Are Bigfoots Feral Humans?

Crazy as it sounds, this theory seems to wrap up a lot of the loose ends of the Bigfoot controversy all over the globe.

Most of the other theories fail the logic test.

Bigfoot a giant ape? No apes in the New World.

Bigfoot a subhuman primitive hominid? Why the throwback features then? Why no fire? Why no toolset? And where are the fossils?

Bigfoot as feral human seems to wrap things up quite nicely.

Why is there no fossil record? Because they are just wild humans, so there are no bones to find.

But there are no apes in the Americas? Bigfoot is not an ape.

Why do so many of the quick and dirty DNA studies keep coming back “human?” Apparently because Bigfoot is a man!

Why do Bigfoots try to mate with humans? Because they are people too.

Why do Bigfoots lack language? Feral humans have no language, and even after years in civilization, have a hard time picking it up.

Why do Bigfoots lack a toolset, if they are subhumans, as all subhumans had tools? Because Bigfoot is not a subhuman, he’s a feral human. Feral humans don’t have tools either, and they have a hard time learning how to use them.

Why have people who have shot and killed them usually covered up the incident or hid or buried the body on fear that they have committed homicide? Because they did commit homicide! They just killed a feral human.

Why did the DNA of 1/2 Bigfoot Kwit, son of full Bigfoot Zana, had his DNA test out as 100% human? Because Kwit’s mother, Zana, was a feral human.

Why do they have “throwback” features like large size, nuchal or saggital crest, severe evasiveness, huge feet with 2″ pads on them, long arms, bad smell given off when afraid, hairiness and immense strength? Possibly generations of feral humans, under extreme selection pressure and experiencing massive mortality, selected for hairiness to keep warm, crests to develop jaw muscles to eat raw plants, evasiveness to survive, pads to enable walking in severe conditions, huge size to survive amidst intense odds with no weapons, bad smell to deter predators and huge strength to kill prey with with no weaponry.

Nature works pretty fast when you get some extreme selection pressure going.

Why have Bigfoot skulls been declared “human”? Because they are human.

From Alabama Bigfoot, an argument for Bigfoots being feral humans. It sure wraps up a lot of loose ends.

From Mike Rigg:

Bigfoot Forums has the best Bigfoot discussion on the web.


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33 responses to “Are Bigfoots Feral Humans?

  1. Matt

    If this is true, how have they remained isolated enough from (other) modern humans to develop their distinctive morphological characteristics? All of them seem to live in areas settled by modern humans, and if they were the same basic species, you would expect them to have been swallowed up a long time ago. And even if they were able to remain relatively isolated or endogamous, it would have had to have been for a hella long time. Look at the Tasmanians, for example. They were isolated even from other Australians for 8,000 years minimum, and yet they never became as distinctive as the bigfoots are alleged to have. And even being stranded on an island at the farthest edge of human settlement, they were unable to stay completely innocent of technology. Contrary to popular belief, they did have stone tools and fire. Yet somehow, Bigfoot managed to exist in the middle of Europe, Asia, and the Americas without absorbing a single technological or cultural innovation. My brain pops with incredulity.

    • You’re correct. This theory has serious issues.

    • anon

      all good points.. but for me…regardless of how the final DNA divides this or shows migrations.. the overriding information is genus HOMO…

      so for those still attached to “ape” perhaps that is the start…they can continue with ideas of “relic” hominid..and may be right in that I don’t think we have erectus DNA and so on, or even very many samples of neanderthal….

      So, I hear ya… and that is the fascinating part of the DNA for me…migration..
      so…if one makes the leap that a BF exists…perhaps they won’t be too married to their ape theories to make the leap to almost human?


  2. Mateo

    I think Feral Human may be the explanation for the BF phenomena, but there is clear indication of adaptation to the BFs natural environment in its biology to the point where it has changed enough to perhaps be a separate species entirely, but that will have to be based on close examination. The people of the Himalayan only took 2 thousand years to evolves larger and stronger lungs, that is very fast in evolutionary terms. There is evidence to suggest that the BF phenomena started in Asia which gives a homo sapiens a lot more time to evolve in a new environment. Take domesticated pigs for example, if left out in the wild they will go feral, grow tusks, and grow much bigger and have shaggy hair for protection, a genetic trait in all pigs and many other domesticated animals that go feral. The same could be suggested for feral humans, and perhaps feral humans over generations would in deed over time create a separate species, we only have the wild children of the past to fall back on for examples of feral, but all were taken back into society before perpetuity so one cannot know if there are more traits for human adaptation in an environment without tools or clothing, honestly the BF would be a great example of the adaptations that would have to be met, if humans were to live in a season changing environment and have to hunt and gather without the use of tools.
    That said, I think the Feral Human Hypothesis has more to offer and should not be over looked as a possibility.
    Only time, when the Hominine is discovered will we answer our questions.

  3. Well apparently Ketchum, et al have been moved from thier silent retreat…
    this out

    they are going with

    Homo sapien hirsutii?

    see confernce link on recent commetns

    works for me as my expereinces said Homo most definatley..and NOW perhaps I will be understood more for my compassion for these People than my rancor with the BF community?!

    lol doubt it!

  4. yeah, yo u got glasses this am..


    here you go..well perhaps May 2012 is a long way off, but it does releave her now of the idea she knows they are Human..and isn’t speaking out to stop organizations bent on a trophy Bigfoot!

    KUDOS!! and thanks,finally!

  6. Mateo

    Which means, that different methods of tracking need to be employed and steps for contact need to be looked over again and steps must be taken to approach these people like approaching an isolated group of humans in the Amazon or In New Guinea that have had very limited contact with the outside world. It is very critical that first contact, or better said, a more understanding approach for contact be taken now that there is better information on the subject.
    Seems we are getting very close to meeting humanities Enkidus! 🙂

  7. Mateo

    I know this is off topic, but I used to be in the Marine Corps where I did Intel in Iraq and Afghanistan, and recently read hundreds of reports and Indian legends of Bigfoot and read countless assessment which have led me to the conclusion of the feral human hypothesis. Then I looked to see if anyone else had similar thought and found this site that had the hypothesis as well. Now ive investigated further about the parties involved (Bigfoot research groups) and I can see now that there is a love hate triangle going on. Which is unfortunate, cause if one does a good analysis they can see that there is sufficient information to start a controlled field analysis with much higher hopes of contact than there has ever been available before. With that said, I hope this feud ends soon because there are many that are just as capable and probably doing field work right now that will result in successful discoveries and all that hard work may be too late. Don’t be Magellan, be Columbus. This is a race to see who proves Bigfoot first, its in human nature to compete. I just hope the love hate triangle pushes politics to the side before someone else steals there victory, the evidence is clear, all that is left is the field work to show the world with out a doubt of Enkidus existence. Good luck to all parties, The evidence is there, closer than has ever been before, Enkidu does exist, Feral human gone (evolutionary) rogue!
    Again, we will have to see what the definitive proof says 🙂

  8. @MATEO…yes! you are correct, and I do have some ideas!

    • Mateo

      @ApeHuman…Im doing some field work in Pikes Peak national forest, drop me a line at Also I just finished reading Scientific America and they have been able to obtain enough evidence to prove an pre-Clovis migration that they think was between 25,000 to 15,000 years ago, They were not large mammal hunters ether, very interesting, but none the less even more time for the feral human to adapt to a specific environment.

  9. anon

    I think the :sag ital crest may be a misnomer..or identification…
    hair can affect that,,,matted pushed up from sleeping on side..

    it is possible there is a dimorphic difference or a “silver-bacK’ thing there…but I don’t think so.

    In fact I don’t think we can even say they have non-opposable thumbs. or even a mid-trasa Break! I know, I know..there is a very important person who says they have one.

    But, in the field…looking at many, many Sas tacks (my opinion they were Sas) It appeared to me a very thick pad.. When I took off my shoes an imitated they looked similar (the pressure points) and when I walked in wet sand I could creat what looked like a “mid-tarsal break” – so I think the jury is still out on may be a variation within BFs..or misidentified attribute.
    Again, I had no “expert” to help me…just books. So, I sure couldn’t tell….

    So, I am not entirely sold on what we think we know based on evidence from those who have gotten visibility at the academic level….

    Many feel the BFRO was a player in blocking good data and players as the org tried to circle around Meldrum for a result Meldrum was given a cloaked view of Sas researchers…too bad. I do believe they are not so tightly associated today……

    at the bigfootevidence.blogspot site I bring up your point as well…time for a paradigm shift and to include what “almost human” might mean!

  10. anon

    sorry apehuman above…not sure why it won’t give me option..srry second post!

  11. Bindernagel actually is rethinking his ape theory after *seeing a Bigfoot for himself* in Crittenden, Kentucky on Erickson’s property there, not from viewing the footage. That’s what I have been told. Erickson flew Bindernagel down there, and he saw a Bigfoot with his own two eyes at the site.

  12. anon

    p.s. I also have a day vid – 30 frames – of a juvenile whose hands come into light as he/she grasps branch…and although not great resolution – looks to me a thumb/hand similar to ours. If the hand is more ape-like it is of a more subtle variation than what we see in great apes. Additionally, they are quite dexterous…. and I could not tell if it was inexperience with our culture (I did little experiments with various tightness on PJ lids and tuberware, etc) or a physical limitation..but they do learn quick


    p.s. reason my stuff not on web..spent forever trying to go to ASU, then the BF world…what a mess…and really just was never able to connect withanyone that could either help with resources or analysis.. I am still sitting on a pile of data…will be a past time to analyze for a long, long time!
    so don’t think I am being coy really…it is my intention to share…I just struggle with the video/sound software and digital files swimming all over my computer!

  13. anon

    I want to add one thing.. I have felt, but cannot demonstrate, that in my group of Bf’s there was a leader..or perhaps even Shaman…in that “his” (dont know gender, but a big one) eyeshine was brilliant blue! So imagine those small led “blue” penlights on a keyring…a bit like a “blue light” and it casts a slight blusih/purple color… that was the color of this eyeshine!
    Only “one” i assume had those blue eyes and rarely visited camp. What I thought was the Mom and child visited often and that eyeshine was amber. And yes, it did appear to grow stronger and then fade, even though it appeared she was still looking at me (this is night time folks, lno moon, dark forest canopy, no fire, etc).b

    So, they are different than us… I just can’t think of a human or animal whose eye shine compares without any apparent source of reflected light other than stars.
    And yes, they did seem to rock gently, while watching. They are extremely patient..and I bet can outlast all but a bow hunter in a blind..


  14. anon

    and yes, in the morning I would find no evidence of any deer, or elk, etc the things in your mind (and mine). And often would find in the morning, if not a decent clear track, a great deal of depressed grasses, or forest needles, etc… so I don’t think I was mis-identifying another animal

    So, after a few experiences like that I was able to settle down and just enjoy those long delicious moments when both of us wondered if tonight would be the night we crossed the great divide of fear…we have not yet! But we want to.


  15. anon

    I have been up for hours and still dark so I will add this to those seeking:

    focus on one spot/one group…and work to make friends. Think of what would encourage or threaten you if you were wild and viewing modern humans w/o total understanding….

    and behave as though you are a friend and have something to share..whether news of our world, music, or a meal. Can you think of any modern human that would meet you if you didn’t offer them something? LOL

    one has a lot of time to think alone in the woods…and i found this analogy interesting..
    imagine if our Gods were simply a superior race..
    how exactly would an individual from that “race” make meaningful contact with a more primitive human?

    I’ll just leave it there..take those thoughts to your does an alien break in? what can an alien bring that is useful? And the batteries won’t run down? and so on..
    I imagine the gods have wondered how to reach us as well!
    hope I don’t offend anyone with my elastic mind…


  16. anon

    actually my sleep cycle has been a bit messed up since all those trips and night watching… a whole world exists at night that we just miss…if nothing else the experience of being awake and alone at 2 amin such a vast place was worth it!

    Sasquatches OWN the night.. I don’t think they are “nocturnal” as we think of other animals…but they have certainly utilized the opportunities we leave in the nighttime


  17. anon

    I don’t want to give wrong impression…although remote and vast, wedged btw two Wilderness systems…my site had all the comforts of modern camping! A little pop-up trailer (no cell phone but just a 4 mile drive to a signal) and the added benefit of being located in the path of this group’s nightly trek to a more pastoral setting for forage/hunting….retreating pre-dawn to a very rugged cliif/peak area….

    I just think, based on a very intense and thoughtful effort…there is little for amateurs to “do” at this point…certainly Hunting is out…chasing is Out, trail cams should be out…why? b/c they disrupt vital hunting patterns…..these Sas need calories…and all the trail cams are a pain in the ass to them..and guys? they know they are there..even hidden! LOL I don’t think many of enter a “sas” area undetected…and also

    now, applying even a wild almost human mind, do you think trail cams could be associated with anything besides hunters and guns? So camouflage your trail cams into something that would be modern human but innocuous…and risk leaving forest unchained…but a gps signal on it or something..
    but I feel a disguised trail-cam (NO IR) is more likely to be picked up an inspected by a Sas….just an idea b/c I am soo, soo bored this am

    a warning to seekers: if you succeed..the modern world will NOT make as much sense as it did prior..a lot of what we do seems silly now…there are just so few things I want to do now that don’t involve meeting a Sasquatch…my recovery shall take some time because I don’t feel we should be trying to meet them as amateurs (no matter how cool) b/c the threats to their culture and youth are real…

    this I hope spells the end of what we currently do to “Find Bigfoot.”

    There will be plenty of fun for all…it will just be different fun..and those who need a game trophy will go back to hunting bear and cougar.


  18. anon

    at this point efforts should be on sound, video and perhaps some direct tracking (limited for reasons above)

    so I went thru everything uder the sun…and fast b/c I had willing subjects! Si fi it didn’t work in two or three trips it was gone

    so my best recommendation (wish I had from someone prior b/c now too broke to retro fit to this!)

    1. Sondy handycam with IR sensitvity (turn off the IR source tho) and VIEWFINDER (they are a bit rarer in this line) ..if no viewfinder you will run into practicle trouble in field get batteries for 8hr runs and a hard drive or SD card with about 40M or more..

    2. you can rent for about $425/moponth the FLIR i7 Tim Stover made a nice rail system (for free) for a friend…so although I don’t follow all his work, it seems to be in the right spirit! and he seems determined..look for something from him in the future) combined with the video cam you will get GREAT real time vid on a cheaper FLIR! and the benefit (don’t use a flashlight – enough light from FLIR screen) of not projecting any light, etc as a threat.

    3. NV lens Gen3+ or better can be rented (I did about $60/night) and you can see works well if you can set up remote (similar to above flir set-up buy a ring and connect to your video cam) AND supply power…my monocular only good for 2hr batt…terrible in field for all night monitoring and b/c rented I never bothered to overcome…I have extremely funny stories from my rented NV trip! And some of those results made me think the NV lens did emit “something” whether light or Larry being at a house works! There is enough stray light/noise from human dwellings to cover his set-up and he can hook into power I assume for the night! Go Larry!

    if you want to rent that NV Military lens I have the guys email still

    4. Handyzoom2 or 4 for sound recordings

    Okay above was cheap mans short list (wont bother with other promising stuff, etc…as these are the essentials for non-injurious, mostly non-threatening attempts at remote video

    sorry about all glasses and can’t really see screen…

    so, in above..with FLIR make sure in field you approach your SAS gently…reaction w/o the definition in a video will be critical
    viewfinders essential to hide light at night and see in day (we are in area sun so intense cant see screen)

    it’s all about remote figure your 12v batt source out…

    Okay so what bout rich people LOl there aren’t any I know of in BF research!

    But, were I to continue Cornell (well link via that site can buy for about $800) a programmable 24/7 sound recording system that can remain in the field for a month or so..rented I think about $300

    so buy it…

    but sound in my mind IS a very good way to go..and perhaps one day I will be able to share more on that topic meaningfully…right now

    we just need people to catch up….otherwise even BFers have trouble believing some of the stuff I now tend to “believe.”

    I have spent thousands (shhh…) and I think most of it (yeah I did the Reconix Trailcam thing..covert IR…glah blah) is junk really

    In my mind we are down to this as amateurs:

    the Robert Morgan/Goodall method
    remote video as described
    remote sound 24/7 of high quality
    GPS items that can be picked up and may include mini cams/sound
    and Sas’s willing to approach a video station LOl sound bizarre? I don’t think so.. I think if someone takes time to use laptop video…to communicate..images/symbols etc My work indicates they can see in “symbols” and respond to such.

    eventually that familiarization will cause a Sasquatch to wtch the screen from a distance that enough light is thrown out a cheap webcam will get a shot…and it may be the way we begin to cross the divide of fear.

    remotely….so, Forest Service are ya listening? How about a BF “station” well built, long term power…educational movies for Sas…about us and who we are….get creative Oregon BLM! and in it will be also receiving video

    pretty soon we can talk? and with each successful talk? Oh I dunno a gift of good food? or a small movie of beauty with native American flute? they are Bored in some ways I do think!

    come on we have to get creative…this old tracking animals that are in fact more skilled hominids than us…isn’t working!

    Keep your costs down, don’t expect to “discover” or “prove” but “add” to our grow

    -apehumaning database…!

  19. Joerg Hensiek

    Does anybody know who invented the term “Homo sapien hirsutii”? Is this just a “marketing creation” by the organizers of the “Pacific Northwest Conference on Primal People” or do they use a term formed by the Ketchum/Paulides project?
    Thanks a lot!

  20. anon

    my impression is it is ‘allowed” as a signal to us all so I will shut up and wait quietly…but we are “on notice”ape her impression they are certainly genus Homo

    if not..well then who knows…


  21. anon

    geez lol Freudian….that ‘ape” should be ‘and”

  22. Mateo

    I went with an Sony Handycam DCR-SR100 30 GB Camcorder and a Coleman LED Rechargeable Spotlight 530 lumen that I converted the LEDs to IR ones for good night visions shots, you can also make cheap trail cams with IRs from sensor activated air fresheners and a disposable digital cameras for about $25 each when complete, so you can create and have enough to set up a camera ambush on an avenue of approach. The term is known as hacking electronics. It is a good alternative for those on a budget and cannot afford to buy many official trail cams. I think many people witness signs of Bigfoot on the environment all the time and just dont realize it, I am an avid outdoors man and have come across evidence on the environment that at the time I thought was a little strange but not strange enough to think of it more. Was only till I started my own analysis that the patterns started to pop up and I could relate to times when I had also seen evidence of Bigfoot on the environment. I know one of the controversies is that a large ape would be assumed to leave clear evidence of its presence the way mountain gorillas do and sought to believe similar evidence on the environment would hold true for Bigfoot. Reports though indicate tons of evidence left on the environment by the BF, so my thinking is and after my own perspective change is that theres evidence left all the time, people just do not know what there looking at unless it is strikingly unusual. With that said, I think educating the public specifically of what patterns we know the BF leaves on the environment, that could help a lot in obtaining more human intelligence and with that be able to create better analysis especially of BF movements once being able to better see the patterns on a larger scale to draw better conclusions.

  23. anon

    sounds like you are off and running! yeah and so a lot of the Bf sites do share that type of info… . my recommendation is always for reliable articles, etc. And she is pretty discerning i think about what she puts up.

    • Mateo

      Yea, I also looked into that site, I was living in Ecuador for most of the year and sent her information on the South American Bigfoot, or in Ecuadors case the Sacha-Runa, Hard to track down as you have to look it up in Spanish, but has the same description, behaviors and traits. Other similar creatures have same similarities but they were attributed to demons based on a heavily influenced catholic superstitious culture.

  24. anon

    srry for long post above but i have gotten a few emails wanting “tips” etc…
    and so just linked them to that – I am sure they will be disappointed..hard to give tips for that journey, it was a very long one!

  25. mike

    I think slaves that escaped from their cruel environment that had little education and where treated worse than animals could have became wild and have been breeding to become what we know as BIGFOOT.

  26. How many thousands of years was this “evolution”supposed to have occured in?

    • A feral child was observed chasing down a rabbit and ripping it apart with her bare hands after only a few years of living “wild”. So the evolution of a feral man into “bigfoot” could conceivably take place over a relatively short period of time. Hundreds rather than thousands of years…maybe even less time.

  27. Jeff

    Like domesticated pigs human can dedomesticate back and reintegrate back to nature. The DBA of pigs and humans is very similar so why not reintegration to the natural world

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