Bigfoot DNA Update

I just received this major leak from the Erickson Project Bigfoot DNA study:

I know most of the “players” involved in the DNA work; in fact, I have helped in some of the analyses from a statistical point of view. I have no prejudice as to whether the sasquai exist or not, but from the DNA I have seen and analyzed, I’ll give it a 97% chance that sasquatch in fact does exist (therefore no caps on the words sasquatch or the plural form sasquai).

As far as the exact race or species – I primarily have seen only some of the mtDNA sequences; that part is 100% Homo sapiens sapiens (assuming the samples I have seen are not hoaxes). Still, sasquatch could possibly be a hybrid species that is reproductively viable.

I doubt that Dr. Ketchum’s is the only DNA lab working on “Bigfoot DNA.” I believe (but don’t know for sure) that at least one, and possibly two or three others labs, are also working on Bigfoot DNA.

I favor the new hominid designation: “Homo sapiens sesqueqiencis”, in part in deference to a Plains American Indian tribe’s spelling of sasquatch and in part in deference to the newly-discovered ability of Neanderthal Man to mate with Cro Magnon et al., thus officially Neanderthal is now called: “Homo sapiens Neanderthalensis” (with a capital “N” because Neanderthal Man is reportedly extinct).

Based on the mtDNA of several purported sasquatch samples, statistically the “sapiens” part of the above-suggested Latin name is 97% certain.

Unless the whole thing is one huge and well-coordinated hoax.

I doubt it; some of the sasquatch players who have provided confirming samples would never cooperate with one another – never in a million years.

For you skeptics, put that in your pipes and smoke it.

I would like to point out that Dr. Melba Ketchum, who is leading the DNA project, stated in an email that Richard Stubstad is misinformed about the results and outcome of the project.

The lead came from Richard Stubstad. Here is his photo.

Richard Stubstad, who is providing shocking new info from the Erickson Project. Is that a fur cap on his head, or is that his hair? If it's his hair, is he part Bigfoot?

I assume that Richard has not signed an NDA about the project.

This news is mighty strange indeed. Previous leaks said that Bigfoots were halfway between Homo sapiens and Neandertal. I assume that this newest news is along the same line.

But if they are so close to us, why are they so primitive? Why no language, no tools, no fire? Neandertal had no language, but he had tools and fire. Why the primitive saggital/nuchal crest and midtarsal break, that we supposedly lost 2.4 million years ago? If they are this close to humans, then this explains the stories of them breeding with us quite well. It’s all starting to make sense in a way, but so much of the rest of it makes no sense.

So this is why 182 quick and dirty DNA tests of Bigfoots came back “human.” This is why Bigfoot hair and scat tests “human.” It all makes sense. They are our brothers, or our cousins.

Where did they come from? How did they evolve? It all seems so strange and counterintuitive.

I do not agree with Richard that Neandertal is a subspecies of Homo sapiens. I think it is a separate species, though that is still controversial.

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27 responses to “Bigfoot DNA Update

  1. Jan

    I am not a non-believer, but just a few comments. 1) Where did the hair or tissue samples come from to test and 2) Just an FYI: mDNA (mitochondrial DNA) is passed down ONLY through the females. If the mDNA is 100% human, then that means all of the mothers are human………………hmmmm.

    • Sweetsusiq

      Perhaps because they are wise enough *not* to hang around where BF hang out?

    • Opalman

      No…they can indeed be only half human as only the X Chromosome is being discussed. A lifeform comprised by only mtDNA, (incorrectly abbreviated mDNA), would be a biological impossibility. (except in the case of Jesus Christ)

  2. larrylamb

    Why is Biggie such a White thing? Never heard of a Black seeing a Bigfoot.

    It also seems to a Mormon thing.. they think Biggie is a descendant of Cain. I wouldn’t be surprised if a few Mormon fundamentalists have infiltrated ‘Bigfoot research’.

    • Blacks live in cities. They don’t live in the sticks. The wild and rural US is all a bunch of White people. There is even a divide among Whites. Whites back East and in cities don’t believe in Bigfoot. We in the West and especially in the rural West tend to believe in it. We experience them.

      For instance, in an area I lived in for 18 years, I just learned that Bigfoots were spotted there in 2000, about five miles away.

      The sightings are mostly in rural areas, by rural Whites. I do know of one case where some rural Southern Blacks were hunting for food and they shot a Bigfoot. But it ran away.

      • larrylamb

        Nah, there’s plenty of rural blacks:

        None of them has ever seen a bigfoot.

        • June 18, 1948: Franklin County, North Carolina. A Black family hunting in the woods at night shot and wounded a Bigfoot. It screamed and they all ran away.

          Not so.

          I’m not sure why that is, but Bigfoot is not just a White thing. A lot of American Indians see them too. They have an intimate relationship with them going way back, and they understand them very well. The Indians or folks with Indian blood in the South call them the “shadow people” or the “old people.”

          You’re a Brit. Brits don’t believe in Bigfoot.

        • You might be surprised. Go to those rural Black communities down South, especially if they are near forests or swamps, and ask them if they believe in “boogers,” or “swamp boogers.” Might be interesting to see what they say.

          BF hunting is a big sport. It’s an expensive hobby. The tools cost a lot of money.

        • larrylamb

          One sighting??? Wow. I guess that proves my point.

        • Short answer. Blacks live in the city. There are some Blacks living in rural areas of the South, but they live in farming regions. In the South, Bigfoots live in forests and swamps. In the South, the only people who live in forests and swamps are a bunch of White rednecks. Maybe some have Indian blood. Beyond that, Blacks tend to live in cities.

          Most Bigfoot sightings are in the rural West. Ain’t no Black people out there.

          Beyond that, Blacks don’t go into the woods that much. They’re just not into it. Not sure why that is.

          Urban Whites don’t believe in Bigfoot either. They don’t know anyone who has seen it, and they don’t go into the woods that much.
          Most people who believe in it are rural Whites, mostly in the West but also in the South, the Rust Belt and Appalachia.

        • Let’s follow your British scofftic logic here.

          Blacks don’t see Bigfoot, therefore there is no Bigfoot.

          Only Whites see Bigfoot, therefore there is a Bigfoot.

          Problem is that you left out Native Americans. You would fall off your chair if you knew how many of them have seen them or believe in them. As many as rural Whites, or even more.

      • larrylamb

        Are there any Mormon fundamentalists in Bigfoot research?

    • Let’s see now.

      Jeff Meldrum is a Mormon. He’s a scientist, and he believes in Bigfoot, yes. He’s accumulated quite a bit of excellent scientific evidence for their existence.

      Is this what you’re getting at?

      Truthfully, I am not aware that Mormons believe in Bigfoot anymore than anyone else. Nor do fundamentalist Christians. It’s more a matter of living in the woods or the sticks where you come in contact with them or you meet people who do.

      • larrylamb

        Truthfully, I am not aware that Mormons believe in Bigfoot anymore than anyone else.
        Oh really?
        “The Journal of Mormon History published an investigation into stories suggesting that the Bigfoot creatures are actually Cain from the bible, who murdered Adam and Eve’s other son, Abel.”

        Have any other major religions incorporated Bigfoot? Funnily enough, if they regard Bigfoot as Cain, then that makes Bigfoot black. I guess that mean Blacks don’t see Bigfoot because to them, he is just another brother!

        • Not really. That’s just one Mormon guy who believes in Bigfoot talking. I’m not aware that they believe in them more than anyone else.

          It hasn’t much to do with religion, really, only in that rural Whites tend to be fundamentalist Christians. But the many fundamentalists living in big US cities are probably no more likely to believe in it than anyone else.

          I don’t know that much about Bigfoot and religion. In Bigfoot circles, folks tend to be pretty scientific minded and most believe in evolution.

          I hear there are a few rural fundamentalist Whites who think the Bigfoots are some sort of Nephalim from the Bible.

          Bottom line, fundamentalist Christians don’t believe in evolution, and BF is all about evolution. They don’t generally believe in any paranormal stuff, ESP, UFO’s, ghosts, Bigfoots or any of that. All that stuff would be considered Satanic or un-Godly.

  3. larrylamb

    Interesting stats on Bigfoot belief here:

    Percentage of post-graduates who absolutely believe in Bigfoot: 0.0%.

    • I can’t see many trends in that chart.

      The less religious tend to believe more than the more religious, contradicting your theory about religious kook Bigfoot believers.

      The more educated tend to believe less than the less educated.

      However, I have a Master’s Degree, and I believe in Bigfoot absolutely.

  4. KelleyB

    Being LDS and having a long family history in the church we don’t teach or believe that ‘Bigfoot’ is Cain. ‘Bigfoot’ does not come up in conversation or is it discussed in meetings. This is not doctrine.
    There will always be a few ‘kooks’ in any religion. However, just because these kooks say it is true, doesn’t mean that it is.
    I believe that there is enough evidence out there to prove that Bigfoot does exist. I am open to the evidence and I believe anything is possible. I am also college educated.

    We know that there are other worlds, so it is safe to say that other people exist. However, little is known to what they look like. They may not look like us. We don’t know what there environment is like. They may very well look like all those drawings of aliens with big eyes. I have personally witnessed a UFO. I do believe.

    Evolution is an absolute given in humans and most animals. There is evidence everywhere that proves humans and animals have evolved. For example it is evident that at one point humans had tails. We all have a tail bone. At one point our Appendix may have functioned for eating raw meat. Some believe it still does function for producing good bacteria until a certain age in which it turns off. There are a lot of animals as well that have evolved to adapt to changes with the environment. Evidence shows that certain insects and other creatures have also evolved.

    We also know that there is an afterlife as well as there are spirits all around us. I have seen and felt enough to believe in spirits and the paranormal. I personally have had proof in my life of that very thing.

    Believing in these things isn’t ungodly. As with everything in life we must always exercise moderation. Life is pretty busy as it is, balance is the right way.
    Unless of course these areas are your lifes work or collecting evidence is your work. Then hey, that is pretty cool all around.

    Enjoyed this article on DNA update. Thanks Robert! 🙂

  5. Justin

    I’ve always thought Bigfoot had to be either Homo Erectus or something undiscovered in the fossil record that must, at least, be closely related to HE. I’m pretty stunned at the rumors that it’s just a human. I’m thinking since HE is so closely related to us (closer than Neanderthals even, since HE is our common ancestor w/ them) and that HE dna has never been sequenced before, that there is some confusion going on here. No one knows for sure, but if I had to guess, I’d say “Peking Man” began a metamorphosis that carried on over into the Ionian Stage when it crossed Beringia, and continued on through the ice age.

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  7. jason

    larry lamb reminds me of why we kicked the brits out of this country way back when.

  8. jason

    and i am a southeastern redneck christian fundamentalist who happens to believe in sasquatch. if humans and neanderthal produced offspring then its not very hard for me to believe that sasquatch could be another human hybrid. if an open mind is a sign of intelligence what does that say about people who only believe what they can see or touch?

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