Why Has No Hunter Ever Shot and Killed a Bigfoot?

This is the classic question that is used by Bigfoot skeptics to deny the existence of Bigfoot.

Actually, it’s a dumb question, because the answer is supposedly no, no one, hunter or otherwise, has ever shot a Bigfoot. But it’s not true. As I will show, humans have shot and killed Bigfoots 35 times in the last 182 years. Humans shoot and kill Bigfoots on average of once five years.

Bigfoots Shot Dead by Humans

Unknown date: Klakas Inlet, Southern Alaska. In far southern Alaska on Prince of Wales Island, a Bigfoot was reportedly shot and buried at the mouth of a stream on the north side of the inlet. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

Unknown date: Sonora, Mexico. Rich Grumley reported that a hunter shot and killed a Bigfoot, then buried it.

Date unknown, modern era: Location unknown. A wealthy hunter reportedly shot and killed a Bigfoot, then paid a taxidermist to stuff it, and it’s presently on display in a ritzy country club on the East Coast. Reported by Ray Crowe.

Unknown date, modern era: Yankton, Oregon. Near the Colombia River north of Portland, a hunter shot a Bigfoot four times between the eyes and killed it. It rolled off the road. The man came back 24 hours later, and the body was gone. There was a set of three tracks, possibly a family group – a male, a female and a juvenile. Reported by Ray Crowe.

Unknown date, modern era, Amboy, Washington. Near Mt. St. Helens, a hunter reported that he shot and killed a male Bigfoot on an old logging road. Upon hearing that there was a $10,000 fine for killing a Bigfoot, the hunter hung up the phone on the researcher. Reported by Ray Crowe.

June 20, 1829: Okefenokee Swamp, Georgia. A team of hunters set out in an attempt to track down and kill a Bigfoot in the swamp. After tracking for two weeks, they were set upon by the Bigfoot one night. The men opened up with all their guns, but it seemed useless. Five of the men were killed by the Bigfoot, who then tore all of the men’s heads off. The surviving men opened up on the Bigfoot, finally killing it. Reported by Augusta Chronicle, March 12, 2000 – “Hunters Told of Swamp Creature’s Attack.”

1855: SE Oklahoma, Choctaw Territory. Bigfoots had been raiding Choctaw settlements for some time, mostly stealing crops. But then they started stealing human children, apparently to kill and eat them, and the Choctaw had had enough. A party, organized by Joshua LeFlore, set out to get the Bigfoots. They tracked them to a mound where the dead children were that the Bigfoots had been killing and eating. The Bigfoots were covered in hair and smelled bad.

The search party’s horses all reared when they saw the Bigfoots. LeFlore emptied his pistol at a Bigfoot, but it was useless, and the Bigfoot ripped his head off. The rest of the team opened up on the Bigfoots with elephant guns, aiming at the head. Two Bigfoots dropped. The final Bigfoot was finished off with a hunting knife. The party makes a fire and burns the Bigfoots on the fire. 3 Bigfoots were killed in all.

1856: Ohio or West Virginia. Possible Bigfoot skeleton found with bullet holes in its skull. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

July 4, 1884: East of Yale, British Colombia. In the Fraser River Region, railroad-men from the British Colombia Express Company’s train’s stopped their train when it seemed that someone was asleep near the tracks. A juvenile male Bigfoot woke up, barked, and started to climb up a steep bluff. The workers decided to chase him. One got up above him on the slope and dropped a rock on the Bigfoot. It disoriented him enough that they were able to get a rope around him, capture him and put him on the train.

They named the Bigfoot “Jacko.” Jacko had bruises on his head and upper body, and they assumed that he had gotten too near the edge of the bluff and had fallen over and landed, stunned, near the tracks. Jacko had been seen in the area where he was captured recently, but residents thought he was either a bear or a stray Indian dog.

Jacko was 4’7 and weighed 127 pounds and was covered with shiny black hair. He was extremely strong. Jacko did not communicate other than making half-bark, half-growl sounds. He was fed berries and milk. There are conflicting reports on what happened to Jacko. Some reports said he was taken into Yale where a man made a pet of him. Other reports said that Jacko escaped from the train before it got to Yale.

There are reports that soon after, a Bigfoot matching Jacko’s description was shot and killed in the same general area by a group of men.

There are other reports that say this whole matter was a hoax, but I believe it was true. For one thing, John Green received a letter from Adele Bastin, whose mother remembered that people in town continued to talk of Jacko long afterward. The best analysis of the case was by Myra Shackley. Reported by The Colonist of Victoria, British Colombia, July 4, 1884.

1900: Prince of Wales Island, Alaska. An Eskimo shot and buried a Bigfoot. The Eskimo came out of the forest onto the beach and was met face to face with a Bigfoot. He opened fire and killed the Bigfoot. He and two other Eskimos then buried the Bigfoot on the beach. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

1905: Gardner Canal, British Colombia. On the coast of central British Colombia, a Bigfoot was reportedly shot and killed, but there are no further details. Reported on the British Colombia Scientific Cryptozoology Club website.

1921: Terrebone, Louisiana. Hunters killed a Bigfoot and dumped the body in an old well. Later a skeleton was found in the well and taken to the Tulane University anthropology department, where it disappeared. The anthropologists were not able to identify the skeleton and were mystified by it.

This is probably one of the best verified cases of the killing of a Bigfoot. After the skeleton was found in the well, many of the local college boys from Terrebone and Tulane University came around and took photos of it. Residents of Terrebone said that for many years afterward, as the college boys grew up, many of them still had photos of the Bigfoot skeleton.

Unfortunately, 90 years has now passed, but someone ought to go track this down and see if we can find any of those old photos. The skeptics will reject them anyway, but it would be nice to have them. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

1924: Ape Canyon, Washington. Near Mt. St. Helens, miners shot and killed a Bigfoot, which fell off a cliff into a river below. Other Bigfoots retaliated and bombarded their cabin with rocks. There are reports saying that Ape Canyon was a hoax, but I don’t believe that. Reported by Fred Beck.

1928: South Bentnick Arm, near Bella Coola, British Colombia. On the coast of central British Colombia, George Talleo shot and killed a Bigfoot. He left the scene and did not come back. Reported by the Sasquatch-BC website.

After 1937: Green River, Washington. In the Cascades east of Tacoma, a hunter saw a bear grubbing in a log and shot and killed it. Turned out he had killed a Bigfoot. Feeling that he had shot a “hairy man” (a human being), he buried it under a pile of rocks and never told anyone until he confessed on his deathbed. Reported by Datus Perry.

1940: Southeastern Missouri. Jared Sparks killed a Bigfoot (he described it only as “like a gorilla”) that had been killing horses and cattle by tearing them apart. Disposition of body unknown. Reported by John Keel, Strange Creatures.

Fall 1941: Near Basket Lake, Manitoba. A 17 year old boy hunting out of season shot and killed a Bigfoot that he thought was a moose. He left it in the forest because he thought it was human and because he was hunting out of season. He went back sometime later, and the body was gone. The old man who shot this Bigfoot as a boy was recently extensively interviewed by Dr. John Bindernagel, PhD in wildlife biology. Bindernagel felt that the man was telling the truth about killing the Bigfoot. Reported on BFRO site.

1943: Georgia, near the South Carolina border. A Bigfoot was shot and killed by a shotguns, hit with 60 bullets after it was tracked by a group of men because it was killing sheep and calves by tearing off their legs. The reddish-brown Bigfoot was buried on the outskirts of town. Reported by Rich Grumley.

1953: Alder Creek Canyon, Sandy, Oregon. East of Portland, a hunter shot and killed a Bigfoot, then buried the body. Reported by Peter Byrne.

1958-1960: Overton County, Tennessee. Bigfoot stealing chickens was shot dead by the owner of the chickens. They drove it around the area to see if anyone could identify it. No one had the faintest idea what it was. Disposition of body unknown. Reported by Mary Green.

196o: Whiteface Reservoir, Minnesota. A hunter shot and killed a Bigfoot, then put the body on ice and displayed it for awhile before replacing it with a plastic replica. The famous Minnesota Iceman story. Well documented case of a dead Bigfoot that was actually on public display for a while. It was examined by PhD scientists who said it was a real corpse and thought it was a “Neanderthal.”

The owner was very afraid of being prosecuted for homicide so he replaced it with a dummy and sent the real body packing. Then he changed his story multiple times, apparently out of fear of prosecution. The real Iceman is probably still with the estate of Jimmy Stewart.

1960’s: Douglas, Oregon: In the Cascades west of the Umpqua National Forest, a farmer shot a Bigfoot and then somehow managed to take it back to his house, where he left it outside. Other Bigfoots then came that night and retrieved the body. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

1965: Kitimat, British Colombia. On the coast of central British Colombia, a Kitimat man shot and killed a Bigfoot near town. He was trying to drag the body away when other Bigfoots came out and tried to attack him. He barely escaped to his canoe. Reported on the British Colombia Scientific Cryptozoology Club website.

December 1967: Teton National Forest near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Two college students from Marshalltown, Iowa – Lyle Bingaman and Mike Burton – shot and killed a Bigfoot, thinking it was a bear. They were terrified that they had killed a human being and that they would be prosecuted for murder, so they left it where it was and didn’t talk about it for a long time. Reported by Peter Byrne.

1968: North of Carson, Wyoming. Three men were hired by a rancher to kill a Bigfoot that was killing his cows and sheep by tearing off their legs. Afterward, the body was picked up by a government helicopter and taken to a research facility in Almogordo, New Mexico to be autopsied and studied. Reported by Ray Crowe. Government coverup.

After 1968: Alabama.  The same man involved in the Carson, Wyoming case above shot another Bigfoot later on. This time the government found out about it and was angry that he killed the Bigfoot.  Reported by Ray Crowe. Government coverup.

After 1969: Clark, Washington. Near Mt. St. Helens, a man shot and killed a Bigfoot, then tried to sell it, but stopped when he thought it might have been illegal to kill the Bigfoot. No further details. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

1970: Spokane, Washington. Grover Krantz reported that a hunter shot and killed a Bigfoot.

June 1976: Baltimore, Maryland. As unlikely as it sounds, a Bigfoot was reported here in May 1976. Police were called, and K-9’s initially refused to track it. Finally, the dogs tracked it to an interstate tunnel. A police officer then saw it run under the interstate. The next month, US army personnel were called out to deal with the Bigfoot. Reports indicate that soldiers captured or killed the Bigfoot. No further information. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast. Government coverup.

January 1976: Elm Creek, Texas Panhandle. Three men shot and killed two Bigfoots. The first one charged them, so they shot it. Then another one charged them, so they shot it too. They dropped both Bigfoots, a male and a female. They buried the bodies down by a nearby creek. They were afraid they would be prosecuted for homicide. Recently told their story anonymously on a radio show.

January 2000: Honobia, Oklahoma. The Siege of Honobia.  Bigfoot apparently shot and killed as part of a group that was raiding and harassing a rural residence. Other Bigfoots apparently carried off the dead Bigfoot. Two senior and well trusted members of the BFRO were there that night shooting guns at the Bigfoots and witnessed the killing. Reported by the BFRO site.

November 12, 2003: Lafollette, Tennessee. A Bigfoot had been killing peoples’ animals. A goat and cat at the very least had been killed. A woman called the sheriff, and they came out with a team of deputies and told everyone to get their pets indoors as they were going to eliminate these animals. They tracked the Bigfoot and shot it dead over the next hill.

There were sirens wailing, and the Bigfoot screamed as it was shot. The woman left the scene. People saw a black body (the Bigfoot) lying in a field the next morning. Ten minutes later, it vanished. Planes flew around the area night and day for two weeks. Many locals reported that there had been a hostile Bigfoot in the area and they were trying to appease it by leaving food out for it so it would not kill their animals.  Reported by Mary Green. Government coverup.


From 1829-present, a 182 year period, 35 Bigfoots have been shot dead by humans, hunters or otherwise. Humans shoot and kill Bigfoots once every 5.1 years, or about once every 5 years. In most cases, after the Bigfoot was shot, it was simply left in the woods where it fell. In some cases, it was buried. In the modern era, people who shot Bigfoots were often afraid to talk about it for fear of being prosecuted. They often thought that they had killed some sort of a human being and would be prosecuted for manslaughter or homicide.

In recent years, government officials seem to be taking the bodies away after Bigfoots are shot dead. There is a possible government coverup occurring in recent years, since 1968.

In the future, humans will continue to shoot and kill Bigfoots in North America. In order for science to make use of these bodies, the legal question regarding shooting a Bigfoot to death needs to be resolved somehow. Otherwise people who shoot and kill Bigfoots will continue to abandon them or bury them in the woods.

Bigfoot organizations should establish procedures about what to do the next time a Bigfoot is shot and killed. Probably the best plan would be to say that the organization is willing to accept any Bigfoot shot dead, no questions asked. The person could then donate the body to the organization without fear of being prosecuted. It’s doubtful that the government would go after the organization merely for holding a Bigfoot corpse.

The organization should then contact a scientist such as Dr. Meldrum immediately and probably arrange to have the corpse delivered to him. At the same time, notify the media. The government would have a hard time stealing the corpse away from Meldrum after the media have been notified.

Anyone who shoots and kills a Bigfoot should try to protect the corpse and notify either Bigfoot organizations or prominent scientists such as Dr. Meldrum. Do not notify the authorities. If you do, you’re likely to never see the body again.

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  1. I could lose a whole day reading your blog! Especially when you draw me in with Bigfoot? Somebody pinch me! Great research. I agree the community should be prepared and plan for when we do have a body. That’s a great scenario; what if we got what we wanted and didn’t know what to do with it?Keep up the great posts, I love that your topics are all over the place. Give us a visit for the latest Bigfoot News at BigfootLunchClub.com

    • Thank you so much! BF is a recent fetish of mine. Who knows how long it will last. I tend to go on crazes. I like your site, too. Very nice. 🙂

    • Mal

      What utter and complete rubbish — Deluded Bigfoot believers will be telling us that God , the Loch Ness Monster and Fairies exist next !!

        • I’m British and live in england its different hear regarding things like that can’t really comment on it for certain. But having studied animal science I know new species are discovered all the time and added to the taxonomic groups .

      • PJ Lett

        MAI YOU ARE NOT TO SMART,TO DENY God’s existence shows your ignorsnce,also . Over 2,500 native American tribes have spoken of Bigfoot for hundreds of years can they be all wrong and you right .no chance.

        • Clayton

          I jus moved to a lil comunity my wifes a teacher here .there is a lot of sightings here a guy saw on in his garden witch saw him in the window an ran away . Another guy saw one on a road to a logging job .a police officer saw on on a road .and a friend says he got dragged outa his tent an lifted up by the ankle he shined his light in its face an it dropped him an ran off i have never believed in bigfoot an still really dont or i am not sure but i am out lots so may c one lol

        • Hi where are you residing?

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  4. pearl

    Hey, uhm… Those are GREAT stories about bigfoot being shot etc, however they are ONLY stories. I could link to many stories of other weird sightings that involve some odd creature being shot or seen, or stories like little red ridinghood.

    The whole point is: NONE of those stories have EVER been validated. I will let you guess why none of them have been. =)

    • That’s ok. We aren’t worried about you people. We know Bigfoot exists. It’s as clear as air. I know a couple of people who have seen them, one more than once.

      • You say that because you live back East. I live in California. A lot of us, especially those who have spent a huge amount of time in the woods like me, believe in these things. After all, the P-G film was shot right here in my state.

      • Thank-you J Lee you have proven my point. The graduates from colleges and Universities are why this country is in it’s miserable state. You have a degree and can’t even Carry on an intelligent conversation. ” mothers pussy” “cheese cream from my pants” “replace your face with my ass” YUP those are real high level intelligence statements alright. If you don’t mind my asking how many years did you spend in the university to learn those wonderful nuggets of wisdom? You are not educated at all hell your even too stupid to pretend to be civilized. You are a sad example of a human being, or is this an example of Asian culture?

        • Ask pearl to watch the Patterson/Gimmlin film in high quality and explain the way the muscles flex on the thigh and back then explain how the arms bend in the middle while the hands will reach all the way down to the knees. Tell her to remember that was 1967 when computers read punch cards and CAD had not been developed yet, and they certainly did not have any way or the materials to design a fully functional costume, hell they might not even be able to do a costume even today.

        • John

          U had a good point till you turned to Racism. “Example of Asian culture”… Really? What university’s provoke those questions? Jackass

      • Jake

        Over a hundred years and NO video, body, NOTHING. NOTHING. Millions of hunters, campers, cars and not one picture, video or body. It’s not as clear as air. You have extremely low standards and zero credibility. I’m sure an 8ft 600 lb creature can’t avoid humans this long. Use your head ok.

      • Tom Courneya

        There is a typo in the date of the Whiteface Reservoir killing. It happened during deer hunting season of 1960…. A finger must have slipped and missed the zero. The body went on display May 3, 1967 and went back into hiding in 1969 after much publicity from the scientific field…I remember seeing it at the Minnesota State Fair as a young kid.

      • All I wanna know is if Sasquatch is real😀😀😀😀

      • The School of Mines calls the one story of the BF being shot near Slim Buttes a hoax.

    • wildbill

      they say area 51 dont exist either dont they,,,i personally heard and smelled the funky smelling things back in 1992,,they arent as stupid as some think they are,,those people in them shows couldnt sneak up on a blind and deaf deer ,let alone a thing like bigfoot..
      personally i think they are some kind of mutant human/anamal the goverment doesnt want the people to know about,,if you ever was close enough to smell one ,you wont ever forget it.

      • If a Bogfoot is ever found, those people on ‘those shows’ won’t be where you will hear it first. It will be all over all of the international news sites.

        • They have already been found for a long time now. We just lack a body is all. And we may in fact have one of those right now.

        • (Sorry about my ‘bogfoot’ typo…)
          Well, if what you are saying is true, that “we may in fact have one of those right now”, I will be anxiously awaiting the news, so that all the questions as to if there really is a such animal in the woods can be answered once and for all.

        • It’s not an animal. It’s a man, a primitive prehistoric man? Remember those things like Solo Man, Neandertal Man, Homo Erectus? Well, some of them never went extinct, and that is what these things are. They’re people like you and me. Really, really weird people but people nonetheless.

        • Saying “such an animal in the woods” is an expression. I didn’t necessarily mean it literally.

    • John Jancar

      Well again, George Washington is just a story too. We have no body of George Washington. And even if there was a body, how would we know it belonged to someone named George Washington, who was the first President of the United States. There’s no way to know who, or even if, George Washington even existed. But we believe, we believe the stories, and we take it almost without question.

      Same with basically everything else. Most things, lend themselves to faith. And lend themselves to belief. And taking the word of someone else. and believing in what someone says. How do you know the Great Wall of China exists lol Have you ever been there. Well there’s photos and people say they’ve seen it up close. Well they may all be lying. How do we know they’re not. See what I mean. You can choose to be skeptical about basically everything.

      Again, there’s more proof of Bigfoot, than there is of George Washington. I’ve actually seen fricken video footage of Bigfoot lol All I’ve ever seen of George is a painting. Who could be anyone. There’s literally more than enough proof of Bigfoot out there, to satisfy any reasonable person. And to pass a court of law. Many times they convict someone without a body, because there’s just masses of other proof. Same for Bigfoot. No body yet to display to the world,, but more than enough other proof.

      Or maybe they do have a body, many of them even, they’re just not telling us about it. That’s my guess.

  5. Nikephoros

    LOL. This is comedy gold.

  6. pearl

    I lived in WA state most of my life. Been hiking around St Helens many times and many other cool spots. I’m not trying to make fun of your theories but rather trying to show you that if there really was such an animal it would have to leave some sort of verifiable traces. Every animal does. Unless bigfoot is a ghost?

    What do you think?

    • It has left verifiable traces. We have many photos and videos. Tens of thousands of footprints, many in deep wilderness, some extending for miles, that could not have been faked. We also have a ton of hair and scat. In addition, we have a Bigfoot tooth. We have also found a couple of BF skulls. One is lost on storage at UCLA. They said it was an “Indian.” The other is at Berkeley. A BF skeleton was turned in to Tulane University in 1921. They didn’t know what it was and it’s now lost. There is a BF jaw lost among the crates in the back of the British Colombia museum.

      Bigfoot bones of various types and even dead Bigfoots have been found on a number of occasions. We have shot Bigfoots to death and run over them with cars and found their dead bodies. In recent years, government officials quickly arrive on the scene and cart the dead Bigfoot off, never to be seen again. There were up to 20 Bigfoots killed in the Mt. St. Helens eruption. There was a pile of them along with the other animal piles but it was guarded by National Guard. They were taken away in a government truck.

      So, when we find dead Bigfoots recently, they fall victim to a government coverup. The government hauls them away never to be seen again.

      We have BF teeth, bones, tissue, blood and saliva. It’s all been turned in to Melba Ketchum for her DNA study, which will be published soon.

      • pearl

        How many times will people believe the “possible” “unknown” “soon to be publushed” things that never materialize with bigfoot related claims? Just saying. Time will tell, yet again.

        • We will see. The blockbuster stuff is supposed to come out a month, but it could take a lot longer. Depends how long the peer review is for Ketchum’s article. Could be up to a year.

          I know these things exist. And I’ve never seen one, heard one, or anything.

          I know people who have seen them. I know a guy who saw them at least 6 different times in 6 different years in 4 different states. I believe him. He’s a scientist and a former science professor (geology). No way is he hallucinating or lying.

        • Big G

          just explain the videos of animals doing things a human can’t. explain the thousands of sounds that a human or known animals can’t make. explain the hair that matchs nothing on the planet. so you a skeptic because you haven’t investigated shit. So don’t waiste you limited brain power you’ll need it for survival.

        • Big G

          Robert I really can’t imagine you would continue to give these (the world is flat ) people your time. They must work for the government. If you can ignore 30’000 sightings and thousands of explainable , fit into the large bipedal landscape, footprints . Footprints that can’t be duplicated. Hair from nothing on the planet, ( thousands ). sounds that can’t be made from anything on the planet ( thousands ) And now dna that makes everything much more clear. I believe you should spend more time investigating and less time with these flat earthers. they can investigate on their own without waisting all our time typing their stupid shit.

      • Rock on! U tell em. I recall a scientist saying within 72 hours the body is already breaking down, being eaten by other animals, could be buried by other Bigfoot family members, and the rest returns to the soil.

  7. Nikephoros

    Meet Bigfoot:

  8. Gary B

    There is no evidence for the existence of bigfoot and this collection of stories regarding hunters shooting them is just that; stories. I actually wish that bigfoot existed but 400+ years without a type specimin certainly makes that seem very unlikely.

  9. You know what the truth is? There really is a Bigfoot. It will be shown soon enough, and then who will look like a moron?

    You know what else is true? You’re banned! Hahahahahahaha!

    HAND asshole!

    • Steve

      What would be the reason for govt covering up Bigfoot that is shot , why wouldn’t they want the country to know they exist and if they do then they could pass laws not to kill them . Or do they consider them some alien creatures like ufos and deny they exist? I’m an avid hunter spend lots of time in the woods never saw one. My only concern would be if I did shoot one and turned out to be a guy in a Bigfoot suit am I going to get charged for murder? There are plenty of idiots would pull a stunt like that and end up dead! That wouldn’t be the fault of the hunter.

      • Some “men in black” came out to visit a woman who saw one in Oregon. They were staying at a local motel to investigate the sighting. They said they worked for the federal government studying these things. They convinced her to keep quiet about her sightings. They said the government was keeping them a secret because “people will panic.” Acknowledging the existence of these creatures would open up a whole massive ball of worms and cause mass panic too. They would have to pass some laws damn quick because every Yahoo and his cousin Billy Joe would be out in the woods running around trying to kill another one. Also we would have to formulate a whole new legal area for nonhuman hominids. Now there is a split between animals and humans. You can pretty much kill an animal any time you want to, especially in the right circumstances. And even when it is illegal to kill an animal, sure they might investigate, but it’s probably one of many cases, and they won’t spend a lot of time trying to find the killer. Not so if a human is killed! See what I mean?

        It’s not only homicide if you kill a guy in a monkey suit, and there have been hunters who initially think it is a guy in a monkey suit. I know a guy who shot and killed two of these things and when he first saw the adult, he thought he was on a movie set with a guy in a suit.

        If you kill a Sasquatch, most people who kill these things are terrified that they are going down on homicide charges, so after the killing, there is a great big mess with the body, which is often just buried, left in the field, or if taken somehow mysteriously vanishes never to be seen again. If you shoot one, you will go to look at the dead body. You will look right in its face and it will look like YOU, Steve, except covered in hair. Most people just flip and think they are going down on homicide.

        • Homo ferus

          The reason for the coverup is a legal one.
          Imagine how many relatives of missing people would sue the guvmint if they disclosed they had known all about Bigfoot for decades but didn’t warn people?
          The law suits would be in the hundreds of millions at least.

        • JJ


  10. Gary B

    Robert, you are shooting the messenger. The fact remains that no evidence for bigfoot exists and most of the people realize that.

    • What do you mean evidence? There’s a ton of evidence. Just not enough evidence yet to prove it, such as an actual live or dead body, but that will come sooner or later, since of course Bigfoots exist.

      We have video proof. The PGF video could not have been faked. And we have new video coming soon that will be even better.

      Photo proof.

      Over 40,000 eyewitness reports. I personally know people who have seen them 4-7 times, and I know these people are not lying. I’d bet my life on it.

      We have tens of thousands of footprints, some going for miles, often found far off in the wilderness, and sometimes going for miles, in many cases, that no one could have faked and no one has been able to fake.

      We have quite a bit of hair, scat, etc that comes back unknown primate.

      We now have bone, tissue, teeth, hair and scat that is DNA testing out as a new species of hominid. Soon to be published in a major academic journal.

      Indeed it is true that we lack a body per se, and I suppose we will need that to conclusively prove it, but to me anyway, the mountain of evidence is already plenty.

    • John Jancar

      There’s literally mountains of evidence. We have thousands of eyewitness testimonies. We have hundreds of video and photographic images. We have hair samples collected, with the conclusion they are from an “unknown primate.” We have audio recordings that “experts” conclude come from “no known animal.” We have massive footprint casts, literally thousands of them. There’s mountains of evidence. There’s literally more proof of Bigfoot than there is of, let’s say, George Washington.

      How do we know George Washington existed. We have no body of his. We have basically nothing except stories, and some writings which may or may not be from him. We have no idea if George Washington really existed.

      Hell, we don’t know if anything exists, do we know if there is a Uranus lol I’ve never seen Uranus. All the images might be a hoax. The bright spot in the sky, when Uranus is supposed to be visible, might be something else. We don’t know Uranus, or any planet exists.

      Do we know, there was a Crusades, do we know there was a Spanish Inquisition, do we know there was a Buddha, or Jesus, or Mohammed. Do we know basically anything other than what we experience directly. No, for the most part. All we have, are stories from other people. But we believe them, almost without question, despite the lack of any real evidence for mostly everything we take as “common knowledge.” How do I know George Washington existed.

      I need to see an actual body, to ascertain that George Washington existed. If not, than it’s probably just some story made up by someone. You see how ridiculous it is, you see how most things lend themselves to belief, and how a true skeptic shouldn’t believe basically anything.

      But, for some reason, it’s only when you get into things like UFOs, or Bigfoot, then the skeptics really come out to play. Again, there’s more proof of Bigfoot, than there is of George Washington. So why not, in all fairness, treat George the same way. But you don’t do that, it’s only things you consider weird, that you choose to be skeptical about, despite the evidence.

      Well look, there was a time when the Gorilla was seen as weird, and paranormal, and folks would criticize folks who talked about it. Oh, right, a giant hairy man like beast in the forests of Africa. Right lol Well turns out, there are such thing as Gorillas. There was a time, when sharks were thought to be just stories from crazy drunk sailors. Oh right, a giant boat sized fish, with massive teeth, who could eat a human whole. Right. Well turns out, there are such thing as sharks. Same for the Panda, the Orangutan, basically every animal, was at one point, just some legend. It will be no different with Bigfoot.

  11. Gary B

    In my opinion, 40,000 sighting stories do not make bigfoot more likely,they make it less likely. This appears to be something that is SEEN everywhere but exists nowhere. It is impossible for an animal to leave no trace of itself in the environment yet be reported to build nests, inhabit all states and provinces and reagularly walk in front of people. To my knowledge, there is no dna or other biological evidence anywhere and all of the blurry pictures will never add up to one good picture. What is supposed to be credible evidence is never presented for peer review and is, in fact, only published on bigfoot/sasquatch friendly websites. If you have any other info I would indeed like to read it. Thanks for your time.

    • The PGF film, I am not sure if you are aware of it? It is certainly not a blurry film by any stretch of the imagination.

      We have many reports of Bigfoots being shot by humans and even shot dead by humans. Before the modern era, no one knew what they were, or they just thought it was a “wild man,” and they would just leave it in the woods or maybe bury it. We have some deathbed confessions of people who shot them. Also, a number of dead bodies have been found. In the old days, people just left them there because they did not know what it was.

      There is a report from 1962 of a dead Bigfoot being taken away by the US Forest Service. There was also a Department of Interior report on the body. They did not know what it was. All these reports have actual numbers and you can even look them up.

      I am quite convinced that Bigfoots bury their dead. Further, I believe that BF bones look very much like human bones and if they are ever found, they are just labeled as human. In fact, we have a suspected BF skull that was labeled by the university of California as “American Indian.” We think it was a BF. It’s now lost in storage at UCLA.

      Another BF skull was found recently in Oregon. After making the rounds, it make it to UC Berkeley. We received a note from a professor there saying that it was anew species, but they did not want to go through the politics of scientifically naming it.

      In recent years, a number of BF’s have been killed, mostly by vehicles. A few live BF’s have been captured by the Forest Service or the BLM. One was burned ina forest fire. All present were forced to sign affadivits swearing that they would not talk about the burned BF on penalty of firing. We also have a recent report from Tennessee of a BF being killed by a large force from the sheriff’s department. The body was then taken away the next morning. This was a problem BF that had been killing many animals in the area.

      Reports indicate that the location is sealed off and the bodies are spirited away by the US government. We have received a number of reports along these lines since 1967. We believe that there is a coverup in that the US government is spiriting the bodies of dead BF’s away in order to hide their existence.

      I know the people involved in the DNA project. They have BF bone, tissue, hair, scat and teeth. They have sequenced it out, and it came out as an unknown hominid. One of the leaks out said it was between humans and Neandertals. The paper is out for peer review right now.

      Recently, at a site in Kentucky, BF’s were observed by Dr. John Bindernagel, PhD, wildlife biology. In addition, they were seen on numerous occasions by Leila Hadj-Chikh, PhD, Biology.

      • 5.56mm

        Sorry to dissapoint you but i live in the TN area your talking about that never happened but i want to believe in him but i gotta have proof so if im ever hunting and see him ill just shoot him myself but that will never happen.

      • Anthony

        I have a question, in the case of there being a bigfoot corpse, it has been stated that it would disappear fairly quickly due to scavengers. But do you think that anything would touch the body? I’m just wondering, seeing as how dogs don’t land anything to do with even just the scent of the trail. I can’t imagine any animal that would want to eat such a foul creature. I’m not on here to bust balls like some of these people posting, nor am I a skeptic. I have smelled and heard BF on s couple occasions deep in a remote canyon in the Bitterroot mountains in Montana. Including beating, or rhythmically drumming on a tree with a stick. It was creepy…

  12. Gary B

    All of these ‘reports’ are of no more value than a campfire story. I am well aware of the PGF and regard it as a hoax that has lasted a remarkably long time.Some of the dna samples you speak of have been reported on the web for years and yet here we are with still no result. I am unaware of any published finding anywhere but bigfoot friendly websites that claims proof of bigfoot by dna. The mounds of evidence always seem to stay just out of reach of the public for years. Your remark about a pending peer review has been noted elsewhere and I predict nothing will come of it. It will disappear into the great pit of bigfoot hokum that grows by the year. Please remember that bigfootery is rife with hoaxes and hoaxes so take everything with many grains of salt.

    • Ok, you don’t believe in the zillions of sighting reports. They’re all lying, hallucinating or misinterpreting things. You think the PGF is a hoax. That’s correct, Bigfoot DNA evidence has not been published yet. I see you reject the sighting reports of two PhD biologists, one a wildlife biologist. You’ve got your mind made up, haven’t you?

      There’s nothing more to discuss here then, is there?

      • I don’t care about converting people to belief. It’s usually hopeless anyway. I know we are right, and you guys will all have egg all over your face in the end, so the joke will be on you. Meanwhile, why waste time getting into humiliating and insulting arguments full of much bad vibes with skeptic tards.

        I don’t think you have any idea how much abuse we get from the skeptic tards. It’s pretty hard to take after a while, and it makes you hard. You sure don’t want to convert these people. You just want to leave them alone and let them have their crow meal that coming soon.

        Listen up scumbag. I’m banning your ass.

        People are not banned for disagreeing. Regular commenters disagree with me constantly. They’re banned for being scumbags, like you for instance. “Hostile tone” is a violation of the Comments Policy, but a lot of you take it even further to flat out insults.


        Happy New Year!

  13. Gary B

    Oh, I’m sure there is much to be discussed. As to my mind being made up, all I require is real, tangible, testable evidence. I actually hope that happens but holding my breath waiting for it seems pointless. As I’m sure you knpw, the burden of proof rests with those making the claim and as far as I can tell, that burden is far from being met.

    • Actually there is not much to be discussed. You reject all of the excellent, though not probative evidence (in particular, I find footprints very compelling), and your real, tangible, testable evidence is not available yet.

    • In fact, there have been 168 different quick and dirty tests of BF DNA. In every case that I am aware of, it came back “human.” The hair and scat comes back “human” too. This is one of the big problems in the field.

    • Fly By Night

      A little over 500 years ago people like you believed the world was flat.

  14. Gary B

    I cannot provide you with empirical evidence of the non-existence of bigfoot because it is impossible to prove a negative. My opinion is that those who hold that bigfoot exists hold that view first and try to make the anecdotal ‘evidence’ fit that conclusion. I believe the Kentucky things you refer to are from The Erickson Project which has been ongoing since 2005 and, here we are, in 2011 with no published result. I think that in ten years, that will remain the same. If they publish anything in will not be in the journal Nature for instance but on their own website or sites like it. I do not find footprint casts at all compelling and I’m sure you are aware of the hoaxes in that regard. The PHD’s involved in bigfootery (Bindernagle, Meldrum, etc.) I think started out as interested and then maybe true believers but I wonder if they have not painted themselves into a bigfoot corner with no face saving way out.

  15. Gary B

    If hair and scat samples are providing dna sequencing as human, does that not suggest to you that the samples came from humans?

    • Of course not. Many were collected at the scene of Bigfoot sightings. It’s utterly ridiculous to think that all of these samples are from humans. It’s preposterous.

      What all of this is converging around is that Bigfoot itself is some sort of a human. This is all very confusing and it doesn’t make very much sense to me. To make the best sense of it, I would say that the evidence is pointing to the conclusion that the DNA is in the human line.

      I see you reject the 2007 Bigfoot sighting by Dr. Bindernagel too. Ok then. And apparently you reject the multiple sightings by Dr. Hadj-Chikh, biologist. You see, we now have PhD biologists making sightings, and you are even rejecting those. You’re awful hard to please aren’t you.

      Dr. Hadj-Chikh saw them on a number of occasions and she was able to shoot some video of some Bigfoots too. But you reject that too. Ok then.

  16. Gary B

    Have you seen the video taken by the good Doctor Hadj-Chikh? I have not so I cannot comment. You may want to check your sources carefully as to the collection of samples and to begin to think like a hoaxer. If so many say that the subject in the PGF is “impossibly large to be human” how does the dna allegedly sequence as human. I’m sure you familiar with the tenet Occum’s Razor which loosely possits that the simplest answer to a question is usally correct, hence human dna equals human. As to the collection of samples regarding bigfoot, the biggest problem as I see it is the chain of custody of that evidence. As far as I can tell there is no such thing in bigfootery. Science is precise and the study of bigfoot needs to become that to be taken seriously.

    • No I have not seen the video. Actually I believe that the video was shot by Dennis Pfohl. It shows a closeup of a young female BF so close to the camera you can’t even believe it’s there. She is even biting her fingernails.

      You are Gary Babbitt, professional scofftic. You don’t believe Bigfoot exists. According to you, it doesn’t, it will never be shown to exist. Therefore, there is nothing to discuss, eh?

      No “human” DNA does not equal human. Anyway, what is coming out of all of this is that Bigfoot itself is some sort of “human.”

      In this case, Occam’s razor fails pitifully. All of these samples from various places, with obviously non-human appearing hair non-human appearing scat, and now BF bone and BF tissue, both collected from BF sighting sites, all coming back as “human.” You mean Homo sapiens, like you and me, left all that stuff. Fuck that, that’s insane. It’s so ridiculous that it actually fails Occam’s Razor. OR does not allow implausible or ludicrous results.

      The problem is that there is Homo sapiens sapiens, you and me, and then there is Bigfoot. Now, one guy I know thinks Bigfoot is Homo sapiens sasquatchensis, a subspecies of Homo sapiens. So BF’s and us are related as subspecies of a species are.

      The leak coming out of the Erickson Project had BF’s as between Neandertal and humans. This might mean a new species.

      IMHO, it is the notion that all of this vast weight of evidence is either hoaxed, liars, hallucinators or misindentification that fails Occam badly. According the Occam, the best explanation for all that data is that there is something out there.

    • Big G

      Robert this tard hasn’t seen any video. he hasn’t even looked at the pg video. if you can look at a suit from 1967 and see a 100 pound bicept flex under the suit and even a balled up damaged area and continue to spout this bull. Just let him wait in pompei after the volcano rumbles. And hope he doesn’t breed his blind skeptism into the next generation. The world is flat.

  17. Gary B

    I am not a professional anything that I’m aware of. If you could direct me to the info you speak of I would be happy to read it, I just cannot find it anywhere on the web. My opinion is that there is no vast weight of evidence, and in fact, what is refered to as evidence has remained static for the last few years. I may be misunderstanding what you are saying, but there is no type specimin for bigfoot so there can be no definition as a species.

  18. Bamabuckster1 here,I think all this is just too much for the human mind.We think we know so much about our world,yet there are new discoveries made every day.Are we so high minded to think we know it all?I my self have seen a BF or something that was alot like a man.When I looked at it through my hunting rifle scope,I remember having to take a double take.Was I just seeing what I thought I saw?Since then I have become more aware of what is in the woods,I now look for the facts of the matter.And I have come to this conclusion,I believe there are things in this world that just defy human logic.Is it possible that thousands of people,culture’s,and evidance that we have is just a figment of our imagination?I don’t think so,just like the theory of big black cats.Well I saw one of those too,guess someone needs to tell it they don’t exist.If you would have told me three years ago,that BF was real I would have laughed in your face.But after seeing one myself,I just laugh to myself.Want to know why we are so affraid of the dark?Just go out into the deepest part of the woods and sit down,it won’t take long to figure out why.Im so glad I found your site,it is very informative and makes you stop and think.Im traveling to Ohio in July to do some research myself,if I find something there you will be the first to know.

    • Hi there Paul! Welcome to the site. It’s very nice to have you on board. I am so happy for you for having seen a Bigfoot! I have never been so honored myself. Please stop by any time!

  19. TJ

    Why would the govt. feel the need to “cover up”? Do you know Dr. Ketchum personally? I am very interested in this subject and wonder if you have any info as to when the white paper they are working on will finally be released? I am more inclined to believe these things are real actually at this moment, but still have doubts. I’m giving this phenomena 10 years at most to get to the bottom of it, there’s no way it should take any longer than that. Is there any better videos than the pgf? Because it seems there at least should be by now, but u never know I guess. Being that the PGF is one of the main things keeping this legend alive, u wonder what it would be like if they never even got that footage? I think its a sasquatch because it def cant be a man in a suit but everyone has their opinion. Just think though- if that footage was made in this day and age it would be that much easier for people to say it is fake. I am also inclined to believe that both Patterson and Gimlin are not both gonna go to the grave swearing this was authentic, just as a hoax. This film is so instrumental to the idea of these things existing, its really crazy to think about.

    • I know Ketchum a little bit, yes.

      The government covers it up, I think, because they don’t want people to panic. Not sure of other reasons.

      • LanceBruce

        Panic over what? Some type of great ape living in North America? There are many things worse than that going on everyday, and I don’t see anyone in a panic. Doesn’t the government have more important things to cover up than a new primate species?

  20. TJ

    So when are they planning to release it and do you think their paper and the findings will finally prove the existence of Sasquatches? How long do you think it will be before more people start taking the issue seriously and the government won’t be able to cover everything up anymore?

    • I don’t think Ketchum will ever release her study. The delays have gone on forever. It’s been delayed for 3 years.

      I don’t know if Erickson will ever release his movies either. They have been delayed for 6 years now.

      A lot of us are getting seriously pissed off over all this waiting, and that’s why all these leaks are happening. People are mad!

  21. TJ

    Ok, I just read in one of the recent blogs on the North America Bigfoot Search website that they acknowledged the process has been three years in the making and Dr. Ketchum is still working on it. It will be worth the wait they say and should be done soon. I sure hope soon means within the next year or two at most…

  22. Gary B

    There has never been anything to publish. This has been a scam from the beginning with the only question being who, within the Erickson Project, was scammed and who did the scamming.

  23. David Wilson

    as a 20 year military veteran, i have been all over the globe and in many areas where the woods are so thick you cant possibly just navigate them. All the skeptics fail to realize one thing, we have some fossils found in vietnam of a large bipedal ape( sasquatch). Native Americans have many accounts here in our country. In the Himalayas, sherpas have seen these large gorillas (thats what i think they are) Its so easy for people to debunk what they dont have in front of them( a bigfoot body) Let me just say as a credible witness, there are some things i have seen just training here in America that was no black bear or grizzly, and anyone stupid enough to dress in a suit risks getting their ass shot. Jeff Meldrum has proven that some tracks are of a large primate along with dna from hair and blood. Jane Goodall also commented that there are large apes out there on are planet that avoid humans, and look how long it took for her to discover the large silverbacks in Africa. The PG film has been proven by current technology to be a real creature. And the Mt. St. Helens story is correct, some large gorilla type creatures were killed and then taken away by air and vehicle by the local military, sorry skeptics, there are big apes out there still. I too am po’d that we dont have a body captured yet, but i hold out hope to see one soon with all of our technology.

    • Carlos Guitierrez

      I understand some of your comments, its just that most people need to see these things, I just saw Todd Standing’s videos and they are overwhelming, either an incredible hoax, or the real deal.

      • Eric L

        Roger, i saw them also, and i agree with you. After my comments, i was slammed by people, totally disregarding my long military career as if i am just lying for kicks. I just pointed out some facts and experiences is all, and i would love to see one to finally prove to skeptics. I have seen things i cannot explain is all.

  24. Pat

    For most people, there will be no evidence that Poland exists because they have never been there. Of course they will recite anecdotal evidence or even show films and pictures which still doesn’t prove Poland exist. We don’t even have any proof they are taken from Poland either. There will be some who even claim to have been there. In the end, the stories of Poland existence will be just that – stories. You can BELIEVE Poland exists but we will really just never know.

    • commonsensemike

      one of the least logical replies i have ever read in my entire life. you are comparing something that was factually inhabited by humans, created by humans, and taken over and liberated by humans a number of different times. there is no doubt that poland exists because poland was created by real live documented people and you can go and fly to poland and walk around for as long as you like.

      you are comparing that to something that has never been clearly photographed, filmed, or recorded without extreme obstruction or blurryness, rendering the evidence shoddy at best. Literally never. WIth the hundreds and hundreds of so called videos, and with HD cameras literally in everyones pockets on their cellphone in 2012, there has never been 1, not 1 non-blurry, good look at a “bigfoot.”

      I mean, you’re a big boy. Figure it out.

      • I agree with the part of your reply about the Poland comparison. However, the evidence being ‘shoddy at best’ and there being ‘not 1’ non-blurry photo is not quite so cut and dry. A ‘big boy’ might also figure out that everyone with an HD camera on their phone are not out roaming the most rural, rugged, wilderness in the world all day.

      • Jon

        I just spent over 8 days in the Hoopa area,Bluff Creek. I have been there many times before.
        There are 4 times more Black Bears in that area than anywhere else in the country. Yet,I didn’t see one bear.
        I have lived in the country on the central ca. coast for 20 years and I have Bears and Cougars in my yard. I have seen both many times.
        It was the middle of Deer season yet in all my hiking around and driving approx. 500 miles on logging roads and dirt tracks,I only saw one hunter,a marine. And one other vehicle parked.
        My point? Have you ever been to these woods? I was born in Crescent City. These woods are DENSE,thick, tree every 5 feet in places and undergrowth. And the mountains? damn,just ridge after ridge,canyon after canyon,and STEEP. And all that just COVERED with forest.
        I was in Louse camp by myself,(I always stay there,never see another human),for 4 days and nights,camped elsewhere for 2 days,and returned to find everything as I had left it. Stayed another 2 days,no one.
        If you stand on a ridge in the Bluff creek or better yet the Marble Mountains which the local Tribal people preferred set aside as wilderness area FOR the Sasquatch,and survey the land around you. You would be convinced that a marching band could be making it’s way around the area and you would never ever know it.
        Go there,I dare you.

  25. grammy97

    These posts are fascinating. I have a suggestion for those who honestly want to know what to do with a Sasquatch body. The United States has eight Primate Research Labs, paid for by our National Institutes of Health. Find your nearest one and write down the number. Next time you kill a large, hairy creature, call the Primate Lab nearest you.

    • Big G

      The government has numerious bodies and we’ve heard nothing. Don’t take your bodies to the government. take it to paulides he’ll know what to do.

  26. They can never be found. look for bears with there lower jars removed the BF males do this.

  27. Dalton

    I, even though i have never heard (or seen) one, highly belive they exist! Please don’t stop beliving in bigfoot because of these people. They just are too simple minded to accept what they don’t know. There was a time that people thought that a huge stingray can not live in fresh water. Look at it now. Also i beleive that all these blurry images are due to fear or adrenalin. Wouldn’t you be scared if a 10 foot tall behemoth of an animal was comming your way? That is all.

  28. Gerald Barnes

    This whole topic is fascinating. I have been following this for years. The stories just keep coming in. I remember the rumours I would hear as a child growing up in NC. In those days people hunted much more. I remember the story in Georgia in the mid-1800’s when hunters killed a monster in the swamps. I think of the stories from the Causcasus. Then it hit me, like everyghing else the government investigates things, then judges whether the population can handle the info, and classifies the info if it is deemed too controversial. UFO’s come to mind. Anyway, I thought, let’s see if there is a forum that discusses the Sasquatch topic. I still don’t know but am open. There are just too many credible people who have come forward with eye witness accounts. The accounts above, where it is pointed out that when a sasquatch is killed, the government comes and confiscates the bodies make sense. I like the comment above when the gentleman points to our primordial fear of the deep woods. I hope credible information on this comes out soon

    Gerry Barnes

  29. I live about 80 miles from where patterson shot his famous footage.I live,hunt and work in the woods logging,around here.Hunt bear and varments with hounds ,i guess i can say i know every crack on a ticks ass in these woods,peoples talking about find bones,uh..I found only one bear skull in my life and it was because someone poached it and it died where it should’nt have and never found no mtn.lion at all.now if i wanted to disappear in my neck of the woods id just walk off the side of the road and be gone theres know one gonna find me in this thick brush its to spread out ,brushy and steep as hell i know i work in it.strange things happen in the woods if people would just sit down watch and listen you have to know the woods.But theres alot of people just blab off at the mouth not knowing what there talking about.I heard some where that humans use 10% of there brain,i wonder how much the big man useing.And i think the gov.does have a reason to have there hand in it,because this thing has a gift ,what if are soldiers had this stealthyness and whatever else??? Ive never seen one and that man i believe.

    • Jon

      You just verified what I was commenting to another post about the woods in that area.
      I too have been in the country much if not most of my life. And much of it in that area as well as Arizona,(desert and mountains) and new Mexico along with Northern and Central Ca. ,Death Valley/Mojave and much of the southern Sierra’s.
      I have had many Bear and Cougar in my yard and sightings on the road to town/home.
      Yet,in all my wondering about,I have never found ANY large animal skeleton or remains in the wild.

    • Eric L

      Great comments also, i have trained in woods that are amazing, cant even describe them. And once again, cannot describe things we heard and saw. I know the woods, i have been in them for 20 plus years, and in other countries as well, and if the sasquatch is a myth, i want to know who these hoaxers are? That is the real point. Northern CA and southern OR are worse than any jungle i have seen.

  30. DUDE

    2012 saw a history channel commentary on this….
    none of the thing u have here are true but……..
    there was a case were the russian army killed a prehistoric man thinking it was a rebel soldier during revolutionary times.
    he was human but very large and hairy.
    wat a shame… he would of made a fine live specimen

  31. TheTruthIsOutThere

    Oh how easy it is for the know-it-all skeptics to judge and comment on the non-existence of bigfoot from the warmth and comfort of their couches! If you won`t get off your asses to do the research, then appreciate the people who do. Spending their free time, weathering the elements, using their own money, risking ridicule and their reputations only to be laughed at? The evidence is there. Dermal ridges that run along the footprints in an unusual pattern, scarring and deformation on some of them, depth of the footprints that only a 300lb plus creature could create, hair and dna samples which are primate-like but non-human and the list goes on. More and more scientists, primatologists, and forensic specialists are adding their names and reputations to proving these creatures exist. Unfortunately it would seem that only the body of a dead or live one would be enough to convince these moronic skeptics of their existence. Even then I doubt it.The non believers, skeptics and hoaxers MUST be ignored in order to advance the research and prove once and for all the existence of bigfoot. I know they’re out there and it’s just a matter of time before the skeptics eat crow! Humiliation might taste sweeter with a side of humble pie!
    Peace out.

  32. You’re banned scumbag. Have a nice death.

    • Bette Davis Eyes

      Its really disgusting how people don’t listen to you Rob. You said most of the corpses are buried, but these sickos don’t want to listen do they? All they want to do, is argue that bigfoot isnt real because its easier for them to live in this world, if no bigfoot exists. It takes away their responsibility of making it a safe world to live in. Doubters should be shot.

  33. sam

    why did they bury the body every time that makes no sense at all

    • Jon

      from what many say,it looks too human. They freak,feel that it is murder cause it isn’t like any animal they know and it looks too human.

  34. it pisses me off. How dare that kind of filthy and non-intelligent creatures try to defy humans? The interesting question here is – how the heck does human fail to find out about Big foot? Imagine. If 1000 to 5000 hunters with guns surround the forest that Big foot report is frequent, they will definitely acquire tangible evidence that indicates Big foot’s existence. Human has technology that defies the natural habitat and environment. In fact, we can track even the smallest device found in this planet. The number of you seems to claim that there are some creatures that cannot be found by human. But guess what? That’s a stupid claim. What do Big foots have? Tracking device to hide themselves from us? Or air shuttles? Let’s think about this scientifically and let’s not cloud our mind with stupid propaganda. You people are seriously deluded ^^. If I see the Big Foot, first thing I will do is shooting him!! And Crush him to pieces so that he can be the decoration of human’s rare achievements in scientific field. I guess I am not that only one who is thinking of this thing. Yet, you are saying that people just bury them???? All of them??? The last thing is that why the heck does government need to disguise the fact that Big Foot exists??? HAHAHA it is ridiculous. I read some scientific news paper and I hear how scientists get to know the new marine species. Even the great Octopus or Giant Squid is publicized. Is Bigfoot harmful data? Or it is gov.’s secret? Stop making the Ridiculous claim. All you guys claiming to be firm truth is undefined theory that is far from logical and scientific explanation. Foot prints and all the evidence you guys provided are presented by some of the scientists – not the majority. Go ahead, and pray that he exists. And I will tell you that Bigfoot will not be verified even after 100 or 1000 years. There are number of people like you who will go crazy over the little evidence that is not supported by majority. Maybe, if there is something out of blue, Gorilla goes crazy in the zoo and escape to the forest hahahahahah. Or intelligent ape planning to dominate over human race ????? It;s funny to even say this ridiculous thing. Grow up boys.

    • John R.

      How can we argue with that. :/

      I do feel like a racist now, as my internal monologue while reading was definitely in Engrish.

    • Jon

      “surround the forest” with hunters where the Bigfoot lives. And then close in on him I suppose….
      As I posted earlier…..have you skeptics ever SEEN the woods where Bigfoot exists????
      What you propose is preposterous at best. Foolish to state for sure.
      You get some college friends together,take your jello shots and beer bongs out to the woods and do just that. Please,record video for me,I haven’t had much to laugh at lately and I could use the humor.

      • Eric L

        What is most amazing, all my military years, i have seen this dense forest and you cannot just navigate it, even by air, and let me tell you some of the shit that i saw, hardened men, combat vets, get the crap scared out of them while training, if you dont beleive me go give it a try. I know in America, we have some amazing forests and mountains, skeptics can say what they want, i heard and saw things that defy what animals we know are out there, thats all i am saying, i never saw no large creature, but some things i cannot explain.

    • Big G

      yea you got us with that 1. did you just get your computer. there is too much info for you to not get it. why have you waisted your time with this post. your in the minority just like those who believe the world is flat. your in a every growing smaller group that doesn’t understand the volcano is rumbling and you will die with all the other blind idiots when it erupts. Of course the government has bodies there are hundreds of documented claims of eye witnesses. yea those same I witnesses that can have you killed for a capital crime. Or don’t you believe in the justice system either.

  35. you talk about English? I got accepted University of Washington ^^. I am pretty well educated than most of American. My class is certainly higher than most of you ^^

  36. you are uneducated xx who doesn’t know its place.

    • DDP

      “If I see the Big Foot, first thing I will do is shooting him!!”

      And you call yourself “educated” and “higher class”? LOLOLOL

      That’s the best laugh I’ve had all day. Crawl back under your rock don’t come out until we say so.

      • you piece of shit ^^. Who the fuck are you? Do you even know who am I ??? you fucking commoners. I will tell you this one thing for sure. If I see you on the street, you are dead ^^. Now go lick your mother’s pussy and learn how to treat people who are higher than you. People like you who don’t even have culture claim that they are superior because they are native English speaker hahahahahahaha. Guess what? Asian like me graduate from top schools in your country and sustain your economy. So learn your place before your mother gets cramped by my device. I gave your family my specific cheese cream from my pants – they said that it was the best supply that they ever had. If you dare to speak to me in this way, I will make sure to replace your face with my ass.

      • John R.

        Sorry, I’m not buying this… fellow?

      • Fly By Night

        @Junyoung Lee
        the only way you could be higher that anyone on this blog is if you were strung out on Saki or Dope.
        chop chop

    • Lorem Ipsuem

      It seems that all you got for your so-called education was a filthy mouth.

      • Jon

        What a sad excuse for a human being that person is. Commoners? Higher class? Someones Mommy has been telling lies cause they seem to be trash.
        “Asian like you graduate from top schools” etc.
        Yeah,I remember a guy sometime back,Asian guy,came to America for a real education,better than he could get in his country. Then he went home and tried to use it against us.
        Then we kicked his ass and his countries ass.
        Oh,His name was Admiral Yamamoto.

  37. Curio-researcher

    Re; 1855: SE Oklahoma, Choctaw Territory incident.
    I have read variations of this story for the last 11 years online, each time with different names and dates. Through my own geneologcal research of the LeFlore family (distant cousins), there is only one Joshua LeFlore listed on any Choctaw roll/census. This Joshua died in 1898 of natural causes. As far as any account being documented or passed down through story, Choctaw historians have no such account nor know of any instance where a person had been harmed by a bigfoot. I visit with the Choctaw Nation Antiquities curator on a regular basis as well as visit to view the archives for my own research. I’d invite anyone wanting to learn more or validate what I say to please contact these nice people as they are very cordial and willing to help. There are recorded stories of “bigfoot” like creatures but none having to do with attacks, deaths, kidnapping, etc. Also, the correct term of location is “Indian Territory”, not “Choctaw Territory”.

    And may I also add, the original story which was found on a TX bigfoot site over a decade ago as told from a story passed down outlined that it was white settlers being attacked and kidnapped in the 1870’s. A troop of calvary from a nearby fort were charged with the tracking of a bigfoot type animal whereby contact was made through Choctaw trackers. As the story goes, several bigfoot attacked the column of mounted troops, killing many before a defensive position could be set up. Eventually, a dozen men and 15 bigfoot were killed. The bodies of the bf were stacked and burned. And again, there is no record in any of the histories of forts within that region nor any written accounts.

    You have to remember that back “in those days”, multiple newspapers could be found supporting even remote communities. The Indian Territory (later Oklahoma) was no exception. Post Civil War newspapermen headed west in droves and set up shop wherever they could pitch a tent. ANY news was reported, as mundane as someone within the community travelling to the next town to visit relatives or widow Jones suffering from polen alergies. Animal attacks were huge news, even sightings of a bear, wolf, cougar would make the front page and give excuse for the “men folk” to saddle up and go hunting the animal down. How an event of this magnitude did not make any level of recorded history lends to fanciful imagination.

  38. greg

    Bigfoot things are real, just not of this standard physical plain. That’s why bullets don’t kill them. You really think a Hunter would not bring back proof if they shot one?
    Oh ya, “here is a chance to be world famous and rich, but I will just bury it.

  39. mark

    Location not known! yeah right! bigfoot is real though of that im certain. but all the people on here saying they shot one! bullshit.

  40. Maurice Cloud

    Steady on Uncle. We mustn’t discourage him ass, sorry, as I, for one, am quite anxious to see his hole, sorry, whole ass-displacement routine. Would such an act constitute some heretofore unknown form of Asian shapeshifting . . ? Cheers!

    • wildbills101

      those unbelivers dont know how lucky they are not to ever been close to those things,,the stinch of them are imprinted into your brain and cant be explained in words how nasty they smell,,and they are so fast that its unbeleaveable if i hadn’t saw it on my tracker system…
      my friend and i’s incedent was with a group of them in the night,,they made grunting noise’s back and forth to each other like hootowls talking to each other do in the night..they came close enough to where we could smell them but,couldnt pick up on their eyes reflecting in the dark off our hunting lights..
      i dont know what they are but with the coverups anytime one is found,makes me think of a coverup like in the nuclear testing site mutations that are simulated in the movies like WRONG TURN 1-4 and THE HILLS HAVE EYES1-2 .
      people always denigh things that scare them till it catch’s up with them and they have an encounter….i wonder how bad it could get if someone ever got one of these things cornered,,i dont think it would be a pleasant site..

  41. I am personally beginning an involvement with a group of squatches ‘back East’ as you say. In what most would consider a sub~urban State park. But they ARE here. And so is an abandoned tree stand, and a broken feeder. I expect any trip into the bush will render up human remains with the head torn off. Hunters beware, these creatures aren’t such an easy makr these days. Especially the ones who SEE humans daily.

    As far as skeptics are concerned, I AM A KNOWER. Not a believer. I know they are out there. Thirty-Two years of hunting in the timber, I know what’s what, and who’s who. What is ‘normal’ and what isn’t. Thanks!

    Great stuff as well brother, keep up the good work!

  42. Bigfoot is real, my buddy Jim Scripter and I have had a few beers with him on several occasions.

    • Cooper

      Ok first off, none of us can say that none were shot. Have any of yous shot one? Not by the sounds of it. I never have, Im not saying I believe or disbelieve, I’m merely intrested cryptozoology. Im an experienced hunter, and logger. Ive heard noises I cant explain, but when it comes down to it, until you actually squeeze that trigger and walk up on a dead whatever, how can you actually say that you would not just bury it? or leave it lay? Being a man, i know how people talk, for example, O im gonna kick this guys ass” and then u see him and dont do shit. I believe its the same way with shooting and killing a bigfoot. You dont know what you would do, till your put in the situation. And and far as Junlee or whatever the hell that asian dudes name is, instead of learning how to spell out big words and make empty threats, he should learn some respect, my pap would of leveled my ass if i ever disrespected somone like that, over the computor or not. Grow up. And this is a site for believers and people who are intrested. So if your a non-beleiever, or your just intrested in drama, dont waste your time on this site. Read about it, learn about it, this isnt intended to change anyones opinion. It sure didnt change mine, I’m neutral. I just have respect for the people who do 100% believe.

  43. Alan

    Last week my son and I were near Mt. St. Helens’ hiking around. We were in an area that was away from any hiking trails or paths of any kind, just making our way through the thickets when we came up on a foot print. It appeard to be a human footprint, toes and all, no shoe. I am 6’4 and the print was bigger than mine. I did take a video of it. I am now more of a believer and will take the BF issue more serious.

  44. I am Roy from southeast texas louisisana area.I believe that they exist.I also believe in what Mr LINDSY has said about the big foot.The have been many storys in the areas where I am from per,se like natchitoches lousana,beaumont texas,cleveland texas.I would like to to be involved in some kind of search for them in the thicks of any known area were they have been seen.

    • Roberts a dumb-fuck

      I love how this pussy bans people when they say shit about him, but anyhow, I would say this dumb ass is pretty fucking gullible judging by how many fucking comments he has, you comment to just about anyone that doesnt believe…Just saying..We have EVIDENCE that 93 million year old dinosaurs exist and yet we have no real proof that an animal living in are own erra exists? How fucking naive can people be these days..

      • honyok

        The naysayers can say what they want but Native Americans had (and still have) images of Bigfoot on their totem poles for hundreds of years.
        And they have a handed down a verbal history about the creature.
        There are and have been a lot of species only recently discovered in the
        last 100 years. Has anyone ever thought that extraterrestrial are messing with us. I.e.- beaming these things up and down on our planet for
        shits and giggles? I know far far out, but anything is possible right?

      • honyok

        Hey RADF – if you cant stand the heat stay out of the kitchen
        This is Robert L’s blog and he can run it the way he likes.
        We did not ask you to come here. If you cant live by his house rules
        then go back to where you came from or start your own blog.
        You reek of unhappiness and discord. Your food has no flavor your
        mind has grown rotten and stale and is forever locked in the pause mode.
        ahhhhhh someday grasshopper…..

    • Tom Courneya

      Obviously another one that can’t read!

  45. all body,s are removed,out side of dallas there is an underground area. they are kept there. the truth is we can not except the truth. bigfoot is the past and the future.

  46. Comments here are curious. Firstly, our science has only recently “discovered” some large mamalian species i.e. Bongo, Gorilla, Pygmy Elephant in the deep African jungle. Despite the people who live there openly stating that such creatures existed, they were not believed until Europeans observed the species. The lesson is that there is always some measure of fact in these stories, but the trick is to understand how to interpret the story. The First Nation peoples state that a species similar to BF exists, and that there are at least 2 subspecies. Okay, they might be having fun at our expense but that seems unlikely to me. Secondly, several individuals with significant deep woods/forest experience have reported seeing something similar to the classic BF description. These people usually have no interest in inventing a story, and these stories are usually kept within their communities, but the point is – these people know the wildlife but they have seen something that they cannot explain. While a significant percentage of sightings can be explained by known phenomenon, there are still some that cannot be dealt with so easily. In terms of terrain, most who comment here have no idea of just how challenging the rough terrain where most observations are made, As testament to this statement, the ease at which people loose themselves on defined trails can be considered – most are found but they get lost on what one can argue is the easiest part of the terrain to traverse. Go off-track and you really are on your own, and if you have no experience you will probably not be found unless you keep your senses, you have adequate survival skills, those looking for you have been alerted sufficiently quickly, you have sufficient water and sufficient clothing, and the searchers have competent tracking skills (not usually the case). In the forest and the jungle one does not generally find cadavers of any animal, particularly large ones, The forest recycles organic material very quickly. Off topic I took a quick look at parts of Paulides book, and while I would not draw any definite conclusions on any particular issue from the well-researched cases he presents, there are some cases that suggest something odd has happening. Foremost to mind is a case concerning a missing 6/7 year old boy.. Again, I will not attempt to resolve the mystery except to say that what people who were involved in the incident reported suggest that serious consideration of some claims made by the First Nation people is probably justified. However, while something may or may not exist (in any case strange things are observed) there is enough to warrant serious study on these issues – at the very least we will learn something about our psychology.



      lets face it if the media can make justin beiber a star any dam thing is possible g\GOBIGFOOT/

    • Maurice Cloud

      Cheers Keith. Very well put. For all that ‘Western’ science has given us its refusal to acknowledge folklore and native tradition leaves a significant blind spot in the empirical narrative. Researchers would do well to incorporate these elements into their investigations as opposed to being guided solely by computer analysis and “testable” only evidence . . . Cheers!

  47. DG

    I’ve known of two separate events; PA and WVA, where young men have attempted to create “sightings” and have been fired upon. One was very lucky to be alive. They all learned a lesson and would never repeat their actions.

    “Matt Moneymaker”?, “Honey Bo-Bo”, you got to be kidding me! How nieve are these TV producers from Animal Planet? Matt, (justgivemethemoney!) Moneymaker”, (Expert “SASQUATCH” finder and hunter par excellance”, has heard and seen them all his life, so he knows when someones pulling his “Lil’ squatch” or not! OK then! (I don’t think he could find his own ass with both hands!) But he does hear Bo-Bo off camera somewhere “ripping one” in the woods and tells the at home audience he “thinks theres a Squatch in these woods”! I think, Moneymaker and Bo-Bo take turns looking for “Squatch” in their pants to tell you the truth! Hey BO-BO buddy, what’s that big lump in your pants? Sniff, Sniff? “Hey wait, no, I reality TV swear, I just heard one, wait a minute where’d he go, hey, he was just here a minute ago, Damn Bo-Bo, not again”? Sniff, Sniff! OK BO-BO! knock it off, was that you again? Bad BO-BO! BAD BO-BO!…..NO “SMORES” FOR YOU TONIGHT! Give my “SASQUATCH-ASS” a break! Although it is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen on TV, I just hope “The Squatch” family gets The Animal Planet on their cable TV plan too! They all got to be rolling in a pile of something out there in them squatch infested woods!
    And Professor Jeff Meldrum, PLEASE, next time don’t let these “huckleberries” anywhere near your laboratory, or next thing you know they’ll be talking you into joing them in a little “three-way” “SNIFF-TEST” with Bo-Bo and the gang!
    The truth may be out there, but these clowns don’t have a clue!

    • Slim Pickens

      I seent a bf climbing out ofRobert Lindsay mama’s window. Done give it to her good! Oh wait, it was a well hung black man

      • Jon

        If you brain dead Morons want to attempt a humorous comment here or anywhere else,I suggest two things.
        1. Write something that is actually funny. (Be it insulting or not,your failed attempts at humor is boring and pathetic).
        2. Use spell check.

        • honyok

          You Sir appear to be a complete judgmental pain in the ASS with anal retentive tendencies.
          Have you decided to make it you life’s work to censure others on this blog?
          I think that is Robert L.’s Job.
          You really need to get a life. I bet you one of these guys that lives in his Mom’s basement.

        • Jon

          Actually it was the childish lack of respect and decency towards another human being that triggered a response. If they are going to use fowl language and insults instead of making a statement with facts and intelligence then they should at least write it so it can be clearly understood.
          And you are part right,I am an ass. Although not complete.Oh,and I have a life. Rock musician 30+ years. Hollywood to Alaska.
          Explorer,hunter. I have a few awesome Jeeps that I use to camp and explore. I build them myself.
          I have built houses too. I know electronics and electrical,mechanics,wood working,and many other such things. I was an ASE certified SMOG Tech. I am a Drummer/Vocalist,I have much knowledge of Firearms and was asst. manager at a full service Firearms shop for 8+ years. Have an awesome collection too.
          I was born in N. California. Crescent City. Lived in that area,did a lot of fishing in remote locations. I go there regularly and explore/camp.
          Most of those leaving childish remarks here have probably never been out of the city where they live.
          There,now you know just a few facts about me.
          I have an opinion and I;m not afraid to use it.
          Judgmental…Hmmmmm,maybe.But then,who isn’t….
          ie.”Only a complete Tool like you would bitch about something so petty”.
          ie.”You really need to get a life. I bet you one of these guys that lives in his Mom’s basement”.
          ie.”pain in the ASS with anal retentive tendencies”.
          What was that you were saying about judgmental? LOL
          Oh,and no,I do not live in my Mothers basement. In fact,her house which I own part of has no basement.
          I see assholes and I call them out. That’s all.
          The commentators you speak of are jerks writing filthy crap in the form of an attempt at “burning” someone they feel hate towards and they should just hang themselves and do the world a favor. Maybe in their Mother’s basements!?
          And Wow! Are you seriously defending “Slim Pickens” statement. What an insult that they are using the name of a deceased man who was probably a decent human being unlike what they appear to be by the comment they made.
          Have a great life.

        • honyok

          do you see the rant and defensive post you just made a feeble attempt to justify and defend your nit picking actions on this blog.
          my comment triggered your insecurity so you had to come forth with a dubious pedigree to defend yourself
          “NOW I OWN YOU”
          or put another way “see the monkey dance”

        • honyok

          Who really gives a good rats ass if a commentator misspells a word now and then or makes a typo. I say -. Quibble Quibble Quibble
          Only a complete Tool like you would bitch about something so petty.

        • Jon

          Oooops. My bad. I am a PAIN IN THE ASS. Not an ass. My mistake….

        • Jon

          yep,that’s right. Keep telling yourself that and maybe you will believe it. I have so much respect for you as a human being I just can hardly stand it.
          Peace and love.

  49. honyok

    Another phenomenon that is quite unexplainable – the people that see these things are of good repute. I mean Law enforcement people, forest rangers, highway workers, doctors, nurses, and the list goes on and on.
    Those people are indeed seeing and witnessing something out there.
    AND … if it is someone hoaxing you would think more dead people in gorilla suits would be turning up.
    I say keep and open mind. Who knows what is out there.
    Perhaps a mutated human primate. I dunno but something is out there.
    Has anyone noticed that there seems to be a high percentage of Bigfoot sightings near Indian Reservations? I have.
    whats up with that?

    • Jon

      Less Human traffic on Reservation. Much less disbeliever Human traffic.

      • honyok

        Perhaps – also could it be possible that according to the Native American legend the so called Bigfoot is a spirit or shape shifter. Im not sure your answer is correct though.
        There area areas in the Great Northwest were there is by far less human traffic and much more isolated.

    • The Bigfoots like Indians LOL. Pretty well documented fact.

      • Jon

        I actually was going to say just that along with my last comment but I stopped.

      • Jon

        The areas you speak of are just that for sure,but they may lack other necessities required by a Sasquatch.
        One thing they lack are people to see them in fact.
        There could be more areas that are so remote that there is not even enough human traffic to spot an already incredibly elusive creature.
        Just theories.

      • honyok

        I once watched a documentary on Bigfoot, dont recall what channel
        (discovery, Nat’l geographic)???
        but anyway this Bush pilot had to make an abrupt emergency landing on a frozen lake out in the middle of nowhere. Totally isolated – miles and miles from any human beings or any civilization of any kind. No roads -nothing
        and what does he discover along the frozen shoreline?
        Bigfoot tracks in the snow. He followed them for a while but chose not to venture too far from his airplane. Before this happened he was a non-believer.
        This was purely happenstance that he landed there and that he or anyone else wouldve found those tracks. Definitely not put there by a Hoaxer for someone else to find. – very strange indeed.- there is something more going on here.

      • honyok

        BigFoot damn sure dont like us white folk – they throw rocks at us.
        Except Melba – those Sasquatches go for those white chicks.
        They will be out pimping next –

      • honyok

        I just had an epiphany – on the Movie Star Wars – remember Chewbacca the Wooki – That was actually a Female Sasquatch. George Lucas who directed that film was preparing our minds for this discovery.
        I have always felt that Hans Solo and Chewbacca were probably sexually intimate. Solo was hitting that big time.

      • honyok

        You know Robert you are probably right about Bigfoot liking Indians.
        Perhaps we have some inter-species dating going on here?
        Perhaps we need to look at what nights the Sasquatch are seen near these reservations. If it is happening on Friday and Saturday nights.
        That would be very persuasive indeed…
        As we know bigfoot gets horny too.

      • honyok

        The Bison or Buffalo are indeed living proof that the Sasquatch F**ked

      • honyok

        Even if there wasnt a Bigfoot we would still have to invent him.
        ie – the Boogyman of the Forest.
        I think thats called “Anthropromorphism”
        or something like that.
        If you believe then it has to exist. If not in reality but a least in your mind.
        anecdote- Former President Teddy Roosevelt encountered something very strange while on a hunting trip and if you read his detailed account it has Bigfoot written all over it. Why would he lie?
        That was well before all this Bigfoot hype.

        • Jon

          I believe Anthropomorphism is when you assign human characteristics to non human objects. Like your pet Dog or Cat,or like saying a deity or spirit took on human form etc….

        • honyok

          Yes indeed- and many Native Americans believe that
          the so called Sasquatch is indeed a Spirit being
          that can change form at will. (that fits in with the deity or spirit that you describe) thanks- Jon
          As you know the Native Americans were and are very spiritual – the believed seeing or encountering a Sasquatch was not a good omen.

  50. Jon

    And you,”Sir”,judging by this comment, are a Racist Ass.

    November 19, 2012 at 11:55 AM

    The Bison or Buffalo are indeed living proof that the Sasquatch F**ked

    • honyok

      I will be first to admit a lot of my post are outrageous at best. However please keep in mind that many times I do this to simply get a response out of my fellow commentators.
      I enjoy stirring the pot so to speak.
      However I am not a Racist. I have many good friends who are of different races who if they died I would truly weep. In fact I often share my ethnic humor with them. Jon – you did just what I desired. You responded to this post. Read on Sir – I have more goodies for you on this blog.
      Give me Hell – I thrive on repulsion and rejection.
      It actually encourages me to see how gross or bizarre I can become.
      Like my Mentor Robert L. says – “If I am not making you mad then I am not doing my Job”

      • Jon

        “I will be first to admit a lot of my post are outrageous at best. However please keep in mind that many times I do this to simply get a response out of my fellow commentators.
        I enjoy stirring the pot so to speak.”
        Funny,because that is exactly what I do as well.

        • honyok

          Yes but I do not lower myself by attacking someone simply because they misspell a word now and then. That is so lame.
          Hey – this is not exactly English/Comp. 101 here
          The hillbillies I know would say this about your criticism.
          “You are picking pepper out of the Fly Shit”
          (hillbilly analogy)

        • Jon

          Your misconceived notion that I “attacked” anyone because of their spelling is the basis of your attack on me?
          I was attempting to put them in their place because of their childish attacks
          on the subject at hand,and of other commentators. What I see here is several people using derogatory language and disparaging remarks that range from sexual innuendo to racism.
          That honyok,is what my remarks were concerning. I don’t know how t is you think I was attacking anyone about their spelling. I only added that if they are going to show their childish mentality that they could at the least attempt to make the sentence understandable.
          But then that is the world today isn’t it?
          Curious what your age is. My guess is early 20’s but I believe I am probably incorrect.
          You seem to be guilty of exactly what you accuse me of at any rate.

        • honyok

          when you demand others to use SPELL CHECK when posting then you are playing the role of the Grammar police. This is NOT English/Comp 101 here
          Again… Let us revisit my analogy about the Monkey

          “See the Monkey Dance” (that is you)
          and I am indeed the Organ Grinder

        • honyok

          by asking my age you obviously seek out more personal information which I am not at liberty to divulge.
          Seek out the one who calls herself -Gay State Girl
          “she is the only one here on this blog that really understands me” In fact she refers to me as “Honey Cock”
          Good luck on you search my friend, it may be a fraught with peril.

        • Jon

          Demand? Well,my exact words were “I suggest” but if you want to interpret that as a demand that is your right.
          And that entire piece was meant as humour/sarcasm (yes,English spelling in case any Canucks are watching).
          And yes,I am the king of typos and mistakes.
          Some comments are so screwed up you would think a Sasquatch itself attempted to type them.

        • honyok

          I indeed apologize if I have ruined your experience here on this blog.
          I do suggest that in future post you not be so hypercritical of your fellowman. It is not a perfect world and humans can and will make mistakes.
          Direct that negative energy toward more positive pursuits.
          For example- learning more about Sasquatch and also learning how to be more receptive to constructive criticism. You also need to lose the persecution complex.
          Jon always remember one thing….
          Do not allow someone to bend your mind like the wind does the tree.

        • honyok

          a correction- (oh yeah I make mistakes all the time)

          “Do not allow disturbing calculated comments of others,
          bend your mind like the wind does the young tree”

  51. Maurice Cloud

    Cheers Jon! I believe you intended “foul” rather than “fowl” yes? Poultry nitpicking I know, but hen, sorry, then, precision does count for something . . . Cheers!

  52. Jon

    Yes,I believe you are write. (OK,THAT was intentional! LOL)
    But perhaps,it was the fact that he quacked me up so much that I could not Mrs. with the fowl use of foul?

    • honyok

      You Sir are just as bad as those you are attacking as far a misspelled words are concerned. What a hypocritical piece of work. Indeed.
      I know your ego requires you to come on here and correct other people.
      You are probably hard to get along with, a control freak and a very insecure person Indeed.

  53. Jon

    Personally,I came here interested in learning more about Sasquatch and was disheartened and angered by the childish rudeness of so many others I see in the comments.
    Common on the internet and in society today. So sad a reflection on where the human race is headed.
    I don’t blame Sasquatch for being so elusive. Smartest animal on the planet in my opinion.

    • honyok

      Sir – you came here to learn more about Sasquatch and that is indeed a Noble quest. However in so doing you are also learning more about yourself and the Trolls who mock you.
      Choose your words carefully here and indeed use Spell check at all times.

      • honyok

        Yes by all means come back and continue to attack other posters for insignificant spelling and grammatical errors. In so doing you are on your way to being a larger than life TROLL.

        • Jon

          Anyone ever recommend you turn that Microscope around and point it at yourself?

        • honyok

          (I’m the former your the latter)

        • Jon

          LOL. Well we all have our own opinions don’t we.
          Surprised to see you judge yourself to be so awesome. Wow. Really surprised.

        • honyok

          Indeed I consider myself of superior intellect.
          However my ego does not require or urge me to attack others less grammatically astute as I am . Nor does my ego warrant broadcasting my various exploits and deeds to the world.
          The less others know about me the better.

        • honyok

          Uncharacteristically I will share one bit of personal info.about myself.
          I am indeed a member of Mensa. If that is delusional in your vocab. then you need to get a new dictionary.

        • Jon

          I would have to do some research to see if grandeur and intelligence are considered to be related . They weren’t meant to be in my comment.
          Clearly you have intelligence. And I did not think I attacked that,I certainly did not intend to.
          MENSA, cool.
          I avoided MGM and all that as I was a bit rebellious in High School and I was performing music in night clubs at the time.
          I believe I technically would not meet MENSA requirements by almost 1 point.

      • Jon

        Yep. No delusions of grandeur there.

        • honyok

          Yes Jon
          you did use the word “delusions” which means that you think or believe that I am delusional in believing I have a higher mental ability. Not very complimentary

        • Jon

          Wasn’t intended to attack your intelligence,but I apologize for both the possibilities.
          I was fairly certain you were/are a believer in the existence or at the least the possibility of a Sasquatch creature.
          Although I read quickly again through your comments on this thread and they weren’t consistent. Which was at first confusing. Well played…LOL. There were,however,a few that I don’t think someone BSing would have made.On the pro side that is.
          Extremely interesting happenings on your backpacking trip. Just out of curiosity and my need to try to troubleshoot things. What kind of knot,do you remember,did you use that was untied? (not doubting anyone’s knot tying abilities,just detail oriented ).

        • honyok

          Well Jon
          As you have discovered I am one of the resident Trolls.
          Actually I have toned it down quite a bit after Robert
          banned me for a spell along with a stern warning.
          As far as the knot I used, It was nothing special. It was basically an old granny style knot, tied repeatedly to insure that it cannot accidentally come untied. (it was nothing like the quick pull highwayman’s knot).. also the thief would have had to climb about ten foot up in a Ponderosa pine to get to where I tied it off.
          Of course we had our backpacks hanging about 100 feet from our campsite so as not to attract bears near our sleeping area.The guy I was with thought the theft due to human involvement. I thought it was something else (my heart of hearts talking). Some large limbs were also broken or very bowed going up to the tie off point. None of the canned foods that we found were opened. All dried fruits packages and that freeze dried heat up meals in sealed plastic packets and candy bars were all opened and contents eaten.Never found either of the backpacks. May sound crazy but the whole time we were there we both felt like we were being watched by someone or something. If it was a human he was taking a big chance sneaking up on someone’s camp at night as we were both well armed..
          It still raises the hair on the back of my neck when I read in other accounts about bigfoot having a sweet tooth. That is a reoccurring theme.
          On our departure we reported it to the Ranger station and the Ranger on duty said it was probably some old prospector messing with us. But he did say that over the years he had heard of similar events.

    • Maurice Cloud

      Cheers Jon! The pursuit of knowledge is always an honourable one, don’t be put off by silly comments from the punters. RL’s site is indeed an excellent one with which to begin your journey through Bigfootia, take the time to follow his many and diverse threads on this topic, you’ll not be disappointed. Cheers!

      • Jon

        Thanks Maurice.
        I’m not put off at all. Mildly entertained at best.
        I began my journey learning about Sasquatch long before there was an internet and personal computers. I was born in Del Norte County,lived there some and camp and explore the Hoopa area often,and for many years.
        Unfortunately,most of the sites that allow public comment have cussing and derogatory remarks that have nothing to do with the subject and generally make no sense.
        It is rude and that is what my gripe was about.

        • honyok

          You keeping telling us about all your outdoor exploits and the details keep getting larger and more fantastic. It wont surprise me at any moment to see a post where you say you actually wrestled with a bigfoot on top of Mount McKinley in a 90 mile and hour 40 below snow blizzard with no clothes on. What a Sideshow GEEK

        • Jon

          Exploits? I was born in Crescent City and I lived there off and on at various points in my life. I return to that area,(although usually inland more,the Hoopa valley area),approx. every 2 years sometimes more. I have done this for many years. I also spend a lot of time in Death Valley and all over Arizona. Exploring the outdoors is what I live for.
          Why now, do you have a problem with that?
          Oh,and no. I have never seen Bigfoot or any solid evidence of such a creature. I did find an interesting print this last trip. What made it? I am not sure.( Actually one of my Dogs found it). And for the first time I was able to find the P-G Film site which was nice, and something I have always wanted to do.

        • honyok

          Jon – I don’t really have a problem with you sharing these thing. I am looking more at the reason “WHY” you are sharing them. That’s All –
          When you were in death valley did you visit the area where the rocks move on their own in the desert?

        • honyok

          There are a lot of books out there about reading tracks and sign. I find that topic fascinating. That the Indians had that skill down to a science. They could tell who, what and when the tracks were made and even more curious a gifted tracker could tell you if the subject was wounded,worried, or perhaps even aware that he was being followed. If you are indeed bent on the search you really need to read and study these kind of books.(if you haven’t already done so)
          The one Author/expert I like the most is a fellow named Jim Halfpenny (1/2 native american himself)

        • Jon

          I agree about tracking. Quite fascinating. I have little knowledge on the subject. I have done a bit of research and am not completely lost in this area but as you say,the experts are amazing!
          It is something I am very interested in and I would like to learn more on the subject.
          Mr. Halfpenny earned a Ph.D as well as other impressive credentials.
          Nice,I will have to look into that.
          Much of the approach to tracking seems to be common sense.

        • honyok

          Common sense and practice and also be aware of how much the weather can affect and those age tracks.
          I have several books on the subject and when it snows I love to go down by the river and try to read and identify the tracks. Great fun indeed

        • honyok

          well Jon I am going to sign off for tonight
          I am sorry if I offended you. I indeed hope i have made a
          friend. You definitely owe me one. Until next time…

        • Jon

          No worries.
          Believe it or naught…lol…I like you. Purely in a manly hand shaking how ’bout that football game kinda’ way….ha ha.
          Peace and good evening to you.

        • honyok

          It sounds like you are indeed an intrepid explorer. I envy you and the life you are living. Cheers my friend

        • Jon

          Well,most “disbelievers” in Sasquatch,(which I am going out on a limb and assuming the foul mouthed insult hurling people to be, that is the commentators I was bitch slapping originally ),make their judgements from their recliner.
          I have been in the entertainment business since 16 years old. I have no secrets and don’t care what anyone knows of me so long as it is the truth.
          I ,like many others,am and have always been an outdoors person. Have lived in the mountains for quite a long time as well. Although the mountains here are nothing like the mountains in the Six Rivers area. Lots of Black Bears and Mountain Lions here though. No Sasquatch sightings that I am aware of.
          Yes,I have been to The Race Track a couple times. Took me a few tries to get there. Always something sidelining it. Once I forgot about going there and was very close to the place. Once I got 2 flat tires on a Sunday, late afternoon on Thanksgiving weekend,in the middle of no where on a dirt/rock road.

        • honyok

          Ok Jon
          Well I realize you were coming to the aid of Robert L. when Slim P. attacked him and crossed the line to attack is Mother.(not cool)
          even as a Troll myself I have my standards and Moms are strictly off limits.
          My perception of you at first was one of these holier than thou dudes
          and thought I would give you a taste of your own medicine.
          You should have done one of two things when responding to me-
          !. simply agree with me.2. or ignore me
          either wouldve taken all the fun away.
          Believe it or not I am a believer. I had an experience in the Idaho wilderness area that to this day I cannot explain. It happened in the summer of 1972. We had hoisted our backpacks loaded with food and hoisted them up into a tree at least 20 + feet off the ground,
          When we got up that morning both backpacks were missing.
          The rope was UNTIED. Bears dont untie things. It was human or something else. Our trip cut shot due to lack of supplies we had to head back to our vehicle 15 miles away. Along the route periodically we would find an unopened can of food or a wrapper here and there.
          It had to be Human or Sasquatch. take your pick
          (no tracks were seen)

    • honyok

      Personally I came her interested in learning more about Sasquatch and was disheartened when I came across your post bitching about other commentators for not using spell check in their messages.
      Seems like no matter where you go or what you do there is always a critic out there that crawls out of the woodwork looking for something to gripe about.
      Its not a perfect world, you need to work on being tolerant and realize that not all humans are as perfect as you are. If you came here looking for info. on Bigfoot then why were you jumping other peoples frames because of a few misspelled words? You need to learn to maintain focus on the task at hand. i.e. – Bigfoot – not spelling – focus – Bigfoot
      say it over and over as you read other comments so you wont digress.

  54. honyok

    Hey I think you have something there. Have you ever undergone one of those WAX hair removal sessions. OUCH
    I don’t blame them I would haul ass myself.

  55. Jon

    So…..How ’bout that Sasquatch huh!?

  56. Jon

    Wondering what words of wisdom will be produced from a fortune cookie next………

  57. Gay State Girl

    Why’d you delete your blog?

  58. James

    All of this sasquatch BS is taking away from my legitimate leprechaun research.
    I’m only here so that douche canoe will say, “You’re Banned! Have a nice death!”, as if I care.

  59. Objectivity

    In recent years, government officials seem to be taking the bodies away after Bigfoots are shot dead. There is a possible government coverup occurring in recent years, since 1968.

    THAT IS RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Fly By Night

      No – you are wrong Objectivity – the US government is hiding the truth about a lot of things, like UFO’s and area 51 and the JFK assassination then why wouldnt they hide the truth about about Bigfoot?
      They dont want to cause a panic. People would not go camping anymore esp. not with a woman during her menstrual cycle. You need to read Missing 411 and then you will believe.

      • Gay State Girl

        What is their motive for hiding the “truth” about bigfoot?

        • Fly By Night

          I cant tell you that is classified information. You have to have a need to know and a top secret security clearance. and since those 2 Jewish people sold the secrets of the Atomic Bomb to the Russians back in the late 40’s and were later executed for their espionage I am not surprised that you dont have one of these and never will have either.

        • Gay State Girl

          You been reading earlier threads? David Ethel were my grandma’s third cousins.

        • Fly By Night

          the two Jewish spies were Julius and Ethyl Rosenburg – they sent the secrets of the A Bomb to the Soviet Union.
          Gotta love them Jews they are always up to no good.

        • Fly By Night

          NO – I did not read that thread. I read History, that is my favorite subject in high school. (I could not remember their names so I went and googled that but that is all) but until you just told me I did not know this.
          Do you recall their Motive? It seems like they were communist or Marxist,
          I dont believe it was for money. correct me if I am wrong.

        • Gay State Girl

          Julius and Ethel were husband and wife. David Greenglass was Ethel’s brother who initially ratted on them to save his own ass, and then gave a testimony that sent them both to the electric chair. No one doubts that Julius was a spy of a sort, but that he was the mastermind behind the whole saga will always be disputed. I’d fully support at least long prison sentence for them, I just wish they had named more names.

        • Fly By Night

          I am really kind of surprised they were executed for what they did.
          I mean we were no longer involved in war at the time. Makes you wonder if they were killed because they were a threat to someone.
          and as you know dead men tell no tales.

        • Gay State Girl

          I don’t think they did it for the $$$. Russia was our ally during WWII when all the spying occurred and the Rosenbergs were starry eyed idealistic loons who dreamed of a soviet winter wonderland, like a lot of jews at the time.

        • Gay State Girl

          Judge Kaufman had to prove he was patriotic and had no ethnic solidarity so he handed them the harshest punishment. Macca also had to prove he was not antisemitic, so he chose Roy Cohn as chief of council over…Robert Kennedy! I kid you not. People wouldn’t remember the Kennedys so fondly and poor Roy could have been spared of AIDS.

        • Fly By Night

          Seriously – I would have to conjur up or imagine a motive that our government might have to conceal the existence of Bigfoot. Take your pick ..
          you know perhaps a genetically enhanced humanoid experiment that got out of control. Sasquatch may have been deposited here by extraterrestrials or somehow these creatures know how to pass through portals to other dimensions and escape detection.
          Who really knows – your guess is good as mine.
          There is indeed something to this phenomena because there are far too many sightings by legitimate professional people coming in.
          But believe me our Govt has a lot of secrets they dont want us to know about.Remember back in 1973 when a new CIA director revealed the so called (best kept CIA secrets)
          “The FAMILY JEWELS” and he was promptly fired by President Ford for
          his blunder. Remember MK ULTRA. These are just a tip of the Iceburg.

      • Fly By Night

        @ Objectivity – Let me give you an example of the US Govt. hiding things- there are indeed certain records regarding the Kennedy Assassination that are to remain sealed until 2038. (supposedly for reasons pertaining to National Security) My question is “WHY”? Russia is no longer a real threat and it is no longer the communistic Soviet Union. So where is the threat? It doesnt matter really as it has recently come to light the the CIA has already destroyed some or most of those records anyway. Again – Why? what are they hiding? What are or were in those records that someone doesnt want us to see? We may never know the whole truth.
        my question is- Was there a Sasquatch hiding on the Grassy Knoll?
        and if there was he was probably a Republican

        • Fly By Night

          2 assassinations occurred very close together in the fall of 1963.
          the President of South Vietnam (Diem) was killed in a Coup de tat
          (he was in preparation and in communication with North Vietnam trying to form a coalition govt. with them.thereby a cessation of hostilities.
          a month later John F. Kennedy was killed – (he was in the process of withdrawing troops from South Vietnam and he had the deescalation papers (troop withdraw schedule) on his desk the day he died)
          As usual it is always about money.

        • Gay State Girl

          Lyin Lyndon was from Texas and received generous donations from Halliburton.

          I still like my theory better.

          Did you see this?

        • Fly By Night

          Is that Lyndon Johnson howling with the dog?
          Oh – I believe that Lyndon and Lady Bird owned a considerable portion of the Bell Helicopter corp. (made the Huey Helicopters) and also General Dynamics Corp. (made the F-111 aircraft and other military hardware used in Vietnam) Why not, write your own Paycheck?

        • Fly By Night

          Thanks for sending that audio on Johnson. I am hearing disabled and cannot hear it. I will have the wife listen to it tomorrow and tell me what it says. Unless … you want to tell me here. If it does not have captioning I cannot get it.

        • Gay State Girl

          I think it was more than that. From what I gather, he listened to his superiors because he graduated a hick college and did not want to be perceived as weak. There are other insane conspiracy theories but I don’t believe them.

        • Fly By Night

          Well he did in fact listen too much to Proxmire and Gen. Westmorland . LBJ was not the sharpest tool in the shed.
          but you say he listened to his superiors.
          hold on there…. he was the President of the US
          he did not have any superiors. Right?

        • Fly By Night

          Oh Yeah Big Brother is indeed watching…and listening

          Its George Orwell’s -1984 (he missed it by a few decades)

        • Gay State Girl

          One doesn’t need to be a dim bulb to be a powerless wizard. Look at O’bomber.

        • Fly By Night

          no comment

        • Fly By Night

          Its is bedtime for me Girl. See you later.
          Its been fun.

        • Gay State Girl

          No I think he knew, but 84 is 48 in reverse and the Mossad plays no small role in this intelligence gathering endeavor.

        • Gay State Girl

          Nighty Night.

  60. P J Sage

    ok, NOT a BF believer, but love the idea, and watch it on the telley. here is my idea, is it NOT possible the long ago apes came over on the straight just like my people did and have remained elusive till now?????? does ANYONE have a decent photo anywhere?.

  61. E4TA

    I didn’t know that so many hunters carried shovels with them out into the wilderness. Must have had to dig some pretty deep holes. Then had to get the body into the hole which at a minimum would weigh 200 lbs. I’d say they probably had to dig thru rock as well. Wow

  62. alan

    They said giant squid were not real.
    But 14years ago we caught them in shrimp nets off coast of oregon.and last week they just proved it on tv.the world is huge with lots of unknown.in oregon ther is a little town called london bigfoot has been photoed and lots of footprints and sightings by lots of people who have lived ther for generations.
    Someone will find proof whatch.p.s.cool websight.

    • Maurice Cloud

      Cheers Alan! But remember that giant squids, et al . . . are branches of known, documented species, bigfoot is not. I believe the critter exists but am informed in my belief by a healthy dose of scepticism. I think we all benefit from listening to what the opposition has to say rather than simply reacting to it. All the better to rebut it and all that . . . Cheers!

  63. JOHNNY


  64. Robin Goetz

    I grew up in British Columbia, Canada. I’ve spent a lot of time in the woods. I’ve never seen BF, but I have no doubt they are out there. When you’re in the woods, I mean the woods, not a campsite, it’s a different set of rules. Mother Nature is beautiful and unpredictable. I’ve come face to face with bears and it’s very thrilling, terrifying and humbling. Your not really thinking about pointing a smart phone at it to take a photo or video. There’s a moment of communication between the animal and yourself…”Well, now what? What are we going to do?”. Fortunately, the bear wasn’t in the mood for a snack. I believe an encounter with BF wouldn’t be any different. And generally, animals don’t want to be engaged with us at all. I’m sure the same goes for BF as well. I know other people who have years of experience in the woods and don’t believe in BF. They’ve never seen one. I don’t need to see one to appreciate that the woods has many guarded surprizes, whether people accept it or not. Right now, a tree just fell in the forest. I didn’t hear it, but it happened, and I bet a BF helped push it over.

  65. luis c.

    SO…. We are in 2013 and still dont see or hear any of the reports you were talking about. So should i wait another 2 yrs. LMAO Your site is a fucking joke. BAN that ASSHOLE

  66. Rustyoldtruck

    Around 10:30 or 11:30 PM on December 13th 2012 for me and December 15th 2012 for my brother something brand new happened to us that we can’t explain. It was a crisp cool evening with six inches of fresh snow on the ground. I pulled into my brother’s driveway and was whipping doughnuts in his driveway for a little bit. Just having some fun in the fresh snow with my truck and then I parked it. As I got out of the truck I heard a deep seated grumbley vocalization roughly 70 yards behind me up the hill in the woods that rose up into a long high pitched whoop followed by two or three short whoop’s…..I nearly peed my pants. It scared me that bad. I quickly ran into the house to see if the appropriate people were in fact in the house and not out in the woods pulling a prank on me. They were all in the house. Two days later my brother came home. He had parked his Semi on top of the hill. He was walking down the hill on his driveway when he heard a heavy gravelly growl followed by a whoop and then he said he heard what sounded like a tree knocking. He said it sounded like it was only 50 yards away. At that point he started running to the house. When he entered I overheard him telling his son of what had just happened. That perked me right up off the couch. I then explained to him that I had had a similar experience.
    It had snowed a little that night so when I went to investigate the area it had a light dusting of snow covering the area. In the exact location where I figured the sound had come from I had found a deer carcass that had the lower jaw ripped off with the tongue missing, the back of the skull was broken out, missing the brains, the guts were all gone and all the legs were torn off the animal. There was roughly a ten foot radius packed down around the deer and a bipedal trail heading off toward the road on the other side of the woods that had been covered with the light dusting of snow. I didn’t think to grab my camera, but now I am quite a bit more educated on what to look for and now I carry one with me in my truck always. I would have sent the carcass to a lab, but it has been tainted by my brother’s dogs. I still have the carcass though.

  67. Jpolk

    I’m an experienced hunter and once found what resembled a large human like footprint I use to joke around it was Bigfoot I don’t believe in big foot though lol. Btw I live in Florida

  68. Reblogged this on unity2013 and commented:
    Just posting this, follow your intuition as to the truth if this.

  69. JC

    I could come up with something humorous but I won’t. I doubt that anyone on this site has lived out in the vast woods of Oregon, Washington, or British Columbia. Think about walking for miles and miles and miles (did I say miles?) of nothing but vast forests with trees nearly 300 feet tall and deep canyons (deep, thousands of feet deep and thousands of canyons.) If there are Bigfoots it wouldn’t be impossible( if there were only a few thousand alive), for them to hide. Some biologists claim that Bigfoots, if they are real, are much smarter than apes. In other words, they can contemplate, think, and plan. Now imagine that you’re a Bigfoot and every Autumn hunters in orange are chasing deer and elk around and killing them. I don’t know about you but I would hide, and hide good. That being said there are a couple of very convincing stories of hunters that have killed Sasquatch. Apparently, the hunters were horrified when they looked upon the dead Bigfoot and saw how closely related to us in appearance that they were. They were almost like an 8 foot tall hairy man. The men who committed these acts felt like they had committed murder and were sore afraid. They didn’t tell their stories until they were in their 70’s and felt like it had been long enough ago not to worry about it.
    Here is some evidence about bigfoot that may shock you, even scare you. Go to Youtube and type in Most Bizarre Bigfoot Vocalization Captured In Sierras, if you dare.
    I grew up in Oregon. I grew up in a small logging town. I knew many loggers, hunters, fishermen, and woodsmen. Approximately 30% of them have either seen a Bigfoot, or had big rocks thrown at them in the woods, or had something on two feet walk through their camp at night, or have seen big footprints way back in wilderness areas. I doubt that these people are picking psychedelic mushrooms off the moss patches under the cedars. I think what they saw was real. Most of the people that have seen them are very family oriented type persons. Most of them are very prideful about their heritages and their integrity. I know they are not lying.

    I was elk hunting in the Three Sisters Wilderness area in 2003. My dad had died two years previously and I didn’t have anyone to hunt with so I hiked eight miles back into the deep woods, alone. That night I had something big walk through my camp at 2 AM in the morning. It was on two feet. It stayed just a hundred feet away from my camp for most of the rest of the night. It acted as if it was curious somehow. I could here it walking around in the woods. Sometimes it would come nearer to my camp and then wonder around and walk back into the woods. I was scared, to tell the truth, and I couldn’t get back to sleep. About 5 AM, just before first light, it walked up to the back of my tent. Then it left.
    Two years later I was hunting up Bear Mountain just outside of Creswell, OR. I shot a deer right at last light. My pick-up was five miles away. I knew it would take me at least four hours to get my deer back to the pick -up, by then it would be 10 pm. As I came down the canyon I heard some whoops and high shrieking-like calls way down in the deep, black timber. My pick-up was on the other side of the canyon. I had no choice, I had to walk right through the area where the shrieks were coming from. The whoops and cries were very loud and echoed through the black night. The hair on the back of my neck stands on end even as I write this. I guess I would have to say that I’ve never felt real fear like that ever since, but I had no choice, I had to get back to my pick-up. Well, obviously I made it back. At that time I didn’t know anything about noises bigfoot might make, but I did suspect that it probably was one. It wasn’t until I got a computer in 2006 and started doing research that I heard the same sounds from Bigfoot hunters that had recorded a Bigfoot making whoops in British Columbia. It was then that I realized that what I heard in 2005 was most definitely a Bigfoot.

  70. Big G

    If you can’t use the proof that’s already there what hope do the people in the know to convince you. its not worth anything to convince anybody. the reseachers have moved on to dna and habituation studies be cuase its not a religion. to much energy is waisted to make people believe, when that is really not whats important. whats important is learning about our last brother on earth before some skeptic has it shot for proof. last chance. Read kethams study. watch the pg film ( digital 1 ). Now go investigate and leave the scientist alone away your needs. There is a large biped in the forest and trashcans of north America. its already proven. And the world is round.

  71. zeke williams

    if bigfoot was found real it would kill logging aka all about the money. there have been hair samples sent in over and over but the test alot of the times say unidentified which means there is an unidentified animal or ape in the forest. plus the only people that i hear saying that there is no bigfoot are people who never go in the woods and people who have live in cities. why havnt yall gone in Canada in the middle of the night to look for bigfoot, are you scared

  72. zeke williams

    who live in cities***

  73. Roger Jones

    I killed a Bigfoot last night in my pajamas. Why he was wearing my pajamas I will never know……. Seriously though, why would anyone want to kill a Bigfoot unless he was a threat to you, your family, or your livestock?? They deserve to be left alone so let them live in peace.

  74. I know bigfoot exists,me and my g/f had a picnic in the woods with a bigfoot and his family,great times,,i filmed his family,the young male,teenager I think can juggle chainsaws,and the female bigfoot dident look half bad really,,just needed to shave her legs,,my opinion is all,the male bigfoot gave me his business card with his cell number and told me to keep the picnic a secret because in the last 400 years over 1500 of them been renting a condo in every back woods place they can find but they wanted to move to Europe where they can blend in,,,,so Robert is right there is proof and I have it,oh if you ever get to meet a bigfoot,dont let him drive you truck,they are terrible drivers and and cant do a very good robot or sing well but pretty cool other then the yelling and hitting trees with sticks,dunno what that was about,,anyway that whole encounter made me a believer! AWSOME TIMES!

  75. Rafael Toledo

    I wouldn’t kill a Bigfoot. Unless it attacked me.or my friends or family. Or killed any of my livestock.I think some organizations could possibly trap a live one.But not to disect the creatures. Just to study and then release it back in the wild.

  76. Donna Parsond

    Why is there no pictures if they were hunting for Bigfoot. It would once and for all confirm that they exist

  77. Vrordyn

    This post is way late in the coming. But…
    A little warning to anyone viewing this page. The author is outright venomous to commenters going as far as calling them assholes and banning them for little to no reason(sometimes justified but most usually not). It seems to be any who have a different opinion are automatically on his shit list. This automatically puts his intentions into question from my viewpoint.

    As to the matter presented here, none of the stories or findings have yet to be verified, yet each day findings and ‘evidence’ are proven false and hoaxes. Specifics won’t be given beyond the fabled Minnesota iceman(wiki alone should suffice), the sole recovered body of a bigfoot. Cant do more examples, otherwise this post will be longer than it already is.
    But I certainly hope bigfoot is real, I think at heart we all do. For it would be a really interesting thing. Always remember that it’s almost impossible to disprove something so not all is lost.

    Due to the authors bannings, he has created a barrier where intelligent discussion becomes impossible.
    But there is a spark of wisdom in all this, as the author pointed out- never trust the government if you do find a bigfoot. 🙂


  78. MrChristianToYou

    “Reports” are — obviously — not facts.
    Since none of these reports has been independently verified they are all meaningless. One might as well cite none of them … or invent a thousand more, as each one would be just as useful.

  79. Agreed…a list of accounts found in various Bigfoot books is pretty much meaningless. Also, when you start out your post by proclaiming the question “dumb,” you’re not helping yourself much. You alienate people like me who are actually open to Bigfoot being real, but need more compelling evidence than old unverified second-hand tales. And, your list is littered with asides like “Some people think this is a hoax, but I don’t believe that.” Well, then, case closed!

  80. A Hindu! A Hindu who hates Bigfoot of all things. Oh no, I have to ban you big boy.


  81. Lora Abbey

    I was an OTR driver for 6 years. I was headed northeast through texas heading for Shreveport. This is a highly travelled truck route. It was about 8pm in 1998 or 1999 and I was loaded heavy with giant newsprint rolls, maxed out at 80,000 lbs., so I couldn’t get up to speed very fast. I was up to about 35mph when I saw this thing walking parallel to the road on the passenger side. It looked exactly like the depictions with coconut colored coarse hair. I got a pretty good look at it. You can’t convince me it was a guy in a suit. It was hunting season and you’d have to be suicidal to be out there with those rednecks unless the suit was bullet proof. Furthermore, I could actually have just turned the wheel a quarter inch and taken him out with the trailer as I passed, never even dented the fender, so, again, I know of no suit that will protect someone from an 80,000 lb semi trailer and nobody who would willingly attempt it. Explain that as a hoaxer. I didn’t tell anybody for a long time but I called 911 and the operator was passe’ and talked as if this happened all the time and she knew it wasn’t a crank call.

    • Mr. E2me

      Wow .
      Thanks for sharing that Lora.

      ‘You can’t convince me it was a guy in a suit. It was hunting season and you’d have to be suicidal to be out there with those rednecks unless the suit was bullet proof.’

      That is one of my pet theories as why bigfoot exists. No sane hoaxer is going to risk getting shot.

    • Scottrock

      Lora I live in Northeast Texas and Im quite familiar with the Hwys and back roads going towards Shreveport so if you get his reply please reply back and give me the Road or Hwy you were on—While Im not a complete believer in Bigfoot—I dont discount it either–again I live in Northeast Texas and have heard some things in the woods but never saw anything or seen footprints—Whoops and wood knocks I have heard but that could’ve been anything from a dog far off in the distance to someone doing their own Bigfoot search or even a possible Bigfoot itself.. So if you get this please reply back..
      Thanks Scott

  82. first of all its a known fact that the goverment captured a bigfoot years ago and kept under cover. and to the people who don’t belive that they do not live prove to me and others that they do live so that makes them stupid no beilvers

  83. I’m sorry, but those stories of men shooting and killing a Bigfoot, then burying the body is very hard to believe, why go through the trouble of digging a hole that would have had to be very large, to bury the body when they could have just either let it be or bring it back for proof of what they had. It makes no sense, it sounds like a tall tale to me, a convenient way to tell a story without having to show any evidence.

  84. GB

    My husband is a hunter and had a head-on encounter with one at the Idaho / Montana border around 2004. The elevation was over 7,000 and there were no people around, no camp sites. It was not a hoax. He heard them while hunting in the Sierra’s, Colorado and throughout Montana. I was with him on one occasion while he was hunting just off Menida Pass close to hwy. 93. The sun was going down and just off in the distant we heard 2 vocalizing with one another.

  85. Bette Davis Eyes

    The reason why Bigfoot has never been caught is because there is only ONE Bigfoot that we know of that has EVER been captured, and its hidden in someones backyard right now, drinking flavored milk most likely. We know for a fact, Bigfoot loves chocolate milk, coffee and smoking cigarettes. Bigfoot also loves spring rolls, the sex pistols, and that Roy Orbison song called “Communication Breakdown”.

  86. Stephen from psychic sasquatch

    People who go out trying to shoot sasquatch/bigfoot are all out wrong and need arresting.
    The sasquatch are here to help us. I have sasquatch here helping me everyday. They are a very kind powerful beings. I don’t agree with people hunting sasquatch. They are very clever and avoid hunters.

    Im q sasquatch contactee from Manchester England


  87. bigfoot

    No one has seen Bigfoot because he’s a lazy cunt.
    He sits around, scratching his balls all day, sitting in a pile of his own shit.

  88. bigfoot

    Hoof Hearted?

  89. Larry Baker

    Robert Lindsay, I had a few possible Bigfoot encounters and one sighting back in the 70’s. During the sighting I had the Bigfoot in the scope of my .300 Win Mag and for some reason I couldn’t squeeze the trigger. If you would like to know more about my sighting and possible encounters, Please email me. Thanks

  90. Erin Hansen

    What a great article!! Previous to reading it I read about 2 Gentlemen that met in a bar in Idaho. One of them was Idaho Native American. The Native American answered a lot of questions for his curious friend. One of them was “Why do we never find Bigfoot bodies?? The Native American said that it is widely known among the Native peoples that Bigfoot weigh down and bury their dead in rivers weighted down by rocks” That story joggled my memory about people finding B.F. body parts in rivers. It makes sense now, because those hands and feet could be tricky to keep covered or contained. Lastly, another story about someone watching a Bigfoot walk and using a branch trailing behind to cover tracks..These are very smart & very clever creatures!! The Sasquatch Genome Project with DNA expert Melba Ketchum was squashed because Human-hybrid was the conclusion. Numerous samples were collected fastidiously, all using the most careful collection and testing available. The hundreds of samples could not ALL be contaminated with human DNA…but the “Powers that Be” decided it was “botched”. If it was primate or ANYTHING other than part-human, it would be accepted by mainstream science and published in scientific journals the world over. The repercussions of a human hybrid being living side by side with us probably since the beginning of time are numerous to say the least!! How would that effect Religion? Evolution?Real Estate, “lol, your property is infested by Bigfoots” How would that play out? And….there are reports of Bigfoot having “gifts” powers of suggestion, like Researcher Colorado Bigfoot experienced last month while filming one. Some” thought “said “leave”, “go now”, he was thinking that while directly filming the “Big guy”. He had just started the day and could not figure out why he felt so compelled to leave! Also infrasound (like elephants), and last but the most amazing of all, their ability to “cloak”. Yes, stop reading here, right? Now it’s getting weirder. B.F. Researcher Barbara Shupe on Utube, has a good video of that. Also,Researcher “Deb’s Local Bigfoots” out of NE Penn has not JUST videos of cloaking, but one showing what looks like embryos in spider web egg sacks in the trees VERY near her house. Last but not least is Bigfoot Sasse also a lady studying them in the forests of Germany, she has some amazing stills, and videos. And if the cloaking, infrasound,tree structures, egg sacks wiggling in trees is not too much for you….there are the other “Forest Beings” with them! Their pets? For one there’s “Dogman” he is a scary dude, no warm and fuzzy feelings are EVER attached in sightings of him!! And B.F. Sasse another lady studying them in the forests of Germany, has stills of beings that are unexplainable and definitely uncatalogued except in myths and fairy tale! I don’t think it’s the B.F. themselves that the Government (s) are worried about, it’s that side stuff, the cloaking, infrasound, psychic powers, extraordinary physical power, look up Colorado Bigfoot, massive and multiple and highly organized tree structures at 14,000 ft!! Can you imagine what the Military could do with these creatures? That there is the POINT!!! War (s) as we know them would be tipped in our favor if we had a trained army of massive, powerful, clever and occasionally invisible soldiers. THAT would be horrible!! B.F. are pretty peaceful for the most part, not sure that would be possible. Our government is fully aware of them, and has collected a few bodies. Mt. St. Helens explosion produced a few, as well as various forest fires in AND out of our National Parks. The CCTV camera on Old Faithful in Yellowstone park picked up 6 of them early this month (Jan 2011),hanging out. A couple filmed the whole thing for like 10 mins and abruptly, the camera angle changed…. In 2016, another person filmed them in Yellowstone just standing there hanging out with the Buffalo herd! I have 23 subscriptions to B.F researchers on UTUBE. There are many, many more than that I am sure!! There are thousands of sightings every year, many documented in High Definition. Could this whole thing be a worldwide hoax??

    • JJ


  91. Angie L Blevins

    I know there’s truth to the legend of Bigfoot I myself along with many others have seen a very tall human like creature walking, standing, running and squatting in a town in Oklahoma for over 30 yrs. I know that there’s video of the creature that’s not more than a couple years old. But why just none believers this information for free. If people want proof there’s proof. Thank you Angie L Blevins joplin, missouri.

  92. Stormy

    Watching this show where thisy man has lost seven p it bulls tied out side is sick to let that happen over and over again. You would think after one dog disappearing they would be alot more careful. They can’t care much for their dogs. They shouldn’t be aloud to have them.

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