Women Can Get Sex Anytime They Want; Men Can’t

A female friend of mine is surprised that there are young, intelligent, single guys who aren’t getting any. But this is the typical line of women. They always assume that guys can get laid anytime they want to, and they are amazed that there are any guys who aren’t getting any, or who haven’t gotten any in some time.

This is because a single, attractive woman has guys after her all the time. She can get laid anytime she wants to. I have been told that even homely and heavy women can more or less get laid anytime they want to, if they want to lower their standards enough. This is because guys always want to fuck, and a lot of guys will just fuck anything. My neighborhood is full of heavy and homely women, some very homely and very heavy, sometimes both. They’ve more or less all got men, and the ones that don’t have men seem to be doing without by choice.

Lots of guys can’t get women or can hardly get a woman. Of all ages. It’s more or less normal for single guys in general. This whole idea that any single guy can get laid any time he wants to is insane.

I know a lot of guys who have gone years without so much as having a date. Good looking, intelligent guys with good jobs of all ages ranging from 23-50. And a lot of single guys go on long dry spells. I know a 52 year old virgin. In my old town, it was well known that there were some guys, not gay, who had never been seen with a woman in a 15-20 year period.

Now some of these guys are kind of weird, angry, or shy, but some of are none of the above.

I’m not surprised that some commenters on this site are having a hard time getting women. That’s just normal to me.

Women don’t give it up that easily, and they usually want something in return. The ~15% alphas get ~85% of best women, and a lot of the rest of guys are left holding the bag.

The fact that guys just can’t get it any old time in general like women can is why guys just say the Hell with it and get married. Men claim they marry for love, but really they marry for sex. Steady, reliable, no hassle, regular sex. You don’t have to worry about it anymore. It’s right there in your bed every night, and all you have to do is ask.

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312 responses to “Women Can Get Sex Anytime They Want; Men Can’t

  1. Maurice Cloud

    Robert, you may want to consider taking this post down lest Dano sees it . . . he’ll want to introduce you to his enormous, hairy girlfriends. Cheers!

    • Not Surprised

      there’s a reason men like the author can’t seem to attract any women; he’s going after 9-10’s while he himself is maybe – MAYBE – a 6.

      honestly, guys that write about this kind of shit whine that no women like them, but they’re only interested in women that are waaaay out of their league.

      • All right scumfuck, you are banned.

        It is certainly not true that I cannot attract women or girls. If you review the history of my life, the truth is the direct opposite.

        It is certainly not true that no women like me. It’s not the same as it used to be, but that is because I am 55 years old and you attract fewer women as you age.

        Not sure about the rest. I have had more 9’s and 10’s than most of you will in about 20 lifetimes…

        Anyway, a lot of girls and women have told me that I am 10 myself.

      • Women don’t care how ugly a man is as long as he has lots of money.The author of this article is probably like me has has no money and is ugly so he can forget about women for the rest of he’s life.I am a 46 year old virgin and women of all ages call me ugly and weird,but of course if I won the lottery jackpot they’d change their minds because women value money above all else.

        • Hi there, why do you think they call you weird?

          Why don’t you stick around here. This site is very friendly towards incels and virgin incels of all ages.

          It is true that I have no money, but women say I am not ugly at all. According to them, I am very handsome. And I typically have so many women in my life that it’s driving me crazy. But I myself was an incel for various periods in adulthood, including one period that lasted at least a year or more (no more details than that please).

        • Do you think that you are homely or unattractive? Well not everyone can be beautiful or handsome you know? It takes all kinds to fill the freeways. There are plenty of homely women out, especially at your age. And believe me, with each passing year, a greater percentage of the females your age will be turning homely. It’s called aging! Time is cruel.

      • 64squarefeet

        Hey ‘Not Surprised’, you have no clue about the subject matter. The opposite likely occurs where an 8 guy goes after a 5 chick. I see ubër-hot women dating a 4 guy all the time. It’s not the money or success aspect anymore. The guys who manipulate and put women against each other is the one who gets laid.

        I lived in San Francisco for five years and never had trouble getting sex. Often, it was the woman taking me home. Now I live back in the SouthEast and can’t get laid by chicks with three kids and two didn’t baby daddies.

        I’m successful, intelligent, good-looking, worldly, and possess many talents most guys don’t. The difference is that I refuse to use or manipulate people. What the author writes so eloquently is painfully occurring throughout the US. I get more offers for sex from married women than I do dates.

        I don’t know if there is a solution, but its debilitating to many good men out there. Try understanding what you’re doing to have a healthy sex life and pass that advice onto people instead of admonishing people for being whiners…..or are you one of manipulators?

        • Homer Simpson

          How I so envy you. I’m so sweet & innocent like Mr. rogers & have the stupidity of Gilligan from Gilligan’s island, even 400 lbs black chicks with 3 + kids look down upon me & wouldn’t touch me with a 10 meter meter rod. You are probably cooler,stronger & better than I am, because I happen to be an @$$burger pansy boy. Girls love strong, aggressive, daddy figures whom spoil them rotten.

        • I get laid with dick pics and a few witty sentences…not much though.

          Most women seem to want a lap dog that thinks he is top dog

      • thetruth

        Women can get sex just by asking. But that’s not what they want. They won’t have sex unless they’re paid for it (aka ‘dating”).

        • Well, some women have given up on dating and now require “friendship”

        • TRASH

          I am of the opinion that sadly penis size/ shape and its potential to bring women to orgasm is the literal driving force.

          There is only one reason that many women date African men who have no money and no prospects. Looks help, but it is mostly two things and attitude is only one of them.

      • Dick

        Now stfu with your leagues. Leagues doesn’t fucking exist! Don’t lower your standards ever, only if they are stupid. Men get sex with PUA, women are hardwired to react on certain things, learn them and fuck them. That’s what I did, because I had no father figure to teach me this. And I’m cool with it. That doesn’t mean you don’t have work to do. Simple, really, just like any other skill.

  2. PS

    This is why homosexuals will always be more prone to contracting STDs. Gay men are gay but they’re still men – they’ll take sex just about whenever they can get it. There’s no gatekeeper.

    • TRASH

      Gays seem to have much fulfilled-or should I say “filling” lives. They are very happy because anytime they wish they can get their stovepipe sucked in a rest stop glory hole.

  3. “[A]ll you have to do is ask” – or so the theory goes, anyway.

  4. tmi0920

    You’re very defensive about these young girls thinking you’re hitting on them. Young girls are notorious bi**hes, the excessive Hollywood / Reality Bimbo escapades on TV daily fuels their behavior. Women in their 30’s are either settled w/kids or diligently looking for that, and women in their 40’s are either tired and not interested, husband or not, or lucky enough take advantage of the pre-menopause hormonal rush, like a 17 yr. old boy. How you guys go thru your lives with sex on your minds 24/7 and get anything else done is amazing.

    Surprisingly, I’m in a similar situation as you as far as sex goes. Currently seeing a guy, late-40’s, who likes the same outdoor activities, have fun together, good conversation, everything… but he doesn’t seem to desire sex often at all. I’m considered pretty to very pretty – not beautiful – tall, thin, professional, son in the army, never married, no baggage, no drama, whatever. Not ALL Men ‘want sex all the time’. I know several girls, single and married, in similar situations.

    In general, I think women (who aren’t whores) will choose to be with someone they think they can trust – over anything else in particular. Even if horny, you have to pass the ‘instinct test.’ I guess because we never think of sex as a one-night stand. We’re ultimately looking for some regular action too. Will I want to sleep with him again? Is he a decent guy? As far as you’re concerned Robert, those young girls, they don’t think so… but what do they know.

    • Your a typical women. You say your looking for a person who will give you all the comforts of home; but what it is inside your selfish and only want a relationship that goes your way. Think about what you can do for the man you think would like you, not how will he fit in my test tube.

  5. Amy

    1) I don’t think this is the case for women over a certain age. Certainly most woman over 50 are pretty much invisible, sexually. Lots of women in their forties as well, depending on health and genetics. I’m 43 (and in good shape) and the only guys who check me out anymore seem to be 50 and up.

    2) Getting married isn’t a guarantee of regular sex, for men or women. Women and men both are both at risk of losing interest as they get older. Men are at risk of losing the ability as well–the pills don’t work for everyone. If the spouse who’s still able and still interested is committed to the marriage he/she is pretty much guaranteed never to have sex for the rest of your life. Talk about bleak. Not sure who has it worse–the committed spouse in a sexless marriage or the perpetual virgin….

    • Julia

      So? You yourself seem to dislike the fact that only 50+ men check you out. So if you’re not attracted to older men why should younger men (some of which are actually attractive contrary perhaps to the older demographics) be attracted to you?

      • Amy

        It was intended as an observation, not a complaint. In my case it’s irrelevant since I’m married (to a fifty-something guy for what it’s worth).

        My point was that it’s not necessarily true that all “women can get sex anytime they want.” Over a certain age, it’s much harder for women to attract anyone who is still willing and able.

        • TRASH

          AMY I was a teenage boy once and we both know a 43 year old can set aside all of her pride and morality to let an 18 year old boy have sex with her. There is a part of all adult women who feel an attraction to young, young men. Most of women will repress it and a few succumb.

          Your husband has been a very young man and probably agrees.

    • robin

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      • Amy

        Thank you kindly, but I am married.
        Nonetheless, due to vanity, ego, whatever, I still like to be “noticed.” So does the spouse. So if someone checks us out we tell each other later on, in a “yay, I’ve still got it” sort of way. Because at our ages we both appreciate the compliment!

    • TRASH

      AMY if 43 year old women wish to they can have sex with a 19 year old young man they can. Not only will he be enthusiastic and energetic but will also be sort of obedient because you’re older. I was young once and know this. A woman can get a boy young enough to be her son to respectfully service her in order to enjoy sex with and learn. That’s a fact. A relationship long-term, no.

      Society grudgingly nods in approval as it has for thousands of years or at least condones this: a woman’s physical needs are met by a young man who will now be more experienced and understanding with women.

      A 19 year old girl wants nothing to do with a 43 year old man or even a 33 year old man unless she is a criminal drug addict accepting payment.

      Society is disgusted by such an act. Though she may be a legal adult her father might come after you anyhow with the intent to inflict serious violence on you.

      Young girls are really unpleasant these days, too. Their attention spans are super-short, they are foul-mouthed, watch too much porn.

      Older men are sort of out of luck.

  6. anonymous

    If you don’t mind me asking … how old are you?

      • Mohammad

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        • Well, gee, looks like you got yourself banned, curry breath. Head off back to Bharat now.

        • TRASH

          MOHAMMED HORSE-DICK? Indeed our white European penises do seem to belong to horses to an Indian or Pakistanis male.

          You go on and on about “Goras” but believe me, Desi girls are left much more satisfied by the equipment of the Gora.

      • You bitch, now you’re hurting my feelings.

        • Sandshark63

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    • TRASH

      43 and married. Male. White, wife Chinese.

      As a teenager and young man I had sex with on or two occasions with women the age of my mother.

      Most men do, if you happen to be a woman and do not know this. Your brother has had sex with a woman old enough to be his mother, your husband before he was married when he was 20, your father when he was 20 and most every man you ever met done this.

  7. Sigh.

    It’s true women can get laid anytime. Lol!

    You’re a middle -aged complaining about how younger women don’t find you attractive, while insisting you don’t find middle-aged women attractive. Newsflash, young women feel the same way about you that you feel about women your own age: yuck!

    • Xelent

      I am an older woman, and I do not find men my age or in their 50’s attractive. I find the younger men more attractive and gag when I see the older men. I’d rather kill myself then give up an take an older man.

        • Sandshark63

          Wow!! So us bruthas in our 50s can’t get no love? that’s fucked up…let me tell you something honey them young boys don’t like you..they just want some quick pussy..and unlike the younger women they normally deal with…your probably more likely to Suck Dick with little or no persuasion…And Men of all ages want that…. Uh nigga will take uh bitch out on a luxurious evening ..if it means he gets to.bust uh nut in your grill at the end of the night .so don’t get it twisted boo..your success with young men will go as far as your dick sucking skills will take you….You might want to get you an OG while you still have time…because eventually, we ain’t gone want you either…now if youl allnexcuse me, Im going to go jack off to porn, on my phone because like most of you in here I ain’t got no bitches.

      • TRASH

        I noticed that when I was young. Older women will have sex with men young enough to be their son and young men will love it more than with a girl their own age.

        Their must be some biological reason for this.

    • All right, jerk, you’re banned.

    • TRASH

      Older women can get a young man to have sex with them. We all know that.

  8. tulio

    Robert, I think you’ve mentioned that you live in a small town in the San Joaquin Valley. Maybe you aren’t exactly in prime territory to meet single women. I think of places like that as being more geared towards families, not singles. For starters you should consider getting out of Dodge and going somewhere more suitable for single men.

    Sometimes I resent the fact that women can get sex anytime they want whereas men can’t. But I guess when you really think about it, it’s probably best that nature designed things that way. If women wanted sex as much and as indiscriminately as men do, people would be fucking all day non-stop. Nothing would ever get done. You’d probably hear people fucking in public restrooms every time you went in. Also, even though women can get sex anytime they want, it will not necessarily be from a man they want, nor would it be from a man that actually will answer the phone when they call the next day. It’s not in women’s nature to pump and dump. So sure, she can get a dick in her pretty much anytime, but most want a guy that actually cares about them. So women may have just as hard a time getting what they want as men do. I think a woman who gets sex all the time but can’t find a man that wants to marry her is analogous to a man that’s a 40 year old incel.

    And wow! A 52 year old virgin?!?! Can’t imagine why anyone that age wouldn’t have just gone to a prostitute even once just to know what it’s like. I’ve heard that once a virginal guy hits 40 or so, he’s pretty much incurable at that point.

    • Jason

      You heard that huh? From who? 🙂

    • Ali

      If women wanted sex as much and as indiscriminately as men do, people would be fucking all day non-stop. Nothing would ever get done. You’d probably hear people fucking in public restrooms every time you went in.

      Haha, this was my life, including the fucking in restroom stalls (threesomes on occasion, FMF – the best kind!) when I was in my late teens. In my 30s it seems to be happening again. Our taxes are even late because of it. I have shit for brains and I get nothing done anymore, ever. Period. My husband and I have been going at it like rabbits lately. It’s our wedding anniversary weekend and we used it as an excuse to sit around the house and fuck all day and night. And do drugs, and snack on cake, and listen to music: The New York Dolls, Jane’s Addiction, Social D, Depeche Mode, Coil, Bauhaus, Bowie, The Velvets, and too many more to name. “It’s such a perfect day/I’m glad I spent it with you,” that kind of thing.

      His boss won’t let him have Memorial Day off because “the economy, blah blah no time for vacation, ‘in this economy,’ excuse, excuse.” Yeah, well. You know, he has no rights and we’re all dog food anyway, so we took Friday and got our jollies out then. That’s when I found this blog: I was trying to figure out why I have the sex drive of a 16-year-old boy. Turns out it has something to do with my hormones saying I need a baby. Well, bwahahaha. If there’s one thing I am aces at screwing up, it’s childcare. Hubby wants to get snipped. It’s his choice – I just hope he picks a DAMN GOOD SURGEON. I’d have done it myself years ago except all the doctors are worried about malpractice lawsuits (“Women, amirite?” *snicker* “They ALL want kids eventually…”) and then there’s the whole thing about a 40% chance of early menopause if ladies get snipped before 40.

      I like you people. You’re my people. I’ll be back for sure.

  9. seedofjapheth

    Women are as sexually active as men but they are more selective than men. As Robert said all women want that alpha male and so we have situation in America that is similar to polygamous societies where so called alpha males are monopolizing much of the sex.

    The truth is is that the sexual situation between men and women is just a matter of men getting played by females hard. Men are the biggest losers when it comes to the sex game.

    When a woman gives a man sex she feels she is giving him something. When a man gives a woman sex she feels she is giving him something. Women do not acknowledge men as giving them anything when they have sex unless the man is black.

    So basically the male genitalia is worth less than nothing and female genitalia is worth everything. Men are treated as expendable when it comes to sexual matters. But this is because men collectively refuse to be selective. Some men are selective but collectively men are not selective. If collectively men were selective about who they slept with then women wouldn’t rule the sex game anymore. There would be shared power.

    Men: rise up. Stop being played by women, women are getting too good a deal when it comes to the sex game. They do not deserve it. They deserve an equal partnership with men.

    • ella

      Most men can’t afford to be selective. Their sex drive is too strong and unless he is alpha – really rich, handsome as hell, etc., he will have to take what he can reasonably get. Women can afford to be selective because we don’t have testosterone driving us to want to fuck everything in sight.

      • Bccream

        This answer should be the winner, it is short and conclusively convincing. Especially a brutal truth coming from a woman, hats off to you twice Ella.

  10. Dano

    Once you go hirsute, you give the rest the boot.

  11. Shawn

    Fat ugly women (same thing really) can get laid at will but will have trouble keeping a guy who is in high demand. I agree with your post though. Lots of good-looking, intelligent, personable, and sometimes monied guys can’t get laid.

    High-quality free internet pornography combined with masturbation is oftentimes much better than sex, especially with below-average looking girls. So if a guy cannot get above a 6, for example, instead of dating down he may go to Porn Hub a lot, for example.

    All women are prostitutes.

    Go to this post and look at my comments under my other pseudonym, “sam h:”


    • Sandshark63

      Omg you just described my fuckin life..I love pussy as much as the next man, but I haven’t been getting any lately, I haven’t fucked since February of 2015 …but despite that, I refuse to fuck an ugly bitch…I would, like you said, rather go to pornhub or pornmd and bust uh nut in my hand after dark.. that’s better than laying up in the bed with some ugly fat wilderbeast that you’re just with, because you needed some pussy that badly..FUCK THAT ..Give me some Vaseline Intensive Care….Black Cheerleader Search 34..and I’m Cool….now I know that sounds pathetic..But its better than waking up to a fat smelly ass bitch the next morning..that you just wanted to fuck for fucks sake..And now wanna kill yourself because of it.

  12. Ken Hoop

    Suggestion, Bob. carry around print-outs of your work. Tell the gals you’re a writer. Ask questions that subtly hint if they’d like dating a creative , widely published guy, but don’t imply the publication has resulted in riches. Just that they exemplify an interesting, inquisitive personality. And keep a thick skin.
    You’ll get takers when you ask them out, or their phone numbers, etc.

    Might not be good matches but this is best technique available imo.

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  14. mud

    Robert, your website makes me horny. *left holding the bag* that was a good one.

    You are always trying to figure out women like they are a different sort of being. I don’t particularly like them, but that’s cuz they don’t make me horny. I love being around men because they usually make me laugh and that makes me horny. If you aren’t having fun with women for whatever reason, you’re going to feel weird around them. I think you would feel so much better if you just don’t worry about what they’re thinking, cuz in general most people are assholes and it doesn’t matter what they’re thinking, if in fact they are thinking.

    Energy trumps age and appearance. People who don’t have sex might just be confused about what sex is for.

  15. mud

    oops. *People who don’t have sex might just be confused about what sex is for.* I was thinking about certain people I know who complain about not being able to get certain other people to have sex with them, and then they themselves rudely turn down certain other people for sex. To me, if you just want to have sex, that’s pretty simple. If you are trying to connect in an intimate way with another human being, starting out by evaluating their weight, looks, income, etc., seems not the right place to start. Start with their energy, also known as the heart.

    • ella

      Sex is to get off. That’s what it’s for. If you just want to get off it shouldn’t matter what the person looks like.

      • Sandshark63

        nah imma have to call you on that one…You absolutely have to be attracted to the person in some way if you’re going to have sex with them, even if its just a little attraction, there still has to be some.. sex is too intimate of an act, to do it with a person you don’t have some
        Kind of fundamental attraction to…or at least in my case it does because when I fuck…I eat pussy and lick asshole..and I aint gone do that type uh shit to some one I ain’t feeling

  16. Amy

    Link below…Benjamin Franklin’s advice to a friend detailing why, in his opinion, older mistresses were preferable to younger ones. For one thing, “they are so grateful!”


  17. mud

    If you want gratitude for sex, yes, go with someone you think is desperate.

    • Amy

      Eh, given that men are the ones who are “supposed” to be grateful, seems a nice change of pace to be with a woman who’s grateful to you instead of thinking she’s doing you a favor.

      • Aaron

        On this subject, here’s something from a story by Isak Dinesen:

        The girl thought for a time of what he had said. “I suppose,” she then said, “that even in your country you have parties, balls, conversazioni?”

        “Yes,” he said, “we have those.”

        “Then you will know,” she went on slowly, “that the part of a guest is different from that of a host or hostess, and that people do not want or expect the same things in the two different capacities?”

        “I think you are right,” said Augustus.

        “Now God,” she said, “when he created Adam and Eve” – she also looked at them across the room – “arranged it so that man takes, in these matters, the part of a guest, and woman that of a hostess. Therefore man takes love lightly, for the honour and dignity of his house is not involved therein. And you can also, surely, be a guest to many people to whom you would never want to be a host. Now, tell me, Count, what does a guest want?”

        “I believe,” said Augustus when he had thought for a moment, “that if we do, as I think we ought to here, leave out the crude guest, who comes to be regaled, takes what he can get, and goes away, a guest wants first of all to be diverted, to get out of his daily monotony or worry. Secondly the decent guest wants to shine, to expand himself and impress his own personality upon his surroundings. And thirdly, perhaps, he wants to find some justification for his existence altogether. But since you put it so charmingly, Signora, please tell me now: What does a hostess want?”

        “A hostess,” said the young lady, “wants to be thanked.”

        • You know what’s weird? I’ve had some women thank me for having sex with them. This one time, I spent like 45 minutes or so eating this woman’s pussy, and when we were done, she leaned back and said, “Thank you.”

        • Aaron

          This one time, I spent like 45 minutes or so eating this woman’s pussy, and when we were done, she leaned back and said, “Thank you.”

          Sounds American.

        • Ali

          I always thank my husband for his generous services. I just thanked him profusely at 5 AM. Ha!

        • Silver Surfer

          Wasn’t she already “leaned back”? Or were you eating her out in a doggy style position?

  18. mud

    Catfight! Sweet. Amy, I don’t think either one is supposed to be grateful. I have had a lot of sex with a lot of different men, and I don’t go for that. When I was doing it for fun, it was fun, I would be creeped out doing that with someone as a favor. When I was doing it for love, if I wasn’t totally in the mood, I still didn’t want gratitude. Same thing as wanting gratitude for a kiss or a hug, isn’t it?

    • Amy

      Hah! I meant my response to be more tongue-in cheek, really. Should have added one of these: :-p

      I agree that a very grateful partner can be kind of creepy. As can a partner with a sense of entitlement.

  19. Hmm…for me, the response to “Mohammad” was actually the most telling thing in this whole thread.

  20. Ohhh boy — ok, I read a few more of the comments and realized that I have somehow found myself reading and commenting in the wrong blog. Neeeeverrrrr mind. *backing away slowly* Not for me. Shoulda kept my mouth shut. Feel free to remove my previous comment and I promise never to come back here. Ok, then. Buh-byeeee! 🙂

  21. mud

    I think you put your finger on it (lol). It’s a high class problem, when you have standards for who you are willing to fuck.

  22. Kassel

    I think any guy who is willing to drop his standards can also get laid. I had periods in my life where I didnt get laid – some very long dry spells – and it was always because I wasnt willing to put in the social effort (was going through anti-social or shy phases) and wasnt willing to drop my standards. Even during these times I could have gotten laid had I dropped my standards.

    Nearly any guy if he is willing to be social and willing to drop his standards enough can get laid, I dont buy into this whole guys cant get laid business. Of all my friends right now who are not getting laid, ALL of them are anti-social cant act normal around women – its entirely a self-imposed social issue for them.

    Plus, I know lots of girls who cant get the man they want – in fact, cant get a man on their level, in other words they are in the same situation as guys, they can only get some if they drop their standards.

    I have heard this meme before but nothing in my experience has confirmed it.

    • I think that’s absolutely ridiculous. And a lot of guys can’t act normal enough to get women no matter how hard they try anyway.

      There’s a pussy shortage. There’s always a pussy shortage. Civilization works off the principle of a pussy shortage for single men.

      • Wellwellwell

        For some reason I can’t put my email on the bottom of this blog,so I’ll start here. I know what you’re talking about. I’m forty six and the chances of scoring seem to get less and less. I feel the same way as you do regarding young girls. They just don’t want to know. I get a really weird vibe from them. I’m in very good shape, but a lot of women my age have given up on taking care of themselves. The guy above is right, too. You have to lower your standards, and that’s hard, especially if she wants a long term commitment. I don’t want to be with someone I’m just not really into. And you have to spend a considerable amount of time socializing and or going out to find a girl. I find that women my age want a total commitment. I hate lying to them. Having unattached fun is very rare at this age. It’s frustrating with so much porn on the net as well. The U.S. seems to have a very dire dating pool.

    • You are right on the money, Kassel. I live in a place where dating is complicated and long winded, as the culture is very puritan and discourages gender mixing. However, I had those times where I could have got laid more often, with only my standards holding me back. The women who were willing were either unattractive to me or had a personality flaw that I am not willing to deal with.
      If a guy sees every pussy as a fair game, regardless of the woman’s level of attractiveness, he would have no problems getting woman. The idea that women are somehow the gatekeepers of the sexual market is a popular myth.

  23. Kassel

    Well, In most non-Western hookers are on call for every male, so almost all men get regular sex of a kind roughly analogous to the one night stand so beloved of Western lotharios, so I dont know if civilization is built on a pussy shortage. Certainly not in Asia.

    I dont deny that there are lots of men in the modern West who dont get laid, but I deny they cant get laid. In reality, they can, if they are just willing to be social. Every dry spell I had was because I went into social deep freeze, and every guy I know who isnt getting any is simply terrified of being social with women. If youre a guy, and you are willing to be social, not even *good* at being social, just being social, you WILL get laid. Maybe not with the girl of your dreams and it may take some number of approaches, but it will happen, with regularity.

    The problem is that we have lots of guys who are scared off being social with women, and the notion that we have to *try* to do or be something special to get with women, which creates massive and paralyzing performance anxiety. Get rid of the idea that you have to do anything special around women and just be social, you WILL get laid. May not be the hottest girl around, but it will happen. Its a really hard message for most guys to believe because we are bombarded with messages that a guy has to be some kind of God to get laid, but ironically, its *precisely* that notion is that is preventing guys from getting laid by creating crippling performance anxiety. Truth is you dont have to do much to get laid provided you are approaching at your level.

    As for women, sure, since its the guys role to approach they will be offered sex, but can they get the cool hot guy their slavering over? Probably not. So girls have to settle, too, if they want to get laid.

    • I simply do not believe this at all. And I am a sexual revolutionary. My attitude is do it in the streets. I have to admit that the revolution failed. It’s obvious.

    • Tom Harris

      Being Social is code for slinging out the cash. They are only willing if they see some benefit besides just sex if you aren’t a hunk or attractive. Prostitution should be legalized. Got to pay anyways and at least you don’t have the nightmare of a long drawn out fleecing that happens in trying to get laid. I’m disabled and can confirm no woman will give me the time of day, never have.

  24. Kassel

    Fair enough, and I suppose we can only argue our respective experiences.

    However, I will say one thing; I think what is holding a lot of guys back from getting girls is this notion that they cant just *be themselves*. Part of being self-confident is not changing yourself to suit others, and any approach which advises men to change themselves to suit women, whether by being *nice* or being an *alpha*, will make men less attractive to women.

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  26. imnobody

    One word: expat. If you are reluctant to leave your beloved America, go travel to Latin America for several weeks (but not meet with other expats but with local people). All your mating problems will disappear.

  27. mud

    If a guy used to get all the poontang he wanted and can’t get it any more, there are a few obvious possibilities.
    1. Word got around that he’s not worth the bother, even though he might be a voracious pussy eater. You can train a dog to do that.
    2. He got older but he was only ever appealing to clueless girls and women. Women his own age aren’t falling for his shit any more, and he is now too fat or ugly to attract stupid good looking younger women. He is unwilling to pay because he wants to be desired for himself, but there’s nothing there worthwhile.

    Any man of any age who is worth fucking with will be fucked with. Even in America.

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  29. Jason

    I agree with Roberts post. I lived in San Francisco during the dot.com era and beyond (1998-2009). Most neighborhoods (even the Castro) had more single women than single men and I could never get a date, a phone number, or even a coy glance. Even the very “shy” type of gal was hit on, and she could get sex if she wanted to. Men, having to be the “pursuer” and gushing confidence (usually it was arrogance, not confidence. Women have confused arrogance to mean confidence) and desperation to get a girl. I just got tired after 500 or so rejections or shutdowns.

    San Francisco 1998, bar in the SOMA. Just after work.

    Me: (to cute gal whose glance met mine for longer than a few seconds) “Hello! Decompressing from the day?”

    Her: (snarly upper lip and the classic smelling onions look) “Umm yeah, I have a boyfriend.”

    Multiply that by 500 and you get the picture.
    Not angry or mad, or even jealous at this point. Just stating fact.
    Great page by the way…..

  30. ren

    @ Kassel..
    I somehow question your knowledge of women..
    Even ugly, beastly women have standards, perhaps not standards regarding their potential partner’s physical attractiveness, but standards none-the-less. If you are a socially awkward guy, it will repulse them and you’d have to rape the beast to sleep with it.

  31. ren

    P.S. Robert has banned me before for commenting on his totally ignorant, laughable assessment of Chinese dialects. He may choose to do so again. I really don’t care.

  32. The way to win this game is to be celibate and concerned with more important things in life. Then you really rule the women around you.

    • ella

      I say lower your standards and/or buy it and shut the hell up. If you’re only interested in women as “pussy” well, that’s part of the problem.

      • Joe

        You seem to operate under the illusion that women have more on offer than their anatomical configuration. Since time, men have tolerated – not celebrated – the ‘rest’ of the package. In our time, that’s increasingly less the case as women become more outspoken and entitled, magnifying their already-bothersome behavioral traits into an unpalatable admixture that’s seen the number of men turning to other men for sexual satisfaction skyrocket compared to earlier times. Why put up with the bullshit, expense, disappointment, and dishonesty inherent in dating women when you can get some guy off craigslist to polish your tool for free and go your separate ways afterward? Women used to use sex as a tool to control men, and it worked well. Now, that tool’s worn down and doesn’t work half the time anymore. We’re starting to learn we deserve better treatment, that we aren’t walking cash dispensaries (in this economy no less) for their personal use when they ‘feel’ like it; and that in th age of 50% divorce rates (where we lose not just half our property, but custody of our children, too – not to mention alimony if we make a little more than average through OUR own hard work) we’ve learned not to put a ring on every broad that promises us the world for a week, then packs up and heads straight to a lawyer’s office (while we’re at work) when the ink on the license is dry. Just look at Tom Cruise’s marriage to Katy Holmes: marriage, elation, kids, then…yep, you guessed it. She runs off to a lawyer while he’s shooting a film in Iceland and files for divorce and custody of their daughter. So even a fucking mansion, all the money for shopping, and never working for a living aren’t enough to keep a woman happy. Look at Paul McCartney, Jack Welch, Eminem. This ain’t a joke, you can’t trust or love women.

        • Roy dinkerdink

          I couldn’t have said it better myself. As you might imagine I’m in the midst of a bitter divorce and custody battle. I plan on embracing being single and just jacking it. As a side note it’s actually pretty hard to maintain same sex friendships as well. I wonder if being divorced makes you less appealing for male friendships as well as new girlfriends etc.

    • Sandshark63

      nah imma have to call you on that one…You absolutely have to be attracted to the person in some way if you’re going to have sex with them, even if its just a little attraction, there still has to be some.. sex is too intimate of an act, to do it with a person you don’t have some
      Kind of fundamental attraction to…or at least in my case it does because when I fuck…I eat pussy and lick asshole..and I aint gone do that type uh shit to some one I ain’t feeling

  33. What I think it really comes down to is peer pressure. Men are under peer pressure to have sex and females are considered upstanding and moral if they wait until marriage. It’s a bullshit double standard.

    That said, if I wanted to spend my life screwing around, I’m sure I could.

  34. max-logic.com/2011/01/12/the-drought-is-so-real/

  35. There is also another issue of supply-demand. If you find that you have it difficult in the dating market, maybe a change of scene would increase your chances. This applies especially to men in Robert’s situation, who is probably discriminated against because the women are either spoilt for choice and have some biases against older men trying to pick up young women.

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  37. doug

    Im 47 and recently. Divorced just want to make out, forplay, makelove and curse all night long.
    I want to fall inlove again. I know it doesn’t sound masculine but, a woman is Gods greatest creations and I want one to love in me Too. My love language. Is touch.

    • Roy dinkerdink

      I’m in the same boat dude except I’m 31 life sure is rough for us divorced guys we’ve just gotta keep on keeping on like joe dirt I suppose

  38. Prasad


    From my experience in the US, one of the most unfortunate things that I have noticed is that geeks in engineering and sciences find it the hardest to get laid. First, males are over represented in these fields. Then, they have to work all kinds of hours just to get decent grades and that leaves them with barely enough time to rest and also, develop their personalities by constantly being in the game. The only ones I knew who did get laid frequently were in boring, long term relationships with somebody they knew back from their high school. I’m talking about Americans here. Chances of Indian geeks getting laid are close to zero though I know of some startling exceptions (one of them a guy barely 5’6″ tall that I thought would never laid. Period).

    We experienced a similar scenario back in India at IIT Madras. The male to female ratio was 6:1 and the few chicks that made through were fugly (with rare exceptions of course). Fortunately, there was a fashion institute nearby and there were some nice chicks for the taking over there: especially for guys with motorbikes. It all had to be done under the auspices of a sham “relationship” though replete with gifts and coddling that goes with it. Indians are covert fuckers.

    Here in the US, surprisingly, I have found music majors or musicians to be the hidden jewels and surprisingly active. I dated an older flute playing woman once for a few months a couple of years back. She was hyperactive and played my flute to perfect resonance. The experience was out of the world. Even fake orgasms did not bother me and I appreciated the intent behind them. She made me a better man.

    • I am glad to hear of your experiences my friend!

    • The problem with most Indian geeks is that they are too hung up on the technicalities when it comes to the dating game. One don’t need hours to develop a personality like Jim Morrison to attract women. Just a good personal hygiene, a good dress sense, an open mind and basic social skills would do. They take no more time and effort than the average geek wastes in video games. I’d probably write a blog post on this topic, when I have the time.

  39. La La

    If all you want is sex, then frankly, you don’t deserve women. Heh, poetic justice…
    But seriously, I disagree for two reasons…
    First, I am an fairly attractive woman, and I am not getting laid. You do not factor in the shy, wallflower women that are overshadowed by the flamboyant, often hypersexual women. Men go for them, they don’t pay attention to us. It is not easy for us to get sexed up at all. It may seem proposeterous to you, but I’m a woman, I should know. If you ain’t sluttin it up, you get ignored.
    Second, men have it easier because you don’t even have to care about the person you lay with. Many women, including myself, need a connection of some sort before we hit that. Well, I suppose no one needs it, but want it anyway. Men can slam it and walk away. You’re the lucky ones, you don’t have to cultivate a connection beforehand.
    Anyway, that’s why it pisses me off when men say we can get laid easier. No, shy women don’t have that much of a chance either. Sure, maybe if I went up to a guys and asked if he wanted to f**k it may work, but if I asked for a relationship along with it I’d be screwed. Yeah, I want something in return. I’m human aren’t I?
    Anyway, there is no p***y shortage. Women outnumber men in this world. If you just want pussy, stop complaining and get a hooker. You know, those women that walk the streets at night? Well, you can pay them to do whatever you want with you!! OMG!!

    • Banned. Hostile tone. Back to your apartment now.

      A lot of guys are shy too you know. What about them?

    • George

      I pay up to $1500 a night, in Australia it’s legal and we have forums for punters to tell us who gives the best service. I am 42, single and have finally discovered the truth – take everything and give back nothing – it ‘s one life, and after we are gone , this planet won’t even shed a single tear. So, in the words of Bill & Ted, party on dudes. Oh, and on a final note, having sex with a 9, or a 10 does not make one a complete man. I speak for myself, and don’t get me wrong, I love women, have many female friends but I only have sex porn style.

      • GEORGE When I left the United States in 1999 I came to agree: you can play social games with young women when you are a young man and get sex 3 times a year in the West (At least then, in a better economy).

        In those days internet porn was harder to access. Once had to visit sex stores to by dirty magazines or watch porn videos that you had to hide in your room somewhere whenever you wanted some sort of solo sex.

        You’d be really stupid in 1999 when I was 25 to use a street prostitute in the NAM ghetto. They were drug addicts, areas they sold their bodies were gang-infested and police were prowling around busting every punter, they had STD’s, some were violent and vicious enough to attack you themselves.

        Once overseas however, I began using prostitutes of every race and description and felt much much more psychologically and physically fulfilled. When you are having sex and ejaculating a great deal I think your testosterone level-along with confidence etc.-goes up.

        Much is written about how women are trafficked and forced into prostitution but I believe a good percentage of women who are prostitutes enjoy sexual activity with customers (Perhaps 50%).

  40. I’m in a similar mode.
    I’m 45 years old now. And getting women is no longer like shooting ducks in a barrel… In fact it changed so dramatically after I turned 40,
    It seems that my ”career” is now over!
    I swear, all through my 20’s and 30’s I always had plenty of women.
    I’ve slept with well over a hundred women… Without paying, or going to Thailand!
    (although I went to Thailand 2 years ago and it was great… but that’s another story)
    When I turned 40, my 27 year old girlfriend of 4+ years, threw me a surprise birthday party…. Then later that night, she dumped me.
    So I went out to the same places that I did great at in my mid 30’s…
    But suddenly, I couldn’t get laid in a 50 cent whore house, with a fist full of fifties!!!
    Anyways, I wrote a whole record about this shit!

    It’s called ”Beware the Weapon” by LAMMY aka Mr. True …
    It’s FREE on the internet.
    (and yes, why it is free is another story too)

  41. patrickbateman

    You have described my life to a tee. Late 30s, good looking still, fit with a good body, very intelligent but I’m a ghost to women. They cut me dead when I speak and never look at me anymore. The game has changed and I’m an observer now not a participant .. even women 5-10 years older avoid me and I cannot fathom it. On paper they should be stalking me?
    It’s a bit depressing really…

  42. Robert Banks

    Truly, all a woman needs to do, in order to attract as many handsome, intelligent, charming and freindly men, is get her body in half decent shape. If a man can see an attractive shape he’ll take genuine notice. He’ll look again and again.
    A man will gather information, analyze the situation and find his comfort zone then he’ll approach. It may not be for sex, but merely approval of some sort. This is where most men go down in flames and begin that trip toward sexual isolation that lasts men from middle age, to the end of their lonely lives..
    A man, even with a great body must also be able to display the proper amount of swagger in all situations. One slight moment of confusion or lack of confidence, his prospective mate witnesses, brings him back to square one and he may not get another chance. A man must be champion all the way to the bed and then he must be impressive in bed as well. Women need only look the part and not emit horrible odors. Women don’t need to be witty or wealthy or confident or have dynamic levels of phermones to land a man who shows interest. Because as many women here still deny, once a man shows interest he’s as good as gotten for her needs or wants. She has only to play a game to see if there is anything she would be passing up. The total advantage is for women and men “shot down in flames” get battle worn. Soon, they isolate themselves, avoid any contact (even meaningless social chit chat) and live quietly in desperation hoping one day to just get lucky. And we men cling to hope because that is truly all we have. Whereas women have options.

  43. Pawel

    All men are bit shy when talking to women for the first time. but I don’t want to talk behalf other men. From my experience , I had never known a man who had an easy time when it comes to attracting women. My friends (many of them very well looking guys, intelligent …)are still virgings. All what they want is experience what is sex like, without paying for it. I had been many times with those friends in bars and clubs trying to meet women and all we achieved were humiliating , awkward and embarrassing rejections. Week after week. Year after year. Each and every .
    When I find myself being single for 17 years straight, I have decided to settle for an ugly girl. I did and it worked out. I am still with her today. She loves me…I haven’t told her that the only reason I’ve approached her was the fact that she was ugly enough to not reject me. I am unhappy man who has regular sex with someone I don’t love.

    I moved to the UK with the hope , that if i won’t use my native language when talking to girls I might get luckier. But I was wrong, Is it actually worse since I’m not still fluent enough…
    I am searching articles on the Internet trying to understand why men have it so much harder when it comes to attracting the opposite sex , and this s how I got here…

  44. Dayvo

    This is a great thread Robert and I am in full agreement with you.

    I am a 26 year old englishman who is well educated, good looking, in exceptional shape and very confident.

    One statement will sum the whole thread up:

    • Dayvo

      That is why women will always hold the upper hand unfortunately.

      Any women can get sex when she likes and that is how it will always be.

      You only have to use this example:

      If for example Megan Fox walked up to 10 blokes who she had never met in her life and said: Hi your hot. fancy coming back to mine for a F***, I am sure at least 9 would say yes if not the full ten, even those in a relationship/marriage.

      Roles reversed, If a young Brad Pitt does the same to 10 women he has never met, some would say yes, some would say no, some would slap him,some would say you are not my type, some would say I have to get to know you better and the list goes on and on and on.

  45. that's life

    The reason nobody wants to fuck you is that you’re an inebriate communist loser.

    • No, he is not a communist! what kind of communist he is who always banns opinions from others. You see you are banned. BTW he does not seem to be a loser he is enjoying company from both the sexes!! LOL!!

    • You obviously don’t know the first thing about Robert. Everybody wants to fuck Robert! He’s like Mick Jagger that way: He’s the one everybody wants to fuck. I can tell that you really want to fuck him yourself. Who doesn’t?The trees want to fuck him, the sun, flowers, sky,grass, sidewalks, streets, traffic signals, spiders, and insects want to fuck him, women, especially me,want to fuck him, men want to fuck him but will be disappointed to learn that Robert is a real man and he is not gay, and as a result, he is not going to fuck dudes.Hell, he’d surely fuck me before he’d fuck a dude. So step off, guy. Robert is not going to fuck you, especially because you called him an inebriate commie loser. I’m a socialist and I hear “commie” myself sometimes by ill-informed jackholes. There is not just one variety of socialism, world. There are several models of socialism. And yeah, I’m a communist myself. So report me to the principal. Now go shave your back and leave my Robert alone, Skankenstein. Oh, by the way, see where he posted the word “Banned”? He wrote that to you, long before I ever wrote this. My Robert just gave you his infamous HAND. How’d it feel? You like that? No, I didn’t think so. I wouldn’t like it either. it would hurt my feelings, and if there is anything Robert knows how to do, it’s hurt my feelings. Badly. He’s made an art form of it, I’m sorry to say. I just doesn’t really pay to love myself some Robert sometimes:( But I just keep on doing it.Golddamn is that ever ridiculous.

  46. Eric

    Robert thanks your comment about emotional and sexual loneliness resonated in me. I think you have something explaining why men marry, that they do so to gain the sure opportunity of regular sex, I have actually come myself independently to that conclusion, I am happy that you have too!

    I know that I am relatively attractive, yet I DON’T FUCKIN GET ANY.

    That’s why I have become a dedicated whorefucker.

    I first went to see my first couple of whores about six or seven years ago, in a total state of alcohol-fused inebriation.

    I believe that prostitution, regular, adult, consensual prostitution, is the ultimate form of democracy. Imagine, a world in which women are all desperate, and begging you, for sex!

    A world of TOTAL sexual equality!

    A world in which it is women who are asking men for sex, and men, refusing!

    A world in which men get sex as much as women!

    A world in which you don’t have to take a girl out on 5 dates hoping for an uncertain return of sex!

    Yes for sure, I would prefer a long, meaningful relationship. And lots of sex.

    But hey, if you just don’t get any, then where is the fairness?

    Morality is about opportunity. It is as hard for a beautiful person not to have sex as it is for an ugly person to have sex.

    • Aakash

      “A world of TOTAL sexual equality!”

      Which means you’re ok with some random homo fucking you in the ass even if you don’t want him to? You want to beg to get it in the butt? LoL lets face it, GLBTs are not going anywhere so what if they start demanding from you what you’ve been demanding from females?

      Whats the matter with you? I worked hard on a girl recently and finally got the southern punani taco I’d been craving for the past few years. You on the other hand just throw money and fuck prostitutes. The impression I get from your post is that you are having a banging good time but still are whining.

      Having said that, if its possible somehow from now on, I’m all for reverse gender selection. Keep the sex ratio around 2 females to 1 male. Then the bitches will be begging you to fuck them for free. Yes EVEN a loser like you. Imagine a world where all the men work hard every day together and come home to get pussy guaranteed. No competition either. Shit can get done so much more efficiently.

      • Francesco

        Most women would rather masturbate or abstain or go lesbian than have sex with uninteresting betas.

        • mark

          yeah, seems so, or they’re frigid and sexually dysfunctional. A lot of men would rather jack off than deal with sexually manipulative women who just want money, power, and a ring on their finger too. The mental/sexual health of our culture is very poor I’m afraid.

  47. mott 69

    Is this the “echo chamber”? (vague general agreement!)

  48. Even fatties reject me

    this is a money post, mr. lindsay. the best way to demonstrate this is through online dating profiles. i’ve done a number of these so far, on okcupid and plenty of fish. once, i posted a profile of a morbidly obese female of about 500 lbs or so on pof. and guess what? she received about 65 responses from 65 different males in the space of a 24 hour period. a significant percentage of respondents (about 30-40%) appeared to be black. i’m doing another profile on both okc and pof, this time of another relatively obese female in her late thirties and the reponses are quite impressive. over a two day period, she has received 45 reponses (45 different males on okc and pof) and many of these respondents appear to be in their early to late twenties. can you imagine what the responses would have been like if these women were attractive? its pretty obvious that just about any woman can attract any large number of men within a 24 hour period.

    as a comparison, if i were to do a profile of myself, no woman would ever respond to it, not even if they were fat and ugly. i’ve even done fake profiles of average males who weren’t the best-looking guys in the world, but certainly not fat or ugly. and guess what? no responses. not even after a couple months. dating is a truly gender assymetrical enterprise, which is why i’m 99.99% certain i’ll die a virgin at my advanced age of 30 or so. if some fat bitch who weighs in at 500 lbs can attract hundreds of men in the space of a month, many of whom are average-looking in appearance, why even bother? the cards in the deck are already stacked against me; it’s time to tune in and drop out.

    • Bay Area Guy

      I wouldn’t drop out. I mean, push comes to shove, there’s always a hooker out there. And I’m not saying this as an insult. Like Tulio, I too believe that prostitution should be decriminalized and de-stigmatized, and that many men simply need it.

      It’s a simple fact that guys have to do EVERYTHING when it comes to initiating romance, whereas almost all girls, even fat ones, can just sit back and find love whenever they want.

      It sucks, but there’s not much we can do about it, unfortunately.

    • Tulio

      God damned, this is one of the most depressing things I’ve ever read. I’ve heard stuff like this before, about ugly girls still attracting tons of attention online but I had hoped it was just an exaggeration.

      • Tim

        Thing is women, even ugly ones can attract tons of men that want to fuck them but that is not all the want. Women want an attractive boyfriend they can show off to other women to show their value. An ugly girl cannot get a quality boyfriend. All girls want top quality guys (looks, height, status money) but a ugly or even chubby girl cannot get one of these men so they often stay single also even though they have 50 other ugly dudes and losers trying to get with them. I think eventually they just settle. Most girls also want marriage and their time is ticking, once they are in their 30s their chance of getting married to a quality guy goes way down. so i’m not sure who has it better. women have an advantage in getting sex with a ton of different guys but I think only the good looking women can keep a guy and eventually get a quality guy to want to marry her. you think those fatties or ugly women get quality guys proposing to them? I think it’s way better to be a guy and I have trouble getting laid or getting a girlfriend.

  49. ”Now some of these guys are kind of weird, some are angry, some are shy, but some of are none of the above.” I’m all of the above, I’m also not even a Beta, I’m the lowest of the Omega-Males, whenever I enter a room, women will automatically leave in fear of catching my ”Anti-female hormones”. I can’t get a job, I have NO social-skills, I’m morbidly obese, I have no friends, every-one who sees me automatically hates me, I’m hideously ugly, I have a beard, I walk ”effeminate”, I’m EXTREMELY talkative, prostitutes, beggars, and the most desperate women do not wish to even look at me, I scream all the time, I have low self-esteem, and hate EVERYONE, I’m the village-idiot (literally), and every-body who sees me laughs at me the moment they see me, I also dress weird, and have green hair, and NO MONEY, I dress like a small child. I have been rejected by over 3000 women in the real world, this is excluding the internet.

    ¿Have I told yet? I have a girl-friend, and she’s social, and attractive.

    Sometimes it’s just luck, and you need to know when a woman needs an Alpha, Beta, Gamma, or even one of us Omegas, who make up 1% of the population, and are eternal virgins, not me though 🙂 Women tend to look for certain liabilities, and a man like myself would never leave ANY woman, and would accept ANYTHING she does.

    Try to explain this, it’s a true story. Good fortune comes to optimists.

  50. Nature Dude

    I think the problem here is genetics and hormones. Testosterone is found in both females and males. It is responsible for sex drive. Men have a lot more so they need and want sex more often. In fact, sex is very important to a male human being. Sex releases natural chemicals in the blood stream that are vital to men’s mental and physical health. A guy who is not getting any, is more likely to be depressed or get sick. He may even have a hard time controlling his weight or maintaining muscle definition. Mentally his ego is being crush because he believes he is not worth much if women do not find him sexually attractive and want to have sex with him. Masturbation works well when a male is young, but once he has had a women it is very difficult to want anything less. Her sexual response becomes a necessary part of his sexual satisfaction. Another problem is that sex is way better for women than for men as far as satisfaction is concerned. Women have summation orgasms that can last for hours and can repeat over and over again. Men have mechanical orgasms that are over quickly. Also, few men can have more than one ejaculation at a time or last very long before ejaculating. Often the pleasure is intense enough to want more, but never completely satisfying. Couple that with a man’s three day cycle, and you can see why men need sex more often. Women have much longer cycles and often have problems associated with those cycles. Women often experience pain or problems that can turn them off for weeks. Older women often lose interest after menopause because their need for sex is no longer relevant to them genetically. By then, their child bearing years are over which is the primordial instinct that drives them to couple in the first place. Unfortunately, it is true that more dominate males get more females to have sex with them. This is because in a male dominated primate society women often gain social status via who they have public sex with or are sexually associated with. Who they are sleeping with is often important for their place in female society or the female pecking order. Males publicly announce sex only to show they have worth and to impress lesser males who are not as dominate. Male’s often use violence to determine who is dominate, physical aggression or prowess, or power gain through wealth or other forms of ranking. This also determines which females they can have sex with although the female ultimately always chooses.

    Now monogamy is not a normal primate behavior and it often creates problems for males. Males are genetically programmed to mate with all females in their territory other than those that are at a higher social dominate status unless he is the alpha male. Often in the past when humans where not dominated by religious ideology, the dominate male would mate with all the females in the group, but only have heirs to the throne through the dominate female of the group. Dominate female primates in a male dominate society will toss the children of other lesser females to their deaths without repercussions if those children are sired by the dominate male. Less dominate females often have to cradle their offspring to protect them and this makes them less social and less dominate among the future generations of primates. Thus you can see why monogamy came about.

    In a female dominated primate society things are much better for everyone involved. Dominance is less important and gives way to cooperation and social bonding. Sex becomes an important way to form bonds among both males and female on both sides. In other words, females and males engage in bi-sexual behavior. Although more so with females than with the males. Often males are able to gain bonding through social grooming as opposed to sex with each other. Females, on the other hand, are often fully engaged in sexual activity of both male and female partners.

    Since humans are genetically programmed with both society types, it is often a matter of preference or control. Males raised by single moms are often less dominate because they are expecting a female dominate society, but find themselves ill prepared for the male dominated reality.

    If women want more control over society in general and more equality, then it is up to them to decide what type of society they want to live in. If they like the male dominated society then they should not try to change it, but expect their to be more males with sexual problems. If they want the female dominated society, then they have to spread their legs a bit more often and become more like men when it comes to sex. This is the only way to push society out of a male dominated society into one ruled by females.

  51. Dianne

    It’s not true that girls can get sex any time they want.

    I am a single, 48yr old white female and I’m in pretty good shape. Problem is, I am butt ugly and my assets aren’t as ‘firm’ as they once were.

    Yes, men will fuck anything, but in my case, they would rather fuck their hand than me.

    I have not had sex for 8 years now and not for want of trying, dating, lowering my standards to fuck anything with a cock…but nope.

    Men do have their limits and I am living proof as to where those limits are.

    If I want sex, I have to pay for it, just like any desperate guy does.

    • I am so sorry about that honey.

    • ella

      If you don’t have money to keep up your looks I imagine the 40s can be rough for those women who don’t age well. But even if you’re a young woman, you still may have to put up with a guy and a porn addiction or a swiveling head for other women in public. Even if a guy has a woman, he will never even stop wanting another one, particularly the hot dream woman. You could also be married to a guy for many years and he up and leaves you for a younger model. My brother left his wife for a girl who looks like Rhianna with Nicki Manaj’s ass. His wife was very beautiful. So at least you’re not putting up with that shit.

    • Tulio

      I’ve never heard a woman say anything like this. It’s still a bit hard to believe. There are tons of unattached dudes out there that’ll literally fuck anything with a pulse(and sometimes even that’s not required).

  52. Dianne

    That’s okay, Robert. I have pretty much resigned myself to the fact that once a woman hits about 40, she’s ‘out of the game’ anyway.

    You think women our age aren’t horny? I have news for you ‘unless I am going through that peri-menopausal hormonal rush mentioned earlier.

    Women get just as horny as men do (if not moreso) and this doesn’t decrease with age. Just because we reach 40, it’s not like a biological switch switches ‘off’ somewhere. I still enjoy and get off to porn, even now.

    Thing is that at 40, a woman is kinda ‘redundant. Younger guys want girls their own age and older guys want 30-35yr olds. I may get the occasional ‘look over’ by a 70yr old…or a 17yr old boy with an oedipus complex saying he’d be honored if I’d be his ‘first’…..but that’s as far as it goes.

    So it’s not that most women my age aren’t ‘horny’. It’s just that we’ve given up trying to compete with the 20somethings with tight asses and pussies etc…you know how it is.

    • Tulio

      “Thing is that at 40, a woman is kinda ‘redundant.”

      Thank you for your honesty. This is exactly what women in their 20s need to hear. Rather than spending their entire 20s casually dating and alpha-chasing, they should be putting more effort into landing a good husband while they are at their peak market value. Women hit the wall at about 30-35. And by 40, their only source of companionship will come from cats.

      We can thank feminism and women’s liberation for pushing back the age of marriage. Women were designed to have kids in their teens and early 20s. Now I see women in the 40s rushing to have a kid with the aid of doctors. And other women talking of freezing their eggs. Women want it all, career and family. These goals are in mutual conflict.

      • Joe

        Of course they do. Older men may have less endurance than younger men, but they crave coitus and female attention to an identical extent. I can also affirm from experience that a 48-year-old vagina feels as sterling wrapped around a stiff phallus as a 24-year-old one. Perhaps better, knowing it’ll soon be flooded by a tablespoon-sized infusion of viscous population paste than won’t go very far inside her defunct fallopian labyrinth. Older women are an internal ejaculator’s wet dream. Trouble is, they’ve become self-aware of their new market value thanks to the horny 20 something runts pestering them for sex on every website and bar, which has made it harder to fuck them in general. Older women used to be our secret pleasure. Now they’re as demanding and mouthy as their daughters’ college-age, Sephora-dwelling friends.

    • John

      I’m 22 years old, and believe me, lots of younger guys actually seeks older women for sex. Thats why there are terms like cougar and MILF. I’m good looking, young,and smart, but sometimes, having sex with women my age not worth the chase. Most of them are timid and dont know what feels good for them. Many of them cant have orgasm to save their lives, and most of them want always to be leaded and dominated in bed. Heck most of them think sex is gross. Older women are, sorry to generalize, more horny and want to lead in bed. They have experiences. And they are mature, not whinny and nagging like young girls. If your’e 40 years old woman actually you can pick any hot guy from college and fuck them. Trust me. Its pretty much all of our college guys fantasy to fuck older women, twice our age.

  53. iam umesh contats with me only for girl and women

  54. I can releate to what you say completely, although I am one of those weird, shy, angry middle-aged guys who has not been in a reletionship with a woman for over a decade. To say I have given up is an understatement. I just do not give a rat’s ass. There are other things that deserve one’s attention, life is too short.

  55. Mark

    I take it you’ve never been married.

    I had dry spells when I was single. But married……

    She’s got you legally, finacially, and emotionally (if you have children). She doesn’t need to put out any more. And she won’t.

  56. Julio

    Robert Lindsay, you’re a fucking piece of shit chump who can’t get pussy for shit. you old fucking creep ass piece of dog shit why are you creeping in on young woman trying to bang them with the excuse of asking them about the weather, you insane sadistic moron, get lost, and wake and smell the pussy, oh i forgot you can’t wake up to the smell of pussy because you cant get none you bovine bafoon sadistic motherfucking piece of dog shit saliva

  57. dav

    I was on the same page as you until I clicked shar5e on facebook and it showed me your picture. I then realized your description of being good looking was not accurate/ If that was not accurate your other positive qualities may be imaginary as well.

  58. Harvey

    In my opinion, women are like jobs. You may have a load of the qualities needed or desired and perhaps even more but even if there is someone of lesser quality and they are more suited to the job (or just have some shitty characteristic that the employer/woman is looking for) it’s them that’s going to get picked. It’s an unbalanced world we live in. No wonder there are so many mediocre assholes in the world.

    • Brengunn

      No wonder there are so many mediocre assholes in the world.

      Mediocrity is a law of nature, it’s the law of averages. In a world of supermen, Clark Kent would be a mediocre asshole.

      • Harvey

        I’m not completely familiar with this theory but I think I understand your point. Actually I think it’s pretty self explanatory “if an item is drawn at random from one of several sets or categories, it’s likelier to come from the most numerous category than from any one of the less numerous categories” (Kukla 2009)
        http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mediocrity_principle. However Clark Kent is an alter ego of superman. It is based on his perception of the human race as being weak and insecure.

        • Brengunn

          if an item is drawn at random from one of several sets or categories, it’s likelier to come from the most numerous category than from any one of the less numerous categories

          That’s basically it, the most numerous category is always the average (or mediocre), so no matter what you do or say, you will always be confronted with mediocrity. There is no getting away from it.

  59. Harvey

    Brengunn you may like this Monty Python link.

  60. Alex001

    The burden is placed on men to initiate communication and pass all the tests, but at the end of the day, she chooses the man.

    Women have realized they dont need men for anything other than an occasional one-night-stand. As a man, i honestly feel like i have nothing to offer an woman. Maybe im just a loser whos been emasculated by his own inability to get laid.

    • Harvey

      That’s part of the problem. It can put you into a state of apathy and you can count your own masculinity by your ability (or lack of) to get laid and when this doesn’t happen for a while it puts you into a state of learned helplessness and you may be missing opportunities. The thing is you need to get out of that mindset (which can be difficult) but even that won’t guarantee getting laid (or whatever kind of relationship), only increase your chances. The only way of dealing with it is not bothering or just going for it and taking all rejections on the chin. You could also seriously lower your standards but that would just lead to regrettable sexual experiences. At the end of the day it is the woman that makes the choice and even if you’re the most desirable man in the world they still might not sleep with you because they may have already got the attention they wanted from you and move on (or you may have not moved quickly enough).

      Another factor that makes getting laid or getting into a relationship with a high quality female or any decent looking or decent female even more difficult, is the problem of cockblocking. Some people really are just complete tossers aren’t they? The thing is you might have done really well in advancing with a girl and she may really like you but there is some viscious jealous low life trying to destroy it all for you. You may not even know it’s happening unless someone tells you or you catch them in the act. You may just end up in a state of confusion thinking “What the fuck happened?”. It may also just be her friends saying that she’s not right for you and therefore not digging on you because of that. I don’t pretend to know everything about women but I think they are looking overall for reasons to not have sex with you.

  61. Ace


    This article is insane. Women are simply not that hard to sleep with. They need to trust you and a hint that you’ll commit and you are in. Stay in shape, keep your facial/hair looking trim, maintain a positive mental attitude and go get it. I have had a healthy sex life and believe that you can too. The biggest thing is compatibility. If you yourself are a 6, don’t try and sleep with the 9. Do an honest assessment of yourself. They want someone who complements them. And I know for a fact that there are plenty of women that you can sleep with. I see them everyday of my life.

  62. Joey

    Super late on here and stumbled onto it while Googling something unrelated. That said, posting long after everyone of both genders did has the salutary effect of permitting the latecomer the option of evaluating all the posted material with a detachment not available to the rabble mashing their collective keyboards when a new blog entry is hot off the Internet presses. To summarize, the male consensus is: women are weak, materialistic, and naturally inclined to use sex as lever to further their agenda with men who closely match their wildly idealistic image of the ideal suitor. The female view, as related by the sparse few claiming to belong to that gender, can be whittled down to a somewhat defensive protestation that a (statistically insignificant) sample of their peers suffer from the same deprivations as the hoardes in the male camp (conveniently failing to address the fact that attractive, successful men getting little or no sex was a major point in the original post, in contrast to those few sexless women who pointedly self-identified as ugly or weatherbeaten by age, and thus being justifiably unwanted), and that men are responsible for their misery anyway because they arrogantly choose go listen to their instincts rather than be selective, too, and thereby implicitly better their odds of finding quality women.

    It takes little insight to decide which side’s argument is supported by all real life metrics available, and which is a self-pitying and entirely unrepresentative argument wholly devoid of merit. Men have it harder than ever. More so than our fathers and grandfathers, whose generations clearly did not undergo anything like the travails and struggles ours does in pursuit of what is, after all, a naturally necessary process of mating intended for the furtherance of the species in any biological organism. Simply reproducing is no longer a guarantee, even a record world population and an age of sexual permissiveness unimaginable just 35 years ago. Guys can’t get laid anymore. In the same era, perhaps not surprisingly, we have borne witness to some of the most violent paroxysms of male-engineered rage in our schools, malls, and others places targeted by (exclusively) males in the 18-45 age bracket. I.e., the group most in need of physical attention from women but most deprived of it. Whose fault is that, really?

    Ps. The 40+ woman who said women that age can’t get any needs to leave her shared craigslist apartment and go outside. Women in her age group are so in demand with younger men that they, too, have tightened the rules after realizing their new potential worth in the dating market, and are now, for all practical purposes, just as hard to lay as their less wrinkled daughters’ friends.

    • Rob

      Agree with your overall here, but having the exact opposite problem.

      I now work in a location with a disproportionate amount of women to men. Every morning I’m hit with dozens of Instant Messages, all women and all idle chit chat flirty nonsense. It is really cutting into productivity.

      What is happening can be attributed to technology and the cover it offers people to engage in sexual flirtations, without having to have close contact.

      The women, some married, engaged or with boyfriends can “test the waters” and remain super unknown.

      I kept that G rated for the sake of the forum, but use your imagination.

  63. thomas

    im a man and hate sex but love female feet

  64. Rediculous

    Thank you, finally someone speaks the truth!! It’s incredible how women won’t even converse with men unless there is something they want from you. Shit really needs to change. I’m one of those people who can’t get a girlfriend because women won’t go any further than “hello or how are you or small talk about the weather” and that’s if we’re lucky…

  65. nonamescrewthatmyidentiystolen

    you have to be racist I mean come on man it’s not that hard to go to some primitive tribe and get laid..

  66. g. What I am about to say is not to get attention or for an ego boost. I am just an older guy intregued by the dating problems men and women share in this era. In the 80’s I was in my 20’s and had some success that gave me some money and I guess I matured from a wimpy high school kid to some good looks. I first had sex at 16 and then a few times with underage girls when I was 19. But when I was making money and had my own place, a little business and a nice car I was able to parlay that into dating some very attractive women. In just the period from 1982 to 1985 I was able to bed 200 women. I picked them up at bars and discos. I had probably 6 steady “girlfriends” simultaneously for 3 to 5 years. They liked cocaine and champange, and I had it. I had booty calls before they coined the phrase booty call. All I had to do was pick up the phone and ask one to comer over, even calling after midnight. —The seriously interesting thing was that I NEVER used condoms. This shit was all bareback. I only got a couple of women pregnant and they choose abortions. I only caught crabs and clamidia once. It also amazes me today that sex is only (usually) with condoms. I hated condoms and we usually were happy with some kind of birth control.

    I still get laid and I am in my early 50’s. But I am much more choosey and I don’t pay for everything. I make the women invest in the dates after the first few.

    I am also not a player like I was then. But I will end my story with two observations. Most hot women are looking for money, even if they don’t know it. Women want security, and money is what they seek. The second thing is women do use their vaginas as currency. The one thing men have to realize is that women want (and need) sex just as much as you do. So don’t fall for their games. Walk away from women who don’t want to share the expense of dating, the women who won’t give head, and the women who are not affectionate. The rest are leeches. They are the ones who want men to pay for everything, even though they also have a job. They want you to chase them. When you should be chaser better ass. If they don’t pursue you too, dump them. No room for princesses or prima donnas. Trust me, after tasting 300 pussies, they are pretty much the same.

  67. I forgot to add they were hot looking women. I didn’t “settle.” Several married, divorced, or are still married and we wtill stay in touch. At least 15 I slept with in the 80’s were married. And about 10 I slept with 10 or 15 years later after we reconnected. Some of them were still married. And of the many I had bedded, I stay in touch with several of them to this day, 25 years later. Some on Facebook. Another thing I wanted to mention is there were very few “one night stands.” Maybe 5 out of the 200. Most of the women I had sex with, I continued to have sex with for months or years.

    And I am not gods gift to women. I was decent to good looking, but not killer handsome or buff. I hardly exercised. But I was (still am) 6’0″ and about 180 lbs. Good teeth, average intelligence. Opened doors for women and other nice gentlemen things. So I am really amused that there is a problem with getting laid these days. Oh, I forgot, those 200+ women slept with me on the first date. In fact, if a women did not sleep with me on the first date I was usually on to someone else. “Next!” Unless she was hot. Then I’d give her another date or two.

    So, I don’t know what the problem is out there. It’s sound’s really depressing. I know I had a good set-up, but what I am readin here is really making me wonder what changed. By the way, I have journals and even friends who will back up my claims. I am not here to BS, I am here to share. I know AIDS really changed the game, but WTF, dudes not getting laid for a year? I don’t get it.

  68. One final note. If there were cell phones in the 80’s, I don’t think I would have succeeded in my game. Though I was candid with women, if they asked, about my sexual commitments, cell phones them would have messed up the game. We had answering machines then. Few women ever got in their cars and drove by my home. But with cell phones, many women and men put each other on leashes. Call at odd hours, ask why you did’t answer.

    I can pretty much sum up for the current generation that if you want to blame one technology for fucking up your sex life, it’s the cell phone. And internet dating sites. Where women can now choose from an unlimited supply of men in a sea of poorly drafted profiles and deceptive profiles.

    If you’re using the internet dating sites and not having luck. Leave leave and find another game. The women on the internet dating sites are looking for Mr. Right (successful, educated, high income, home owner, turn key boyfriend who will pay their way to ski trips and other fantasies). So avoid internet dating sites. You’ll never win, even if you are honest. Join an athletic club or other face to face group where you can connect to a real person. Not a narcississt.

    • Oneness

      I can’t beleive you kept track of all those partners. I know some people who just don’t like condoms. They get tested regularly because they know they like sex.What bothers me is that if it were a woman on this page saying she opened up to 200 men, what would some of us say. The double standard rule just keep men and women at odds. It does nothing to better society. Women stay pissed off and men take us for a joke.

  69. Oneness

    I can’t believe this conversation but I think it’s great. I’m a woman age 35 and I see a shift in my dating. I hate being single but I want settle for someone I just don’t want.I get mostly guys in their 20s and I don’t want them. I tried that. They are not experienced in the bedroom and I don’t have time to teach them. I believe it is hard for you. Womeon and men, especially during this century have become so arrogant and self-centered that they forget to just enjoy sex. WTF! I am average looking as most say, colleged educated but its hard to get laid sometimes. Why. The younger guy I had stayed on the go (probably with other women and with the boys) that I hardly saw him. When I tried with a guy my own age, he wanted me and another woman but didn’t want us to have other men.WTF! I could share if he could. I’ve tried men much older and to me, they were a lot easier to get along with but my sex drive caused problems. I am considering going back with one of them since I’ll be slowing down in a few years.That’s not what I want but I will settle. I don’t know anybody of any age, man or woman who is with the person they are with because they really like everything about that person. Everybody compromise some of the attributes they want in a person to settle and not be lonely. Note: I’ve many of the local guys to be DL brothers too. I’d rather be by myself than with a lying, sneaking, nasty, fake man.

  70. naveed

    well this is the kind of article you expect from loosers. i think sex is easy and accessible to everyone. men want it and women want it. on the contrary women like it more. the problem is that men are only interested in the top notch women(8’s 9’s and 10’s) and women over thirty are not at all worth considering. regarding standards well women and men both have standards and yes men are more visual. how many times have you seen a hot guy with an ugly chick (very rare) and how many times have you seen a hot chick with an ugly guy(quite common). the problem is that you are not a man but a middle aged boy. who the hell told you to approach a woman without her showing interest to you. take it slowly there is no need to hurry women come and go and so do men. whenever you talk to a woman keep sex off the table (you will be able to negotiate better) and always refuse casual sex(nothing comes out of it i prefer my hand over a one night stand) (and yes i have rejected more women than i can count). remember women and men are different. the reason women dont approach men is not that they dont have to but because they dont have the balls (and usually they regret not being able to approach the guy they liked), men have them . but with the balls you have a brain as well. use it. and with that brain you have dignity and honor. as far as women getting sex whenever they want is an extremely stupid idea. women get pregnant have more chance to get an std , can be physically abused if they get with the wrong guy. and what do men have to do just put that weeney where they like, have fun and go away. further more there are more women than men on this planet which makes it quite easy for men to choose a woman while it makes it extremely hard for women to choose. offcourse the sexiest women have a choice but so do hot or rich men. actually i like it if the woman wants to take her time and figure things out i do so too. i date alot of women and i reject them after the first date as well. i am a 8.5- 9 guy. i have dated all sorts of women from 7-10. and i have never been rejected by a woman in my life why, because i never approach women if i dont know they are interested or not when i do approach them it is not my intention to impress them but i am more interested in measuring them if she doesnt match my standards i leave before she even has a chance to spit out a word. come on you are a man you offer far more in a relationship than a woman how the hell do you let a woman steam roll you and the first date should never be about having sex. it should be about seeing if you like the woman or not. how else are we supposed to know if she is good for us. but if you are interested in one night stands i would recommend you go to prostitutes they are trained professionals at selling meaningless sex to stupid men like you

  71. naveed

    man it is because of men like you that all the men get that bad reputation that men will fuck anything that moves. anyone will fuck anything that moves man or a woman provided they are desperate enough to do so. it is still not too late for you to learn how to read body language no matter what a woman says from her mouth if her body say she is into you she is into you. approaching women is easy and dating is a game relax and enjoy life

  72. naveed

    one more thing women and men are not equal. men are physically stronger and more agressive in what they want. weak are physically weak and mentally submissive and passive. and yes women have nothing else but to offer loyalty obedience and respect in return for what they get from men ie finances(in most cases) protection and status(again in most cases). i do not accept a woman for anythingif she refuses anyone of these things. understand what you need . do the maths and then date or approach women things will get better

    • Joey

      Nobody dates you with that attitude, curry breath. Fuck off out of here.

      • Good job Joey, smack that Indian dog.

        • vishesh


          Naveed is not hindu. .. see here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Navid
          you should consider not bringing religion into the discussion…
          Naveed is not an indian name. I am an Indian and indians can tell you merely by name , the state (in india) of an indian’s origin…
          you could have simply said ” shut the fuck up you asshole naveed..” instead of “curry breath, hindu worm, indian dog ” ..
          Naveed is a persian name and its an iranian name..

          but idiocy of Naveed has got nothing to do with moslem religion or Iran as a nation and in the same vein your disrespect towards any nation and religion has got nothing to do with christianity( I am assuming you are a christian) and US ( i am assuming you are an american ) .. an individual is not a nation or a religion.. if nothing else, what does your education tell you?

        • Bill Bottle

          Oh Vishesh, dude, you are so banned for calling out this idiot for being an idiot.

        • All right jerk, you are banned.

  73. i am 26years old young boy i like 30 to 50ages woman…u can contect me anytime in my email id sudansubba111@yahoo.com i always like to have sexual relation with older woman. Thanks

  74. Elnur

    An article which reflects reality!!! True about Germany!

  75. alex

    Guys this guy is talking about something serious here. Why being mean to him? I’m sick of people judging…

  76. Jesse

    Hey Rob. I understand what you mean. I’m actually a 21 year old guy, and I have similar problems believe it or not. I’m no Brad Pitt or anything, but I’m not bad looking, I have a nice facial structure, I go to the gym every day, eat healthy, dress well. 5’7 so not tall but not freakishly short. I’m even in college which is supposed to be the easiest place to find relationships and sex in the world. last semester, I did end up having a girlfriend, but she was way below my standards in a lot of ways. I’ll get occasional eye contact and smiles while walking to classes, but never anything more. I tried talking to this one girl, Brittany, in my class, but she ended up being a total bitch. You know, too tan, too blonde, pink plastic diamond case for her cellphone. We’re on “rolls eyes at me when I say hello” terms. Anyway I just thought I’d say, it’s going around all over the place. A lot of girls are bitches, if they didn’t look the way they do I’m sure they would be lonely, because what else do they have to offer other than sex when they act that way? The only cool girls you will ever find in the world will want to be your friend.

  77. GoldFish

    In the war of the sexes, who struck first?

  78. 1990

    You’re delusional and heinous. No wonder young babes like myself can’t bear to look at you. And I usually enjoy an older man. Ugh!

  79. random_finn

    Damn women rights and so on… this sucks. Every male should have only 1 woman and every woman should have only man who they marry at young age. Now top 20-30% of men gets like 70% of all women in cities. There is so many men these days who have hard time getting laid mostly because they are introverted.

  80. Ian

    Totally agree with this post. I’m good looking, so I have been told by past girlfriends and their friends describing me as fit, but have always found it hard.

    I’m quite shy, and now I’m 31, not as shy as I used to be but it’s still a problem. People always think I’m around 22 which is a bonus I suppose, must be doing something right.

    I’ve always had to go for heavier girls, pretty in the face but I know if they had a bit less weight, or weighed the same as me I’d have no chance. Seems to be a circle for me, go out with them, find them attractive for a while, they eventually want marriage (why does every girl want to marry me!) then in the end I get bored and move on, rinse, repeat.
    I long for the day for a woman of equal attractiveness, or even slightly less with similar interests! Doubt it will ever happen though.
    I’ve picked up the odd stunner when drunk in night clubs but have never secured a date , and always got the impression they had other guys after them.
    Past girlfriends would repulse at the thought of dating a heavier guy, or even a guy of similar build as them, so if I were a fatty they wouldn’t want to know. How is that fair!?
    I’m about to give and just get married to anyone will have me.

  81. CoolGuy

    Ill pitch in here. I am 31. Good looking guy ( a lot of women tell me I am cute and talk to me) But it’s hard for some reason to get them to have sex. Usually once they find out that the only thing I can offer is sex they lose interest. They want someone who drives a good car, has money to spend on them etc. I have been in many situations in bars for example where a girl would pick some fat ugly guy over me because he owned his own business and had money. They want someone to take care of them even if they know that the guy with money probably will not marry them, they will still have sex with him just in case. It sucks to be honest. To me it seems that the only way is to get rich and then look for sex partner or die trying getting rich. But I have a few friends that dont have money but are good liars and feed women bullshit stories that are not even true about their financial situations and surpsingly they get laid lol

  82. a realist guy

    That’s because men are frigid and don’t really want sex. And when they stare at women, it’s because men are frigid and undersexed.

  83. paul bourgeois

    women do not need men anymore…if you try to buy them a gift they get angry and they thank you assume they have no money…the average white male is no longer needed because the woman has her own money and a vibrator and she’s just not interested in all the drama and soul a whole bunch of us are out here decent looking guys who are fun and I are just dumb jerk off nice guys but have some game and are still just alone and are going to continue to be alone until we die because women have really stop needing us or they’ve gone to the blackmail and we all know what that’s about blackmail are getting women in the bed in record numbers it’s just the way the world is what a great fucking time to be a white male

  84. hi i m sohandev from india, i m married and have a child of two year old, i m cool and fun loving person, i want more sex and money from any women who interested in sex meeting , casual encounter, and real fun, i m searching at internet but i m no success , please any body tell me any women site or group who need sex with a men and who pay for it because i want more fun and money for me and i want meet other beautiful mature married women who interested men for sex please help me , and email me

  85. Andrew

    While I agree women can get sex pretty much any time, I can’t help but note that the picture to the right (which I assume is you) really doesn’t match your apparent self image which in turn casts a somewhat bitter light on this article.

  86. Armin

    The R E A L tragedy in life is that single men do not know how lucky they really are … being able to progress in life … doing what’s important to them, not having to worry about the priorities of a woman who often is completely clueless about even what she wants and needs to be happy. I have been married 3 times in my life and lived with several women. I also have been single for years … and guess what … my single years have been the most stress free and relaxed and prosperous ones. – As fas as women are concerned … it’s a pure numbers game. Even if you are a 5 or 6, you will be able to attract a 9 or 10 woman, if you are willing to fix yourself up some, dress for success, wear some more interesting looking glasses, get some help with the way you approach women and talk to then. But the big question is: Do you really WANT AND NEED that? Are you really willing to put up with their BS, their endless mind games, their bait and switch strategies, their inability or unwillingness to have an intelligent conversation about something? I have a lot of male buddys who are incredibly envious of my freedom and would love to switch places with me anytime. What they say is: “You can live with a woman, even be married to her, but still be lonely and depressed, even desperate. They complain around the clock, they won’t even give you a hug or a kind word, no matter how hard you try.

    ~60% of marriages are divorced. Of the remaining 40%, partners stay together only because of the children. The University of Chicago said after a study that only ~11% of women over 50 are still genuinely interested in a man … no matter it it is their own husband, boyfriend. or ANY man.

    So, Robert … it’s YOUR decision! Before you team up with a woman … ask yourself the question if you REALLY, REALLY want one. My lif experience is: The overwhelming majority is noth worth the effort.

    When a boy gets the girl … there is plenty of statistical proof that this is not the beginning of a happier life. Quite the opposite. Only a tiny minority of men are going to be happy in a partnership.

    • Wellwellwell

      You make some interesting points. I’m at that point in my life where I’m asking myself if I really want a women. I’ve never been married. Years ago I thought one day I’d do that , but now I really can’t imagine it. It seems like too much work, and I just want to relax on my time off. The opposite sex is harder to impresss these days. Too be fair, I try to look at the female perspective on dating. Currently, women make just as much or even more money than men. Women drive their own cars and have their own places to live. They receive companionship from their friends. They have pets so they won’t get lonely. They really don’t need a man if they’re not having kids. Right or wrong, many of them raise their own children without somebody around to help. P.C. media and television stations don’t help a man’s plight either. So, I’m finding that women are very selective now in finding a mate. I’ve been dating in my forties, and message I get is
      that I really have to shine above the other males to attract a girl I like. I had a date the other day. She was fine looking and nice , but I got the feeling that I’ll either have to take a number or get in line for her attention. Will I call her for a second date? Probably not. If she want’s to talk with me, she know’s where to find me. I’ve been in this scenario a thousand times. Like you said, “Do I really need her?” probably not.

  87. sharuk

    I want to do sex with u

    • Jaguar900

      It is really a numbers game, I think. Just like we guys are different … women are different as well. I believe that anyone who doesn’t live under a rock can find a match, even today. Just join one of the better dating sites, be funny and outgoing and be honest about who you are and what you want. There is no way, if you spend time with it, that you will not find candidates. The difficult thing is the tremendous hurt you can maneuver yourself into if you find a woman, fall in love with her and get discarded for some strange reason. It can even happen to you if you are wealthy and do your best to be nice and wonderful to her, and some a-hole appears on the scene, treats her horribly and gets all the love and attention and sex and finally drops her … but she will never come back to you.

      Love is a drug … often worse than Heroin. And even worse than all of this: You can be married, have a wife who never cheats on you, but you feel lonely as hell, even if she is very close to you.

      The one and only thing that will help: Find someone who shares your interests and is nice and intelligent and fun to be with.

  88. Largely true article. The dynamic he describes is a symptom of a dysfunctional society. I do sense a bit of bitter that probably makes the situation for the author worse. My advice…. Move to Asia. This problem will totally disappear. Put simply, an American male is in that top 15% the moment he steps off the plane.

    • Oh no. There is no bitterness for the author, who is me. Trust me when I tell you that my life is very, very, very, very, very good.

      I am one of those lucky fellows who cleans up under Cavewoman Rule. Unfortunately, 85% of my brothers get more or less screwed in a variety of ways, and I feel for my brothers, as I have lived the lives that they live now.

  89. maritime

    Out of curiousity, what traits do you have that cause women to go crazy over you?

    • Who says they go crazy over me?

      I guess it is mostly attitude. I walk around like I am King of the World and I think I am the Biggest Stud on Earth. For some reason when you walk around with attitudes like that, you attract women like crazy. I am not sure if I still walk around that way, but my current girlfriend says I “walk like a rock star.” I have a slinky way of walking. I have also had girlfriends say that I “exude sex with every move and walk and every time I open up my mouth.” I also have always acted like a “bad boy” and I guess I still do.

      Plus I really really really love women. I have always spent most of my time around women, and most of my friends have been women. When I was young, it was said that I was very good looking. As I had more and more success with women and girls, my confidence in that realm expanded with each new one. I can also act pretty childlike and playful at times. I also have a genius IQ (not sure if that is relevant), am said to be a very nice guy, have a wide range of interests, and I am rather androgynous. My androgyny means that I relate to females very well and can understand what their universe is like. Unfotunately, the androgyny leads a lot of people to think I am gay. I am also told that I am pretty damn funny and I don’t take life very seriously.

      The main thing, I hate to say it, is females see a guy who has a lot of females around, and they basically decide that they want in on the action too. The more women you have, the more you get really.

      I really do not believe that nice guys always lose or that assholes get all the women. Most of most notorious womanizers I have known really really really loved women. Most of their friends were women, and they hung around with women most of the time. They don’t necessarily treat women very well, but they definitely really like them a lot. Most guys would probably rather hang around the guys and do guy stuff than hang around a bunch of chicks. And a lot of them were quite androgynous, so they plug into that weird female universe pretty well.

      I really do not know what to say to guys who don’t do well. If you don’t get good success with women early in life, it’s hard to develop that sort of confidence later on. Early life experiences like late adolescence and early adulthood really are crucial.

      It feels very nice to be at the very least liked by women if not loved by them. That’s the best of all possible worlds for me.

      Thank you for the question.

  90. Silver Surfer

    Wow- I read the entire thread in one sitting. I need to recharge now- but when I do, I discuss some of my doings in Thailand.

  91. Dave

    I just read the entire thread as well. I’m 39 and have never had sex. And never had a real relationship. I’m an extremely nice guy. I don’t think I’m bad looking either. But I am socially awkward in some respects. But I also reach out to people warmly. Most women are repulsed by me. A couple have like me back but it didn’t work out. At this point I don’t want to have intercourse. I’d be happy just rubbing my dingdong on some chick’s butt. She wouldn’t even have to be naked, just wear a thong. What’s really sad is that ONE time I had a woman willing to do this, and I couldn’t get it up. I wanted to die. And no, I don’t look at women as sex objects. I actually love, respect, and care for women greatly- it’s gotten me no place fast. In any event, I think it’s better, if you can, to be alone. I always believed in love, commitment, no sex till marriage even… (I’m religious)… but in this day and time, just being a normal person (not saying I am one) and wanting to get laid – even that seems impossible. People are crazy, the world is crazy. Better to be alone.

    • Hi Dave, I would like to welcome you to this site. One of the purposes of this site is to provide a happy home to all sorts of men. I would particularly like to encourage Incels, Gammas, Omegas or any guys having problems attracting or getting women. If you are having a hard time getting chicks, this is the place to be!

      I write a lot about Game and PUA, so this is sort of a self-help site for men the purpose of which is to help guys get girls. You can post here about your problems and we will try to help you out, offer ways to ameliorate your condition, etc.

    • JackofNone

      I’ve learned to be myself as the cliche goes, but it’s very true. Never try to be someone else because anybody will eventually discover who you are somewhere down the road. You can be a nice guy and get laid or find romance. I’ve learned that I have to be a little more assertive, though I’m still somewhat shy. There are girls who are looking for men like you. If I go out with a woman, and she does not appreciate the fact that I’m a nice guy, then she can split. I don’t want to be around a person who likes to be treated like garbage, has no self esteem, and who has hang ups. Who needs their drama.

      If they’re materialistic, I’m out as well. But that’s okay because, again it’s who I am. And, nobody should tolerate getting walked on by anybody. So acting nice is different than being a pussy. You are right about a few things. One is that you’re correct that the world is somewhat crazy. It doesn’t always make much sense, and there is very little order. You have to create order for your life. To some degree, having success with girls is a numbers game. I learned that I have to ask out many of them.

      I used to generalize about females, but the truth is that they’re all different. People are different. I don’t know you, but I am guessing that you’re a decent person. You’re entitled to have sex with a female while being a nice person. Likewise, you’re entitled to finding a nice female. Believe me, they’re out there, and I know. That’s not asking too much.

      • Dave

        Thanks JackofNone for your insights. I have only found 2 nice girls… they were cool, laidback, nice, and liked me… both of them would’ve been perfect for me. Unfortunately, one was taken at the time I was friends with her. The other was available at the time. But, both of these girls were (1) alcoholics (2) suffered from bipolar disorder and/or other mental illnesses. One ended up committing suicide. The other was really nice, except when she’d drink – then she’d get really mean and insulting. It seems that the only nice girls left have serious issues, issues I couldn’t live with.

        • JackofNone

          As you know,many women are not easy to live with. In fact, nobody is easy to live with. But that’s further down the line anyway. In general if I want to get laid, I usually have to lower my standards a little. That is, if I want to have sex in the immediate future, well I might not be as picky. Usually, the better looking a girl is, the higher maintenance she is. I’m not saying you have to lower your standards, but for me this works. That alcoholic chick you were talking about doesn’t sound very nice. She seems to act like an ugly drunk,a Jeckle and Hyde to say the least. I read that you’re religious. I’m sure there’s girls at churches. Anyway, there are women who will like you back because you like women. But remember, whatever waste we leave in our toilets, all chicks are doing the same thing! Yep, even the prettiest ones…models, too. This brings them all down a notch for me. Men can be like animals,but some women smell bad. Some wear awful perfume,and it reeks. Also, living alone is very underrated. When you’re attached, there’s so much shit you have to deal with. Hey, I’ve had a decent amount of dates online. Have you ever tried that?

  92. Dave

    Thank you Robert. It’s good to feel welcomed here.

  93. Dave

    Once again, thanks JackofNone for the perspective. I find that while I enjoy my friends, sometimes it’s easier to go, let’s say, to a concert, alone and by myself. I can do what I want, when I want, how I want, with no one to answer to, I can leave when I want. I actually like being alone. Like you said, living alone is underrated. And you are right about the models and the waste lol. A lot of times I find that what I’m attracted to is the conjured up phony artificial cosmetics. Sometimes I think I’m more attracted to the makeup, the hair styling/coloring, and the clothing more than I am to the actual woman. Anyway, thanks for the words of wisdom.

  94. roxanne

    You men claim that men who are decent looking are single and/or virgins but what you really mean is that these men can’t get the hot, young babes.
    You men say ugly and fat women can get laid by men but when you meet a fugly woman who is a virgin you complain that she should lower her standards but never tell the decent men to lower their standards.
    You personally wouldn’t f*ck a fattie, a woman with short hair, a single mother, a woman who is lower than a 7/10, a woman with a lot of tattoos, a bodybuilder, a woman taller than you, exc but say that these women have no problem getting laid. And if they aren’t getting laid you blame her and say she should lower her standards….something that you would never tell a man to do, regardless of how he looks.
    You have no problem shaming the 8’s and 9’s for not giving men the time of day but would never shame a man for not giving fat, fatties and the ugly women the time of day and male attention that women want so badly and can’t live without.
    You men have no problem shaming sl*ts but complain that there are too many male virgins.
    You men complain that women ONLY want the alpha males but never mention that men ONLY want the hot babes.
    As a 20+ year old female virgin I’ve had my fair share of men either treating me like trash or not talking to me at all. Oh well….such is life

  95. Troubling

    I would fuck ugly chicks if they’d let me. I am not picky. But even they, as lowly as they may be, find reasons to reject me.

    Women want alpha males. That is why currently I am working to set up a facade as a confident, good-looking, successful man. And hey, if that doesn’t work, there’s always suicide!

  96. Abdul

    I’m 19 and i can’t stop thinking about sex. I’m still a virgin because i have no money to buy it. this feeling is driving me crazy i always think about castrating myself. i’d fuck a 90 year old woman if i could its better than fucking my pillow every night

  97. linkvernon

    That’s sad man. Sex and women are overrated. I love them both but there is more out there in this world than those two things.
    You will have sex and it will be soon, trust me. After you’ve done the act, you’ll be wondering why you were ever so worked up about it in the first place. Take your mind off chicks and develop a talent
    for something, such as painting or playing the guitar. Play in a softball league, whatever, and the girls will eventually come if you send out a vibe. Castrate yourself? Come on, you’re taking yourself too seriously and no woman or anybody is worth a thought of castration. I wish you success on your quest.

  98. Lesley

    Men can get sex anytime they want too if they go for easy women…

    • Not really, a lot of guys have standards and easy women are not so easy to find.

      Think about it. If getting sex was as easy for men as it is for women, what man would ever buy a whore? Very very few men would buy whores because you could always just get it for free from any slut that happens to be strolling by. Most women do not give it up that easily and they often want something in return for the deal, like MONEY. Or love, or commitment.

      I know a lot of guys who simply cannot get laid to save their lives. The Incel Forums are full of those guys.

      Women are solipsistic. They think what is true for women must be true for men.

      Let us put it this way. I live in a city of about 50,000 people. Just looking around and thinking about the question, I do not know even one single woman in this entire town who acts like she wants to go out with me. Well maybe there is one, but she is jailbait, and I could get 10 years for that. I do get around a fair amount.

      I go to stores and coffee shops. When I try to talk to young women between the ages of 18-25 or so now, their attitude is pretty much get lost. That’s all due to age. Of course I do not hang around bars or anything, but just in my regular running about town, I almost never run across a woman who is like Hey baby, I like you, woohoo, ask me out honey, I want you honey. Of course I am 56 years old now so maybe that has something to do with it.

      In recent years there have been women in my life, but they came from outside of this town.

      • Lesley

        Do you think most 56 year old women can get sex ‘anytime’ they want either without having very low standards as well?

        Things must be different where you live – I know lots of easy women… 😉

      • Lesley

        @Robert Lindsay,

        I don’t think most 56 year old women expect to be pulling 18 to 25 year olds on a regular basis either – unless the guys drunk or has some kind of fetish, lol…

  99. Steve

    If you are good looking, intelligent and have a good job and you still aren’t getting any for a long period of time, then you aren’t making enough effort! Yes it happens but its usually due to personal hang ups.

    • The incel forums are full of guys like that. A lot of them just have crap Game. Their game is apparently so lousy that it actively repels women. A lot of these guys tried a lot and got turned down so many times that they just gave up.

      I can also tell you that when my OCD is really bad I look rather nervous, anxious and weird. My eyes look sort of sketchy and I often have a weird, blank distracted looking scare. A lot of people treat me like I am insane when I am like that, and when I have all that anxiety disorder mental weirdness going on, I can hardly attract a woman to save my life. I basically just get rejected by the whole world of women everywhere I go.

      Even at my age, a lot of women pretty much want some sort of a commitment. And then if they do start giving it up, they want monogamy and pretty quickly start talking marriage and moving in. If you are just looking for no strings sex, I really doubt if it is all that easy. Seems to me that most women want some sort of a relationship. There don’t seem to be a lot of women out there who just want to have good time and just date and no strings fuck.

      • Steve

        They should just use a dating site and go on dates, avoid the whole difficulty of getting her number and making something happen from nothing, and then from there they should be okay. Or join an hobby/interest group where they can get to know women with no pressure. That’s what i’d tell them.

        I’d imagine when your OCD is bad and you’re suffering, you don’t even feel too much like dating…u r just trying to get through the bad time.

      • Steve

        Probably women your age are more keen to get into a relationship- that’s what a lot of them will be looking for. If you go to night clubs and stuff, there’s always some women up for one night stands. Its so common.

        • Sure but any Joe Blow regular buy cannot go to a bar or a nightclub any time and be guaranteed of getting laid. Think about it. If it was such a sure thing, why would guys buy whores? A whore costs ~$150 in these parts. No way are you going to drop that sort of money in a nightclub or bar.

          Further bars and nightclubs are no guarantee. If you don’t have good game or especially if you are shy, nervous or introverted, you are pretty much lost in those places. I went home alone many a time after going to a nightclub or bar.

  100. Homer Simpson

    It totally sucks when you’re so sweet & innocent as I, girls don’t want you around them, even to be just in the ‘friend zone’ I’m no good for people period. I repulse girls so bad, I even got beat up in high school by girls. I happen to have the stupidity of Gilligan from gilligan;s island & the sweet innocent nice guy persona of Mr. rogers of PBS fame. I depise both of them dearly.

  101. Frank

    This is one of the strangest things I’ve ever read. The author starts to make a valid point (if not rather crudely) then suddenly the article turns into sexual self gratification. Comes across as if he is trying to convince himself of his own success with women.

    A helpful hint for future reference, men who are successful with women do not need approval of strangers. The entire article reeks of delusions of grandeur.

    I expect an immediate ban, the narsassist does not like when his fantasy world is shattered

    • There is no one to convince about my success with women. My life story speaks for itself. Just ask anyone who has known me for the last four decades or so. I have no delusions of grandeur. My life history is a matter of record and it’s hard to argue with facts. Therefore, I have no delusions of grandeur. I do not live in a fantasy world. I know exactly what my capabilities and liabilities. No one who knows me well thinks I live in a fantasy world. Anyway, why fantasize. My real actual (ie not fantasy) life is pretty kickass cool, so why not focus on reality instead of getting lost in daydreams.

      A helpful hint for future reference, men who are successful with women do not need approval of strangers.

      Not necessarily true. Many of the biggest players of all are highly narcissistic and narcissists brag incessantly. I am quite sure that narcissistic players brag about their cocksmanship.

      You haven’t shattered a thing other than your presence on this site.

      • Tulio

        “Not necessarily true. Many of the biggest players of all are highly narcissistic and narcissists brag incessantly. I am quite sure that narcissistic players brag about their cocksmanship.”

        This is true. I know players who sleep with tons of women and can’t stop gloating about their latest sexual conquests.

        • I actually try not to do that. Plus I am good at false modesty, so I can discuss my achievements and act like I am embarrassed or ashamed or shy about them. That goes over really well and no one seems to think it is bragging. Face it, bragging is pretty awful,.

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  103. sex guru

    All this nonsense crap talk about alpha male is bullshit. Alpha only exists in the animal world. Pack of wolves and the alpha male wolf sometimes wolves. Lions and lioness. Humans dont include alpha status. We were born and die equal via anatomy. No human is “better” than another. A human might be rich and unhappy. A human may be poor but content & happy. Most rich people are sad arrogant assholes that need a good wack in the mouth to set the back to ground.

    Is that an “alpha” male tailgating me in his large 200k land rover. Because when i plant on the breaks hard and get out of my car to knock his teeth out, this alpha status will turn into pansie very very quickly… alpha bullshit, c’mon please.

  104. OBX

    The first time I saw my husband I couldn’t believe such a gorgeous creature existed. He is Greek and looks like a living version of those famous statues. Long wavy black hair to the shoulders, taught muscular body, the “Greek” nose… The guy was stunning and the women were after him like I’ve never seen. His physicality was breathtaking and like any normal female, I couldn’t wait to test him out. And I wasn’t disappointed.

    Did I hit the jackpot? You bet. But I dated many men who were average regular guys and they were wonderful guys. My husband ( who could have had any girl because they pursued him) admitted to me one time that he preferred average looking girls over the good-looking ones. This is why:
    The average girls were usually more fun, pleasant, easy to get along with, and with right hair and make-up, cute. The so-called “hot” girls were arrogant and felt that they were such a big prize, that all they had to do was breathe. Most people don’t stay “hot” forever.

    My concerned dad was worried,”Could I handle being married to such a handsome man?” Well, yeah. Thirty years and 3 children later, we’re still married. We’re both still in lust with each other. How does that happen? How can a person maintain such desire? One word: Reality.

    Looks aside, he’s an astounding person. I married him because I LIKED him. No amount of looks could compensate for a shallow, selfish person. He was a fully grown man,not a boy. He’s a spiritual man and understands that the “punishment” is built in to the sin and no amount of messing around heals anyone. He’s faithful and good and I still love him. And he’s still fantastic looking. I got lucky.

    And I, your humble commenter, understand that a man’s well-being occupies that special area below the waist. The biology of producing children is centered in that region and the feeling associated with it never goes away. All feelings, desires, emotions… life itself exists for a man there. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s the way men are built.

    Most men are not “pigs” nor are they selfish when it comes to sex. It’s a necessity for men to be able to release fluids from their body. It’s healthy, it’s normal, it’s life-giving, and it’s what makes a man a man. He will do anything for you in bed, but you can’t pretend that’s not where his world exists.
    Ladies, his job is not to go to work, clean the house, watch the babies, or cook you dinner, and maybe you’ll sleep with him. Sex is not a reward.

    Many females really don’t understand the psyche of a man because they haven’t been taught what men are all about or what they need to exist. I guarantee if you satisfy your man, he’ll do anything for you. All those things you want and harp on about are yours with the simple act of giving yourself to the man you love.

    Never assume your man will stay loyal and married to you if you quit sleeping with him, get fat, cut your hair off, quit wearing make-up, quit making his favorite foods, and in general quit paying attention to him. After 30 years of marriage I now have friends who are divorced, because they, too, had been married many years and chose to quit sleeping with him, get fat, cut their hair off, quit wearing make-up, quit making his favorite foods, and in general quit paying attention to their husband. They’re single and their former husbands are remarried. And I’ve seen the new wives and they’re not beauty queens. But you better believe they’re sleeping with their man.

    His job is not to make you happy. And he’s not a selfish pig. He’s your partner, your friend, and your lover. He chose you. He married you. Happiness is the result of the love you share. There you will find it. And for the love of God, don’t get fat.

    • Abdul

      in the end it doesn’t really matter because i can ask Allah to give me virgins in paradise who are more beautiful than all of the filthy gold diggers of this world.

    • Tulio

      Wow, this was a great post. Insightful and honest.

    • big g

      You, box are the smartest woman that I’ve every heard from ( besides Beatrix of course). Its so simple how you,very wrapped up the human condition. This is the reason you got to choose your man and the reason he chose you. You should be counsoling couples. Somebody should tap your shoulder for a book on your in sites. I know many who need your advice. Congrats on the family and 30 year marraige.

    • Bay Area Guy

      Very edifying post from OBX.

      It’s definitely a welcome change from the usual whiny “where are all the good men?!” screeds that you see posted in the likes of The Atlantic and Slate.

    • Victor

      Men don’t only leave because the Woman didnt give em sex or let themselves go. Some Men and Women also do not want the same genitalia for yrs and yrs they want variety.

      I agree with you a Woman should never give sex like a reward like Men are children . Men want to be appreciated and desired just like Women .They also want to have fun in Sex cause any real Man who is a proud Man has had very good sex with usually a few or at least one Woman.

      I see a lot of pity here for Men that they have on themselves just skimming this thread. A Man should always be proud. You’re a fucking Man nobody wants a Man who feels defeated in life. Hit the gym, buy nice clothes, speak and walk with confidence. Dont be so quick to let a girl know how special she is. Dont drop everything for a girl. Dont always respond to that text. Have a backbone and stand your ground on certain objects. I started having sex at 15 anf its been easy to fuck girls really always, mostly 8’s a few 7’s .

      Turn a girl on just like you want to be turned on dress and smell nice be charming and be a Man. Take charge in the bedroom and outside. Dont tolerate bullshit. Get your shit together

  105. Pingback: Women Can Get Sex Anytime They Want; Men Can’t | Beyond Highbrow – Robert Lindsay | I think about stuff

  106. I’m 28 now, when I was 27 I dated a 45 year old man. He was attractive but had too much baggage for me, plus his obsession with Nazism and his volatile behaviour was a huge turn off. He made all kinds of promises to me he couldn’t keep, he was jobless, on drugs, drank occasionally and always insinuated I could have any man I want, that I was a worthless stupid idiot that’d go home with any men at the pub, ect. He was too insecure, I had to leave him in the dust. Makes me think the whole relationship was a joke and he only used me. Because I really like older men and expected more maturity out of the situation than was given. I remember him used to always talk about the exact thing here ” women can get laid men can’t ” but the truth is, he was abusive and manipulative and weird. It seems like you can’t have the best of both worlds, you either get good sex and a shitty person or a great person and so-so sex.

  107. Sam

    Get married for sex? Yikes! Out of a 25 year sexless marriage. Never again – happy to go without sex instead of constantly being turned down by the person who is supposed to love and honour you. And it’s not like I let myself go. Over 6 foot, trim, intelligent, wealthy, a community leader, caring, able to give my ex-wife multiple orgasms on the rare occasions she wanted it while she just lay there. So now my family is all screwed up and all I wanted was sex a few times a week and someone who basically took an interest. Who knows what women are up to these days but it seems to be messed up – all about showing off on Facebook, Stop being so complicated and unsatisfied and pay attention to the basics!

  108. Sara

    It was interesting for me to read this experience. It is not that lucky for women if they belonged to a conservative society.

  109. Lesley

    I don’t think it’s as simple as that, it depends on the individuals.

  110. The problem I see is your are talking about sex not a relationship. Men get mad at a women because they believe they have to give up money for sex. That is because men want sex and they value money and women want (not including gold diggers here) someone who values them more than money so they want to see how invested you are in them for them to have sex. Unfortunately, because they know that men will have sex with many more people then they will, women don’t know if a man cares with sex. But because, in general, money is very important to men, women feel like a man really cares when he is willing to give up that which is important to him. A women gives up herself to a man. This might sound old fashion but much of what we do is from the subconscious level. Neither side is wrong. What you need to do is fairly look at what you can offer someone and what you ask from them in return. Then try to slip into their shoes and think about what they are offering you. It might not be exactly what you want but look at what value they place on it. Neither is wrong but what is valuable to one might not be valuable to the other. I hope you all find what you are searching for.

    • Mark

      The point is though, if a woman decides she wants to have sex on any given night, she can get it almost 100% of the time…. whereas most men would be overjoyed to have a 5% success rate.

      Women control the sex.

      For a time anyway…. it backfires after a while, especially in a marriage. I am avoiding places and several women now to avoid cheating, because we have children.

      When the youngest graduates from high school, it’s open season.

  111. George

    Ron Jermey is the biggest porn star alive – case closed. The truth is that the ugliest guy can get the best looking woman since women like how men make them feel not men in general, in fact most women resent good looking men for making them feel insecure.

    As for sex, I am one phone call from ordering pornstar look alikes for a threesome – but to do that every day at $2000 a pop is not what average joe can afford. If every men could afford such a luxury then women would not get sex at all. And for the record, if you want a 9 who can also give amazing head – escort is the only answer. In real world, only 6’s and below can give head – uglier the chick, better head she gives .

    • GEORGE

      Jeremy was smarter than most of the morons that get into porn like th Mark Wahlberg character. Clearly he invested his money. He never became a junkie. He did not do gay-for-pay like Holmes and expose himself to AIDS.

      He was ALREADY 26 and a Special-Ed teacher when he started doing porn films.

      When he was under-40 he was not THAT UGLY.

      His penis was not freakishly large (10 inches is large but not deformed) like John Holmes or Long Dong Silver.

      Of course his appearance is distinctive but part of it is simply longevity. Many porn actors from the 70’s and 80’s simply did too much cocaine.

  112. Gpt1088

    This article is the realest shit I ever read💯

  113. naeed

    how about paying a prostitute and get laid immediately

  114. Andrew

    Yes, men in general have to find solution how to eliminate sexual desires without hurting their rest health. Only after that discovery their problems will be solved.

  115. I’m 25 and single and i have a hard time even talking to girl and i never get laid even when i I try.

  116. Mark

    Women in the west think they don’t have to adhere to any standards. It’s become so bad that even prostitutes are getting fatter and uglier….. and they are fucking PAYED to have sex with…. the least you would expect from someone getting payed to get access to her body, is that that body actually looks good right? Would you accept sloppy code from a programmer you payed for? no right, the programmer has to hone his skills and give you the best code he can give you. being a prostitute is a JOB, get GOOD at it by staying IN SHAPE. I met my girlfriend when she was a hot and tight 17 year old, now she is 22 and she weighs more than me…… and that’s with me gaining about 4 kilo’s in muscle mass in the same time span. So I felt the need to spice up my sex life by having escort girls come over, so far none of them looked as slender and hot as the pictures suggested.

  117. Rocky

    I want sex my old 17 you Give

  118. Creep magnet

    Where do I find these attractive successful men who marry for sex? All the guys I’m meeting brag about how easy it is to get and they put in no effort at all once I say yes to a date, like they don’t want sex they just want to be seen in public with a woman. Most of them have no job, no social skills, are entangled with at least one partner of questionable judgement, have a body like a man 20 years older who’s had a very very hard life and a head like a chewed twistie.

  119. A woman can get men’s maybe anytime and a guy can get a woman but just any women they wants just because she’s a woman she can’t get sex from just any man maybe years ago she could have only things have changed also men’s not weak as we use too we much smarter when it comes to a relationship with any woman we think first not all men are gifts that way just us men who not blind who have seen others people mistake and learn from them i have turns down more women’s that you can count i always think about once you catch you better pray that it don’t gets into your body im sure glad that i don’t hang out on the street or clubs looking for women’s even if a woman can get any man she wants it not nothing to brag abouts in today’s world with AIDS and others Disease out there im single without any kids im afraid to get a child for a lot of reasons main reason im afraid of AIDS and others Disease also child support children families service drama im very careful so people ask me what do i do for sex i just tell them it’s a safe way to have sex with a woman and im not talking about with a condom since i have a fetish for one part of a woman body i can do it that way without catching anything i like to be comfort i like to get up in the morning and know where my body been because going inside a woman not good especially if you don’t know where she been.

    • The males that are most likely not to support a family, to run around and produce a nation of bastard children are the ones that get the most sex. Usually, but not exclusively, from women who are not to bright.

      Women in their younger years are attracted to the 6 foot + stud with nice physique. He may be an utter degenerate, but she wants to produce healthy attractive children.

      All women are filled with lust but a certain degree of predisposition-possibly genetic and possibly environmental-leads them to seek sex with a particular partner.

      Like the animal kingdom, where the dominant Silver back attracts various women and the beta gorilla males get no sex, the 6 foot plus male with the square jaw, muscles and large penis will have sex with 4 women who are aware one another while the Ron Jeremy type gets no sex.

      Thus he has many sexual partners and produces 3 children with 3 women.

      The “Beta” who would have been guaranteed some sort of sexual congress in the Mad Man-era now as long as he held a job and was faithful might have to hump his hand all his live in a “free market”.

      Conversely, bastards fill the streets. Unhappy children with no father and little money are doomed to a childhood of single-parent mothers, molesting step-fathers and weary grandparents.

    • FREDDIE Is it difficult to meet women who want to be penetrated in their rectum, a painful and somewhat unsanitary sex practice.

      How do you approach these women? “Hello, I really like you, but in order for us to be together I have to ream out your anus”?

  120. jjm

    Don’t kid yourself men most women have dick on demand at all times, and if she’s even little more sexual she has multiple dicks on demand at all times and i mean why not if you are atleast bit of attractive you have men approaching to you everyday, men don’t have that option to just sit back and relax and let men do all the work.

  121. Jeff

    My name is Jeff and I love older women over 50

  122. Chuck

    “All you have to do is ask”

    All you have to do is beg, grovel, plead, and lastly hope and pray.

  123. JF

    Women can get laid any time they want. But it’s not what women care about, so it’s irrelevant. It’s like saying, “men can provide resources and entertainment any time they want.”
    Women don’t care that much about sex. They want resources and they want to be entertained.
    Men don’t care that much about providing resources and entertainment, unless those things get him sex.
    So who cares if even a fat or old woman could get sex easily? It doesn’t give them what they want.

    • JF

      This is why prostitution exists and members of the female underclass provide this sexual service.

      White women are generally callow, shallow when they are young. Usually they make enough money or have enough money not to have to suck penises on streets.

      NAM women do not really have a choice if they want extra money. Even $30 extra money.

      In a sense, they are degraded to a pair of arms by the racial power structure anyhow. The jobs they do in the straight world are thankless. Therefore 5 minutes of work does not bother them.

      Generally white women in society-not Mexican or Black or Italian or even Jewish women-wish to stamp out the sexual free marketplace as it undercuts their bargaining power.

  124. Beauregard

    The existence of a young male incel population is not good for society.
    “there is nothing more dangerous than an angry young man”

    • Beauregard JOBS AMERICANS WON’T DO

      By the time I reached Phoenix at 25 I had been having sex with prostitutes off and on for 5 years since visiting Amsterdam in 1994.

      I could not be bothered to try and talk to shallow young white women so I went to Van Buren Avenue. It was filled with Hispanic and Black women of all ages who with no hesitation or regret would give you a blowjob or even full sex for $25.

      Then I would go home to my roommate John. John was upset because his girlfriend Christa, whom he had taken up to the grand canyons on a pittance salary as a data entry clerk, gave another guy a blowjob at some party. She was a pretty, kind of stupid and rude, 23 year old Pet Store Manager. John was despondent.

      Mike my other roommate was complaining that he only got a handjob after plying a masculine-looking chick for hours on end with beer.

      He told me this as I arrived home from receiving a deep throat blowjob from a crack addicted woman in her 20’s.

      When I went to get a good pipe-cleaning knob polisher in on Van Buren I would take the bus far away from our apartment. Nobody knew where I went.

      I’ll add that the Hispanic and Black ladies did not seem traumatized by what they were doing. I was under 30 then. They were happy to do it. One Mexican woman told she worked part-time as a house cleaner but was available Mondays and Thursdays. One or two were clearly excited sexually as their nipples hardened during the act.



      Female crime would rise enormously if all sex-related work in strip clubs, red-light districts, craig list, porn just evaporated. You’d have many low-IQ women who were “no purchases” in a capitalist economy. Many are drug addicts and would resort to robbery and murder to feed habits. Worse forms of female crime would rise 400%.

      1) What do you notice about the change in a neighborhood when gays move in? Women move out because when their 2 or 3 orifices are of no interest to males there is no economy to support them.

      2) When gays move into a bad neighborhood it improves. Juvenile delinquency goes down as single-mothers leave. Pimps disappear. Prostitution of the female variety vanishes. Domestic abuse disappears. Bar fights disappear. Seedy motels with their traffic in drugs, vice and violence disappear. Welfare and social workers disappear.

    • Beauregard

      Attribute this to white female shallowness, callowness and a kind of fluctuating bitchiness.

      I live in Asia because I could not be bothered to show up at Ladies Night hoping that once every 6 months I got laid at some local bar.

      Worse yet is the biological orientation of the Alpha Male. He shows little interest in raising his own children. This is most common in NAM areas where certain males have VD and give it to dozens of women.

      Not only is the Beta male angry but the females are mostly discarded by the Alpha males they are attracted to.

      It is a weary story for me. The former stripper or slut blaming men because she liked the bad boys and they did the thing bad boys always do.

    • …This is why they are not NAMS or Italian-Americans or Jews. These groups can get sex from their female population.

    • Sexual Behavior by Race

      I attended a Junior College in a predominantly Jewish community. The girls there were in their early adult years. They mostly had boyfriends. None were promiscuous or at least slutty in public. Neither were the Asian girls. The black girls were rather unfriendly-seeming.

      I then went to a State university. Because I had attended Catholic school I was surprised at how early White prole women became promiscuous. They were usually giving boys blow jobs. By college they were picking up males in the Meat Markets.

      More white girls were “airheads” or pretended to be. No traditions seemed to bind them. In the 1990’s however, white girls still regarded black males as thugs in general. Interracial coupling was rarer.

      Also there was a degree of public exhibitionism.

      When I went to strip clubs I noticed NO JEWISH GIRLS danced there.

      In addition to being more slutty, white prole girls were more course and bitchy. One hears all sorts of stories about Jewish girls but usually they are merely quiet and wary and unfriendly.

    • Beauregard

      Why do you think so many white prole or middle-class common or garden white women are molested? Usually by young men in their twenties.

      White prole males lack traits of desirability to white females. Period. Occasionally their frustrated desire overwhelms them (NB Black males can ALWAYS pay in crack cocaine or $20 for a blowjob in their neighborhoods).

  125. TRACY White Prole Sex Partner

    Tracy was a white small town girl from Canada.

    She had the typical white prole female stories. She had been traveling through Germany and got raped in a hostel while drinking beer with a bunch of locals. Her brother molested her once. Her father was a school teacher and her mother was a carpenter.

    I met her through another girl and guy who knew her. We got drunk and had sex at her house. She was a short brunette. Shapely.

    She claimed to love threesomes and be bisexual.

    I forgot about it. But back at the Meat Market she told me I was “a little bit gay” in her hoarse Canadian voice.

    The next time I met her was a party at a hotel. Months later. We had sex again. Once again I forgot about it.

    She told people I was gay again.

    Not long after she began hanging around blacks. Bad scene I thought. Never talked to her again.

    But LATER two black women beat her up at a party.

  126. BEAUREGARD The “Elite” Perspective

    White proles feel the same way about NAMS. They simply do not want to be near them and so they are not.

    So-called elitists which is a word that might apply to any white who acquires a four-year degree, has held some job of meaning, owns one suit and travels to other countries at least once in their life-feel the same way about white proles.

    The women are course and loud. Many have been molested because white prole males lack the desirable traits of an Alpha male-they are both bitter and oversexualized. Often they have children young and marry young. Their marriages often end in divorce. In any event nobody wants to visit their cities or exurbs or small towns. If they ever travel it is within the region they were born.

  127. BEAUREGARD A Funny White Prole COUPLE Story

    John and Amy were Polish. John married her and got her pregnant when was 18 and he was 23 in college.

    During the pregnancy she became overweight and she complained to me that he was buying a load of porno mags and jacking off in the shower.

    After the baby was born she was 19 and fat and he continued jacking off to porn mags. She got angry and threw them outside.

    He met a black woman and f*cked her. Then he got tired of her and F9cked some stripper.

    He then beat up Amy and went to jail for some time.

    Amy married some Mormon and moved to California. He saw his daughter once a year.

    This is the tale of a White Prole and his weakness/susceptibility.


    Mom and Dad are working long hours in Nebraska. Unlike the Jewish dentist or German-American real estate mogul in NYC or Irish Catholic judge they lack the money to send their daughter to private school.

    Lately little Sally has begun dropping to her knees in study halls or gym. The Asian and Jewish and black girls, big fat and aggressive, titter about what little degraded sluts white girls are as 50 or 60 penises enter her mouth by 7th grade.

    Dad divorces Mom in the 9th grade. He likes his blow jobs too. He has been having an affair with his secretary in order to receive them. The rest of the time in his “study” he jerking off to images of skinny white prole girls from the Flyover with huge Hebrew and positively gargantuan Black penises far down their thrown. Most came from backgrounds like the one he has created.

    Sally’s mouth has been badly used by then. She has self-esteem issues and begins to do some wrist cutting.

    Meanwhile the Asian and Jewish girls study. Their fathers despise their mothers but in keeping with tradition they remain together.

    Sally is middle-class but her parents are struggling with bills. Still she manages to go to university.

    Here she meets big NAM studs, Italian paisans and Hispanic macho men. Their sense of strength and masculinity is a breath of fresh air. They are upfront about their masculinity and their desire for sex.

    Once again Sally begins shaking hands with her mouth. But her grades slide. A relationship begins with a stud named Tyrone. She is arrested for marijuana.

    Her father is wondering what is happening to his country. His daughter dates Black thugs, flunked out of college. He himself can barely keep employed. His Dad owned a hardware store when he was young. But Wal-Mart has wiped this out. Now it is full young white tweakers who dart about in the derelict upstairs, crashing to come down off highs. Once the police even raided it.

    The white prole stares sadly at the building where his father’s hardware store once stood as it seems to represent his derelict American Dream.

    His daughter is a dick-sucking slut. He has seen the shadow of her head bobbing in the parked car outside his house being dropped of by high school acquaintances.

    His American Dream has crumbled into a derelict and shuttered downtown full of tweakers and a daughter who has sucks penises and dates black thugs because the media portrays whites so badly and her IQ is only 100 so she believes life is a movie.

    Perhaps she leaves her town and takes a bus to Los Angeles to be a porn star.

  129. Beauregard

    Of the five personality types (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Omega) Jews have a disp. amount of Gammas.

    I am a gamma, I’ve been involved with Jewish women. Jewish women are more open to gammas.

    In general women will make gammas work to be laid as opposed to Alphas or even betas. We just don’t have a sexual personality.

    • On Sexual Perimeters and De-Valued Sexual Currency

      If you have lived in other countries you cannot be paid to hang around Ladies Night drinking beer and hoping some callow, snotty white girl decides-once every 6 months-she is going to have sex with you. That is if you look average.

      It was odd. During my teen years, though I am average looking more or less, I could not get sex. It might be different now but this was circa 1990.

      When I went to Amsterdam and was amazed at how easy it was to have sex with a woman who would have sex for $30, it completely erased my perimeters.

      When I moved to Arizona, I was astounded how average and pleasant Hispanic women-perhaps some were cocaine addicts-would engage in sexual activity for $25.

      After this, I could not be bothered with callow, shallow white women.

      • Did you ever get any STD’s from these Latinas? I assume the blowjobs were bareback, right? You can’t catch much from a blowjob, but some street whores have gonorrhea of the throat. I knew a guy who was a total whoremonger. He specialized in Black streetwalkers. He told me got gonorrhea TWO TIMES from blowjobs from Black streetwalkers. Each woman had gonorrhea of the throat.

        Just wondering. Do whores use condoms for blowjobs? A friend told me that call girls will.

        • ROBERT

          My only experience with STD’s was genital warts from the briefest of contact with a middle-aged white call-woman’s anus in Michigan (Street prostitutes were rare then) when I removed the condom and shot off on her backside. We’re talking 20 seconds of minimal contact and I had to have the thing burned off with dry ice.

          I frequented areas that were not in the depths of the black ghetto where you would be pulled out of your car and shot. Neither do the healthier street prostitutes, even the ones who use drugs. Nobody, not even Mexican prostitutes, will be in the depths of the black ghetto.

          In Detroit it is certain death. You’ll simply be killed and your body will lie in a public place for a day or two until it is found.

          One white line repairman was shot and killed for his vehicle and the guy actually hung for 2 days as a grotesque effigy from a pole.

          Latina women on Phoenix streets in the late 1990’s were actually legitimately employed and only part-time hookers. Most told me “they were available Thursdays or Saturdays” because they worked as maids in hotels or something the rest of the week. I think they only engaged in sex acts with relatively clean-cut, healthy and normal-appearing white or Hispanic or Asian males.

          However, they never used condoms and I never contracted any sort of VD from them.

        • ROBERT Odd you say that.

          The one time I contracted the genital warts was from a middle-aged weary white call-girl in her forties when I came into contact for the briefest time with the perineum around her anus.

          I generally used condoms and would recommend it.

        • ROBERT Odd Tale

          One Hispanic female in her 40’s who was a matronly Mestizo type with short hair got really horny and asked me to have sex with her but I said no because we had no condom.

          Black women sell their bodies primarily in the black ghetto itself where STD’s are the least risk. You might get killed.

          It is better to go to a seedy area that is in the Hispanic part of town. And during the day.

          Latina women who were engaging in sex acts were somewhat exclusive about their clients-in 1998 none of them wanted to do anything with blacks-and tended to want white or Hispanic, groomed males in clean clothes.

          They also had some service-sector job for the most part and this was part-time gig. Most were cocaine users or drinkers and part of the motivation was simply sexual excitement.

        • You can get a disease free blowjob from a Mexican housewife-hooker for only $25? That is actually a pretty good deal.

  130. Beauregard

    the problem with the feminist-era, much like some of the problems post Black civil rights, etc. is that we expect that members of these groups are not at all manipulative.

    That they won’t divert from the original intentions of the movement to fit their own interests.
    With feminists, think of “f*cking a stalker” versus “calling the police on a stalker” based on his physical appearance.

    With Blacks, think race-baiting like Al Sharpton.

    • Manipulative Fake Racism Reports and Erotic Fantasies

      The spate of black women claiming white men have grabbed them roughly or Muslim women being forced to remove their Burka smack of erotic fantasies.

      The police cannot comprehend why the woman-a lonely female-did it. Was she trying to start a riot.


      The black woman (Her alone not all black women) has this fantasy that a strong redneck lumberjack type in a powerful monster truck drags her into the back. The V-8 engine throbs beneath her buttocks.

      He runs his strong hands roughly over her vagina and ass as he calls her dirty names and then shafts her.

      The Arab woman says a tall, clean-cut and well-built Frat boy demands she removes her Burka on deserted campus at night. He then pushes her on her back on hill and proceeds to mount her and have rough sex with her until she has an orgasm, all the while telling her what a dirty Arab girl she is.

      It is a masturbatory fantasy, a repellent one at that.

      Real racism is a bad thing.

      But these are minority fantasies of Alpha males.

  131. The stories NAM females have been making up lately-proved fabricated-about their burka pulled or butt grabbed by a tall and well-built rugged young white man smack of sexual fantasies about being taken by some rough white stud.

    The black woman claims some tall, lean strong redneck in a big shiny powerful truck emerged and sexually harassed her. The police find out it was fabricated. They wonder why she did it. The answer is of course that her darkest fantasy (Her alone, not all women of color) is to have the strong hands of white man who works outside all over her body as he sucks on her tits or shoves his big white hard penis into her mouth or vagina. Let’s face it. Its a fantasy.

    When the Arab-American who is young and chubby and lonely claims her Burka was yanked on a misty night by a tall, powerful rugged young white male whose advances she fought off it smacks of coarse S&M fantasies.

  132. ROBERT Reverse Perspective

    You cannot walk into a barrio and approach a Mexican housewife in her forties to request a blowjob for $25. This would be really ill-advised.

    Most of the Latinas selling their bodies were aging party girls with cocaine and alcohol habits who worked legitimate jobs and were trying to earn extra money from occasional street prostitution. All were divorced or had not married and I suspect all had children.

    I don’t think they would have gone with black men and I don’t know why. One said as much to me.

    • How did you find out about them then?

      • ROBERT

        When I moved into my new apartment complex in Phoenix I was at a party and struck up a conversation about crime and bad areas.

        You can do this anywhere.

        “Yeah, that place is FULL of prostitutes and addicts.”


        What you then do is take the bus downtown. None of your middle-class friends will go downtown on the bus.

        Then you take a transfer bus to the bad area.

        Always a stretch on the highway that is relatively safe in the daytime.

  133. ROBERT

    When I arrived in Phoenix I asked other white middle-class workers “what areas to avoid”.

    Invariably the response will always be “Oh, such such a place is full of prostitutes and homeless people and criminals.”

    “Thanks, I’ll stay away from the place.”

    The reality about daytime “bad areas” is that probably on main roads nothing will happen to you at all. It will be a bleak stretch on the highway with gas stations and cheap hotels. Maybe an adult bookstore or two, though these are gone now.

    If you turn off the “bad” main road into residential areas maybe it will risky.

    Most GANGS HAVE ARRANGEMENTS WITH PIMPS. They do not want their money source-customers pay for hookers who then pay for drugs-thrown out the window.

    To some degree you are under protection.

  134. a female

    bullshit. im a female who can never get laid. never.

    ive seen whales get dick constantly with pimples and oily skin and fucked up face and some pretty dolls never get it. im a mid range “not that bad” who cant get dick. at all. period.

    and there’s plenty of other women who are on dry spells and not of their own volition it just so happens that women can not get sex whenever they want. only the snobbiest, bitchiest, or sleaziest ones can… no matter what they look like.

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