Are Black People Stupid?

A view from the comments, with my comments following:

Before I actually worked with a large population of blacks, I would never have believed that they are as stupid as a whole as they are. In fact, I used to believe in absolute equality of all races. However, some years of working in an office-type environment with lots of blacks has totally changed my views.

I think it’s hard to quantify intelligence, but you can get a fairly good idea of someone’s intelligence by observing how/if they readily absorb information and use it to make logical decisions. Smart people “get it” and can move on. They remember information, can make connections, and apply what they learn.

Give me any other race to train/work with. I don’t care if they are white, Latino, Asian, Indian, Middle-Eastern-there is a very good chance that those individuals will learn fairly quickly, have a modicum of manners, a decent or at least passable work ethic, and will do their freaking jobs.

Training blacks is frustrating for me, because 48 out of 50 of them don’t “get it” the 3rd, 4th, 5th time they are presented with the same information in a slow way that anyone else would grasp. For many of them, when they do finally “get it” they can’t make the logical, big-picture connections that would allow them to really excel at their jobs. I see lots of abysmally poor memories, slow wits, and at best a surface-level understanding of their jobs.

And then they’re lazy and tend to be rude (whenever they can get away with it) on top of it. What’s sad is that I’ve seen this not only in janitors and entry-level clerks, but in higher-level black executives and officers who were smooth enough to rap their way into a high-paid position, but either too stupid or lazy (or both) to actually do their jobs.

If you defend black cognition the way that I used to, I challenge you to work for a few years in an office environment with a large population of them.

This is a very interesting anecdote, and you do hear other things from time to time. This has not exactly been my experience. I worked mostly in teaching. There, the Blacks were generally fellow teachers. At the time, I had heard all of the rumors about Black stupidity, and according to this guy it should apply to Black teachers too, but I did not notice that my Black teachers were stupid at all. Actually, I was looking around for evidence of them being dumb, but I could not really find it.

I also dealt with Black administrators – principals, vice principals, counselors all the way up to the district level and, on a lower level, Black secretaries and whatnot. Some of them struck me as not exactly being geniuses, but they didn’t seem to be idiots. Black teachers and administrators always struck me as the cream of the Black crop, and never once did I think they were stupid. At the very least, they struck me as “at least competent.”

On the other hand, here in California, teachers have to pass a very rigorous exam called the CBEST.Many Blacks and Hispanics fail this exam, hence there are cries that it is racist, but they have not yet gotten rid of it, thank God. Hence, most of the less intelligent Blacks are simply screened out. I remember one Black teacher who seemed to be an alcoholic. He showed movies a lot. They probably should have gotten rid of him, but he was a nice enough guy anyway.

Once I worked on a job site with just me and four other guys, all Black. We were janitors at some aerospace plant. We would work for like 3 hours, then just take off and sit around and play cards the rest of the night. The Black guys all liked me a lot. Most were older, but one was a young guy.

The young Black dude and I would take off and go smoke weed in some out of the way place. The head janitor was an alcoholic. I thought it was funny that these older Blacks would call each other “jigs.” Anyway, they were smart enough to do their jobs and play cards.

I also worked with Blacks at a legal coding place. The Blacks there were all well behaved, and none were particularly stupid. They were about as smart as the Whites there. One guy in particular was my good friend, and he was very smart.

I have also not seen a lot of the storied Black laziness and bad work habits except for the janitors, but as a radical, I thought that was mostly just a protest by some working class guys.

In general, I have found that for some reason, Blacks at work seem to be “smart enough.” Not total idiots but not flaming geniuses either.

I had a Black girlfriend once. At one time, we were discussing marriage. She also was “smart enough,” but she had problems in her college courses, and her BA was only in Homemaking, which she taught. I had to write her college level English class papers for her because apparently she simply could not write them well enough.

At one point, we got in a huge argument. The paper was on a short story written by some Black writer. It was about a man called “Douglass” who never shows up. The women are talking. “Douglass is a man!” Ok, look, obviously this is Frederick Douglass! Literary analogy and all that.

She just could not get it and was furious. She knew all about Douglass, and obviously they were not talking about him. It was as if her mind could not deal with an allegorical level of things and was stuck in concreteness. It was then that I realized the limits of this “smart enough” intelligence.

At the moment, it is true that Blacks are less intelligent than Whites as measured by IQ tests. There is a 13.2 point gap between Black adults and White adults – White IQ = 103, Black IQ = 89.8. It’s not yet proven that this is due to genes, and at some point, Blacks may be able to close the gap.

The author mentions that Latinos seem much smarter than Blacks. But their IQ’s are only a few points higher. Latino IQ = 93, Black IQ = 89.8. Are a few points really going to add up to much of a difference? At the end it boils down to what can we do about this. Probably not a whole lot.

But Blacks can certainly work on the non-IQ based aspects of their work performance such as perceived laziness, coming in late, leaving early, taking time off all the time. With their lower IQ’s, Blacks need to try to make up for that in non-IQ ways by being superior or at least adequate on non-IQ factors. That may tend to ameliorate that IQ stuff.

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214 responses to “Are Black People Stupid?

  1. Shawn

    The adoption studies are the clincher and settle the genetic dispute. For those who are still not convinced shorty genes for IQ be identified in one’s individual DNA.

    The equalists gnashed their teeth.

    • Inca

      The equalists already debunked the racist charlatans

      • Zaphod

        The “equalists” never even came close to doing so. All of the objections were laughably emotional and biased, and devoid of anything remotely resembling critical thought.

    • Some say they weren’t smart enough as Slaves, which is why they were freed. Good enough excuse; slavery was wrong and it was very kind and benelovant of Mr. Lincoln to set them free.

      Of course, they didn’t know where to go after that and naturally had trouble adjusting. Which is why, centuries later, they are entitled to preferred job placement, enhanced test scores and forgiveness for theft, vandalism and the like.

      God Bless diversity.

      • Ann Onymous

        The Irish were taken as slaves to the USA too. And that was after a millenium of being literally dessimated by the English. Black people were slave owner themselves. The word “slave” comes from Slav – because other Europeans used to enslave them. Around the time of the transatlantic slave trade, North African muslim pirates captured a million French and Spanish slaves. When you look into it, every culture and race has been enslaved at some point. Yet only blacks continue to whine and are treated as though they are unique victims. I would argue that, throughout history, the Irish have been treated much worse, and for a longer period of time, than Africans, yet they never get preferential treatment. Also, Muslims had been enslaving sub-Saharan Africans since the 7th century – yet it’s always white people who get the blame. Even though many white races had nothing whatsoever to do with the transatlantic slave trade – to claim “white people” it is racist, because there are different races of caucasians (such as Celts, Nordic, Anglo-Saxon, Basque, Serb etc) and we aren’t all the same. Of the countries that *were* involved (such as France and Britain) the economic systems of that time were such that only the rich individuals directly involved would benefit. The whole countries did NOT benefit. Besides, the countries weren’t even democracies at the time! So why are white people still punished, and black people still treated as unique victims? The Japanese have treated the Chinese appallingly in the past, but China and Chinese people are successful, and the Japanese aren’t continually punished.

        So in conclusion, NO, blacks do NOT deserve preferential treatment, because some of their ancestors were slaves. If that were the case almost everyone on the planet could cry racism and disadvantage and demand “positive discrimination”.

        By the way – in the Congo, blacks are still enslaving each other – especially pygmies – just like they always have done. No one is saying that the entirety of 100’s millions of blacks are evil because of it, like they say of whites.

        • Johnc

          There were many black slaveowners in the American south, something that is not readily acknowledged today.

    • Dave Mowers

      Harvard completed a study into I.Q. by race and found that there was no difference between races in the number or frequency of high I.Q.’s. The only difference is economic, access to education and diet so basically money. You got money or come from money you’ll succeed in America, you don’t you’ll struggle. Harvard even dispelled the Jewish “exceptionalism” garbage that has been spewed for decades now claiming Jews are proportionally smarter than any other race. It was totally bunk. The highest number of I.Q.’s by race are the Chinese and that is because the percentage of I.Q.’s in every race higher than 124 averages 7 points and there are simply more Asians.

      A second study confirmed the reason why more Jews attend Harvard and Yale…Jews control the admissions standards. Big mystery there. They let in more Jews because they are racist and corrupt. This issue is dead, colored people are just as smart as whites.

      • Your ignorant drivel is so laden with absurdities I don’t know where to begin. Stick to your coloring books.

      • Testiculosis

        Read “The Bell Curve”. It has references of statistically significant studies, and it disproves everything you wrote.

      • KimCND

        No, Dave Mowers, Harvard did no such thing. In fact, Harvard educated scientist, Charles Murray would be the first to tell you that Ashkenazi Jews have the highest average IQs, higher than even East Asians like the Chinese. Blacks and Hispanics still score significantly lower than all white populations. Afro Americans score higher than sub Saharan Africans likely because most Afro Americans possess white Euro DNA. The old “Jews control….” this or that has been around for eons; perhaps it is true of certain industries, like banking, but like it or not, it’s owing to a combination of their high IQs, inherent industriousness, and willingness to take on work that was at some point in history eschewed by non Jews. Whoever stated that the Irish were brought over to US as slaves just like sub Saharan Africans is either profoundly stupid or egregiously misinformed. No, Irish were not loaded up onto slave ships, dragged over here in chains and put on the auction block. The fact that black Africans were is shameful enough; a sad chapter in humanity, a sin many are guilty of, not just white Americans. The ignoramus who mentioned this must be thinking of when the Irish came here en masse post potato famine and competed with fairly recently freed slaves for jobs, particularly in large Northeastern metropolitan centers like NYC. Many Euro immigrants faced discrimination but its more than a tad bit disingenuous to try and equate that with the experience or suffering of black slaves.

      • Steve Smith

        Jews are very intelligent people, they are people of European origin, European Jews are the most intelligent, the reason they tend to succeed in life is the fact that they are white, so they take advantage of the privileges of having white skin. The most ironic thing about white privilege is that non whites help perpetuate it, even study of racism published in the mainstream media states different minority groups in America mistrust each other, but feel their relationships with whites are better than with those of other minority groups. For example, East Asians felt tensions with African Americans, but felt their relations with white Americans were on better terms. Hispanics and Blacks have long had racial tensions that the media never discusses, but both groups felt they fared better with whites. I found it hilarious that different non whites helped perpetuate the social dynamic that keeps whites higher up on the social ladder than they, but these same idiots cry racism and fail to see their own beliefs and attitudes maintain the status quo.
        Its actually prejudiced attitudes among non whites that keep whites up in the social ladder. Jews are white so with their high level of intelligence and white skin, its no surprise they are the most successful identifiable group in the United States.
        The only people who discuss white privilege as a social issue are leftist Jews and gentile whites that live in urban areas, ironically, they feel this is wrong but they benefit handsomely from this kind of privilege, the vast majority of interracial couples I see in my city involve a white male or female with a minority male or female, but extremely rare are two different non whites.
        I found it fascinating when a Jewish student at Princeton proclaimed himself a white man, and felt he did not have to feel guilty about being white in America. The hypocrisy of this young brat boggles my mind, because most Jews hold very strong anti white attitudes but when push comes to shove these same people will walk the other way if they run into a minority on a city street. A non Jewish CNN reporter got fired for saying on air that he considers Jews to be white people and not a minority group.

    • censzar

      Yoyo lindsay punk ass boy, first of all . Many factors that could potentially influence the development of intelligence have been advanced as possible causes of the racial IQ gaps. It is generally agreed that both genetics and environmental and/or cultural factors affect individual IQ scores. There is currently no consensus whether genetics play a role in racial IQ gaps, or whether their cause is entirely environmental so your arguments that black people are stupid becausoe of genetics is null dumbass

      • You fail at reading comprehension. You need to go back to school. I never said the IQ differential is due to genes. I say that at the moment, on average, Blacks are less intelligent than Whites. I take no position on whether that is due to genes or environment or whatever.

        Didn’t I ban you Black man?

        • I think intellectuals from less intelligent countries should leave those countries and let them fend for themselves. It will force them to either evolve or die out. They should start new countries so that the stereotypes for low intelligence don’t follow them and make these new countries shining successes.

        • im black, pure african actually, so my views might be a result of stupidity but 1. i dont think IQ is intelligence, because intelligence is a capability to acheive, not the acheivement its self. IQ tests are just like school tests they test what you know, but not how or why, it simply rewards higher scores as higher intelligence without considering will, emotional well being or other numerous variables. imagine a straight A student who gets raped and starts to fail at school, its not that she has suddenly become stupid, she have just lost the will or care
          2.say IQ was intelligence, it would be impossible genetically speaking for it to be race-genetic because there are black people who are mensa members how ever low their numbers. If there is a black gene that makes you stupid and a white gene that makes you intelligent, then a black person should not be able to have an IQ higher than any white person unless they are defective genetically, having one black person in mensa renders 98% of the white population to be defective which does not make sense. what all those super smart IQ people did was use averages to say one race is more intelligent than another, that makes sense when you are dealing with social issues such as behaviour not genes. In grenetics there are no averages thats why you know DNA is the best type of evidence that can be used in court. imagine you are 100% white (all your ancestors have been white)and so is your wife, then you have 20 children 19 of which are white and one is black, would you say “they are all my children because on average they are white”?

      • JR

        You must be a ugly lazy nig yourself. I wish i could twist your head right off your criminal body

      • Steve Smith

        Your language and lack of logic in your argument demonstrates the point brilliantly that blacks tend lack intelligence. I work in education, and found it frustrating to teach young blacks to pursue a real education and real careers rather than become basketball players and rappers.
        I find it funny when blacks claim that conservative whites are their enemy when the people who keep blacks in the ghetto and terrorized by police.

  2. LaFleur

    I hadn’t looked at Ankhesen Mie’s blog in some time, but she was quoted elsewhere in a post about the black man in Las Vegas who killed a white man with one punch after the white guy said something about a “black guy in a yellow shirt.”

    First of all, as I was saying in my post about Black Cloud, white people don’t get to decide how a person of color should respond to white racism. You don’t get to make comments about me to me, and then control how I react to them. If I choose to punch you…then you’re getting punched and that’s all there is to it. Understand that when uttering racial comments to a POC, in addition to that POC simply walking away, beating, stabbing, and shooting are also on the menu. Just because you didn’t order them specifically doesn’t mean they won’t be served.

    Fuck what you think you know/heard about POC. If you think that randomly walking up to one of us and mouthing off about our skintone is a good idea, you clearly don’t know dick. Not all POC are the same; ergo, never assume you know whom you’re dealing with. You may very well hit the psycho lottery and wind up drowning in your own blood.

    Would she agree with the white target of a black mob that black people don’t get to decide how outnumbered white people should respond to an attack by a mob? Would she agree with the right to self defense of the Hispanic parking lot attendant who killed a young black man after the man and his father physically assaulted him along with his co-worker?

    If she’s anything like the people who signed this petition, evidently not:

    The petition comments are moronic:

    This is horrible, There is no justification for the use of a weapon in this case, he was unarmed, justice must be served to the victim.

    justice will be served. thats not fair self defense with a weapon like that stabbing him ,

    There’s no excuse for murder, self defense is fighting someone off, not stabbing them to death

    Murder! No one should be allowed to use a knife defend themselves against an attack!

    The video clearly shows that the young, buff football player and his burly father provoked the act of self defense by using a snow shovel, a bicycle(!), and finally their fists to assault the much smaller parking attendants.

    I don’t claim to know how representative of black opinion Mie and her commenters are. They are for the most part intelligent enough to write coherent sentences. However, they appear to lack the introspection to consider that white people reading comments like theirs, those on Abagond, the petition site, and similar comments all over the web might just decide that it’s not worth dealing with black people at all. To paraphrase erstwhile Abagond commernter Thad, they increasingly give one the impression that to them all whites are eternally “massah”, and that they won’t be happy until it’s their black boot on whitey’s neck.

    • Bay Area Guy

      @ Lafleur

      Wow, just wow. Oh, man. I no longer get angry with Ankhesen anymore. To me, she’s just flat out amusing now.

      I mean, where to begin?

      For starters, am I the only one who thinks it’s rather presumptuous that a black woman holed up in 96% white West Virginia deems herself the spokesperson for all “POC”?

      Secondly, I love her armchair revolutionary, militant act. I mean, this just is priceless.

      If I choose to punch you…then you’re getting punched and that’s all there is to it.

      HAHA. Yeah, okay. You do that, tough girl.

      Ankhesen talks a lot of shit because she knows she can get away with it, and she knows that the white Americans won’t drastically respond to her BS.

      If white Americans were anything like white Russians, she would be running for cover, and would be lucky to still be alive. She talks a big game, but knows that she has nothing to fear in terms of consequences for what she says.

      Despite living in 96% white West Virginia, she acts as if she doesn’t have to worry about whites around her reading her crap. Just goes to show how much leniency minorities like her get to enjoy in this country.

      • FG

        I’m pretty sure for most West Virginians economic concerns trump bourgeois identity politics. These folks are more worried about such issues as whether the local coal mine will close down than about the cultural influence of “CRT”.

      • Bay Area Guy

        I don’t claim to know how representative of black opinion Mie and her commenters are.

        I am genuinely curious as to how representative of black opinion Ankhesen is, because I don’t really know.

        I am willing to wager that most are nowhere as extreme (at least rhetorically/publicly) as she is, but I can’t help but suspect that most fundamentally agree with her.

        However, they appear to lack the introspection to consider that white people reading comments like theirs, those on Abagond, the petition site, and similar comments all over the web might just decide that it’s not worth dealing with black people at all.

        Agreed. If most blacks are indeed like Ankhesen, then I’m going avoid them like the plague (not that I seek their company anyway). They’re just not worth the potential trouble.

        they increasingly give one the impression that to them all whites are eternally “massah”, and that they won’t be happy until it’s their black boot on whitey’s neck.

        Yeah, as Thad also said, Ankhesen is basically a frustrated totalitarian, and would gladly send whites to the gulag given the power to do so.

        You know what? I kind of hope more whites do read her blog, if only to see what she and her ilk intend for them.

        • Bay Area Guy

          You don’t get to make comments about me to me, and then control how I react to them.

          Likewise, Your Highness, you don’t get to decide how certain whites respond when black people with chips on their shoulder decide to attack them for slights, real or perceived.

          Clearly, it’s not always a good idea for blacks to try to avenge every insult.

        • Bay Area Guy

          Ah, how I’d love to see Ank run into the female equivalent of Epic Beard Man one of these days! She wouldn’t know what hit her!

  3. It depends on the filtering, of course. I remember in the Army I didn’t notice a lot of difference because everybody had to pass the AFQT, and that culled probably a majority of Blacks but only maybe 20% of Whites. The same goes for any group that has had to pass through a winnowing-out of any kind. That’s why Americans think Hindostani are especially smart, because to get here they have to pass Maxwell’s Demon, so to speak. And percentages are extremely important to a group, if not to the individual. If you need, say, three percent of your population to be civil engineers, in order to get that necessary work done, you’d better have more than three percent of the population with that level of intelligence. Here’s some discussion of the difference between smart people and stupid people.

    • louie jacuzzi

      the characteristics described in that post don’t come from abstract reasoning skills, they come from cultural values, and various motivation factors. I thought and behaved the way described in that post until I was taught otherwise; now I’m working on a second bachelors degree, maintain a decent job, have no kids, and keep my bills paid. That has little to do with “abstract reasoning” , and 90%(or more) to do with what I was taught.

  4. johnUK

    Robert here in Scotland I can’t remember any reports of Pakistani gangs terrorising native whites or minority groups causing any trouble although granted we don’t have many blacks with most of the crime and gangs being white especially in Glasgow which is pretty notorious.

    Glasgow itself is a shithole.

    Why do you think that is?

    • tulio

      Interesting. I’ve heard that Scotland is the stabbing capital of the world. People get shit-faced in the pubs then fight or stab over anything. From this video it doesn’t look like a place I’d want to visit. I think people sometimes forgot just how many fucked up whites there are. I was hanging with a couple people from Galway, Ireland last week. They said their town has a lot of “hoods” as I would call them, but they are white of course. I hear East Germany is pretty fucked up too as far as thuggish and skinhead youth running amok. And let’s not even get started on E. Europe, places like Slovakia, Albania, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, etc.

      • johnUK

        ”I hear East Germany is pretty fucked up too as far as thuggish and skinhead youth running amok.

        Probably got to do with the fact that in East Germany men outnumber women who have migrated to the west or western Europe for better jobs.

        • Matt

          I’m wondering why the men wouldn’t be headed elsewhere in pursuit of opportunity too. WTF is wrong with men these days?

        • Joe

          Honestly the whole neo Nazi thing in Germany is blown way out of proportion, I spent a couple of months in Dortmund, which is supposed to the Neo Nazi capital of Germany and never really saw much in the way of Nazi violence, I did see a few skinheads there but for the most part they seem to keep to themselves. I did however see a huge Muslim population there who had absolute contempt for those who are not of the Muslim faith. I honestly am a lot more suspicious of young Muslim males than I am of German males with shaved heads.
          As far as US blacks are concerned, a large number of them are indeed stupid, and its liberal whites who live in a dream world thinking that its American society that is screwing them over all the time. We have a black President who was elected not once but twice with commanding majority wins. Despite his mediocre to poor performance as President, anyone who criticizes Obama is suspected of being a bigot and a racist. Blacks often get preferential treatment in employment and education.
          Before you judge me as a bigot, I worked for years with a lot of black people and witnessed their hypocritical attitudes first hand, they often treat other non white people with contempt and suspicion.

  5. MWethman

    I worked in an HIV clinic in inner city Baltimore some years ago. The majority of the staff was black, and the majority of those blacks were imbeciles (though gregarious and fun to work with once I realized we had different ideas of what constitutes work). However, the intelligent blacks we got didn’t last long; most used it as a stepping stone to getting a good government position. And we had a policy where we FAVORED ex-con applicants because theycould better relate to the client population. So major filtering going on there.

    • Gay State Girl

      And we had a policy where we FAVORED ex-con applicants because theycould better relate to the client population. So major filtering going on there.


  6. tulio

    I have spoke to whites who have defended their black coworkers as being equally competent. On a slightly different tangent, I know a white school teacher that teaches in a mostly poor black school. I asked him if the kids in his class are unruly are difficult to control(as is public perception). I told him don’t be politically correct and tell me the real deal if it’s bad, we are long time friends and I won’t hold it against him. He had nothing but good to say about the classroom behavior of his black students.

    My point here is that there is no monolithic white opinion on the competence and behavior of black workers and students. I think these perceptions can vary widely based on geographic location, industry and average income levels.

    • tulio

      And also of course, there’s no monolithic black opinion towards white people. At least not in behavior. Most of us may have some racial hangups that come from a legacy of slavery and oppression, but when it comes to one on one interaction, there’s no generalizations to be made. Some blacks prefer to stay away from whites and have no interest and being friends with or socializing with them anymore than they have to, and some blacks I know seem to prefer hanging with whites or at least don’t care one way or the other. Some will say racism is everywhere, and some will say it exists but doesn’t happen to them on a daily basis.

  7. seedofjapheth

    Black people are not stupid. I don’t know why among some circles it is fashionable to bash blacks but blacks are not stupid.

    • Lamont

      Thank you. I am black. I have friends from all walks of life and I have a love for all my friends and their diversities. I believe every person is intelligent for their passion. I have a passion for studying the laws of my land and I am diligent about it. I have probably forgotten more things than this man who wrote this article will ever learn. I believe it’s not just intelligence but awareness that’s a factor. for example most blacks don’t fall for dumb ship like that 9/11 stupid lie and other dumb things thrown at us. though we have our group of dumbies just like all races but for the most part. and just to give an example: how many people wondered why did secret service allow president bush to sit in that classroom when they knew another plane was still in the sky while they were in a place that was planned like 3 or more days beforehand? if you were secret service would you have kept the president there are got him to a new undisclosed location? I believe most black people would tell you they would have moved him to somewhere else.

  8. Gay State Girl

    You’re treading on very thin ice…
    Actually I took courses at CC with American Blacks as well as non American blacks (from the Caribbean and Africa) find the Non American blacks (who have less white genes) are more ambitious and serious than American blacks. WN’s often contradict themselves by saying integration is not good for blacks, but the black gene pool benefits from white genes. Choose one viewpoint and stick to it.

    • louie jacuzzi

      Thx state girl for pointing that out, iq is what it is, but disposition is a different story, and I find it odd, that non american have a more workable disposition- which leads me to believe that there’s sthg wrong the american environment, or at least “white genes”

      • Gay State Girl

        I never said there was anything wrong with “white genes,” or suggesting they worsen blacks. I was just pointing out the hypocrisy of cerrain WNs. If they truly believe blacks are not well served by integration, they must walk the walk.

    • RaceTraitor...LOL

      Interesting. Environmental/social/cultural factors would seem to reasonably explain this. It makes sense that in an indigenous African culture there might be a higher emphasis on work ethic than in the States. People of your own race and culture are responsible for farming, housebuilding, and otherwise sustaining your livelihood, and there’s no reason to think that working hard won’t bring you the same results. However, in America, there’s not such reason for optomism. They’re born into less (money-wise) in a non-dominant group who’s routinely stereotyped in a society where you rely on the dominant group more often than not for farming, housebuilding, etc., and you don’t see many examples in the media of people like you who are successful except those who are successful for negative reasons that White people find interesting (i.e. gangsta rap, which certainly didn’t become a lucrative market from poor minorities liking it). Regardless of what opportunity there may be, it’s reasonable for people in that situation to feel that working hard doesn’t pay off.

      What you inheret largely defines the opportunities you receive. I’m middle class, not because I worked my way here from poverty, but because I grew up in a middle class family who could afford to feed me well, enroll me in activites that boost IQ and social skills (sports, music, etc.), and send me to college, all the while surrounded by similar folk. Which is the same experience of most middle class people. How easily we forget. I also got my first good out of college job through family connections, which is how most people get their first good job. How easily we forget.

      I’m curious to see a study comparing Black IQ with White IQ of the same class/environment. I mean, it’s like comparing a minority serf in England with the King of England, instead of to an English serf. The results will obviously be strikingly disproportionate.

      • Mike

        It’s already been done 100 times, dumb dumb. The whites always win. The poorest whites, vs the richest blacks, the whites always win. Whites are smarter than blacks. Tough break.

  9. johnUK

    The Origins of White People by a black dude.

  10. johnUK

    Robert blacks can’t be that stupid after all they built one of the greatest civilisations to ever exist in ancient Egypt. Lol!.

  11. Jason

    The problem is that racists dont want the inevitable political-racial realignment to match the demographic changes of the past 30 years. That is why white racists are freaking out now when they did not freak out that much during the post-civil rights 70s and 80s. They dont want the white-black binary to collapse. They dont want to surrender to demographic logic. Politics always lags behind demographics by one generation. They are trying to prevent the realignment that will occur when more moderate younger generations of post-jim crow whites and post-civil rights blacks, as well as the greater portion of the hispanic and asian population reach the age of political leadership.

    • LaFleur

      “Inevitable political-racial realignment”? My popcorn is ready.

      Questions, questions.

      How are Mestizos going to call the shots when half of them don’t finish high school? With no education, how will they ever be represented among those who keep the US power grid and infrastructure functioning? Numbers are only part of the equation.

      How interested are Asians, most of whom graduate from high school in numbers above the US average, going to be in the grievance politics of Hispanic and black political leaders? How eager do you think Asians will be to pay for all the benefits the more numerous Mestizos are likely to vote for themselves? How much do you expect high-achieving Asians, who don’t benefit from collegiate affirmative action, to care about fixing the educational achievement gap? Why would they want to share power with Mestizos?

      We’ll also see how moderate post-Jim Crow whites remain, when they’re up to their necks in college loan debt, and are expected to keep confessing to and paying for America’s Original Sin. Middle class SWPL whites, thanks to the neoliberal economics they support, are a rapidly shrinking class. They’ll only be pacified by the Matthew Yglesiases of the world for so long.

      Antiracist crusaders are so entertaining.

      • Bay Area Guy

        How interested are Asians, most of whom graduate from high school in numbers above the US average, going to be in the grievance politics of Hispanic and black political leaders?

        That’s an interesting question, Lafleur.

        On the one hand, the organized Asian American community (ie. groups like the Asian Law Caucus) has embraced the black grievance model to a smaller extent. Ditto for professional Asians such as Frank Wu and the late Ronald Takaki, as well as people at blogs like racialicious, restructure, zuky, Angry Asian Man (though he’s generally pretty mild and reasonable), etc.

        But even they, with the exception of zuky types, are not as dogmatic or rhetorically confrontational as blacks and Hispanics.

        Also, based on my extensive experience with Asians, they do tend to swing more to the liberal side (as evidenced by about 60% of them voting against prop. 209 in California).

        However, at the same time, they generally don’t have very high opinions of blacks and Hispanics. It’s hard to say for certain what their attitudes towards white people are, because they definitely don’t publicize them in front of me, though they generally don’t come across as anti-white, and race is generally not a problem.

        The thing I will say about Asians though is that most (with few exceptions) could care less about “social justice” or restitution for blacks/Hispanics. They definitely will not support programs that benefit blacks/Hispanics at their expense. They won’t tolerate the undermining of their education in vain efforts to narrow the “achievement gap.”

        • Gay State Girl

          I agree.

        • Gay State Girl

          In my experience, younger privileged whites are extremely naive and optimistic, partly because they have been cooped in school and related activities and have never been exposed to the working world, and never been allowed to think for themselves.

        • Bay Area Guy

          Also, based on what I’ve read from Steve Farron’s “The Affirmative Action Hoax” from Jew Among You’s blog, Asians in fact DO benefit from affirmative action.

          We’ll also see how moderate post-Jim Crow whites remain, when they’re up to their necks in college loan debt, and are expected to keep confessing to and paying for America’s Original Sin.

          Yeah, that is interesting. I think one can definitely say that white America is at its most radicalized and alienated state in history.

          Compared to blacks, who are generally optimistic about the future, a large percentage or majority of whites see this country’s best days as being behind it, think that their kids will have fewer opportunities to succeed than they did, now see anti-white bias as a bigger problem than anti-black bias, and only 1/5 whites believe that the growth of the non-white population is a strength for the U.S.

          To the extent that whites were generous during the 60s/70s, they were because they economy was still strong and whites were still demographically dominant. They could afford to be a bit generous.

          Now, with the economy in the shitter and white America slowly but surely becoming a minority, white America isn’t going to embark on massive anti-non-white pogroms (as Tim Wise types would have it), but they certainly won’t be in the mood to go out of their way to help non-whites either.

          As you hinted at, Lafleur, the question I have is what this rainbow coalition will do once the big bad white man goes down, considering that they have little else in common otherwise?

          Will we have a Southeast Asia/Latin America type situation where Asians (and the few whites still around) are the “market dominant minority” that controls the wealth while uneducated Hispanic Mestizos are poor but dominate politically?

          Hard to say, but the future ain’t looking too bright.

        • Bay Area Guy

          How are Mestizos going to call the shots when half of them don’t finish high school? With no education, how will they ever be represented among those who keep the US power grid and infrastructure functioning? Numbers are only part of the equation.

          And that’s what these open border turds fail to understand.

          They live in a mental world where illegal Hispanics have a static existence and will happily pick strawberries and mow lawns for all eternity.

          What they fail to realize is that these poor and uneducated illegals give birth to a shitload of future poor and uneducated kids. These kids, who now comprise about 50% of California’s student body, greatly underperform academically, often drop out, sometimes join gangs, and more often than not are a drain on society.

          You can’t analyze California’s educational demise without taking this into account.

          And of course, these “love knows no borders” types insist that we have nothing to worry about, because immigration is in fact down. What they fail to mention is that while that may be true, the illegals who are here keep having kids. So the illegal immigrant/anchor baby population rises regardless.

          (and of course, the “don’t worry, immigration isn’t too out of control” crowd fed us the same shit with the 1965 Immigration Act, insisting that “oh, don’t the demographic balance of the country won’t be radically altered.” Yeah, well, it’s altered)

        • Bay Area Guy

          *oh, don’t worry,

  12. Jason

    I dont think you fully understood what I was saying. I was not saying that post jim-crow whites would remain moderate while blacks become more militant. Post jim-crow generations of whites would remain moderate at least as far as black-white relations are concerned because post-civil rights generations of blacks are much more moderate and much less militant than than their predecessors. White racists are endangering this because they dont want the historical centrality of white/black race relations to be displaced. I and many other younger blacks do not want a new generation of sharptons to dominate the black community.

  13. Jason

    The Problem is that whites dont realize that immigration has replaced blach/white relations as the main racial issue in america. Whites for some reason dont want to focus on illegal immigration.

    • Bay Area Guy

      Whites for some reason dont want to focus on illegal immigration.


      I find that hard to believe, considering that poll after poll (not that polls are exactly scientific, but anyway) shows that a large majority of white America wants immigration reduced, PERIOD, particularly illegal immigration.

      There have also attempts by several states (most famously, or infamously if you prefer, Arizona) to cut down on illegal immigration. These certainly weren’t due to the efforts of non-whites, I can assure you.

    • LaFleur

      I agree with BAG that white people are very focused on illegal immigration.
      It’s just that if you try to discuss it in public, you get called a Teabagger or a Nazi. The cultural left-dominated MSM has been pretty effective in shutting down any mainstream discussion of immigration. People who divert from the party line on Daily Kos get shouted down. MSNBC is militantly pro-amnesty. I’ve tried to discuss the effect of illegal immigration on the black working class with them but most cultural left-inspired liberals are more interested in feeling good about their opinions than any real world consequences.

      Plenty of non-racialist white people are aware that illegal immigration is a bigger threat than the “Black Run America” hype from Stuff Black People Don’t Like. We’re aware that black people are only 13% of the population and not growing much in number.

      One thing I really hate about the multiculturalist project is that cultural leftists insist on broadening its scope though they’ve had ZERO success with any aspect of it so far. The black underclass is worse off than it was 40 years ago. Whatever one thinks of black people in general, they didn’t ask to come here and they are our fellow Americans. You’d think a compassionate left would focus on doing ONE FUCKING THING RIGHT before importing even more poverty. Cultural leftism is about feeling good about yourself, not about helping other people. Also, they think they’re fighting the good fight, but they’re just useful idiots for corporate globalism.

      • Jason

        Our Current Immigration policies are clearly disfunctional. Open borders types dont realize that the status quo on immigration is simply unsustainable, and is starting to trigger a backlash. Immigration is going to be one of the main issues over the next decade or so, corporations cannot simply be allowed to continue importing cheap labor just because they dont want to pay american workers.

      • Bay Area Guy

        Also, they think they’re fighting the good fight, but they’re just useful idiots for corporate globalism.

        Exactly, because guess who else supports mass immigration and the dissolving of borders? Yes, that’s right, neoliberal corporate elites.

        As I’ve said before, leftists would be amazed if they learned just how much their rhetoric conformed to corporate interests.

        But of course, making sure somebody doesn’t dislike illegals is more important than ensuring opportunities for American born workers.

        • Jason

          Neoliberal Corporate Elites dont give a damn about everyday Americans. If anything, corporate interests consider everyday Americans to be a roadblock to their goals. There is a sizable conservative black sentiment that favors a compromise on affirmative action in order to focus on handling the border, but their existence is never mentioned in the media.

  14. uncle joe

    With all due respect, how the hell do Asians benefit from affirmative action?
    We get hurt by it, since our spots are squeezed out by underperforming
    NAMs while we still need to get near perfect SAT etc. to even be considered.
    That kike has a lot of nerve saying that, since kikes are famous for nepotism and ethnic favoritism in colleges and in the workplace.

    • Gay State Girl

      Oh buck up.

      You take lessons from Foxman in self victimization.

      I actually attended elementary school with many Asians, and the schools went to great lengths to accomodate them.

  15. Bay Area Guy

    @ Uncle Joe

    Well, here’s the passage from “The Affirmative Action Hoax.” I don’t claim to be an expert on this. Feel free to disagree.

    What’s interesting is that even though a majority (not an overwhelming majority, but still a majority) of Asians support affirmative action and voted against prop. 209 in California, they have tremendously benefited from the banning of affirmative action.

    Black and Hispanic enrollment at UC’s has slightly declined, but not dramatically.

    Ironically, whites have been the biggest losers since prop 209, and their numbers at UC’s have plummetted since then.

    (although considering that the white population is much older than other populations, and whites kids are only 27% of California’s young students, they’re actually not as underrepresented at UC’s as I previously thought)

    The real winners have been Asians. Now, of course, you can rightly argue that Asians just outhustle everyone else. I also happen to think that selective immigration plays a role.

    (ie. most Asian immigrants, like most legal immigrants in general, already come to the U.S. with money and education, and thus their Asian American are more likely to be raised by college educated professionals than kids of other races)

    But at least here in California, at UC’s, Asians don’t really have to worry about underperforming NAM’s taking away spots from them.

  16. Only ever seen dumb whites in my life but never a dumb black.

  17. Every race has smart and dumb people they can’t help it. I feel sorry for the dumb people because they don’t have a chance in life they only get crappy jobs. Remember to always be nice to the dumb people because they are the one’s that will wipe our behinds when we get old.

    • Zaphod

      hah. and also because we might be the dumb people in the next life…if there is such a thing. or for no other reason than to not be an a__hole.

  18. Jason

    But Whites have acquired a messed up view of the world which sees as enemies the groups that threaten europe the least, While at the same time being much less hostile to those groups that actually do threaten the existence of the west. You often hear racist whites be racist against jews, blacks, and latinos, but never show hostility toward such nations as Iran, Arabs or the communist block of the PRC and DPRK.

    • Dota

      If you feel that Arabs and Persians are hostile to the west while the jews are pro-west then you’re by far the biggest retard that’s drifted to this blog

    • Bay Area Guy

      You often hear racist whites be racist against jews, blacks, and latinos, but never show hostility toward such nations as Iran, Arabs or the communist block of the PRC and DPRK.

      Jesus, you sound like a neocon.

      Arabs and Iran have not harmed or threatened me in any way, shape, or form. If we would just get our meddling asses out of the Middle East and stop wiping Israel’s ass, they’d have no reasons to want to hurt us anyway.

      China is a threat to the West, but it’s really more of an authoritarian Capitalist than Communist country.

      Still, I get along with Chinese people and Chinese Americans just fine. They’ve done me no wrong.

      And yeah, as Dota pointed out, if you seriously think that Jews are pro-west in contrast to those irredeemably anti-Western Ay-rabs, then you need to do your homework.

      There also aren’t large numbers of poor and uneducated Middle Eastern immigrants overcrowding this country, using up services, and dragging down the education of states like California.

  19. uncle joe

    BAG, would you admit that China is a threat to the “West” to the extent that the Jewnited Snakes is intent on maintaing an empire in Asia? You acknowledge that Arabs and Persians would not hate the U.S. if we didnt’t meddle in the Mideast and prop up the kikes. Wouldn’t the same princple apply to the Asia-Pacific region?

  20. christ, now i remember why i haven’t been to this site for a few months now. everytime i come, i see shit that just riles me up so bad. Epic Beard Man is the SHIT!

  21. Nunya Business

    It’s comments like those in the original post that maintain insecurity in many Blacks. Like who should really give a piece of goat’s shit about what an average white man (with NO power) thinks about black people? I am a black person with a terminal degree and the VAST majority of white folks I have encountered in business have no damned clue what they are doing. Do I think that warrants a study on their overall intelligence levels? Nope. Do I still maintain Whites as the ultimate authority on any and every damned thing? Not at all. I understand quite well that while the millions of white, brown and black rats are running around trying to assert their superiority or equality, the elite is raking in profits and using the media to fuel your pointless debates. So go right ahead and waste your time on pseudoscience.

    • Zaphod

      All of that is entirely consistent with the implications of averages and exceptions. Congratulations on your success, but it doesn’t contradict any of the concepts of race realism (a.k.a. reality).

  22. Justin Gates

    I’ll tell you what’s stupid. Actually spending the time to write a blog post on if a “whole race of people” are stupid. Last time I checked, racism is the inability to see groups as individuals. Yes, I’m black and have an MBA from Stanford, does that make me stupid?

  23. bsmeter

    This is a ridiculous claim. I think there is a culturally different mindset, but I definitely know that not all “black” people are incompetent. The black Africans are incredibly smart, black Americans on the other hand seem to have the mindset of not wanting to do well. I think between all they hear about discrimination and about the statistics that say they are dumb, black Americans develop a defeatist attitude. The potential therefore becomes skewed and the motivation dissipates.

    • Zaphod

      “…black Africans are incredibly smart…”

      Yeah, I guess that’s why Africa is such a paradise of technology, literature, science, peace, and civilization, and there’s such a low rate of famine, poverty, violence, illiteracy, squalor, and ignorance.

      If you’re referring to the elite black Africans who immigrate to the states and other developed nations, then yes…they are leaps and bounds above the native black populations. Generally hard-working, decent, and fairly intelligent people…but they are the top 1-5% of the entire African population.

      • mike

        totally agree with your comments..
        average deep black african iq is 70 and 85 avearge for black americans due to slave owners interbreeding with them..

        high iq in blacks is very rare..

        for example for every twenty white men with iq of over 125 will find one black man.. Google it yourself.. I am a genetic expert.. these are facts

        a black neighborhood has ten times the crime
        a black man is 8x more likely to have hiv
        mixed babies have average iq of 90 which is low.. and uglier if u ever studied science on beauty.

  24. Zaphod

    Don’t forget, either, that the blacks in an office environment are not representative of the larger population; they are going to be much better educated and more intelligent on average. Those who insist that there is no difference in average intelligence are inevitably those who have either no experience with blacks, or their experience has been limited to the above-average subsets found in universities and professional settings.

    To believe that 100,000+ years of adaptation to radically different environments would have zero effect on anything other than skin color is profoundly ignorant to begin with.

  25. Daniel Greene

    When I was a black kid I was perplexed by claims that blacks were less intelligent than other groups mainly because from my own experience it wasn’t true. Most of my parents, aunts and uncles had college degrees, some from Ivy League schools; my siblings graduated from elite engineering schools, two of my closest black friends went to Harvard, one went to study medicine, the other economics. I was in H.S. honors classes with plenty of blacks, Asians, whites, etc. I can go on and on but my point is that whenever I came across ‘research’ that stated that blacks were less intelligent, it was easy for me to dismiss it as irrational racism dressed up in scholarship.

    However, I have since grown up, travelled and worked in different parts of the country and have undergone experiences that, in all honesty, have led to me to reconsider the research that I initially dismissed as ‘racist’. I have always and still consider myself to be a proponent of black empowerment. I actively work to encourage black uplift and social advancement; but I must confess, I’ve reached a level of frustration where I now avoid hiring African-Americans, especially the women. I used the term ‘African-American’ intentionally to distinguish folks with a particular social history that is different and distinct from others who identify as ‘black’.

    What did not occur to me as a kid was that nearly all the blacks I knew and considered highly intelligent, were immigrants. Though my friends, classmates, and I were all born and grew up in the U.S., our parents did not. This was the key ingredient that allowed us to possess a non-African-American world-view and to embrace the kind of values and habits that can generate opportunities for success. My black wife, who I met later in life, attended an elite high school, is an Ivy League graduate, and is one of the top performers at a major investment firm. Her parents also happen to be Jamaican immigrants.

    I have indeed met many highly intelligent and successful African-Americans; however, even with many of them, I find that they possess a particular cultural world-view and attitude that inhibits their intellectual potential. A Haitian-American friend who works for a major pharmaceutical company was complaining to me about his wife, who he met in college. He was feeling overwhelmed from being the sole breadwinner of the family, and was concerned that his wife seemed to have no interest in working. My wife and I told him that was because his wife is African-American. He laughed in agreement. My friends situation is not unique, and there are plenty of women from varied racial, ethnic and cultural groups who finds way to latch on to professional men to avoid working, but the point is that the laughter was a tacit acknowledgment of a trend we find among too many African-Americans.

    Many who point out the IQ difference between blacks and whites state that the gap is due largely to genetics. If this is true, I don’t know it to be true from my own experiences. When I was a child my father tortured me with math drills and reading assignments in addition to whatever schoolwork I had. He created his own math workbooks for me to complete. Today, if I send my father e-mail, he will correct my grammatical and spelling errors, then e-mail his corrected version back to me. My black friends and I in high school commiserated with each other because we had the same experiences with our parents. My wife said her father scorned her when she didn’t graduate with honors from the elite high school that only people with high IQ scores could enter into.

    What I find among too many African-Americans is an easy acceptance of incredibly low standards. Parents seem to be content with their children passing; meanwhile they’re actually failing. In my mentoring work with African-American children, I demand only ‘A’s, and though they don’t always earn the ‘A’, they almost always stop failing. In addition, closing the IQ gap is not only about setting high standards, it’s also about instilling a confidence that ones mind has the ability to discern order out of what seems disordered. The only element that is required to facilitate this ability of the mind is effort. Many groups seem to have this epistemological subtext to their cultures but I find it virtually non-existent among African-Americans.

    So, in response to the question, ‘are blacks stupid’? No, at least not innately. But does culture make black people stupid? You betcha! And not only does present day black American culture engender stupidity, but also criminality and mental illness.

    Before I close, let me clear up one point. Though my peers and I may have painfully benefited from having immigrant parents, what cannot be overlooked is the fact that the black countries that our parents fled from also had their own dysfunctional elements. That’s why our parents left. Therefore I don’t want to create the impression that non-American black cultures are automatically superior to African-American culture. However, I think what we can extrapolate is that immigrants tend to be a self-selected group of people who possess a world-view that increases the chances for success in the United States.

    • zaphod

      Every single shred of evidence supports the common-sense observation that blacks are, indeed, *innately* less intelligent; please explain your reason for your bizarre assertion to the contrary.

      • Daniel Greene

        As I said in my original post, I believe that much of the research that has shown that the blacks on average tend to demonstrate low intelligence to be credible. But to say that “every single shred of evidence supports the common-sense observation that blacks are, indeed, *innately* less intelligent;”, suggests that blacks are hopelessly and irredeemably genetically unintelligent. If that’s what you mean, then I disagree. I believe blacks have the same potentials as any other group of people. This opinion is based on how I understand the evidence, as well as from my own observations and experiences.

        Behavior is the net output of constant decision-making. The quality of decisions is determined by a number of factors and significant among them is IQ. There’s no doubt heredity plays a significant factor to the formation of IQ. I know a black woman who graduated from Harvard MBA and was not at all surprised when she said her black grandfather possessed three PhDs. It’s not earth shattering news whenever we see smart parents who produce naturally smart children. However, I believe many people significantly underestimate the impact of culture and environment on the formation of intellect and personality. And I think that the extent to which this shapes IQ is mostly unknown. White nationalists will convince us that by virtue of being white, a pair of white babies when left alone in a desert will grow up having the preternatural ability to program iPods, sail ships, write philosophy, build aqueducts, etc. This of course is nonsensical because, first, this view overlooks how all human beings need to be trained through enculturation with knowledge beliefs and values, which come from preceding generations. And, secondly, it overlooks how environmental opportunities; constraints and incentives guide technological, cultural and genetic development.

        Despite the *innateness* of intelligence, evidence has shown that it can be malleable. For example, it has been reported recently that the average IQ of women has surpassed men. For decades the reverse was true, yet if IQ is unchangeably innate, then how is it that the innate IQ of women could ever surpass men? (Interestingly the IQ of black women has generally and consistently been higher than black men.) Also, its long been documented that the IQ of the oldest child tends to be higher than his/her siblings. Even in incidences when the first child dies, the IQ of the second child tends to increase. What’s to account for this? There’s also the well-known Flynn effect, which notes the increase of IQs among all racial groups across generations.

        Let me be clear. I make no apologies for modern day black behavior, which can frustratingly and embarrassingly be described as dysfunctional and pathological. As I said in my initial post, it was from my tiresome encounter with this behavior, which led me to conclude that the data on black cognition to have validity. But as I also said, I believe black culture to play a big role in inhibiting black potential. And when I talk about black culture, I’m not talking about the norms, values and traditions of anyone who happens to be black, I’m talking about a very specific mindset that can be found in any group of people but is found disproportionately among blacks. For example, anyone who’s ever interacted with Dominicans and Puerto Ricans can tell you that despite their similarities (Spanish, Caribbean, racially mixed) these groups are worlds apart from each other. Though both are racially mixed, the Dominican Republic is a much racially ‘blacker’ country than Puerto Rico, yet Dominicans are generally reputed to be more industrious and virtuous than Puerto Ricans. In fact, Puerto Ricans in the U.S. have lower average incomes than African-Americans! What accounts for this? I think part of the answer is that Dominicans, despite their dark skin and nappy hair, don’t consider themselves black. Dominicans are often accused of living in denial of their racial lineage, but nevertheless you’ll be hard-pressed to find the darkest Dominican to admit that he’s black, therefore, by default, he doesn’t adopt the grievance mindset that is prevalent among many of those who identify as black. Also Puerto Ricans have lived in a perpetual welfare state for several generations and this has produce a people who are so accustomed to an entitlement and dependency style of existence that they reject independence from the U.S. even when given the opportunity. (I believe the decision over Puerto Rican nationhood actually belongs to Americans who pay taxes to support this commonwealth island, but I digress….)

        Anyways, this post is much longer than I intended so I’ll stop here but I just wanted to touch on a few reasons why despite the reported low IQs of blacks it does not mean that blacks are innately unalterably less intelligent.

        • Rational

          Like many other similar arguments you fail to understand the concept of averages. Nobody is claiming that every single white person is smarter than every single black person. What we are saying is that on average blacks are less intelligent than whites. I consider that an irrefutable fact and EVERYTHING supports it. Now, you may as well be smarter than me and that is fine, but what you fail to understand is that only the best of the best Africans come to the US. Compared to Hispanics, they have no common border with the US, so not everyone who decides to immigrate can come in. Apparently you fall in that group.

          Let me summarize your argument. My family and some of my friends have degrees from Ivy League schools, so blacks cannot be less intelligent as a race. Do you see now why your argument fails? I would assume a smart men like you would not fall for that fallacy.

          Now let me tell you why I think the blacks are less intelligent than whites and all other races for that matter.

          No test or evidence in history points to the fact that blacks are equal or more intelligent than whites. All the evidence and the testing says otherwise. (Black`s Excuse- the Test is culturally biased)

          Every single black majority country( with a population above 300 000 people) is a complete and utter failure by every single measure. (Black`s excuse- it is Slavery and the “White man” fault).

          Black minorities in every single developed country are on the bottom of every single measure of well being and progress. (Black`s Excuse- We are discriminated against. White people are racist.) All that despite the fact that the US has done A LOT to help the blacks. Affirmative action etc…
          Pretty much every black majority city in the US suffers from poverty and high crime rate. Detroit is the prime example.

          Blacks have done almost nothing(compared to the other races) for the advancement of human civilization. Now, because Blacks again blame slavery for that I will only talk about their “civilization” before colonization.
          So, prior to the Europeans coming to Africa, blacks had not invented a written language. They even had no idea what a wheel is. Agriculture, if you can call it that way was primitive.

          Blacks ARE less intelligent than all other races. This is not politically correct to say, but it is the TRUTH. Do you know what is funny about that? My arguments cannot be disproved without my opponent resorting to racist accusations or other ad hominem attacks. Do you know why my arguments cannot be disproved? Because they are facts.


    want to learn about the black race ???? to a vacation to memphis… hope you dont get shot


    Wow, how elitist and short sighted this article is, as are most of the comments here. Everyone has the same opportunity right? Wrong. It’s so easy to make it home when you start out on third base, and black people as a group start out at the very bottom. They didn’t come from European royalty, and the IQ tests were invented by white educated white people. They came over as slaves, and were crapped on for 100’s of years, and STILL are, because they are assumed to be inferior by elitists like all of you. Yeah, I understand they act lazy and get by on the bare minimum and take advantage of welfare, disability, etc etc, but they only do that because none of them has or ever had a fair shake at making it in this country like you all did. It’s easy to lose hope when all you are taught is by other people who were crapped on for their entire lives also. I offer you this experiment: Take a white person and raise them in a poor black family, and your result? Aside from a slight “color” advantage (how they are looked at by other whites), they will end up more or less the same. Now take a black person and raise them in an upper middle class white family. I guaren-fu(kin-tee they will end up as “smart”, or “smarter” than any white person of equal socioeconomic status. It has nothing to do with DNA you elitist arrogant one percenters, and shame on you for even hinting at the possibility in your snobbish conceited way

    Lower-Middle Class White Guy.

    • Steve

      “Now take a black person and raise them in an upper middle class white family. I guaren-fu(kin-tee they will end up as “smart”, or “smarter” than any white person of equal socioeconomic status”

      Its been done. Get educated.

    • I am not a 1 percenter, nor am an elitist. Actually, I am a socialist. And you are banned.

      • Rational

        I do think that blacks are stupid, however I don`t see why you have to ban every single person who presents an opinion that differs from yours.

        • Daniel Greene

          Did you even read my post? Your post is mainly a straw man argument against claims I never made. Let me extract a quote from my previous 10/7/12 post, that if you actually read and understood, may have saved you some time from writing your post: “I believe that much of the research that has shown that blacks on average tend to demonstrate low intelligence to be credible.” So you see, I’m quite familiar with terms like ‘average’. I’m also familiar with phrases like ‘fallacious reasoning’ and ‘poor reading comprehension’. Your ‘summary’ of my argument is completely off. I was not using my own life examples to disprove the research; I used it to tell a story of how I painfully came to the realization that the research may have validity. So what really was my point in the bulk of my previous posts? My point was/is that the IQ gap between the races is not unalterable. IQ is not purely a genetic phenomenon; and culture and environment play significant roles in the formation of IQ and cultural achievement.

          Folks like yourself often point to the lack of development in Africa prior to colonization as an example of low black cognition. You cite the fact that blacks did not invent a written language, which is true. I too painfully point out to my afro-centric friends that the lingua franca of Africa, Swahili, is written with either Arabic or Alphabet characters, not African. Why? Because none exists. This may all indeed be evidence of genetically based low intelligence of the black race; however, as we know ‘development’ including language development, varied widely across the globe before European colonization, even within the same racial and ethnic groups, so we must consider other plausible factors such as geography, climate, culture, religion, etc. It wasn’t until the latter half of the 19th century that Europeans were even able to penetrate the interior of Africa. Why? Because of the continent’s climate and environment. If the continent’s inhospitable environment was the main reason why Africa was one of the last places on earth to be colonized by Europeans, it’s not unreasonable to consider how the environment and geography may have hindered black agricultural, technological and cultural development. In Africa, certain tribes insert lip plates, and/or scar their bodies. Why? In some cases it was to intentionally disfigure themselves to prevent Arab slave raiders from kidnapping them. If a certain people are constantly living under the threat of slave raiders it’s not unreasonable to consider how this would impede a group’s ability to develop.

          I cite these examples not to manufacture alibis for black underdevelopment, but it’s to point out that life is more complex than genes and IQ. Blacks who were extracted from Africa and brought to America have done and achieved more than they ever would in Africa. Today Africans and Afro-Caribbeans who migrate to the U.S. are able to do and achieve more than they ever could in their home countries. So perhaps it is plausible to consider a how a change in environment and/or culture can have an auspicious affect on black cognition and achievement. There remains much about human development and society that we still do not know. Black underachievement in America is a real problem but it’s a problem that merits more than a pat answer; however, it seems this is the only kind of answer that intellectually lazy racialists are obsessed with providing.

        • I do not ban everyone who disagrees with me. Only those who violate the comments rules.

      • question

        So anyone who disagrees with your POV is banned? The development of intelligence is due to environmental factors. Schools in the inner city are all low performance schools. Continuing to the vicious cycle mediocrity; and all these facts are meaningless.

        Scientists for years have been using stereotypes and propaganda to support their theories, cause what white man would admit that a black man is in some way or form superior to them in intellect.

        There is sufficient evidence that the distortion of African history was deliberately planned and executed, and this has reaped dividends for the perpetrators. But to the African, this has led to a lack of self-confidence and a can-do-attitude; hence the restoration of African history must be a critical component of an African renaissance.

    • zaphod

      “…and the IQ tests were invented by white educated white people…”

      How fascinating, then, that East Asians outscore white people on these white-biased tests. Put your head back in the sand, you mindless simpleton.

    • Jimmy7

      Now take a black person and raise them in an upper middle class white family. I guaren-fu(kin-tee they will end up as “smart”, or “smarter” than any white person of equal socioeconomic status. It has nothing to do with DNA you elitist arrogant one percenters, and shame on you for even hinting at the possibility in your snobbish conceited way

      Unfortunately for you, we do not have to rely on your ‘guarantees’ and gut feelings. The experiment has been done:

  28. gary

    100% agreement with the ancedote presented in the beginning. I offended the PC police
    oh well, its the truth

  29. Jessica

    Thank you! I work in a clinic as a Medical Assistant. I have noticed the same thing except not with colleagues, but with patients. Clearly not up to par with the intelligence level, they waste my energy because they make me mad with their stupidity. Especially the moms. the thoughts that run through my head. I wanna laugh in their face or punch it. And their kids? So ill behaved. I wanna give them a parenting award and turn around and kick the kids. For everyone offended, I don’t care, because I don’t need to know you, and I’m speaking the truth.

  30. Vive

    Sadly, too many African-Americans are indeed stupid and lacking priorities. But having grown up on the Caribbean island of Trinidad I have seen people of African descent in a totally different light. There they have always had a basic confidence, being a majority, and moreover they have the steeped British colonial tradition which emphasized intellectualism, fine manners and excellence. Moreover, Martin Luther King and Frederick Douglass were African-Americans who were intellectuals and scholars. In Douglass’ case it was all inspite of being born in slavery and forbidden to learn to read.

    Therefore I can only conclude that the stupidity of blacks today is due to a corrupted and commercialized culture that condones mediocrity and belittles ambition. It has utterly nothing to do with black genes. Indeed, it is precisely those dangerous and discredited race theories that sent six million to the gas chambers.

  31. armando

    I just googled white stupid people and not a lot came up, yet googling stupid black people revealed a garden of fodder – black people are simple and hide that simplicity behind bravado, loud music and self-declared sexuality. Compare the face of a DNA pure black person with a chimpanzee – protruding forehead, unusual jaw and flat nose – looks like a monkey. All the blacks that have gained recognition are mixed with Anglo blood and the blue black Blacks are killing and raping each other in Angola or whatever African Country they are trying to conquer – let them kill each other as it is no loss.
    What is more concerning is the Mixed Race Blacks thinking they are African Black and trying to achieve equality here in this Democracy. We are tired of your proclamation of racist entitlement and self-imposed superiority. Follow the rules like we all do –You are not entitled to anything more or less than White people. I am tired of your expectations of a higher servitude because you are Black – Stop being so self-absorbed and become an American instead of a Black American!

  32. dude

    Oh yes, they are stupid! very much indeed

  33. dude

    i forgot to mention that the stupidity for the black people are in their genes!

  34. Honest Guy

    Black “people” largely DEFINE stupidity in this society!

  35. I am a South African European, and all I can say is “Wow !”
    There is really something very wrong with the human society ! I tend to stirr the human racial issue, and to my liking, I obviously would not like to be like any other race. To me, other Races are stupid, slow and different in everything just like their color ! I dont want to mix my seed, with anyone but, my own kind.
    I regard myself above others, just as they do with me. I practice Racism just as they do !
    BUT…..We are all different, and use different methods to get to the answers. Some of us are slow while others are faster, that does not make anyhone of us bigger better or even more intellegent ! Just different.
    We need to be roud of who we are, and respect other human beings for what they are, but not look down upon them, or enstill a inferior thoughts in their minds, no matter if they are inferior.
    We in South Africa are now sitting on a tinder box full of HATE !

    • EPGAH

      South Africa was violently overthrown by BLACK ANC terrorists, and you want to tell me you don’t have to mix or live with those you don’t like?

  36. Rob

    I’m an evolutionary biologist who studies ungulates, but is as interested in human ecology, and the one question few seem to ever ask is: why WOULD every race be exactly as intelligent? Different selective forces due to environment would absolutely result in different races developing differently, just as a tropical bird evolves quite differently from that same type of bird living in a temperate zone. Dark skinned people look that way because they evolved in sun-intense tropical climates, which are more stable and naturally productive habitats. This actually makes it much easier to find food and survive compared to temperate climates, and so there were not as many selective pressures to increase intelligence as there were in temperate zones. We can see the evolutionary racial differences quite clearly in physiology (variations in body fat, musculature, resistance to malaria…even the advantageous tight curls of head hair on sub-saharan Africans. There MUST be differences, and the evidence indicates “black” people are less intelligent. HOWEVER, the other concept that seems to be ignored is why this has to be such a bad thing. Intelligence is just one facet of being a human being, so we should not be defining any person’s worth purely on this single thing. I have traveled extensively in both Africa and Asia, and would opine that I find the Asian people to be “smarter” in general, yet I still much prefer spending time with black Africans. Evolutionary development of one part of humanity usually comes at the expense of another. I will leave that food for your own further thought.

    • Jimmy7

      HOWEVER, the other concept that seems to be ignored is why this has to be such a bad thing. Intelligence is just one facet of being a human being, so we should not be defining any person’s worth purely on this single thing.

      Intelligence is prioritized in a society of spaceflight, computers and antibiotics. Running speed and malarial resistance aren’t. Those blacks who live in the first world are going to be a disadvantage, and I doubt many want to return to a hunter-gatherer mode in Africa. That is why it matters.

  37. My

    I find this absolutely sickening. “Blacks are less intelligent than whites.” First of all, you dumb asses, race doesn’t even exist. It’s just made up words. As time passes, everyone will be the same color. The only reason there are variations in skin tone is because of the location our ancestors were placed relative to the fucking earth. We are all from this planet. Why do we need to divide? So you sorry excuses for humans can feel better about yourselves? Does saying you are more intelligent make you monsters feel like special snowflakes? Are you all so self-loathing that you have to put yourself higher than others in order to accept yourself?

    I find it funny how you all are generalizing all black people because of one experience you’ve had. “Oh, man, I met some stupid people working at my job and they were black, so all stupid people have to be black.” Maybe you should get out more or open your fucking eyes. I hope your ignorance dies with you and doesn’t effect others.

    • Yes Blacks on average are less intelligent than Whites at this moment in time, as measured by objective tests. It is simply a fact of life.

      PS I have met a LOT of dumb White people in my life, and I do mean a lot.

  38. daliwonga

    you’re such a bitch!That is by far the most ridiculous shit i have ever heard.I am a South AFRICAN in a good private school with a fair population of whites and asian, and to speak the truth black kids are way more intelligent than our cuasian and asian conterparts. I mean, seriously,hOw insult us like that ? you should be BURNT IN A POT OF BOILING WATER! BITCH!

    • All right look Black man, I am going to have to ban your Black ass so you can go somewhere and cool down.

      Also I seriously doubt that the Black kids in South Africa are more intelligent than the Asians or Whites there. It’s just not true.

      Good luck in the new South Africa my friend.

  39. mike

    also education does not effect iq one bit..
    even an uneduated white kentucky hillbily has same av iq as educated whites!! I”m an expert on genetic science.

    also blacks fit science of beauty, Marqudes beauty mask the worst .. mixed babies have av iq of 90 and uglier than white mom or dad everytime.

  40. mike

    I play poker as my job online and have a genius iq..
    please google my facts… and will see i’m 100% right on…

  41. toney

    I personally just want to say I agree with you but Fuck you at the same time. I’m an Africa and American myself and I do realize this by seeing it almost everyday in downtown L.A. Yesi it is very sad to look in the eyes of these older black males. It is like the don’t wake up into this reality that is really making hard for other young black males to walk in upper class sections without geting stereotype because of the lack of education they don’t grasp. I’m a well educated 25 year old young black male that was raised from a middle upper class loving family. Basically I was extremely cuffed from a different cloth than others that were brought up in inner-cities. Anyways the things that my people are always concern about is ignorance and stupidity. I believe that if you don’t stop the retarded mentality than we would never change our reality. My folks tend to always think about the financial that they don’t have. They tend to blame the “White man”. But if you only pay real close attention to the things that you do in this life that are dysfunctional and completely out of the norm, you would realize that life is not a game. There is more than hanging out on corners dealing with drugs. How about taking better responsibilities as far as employment and accepting the precious things in life that come with value. Killing one of your own and dropping out of school doesn’t prove anything but to keep these other race class folks to think that all black males are retarded. Its ridiculous that these filthy slime spics don’t wake up because this almost makes me want to cry at the end of the day when I know white folks are talking about me under their breath. So wake up black man and get your shit together because the stupid shit you do really is lowly sloppy and retarded!

    • ProudFeministGirl

      This is what i don’t understand, Black are really underperforming in many fields, however they seem to be specially gifted on Music and Dance genres, however SOMETIMES, SOMETIMES, i think ,what if the Black contributions to Dance and music are kinda exaggerated by equalists? i don’t live near Blacks here, so i don’t know how musical they are, but for example, some attribute the Tango dance to both White and Blacks from Argentina, just because some reports, but how do we know those ancient reports saying that Blacks danced the Tango first are true?. Is just an idea i have, there aren’t even more Black people left in Argentina to see some proof about it.

    • shawn

      Your English is terrible for a “well educated” person.

  42. Not entirely sure if this is true, but I think that the reason why black people get lower IQ scores is a cultural thing.

    Decades of slavery which denied many blacks education+ crappy ghetto schools + modern gang culture=blacks who don’t value education=stupid African Americans.

    It’s a nature vs. nurture thing. Same could be said of poor Hispanics or Poles. Also explains why East Asians and Jews get such high IQ scores: Both cultures value hard work and education.

    Just my two cents on this topic.

  43. question

    They will never understand

  44. The author of this blog has a bit of a problem with its genetic masters. It spends its time posting many blogs harping on about Blacks, the usual crap and so too like minded pink skin, recessive gene inferiors follow it. LOL Must suck being a miserable white DESPITE all that privilege. LOL It also looks as though Lindsay stinks and could do with a good wash. Instead of fornicating with ni**gers it may do well to “study” the differences between the aforementioned nig***ger and a BLACK person. For EXAMPLE: BLACKS would never sit and be “schooled” by a white. They have the INTELLIGENCE to know that the peasant cannot teach the enriched and ANYTHING. Although a high I-Q inbred such as Lindsay would not know this. LOL I could go on but the pink skin spastics on this page will NEVER get it. One word of advice Lindsay, if you keep taking niggah dick up your arse you’ll get AIDS and I DO hope you catch it….

    • I am having a very hard time understanding why this racist nigga wrote this nonsense to me. The post is a question, Are Black People Stupid? As I recall, although that was an edgy question for a post, I did not answer that question in the affirmative in that post. Maybe I left it up in the air as an unanswered question to be pondered: “Are Black people stupid? Who knows? There is evidence both ways. I am not sure myself. What is your opinion?”

      So that was really not a racist hit piece on Blacks. Really I try hard not to write much anti-Black racism on this site. Given Black behavior, that’s not real easy, but I do make the effort, if only because I have a Black co-author on this blog who will bite me head off if I get too ugly towards her people. ;)

      • Pkr

        If you want to know, “Are Black People Stupid?” is offensive, ask these questions. Are white people racist? Are white people sub-human, this
        because the word hue is more than likely a root word of human. And
        whites lack hu(e). In the history of mankind, whites or people whom are called white, have killed, murdered, aborted, slaughtered, “genocided” more people than “blacks”, even though “blacks” have been on this earth for well over one-hundred-twenty-thousand years.

        Do we call white thieves because they have stolen from every continent save Antarctica?. The whole discussion “What race were the ancient Egyptians” is about identity theft. Which leads people to believe whites created a great civilization in ancient Egypt (Africa), Millennia prior to creating a civilization in Europe. We are to believe that philosophy was invented by the Greeks in the Fifth Century BCE even though there are things called, Sumerian Scribes, Sumerian Songs, Maxims of Ptahhotep, Laws of Hammurabi, Sin-leqe-unnini, Egyptians Poems and Instructions of Amenemope. All range from just over 3000 to about 5000 years old.

        Then there are terms like Aryan which is a term adapted by so-called Caucasians and the term Caucasian itself. The former Aryan, is a term borrowed from the ancient Egyptian city, El-Aryan which is more than 4200 years old. Caucasian itself is sort of a slight because it is a term used for a region in Russia which is believed that some who left Africa settled. Those Russians were considered the n-word(s) of Europe. I have thousands of images of the people I mentioned above, especially those of ancient Egyptians. Finally The IQ test that is used to divide is only a tool to measure intelligence.

        When first seen it may intimidate people. But, I printed a sample test off the internet and found one thing out. That is if you time a test you may not get the best results. But if one reads the questions and have them settle in, one can receive high marks. The test is a snapshot of intelligence, but quick decision aren’t a sole example of intelligence because some intelligent decisions develop over time.

      • Zulu Lesbian Construction Company

        It is pretty edgy as a title. Race talk always is like that. I mean I love black people and have aborigines on my desk top but I like the nappy head hoe type women and visit them often. They look after me and I look after them. We are both dark so whitey can not really say anything about that. And if Whitey does,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,see it starts getting edgy.

    • EPGAH

      You’re right, we can’t teach you anything! That’s explicitly the problem!

  45. Regbs

    Jews in Rhode Island were major participants in the American slave trade: something Jews do their best to censor and deny. They’ll accept the historical accuracy as grudgingly as they’ll accept that other genocides occurred in history and that Jews themselves perpetrated ethnic atrocities, such as against Russian and Ukrainian Christians, Palestinians. Read: they’ll concede for a millisecond, deny they ever agreed, then deliver the anti-Semitism accusation that “wins” every argument as effectively as claiming racism. Jews are the biggest promoters of displacement and dispossession of the very White Protestants who saved Jews from Catholic Fascism. Fact: Fascism was never politically viable in any predominantly Protestant country, never garnering more than 10% of the popular vote. Irish catholic filthy bravely sat on their hands in WW2 claiming neutrality in their drunken, perpetually unindustrialized, corrupt stupor. Irish showing up to the clean prosperous WASP world after the hard work is done doesn’t glorify them. 1968’s disastrous Immigration Law allowing chain migration of non-NW European Protestants is something we have the irish communist kennedys and the jewish lobby to thank.

  46. john syldo

    It is about time we face the truth that there is difference level of intelligence in races without being called a racist. We need to wake up and resolve the problem by not engaging in playing correct politics and suppressing the scientific truth about races. We can no longer spoiled our less intelligent minority without planning a way to compete against rising power of homogenous China who composed of highly intelligent people. Our nation’s economy is being dragged down to support Black welfare and interest. Look at cities of Shanghai and Beijing, starting from scratch 20 years ago, they are now more beautiful than New York. One Chinese visitor says, we are already becoming third world nation.

    • Historia Nerd

      It’s sad but true. I remember a Korean gentleman laughed when I said I was from Greece. He remarked that it was once a great nation that fell on its knees. Likewise, our beautiful Western nations are falling to their knees because we import low IQ Blacks, Hispanics, South East Asians and Muslims. We need more White Europeans or East Asians, not the aforementioned groups. Aside from the Muslims, what have Filipinos, Vietnamese, Blacks, Hispanics, etc contribute to the growth of our history? Nothing!

      • Movenon

        Just a friendly tip- Vietnamese have basically as high an IQ as Chinese do. Richard Lynn wasn’t able to find a Vietnamese IQ score for his work, so he made the irresponsible assumption that the Vietnamese were halfway transitional between the Thais and the Chinese, and averaged out those IQ scores to get a mock Vietnamese score. And the Thai score he used was not accurate either, here’s a study that got a significantly higher score:
        So Thais aren’t too far behind other East Asians.
        Lynn was probably limited by sample size and such in his data.

        While I’m not Vietnamese, I do notice that Vietnamese Americans tend to have the same kind of success as the other East Asian Americans.

        • leeminh0

          Oh look it’s Xera again at the attack against his Asian enemies, I think that argument of creativity is turning old, as time passes (1 year ago since you were banned here) I see Asians proving themselves more and more, in music too

        • Movenon

          Hi Batterytrain- The vast majority of Vietnamese Americans are ethnic Kinh Vietnamese, not Chinese from Vietnam. Virtually all ethnic Chinese from Vietnam identify as Chinese American once they get to America.

          There are no studies or supporting evidence/statistics to back your claim that the high Vietnamese IQ is mostly due to them being ethnic Chinese from Vietnam rather than ethnic Vietnamese.

          Whether IQ is what’s necessary for civilization is a different topic best discussed on a different post of Robert’s where it would be more relevant. The issue at hand is whether ethnic Vietnamese have high IQ (and studies show that it is on the higher side).

        • leeminh0

          DON’T MOTHERFREAKING DEFY ME, I AM BRAVE AND POWERFUL, MORE THAN YOU COULD IMAGINE ,by the way, look at how talented the Korean “chinks” are at music

        • Batterytrain

          The Vietnamese people that are here are actually Chinese people that were in Vietnam. Also High IQ is not a true estimator of true creativity or civilizational capabilities; I mean just look, did the supposed “High-IQ chinks” invent the first car or steam-powered trains despite their history of mass literacy and imperial examination and being richer then the West? No, and Asiatics don’t have the correct mindset and genetics to create that. It’s in the genes and the certain socio-cultural genes that made the West and Asiatics don’t have it hence why they didn’t make it to the moon first.

        • No proper Vietnamese IQ is 99.5. The Thai score is 98.5, which is interesting as SE Asian people are similar. I never thought any of these people were stupid, honestly, and I have met a lot of them.

          Neither 98.5 not 99.5 are near China’s IQ.

          And 100 is not the world average IQ.

        • Movenon

          Well it’s quite close; there is some diversity between provinces in China, and 99.5 comes close to being a low-IQ Chinese province.

          With some more Flynn effect, it’s conceivable that Vietnam can still get a couple more points. There’s also the likelihood that the ethnic Vietnamese have IQ scores a little higher than the minority ethnicities (they make up a good chunk of the population). So ethnic Vietnamese are probably a little higher than 99.5, and the minorities might be dragging down the average a bit.

          And that report found some provinces in Thailand broke past the 100 IQ mark, so that’s definitely in Chinese IQ territory, and could be roughly equivalent to a lower-performing Chinese province.

        • Indeed there was a 20 point spread between urban and rural Vietnamese – 109 IQ in the urban areas and 89 IQ in the rural areas.

        • Ken

          The last 10,000 years have mostly been dominated by Asians (Chinese) You only mention inventions of the last few centuries, you seem pretty ignorant about history

          According to projections, China will once again rise above the west, so the torch of civilization will be handed back to the Chinese, Koreans and Japanese by the end of the century.

        • Ted Neddson

          Asians did not create Game of Thrones

  47. Jason Y

    “Stupid is, as stupid does”, LOL

  48. Historia Nerd

    Sorry about that Movenon and Robert. I wasn’t aware of Vietnamese having strong IQs. Also, I’ve heard in Thailand the Chinese have bred with the locals. Would this have had an impact on IQ. Further, culturally, they are Indian. I’ve seen some syncretism of Hinduism and Buddhism. Would that affect IQ drastically as well?

  49. George Mack

    I have noticed that lots of the blacks that end up doing well for themselves are gifted. But some of their successes are the same as average- to above-average whites.

    I would love to hear replies to this. However stupid they may be.

    • Historia Nerd

      I’ve had the opportunity to meet some Blacks that were well-educated. However, they were few and far between. A close male friend of mine completed Mechanical Engineering at Penn State and worked hard to get in (not through affirmative action). He was later able to move to Sudbury, Ontario, where he secured a nice paying position. But, as mentioned before, he is one of the few exceptions. A majority of the Blacks I have met always try to make sexual advances on me, enjoy violence and try to live the thug life. There are some intelligent Black folks to be found, but the criminally inclined ones make it hard to do so. By the way, George Mack, weren’t you banned by Robert?

    • TiggertheNiggardly

      Yo mama IQ so low she thought the Underground Railroad was a subway station :)

      But seriously, I’m black and I find IQ and psychometrics in general. As someone with an above average IQ, I believe those with high cognitive abilities (and high morals) should lead society, regardless of race, gender etc. So these studies have merit. America should not be afraid to seek out the brightest.

      • Thank you my Black friend and welcome to the site!

        • Hi GF I do not know what to make of your condition. I suppose I would suggest some sort of psychotherapy. A good well-trained therapist, especially a clinical psychologist, might be able to figure out what is going on. After these are folks who administer IQ tests. They are the experts on intelligence and whatnot. To me your case does not really make sense.

        • GulliverFredrich

          Hey Robert!

          I have a high IQ b/c I paid money to a psychiatrist/psychologist recently and I came in the 139+ range which would put me in the upper echelons of this bell curve. However historically academically I have performed rather mediocre to poor and have suffered from depression and anxiety issues. I also am not very good at talking in general and talking to people or tasks that involve using my hands a lot and hard logic. What would you make me of this?

          I am not African-black*

  50. Historia Nerd

    Ken the Iraqis (Ancient Mesopotamians) and the Iranians (Ancient Persians) and Egyptians were also years ahead of the West in terms of Mathematics, Astronomy and Medicine. However, Eurocentric education has denied any influence from the Chinese, Arabs, Indians, Amerindians and even Greeks. Some Whites don’t even consider Greeks and Italians as White!

    • Dave Mowers

      Yeah so when you look at the statues of those ancient peoples and you read their own histories and you read the histories of cultures that interacted with them and you read their own writings about who they were you find what everyone in history, who actually studies the subject matter finds, Caucasians came from southern Russia and invaded Iraq-Iran, established colonies and then Invaded India and Egypt and Europe.

      I mean, I can literally pull dozens of books of my shelf right now and start re-quoting so many times that you will just quit this nonsense but before I even go that far, which I am more than willing to do, let’s just start with names like, Pelasgian, Parthinian and Phrygian.

      “Euro-centric,” does not exist, only in your racist mind, “Europe,” is Proto-Indo-European for, “Footed-Man,” you know like the, “Flyfot,” or what Mesopotamians called, “Nomads,” who move every direction out from a center in this case the CAUCASUS.

      Hence, “Caucasian.”

      Please read the actual history of the Greek nations. It is identical to the Hebrew, Hindu, Persian, Egyptian and Celtic.

  51. Jason Y

    Are u sure the environment doesn’t play some role? For instance, the Philippines (nearby southeast Asian nation) is a neo-liberal state, while Vietnam is socialist. Wouldn’t the Filipino IQ improve, if the government took an active interest in the people?

    • I am not sure, but the Thai government made a major pitch to improve IQ by getting iodine into the diet. Lack of iodine depresses IQ by 10-15 pts. The scores went up from 90 to 99. I am starting to think that all SE Asians may have a phenotypical IQ ~99 if all of the right environmental factors are in play.

  52. Unknown

    Not all blacks are the same, just like the way all whites are not the same. You cannot base intelligence on race because we are all different, we think differently and we do things differently. Classifying intelligence by race is like saying that everyone in that race has the same education, virtues, family, etc. We need to understand that environmental factors affect things like that. You cannot say that a black child who grew up in a very horrible community and went to a horrible school is the same intelligent-wise as a black child who grew up in a wealthy family and had the best of education. Obviously these two people are different and their intelligence cannot be graded just because of one thing, race. The only way we can say maybe whites were more intelligent than blacks was if we all went to the same school and had the same education and were affected by the same environmental factors. We are all different and it is wrong that people should be compared by race. I bet it’ll be really hard for you to say a white and black person were the same, but they could be? Race has nothing to do with anything. People are taught, they are not simply born. I think adults are really ignorant actually. I’m not even 16 and this whole thing just seems wrong. I just wish, that we could live in a world where you could look at someone and not even see their skin colour, because their skin colour would just be skin. I wish that what mattered was inside. In our hearts, not on our skin. I live in Africa btw, I go to one of the best schools in my country and I don’t think you could compare me to a child on the street or a school drop out. Please be mindful, we are all different. Thank you

    • big g

      Intelligence is something that you are born with. Desicion making uses intelligence and environmentally learned behavior.

  53. harry leonard

    well see I’m netural about these situations. I have some very close black friends and I have nothing against Black people in general, but…. In education I have seen many Blacks who were just lazy, lack of intelligence, and down right untrustworthy. I remember when I was doing my Undergrad at University of Indiana, in many of my classes I had Blacks as my group members. The black group members did not want to work hard or do any of the assignments, I had to do everything for them. The thing that ticked me off the most about the black group members was that they lied to me about alot of assignments or was unaware of what was going on or what we were suppose to be doing. I remember one assignment we had to conduct 75 questions for an interview, and I forgot how many questions we had to conduct so I asked my black group members and they said we only had to do 10 questions… so I did them 10 questions only and we all got an F. I was naive… but I put my trust into them black partners and look what happened. They were unaware of what we were suppose to be doing and I was just better off working by myself. The point is… they’re just lazy, they don’t care, and they don’t want to participate or be involved. Many of them would never meet with me in the library to work on or discuss assignments. If I saw any of my black group members walking around campus, they would try to avoid me or pretend that they were talking on their cell phone so they would not have to talk to me. They would gossip about me or make jokes about me to their other black friends. It really made me angry, but my best advice is just to avoid them. They want to sit around and cry racism… if they don’t get their way, but I don’t know maybe it was just my bad experience. They’re just not trustworthy!!!

  54. euginr

    U racist son of a dumn bitch

    • All Black man, back to the hood now.


      • Billy Jackson

        You fucking cracker, if you hadn’t have enslaved, undereducated, overworked, and constantly have told us “you are inferior” we wouldn’t live in a ghetto, with sucky educational systems, no money, and no way of getting out of them. If things were the other way around, you’d only be more ignorant than you already are.

  55. WellThere'sAlwaysEQ

    At the fragile age of 14, I learned via a school psychologist issued IQ test that I qualified as mentally retarded (68). This information explained why I felt compelled to shove my fingers deep into my wide nasal canal while staring vacantly into the distance….

    But seriously, black, white and Asian lay people, psychologists and professors have called me smart. I tested in at 102 but I was told I’m twice exceptional (look it up) so the score isn’t accurate.

    I’m not saying IQ doesn’t matter, I’m just saying don’t oversimplify its implications…

    • Santa

      Were you joking about the 68, or have you seriously tested between 68 and 102? If so, do you have any ideas why? Were the tests quite different or something?

  56. Pingback: Anonymous

  57. Billy Jackson

    Oh for fuck sake, this is a bunch of fucking bullshit! I’m a black teen from North Carolina with an IQ of 146, and am by no standards dumb, or ignorant. All I do is make straight A’s in all honors classes. Fuck all you racist bitches who think you’re “Better” than me. When you fucking die, and burn in hell for your sins we’ll see who’s better.

  58. Dave Mowers

    This evening I met three African-American fathers, one male teenager about 17 or so and one female teenager who was maybe 13-14-ish?

    Every one of them had children, some had two or more and each one was personally engaging, articulate, and the one female African-American teenage girl actually, literally, carried her younger brother up my stairs and assisted him in choosing candies, he was hesitant, AND, she was barraged by a larger group of white kids who pushed their way up the stairs, into a limited space, so that, while she could not get down by just holding her 3-4 year old brother’s hand, she then took his candy bag, lifted him up in the air holding him like a mother would and made her way down the steps past the other children WITHOUT saying a word, without complaining about being crowded onto the porch.

    One African-American father’s toddler had fallen down and hurt his leg so he went and got a baby stroller and pushed this kid, who wouldn’t walk anymore, to every home to make sure he had a great Halloween.

    “Stupid?” …or just like everyone else, trying to raise a family in the worst economic environment in U.S. history and expecting skin-color not to matter?

    The male teenager asked me twice if I was sure he could have handfuls of candy. Twice, after I told him to take it he still was self-reserved and wondering if what I was saying was some kind of sh_t-talking or set-up against him. Was I the least bit scared of these black people?

    No. I’m a crazy white person who isn’t even scared of imminent death let alone some kid who wants to have an awesome Halloween. If I remember correctly; “White People,” have killed more people than any race in history and more of our own kind that any failed African State can ever claim.

    2 Million Cimbri and Teutons.
    950,000 Carthaginians.
    100,000 Sidonians slaughtered BY Sidonians!
    God only knows what the Achaenians did.
    50 million Russians in WWII.
    Then Rome,
    500,000 Bretons.
    One million Gauls.
    450,000 Helvetti.

    Rwandans got nothing on European, “whites.

    • Tulio

      You are starting to restore my faith in white people.

    • Muslims hold the all time genocide record. Totting up Muslim genocides through the ages gives 270 million dead. This includes the Negro dead due to slavery on the part of Muslims.

      However, to be fair they are tame by the standards set by Whites these days. They have gone so soft; a few dead people on the infidel side and they start distributing candies on the streets. Allah help these useless jihadis!

      Why are Muslims so soft these days? A question to be pondered. Even Whites who set records for fastest death by the millions just a few decades ago are really soft. What makes these record-breaking killers suddenly go soft?

      However, Blacks are the number killers of the day. Crime stats say it all. Check out crime stats for the US and the millions dead in the Congo in the never-ending slaughters that never make the news. Per capita, Blacks kill more than anyone.

      With regards to the Muslims, I actually blame the Jews. Modern warfare is tough on Muslims. They prefer old fashioned warfare. So any killing of a Jew or any infidel is praised around the world in seconds. Pathetic.

      Blacks kill around the clock, and no one even notices as it never makes the news. When was the last time film crews went to the Congo. They always prefer the luxury hotels of Gaza and Israel. When was the last time international film crews visited the violent never-ending slaughters taking place in the Black hoods in the states? The higher the Black demographic, the higher the murder rate.

      Muslims get a bad rep from the media. They are pathetic softies who make a lot of noise. The media loves noise as it is safe and off they go to get the latest nonevent on film. Meanwhile Africa and the hood keep churning out the highest stats.

  59. Chryssipus

    Yep, whites were good at mass slaughter, but some Sub-Saharans were good at cannibalism. Can’t decide which is worst, mass killings, or eating your own kind. Although the Whites had to fight the some blacks, just to bring an end to such an unusual appetite.

  60. Chryssipus

    And remember, the blacks were engaging in this strange feat as recently as 19th century, some still find our closest relatives in the mammalian kingdom delicious. There could have been other instances of this bizarre behavior from other regions, but for the whites to find it objectionable in the 19th century, it strongly suggests that they couldn’t identify with it, or that they got over it long ago, which suggests they became smarter before the blacks.

  61. Pingback: Relationships Among People Are Stupid | Cuties Live

  62. Miss Nancy

    Black people aren’t stupid, just lazy! I live in Detroit and the blacks figure if the government is giving me food stamps and government housing, why work?

  63. Steel

    I’ve worked in both
    white and blue color jobs. No one can tell me Blacks are as intelligent or as diligent as Whites or any other race. As a carpenter I was unable to teach blacks how to even use a simple tape measure. In the office the only time Blacks were happy was break time, lunch time and time to go home. When we did lunch together they were always roving the streets looking for sex. It’s amazing how 2 Negroes of the opposite sex, without knowing each other could walk up to each other and start a conversation about sex. If I did that to a White woman if get my face slapped.

  64. Beav

    Isn’t the guy who wrote the ‘Douglass’ story black and doesn’t this disprove your theory as to the lack of their ability to think in an abstract manner?

    • I do not have a theory that Blacks can’t think abstractly. A lot of them can do it just fine. My coblogger here is a Black woman, and she is an excellent abstract thinker. Keep in mind that most White people have issues with abstract thinking. My father had a 129 IQ and he had problems with abstract thinking.

      But I do believe that Blacks have more issues with abstract thinking than Whites do. If you take a group of Blacks and a group of Whites, the Blacks will have more issues with abstract thinking. Sure some Blacks will do very well,

      Look on the Internet. A lot of anti-White arguments thrown out by Blacks can be easily destroyed, but the argument is a bit complex. Many Whites seem to be able to figure out the abstract argument, but so many Blacks just don’t get it. In fact, whole Black movements such as Black Nationalism and the Egypt is Black theory are based on poor abstract thinking.

      • Abstract thinking once written down becomes a map of thought.

        In this case of an black man thinking about watermelons and malt liquor, a map of mathematical thought.

        So then it enters into the physical realm in two ways once as a event in a book, secondly as thought happening in someone’s head and finally as tool one uses again and again.

        I think blacks fail to understand the fact that such thought then has utility in the physical world. In other words abstract thinking is a tool to be used.

        And of course let us not forget that a thought is a physical phenomenon in the brain. A thing. Taken in conjunction with other such things, maps which have real utility can be built.

        So the value of abstract thinking is not valued by blacks. Once a greater value is placed on his important process they can begin to engage in such thinking to a greater degree.

      • Jason Y

        Most people, of any race, can’t think abstractly, I mean, why do you think so many people do poorly in math, and hate the subject.

  65. Let us imagine a black guy who has some watermelon and malt liquor. These are not real.

    They are abstractions in his head. He, being the creator in his abstract world gives the watermelon a consciousness capable of thought. He does the same to the bottle of malt liquor.

    The water melon starts to think about malt liquor. The malt liquor starts to think about a watermelon. The product of the first abstractions has produce an abstraction. This new abstraction are endowed likewise with the power of thought and produce a further abstraction. This process is repeated fifty times.

    His big booty girlfriend comes into the room and slaps him on the head and puts down a water melon and a bottle of malt liquor.

    “Yo Sho beez lazy.” She says.

    He keeps thinking but realises he will mathematically have to retrace the multiple abstractions up to 50 times to get back into the place he was before he began his exercise.

    But we know he never did each abstraction up to fifty times as abstraction can not think and he will not do it for them. He uses a multiplication short cut. And in like manner he used the same shorthand to get back to the starting point, but obviously in reverse.

    The point is abstraction have to be internally consistent with short cuts that take you to other areas of thought.

    If he had destroyed his mental process and responded the moment he was hit the would not have been consistent to the degree required. The fact that he was careful enough to retrace his thoughts back showed he allowed for necessary internal logic to bring him back to his starting point.

    My point is most blacks would rather have a real water melon.

    Most blacks have no use for abstract water melons or bottles of liquor.

    HOWEVER, some blacks do but real water melon and malt liquor will make them feel that they are wasting their time.

    BUT a few will go all the way and realise abstract water melons and Malt liquor bottles are MORE important as they involve creating a world of thought with consistent inner logic.

    NOW that is a valuable skill.

    So our black hero was right to not stop thinking. He knew what was more valuable.

    How many blacks know this?

    • Beheading is painless

      Now comes the glitch. Let us introduce a glitch in the process.Each fifth time in the sequence there is a bit of prose created by by the water melon.

      The prose is put into the mouth of a cross eyed man. We have three orders of abstraction in this sequence. The conceptual watermelon who creates a cross eyed man who creates a piece of prose

      So here is the prose of the cross eyed man:

      Who can fathom the beauty of the negroid man’s face? Who can appreciate the subtle working of the of the slug brain? Can anything be more pleasurable than the contemplation of this? Yes, say I the cross eyed man. I am Allah’s sucker. I have sucked his dick and found it intensely pleasurable.

      Now we enter into the conceptual world of homophobia which is the subject of the next prose piece. And so on…..

      So let us PAUSE.

      Now things are complex but certainly sustainable in a human brain.

      We can increase the process of complexity until we have a conceptual world which is incapable of being contained in one brain. At this point we will have specialists who know only with one aspect of the knowledge such as homophobia.

      It is this ever increasing matrix of ideas that the idea of a conscious super mind is born and this can be contained in the concept of monotheism, and also deism etc.

      Now we see here how abstraction has produced a complex theology. This theology is the product of minds that can engage in abstract thinking to a degree of cognition that demands a superior entity to be able to process it and contain it.

      We see complex theological thinking creating such a complex conscious mind or minds within the Eurasian religious landscape.

      We see no such sophisticated native theology in Africa. We see a primitive animism.

      Hence, purely from historical reasons we can say the African is hardly a master of abstract thinking. His thinking takes him nowhere beyond the harsh confines the natural world.

      • Beheading is painless

        OK. So that is a generalisation of the complexity required. Now we can concretely why a real water melon, so to speak by way of analogy, is less valuable than an abstract water melon which is part of a complex logical and consistent conceptual world.

        This why Christianity, a complex theology dominates the thinking of two thirds of blacks in Africa. Islam’s complex theology dominates the thinking of the remaining third of the negro population.

        We get all this from an abstract water melon. As abstraction builds on abstraction we see the Super Structure grow to a MEME COMPLEX. In our analogy the meme complex becomes becomes a religion.

        At this stage no primitive animism can stand in its way. While the African is petitioning the tree spirit, the christian theologian is attempting to prove the existence of a conscious mind deity using presuppositional theology and philosophical speculation.

        There is no contest now in terms of the size and sophistication of the meme complex, AND who will dominate the thinking process. The witch doctor gives way to the theologian, AND the rest is a demographic change in the thinking affecting hundreds of millions of people.

      • Beheading is painless

        Indeed to appreciate abstraction’s value intrinsically within the context of the novelty of ideas produced and extrinsically within the context of the complex set of ideas impacting a society’s thinking via a theological understanding, is of course to engage in abstract thinking.

        The order of magnitude of abstraction is the key and we can always increase that magnitude. Let us put the above paragraph into the mouth of a microscopic clown who has entered the anus of a sleeping rhinocerous. So simply by positing this we have increased the abstraction’s magnitude in two ways by sheer weight of an additional layer of abstraction and through the positing of a novel being, a microscopic clown, in an unusual place.

  66. john clarke

    Negro have smaller brains in the prefrntal cortex which explains cognitive deficiencied. Harvards Peobody Museum has the largest preserved specimens of human brains by race. I studied under Jensen in the 1970’s. Now Chinese Genetcists have discovered the smart gene. Segregation must return .It was a wonderful safe country. The darkies were polite. Singing and dancing. Cutting the throats of Jewish shop owners. Yes a wonderful world.

    • Jason Y

      Can we segregate against white trash pill poppers? :lol: They’re making my family’s life miserable, extorting as much money as possible. Blacks? They ain’t done anything to us.

      • Sam

        “…Can we segregate against white trash pill poppers?…”

        Yes. It’s called jail. If we didn’t have so many Negros we’d have room to put them in jail.

  67. White Guy

    Blacks do not belong in EU or US alike. Whatever they choose to do in their own continent- Africa, is their problem and we should just leave them to it.

  68. Too many comments for me to read them all. So, my apologies if this question/comment has already been addressed.

    My guess is still that racial differences in mean IQ are mainly due to microevolution, i.e., to differences in allelic frequencies, in this case at multiple genetic loci and between different breeding populations. Microevolution, e.g., due to a founder or founder-like effect, can happen relatively rapidly and produce some rather big changes. The black populations of sub-Saharan Africa today are clearly not the same as the black population in the U.S., which is not the same as the Caribbean black population, which is not the same as the black population in the UK. What about gene pools? Why is the explanation which population genetics offers not the likely one? Is separation of one population geographically into distinct, separately-evolving gene pools an environmental effect?

  69. pist white

    Negroes, by & large are stupid idiots. Much dumber than their primate cousin the chimpanzee and orangutan. These animals far out perform the inferior negroe.

  70. Lucien

    The average black is way dumber than the average person of any other race. That is a scientific fact. But who needs science when all you have to do is spend some time working/living around a black population. See for yourself. Black culture is sick, hyper materialistic, violent, and retarded–heard any good hip hop lately? But what comes first, a stupid culture or stupid people? It’s a chicken and egg conundrum.
    That said, there are SOME smartish blacks, but in my experience, even the smarter ones tend to have deep mental problems and be really arrogant, bitchy, self-serving, race-card-playing backstabbing, corrupt sacks of shit to live around or work with.

  71. Jay Jay

    Hi Robert,

    My experience as a black guy from Costa Rica is similar to one of the black guys who commented above, my parents are university educated, I am a student at the moment, and I have always been one of the best students in my class, some people come to me for help because they know that I am very good at whatever I do, “others hate on me” because haw dare a black guy work hard and be successful, however, I believe that my success has to do besides hard work, with the fact that I am vey confident despite people saying the blacks are stupid, good for nothing, etc (many of the people who say that are very ugly, fat, unattractive, unsuccessful etc), I do not lose sleep over it, I keep on working towards achieving my goals.

    I am aware that one day we will all die regardless of our race, therefore, I prefer to focus not on the opinion of Whites, blacks, Asians, Mestizos but on enjoying my life and take responsibility for my actions, I definitely don´t apologize for the bad actions of other blacks.

  72. A Smart white person

    My father said If find a smart nigger you got something.

    • Beheading is painless

      Smart negroes do exist and in fact I have met one.

      Now look, this is inevitable as meeting a smart women. We know women have smaller brains and less synapses but occasionally a smart one from India comes along and does a space walk with NASA or becomes the CEO of Pepsi. People are amazed and go back to their porridge. So it does happen.

      Returning to the negro we find they are about as smart as women. They fly high and do incredible surgery brilliantly well and people are amazed and go back to their cornflakes.So again it does happen.

      The question for me is is it eaier to meet a smart woman or a smart negro. I can not say I have ever met a smart woman but I did read about the two examples above from their bio data on wikepedia, plus the CEO of yahoo, an American woman, who is going strong. So for me smart women are a thing which I read about on the net, whereas I have personally met a smart negro. So in any case that is my personal experience.

      • Jason Y

        Ben Carson is very smart, though I don’t agree with his politics. There are plenty of smart blacks, but more than likely, they are coming from clean gene pools (free of incest), as well as having some environmental advantages.

      • Alex

        Something only some poor fool dumber than a bag of rocks would say, being spoonfed it by his dad about how mean and dumb and unfair women and blacks are, darnit.

        • Beheading is painless

          You need to be more explicit;as in the uk rock is a form of candy that is purchased at fun fairs etc in Blackpool etc; the rock from Blackpool does seem to be the most famous.

          I often share my rock with female negroes. They are cetainly not mean and unfair. They often share their weaves with me as I love to cross dress. We love to share and have a good time.

          People and races and the two genders and sexual orientations are not the same but we can socially engineer situations which allow us to respect each other and get along.

          This is why PC language is important, but I am the one guilty of not using PC language in my initial post. We all need to learn to use it. Sorry about using triggering language, Alex. Let this be a lesson to me.

  73. Jason Y

    Again something not brought up is incest. Somebody on this forum mentioned one African tribe didn’t practice incest and thier IQ is quite normal or high. First cousin marriage etc.., maybe even 2nd or third cousin marriage seems to cause a terribly negative effect.

    • Well, I’m not sure about IQ, but their precolonial and Post colonial lifestyle is indeed relatively high to other SS African groups.

      However that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s incest that keeps it down. Black Americans don’t do it and they’re IQ’s are still lower (but not bad on it’s own) to other groups.

      Incest to stop is one thing, but to select for Higher IQ’s it what causes it to make a change over time.

      In Bamileke culture in favors predisposition and wealth, so therefore the men who would be sought after would have such qualities.

      I’m not sure if it was either genes or foriegn influence that caused this culture, however the point is that they developed a eugenic “engine” to be more successful.

      In other words, stopping Incest alone won’t change the mean UNLESS successful traits for a “capitalist” world are selected for.

  74. Genetics and cultural conditioning.

    Just like African Americans tend to be more muscular, people of Caucasian descent tend to be smarter. From an evolutionary point of view that’s perfectly understandable.

    Certain caucasian societies have had many generations of people born into socities that highly prize intelligence – survival doesn’t matter on how strong you are when people are using arrows/armour/horses and eventually gunpowder. It’s only natural that the more intelligent people survived and flourished. Whereas African civilisation has never really had such a high evolutionary preference for intelligence but they had greater evolutionary pressures on strength and speed (greatly enhanced by selective breeding when they were stolen and put to work as slaves).

    You also have to consider cultural/environmental differences. The very idea that African Americans aren’t smart probably has a large influence on their schooling and mental development. If you knew people assumed you were lazy/stupid – and you partially believe it – would you still honestly work as hard as you do?

    BUT there are exceptions. I’m sure there are many African Americans smarter than myself – I’m a white guy that went to a good school and was taught that education and learning are very important.

    I think first and foremost that is almost entirely a cultural/environmental issue.

  75. Niggerhatingme

    Niggers are black. Niggers aren’t human.

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