Catastrophe In Norway

Look, this just is not working out at all.

100% of all sexual assaults ending in rape in Oslo in the past five years were committed by non-Western immigrants. All of the women raped were Westerners, mostly Norwegian women. I would imagine that the rapists are Pakistanis, Iranians and Somalis. Almost all of them are Muslims.

Mass Muslim immigration to Western Europe is failing badly. For whatever reason, the Muslims hate European society, refuse to assimilate, and commit tons of crime. Western women are seen as “whores” due to the way that they dress and act, and therefore are up for grabs. Keep in mind that these men probably would not rape women back in their home societies. Iran doesn’t seem to have much rape.

These Muslims are incompatible with a secular, open, morally freewheeling West. These Muslims see the loose dress and manners, open pornography, free love and open homosexuality as an outrage. They feel that they are living in a Hell of Sin and Iniquity. They react with rage and violence.

This is so not working out. Something has to be done. Either stop importing them or get a lot stricter about the ones you let in.


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  1. Karl

    It’s actually a pretty common thought that somalis commit many rapes, in real life it isn’t that way at all. Only one rape in Sweden has been commited by a somali. Iranians are pretty well behaved in Sweden also, the worst of the immigrants come from arab countrys like Lebanon and Iraq. And almost all of them are muslims, but i think it has more of them being arab. Because you don’t see this raping problem among bosnians,somalis and people from bangladesh.

    • Cyrus

      Yah, I was under the impression that North Africans were the most common culprits. The question is, why are they their in the first place? Why does Northern Europe need them?

      As for Iranians, I’d be more worried about Norwegian men raping Persian girls.

      • Karl

        Somalis are not North Africans and I can’t see why people hate them that much, all somalis i’ve met have been calm and nice. Northern Europe doesn’t need somalis actually, but we do need immigrants because there aren’t any swedes that want to clean toilets and work in McDonalds, but i would actually prefer not to have any immigrants at all.

        • Cyrus

          I didn’t say Somalis where North African. Go read my post again, smart guy. I stated that I was under the impression that North Africans were usually the culprits of these “crimes by foreigners.” That, and Pakistanis in the U.K.

          I remember the Germans saying the same thing about Turks. Funny how both my Mom and Sister were attacked on a train by East German “white boys,” back in 1994, and that I have a cousin in Germany who is a victim of sexual assault by an “ethnic German,” of course.

          As for Iranians, let the Europeans kick them out. They are like the Jews. They’ll just take all their insane amounts of money invested in places like Norway, and relocate to Los Angeles.

          Fine by me.

        • Karl

          Sorry, my mistake.

        • Cyrus

          Just to add to the fun, the estimated 2001 population of Norway was about 4,500,000 people. There were 4,000 Iranians expate’s in Norway in 2001. That is less than 0.10% of the population. Given into the fact that there are perhaps 3,000,000 million expate’s scattered all over the world, with a combined net worth of around $1,300,000,000,000 in 2006, and in reality virtually ZERO of that value is sent back to Iran as remittance, that would mean that the Iranians living in Norway could very well have an estimated average value net worth of around $170,000,000,000…

          Yes, please, send them to Los Angeles! We could use the influx of investment! California could use the tax base! If those overgrown viking Neanderthals in Northern Europe don’t want them, I bet Antonio Villaraigosa and Jerry Brown would welcome them with open arms!

        • Cyrus

          Fuck!!! I meant $1.7 Billion dollars, or $1,700,000! I’m doing this shit partially in my head.

          That would be about 0.5% of a percent of the entire economy of Norway. Not bad for a group of people that represent 0.1% of the population.

        • Cyrus

          Fuck!!! I meant $1.7 Billion dollars, or $1,700,000,000! I’m doing this shit partially in my head.

          Jesus H. Christ…My eyeballs are up my ass today.

        • larrylamb

          What is the actual breakdown of nationality? Is it mainly Iraqis?

  2. Cyrus

    Now that I watched the video, I don’t buy it. All rapes committed by foreigners? You mean there are no Norwegian born sociopaths lurking for a quick poontang power play?

    The only thing this video reflects is the growing racial hysteria of the Northern European countries, which mind you, is a powder keg waiting to burst.

    • Cyrus

      Hell, now that I look at it, this “news report” is constructed to do one thing…Scare “ethnic Norwegians.” Just watch it and tell me with a straight face that it is not a laced propaganda piece with a purpose. Sort of a like a Fox News “investigative” broadcast.

    • Nikephoros

      Norwegian born sociopaths are more sophisticated. They just take a ticket to Thailand or the Caribbean and hump little kids for a few coins. The advantages of being born in a wealthy society, one would say.

      • Cyrus

        I’m banking on the fact that the average Iranian expat living in Norway is both wealthier and more educated than the average Norwegian. Just a hunch…Besides, Persian guys don’t go for blondes. More likely to rape a Spanish or Italian chic.

        • larrylamb

          Of course they go for blondes, that’s why so many Persian women dye their hair a ridiculous yellow.

        • Cyrus

          Wow larry, you must have been a real “winner” growing up in that trailer park of yours…

        • larrylamb

          No trailer park, I live in West London. There’s a lot of Persians around here. Hairy chests, stubble, gold chains… and the men are even worse.

          Most of the women have had nosejobs in deluded attempt to look white. They are really, really desperate to be white, it’s amazing! Doesn’t really work of course, but they are OK to fuck if you close your eyes.

        • Cyrus

          Yah, Larry. I’m sure they’re jealous of your “teeth.” Come out to Cali sometime. Limeys are always good laugh…At least to look at!

    • Bay Area Guy

      Yeah, well Europeans have good reason to be uneasy and not want these outsiders in their midst.

      Just imagine how Japan or South Korea would react is something similar was brewing in their countries.

      • Cyrus

        Hah! But the Eastern Europeans crawling all over Europe are okay? If you want to talk about the criminal element…Russians take the cake.

        I understand why the Northern Europeans do not want Middle Easterners or South Asians in their countries. I do not blame them. It is a culture clash, and they feel their way of life is in danger, right in their very own home. Just don’t bullshit me with the whole “they’ves comes to rape’s our whites womens”!

        Call a spade a spade.

        • Bay Area Guy

          Cyrus, for me, rape is the least of it, though it is problematic.

          It’s a matter of principle. Europe should remain European. The fact that these non-Westerners are even in Norway is problematic.

        • Cyrus

          That’s fine BAG, and I got no problem with that. At least you are saying it like it is. Hell, like it should be. North Europeans are to0 self-righteous to do so, so they come at it at a different angle.

        • Nikephoros

          Hey, but should Australia have remained “Australian”, North America “North American” and New Zealand “New Zealander”? now those three places seem to be predominantly “European” and everyone is ok with that.

          Hypocrisy too much, perhaps?

        • Bay Area Guy

          now those three places seem to be predominantly “European” and everyone is ok with that.

          I don’t know what you’ve been reading/following over the past few decades, but that’s certainly not the case.

          The U.S’s impending non-white majority status is frequently celebrated by the MSM and Powers That Be, opposition by white Americans to mass immigration is immediately shut down with rhetoric along the lines of “unless you’re a Native American, you’re an immigrant too,” etc.

          So no, I don’t think that “everyone is ok” with the above countries you mentioned being majority white (and for the U.S, it will cease to be majority white very soon, and where I live, that’s already the case).

        • larrylamb

          “Europe should remain European”

          What part of Europe does Bay Area Guy live in?

        • Nikephoros

          So, do you feel bad because a few people have taken you to task for your hypocrisy? Just say you think the world would be a better place in your view if only white people lived in it, cut the crap about “Europe must remain European”. Jeez, California was annexed from Mexico and filled with white settlers from the Eastern States, how do you have the gall to complain because the place is full of Mexicans?

        • larrylamb

          “how do you have the gall to complain because the place is full of Mexicans?”

          Hehe. But the Whites moved there because to create opportunity. The Mexicans moved there because the whites had created opportunity. As far as I know, there is no Silicon Valley in Mexico. There is no Mexican Space Program. There is just shit and disease. Mexico is the India of the Americas. That’s why Mexican’s are moving north.

        • Bay Area Guy

          Just say you think the world would be a better place in your view if only white people lived in it

          Not the world, but I certainly believe that whites ought to be the clear majority in all Western countries (of which the U.S. is one). Especially in Europe. Just as I think that ethnic Japanese should be the majority in Japan, Han Chinese in China, etc.

          Regarding the overused line that the U.S. stole the Southwest from Mexico, yawn. In spite of massive immigration, California is still a part of the U.S. If Mexico wants it back, let them try to take it back. Otherwise, that point is irrelevant. Besides, Mexicans are also moving to various parts of the U.S. that were never originally part of Mexico, such as Chicago and Southern States.

        • johnUK


          If you want to talk about the criminal element…Russians take the cake.


          Everybody knows that the criminal filth is Jewish, Chechen and other non-Russian groups under the mass media term “Russian” mafia when the leadership is entirely Jewish-Israeli.

          Muslim communities in Europe are radical because the intelligence services since the 80’s to the present allowed criminal gangs and radical jihadist with the support of Saudi Arabia and other countries radicalise Muslim youth to recruit, fundraise and fight in foreign jihadist proxy wars in Bosnia, Kosovo, Chechnya, etc.

          Albanians in Europe with the help of western intelligence, Turkey and Iran dominate organised crime with the sex and drug trafficking into Europe who are almost exclusively Russian and Ukrainian girls.

        • Nikephoros

          So, we move from “Europe must remain European” to “the Western countries must remain white, but especially Europe”. Apparently is ok for whites to move into lands out of Europe, but not for non-whites to move into Europe or “white-majority lands”. The double standard still remains.

        • Bay Area Guy

          Apparently is ok for whites to move into lands out of Europe, but not for non-whites to move into Europe or “white-majority lands”. The double standard still remains.

          If American Indians or Australian Aborigines were numerous and powerful enough, they would be right to kick whites out of those respective countries.

          Just as native Europeans are right to not want non-whites living there. Just as white Americans are right to not want Mexicans moving here.

          Every group has the right to want to preserve its racial/ethnic integrity. I’m asserting it as a white person.

        • Nikephoros

          So now the “right to land” is a matter of numbers/might. You are actually asserting the right of any ethnic group to do whatever it pleases as long as it can afford it.

        • Nikephoros

          *to do to others.

        • Aaron

          Nikephoros, you’re right that Bay Area Guy is being a hypocrite (or worse), but a lot of pro-white people are not hypocritical about that. The European conquest of the Americas was immoral, but it happened, and the Europeans have been dominant there for centuries. That gives them a right to be there now, even though they had no right to go there in the first place.

        • tulio

          Nikephoros, if I were around at the time the U.S. annexed the southwest, I’d have been against it, just like I would be against any attempt to annex Baja California and Sonora tomorrow.

          But the fact it, it’s a done deal, it was paid for and a treaty was signed a century and a half ago. The southwest is as much an American territory as Vermont. It’s 2011, if you’re still worrying about it, you’re a fucking moron. America isn’t the cause of Mexico’s problems. There is still lots of empty land in Mexico relative to their population. They have no shortage of land and resources themselves. The reason they are coming here is because there is a country that functions better to the north. If Mexicans owned the southwest, they’d then be trying to get into Oregon and Kansas for the same reason.

        • Cyrus

          Amen, Tulio. One need only stand at the border between “Baja California” and American “California” to see the difference. Just look in one direction towards Tijuana, and in the other towards San Diego. I do not want to live in “Tijuana.” Mexicans themselves do not want to live in Mexico. The last thing we need is some upper-class Colombian telling people he has no connection with, who’s land belongs to who.

      • Hacienda

        “Just imagine how Japan or South Korea would react is something similar was brewing in their countries.”

        WTF? What does Japan and SK have to do with anything? Are they the role models now? If so, give them each seats in the Security Council. Let them nuclearize to the teeth and give Japan Australia, Korea can have Canada.

  3. Bay Area Guy

    @ larrylamb

    I don’t live in Europe, but as a white person/westerner, I care about what takes place in my ancestral homelands, even if I don’t have any ancestry from that specific European ethnicity.

  4. Cyrus

    Jeez, California was annexed from Mexico and filled with white settlers from the Eastern States, how do you have the gall to complain because the place is full of Mexicans?

    You want to brush up on your history of California there, Nike. California was “owned” and operated by the Spanish for several centuries, like the rest of the Southwest and Texas. The Mexicans had it for barley twenty years, and did absolute ZERO with it. They regarded it as a backwater down in Mexico City. There were no Mexicans here. Just Californios, Indians and Spaniards.

    Generally, it is morons from the East Coast who say ignorant shit like that, and it gives you away in a second. The Mexicans have as much claim to this place as the Russians or British.

    • Nikephoros

      What ignorant shit, that the U.S annexed California from Mexico and filled it with settlers from the East? That was the way it happened, even if Mexico held those lands “only for 20 years” and did “nothing with them.

      • Cyrus

        Fuck off, you uneducated loser. There were no “Mexicans” in any real number here, prior to the U.S conquest. There were “Californios,” but they sure as hell weren’t Mexican.

        Thank God the U.S annexed California from Mexico. Mexico City illegally obtained the place from the Spanish, just like the U.S did right back to them. At least the Americans did something with it. The Mexicans were absentee landlords, unlike the Spanish. Mexico has about as much historical claim to Los Angeles, as Germany does to Paris.

        Either way, I’m glad Mexicans are overrunning places like Chicago and Atlanta. It’s about time you fuckers got a taste of your own medicine!

        • Nikephoros is a Colombian.

        • Cyrus

          Ah, I see Robert. Now things are starting to make a little more sense…Colombian “hyphenated” American, I presume?

        • Cyrus

          No shit? And he is lecturing me on California? Perhaps I outta lecture him on Columbia!

        • Nikephoros

          You seem to be mad at me because despite your attempts to lecture me (not the way round), I’m still factually right: The U.S annexed California from Mexico and filled it with East Coast settlers. And no matter how much you harp on how few people lived there or how much you try to detach them from Mexico by calling them “Californios”, those people were largely settlers sent there by the Mexican Government. And yes, lecture me about “Columbia” please (maybe by that you mean British Columbia or the District of Columbia, perhaps)

        • Cyrus

          Yah, right. Mexico could have flooded California with “settlers” from “down south” at the time and they didn’t. Those settlers would have been as foreign to California as anyone else. The bottom line is Mexico City had no interest. California was a backwater at the time.

          There were very few actual “Mexicans” in California at the time of Mexican control. The locals simply went from being subjects of the Spanish Crown, to subjects of General Santa Ana.

          I have known plenty of “Californios” growing up, and I have watched how asshole Mexican immigrants from down South have treated them. It is disgusting. Simply goddamn disgusting. People from Mexico City feeling entitled to this place with which they have no history or roots, while someone who’s family has lived here for 200 years is shit in their eyes.

          What is more disgusting still, is how you want to “teach” people from California, about California. I couldn’t even imagine the arrogance of trying to teach a “Colombian about “Colombia.” You know why? It is called class. Try and get some.

          It is simply amazing how some jerk from Latin American sounds EXACTLY like your average jerk from the East Coast, when it comes to this subject.

        • Nikephoros

          Spare me your grievances. I simply made a basic statement of fact that you haven’t been able to deny so far, since you know it’s true. So I’m not really “teaching” you anything you didn’t know before. And perhaps to your very surprise, I don’t endorse the attitude of Mexican migrants feeling more entitled to the land than any others. That was never what I was trying to imply. Better pursue your original line about how Mexican untermenschen only migrated en masse to California after the great White man developed the land. After all, that was everything this whole shit has been about.

        • Cyrus

          Yah, you know. What would the Silicon Valley be, without all the imported Mexican high-tech expertise? Hey, the aerospace sector in Southern California…What would it have been, without the influence of the Mexican Space Program? We never would have landed a man on the moon!

        • Nikephoros

          Yeah, because about EVERY Anglo settler was a highly accomplished engineer working on the software/space industry. I bet most of them were just poor farmers seeking for new lands, just like the Mexicans who moved there. Anyway, I see that this is apparently a very sensitive issue to you. But the bad behavior of some Mexicans is not excuse for trashing them all, which seems to be what you’re doing.

    • johnUK


      Did Mexico own it for those 20 years before the US annexed it from Mexico?

      US owns Mexico anyway with the genocide it has been committing there since the 80’s.

      Perhaps with Obama’s new foreign policy approach Iran and the US could work together again like it did prior to 9/11 supporting Islamic separatism, terrorism and genocide around the world like they did to the Serbs so they can bring about the anti-Christ NWO.

      • Bay Area Guy

        Oh brother, there goes Johnny UK with this “genocide” shit again. I’ve said this before, but if the U.S. is committing “genocide” against Mexico, I daresay we’re doing a pretty shitty job.

        • johnUK

          @Bay Area Guy

          Oh brother, there goes Johnny UK with this “genocide” shit again

          I don’t consider the genocides the anti-Christ US is committing around the word as “shit” especially when they want to bring about the NWO now that Big Evil is stronger than ever.

          The arrest of Orthodox freedom fighter Mladic being the latest example.

          “I’ve said this before, but if the U.S. is committing “genocide” against Mexico, I daresay we’re doing a pretty shitty job.”

          Doing a pretty good job of it with their drag mafia committing massacres and the native Mexican population having to flee to the US as refugees.

          Granted they have not done nearly as good a job as they did to the Orthodox Serbs, Russians and Ukrainians due to the fact there is no large scale Muslim population.

        • mott69

          The Mexican genocide is not progressing fast enough- heck, they’re choppin’ their own heads off quicker than we can work them to “death” for 10-15$ an hour.

          Course, if we keep giving them those poisonous American dollars, maybe they’ll take them all back home, to the”nest”, thus exterminating the entire colony…IT MIGHT WORK!

      • Cyrus

        John. You are a stupid, uneducated little troll. Go fuck yourself.

        • Bay Area Guy

          What are you talking about, Cyrus?

          John knows exactly what he’s saying. told him so! 😉

        • johnUK


          “John. You are a stupid, uneducated little troll.”

          Trolling for Jesus.

          I speak the truth.

          The Orthodox NWO resistance shall smite the anti-Christ Islamic cult of the NWO whose expansion have destroyed the once great civilisations of Persia and Egypt.

          Here is a video of what really happened in Srebrenica the unbelievable chivalry shown by General Mladic towards Bosnia women and children after entering the terrorist enclave to defend again Muslim massacres against Serb civilians under the command of Muslim terrorist Warlord Nasir Oric.

          ”Go fuck yourself.”

          Rather fuck myself than go on a blind date in Iran.

          I also heard that getting stoned is not recreational drug use. Lol!

        • Cyrus

          Yah John, ’cause here in the States, we don’t have plenty of psychos who mutilate and kill women. Oh, no. Not here. No sir, Bob.

        • Cyrus

          Stoned for recreational drug use? In Iran??? You truly are a fucking idiot.

          They are hanging heroin dealers…Good for them.

          Pot is actually semi-legal in Iran. Alcohol is “illegal” for the vast majority of Iranians…But no problem. Nobody is getting killed over it. Just bribe the cop, and your restaurant gets to serve beer.

        • johnUK


          They don’t have this bullshit honour killing and mutilating women nonsense in the US that is prevalent in Muslim communities even in the west.
          Must be all that Muslim inbreeding.

          I don’t think even the blacks in the US are that bad.

        • johnUK

          @Bay Area Guy

          What are you talking about, Cyrus?

          John knows exactly what he’s saying. told him so!

 did not tell me that the US was committing genocide against Mexico.

          I only reference SB when I talk about western support of Al Qaeda and Islamic terrorism in the Balkans.

        • johnUK


          ”Stoned for recreational drug use? In Iran??? You truly are a fucking idiot.”

          I did not write people got stoned for recreational drug use.

          I wrote comically that the tern “stoned“ in Iran has a different connotation than it does in the west.

          ”They are hanging heroin dealers…Good for them.”

          Agree with you there especially seeing how it helps financed US backed terrorists groups in Iran.

        • Cyrus

          Yes John, and I was pointing out how you have no clue as to what the fuck you are talking about, as usual. You are talking about a place like an expert, when you have never been there, do not speak the language, have no connection to the culture, and are clueless about anything involving nuance in relation to the place.

        • johnUK


          Iran supports international terrorism, woman are second class citizens, has Islamic law ruled by a theocratic elite like the old USSR and hangs fags.

          I think I’ve got it.

        • Cyrus

          Pretty far from it, John. Pretty far from it.

    • mott69

      Thank you, Cyrus for correcting Nik-dude. I’m a life long Cali, did a report on this subject for university class and I’m in a California History class right now.

      At the time of annexation, Cali had more N. Americans than Mexicans- all of whom hated Mexico and most fought against Mexico with the gringos.

      Mexico never had a good claim to Cali.

      Neither did Spain- they had 21 buildings, a couple of forts with a handful of soldiers, about 500-700 Spanish total. Mexico and Spain never had a good claim on Norte America- ‘cept for New Mexico (Sante Fe and Santa Fe trail area) and South & West Texas, which they can have back any time if ya ask me.

    • Cyrus

      You see Nike, that is why you are a fucking fool. I am not trashing Hispanics in California. I am not even trashing Mexicans. I am trashing “Mexico,” and it’s mindset. If you are in California, second, third, tenth generation, whatever…You are just the same as me. No better. No worse. This place is a melting pot of Europeans, Mexicans/Central Americans, Natives, Africans, Asians and Middle Easterners. I have an “El Salvadorian” wing of the family now thanks to marriage, and growing up, a lot of people thought I was some kind of White/Latino combo. I even speak enough gutter Spanish, to get my ass kicked in a bar. The El Salvadorian wing now has an “Asian” wing, to. Go figure…

      That is just part of the culture of California.

      If you fucking sneak across the border, and think you are better than the people here…Go fuck yourself. Go back to where you came from. That goes for people from the East Coast, to! Nothing pisses me off more than a New Yorker or inbred redneck from Alabama coming to LA and blasting everything and everyone!

      • Nikephoros

        Yawn, enough with the name calling. You simply went berserk because I dared to mention California was annexed from Mexico. Look, I mostly sympathize with your attitude, but in this case your contempt for “Mexico and its mind set” is leading you to deny the obvious. Furthermore, I brought the issue not to imply California should be “given back” to Mexico, but to point at the hypocrisy of white ethnocentrists who would love to stop the migration of Ethnic Mexicans, despite that group having been present in those lands for as long as Anglos. See now what I mean?

        • Cyrus

          I am not protecting white ethnocentric types. Far from it. They don’t like me much, either.

          If you noticed, my original beef is with white people from the East Coast who come to California. Trust me when I say I would rather this place be a separate country at this point in history, rather than be attached to parasitic Washington D.C…They’re just another Mexico City, as far as I am concerned.

        • Nikephoros

          Fair enough. But if you notice, you initially replied to a post of mine in response to someone who actually is a White Ethnocentrist. Anyway, all this arguing over little details is getting rather tiresome, so I will just leave it as it is.

        • Cyrus

          Like I said Nike, it is people from the “rest” of the U.S that I got a real problem with in regards to California. Keep in mind, those same “white nationalist” type all across the U.S could have cared less as millions of Mexicans came to California in the last 40 years, looking for work. Now that California is “maxed out” from an economic standpoint, millions of Mexicans are heading elsewhere, to places that have never “seen” a Mexican before, i.e Wisconsin, Ohio, or upstate New York. Not surprisingly…Out comes the racism and hate.

          Unlike California to Texas, where it is very difficult to grow up not eating Mexicans food and picking up some Spanish, as there has been a tradition of Latin-Anglo cultural fusion to at least some extent, I would imagine some hick in Iowa to view a Mexican as about as foreign to his “way of the world” as someone from China.

          Cracks me the hell up.

        • Nikephoros

          Well, not caring is quite not the same as supporting. And I guess “white nationalist” types at least sympathize with the prospect of driving Mexicans out of California.

  5. johnUK

    I would be cautious about these stories Robert about Muslims in Europe as a lot of Zionist money is coming into organisations promoting anti-Muslim sentiment which are sometimes dubious like the Muslim demographic video that turned out to be bogus.

    That no native white Norwegian committed a rape in 5 years seems implausible.

  6. Dota

    Something about this video seems bogus. A rapist giving his victim a religious justification? really? Sounds too scripted to me.

    I’m also wondering why this is happening in Europe when immigrants are generally well behaved and assimilated in the North America (well usually, not always anyhow)

    • larrylamb

      The downside of having good social security in Europe is that appeals to parasites. Europe is seen as ‘free stuff’, while the US has the ‘American dream’ – where you go to make yourself. You can guess what this means about the quality of the immigrants to each area.

      • Dota

        That may appear to be true to some extent, however I still think there more to it. Your explanation seems logical, but still too simplistic.

      • Cyrus

        Yes…The American dream that is currently being flushed right down the toilet.

    • Cyrus

      My thoughts, exactly. This is poorly crafted propaganda, that will never the less be eaten up by it’s intended audience.

      • Aaron

        This video is showing up all over the radical-right Internet. Is it really a mainstream news report as it seems? Or is it one of those fake news channels like RT? If so, what’s the source?

        • Cyrus

          I am leaning with the later. Either way, these people who made this are extremely irresponsible. They would like nothing more than to stoke violence, riots, ect.

        • johnUK


          How is RT a fake news channel?

          It is the only news source that went against the propaganda of the western and Arab media in regards to Libya like the vassal regime in Qatar and their news network Al Jazeera.

        • Aaron

          Apparently the Norwegian report is legit. The logo says NRK, which Wikipedia says is the state-run channel. Which is strange, because I thought Norway was supposed to be super-politically-correct. Oh well, who cares? It’s Norway.

        • Cyrus

          Well then Aaron, Northern Europe really is moving to the “right.” Fuck’em…

  7. Dota

    There *is* more to it

    damn typos

  8. James Schipper

    Dear Robert
    I didn’t watch this video, but the story is not new. I have looked at figures for Denmark and Sweden, and the conclusion to be drawn from them is NOT that Muslims in Scandinavia commit many rapes, which they don’t, but that Scandinavian men commit so few rapes. Obviously, if natives hardly commit any rapes or none at all, then foreigners are mainly or totally responsible for whatever rapes are being committed, from which it does NOT follow that they do it often.

    Suppose for the sake of argument that only 310 rapes are committed in the US in a given year, all by Mexican immigrants, then the xenophobes can shout truthfully that rape in the US is a purely Mexican problem. However, 310 rapes in a country of 310 million people is a very low figure.

    What we should know is the probability that a Norwegian woman will be raped in a given year and the probability that a Muslim man will commit rape. That would be useful statistics, not a comparison between native men and Muslim men. Such comparisons are always made in Scandinavia. The reason must be that there native men are very disinclined to commit rape, so relatively the Muslims can be made to look bad. It is Islamophobic propaganda.

    None of the above is to suggest that Muslim immigration in Europe have been a great succes and that Muslims are well-integrated, but let’s put these stories about rape of Scandinavian women by Muslim men to rest.

    Regards. James

    • larrylamb

      Where are the breakdown-figures? I’m guessing most of the foreigners who rape in Scandinavia are Iraqis and Iranians, since their culture is very primitive when in comes to male-female relationships.

      • Cyrus

        Yah, right! The more you write, the more we know how uneducated you are!

        • larrylamb

          LOL, is that why you stole my ‘Mexican Space Program’ line? The IQ or Iran is 84, less than US blacks.

        • Cyrus

          The “84” number was debunked on here some time ago. Sounds to me like you’re a bit jealous. Brown people, come to your home, more educated than you, classier, better looking women, actually have teeth, throwing wads of cash around. Must really chap your limey hide, eh?

      • Amy

        Those 2010 Oslo statistics are for “rape with aggravated assault” and do not include charges such as date rape. If you include date rape, then there were charges against ethnic Norwegians as well.

        No breakdown by nationality here, sadly:

        However, here are some older statistics (2007), (including e.g. date rape, not broken down by type of rape charge)…according to the Oslo police:

        Rapes total:
        60.3% Norwegian citizens
        18.3% Africans
        9.3% people from the Middle East
        6.6% Asians

        By nationality:
        41 Norwegian citizens
        18 Somali
        13 Iraqi
        9 Pakistani
        7 Moroccan
        6 from Afghanistan and Turkey
        4 from Gambia and Egypt

        There you go…no Iranians, at least not in 2007.

        Can’t locate the original source anymore–I’ll post a link if I find it.

        • Amy

          The original site doesn’t seem to exist anymore. This article refers to some of the Oslo rape statistics between 2001 and 2008, but does not include breakdown by nationality:

          (excerpt, translated by Google:)
          “Figures from the Oslo police violence and sexual section shows that all 41 reported assaults rapes in the years 2006-2008 involving a non-Western culprit.

          – Perpetrator subjects are relatively young men who come from other countries. They are often asylum seekers and often come from countries or traumatized country with a very different view women than we have in Norway, “says Hanne Kristin Rohde of the Oslo police violence and sexual section to NRK.

          There are men with Kurdish or African origin who dominated the statistics, and police believe it needed more preventive work among men with immigrant background.

          Statistics from previous years shows that people with a foreign background are increasingly overrepresented among perpetrators of the reported rapes, compared to the population in Oslo.

          More and more over-represented
          According to the police report , “Rape in Oslo 2007″ had 72.8% of the perpetrators of that year a different country than the Norwegian. In a similar survey in 2004, this figure of 63.2% and in 2001 at 53%. These figures applied to all rapes. The proportion of foreign perpetrators behind the attack rapes have been consistently higher.”

        • Cyrus

          There you go…no Iranians, at least not in 2007.

          Hah Amy! Like Larry would ever let facts get in the way of his judgment!

  9. No, he actually resides in Colombia, of all places.

  10. Dota

    I wish I had a loonie for every time John UK said “Anti Christ”

    @ BAG

    “””If American Indians or Australian Aborigines were numerous and powerful enough, they would be right to kick whites out of those respective countries. “”

    Loathe as I am to agree with Aaron, I must ask you to clarify your position here. If you believe that might makes right, then you should have no issue with Israel fucking the Palestinians because they can. If you agree with the previous statement, yet shed ‘crocodile tears’ over the plight of the Pallys so that you can beat the jews over the head with, isn’t that a double count of hypocrisy? The first count being that you willingly advocate a double standard, the second count being that you endorse this double standard despite secretly disagreeing with it yourself. Meh now my head hurts. I’ll go have some dinner.

    • Bay Area Guy

      @ Dota

      I don’t shed crocodile tears over the Palestinians, and have made that clear in the past. Israel can do what it wants to them, so long as they stop fucking up this country’s objectives in the Middle East.

      I have pondered over whether or not it might be a good strategy, going off of Wade’s recommendation. Pretend to care about the Pali’s, kinda similar to how Jews pretend to care about blacks and Hispanics. Of course, I would only do that if I became serious about politics/activism, which is unlikely.

      So until then, no crocodile tears from me!

      • Dota

        “””Pretend to care about the Pali’s, kinda similar to how Jews pretend to care about blacks and Hispanics. Of course, I would only do that if I became serious about politics/activism,”””

        But when that time comes, you’ll still have to contend with my question above ^

    • johnUK



      @Bay Area Guy

      “I don’t shed crocodile tears over the Palestinians, and have made that clear in the past.”

      Either way US will have to finance the Palestinian welfare state whose population will only increase and the situation will get worse and worse.

      Personally I am glad the US supports Israel and is bogged down in the Mid East.

      US foreign policy in the Mid East since 9/11 has diverted its resources from its pro-jihad policy which under Brzezinski they are now realigning to focus on Eurasia.

      That’s why Brzezinski/Obama wants a less pro Israel policy in regards to the Mid East.

      Brzezinski is absolutely opposed to US attacking Iran were he even said that US should shoot down Israeli jets in Iraq if it decides to fly over and bomb Iran’s nuclear reactors.

      “Israel can do what it wants to them, so long as they stop fucking up this country’s objectives in the Middle East.”

      What might that be?

      Everybody knows all the Arab countries in the region are US vassals which is shown by what is happening now in the Mid East with Qatar leading and directing US interests in the region.

  11. Hey, the aerospace sector in Southern California…What would it have been, without the influence of the Mexican Space Program? We never would have landed a man on the moon!

    Don’t laugh. Jorge Burrito was on the lead engineers’ team for the Espace Chuttle.

  12. johnUK

    I noticed the Pakistani rapist’s remark. I guess he was Hinduized Robert. Lol!

    I wonder how many Hindus in Europe commit rape and other crimes.

    I would imagine it to be minuscule.

  13. Nikephoros:

    During the Gold Rush, a large number of Mexicans poured in here. Some Latin Americans came too, especially Peruvians. There is a place where I used to live called Grub Gulch. There’s an old restaurant there by a creek that closed and never reopened. In the 1870’s, that place was downtown Coarsegold. It had 10,000 people crammed in that one valley. Almost all of them were Mexicans and Chinese. So you see, only 25 years after the Gold Rush, the Sierras were already flooded with Mexicans.

    People poured in here for the Gold Rush from all over the world. Saying that we populated it with Easterners is not really correct. Gold Rush California was an Open Borders state.

    • Nikephoros

      Thanks, i was already aware that a number of Mexicans settled in California during the Gold Rush. That makes the advocates of “White California” look even more phony, indeed.

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