One of My Heroes

Augusto Sandino, killer of US Marines, hero of Latin America.

Augusto Sandino. Led a guerrilla war in Nicaragua against the US Marine occupiers of the US colony of Nicaragua. We never caught him. The US Marines were sent down there to make a colony out of Nicaragua to preserve the interests of US big business, which was to keep Nicaragua as a US colony and keep the Nicaraugan people subject, starving, poor and barefoot and enslaved to America.

He’s perhaps the greatest hero of the vast majority of Nicaraguans, and he is revered as a hero all over Latin America for fighting the US imperialists.

The Sandinistas took their name after the hero. Imperialist America never forgets her slights and never forgives the heroes who stand up against her imperial meddling and bullying. The Sandinista national anthem had lyrics that went something like, “America, enemy of mankind.” I love it!


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8 responses to “One of My Heroes

  1. seedofjapheth

    Latin America must free itself from The USA. The USA is the most evil force insofar as Latin America is concerned.

    • seedofjapheth

      A book called Open Veins Of Latin America explains the evil perpetrated by the USA against Latin America.

      • Yes, I agree. The US has never done one single positive thing in the whole of Latin America. All it is has ever done down there is bad, bad, bad, bad. Nothing but sick rightwing crap from 1848 on. No decent liberal should ever support US foreign policy in Latin America in any way, shape or form.

      • tulio

        Latin Americans do plenty of that to each other. They are their own worst enemy. Hell, in 1969, Honduras and El Salvador went to war over a fucking soccer match. Thousands of civilians ended up dying.

        Here is your homework assignment: Find out why Bolivia is a land-locked country. They weren’t always one.

    • As far as Latin America is concerned, the USA is pure Satan. Why do so many liberals support US foreign policy in Latin America? It’s a rightwing nightmare.

  2. Dota

    Thank you for this post Robert. I hadn’t heard of this guy but I’m now going to look him up further.

  3. johnUK

    Who is the guy Chavez idolises?

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