Sickening Photos from Shithole* India


Be careful looking at that. I almost vomited while reading. India is simply disgusting

What do the photos show?

The photos show the Ganges River, the holiest river in that lousy religion called Hinduism.

Vast crowds of people are mingling at the river, piling rags onto corpses and publicly cremating them for all to see. People walk by, turning to look at a dead man starting to rot on a ledge.

Next we have photo after photo of the sickening Ganges River and horribly disgusting corpses that float in it. Yes! The river is full of decomposing corpses, dumped into the gross river! People are swimming in the river, brushing their teeth in it, and drinking its water, while vomitous rotting corpses float by.

In many cases, the corpses wash ashore. The shoreline is dotted with decaying corpses, mostly humans but some cows. Crows and dogs fight each other for the right to gnaw on a putrid human corpse.

Crows perch on bloated corpses floating by. Skeletons litter the beach. Organ guts discarded by swollen bellies line the shores and float in the water. Dogs feast on them. Most of the living humans walking around are skinny as rails. Horrifically deformed humans, somehow still alive, lurk here and there. You almost want to kill them to do them a favor.

We go to one of the holiest cities in India, where the Buddha was born. A major tourist attraction, swollen with visitors. But you can hardly walk on the muddy ground because it’s covered with shit. With human turds. Yes, India is not only a shithole figuratively but also literally. Bharat is literally drowning in human turds!

Try walking through that. Better practice your hopscotch skills. India is a shithole. Literally. India, up and coming world power, is literally drowning in 150 million pounds of shit every day.

Next we go to a filthy, disgusting public hospital. My Indian friends told that an Indian hospital is a place you go to to die. If you don’t want to die, you have to bribe the doctor. If you don’t bribe the doctor, you get no care. Yes! The doctor will kill your loved one because you didn’t line his palm. He has to be bribed to keep other humans alive and not kill them via negligence.

More photos show Indian cities covered with garbage, drowning in garbage. Garbage and cows. Cows are everywhere, walking in the street, lying in the street, shitting in the street. Cow shit is everywhere. Indian cities are covered with it. Indian women roam the streets, gathering up cow shit, and laying it out to dry. They use it as fuel. One thing you will notice about an Indian city is the overwhelming smell of cow shit. It’s like living in a dairy.

At a famous Indian tourist beach, on one side of the river there are luxury hotels for foreign tourists. On the other side is a fisherman’s village, where people live in the worst squalor. They are literally living among huge piles of garbage. I don’t think it’s ever taken away.

And all day long, you see villagers shitting on the beach. There’s no way to walk on the beach because it’s covered with shit. But the Indian bourgeois and foreign tourists just smile in their upscale hotels. They could care less, callously partying amidst the wretched squalor.

In India, people shit everywhere. You are driving down the road, and there are guys squatting right by the side of the road, shitting in plain sight for all the drivers to see. No one pays them one bit of mind.

Even upscale Indian cities are filthy. Callous bourgeois Indians carrying briefcases and chatting on cellphones walk down streets past crowds of men urinating against the walls. The smell is so strong it nearly knocks you over. But the suit and tie guy walking by could care less. Those hordes pissing on the wall are zero to him, nothing. They may as well not even be there.

Indians don’t believe in toilet paper. Instead, you wipe their ass with your left hand. That’s why when you into a store in India,  you are never supposed to touch anything with your left hand, because the implication is you probably just wiped your ass with it. Afterward, you wash your left hand with water from a bucket, but that won’t work very well. Indians think this is very advanced. Less hemorrhoids, and you save on paper. It’s Indian environmentalism!

Forget Black Africa. I thought Black Africa was hopeless. Now I think Indian might be even worse. In fact, its starvation figures are generally worse than Black Africa’s. Only Ethiopia’s figure is higher.

Indian nationalists like to say India is up there with Brazil or China. Or better yet, that it will soon be the greatest nation on Earth (the biggest economy). No way. When India is the greatest country on Earth, that means I’m going to kill myself. The planet won’t be worth inhabiting anymore.

I doubt if there is even much for a tourist to see in India. There’s the Taj Mahal (Hopefully the area around it is not covered with turds?), which is frankly a ridiculous structure, as it is a mosque in a majority-Hindu country. It would be like going to Saudi Arabia to look at the greatest attraction, a huge church.

Due to the abhorrent Hindu caste system, the overwhelming majority of Indian Hindus, even highly educated folks making good money with degrees and advanced degrees, simply believe that some humans are better than others due to the caste into which they were born.

This cognitive mess infects almost all Hindu 1-B workers in the US, and caste politics in US IT corporations dramatically hinders productivity and makes the workplace chaotic and strife-ridden. Those of higher castes are contemptuous of lower caste workers and refuse to cooperate with them.

If you’re born into a low caste, your future is more or less sealed. Most routes to success are closed off before you take your first breath.

India has the most HIV cases outside of Africa. It has more people in poverty than there are in all Black Africa combined, and there are a billion people in Black Africa. If you are doing worse than Black Africa, that is spelled FAIL.

India is a profoundly racist country. Remember the monkey calls for the Black athlete recently?

The 2010 Commonwealth Games, the 6th or 7th biggest competition on Earth, were held in India, but they were a huge failure. India was late, so the Games were delayed, the hotels were filthy, and the people in India organizing the event were all corrupt and were arrested afterwards.

In contrast, even South Africa was able to host the World Cup smoothly, and South Africa is a wreck. South Africa is more civilized than India. Wow!

China smoothly hosted the Olympics, and Brazil will probably do a great job of hosting the World Cup in 2014.

India = FAIL.

*There are many innocent shitholes all over the world. They did nothing to create their shithole condition, and in many cases, they don’t deserve it. Some were just sitting there in the ground minding their business and doing whatever holes do, when some mean human came along and callously filled them up with shit. Poor holes! That’s their fault? No way!

Anyway, I would like to apologize to all of the world’s poor, innocent shitholes for comparing you to India. You shitholes don’t deserve such a humiliating comparison.

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  1. LaFleur

    Surf’s up!

    Holy fucking shit!

    I’m left handed. I guess you get used to not picking up food with your left hand, huh?

    • Harry

      The reason I wanted to see such a site as this one is because the Hindu woman who owns the local copy center recently informed me that black people are lower than Indian immigrants, such as herself; she then proceeded to cough all over her hands; rub them together; and then start sorting through my copies: Now; I could have jumped over the counter and beat her senseless; in front of the dazed eyed guru; whose photos line the old hoes walls: But we all know that there are cameras everywhere these days… I guess you can take the Hindu out of India, but you can´t take the India out of the Hindu. I´ve also been reading about how plantations had a lot of willing participants from people who weren´t black, or entirely black, such as the biracial people, who were allowed to serve in the massás house. I think that is a problem in modern day America, we have a lot of immigrants living in massás house and they want to oppress others.

      • George

        So let me guess you went to google typed in India. Found some pictures that some other tool posted on there, being the huge oxygen thief that you are you decided to waste more of your usless life and write some bullshit post that you know nothing about. People like you are not only uneducated but also Fucking retarded. Here’s an idea pal get a life or end it and save some oxygen for someone more useful to the world. Take a look at yourself and everyother american. Where do you shit….in water which in other countries they barely get by with the water they have or none at all. My guess is your some fat ass that probably has a tub of ice cream sitting on the couch stuffing your fat ass face, just looking for something to throw your useless opinion in on.

        • All right idiot, you are banned.

        • curryniggaz

          Cockriding monkey cunt

        • Nova

          “George”!!? 😀 Just faking the name doesn’t make you a non indian, shitbrain 😀

        • Yeah we got ice cream, flushable toilets, but we treat the sewage before we flush it out into lakes or oceans. Big difference between that and raw sewage and dead bodies. We also have a flat population growth, unlike some who breed like animals and care nothing for their country or its resources. As for shit and dead bodies everywhere, it’s also what those from India complain about and why many stop visiting home after coming here.

          The worst though is the caste system. Indians cry racism over absolutely nothing but are the worst racists towards their own people and others. Many bring this narrow minded racist mentality to Canada and the US along with their absolute lack of hygiene, and simply continue living that way.

          If you don’t care for how westerners live, fat ass face and all, then stop immigrating to our countries. In no time at all, they’ll only be men left in India from aborting females, they’ll be deteriorating from inbreeding in many parts, along with little to no clean drinking water left. You’ll all complain and blame others for your dire conditions, but in the end, it’s you that did this to yourselves.

        • Critic

          Ban the guy that actually has a reason to why you are a fucking retard and that you can’t even afford a shitty coach class ticket to India. Living in you’re mom’s basement, looking for initiation after joining the fucking KKK. So before you criticize something, actually go to the place that your bitching about and check it out for yourself. You fucking cunt.

        • Kr

          And why do we have those amenities? Because white men had the intelligence and skill to develop waste water treatment, functioning sewer systems, ect. Other cultures still can’t admit we’re the master race.

      • Srini

        Harry, you christians are robbers. You robbed africa, asia,asutralia. Indians/Hindus are unhygenic. But they are murderers like you christians

      • Raja

        Could the situation in India be the way it is because India is not run by Indians? India is full of criminal internationalists who run government and give no crap about the people of that country. The Indian culture with its caste system is also a plague onto the country. India once use to be a great continent, but now its a shit hole, and the only ones we can blame for this is greedy no good corrupt Indian internationalists and the Indian people themselves. Indians have no self worth anymore on a global level because of the way they treat their own country and its people, its almost as if the whole nation and its people are cursed. I can’t believe that India is still considered a place of spirituality when it lost its ancient spirituality long time ago.

        • Thank you Raja. We have a number of Indians on the site who think like you do. Perhaps you might want to stick around. We are very friendly to critical Indians here.

        • Battleship Negro

          How about some solutions for the problems facing the country?

          You do the easy and obvious thing well.

          Well done and keep saying the obvious things as it easy to forget constructive and intelligent talking points that solve actual problems when you are in rant mode.

        • MikeH

          I have to deal with shit for brains Indians from time to time and based on that I’m pretty sure India is the giant shithole it is because of the shit for brains Indians that populate it.

  2. Amy

    I don’t tend to be squeamish, but I flinched, big time, at the people drinking the water and cleaning their teeth.

    It’s like a scene from Dante’s Inferno, except no one seems to notice. How can anyone be accustomed to those grotesque conditions, I wonder? It wasn’t always *that* filthy, was it? I know the Untouchables traditionally were given the jobs of handling e.g. shit and corpses, but…

    Is it something that’s worsened gradually, with the overcrowding and poverty? (Like the story of the frog in a pot of water over a low fire, only becoming filthier instead of hotter.)

    • Harry

      What they do is they immigrate to the US, and the first words out of their mouth are, ¨Look at those BLACK PEOPLE!¨ And then they see what an American ghetto looks like and they wish to Krishna that their relatives back home had it that good, so then they really start to hate black people. And the more ashamed they are of what they left back home in their old country, the less they like black people. And people from all over the world adopt that kind of attitude. They wish to the Virgin of Guadalupe or whoever that their family back home had it as good as ¨poor¨blacks in the USA, and that is where the sting of shame kicks in and the hatred of blacks starts to really fester.

      • They’ve hated blacks long before immigrating to the US. Heck, they can’t even stand their own countrymen. Yes, even the poorest blacks in American ghettos have schools, running water, heat, electricity and just so you know, they have everything else other Americans have. Their standard of living far exceeds India’s and they shouldn’t hate black people for it, but rather themselves, and work to build a better India, not the corrupt, backwards society it has become. This logic of hate is utterly ridiculous and has no place in a civilized world, and perhaps Krishna punishes them for thinking this way.

        If they want to be ashamed, then be ashamed for all the female fetuses that have been aborted, and the shortages of women in parts of India. Feel ashamed for overpopulating their country and creating the abject poverty that exists by allowing everyone to breed out of control. Be ashamed for forcing girls to marry old men and allowing men in general to run around preying on fellow Indians and raping of their own women.

        Hatred comes from inside. It starts when someone believes, or are raised to believe, that they are less worthy, and they need someone to blame for that. It festers from frustration of their own inadequacies, their own people and their complacency and for the corrupt government they allow to rule. It has nothing to do with black people in America. Millions of other African blacks are far worse off than them.

        Blacks are not hated everywhere like they think. They are woven into cultures throughout South America and many are called Latino. They also live throughout the Atlantic islands, and Haiti is even poorer than India, but Haitians don’t blame India for their lot in life. This logic is ridiculous and built on hatred. Hatred will never bring about positive change, only intolerance and war.

  3. Movenon

    If I had a nickel for every Indian I’ve heard wistfully remark that India will be such a developed place after another decade or two at this pace, it would be enough money to bribe their corrupt politicians into actually feeding and clothing their starving population (hint: that’s a lot of money).

    I love Indian culture and Indian people and all, so don’t come after me like some Hindutva denialist, it’s just that real-life India has too much wasted potential, generation after generation, and that alone should make Indians angry. And I hate the superiority light-skinned Indians feel over dark-skinned Indians. India has to have the absolute worst skin color discrimination in all of Asia, by far. Just look at Bollywood, where every actress has ghost-white skin. You won’t even see medium brown-skinned girls nowadays, no matter how beautiful they may be. I’ve heard stories of starving families that would rather spend what little money they have on skin-whitening cremes for their girl than some extra food.

    Another funny (in a bad way) thing that happens is when I’m talking to some Indian, and then somehow I mention how tragic it is that caste is still such a big problem in India, then they tell me matter-of-factly, “There isn’t a caste system anymore. The government got rid of it a long ago.” As if I’m some jealous, ignorant hater trying to tarnish the splendor of Bharat. Then they go on to say one of several oft-repeated mantras, like “the British misunderstood the caste system back then when they ruined India,” or “Indians don’t look at caste anymore,” or “now the Untouchables have taken over everything and have it even better than higher-caste people.” Yet just last month an Indian friend of mine told me that when her family tried to submit their latest census without writing in their caste, it was turned down as incomplete. The government actually demanded that they write in their caste, for “record-keeping purposes,” even though my friend’s parents tried to explain that they don’t follow or believe in the caste system. If you can’t even fill in the census without stating your caste, THEN CASTE STILL EXISTS. It’s as simple as that. And the associated racism is still going strong.

    My last beef with Indians (Lol, am I allowed to say that?) is when they get self-righteous with their religious views. A lot of Indians see themselves as more spiritual, or just straight-up better people than others. Similar in a way to the holier-than-thou attitudes of vegans, the vegetarian Indians tend to look down on non-vegetarian Indians, and the Indians who memorized slokas (even they don’t understand the meaning of the words) think themselves better than those that don’t. And on and on. A related strain to this is when some Indians try to claim that they’re simultaneously Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Jain, Buddhist, Zoroastrian, and everything else. And then, if you’re actually committed to one particular religion, and don’t agree with their views that one can be a simultaneous practitioner of various religions because all religions are exactly the same, then you’re somehow automatically an intolerant bigot. Never mind the fact that religious minorities (such as Christian and Muslim) in India are routinely threatened by Hindu extremists, for alleged forced conversions. And never mind the fact that Hindu extremists are themselves constantly trying to convert tribal minorities from their tribal religions to Hinduism. I support full freedom of religion. But I don’t think all religions are the same, no matter how many times Indians (and others) like to convince me so. I believe people following religions that aren’t the same (or no religion) should be able to get along perfectly, without having to convince themselves that their religions are actually the same. Last time a vegetarian Indian tried telling me all religions are the same and he was Christian, Muslim, Hindu etc. at the same time, I told him he should try being vegan, lacto-vegetarian, fruitarian, pescetarian, and a meat-eater all at the same time, and see if he could keep it up. That shut down the self-righteousness that day…

    • Lund

      “Another funny (in a bad way) thing that happens is when I’m talking to some Indian, and then somehow I mention how tragic it is that caste is still such a big problem in India”

      I think before westerners start talking about caste, they should look at their own history rife with slavery, murder, looting and genocide. Go to any southern state and you’ll see dipshit racist rednecks all around. Deny it all you want, but a “white” state means one that is racist, xenophobic and full of mass murderers.

      Look at this racism from spain

      How about Italy

      I could give you a million more examples purely by searching google (which is probably the one thing most of the guys here seem highly capable of)

      Yes there is a caste based society in India. However, in the cities, it is only as subtle as the racist western states. The villages are a different story though and there are backward ass people by the millions: guess what just like in Miss. or Alabama or Texas.

      • Movenon

        First off, I’m no Westerner…

        anyway, I don’t give the Western countries or any other country a free pass on racism… this topic is on India, though. If you want to talk about European racism, there are dozens of other topics on that. Every time an Indian tries to deflect negative comments about India, they bring up the evils of all the other countries, which of course, are substantial. In the end, they just delude themselves into thinking that India is inherently better than other countries.

        जय हिन्द!

        • Lund

          “In the end, they just delude themselves into thinking that India is inherently better than other countries.”

          Nope. India is not better than other countries at all. However, in spite of being a shit hole, there is an acceptance for multiple ways of life or at least, non-interference. Unfortunately, this includes corruption and apathy of the leaders (people just accept it). The problem with India is that there is a power structure that is built in which is unbreakable at the moment. How to break it without getting violent? That is the problem. Most western revolutions were brutally violent and do we want to go that route?

        • Beheading is painless

          Finland is the best country. So you are wrong I am an Indian and I say so.

          People like you just want a pat on the back from some white to boost your Indian monkey ego, so any attempt at someone pointing out similar crimes in other western countries gets you worked up and liable to throw a little monkey fit in order to earn your pat on the back.

          It is perfectly right to show hypocrisy. We want to have a debate not have some Indian monkey throw fit every time someone points out western racist hypocrisy.

          Look in the mirror. Getting a pat from a white guy is not going to Change the monkey looking back at you.

        • Hes talking about how shit it is overall. Its planet of the apes reality tv. Everyday. Dumbest cunts ever. Well 99/100 of em

      • cursed

        Down south they don’t shit in one hand and bath in a corpse infested shithole with the other. Down south ladies don’t need to wear a dot on there forehead, so there husband can have something to point at when he says “goddamn your ugly”. Instead of jewel in the crown it looks more like shit on the tiara. Indians are such nasty little bastards, it’s no wonder Israel goes looking there for friends.

        • Lund

          Yeah but down south y’all loot TVs from walmart when there is a hurricane. Yeah, whats the thing most needed when you are in the middle of Katrina? Of course it is a TV Duh.

          Next, you are a bunch of fat asses who do not need a dot on their heads. Just point anywhere and there…that IS ugly as shit. Need a pic? here (thanks for google search)….thats the best this guy gets?

          Next, you are a bunch of low IQ, truck driving, burger munching, ass picking shitheads who can’t point their own town in a map. Whats a map? Nah…I don’t need it. I never get out of my town you see…..

      • Harry

        It¨s bigoted to imagine that racism is a problem with the southern states or that rich people are greedy, etc., there is plenty of racism throughout the USA. Liberal notherners like to scapegoat the south, but they are every bit as racist as the redneck they condemn. And don´t let them try to fool you!

      • Singh

        I am a Sikh from Indian Punjab and I do not disagree with this article. You sir are trying to deflect the issues surrounding India. It is actually a shithole.
        You can’t even fuckin drive without ending up with ptsd.
        Lodge an fir without bribing someone even if it is for assault or a robbery or murder. Politicians are pimps and drug runners. Judges for sale. Hindutva infested schools where anything and everything is attributed to Hinduism and total disregard and contempt for other religionsI have lived there for about 15 years ( a little upmarket city called Chandigarh and while we did not use the tissues but had something called a jet fitted to the commode and of course wash hands with soap before doing anything else ) I have seen shit go from bad to worse not only in India but wherever these Hindus have migrated
        In Auckland the Fijian infested areas ( predominantly Hindus ) same filth they won’t even dress up appropriately and are really stubborn with their beliefs

        They will all lie about the peacefulness of Hinduism and India but in reality we have genocides of minorities 1984 Sikhs 2002 Muslims 2009 Christians in the thousands where innocent people are burnt alive and these Hindus say it was a lesson to them
        Religious persecutions are an everyday thing
        Only the minorities are hung by the noose executed and yes not even one Hindu has been executed by the law in the last 70 years or so since independence
        Superpower my fuckin ass
        Minority States want freedom from the shot hole
        And those monkeys have nukes their children don’t have food to eat or commodes to shit but they will justify spending 100 billion U.S. Dollars a year on weapons
        I am out of that shithole so much so that we don’t even want to live among Hindu Indian communities when out of India

        • Gupta

          You are an ass licking sikh who fucks his own mother annd sister , sell them for some money for drugs or drugs. Hindu is the religion from other religions are born. U Asshole didn’t new the sikh terrorists killed Sikhs and Hindus, killed Indian prime minister, explode bomb in air India flight in Canada killing several people. Fucking mentally retarded Sikhs and a blot on humanity

        • Omar

          I hear some of these Hindutva Hindus are thinking of producing a new drink which will have Cow urine as the main ingredient.
          Last year a Muslim man in India was murdered by a Hindu mob because of a false rumour that he had eaten beef and yet India is the largest exporter of beef and most of the beef processing plants are owned by extremist Hindu members of the ruling party the BJP.
          Hinduism is a shit religion full of hateful, dirty ugly people.

  4. Wade in MO

    “Indian nationalists like to say India is up there with Brazil”

    What a humiliating statement.

    • Merry Jerry

      A vowel was badly in need for the acronym ‘BRICS’….that’s how India got included…nothing else….Still cant imagine how the odd man INDIA got in there..I had finish counting the stars before I figure it out

  5. johnUK

    Is this why Indians have brown skin? Lol!

    Boy I wouldn’t want to see what Pakistan and Bangladesh looks like although floating corpses in the river is pretty bad.

    The main problem with India and other countries in the region are overpopulation and lack of infrastructure I don’t think it has to do with Hinduism itself.

    I don’t see this type of behavior among Indian communities in Europe and North America.

    @Robert Lindsay

    What do you suggest India do Robert have a Stalin or Mao type character come to power and sort out India?

    Due to the abhorrent Hindu caste system, the overwhelming majority of Indian Hindus, even highly educated folks making good money with degrees and advanced degrees, simply believe that some humans are better than others due to the caste into which they were born.

    The Tibetans incorporated the caste system into their society from India which became one of the most uneven, militarist, repressive societies in history with eye coughing, slavery and torture being the norm were almost the entire population were slaves to an elite family class yet you support the Tibetans who have been brought into the modern era by the Chinese government

    And the exiled Tibetan government is supported By India’s RAW, CIA and MI6 who were probably involved in the engineered riots in 2009.

    Being a leftist I guess you probably support the Dahlia Lama?

    • Huax

      Good point on Tibet, johnUK. Mao’s invasion was the best thing to ever happen to Tibet. There’s a reason why almost no Tibetans took up arms against China during the CIA’s miserably failed plot to spark revolution. The bitterness of that failure still carries today through angry reports pushed out by Jewish corporate media. I don’t understand why hook-noses hate China so much, all we’ve ever done was shelter tens of thousands of their refugees during the Holocaust.

    • Thirdeye

      India is too stuck on seeing its cultural baggage as something to be preserved to effect the changes it needs to become a humane society. The early revolutionary movements in China were as much about purging backwards cultural baggage as they were about seizing state power. A similarly comprehensive revolutionary process seems to be what India needs if it is to truly progress. It would likely be quite traumatic.

  6. Lund

    “India was slated to hold the Commonwealth Games, the 6th or 7th biggest competition on Earth, but it was so much of a shithole that the commission turned them down and it was held someplace else instead. ”

    “shitty religion called Hinduism.”

    I think that India is at a very big disadvantage compared to other regions.

    US: Most of the indigenous population was wiped out, mainly in the name of Christianity and their religious places were replaced with churches. Religion wise at least, it became homogeneous. Of course, Christianity is synonymous with genocide. No denying that pal.

    Europe: Since it was populated, the people more or less have been the same white joes. Very homogeneous. Of course, that evil religion called Christianity basically confiscated all the previous religions and again, plenty of people were killed to achieve a semblance of a uniform society.

    Middle East: Same story as Christianity. Some crazy paedophile prophet decided he had divine visions and the result: yeah baby mass genocide, loot and rape. Thus, a uniform society was formed.

    Hinduism has no aforementioned advantages. And yeah, it gave Yoga to the world as opposed to camel fucking and slavery.

    • Lim

      If you wipe out the dalit, who is going to clean the shit? If they do, the higher caste will have to clean the shit themselves. Scary isn’t it. The dalits were created just for that purpose to serve the higher class.

    • Unfortunately Indian

      Lund – is that your name ? See if I translate that, it means Dick, and you know what people mean when they call someone Dick or dickhead for that matter but you’re an Indian calling yourself one and making fun of yourself.. So you’re an idiot ?

    • Unfortunately Indian

      One more thing to add, translated to English, Lund means Penis, it’s considered a derogatory word and considered uncivilized and vulgar to speak in general society, for those who did not know ..

    • winry

      Don’t call the religion shitty. The board in-charge of the games consists of people of ALL religions Including Christians. Yes I think that the country is corrupt and trust me after travelling the world, I can tell you I can find shittier stuff in your country too. Cz no country looks beautiful everywhere. It is developing, in spite of shitty government. Yes its dirty ,but guess what? Most of the disease originate and are more prevelent in developed countried :
      swine flu remember? where exactly did it start?
      AIDS? I’m sorry where?
      India is not free of diseases and poverty. I’ts not full of it either. Its not clean. But its not fully dirty. Don’t accuse another’s religion with no base.

    • MikeH

      The “indigenous” populations of the Americas were stuck in the stone age as the rest of the world, the white world anyway, was moving into the industrial revolution. They were doomed to be conquered. The process of natural selection at work.

  7. cursed

    This post made me laugh.

  8. Dota

    While I’m the first to admit India blows, I’ve read some comments that some of those photos were bogus. That they were taken in Cambodia. I saw those photos a while ago and their source seems dubious. But India is truly squalid nevertheless. While cities like Cairo are just messy with litter bugs everywhere, India is filthy.

    Read this:

    As I’ve pointed out numerous times, Indian cities are merely large villages. There is no concept of civic sense because there is no concept of the common good in India (as Aakar Patel points out). The concept of interdependence which westerners take for granted goes right back to Plato’s Republic (book 3 I think), but does not exist in India. Urbanization is a new concept and it will take decades before Indians completely figure it out.

    John UK
    “”The main problem with India and other countries in the region are overpopulation and lack of infrastructure I don’t think it has to do with Hinduism itself. “”””

    Then how did China get its shit together? Hinduism as an ideology shows the least respect for Human life. It holds that the Brahmins are the only ones made in the image of God (Brahman). Confucianism is by far the superior ideology. Both Confucius and Mencius were raised in poverty, but that did not stop them from making their mark on Chinese civilization. I can’t think of a single Dalit or Shudra whose made any contribution to Indian civilization. Hinduism holds that the lower castes are subordinate to the higher ones, and that is the sole purpose of their existence.

    Confucianism holds that ALL humans must strive to act properly and morally. Mencius stated: “Heaven sees as the people see, heaven hears as the people hear.” He also quite clearly articulated the right to revolt centuries before John Locke did. Why? Because Chinese civilization holds the belief that man is destined for a higher purpose. That people deserve better. Such values do not exist in India.

    • nazbol

      Do you think Confucianism and Islam are similar? I think both are less elitist and more populist compared To Hindoodoo. Maybe that’s why China is aligned with Pakistan (other than geopolitical reasons) and has better relations with Muslim nations compared to Hindu-dominated India.

      • Dota

        That’s a good question which requires some thought. In some ways Islam and Confucianism are quite similar. They both stress good government and that governments lead by moral example. However I think Confucianism stresses more on individual character development whereas Islam stresses more on the well being of society at large. The reasons have more to do with the socio/political environments in which both ideologies were born.

        The Prophet Muhammad lived during a time when one of the most dominant tribes of Arabia, the Quresh, was undergoing a transition from nomadism to settled mercantilism. This transition phase led to the creation of a class system which was previously unknown to Arab culture. Gone was the old Tribal egalitarianism which was now replaced by rich people, poor people, Orphans, widows, slaves ect… Disturbed by these new trends, Muhammad sought to address the needs of these disenfranchised groups. There are a LOT of verses in the Quran that stress the well being of Orphans and widows (Muhammad himself was an Orphan). This is why Islam stresses heavily on charity (zakat).

        But Islam also stresses on individuals acting in a morally upright manner. No lying, no cheating in business, no backbiting and no gossiping. However the collective good is paramount. Confucianism to my mind is somewhat more egoistic in its orientation than Islam is, which is a good thing mind you. The reasons I’ve highlighted above have led some academics to believe that Muhammad was a ‘6th century socialist.’

        Now I’d like to ask you a question Nazbol: To what extent has Confucianism influenced east Asian societies outside of china?

        • Lund

          First, the people in the middle ages were supposed to believe (and Muslims still believe) that Islam is the only true path to “God”. Now, as more and more bullshit of Islam is being exposed every day (ranging from terrorist acts, subjugation of other beliefs, to just bullshit verses in the Koran), we have a paradigm shift by a new age poser in this blog where the “Socialistic” qualities of Islam are fawned upon and the rest of the horseshit is conveniently ignored. Let us see, if Mohammed was a true socialist, he did not need to invent the cult to propagate his socialism. However, the Koran itself was written conveniently to blend in with the barbaric practices of the Arabs back in the day. Islam is nothing but a tool for expansionism and barbarism.

          Sure there may be “Socialistic” qualities in the religion. However, it does not apply to the Kaffirs so what is the point? Convert to the primitive religion and then revel in being an equal sheep humper (males) or convert, put on a burkha and be one of the many wives of some 60 year old man (females)?

        • Tim_from_Australia

          That was a nice, rich, well written comment. I feel better for having read it. Thank you!

        • Omar

          Lund, if you are called Lund then your sisters must be called Puddii and Gand.

    • johnUK


      Sorry for the late response I was originally typing a response to what you wrote when I got interrupted and had to continue it later and forgot about it.

      “Then how did China get its shit together?”

      Because it became centralised, eliminating and outlawing rural ethnic and religious practices and following the example set by Stalin began collective agricultural reforms and infrastructure projects and I presume limited mass internal migration of the population so they could develop industrial sectors.
      A major part of China’s policy to sustain economic growth is to impose a one child per family policy.

      The same can be said of Stalin minus the depopulation policy.

      Granted it basically requires a police state to control the various ethnic groups and factions but in the long term you have a country like China that can evolve and potential develop a more democratic country (Tiananmen square riots continued in large part due to support of the protestors from reformers in the party) rather than a chaotic mess like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

      States only progress when there is a strong central government.

      That’s why anti-Christ US promotes this Ayn Randian/Popper Open Society BS to dissolve national sovereignty and run countries through there affiliated Oligarchs.

  9. Dirty Bull

    Don’t laugh Bob – I make this solemn prediction, in 50 years time Indians will be running the USA and telling your grandchildren what to do.

  10. tulio

    More on the feces problem:

    My uncle has been there and told me the tales of women pulling up their skirts and defecating right on the sidewalks. I used to think these were just wild tales, but alas it’s very normal. He also said getting sick there is a certainty, no surprise.

    The photo of the man whose face was covered in wart and tumors will haunt me for the rest of my life. I couldn’t stop looking at it. It was so ghastly I was just perplexed at how things could get to that point. Makes you walk down the streets here with a new found appreciation for living in a first world country.

    • Bay Area Guy

      Makes you walk down the streets here with a new found appreciation for living in a first world country.

      Good point.

      As pessimistic as so many (myself included) can be on this blog, you sometimes have to keep things in perspective. Things could always be worse.

      • johnUK

        Pre-Industrial West was just as bad.

        • Bay Area Guy

          Pre-Industrial West was just as bad.

          Lol, okay, so India today is as bad as pre 20th century Europe. That doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in India.

        • johnUK

          @Bay Area Guy

          Not an endorsement of India just that Europe was on the level of India today at one point minus the mass population.

          Perhaps a good old nuclear war in the region would help these countries start from scratch.

        • John UK, a better comparison is China. India and China were exactly the same on most all variables in 1949. Now compare them. What’s the difference? Real socialism and Communism developed China and laid the groundwork for the present “socialism with Chinese characteristics.” This shows you what real socialism and Communism can do for your country. It’s as clear as air.

        • Francesco

          I would like to address this comment to Mr Lindsay since for some reason the blog doesn’t allow me to reply directly to his own comment below. Hoping that you read it. You say that China’s success compared to India’s failure proves the superiority of Communism to capitalism. But doesn’t it matter that the Chinese IQ is so much above that of the Indians? Doesn’t the IQ difference invalidate your reasoning here?

        • Well, they were at the exact same level of development in 1949. Lot of good that sky -high Chinese IQ did them up until 1949, eh?

          It seems to me that if Indian had taken the Chinese road to development in 1949 instead of the crap road they did take, they would be a lot better off in a lot of ways. Don’t know too many Communist countries where 60% of the population shits outside.

          Even now, if they had a “socialism with Indian characteristics” along the lines of the Chinese “socialism with Chinese characteristics, they would be a lot better off.

        • Bay Area Guy

          @ Robert

          I agree with you to an extent.

          However, at the same time, I think that too often people, when analyzing the success of a country, focus too much on its policies, rather than focusing on more important factors such as natural resources, human capital, etc.

          Take the Swedish welfare state, for example. So many people love to go on about how great Sweden’s welfare state is, and how the U.S. would do well to emulate it, etc.

          Yes, it’s true, the Swedish welfare state is successful. But how did that welfare state become successful in the first place? Sweden historically has had a very homogenous, cohesive population that placed a high value on cooperation, work ethic, and other practices that ensured success. Prior to developing its welfare state, Sweden had already experienced tremendous economic growth, so it had the necessary wealth, human capital, and other resources to ensure a smooth welfare state.

          However, if you look at non-white 3rd world immigrants in Sweden, and their children, they perform horribly, despite living in the same welfare state.

          The welfare state doesn’t make Sweden great, Swedes make the welfare state great.

        • Bay Area Guy

          In conclusion, even if India had followed the same policies as China, it would still significantly lag behind, my opinion.

          It simply does not have the same human capital of China, nor its land mass. China’s society is more homogenous, cohesive, and disciplined than India is.

          Policy notwithstanding, India has to fundamentally change its ways, as Dota has pointed out.

          Don’t know if Maoism can magically save it now.

        • Suppose India had taken the Chinese road, including the road the Chinese are taking now. Would you have 650 million Indians shitting outdoors? Would you have 14 million starving to death in South Asia every year? Would you have 200 million living in the streets? Would 50% of the population be malnourished?


        • Cuba has a welfare state too, Communist if you will. They have world class human development figures. And they are not even Swedes. You do you figure?

        • Bay Area Guy

          Re: Cuba

          That’s a good question. I would probably have to do more research on Cuba, since I don’t know a ton about it.

          Re: India

          Well, India would probably be in a better state, to be sure. But still, they would continue to lag behind China. Why? Dota’s various posts on the flaws of Indian/Hindu culture tell the tale.

        • Dota

          BAG is quite right, its not the system, but the underlying society that’s key. In one of his biographies Lee Kwan Yew stated that he grew disillusioned with socialism because it failed to provide any growth. After Singapore had generated a fair amount of wealth with market capitalism, Yew began implementing socialist programs, such as public housing, excellent education and healthcare.

        • Bay Area Guy

          @ Dota

          Yes, excellent point. It’s no surprise that the most successful welfare states tend to be countries that were already economically advanced, cohesive, and otherwise well developed.

          You couldn’t just suddenly create a generous welfare state in say, Afghanistan, and expect the common people to all of a sudden enjoy a surge in their standard of living.

          To be sure, there are cases of such a thing happening. Mao’s early reforms in China during the 1950s did produce many positive results. But then again, a place like China, even impoverished, would still have an advantage over places like India.

          Under Mao China was united, as well as having a disciplined, nationalistic, and hard working population, in addition to an East Asian culture suited for success.

          (of course, Mao made some huge blunders later, but that’s not relevant to this discussion)

          I just think that one needs to look more at a society’s underlying dynamics, as opposed to “policies,” because the former are far more important.

        • Bay Area Guy

          On another note, this is why I also get annoyed when I hear pundits and commentators argue about how horrible the U.S. educational system is, and how if we were only more like South Korea, Finland, and Singapore, we’d have better test scores and be more “competitive.”

          But again, don’t look at policy, look at factors such as human capital.

          Nordic countries like Finland and East Asian countries like South Korea are relatively homogenous, as cultures they place a high value on education, and they tend to have superior work ethics.

          The U.S, on the other hand, is a very racially mixed, polarized, and economically unequal society with an increasingly deteriorating work ethic and a pervasive anti-intellectual culture, which one can even witness among college educated people at times.

          One only has to look at how Asian American students, despite going through this country’s supposedly horrible educational system, excel tremendously.

          If you replaced all the black, Hispanic, and white trash students with Koreans, then everyone would be going on about how incredible the U.S’s educational system is.

          Policy only tells a part of the story. Human capital tells a bigger one.

  11. OMG. I’ve seen some photos like that, but I think they were sanitized and taken from a distance. If the rest of the world had any balls, they would indite India for crimes against humanity and make it a ward of the global state.

    This explains the obtuse incompetence of my Indian-born Desi boss, who excels at chest-thumping, slacking, idea-stealing, and delusional mismanagement, which seems to be the Indian MO.

  12. The immune system of those river dwellers (the “healthy” ones) must be incomprehensibly strong. Imagine growing up there and moving to the U.S. when you’re like 25. I wonder what you would think of all this nauseating cleanliness??? I’d probably lurk around those public outhouse toilets for a taste of home.

    Amy: or a scene from a Hieronymus Bosch painting.

  13. I used to think Hindi were bezerk for worshiping cows and refusing to eat beef.

    I still do.

    But I can’t ignore that in Western culture, we have the same relationship with cats and dogs. We give them birthday parties, make Disney movies about them, and would never eat them.

    • Lund

      “I used to think Hindi were bezerk for worshiping cows and refusing to eat beef.”
      There are many “Hindis” like me who do not eat meat at all. I think vegetarianism is a superior dietary habit than eating meat.

      Would you eat an elephant’s testicles? If yes, then how about a pigs intestines? If no, then why would you eat beef but not a pigs intestine/elephant testicles? Please elucidate on what reasoning your dietary habits are formed.

      Mine is simple: eat flora don’t eat fauna. When in doubt, do not eat it.

      • I actually have eaten pork tripe, it was OK.
        I would nibble on elephant testicles, but do not expect me to finish.

        Dietary laws are for civilized man.
        I am actually very culinary open-minded for a Westerner. It’s worship I detest.

      • Amy

        Pork sausage casings are traditionally made from pig intestines–so lots of Westerners eat pig intestines. As for elephant testicles–eating any part of an elephant would be considered shocking by most Westerners.

        Some Westerners do eat bull testicles (“Rocky Mountain Oysters”).

      • When you eat food like a cow, you become a human cow. When you eat like a tiger, you become a tiger.

        • Francesco

          Never mind that the human digestive system is closer to that of a cow than that of tiger. Just saying.

      • MutantCookie

        “I think vegetarianism is a superior dietary habit than eating meat.”
        You’re a troll with no grasp of nutrition, human anatomy or biology and wish to put yourself on a higher moral plane purely based on your dietary habit. If you don’t know why you’re not supposed to eat a pig’s intestines, testicles or any other animal’s for that matter, maybe you’re too dumb to know what’s edible and what’s not, and should rely on a mature, informed adult to take that decision for you.
        “When in doubt, don’t eat it”? That must be some restrictive lifestyle. Bet you end up going to bed on nothing but water and lentils most of the time. That’s when mummy doesn’t feed you, I suppose.

  14. Lund

    ” It’s worship I detest.”

    Why? If someone worships an animal and is not affecting you directly in any way, why detest?

    “I actually have eaten pork tripe, it was OK.
    I would nibble on elephant testicles, but do not expect me to finish.”

    Would you eat a horse’s legs? How about a donkey’s rectum? What kind of law you follow? I agree with you that having a dietary law is civilized. The practice that makes sense to me is a vegetarian/vegan one. It is as clear cut as it comes without any kind of religious bullshit to it.

  15. Humans are omnivores. How do you feel about eating insects? They are the greatest source of protein-rich, low fat meat in existence, but the ingrown social stigma is too great. Our primitive ancestors thrived on insects. Before there were slaughter houses and meat plants and global transport, we ate locally.

    Vegetarianism/Veganism are way too civilized and pathological. If the sacredness of cows leads to this, I’ll happily eat them!

    • Lund

      What about evolving then? So are we just going to be primitive? Why wear clothing? The “holy men” shows in the photographs in this post are primitive. They have not evolved……

      ” If the sacredness of cows leads to this, I’ll happily eat them!”

      No it has nothing to do with cows being sacred. 80% or more of the “hindus” are meat eaters. They happily eat fowl, goat etc. But many stay away from Beef because of their beliefs.

      • Azzythehillbilly

        You are a smart ass. your name “Lund” means dick.
        What a shameless creepy dickhead to infest this page with your blathering senseless rants.

    • Nikephoros

      Just ate roasted queen ants today. Yummy.

  16. Evolution is a joke. Just like capitalism.

    Every generation seeks to elevate itself but it’s just as base as the previous generation of beef eaters.

    There is no spiritual evolution, there is no karma. We all seek some weird short-sighted remedy to this misery we call existence.

    No it has nothing to do with cows being sacred. 80% or more of the “hindus” are meat eaters. They happily eat fowl, goat etc. But many stay away from Beef because of their beliefs.

    I was talking about beef.

    Look, I’m not arguing with you. In fact, I realize the hypocrisy of Western culture. You worship cows, we worship dogs in our own strange pagan way. Whatever. I would eat anything. Did you ever watch “The Cook the Thief His Wife & Her Lover?” How do you feel about cannibalism? If we’re going to take this to theoretical extremes?

    • Lund

      “How do you feel about cannibalism? If we’re going to take this to theoretical extremes?”

      There is this sect in India that eats dead people. They don’t kill but then, considering that it is India, they do not have to sadly. Also, since the word “Hindu” has been bandied around everywhere, I guess these guys would be “Hindu” too. They are my peeps bro. I’m proud of them.

  17. India is like some strange primal backwash and we don’t know how to deal with it. India usurps our civilized sensibilities. Those fuckers just do what they will.

    Is India the template of the future of “civilized” mankind?

    • Reactionary_Konkvistador

      Yes. Lower caste Indians and Africans are the only people on Earth that don’t and can’t go through the demographic transition unless they live in a mixed society (US, Cuba, South Africa ect.). And I’m rooting for the Indians winning out, their lower castes have IQs in the high 80s, much better than Subsaharan Africa. You think India is horrible? What do you think Nigeria will look like once it has 700 million people (check out recent UN projections)?

      This is the future of mankind if we are lucky. If we aren’t the branch of mankind that left Africa in ~ 60 or so thousand years ago will die out.

      • No, lower castes must have IQ’s in high 70’s. Average Indian IQ is 82.

        • Reactionary_Konkvistador

          I think both African and Indian IQs are probably underestimated. I may be wrong though, the ability turn a functioning civilization isn’t tied just to IQ but personality type as well. Self-domestication and all that.

      • Adrammelech

        You’re a total moron. So Africans are dull, huh? I can’t believe anyone white would be so stupid.

        I’ll bet you don’t eat cows when in india but do so elsewhere. You think Africans are stupid, but at least they don’t watch meat walk, sleep and shit over them.

        And indians are horribly corrupt, filthy, filthy, poor, so awfully poor and uneducated people. Yet they can be racist to blacks. Whites have rejected you, you’re just colored stumps of human existence. It’s no wonder you torment yourselves with castes and cannibalism and filthy bathes in your putrid river.

        Most Africans are better achievers than you dillip idiots.

        Lawd. Never heard such idiocy.

  18. Lund

    ” India usurps our civilized sensibilities”

    Mostly true.

    You yourself admitted that you’d eat any thing and vegetarianism is way more civilized. If you take this as a spectrum, the cannibal sect is on one end, vegetarians are on the other and then, people like you are somewhere in the middle. So no matter where your sensibilities lay, you’ll find something way more disgusting along with something that is much more civilized than the norm. The problem is that the disgusting part is more prevalent.

  19. Dota

    Meat has a certain quality of protein that’s far superior to anything veggies have to offer. The iron is also of a superior quality that is easily dissolved into the blood stream.

  20. Dota


    “”Sure there may be “Socialistic” qualities in the religion. However, it does not apply to the Kaffirs so what is the point? Convert to the primitive religion and then revel in being an equal sheep humper (males) or convert, put on a burkha and be one of the many wives of some 60 year old man (females)?”””

    Applying 20th century moral standards to 6th century Arab society? Clearly you can’t be as stupid as you sound. Most societies began this way and gradually moved towards moral universalism. Islam and Christianity hold that man is destined for a higher purpose. That man is made in the image God where the latter embodies certain attributes which are then imitated by the believers through the act of worship. Monotheists worship ideas whereas Polytheists worship physical forms.

    “Now, as more and more bullshit of Islam is being exposed every day”

    Islam has had religious skeptics and agnostics as far back as the 8th century (Ibn-Al Rawandi comes to mind). These people questioned the legitimacy of the Muhammad’s prophethood and the validity of the Quran. The sheer diversity of thought of thought during the Abbasid dynasty is astonishing. Now how many religious have tried to engage Hinduism prior to the Brit’s arrival? And don’t count Guru Nanak and Gautam Sidharth, as they merely quit Hinduism without attempting to engage it.

    • Lund

      “Applying 20th century moral standards to 6th century Arab society”

      Really, last I checked in Lucknow, I saw these Burkhas everywhere… they smell like shit inside…..I know plenty of muslims that have 3-4 wives….

      But anyways….the koran was written using 6th century arab society as the basis. But since the claim is that it is pure, unchanged, dropped from the heavens etc, it stands exposed in today’s world. As does christianity by the way. Organized religion (such as christianity and islam) is the biggest scam invented by power hungry men.

      “Islam and Christianity hold that man is destined for a higher purpose”

      What is that? Going to heaven and dancing with the stars? More crap.

      “Monotheists worship ideas whereas Polytheists worship physical forms.”

      So it has come down from worshiping the one god to an idea now. Try again…..let me help you. Monotheists are the most insecure, jealous assholes in general. They are haunted by the fear that there are people happy in their own worlds worshiping gods that are different from what they have been led to believe by unscrupulous books.

      “These people questioned the legitimacy of the Muhammad’s prophethood and the validity of the Quran”

      Which means they were not muslims. So whats the point. As for “Hinduism” as you call it….
      It is unfortunate that most of his works were lost.

      • Dota

        “”Really, last I checked in Lucknow, I saw these Burkhas everywhere…..”””

        The Burka (veil) is alien to Islam. The Quran makes no mention of it. There is a reference to a curtain, but that only applied to the segregation of the Prohpet’s wives from society, not to other Muslim women. Scholars have theorized that the veil was a Persian custom.
        Either way, modesty is the sign of a healthy society. You have a problem with that?

        “man they smell like shit inside””

        That’s just an Indian thing in general. Jai Hind.

        “”I know plenty of muslims that have 3-4 wives….””

        I’ve yet to meet one. Anyhow, do you recall what their socio/economic status was by any chance? I’ve always had an acedemic interest in Polygamy. Were they from the Nawab aristocratic families? was this in Lucknow? If so, then I’ll have to factor in the economic conditions of the Muslims in lucknow as polygamy is expensive as hell.

        Oh and just so you know, Polygamy was quite common in India too. There are plenty of references to it in classical literature like the Panchatantra. For all you know, it’s still practiced covertly in rural areas, like sati and child marriages.

        “”So it has come down from worshiping the one god to an idea now. “”

        It was always an idea. God symbolises the best virtues of humanity, such as justice, love and mercy. I’m not arguing that monothiests have alaways behaved well, far from it. Worship is an act of imitation, and by worshipping God, the monothieist is in reality meditating on those virtues. This is the reason why Muslims are forbidden to portray God in any way, lest we lose sight of the virtues by fixating our gaze on the physical form. This form of abstract thinking is far more sophisticated than praying before an idol or fetish. Societies move from Polytheism to monotheism, and not the other way around. Hinduism moved moved from the primitive polytheism of the Vedas to the more sophisticated Upanishads.

        “”Which means they were not muslims. So whats the point. As for “Hinduism” as you call it….””

        Irrelevant. The point was to show you that skepticism was not completely stifled by their culture.

        And as for your reference to Hindu skeptisicm, I thank you for it. This is provably the first intelligent thing you’ve said so far and I’ll most certainly look into it. I do have a request for you though, the next time you link to such personalities, could you also kindly state their caste?

        Also, are you aware of any thinkers who have attempted to engage and reform Hinduism like the Arab Mutazalites and Asherites of the 8th century (who used greek philosophy)?

        • “Also, are you aware of any thinkers who have attempted to engage and reform Hinduism like the Arab Mutazalites and Asherites of the 8th century (who used greek philosophy)?”
          A number of Bengali philosophers like Raja Ramohun Roy and Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar tried to. Unfortunately, their attempts to reform the Hindu society has been limited to their own people, the Bengalis. It is because of their (relative) egalitarianism and liberalism that most Indians of the Hindu belt consider the Bengalis as some sort of ‘heretics’.

    • Observer

      “Now how many religious have tried to engage Hinduism prior to the Brit’s arrival? And don’t count Guru Nanak and Gautam Sidharth, as they merely quit Hinduism without attempting to engage it.”

      Please read up on the history of Hindu Philosophy in India, its even there on Wikipedia. The Hindu philosophy is roughly divided into two branches : Orthodox (Theistic) and Heterodox (Atheistic or Materialistic).

      Theists are further divided into – Samkhya, Yoga, Nyaya, Vaisheshika, Mimamsa, and Vedanta. There have been numerous revivals and critiques of contemporary Hindu philosophies throughout the last 3500 odd years since the beginning of the Vedic period. Ancient works of Kapila, Kanad, Gautam, Patanjali, Adi Shankaracharya, Chinmayananda, Swami Dayananda, Vivekananda in each of these schools of thought. The most prominent of them was Adi Shankaracharya (8th century CE) who is famous for challenging the contemporary Buddhist monks at a time when most of India was gripped in Buddhist philosophy and lead to a revival in Vedantic Hinduism. He is of course of the many that have revived, questioned, critiqued and challenged contemporary Hindu beliefs from time to time.

      The atheistic school is further divided into Jains, Buddhists and the Carvaka. The Carvaka philosophers rejected the authority of the Vedas, calling their composers liars and buffoons who made a living out of duping poor people. Carvaka also rejects afterlife, the supernatural and any kind of God and they believes that hedonism should be accepted and embraced by all people. It is estimated that this school of thought took hold somewhere around 500 BC (same time when Buddhism arose) but became extinct in less than a millennium. It is by far the only ancient materialistic and atheistic school of thought apart from the ancient Greeks.

      “That the pleasure arising to man from contact with sensible objects,
      is to be relinquished because accompanied by pain such is the reasoning of fools.

      The kernels of the paddy, rich with finest white grains,
      What man, seeking his own true interest, would fling them away
      because of a covering of husk and dust?

      While life remains, let a man live happily, let him feed on butter though he runs in debt,
      When once the body becomes ashes, how can it ever return again?”

      • Bhabhiji

        Observer, good obseravtions.

        Hindu civilization gave rise to theism, atheism and agnosticism with a diversity of philosophies in each. We had a thriving culture of debate wherein everyone was given a chance to espouse their views, have them countered, and a synthesis arrived at when possible.

        Religious freedom and freedom of thought was and still is paramount.

        Many people in the West appreciate this diversity of thought philosophical thought found in Hinduism.

        As far as shudras and harijans, many were our saints and even emperors. Study South Asian material and spiritual history and the contributions of the various varnas and jatis and harijans becomes apparant, and lets not forget Dr. Ambedkar in modern times.

        India’s problems are due to our population size and very large, very corrupt government. If our government could get on track the population would cease to be a con and become a pro.

        Empowerment of villages is the way forward.

  21. Dota

    Oh and ‘Lund’; classy name btw

    For those who may not know; Lund = Penis in Hindi

  22. Dota

    Yikes plenty of typos. I should get some sleep

    “Now how many religious have tried to engage Hinduism”

    How many religious leaders have tried to engage…

    “These people questioned the legitimacy of the Muhammad’s prophethood ”

    Not supposed to be a ‘the’ in there before Muhammad

    • Lund

      “Not supposed to be a ‘the’ in there before Muhammad”

      You got it wrong. The “the” is fine. Muhammed is the one that should be replaced by “Dickhead”

      • Dota

        Well if thats the case, the 2 of you have something in common. Now, if you have nothing else to contribute to this thread, why not make a dignified exist? we’ve already had our fair share of retarded Hindutwadis here, as Robert L will surely testify

  23. heg

    Sickening videos from the JEW RUN shithole called America:

    The JEW who controls America:

    “Netanyahu addresses congress (MAY 24 2011) ”

    “Stalin Rede ” Standing ovation to the jew whore Stalin.

  24. The source of these pictures come from a Chinese site and the Chinese hate, the majority at least, indians. So of course the person will portray tha situation in the worse possible manner although i’m not denying that the country is in a shit state.

    • huax

      The fact that you got 3/4 sympathetic responses for the Chinese equivalent of should tell you everything you need to know.

  25. Uhmm the brazen Chinee running down old India.Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.Lets face it both CHINA and India are hapless,hopeless and helpless Shitholes period!

  26. Charles, Australia

    Very interesting and true

  27. Derpina

    India should be wiped out together with all the filthy Indians

  28. Nothing short of biological warfare on a massive scale is needed to clean up this shithole. Kill every living human and cow, turn the corpses into fertilizer, plow over what is left, and then start over. We will be doing them (and the world) a favor.

  29. Moderate this, you fucking faggot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. desigirl

    Um… no. YOU, sir, are the shit here. India has the BEST economy in the world, and who cares if there is litter on the streets? I’ll bet you there is 100x more litter on the streets of NYC. YOU and EVERYONE who agrees with this article is SHIT. And when America goes into Great Depression II, India will be the country bailing America out. LOSERS!

    • Ok, I am banning you, slumdogette.

    • Curryniggacrew

      You dirty slavette, mind it!!

    • Unfortunately Indian

      One thing I first masturbated on a western woman, because of women like you in India, young boys are doing the same, they get to know how boobs look like by watching discovery or national geographic documentaries on African tribes or secretly surfing the Internet for western babes and drooling over the keyboard. I’m sure jerking off by looking at backless blouses isn’t that exciting in the long run.. So bitch, Goto gym, get a body

    • Well a year later with the crashed rupee, India can’t even bail out itself.

  31. india is an absolute SHITHOLE. Do not come here for vacation. Unfortunately if you do, you’ll smell the shithole when you land. Poor animals, they have no choice but to be stuck and slaughtered here in conditions kfc would be proud of. Visit INA market for some literal examples.

  32. An Unmarried Man

    I’ve been reading this India is a Shithole thread since it began and it is goddamned captivating.

    I agree, India is indeed, a shithole.
    From where I stand.

    Do the people who live this every day consider it a shithole, or do they consider it life? It’s like arguing infinity. No one can ever know where it ends. Where does my misery end? Or how do I know what lives outside infinity?

    • Dota

      “”Do the people who live this every day consider it a shithole, or do they consider it life? “”

      Life. It’s the only reality they know. My fiancee loves India and is pretty nationalistic. However, when we flew from Aurangabad to Mumbai, it was her first time on a plane. For the first time she saw the endless slums extending as far as the eye could see as we descended into Mumbai. And it was at that point that she realized that everything I’d been trying to tell her about India was the truth.

    • Curryniggacrew

      The misery is infinite. Virtual/augmented reality technologies can ease your suffering, as can many escapist paths. I don’t believe in escapism with the exception of using it in this country to save your sanity should you be unfortunate enough to live/visit here for more than 3 days.

    • “consider it a shithole, or do they consider it life?” Well if since all one has known since birth and all you’ve known is a world that is filled with trash and filth then, of course it’s the only “reality” you will know. But I can tell you this: those Indians that have traveled outside India, particularly if they go to the west or other modern industrialized places like Japan and now China, it makes them realize how far behind India is. In fact, those Indians that travel and find out how backward India is are some of the harshest critics of India.



  34. White Trash

    Stupid Injins


    …………………………BHARAT IS ETERNAL……………………………………………….

  36. senseless nigger

    if india has to become a superpower they’ll have to change their name to china

  37. senseless nigger from mahim

    mr robert lindsay you have almost covered every bad thing about india in your blog except for one thing which is as shitty as the rest of india
    you know what… indians think bollywood is like the coolest film industry in the produces like a 1000 movies a year way higher than the total gross film production of the entire world .
    now most of which goes in garbage trash coz nobody cares,no one really gives a fuck for the biggest film industry in the world even if they produce 100000000 movies .
    every year the biggest film in india gets the maximum publicity which goes up like a diwali rocket it goes n goes higher until
    ddddddhhhhhhhusssssss!!!!!!!!! SUPER FLOP EMBARESSMENT.
    it turns out that it had nothing else except corny ass dance numbers…

    on the contrary hollywood produces 40-50 movies but of good quality ,that’s better.
    people all over the world dont watch crappy bollywood just for the sake of watching even when they release worldwide…the japanese wont even watch it for free.

    cheap bollywood film makers have this unique capability of copying foreign hollywood films.
    last year they made the shittiest version of terminator into hindi called robot which is unfortunately india’s most uncool(cool for indians only) & costliest film..
    speaking of bollywood mr robert have you watched the trailers of some recently released movies like anjana anjani,
    zindagi naa milegi dobara on youtube..pls do it right now… & you will also notice the huge contrast of diffrences that i have noticed which i call the indian reality vs the bollywood dream.
    even when 83% of indians are living in a slum shithole ,,,they are showing them western standard of living which indians cannot even dream to live of.
    basically they are making fun of dark indians when bollywood ugly bitches bleach their skin to complete white & sell cheap fake fairness products on tv.
    bollywood movies consists of caucasian bleach skinned elitist of western origin who make movies for their own pleasure,,,they dont give a damn bout indian representation.all they are concerned about is homosexulity & gay rights activism as if there are no other issues in india at all.
    it’s not just the poverty even bollywood makes fun of common indian man in every way .
    this is the hypocrisy called bollywood which makes indian believe
    we dont need devlopment
    we dont need trade
    we dont need industry
    we dont need infrastructure
    we dont need economy
    india is gonna bcome the next superpower bcos of sharuk khan.
    let the politicians loot the country while we are busy hung over cricket & bollywood.evrything that is talked about india’s growth story is SO is that india is growing @ 9% while poverty elevation is merely 0.18%.
    india’s trade in world share is 0.015% while china is in double digits at par with US….EVRYTHING THAT IS TALKED ABOUT SHINING INDIA IS SO FAKE THAT IT APPEARS JUST LIKE BOLLYWOOD
    indians have badly messed up real world & bollywood dream world.the dream which is like someone described, “faeces with lots of perfume on it”.

    • Dota

      Hollywood produces a lot of filth and trash too, however it seems a lot more sophisticated since Americans operate on a much higher cognitive level than Indians.

      • senseless nigger from mahim

        truly said

        • senseless nigger from mahim

          truly said but there is no hypocrisy in hollywood or copycatism of the level of bollywood even the name bollywood is one point this film industry seem too shitty to be recognized as per international standards .
          that is why you only find curry munching niggers standing in long queue for a cheap ticket bargain where possibly no white guy,chinese or even a black guy is standing

        • Curryniggacrew

          Best alias ever.. Made me Lmao… XD.. U part of the Crew too?

  38. Steve

    oh. my. God.. That put me off my dinner a bit.

  39. lazywhiteass

    american shitholes/whites in general are only good for themselves…their countries whom they call devloped wont help you 1 bit clean up the mess,,,no way.i can prove 100% that white bitches are of no use to anybody;more harm than does’nt take much for them in india to drive cleanliness campaigns or do some social service,….but they’d never do it?they only manipulate poor contries thru IMF & world bank gaining control of their internal politics and make poor countries poorer & more filthier…as indians degrade financially they go down culturally then it becomes more easier to critizize/hate/make fun of them

  40. Kam

    I just don’t know why Indians are so selfish and dirty.

    • Curryniggacrew

      It’s partly genetic, and partly taught from tradition. Slavery to their own mind and to regressive habits is reinforced during early childhood/teens.. After that point they cannot unlearn -“how to be the shittest person you can be whilst affecting everyone adversely” -that’s my opinion in a nutshell

  41. After I start your Rss feed it seems to be a lot of garbage, is the issue on my side?

  42. atheistseparatist

    I think the condition is chronic. More than anything, its a cultural problem. What is even worse, is the fact that most indians don’t like to hear any criticism and will senselessly berate you. One could repeatedly expect to hear long narratives on how great india is, how great its economy is etc etc. Maybe the economy is great for some people, but it isn’t for the most.

    Only solution is to do away with caste system (preferably hinduism itself).

    • I think you are correct. The problem is indeed cultural, and it is all related to caste and ultimately to the Hindu religion. The Hindu religion and culture has also contaminated the other religions in the region, including subcontinental Islam, Christianity and Sikkhism. Nothing has been left untouched.

      • Dota

        Hinduism is the religion of the majority and gives Indians a sense of pride rooted in its continuity. You can’t just do away with it, one must be realistic. Hinduism needs to be engaged from within in the same way as Islam and Christianity. The Muslim Arab woman in the video that Robert posted a while back challenged the backward wahabi dipshit imam on his own turf. Abrahamic theologies provide enough space for this endeavor, but change must come from within. Throughout Indian history people have rarely tried to engage Hinduism from the inside and dissenters have either converted to other faiths (like the dalits) or run of and formed their own religions (Gautam Sidharth, Guru Nanak). Indians are deeply religious and fantasizing about banning Hinduism will produce nothing.

        • atheistseparatist

          Not banning…….but creating hostility towards it from within. Pretty much like the new atheist movement in the states.

      • Curryniggacrew

        Just curious Robert, how many Indian Blogs Do you have… Please let me know so I could keep track..

      • Bhabhiji

        And yet Bob, (do people call you Rob or Bob?), you practice Kundalini Yoga which comes from Hinduism, and post about its positive results here on your blog.

        Caste is not the be all and end all of Hindu culture.

  43. Not a loser westener

    Yeah. Caste. Right. Atlest we’re not hypocrites like you who apparentky dont iscriminate between lacks and whites. And were not DUMMMMMMBBBBB like americans who dont even remember who fathered their child. Youre country thrives on prostitution. Whore.

    • Aakash

      “Youre country thrives on prostitution. Whore.”

      Prostitution is illegal in the states except in that abominable state called Nevada where they have to have pussy bazaars and gambling dens to even survive. Btw America has done more for blacks than India has ever done for Dalits. You want to make India better? Watch the movie V for Vendetta and replicate the end result. Thats right bitch lets start from scratch.

      • nominay

        that was awesome (your post, not V)

        • Aakash

          Thanks. The bottomline is that Indians are the most apathetic people on earth. Culture and Hindu religion are part of it. If there is such a thing as Karma (and I totally believe in that), I see no reason why it cannot be normalized as opposed to having a high standard deviation distribution currently seen in India.

    • Curryniggacrew

      Where did you lern to spek engleesh? Do you know how many brothels are in india and what sickening conditions the poor prostitutes have to deal with over there? Bill and Melinda Gates visited a hoe area called Budhwar Peth a coupla years ago to help em out, he didn’t do that in the states. Btw I could buy your momma for a 12 pack. Peace out slave.

    • Cept for North India bitches here be fugliest ive seen

  44. Matt

    All the nukes in Pakistan wouldnt clean up that filth…but I say give it a shot anyways.

  45. Vinod

    Hi Robert, I am Indian, brown and I live in India. I really dont know if you are inherently racist or what ever but I do accept you have a point most of the time..We (the vast majority) get extremely touchy at the slightest provocation or rather when pointed out stuff we are deep down terribly embarrassed about… When i started travelling out of the country i realized what you realized when you came here…the other way round…
    In the poorest parts of africa i did not see what i see daily in my backyard. The Brits made a valiant effort in trying to civilize us but failed. The moment their backs were off we went back to our good (rather lousy) old ways. Anything that you see functioning in this country today (in whatever rickety way as opposed to total collapse) is by and large thanks to the British. Railways, Army, Post, Parliament etc. This great chest thumping of IT/Software is solely because the Brits taught us English. We do have few good things no doubt and we have made great contributions in the past, but frankly the incredible volume of shit today far overshadows it all…

  46. Sahilsk

    Hello Mr. Robert,
    I’m indian by birth and HInduism too. I solely believe you’re a good writer and must have authored many works before and after writing this article.
    After reading your article i felt bad about my home. I’ve been living in India since the day i inhaled first breathe of life. I’ve been to nowhere but been to few cities in India. I been to Pune laden with beautiful weather and soft early breeze. I really liked its hill-station like Lonavla and Khandala which on wet days festooned by small waterfalls all around. I born in Rajasthan where celebrities from hollywood comes to enjoy their vacations. I’ve visited Forts like Jal-Mehal known for its mysterious erection right in the mid of the water. Jaipur is called Pink-city for its Royal and Variegated heritage. Infact All city is draped with Regal relics.
    I’m born and brought up in Delhi: capital of India. I’ve enjoyed night life on Delhi’s road during my college days. We used to drive long late into the dark , yelling loud right into the face of the night, passing through highways and broad emptied roads. We used to pull over under a street lamp post and used to lay down on the clean road of cities , followed by bottoming up beers, trying to create rings out of exhaled smoke. Those were good old days.
    Well, India is my home and like others home i too have lavatory . Difference is just that mine has occupied little more space than yours one.
    But that doesn’t mean My House is on shit or piled with shits.
    I’ve a big family , second-to-none and many mouth to feed. I alone can’t afford to feed them all. But i think this might have happened in your house too. I haven’t forgotten days when your home has gotten stricken by Recession. All developed homes were crying. Some might have vanished. But on those days my home weren’t the one who was throwing his own members out of the house just to ease the subsistence of others inside.

    We’re all for ONE and one for ALL. My home has many other things to see. Why you always look around for the lavatory first?

    One suggestion to every foreigner before coming to India:
    Come to my country as you’re most welcome here, but please come after flushing your pee and faeces in the lavatory of your house.
    Please , don’t come here and look around for lavatories. We have many other things to show you.

    Thanks and regards
    Sonu Kumar Meena

  47. Sahildude

    Hey Robert, I’m from India and you need to understand many of us living here have a decent high quality lifestyle. I can afford a better lifestyle at my salary in India (I worked in the US for two years) than in any other place. I live in a gated community near Bangalore with gardens, car parking, indoor sports, swimming pool, tennis courts and lots of greenery. I wouldn’t be able to afford a one-bedroom slum in the US at that money. Also, a lot of things are cheap here: food, bars, transport, education, medical care. We actually have Americans (mostly of Indian origin) returning to India to enjoy a high standard of living in this country. Each year more and more Indians are getting rich and this trend is likely to continue. I’m not saying India will be a superpower or something and frankly I don’t care if it does. But over the next 20-30 years, things are going to look a lot better when you compare India in 1947 to the India of today. We’ll easily become the 2nd or 3rd largest economy soon.

    Yeah, lots of Indians are still poor and have a very miserable existence. But, lots of Indians at the same time are being lifted out of poverty. In my life time, I have seen people become affluent who were in a middle-class existence.

    • But you’re different as you’ve been outside of India. One thing I avoided when I was in India was to completely avoid talking about India’s development with my Indian co-workers in India as I just didn’t want to go there based on the arguments I’ve encountered between westerners and Indians about India. One thing I’ve concluded long ago is that Indians that have never had a chance to travel outside of India are constantly bombarded with the “India is the next superpower just you see” by a bloviating Indian punditry (that makes the American “talking head” punditry look like a college discussion!) and the is that these “insular Indians” have no way to know what the rest of the world – again particularly the modern industrialized west – is like and thus they truly believe that India is PRESENTLY just as great as the western world and ESPECIALLY China……because they are constantly bombarded by the media on “just how great India is”.

      Compare that to Indians that have traveled outside of India, particularly to western countries. Now those who have traveled will defend India but they much more realistic about how much work India has before India can even imagine being considered a great power AND having seen how far behind in development India is, those Indians are also some of the harshest critics of India.

  48. veshan

    Here’s a piece of news that might also interest you. Recently ancient treasure of shit was unearthed in the southern Indian state of Kerala. One vault of the temple contained shit of gold, diamonds, ornaments, etc. is worth of approx. 10 Lakh Crores ( which is approx. 200 Billion USD). They have discovered several other vaults which still needs to be opened. It is believed some of the ancient temples across India have such treasures worth trillions trillions of dollars. This was the condition before Islam and British entered India. No wonder British’s siphoned such shit treasure during their rule.
    With best wishes/ Thanks for reading

    • To this day they are discovering tombs with treasures in Syria (which was a decent place till the civil war) and other middle east places as well as ALL kinds of new treasure finds in China to this day. Till the civil war, Syria was a modern country and China…. well China speaks for itself.

      So what’s your point?

  49. I wont pretend to know anything about India, but why can’t the Politicians, Industry Heads, Bollywood Stars, wealthy get together and build morgues and crematoriums to take care of and respect the dead. Then build restrooms and bathhouses with proper plumbing, cleaned and purified water along the river for the poor and or faithful to bath. Then buy some street sweepers and do a tiny bit of landscaping. I believe it would pay for itself with increased tourism and benefit the health and welfare of all involved. Alas, maybe they are just like the rich and powerful around the rest of the world. Too damn greedy and stingy to give a damn about anyone but themselves.

    • Bhabhiji

      I’m Indian and even I don’t know the answer to that. We have SO MANY people, that means we are rich in human resource, but we are not utilizing that resource efficiently.

      Our government is highly corrupt. I guess that might be the main problem.

      There is one man, we call him “anna” – he staged fasts and protests against our governments corruption this past summer and he set a great example by leading his village into a longterm sustainability and efficiency.

      He approached the “dalits” of the village, sat with them and explained that some of their habits were the reason why others avoided them, and they VOLUNTARILY changed those habits. All villagers take pride in their village now and work together to maintain it.

      That is what India needs, grass roots volunteerism and cooperation, not government more beurarcracy.

      Self empowerment for the villagers is the way to go forward in India. That was Gandhi’s vision, rather than everyone migrating to the cities and overcrowding them.

      • You are right. I don’t know why am ever hopeful that those in power will ever address real issues. U.S. Politics are a prime example. Have you read much about Dylan Ratigan? He used to be a wall street guy and TV host that become disgusted with his own role in the system. He quit his TV gig and is now dedicated to changing peoples attitudes about energy, environment and education by gathering together those with new ideas and so on. You should google him. I am real interested in his aquaponics articles.

  50. Just some pictures from here and there specially from a one city and from a specific river…and Bang India become a shithole.

    The logic of internet age is amazing…

    Now people would be thinking that I am typing this while I am shitting in the farms outside…

    Ignorance is not always bliss..

  51. Nikhil

    2 points: 1) religion and 2) people
    point1) religion: please do not call someones religion/beliefs “shitty”. Atrocities/bad stuff have been committed in the name of religion by christians and muslims as well, under the false veil of salvation from ignorance and poverty; proselytization etc. Hinduism is not what it was meant to be. just like other religions, lack of understanding and misinterpretation has led to the current situation vis a vis the “caste system” that you talk about. The original hindu philosophy is not read/understood anymore and irrelevant things have taken over importance. but that does not mean that its “shitty”. I too have never understood the logic of desecration of the ganges in the name of religion and the reverence of cows. But apart from these “shitty” things theres a lot to gain/learn from hindu philosophy (the real stuff). Blaming religion as the cause for India’s problems is not true and IMHO is a very minor factor (read below).
    point 2) people: I completely agree with what you say about the Indian peoples and their attitude. It the sole thing responsible for most of the miseries in India. Religion has a part to play in it too but the attitude is the most important thing that is the cause of all problems. And for this reason I wish that all Indians read your blog, not only for a different perspective but also the disdain with which you speak about the situation that really makes it more hurtful and worth taking notice.
    Denial of the reality and covering it up with “India shining” is the new trend. The fact that the whole system runs in itself is a miracle. Apathy and lack of civic sense is another major factor. hence people shitting on roads ( although lack of facilities is also forcing them to use any available space)
    As the comedian Russell Peters puts it: “Poor people in India are comfortable in/with their poverty”.
    But things are changing, atleast in the cities. As education and self awareness increases there is bound to be a change. I hope that you visit India again in another 10 years and see that things have changed for the better.

  52. P.A.

    you are the most biased fucking prick ever. you’re from the US and as a result you are convinced that you have best fucking country in the world and you see other countries as shit because your fucking “culture” teaches you to look upon other countries like that. at least india has a culture–but since you’re an uneducated bitch, you obviously dont know that. do your studying, first. AND ARE YOU SERIOUSLY TALKING ABOUT THE FUCKING CASTE SYSTEM?? TELL ME MORE ABOUT HOW AMERICA HASNT SUPRESSED NATIVE AMERICANS FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS.

    • Fuck India. India is SHIT. Indian people are SHIT. Sorry, it’s true. And I can say that due to caste alone. If you practice casteism, you are SHIT, plain and simple. And that’s not even getting into the rest of it.

      • Jake

        Robert, after looking through your past posts, you never really did a post on the Jains and the Jainism faith/how it ties to a different religion other then Hinduism but suffers from the same flaws of sub-continental culture. The Jains apparently run a huge diamond trade from their own country, and there is a significant population centered in Belgium, antwerp where they conduct most of their diamond operations in the West. I think they are going against and are challenging Jewish, Russian and South African diamond/merchant dealers that run a monopoly on this business and are becoming a significant force of their own in the commercial mercantile/luxury trade business. Why don’t you do a post on this mysterious and barely known group of people?

        • Bhabiji

          I’ve dated 3 Jains and lived in a predominately Jain community. They are not “mysterious” at all. They are regular Indians.

      • dharmendra rana

        And this comes from a guy whose nations history is tainted with slavery, race segregation, black lynchings. And where blacks are still yeras away from the white folks like you with respect to developement. No doubt all nations have problems. But you attitude really smacks of a guy born to hate and not that of a guy who is making a critical assesment. I have reads blogs who say even worse things about India that you but they do not denounce the race and nation they just point out factual problems. But your every second reply in this block starts with India is SHIT. I think you need to take some lessions in critical disengaged assesment of problem at hand.

      • R

        Its beyond me why this man calls himself a Christian! Shame on you! Do us a favor and please go read the Bible. Matthew 7-1:5. I am an Indian, a Christian and I am ashamed that people like you call themselves a Christian. India is a wonderful country with rich culture and values you will never understand. May God help you!

    • whatsgoingonhere

      Just to be fair…while I feel bad about it, most of the atrocities commited in America were commited by people whom are’nt alive anymore. Much of the racism you may hear about in America today are incidents that are over-hyped by race obcessed self-haitng white liberals and by minorities whom wish to exploit such situations to their advantage. Sure, bigotry exists in America, however it can be found amongst all the different races here (Whites, blacks, mexicans, etc) however you will not find any sort of divinely sanctioned caste-system here. No, lol, people in America hate each other for other reasons. As for the indians, they got a raw deal–no doubt about it–however they are no longer “suppressed”. No, while they do have their issues, they (the tribes) have their own reservations and tribal govts and receive cash for the American govt. Some of them also operate casinos (like the one here in north carolina) and everyone in the tribe receives an occasional fat-check from the caasion profits. So, you can’t really compare Indias modern day caste system to the situation in amerca. Peace.

  53. I totally agree, India is a living dirty nightmare!

    See also my India report, which gives more proof of this fact…

  54. The Queen's Toilet

    I spent a couple weeks in India 4 years ago and I completely agree with this post. The day I arrived I caught something (Delhi Belly) after drinking a fruit & ice blended drink and I was sick for a month. Guess why? Because there’s shit in the water and the water they make ice out of.

    The cities smelled like poop, especially the areas where the fishermen lived. I nicknamed the harbor in Mumbai, which is called the Queen’s Necklace by locals, the Queen’s Toilet. The water was brown because it’s probably full of poop. Many buildings were literally crumbling with holes in the floor, but it was all normal to them.

    Whenever I meet an Indian hyping up the country and how it’s going to be the next China, I either point out that it’ll take a long long LONG time to make progress in that country, or I just politely agree because there’s no use arguing with someone who’s delusional and going to take your comments personally.

    My opinion as an educated man with many friends in the class of top 1% richest Indians, the country won’t get better until:
    1. Seriously fights & punishes corruption and bribery (many friends’ families use government connections to gain advantages over business rivals and especially foreign investors/businesses, the rich also tout their position, net worth, and bureaucratic friends to threaten cops or other officials who would dare punish them for violating laws)
    2. Invests in infrastructure (build sewers, clean the water, increases the building safety code and regulations
    3. Increases public education (many people lack analytical skills, the lower class basically have a slave mentality)
    4. Put some of the many homeless to work cleaning up the streets, there’s too much garbage everywhere

    • A former employer sent me to India for work couple/few years back for work and as they regularly send westerners to India (Bangalore where else) they actually have a document online that you have to read and it basically said things like “cultural differences” and “differences in hygienic practices” and “still underdeveloped infrastructure” and so forth. Persons however, verbally used terms like “filth” “disgusting” and so forth. Upon arriving at the airport you catch glimpses of things that foreshadow what you will encounter. But the offices I went to are in those massive industrial parks outside the city with their own westernized restaurants and hotels. Apparently the Indian colleagues at the office will try to keep western visitors from going into actual Bangalore and it is understandable why! However most of the “westerners” sent to our Bangalore offices do go into the actual city because, hell you’re in India so you’re curious.

      As soon as you leave the “westernized” industrial parks, you start seeing the general lack of infrastructure. What so surprising is that there is a LOT of land that looks like it COULD be cultivated but appears not to be. Then you get into the actual city and I can only say you have to see it with your own eyes to truly appreciate it! It shocks the mind because being a westerner you just can’t comprehend the amount of garbage sitting all around and the slums RIGHT THERE IN YOUR FACE and the general disorganization that seems to be Indian cities. When I took a personal trip to Mumbai before going home, I was basically inured to the shock of Indian cities BUT in Mumbai it’s on a MUCH bigger scale than Bangalore.

      And this is to the Indians reading: I FINALLY got visit China in 2011 when I took a personal trip there when I was sent to Tokyo. I had heard about the major developments in China but what so surprised me was how well Shanghai and Beijing stood out compared to Tokyo. Anyone who has been to Tokyo knows what I mean as Tokyo is basically spit shine clean!

      That’s why after seeing India and China I simply don’t seeing India achieving China-levels of development; not for decades and probably not while I’m alive.

  55. shazam

    No question the biggest problem with India is the brahmins and their wicked casteist religion. These assholes do not believe in charity or compassion. Only a complete purge of brahmins will cure India.

    No buddhist country looks like the shithole that is hindu India. Therefore a solution to the indian problem is perhaps a mass conversion to buddhism?

    • Hi Shazam, the problem is that they would soon develop Buddhist castes, I am afraid.

      • jameson7

        Buddhism already tried. It was eventually swallowed up by Hinduism in India. The problem with Hinduism is it’s broad philosophy doesn’t need to convert anyone, it just makes them a part of Hinduism. IE you can be a Christian within Hindu theology but you can’t be a Hindu within Christianity theology.

        Part of the Gospel of Buddha is him leaving his palace life of luxury, going outside, and seeing how horrible the world was for the average Hindu. In some ways Buddhism is the religion of escaping the suffering of the Hindu world.

      • Huax

        Robert, America also has 0 social mobility (aside from the middle class becoming poor). Even the super rich have trouble becoming uber rich.

        You must have seen this. America’s wealth gini is higher than India’s. I believe you are a socialist, correct? Doesn’t that bother you?

        IMO Robert you should focus some of your skill in collecting and putting facts together in exposing sand nigger shitholes for the den of terrorists and whores they are. Filthy, filthy sand niggers are nothing without oil.

        • I don’t really want to bash Arab countries too much.

          Of course the US gini coefficient and lack of upward mobility bothers me.

        • Huax

          Why? Sand niggers are evil subhuman scum, as Xera proves. It’s a good thing they’re retarded savages or they’d be spreading their murder and rape everywhere.

          They stone witches and cut off people’s hands for stealing from rich fat oil sheikhs … is that progressive?

        • Huax

          Then again they hate kikes so better to encourage both parties to kill each other.

        • Those are the Saudis. Everyone knows Saudis and Muslims in general are backwards idiots. But they are still vastly more progressive than Indians or Africans. Fact is, they want to live like 7th Century primitives with these crazy, harsh punishments. I really don’t care what these bonehead primitives do in their sandboxes. Besides, everyone is beating up on them all the time anyway, and most of the people beating up on them are a bunch of slimy Zionist Jews and reactionaries. Why bother? They are not a threat to us.

          I figure they are basically hopeless. This is how they want to live, and there’s really no hope of them getting better, so why beat them over the head with this stuff?

        • Brengunn

          Why do the Chinese hate the Kikes?

        • I’d rather bash those Jewish dogs in Israel. Most Americans love them, and they pretend to be civilized. They are a better target. Everyone knows the Arabs are a bunch of hopeless primitives. What’s the point of beating up the Arabs? What good is it going to do? What do you hope to achieve by doing this?

          Also there are some progressive forces in Arab countries who are fighting against all this backwards crap. How many Hindus are opposed to Indian nationalism and Hindutvadi? Basically zero. How many Israelis are against Zionist bullshit? Almost none. In Arab countries, there are large solid majorities that are against primitivism (in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt, maybe 25-35%). We should encourage these people. The more we beat up on Islam, we just make Muslims revert backwards into reaction and primitivism.

          Also, Arabs are capable of creating more or less functional societies. Which is more than I can say for Africans or Hinduized countries. Things work in an Arab country. There is a base level or decent civilization that you do not find in these other places. Sure, they have severe punishments, but that is how they want it.

        • Xera

          The Pyramids far outweigh and surpass anything put down by wannabe white chinakaana, thats for a fact. I don’t need to be insulted so childishly just because you can’t win internet fights.

        • Xera

          Huax believes that the Kikes controls the media, keeps Asians in subservient positions, and spread small dick anti-masculine stereotypes about them, hence there apparent inability to get laid with other race girls.

        • Huax

          You make a good point Robert, about sand nigger filth being a near non-existent threat because they’re such incompetent camel-fucking savages with 85 IQ. They can easily be conquered by bacon cannons.

          However Indians overseas do not murder people and rape so there is a trade-off. India is far away and too poor to be a threat for disgusting pig-fucking whites to hate right now, but they will be hated soon, unless they sell their souls to vicious, evil kikes. That would guarantee them some kind of immunity until the micropenised kikes realize Indian women don’t want them.

          “Why do the Chinese hate the Kikes?”

          They don’t. Most Chinese are brainwashed into thinking kikes are wonderful people, when in fact they’re bloodsucking scum that deserved the Holocaust.

          I despise the hook-noses because they do everything in their power to subvert East Asians. Kike media smears East Asian cultures and governments, kike congress is hostile to East Asian sovereignty, kike bankers are actively trying to destroy China’s financial stability, individual kikes actively denigrate East Asian men and try to pit all other races against us.

          China is a disgrace to humanity in that they saved tens if not hundreds of thousands of these bloodsucking scum during world war two by sheltering them. There were countless many hook-nose monsters in Shanghai and Manchuria fleeing from German and Russian anti-semitism. We invited them into our homes and fed them despite difficult times and they repay us with endless hatred.

          Hitler knew what was up with these evil babyeating kike butchers.

        • Huax

          “The Pyramids far outweigh and surpass anything put down by wannabe white chinakaana, thats for a fact. I don’t need to be insulted so childishly just because you can’t win internet fights.”

          Sand nigger pyramids are exactly why Egypt wasn’t assraped by Persians, Greeks, Assyrians, Turks, British, Jews, Vikings, Sumerians, Akkadians all century long, right? Too bad your sand nigger kings weren’t smart enough to defend themselves, or Egyptian wouldn’t be de facto dead language. ROFL

          Meanwhile Persians, Greco-Bactrians, and all of the sand niggers I listed got destroyed by Huns and Mongols. Even India managed to defend herself better.

        • Huax

          One thing I do like about kike rats is that they launch missiles at sand niggers though.

        • narut00

          “I despise the hook-noses because they do everything in their power to subvert East Asians. Kike media smears East Asian cultures and governments, kike congress is hostile to East Asian sovereignty, kike bankers are actively trying to destroy China’s financial stability”
          – as far as i know, east asia isnt united as a block yet, chinese are trying to take the senkaku islands from Japan, and Japan is an american ally, of course united states will be hostile to china
          also China is the main reason of why north korea still exists, without them north korea would failed since long time and be reunited with the south right now; again South Korea as a fellow democracy is american ally and dont view China with a good image at all
          the jews support the japanese and south korean cause and also the chinese taiwanese cause, since chinese taiwanese dont want to be part of non democratic china, america is doing a good thing supporting taiwan, south korea and japan and opposing china and north korea
          i am also quite afraid of chinese and many southeast asians are as well

        • Huax

          Narutoo, what is your ethnicity? Are you Southeast Asian?

          Let me make a few points:
          – “east asia isnt united as a block yet”

          America and Russia are a huge part of the problem, as well as Japan itself.

          “chinese are trying to take the senkaku islands from Japan, and Japan is an american ally”

          Japan has island disputes with all of its neighbors. Historical records show that the islands were under Chinese control and Japan doesn’t dispute that. They just say that they’re “spoils of war” and rightfully theirs.

          “also China is the main reason of why north korea still exists”

          This is complete bullshit. The only difference China has made is preventing even more North Koreans from starving. Who do you blame for Cuba? They are like that because they fear America, a worldwide KKK and Zionist kike menace.

          “again South Korea as a fellow democracy is american ally and dont view China with a good image at all”

          Most educated South Koreans distrust America and are relatively pro-China.

          “america is doing a good thing supporting taiwan, south korea and japan and opposing china and north korea”

          You need to do more reading. Taiwan has been the most aggressive in pursuing thousand-year old territorial claims of the Diaoyutai Islands (as well as South China Sea islands). South Korea and Japan have an ongoing dispute about Dokdo. Both Koreas and both Chinas are on the same side against Japan in this case.

          “i am also quite afraid of chinese and many southeast asians are as well”

          You need to stop reading kike media. Jews are evil, this is something you must learn.

        • Brengunn

          I despise the hook-noses because……

          Are you sure it isn’t because the Yids are better at certain ‘Chinese’ pursuits than the Chinese are themselves?

        • Huax

          Reword: Diaoyutai/Senkaku have been claimed by China since the 1500s, the Paracels and Spratlys are the ones that have been claimed for thousands of years

        • Huax

          “Are you sure it isn’t because the Yids are better at certain ‘Chinese’ pursuits than the Chinese are themselves?”

          Kikes and Chinese do not operate on the same moral sphere. Chinese are down-to-earth, honest good people. Kikes are vicious, scheming babykillers. Chinese people create wealth. Kikes transfer wealth to themselves. People Chinese come into contact with eventually like them, and assimilate into China. Everyone in the Middle East hates kikes.

        • narut00

          i have said many times my ethnicity= white mediterranean spanish part catalonian born in northern mexico
          – i am not that well informed, i already debated with another poster in the “kashmir” thread about it and the result was inconclusive, so i went to the post suggestions and i am still waiting for the smart Robert Lindsay to decide who is the right owner o.O of senkaku islands
          – china with its power of veto oppose sanctions against north korea, and china actually want North Korea to survive, cause they dont want one pro american korea as a neighbour with american soldiers near their borders, however i think that is exaggerated, since i dont believe united states would attack china anyways from the korean border…why???
          i made references about the southeast asians cause china also has problems with other asian countries like Vietnam and Philippines for some islands too, they have more confidence in United States and Japan and want to be on their side, i deduce it from all the youtube comments…
          besides i dont believe the media is anti asian, they welcomed warmly the south korean singer Psy…Gangnam style

        • Brengunn

          Kikes and Chinese do not operate on the same moral sphere.

          Aren’t the Chinese known as the kikes of Asia. They move into a country, keep to themselves, create ethnic business cabals and look down on the natives.

        • Huax

          “i am still waiting for the smart Robert Lindsay to decide who is the right owner o.O of senkaku islands”

          I’ll answer it for you. Robert is well informed and if not seems to find the facts quickly, but you can take it from me as well. The ‘Senkakus’ are a set of islets near Taiwan and Okinawa, neither of which were part of China/Japan respectively until the 1600s. However, ethnic Chinese fishermen have been there since the 1500s as an extension Taiwan even though their presence was not officially sanctioned by the Chinese government. Japan took over the islands as part of imperial expansion that saw the annexation of Taiwan.

          “china with its power of veto oppose sanctions against north korea, and china actually want North Korea to survive, cause they dont want one pro american korea as a neighbour with american soldiers near their borders, however i think that is exaggerated, since i dont believe united states would attack china anyways from the korean border…why???”

          This is a simplified account given by the West. Of course China realizes the US will not attack China at this point, but they also no longer have any leverage over the North. Many people want America to get the fuck out of Asia, Filipinos, Koreans and Japanese included.

          “i made references about the southeast asians cause china also has problems with other asian countries like Vietnam and Philippines for some islands too”

          The Philippines and Vietnam have conflicts with EACH OTHER, and as recent news shows Filipinos are now starting fights with Malaysia. Vietnam also has disputes with Thailand and Cambodia over islands that are right off their coast, and they have no historical claims to whatsoever. Both Vietnam and the Philippines showed no interest in any of these islands until the 70s/90s respectively, LONG after China officially claimed them in the late 20s. Taiwan maintained this claim by militarizing the largest island after a Filipino adventurist tried to steal them.

        • Huax

          “Aren’t the Chinese known as the kikes of Asia. They move into a country, keep to themselves, create ethnic business cabals and look down on the natives.”

          No wonder your race of misshapen ginger fucktards was assfucked by the Anglos for so long. Chinese people go to Southeast Asia as dirtpoor agricultral peasants who earn their way through sheer self-sacrifice and hard work. Kikes just Jew their way into banking, land-owning, and participate in rentseeking behavior to extract wealth from the natives.

          Chinese people use connections to China to bring wealth and trade to their host nations. Kikes are invaders, Chinese are invited over by the rulers of the nation.

        • Brengunn

          The Chinese must be a wonderful people, so diligent, so moral. So boring! Give me a back stabbing hook nose, any day of the week.

        • Ric

          And yet, China’s own historical maps all show Hainan as their southernmost territory. The Chinese literally cannot show a single map from before the 20th century that displays the Paracels, the Spratlys, and Scarborough as Chinese territory. Doesn’t stop the more ignorant Chinese nationalists and their foreign sycophants from claiming that China has centuries-old claims to those islands. So, is the claim centuries-old or does it date back to the 1920s? Even Chinese propagandists themselves can’t agree on what narrative to tell! That’s the problem with lying, you get all mixed up. Better to stick to the truth instead. And the truth is that China has no claim to any islands in the South China Sea except for Hainan.

          “Both Vietnam and the Philippines showed no interest in any of these islands until the 70s/90s respectively, LONG after China officially claimed them in the late 20s.”

          Nice projection there. It’s actually China that only really started showing interest in the islands in the 1970s when the possibility of oil in the region came up. Same goes for China’s claim on the Senkakus. Anyway. So 50 years is a “LONG” time now? But other 50-centers have claimed that China’s claim goes all the way back to the Yuan Dynasty, so which is it really? If you’re going to make a story up, at least be consistent.

          And the nine-dash-line is a vague claim that goes back to 1947, I wonder where you got this “1920s” nonsense from?

      • Actually what India NEEDS is a social revolution. China was just as tradition-bound and rigidly hierarchical and class based and otherwise as feudal as rural India is today. For all the stupid shit Mao did to fuck up China’s economy, the good that came out of the communist revolution was that it destroyed the backward feudalism that had enslaved most Chinese for who knows how long. Though there are a few distateful aspects of the breaking of feudal Chinese tradition, it freed the huge mass of Chinese persons from the rigidity of class and “tradition”. As has been noted by a lot of observers, one of the factors for the Chinese economic explosion is that the breaking of the feudal rigidity locking the Chinese people allowed the Chinese to not be inhibited to try to become successful and not fear failure and it is that spirit that is driving Chinese people to move China forward…. that plus the communists spreading literacy really helped.

        Compare that to the existing feudalistic rigidity of caste and tradition in India that locks persons into “place” and is stopping the latent potential energy of the people of India!

        • quietlives

          Hello Mr. Lukebccb,

          As a matter of factor, China’s feudalism allowed class transitions: farmer could become skilled workers or traders, and after getting rich, they could buy lands and become a landlord. And education was another huge way to become the elites. There were more ways to improve one’s social status: join army, work for rich/powerful people etc.

          One big is example is that since 202 B.C. low-lives could be the emperors. And before this year, it was common and recorded repeatedly that slaves become the prime ministers of a country.

    • Wasantha Perera

      Buddhism is NOT the solution. You know nothing about it. In Sri Lanka where the MAJORITY are Buddhists they also have the CASTE system. It was just like India. The Sinhalese 100 years ago never married from other castes. Only now it is being ignored, but still the majority look at caste for marriage. Problem with India is NOT religion. It is RACE. Simply put, Indians are not a RACE (as we know it). It is a collection of “mongrels”. Indian skin color varies from fair to jet black. So does the physical appearance of Indians, varies from White looking (very few) to African looking (Tamils). No country with that amount of variation in skin color (and physical appearance) can develop above simple agricultural society. Just not possible. Also, Indians have very low IQ. Average Indian IQ is just 81. Average Singaporean IQ is around 103. So forget about it.

    • allimcbiel

      First Mulims need to be killed.. they are the scums on the planet.

      Our westernworld is now realizing this.. Here in Europe we are a little late… but better late then never

  56. Ram

    Wow , so much hatred about the beautfiul country and people of India, yes India does have problems, it is not a perfect place but hey , guess which country fucked it up ,,, Britain. When a country is stripped of natural resourses , farms stolen and turned over to growing Inidgo staving countrless millions ,yes Im afraid the result is poor people shitting in the streets and fields. Divide and rule , British wankers did a good job in India , corruption is interwoven in India society as in all countres the Brits fucked up.
    Let the Indians recover from 300 years of British genocide and rape and then lets see which peoples run things,


    • Unfortunately Indian

      You know what, me being Indian, of course will change my citizenship soon enough for good, the whole country in majority thinks like you and that is the problem, Indians can read and write and no matter how much money they have or possess, their thoughts never turn logical, all your rants in the comment above, you never cared to think that India came into existence because of Britishers ? It WAS so deeply divided before that you had kings every 100 kilometers ruling their own bunch of lame ritual bound Hindu monkeys ? First Islamic rulers united India but didn’t bother with this much as they knew how stupid Indians are and then British gave it the final fabric that makes it still work as a country today even though intentions were good, it was world war 2 that mostly made them leave India, don’t make me remind you that hitler who followed Hindu crap did what he did to this world, I see Indians going the same way, ya sure instead of me explaining hundred of reasons why that British rule was good for India, lets see what goes another 20 years down the line. Today India is 40 percent under rebellion where India’s own constitution doesn’t apply, in another 20 years and when millions more people change religion and seek real meaning of life, and how humans can and are able to live peacefully and humanely, we’ll see how much India remains to that effect. You go and save your Sita while she’s screwing and living her kinky fantasies with Ravana and getting paid too..

      • Huax

        I’d have to disagree Unfortunately Indian, the British did indeed rape and pillage India, causing an excess death rate unmatched in human history. India would likewise probably be far better off as a cooperative federation of smaller states. The only good Britain ever did for India was to build infrastructure to transfer wealth out of region, and dump their manufactures in.

      • allimcbiel

        Now I understand why you muslim guys beatup in Gujarat for burning a train full of Hindus

    • allimcbiel

      Unfortunately MUSLIM Indian you viIe people should be kicked out of India to Pakistan..Your holy land

    • The “british did this” line is beginning to run thin. In the mid-1940s China was a total mess. The japanese invasion had devastated areas; people massacred and the land abandoned. Then the civil war between the nationalist and communists further devastated China. But after 1949, China actually began to “normalize” and China began to show some economic development. That is until Mao came up with idiotic schemes like the “Great Leap Forward” or his fight over power called the “Cultural Revolution” which basically left China economically dead. By the end of the 1970s, the Chinese people were able to get a bowl of rice and some vegetables but their pockets were completely empty. China at the end of the 1970s was almost certainly worse off economically than India of the time. But with Mao gone, the Chinese “communist” leadership said “no more stupid Maoist economic schemes”! Now 3 decades later China has an economy that is approaching 5 times that of India. SUPPOSEDLY India said “no more stupid socialist schemes” back in 1991 and wanted economic development. So in reality China had a little over decade head start rather than the 2 decades the start Indians love to quote over and over and over and over…. again. Looking at China today, I – and MANY others – would say that India isn’t 10 years behind China or 20 years behind China or even 30s years behind China….. India is so far behind China that it probably won’t be in any our lifetimes where we – IF EVER – see India approach the kinda of economic development that we see in China today.

  57. Unfortunately Indian

    Oh I forgot to mention one very important point, when you’ll finally save Sita, she’ll be the victim now since it was Ravana who abducted her, Hubba, Hubba, and now your turn to take the lick ..

  58. isabell

    The British should have never left. And I am glad, they saved many artefact , which are displayed in beautiful museums. Have you ever seen an indian “museum”??? It is a travesty beyond belief and most likely, those pieces would have never made it into any museum, but would have been stolen by a greedy moron. Also the only buildings which are beautiful in India were erected by either the British or the Mughals. The rest is utterly ugly

  59. brad

    the name of the capitol should be TURDVILLE

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  61. Just to clarify, Lord Buddha was not born in India. He was born in modern day Nepal….

    • Brahminman_Indian

      Hindu india is trying to reconstruct Subcontinent and it will fail ,Actually hindus have no civilization,Indus civilization belongs to South iranian persians and Modern day Afghans and to an extent Pakistanis, most indians are descendents from Slaves, they were bought here as slaves from africa Ethiopia and they followed some phallus worshipping cults which british renamed as hinduism–

      Hinduism doesn’t share anything other than Some mythical texts written mostly by non hindus, modern rework on hinduism is done by Shankaracharya , apart from that hinduism has no history , There is no such religion named hinduism

      In olden days its called as sanathana Dharma , this Dharma followed Caste system and all superstitious rituals

      This is why most hindus are interested in recreating their history

      All of them are slave descendents and are worthless

  62. Moll Romanichal

    The additional irony of the Taj Mahal being the main tourist attraction in a Hindu country is that the Mughals were not just Muslim but Mongolian and Persian, and they disdained Indians in general–high caste to low caste. LOL

    • Moll Romanichal

      The leading Islamic scholar India ever produced, Shah Wali Allah of Dehli, said that in Indian Muslim society the only proper place for people of native Indian descent in the society were as slaves and menial workers because they lacked the intelligence to do anything else (found in Hujjat Allah al-Baligha, a book that does not contain any other things that could be construed as racist). He also wrote an entire book on why Arabs and Mongol-Persians should not mix their blood with Indians called Fiqh-e-Umar.

  63. Dota

    Robert L: “Also, Arabs are capable of creating more or less functional societies. Which is more than I can say for Africans or Hinduized countries. Things work in an Arab country. There is a base level or decent civilization that you do not find in these other places.

    You’ve been saying this a lot and I need to throw in some perspective. It’s true that Gulf Arab states spend tons of cash on social welfare programs.

    I had a friend who worked for Ernst & Young Abu Dhabi and he told me that unemployed Emiratis received around $3k (10k dirhams) per month in welfare. Emiratis who married Emirati arab women had their wedding expenses paid by the state and were given a house free of charge (this was also to stop them from marrying white women and corrupting the noble Arab race lol). If they chose to study abroad, their tuition and living expenses were completely covered. Food and Gas are subsidized. Health care is free as far as I know. I suspect its not a whole lot different in the neighboring countries (Saudi/Qatar/Kuwait ect) as well.

    But all of these benefits come with a major invisible price tag. The state demands absolute obedience. In their culture, the state provides the people with a comfortable standard of living in exchange for completely loyalty and obedience. There is absolutely zero tolerance for dissident activities.

    The UAE, which has one of the highest per capita incomes in the world, has avoided social unrest rocking the Middle East since early 2011 partly thanks to its cradle-to-grave welfare system.

    So while Arabs enjoy a decent standard of living it must be noted that their societies remain stagnant and evolve VERY slowly. However, that their governments actually live up their part of the agreement (providing for the people) makes these Arab societies to be slightly morally superior to South Asia. But that isn’t saying much.

  64. Alas

    I guess Robert Lindsay mom and wife are gang banged by group of Indians.
    They must have been made to eat India’s shit and drink Indian’s cum.
    That’s why he got angry on India and posting all the shit outta his mouth 😀
    Poor motherfucking cunt 🙂

  65. Rodrigo

    I’m an Indian and I’m deeply ashamed to be associated with this country.

    I’m not a Hindu and I’m grateful to God that I wasn’t born one. The mess in the country has been created by them. They have a habit of blaming everyone but themselves for the shit they’re in. They vent their anger on hapless minorities – many of them who do these ingrates favours by educating and caring for the poor and dying.

    I hate Hindus. I hope many of them read this. You are not liked – I hope you Hindus rot in hell – oh wait, you’re already in Hell 🙂

  66. Ravi

    Yes, India is dirty and poor.
    Largely because British parasites colonized India and sucked out its wealth and indigenous industry
    Just like the British parasites and other colonial parasites sucked out wealth from elsewhere in the world and left local populations fighting amongst each other from their divide and rule policy
    A thousand years later all that history will remember colonialists would be that they were bloody parasites….

    • fr0st

      yet to blame on long u got the independence from them anyway?so move on built a hindus

      • Michael

        Indians can no longer blame The British, The Mughals and whoever…
        They are in control of their own destiny and from where we are standing they have no destiny and history has shown they need people from outside and shake them by the shoulders and up their game.

        Sorry for being racists but Indians are brown noses, brown sahibs – butt licking people way down the food chain who are NOT NATION builders.

        Hindus are a schizo people, who take mythology and folklore literally as their recorded history.

  67. The Doctor

    Robert LIndsay is a piece of fucking shit. Do us all a favour and kill yourself. I hope you die a slow and painful death from AIDS just like your whore of a mother.

  68. Big G

    the biggest problem that humans face is ” overpopulation ” we are the bacteria that will eventually kill the earth. Major religions and primative societies overbreed to sustain populations in areas with no food. in days gone by war and famine killed millions and allowed a breather for the earth. with modern medical care we have overpopulated the whole earth . stop breeding now. half the present population is about all the earth can hold.

  69. rony

    Robert and all you nitwits,lemme explain few things.1)Indian cities has so much slums and open toilets because majority of the people cannot afford to pay taxes for proper homes and nobody bans them from defecating in the open.

    • All right Hindu idiot, let me explain some things to you:

      Many countries are just as poor as India, in fact even more poor, and basically no one shits in the open. The Palestinian territories is one example. Moldova and Georgia are two more. No excuses for Hindu civilizational failures!

      PS you are banned.

    • But any govnerment, or a local group can easily solve the problem Build 3 or 4 or 5 outhouses for the local slums. They are very cheap. You just need a person to dig a hole and get enough wood to build a simple shed (with a door). Outhouses are still used in certain east European countries and around central Asia. Sure there will be the smell and insects around the outhouse but at least it’s localized than having feces over a wide area. And I understand that public toilets are not maintained in India and so the outhouse MAY get become filthy but to keep the outhouse maintained, simply offer a salary well above what is possible to those in the slums and those slumdwellers will line up to get the job.

  70. allimcbiel

    The Indian left govt takes all the money from Hindu temples and uses it for Muslims to go on a Haj trip. They do not use the Hindus money to for temple maintenance or clean up the Ganjes

    The anti Hindu Govt is working dilgently to destroy Hinduism in India. Thats why the lefft congress govt is supported by the Church and Muslims and communists

    • allimcbiel

      The best way to destroy Hinduism is to control their money and cut all fundings so the Hindus cannot use their funds to build infrastructure of temples and so on… this makes the Church, Muslims and communists very happy. The anti Hindu congress govt is their for the communusts, Muslims and christians of the world,

      • Michael

        So India for Hindus….
        Which is what you see when you visit the turd laden shitville of a nation.

        Not only are Hindus uncivilised they are neither democratic nor secular.

        Among the many lies Indians ram down our throats is;

        India is a democracy
        India is secular

        Oh and India is a dump because of The British, The Muslims etc, but if you look at India everything they take as national pride and heritage is Muslim, British Christian created.

        60 years on and Indians are still blaming The British, in 1948 India at independence was the richest ex British Colony.

        China was completely finished because of an opium endemic, isolated and was a very closed society and state.

        So in summary the problem with India is Hindus. The problem with Hindus is they blame everyone else for their dis picante state of affairs. Rather than resolve they blame history, previous centres of powers and want someone to come and FIX their problems….because they as a culture and people are incapable.

        • Michael

          >>>> sorry predictive typing / text… Should read

          So in summary the problem with India is Hindus. The problem with Hindus is that they blame everyone else for their disgusting state of affairs. Rather than resolve they blame history, previous centres of powers and want someone to come and FIX their problems….because they as a culture and people are incapable of doing so and history is testimony of this.

          Like it or hate it The British organised the sub continent and the Muslims brought innovation, change and governance.

          When you ask Hindus what is your great claim to history they refer to non historical claims based on their own mythological and legends but never actual history.

          Often they take claim for civilisations that are not Vedic but Jain and Bhuddist or hijack the history of other people.

  71. fr0st

    i never knew india such a shithole..thanx for writing this man..hindus u r knobhead fucking prick

  72. The venom you poured here about a great country proves that you have reached your limit of hatred. Its not a blog of tourist, infact the jealousy is speaking your mind. India is syn to culture.
    Didn’t you see a golden domed Temple and golden domed Mosque side by side in a single premisis?
    African is much better than your fucking nation, and Afrikaans are more humane than you guys.

    Its unbelieveable that you ever made to India. No European and American can write this piece. You are either PAKISTANI Swine or Chinese Dog-snake-magget eaters.

    We are over riding u guys. We are making in every field and your kindda fucker cant stop us. We don’t even consider u human beings. You are totally illiterate who are brain washed suicide-bomber. You Chutiye.
    The language u used is not like European or US guys, its Pakistani. You are using Psuedo identity to spread hate.

    • Look elephant jockey, I am going to have to ban you.


    • boyer

      There are lots of Pakistanies here who pretend to be Indians…but there are many Indians who post here who are not very bright,

      • Michael

        There are a lot of stupid Indians who have an inflated ego and actually believe they live in a highly sophisticated and advance state and modern society.

        The remedy is to take a small pin 1mm length is suffice take it to their inflated ego and watch it pop.

        I hear the after pop is horrid absolutely ghastly so cover your face.

        For anyone to deflect their own problems on another country shows the extent of the shit, not only in the streets but in their hearts, mind and soul.

        Sorry for being a prophet of doom but nobody can save India.

        If you do not take my word for it, visit the vomit fest excuse of a country.
        No where in the world do you find more dirty people than within India and you do not have to be an ignorant white man, a Chinese or a Paki to realise this.

        • Michael

          I once saw a dirty grotty Indian man, short, dark, pop bellied come out of his Audi SUV, obviously was compensation for a inferiority complex over height and size of you know what.

          The first thing he does is snot down phlegm and spew it out on the pot holed dirty road.

          This sums up India – a dirty country promoted as a sophisticated society but in essence a nation of small minded, arrogant, ignorant people who believe the BS.

          As outsiders I can understand why we can be victims of the India hype but Indians you are living in a bubble, snap out of it. An advanced society is not measured by fancy cars but a truly modern progressive state with good sanitation, education and equality to all.

          Sadly India is far from a progressive, modern state but a cesspit of everything that can possibly disgust you as a normal human being.

    • Michael

      Incapable to comprehend, rationalise and make a coherent judgement is a trait amongst you Indians.

      Look around you, you live in a squalor, drowning in poverty, pollution, corruption, riddled with sectarianism while an elitist group sponges your resources and hard work.

      The problem is not European Imperialism, Christianity or Islam the problem is you and your inflated ego, incomprehension – wake up and smell the coffee. I have said this in the past, westerners and outsiders can make the mistake of getting sucked into the manufactured hysteria over incredible India which was a neocon marketing campaign I may add to paint a positive image for India. You as Indians can not get sucked into this as your life has not changed in the last 14 years and economically exactly where you were 14 years ago.

      Why did the neocons suddenly take a 3 rd world squalor and “promote’ it as a rising economy?

      That is simple to further their cause and agenda for the region and contain China.

      India has served its purpose for 14 years but as the hysteria and marketing fades and people wake up to India, there is but one observation in everyone’s lips …..”what a shithole”.

      Indians have taken the positivity of her strategic relationship with the USA in the last 14 years literally but this is why I have said you are a schizoid people, your real life is abject poverty no different to 14 years ago but in your little absurd heads you live in a “bubble”. Indians have this perception that the world assumes you have a greater role and responsibility then what you carry in real life on your shoulders and what you say and write carries weight.

      Well we do not take you seriously because you are a shit hole and were a 3rd world squalor 14 years ago and you are a 3rd world country 14 years later, wake up, rub your eyes and look around you.
      Neocons influenced Western markets to allow access to Indian poor products and services which has led to the IT boom and all those horrid, hated IT professionals polluting our cities and those despised unprofessional call centres operated by drones and not people. All this contributed to the Indian economy and increased your GDP for the first time in history to 9% in its height but spread across 1.2 billion people has NOT changed conditions only made a small group of elite ( based on a caste system ) richer and the poor more poor.

      Problem is not India but Indians and their arrogance, ignorance, delusions and schizo attitude living in a dream world.

      • Pat Butcher is a Man

        Enough said – these are all dirty Hindus…
        HIndus = Lost people until British called their nonsense a faith and referred collectively to it as HinduISM

  73. Allen Robinson

    This is in response to those who believe this article is inaccurate or even made up. I am a retired U.S. government employee and I have traveled to India many times. This article is dead on. India is absolutely polluted with human waste. I am fortunate not to have had to venture to the Ganges drainage. I refuse to call it a rive because it is polluted to the point the water is to filthy for anyone except an Indian to touch.

    I have spent a lot of time in Bombay and Delhi and they are both covered end to end with filth. The only way to get away from it is to stay in your hotel, and yes I always stayed in a top end hotel. Not because I need extreme luxury, but because it is the only way to get away from the nauseating filth and human waste.

    It’s not surprising the country is in such a state. Anyone who has had contact with Indians who have immigrated to the United States probably has a story about unwashed smelly Indians on a plane or in an office. Indians as a population in general are unaware of the need for regular bathing. My experience has been that traditional Americans consider bathing every day if going in to their office. Apparently Indians want their fellow employees to be able to locate them by smell.

    So my educated opinion is that as a population Indians while nice folks for the most part are undesirable socially or as employees due to their ignorance concerning hygiene. I’m not sure how you can consider someone educated when they haven’t developed acceptable restroom habits. I have never been able to understand the western willingness to sponsor and pay employees an educated person’s salary when these employees are unable to demonstrate the basic personal skills my 4 year old has been performing competently for over a year.

    In conclusion I believe that when Indians are hired in developed countries or those countries with an understanding of tubs and toilets they should be required to attend an intensive emersion course of at least 200 hours and taught by highly qualified western hygiene experts. If this were the case the smelly offender couldn’t claim ignorance when he or she is sacked to protect the health and productivity of the company’s employees who maintain an acceptable hygiene standard.

    The author can be contacted through the address below.

    Allen Robinson
    BS Industrial Safety andTechnology

    • Historia Nerd

      For me, I believe the Indians that come to the West, usually smell because of two things: one, Indians have large, porous sweat glands and two, their obsession with spices. Combine these two and you have a nasal disaster. I’ve met many Indians on campus and think their problem is not taking precaution regarding what they eat; they also need to learn to be vigilant, as sometimes, people like me, cannot handle that smell.

    • ObaMahdi

      After much thought, I offer a different view. As we can see, yes, india is drowned in toxins and filth but it has been like that since time immemorial and to their racial credit,they’ve evolved into a human species with high innate tolerance of toxins and harmful microbes. And because of the warm sub-continent weather, they also don’t require much food energy, not to mention their holy cows provide a steady source of dung fuel. Humans are facing a bleak future as pollution and climate change threaten our existance. the hindu race is well poised to emerge as the sole survivors.

      “..At a recent embassy party here, several people expressed astonishment that New Delhi’s air was considered dangerous. One of the guests, a marathon runner who jogs through Delhi’s streets daily, said she had NEVER noticed any PROBLEM with the air…”

      “..But in Delhi, almost no one seemed to notice. Few people here wear the filter masks that have been appearing on the streets of Beijing, and even among the wealthy, few own air purifiers, which are used widely in East Asia, because FEW are even AWARE of the PROBLEM…”

      • pepperroncini

        Not been like that since time immemorial ; one only has to see the Indus Valley Civilization to see how advanced ancient India was.
        Problem is mostly the caste system, which was designed to destroy the natives. Horrible conditions follow horrible treatment .

        • Historia Nerd

          Yeah kind of agree with pepeerroncini. India had its renaissance periods i.e. Indus Valley, Mohenjo Daro and even the Buddhist or Enlightened Periods. During these times, one notices that there was no caste! So the solution is so obvious; caste must be rid of! This is the only way that India can return to a better state. Also to note, when Buddhism flourished in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, East and South East Asia, there wasn’t much political discord. Everyone seemed to get a long quite well and happiness was quite abundant. I mean now Pakistan is a hell-hole, India is looking like a sceptic tank, Afghanistan is a political mess and Nepal and Sri Lanka…….no comment. So the solution is simple, go back to Buddhism or Jainism and shatter caste! Thanks.

  74. Pepper Sanchez

    I thought the stories of people dropping deuces in the street were just myths. Unfortunately, to my horror, the worst has been confirmed. I recently witnessed a grown man defecate right beside a fairly busy street the other day. He then lazily tried to splash water from a small bucket to clean himself. I was horrified. He didn’t even have the hygienic decency to take a few steps into the bushes. The whole event was a metaphor for my time in the country. I’m holding out faith that I will find something redeeming about this country before I leave.

    • Tulio

      He’ll probably go and cook food after wiping his ass with a few splatterings of water. That’s how you get the famous Delhi Belly!

      I don’t think I’d go India unless I brought my own food supply.

  75. V.Miroshnik

    I do not think you are Robert Lindsey, you are Lin lin. Because I have seen exactly the same post with same picture in a Chinese site.
    You can see what you want to see. I have been to Varanasi ( or Benares or Kasi) . I went to the famous ghat, tooki a boat ride, but I have not come across any dead body or cows or a man. I have been to Bodhgaya, Sarnath, RajGriha, New Delhi, Agra. I have stayed in good quality hotels, travelled first class in train or by air. There was no problem.

  76. RA

    I am a hindu indian in America for last 15 years and I feel there are filthy people who are full of shit everywhere.

    There are filthy & shitty people in USA too who keep the filth in their shitty attitude knowing they will get sued or jailed if they say or do wrong thing.

    Indians just shit on the surface of mother earth which Americans do too but in their own controlled way with pipes full of shit going somewhere in America itself.

    If Indians are more filthy on the outside, Americans are more filthy on the inside.

    One common thing about all filthy people is that they all wonder whats wrong with all these idiots who keep producing babies and pretend to be nice to each other? When will the see the fucking reality?

    But then you are such a guiding light for so many of us, so keep it up! One day they shall see.

  77. Pepper Sanchez

    India will be saved by disease. One day a terrible virus is going to tear through this sickening hell hole and wipe out hundreds of millions. It will be the best thing that could happen to India. It’s shocking it hasn’t happened already. The cities here are open toilets. Even the so-called high end restaurants often don’t have soap in the bathrooms so you know everything is covered in human waste. There is a revolting reason tourists get sick here and it’s not the spicy food like the locals would have you believe. It’s our bodies reacting to the tsunami of fecal bacteria that washes over everyone upon arrival. I was recently in Goa and found out to my stomach churning dismay that the two rivers feeding the area are full of feces according to the WHO. This, of course, means the beaches are also far above the internationally accepted levels of poo. Everywhere you go here feces is a problem. India cannot develop until it cleanses itself of the uncivilized street shitters and gives itself a good hosing down.

    • Tulio

      Wow, this is fascinating. The pictures I’ve seen of Varanasi are mind boggling. About as extreme an experience as a Westerner could have. The dust, the filth, the shit, the dead bodies in the Ganges, the fecal matter in everything, the disease, the poverty. I have no reason to ever want to step foot in India.

      • Historia Nerd

        Same Tulio. What motivated me to go to India, aside from work related stuff, was to also see their ancient architecture. I can assure you their ancient buildings are quite magnificent; some of these structures can be classified as great engineering feats. However, whether it was travelling to Bodh Gaya, Meenalakshmi or to the Taj Mahal, I was always accosted by beggars and would have to maneuver through filth. My word of advice to all people is to try it! It was frustrating at times, but also nice to see some of the ancient Indian and Muslim architecture. I also recommend giving Iran a try and even Sri Lanka and Nepal. By the way Tulio, I firmly think you should give it a try. Come for the history at least. It’s also good patience training; I think I became Bodhidharma or even Siddartha, while I waiting in lines at fast food restaurants lol.

      • leeminh0

        Yes, the culture, or basically the religion Hinduism, I would rather spend time in India rather than Brazil, Mexico, Turkey or Indonesia which are all Abrahamic countries and don’t have something really unique to offer, I can’t help but get bored of their cultures while being astonished by India

        • Historia Nerd

          Lol who’s that guy? Leeminho I thought you were a fan of only Korean and Japanese music? It sounds kind of weird, but also catchy 🙂

    • @ Pepper Sanchez, Goa was know as Rome of the East during Portuguese Times. After Indian Invasion of Goa in 1961 filthy Indians started colonizing Goa. they shit on every Goan Streets, beaches and turned our once Beautiful Portuguese Province into shithole India. Most Goans hate these Indians.

      • Historia Nerd

        In India everyone hates each other. The best thing that India must do, is partition herself and divide the land amongst its different people: Goans, Tamils, Punjabis, Assamese, Gujarat, Parsees, Bagdadi etc.

        • Akira Sadonabe

          The best thing for India was British colonialism. The worst thing for India is Indians.

        • Thirdeye

          Sounds like a formula for years of small wars and terrorism. But I still can’t say whether or not they would be worse off than they are now.

        • I support some separatism in India but not all of it. Kashmir needs to go. And the Northeast needs to go. But no other regions even want to go. The small secessionist wars in these regions have already been going on for a very long time as is, and the one in the Punjab ended only recently.

  78. Sophie Marie

    This article is very good. India and it’s men are disgusting. I met an Indian man on vacation here who already had a girlfriend in America. I am in Germany. His name is “Anmol Chandan” or “Nikka Anmol”. He cheats lies and is a lying piece of shite who is abusive with words. He took photos of our visit to show his friends and used me. He uses online dating sites to find women all over the world and con them and spread disease to them. He uses them to stay or have sex until they see him in person……. He is disgusting with bad hygiene, very small, and clogged pores all over. Dirty spreading disease to innocents. He is doesn’t deserve any woman or a nice girlfriend and all need to beware.

    • Akira Sadonabe

      How can he have sex with someone he has not met?

    • arvin

      Sad to hear that. Well that’s how most Indian men act, and they are very creepy in real life or on the net.

      Try looking at the Facebook profile of south Asian migrant worker working in gulf countries and Singapore. In their friend list it’s filled with profiles of Filipino and Indonesian domestic worker. In the women’s profile you will see these south Asian guys commenting stuff like ‘hello darling’ ‘ sexy’ and some even leave their mobile phone number. At least you never marry them like my mom who then got left 😦

  79. Nirmal Tom

    Do you ever visited India? From your words, i can see you are filled with hatred towards Indians with no cause, especially to Hindus. You are accusing and making fun about our culture, bathing system, our food, hospitals, pupil, democracy, military, and at last you are making fun by calling our country a shit hole in the universe. i didn’t know where you come from? actually the westerners (not all some pupil like you) have a superiority complex and they thinks they are very much advanced and they are the best in universe it all comes from ignorance and arrogance.

    Long before Portuguese, dutch, British, invasion India is ruled as princely states. India is not a country at all. It was a culture,defined by Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism. Yes there are many social evils used to takes place here like child marriage, untouchability, caste system, etc. But India is a very diverse country in every way. Each state have there own languages which created miracles in literature. they are thousands of years old, some can be date up to b.c. the Nissam, king of Hyderabad is once wealthiest in the world around 1800s. The diamond which decorates British queen is looted from India!

    I belong to Christian religion. You claims you are a christian. I feel ashamed to call you a christian!! During the Portuguese invasion, they are surprised to see Christians in India (from AD 52 onwards). They even tried to convert us into Latin rite with prejudice. Which cause a split in the church in India. India never invade any country during her history. Invading every country, looting the wealth whether gold, or Oil as in Iraq, discriminating the local people as black/Asian, and calling yourself developed! And being proud about it!

    First of all you have to develop your own personality. Actually I feel pity on you. I am a teenager and i think i am much more mature than you in psychological terms. Mind comes first. Matter second. Every matter comes from an extra ordinary mind. You can call him God, logos etc. John von Neumann once, said, ‘All real things are contents of consciousness.’ you pls reexamine and refine your consciousness. Its sure that you will die one day. Mostly i think there is a judgement too.

    May God bless you.

    • I am not really enjoying this comment, you know? I am going to have to ban you.

    • “India never invade any country during her history”. Ha Ha Ha, There was no Country called INDIA Before 1947.

      • Rahul

        so what?? aaarrrrrrrrrggg goan loser here it seems…

        • Akira Sadonabe

          Fix your shithole country before you talk shit. You don’t have shit to talk, all the shit you have is on your streets and pavements when half your population shits in the open. I bet Abbottabad in Pakistan is clesner than Hyderabad, New Delhi, and that filthy Styxian river you call the Ganges.

          I visited India before with my dad. Never again. Damned Indian desis tried to molest my mom and my sister. They are lucky my dad didnt have diplomatic immunity or their corpses would be another hydrodynamic pollutant in your holy river.

        • Rahul

          We are contented to live with what we have. You are not welcome can stay back in your toilet supremacist snake eating state. Sitting through shit is better than breeding Osamas in Abbotabad moron…


          Shithole India turns everything into shit for example Goa, Sikkim, Nagaland, Kashmir, Manipur etc, once Beautiful places now turned into Shit. Thanks to Shithole India. Indians dream of making their cities like Singapore Ha Ha Ha

        • Akira Sadonabe

          Just because I said Der Pakischstane was the lesser of two evils does not equate to me saying I am a citizen of the same nation that protected Osama’s 17 wives and extensive porn stash for years and years. But then again, with the average IQ in India being a standard deviation lower than most first world OCED nations, and their common sense being five standard deviations lower, I am not surprised.

          I am a Japanese citizen living on United States soil. Never been to Pakistan but I have been to India on three separate occasions because of my dad, a.k.a Das Capitalfuhrer. I have had the misfortune of being in close proximity to your ilk, and believe me, it was not a pleasant experience.

          You guys are fucking stupid and insane. Ever seen a Bollywood movie? I would rather see a Nollywood movie rated 3 by Nigeria’s Rotten Tomatos (or AIDS infested sugar rhino horns) than go see a Bollywood movie ever again.

          Africa doesnt deserve half the AIDS and Ebola that your politicians and Brahmins deserve.

        • Rahul

          Sorry kid, I knew you were a japanese your name is a thorough give away and i have referenced that also in my comment..So do not equate me with other fools,,When japan is branded a land of paradise, socialist paradise , greatest innovators why did you guys migrate to the west?
          .We all know our country is in a pathetic position and considering the huge population accumulated in the relatively small land area its not easy to repair the country, Nevertheless I agree with your assesment that most people are insane and have no idea about what is right and wrong.. ours is a multi cultural and multi tribal coountry and it will require a great deal of talisman to repair things. , Things are moving at a slow pace which is understandable given the opportunistic scheming minds at the top and the stern, incorrigle minds at the bottom. But believe things are getting done albeit not at the required pace. The problem is most people in here throw abuse based on their personal experience. with some people, imagine when a white supremacist nazi maniac talks bad about Japan, would you remain silent? Plus we have a tiny secessionist group who keep spamming various forums. The truth is they re also Indians in mind once if their wishes get true there will be multiple shitholes.given the ways they have been brought up to. Also one more thing your assesment about upper class indians and brahmins are not exactly true, apart from a few great intellectual minds like ambedkar all the rest reformers have been from the upperclass/caste and muslims, Just like the whiteman who invented racism towards blacks and also the counteractive anti racism. The upper caste/brahmins have a significant representation i dont deny but there are alos many lower class/caste who hold theior positions. Absul kalam a muslim from a lower caste was the president, Caste discrimination happens in the rural north south india but when you take metropoliuitan cities it hardly matters apart from the marriage pairings and housing localities to some extent. But even these areas havebecome filthy inspite of the lower caste holding their positions what is evident is that both upper and lower class of us carry the same characteristics,.
          Criticisms are welcome, spare the abuse. If someone calls us a shithole and questions what’s been done all the years since independence, its fine but when you cross the line and point fingers based on personal experiences with a few people thats where the problem arises… I hope you do understand.Sorry forthe typos i was in a hurry, had no time to check

  80. Nirmal Tom

    Who cares !! I think your mind is filled with shit.

  81. corner shop

    the best thing ever to hapen to india was the brithish empire. it was slightly cleaner and ,given time,would have become more civilised. it makes me wonder, is that what all that ghandi shit was about,lobbing corps into that disease ridden river, get rid of the great british so we can live in squallor, chuck bodies in or shit infested river and shit and piss anywhere you like. great britain offered a solution and u exchanged it for corps ridden hell. idiots, what ever the caste.

  82. corner shop

    i have been to india btw. i stayed in a hotel called the bumcakapoopoo., the lavatory made a terrible smell when you flushed it. that was in my footballing dayswhen we played againsed the bengal holy cows.

  83. seth

    My friend You are not even close to how they stink, when they stand next to you, the fut wrenching stench That they emanate, but these sickos dont evev deserve to ne called human, I home you have heard of their cannibal holy men who are respected by a billion of them, as you commented rightly, not even the worse ignorant race on earth Is as disgusting as them, but who in the world gives a fuck – they are tolerated everywhere. I guess its for the dollars. I Just home they burn in tell all of them, they are a disgrâce to society or to any form of religion. But we are the racists for thinking so

  84. Don

    I worked in India for seven months. I noticed everyone seems to important to clean up after themselves. Everything is always for someone else to do, lazy arrogant rapist men. They also will not hesitate to lock you up. I was sick all the time from no hygiene. They would kick me out of the hotels avry now and the saying “We are full” ony because one of their women was seen looking at a white man. Nasty place all around, the part I loved was the peanuts and Kingfisher Premium and the stamp in my passport when i left.

  85. Don

    When I was in Port Blair a pretty blond white woman from the usa died from apparently being attacked by a crocodile. NO. Sorry, she was raped by the locals (an old Indian guy I drank with sorted it out for me right away) and then they found a crocodile and threw her in with it to chew it up so it looked like an accident. They were sick with sexual lust whenever they saw white skin, it made them absolutely mad. The fattest grotesque pig bitch from Walmart with a 3rd grade education and lived on doughnuts and diet coke who had even died her hair blond would make them go insane. I could have dressed up in nylons and high heels with a blond wig and they would have raped me, I’m serious. I also saw wife beatings in the street. Nobody paid any attention. But if I was to talk to a an Indian woman on the sidewalk the traffic would stop. Sick, jealous, arrogant, proud know it all worthless human beings. And I actually saw a billboard for Ultra Sound saying. “Pay now or pay later” the implications obvious to ditch that baby girl while it was still 2 months old in the womb. The place must be 70%men. I could go on and on, and maybe I will tomorrow. This should stir up the cow shit in the streets a bit.

  86. mer


  87. mer


  88. Hebe

    Indians are super-daydreamers!

    • Beheading is painless

      The toilet user supremacist values each of his or her turds as golden eggs. They secure his supremacy
      among the darkling seers whose knowledge he derides as foolishness.
      But lo the Lord sends the goose of death
      They call him death goose.
      This mighty Goose Kills them while on they are on their beloved toilet
      Their faces see the face of the goose
      And their end in this world has come.

      The Finnish Koran

    • Advanced anal negrology

      Hebe I think you a better than Indians. You are a super duper day dreamer!

  89. Finn

    Yeah parts of India are a shit hole. Ever thought thats why so many people leave it for a better life. These people need help not derision! The elitist comments here sound just like elitist Hindus!
    Seems you all have that in common.
    As for advocating communism & socialism….really?

    • EPGAH

      While I don’t agree with advocating Socialism, if people keep coddling their delusion that they’re just as advanced as everyone else, why should they improve?

      This concept used to be called “Common Sense”, then “Tough Love”, but now I notice self-esteem is more important than pointing out problems and fixing them!

      • Advanced anal negrology

        It is you are coddling yourself with delusions of superiority because you know how to use plumbing infrastructure that you never conceived of or installed or even maintained.

        You need some tough love yourself. Get your self to medical school and have something to boast about in terms of education rather than go on about your ego finds support in the fact that you have a toilet and, others due to poverty, do not.

        After all since you have no idea about how to implement the plumbing infrastructure needed for this national developmental exercise;for you in your non technical, non pragmatic state this pointing out of the obvious merely becomes an excuse to boost your ego.

    • EPGAH

      In fact, scroll up 4 posts, where a doctor of India–with a PHD from US, no less–claimed that PISS is a cure for EBOLA!
      Or right under that, “Hindu Prime minister Modi claimed the elephant god ganesh was the result of advanced ancient hindu science of transplanting an elephant head to a human torso”

      Advanced science? Really? They didn’t even have electricity until Britain upgraded them, and how were they repaid for that?

      But by all means, keep telling savages that they’re just as advanced as the Civilized World, “Don’t Change A Thing”, right?

    • EPGAH

      Instead of drinking the Kool-Aid, try a big gulp of the Ganges!
      Or read this one:
      Sanskrit came from SYRIA, not INDIA! How embarrassing!

      • Finn

        You clearly have a grudge against Indians. I didn’t say I agreed with them, I mearly stated that maybe they need help.
        I dont care where languages came from or where your dna originated, no one has control over where they are born.
        You seem to take pride in the accomplishments of others based on nothing more then your race/culture.
        If all of us could trace our lineage back just 20 generations, then we would have over 1 million ancestors. You came from 2 people who both came from 2 people ( 4 grand parents ) who came from 2 people ( 8 great grandparents ) and so on.
        You probably have some Indian in you already.
        You seem to suffer from the same elitist attitude you claim to hate.
        Just for you i found this –
        Instead of feeling proud of being born into a culture that is not filthy ( something non of us had control over, ) why dont you try to help people that were not so fortunate!
        I guess the air is pretty thin all the way up there on that high horse. You most be a real laugh at partys.

        • EPGAH

          I don’t have a grudge against Indians. I DO have a grudge against any group earning derision then whining that they get it.

          As to “why dont you try to help people that were not so fortunate!”, that sounds like a variation of the “White Privilege” whining.
          But the answer is, because people richer, stronger, even SMARTER than me tried to upgrade them, and it didn’t work. I EXPLICITLY brought up about Britain upgrading them, and you never answered, ** “HOW WERE THE BRITISH REPAID?” **

          I’ll give you a big hint: It redefined ungrateful.
          So if a whole COUNTRY was repaid thus while trying to help them, what do you think an INDIVIDUAL would accomplish? And what would they do to that individual for trying to help them?

        • Finn

          Oh so you want reverence for something you never did? Ok, that tells me all i need to know about you!
          Not one person alive today deserves praise for the actions of dead empire builders. They didn’t ‘upgrade’ any one as you put it. Thinking clearly for you is hard isn’t it? If you think Britain helped India during the ‘British Raj’ then you’re an imbecile! India was doing fine until elitist racists like you turned up and basically raped it. You need to read up on British attitudes at the time, but then you seem to exist in your own fantasist bubble of supremacy. You are merely a racist imperialist moron of the highest caliber & you’re proud of it, Well done you.

        • EPGAH

          What was that you were saying about “high horses”? Please parachute off and come back to reality.

          They were not “doing fine”, they were still overpopulated, they were starving, they had no sanitation or electricity.

          As to “supremacy”, as much as you may sneer and curl your lip, apparently “white supremacy” is VERY enticing to nonwhites, from refugees to H1B Visas to Outsourcing–none of which would’ve been possible without the British upgrades. (Or China’s takeover of Hong Kong, another British upgrade, that everyone wants the benefits from? Not to mention the savage “refugees” invading all European countries including America, but that’s beyond your scope, right?)

          The people of India also claim to have developed an anti-carrier missile in conjunction with Russia. If Russians are not white, they are awfully pale! And again, that would not have been possible without Britain’s upgrades.

          I’m not going to deny that it benefited Britain, but it benefited the savages by bringing them up to a Level where any of the above was possible. Think of it as doing the right thing for the wrong reasons.

        • Finn

          EPGAH, you really are deluded. So you’re jealous of any foreigner who is smarter then you, especially when they’re brown? Whats wrong with intelligent people traveling to the west? Oh yeah they make you feel stupid.
          According to you Indians are the same as all the refugees entering europe, that just shows your pathetic demented & racist view point! The British never ‘upgraded’ any one, they just went in and took what they wanted while acting superior. All the British achieved was unifying India from separate states each with their own government & laws into one, and splitting it into three countries before they got thrown out. You are still upset about that?
          While the west was still building mud huts and fending off the Romans, Indians where already using the decimal system and conducting complex surgical procedures. You would’nt know that because apparently you’ve read every book ever simply by looking at the covers. Good luck with your angry hate filled existence you pathetic excuse for a human.

        • EPGAH

          PS, hasn’t their quality of life gone down hardcore since they kicked out/killed the British?
          That MIGHT be why those pictures exist…Or do you think they’re Photoshop?

        • Beheading is painless

          He has grudge against any group that replies to his elitist attitude and asks instead for some understanding. As far as he is concerned when the white man has spoken the matter is concluded. No further dialogue is needed.

        • EPGAH

          They WERE using Arabic numerals, but NOT doing “advanced surgery”.
          As to who is smarter, do you deny that electricity, railroads, and ultimately computers and the Internet were imposed on them from without?
          That is an upgrade, no matter how you slice it.

          So is outsourcing, and H1B visas. Although if they were so smart, bringing so many into a company would NOT be a Death Sentence for that company. Or maybe there’s some other negative that offsets the positive?
          If being of India is purely positive, why haven’t Indian companies snowed under American companies? (Not counting the snow-jobs by Indian body-shops!)

          Maybe you need to start opening some books instead of just judging by the covers! You are enjoying having the very elitist attitude you claim to hate when I have it?

          As to splitting it into 3 countries, Pakistan was because they wanted to keep the destabilizing Moslem terrorists away from the ones they considered salvageable.
          Did you ever think if they hadn’t kicked their betters out, there wouldn’t be any hatred? And the subsidies from Britain wouldn’t have stopped if they hadn’t made their own satellites, which the Civilized World views as a threat. The same multi-stage rockets necessary to put a satellite into orbit can also launch a nuke over most defenses.

          Why do you think there is so much concern over Iran’s “space program”? Do you really think Third Worlders want a better view of the stars or to light up some point of the Civilized World “Brighter Than The Sun”?

      • Advanced anal negrology

        Are you sure?

        Sanskrit is part of the Indo European group of languages not the semetic language group.

        In your mind you are mixing the two language groups.

  90. Beheading is painless

    Remember the shitting fields of Shakespeare. I visited these fields in Stratford upon Avon. Taking a shit outside inspired the bard. In India taking a shit outside is a Shakespearean act of inspiration.

    We poked the embers of the flames
    In the dying days of the west
    We Indians craved the open spaces of the
    Inside of a ripped kettle drum when we were ants
    In the anus of the sleeping rhinoceros
    And we loved the shitting fields of the
    Mighty western civilisation.
    Their great classics resonated down the ages
    But they who know India understand the whistling wind
    From the anus of the western genius
    Say to the Indian people who are merely like unto the ants of the earth:
    When the bard shat his way through the
    Fields of Stratford upon Avon
    His joy raised higher and higher
    Through the whistling wind of his poetry.

    The Finnish Koran.

  91. Beheading is painless

    The savages ants of India were
    Upgraded to non savages ants
    And they feast upon
    the pork sausages of conquest
    From the kitchen of queen Victoria
    In Finland the snow queen prepares to visit the mighty
    Himalayas to pray to the Lord from the heights of
    The world.
    Show mercy to these people of your creation oh lord
    She prays to the Lord of the heavens and the earth.

    The Finnish Koran

  92. Beheading is painless

    I am not sure if the quality of life is up or down since the British left. I think it is about the same as far as the average person is concerned. There has been an increase in agricultural output but the population has increased.

    There has been some technical progress in software and chemical industries, which are fairly new, but they minnows compared to their western competitors. Also a satalite launching business exits, which caused the British to cease foreign aid to India. I remember when this happened and the newspapers were talking about it in the uk.

    To be fair it is a mixed bag. To say iife has improved is an exaggeration, but to say things have gone down is to discount some modest improvements on some issues.

    In Africa we can say things have gone down for countries like Somalia since the British and Italian colonial admininistrations went but India seems to be stuck in a zone of modest movement.

    Still Africa and India are great places for the White nationalists. Always easy to find a few pictures to post to make the whites are superior argumentention. A picture is worth a thousand words, so these pictures are a real boon for the lazy White nationalist.

    However, if you want a more nuanced picture of India then some internet research is in order, which looks at the modest progress made since the middle of the last century in addition to the usual beloved white ego boosting pictures of Indian degradation and poverty.

  93. Beheading is painless

    Epgah what is important is to look at things on a case by case basis. India may not be Finland but neither is it Somalia.

    All things considered things are roughly the same since the British left.

    Maybe there has been done modest technical progress, but not enough to improve things for the common man.
    However the western hatred towards India is certainly greater thanx to to the Internet. So we can say there has been some very modest progress in India, which results in more western hatred after colonisation towards India.

  94. Beheading is painless

    Epgah when I speak about western hatred towards India I am of course referring to the right wing westerners.

    Extreme left wing commentators have no such hatred that I have seen. “It is verboten” as the right wingers like to say.

    Only the extreme left wing will cure your hatred or conversion to an Indian religion. These things are usually impossible for a right winger so you are stuck feeling superior because you have a toilet. This toilet user superiority seems cheap but for a right winger each turd is solid gold because it allows for ego inflation;that is until you go camping with a shovel in the woods.

    So the most appropriate cure for toilet user supremacy is a camping holiday. Book yourself one where you can do some fishing as well. This will a healthy and spiritual experience for you. You will then connect to the your fellow humans around the globe and to be earth itself. Your mind and spirit will expand.

    If you want a healthy ego then a substitute for your cheap ego would be becoming a brain surgeon. This will give you both a more appropriate and universally recognised praise. After all you will be rich educated and useful and last but not least you will have several bathrooms in you wonderful home in the suburbs. Indeed you could have more than one such home. From one of these homes you comment online about brain operations that, someone in India, a fellow Brain surgeon,has posted in an online journal for the benefit of other brain surgeons around the world, including your good self.

  95. Beheading is painless

    Epgah wow! even white supremacy is in your view attractive to none whites. Have you lost your mind?

    Go on to stormfront and at least read some of the more lucid posters. When people come to states on their tech visas it is to work not for the KKK.

    Nigger please!

    • EPGAH

      Who are they coming to work for again? Who runs the companies they “train” (or just forge diplomas) to be Indentured Servants for? If H1Bs were modified to allow the Servant to switch Masters at a whim, would H1Bs suddenly be ditched en-masse and they would “rediscover” those 75% of American STEM Grads who can’t get an American STEM job?

      And again, would that even be POSSIBLE if Britain hadn’t installed electricity and sanitation? Without British upgrades, outsourcing MIGHT be something I made up, or it might be some other country, but it would DEFINITELY not be India. As a bonus, we’d be spared that insulting, although strangely short-lived, sitcom!

      I guess you’re right about me feeling superior because I have a toilet.

      I hope never to be having to take a correspondence course in brain surgery from India. Goodly English Speaking Translation would lead to Badly Butchered Brains, and to the revocation of my potential medical license, if not a “goodly” amount of time in a Supermax facility.

      • Beheading is painless

        First of all you have a very wrong view of how one becomes a brain surgeon. One does not take a correspondence course in brain surgery. One only takes such a course in a cartoon show.

        Feeling superior about having a toilet shows you do not have much to be proud of. My point was chatting on line to a fellow brain surgeon. That way you could have a truely intelligent conversation instead of the being busy with the toilet ego boosting conversation with me. I think you can see which of these conversations is superior to have.

        So instead of feeling superior while taking a shit; feel superior by going to my medical school and doing brain surgery. Makes sense to me. Have something to be really proud of.

        So many whites are proud of the acheivment of other whites they forget that having a toilet does not quite cut it in their personal ego department. What would you rather say at a cocktail party: “I am a brain surgeon” or “I have a toilet and I am proud of using it”;can you see the stupidity of saying the latter statement?But if that is how you measure yourself then that is up to you.

        • EPGAH

          Come on, when it was under white rule, the streets were clean.
          We don’t know the culture is full of shit, but we DO know the roads are!
          I DID compare a better culture to being housebroken, just never meant it to be so literal here.

  96. “I am not sure if the quality of life is up or down since the British left.”

    Is this a ridiculous question or what? If the British never came, there wouldn’t be an “India” and the Dravidian people would be free of Indian racism, tyranny, and oppression. We find ourselves a minority group in our lands and helpless to defend ourselves against a hostile, racist, Indian majority. The Indians are destroying our language, culture, and way of life. More and more of their people are invading our lands, and bringing their Hindian ethnoculture with them. We have attacked and driven out Indians from our lands before, but until Dravidian independence is won, we will always be vulnerable to India.

    The time is long overdue for the Dravidians to fight back against decades of injustice and second-class citizen status. If we don’t do something soon, we could very well end up like the Native Americans and lose everything to the Indians. The liberation of Dravida Nadu from Indian imperialism starts now.

    • Beheading is painless

      India is eternal.
      It is where the Lord descends
      He goes to the most joyous spot of divine love in the world
      He comes to the land of the eternal religion.

      The Finnish Koran

      • Beheading is painless

        Yes, India that the Brits helped create has made modest progress.

        • EPGAH

          Yes, at terrible expense to anyone who tries to employ them:
          Companies ruined or almost ruined by imported Indian labor

          Adaptec – Indian CEO Subramanian Sundaresh fired.
          AIG (signed outsourcing deal in 2007 in Europe with Accenture Indian frauds, collapsed in 2009)
          AirBus (Qantas plane plunged 650 feet injuring passengers when its computer system written by India disengaged the auto-pilot).
          Apple – R&D CLOSED in India in 2006.
          Australia’s National Australia Bank (Outsourced jobs to India in 2007, nationwide ATM and account failure in late 2010).
          Bell Labs (Arun Netravalli took over, closed, turned into a shopping mall)
          Boeing Dreamliner ES software (written by HCL, banned by FAA)
          Bristol-Myers-Squibb (Trade Secrets and documents stolen in U.S. by Indian national guest worker)
          Caymas – Startup run by Indian CEO, French director of dev, Chinese tech lead. Closed after 5 years of sucking VC out of America.
          Caterpillar misses earnings a mere 4 months after outsourcing to India, Inc.
          Circuit City – Outsourced all IT to Indian-run IBM and went bankrupt shortly thereafter.
          ComAir crew system run by 100% Indian IT workers caused the 12/25/05 U.S. airport shutdown when they used a short int instead of a long int
          Computer Associates – Former CEO Sanjay Kumar, an Indian national, sentenced to 12 years in federal prison for accounting fraud.
          Deloitte – 2010 – this Indian-packed consulting company is being sued under RICO fraud charges by Marin Country, California for a failed solution.
          Dell – call center (closed in India)
          Delta call centers (closed in India)
          Fannie Mae – Hired large numbers of Indians, had to be bailed out. Indian logic bomb creator found guilty and sent to prison.
          Goldman Sachs – Kunil Shah, VP & Managing Director – GS had to be bailed out by US taxpayers for $550 BILLION.
          GM – Was booming in 2006, signed $300 million outsourcing deal with Wipro that same year, went bankrupt 3 years later
          HP – Got out of the PC hardware business in 2011 and can’t compete with Apple’s tablets. HP was taken over by Indians and Chinese in 2001. So much for ‘Asian’ talent!
          HSBC ATMs (software taken over by Indians, failed in 2006)
          Intel Whitefield processor project (cancelled, Indian staff canned)
          JetStar Airways computer failure brings down Christchurch airport on 9/17/11. JetStar is owned by Quantas – which is know to have outsourced to India, Inc.
          Lehman (Spectramind software bought by Wipro, ruined, trashed by Indian programmers)
          Medicare – Defrauded by Indian national doctor Arun Sharma & wife in the U.S.
          Microsoft – Employs over 35,000 H-1Bs. Stock used to be $100. Today it’s lucky to be over $25. Not to mention that Vista thing.
          MIT Media Lab Asia (canceled)
          MyNines – A startup founded and run by Indian national Apar Kothari went belly up after throwing millions of America’s VC $ down the drain.
          PeopleSoft (Taken over by Indians in 2000, collapsed).
          PepsiCo – Slides from #1 to #3 during Indian CEO Indra Nooyi’ watch.
          Polycom – Former senior executive Sunil Bhalla charged with insider trading.
          Qantas – See AirBus above
          Quark (Alukah Kamar CEO, fired, lost 60% of its customers to Adobe because Indian-written QuarkExpress 6 was a failure)
          Rolls Royce (Sent aircraft engine work to India in 2006, engines delayed for Boeing 787, and failed on at least 2 Quantas planes in 2010, cost Rolls $500m).
          SAP – Same as Deloitte above in 2010.
          Singapore airlines (IT functions taken over in 2009 by TCS, website trashed in August, 2011)
          Skype (Madhu Yarlagadda fired)
          State of Indiana $867 million FAILED IBM project, IBM being sued
          State of Texas failed IBM project.
          Sun Micro (Taken over by Indian and Chinese workers in 2001, collapsed, had to be sold off to Oracle).
          UK’s NHS outsourced numerous jobs including health records to India in mid-2000 resulting in $26 billion over budget.
          Union Bank of California – Cancelled Finacle project run by India’s InfoSys in 2011.
          United – call center (closed in India)
          Victorian Order of Nurses, Canada (Payroll system screwed up by SAP/IBM in mid-2011)
          Virgin Atlantic (software written in India caused cloud IT failure)
          World Bank (Indian fraudsters BANNED for 3 years because they stole data).

        • EPGAH

          Problem is, OUR technology has outstripped THEIR morality.
          I just got my 4th call this weak from India’s trolls who CLAIM to be from Microsoft Tech Support, claiming Windows notified them of a problem, demanding control of MY computer.
          Thing is, my computer runs MINT, AND Microsoft doesn’t ever call anyone, YOU call THEM, and pray you get through. So I knew it was a scam all along!

      • Halal Butcher of Lhasa

        –Bullshit is the abode of hindu god:
        Bullshit can explain lots of other bullshit like
        –Caste system is the spiritual class system–from a serious hindu site
        When people hear about ‘doing spiritual practice as per the Bramhin, Kshatriya, Vaishya, or Shūdra spiritual classes,’ they often misunderstand and think that one is advocating the caste system as practiced in India a few decades ago. However, the context in which these words are used in spirituality is very different. Spiritual classes are a part of the system of spiritual practice. The spiritual class of an individual is based on his spiritual constitution or potential (gunas, i.e. Sattva, Raja, Tama) and actions (karma, i.e. what the individual offers to God).

        Unlike the caste system, the spiritual class system is independent of the individual’s birth, religion or social status. As the seeker progresses spiritually, he moves to the next higher spiritual class or method of spiritual practice. Caste is in reference to the social system; it is decided at birth and remains the same throughout one’s life.
        Essentially, a spiritual class is the method of spiritual practice for an individual, depending on his spiritual qualities, capabilities and needs. The four spiritual classes (varna) depict the four different methods of spiritual practice or the actions an individual is supposed to commit for spiritual growth

        • Beheading is painless

          He who tastes of the milk of the goat will
          Want the leg of al lah.
          He who tastes of this milk will
          Have the pot of milk stirred by the leg of al lah.
          For the leg of al lah is a joy for those
          Who drink the milk of heaven
          And as in heaven
          then says the the Lord I shall
          Will it on earth.

          The Finnish Koran

        • Advanced anal negrology

          May al lah guide you. You will find much of value in the Koran.

          The butcher of Lhasa drinks of the camel urine
          He drinks in the amber liquid on sale
          From the stalls of Cairo
          He feels the joy of his Halal drink
          For he knows that mixed with milk
          It cures all disease.
          Such is his joyous knowledge he feeds the camel urine to his
          Pet crocodile
          He sells it in his shop
          but the Chinese communist party knows his ways
          And throws the fool in prison for toxic medicines.

          The Finnish Koran

    • Dei dravidian punda, ennaevanavadhu alaileye soothula uluthiya enna? kabala koodhi mavane kalaileyue peeya thinna aarmaichittiya. ummala, nara punda mavane

      • Advanced anal negrology

        What the…. do you not know English. I ought to defenestrate your ass.

        • Optimus Prime

          It wasn’t addressed to you, but if your scrotum is itching try to decipher the language before ranting you Pencil dick Hindu bastard. Is there anything yu do besides serial trolling here with multiple names. Go to a mumbai slum and better clean some shit there because someone rips your balls out you cocksucker

  97. Beheading is painless

    The thing is this EPGAH, you need a job. I am willing to take you on in my own company as a toilet attendant since toilets are your strongest point.

    You will be working with some lovely Zulu Lesbians who will want the ladies toilets kept in mint condition. They will be you supervisors as they are in charge of the mongoloid android asshole recharge facility we operate here.

    The mongoloid androids come for a top up for the latest tech gizmos and are fully recharged before being returned to their owners, who want the latest in sex toys. We are specialist company that deals with the mongoloid sex doll trade.

    I am sure you and your toilet operation and upkeep skills will be a most welcome addition to our team here in South Africa. Post me your contact details and we can get your contract for service started.

    • EPGAH

      Do you have any computer jobs available?
      Or are you just taking a HUGE piss?

      • Advanced anal negrology

        Oh if you have computer skills that would be great. We make some animation of the cuddly pre – school kind if you are interested. It is a relaxed environment to work in and the pay is good.

    • Halal Butcher of Lhasa

      All your ‘camel piss’ BS just show the deep mental pain of a bajrang dal idiot like you and the idiocy that come with it. All the bragging,loathings are just thin protective veneer over poverty and filth

      Poor hindu school children are denied simple protein food like eggs:

      • Advanced anal negrology

        Let not the butcher of Lhasa feed you his camel
        He cooks it using camel urine from the stalls of Cairo
        Buy not you meat from this crooked merchant
        He knows not the ways of al lah
        For al lah will not show this merchant
        His divine leg.
        Cursed are his dealings in this world
        And he will be sorely punished in
        The next world
        Which is his eternal abode.

        The Finnish Koran

    • Advanced anal negrology

      Ah my pencil dick friend from India, Optimus prime. Please allow me to call you Richard. Dick is short for Richard in the uk.

      Richard is it true that you have tattoos on your scrotum? I remember seeing some the other day on an Internet site saying, “do not look here when you can see an Indian pencil dick grow into a mighty bamboo tree”. Was that you? In a sense your pencil dick is really like a transformer from the movie transformers, but in your case it can change in an instant to a mighty tree. It is the chief penis transformer on earth. Indeed, musing about your penis we come up with the following lyric:

      Indian pencil dick in disguise!

      We could use the lyric in an Indian porno flick with you in the starring role as Dick.

      In fact I hear it can grow so quick the american military are looking to use it as a battering ram in case they have some jihadis holed up in a house in Syria. They will send your dark skinned Indian self as a pretend Muslim and then bang! you knock the door down with your mighty tree of a penis and the American soldiers come in and kill the jihadis.

      The last sentence of you short rant does not make grammatical sense. Back to English school for you then! See you there Richard; as I will be only to happy to teach you.

      And then, after a few months of taking lessons in basic English grammar from me,you will certainly be in the strong position of succeeding in your follow up effort;in attempting once again, to give grammatically correct instructions, as to how, one should conduct one self in the environment of Mumbai.

      • Optimus Prime

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        • Advanced anal negrology

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          The Finnish Koran

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          Know ye he not the Hindu Indian
          Optimus prime?
          Some call him curry nigger
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          But, I,
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          He loves not the way of Al lah
          He goeth not to Mecca.
          Shame and disgrace follow him
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          For certainly he dwells in disbelief from his Lord
          Who is Al lah.

          And Al lah will roast the Hindu Indian
          Optimus prime above the fire.
          He will roast him like an insect above the roaring flames.
          For Al lah is displeased with him and he
          Will, for a certainty, face an eternal penalty for his disbelief.

          The Finnish Koran

  98. 1.5 billion india. Same as China.
    But China will be the largest Christian nation in the world at the rate it’s going. India ? God help them.

    • Advanced anal negrology

      Wrong the Chinese communist party have embraced Buddhism and work to promote it. China is the biggest Buddhist nation on earth.

      • Lin

        China is NOT a Buddhist nation PERIOD. Most people outside of East Asia don’t understand east Asian attitude towards non-abrahimaic religions:
        1)Confucism, Taoism and Buddhism are diffused rather than institutionalized. There’s no such thing as initiation rituals regarding them. I can put up a placard saying ‘fuck Confucius/Buddha/laotze’ in the main street of any Chinese towns(with the exception of Confucius’s hometown) and people and cops wouldn’t care as long as it wouldn’t block traffics. Confucius as well as traditional Chinese cultural orthodoxy went through lots of criticism since the early 20th century.
        2)Orthodox confucism was anti-Buddhist. It’s hindu wet dream they’ve soft power influence over Chinese. I’ve never met a pro-hindu Chinese Buddhist. Even Buddhists in india want to distant themselves from hinduism although according to indian constitution Buddhism is a branch of hinuism
        3)Buddhism was often considered an escapist philosophy by Chinese intellectual.
        4)Most Chinese I would say are 30-50% Confucist,5-10% Buddhist or Taoists. Buddhism is not a communal label and there’s no hard efforts by Buddhists or Taoists to pass the religion to their children. More often than not, one can find family members belonging to 2 or 3 ‘religions’ under one roof

        • Advanced anal negrology

          Why did China host the first world Buddhist conference in 2006?

          You can hate India and Hindus. This is is important hatred that you need to hold on to, as it will help you, but answer the question.

          Why is the Buddhist communist party allowing delegates to attend such conference to this day?

          Returning to hatred of India. Practise makes perfect. Keep it up on an hourly basis. I have met better India haters than you master Lin. They set theirs watch alarms to go off every hour in order to hate India. You can learn a lot from them and make good progress in this excellent hatred. Hatred is an excellent energising tonic that will give you the energy you need to utterly destroy India within the next month of your life. Try it and see.

          Btw are you are Christian master Lin?

        • Advanced anal negrology

          It is well know that the Chinese government elite, up to the president treat Buddhism with kindness and respect. Indeed many of the elite practise it openly. However, crackdows on Christianity are common.

        • Advanced anal negrology

          Wang, China’s richest man donated 159 million dollars to rebuild a historic Buddhist temple in Nanjing. Buddhist is getting massive support from the political and business elite of China.

      • Advanced anal negrology

        Let us adopt the right wing white nationalist racial taxonomy in our discussion. I know this is impolite and non PC but for the sake of our discussion let us use the dreaded n word. Let us us the word niggger.

        We have niggers in Harlem. We have curry niggers in India. We have sand niggers in Arabia.

        Such is the perspective of the WN world view. This amazing variety of niggers creates a kind of rainbow world of niggerdom.

        Each nigger nation has a dichotomy of bad and good. Let us look only at the good. We have dwelt enough on the bad.

        Let us look at the US nigger, who is excellent at sports. He dominates the hundred meters, basketball etc. He loves to display his wealth from his sporting achievements. He also have a massive share in making profitable Nigger music.

        The sand nigger is clearly the best looking as we see so many white Arabs in places like Syria etc. Even blonde kids make it into the news from Syria with their big sad blue eyes meant to pull at the heartstrings of westerners. On the Arab news channels we see gorgeous white Arab female news anchors reading the news. The sand nigger loves to display his wealth from oil extraction.

        The curry niggers are the richest niggers.They have the largest nigger economy in excess of 8 trillion US dollars on a GDP PPP calculation, the most multi millionaires, millionaires and billionaires. They have the third largest pool of billionaires in the whole world. The curry nigger is keen to invest but does not bother to display his wealth a great deal.

        Such gems of sporting and musical prowess among the niggers, fine looks among the sand niggers and wealth creation among the curry niggers gives us a less jaundiced view of niggers;and thus allows us to look lovingly at the wonderful rainbow world of niggerdom.

        • Lin

          An Islamic conference was just concluded in Mathura India and according to your logics, india must be an Islamic conference. Your cow worshipping mentality is astounding. No wonder Moses condemned the Hebrew cow worshippers during the Exodus. Phallic worship, temple prostitution, animal worship… all the pagan practices condemned by the biblical patriarchs are right there in Hinduism for all to see. Maranatha !!

        • Optimus Prime

          Oh i see now why why you are having a problem with Buddhism in CHina. You clearly hate Buddhism dont you?

  99. Advanced anal negrology

    From my statements lim you deduce I worship cows. I do not worship cows.

    I worship the one true God of the universe.

    When have I said I worship cows like the ancient Israelites worshipping an image of a calf?Anyone doing such a thing is delusional and deserves censure.

    The point of the Buddhist world conference in China is that it has the blessing of the Chinese elite. It requires their blessing. Religion is tightly controlled in China.

    Buddhism, Toasim exist peacefully and even often occupy the same temple in many many cases. This is the Chinese traditional way. It is not the confontational way of the semetic religions.

    Islam is tightly controlled by the Chinese government and government employees must not fast during Ramadan in the eastern province where terrorism is a frequent concern. The government is more free with Christianity but will close down churches rather than fund them or visit them as they do with Buddhist temples.

    As for India, there religion is less tightly controlled, so an Islamic conference is of no concern to the government.

    So can you see the point of your logical fallacy? It is glaringly obvious. It is at the starting point where you assumed without evidence that the two countries have a similar policy regarding religion. Once your logic goes off wrong from the start you reach delusional conclusions.

    As for your love of Christianity, lim, that is to your credit but here again you go wrong. You are too show love to your enemies as Christ counselled but you show enemity. So the practical application of your understanding of Christian doctrine leaves you looking doctrinally incompetent in practise.

    • Advanced anal negrology

      Remember EPGAH even cats dogs, and WN apologists who do not realise that Arabic numbers originated in india(look it up;they have copious information on this topic at stormfront) can be house trained. It requires minimal intelligence, but it does require infrastructure that covers an entire nation.

      Let us assume one day India has infrastructure for all the needs of its citizens what will happen to your bubble of “I am housebroken” superiority? You have nothing to feel superior about but the actions of people who put the infrastructure together for you in you particular neck of the woods. It is fragile superiority indeed.

      Now we see that Shakespeare was not housebroken in the modern sense, and yet he was superior to you whose only accomplishment is being housebroken. So it is possible from this logic to be superior to you even when not being housebroken like Shakespeare who shat through the fields of England while writing his plays. Aristotle is superior to you. He too was not housebroken in the modern sense but we still use his philosophy in our university classes.

      It is not the base functions that make a man a man but the quality of the mind. You have demonstrated that the quality of your thinking can not comprehend even this basic idea. You keep insisting that being housebroken is the basis of your superiority but you yourself have nothing whatsoever to do with building the infrastructure. Hence we can conclude you idea of superiority is similar to that of a cat whereby the people who built the infrastructure domesticated you and housed in you a zone where this training is needed. Take way that and you are shitting in the fields,but minus any compensatory genius by which you will be remembered.

      You ego is based on the accomplishments of others and your ability like an animal to fit into the world they created for you. You are indeed nothing but a human cat or a human dog who infrastructure builders and maintainers have managed to be trained to live in the world they created for you. And when the whole world lives in a state of suffient infrastructure to help its citizens lead a good life bang goes your fagile ego based on the work of others.

    • Advanced anal negrology

      “Ah madam!” Rousseau writes to an aristocratic lady, “sometimes in the privacy of my study,with my hands pressed tight on my eyes or in the darkness of the night, I am of the opinion that there is no God. But look yonder:the rising of the sun as it scatters the mists that cover the earth, and lays bare the wonderous glittering scene of nature, disperses at the same moment all clouds from my soul. I find my faith again, and my God, and belief in Him. I admire and adore Him and I prostrate myself in his presence.”

  100. Jason Y

    Well, we have a choice we can do as someone like ep-gah would say and limit breeding of poor East Indian people or help them. Apparently for the last thousand years or more, high caste Indians (akin to upper classes in Latin America, Africa, you name it) have done nothing to help the poor people.

    Ep-gah or Santo-culto might say the poor should clean up their shit. However, maybe they can’t. Perhaps there is too much of it. But the government won’t intervene, and the high castes are probably tucked away in some upscale neighborhood where they don’t have to smell it.

    Oh. BTW, not only would stepping in it be a problem, but imagine the smell ! EEKK.

    • Advanced anal negrology

      So you believe in eugenics? You believe certain people should not breed? This is not a choice. To even think this is choice show
      S how right wing you are.

      You certainly are an extreme right winger and you know what you say.

      Who gave you the moral authority to decide who breeds and who does not?

      Maybe if yo stepped on some dog poo in the America you would consider not breeding dogs any more.

      Come on….stop this right wing none sense. You are not the right wing God who decides who breeds and who lives.

      One more k on your eekk and we have eekkk. You are sounding just like your brothers in the kkk.

      • Jason Y

        No I don’t believe in eugenics, apart from discouraging incest. Didn’t the above comment suggest that? I don’t want right wing “Joseph Mengele” creeps deciding who lives and dies, or who breeds.

        • Jason Y

          Come on….stop this right wing none sense. You are not the right wing God who decides who breeds and who lives.

          I am in favor of strong immigration laws, but not eugenics, as I see it as “creepy right wingers” playing God.

        • Advanced anal negrology

          Discouraging incest?

          That sounds ok but that was not the option you gave initially which you put into the mouth of EPGAH. Thanx for the clarification.

        • Jason Y

          The far right ideas of beauty hurt many people’s feelings, especially those of a mixed heritage. It’s very wacko and crazy. Now these people want to say who breeds and who doesn’t. Not in my country I hope.

        • Jason Y

          Tanssexualism is weird and something people choose. On the other hand, a mixed heritage is something children are forced to have, and there is nothing wrong with it, except to shallow narrow minded bullies.

          Note, the human race is always changing, and mixed heritage people are just a part of that change. Chopping your balls off though is a different

    • Advanced anal negrology

      It is up to every government to invest in infrastructure.

      Only an extreme left wing government can deliver this degree of investment so that urgent problems are dealt with quickly.

      These moderate left and right wing governments are slow in delivering results. They are useless when it comes to urgent solutions for urgent problems.

      We need a strong statist totalitarian response to the issues of pollution of whatever kind, so that people can breath in clean air in a sanitary environment.

  101. Advanced anal negrology

    Now finally we come to the topic of genetic manipulation brought up by some of the posters.

    Let us behold
    the crocoduck
    Undiscovered in the Congo
    By man
    The mouth of a duck and the tail of the crocodile
    Behold also the Indianbaboon
    Known as Optimus prime
    Created by Al lah
    The creator took the buttocks of the baboon and replaced
    The Indian buttocks
    With new monkey buttocks
    Optimus prime hides them in his shame
    For he is ungrateful of the handiwork of Al lah
    But Al lah knows all
    And Al lah sees all
    He see the crocoduck swimming in the swamp
    He see Optimus prime bathing in the Ganges
    At night
    lest his monkey buttocks be revealed to the people
    The forms of these creations delight the Lord
    and he will
    Show the world his glory in his unique creations
    And no one can say him nay.

    The Finnish Koran

    • Negroess Negroess

      Some people wonder about al lah.

      Who is this al lah that the halal butcher worships?

      Well we know from the Koran he is a shin. Koran 68:42. Al lah the shin.
      We also know he is a fire. Koran 28:29. Al lah the fire
      We finally know he is a tree. Koran 28:30. Al lah the tree.
      Koran 28 is a chapter about Moses and he see al lah in these two forms of a tree and a fire in that chapter.

      So we have a trinity of al lahs mentioned. Al the fire,al lah the shin, and al lah the the tree.

      Hence the doctrine of tawhid of oneness of many. This doctrine was used by Mohammad to unite the gods of pagan Arabia into one and then all three al lahs into one. However, this word is not found in the Koran. But then neither is the word trinity found in the bible.

      The difference to Christianity is that Christians have a trinity based on relationship and the essence of godhood but the Islamic trinity is based on shape. The shape of al lah is vey important as one can see from a careful reading of Koran 68:42. Indeed the shape is so important that the verse tells us that Muslims reject the shape of al lah that they are not familiar with. Diligent students are recommended too read this verse with due care and even read the Hadith related to it.

      And also the pagan gods are irrelevant to Christianity but of course we know that the trinity of al lahs have three daughters. A trinity of daughters for the triune al lah. The daughters of al lah are manat, uzza and manat.

      There is much much more on this topic but I will leave it there, but we need al lah to help us in the form of a cleansing fire to clean up India. And in the form of his leg to play football for India as India is as bad at football as it is at sanitation infrastructure. And finally as a tree to give shade to the people of India from the burning sun. Inshallah al lah in his different shapes will help India!

      • Negroess Negroess

        Correction the daughters of al lah are allat, manat and uzza. I mentioned manat twice. Sorrrrreeee!

        • Negroess Negroess

          Certainly the God al lah is a complicated God because in chapte 19 he appears to endorse a Koranic version of the Christian trinity:

          19:17 Koran

          Then we sent unto her our spirit and it assumed the likeness of a perfect man.

          Notice the plural;and which al lahs are then found to be detailed with regards to their various shapes in other verses in the Koran.

          The person spoken to in this verse is Mary the mother of Jesus.

          So now we have al lah the leg, al lah the fire,al lah the tree, al lah the spirit and al lah in the shape of a perfect man.

          With so many al lahs and the three daughters of these al lahs to contend with the doctrine of tawhid struggles. The daughters al Alah are rejected as a satanic inspiration; this specifically refers to the rejected satanic verses in the original Koran that refers to them as divine cranes whose intercession is to be much desired. So we are left with the five al lahs as mentioned above.

          The question then is can these five al lah help with the sanitation problems of India. No they can not. Neither can religion of Any sort. What is needed instead is a political ideology.

          We have three to choose from.

          Extreme left, moderate left and moderate right.

          I believe only the the extreme left can solve the problems of India and not any religion.

    • Negroess Negroess

      Allah delights in showing his naked shin
      And the faithful rejoice
      This is the shin of al lah
      they sing
      They know my glories and they sing them out aloud
      But there is a man in India whose name is Optimus Prime
      But henceforth he shall be called Optimus Proud.
      This proud man will not show his beautifully crafted buttocks
      To the people of India
      I, the Lord of all beings
      Gave him by way of a blessing
      the buttocks of a baboon
      But in his stiff necked conceit
      He refuses to walk in the streets of India
      Displaying his glory for all to see
      The people crave to see the handiwork of al lah
      But cursed is this wicked man in his disobedience
      A fearful doom awaits him
      He shall spend eternity in the pit of hell
      with his monkey buttocks aflame.

      The Finnish Koran

      • Optimus Prime

        Go home and sleep. You need energy to troll here tomorrow. Meanwhile like your other frivolous poems, this one sucks too and you;re repeatedly failing in your attempts to invoke laughter. Meanwhile Watch out for that turd when you step out of your home. Your Glorious country is already drowning in turd right, courtesy your glorious religion.

        • Negroess Negroess

          He, Optimus prime, is the cursed one of al lah
          He in his pride went home to sleep after abusing the prophet
          Of al lah
          And yet while on his way
          To his hut
          he was caught in the bushes as he hid
          After stealing the knickers from the clothes line
          of the wife of the
          Holy imam of al lah
          The police used as evidence his footprint in the turds around about the bush
          That he had stepped in
          The mighty sharia court of al lah sentenced him in righteousness
          He was lashed a hundred times
          And told to never steal underwear again
          Lest he be thrown in a
          Room full of knickers and be suffocated to death
          Al lah sees his future and this is his final fate on the earth
          Disgrace followed him all the days of his life on Earth
          And an eternity in the fires of hell awaits him after his life is spent
          In a few years with his final breath gone he will die
          Next to his beloved silken female underwear
          In the silky knickers room of death.

          The Finnish Koran

      • Optimus Prime

        Gosh!!! An indian chimpanzee is on the run. Beware everybody, it will steal and hurt everything in its sight. Have your weapons ready.
        Who let a mentally deranged Hindu dog like you into the UK? Having fun spreading your toxic values into that land isn’t it you hindu chimp? DOnt worry, they’ll soon plant a foot to your uncleaned derriere and send you back to your shitland where you can have unlimited fun playing with turds.
        Turds is for you Hindutvas. You eat shit, breathe shit. dwell in shit. Now you seem to be angry isn’t it time for a shot of cowpiss?Have a shot and be cool for now.

        • Negroess Negroess

          The food derides the prophet of al lah
          He knows not the will of the supreme being.
          For al lah wills it so that he will take
          Away the beloved silky knickers of Optimus prime
          He will clothe him instead in the flames of the fire of hell
          No more silken underwear,
          for the fool knows not his fate
          For in his ignorance he mocks not only the prophet of al lah but
          Al lah himself.
          The supreme penalty for blasphemy awaits him.
          The devil himself will take off his silky knickers
          He will part his perfect baboon buttocks, and in his haste
          He will penetrate the anus of Optimus prime
          With the mighty satanic penis of of fire!

          The Finnish Koran

      • Optimus Prime

        Penetrating, demonstrating, disemboweling, raping, shitting is all part of your culture an creed, you filthy slumdog. You are the ones who’s reveling all these. Your curses and poems are kids stuff. You have a better chance of invoking laughter if you take these stuff to the slums of Mumbai.
        More than half of the children in your country is begging and starving cos of your callousness and depravity your culture caused in your society. You keep insulting other religions and culture, what a shameless, amoral, filthy coward you are. If your shithole is so great, why re you in the UK, leeching like a parasite there? Its because of rats like you why that place is a big clusterfuck.

  102. Jason Y

    India pretty much gives living proof to the idea that the right wing idea of “The poor can rise above garbage if they work hard enough (via captialist methods)” is a total joke.

    Again as with the Ancient Romans though, the higher caste Indians won’t kill the lower caste though. They let them live, perhaps from some sadistic motivation, maybe the satisfaction of knowing they are better than others.

    Of course, you may not believe in religion, but this would be a good case for demonic religion. How else could people be become this uncaring? Of course athiests would say it’s all “mind over matter”.

    • Jason Y

      If anyone mentions over-population as an answer, remember that feudal societies promote population, as opposed to modern socialist ones that don’t.

      Also sorry misspelling in above comment. This keyboard always does that.

    • Negroess Negroess

      So what is the answer? I believe only an extreme left wing government will be able to deal with the difficulties involved in creating a fair society.

      This is where people like Jason come unstuck. This moderate left wing theorising of his is useless.

      • Jason Y

        Well, in a sense you have a point. The far right, even the so called “socialst ones” are so full of hate and chauvanism, that the only way to deal with them is to make them disappear.

        Of course, I’m not coming across as a left wing extremist cause it wouldn’t work on this blog. Swank tried that, but had a difficult time coming up with facts etc.. that weren’t outright lies;.

        In reality, the far left wouldn’t have nothing to do with this website anyways. It would offend them too much.

      • Jason Y

        I don’t know if my thinking is really moderate. I’m pretty much convinced HBD for the most part is a lie, and this opinion has gotten me a lot of hate on this blog.

        • Negroess Negroess

          Right HBD is too painful for my taste but then again I can see the rationale as to why it exists. It does fill a much needed slot in the spectrum of views on race. It has to exist.

      • Jason Y

        The biggest problem with people on this blog is that they can’t see “people as people” but rather see them as statistics or stereotypes. That’s something the commenter Tulio pointed out.

        A lot of it is the result of the fact they’ve never tried to get to know other races on a personal level, and even those who have had encounters with other races, the encounter was always 100 percent negative.

      • Jason Y

        A big problem with this “so so” left wing thinking whether it be by me or phil or santo-culto is that the idea of a fair society and certain people thinking they’re superior won’t mix.

        Note also, it’s not that people think they’re superior, it’s that it’s not done in love. I mean we all have things we are not good at, but only an asshole will point out such a weakness to make fun of us. Right?

        As I said, that’s what I mean by chauvanism. Racist people, for the most part, even if they’re socialist, are chauvanistic. They get off on being superior and want to “rub people’s faces in it” so to speak.

        It’s not the way to be a good sport and it’s a block to a fair society.

        • Negroess Negroess

          I can certainly see a great deal of humanity in what you have said Jason.

        • Jason Y

          Yeah, definitely humanity is what a lot of race realists lack. There isn’t any of it.

        • Jason Y

          Another pitfall of white nationalism, and other types also, is the lack of humility. Generally such an attitude in school or sports would get you labled a cocksucker. Such an attitude is so pompous and arrogant that you would only hear it online where nobody will negatively react to it. If it was actually said in public, you get laughs, mockery, maybe some fart sounds 😆

          Of course, there is negative reactions online, but it’s would nothing compared to saying such mumbo-jumbo in front of real everyday people.

      • Santoculto

        How you define a extreme left wing

    • Negroess Negroess

      Mind over matter is matter over matter. Thought too is an aspect of the material world. One is subtle by which we mean mind and one is very much less subtle by which we mean the matter that we perceive with our senses.

    • Johnny

      Yeah I agree that trickle down economics is just such a debunked and completely foolish policy position to take for India (and us). People need to really focus on what the wealthy are doing. This isn’t about their freedom or keeping “their” money (given all the corporate welfare, bank bailouts that saved the richest Americans, and other conservative tropes), it’s about how society as a whole and, to some extent, looking to improve society. By improve I mean making sure the brightest people get a shot at doing something that benefits them and society. This is missing in the equation and trickle down just doesn’t address it because conservatives think there’s a “natural” order to things (rather than rules and laws which is reality) when it comes to unfettered crony capitalism. When tax rates were high in the US on the rich, things worked much better (Eisenhower, a Republican, built lots of infrastructure and education was relatively inexpensive). As soon as Reagan anti-govt regime came in, things started going south. He enacted reforms that Volcker from the Carter administration had already started, but he also added a massive debt and deficit that didn’t go to the public, but rather to the military industrial complex. Any govt spending helps the economy, yes even military spending, but it’s not as effective, impactful, and lasting as infrastructure and education. Plus, the debtor and finance economic priorities are just dumb. They aren’t doing much good and putting most people into debt for no reason since many people default and can’t pay what they owe (be it mortgages, student loans and so on). India has followed this model as a starting poor country while China has not. Clearly there’s a divergence here in terms of results, although I don’t like China’s lack of various freedoms obviously.

      Caste in India is so pointless at this point in history it’s more about entitlement than anything else. It serves no purpose and keeps things going in a bad direction. Even the Chinese once had a hierarchy of sorts that the Communists largely did away with and again better results. These can’t be seen as mere coincidence, although the countries are different. India is more heterogenous and is a British creation despite what nationalists may believe while China is overwhelming Han Chinese (the western regions are distinct though, but not numerous). Some countries when focused on a single vision of culture, history and “unity” mask the machinations of the elites and that’s the problem with India. The solution is greater local autonomy ultimately and maybe even a breakup of the country (this is true of many countries though, not just India). They will not go this route and will instead move slowly forward as they are. Long-term things may get better due to technology, but that’s all uncertain.

      • Negroess Negroess

        Really good analysis Johnny.

        I do disagree on the point about the lack of various freedoms in China. These freedoms are not as valuable as national unity and the fight against terrorist activity in the west. So we can not have everything. I think giving up a few freedoms is a price well worth paying for infrastructure, stability and tackling terrorism.

        India could do well to follow the excellent example set by China and with improving relations between the two countries things may be helped along in this regard. I remember when the most brilliant man in Asia, Lee of Singapore used to advise China and look how they improved their governance. A good example is worth its weight in gold.

        • Johnny

          Ha, yeah I’ve had that discussion with some Chinese friends. One was quite harsh in that he felt even the deaths of millions (let alone certain freedoms as with the press etc) is okay because otherwise China would end up like India or something. Also, perhaps in the long-term once China has developed there might be a shift towards freedoms they can have as I think places like Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore indicate. Perhaps the entire Sinosphere is converging on a similar path here despite coming at it from different “ideological” points.

          It’s tough with India because they are starting out with a democracy of sorts (one that has limitations such as banning secessionist parties from running for political office). Also, the current party in-charge doesn’t seem to have a problem with sweeping reforms, just not ones that will benefit the majority. I’m not even sure China is a complete example for them, but I’d say the main thing they should learn from China is that you really have to uplift the masses and not just create an economy for a growing middle class and wealthy elites. Obviously, China is still tackling with massive poverty, especially in rural areas, but at least they appear to be addressing the problem. That’s my big beef with India’s democratic crony capitalist system.

      • Jason Y

        Caste in India is so pointless at this point in history it’s more about entitlement than anything else. It serves no purpose and keeps things going in a bad direction. Even the Chinese once had a hierarchy of sorts that the Communists largely did away with and again better results.

        But the commenter ep-gah would say “People should stay in thier place” lol, That’s the best form of society. Right? Santo-culto and Phil aren’t far off from this idea either, despite lip service given to socialism.

        • Johnny

          Well, let’s face it people are autonomous individuals. Telling people what they should do (without some noticeable incentive) usually leads to people doing what they’ve been told not to (Prohibition=more drinking for example). I honestly have no idea what Santo’s saying most of the time!

          These giant-size examples (China & India) illustrate some interesting test models for the developing world. Focuses mass projects failed in the former USSR in part due to no individual incentives at all. That and corruption with the party. Turns out if they had enacted some market reforms they may have morphed into something else (as China is doing). Unlike many Americans I’m not threatened by any of this stuff. I think as more of the world develops it’s good for everyone and we just have to adapt. If you take the conservative route and look for answers in the past though, you’re not gonna find many. I doubt people like Edmund Burke could have foreseen computers making trades at lightning speed, effectively making humans obsolete!

        • Negroess Negroess

          This could be interpreted as stay in their geographical place.

          But either way man is going to move up and down financially and today via tourism and immigration geographically. Here in the uk a million Britons per year go to Dubai to holiday. On top of the millions of immigrant workers already working there. So we in Dubai an extreme form of movement financially and a geographical shift of people for fun and for work.

          Anyway the world of non movement is a pipe dream. People are always going to move financially and geographically and that entails as many problems as it does benefits. Ask dubai and you wil get a lesson in the movement of capital and people on steroids.

          Places like India are moving a lot slower and so the pace is a frustration especially to humanitarians who do not want people to suffer to the degree that they do because of bad governance.

          Good government is a rare thing indeed.The west used to have it but it has long gone into a spiral of self destruction due to the senility of its elite. China used have bad governance but after the mad chairman died it has a great ruling elite. India in the modern times has never had good governance. And Singapore has always had it. So the whole spectrum of good and bad government exists in the world today with all the problems that arise as a result.

          Finland, while strictly not part of the west,linguistically and geographically due to being in very northern location full of ice and snow has in modern times resisted stupid popular ideas and remains free from corruption, utopian nonsense and insists on looking after the people that voted the government into power. It remains an island of sanity in the white world. The least corrupt nation in the world with the best education system in the world and financially viable. Even the people in Finland have an eccentric creative bent to them that enables them to play mud football and much much more by way of fun and creativity.

          So somewhere in this vast spectrum of government is your country dear reader.

        • Jason Y

          Ironically though, I heard a philosophy professor say something like, “Staying in your place was the way to find real happiness.” Obviously, he wasn’t a white supremacist as far as I know, though a little off in the head. lol However, I’m very cynical about my professor’s statement. If people “stayed in their place”: a lot of places would still be feudal, like China as we just mentioned.

        • Optimus Prime

          An extreme left wing government is actually good. It will keep some vermins (like the one we have here) in control. Some Australoid Negroid Indian whos constantly trolling this website can have fun as “beheading is painless” in company of “Negroess Negroess” at Zulu Lesbian construction company located at ra ra land. After all, its a marked improvement from its previous avtar as swedish shit.

  103. Jason Y

    quote by Negroess Negroess.

    This could be interpreted as stay in their geographical place.

    No, “stay in your place” means stay in your cultural place, as demanded by a conservative society. However, I’m sure white nationalists also want their enemies to “stay in the thier geographical place” also.

    • Negroess Negroess

      I think, Jason,your professor may have meant know your horizons with regards to your abilities. In other words make a realistic appraisal of your capabilities. But that is the problem with vague phrases they are so open to differing interpretations.

      With regards to WN ideology they do want a restriction on physical movement that is globe girdling. So that would be a tall order considering the way the world is running today. For example the million of Britons who go to Dubai every year for their holidays would have to stay home and perhaps go to places in Europe or the rest of the white world only. I am sure they would be able to adjust to those restrictions but they would rather keep doing what they area doing.

      The practical difficulties of WN are so many that it makes you wonder how they maintain their faith. I can understand things that effect change like Islam,animal rights, and western femenism because they make waves every day and so people can see changes that they or their crew have effected but WN never ever change anything, indeed things only get worse for them. They get acted upon and it is never the other way around. And yet they still maintain the faith. They are the Baghdad Bobs of our time. Dreamers who feel good times are just around the corner and their goal is easily within reach.

      • Santoculto

        Wn don’t learn nothing,

        race is a race and not a territory,

        learn with the jewish rabbi(t), 😉

        I’m not against most part of leftoidism principles, common Jay!!!

        Rightists tend to be very primitive but you lefties have to give ”some” credit for him when the subject is instinct, they are better than you.

        this division between political, ideological, transcendental, lifestyle lines is absurd and the main piece of west decadence.

        • Santoculto

          Race is a ORGANIC territory whatever the space and time you’re, a territory itself. Of course, to have a fixed territory look better, but is not the border that make a territory, but the human (demographic) border that is quasi the same than geographical border.

          Real diplomacy is the ultimate political way to stablish control and cooperation among different people’s.

          What ”white’-tard never do (most people never do).

        • Negroess Negroess

          Santo seems to be a WN realist.

        • Santoculto

          I’m not a white nationalist, because i’m not white nor nationalist, realist, for sure.

      • Jason Y

        Generally things like feminism or Islam aren’t a problem until it resorts to terrorism or silly accusations (feminism). Latino immigration to the US is no big deal except the US can’t afford it.

        However, again on the feminism part though, if “players” are getting hit with feminist attacks, then they have it coming. It isn’t the same thing then some drooling worm oggling over someone in English class. I mean really, if you fuck around your going to get burned. Of course, then this goes into triple PC territory, as the “black players” will then yell “racism”.

        • Jason Y

          Santo is wrong cause his disgust for western decadence, is really a disgust for western tolerance and compassion. When does the WN hatred stop? They can’t stand retards, the handicapped, gays, mixed raced people. Note a lot of these people are not a threat to nobody, it’s just WNs being mean and chauvanistic as usual.

          On the other hand, extreme feminism, Islamic terrorism, Latino immigration (but of course with recognizing the USA started the problem with free trade) seem to be real threats.

          I’m all for calling out real threats and doing something about it, but WNs go into overkill, into fantasy, and into mythology, and they have cutzbah to say I’m schizo.

          No, I don’t think Santo is some WN realist. He’s a WN, and based on his critique of Robert’s posts on Latin America, he doesn’t favor a left wing revolution. Instead he gamorizes pre-Christian eras like Rome and Greece. At the heart, just another satanist with a “racist” flavor to it.

        • Jason Y

          Do players deserve special rights and protection from society? In other words, thier adventures are not a risk, like someone betting huge sums at a casino. It seems being a player means you have to man up and face possible consequences. You can’t go crying when some screams rape and the PC feminists come after you.

        • Santoculto

          I’m not and never will for ”leftOID RE-evolution”, i’m not insane-stupid!!

          Leftoids are very dangerous because they are on average completely unaware about their own faults, they are still worst than christians.

          Ideology is just a sofisticated religion OR cult, even worst than religion because pretend to be a objective truth.

          Almost of lefties that i know in real life are frankly fool

          Intelligence IS NOT the same than wisdom. You can have a encyclopaedia person and without a constant (vigilant) approach for GOOD judgment.

          One of the most dis-informed people on earth are this deluded schizo-leftoid. They are so lunatic with their beliefs that become very dangerous and they are completely domesticated by their master minds. In other words, they react JUST when their ”socialist elite” order. Is not even a zombie, but a puppet.

          Again, is not a oil water dychotomy type, is not because the average intelligence of conservatives is not super higher that the average intelligence of leftists will be greater.. or better, wisdom. Intelligence is just clever behavior WITH good cognitive convergent skills, what you guys define it, wisdom IS specially psychological maturity, follow objectively what really matters, at profound existencialist, harmonic and utilitary perspective. It’s kill the wrong pattern thinking in their birth, what every ideology, culture or religion to do the complete otherwise, nurture the (real) ignorance.

          Really, believe in me, look SO SIMPLE to understand!!! No doubt about human ”free will” and my philosophical idea about shape and expression. Behavior or expression is intrinsic to the shape, is not about ”genetic perspective”, i’m not a geneticist nor like enough about genetics to know, understand very well this subject. Is about how organic material express themselves and how common or constant (constancy of constancy = convergent long term pattern) is its expression.

        • Santoculto

          Humans are just like other animals and operates equally, or quasi. If human being were on average rational, just little rational, they fight AGAINST wars, look for socialism exactly how should be, without elite, without unequality, or any other OBVIOUS attitude. But not.

          Rational behavior or lifeSTYLE is not universal, of course many-to-most people can have SOME rational attitudes throghout their lifes but generally, most them are predominantly irrational.

          Humans born that way and if they had lucky they will can ”adapt” or to be allocated inside a confortable social (hierarchical) position.

          What we mistakes as ”free” will is in true essentially ”the awareness of –possibility- of choice” (not the literal choice) and as try to ”adapt”… manipulation of order of events in the life, like don’t smoke because earlier awareness about lack of self-control or previous knowledge about their own (specific) addiction.

  104. Negroess Negroess

    Optimus prime though fool
    Thy body will turn to food.
    You will be the food of the crocoduck
    Who will feast on your baboon buttocks
    And then al lah will throw you,the Indian baboon
    Who is evil incarnate, into
    The never quenched flames of hell.

    The Finnish Koran

    • Optimus Prime

      Its all your culture. Dont try to Deflect. The whole world knows what you guys are and soon they’re gonna come for your filthy asses as theyre getting tired of your shenanigans and treacherousness. Once you’re put back to ur positions, let us see what is that you’re gonna sing.

      • Negroess Negroess

        Ok do understand what deflection means? I know English is not your strong point but at least this basic word should be part of your vocabulary.

        Optimus Prime
        The Indian man in India
        And yet ‘this true he hath the buttocks of a baboon!
        He caresses his fine buttocks
        He takes off his silky women’s knickers
        And sits on the Indian telephone directory
        In his Indian room in his Indian house
        To curse at Indians in India.
        The fool knows not what he does
        But he will do it till he dies
        But al lah knows the ways of all the the fools of earth
        And he delivers them all in his might
        to the fires of hell.

        • Negroess Negroess

          ‘Tis true
          May almighty al lah forgive his prophet for his haste.

        • Optimus Prime

          Do you expect people to venerate you when you openly display anger towards other culture, mock other religions, treat people like shit., exhibit obnoxious behavior everywhere. Go home cocksucker, go get a real job. RSS call center spamming will lead you anywhere.

  105. Negroess Negroess

    Jason you do realise Santo is gay?!

      • Negroess Negroess

        Learn ye not from the prophet of al lah?
        He speaks to the Indians
        He speaks to the baboon buttucked one of India, a Optimus prime
        He speaks to the noble Finns who live in the
        Icy snow but keep their hearts free of corruption
        He speaks to the thin Somalis and teaches
        Them the art of making copper spoons
        He speaks to the Arab and humbles he that
        Thinketh he is the teacher of others
        The prophet of al lah speaks to all mankind
        And yet you will hear him not?

        The Finnish Koran

        • Negroess Negroess

          Al lah will destroy the baboon buttucked temple of Optimus Prime
          A temple that venerates his monkey behind is a blasphemy to
          Al lah.
          Listen o people listen to the prophet of al lah
          Worship not that which false
          Al lah crafted the whole universe
          His power is behind all creation
          He sees the sin in the hearts of those that worship
          Things created by man or by al lah
          Believe in the creator and not the creation
          Learn from the prophet and bow in all directions
          I exist in directions and only the fool bows in
          Fixed way.
          I am not only the Lord of a single direction
          I am in one place and I am in every place
          For I am the Lord of all that is called creation.

          The Finnish Koran

        • Optimus Prime

          Your mocking of Allah is taken note of. Im not sure why your so focussed on allah when you have 330 million gods of your own. Hindu mind operates in a strange way. Only a complete fucked up mind can think about mocking others when they themselves are in shit. DOnt worry your days of prosperity in the UK are going to come to an end, People are realizing what kind of a pests you lapdogs are and are annoyed to the core. Its only a matter of time when your litle hindu asses are going to be kicked back to the gigantic lavatory, which you boast about.

    • Jason Y

      His sicko hatred of mixed raced beauty gave one indication, as well as the obsession with Greece and Rome, as well as hatred of Christianity. All in all he makes too much of a fuss over form and beauty. Mostly likely white nationalism appeals to him cause evolutionary idea of viral men (in Nazi SS uniforms) marching all over the Earth sexually turns him on. lol

      A straight guy wouldn’t hate mixed race as much, wouldn’t drool over uniformed military men, and would have quit playing with He-Man dolls after the age of 10.

      • Jason Y

        Santo definitely seems limp wristed. The type who waves his hand in front of him mouth as if bored. The type who outdoes Elton John with 17th century white wigs LOL

        So now he wants to insult mixed raced people with the vicousness of Marie Antionette. Oh well, whatever tickles his fancy,

        Also, note the massive self hatred so evident in that he supports ideas which persecute gays, yet he is gay, but again, as I stated above, it’s probably a desire for cock, The balls of some viral Aryan men. Has anyone seen the typically homoerotic Nazi prooganda? How about the movie “Triumph of the cock”? Oh I mean, “Triumph of the Will” ? 😆

        • Santoculto

          Your reasoning capacity is worst than a average child with 9 years old jay…

          jay i’m ”debating” (force of the expression) since 6, 7,8 months or much more with you, what i know by now is that your capacity to understand every piece of the reality, ME, wn, politics, or any other stuff is absolutely weak…

          and i still don’t convince you to stop to think, you’re very very stupid, i don’t want more ”debate” with you, just insult you, so stupid, you deserve what i told to my RETARD brother…

          i know i’m ”quite intelligent”, you’re not, sorry!

          a childish narrative, every the appex of evil is the nazis for this lunatics…

          leftOID is absolutely evil exactly like the nazis, but against different people… if in fact, left brain center is not the stupid desumanists like jay, of course not, but other people-hood.

          Christallnacht is more and more explicit against whites INDIVIDUAL and LIVING….

          what i’m talking here is sooo difficult to understand***

          NOTHING, just my anglische, but common, is not super difficult, i’m very clear…

          again, humans born LIKE THAT and

          OR they born WITH SOME lucky (to be wise or astute for example)

          OR they born inside a macro- social (hierarchical) environment that need their cognitive skills.

          jay is a castrated boy…

          i’m still looking for WISE leftists.

          jay born that way,

          he think he is very mature and POLITICALLY correct is the pinnacle of morality…

          PC USE many important pieces of morality BUT this doesn’t mean that is right because the ”ends justify the means”, is not jay*

          He think i’m a self hater who love aryan nazi men, what vulgar, simplistic and dumb conclusion about me.

          To the average jay, just shared narrative matter, nothing the perceived narrative, what masters to do, look to the reality and search for the truth.

          The supposed contradiction to defend ordinary white people against current and monstruous injustices and being ”homossexual”.

          I’m not self projecting all the time and conveniently as you.

          Nazi regime to do some good things and some bad things, just starting…

          but in the primitive binary mind ”left-leaning” of jay, nazi is bad, commie is good… like a horse of Animal Farm (i hate compare stupid humans with noble non-human animals, i hate, jay is stupid by your own, i don”t need insult him or in other words, say the truth like a inconvenient child, using animals ”name-calling”, because he’s stupid by your own right.

        • Jason Y

          Santo-culto is beating around the bush. He won’t come out and admit Nazis were gigantic art worshipping fags, who ironically presecuted gays

          Poltically correct? Rightoids love to play the “Politically Correct card” It’s a big crutch for them.

        • Jason Y

          a childish narrative, every the appex of evil is the nazis for this lunatics…

          But the Nazis played up to those stereotypes.


          blockquote>but in the primitive binary mind ”left-leaning” of jay, nazi is bad, commie is good… like a horse of Animal Farm (i hate compare stupid humans with noble non-human animals, i hate, jay is stupid by your own, i don”t need insult him or in other words, say the truth like a inconvenient child, using animals ”name-calling”, because he’s stupid by your own right. <;/blockquote>

          In santo-culto’s own admission, he isn’t a real leftist. How can his alternative political platform ever acheive real change in anywhere? It won’t. It will only lead to more power for traditional rightoid regimes.

          What good, for instance, is to admit the “truth of race realism” in India, while somehow casting doubts that the current government will enact real change?

    • Negroess Negroess

      Defenestration is a good word.

      It means throw things out of a window. It comes from an old French word for window.Here is an example of how to use it:

      The defenestration of the baboon buttucked Indian Optimus prime was a good thing. He might be dead once he hits the ground as this is the fifteenth floor of this building.

      • Optimus Prime

        It must be one the way used for female infanticide, which your religion sanctions right.???? No wonder you go gaga about those words. Rats like you must be expelled from the UK soon and kicked back to your native.

  106. Negroess Negroess

    Santo is a gay white guy from Brazil so he is I think and this is only my opinion is ok with Hispanic immigration to the USA. So santo is a in field of his own. He is a WN who accepts a lot of current reality. This makes him tough to argue against as his position is somewhat unique. He is not your average WN. Actually I am glad he popped on this blog as he gives the tired old WN line a new angle.

  107. Optimus Prime

    We are actually tired of your spamming with multiple names every now and then and sincerely wish the day when you stop infesting this blog with your absurd, frivolous, non sequitur posts

    • Lalal Butcher of Lhasa

      “We are actually tired of your spamming with multiple names every now and then and sincerely wish the day when you stop infesting this blog with your absurd, frivolous, non sequitur posts” Why?
      1)He tries to give the impression Hinduism has a large fan base. Many internet hinduvadis post under anglo user names
      2)He randomly inserted his ‘finnish koran’ into unrelated topics bcause many hindus tend to blame their problems on the muslims and the british.
      Overall,its not just a poverty or underdevelopment problem,its a deep psychological issue. Why do hinduvadis brag that ancient hindus had flying saucers and xeno-organ transplant tech? Simply put its an attempt to create false ‘pride'(not mixing religion with science as some indian secularists said) because real pride is in short supply

      • Optimus Prime

        You are right lbol. I’m actually tired of this man’s dirty tactics. He’s a like dogs tail. They are just ‘fubar’red.they’ll try to pull down people who get tired of their vicious ways and are striving for a change and want their country to progress. Dont be amused there are millions of people like him all overvthe internet. You can’t talk sense to them. They are just onenoters. They will spamm ridiculously inspite of people knowing their malicious agendas over and over. So I suggest sane commenters like you, epgah, jason to refrain from responding to this crackhead as he will just fuck ur mind with his stupid Finnish Koran and frivolous nonsense. He’s quite pathetic invading this blog, despite being banned multiple times. Anyway whatever peels his bananas. There are tons of other infos here. Let us look forward to that without fuelling this troll

    • Negroess Negroess

      Thou art tired?
      Al lah never tires
      With but a tiny flicker of his mind
      He creates the buttocks of a baboon and places them on
      The Indian Hindu Optimus prime
      Al lah’s prophet never tires
      He will excel in the way of al lah
      He will do the will of him
      Who sent him as warning
      To mankind

      The Finnish Koran

  108. Negroess Negroess

    The Hindu Indian Optimus prime
    Mocks the prophet of al lah
    He shall met the doom of all infidels
    They will be given boiling metal to drink
    After they are killed by the holy ones of al lah
    The Mecca Holy Camels Football Club

    The Finnish Koran

    • Optimus Prime

      Wow these Internet Hindutvas operating at their best.

      Robert has already mentioned this in an article. God bless you.

      Watch it Mr Hindutva troll and enjoy.

      • Lalal Butcher of Lhasa

        Subramanian Swamy,said to be a havard economics professor,made some wild claims on the ‘hindu species’ and hindu ability to tap into ‘cosmic energy’
        “To become a developed country, therefore, India’s GDP will have to grow at 12 per cent per year for at least a decade. Technically this is within India’s reach”

        “Thus, India — by unintended consequences of a relatively unfettered population growth — is now gifted with a young population.”

        “and the spiritual intelligence to tap into the cosmic energy (Brahmand) that surrounds the earth, we can then develop an intellectually more advanced species of human being”

        • Optimus Prime

          LOL they are very funny…. They think too much of themselves without realizing that they are the laughing stock of the world

  109. Negroess Negroess

    The Indian Hindu Optimus Prime
    Worships not al lah
    And harkens not unto his prophet
    But al lah is merciful time
    He will see out the days of the baboon buttucked
    Indian who men mock as curry nigger
    He will wait till the end of his days on earth
    He will see his Indian heart and see if it grows softer
    Towards al lah and his prophet
    He is righteous and merciful to those
    That turn to al lah and his prophet.

    The Finnish Koran

    • Optimus Prime

      Nice try though, You are the Hindu. I am not. You excel in defecating and polluting the environment and reveling from there on.

      • Negroess Negroess

        So you admit you are Indian? You live in India?

        As an Indian living in India

        you are in the shit country of Asia regardless of your religion. You live in a shit country and the civilised people in the west call you curry nigger.

        • Negroess Negroess

          The Indian curry nigger Optimus Prime is no bigger
          Than a dwarf
          The white people of the west
          Tower over the darkling
          Curry lover of India
          They call him paki
          They call him curry breath
          He is a dark disgrace to the aryans of the west
          But al lah will overlook his Indian disgrace if
          He repents of his ways and comes to
          Forgiveness to the prophet of al lah
          For al lah looks at the repentant heart.

          The Finnish Koran

        • Optimus Prime

          As usual resorting to ad hominem attacks,,how typical of Hindutvas. When you meet one Hindu online you’ve met them all. This is what happens when you eat shit, live in shit. SOon your malnourished Hindu ass will be hoisted from UK and then you can sing all these poems around feces in your glorious land

        • Negroess Negroess

          Al lah will gather up the skunks
          Of India
          He will release them into the hut of
          Optimus prime
          The stink of that stupid man will reach to the Angels of heaven
          Kill the vile curry nigger oh al lah they cry
          But al lah is forgiving
          He will try his angels for a season with the stink of Optimus prime
          They will be tested and be found worthy by al lah
          They will Be found to shine like gold
          The smell of Optimus prime will not subdue them
          For they love al lah
          And they always do his bidding in righteousness.

          The Finnish Koran

      • Negroess Negroess

        Nice try. Trying to act as if you are not filthy Indian living in the filthiest country in the world and trying to deflect attention from that by your religious bigotry.

        You do not excel in defecatating. How long have you had this constipation problem? You need to take a trip to the doctor. People who excel in defecating live healthy lives. The rest of your last sentence is the usual ungrammatical garbage.

        At least go to school to learn how to write English. And on the way see a doctor about your constipation. Some medication will have you excelling in defecation in no time. You will feel much better when you are not constipated.

        • Optimus Prime

          LOL LOL! Hindu Trollism and Hindu Inferiority at its best. Why do you come here every single day for a dose?? Shouldn’t you go for some Proselytizing campaign preying on some gullible people in UK, while bragging about how great your civilization(sic) was and how great your Hindu religion is.
          For now, have a peanut, you silly hindu simian. You need to conserve your energy later, to mock allah some other time. After all you are paid by the RSS BPOs for that, isnt it?

  110. Jason Y

    The only solution for India is a massive leftist revolution lead by the most extreme PC leftists imaginable. Santo-culto’s weird idea of accepting race realism, while at the same time professing a massive cyncial attitude for the right (tradtional right wing semi-Nazi third world regimes), will only lead to continued power for traditional right wing regimes.

    • Negroess Negroess

      I agree with the idea of a left wing revolution. My only quibble is that the leader needs to be intelligent. This is a tough thing to find in the world of politicians. But anything is possible.

      Traditional right wing regimes are useless in dealing with the complex social problems of society. But on the other hand if the leader of a left wing regime is a complete idiot you can get a lot of problems.

      So In other words a left wing regime with intelligence. A good example is the present regime in China at the moment.

      • Negroess Negroess

        Right wing regimes are notorious for seeing thing from the view of one group. This their undoing.

        We have right wingers in the uk. Just imagine if a curry nigger like Optimus prime comes to the uk on his coconut delivery boat and starts talking in his thick Indian accent while stinking of curry.Naturally the White aryans will make fun of the little monkey. Now this is ok on a personal level.

        But politically it would on a national level create a problem if such attitudes were adopted by the political elite. The elite in the uk are all left leaning. That is ok for the uk.

        However, for India a nation of curry niggers like Optimus Prime a much stronger medicine is needed. A left wing revolution led by an intelligent man need to take the reigns.

        • Optimus Prime

          Blah Blah Blah..Hindutva troll (Negroess Negroess lol) operating at its best with adhominem adnauseam. Others dont be amused, thats the way these charlatans have survived for eons. When someone questions their stupidity, they will try to destroy him with smear campaign. Lying, cheating and being extremely cunning are their way of life for eons. Expect a barrage of comments from this above Hindutva troll with absurd, weird mixed metaphors and non sequiturs.

      • EPGAH

        In what way is China “Left Wing”?
        Other than massive Statism, anti-religion violence, and a Police State nonpareil to crush all dissent…
        But Libs from Jason Y on down will smear that as being RIGHT-wing tendencies.

        All jokes aside, though, right now, China is more Capitalist than America.
        If you overlook that their Capitalism is based on State-subsidized IP theft on a scale that makes your favorite Torrent site look like a non-factor!
        They make criminals work to death–or give up their vital organs if they “choose” not to work. Either way benefits China…And more importantly, they accept that illegals are criminals!
        Trump wants to kick out illegals, but does NOT say anything about work-camps or organ-harvesting. Therefore, China could be more right-wing than our current right-wing figurehead. (They’ve gone SO downhill since Eisenhower–or even since Reagan, which is the earliest one I was alive for!)

        • Negroess Negroess

          Actually EPGAH I am sadly aware of what you say. So what you say is correct to a degree. However, China is the best example we have of a of a statist government which has by tinkering with the system helped the lives of many poor people. Accepting illegals as criminals is correct as you know.Corrupt politicians in the west want a them as future voters. So heads up to China on getting that right.

          So we do not have a perfect system in China but we live in a fallen world as Christians say; of 100 percent curry niggers in India of stinking out India, Niggers rioting in America and sand niggers blowing up entire countries in the ME.

          I think the most sane place on earth for whites may be Finland. AS a WN do think it is the Aryan country with the most sane policies of keeping modern demograhic change with regards to a modern white country keeping its identity by restricting the various nigger races from entering in large numbers? Even Helsinki the capital is almost completely Finnish. As a WN you need to go to Finland and be amazed at the demographically White capital of Finland.

        • Negroess Negroess

          Optimus prime you are an Indian. You live in India. India is the stinkiest country in the world. Whatever you believe you can not change the fact that you are a curry nigger living India the world’s stinkiest country. Genetics and territory have trapped you. But the White advanced countries not want your nigger ass.

          Ask EPGAH a WN whether he wants stinky curry nigger like you tiring to escape your hell hole. Go ahead curry nigger. I dare you to ask him,

          “Can a stinky nigger like me from India come to your country EPGAH?”

        • Optimus Prime

          Nice try Hindu it a new technique they taught you at RSS coaching centerw. Attack those who criticize ur primitive values as Indian and call him all names. Do you think you can pass as a westerner? Lol hindu delusion at its best. At least be original and try something innovative when you decide to Hindu troll. The methods you use are age’s only a matter of time before you’re kicked out from the uk and sent to glorious bharat where you swim around feces filled Ganges and have fun mocking others. Western world is far too elegant to see through the Hindu shit you are pulling over here. Clock is ticking. Tik tock tik tock…..

        • What is so great about Finland? Screw the Finns. They were Finnish before they even started!

        • EPGAH

          “Finnish before they started!” Painful puns and mindless mayhem, now THAT’S entertainment! I LOVE IT!

        • Negroess Negroess

          “Clock is ticking”
          Oh al lah when will the fool
          Optimus prime learn to write English.
          The clock is ticking for all mankind
          He speaks in uneducated English
          He sits upon his baboon buttocks
          And abuses the prophet of al lah
          Surely a painful doom awaits him
          When his days on earth are over.

          The Finnish Koran

  111. Negroess Negroess

    Robert come on give the Finns a break! Cut them some slack.They give Santa a home and he works hard all year to make presents And then he delivers them around the world. Now that is great. Ask the kids!

  112. Tony Swagger

    Why don’t these shitheads first fix their hellhole of a country before seeking greener pastures abroad. You know, to second Indian I speak, he keeps bragging how he made it into the west and how he’s amassing wealth as if he’s discovered a kryptonite. Let them stay put in that shithole and try to improve the standards so that atleast dogs can live merrily.

    • Negroess Negroess

      Dogs have a hard life in India. I can see you are an animal lover and that is to your credit Tony Swagger.

      • Negroess Negroess

        Silly Indian simian
        Optimus prime
        He has the buttocks of a babboon
        He has the face of a gorilla
        The aryans of the west
        Stay in thy land
        We do not need your monkey kind
        In the west
        Look after your animals
        O monkey man of India
        Treat your dogs with kindness
        And stay away from civilised White Aryan lands

        The Finnish Koran

        • Negroess Negroess

          Optimus prime I dare you to ask the following question:

          “Tony Swagger can I come from India with my family and live in you white country.” Go on motherfucker just ask. I dare you in fact I double dare you as the movie line says.

          But you can not. And this proves how western white people think about you monkey self.

          Caressing your baboon buttocks in silky underwear will not help. You are are what you are and deflecting attention with silky knickers and religious bigotry will not help you oh stinky Indian of India.

        • Optimus Prime

          Hindu inferiority complex at its best. Soon a barrage of comments with profanities, frivolous absurdities, non sequiturs will follow. Others don’t be amused that’s the way these scumfaggots thrive. They destroy anything they get their hands on. Feeling sorry for the UK that houses this filthy motherfucker.

  113. Negroess Negroess

    Notice the cowardice of thie Indian monkey Optimus prime.

    Twice I have asked him to ask whether he can come to the west. I asked him to ask EPGAH. No response. I asked him ask Tony Swagger.No response.

    And finally what is this man’s religion? He is Master of monkey man shyness. He is coward who will not say what his religion is. Very convenient


    He will show his religious bigotry while hiding away his own religious affiliation just in case someone may critique his faiths in response.

    He is afraid of everything. Afraid of an honest dialogue and so ashamed of being an Indian from India that he can not even ask a couple of guys whether he can come and see their white lands. He will spend his days as a coward in his stinky India despised by the whole world who do not want him anywhere near them

    • Optimus Prime

      Calm down mangina assole. Seems you have missed the morning shot of cow shit. I don’t follow your pathetic sadistic vile religion .. on the other hand you absolutely love it and passionately defend it while constantly pulling down other religions. Your Finnish Koran nonsense is enough to prove it. Also I am self reliant and I’m not leeching white peoples work and backstabbing them nor have any plans to move into west. So I don’t have to argue with any white nationalists. But all your happiness and prosperity leeching the UK is going to crumble soon.Soon your filthy disgusting ass will be thrown out of UK. Hindutva pests are annoying.

      • Optimus Prime

        Readers can go through previous posts which he wrote under different names Bollywood star, australoid negroid Indian, Zulu lesbian, swedophobic Finns. Islamo fatosphere and many many more. He is a notorious Indian hindutva spammer who will eat your brain if you argue with him. Also he’s a onenoter, his posts will contain many references to Islam which he despises with a passion. Typical of hindutva. So beware don’t feed the troll. It will soon adopt a different monicker and start afresh all over again.

        • Optimus Prime

          Also this scumfuck was banned multiple times. Everytime he adopts a new name. His itchy fingers will post absurdities constantly trolling about islam. Robert grew tired of him.and banned his ass manytimes. Yet this serial troller is quite pathetic invading this blog. It will soon adopt a different monicker soon. So don’t fall for his charades.

  114. Jason Y

    I thought Negro Negroess was a liberal, but he/she is using all kinds of racial slurs. Didn’t she not long ago say humanity and charity is a good thing? Is he/she some sadist who acts like they love non-whites, and then treats them as plantation slaves?

    • Jason Y

      I don’t trust people on the blog. Privately, they all probably look like freaks of the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” lol Now, ep-gah might be a normal guy, maybe.

      • Optimus Prime

        Epgah is reasonable. he argues honestly and is not afraid to speak his mind out. He’s clear about his stand and doesn’t backtrack. In this post alone see the no of names the troll negress used and the switches and u turns as far as ideologies are concerned. Once you start indulging him he will resort to name calling and accuse us of trolling.

        • Negroess Negroess


          Your set of posts are full of name calling with regards to me.

          What kind of twisted moral landscape do you exist in when you call people names, and they respond in kind and then you call them out on what you you yourself engage in? I call that hypocrisy.

        • Negroess Negroess

          Ask EPGAH whether he wants you in a white land. He will speak his mind, Nothing to worry about.

      • Most commenters on this are more or less societal rejects. Well I certainly hope they are anyway! That’s the intended audience of the blog. We don’t do normalfags here. This place is like Land of the Freaks.

        • Jason Y

          I was on a political sub-forum like this for a long time before getting banned. It had a bisexual Republican, a Texan Republican, a token liberal guy, a redneck white supremacist (though she wouldn’t come out and say it) from Saskatchewan, but you’d surely think she was from Louisiana, and a Jew moderator. They should have made a TV sitcom of it.

        • Jason Y

          The liberal guy was also located in Darwin, Australia

    • Optimus Prime

      You’re right Jason. You might as well recall your earlier conversations with him. He was singing paeans with Sam in a different name. Stay away from him. You can have good conversations with epgah, santo and many others in this blog. This moron will make us mad.

  115. Negroess Negroess

    I do believe in charity towards the masses. Hence my adoption of infrastructure support with regards to big government. This is a fantastic form of charity and is in my mind the best a govermental effort in reliving the living conditions of poor people can get. I believe in private charity also such as can be seen in kindness to animals etc. But governmental action to relieve infrastructure conditions is the vital precursor to improving private morals as well as lifting the overall biological health of a given population.

    Hence the reason I oppose anyone who blames helpless individuals for what should be governmental action in relieving water Pollution etc issues. This is unjust and inhumane. It gets worse when when entire religious belief systems are conflated and thus also attacked when in fact it is lack of good government that results in pollution, undrinkable water etc. This conflation shows a desire to attack a group of defenceless people who need our support, but it nonetheless speaks to the egocentric aggrandisement of the person espousing such a position as being lofty and beyond reproach in their own minds. One needs to apply a pin prick to this absurd moral system. This bubble of delusion is unhelpful and is merely an excuse in egocentric attacks on a group of people and their belief systems by way of conflation which leads, not unnaturally, to even more muddled thinking.

    Attacking someone on the basis of a rightwing western viewpoint is legitimate as the person in question is incapable of the rationality needed to be able to tease out the varied threads that make up the fabric of a complex problem. Since the indivual in question is incapable of seeing the effects that their irrationality and bigotry have with the regards To their moral universe, an attack using a similarly irrational bigotry lifted from another group of people who engage in the same style of thinking drives home the point that some serious thinking is needed in order to show humanity and concern for the infrastructure difficulties that ordinary people of whatever religious belief system face in india and in the third world generally. Such an attack is merely a device and in no way speaks to the actual moral positions I in fact adhere. Sometimes a teacher uses harsh methods with dull students but with the brighter ones one can quite easily point them in the right direction and their innate ability and application will do the rest.

  116. Negroess Negroess

    I should have written

    adhere to

    Sometimes my checking mission misses things such as using a verb correctly!

    But the general principles I have espoused above I would summarise as belief in infrastructure support coming from government, and using unorthodox teachings methods for dull students to provoke them into thinking more rationally.

  117. EPGAH

    India may be bad, but Moslems put the poo in the pool!

    I’m sure Jason will come and say that their defects led to their defecation?

    • Negroess Negroess

      Take not a dump in the pool of swimmers oh Muslim.
      Go to the men’s room.
      Neither masturbate in front of Aryan women
      Go home and do it there.
      Harken unto the word of news from EPGAH and
      Listen to the counsel of the PROPHET of AL LAH
      They seek to teach civilised ways
      To those in the bloodied storm of wars
      Who find themselves
      So far
      from their towns of pilgrimage,the desert lands of
      Mecca and Medina.

      The Finnish Koran

      • Negroess Negroess

        It is article of faith that water is always pure in Islam.

        Let us examine two hadiths (there are others) that explain this to us. We will see that is perfectly halal for a devout Muslim to drink and bathe using water that contains dead animals, excrement and the menstrual period cloths of women.

        Sunan ibn Majah 520: It was narrated that Jabir bin Abdullah said: We came to a pond in which was the carcass of a donkey,so we refrained from using the water until the messenger of Allah came to us and said: Water is not made impure by anything.” Then we drank from it, and gave it to our animals to drink, and we carried some with us.

        Sunan Abu Dawud 67: I heard that the people asked the prophet of Allah: Water is brought to you from the well of Buda’ah. It is well in which dead dogs, menstrual cloths, and excrement of people is thrown. The messenger of Allah replied: Verily water is pure and is not defiled by anything.

        Taking a bath in a pool full of such impurities was a pioneering move on the part of Mohammad. And it has nothing to do with poverty. Mohaamad was the richest man in Arabia and its ruler after his jihad was completely succesful in Arabia. There is a well that is used even now for water called zam zam that Mohammad could have used, but he deliberately pursued this policy of drinking and bathing from defiled water sources as he believed that water is not made impure by anything.

        So it possible that the example of the prophet was being followed in the news story posted by EPGAH.

        • Negroess Negroess

          Let us talk about lice historically and scientifically. To get a historical perspective let us turn to the valuable source of Islamic knowledge known as Sahih Bukari:9:87:130:

          Narrated Anas Malik. Allah’s apostle used to visit Um Haram bint Milhan she was the wife of ‘Ubada bin Ass Samit. One day the prophet visited her and she provided him with food and started looking for lice in his head. Then he slept and woke up smiling.

          Since all skin parasites are killed by heat, washing affected items of clothing and bedding in hot water and drying them in a hot dyer is an effective method of dealing with the problem.

          So we can see the whole environment in which the prophet lived was full of lice and their eggs known as nits; and he had no idea of how to get rid of them. However, his theory that bathing is polluted water was fine did not help either. Bathing in filthy water, sleeping on body lice infested bedding and getting aid from helpful women who helped him with his head lice was the manner that was recommended by the prophet for dealing with this issue.

          Please any mozlem parents reading this, on this issue, please please please consult your doctor and not your prophet. And since this narration and others like are considered authentic or sahi you best believe like the scholars of Izlam that these narration are reliable. But even more reliable is your doctor when it comes to a cure.

    • Jason Y

      quote by ep-gah

      India may be bad, but Moslems put the poo in the pool!

      I’m sure Jason will come and say that their defects led to their defecation?

      IQ is low among migrants and probably a lot of mental illness due to inbreeding. Basically they’re not compatiable with Western European society. Of course, it’s probably all this stuff combined with a desire to give the finger to racist Germans. Kind of like when that black lady shit in a racist woman’s food on that movie “The Help”, but I’m not sure if that black lady had a low IQ, it may have been just pure revenge.

      • Jason Y

        To be honest, a lot of Europeans are like Koreans. They speak their mind, no matter who they hurt. Such an attitude will only cause the “oppressed” to want to get revenge. Maybe by shitting on thier food, pools, etc…

        A lot of bottled up rage by some immigrant who is picked on all the time might lead to some fight or confrantation like, I don’t know, pouring a drink on some native asshole’s head etc..

        • Jason Y

          However, then again the behavior of these Muslims is far worse than pre-1960s Southern Negroes or most immigrants to South Korea would ever do. Even in the worst feeling of humiliation, I don’t think anybody would consider shitting in a children’t swimming pool, or grabbing Korean ladies’ asses. lol

          At the most, a reasonable way of getting back would be to simply target adult males, but it seems they are too cowardly to do so.

        • You can do years in a Filipino jail for beating up a Filipino. Or an Indian one. Even if it was self-defense.

          In Asia it is better to walk away. You do not want to be doing 5 years in a Filipino jail.

  118. Jeff

    India is no mere third-world country, for it has transcended the category to become a turd-world country, the only one of its kind.

    • Negroess Negroess

      I am bird turd collector and love all the different bird turds one can collect in India. While in Delhi I was in bird turd heaven. I got to the airport with my bags stuffed with bird turds and I was detained! I told them this is my hobby. They did not believe me and confiscated my precious bird turds.

      Bird turd collectors, India may be a turd pardice but they do not want to export any of that stuff. The keen bird turd hobbyist needs to use the mail system instead. So when sitting in turd paradise in Delhi and a bird poops on your head. Do not despair. Collect the turd and mail it your home address. Be careful though since not everyone can understand the keen turd hobbyist. Some people think it is silly. But India will always be a pardice for the vast variety of turd hobbyists out there.

    • Battleship Negro

      The Irish have difficulty saying third world. They say turd world instead. How true their words are.

  119. Song Lou

    I am a Chinese mainlander. Why are you blaming Indians? We are not good as well. In our small city during festivals, our cars can hardly move! A city of 800,000 peoples owns 50,000 cars! CABS cost 8,000 Chinese yuan, about $1,200 USD. People here gain 4,500 yuan per month, about 750 USD. Peasants can gain 150 yuan per square yard to plant crops for without which everyone will go to plant cash crops. And those who work for the government can gain 4,000 yuan per month! With such a little money, they don’t dare to eat out, for they are afraid of being suspected of accepting bribes. This what my classmates’ parents told me. Oh!!!

    • SONG LOU

      This was not my experience in Hong Kong. People seemed to be making some kind of money.

      Chinese in the Philippines live at the same standard as the average American. One Chinese-Filipino asked me about immigrating to the U.S.
      and I told him that he should stay in the Philippines because Chinese have a good gig there.

  120. Siddarth Sethi

    No wonder muzzies are fucking your happiness. !
    One muzzie wasted 49 crackers, one Osama Bin Laden screwed you single handedly and it took you fools another decade to kill him !!
    Now that really says a lot about the mismost powerful country in the world !!!!

  121. bhaktadasa

    Having spent a lot of time in India over the last 45 years I cannot argue with the contents of this article or the photographs I’ve had many of these experiences personally. Still in India I have met some very incredible amazing saintly persons and it is only because of their presence that I continue to visit India in spite of all the filth.

    • Goa and Bangalore and Cochin are not that dirty. The West Coast of India is fairly prosperous in fact.

      • bhaktadasa

        Bangalore, forty years ago was a wonderful place. Now the traffic is horrible, the air pollution is horrible. It is a disaster. I have never been to Goa, therefore I cannot comment on it.

        • IT built some fairly decent shopping malls and many workers make good money.

          Goans are the product of Brahmins and Portuguese colonists so they have a bit of land in general and their living standard is not as low as the rest of India.

          Kerala is not bad now that the Gulf has sent remissions into a Socialist economy.

        • Depends on your caste, education, parent’s wealth, job, land etc. etc.

  122. The U.S. infrastructure is in such bad condition and street violence so high that India is hardly a concern. Our missionaries will be busy distributing food to the children of White Rednecks in Oklahoma if the U.S. standard of living slid a further notch.

    Even in the 80’s or 90’s the standard of living was somewhat higher than it is today in the United States.

    Worrying about India is really the last thing on my list.

    And I assure you, they are not worried about “Goras”.

    • Retarded deluded cunt. This complacency followed by inability to view reality breeds mindsets like yours. There is simply no identity; no civic sens; no idea of anything. A very intelligent Person explained how the life cycle of amoeba had greater purpose than a true Indian(99% of the population). I could not dispute his logic. – without going into too much detail, ameobic dysentery was the focal point of thr explanation.

    • To clarify; India and its surrounding countries which are divided now. I dont discriminate theyre equally shit. Its not abour religion. Its about being the most useless person you can be; and being proud of it.

  123. Abdul Aziz

    Your post hurts our feelings, but then it is the reality of India. Also it will be dismissed as biasful and will never be used as a eye opener because many great personalities earlier and at present our current PM Mr Modi have failed to convince we Indians the importance of cleanliness.

  124. Tanya

    The cast system is banned​ now, and no one believes in it anymore. Taj Mahak is one of the most beautiful monuments and lndian is not a Hindu country, it’s a secular country where anyone can follow any religion they want to. No offense of course, as an lndian just thought you should know . What you said is true and l believe that this particular problem will definitely get some better in future. Thank you for these remarks , maybe people out there reading this have got something in their brain.

  125. Ryon Morris

    True, India is a shithole.

  126. This blog is hilarious! Especially the bans. I’m a white American, have traveled to India three times, twice by choice, once for business. I have told people I thought India was the most beautiful and most terrible place on Earth.
    Delhi is a horrifying shithole, alright, and is full of assholes. The taxi people will try to fuck you with a bunch of stupid scam shit right out of the airport. However, I went there almost 15 years apart on two trips, and the second time I went, it was much improved. Roads were being built, as was a subway (metro).
    Twice in Delhi my wife was molested, once in a tuktuk with me, and once standing in a crowd. In both cases, someone grabbed her ass from behind. After a week, I was so disgusted and angry at the Indian men who would walk up to her, drooling, WHILE I WAS ACCOMPANYING HER, tested all my strength of cultural tolerance. Fortunately we left Delhi before I kicked someone’s ass. I should add that my wife is 6′ and totally fucking hot, but dressed more or less like a dirty hiker.
    Dharamsala is not a shithole. I did find occasional open sewer canals, but the people were much nicer and the city was, generally, cleaner, and most of the escaped Tibetans I met were very friendly.
    Bihar is disgusting. I got dumped in Patna with my wife because of a bus strike in Nepal while we were trying to travel back from Chitwan to Varanasi, so we were rerouted there. I have seen the throat of Hell, and it is the Nepal/India border town of Raxaul. Beyond Bosch, Goya, Milton, etc.
    Four bandits/dacoits boarded our bus late at night during a stop. I stood up in the back of the bus waving a Kukhri I bought in Kathmandu (very nice place in 1999, much better overall than India) and they got off at the next stop.
    I believe I encountered a guardian angel in downtown Patna, who suddenly appeared on the street (it was the middle of the night), and told us we had to get off the streets immediately, and take refuge in the train station. The floor there was covered with people sleeping on newspapers in filth and urine, but from there, we spotted the last open hotel in the place. After I checked in there, around 3 am, people immediately came knocking on the door after I had settled in. I pushed the chest of drawers in front of the door and we went to sleep. In the morning we were awakened by knocking again, so I went to the door, and it was a member of the hotel staff who brought us tea and toast for breakfast, which tasted really fucking amazing at that moment.
    Rajasthan is really nice. Beautiful palaces, lovely colors, friendly people. The occasional pool of human excreta, garbage and the fucking free-roaming cows did appear, but not enough to feel pervasive. Jaipur is a mad crunch of people but we stayed in a former palace for nothing and it was great.
    Khajuraho was fantastic. I loved Gwalior as well. On the road south to Orchha, we spotted a beautiful, empty palace of sorts, called, I think, Dhuttia or Datia. We got out–no attendant or anything. It was UNESCO-quality in architecture. Climbed to the top of that, and inside we were approached by a security guard who was friendly and we wanted to know why there was nobody there. He said: We don’t let Indians in here. They would destroy the place. Never forgot that, made me quite sad.
    Goa is shit. Filthy, overpriced, non-stop haranguing from tout fucks. Disgusting beaches, filthy ocean. Though there is infrastructure and decent roads in some places, and the Portuguese historical sites are interesting.
    So I did the range from cheap hippie-backpacker experience in 1999 to five-star “bubble” traveling (and sometimes nomadic wandering). I would go back as I would like to see the Ajanta and Ellora caves, Kerala, and Gujarat.

    I did bathe in the Ganges near Varanasi in 1999, because I was on some sort of spiritual journey thing right after my father died. I didn’t get sick, though I got sick other places in India (but that is the same as in many African countries, Egypt, Portugal, etc., and I got a terrible case of dysentery in London, though that was from eating samosas at an Indian food stand.)

    The wife molestation thing I have never encountered ANYWHERE else. The whole Eve-teasing thing and its mentality has to fucking stop. As does, of course, the raping, though that’s certainly not unique to India.

    Now, that said, I have been to 96 countries, including several in Africa. The poverty, at least, demonstrated by total squalor, is worse in India. Where I have traveled, I have found assholes and wonderful people, and have not usually been able to pin them down by religion. Except for Buddhists. Everywhere I have encountered Buddhists, everything’s been cool. I was surprised at how many Ethopian people are assholes, and how endemic prostitution is. The most assholes I have encountered as delineated by country were in Cambodia. But I can understand why.

    So overall, I would tell people what I said at the beginning of this post: India is the most beautiful and the most terrible place at the same time. They should not be sending fucking satellites and rockets into space and spending gazillions on developing their own fighter jets, which will never compete with the USA’s, before taking care of basics like infrastructure, sanitation, health and poverty. Costa Rica, for instance, has no military. They’ve spent the money on education and have achieved 95 percent literacy. Also, I have made several acquaintances who I wanted to be friends with here in the US. Things went along great until I told them I had been to India a couple of times. They immediately cut off all contact and wouldn’t engage with me ever again.

    But if you get a chance to go to India, go! Just be prepared and get your shots.

  127. Indianboii

    Hey rob, i agree with most of what you said. Im not gonna insukt you like most butthurt indians, but i want you to know that certain parts of india are developed and arent as bad as the places youve mentioned. Also, places like Northeast India are amazing. Its population is not so high and ive heard that its the cleanest part of India. People(non indians) have even compared to Switzerland.

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