these days. Actually to be a cool race is not easy. Blacks are certainly talented in this direction.

        Arabs have lots of history; and to think of coolness with regards to Arabs one source of information one can consult of course is the writings of Islam. These are vast and treasure trove of information. It could be argued the Prophet of Islam was not too cool when one studies these writings; however, he liked to stay cool since he was in a hot country.

        One day the prophet did become cool after taking a shower with urine followed by a shower of water:

        Volume 7, Book 66, Number 377:
        Narrated ‘Aisha:
        A boy was brought to the Prophet to do Tahnik for him, but the boy
        urinated on him, whereupon the Prophet had water poured on the place of urine.

        This could be the origin of the phrase “piss be upon him” which later of course became the more respectable “”peace be upon him” and is usually changed to PBUH (and more often than not in the manner I have just shown by the use of capitals). It is possible that the arab prophet was unhappy with the phrase “piss be upon him” and had it changed; but further research into the historical and theological record does needs to be made before a conclusive answer to this question can be made. The old phrase “piss be upon him” has made something of a reappearance in modern times (Google lists over 17 million 600 hundred entries); so it is important to understand (from a scholarly point of view) as to how the phrase may have originated by delving into the understanding provided by a careful study of the the historical and theological record of Islam.

      • Zulu Lesbian Construction Company

        Arabs can produce some good music. Notice the lively drum beat. Notice the invocation to Allah. At times the drum beat disappears and thus becomes music without accompaniment. What fine music for relaxation. Notice how relaxed it makes the local arabs.

    • Zulu Lesbian Construction Company

      What in sense you are saying SHI is better encapsulated in another word or words other than cool. Cool is a hard word to define. I know Samuel L Jackson is a cool guy but the point of his coolness is its unique nebulousness. So though you and I like the word cool for the sake of clarity let us use another word like human endeavour. And also a whole lot of other words like: sports, films and music.

      Now human endeavour is not related entirely to IQ. The writer Robert Lyndsay starts off his essay with this asset to a a person’s well being and says that he believes that IQ is not letting blacks down as they have sufficient. The point here is that blacks and arabs are both quite low in the IQ ranking in comparison to the leaders in this field. In America Jews rank highest at 115 and are followed by East indian immigrants at 110 points; so we see these ethnic groups at the top in terms of annual per capita dollar income.

      Now both Arabs and Blacks do not excel at this aspect of human endeavour and ability, though of course there will be exceptions (Tulio). No, Blacks excel at Sports, Music, Films and Standup. Arabs excel……………… in well nothing. Do they excel in any sport? in per capita income? in Jazz? in high tech startups ? (such as hotmail (Sabeer Bhatia),Google( Larry Page and Sergi Brin) Microsoft(Billy Gates), in fiction writing?

      In fact do they excel in any field at all? In terms of human endeavour IQ is not the total sum. However, when we introduce other things into the mix of what it means to excel as a human we see Blacks doing significantly better than Arabs.

      We could turn the tables and say why is it that Jew and Indians or whites or even the nowhere to be seen Arabs (when it comes to the heights of human achievement) never win the hundred meters! How come these human types never represent the US in the Hundred meters? So you see my point?

      Arabs are nowhere to be seen when it comes to human excellence. Jews are at the back when it comes to the hundred meters but at the front when it comes to other things like income. Blacks are in several places! Wooooooooooh! hold it! Are you allowed to be that cool? Now that is cool! Hence,when it comes to love people just love Blacks! Blacks make the world a better place! Even Jesus said about black accomplishment,(which achievement is not in the principle economic region of human endeavour):Man can not live by bread alone.

      Now I could be wrong. Maybe I am missing something. So I could be open to persuasion. Are arabs top in any field? I am not talking about Western politics (the darlings of the western elite) or oil wealth exploited for them my Westerners. I am talking about actual tangible make people’s lives better accomplishment in the modern age. Is there any field? I am thinking of Belly Dancing perhaps? Am I clutching at straws? Anything folks? Just name a field of human endeavour that makes our lives better right here right now and do not say Islam. Islam is a whole nuther thing and I must admit it has raised a few eyebrows when it comes to some of the more funny rulings by the Clergy of Islam. I have a whole book containing the funniest fatwas of Islam. So maybe humour in a weird clericall way? Am I clutching at straws again?

      • Zulu Lesbian Construction Company

        I think I have it after much thought. I have come up with something that the Arabs do in fact excel at. The origin of the Camel Beauty Contest is entirely due to the arab genius for appreciating beauty. This is a wonderful thing. It shows kindness to animals and helps us appreciate a wonderful animal: The Camel or Al Camel.

        Arabs show the way in appreciating Camel Beauty. In the UK we have show called Crufts which is about appreciating the beauty of dogs. In india, they are naturally experts in appreciating the beauty of a cow. So I guess all these countries do good work in helping the animal appreciation aspect of our lives. So back to Arabs; now that animal appreciation with regards to Camels does make the our lives better.

      • Reading through your writings, it’s seems you got some issues, honey.

        You also appear to conflate Arab, Islam and Middle Eastern into one large monolith. Ho, hum. Let me just go fire up a DVD(invented by a “Muslim” Iranian-American), play with my laser pointer(invented by a “Muslim”), read about the geology of the moon. NASA’s chief geologist for the Apollo Lunar program was an Egyptian born “Arab” Muslim. Etc, etc, etc. I could go on and on.

        It is truly mind numbing how many people of Muslim immigrant background we have here in the U.S who are scientists, doctors and engineers and now apparently lawyers, Arab or otherwise.

        It’s like Middle Easterners, Indians and South Asians are all competing to be the new Jews.

        Now, I ask you this? What the fuck have you lazy English done for the world since WWII?…You people don’t go to school to get a technical educations. You don’t bath. Never see a dentist, and tromp around the world, basking in America’s massive empirical shadow with your faggoty accents.

        The new aircraft carrier you are building ain’t even yours! The engines are French. The hull was prefabricated in Germany and Italy! The planes and electronics are American! Oh, how the mighty have fallen!

        I in fact can’t think of a single I have ever purchased in the states that was made in the U.K.

        It’s okay, though. Whenever I visit London, seeing how now most of the city is Indian, Pakistani and Jamaican, I can’t help but chuckle and laugh. 🙂

        • Zulu Lesbian Construction Company

          The first players appeared in Japan in November, 1996, followed by U.S. players in March, 1997.

          To produce DVD players, one needs to license a range of patents, owned by different companies. A number of these companies (Philips, Sony, Matsushita and Toshiba) have decided to license the necessary patents through one licensing agent. Philips has been selected to take up this administrative role. Matshusita, was the company mainly responsible for the development of DVD as it is today. Philips, one of the first companies to make CD players, was the first to make a DVD player.The invention of DVD cannot be attributed to one company.

          Related Information
          Compact Disk
          James Russell invented the disc in 1965. Russell was granted a total of 22 patents for various elements of his system.

          Optical Disc
          David Paul Gregg first envisioned the optical or laser disc in 1958 and patented it in 1969.

        • Zulu Lesbian Construction Company Wrote:

          The first players appeared in Japan in November, 1996, followed by U.S. players in March, 1997.

          Nope. You are once again full of shit. The very patent for DVD technology was developed in the mid-90’s by a professor of Electrical Engineering at UC Santa Barbara…That professor as such, an Iranian-American of nominally Shia Muslim background. His net worth as of the mid-2000’s was over $700 million. I know this, since I friends with his son, and was their when he cut a simple check for $4 million to the University of California, Irvine Persian Studies Department. 😀

          Related Information
          Compact Disk
          James Russell invented the disc in 1965. Russell was granted a total of 22 patents for various elements of his system.

          Optical Disc
          David Paul Gregg first envisioned the optical or laser disc in 1958 and patented it in 1969.

          CD and DVD tech are VERY different technologies. That is why the first DVD players did not show up on store shelves until late 1999…Stick to economics, you retarded dike…At least you can pretend not to suck at it, when in a room of cockney speaking 80 I.Q wonder monkeys.

          Besides, neither would exist without the work of this guy…

          As such, I am very busy person. If I don’t reply to you, its simply ’cause you just ain’t worth my time. Hulk Hogan beating up on a midget, is still Hulk Hogan beating up on a midget,..Cheers!

      • Christians of the Middle East are not low IQed. It’s unfair to lump them in with low performing majorities due to social construct when it’s clear they are genetically intelligent.
        They perform better than any other religion in the Middle East and here is evidence:

        “When it comes to education, Christian Arabs are among the most successful groups in Israel. In 2011, 64% of the community’s high school graduates were eligible for Bagrut matriculation certificates, generally a requirement for entry to university, while among Jews that figure was 59%, and only 48% among Muslims. The CBS statistics also showed that Christian Arabs enjoyed relatively high incomes, and were generally more prosperous than their Muslim neighbors.”

        “While Christians, including Arab Christians, fare poorly in the Muslim world, many fare well in Israel, in some measures outperforming Jews. Arab Christians graduate from high school at a higher rate than either Jews or Muslim, they score higher, and in higher education are far likelier to be accepted in medical schools. Twenty-five per cent of Israel’s Arab Christians work in academic professions, the same as Jews.”

        “They were also the vanguard in terms of eligibility for higher education. Some 56% of Arab Christians, compared with 50% of Jewish students; 36% of Druze students and 34% of Muslims received a high school diploma that met the basic demands of Israeli universities”

        • Zulu Lesbian Construction Company

          n May of 1994, Sony and Philips announced that they would be cooperatively developing a new high-density medium known popularly as Digital Video Disk (DVD) (Dwyer). This infant technology was to be the successor to compact disks (CD-ROM) for computers, and replace VHS tapes and laserdiscs in the entertainment industry. A disk the same size as a CD but with five to ten times the data capacity would be very useful indeed. The distribution of some large video games that would otherwise reside on a set of many CD’s would only require a single disk. DVD audio would be a great improvement over the already crystal clear and popular CD audio. Watching movies that would normally require you to flip sides on a laserdisc could live up to the same standards of quality, and far surpass them.

          Sony was the first to showcase its DVD technology. John Eargle described the demonstration that was held at the Winter Consumer Electronics Show in early January 1995. In his article, The great DVD debate, Eargle quickly said, “its color and sharpness were more than a match for the Laserdisc,” but his focus was on the technical specifications that had been officially announced in December (Pemberton). Because the new DVD disc would be identical in shape, size, and appearance to a CD, “minimal changes in manufacturing methods will be required for mass production” (Eargle). The increased data density of a DVD was attributed to a laser of a color higher in the light spectrum and a technology being developed with 3M that would allow the laser to be refocused to a second “layer” in the disc. Having a double-layer disc increases the capacity to 7.4 gigabytes.

          Notice 3M are behind the laser. Face it General T Sherman No one ever seems to mention a single iranian or iranian company. Only you do!

        • Zulu Lesbian Construction Company

          “CD and DVD tech are VERY different technologies.” ANOTHER CRAZY statement from General T Sherman.

          No they are not very different technologies. They are very much related. What kind of con are pulling. You say something and that makes it true!

          Prove it! You can not do so. Why?

          BECAUSE These technologies are totally related! The CD evolved into the DVD. The difference is in the mechanism that allows the DVD to hold more data. It is that simple.

        • Zulu Lesbian Construction Company

          “Nope. You are once again full of shit. The very patent for DVD technology was developed in the mid-90′s by a professor of Electrical Engineering at UC Santa Barbara…That professor as such, an Iranian-American of nominally Shia Muslim background. His net worth as of the mid-2000′s was over $700 million. I know this, since I friends with his son, and was their when he cut a simple check for $4 million to the University of California, Irvine Persian Studies Department.” Quote from General T Sherman.

          More lies. This time with no name attached.


      • Christians of the Middle East are not low IQed. It’s unfair to lump them in with low performing majorities due to social construct when it’s clear they are genetically intelligent.
        They perform better than any other religion in the Middle East and here is evidence:

        “When it comes to education, Christian Arabs are among the most successful groups in Israel. In 2011, 64% of the community’s high school graduates were eligible for Bagrut matriculation certificates, generally a requirement for entry to university, while among Jews that figure was 59%, and only 48% among Muslims. The CBS statistics also showed that Christian Arabs enjoyed relatively high incomes, and were generally more prosperous than their Muslim neighbors.”

        “While Christians, including Arab Christians, fare poorly in the Muslim world, many fare well in Israel, in some measures outperforming Jews. Arab Christians graduate from high school at a higher rate than either Jews or Muslim, they score higher, and in higher education are far likelier to be accepted in medical schools. Twenty-five per cent of Israel’s Arab Christians work in academic professions, the same as Jews.”

        “They were also the vanguard in terms of eligibility for higher education. Some 56% of Arab Christians, compared with 50% of Jewish students; 36% of Druze students and 34% of Muslims received a high school diploma that met the basic demands of Israeli universities”

        • Zulu Lesbian Construction Company

          I have to say I agree with all of what you say truthteller99. I am glad you brought up Christian Arabs. They are very different and as you say they excel in academia.

          Yes it is unfair to mix the highly intelligent christian arabs in with the muslims arabs and persians who are inbred due to marrying their cousins. This produces a condition called microencephalisation. This means that the brain is proportionally smaller than it should be for the body to which it is operationally attached. Often mild retardation is the result. Telling tall stories about inventing everything is something that both arab, persians and blacks do. Notice the video which was debunked on this blog posted by a muslim claiming the invention of just about anything. Even the plane. Step away Wright brothers the muslims sorted that one out! And now the new one is of course the DVD player!Step aside Panasonic and Philips etc etc.

          I saw this tall story telling abiltiy while growing up in the UK. I used to wonder what this amount falsehood was going to achieve. Finally, it came to me when I became older. It was all down to low intelligence.

          In the school it was the muslim who lagged behind. The indian children did fine and about three indian boys from my year even studied medicine. There were no white children in the school. However, there was a sprinkling of blacks who excelled in sports.This was how the high school was demographically made up. The teachers were all white.

          The Arabs christians have physically bigger brains than their arab or persian muslims friends.

    • Those “sons of Ishmael” as idiot SHI puts it, had the organizational and business skills to put Dubai together. That simple. The UAE in fact no longer depends on oil as it’s major export. It’s is literally the worlds business hub. When the oil is gone, the deserts of Arabia will be covered in solar panels. That is already in the doing. Europe and Asia will pure solar electricity year round, when before the relied on dead dinosaurs.

      Menial workers from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh can claim building Dubai, as illegal Hispanics can claim to Downtown LA…They’re just the hired help. Nothing more.

      I hate Arabs, yet I do not underestimate them. When Angola or Nigeria looks like the Dubai skyline, go ahead and give me a call.

      • Zulu Lesbian Construction Company

        Really William T Sherman or a Shia gentleman from Iran who are you trying to fool? Why is it noone ever buys an Iranian DVD player? I have a scientist in my family who worked on lasers in the US in the sixties maybe I should give the credit to him?!!! Really this desperate line of reasoning will not do.

        You are conflating all the advances made by Sony, Philips, Panasonic etc and a host of others and giving all the credit to one guy from Shia Iran? Really. Typical Persian bluster. I am honest in my analysis and give credit to the Companies whose DVD players I have actually used. Not some guy noone has ever even heard of.

        Your analysis is bit like the normal muslim analisis for the Renaissance and the Industrial revolution in Europe. It all due to the Muslims!! And shia Persians at that! It is usual line of reasoning and is easy to disprove. Now we see it is being applied to the DVD. Wow whatever next? Watch out Toshiba! Watch out General Electric. Watch out Samsung and Watch out Apple.

      • Zulu Lesbian Construction Company

        “Menial workers from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh can claim building Dubai, as illegal Hispanics can claim to Downtown LA…They’re just the hired help. Nothing more.” Quote from General T Sherman.

        You say you hate Arabs. You should not hate arabs. They are fine musicans. See the musical video posted in this blog.

        Now you say they are hired help. True to a degree. But this does not tell the full story. If only this fantasy was completely true for your self esteem. If only you could feel superior to this group of people. Oh how I wish I could help! But reality will not let me.

        “An influx of ultra-wealthy business tycoons from India has helped cement Dubai’s position as the city with the most billionaires in the Middle East, according to a latest index that ranks Mumbai fifth largest hub of billionaires.

        The emirate is now home to the highest concentration of billionaires in the region – there are 14 of them — and ranks 18th globally, fresh data from WealthInsight, which analysed more than 1,300”

        Here are ten indian billionaires:

        Micky Jagtiani Retail Landmark Group $4.5 bn

        Feroz Allana Consumer Goods Allana Group $4.3 bn

        Raghuvinder Kataria Telecoms Kataria Holdings $2.5 bn

        Yusuffali MA Retail EMKE Group $2.2 bn

        BR Shetty Healthcare NMC Group $1.9 bn

        Ravi Pillai Industry RP Group $1.85 bn

        Sunny Varkey Education GEMS Education $1.6 bn

        Vidya Chhabria Retail Jumbo Group $1.4 bn

        Tony Jashanmal Retail Jashanmal Group $1.2 bn

        LT Pagarani Retail Choithram $1.1 bn

        Now this list is a list of fifty wealthy indan businessmen in UAE, but these are the billionaires as noted by Arabian Business.Com. See the full list for yourself. Micky Jagtiani is currently worth six billion dollars according to the latest data from Forbes.

        From Wikepedia:

        The Gulf Medical University founded by Thumbay Moideen is an Indian contribution to the Higher Education scenario in the U.A.E. Today students from over 68 countries study in their campus in Ajman and the University is well known in the medical education circles.

        Over 35% of Indian workers in the UAE were engaged in manufacturing, transport and related professions, while 20% were engaged in professional and technical fields.

        “It’s is literally the worlds business hub. When the oil is gone, the deserts of Arabia will be covered in solar panels. That is already in the doing. Europe and Asia will pure solar electricity year round, when before the relied on dead dinosaurs” Quote from General T Sheman

        It is not the world’s business hub. The GDP on a PPP basis for the UAE is 272 billion dollars just below that of Isreal. Maybe Isreal has a higher claim on this score as it has a higher GDP PPP. Again you are living in a fantasy. Countries like the UAE do not even make it the top thirty of the world’s big economies. It is number forty seven. It makes it to the top fifty.

        It is unfortubate that you live in such fantasies. Even in the west solar power is to expensive and can only survive through generous government subsidy.; and now it is coming to the salvation of the arabs. You wish. If only it was that easy. Green energy so far has not delivered anything remotely as economically viable as what it seeks to replace. Reality again intrudes upon your fantasy life.Reality is tough teacher.

      • Zulu Lesbian Construction Company

        “Menial workers from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh can claim building Dubai, as illegal Hispanics can claim to Downtown LA…They’re just the hired help. Nothing more.”

        So there is no one from these countries who does anything other than menial work General?

        Do you have evidence of this claim? Or is this based on your on prejudice? One exception is all it takes to disprove what your wrote.

        The slavery model you are looking at is not the same as the deep south of America. It never has been. True slaves toil for nothing but there is another picture.

        What if just one person from these countries was something other than hired help? What if this person was hiring people? Indeed what if there were hundreds of people like this?

        From Forbes

        “Micky Jagtiani, who once drove a taxi in London, opened his first store in Bahrain in 1973 with a $6,000 inheritance he got after his parents and brother all died within a short period. More than four decades later, he now oversees, along with wife Renuka, the $5 billion (estimated sales) Landmark Group, a Middle East retail conglomerate with 1,500 stores in 20 countries including his native India where sales are expected to hit $1 billion this year.”

  124. ForYourInformation

    I’m a Arab, and what you are saying isn’t that true, maybe just because you are American dosen’t you mean you get to critisze us, learn more about us before you post this kind of thing onto the internet. I am really dissapointed on the people like you these days, racist people who have nothing better to do but critisize other races onto the internet.

    • The article was sarcastic, you fool.

      I am going to ban you just for being stupid. How about that?


      • Zulu Lesbian Construction Company

        A lot depends on the price of oil and something called the breakeven point. The break even point is the level at which the oil price must reach before the country can meet all its bills. For now UAE has a great break even point. It is 55 dollars for 2014. The price of a barrel of oil is just over a hundred dollars at present. So UAE may have have debt problems but overall their economy can cope. The future without oil has already been highlighted, but for now things are looking healthy financially.

        Spare a thought for Iran as their break even point for 2014 is 101 dollars. The breakeven point is financially painful bearing in mind the reduced output of oil; the slum population to the south of Tehran keeps growing; but they remain generous patrons of Hamas, Hezbullah etc.

        Data from YANAGISAWA Akira
        Senior Economist
        Energy Demand, Supply and Forecast Group
        Energy Data and Modelling Center

        • Zulu Lesbian Construction Company

          Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum is the chief executive officer of Dubai.

          Behind CEO Sheikh Maktoum are three technocrats responsible for what is called Project Dubai.

          Mohammed Al-Abbar is the head of Emaar – an enormous real-estate corporation with business interests throughout the Arab world.

          Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem manages the Nakheel construction conglomerate. Nakheel develops humongous, wow-factor-targeted projects.

          Mohammed al-Gergawi is the political mind of the al-Maktoum family. He is the man in charge of strategic long-term projects – such as the positioning of Dubai as a major global banking,tourist and service center.

          I am not sure who is responsible for the slave sector. Maybe the last guy on the list? Anybody have any information on this?

        • Zulu Lesbian Construction Company

          Concerning slavery the model is described in a genteel fashion thusly: as immigration without citizenship. And unlike Mexicans and Central Americans in the US, immigrants to Dubai totally renounce their political rights on the altar of Dubai’s economic improvement.

          This slavery is in line with Islam’s strict Salafi doctrine and a source of pious happiness due to its orthodoxy for Al Qaeda which is the hub for money laundering Salafi and Al Qaeda funds.

          The US government’s case against Zacarias Moussaoui documented how money to finance the attacks of September 11, 2001, was laundered through the UAE. During the mid- to late 1990s, the air path from the UAE to Kandahar was crammed with private jets taking Arab notables on falcon-hunting trips in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. Frequent fliers included UAE and Saudi rulers – the UAE and Saudi Arabia, along with Pakistan, were the only countries that recognized and maintained normal relations with the Taliban regime. Return flights laundered Taliban and al-Qaeda operatives.

        • I believe that analyst has about as much credible as a house flipper in October of 2008.

          For instance, 71% of UAE’s total GDP comes from non-oil sectors. Those Gulf Arabs may be bastard slave drivers, but they ain’t going away anytime soon. I see only continued growth in their future.

          I love how this fool includes “Iran” when analyzing the Arab GCC Sheikdoms. Apples and oranges. Data on Iran’s internal economic machinery is shit in the outside world…And as far as the “slums” of Tehran. Give me a break.

          Those “slums” sure look a hell of a lot better than what we here in Los Angels County.

          What next? Are you going to start quoting that brain dead “economist” for the Asia Times that goes by the names of “Spengler”? He’s been throwing around junk numbers like this for nearly a decade, saying Turkey, the GCC and Iran are all “doomed,” and only Israel has any economic future in the M.E…Sorry, but…BAHAHAAHAHAH!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

          As for Zacarias Moussaoui, I don’t believe he was guilty, nor to I believe one shred of what our government says about anything. You are right about Salafi and Wahabi assholes living it up in Afghanistan. At least in the Pashtun speaking areas.

      • Zulu Lesbian Construction Company

        William T Sherman did I not say SOUTHERN TEHRAN? If you read my post it quite specific. It is a well know fact that the slums of Southern Tehran are an established and growing feature of the urban landscape.

        I pass on the Zacarias Moussaoui as you are obviously some conspiracy theory guy. But at least we agree on the Wahabbi etc connection.

        I do not believe the GCC are doomed. I have stated elsewhere on this blog that Qatar has a fantastic future. They will live high on the hog for a long time. They simply fabulously rich.

        My concern is with Dubai and Saudi. Dubai will do well until the oil runs out. Saudi will do well until the oil runs out. Indeed a business as usual model predicts that by 2030 Saudi will be a net importer of oil! Why? Their own usage keeps growing and that means less and less for export. This model is from the Electricity generation company of Saudi and this is a well know fact in Saudi government circles; so much so that one prince has gone on record asking Allah to give their oil fields a long life! In fact they consume about a quarter of their output and consume more oil than Germany! Oil is not forever. It is like money in the bank. Once you spend it it is gone. Basic housekeeping.

        Iran is keeping it options open due to its nuclear programme,They will use the nuclear option as it will allow them to threaten the oil fields of the GCC with a takeover teaching moment. They are not such a big oil producer and because their breakeven point keeps rising they are having to delve into their saving funds. This is not going to last forever. Hence the urgency to use the nuclear option.

        • Zulu Lesbian Construction Company Wrote:

          William T Sherman did I not say SOUTHERN TEHRAN? If you read my post it quite specific. It is a well know fact that the slums of Southern Tehran are an established and growing feature of the urban landscape.

          Bullshit. It’s a hell of lot better now than it was ten, fifteen years ago. You should stop using right-wing economists(most are) as sources so you sound like a pretentious expert on a place you’ve never even been to.

          I pass on the Zacarias Moussaoui as you are obviously some conspiracy theory guy. But at least we agree on the Wahabbi etc connection.

          He’s Middle Eastern of a Muslim background…Good luck getting a fair investigation or trial in the U.S, post 9/11. Nothing conspiratorial about it. That’s just a fact.

          I do not believe the GCC are doomed. I have stated elsewhere on this blog that Qatar has a fantastic future. They will live high on the hog for a long time. They simply fabulously rich.

          Qatar is the most fucked of them all. No oil = no Qatar.

          My concern is with Dubai and Saudi. Dubai will do well until the oil runs out.

          The oil could evaporate tomorrow, and Dubai would be fine…It already makes most it’s revenue outside that sector. Your data is over a decade or more obsolete.

          When they are now making things like this…

          It means they’re future looks pretty damn good…And hi-tech. Sorry if that bothers your English sensibilities and all, but this isn’t the post-Ottoman Middle East that some racist drunk with power British colonialist governess get’s to draw out on a map.

          Saudi will do well until the oil runs out. Indeed a business as usual model predicts that by 2030 Saudi will be a net importer of oil! Why? Their own usage keeps growing and that means less and less for export. This model is from the Electricity generation company of Saudi and this is a well know fact in Saudi government circles; so much so that one prince has gone on record asking Allah to give their oil fields a long life! In fact they consume about a quarter of their output and consume more oil than Germany! Oil is not forever. It is like money in the bank. Once you spend it it is gone. Basic housekeeping.

          That is true for a country like Iran and the UAE. Not Saudi Arabia, unless they are much more successful at industrialization than I expect, and that is highly unlikely. Their long terms plans envision covering half the desert with solar panels and selling the all those raw and clean amperes to Europe, Asia and Africa.

          Cute how you threw in the little “Allah” reference there…Obviously that must make what you wrote true.

          Iran is keeping it options open due to its nuclear programme,They will use the nuclear option as it will allow them to threaten the oil fields of the GCC with a takeover teaching moment.

          Spoken little a true neo-con. As of now, there ain’t a shred of proof that Tehran has an active weapons program. Even if they did, it wouldn’t be used to threaten the GCC countries. That is simply not in check with their long term objectives, nor their modus operandi. Go educate yourself.

          Here is a good start:

          Besides, threatening nations with nuclear weapons just isn’t how things work in the real world. Nukes keep you from getting outright invaded, or just plan nuked in the first place. That’s it.

          Even if the Iranians decided to go openly nuclear, the GCC has Pakiland to run wing man against Iran. Not to mention anyone else interested in protection for money.

          They are not such a big oil producer and because their breakeven point keeps rising they are having to delve into their saving funds. This is not going to last forever. Hence the urgency to use the nuclear option.

          More B.S on you part.

          Iran has the 4th largest proven oil reserves in the world, and is ranked 4th in production, despite all the sanctions thrown at them since 2011. The concept of a “breakeven point” doesn’t really apply. They are building nuclear reactors(I.E their “program) precisely so domestic usage does not interfere with exports. That being said, they are a newly industrialized country, and to quote that aging bastard Khamenei himself, oil has been nothing but a curse for Iran.

          The less oil to export, the less oil income for the regime. The less oil income for the regime, the more likely the insiders jump out, and the government gets overthrown or severely changed. In other words, change is in order, regardless of who is in charge. Before sanctions kicked in, Iran was hovering around 10th place in international automotive production rankings. If and when Iran’s markets to the world open up, there is no reason one wouldn’t see “Samands” entering European and American markets, like Hyundai’s and Kia’s did in the past.

          Same for their weapons industry. Turkey is set to surpass the U.K in total arms exports this year. It is currently illegal for Iran to export any weapons at all, per the UN. With an open market, I would expect Iran to surpass both in short order. Lot’s of countries in Africa and the world need cheap yet reliable weapons to kill each other with.



          In closing, your knowledge of the Middle East is extremely lacking, with just enough biased rhetoric to be dangerous. You have zero information on Iran, and almost come across as delusional in your repetitive claims.

          If most Western countries are tromping around the world being lead by people as misguided as yourself…It is no wonder we are in decline on the world stage.

  125. Zulu Lesbian Construction Company

    William T Sherman I will take one thing at a time as I need to see a nappy head hoe for some German lessons. So let us look at the currency situation. This is a definitive guide to the strength of any economy. As of 2012 first October from BBC news we learn:

    “Iran’s currency, the rial, fell as much as 18% on Monday to a record low against the US dollar, according to media reports.

    It dropped to as much as 35,000 to the dollar, according to agencies citing currency exchange sites in the country.

    The currency has reportedly lost 80% of its value since the end of 2011.”

    The currency is still at that level as I ring my nappy head hoe to confirm that my German lesson will go ahead as planned. Does not sound to bright economy when the currency has gone into free fall? Now let us take a look at the inflation rate:

    “Iran’s Minister of Economy and Finance Ali Tayebnia recently announced that inflation was at 40 percent when the new government took office, adding that this was an unprecedented level in Iran’s history.”

    Asharq Al-Awswat 16 Feb 2014

    So a weak currency and prices rising means people are squeezed. The slums keep growing and the poverty keeps on rising.

    William T Sherman you should have looked at the current economic markers before you posted your analysis. My own construction company will not be investing in Iran any time soon. I will post the rest of my rebuttal as soon as I get back from my German lesson.

    • Zulu Lesbian Construction Company Wrote:

      “Iran’s currency, the rial, fell as much as 18% on Monday to a record low against the US dollar, according to media reports.

      It dropped to as much as 35,000 to the dollar, according to agencies citing currency exchange sites in the country.

      The currency has reportedly lost 80% of its value since the end of 2011.”

      As of today, it is 1 rial 25,536.27 = $1. Big deal. It jumped to as much as 45,000 when sanctions kicked in. It’s been fluctuation between 18,000 and 35,0000 since the early 80’s.

      It’s irrelevant anyways. The real business in Iran is done in dollar and increasingly Euros. When the U.S dollar evaporates as world’s reserve currency sometime in the next decade(or sooner), no one will even give a damn about those figures.

      The currency is still at that level as I ring my nappy head hoe to confirm that my German lesson will go ahead as planned. Does not sound to bright economy when the currency has gone into free fall? Now let us take a look at the inflation rate:

      Free fall? 2012 called. They want their figures back. The Rouhani-Obama hand-job-shake put an end to that.

      “Iran’s Minister of Economy and Finance Ali Tayebnia recently announced that inflation was at 40 percent when the new government took office, adding that this was an unprecedented level in Iran’s history.”

      So a weak currency and prices rising means people are squeezed. The slums keep growing and the poverty keeps on rising.

      Yawn………………………………………………..My family has lived through it since 1979. I cannot even begin to explain how dleusional you are.

      William T Sherman you should have looked at the current economic markers before you posted your analysis. My own construction company will not be investing in Iran any time soon. I will post the rest of my rebuttal as soon as I get back from my German lesson.

      Iran is not a market your British company would have a chance competing in. You have no indigenous technology to offer the Iranians, or anyone for that matter. Since that is in the hands of German, Korean and Japanese firms, and when it comes to cost of labor, internally Iran’s only competitor is China.

      Britain isn’t much of a country anymore, I am sad to say, and I blame that on their religion…Free market capitalism. 😀

      • Lady Matilda

        So here see a more sober analysis of the Iranian economy than the unsubstantiated hype pushed by Sherman. The iranian economy does not even make it to the trillion dollar threshold and it is shrinking according to this video. Inflation is real worry and the fall of the currency does make a difference as can be seen by the presenter talking to iranian people in the video.

  126. Zulu Lesbian Construction Company

    OK I am back I had a fine time with my nappy head hoe studying German. We studied Heinrich Heine and just soaked up his poetry. We will study his other works at a later time.

    Anyway, let us look at your next star Turkey. The country is named after a bird. We eat them at Christmas! Have they no shame in naming thier country after the bird consumed by the infidel at his infidel celebration! Any way let us look at the economy of these shameless people.

    Let us take a look at Forbes. They are capable of giving up to date information. In any case it is well know that the Turks are indebted up to their eyeballs and their economy is going nowhere fast. How this common place information escaped you is a wonder of the world.

    “Accounting for 70 percent of Turkey’s GDP, consumer spending has been the country’s primary engine of economic growth in the past decade. Unfortunately, much of this consumer spending has been financed by debt, as with many other areas of Turkey’s economy. Personal loans grew at a scorching 61 percent average annual rate from 2005 to 2008 and barely slowed down after the financial crisis, while loans to households were increasing at a 28 percent annual rate in 2013. Credit is so free-flowing in Turkey that consumers are even able to receive approvals for personal loans via text message and ATM machines.”

    And how much money does the average Turk have?

    “As is common in low interest rate and credit bubble environments, Turkey’s consumption boom has been abetted by a savings rate that has fallen to its lowest level in at least three decades, which places Turkey dead last among fourteen other developing countries for this metric.”

    As with all bubbles there is a heady optimism and buildings go up at a dizzing pace giving an illusion of prosperity. In fact the results of all this debt and easy credit is quite the reverse in the real world of someones pocket in Turkey: So in 2013 this happened:

    “Turkish lira to crashed by over 12 percent to a record low against the U.S. dollar, bringing the currency’s total loss for the year to nearly 22 percent”

    So debt on a national and personal level and a weak currency means less spending power for the average turk whether in government or running a household. Hardly the signs of an economy that is helping the people of Turkey enjoy the fruits of their economic “success” It was all a mirage and mirages turn out in just such a way that they leave a bitter taste when we see through them.

    • Zulu Lesbian Construction Company Wrote:

      Anyway, let us look at your next star Turkey. The country is named after a bird. We eat them at Christmas! Have they no shame in naming thier country after the bird consumed by the infidel at his infidel celebration! Any way let us look at the economy of these shameless people.

      Oh wow…That’s so original. What next, doo-doo jokes?

      Let us take a look at Forbes. They are capable of giving up to date information. In any case it is well know that the Turks are indebted up to their eyeballs and their economy is going nowhere fast. How this common place information escaped you is a wonder of the world.

      Are you really that stupid?

      Turkey’s national debt is between 1/2 and 1/3 of the total size of it’s economy, and that’s NOT corrected for PPP.

      By comparison, the U.K is national debt is currently at $2.3 trillion dollars, out of a total GDP of about $2.5 trillion. That is over a 90% debt-to-GDP ratio, and its public debt per capita is $34,786 dollars per inhabitant…

      Britain is barely better off than Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain. I.E the economic “P.I.G.S” of Europe. The U.K is truly washed up. When America tanks, so do you.

      “Accounting for 70 percent of Turkey’s GDP, consumer spending has been the country’s primary engine of economic growth in the past decade. Unfortunately, much of this consumer spending has been financed by debt, as with many other areas of Turkey’s economy. Personal loans grew at a scorching 61 percent average annual rate from 2005 to 2008 and barely slowed down after the financial crisis, while loans to households were increasing at a 28 percent annual rate in 2013. Credit is so free-flowing in Turkey that consumers are even able to receive approvals for personal loans via text message and ATM machines.”

      Under Erdogan, Turkey adopted an American approach to economic growth. Fortunately for Turkey, it is sustainable for now. Their industrial sector is growing like crazy, and their labor costs are incredibly cheap. That is why all those British ships built in the 60’s and 70’s are no longer scraped in Scotland, but are sent to Izmir.

      There is a reason that when one goes into an appliance store in France or Germany, 30% of the products are made in Turkey, by companies like Beko.

      Turkey is still evolving. They’re watching what is taking place in the Western World, and taking notes.

      By comparison, I have never in my life seen something stamped “Made in the U.K.”. Not even false teeth, for which you’d think they’d be the experts.

      And how much money does the average Turk have?

      Enough. Plus, the average Turk has a job, and a factory job that. If I had to choose between London an Istanbul as a place to live…It would Istanbul, hands down. In fact, I intend to retire there.

      That, and the Turkish girls are pretty…The only cute women on London are foreigners.

      As with all bubbles there is a heady optimism and buildings go up at a dizzing pace giving an illusion of prosperity. In fact the results of all this debt and easy credit is quite the reverse in the real world of someones pocket in Turkey: So in 2013 this happened:

      I just showed you the difference in debt between Turkey and the U.K…And you’re stilling yapping on about “bubbles” 😀

      “Turkish lira to crashed by over 12 percent to a record low against the U.S. dollar, bringing the currency’s total loss for the year to nearly 22 percent”

      Turkey’s growth rate is like 4.5%. they average between 2001 and 2009 was over 8.5%. The U.K’s is about 1.5%(a bullshit number). The U.S is about 1.8%(another bullshit number, since like the U.K, the U.S economy is shrinking).

      Yah…Poor Turkey. They are sooooo doomed.

      So debt on a national and personal level and a weak currency means less spending power for the average turk whether in government or running a household. Hardly the signs of an economy that is helping the people of Turkey enjoy the fruits of their economic “success” It was all a mirage and mirages turn out in just such a way that they leave a bitter taste when we see through them.

      More yawn………………………………………….

      How’s those riots in London going for you? Expect many, many more in the coming years, with all your unemployed young males and “austerity” measures and all. 😀

      Come on people! Have I owned this “free-market” capitalist female doggie, or what?

      • Zulu Lesbian Construction Company

        GDP PPP per capita UK:37,307 US dollars

        GDP PPP per capita Turkey:15,353 US dollars

        Go to Istanbul if you want to. I am sure looking at the figures most people will be more happy to come to London to see the sights and do their fashion shopping. By the way Botswan also beats Turkey. It has a GDP PPP per capita rate of 16,377. HMMMMMMMMMMMMM Choosing between Turkey and Botswana and London UK. OH I think I will stick to good old Britain.

  127. Zulu Lesbian Construction Company

    The concept of a “breakeven point” doesn’t really apply.

    From William T Sherman and economist who just makes up rules as he goes along.

    Since when does the break even point not apply to a oil exporting country. It applies to every country that exports oil. It is a point of discussion at every OPEC meeting and means decisions can be based on the data coming from the various break even point of different countries. It is calculated for every country by economists and so it does apply. It is called living in the real world where numbers matter because these numbers are economic markers.

    • “Economists,” you know, the same people who down to a person couldn’t predict the 2008 crash even six months out, have been ranting about “breakeven points” relating to Iran and the GCC countries since the early 80’s.

      Economics is not a science, or even founded in a scientific foundation. It’s a western religion, and people who study/follow it tend to exhibit cult like two dimensional thinking.

      You are an example of this form of retardation.

    • Zulu Lesbian Construction Company

      “The concept of a “breakeven point” doesn’t really apply.” General T Sheman.

      Oh I see! Then how come Iran relies on over forty percent of its budget on oil revenues? If oil does not perform price wise the Iranian budget suffers. That is why breakeven points are important for countries that rely on oil so greatly to meet their obligations to creditors. Other developed nations of course do not worry about breakeven points. This only applies to countries which rely so heavily on oil revenues.

      Forty one percent is a huge number for a government trying to meet its obligations.

      “April 16, 2014

      Oil income accounted for 41 percent of the Iranian administration’s budget in the past fiscal year, which ended on March 20, Trend reported on April 15.

      Chief of Iran’s Supreme Audit Court, Amin Hossein Rahimi, said that 35 percent of the budget was secured by tax incomes, and the rest by other sources of income, Iran’s Shana news agency reported on April 15.

      “Some 80 percent of the national budget is spent for paying salaries of civil servants and current affairs. The problem is rooted in the lack of operational management planning.”

      Oil and Gas Eurasia

  128. Zulu Lesbian Construction Company

    As for the nukes the real world does use nukes. America used them in the second world war. Iran is an enemy of Israel and will of course use them against Israel. Why? Islam is the religion of Peace according to Bush and he is right. Once Islam takes over the world their will be peace.Taking out Israel is one important step to this peaceful world of Islam coming about. Inshallah!

    • Nuclear weapons were only used once in human history, and only against an opponent that did not have them. In fact, only the U.S had them for that short time. Once the USSR acquired the capability, nukes became effectively a non-sequitur in warfare.

      There is zero chance Iran will use “nukes” against Israel. It would be suicide to those Mullahs, who love the high life to much. On the other hand, Israel and the U.S have repeatedly hinted at using them against Iran in a “preliminary” fashion. If Iran actually intended to build a nuclear arsenal, it would mean the U.S could not attack them, they’re country could not be torn apart by Britain and Russia again, and little Iraq with the support of most of the world, could not invade and kill 1,000,000 of them again.

      Sadly, I do not believe Iran has an active nuclear weapons program, and nor does the U.S intelligence establishment. They are relying on a “break-out” capability, if needed. Sort of like Japan, Korea, Germany and Brazil.

      P.S…I don’t use this term lightly for intellectual reasons, but your Islamophobia is pretty damn disgusting.


        How can islamophobia be disgusting?It is a phobia. It needs mental treatment. I have had it treated by a muslim doctor and I am fully recovered. I am now a muslim. In fact go to the doctor and get yourself treated you have islamophobiaphobia, this is the condition of having a phobia about people who have islamophobia.

        In any case I myself am not in the least afraid of islam and I wish all muslims well. In fact as a muslim I look forward to seeing the leg of Allah.

        One day, inshallah, muslims will see the leg of Allah; from the the Yusuf Ali translation:

        The Day that the shin shall be laid bare, and they shall be summoned to bow in adoration, but they shall not be able,-

        From the Arberry translation:

        Upon the day when the leg shall be bared, and they shall be summoned to bow themselves, but they cannot;

        From the Quaribullah translation:

        On the Day when the leg shall be bared, and they are ordered to prostrate themselves, they will be unable.

        From the Hilali/Khan translation:

        (Remember) the Day when the Shin shall be laid bare (i.e. the Day of Resurrection) and they shall be called to prostrate (to Allah), but they (hypocrites) shall not be able to do so,

        From the H/K Saheeh translation

        The Day the shin will be uncovered and they are invited to prostration but the disbelievers will not be able,

        There are so many translation but the last one is the best I could find.

        The reason why I posted so many translations is that when it comes to the Koran it is translated from Arabic and one can see in the really bad translation(not posted here!) how some translators mangle the verse of the Koran. To become a diligent scholar take the following approach. Firstly get a literal translation. And secondly from this foundation look at the various translations by way of comparing and contrasting and you will get a good idea which translations are true to the original intent. Indeed if you want to study the Koran I can recommend a Koran for you . It is possibly the most accurate translation to date. Let me know if you are interested.

    • Negroess Negroess

      I disagree here. Iran fights only proxy wars. It will never do anything by itself. At the most it will kidnap a few people who stray into its waters and make a song and dance for a few months. It likes being on tv. Isreal knows this and does not bother with Iran. It is common knowledge by now. All the huffing and puffing by Iran is for tv. They love being on tv. A bit like North Korea who do the same huffing and puffing for tv but do nothing in reality.

  129. Jason Y

    Perhaps Islam has something to do with Dubai’s success vs Nigeria’s failure. We have to consider this when studying the subject. Maybe the Islam (Dubai is all Muslim vs Nigeria which is only half) roots out the corruption.

    • The northern half of Nigeria is remarkably crime free and there is very little corruption. The southern half of Nigeria is Christian, and is insanely corrupt and downright evil. I figure half the population of Nairobi wakes up every morning and thinks, “Who can I rip off today?”

  130. Jason Y

    Actually, we can look at this from another angle. The elite in many third world nations create an environment similar to what we see in Manhattan. Nonetheless, as we see in Chile, this environment exists only for the top 20 percent in the nation.

    • Zulu Lesbian Construction Company

      I prefer your second angle Jason Y. There is a body called Boko Haram translated in the western media as western eduction is wrong! So much for western education. That is a wrong translation. In any case in the North, Boko Haram feel that only the Koran should be studied. This is true theologically and they are good muslims. In any case at the moment they are fueling an insurgency against Christian rule so that has temporarily soured the economic climate, but only so along as it takes for Islam, the religion of peace, to take hold with sharia law.

      In any case part of the success of Dubai is due to the elites. I mentioned the guys in charge in a previous post. These guys run Dubai as a kind of personal business. It really is their country. But where did they get this business acumen. It goes back a long way:

      “The Bedouin Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al-Nahyan founded the Persian Gulf nation styled the United Arab Emirates – composed of seven city-states – in 1971. When he died in early November 2004, he was a multibillionaire owner of banks, industries and villas on Spain’s Costa del Sol and Switzerland’s Lake Geneva. But he still preferred falcon hunting and camel racing to being an Arab version of the Rothschilds.

      Most of all, he had every reason to be proud of his family’s intuition and business acumen – as already in the 1940s they had decided to drain Dubai’s port while competitors were sleeping.

      During the Middle Ages, Gulf port cities were the essential node in the Arabian Peninsula’s monopoly on trade between Europe and Southeast Asia. Today, Dubai as a city-state/world port city by the “Arabian Gulf” (locals wouldn’t be caught dead referring to the “Persian Gulf”) is positioning itself as the essential trade crossroads of Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the South Asian subcontinent.”

      Pepe Escobar

      • How cute…A neocon right-winger quieting Pepe Escobar out of context.

        • Zulu Lesbian Construction Company

          Economists from Goldman Sachs Group Inc. to JPMorgan Chase & Co. cut forecasts for Turkish growth this year, 2014,after Basci raised interest rates in January to halt a run on the lira. Gross domestic product will grow 2.2 percent, according to a Bloomberg survey in March, compared with 4 percent in 2013.

        • Zulu Lesbian Construction Company

          How do you know I am quoting out of context? I quoted something and you say it is out of context. What context. It is a bit of history. You mean you want the history prior to the quote and after the quote for context? Is that what you mean? And finally are you an Iranian Shia gentleman who hates England because of the past history of England dominating your oil industry back in the day? Viva Brittania! The empire will rise again. And this time it will not just the oil industry that will be dominated. Turkey for Christmas with will be introduced. You will love it. It is fantastic treat at Christmas.

  131. Jason Y

    Again I say that any race of people can create Manhattan. All they need is some money, and the elites have that money. It’s definitely not a racial thing in any form. For instance, snooty African American elites live in Los Angeles. Their homes are not trailer parks, or projects by any stretch of the imagination.

    • Zulu Lesbian Construction Company

      Jason Y each people have an elite. However, the aborigines of Australia do not have an elite. But they always find a pride of place on my desktop.

      The arab elite and the black elite are not the same. They do behave differently. This is because of different ways of seeing the world and the unique talents that blacks have which arabs do not. However, arabs have talents that blacks do not have. One such talent is of course political organisation to the extent we see in the modern world. They are by far the best political people in the world! Go Arabs!

      • Zulu Lesbian Construction Company

        Jason Y further to you insightful concept of looking at the elites within societies, one could ask what kind of elite are the elites of a particular group of people?

        Let us first look at blacks, which the writer Robert Lindsay mentions in his article. We follow this by looking at the elites of the Arabs/muslims and finally the rest of the world.

        SHI correctly identifies the elites of the blacks and their particular stregnths.He uses the term “cool” and though this is a good term it tells us not a great deal. So unwrapping this term by mentioning a great deal of the black elites of the past is the second strategy adopted by SHI. I agree with this and posters can look at his list. In essences his list shows a tremendous capacity for musical ability and other entertainment based means of making a living. So if this is the black elite what of the arab/muslim elite. No black country makes it to the top twenty of the world’s biggest economies.

        Now let us look at Arabs. Here it gets complicated. No arab or muslim country makes the top ten of the world’s biggest economies but they do make it to the bottom end of the top twenty. Oil is the principle way money is made.and this followed by tourism both religious (Haj) and secular (beaches Turkey, Tunisia, Dubai). The other principle item here seems to be a political power that has the western world at its feet. We can see this with Bush Junior kissing the Saudi King and doing his bidding by having Ramadan meals at the white house for the first time. We can see this in Obama carrying on the Bush tradition of meals and expanding the political power of the Arabs elite in all kinds of areas within his administration. Bush senior went to war for arab interests with regard to Kuwait. Sadam could easily have been on the same ride as the saudis but he tried to assassinate Bush senior so that kinda knocked the deal out for him.

        So we can see it is in either case neither a business or technological elite. This is a crucial difference. Let us quickly look at India and China. Both countries have space programmes and have sent all kinds of things into space. Hence tech elites do exist here. Also the number of billionaires through business just keeps growing year in and year out. Hence a business elite exists in both countries which vie with each other and which can make money out of nothing. No oil needed. Japan, South Korea etc are even further ahead in the tech and business sectors. Brazil is another country that comes to mind and is in the top ten economies of the world on a GDP PPP basis of calculation.

        The US and the Western world are of course capable of doing this as well and do it even better. The Russians and East Europeans are also capable of doing all this (plus they have masses of oil and gas in Russia!) and are a little behind, but still in the race. In other words tech and business elites exist in both areas of influence in the white world, with the west clearly showing the way.

        The two places in the world where they are conspicuous absent are the arab/muslim and black world. The exploitation of natural resources and tourism plus a mix of political power and “black cool” are the interesting things about the two groups that Robert Lindsay pairs together in his analysis. Could the IQ factor be making a comeback in this discussion? The cognitive elite needs that brain talent and if two places are not blessed with a sufficient base of cognitive talent then they are going to look different and indeed they do.

        • Zulu Lesbian Construction Company

          Certainly, I have a had a spirited defence of muslim brainpower from William T Sherman, a shia gentleman from Iran. No one has come forward from the black side of the equation. However, the point is that if for argument’s sake someone did come from the black side they might mention the great Ben Carson that most talented of surgeons. Now I am first in the world to have respect for surgeons and I am dissapointed in my nephew for not pursuing that field and instead going into something else within medicine for his post grad, but hey what do I know? The young will do exactly what they want.

          Anyway, getting back to the issue at hand. The point is concentration of brain power with lots and lots of it being available is needed. Why? That gets things done. It puts a man in space (Yuri Gagarin) and builds great companies etc.It is not the odd bright spark that the muslims and black lack; they have their wonderful Ben Carsons of the world. Indeed not long ago I watched a superb programme about a female architect from Iraq. A wonderful and talented lady indeed.

          However, it is the concentration of brainy talent that produces a space programme, a software industry etc It is concentration of talent in one place. The odd bit of talent means that the arabs and muslims are always on the lookout for some help. With arabs and muslims the cousin inbreeding that they practise has had a dysgenic effect. They always need outside help, and in the UK we see that doctors advise muslims not to practise cousin marriage.

          Case in point. The nuclear project in Iran is taking forever even with Russian and North Korean help. Infrastructure developments in Africa and the Middle east always involves foreign companies with the execution of the plans materialising after instructions from the petro dollar fantasy meetings in the Dubai plannng office.

          The point is the odd bright person will be there as in all things (even in aborigine politics!) but it is the concentration of talent for large projects which is lacking. This the common thing we see with the arabs/muslims and blacks. Hence, no space programme, no high tech companies (some middle level industry), no world beating car companies rivalling Ferrari (though ferrari camels at the races do exist!) etc. Mainly, resource exploitation and tourism are the two big industries. And no top economies in the top ten. The arabs make it to the top twenty only just with Saudi.

          So you see there is something lacking and that thing is a deep cognitive elite which means a concentration of brainpower in one huge amount in order to get things done. There is enough brain power for some middle level economy and infrastructure developments, but beyond that there is are difficulties. Things get a lot tougher. High tech is not called High tech for nothing.

        • Times change Nigeria is now a top twenty country. It’s gdp ppp has reached almost to the trillion dollar level according to recent data from the imf. It is number twenty.

  132. Zulu Lesbian Construction Company

    Arabs are not just number one in oil and politics. They are number one in camel beauty contests and in the

    fear of being laughed at. They are Gelotophobes.

    Gelotophobia is “the fear of being laughed at”. According to research, gelotophobics are more insecure, they have a feeling of being ridiculous — and they do their best to hide it.

    Scientists from Aarhus University in Denmark have studied the degree of gelotophobia in 72 different countries. The study shows that Danes are the world’s least gelotophobic people.” 1.67 percent of Danes are gelotophobic to a slight degree. In comparison, between 11and 13 percent of British, Germans and Spaniards are gelotophobic. In Asia and the Middle East the figure respectively one in six and one third of the citizens.”

    With one third, 33 percent, being gelotophobic, people in the Middle East are thus 19.7 times more gelotophobic than Danes.

    Time for some arab jokes! Nahh……… lets leave it …….as that is to obvious!

    Let us instead be respectful. Obama and Bush show the way in being respectful to the arabs. Bush kissed the Saudi King on the lips and Obama bowed to him. Now that is good respect. Well done leaders of the US you are showing the way to behave when it comes to arabs.

    • Allah's Leg in Koran 68;42

      The issue of Angola has come up. I never thought about it until recently. Now here is a black country with oil that is doing well. Robert mentions Nigeria but there is a country called Angola which is doing well.

      “The Economy of Angola is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, with the Economist asserting that for 2001 to 2010, Angolas’ Annual average GDP growth was 11.1 percent”

      Angola produces and exports more petroleum than any other nation in sub-Saharan Africa, surpassing Nigeria in the 2000s.


      Let us look at Botswana. Again from Wikepedia.

      “Botswana has since transformed itself, becoming one of the fastest-growing economies in the world with a GDP (purchasing power parity) per capita of about $16,400 per year as of 2013, and a high gross national income, possibly the fourth-largest in Africa, giving the country a modest standard of living.”

      However, this modest living is higher than both Iran and Turkey. Iran has a GDP PPP per capita below that of the island nation of St Lucia (another black nation) and is about 12,264. And this from a country which is blessed with some of the greatest oil resources in the world?!

      Turkey we see is just behind three black nations. It has a GDP PPP per capita of 15,353 just short of the nations of Botswana, Mauritius and St Kitts and Nevis.

      So I feel Robert a look at other countries does tend to give some pause for thought with regards black achievement. If anything when it comes to Turkey and Iran we see the blacks in some countries making greater strides toward economic development. I think you did start at a good place Nigeria (as it is the biggest country in Africa) but with these other countries, I have mentioned we see a more complicated picture arising.

      • Allah’s Leg in Koran Wrote:

        However, this modest living is higher than both Iran and Turkey. Iran has a GDP PPP per capita below that of the island nation of St Lucia (another black nation) and is about 12,264. And this from a country which is blessed with some of the greatest oil resources in the world?

        Turkey has no oil, yet when you are in Germany, you find somewhere around 1/3 of all consumer appliances are made there. It is now a fully industrialized nation. Iran is a victim of it’s political leadership’s one-track ideology. When the Island of St. Lucia or Angola has the highest scientific grow-rate over a thirty year period, and starts putting satellites in orbit while under crushing global sanctions, go ahead and give me call.

        If Iran and Turkey were combined as single nation, they’re automotive production would rank around 5th in the world, only behind the like of China, the U.S, China, and Germany.

        Much of your stupidity could be said of Russia as well…You really want to compare Russia to nations in sub-Saharan Africa?

        So I feel Robert a look at other countries does tend to give some pause for thought with regards black achievement. If anything when it comes to Turkey and Iran we see the blacks in some countries making greater strides toward economic development. I think you did start at a good place Nigeria (as it is the biggest country in Africa) but with these other countries, I have mentioned we see a more complicated picture arising.

        You are comparing oil wealth, which benefits the few, with capitalistic and scientific progress. In other words, you have a right-wing ideology, and we see where that has gotten the world as of late. 😉

        • Allah's Leg in Koran 68;42

          “Turkey has no oil, yet when you are in Germany, you find somewhere around 1/3 of all consumer appliances are made there.”

          Ok. Here we have a lie. Certainly it is true that Turkey has no oil. That is true. Now let us look at the appliances. No Turkish company appears in the top ten of the worlds top appliance makers. Let us focus on one item. Let us look at fridges.

          The top ten fridge makers i in the world are Viking, Hitachi,Videocon,Sub zero Company, Panasonic,General Electronics,Electrolux,Whirlpool, LG, and number one Samsung.

          From the Arcelik/Beko website from Wikepidea we learn:

          “According to company data, Arçelik/Beko holds a 7 per cent share of the European free-standing appliances market.” Read it yourself. This is easily available to read on Wikpedia. You will see the sentence quoted.

          This is certainly in line with the other data I presented with regards to fridge sales by leading companies.

          No Turkish company in the top ten? So you are telling lies about fridges and other white goods in Germany.

          So if you can not get into the top ten of white good companies in the world how are you able to dominate a third of the German market? A desperate lie?!

          The fifth biggest car producer is South Korea. It produces 1,464,390 cars in 2013.

          So now we have another lie:

          “If Iran and Turkey were combined as single nation, they’re automotive production would rank around 5th in the world, only behind the like of China, the U.S, China, and Germany.”

          No South Korea would still rank number five. Let us move to economic size for a few minutes to get an idea of the size of the nations of Iran and Turkey. They re in the lower end of the top twenty.

          Let us look at the GDP PPP for Turkey from the Wikepedia article which lists all the countries of the world. and we see a figure of 1,174.2 billion us dollars. Not bad. It is at number 16 in the world. Let us look at Iran. With Iran we get a figure of 945.5 billion dollars. Combining these middle east heavy weights we get 2119.7 billion dollars. Now let us look at number five in the list of economies. This is Germany. It has a GDP PPP economic size of

          3,232.6 Billion US dollars.

          So even combined as one country you do not amount to Germany. You are over one trillion us dollars. behind. The UK and France have bigger economies even if you combine two countries like Iran and Turkey; so let me combine France and Britain………… well ……………. See two can play at that game.

          Now the the figures you give are false figures for car production. From a less biased source which lists all the car making in the world we learn that Turkey produces 606,783 cars in 2013. Iran produces in 2012 the following number of cars:871,997 and then the following year in 2013 it dropped to 620,600 cars. Hardly a thriving industry. According to this list of the world car makers for 2013 Iran is at number 12 and Turkey is at number 18.This is from “Total Cars Produced In The World” from “Statistics Brain.” See it yourself. In other words neither of you make the top ten.

          None of these cars meet UK standards so we never see them on Western roads but still that is that is over half a million for both Turkey and Iran. BTW the figure for the UK is1,464,390 cars produced. All meeting top standards and sold around the world. And from the same article on car production we learn that Germany by itself produced 5,438,155 cars in 2013. And these are sold all over the world and meet the strictest western standard. Combing yourself with Iran is not going to help. You are way short. And of course if you can combine yourself with another country let me combine Germany and Japan. I can play at that game as well.

          Japan produces 7,859,320 cars in 2013. There is no hope for Iran and Turkey even if they combine. They out of the big players as far as cars are concerned in numbers and in technical excellence. Even in terms of the size of their economy they can not match the size of individual leading western economies in the EU. We have not even talked as yet of the mega economies in Asia and of course the US is still out of the picture in this discussion.

          Just for fun let us combine Japan and Germany and this is the number:13,297,475 million cars. Turkey and Iran combined hover in the plus million brackets. Face it tiger you are out of the big league in the size of your economies even with all that Iranian oil and in the size of your technically sub standard car production even when you combine into Turkey-Iran, a nation that does not exist.

        • Allah's Leg in Koran 68;42

          So you seem upset that Angola is doing better. Angola has oil. Iran has oil and Angola is doing better in terms of per capita income. Even the Angolans are striding forward past Iran and Turkey.

          And do not give me that “white man keeping me down” line about “crushing global sanctions.” Take some responsibility for your actions.

        • Allah's Leg in Koran 68;42

          Iran has slipped in just one year from number 12 to about number 18 in the world in 2013. What a thriving car industry!

          According to that list I am quoting from there are about 23 car making nations in the world. It is no big thing to have some cars assembled. South Africa does it. Hungary does it. Thailand is going stronger and stronger etc. It is the way of the world. But if you want to be making a difference at least try and get into the top ten of the world instead of languishing at the bottom end of the top twenty. The same is the case with the size of the economy. Get in the top ten and then you will have the ability to not be compared with Africa.

          Since so many Africans are muslims I would think it is great to be compared to Africans. Africans are great people. Muslims have the true religon. Put the two together and you have Somalia, a wonderful country with wonderful youtube videos like “Somali pimp my ride by aymen” A wonderful video about looking after your car Somali style!

        • Zulu Lesbian Construction Company

          I did actually look up that physics guy mentioned by General T Sherman. Turns out he won an award called the Albert Einstein World of Science Award.

          Why not the Nobel if his work is so important?

          An award named after a genius Jew? It is still something. I wish I could win that award for my work on the Negro question. Anyway, I am getting ahead of myself.

          In any case he did do some work on the laser and he is a clever guy. But his tech which he developed with an american guy is now out of date. Why? From Wikepedia from the article about him.

          “they (gas lasers) have been largely replaced by diode-pumped solid state lasers and laser diodes….

          I wonder what I will find in my DVD player?!

          So you will not be seeing any such tech in your DVD. So much for the hype that this guy and his partners are responsible for the DVD.

          A strange award for an iranian. An award named after a Jew. This might not be so pleasing to the leadership of Iran as they have decided in their fantasy world to wipe Isreal off the map. Yeah right.

          Still as a Negrologist this award is pleasing to me. Jews carry ten percent negro genes and are good friends to black people.

          Anyway, it was Einstein who laid the foundation of the laser. And this laser then went through changes in its history until present times when they pop up in your DVD.

          A little history:

          In 1917, Albert Einstein established the theoretical foundations for the laser and the maser in the paper Zur Quantentheorie der Strahlung (On the Quantum Theory of Radiation); via a re-derivation of Max Planck’s law of radiation, conceptually based upon probability coefficients (Einstein coefficients) for the absorption, spontaneous emission, and stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation; in 1928, Rudolf W. Ladenburg confirmed the existences of the phenomena of stimulated emission and negative absorption;[11] in 1939, Valentin A. Fabrikant predicted the use of stimulated emission to amplify “short” waves;[12] in 1947, Willis E. Lamb and R. C. Retherford found apparent stimulated emission in hydrogen spectra and effected the first demonstration of stimulated emission;

          IN 1950, Alfred Kastler (Nobel Prize for Physics 1966) proposed the method of optical pumping, experimentally confirmed, two years later, by Brossel, Kastler, and Winter.

          On May 16, 1960, Theodore H. Maiman operated the first functioning laser,[16][17] at Hughes Research Laboratories, Malibu, California, ahead of several research teams, including those of Townes, at Columbia University, Arthur Schawlow, at Bell Labs,[18] and Gould, at the TRG (Technical Research Group) company. Maiman’s functional laser used a solid-state flashlamp-pumped synthetic ruby crystal to produce red laser light, at 694 nanometres wavelength; however, the device only was capable of pulsed operation, because of its three-level pumping design scheme.

          Later in 1960, the Iranian physicist Ali Javan, and William R. Bennett, and Donald Herriott, constructed the first gas laser, using helium and neon that was capable of continuous operation in the infrared (U.S. Patent 3,149,290)

          So we see here that these latter clever gentleman basically took the work of Maiman and re engineered it so that it was capable of continuous operation in infrared.

          But It is Theodore H Maimam who demonstrated the first Laser. And it is this re engineered laser which we see in the million different applications that power devices in the world today.

          Notice in the development of the laser who are the central figures. These people are Einstein,Alfred Kastler (Nobel Prize for Physics 1966) and of course Theodore H. Maiman the inventor of the first ever functioning laser.

          So we see the math first from Einstein, then Kastler proposes a pumping method for producing laser and wins the Noble prize for it. And finally we see inventor of the laser step forward in the person of Theodore H Maiman with the first ever demonstration of the laser. The rest is re engineering.

        • Zulu Lesbian Construction Company

          “Much of your stupidity could be said of Russia as well…You really want to compare Russia to nations in sub-Saharan Africa?” quote from William T Sherman. Look how clever this quote is from WTS.

          It shows the wannabe side of this gentleman. He brings in a advanced country with a fully developed infrastructure and the first man in space and cleverly puts himself in the same league, but alas no. I do not put Russians in with the Sub Saharan Africans as you would like. Why? Because, as you rightly say, that would be stupid. No way. These Russian people are in the top ten of the world’s biggest economies. They are at number 6 in the world with a GDP PPP listed in Wikepedia as being 2,556.2 trillion dollars. Sorry tiger that line of defense fails as well. You are not in the same victim category I am afraid, so that you can go and be as great as Russia by being in the same group. That clever trick has not worked.

          Now on to the question of Turks. I mean young Turks. These people seem to be more in touch with reality than you, I am afraid. How do they see Indians in the USA:INDIAN people are the most SUCCESSFUL people in USA and……

          From Youtube. Watch some young Turks, listen and learn from them.

  133. Jason Y

    Always remember that the rich Arabs bring in others to do their physical work. In addition, I don’t think they even design their own architecture, but I could be wrong. I’m sure with all the oil wealth, they’re investing in higher education.

  134. Allah's Leg in Koran 68;42

    “It is now a fully industrialized nation” from Sherman T William. Well that is not true. I mean semi industrialised would be closer and more accurate. Really? Writing from the UK a real industrial country the following is not what we see in the UK:

    “An editorial analysis published on the blogging site this week argues that nearly 20 percent of the Turkish population lives at or below the poverty line as defined by official household income statistics. Citing the Turkish Statistics Institute’s (TurkStat) figures and definition of the poverty line, the analysis claims that more than 70 percent of Turkish households live on less than $1,000 a month. It also claims that over 30 percent live on less than $500 a month, emphasizing that this means an entire household surviving on less than $16 per day. The monthly minimum wage in Turkey currently stands at $383.5.”

    However, ten percent do earn 34000 dollars per years according to this analysis which is presented on net and is alvailable from “albawaba business”: “10 percent of households earn above $34,000 per year.” The average for the UK is 37 000 dollars per person per year.

    Turkey is middle income country with a semi industrlialised population which is caught in a trap. After nearly a century of trying to industrialise after the fall of the Caliphate they still have not been able to fully join the top ten exporter nations of or the top ten per capita income countries or the top ten biggest GDP PPP countries. Surely an industrial country like turkey with a population (74 million) not far off from that of Germany 81 million should be in this list. Kemal Attuturk tried hard to industrlise the country since the twenties of the last century.Germany which has slightly more population is number three in this list.

    Top ten exporting nations.

    COUNTRY US dollars $
    1 China $2,057,000,000,000
    2 United States $1,564,000,000,000
    3 Germany $1,460,000,000,000
    4 Japan $773,900,000,000
    5 France $567,100,000,000
    6 South Korea $552,600,000,000
    7 Netherlands $538,500,000,000
    8 Russia $529,600,000,000
    9 Italy $478,900,000,000
    10 United Kingdom $474,600,000,000

    Notice south Korea after a crippling war in the fifties has jumped up to number six from nowhere. When it recovered from the war it was the same level as Ghana. It is now number six on this list and number thirteen in the world’s biggest economies. Could Turkish inbreeding due to cousin marriage which inhibits IQ have something to do with this. After so long how come South Korea is ahead in half the time?

  135. Allah's Leg in Koran 68;42

    When the Island of St. Lucia or Angola has the highest scientific grow-rate over a thirty year period,” quote from Sherman.

    Wow Iran has the highest scientific growth rate over thirty years. What thirty years? Why not fifty years? Why not hundreds of years? Has it stopped or is still continuing?

    How come it is not a first world country? First world countries tend to do well with technological industry? A good example is the US. It has high level of research and has a GDP per capita in the top ten of the world. It is has gdp ppp per capita of 53,101 dollars.

    How come Iran is country with a GDP per capita of 12,264 dollars. How come it is number 78 in the world even with all that oil? How come Costa Rica is ahead of Iran on this score? Come on Sherman, face it Iran is a third world country with a lousy gdp ppp per capita which is hardly something to shout about. Hence the tech and industry of the country is a something that must be done in someone’s mind (your mind) as it has now effect on the country whatsoever. It does not even have a GDP PPP whcih is over one trillion. It is closer to African countries than it is to countries in the high tech world. Angola is striding ahead of you in terms of living standards as regard gdp per capita.

    Let us look at the top ten of world with regards to GDP PPP in order:USA, China, India, Japan,Germany, Russia,Brazil,UK, France,Mexico.

    So take a look at the list. The two areas of the world not listed here are the Middle east and Africa.

    South Asia is there (India), far east is there (Japan, China), south America and central America (Brazil and Mexico) is there, North America (US) is there, Western Europe (UK ,France, Germany) is there and of course the East Europeans or Slav nations are represented by Russia.

    So there is a no show in the top ten from Africa and the Middle east or the muslim world in general. Can you see my point now Sherman? The power base of the world technologically, and industrially, and hence economically is not in africa or the middle east or the middle but else where as demonstrated by the list. Go to Wikipedia your self and see the list of GDP PPP nations.

    The middle east and the muslims languish at the bottom end of the top twenty and the africans make a show in the top thirty. No wonder they are linked together not only by islam but by backwardness and economic and technological failure. The world is getting tougher to live in.

    What happens when the oil starts to run out in the middle east and the jihad is in full swing in some places due to the jihadist taking advantage of the declining standards of living. Saudis have bought off their population recently with huge amounts of welfare but the of all people know that they will by 2030 have no more oil to export. This is not me speaking but the Saudis. What then? Africa and the Middle east will move even closer together. A tough neighborhood got even tougher.

    • Allah's leg in Koran 68:42

      When the Island of St. Lucia or Angola has the highest scientific grow-rate over a thirty year period,” quote from Sherman. One such fruit of research is of course rocketry. Let us hope that Angola soon launches a craft to reach Mars.

      Many countries have space programs but only a handful have actually delivered any tangible results.

      One thing blacks have problems with is space exploration. The blackstronaught in a black built space craft is however, something which is on the to do list of africans.

      Arabs normally rely on their ecstatic lovers, the american political elite (indeed the new mission of NASA according to Obama is to reach out to muslims!) to train them to become astronauts on american built rockets.

      Anyway, back to Africa and the story of space exploration.When President Idi Amin came to power in a 1971 coup (at the Space Race climax of the Apollo lunar landings), he shortly thereafter announced an impossibly optimistic human spaceflight program, that never progressed beyond an attempt at astronaut training on an obstacle course made up of used automobile tires. In June 1999, this effort received dubious recognition as one of the Time 100 magazine feature’s “100 Worst Ideas of the Century”.

      However, whites have made some progress for Africans, in the person of white south africans and italians:

      As one of only a handful of equatorial states, Uganda is ideally sited for a spaceport to launch satellites into geostationary orbit, but this option has never been pursued because of political instability in the country. The closest regional facility, and the only one ever active in East Africa, is the Italian-owned Broglio Space Centre off of neighboring Kenya’s coast.

      Uganda has never acquired any ballistic missile capability, the usual precursor to booster development. The only state in Sub-Saharan Africa to ever do so was South Africa, which developed the RSA-3 and RSA-4 missiles in the 1980s, but after the end of apartheid cancelled its nuclear weapons, and later its ballistic missile programs by 1993.

      Hollywood of course has sent hundreds of blacks into space and even received a blackstronaught from outer space in the movie “Brother from another planet”

      Arabs are of course experts in launching rockets at Isreal and this is the main concern. Rocketry is s top priority for Gaza. Still one never know as seen by this hopeful slogan from Gaza: today Isreal tommoro Mars!

      “The weapons, often generically referred to as Qassams, were initially crude and short-range, mainly affecting Sderot and other communities bordering the Gaza Strip. However, in 2006 more sophisticated rockets began to be deployed, reaching the larger coastal city of Ashkelon, and by early 2009 major cities Ashdod and Beersheba had been hit by Katyusha and Grad rockets. Later the sponser of Gaza, Iran, started sending Fars 5 rockets for attacking Isreal.

      There have been several attempts by Palestinian groups to fire rockets at Israel from the West Bank, though none of these have been successful. Such an attack could easily strike one of Israel’s most densely populated areas

      Israel, in its defense from rockets from Gaza. deployed the iron dome system:

      Iron Dome (Hebrew: כיפת ברזל‎) is a mobile system developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems designed to intercept short-range rockets with a range less than 70 km. On April 7, 2011, the system successfully intercepted a Grad rocket launched from Gaza for the first time.

      The system is composed of a radar, a control center, and interceptor missiles. Very limited information has been made available about the system in the Israeli media, but from this information it is known that the interceptor missile (named Tamir) is equipped with electro-optic sensors and several steering fins, providing it with high maneuverability. The system’s radar identifies the rocket launch, extrapolates its flight path and transfers this information to the control center, which then uses this information to determine the projected impact location. If the projected target justifies an interception, then an interceptor missile is fired.

      Also on a positive note flower art can be made from the rockets:

      Israeli blacksmith Yaron Bob, from the village of Yated, collects Palestinian rockets fired on his area and turns them into roses. These roses have been given by the Sderot Municipality to visiting dignitaries, including United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and United States Senator John Kerry. Israel Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said, “those rockets are in fact rockets that kill, and it’s a nice idea to turn them into flowers.

  136. Allah's Leg in Koran 68;42

    And finally back to Dubai or the UAE where this whole blog started by the writer Robert Lyndsay began. UAE is too small to matter in terms of huge economies so where does it strike it good?

    In terms of living standards per capita, despite the slave populations. If we look a the latest data from the IMF (on Wikepedia article and list) for 2013 dollars for GDP PPP per capita figures we find the UAE at number 32 in the world with the healthy GDP PPP per capita of 30,122 dollars slightly below that of Saudi which hits the number 29 spot with a GDP PPP per capita of 31,245 dollars. Again a healthy figure.

    But it is Quatar which has the highest GDP PPP per capita of any country and that is 98,814 dollars. Good going Arabs! Keep working hard slaves!

    Strangely when it comes to numbers of multimillionaires no arab country makes it to the top ten of the world. Well you can’t have everything! Keep working harder slaves! Only joking. Love the slaves.Anyway it is the US once again which leads the way.

    “The U.S. has more ultra-rich residents than any other country in the world, and accounts for nearly a third of the ultra-high net worth population, with more than 65,000 at last count. For comparison: China, Germany, India, Japan and the United Kingdom together have less than 62,000 ultra-high net worth residents.”
    From Wealth X and UBS data.

    • Allah's Naked Leg in Koran 68:42

      I remember watching this TV show, Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservation, which has Mr Bourdain going around the world basically to try the local food, making some commentary on local customs while he’s at it. I remember watching by chance his chapter on Saudi Arabia, where he had a local woman as his guide. The local woman, married, upper class lady, showed him around. Of course the English dude asks her:

      aren’t you ladies oppressed in this country?

      And she says:

      oh no, on the contrary, we feel protected here. From what? From the eyes of single men. Once we are married, we owe ourselves to our husband, and having the horny eyes of single men over you is like torture. The burka saves us from all those lowly men looking at us. Western women go all semi-naked on the street, having all those men oggling at you. We Arab women can’t fathom that.

      What she means is that the burka saves her from the eyes of BETAS. She married an alpha (or else she wouldn’t have married), and she doesn’t want all those betas on the street looking at her golden pussy. The West is a cursed society because it forces women to undress to compete with alpha cads who won’t marry them, exposing themselves to unworthy betas looking at them. Ask any women why they get angry when a guy stares at their boobs. They don’t get angry at the staring, they get angry that a beta thinks himself worthy of looking at them. She doesn’t dress like a slut for you beta, she is waiting for an alpha to notice.

      • Zulu Lesbian Construction Company

        Once the first ever laser was built by Theodor H Maiman other researchers began developing other lasers:

        Strontium Vapor Laserelium–silver (HeAg), metal-vapor laserStrontium Vapor LaserHelium–silver (HeAg), metal-vapor laseNuclear pumped laser, Raman Laser,”Nickel-like” Samarium laser,Gas dynamic laser,Free electron laser,Hybrid silicon laser,Quantum cascade laser,Vertical cavity surface emitting laser,InGaAsP laser,

        AlGaInP, AlGaAs(Optical discs, laser pointers, data communications. 780 nm Compact Disc, 650 nm general DVD player and 635 nm DVD for Authoring recorder laser are the most common lasers type in the world.),

        InGaN,GaN,Semiconductor laser diode,F-Center laser,Divalent samarium doped calcium fluoride (Sm:CaF2) laser,Trivalent uranium doped calcium fluoride (U:CaF2) solid-state laser,Erbium doped and erbium–ytterbium codoped glass lasers,Chromium doped chrysoberyl (alexandrite) laser,Promethium 147 doped phosphate glass (147Pm+3:Glass) solid-state laser,Cerium doped lithium strontium (or calcium) aluminum fluoride (Ce:LiSAF, Ce:LiCAF),Chromium ZnSe (Cr:ZnSe) laser,Ytterbium doped glass laser (rod, plate/chip, and fiber),Ytterbium:2O3 (glass or ceramics) laser,Ytterbium YAG (Yb:YAG) laser,Thulium YAG (Tm:YAG) laser,Titanium sapphire (Ti:sapphire) laser,

        Neodymium glass (Nd:Glass) laser,Neodymium doped yttrium calcium oxoborate Nd:YCa4O(BO3)3 or simply Nd:YCOB,Neodymium doped Yttrium orthovanadate (Nd:YVO4) laser,Neodymium YLF (Nd:YLF) solid-state laser,Er:YAG laser,NdCrYAG laser,Nd:YAG laser,Ruby laser,Gold vapor laser,Copper vapor laser,Neon–copper (NeCu) metal-vapor laser,Helium–silver (HeAg) metal-vapor laser,Helium–selenium (HeSe) metal-vapor laser,Helium–mercury (HeHg) metal-vapor laser,Helium–cadmium (HeCd) metal-vapor laser,Dye lasers (OF WHICH THERE ARE THREE TYPES),Agil (All gas-phase iodine laser),COIL (Chemical oxygen–iodine laser),Deuterium fluoride laser,Hydrogen fluoride laser,Excimer laser,Carbon monoxide laser,Carbon dioxide laser,Nitrogen laser,Xenon ion laser,Krypton laser,Argon laser,Helium–neon laser (barcode scanning and other applications).

        I have not been comprehensive because as I type new types of lasers are being invented and of course there are often more than one type of a particular laser. However, once the ground work was laid by Einstein, Alfred Kastler, and the inventor of the first laser Theodore H Maiman it opened up a world of laser types which we see today in this long list. Why have I posted such a long list?

        I want to emphasise who stands out among this talented selection of laser developers. It is the pioneers who put together the first ever laser from mathematical theory to manufacturing conception to actual manufacture who deserve the most credit. And these giants are Einstein, Alfred Kastler, And of course Theodore H Maiman.

        A laser diode, or LD, is an electrically pumped semiconductor laser in which the active medium is formed by a p-n junction of a semiconductor diode similar to that found in a light-emitting diode.

        The laser diode is the most common type of laser produced. Laser diodes have a very wide range of uses that include, but are not limited to, fiber optic communications, barcode readers, laser pointers, CD/DVD/Blu-ray reading and recording, laser printing, scanning and increasingly directional lighting sources.

        So we learn from this list that it is the AlGaInP, AlGaAs diode
        laser which appears in the DVD.

        So who came up with the AlGaAs diode pumped tunable chromium lasers? There are I am sure other types as research is an unstoppable continuum, and of course prior to this invention other had been used commericially, but who developed this particular type of laser diode?

        An all-solid-state laser system is disclosed wherein the laser is pumped in the longwave wing of the pump absorption band. By utilizing a laser material that will accept unusually high dopant concentrations without deleterious effects on the crystal lattice one is able to compensate for the decreased cross section in the wing of the absorption band, and the number of pump sources which can be used with such a material increases correspondingly. In a particular embodiment a chromium doped colquiriite-structure crystal such as Cr:LiSrAlF6 is the laser material. The invention avoids the problems associated with using AlGaInP diodes by doping the Cr:LiSrAlF6 heavily to enable efficient pumping in the longwave wing of the absorption band with more practical AlGaAs diodes.

        The inventors:

        William F. Krupke, Stephen A. Payne

  137. Passerby

    does anyone here actually think arabs are smart (besides arabs)? hahahaa! they are dumber than blacks. turks in germany have iq of 80. it isn’t their religion that makes them this way… indian muslims are muslim and are still as smart and successful as any other indian. other arab nations are poor even with the oil they have, except for dubai which as said before is not an arab city

    here is a typical video of the taliban gangbanging a goat

    • Explain why Middle Eastern Christians score high on academic exams and earn more bachelor’s degrees than the general population. Explain their higher than average income in the US and Latin America.

      • Passerby

        Middle eastern christians are not genetically the same as the rest of the middle east. Also let me make it clear I’m not racist but it’s true arabs and pakistanis are the worst immigrants in europe at least

        • Arab Christians and Muslims are 100% the same genetically.

        • Batterytrain

          Cyrus is once again full of shit and sprouting bullshit, there is no way that “Arab” Christians and Muslims are genetically alike, for one the term “Arab” is inaccurate since Lebs and various other groups aren’t really “Arabs”, like Bedouins or Gulf ones (real Arabs). Muslim Arabs have a much more likely chance of having negroid/foreign admixture and Christian groups have a chance of having none at all and tend to be more endogamous due to them being a minority compared to the Muslims.

      • Al

        Middle Eastern Christian Arabs are brilliant people. It is as simple as that.

  138. reading this article, am sure your IQ is less than 50! duh i can give soo many examples on how idiot you are! I am an Arab who live in the states, spent most of my time in Portland OR and Cleveland OH… how about the fact that every time i visit a clinic or a hospital i find a very high ratio of Arab Doctors there! sometimes more than 50% more than white, indians, and any other races…whatever dude! your article scream one thing (am a dumb ass honky cracker)

    • I see you have problems with reading comprehension. The article is sarcastic. It is OPPOSED to the idea that Arabs are stupid backwards Low IQ morons who can’t do anything right.

      After reading your comment though, I may have to change that low IQ part.

  139. ScienceMan

    I’m an Arab-American scientist and a hexagenarian living and teaching in Dubai for over a decade. This “Arab IQ” discussion since 2011 in my opinion is a valid one and I read some very intriguing and illuminating responses. I like to share with you my thoughts on this with bullet-point style for clarity:
    1- Arabs, like any other human race, have their long history of cultural, economic, religious contributions to humanity peaks and troughs.
    2- Being in a civilizational peak or trough depends on what that specific population has been through within the last century or two.
    3- There’s no doubt that Arab populations and to varying degrees in general, have been in a historical civilizational trough for the last century or so.
    4- The reasons for this current Arab historical trough are many but primarily: a) getting detached slowly but surely between 1850 to 1910 from being part of the mighty Othman Empire who dominated Africa, Asia and part of Europe for 500 years, b) getting brutally occupied and colonized by Britain, France, Italy and Portugal immediately after the fall of the Ottoman Empire and for many decades, i.e. Algeria until 1962 and Palestine until today, c) entering a century long period, until this day, of a massive identity crisis being torn between their mostly Islamic heritage, nationalism, socialism, communism, capitalism, terrorism and many other “ism’s”, d) after “independence” from direct colonialism getting totally dominated , manipulated and messed up by the post-2nd WW global powers in terms of installing despotic regimes to control the populations by demoralizing the cultures, suffocating freedoms, diminishing education, and breaking down of spirits, e) getting stabbed in the heart by the Zionist occupation of their 1,400 years 2nd most scared and Quranic holy site after Makkah; Jerusalem and Palestine. And that’s just to name a few.
    5- Individual Arabs who managed to free themselves from this historical traumatic gridlock on their minds and hearts and became members of free and developed societies thrived intellectually and economically as per the numerous examples given by one for commentators in this forum.
    6- Long term oppression, hardship, inferior education, loss of freedoms and mental torture can make any human being appear to be dumb and of a very low IQ. If Albert Einstein lived all his life is such horrific human conditions he would not have discovered the photon nor articulated his E=mc². By the same token.
    7- As for violence and terrorism, every population has a percentage of angry individuals with burning rage in their hearts willing to use religion or any other motivation factor to vent out their evil. Our own Timothy McVeigh is an example of that kind of evil and I don’t make a whole lot of distinction, in principle, between what motivated him to blow up to pieces in a few seconds 260 of our best citizens, and OBL who did the same for 3,000 of our best citizens.
    8- In a nutshell, if: a) the bleeding Palestinian open wound is healed, b) if Arab populations are left alone to nourish their own true democracies and freedoms, versus poisoning them as just done recently to the Arab spring which was killed in the cradle, c) if genuine Western collaboration and cooperation with Arabs is maintained at all human levels for the next few decades not only to build their skyscrapers and shopping malls but rather to elevate their education levels and move them to the industrialized era, then it would not be surprising to see Arabs in few decades becoming a part of the free developed world making major contributions to human stability and excellence in science, technology, and civil liberties. But honestly I have my serious doubts that global Zionism would make it easy for this to happen.

    • Thank you for this! It is excellent!

    • Fantastic post! If you like the site and would like to support its continued existence, feel free to donate to it.

    • Al

      I think scienceman feels Jews and the west are to blame for the problems of the arabs.This is true. This also proves that they are smarter and more able to outrank the arabs in all things except camel beauty contests.

      Global Zionism will keep arabs down according to scienceman. How true, once again demonstrating the brilliance of the Jew. Jews are once again keeping arabs down as I write. They have entered gaza and are destroying tunnels used by the local jihadi folks.

      • Al

        Point six of the analysis offered by scienceman is quite right. One needs a good environment for talent such as shown by the Jewish scientist, Einstein, to flourish.

        The further question then arises as to why Arabs cannot create such excellent environments. The answer is of course the Jews and the west are keeping them down according to scienceman.

        I wonder why the Jews and the west have chosen to keep the Arabs down?

        I wonder why they have not kept down the indians, the South Koreans,the Japanese, the Chinese, who all have economies in the top thirteen nations?

        I do sympathise with the Arabs and Iranians who even with all that oil extracted for them by western experts and western firms (nationalised by the Arabs and Iranians) are still managing to keep themselves down due to the cunning of the west and the jews. Such is the genius of the west and the Jews, that even though scienceman knows it is the jews and the west who are to blame, yet he and his fellow arabs and Iranians, can not do anything about this situation.

        So the question to scienceman is why have the jews and the west chosen to target the Arabs and the Middle East ?

        • Scienceman

          Note AI that my last statement said that Global Zionism will not make it “easy” but I didn’t say they will be solely responsible. This is because I agree with your implied suggestion that at the end of the day Arabs themselves are mostly responsible for their current problems. I do however believe that the suffering and agony of the Palestinan people for example are caused mainly by Israel and Global Zionism exactly as for example Nazism was mainly responsible for the horrors inflicted on German and European Jews whereby you can’t say why Hitler didn’t pick on Koreans, Indians and Chinese, right?

        • Batterytrain

          What do you mean by “Arabs” exactly? Assyrians, Mesopotamians, Lebanese Phoenicians, Persians, real Semitic Jews, Maronites, Copts, Berbers, Armenians, Anatolians, Indians, Azeri’s, Kurds, Chaldeans, Greeks, Bosnians, Palestinian Christians, Andalusians, Afghans aren’t “Arabs” in the any way shape or form. Let’s try to make something clear, the real “Arabs” are the Bedouins and the gulf peninsular Arabs and their shit Islamic dysgenic religion comes from there.

          That you have not been able to realize this or comprehend this makes me suspect any credibility that you have. The fact of the matter is that the real Arabs have always been primitive savages with no capability of genuine intellectual output or creativity of any kind, shape or form, nor did they ever have any sort of real unique civilization or cultural foundation of any kind like Sumeria or Akkad .

          The is a fact you have to accept btw. You are making disingenuous false arguments that reeks of duplicitous victimhood and blame gaming by false irrelevant red herrings and western strawmen while deflecting all the points and arguments made against you towards that of said Western strawmen using a flawed no true Scotsman fallacy methodology to accomplish that.

          You have also been trying your best at dodging and circumventing the arguments and accusations directed towards you, which are saliently proving that the Islamic “Arab” world is a mediocre world in terms of civilization, that do not have the intellectual horsepower engine, cultural tapestry or capability to match other greater Non-Arab-Islamic civilizations that have made much more greater progress in the basic tenets and foundations of civilization as well as improving in human resources and development far beyond the scope of present “Arab civilizations”, while industrializing in the process.

          You claim that you admit Arabs might have faults but you are admitting this in a very shallow disingenuous manner without admitting the bound to be failure model and flaws of “Arab civilization”, in which you proceed to direct the blame and level false accusations against the “evil West” and “evil Westerners”. This is a very intellectually dishonest and lazy way to counter argument the fact that “Arab civilizations” in truth are mediocre to low level “civilizations” and “cultures”; which are set up to be become stagnant unchanging static failure civilizations in the cyclical process reaching their end time periods.

          The case in point that I have pinpoint to is the Asian countries of China, South Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore. All these countries have histories of “oppression” and “conquest” by the West and other imperial powers, yet they are meteorically rising in terms of civilization and living standards to that of 1st world standards despite all these factors combined along with having a basic high IQ at the average population level of these places. Japan was nuked while constantly being attacked by waves of tsunami’s and tornado’s yet they have become an industrial powerhouse in Asia by a turn of a century with world class HDI and living standards. The other countries in Asia, who were “oppressed” before are following suite in a similar fashion.

          Let’s also look at the Baltic republics which were under Soviet rule and then previously under Prussian colonial rule. Estonia is becoming a industrialized and cozy technology hub of Europe while becoming a developed 1st world country in the process; Lithuania and Estonia are also undergoing a similar process. Various countries ranging from Singapore to Estonia, despite being “ex colonies” and “being severely oppressed” into mental stagnation, have already risen to that of dynamic developed countries, advanced sophisticated economies and near 1st world living standards by a quarter of a century.

          What you fail to understand or comprehend is that no “Arab country or civilization” has been able to do the same let alone match the progress these other countries have made, and this applies to “Arab” countries that were well-off, were not “oppressed” while having lots of oil money cash and various other pumpable money in the ground trinkets; these non-oppressed Arab countries have not been able to make or even come near to that of the countries that have developed, let alone make similar levels of progress despite having a head start via oil money and lucrative deals.

          What you fail to accept is that “Arab” culture in general is low-brow and “low-IQ” while “Arabs” in general have low-IQ’s thanks also to the religion of Islam. Islam combined with the general low-brow Arab culture, creates a permanent cultural regression, a static backwards continuum, an unpreventable cognitively hampering mental fog, an unbreakable wall on progress of any kind, an identity nation-state vacuum, and a permanent socio-cultural schism between the rulers and the rest of the classes in a Arabized Islamic country. You fail to accept these facts while hiding them under smokescreens of irrelevant false rationalizations and finger pointing and is it any wonder you are confused while lying, blabbering, chest-thumping, denying and self-contradictory when you are arguing about this subject?

    • Batterytrain

      I am going to repost this to “scienceman” the “Arab scientist” a real oxymoron if I ever heard one! Since either he hasn’t read my message and didn’t receive it OR he is just too afraid to admit what I might be saying is true; and is actually going to burst his fantasy bubble of his intentional lack of accountability, acceptance of the false reasoning device towards explaining Arab mediocrity and failure while suspending any real self-analysis and self-criticism on the subject Btw most of your points are false and reek of logical fallacial holes but here goes:

      “What do you mean by “Arabs” exactly? Assyrians, Mesopotamians, Lebanese Phoenicians, Persians, real Semitic Jews, Maronites, Copts, Berbers, Armenians, Anatolians, Indians, Azeri’s, Kurds, Chaldeans, Greeks, Bosnians, Palestinian Christians, Andalusians, Afghans aren’t “Arabs” in the any way shape or form. Let’s try to make something clear, the real “Arabs” are the Bedouins and the gulf peninsular Arabs and their shit Islamic dysgenic religion comes from there.

      That you have not been able to realize this or comprehend this makes me suspect any credibility that you have. The fact of the matter is that the real Arabs have always been primitive savages with no capability of genuine intellectual output or creativity of any kind, shape or form, nor did they ever have any sort of real unique civilization or cultural foundation of any kind like Sumeria or Akkad .

      The is a fact you have to accept btw. You are making disingenuous false arguments that reeks of duplicitous victimhood and blame gaming by false irrelevant red herrings and western strawmen while deflecting all the points and arguments made against you towards that of said Western strawmen using a flawed no true Scotsman fallacy methodology to accomplish that.

      You have also been trying your best at dodging and circumventing the arguments and accusations directed towards you, which are saliently proving that the Islamic “Arab” world is a mediocre world in terms of civilization, that do not have the intellectual horsepower engine, cultural tapestry or capability to match other greater Non-Arab-Islamic civilizations that have made much more greater progress in the basic tenets and foundations of civilization as well as improving in human resources and development far beyond the scope of present “Arab civilizations”, while industrializing in the process.

      You claim that you admit Arabs might have faults but you are admitting this in a very shallow disingenuous manner without admitting the bound to be failure model and flaws of “Arab civilization”, in which you proceed to direct the blame and level false accusations against the “evil West” and “evil Westerners”. This is a very intellectually dishonest and lazy way to counter argument the fact that “Arab civilizations” in truth are mediocre to low level “civilizations” and “cultures”; which are set up to be become stagnant unchanging static failure civilizations in the cyclical process reaching their end time periods.

      The case in point that I have pinpoint to is the Asian countries of China, South Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore. All these countries have histories of “oppression” and “conquest” by the West and other imperial powers, yet they are meteorically rising in terms of civilization and living standards to that of 1st world standards despite all these factors combined along with having a basic high IQ at the average population level of these places. Japan was nuked while constantly being attacked by waves of tsunami’s and tornado’s yet they have become an industrial powerhouse in Asia by a turn of a century with world class HDI and living standards. The other countries in Asia, who were “oppressed” before are following suite in a similar fashion.

      Let’s also look at the Baltic republics which were under Soviet rule and then previously under Prussian colonial rule. Estonia is becoming a industrialized and cozy technology hub of Europe while becoming a developed 1st world country in the process; Lithuania and Estonia are also undergoing a similar process. Various countries ranging from Singapore to Estonia, despite being “ex colonies” and “being severely oppressed” into mental stagnation, have already risen to that of dynamic developed countries, advanced sophisticated economies and near 1st world living standards by a quarter of a century.

      What you fail to understand or comprehend is that no “Arab country or civilization” has been able to do the same let alone match the progress these other countries have made, and this applies to “Arab” countries that were well-off, were not “oppressed” while having lots of oil money cash and various other pumpable money in the ground trinkets; these non-oppressed Arab countries have not been able to make or even come near to that of the countries that have developed, let alone make similar levels of progress despite having a head start via oil money and lucrative deals.

      What you fail to accept is that “Arab” culture in general is low-brow and “low-IQ” while “Arabs” in general have low-IQ’s thanks also to the religion of Islam. Islam combined with the general low-brow Arab culture, creates a permanent cultural regression, a static backwards continuum, an unpreventable cognitively hampering mental fog, an unbreakable wall on progress of any kind, an identity nation-state vacuum, and a permanent socio-cultural schism between the rulers and the rest of the classes in a Arabized Islamic country. You fail to accept these facts while hiding them under smokescreens of irrelevant false rationalizations and finger pointing and is it any wonder you are confused while lying, blabbering, chest-thumping, denying and self-contradictory when you are arguing about this subject?”

      • Al

        Arab science means Koranic science. According to Koranic science the earth is flat.

        • ScienceMan

          Nowhere Quranic science says earth is flat. One verse actually says: (
          The sun cannot reach the moon, nor does the night overtake the day, but all and each in a separate orbit are circulating) Chaper 36 verse 40. There are Quranic verses that talked about how earth was given a surface and was made easy for man to walk on, but not flat! You really need to know Arabic very well to make these distinctions.

  140. Fred G.

    What if Amazon Rainforest looked like Dubai, you f***tards?

  141. Al

    Thank you scienceman, as you understood exactly my implied suggestion, however, this raises the problem of demographics. Gazans and West Bank arabs constitute a few million arabs. Let us say for the sake of argument that the Jews are way too smart for this group of arabs, with a roman name of Palestinian, to deal with. So for the sake of argument let us write off this group of arabs as being far too weak and helpless to deal with the might of Israel. So now we have cleared this group of Arab people from the discussion. They have been banished from the discussion as being people who can not do anything against Israel. They are in effect failures through no fault of their own as they have been targeted by superior force.

    How does this then excuse the failure of other arabs in Yemen for example who have not Israel as a neighbour but the friendly Saudi arabs in whose land, as fellow Arabs, they are welcomed as Arab brothers during haj for example.

    At he end of the day you will have to stop blaming others in the same way that Japan, India, China, South Korea have done on order to tackle their economic growth issues, which have resulted in them having more wealth creating business people, more wealth, more individual persons of ultra high net worth in such a short time despite NOT having the largest oil reserves in the world as a resource to begin with.

    • Scienceman

      I do agree with you AI, non-Gulf Arabs should indeed stop blaming others for their problems, stop killing each other and start building a decent future for their upcoming generations. That being said, this is going to be a historical uphill decades-long battle because they will struggle with destabilization by much superior external foes (mainly Israel and Iran) and internal demons (mainly despotic regimes and Al-Qaeda). The bullet points in my original post were merely explaining the historical background that led Arabs to their current civilizational trough which partially included Western colonialism and Zionist occupation of Palestine. Bottom line now is that Arabs need serious help, and I feel this help can only come from the West led by America who despite many recent horribly botched international policies is still the only hope for democracy and freedom support around the world. We need to accept that there are “good Arabs” (unlike Israeli belief that the only good Arab is a dead Arab). These good Arabs in Yeman, Sudan, Lybia, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, etc. need help to bring their world out of this vicious cycle that threatens the entire globe. For example had the US/West seriously supported the “good” Syrian freedom fighters very early on in the first 6 months of Assad’s massacres in 2011 we would’ve short circuited this current infestation of ISIS thugs who are spreading like a deadly virus that might eventually reach Israel and the Gulf states and make the current fight with Hamas look like a picnic. The US/West provided this kind of very early preemptive help successfully to the Gulf oil states for the last five decades which led to very stable and thriving Arab populations and strong economies, albeit the true purpose was and is still securing the continuity of global oil supply. However and unfortunately the US/West failed, intentionally I might add, to stabilize very early on and help non-Gulf Arab countries in the 50’s and 60’s and rather destabilized them as part of a blind support of Israel because they were perceived to be anti-Israel Arab populations. This historical mistake threw these traumatized non-Gulf Arab populations in the lap of the USSR, the mess of the Cold War, 5 wars with Israel, the rule of dictatorships and idiological confusion. So yes indeed non-Gulf Arabs should take charge of their own destiny, but it’s misleading and unfactual to say that Israel, the US/West and Russia/USSR have absolutely nothing to do with non-Gulf Arabs’ current problems.

      • The main problem here is the presence of the United States. The presence of the US has ruined the whole region. And Israel. The US and Israel have pretty much trashed the whole region.

        The main problem in Latin America is the United States.

        Sir, with all due respect, you are crazy if you think the US is your only hope. The US has no interest in freedom and democracy, cares nothing about and in many cases, even opposes it. The US overthrows democratic states and puts in dictators all the time.

        The US cares about one thing and one thing only: MONEY. Money is the only thing that matters to US imperialism. All this freedom and democracy talk is crap. The US supports freedom and democracy about as much as Israel does. Israel seem very free and democratic to you?

        • Scienceman

          Of course you’re correct Robert, Israel is not a true democracy despite the fact that it is democratic with its Jewish population but racist with its Arab population in Israel and a merciless occupying force outside Israel.

          And of course you’re correct by implying that if you back up a criminal you become a partner in the crime, and hence the US is unfortunately a partner in Israeli atrocities for its blind support to Israel just as much is Russia a partner in Assad’s genocide. So clearly there’s no room for humane morality in geopolitics.

          However, I still believe that America is capable once in a while of doing the right thing as we did in South Africa by abandoning support to the racist Apartheid system which as you know was a strong ally of the US, West and Israel.

          If money is what it’s all about for the US, eventually doing the right, human and moral thing is good for money as it brings stability and security which is good for business.

          I’m not a fortune teller nor have a crystal ball, but my prediction is that this lingering Palestinian bleeding open wound which is the main source of all Arab turmoil in the last 70 years, including the emergence of Al-Qaeda, will be finally healed via a major historical shift of US/West policies in the Middle East by abandoning blind support to Israeli Apartheid and helping the emergence of a new truly democratic state where Jews and Arabs have equal rights and the election of the 1st Arab president of Israel (which is by the way the name of a beloved Quranic messenger). I have a dream.

        • Al

          Money is what the US cares about,well yes that is certainly true, but it does also care about the ideology of democracy. This democracy requires a certain kind of population.

          I believe that it requires a homogenous population. A mu