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When Will US Whites Quit Drinking the Koolaid?

It’s really not hard to understand why you hate White Americans so much. They really are some whacked out nutters.

I hear you though. I grew up in an all White suburb in Orange County. Though it was reasonable in the 1970’s, at the moment,  I would say that 100% of the people I grew up with are either Republicans or are Democrats or Independents who are so conservative they might as well be Republicans.

I would add that almost all of these people were drug users, and most of them were drug dealers. Some even moved quantities of marijuana, psilocybin and LSD. But they were Republicans at the time (Republican surfer – stoner – hippies?!), and they are Republicans now.

Later in the early 1980’s I hung out with the early Goths. Everyone smoked, drank like fish, took a lot of drugs and hung out in nightclubs all the time acting like weirdos. Most of the chicks seemed like they were bisexual, and most all the guys seemed like they were queer or bi. There was epidemic homosexuality and bisexuality. And you know what? They were all Republicans!

It was like there was something in the water.

Later, I moved to the all White Sierra Nevada foothills, and it was the same theme all over again, this time with a huge dose of anti-abortion and fundamentalist Christianity. Same thing, all the potheads and hippies were Reaganites, Dittoheads and Glen Beck fans. And these were working class White people!

In between, I worked all over Orange County, and it was the same everywhere I went. I worked in San Pedro in the 1980’s, and it was the same old stuff. If you were White, Reaganism just crawled into your bloodstream. I’m now in the Central Valley, and it’s the same again I think, except here, most people are apparently mentally retarded to boot.

I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t even want to speak to most White people anymore because I am so sick and tired of this rightwing politics. I would add that your average “Centrist” White person is pretty damned rightwing themselves!

I honestly do not know WTF is the matter with White people. We have had over 30 years of this radical rightwing BS ever since Reagan started it (Don’t even compare to Nixon, Ford or 1970’s Republicans please – we can live with them), and it’s sent the nation right down the tubes. The longer it goes on, the more  wrecked we are going to get. I am afraid that most Whites are ideologically invested in this Reaganite crap, and they are just not willing to give it up, nor are they willing to acknowledge how it has clusterfucked our land.

They’re going to find out the hard way, but even then, will they learn?

Colombia has been a very rightwing country for a good 50-60 years or more, or maybe since colonization. The place is trashed, there’s a civil war going on, political murder goes on every day, there are the worst slums on Earth, crime is rampant, I mean, the murderous oligarchic politics have just turned the whole country into a Hellish nightmare of a sewer. But every few years, the people go to the polls, and everyone votes radical Right again.


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