Why No Bigfoot Bones and Bodies?

Warning: Long, runs to 50 pages. This is the classic argument for the nonexistence of Bigfoots, Yetis, Almas, Mawas, Yerens, Yowies, Orang Pendeks and other relict hominids. It’s a good argument as far as it goes. But what are the chances of finding a whole dead body of anything in the woods? Very slim. My friends found a dead bobcat once, but they had to scale a waterfall from a deep pool to do it. I’ve never found any dead anything in the woods. In regions where there is a huge deer population, you can find a few deer bones here and there.

You will certainly never find a whole skeleton or a whole dead deer unless it’s road-killed. Most animals are not discovered by finding a dead body or bones. They are found by shooting a specimen, which is then called a type specimen and is thereby known to science.

Bigfoots appear to carry off their dead. They are sometimes hit by cars, but in those cases, the Bigfoots usually just ran off after being hit by the cars. In one case, a woman hit a Bigfoot and was killed in the accident. The Bigfoot was also killed. Authorities sealed off the area, and when researchers went back the next day, the body was gone.

In the past 35 years or so, there are reports of a government coverup regarding dead and injured Bigfoots. Prior to 35 years ago, we received no such reports outside the military. Bigfoots live in family groups. Where you see one, there are others about.

Bigfoots seem to carry off their dead. In the Siege of Honobia in Oklahoma, a Bigfoot was shot and possibly killed, but was apparently carried off by the others. A road-killed Bigfoot would probably be carried off by the others. There is also evidence that Bigfoots bury their dead.

Bigfoot Burials and Graveyards

Date unknown, modern era: Northern California. A witness saw four Bigfoots carrying bones. The longest bone was up to four feet long. Reported by Ray Crowe.

Date unknown, modern era: Pacific Northwest. A man witnessed three Bigfoots digging a hole with their hands to bury a fourth Bigfoot. Afterward, they rolled rocks on the grave. Reported by Roger Patterson.

Date unknown, modern era: Starkey, Oregon. In the Blue Mountains, Sue Sebring found unusual cobble piles in the forest. Possible Bigfoot graveyard. Reported by Ray Crowe.

Date unknown, modern era: Alder Creek, Sandy, Oregon. East of Portland, Peter Byrne noted an unusual mound of earth along the creek. Reported by Ray Crowe.

1949: Pacific Northwest. A man reported seeing three Bigfoots, two older males and a female, laying a dead young female Bigfoot out on top of a rock on a mountain peak. This is probably the simplest Bigfoot burial, similar to the sky burials of ancient humans. John Green did not believe the story, but looking at other reports, it seems reasonable. Reported by John Green.

1962-1967: Northern Washington state. A man witnessed three Bigfoots burying a fourth one. Reported by Peter Byrne.

After 1972: Klamath Agency, Oregon. A bulldozer driver was building a road in the forest. He ran the road through an area of large stones in a circle 20 feet in diameter, with smaller stones in the middle. The next day, he would come back and all of the stones were replaced in their original positions after he had bulldozed them away. This went on for some time, and eventually, he built the road around the area. Possible Bigfoot burial site. Reported by Vic McDaniel.

Before 1975: Location unknown, probably Pacific Northwest. Three Bigfoots were witnessed digging a hole with their hands to bury a fourth Bigfoot. When the hole was filled in, huge boulders were rolled over the site. Reported by Glen Thomas.

1985: Calapooia River, Oregon. In the Oregon Coast Range, Gold miners found a 50 foot wide area where the tops of all trees had been broken off around the perimeter. In the clearing, there was a deer carcass and two piles of smooth, five inch cobblestones, about 2.5 feet high, separated by 20 feet. The previous night, the miners had been frightened by strange screams and the sounds of breaking trees. They never went back to excavate the area. Possible Bigfoot burial site. Reported by Ray Crowe.

1989: McMinnville, Starkey, Oregon. Scott White found strange piles of rocks in a clearing with smashed trees.  Possible Bigfoot burial site. Reported by Ray Crowe.

1990: Estacada, Oregon. East of Portland, a hunter found a dead baby Bigfoot ten feet up in a tree. He reported that it was just a small, furry little thing. He was interested in the tree in the first place due to large scat piles all around it. The dead Bigfoot was buried in the boughs of an evergreen and was covered with covered with other boughs. The hunter thought that the scat piles were from the mother Bigfoot who had been sitting under the tree mourning the death of her baby.

This could be called an “Indian style burial,” as Indians in the Pacific Northwest used to bury their dead up in trees, albeit in caskets. The hunter called Portland State University and told them he had found a dead baby Bigfoot. They laughed at him and told him that they were not interested in looking at it. After all, Bigfoots don’t exist. The man stuck the baby Bigfoot in his deep freeze, and that’s the last we’ve heard of it. Reported by Ray Nab.

Summer 1992: Estacada, Oregon, near Bagby Hot Springs. A philosophy teacher saw two Bigfoots, either a male and female or two females. There were two young, auburn colored Bigfoots with them. They were in a riverbed, burying another Bigfoot under a pile of stones. They had not dug a hole; they were just burying it with rocks. He stated that the Bigfoots were acting “sad.” The site was rechecked by an investigator one year later, but flooding had washed the stones away, and the site could not be rediscovered. Reported by Ray Crowe. We see over and over here reports of 3-4 Bigfoots participating in the burial of another, as if it is some kind of a ceremony.

After 1995: Whidbey Island, Washington. Rhett Mullis found large mounds on this island in Puget Sound where there is no history of Indian residence. A large pit had been dug out but had not yet been used. There was a “hallway” along a well-used trail and scat was scattered around. The mounds were covered with large hand-sized rocks. Plants had been pulled up and placed on top of the mounds in order to hide them. Possible Bigfoot graveyard. Reported by Rhett Mullis.

October 21, 2002: Estacada, Oregon. Possible Bigfoot burial grounds consisting of pits and stacks of heavy rocks were found at a high elevation in the Clackamas River Gorge. They could not be Indian burial grounds. Reported by the BFRO.


From 1949-present, a 62 year period, possible 14 Bigfoot burials or Bigfoot graveyards have been seen. Therefore, possible Bigfoot burials or graveyards are seen every 4.4 years, about once every 4 1/2 years.

Dead or Captured Bigfoots

Unknown date: Klakas Inlet, Southern Alaska. In far southern Alaska on Prince of Wales Island, a Bigfoot was reportedly shot and buried at the mouth of a stream on the north side of the inlet. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

Date unknown, modern era: Location unknown. A wealthy hunter reportedly shot and killed a Bigfoot, then paid a taxidermist to stuff it, and it’s presently on display in some ritzy country club on the East Coast. Reported by Ray Crowe.

Unknown date, modern era: Near Roseburg, Oregon. A hunter found a dead Bigfoot by a stream. He poked it and got no response. He tried to carry it out with the help of his hunting companions, but it was too heavy at 700-900 pounds. They went back to town to get a truck to cart it out with, but when they came back, it was gone. They found the footprints of another Bigfoot, which had apparently carried it away. Reported by Ray Crowe.

Unknown date, modern era: Near Great Falls, Montana. A man’s dog brought in a huge leg bone, from the pelvis to a foot. The man suspected it was a Bigfoot, so he gave it to a local university, but they could not identify it, and they never gave it back. The dog brought in another possible Bigfoot body part, but it smelled so bad that the man buried it. Coyotes then dug it up and ate it. Great Falls Tribune, Great Falls, Montana, “The Beast’s Foot.” Date unknown. Reported by Ray Crowe.

Unknown date, modern era: Electric Peak, Gardiner, Montana. Two boys cross-country skiing on this mountain just north of Yellowstone National Park found the decomposed body of a Bigfoot. It was partly covered by a rock avalanche. The pelvis was crushed, and the skull was missing and had apparently been taken by headhunters. Reported by Ray Crowe.

Unknown date, modern era: Copper Mountain near Brewster, Washington. Two men hiking in the Okanagon Mountains witnessed a bizarre battle between two Bigfoots. The larger one was said to be 12 feet tall. It was fighting a smaller brownish one. They were rolling in the dirt, punching, scratching and throwing dirt and logs. The smaller one tripped, and the big one smashed his head with a big rock, killing it. It then leaped on the dead Bigfoot, tore at its stomach, tearing out some of its guts, which it ate. Reported by Ray Crowe.

Unknown date, modern era: Pybus Bay, Admiralty Island, Alaska. A man found two bodies of possible baby Bigfoots, 2.5 feet tall. There was still some hair and skin attached to them. They had huge jaws and teeth. The bodies had been under the snow. Reported by Ray Crowe.

Unknown date, modern era: Route 95, Maryland. A woman saw a hairy humanoid figure lying in the road dead as she drove around emergency vehicles. Government coverup. Reported by Ray Crowe.

Unknown date, modern era: Yankton, Oregon. Near the Colombia River north of Portland, a hunter shot a Bigfoot four times between the eyes and killed it. It rolled off the road. The man came back 24 hours later, and the body was gone. There was a set of three tracks, possibly a family group – a male, a female and a juvenile. Reported by Ray Crowe.

Unknown date, modern era, Amboy, Washington. Near Mt. St. Helens, a hunter reported that he shot and killed a male Bigfoot on an old logging road. Upon hearing that there was a $10,000 fine for killing a Bigfoot, the hunter hung up the phone on the researcher. Reported by Ray Crowe.

Unknown date, modern era, The Dalles, Oregon. Near the Colombia River, the US Forest Service was doing some clearing of BLM land, and they found a live juvenile Bigfoot sleeping in a BLM shelter. They roped it and took it in a vehicle to The Dalles. No further data. Government coverup. Reported by Ray Crowe.

Date unknown, modern era: Ohio. An Ohio sheriff’s deputy reported that he found a Bigfoot killed by a car by the side of the road. He called for backup, but soon the Ohio State Patrol came and blocked off the road. Then a dark van came, and three men in military uniforms loaded the Bigfoot into the van and took it away. Reported by Ray Crowe.

Unknown date, modern era: Alabama.  The same man involved in the Casper, Wyoming case above shot another Bigfoot later on. This time the government found out about it and was angry that he killed the Bigfoot. Government coverup. Reported by Ray Crowe.

Unknown date: Sonora, Mexico. Rich Grumley reported that a hunter shot and killed a Bigfoot, then buried it. Reported by Rich Grumley.

Unknown date: Coshocton County, Oklahoma. Possible Bigfoot arm found in the woods. All that remained was skin, bones and hair. A specialist ran tests on it and said it did not come from any known animal in the area, nor from a human or an ape. He felt it was the best evidence yet for Bigfoot. Present status of the remains is unknown. Reported by Mary Green.

1820’s: Near Pomona, La Verne and Claremont, California. A “Devil Indian” or Bigfoot female, was captured by early White settlers, but was soon released. The local Gabrielino Indians reported that the Devil Indians of this area were tall, hairy, smelled bad and roamed around at night. They had large hands and feet and were very fast. Reported by J.P. Harrington.

June 20, 1829: Okefenokee Swamp, Georgia. A team of hunters set out in an attempt to track down and kill a Bigfoot in the swamp. After tracking for two weeks, they were set upon by the Bigfoot one night. The men opened up with all their guns, but it seemed useless. Five of the men were killed by the Bigfoot, who then tore all of the men’s heads off. The surviving men opened up on the Bigfoot, finally killing it. Reported by the Augusta Chronicle, Augusta, Georgia, March 12, 2000 – “Hunters Told of Swamp Creature’s Attack.”

January 1839: St Peters River, Wisconsin. A team of explorers captured a male Bigfoot and two juveniles. The description describes a Bigfoot very well. It is not known what happened afterward. Reported by the Bigfoot Encounters website.

1855: SE Oklahoma, Choctaw Territory. Bigfoots had been raiding Choctaw settlements for some time, mostly stealing crops. But then they started stealing human children, apparently to kill and eat them, and the Choctaw had had enough. A party, organized by Joshua LeFlore, set out to get the Bigfoots. They tracked them to a mound where the dead children were that the Bigfoots had been killing and eating.

The Bigfoots were covered in hair and smelled bad. The search party’s horses all reared when they saw the Bigfoots. LeFlore emptied his pistol at a Bigfoot, but it was useless, and the Bigfoot ripped his head off. The rest of the team opened up on the Bigfoots with elephant guns, aiming at the head. Two Bigfoots dropped. The final Bigfoot was finished off with a hunting knife. The party made a fire and burned the Bigfoots on the fire. 3 Bigfoots were killed in all.

January 21, 1855: Waldoboro, Maine. J.W. McHenry was chopping wood at his home when he looked up and saw an 18 inch tall juvenile Bigfoot. He captured it and made a pet out of it. Reported by Bigfoot Encounters website.

1856: Ohio or West Virginia. Possible Bigfoot skeleton found with bullet holes in its skull. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

After 1865: Saline, Arkansas. 7 foot Bigfoot captured. Reported by Otto Ernest Rayburn, Ozark Country, pp.313-14, quoted in INFO Journal:1 pp.48-9.

1878: Tennessee. 6’5 Bigfoot captured and displayed in Louisville, Kentucky. Reported by Louisville Courier-Journal, Louisville, Kentucky, Oct 24, 1878.

1880’s: Montana, near the Canadian border. A Bigfoot was killed by a train, and its body was stuck under the train. Reported by Rita Swift.

July 4, 1884: East of Yale, British Colombia. In the Fraser River Region, railroad-men from the British Colombia Express Company’s train stopped their train when it seemed that someone was asleep near the tracks. A juvenile male Bigfoot woke up, barked, and started to climb up a steep bluff. The workers decided to chase him. One got up above him on the slope and dropped a rock on the Bigfoot. It disoriented him enough that they were able to get a rope around him, capture him and put him on the train.

They named the Bigfoot “Jacko.” Jacko had bruises on his head and upper body, and they assumed that he had gotten too near the edge of the bluff and had fallen over and landed, stunned, near the tracks. Jacko had been seen in the area where he was captured recently, but residents thought he was either a bear or a stray Indian dog.

Jacko was 4’7, weighed 127 pounds and was covered with shiny black hair. He was extremely strong. Jacko did not communicate other than making half-bark, half-growl sounds. He was fed berries and milk.

There are conflicting reports on what happened to Jacko. Some reports said he was taken into Yale where a man made a pet of him. Other reports said that Jacko escaped from the train before it got to Yale. There are other reports that say this whole matter was a hoax, but I believe it was true. For one thing, John Green received a letter from Adele Bastin, whose mother remembered that people continued to talk of Jacko long afterward. Reported by The Colonist of Victoria, British Colombia, July 4, 1884. The best analysis was by Myra Shackley. There are reports that soon after, a Bigfoot matching Jacko’s description was shot and killed in the same general area by a group of men.

September 5, 1886: Washington County, Kansas. Four Bigfoots, a male, a female, a young female and a juvenile, were captured. They were covered in black hair and could not communicate. The female only made grunting sounds. Reported by the New York Times, September 5, 1886.

1900: Prince of Wales Island, Alaska. An Eskimo shot and buried a Bigfoot. The Eskimo came out of the forest onto the beach and was met face to face with a Bigfoot. He opened fire and killed the Bigfoot. He and two other Eskimos then buried the Bigfoot on the beach. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

1905: Gardner Canal, British Colombia. On the coast of central British Colombia, a Bigfoot was reportedly shot and killed, but there are no further details. Reported on the British Colombia Scientific Cryptozoology Club website.

February 15, 1908: McHenry, North Dakota. An apparent Bigfoot was captured near town. He was covered with hair and had eye teeth like fangs. He refused to eat and could not communicate. He only drank water, half a bucket at a time. Reported by the Stevens Point Journal, Stevens, Wisconsin, February 15, 1908.

1921: Terrebone, Louisiana. Hunters killed a Bigfoot and dumped the body in an old well. Later a skeleton was found and taken to Tulane University, where professors could not identify it, and it disappeared. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

1924: Ape Canyon, Washington. Near Mt. St. Helens, miners shot and killed a Bigfoot, which fell off a cliff into a river below. Other Bigfoots retaliated and bombarded their cabin with rocks. Reported by Fred Beck.

1928: South Bentnick Arm, near Bella Coola, British Colombia. On the coast of central British Colombia, George Talleo shot and killed a Bigfoot. He left the scene and did not come back. Reported by the Sasquatch-BC website.

After 1937: Green River, Washington. In the Cascades east of Tacoma, a hunter saw a bear grubbing in a log and shot and killed it. Turned out he had killed a Bigfoot. Feeling that he had shot a “hairy man” (a human being), he buried it under a pile of rocks and never told anyone until he confessed on his deathbed. Reported by Datus Perry.

1940: Southeastern Missouri. Jared Sparks killed an apparent Bigfoot (he described it only as “like a gorilla”) that had been killing horses and cattle by tearing them apart. Disposition of body unknown. Reported by John Keel in Strange Creatures.

1940: Near Kaluka, Alaska. A female Bigfoot was captured and fed fish in captivity. For some reason, all of her hair fell out and she died. John Green, The Sasquatch File.

Fall 1941: Near Basket Lake, Manitoba. A 17 year old boy hunting out of season shot and killed a Bigfoot that he thought was a moose. He left it in the forest because he thought it was human and because he was hunting out of season. He went back sometime later, and the body was gone. Reported on the BFRO site.

1943: Georgia, near the South Carolina border. A Bigfoot was shot and killed by a shotgun, hit with 60 bullets after it was tracked by a group of men, because it was killing sheep and calves by tearing off their legs. The reddish-brown Bigfoot was buried on the outskirts of town. Reported by Rich Grumley. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

1953: Alder Creek Canyon, Sandy, Oregon. East of Portland, a hunter shot and killed a Bigfoot, then buried the body. Reported by Peter Byrne.

1958-1960: Overton County, Tennessee. Bigfoot stealing chickens was shot dead by the owner of the chickens. They drove it around the area to see if anyone could identify it. Disposition of body unknown. Reported by Mary Green.

After 1960: Pendicton, British Colombia. In south-central British Colombia, two fishermen found a dead Bigfoot along the trail. They first smelled the corpse, then found the body. Upon investigating, they heard sounds in the brush. Fearing it was another Bigfoot, they quickly left the scene. They went back with wildlife officials 10 days later and there was only a dark spot on the trail. Had a bear eaten it? Had other Bigfoots hauled it off? Reported by Peter Byrne.

1960’s: Douglas, Oregon: In the Cascades west of the Umpqua National Forest, a farmer shot a Bigfoot and then somehow managed to take it back to his house, where he left it outside. Other Bigfoots then came that night and retrieved the body. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

January, 1965: Chemult, Oregon. On the Umpqua National Forest northwest of Crater Lake National Park, a Southern Pacific train traveling between between Bend and Klamath Falls towns hit a Bigfoot and killed it. The crew never reported it to their company or authorities because they thought they would be accused of drinking on the job. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

1965: Kitimat, British Colombia. On the coast of central British Colombia, a Kitimat man shot and killed a Bigfoot near town. He was trying to drag the body away when other Bigfoots came out and tried to attack him. He barely escaped to his canoe. Reported on the British Colombia Scientific Cryptozoology Club website.

December 1967: Teton National Forest near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Two college students from Marshalltown, Iowa, Lyle Bingaman and Mike Burton, shot and killed a Bigfoot, thinking it was a bear. They were terrified that they had killed a human being and that they would be prosecuted for murder. Reported by Peter Byrne.

1968: North of Casper, Wyoming. Three men were hired by a rancher to kill a Bigfoot that was killing his cows and sheep by tearing off their legs. Afterward, the body was picked up by a government helicopter and taken to a research facility in Almogordo, New Mexico to be autopsied and studied. Government coverup. Reported by Ray Crowe.

1969: Whiteface Reservoir, Minnesota. A hunter shot and killed a Bigfoot, then put the body on ice and displayed it for awhile before replacing it with a plastic replica. The famous Minnesota Iceman story.

After 1969: Clark, Washington. Near Mt. St. Helens, a man shot and killed a Bigfoot, then tried to sell it, but stopped when he thought it might have been illegal to kill the Bigfoot. No further details. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

1970: Spokane, Washington. Grover Krantz reported that a hunter shot and killed a Bigfoot. Reported by Grover Krantz.

June 1971: Happy Camp, California. In the Siskiyou Mountains, two girls found a badly decomposed Bigfoot on a forest road. It was thought to be a Bigfoot due to the color of the fingernails. No action was taken; apparently they just left it there. This was reported in the Salem Capital Journal, Salem, Oregon. Reported by John Green.

June 1976: Baltimore, Maryland. As unlikely as it sounds, a Bigfoot was reported here in May 1976. Police were called, and K-9’s initially refused to track it. Finally, the dogs tracked it to an interstate tunnel. A police officer then saw it run under the interstate. The next month, US army personnel were called out to deal with the Bigfoot. Reports indicate that soldiers captured or killed the Bigfoot. No further information. Government coverup. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

Unknown date, probably after 1980: Cowlitz or Yale, Washington. Near Mt. St. Helens, a Bigfoot was killed by a vehicle on a highway. A US Forest Service helicopter came and took the body away. Nothing further was heard. Government coverup. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

Oregon: After 1980. A man and his son found a dead Bigfoot lying in a stream. They heard what sounded like another Bigfoot nearby watching over the dead one, and they quickly left the area. Reported by Cynthia Stayte.

July 1980: Mt. St. Helens, Washington. Up to 20 dead Bigfoots were dredged out of a river after the volcano eruption. They were taken by helicopter to a place where all the dead animals from the eruption were being buried in a landfill. The Bigfoots were guarded by National Guard troops. Asked what was to be done with them, the troops said that authorities were probably going to study them. A truck came to take the Bigfoot bodies away. Five different witnesses, one named Fred Bradshaw, reported that Bigfoots were discovered by searchers and hauled away by arms of the government, including the Army Corps of Engineers and the National Guard. Witnesses were warned to keep quiet. Government coverup. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

1980: Yakima Indian Reservation, Washington. Several Yakima Indians noted that a Bigfoot had been badly burned in the Mt. St. Helens eruption but had managed to survive. It was hanging out on the eastern end of their reservation afterward. They reported that a government helicopter came, bundled up the wounded Bigfoot and took it away. Government coverup. Reported on the Phantoms and Monsters website.

1982: Klamath, Oregon. On the Winema National Forest southeast of Crater Lake National Park, a Bigfoot was killed by a car. US Forest Service and local police sealed off the area, and the Bigfoot was hauled off in a truck. Government coverup. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

1984-1985: Martin County, Indiana. Dogs cornered a female Bigfoot as she was giving birth. She ran away, abandoning her fetus. The dead fetus was taken to the game warden, but all evidence disappeared after that. Government coverup. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization website.

1991: Chelan, Washington. On the east slope of the Cascades, US Forest Service officials photographed a dead Bigfoot that was found by a prospector. Government coverup. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

August 1998: Battle Mountain, Nevada. Firefighters fighting a fire encountered a badly burned Bigfoot. A physician and a veterinarian were called in to treat it. It was whisked away in an unmarked van, and all of the BLM firefighters were forced to sign statements saying that they would say nothing of the incident, on penalty of losing their G-X status, jobs and pensions. The Bigfoot was taken to a university in the Bay Area, where it was treated for a few days, then returned to an area about 150 miles from where it was captured. Government coverup. Reported by Thom Powell, The Locals.

Fall 1999: Connell Creek, Revillagigedo Island, Alaska. Near Ketchikan, Alaska, two men found an 8-inch hairy foot in sand by a creek. They threw it back in the creek. They said it belonged to neither a man nor a bear. Possible Bigfoot foot. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

January 2000: Honobia, Oklahoma. The Siege of Honobia.  Bigfoot apparently shot and killed as part of a group that was raiding and harassing a rural residence. Other Bigfoots apparently carried off the dead Bigfoot. Reported by the BFRO.

July 2000: 13 miles east of Hood River, Oregon. Along the Colombia River, a dead Bigfoot was spotted on the highway on Interstate 84 off the highway in the westbound lane, apparently killed by a vehicle. The Bigfoot was grey and was stretched out in a fetal position with an arm outstretched. There were several witnesses. No further data on the case. There were no newspaper reports. Government coverup. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

2001: Horse Cave, Hart County, Kentucky. A motorist hits and kills a Sasquatch on Hwy 218 late one evening. Many witnesses gathered around and had to be ushered off. A few witnesses snuck into the woods and watched EMT workers bury the body next to the road and scrubbed the pavement to remove an abundant amount of blood. The body mysteriously vanished the following morning. Thom Powell asked the witness to go back, but the body had been dug up and the area heavily disturbed. The area has had numerous sightings over the years thus earning the nickname “Bigfoot Hill.” Government coverup. Reported in The Locals by Thom Powell, p. 232.

2001: Hood River area, Oregon. Another Bigfoot was reportedly killed on Interstate 84. When investigators went to investigate, they found only tracks and no body. Government coverup. Reported by Ray Crowe.

2003: Duvall, Washington. Northeast of Seattle, a man’s dogs led him to a dead Bigfoot on his property. It had no apparent injuries. He thought maybe the dogs had scared the Bigfoot to death. The Bigfoot was 7-8 feet tall and weighed 350-400 pounds. He called Duvall police, but they never showed up. Instead, in about an hour, a black helicopter landed, and men dressed in all black came out. Ordering the man to stay in his house, they put the Bigfoot on a tarp and put it on the helicopter. Government coverup. Reported on the Oregon Bigfoot website.

November 12, 2003: Lafollette, Tennessee. A creature had been killing peoples’ animals. A woman’s goat and cat at the very least had been killed. She called the sheriff’s, and they came out with a team of deputies and told everyone to get their pets indoors as they were going to eliminate these animals. They tracked the Bigfoot and shot it dead over the next hill. There were sirens wailing, and the Bigfoot screamed as it was shot. The woman left the scene. People saw a black body lying in a field the next morning. Ten minutes later, it had vanished. Planes flew around the area night and day for two weeks.

Locals reported that there had been a hostile Bigfoot in the area, and they were trying to appease it by leaving food out for it so it would not kill their animals. Government coverup. Reported by Mary Green.

August 2006: Slim Buttes, Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota. A Bigfoot that had been named Chiye-tanka was shot and killed on the reservation. It was later given to the School of Mines to study. They sent it back, and it was given a ceremonial burial by Lakota elders. Government coverup. Reported by Ray Crowe.


From 1825-present, a 186 year period, 93 Bigfoots have either been killed by humans, had their dead bodies or parts found by humans, or got taken into human custody. Therefore, humans kill or take into custody Bigfoots or their bodies once every 2.1 years or about once every 2 years.

Bigfoot Bones

1856: East Wheeling, West Virginia. A decayed 9’6 skeleton was found with three bullets in its head. No one knew what to make of it. Reported by Ray Crowe.

Unknown date: Glacier, Montana. Just east of Glacier National Park, a Bigfoot skeleton was said to be kept in a sacred Native American burial area, possibly buried along with the Indians. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

Date unknown, modern era: British Colombia. The British Colombia Museum is said to be in possession of a huge jawbone, possibly of a Bigfoot, but they can’t locate it, as it’s crated somewhere in storage. Reported by John Green.

Date unknown, modern era: Northwest California. Three scientific aides and a wildlife biologist from California Department of Fish and Game, District 1, Eureka, California, found the bones of two adults and one juvenile Bigfoot. The FBI was notified and came to take the bones. A judge then issued a gag order on the case, and nothing more was heard. Government coverup. Reported by Ray Crowe.

Date unknown, modern era: Toba River, British Colombia. In far southwest coastal British Colombia, a couple working a trap line found a Bigfoot skeleton washing out of a riverbank. The bones were too heavy to carry, but the wife packed out the huge jawbone against the advice of her husband. The University of British Colombia and the British Colombia Museum were called, and the couple reported that they had a Bigfoot jaw from a Bigfoot skeleton. The university and museum both said that there is no such thing as Bigfoot, so they didn’t want to investigate. They kept the jawbone in their cabin, and 10 years later it burned down, taking the jaw in the process. Reported by John Green.

Date unknown, modern era: Morgan Lake, Santiam Highway, Oregon. Southwest of Portland, three gigantic skeletons were seen in the lake under four to six feet of water. Mysterious holes had appeared on the ice-covered lake that winter. It was thought that the Bigfoots had used the holes to bury their dead in the ice-covered lake. Reported by Ray Crowe.

July 1885: New York. A large number of huge skeletons were found in a cave. They were up to 8 feet tall. Disposition unknown. Reported by the Daily Victoria Standard, Victoria, British Colombia, July 7, 1885.

April 1886: Etowah, Alabama. Giant skeletons were found after a flood, washing out of riverbanks. Disposition unknown. Reported by the Jacksonville Republican, Jacksonville, Alabama, April 21, 1886.

1923: Santa Barbara. J.P. Harrington found and examined “Indian skulls” with very peculiar qualities. He felt that they resembled Neandertal Man. He concluded that they were modern Indians from the Santa Barbara region. Reported by Anonymous, Nature, 112:699, 1923.

1948: Bartholomew Creek, Smeaton Bay, East Behm Canal, Alaska. In Misty Fiords National Park, two men reported finding a jawbone larger than a man’s. Possible Bigfoot jawbone. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

1965: Wolfe, Kentucky. Kennith White found a nine foot skeleton with long arms and a huge head while digging along a creek bank. It was later reburied. Reported by the Kentucky Bigfoot website.

1965: Minarets Region of the Sierra Nevada, California. A partial Bigfoot skull (calvarium) was found by a physician. A pathologist said it was not human. It was sent to UCLA, where anthropologists said it was an old Indian skull, since the only ancient hominids residing in the Sierras were Indians, so it must be an Indian. They did say that it had odd features such as a nuchal crest. It’s presently lost in storage. Reported by the BFRO.

Before 1972: Shuswap Lake, British Colombia. In the Colombian Range of the Rocky Mountains, a Bigfoot skeleton was found washing out of a riverbed. The teeth and jaw were huge, and the skeleton was 8 feet long. It was sent to Wrexham Museum in Wales. It seems to have vanished into thin air and has never been found. Reported by Ivan Sanderson.

After 1972: Antelope Flat, Oregon. On the Ochoco National Forest west of Bend, a Bigfoot skull was found. It was taken to Portland College. They returned after a bit with a long report, but only after it had been taken apart into its constituent pieces. They would not commit on what it was. Reported by Vic McDaniel.

Before 1979: Brazil. A Canadian college professor took photos of a beetle-browed skull, thought to be Homo Erectus, at a Brazilian institution. Upon returning later for followup, the skull was gone. Reported by Dr. Alan J. Bryan, University of Alberta. Story reported in Smithsonian Magazine.

1987: Estacada, Oregon. A man, Grover Kiggens, found his dog playing with a strange object. Upon examination, it was a human-like skull with strange features. It still had some skin and hair on it. The man felt that the creature had been 4-5 years old when it died. It seems to have been the skull of a young Bigfoot. There had been a lot of strange screeching in the forest for several nights previous to the discovery of the skull. The man thought it was human, so he sent it to the crime lab. The crime lab sent it back, saying it was not human.

Then he sent it to the Regional Primate Center, but they refused to comment, simply returning the skull with a note. Next it went to the University of British Colombia, but they kept it for two years and could not decide what it was. Next it went to the University of California, Berkeley. After some time, the finder received a note from a Dr. Turner of Berkeley:

“…please tell him he can be proud…is ultimately responsible for discovery of a new species and its legal protection. Slow going partly because legal protection requires species known to science, hence named and described based upon physical material. Several others and I cautious about going out on limb…process of elimination was very tedious, but skull is ‘new.'”

Berkeley is still on possession of the skull, but it seems to be lost. Reported by Cliff Olsen.

2002: Scotts Valley, California. In the Santa Cruz Mountains, a man digging in a sand hill for shark teeth found a huge apparent Bigfoot tooth. He showed it to a several dentists, who all said it was human, but that it was too big to be human. It is presently part of Dr. Melba Ketchum’s  Bigfoot DNA project, but it has not yet been tested. Reported by Mike Rugg.

2008: Oregon. As part of the Ketchum DNA project to prove the existence of Bigfoot by sequencing their DNA, a purported Bigfoot bone, a femur, was used. The bone was found in a stream in Oregon. However, for whatever reason, the bone was not used in the study.


Between 1858-present, over a 153 year period, 30 possible Bigfoot bones, skulls, skeletons or teeth have been found. So possible Bigfoot bones are found about once every 5.1 years in the modern era, about once every 5 years.

Government Coverup

For the past 43 years, there appears to be a government coverup about Bigfoots. Over a 43 year period, there were 17 cases of possible government coverup of Bigfoot evidence. That is one coverup case every 2.7 years, about one incident every 3 years.

Before 1968, there were no government coverup cases. The coverup probably started in 1968 because the Patterson film was filmed in November 1967. The evidence suggests therefore that there may be a government coverup dating from 1968. In particular, government officials appear to have been taking Bigfoot bodies away, never to be seen again. The government appears to be involved at various levels, including the National Guard, the Army Corps of Engineers, state police, the FBI and the US military.

Grand Conclusion

From 1825-present, a 186 year period, 128 possible Bigfoot bones, bodies, body parts, burials, graveyards and Bigfoots have been found, witnessed, captured or killed. Such possible hard evidence for Bigfoot occurs once every 1.4 years, or once every 1 1/2 years. Obviously, in the future, we will continue to find dead Bigfoots, Bigfoot bones/remains and Bigfoot burials/graveyards. We will continue to capture and kill Bigfoots. With the increasing media publicity about Bigfoots, the possibility that these remains end up in the proper hands and are not sent to the university lost and found bin or confiscated by the state as part of a coverup increases.

Recommendations For Those Encountering Hard Bigfoot Evidence

As noted above, there seems to be a government conspiracy to coverup  Bigfoot existence dating back 31 years. Therefore, the state is not to be trusted one bit with Bigfoot evidence. Universities have a nasty habit of losing Bigfoot hard evidence, so we should not automatically turn evidence over to them.

Next time someone comes across a dead Bigfoot, they ought to call someone other than the authorities. I would recommend calling Bigfoot researchers or possibly the media. With the media on the scene taking pictures of the body, it will be hard for the state to seal the area off and steal the body again. At the very least, take pictures or movies of the body before the state can whisk it away.

If a Bigfoot burial is witnessed, notify Bigfoot researchers so they can excavate the grave site. Try to take photos or movies of the burial. Possible Bigfoot graveyards should be excavated.

Bodies, parts, bones, etc. should be turned over to Bigfoot researchers and not the state. Let the state conduct an armed raid to get them back.

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175 responses to “Why No Bigfoot Bones and Bodies?

  1. cursed

    So what would happen if you did the dirty deed with mrs bigfoot? Would there be a viable issue? Could ya get food stamps for the little feets?

    • Apparently they can breed with humans. The stories in the US are BF males kidnapping Indian women and impregnating them. The offspring do live sometimes, but they are sometimes so wild that they can’t be controlled. They also have very long arms.

      • james

        So, that’s where black people came from! :-p

      • darren

        yup the story of the native band in vernon bc is that a native woman gave birth to a pair of twins which were half bigfoot, apparently she was unable to leave bigfoot for some time, then excaped. she came to the native band and lived for a while with them, but the 2 half bigfoots returned to forest as was to difficult to assimulate once they were able to

        • chuckadoo

          Is it possible that that that is where dogmen come from the description of human bigfoot hybrids sound similar to dogmen

      • Mike Hayes

        I don’t mean to reply to a specific post with this.

        I’ve read most of this blog and it seems to me that this bigfoot issue mirrors the UFO issue. A lot of eyewitness accounts and not much else. I think that Robert, in one of his posts, said that many people were sent to death on eyewitness accounts. I will further that by saying that many, many more were sent to jail for life or less on eyewitness accounts.

        Over time and through the work of many well meaning people the eyewitness accounts that sent these people to jail or death turned out to be amazingly unreliable. These are good people with good intentions making serious mistakes resulting in absolute tragedy for entire families for their entire life. Eyewitness accounts are notoriously unreliable. That is a fact that is well documented by the hundreds (thousands?) of prisoners released on DNA evidence that proved that the eyewitness was mistaken.

        That is what the bigfoot issue is dealing with. We need hard evidence.



    • james

      I’d say you run the risk of getting H.I.V., and the baby may be born with sickle cell anemia. On the other hand, it may grow to be a great athlete, rapper, or drug dealer (or all of the above). And if you fail as a parent, the government will pick up your slack.

      • Nothing like hybrid vigor, even if it’s between species.

      • nominay

        I misread rapper as raper. That too!

      • shelvic

        Please I’m a stuudent at yale law hell seems like the majority like James has a low bf IQ. Let me get your phone number. I will bf slap the ignorance out of you.

        • Ayla

          IQ is a poor measure of global intelligence. There are actually 9 areas of intelligence. IQ is overrated, whether at Yale or any other school.
          I’ve seen some so-called brilliant (per supposed IQ) people make the dumbest mistakes and I’ve seen seemingly slow people (IQ or not) do some brilliant things.

          Gardner’s MI Theory challenged traditional beliefs in the fields of education and cognitive science. According to a traditional definition, intelligence is a uniform cognitive capacity people are born with. This capacity can be easily measured by short-answer tests. According to Gardner, intelligence is:

          § The ability to create an effective product or offer a service that is valued in a culture

          § A set of skills that make it possible for a person to solve problems in life

          § The potential for finding or creating solutions for problems, which involves gathering new knowledge

          In addition, Gardner claims that:

          § All human beings possess all intelligences in varying amounts

          § Each person has a different intellectual composition

          § We can improve education by addressing the multiple intelligences of our students

          § These intelligences are located in different areas of the brain and can either work independently or together

          § These intelligences may define the human species

          § Multiple intelligences can be nurtured and strengthened, or ignored and weakened

          § Each individual has nine intelligences (and maybe more to be discovered)

          Multiple Intelligences
          According to MI Theory, identifying each student’s intelligences has strong ramifications in the classroom. If a child’s intelligence can be identified, then teachers can accommodate different children more successfully according to their orientation to learning. Teachers in traditional classrooms primarily teach to the verbal/linguistic and mathematical/logical intelligences. The nine intelligences are:

          § VISUAL/SPATIAL – children who learn best visually and organizing things spatially. They like to see what you are talking about in order to understand. They enjoy charts, graphs, maps, tables, illustrations, art, puzzles, costumes – anything eye catching.
          § VERBAL/LINGUISTIC – children who demonstrate strength in the language arts: speaking, writing, reading, listening. These students have always been successful in traditional classrooms because their intelligence lends itself to traditional teaching.
          § MATHEMATICAL/LOGICAL – children who display an aptitude for numbers, reasoning and problem solving. This is the other half of the children who typically do well in traditional classrooms where teaching is logically sequenced and students are asked to conform.
          § BODILY/KINESTHETIC – children who experience learning best through activity: games, movement, hands-on tasks, building. These children were often labeled “overly active” in traditional classrooms where they were told to sit and be still!
          § MUSICAL/RHYTHMIC – children who learn well through songs, patterns, rhythms, instruments and musical expression. It is easy to overlook children with this intelligence in traditional education.
          § INTRAPERSONAL – children who are especially in touch with their own feelings, values and ideas. They may tend to be more reserved, but they are actually quite intuitive about what they learn and how it relates to themselves.
          § INTERPERSONAL – children who are noticeably people oriented and outgoing, and do their learning cooperatively in groups or with a partner. These children may have typically been identified as “talkative” or ” too concerned about being social” in a traditional setting.
          § NATURALIST – children who love the outdoors, animals, field trips. More than this, though, these students love to pick up on subtle differences in meanings. The traditional classroom has not been accommodating to these children.
          § EXISTENTIALIST – children who learn in the context of where humankind stands in the “big picture” of existence. They ask “Why are we here?” and “What is our role in the world?” This intelligence is seen in the discipline of philosophy.

  2. The Scotts Valley tooth does indeed exist, but we don’t know what it is. I’ve seen a photo of it. And a femur exists too, but we don’t know what it is.

    The femur and the tooth were used by Ketchum in her DNA project. Not sure how they tested out.

    I know there is a pair of giant mummies, possibly of Bigfoots, from the Lovelock Cave in Nevada. They are in the BLM museum. The BLM says they are Indians.

    • Do more research on Lovelock Cave. They weren’t covered with long hair. They were red headed cannibals and were giants though and best avoided. I think they were driven into a cave by Indians because of their nasty habit of cannibalism and a fire set in front of the cave killed them.

  3. Oh come now. Your skepticism is ridiculous. Even some the skeptics on JREF say that the Minarets skull existed, but they said it was of an Indian. There is a Youtube interview of the now-aged physician who found the skull, telling how he found it and what he did with it.

  4. love lock cave is an ancient native american site hunter gathering site near a lake. The people there used to create duck decoys and etc for hunting.

  5. so your saying robert lindsay that the native americans who lived at that cave were bigfoots

    • Those Indians said that when they first came there, Bigfoots lived in the area, often attacked the Indians and killed them and ate them. Finally, there was a huge war between the humans the Bigfoots. The Bigfoots were tracked to Lovelock Cave, where bushes were thrown in and then set on fire. The Bigfoots were trapped in there, and they all died.

      The Indian-Bigfoot War was over. Archeologists excavating the cave found a layer where a fire had been, then found two giant skeletons under the fire layer. Those are the skeletons at the BLM museum.

  6. tell me the name of that video on youtube then

  7. give me visual proof of this

  8. anyway I’ve been on many posts on this website and many are about low black IQ. Me and some of my colleagues went to the countries of Nigeria and the Congo region upon hearing of these unusually low IQ scores and tested people ourselves and found that the average IQ in Kinshasa the capital of Congo to be about 82 and in a district of Abuja in Nigeria the average was higher at 85. Besides the peoples of these regions did build up great states in the past and on numerous occasions deflected European colonization. I personally think that people lower the IQ scores on purpose. Anyway can you create another low black IQ post ( robert lindsay) so i can show my proof to those who believe blacks are incapable and show them otherwise.

  9. not trooling

    Wait, havent seen this site for awhile.

    Whats up with this bigfoot stuff?

    • I’m into Bigfoot, homeboy. Get on board the BF Express!

      • answer to my comment please. I will post my video onthis site so that people will see the proof to my findings but also the fact that i vsited extremely poor areas and yet the people scored above the average.

      • barb

        Gulk! I sincerely *hope* there are no Bigfoots. Because if there are, and word gets out, next thing, liberal whackjobs will start marching to give them civil rights. America is broke, and, frankly, we can’t afford any more welfare cases.

        (I’m kidding. I’m kidding!)

        • Movenon

          LOL! Imagine the whackjobs putting a ban on further population movement into rural areas. Or confiscating land from farmers who have Bigfoot sightings near them. Gotta protect those helpless Bigfoots from the evil white man!

        • james

          We already have given them civil rights, and a load of welfare. They live in areas like Compton, detriot, harlem, east new York, and Newark. They have a television channel devoted entirely to their form of entertainment. The rich ones reside near Hollywood, drive Bentleys and Mercedes of high value, and (following Indian tradition) still take our women.

        • Thank you for your keen anthropological assessment, doctor.

  10. You don’t believe it because you’re British. I imagine very few Brits believe in this thing. OTOH, most of Britain is cleared. Have you ever been to the Western US? You can’t imagine what it’s like out there, the vastness and imprenetrableness of the forests and mountains that go on and on out there. It’s one of the wildest places on Earth.

    Even here in the US, I’ve noticed that folks in the Northeast don’t believe in Bigfoot and think it’s ridiculous. Folks in the Southeast are not sure. But when you get out West here, you find a lot more believers. More if they live in a more rural area and less if they live in huge cities like Los Angeles.

    I’ve probably spent more time in the wilds than you will in 20 lifetimes. I’m sure this thing exists; it’s not even an argument.

    California has a ton of Bigfoot sightings. This is where the P-G film was shot. I’ve been studying this issue since 1967, and so have some of my friends. California has one of the highest number of sightings of this animal than anywhere else in the whole world. That’s why there are so many believers here.

    • Amy

      The “Bridgewater Triangle” area of Massachusetts had reports of Bigfoot sightings as recently as the 1970s. (aka the Hockomock Swamp Monster)

    • The more sigthings, the more believers. It’s pretty simple really. In the rural mountainous West, many people around you are having BF sightings. They are being written up in the papers, etc. You may know people who have seen them, or know people who know people, or you may have seen them yourself.

      While we are at it, want to tell me why BF sightings are linearly related to rainfall? Below 20 inches of rain, very few sightings. Above 40 and especially 50 inches of rain, and there are a tremendous amount of sightings. Is there something about living in a high precipitation are that makes people’s imaginations run world.

      There is more evidence for BF than for almost all other cryptids. There’s certainly more evidence for it than for fairies, angels, sea monsters, unicorns, trolls, leprechauns, etc., for which there is next to no evidence for their existence.

    • Do you have an explanation for the sightings?

      Are they hoaxing the sightings? Are they lying? Are they hallucinating? Are they misinterpreting other living things?

      What’s the explanation? There are 40,000 sightings that demand and explanation.

      I’ve spent a ton of time in the wilds, and I’ve never imagined I’ve seen anything. Seen and heard a lot of strange things, but they were all living critters. I’ve had bobcats with 1-2 of me. I could have reached down and touched them.

    • Ignorance is bliss! You must be very happy!

  11. Bernardo Carpio

    MonsterQuest made a fairly balanced, unsensational documentary on Bigfoot with several scientists weighing in (4 parts, you can access the other parts from part 1 below):

    • Bernardo, do you know anything about the Kapre, the Bigfoot type that supposedly lives in the Philippines?

      • Bernardo Carpio

        Yes everyone in the Philippines knows about the Kapre — a very tall hairy ape-like “mythological” figure. When I was young, our maid used to tell stories about how they would encounter such creatures in the forests. I don’t know whether she was recounting tall stories or not. One thing I distinctly remember though is that she said the creature would sometimes emit a really bad smell, like rotten eggs. Is that why Bigfoots are called skunk apes in some parts of the US?

        • Yep, I heard that they are less seen now with the expanding population and the destruction of the forests. From the description, it looks very much like a BF type. Yes, BF does smell bad sometimes. I believe that they give off that odor when they are frightened or as a warning. Gorillas do the same thing. That’s another thing that makes me think that the Kapre is real.

        • Amy

          The “Hockomock Monster” of southeastern Massachusetts (aka the Bridgewater Bigfoot) was described as smelling like a skunk. No sightings since the 70s as far as I know.

      • kyle

        ? about the rain count notation… so your sayin that sightings happen way more after 40 to 50 ” of rain… that is interesting to me, can you please elaborate more on that robert and please explain in your own personal opinion as to why you think this is?

    • Thx for this. I am actually a scientifically minded person, despite what some trolls on here say. Tbh, it is the science and science along, the totality of the body of evidence, that has caused me to believe in BF because I’m usually suspicious of things like this.

  12. Bernardo Carpio

    Hasn’t there any attempt to capture them alive by trapping them or using tranquilizer guns, etc.? Why is the US government trying to cover it all up?

    • It would be almost impossible to live-trap one. The use of tranquilizer guns is very difficult for many reasons. You need to know the exact dose and you need to have an animal trapped or trackable nearby so you can get the trank out of the refrigerator and put it in the gun so you can use it. You can’t just go out hunting with a tranquilizer gun because the trank will expire when it’s out of the fridge for a while.

      The US government is definitely covering up the existence of this animal. Why, am I not sure? One agent supposedly said it the release of the information to the public would cause panic.

  13. A lot of BF’s are said to smell like skunks. So the Hockomock Monster may well have been a BF. Maybe it was just moving through. With no sightings since the 1970’s, I don’t think they are still in the area.

    However, SW Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio have a ton of sightings and they also have a lot of forests and deer, I think. Still, it’s weird to think of BF’s back east. Everyone associates them with the Pacific NW.

  14. We are not talking about a few isolated people experiencing a culturally bound psychosis here. And these are uneducated people? Did they see anyone snatch their dick?

    BF sightings run the gamut, plus they are occurring in a highly developed Western society, scientifically literate, where belief in spirits and goblins and ghosts and supernatural things is not common. Further, we have many reports from a wide variety of scientists themselves, PhD’s, police, sheriffs, biologists, park rangers, naturalists, wildlife biologists, botanists, geologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and other high ranking members of society who are scientifically literate, not prone to superstition, and are often skeptical atheist types.

    So it’s not a good comparison. Further, if you watch the video, we have a lot of excellent scientific evidence outside of the outpouring of sightings. Videos, footprints, etc that could not possibly have been faked in any way whatsoever. Scat, hair. Acoustic recordings that could not possibly have been faked.

    Further, the body of reports over time, dating back to Indian days, depict a coherent image of the physical nature and ecology of an animal that is consistent over time and across space, via tens of thousands of witness accounts. Witnesses who were not talking to each other, communicating or conspiring.

    It’s quite an impressive body of science. Enough to convince me. I suppose we will need a body to seal the case once and for all though, but who knows when we will get that? It’s hard to find dead ones or bones in the wild, and even when do nowadays, the authorities steal them. Dogs won’t track them so they can’t be tracked. Tranquilizer guns won’t work either for a variety of reasons. People shoot them or shoot at them a few times a year, but it’s hard to kill them.

    Looks like it might be a while before the final proof of a body, live or dead, is produced. Until then, final proof will be lacking unfortunately.

    I disagree that sightings are worthless anecdotes. After all, eyewitness testimony is sufficient to convict a man of murder and send him to his death. With a huge mass of sightings in an educated, modern population, I start to get interested.

    Also, Koro is a psychosis. So everyone who sees a Bigfoot is psychotic? And in Koro, no one is seeing anything. It’s simply a crazy belief system outside of any confirmatory visual evidence by the patient.

    You still have not told us the reason for the sightings. What are they? Lies? Hoaxes? Hallucinations? Misidentifications?

    • What you ignore is that many BF sightings have come from scientific types, skeptics and atheists who have no magical thinking or strange beliefs. Many were skeptics who were hostile to the notion of BF until they actually saw one. Then they became believers.

      What does believing in horoscopes or blood types have to do with mass hallucinations? Are the Japanese prone to mass hallucinations?

  15. Your argument about Christianity and Islam is no good. 99% of all believers never see anything. No living Christian has ever seen Jesus, and no Muslim has ever seen Mohammad. A few people see a few religious apparitions now and again, but it’s not commonly reported for Christians to hallucinate and see religious figures. Nor do Muslims commonly hallucinate and see religious things.

    Where are all of these religious people who are seeing hallucinated religious figures? I’ve never met one in my entire life. Further, many who see such things are obviously mentally ill. Not a good analogy with mentally stable BF witnesses.

    • Seeing something in your dreams is not the same as seeing something in real life.

    • Chris

      D. Jeffrey Meldrum is not Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum. If he was Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum, it would say PhD. after his name. I would surmise that the “D” stands for David, and that Jeffrey is his middle name.

      • Chris

        Sorry, Robert. I jumped the gun there. Me bad. Here’s what Greg Kofford books has to say about D. Jeffrey Meldrum’s book (Yes it state that it is one and the same Doctor Meldrum PhD.):


        “Book Description:

        How does the Book of Mormon, keystone of the LDS faith, stand up to data about DNA sequencing that puts the ancestors of modern Native Americans in northeast Asia instead of Palestine?
        In Who Are the Children of Lehi? Meldrum and Stephens examine the merits and the fallacies of DNA-based interpretations that challenge the Book of Mormon’s historicity. They provide clear guides to the science, summarize the studies, illuminate technical points with easy-to-grasp examples, and spell out the data’s implications.
        The results? There is no straight-line conclusion between DNA evidence and “Lamanites.” The Book of Mormon’s validity lies beyond the purview of scientific empiricism—as it always has. And finally, inspiringly, they affirm Lehi’s kinship as one of covenant, not genes.”

        Davey said, “He also believes that Mormons are descended from an ancient Israelite tribe who settled among the Native Americans… and he has DNA evidence to prove it:”

        This shows that Davey doesn’t know what he is talking about as the synopsis of the book states no such belief on Mldrum’s part at all, and that there is no scientific link between Native Americans and Isreal. Lehi’s kinship is one of covenant (an agreement between Mormons), not genes.

        So, for Davey to make the claim that he does, shows that he forgot to read the book!

  16. considerit

    In answere to some of the posts about why the government might be covering up the existence of these creatures from being known to the public at large as a reality I have a theory-
    What if within the last fifty years or so the government and certain university scientists (who are really another unofficial arm of the governemnt) have been secretly studying these “creatures” and have found them to actually be a type of prehistoric human race that has always existed within the wildlands outside of “modern” human contact for the most part. The implications would be devastating for modern human industries such as logging, mining, and ranching. Politics would definitely play a huge role in regulating and protecting these “people”. Private lands would need to be confiscated for “reservations”. The U. S. forest Service would need to close off vast tracts of land from public and private use. The loss in revenue would be enormous. All of this not to mention the shock waves this would send through both the established conventional scientific and religious communitites.
    Just a theory- but it does seem to fit in with what we could expect from our “honest, non-compromised” government agencies.

    • jeremy

      i AGREE with some of your points but we have national parks already with vast untouched areas but maybe thats why they made national forests,national parks and so on cause they new and thats there way of hidding it from us,more room for them to roam….and u cant build houses and or anything in theses reserves and there are not many roads either….I think its religion there scared of..cause if there is a big foot that is part human and half somethin else we havnt found yet….that would ? there religoin kinda like ufos..cause whos drivin the ufos other beins,god didnt say anything about other earth forms from diifrnt planets.just like big foot who is the other half of the dna of big foot,maybe some one from out there

  17. Oldmanofthehills

    Considerit: You are exactly right in your reasoning. And, the creatures exist over most of this country. David, and people who believe as he does, are in for a very rude awakening; and soon.

  18. considerit

    Well, I do hope that the “rude awakening” comes before the involved government agencies get away with decimating these “prehistoric people” completely. In the event that it is a reality that there are several multi-billion dollar industries that have been secretely lobbying the government for several decades to exterminate them, or at least cull down their numbers as much as possible, before it becomes apparent to the public at large that the creatures are in fact a reality. It will have become a race against time- there needs to be some kind of irrefutable proof of their existence that makes it into public exposure before they are genocidally wiped out.

  19. Andy

    Has anyone ever heard of large skulls with giant incisor teeth, similar to that of the tusks of boars etc. But smaller and in the mouth.

    • Do you have one of these skulls?

      • Andy

        No, But I have a close relative who has a powerful story relating to a larger than human skull with big tusk like incisors. where can I find information on these.

      • jeremy

        the mt sain helens intreged me…I live in portland oregon lie 50 miles away the ash hit us when it erupted….and they found like 20 bodies in the river dead …thats a large amount in a small area that promising…and there were 2 hit by a car in hood river a year aprt ,im 20 miles from there…never herd about it on the news thats how sketchy this subject is,and im 30 min from MT HOOD guess im in a Hot SPOT…KINDA COOL

  20. Andy

    I am looking for info on skulls with this appearance- With Incisors. any info?

  21. Robert Lindsay, please declare the original SOURCE of the report above.

  22. Robert, are you saying that you compiled it? I could swear I read this on the internet somewhere a couple of years ago. The statistical statements about sightings per year are what I recall most clearly.

    Anyway, keep up the interesting work on these bigfoot topics!


    • A lot of it was taken from an article by Ray Crowe that you can still find on the Net at Bigfootology. However, I added a lot of my own stuff. The statistics about incidents per year were my calculations exclusively.

      Thx for the good words!

  23. Jerome

    Is there any activity of area protection in animal vs animal,bf vs bf,males fighting over females to date?

  24. sg

    There are so many unknowns we still have not discovered a person would have to be very narrow minded and not a very good thinker to no see the truth.

  25. steve brunsberg

    I want to weigh in on the government cover-up angle. I think it is probably simpler than a conspiracy situation. I believe they simply don’t quite know what to do and it is easier to do nothing and say nothing. an analog is the enormous increase in documents declared secret by the government – my understanding is that one driver for this is that it is simply easier and more convenient to make information classified than to release it.

  26. sg

    Yes, I do agree with that. But the silver back and the panda both were discovered this century and several creatures from the deep…sooooo… This Bigfoot that has been seen all over the world with all and different cultures for 100’s of years I do believe is out there. There is so much we still do not know and are still discovering, i.e. etc. protons/neurons/electrons on even smaller and larger scales.

  27. sg

    Robert, You have not commented?

  28. Joe

    Reading all of the above I’ve decided to make up my own story. A long time ago (date unknown is a popular theme) I was out hunting when I spotted a Bigfoot so I shot it and killed it. I returned a year later to view the corpse but it was missing? I noticed huge footprints leading up to a large pile of rocks. Possible Bigfoot burial ground? Probably, but I couldn’t be bothered to dig it up. I did however find a very large bone which was passed on to a team of highly skilled researchers but they lost it.

    The end.

    • Jason

      I call bullshit because as soon as i read people reporting seeing bigfoots bury their dead, if i saw one digging a hole and rolling rocks over a grave, i would hide, wait till they were gone if i was scared i would mark the area somehow and come back and get the body. It possible bigfoots exist but i call Bullshit on some of these reports.

  29. Michael Salyers

    Well written my friend. I do beleive there is truth in what you said here however I think it is likely that we have found bigfoot bones befor. With the exception of size, these creatures are an exact match to the description of Neanderthals. I think we have misidentified the remains that we have found so everyone thinks we have yet to find a body. Also, bigfoot utilizes cave systems and the cover of marsh lands to travel great distances. They may just dispose of thier dead by throwing them down into underground pits in caves that man may not know of or deems to dangereous to try and traverse.

  30. Most mounds were removed when found, as BF, dies and they are tagged a team will remove the body. sorry but we may see BF, but never will one be found.

  31. Elmer

    Common sense would tell you that by now a hunter with a high powered rifle wouldve killed one of these things and brought it in by now.
    And how come none appear on these state of the art trail cameras?
    Bigfoot only exist in the minds of its believers.
    We cannot ever prove that Bigfoot DOES NOT exist
    and we never will
    However it is only possible that we can prove he does.
    and I dont see this happening.

    • These things are indeed shot and killed every once in a while. Now bringing in a whole body of one is another matter altogether.

      They are indeed caught on these state of the art trailcams you talk about, but they’re nocturnal, so it’s hard to get them on cam.

      • Scott

        Robert, if someone ever shot one of these fictional creatures, you can bet they would be the first to bring it to the attention of the public. That would make them famous. But no one ever has. Why? Because bigfoot is a figment of your imagination.

        As the old saying goes, no body, no crime. No body, no proof. It really is that simple.

        • It’s ok. We are about to prove they are real quite soon now. And it doesn’t matter what people like you think. You can say whatever you want. The fact is you are wrong, and you are about to be humiliated in the most horrible way.

          PS you are on the verge of violating “hostile tone” in the comments rules.

        • transientdreams

          Doubt all you want, as ignorance is a self-fulfilling loop that you are welcome to follow eternally at your own peril…Worth a look!


    • jeremy

      They are human/animal….so they think like us and they have animal insticts….They are the top predator and if u shoot a 10 foot 800 pound freakin beast thing there is no way u would go up to it,and plus if u red all the sightings there are usually 4 of them togather…..these things are real why would all these people go out of there way and say these things,I can see if there wwere a couple sightings then i could see where your coming from…it changes peoples lives when they see these things….animal like human oid,nocternal animal its not going to pop out in the cuty there smart and can think like us,making graves means they morn,they have fellings…and they have found out that they are real there dna is human and something else that they cant figure out…watch coast to coast videos on yahoo about dna

    • So say i am hiking around hunting…about three quarters of a mile from the nearest road, downhill through timber and brush, and see and shoot and kill a bigfoot. Say it is an adult, and weighs about 800 pounds…i bring it back how? They have been shot before. Trail cams emit sound waves…Your ignorance is showing as you have no idea of what this creature is capable of, and shouldn’t make statements without a thorough study of the creature you dismiss so easily. You obviously don’t spend much time in the forests and swamps of North America, and know little of how to survive in the wilds…and haven’t hunted for food, but propose to call experienced people liars or crazy? Stay in your condo, and find something to comment on that you have a clue about.

  32. Elmer

    The so called bigfoot in the circa 1967 Patterson-Gimlin film is just a man in a suit.
    Mr. Gimlin has yet to submit to a polygraph exam about what he saw and experienced that day.

  33. Elmer

    BULLCRAP -Robert , I am a hunter, and if I shot one of these things I am at the very least going to cut off its frigging head and take it with me to prove that they exist and get an agent and make the New York Times best sellers list, and hire myself ot various speaking engagements. “The Man Who Killed Bigfoot” I would make a ton of money – you betcha!

    Give me a break Robert – If one was ever killed the proof would surface.


  34. honyok

    Robert arnt you being a little harsh?

  35. honyok

    at least Elmer did not use any profanity or make any threats
    dont you think you are being a little unfair?

    • My answer to Elmer would be that perhaps the so called Bigfoot or Sasquatch – when killed the hunter discovers that in the face the Bigfoot bears a strong humanlike resmeblance. Now we are talking MURDER ONE
      No one wants to sit in a 5 by 8 foot cell the rest of his life. So they destroy or hide the body and keep quiet. There is your answer Elmer Fudd. Hows that for blogging someone out Robert my good friend?

      • sg

        I agree that it would be murder to kill a branch of humanoid. And Robert is right! We do not know all the animals, plants, bacteria, fish etc germs that are still undiscovered and/or still evolving and changing. As a nurse I could tell you alot of changed mutated things I have seen in babies, bacteria and infectious transmitable diseases just during my lifetime. And, oh yes, I was raised a hunter and growing up we only ate what we raised or killed. To include fresh road kill, our cattle/chickens, fish, rattle snakes, deer, coon, rabbit, squirel, bull frogs, my Uncle’s goats, wild hogs from my Grandfathers hog marker…boy was that a trip in spring getting the PG soug/hogs penned until piglets were born so we could cut/mark their ears, it’s worst than branding and worming cattle…but had to be done. I have never seen a Bigfoot in East Texas but have felt something watching me before than I left the woods. I have seen three bobcats and we use to have a yellow cougar in the 1970’s that would kill our calves and hunting dogs/red long ear hounds. If you are a hunter you need to open up all the senses God has given you and not be tunneled in your vision of possibilities in nature.

        • SuperTroll

          Sg – I agree with you 100% – I would not going to pay much attention to this Elmer dude. My heart of hearts tell me that he is probably some greasy old coot shacked up in the Mountains somewhere with a dried up Nut SacK. He couldnt get wood if he took a case of Viagra..
          Ergo – he is one unhappy sonofbitch and wants to share his misery.

  36. Linda Lee

    It seems to me that those that are closed to the possibility of new discovery are afraid of how it will change their world as they know it. They have a large investment in their own beliefs, what every they might be. When you open your mind to what is there discovery can be wonderful.
    Yes, it is almost unbelievable that there is still something out there that is an unknown unclassified creature.
    But when you are staring it in the eyes, and making casts of its 16″ foot prints, you can either close your mind to the evidence, or use your mind, open it up just a little and take a look at what is there.
    I wouldn’t take it for granted that every Bigfoot story is true. But we all have brain. We all have the ability to discover and reason on the evidence that we find.
    Learn! Go into the woods for yourself. Ask experts to teach you what you don’t know. Investigate. I’m all about the science. Why is this foot print not human? What makes this foot print different? How was it made? When you have a Dr. explain the science to you, you then will have information, not just stories. You can start to educated yourself and you will be able to see why anyone would every state that there is an unknown ape in the America’s.
    Or you can stick your head in the sand, call people stupid and just hope it all goes away. Really, these creatures don’t care if you deny they are out there. But some of us just have to know. We want to learn who we are sharing this planet with. Discovery is just human nature.

  37. Fly By Night

    Ref. 1967 Patterson/Gimlin film – indicates that muscle flexing and movement is quite noticeable in the legs.
    The creature has a very unusual gait. Nothing like a typical human.
    Current costume experts in Hollywood have come forward and claim it would very difficult today to recreate the creature seen in the Patterson film with such realism.
    Extremely doubtful it couldve been accomplished in 1967.
    Also remember that Roger Patterson made a dying deathbed declaration that the film was NOT a hoax and nothing about it was fake.
    (a statement under those circumstances usually holds up in a court of law)

  38. bunnyman

    I’m not gonna read a hundred responses, so here goes a response that may contain issues you’ve already addressed, the most important of which is that:
    1. I have apparently done the uncertain. Yep. I did it. I was walking a couple of years ago now in the hills between the San Pablo and Briones reservoirs and, much to my delight and awe, I came upon an almost complete skeleton of a deer. Its skull has the place of honor in my bedroom now. I’m not in that room, but if I were, it would be gazing from empty sockets in what I like to think of is a benevolent manner, upon us, as I write to you. An uncertain skull. But it certainly looks certain, noble, experienced, and (dare I say) sacred. It is certainly of a male deer, which died some time in Fall, Winter, or Spring, before it could shed its antlers, which are full but simple in their structure, with only two full branches per antler. I don’t know what that equals in antler scoring, but it is very low.

    Going into the next room, I take out my paper tape measure from the cheapo sewing kit I bought around the same time, and see that the maximum breadth is just under 19 inches (from the widest spread), that the straight distance from the skull to the tallest tine is 19 inches, and that measured up that same tine along the antler, it measures 22 inches.

    The tooth wear and skull characteristics indicate a male deer of around 8 years of age.

    A Black-tailed deer of our region. (Not, strictly speaking, a mule deer. I’ve compared the tail characteristics of living deer in the regions, and they are black-tails.

    It was an interesting find. I was hiking with my dog Bodhi in the area one is licensed to hike when one holds the East Bay Municipal Utilities District Watershed hiking permit, which I hold. Like I say, it was between the San Pablo Reservoir and the Briones Reservoir.

    We came in from a pasture over a fence, over a gully running with water, and under the drip line that marked the border of the lush green grass pasture and the mixed oak and bay tree woods. Before us rose, wooded, a treed slope of land scalloped into hummocks and smooth, gullied creek beds. The deer trails crisscrossed the hillside. We went up in there.

    There he lay. Fully exposed, near a trail, on a bit of flat earth, in all of his, if I may say, majesty. I am often wordlessly in awe of deer, a thing that doubtless goes back several hundred thousand years into the psychology of my genome. Also, I it makes me want to catch them. In this case, there was no need.

    He lay on his right side, on the right side (looking upstream, in this case East) of a little gully coming down the hill, as I came up a trail that bordered that gully from the place we’d come in under the gallery of the forest perhaps, at most 1/4 mile to the West. The ground under the gallery was mostly bare, with spindly growth of shrubs and herbs trying to make it in the dim light of the woods. The bigger trees were maybe at most a couple of feet in diameter, but most were about a foot, I’d say. I actually haven’t given a lot of thought to that, but I want one to be able to visualize it.

    His bones lay out orderly. I was surprised. This is unusual. Usually one finds skulls, scapulae, leg bones. That’s it. Jaw bones, of course. Cervical vertebrae. Often I’ve found juvenile crania with the faces chewed off. A very common and not-very-exciting find, but there are a lot of them. Also, one finds the lower two joints of the legs very often–the parts that are mainly meatless on a deer. One finds them together, with the hide on, sometimes with the hooves attached, and if one looks around, you can often find some other bits in the vicinity But sometimes not. I imagine our clever American jackals carrying these legs, heads held high, to a nicer place to consume them, from the location of the rest of the body. That’s what I imagine. All of this explains to me why the deer population, while large, in the area of Orinda, is not crazily large, since there is no legal hunting in this little pocket of deer heaven, where it’s not strictly-speaking legal to even hike, even with the EBMUD trail pass. It’s not far from Tilden park, which, while lovely, is over-run by hikers who use lights when they hike. Of course, on the Western side of the Berkeley hills, I’ve seen deer as far West as Shattuck Ave. Near where the farthest West I’ve ever heard of a Mountain Lion being sighted (and shot) was.

    The deer in Orinda have got it made, then. Except for the coyotes who must take a certain amount of young, I’m sure a few poachers, some domestic dog predation, perhaps even bobcats get some of the young. I wonder how young a deer would have to be for a fox to take advantage of a situation? I kind of doubt that happens. Bobcats, probably does.
    The mountain lions must be the main killer of adult deer, and there is a certain population in the Berkeley hills/Tilden Park area. I’ve never seen one, or seen a pug mark, but I’ve come across kills (old kills, never fresh for me) that I figure were Mountain Lion kills. But they coulda been deer who died from whatever reason and scavenged by coyotes, too. I favor the Mountain Lion hypothesis in at least some percentage of them, however. Just has to be. But I could be wrong. It could be that none of the old skeletons that I’ve seen were from mountain lions, and that the lions that kill up there do it more secretively. Who knows? There are plenty of deer to go around. (I am talking, by the way, of very off-the-trail sites. Game trails and such.)

    This skeleton…It seems to me that it died of disease and for whatever reason was not extensively scavenged. Everything was almost where it would have been when it died. There were some ribs a few yards away.

    This particular 1/4 by 1/4 mile area was, not-so-incidentally, a BIG area for me finding bones. I called it bone gully. A lot of whole skeletons of bovine (one of them buried, then eroding out of, the bank of a larger stream 1/8 mile downstream from here). A few skeletons of bovine on the surface. (Disease, and then not worth it or not noticed by the rancher. They were found beneath trees, as though the cow just was sick and lay down and never did get up. Observing this decomposition over the course of a year is an interesting thing, from whole animal, to skin and bones, to bones, to scattered bones. One time, I saw a cow in that position, and I wondered if she’d died calving. I found an infant bovine’s remains near her ischial bones. Also, at the same time, we found (Bodhi and I) a calf not 1/10 mile from there under a tree with buzzards feeding on it. The calf was not longer with us.)

    My point is that you may find whole skeletons of deer in the woods. This case was unusual, and I think that for some reason it just didn’t register to scavengers at the time (even though I know it is within the range of at least one coyote group), or that they had plenty of fresh food and didn’t need that thing.

    There are many many coyotes in this area. I mean, I had SEEN a couple in this very canyon. I mean within 1/4 mile from there. But they have it sweet around here so it may not have meant anything to them when the body was fresh. Also, they may have been in another part of their area when it was fresh. I was lucky. But it happened.

    Later, I went back with a friend who was doing an art (ahem) project, so that she could have the bones. We took back a good deal of them. Lots of nice bones. Leg, rib, vertebrae. But I got the skull and jaws. That was the first thing I took, that day.

    One thing I can say: rodents go to town on bones and antlers. You see their marks on all of them. Also, water decomposes bones from fresh bones into dry white bones into soil in a decade or so, even when the critters don’t get them.

    Still, one can certainly find a whole skeleton of a mature, fully defleshed and NOT road kill deer in the woods. Even without a flashlight. It’s true.

  39. Jack Stubberfield

    I found the remains of a large creature in a very isolated area, beside a lake in Northern British Columbia about fifteen years ago. I have spent most of my life hunting and fishing in the wilderness and have killed bear, moose, elk,cariboo and deer. What I found was badly decompsed and was I believe the remains of a sasquatch.

  40. Colin

    So with all these reported burial sites and dead bigfoots why do we not have lots of bodies to do research on? I’m sure the government didn’t “cover” all these up.

    • Colin

      I’m not saying I’m completely against the idea. I just think I’d have to see one to really believe it, like I said I think it could be possible.

  41. Scott

    Why no Bigfoot bones or bodies? The answer is simple……….they do not exist. As an avid hunter for over 40 years, 10 of it in WA state, I have come upon bones in the woods all the time. If bigfoot’s exist, why in all of these years has no one ever shot one? Answer, you can’t shoot something that doesn’t exist.

    The bigfoot “trekkies” can make up all the excuses and rationalizations, but the fact of the matter is no one has ever found a skeleton.

  42. Gatica

    The racism in the comment section made my stomach turn :/ I had no idea bigfoot believers were such fucking bigots. Absolutely disgusting.

  43. Ethan

    I really enjoyed this article and the comments. I still can’t believe you took the time to answer as many as you did Robert. After just a few months of studying the stories and accounts of bigfoot from around the world I’ve come to the conclusion that even if a real, live bigfoot was captured and put on display for people to see there would be a large portion of the public and almost all of the scientific community that would call it a hoax. It seems that in our modern age reality is determined not by what is true or even fact but instead determined by what is acceptable and mainstream, modern dogma if you will. As for why the government would want to cover up the existence of bigfoot, are you kidding me? How do you patrol the vast, North American wilderness and convince the public that they are safe in the national parks and forests if there is a giant, meat eating (and prone to kidnapping and violence at times) creature that knocks us down a few notches on the food chain? We don’t feel safe in many of our cities even with a police force, if bigfoot were to be revealed wandering around the wilderness all over this continent it would be a huge blow to the “wilderness experience” as we know it, especially for those like me with small children. I would bet the national parks and recreation market would be cut in half ( which might be why no one seems to report on all the hundreds of children and adults that have mysteriously disappeared from our national parks on a very regular basis). Keep people calm, give them a simple and mundane world to live it, and make sure the monsters never come out of the closet.

  44. Ryan

    Robert, how can you be so sure that a body will be revealed soon? Do you have info that you’re not sharing? What is it?

    As for the rainfall argument (why there are more sightings when there is a lot of rainfall), the population is less dense out west, there are fewer roads, more forest and mountains, but most importantly with those more forests, mountains, and wilderness, there are more caves and caverns. That is key!

    If one understands the chemistry and geology of a cavern, then one would understand that water (which carries the acids), pressure, and air create these caverns. Water from the surface drips down into the ground (the Earth’s crust) and the hydrogen sulphide of the earth, carrying corrosive acids and oxygen, and creates them. Out west of the Rockies (California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Alaska… all of which are the most common of the sighting locations), there are lots of higher elevations, the fault lines (meaning more hydrogen sulphide from the magma), and RAINFALL from the warm, humid jet stream air and Pacific Ocean. This means CAVERNS. Most caves and caverns haven’t even been fully explored (including bid ones like Carlsbad Caverns, which had a new passage reportedly discovered on June 13, 2012 [http://www.ouramazingplanet.com/3033-cave-passages-carlsbad-caverns.html]), and that even include caverns/caves that haven’t been discovered because they are hidden and are so remote.

    Perhaps, the bigfoots are sighted more often during large rainfall periods because the caverns are getting filled with water in these areas. This would make sense. It would explain why they are not seen often (less densely populated areas with more places to hide underground), why one can’t easily find there bodies and bones (perhaps they bury them in the caverns usually… if they do indeed bury their dead), and why they are nocturnal and hard to photograph (if they live in the dark, they prefer to be in the dark, and therefore they are harder to capture and see). They would have to venture outside of their caverns when too much water accumulated in them, and therefore more sightings.

    Now, I am not saying that I am a believer or disbeliever, but it could be a possibility, and an explanation for an observation. Your evidence is all fairly circumstantial (so far), but what if your right and they do exist?

    If one can’t open oneself’s mind to this possibility, then how can one open oneself’s mind to any new and possibly societally-productive possibility?

    • Rick Dyer has a Bigfoot body at this moment.

      A friend of mine who knows these creatures very well says that they live underground! A lot of other people say that too. He is in the Pacific Northwest. Most of the people who say they live underground refer to the Pac NW. They simply bury their dead in the ground, and the dead Bigfoots and their skeletons look superficially like Homo sapiens sapiens, as after all, Bigfoots are a type of Homo spp. If you see a Bigfoot skeleton, it simply looks like a very large and weird Homo sapiens sapiens. We have Bigfoot bones in museums right now labeled “Indian.” And we have skulls labeled the same.

      • Chris

        I thought you had disassociated yourself with RD after his little lying stunts and insulting you? Now you state that he actually has a body. Can you clarify this for us?

  45. 'Maryland Free Stater"

    Good morning. I stumbled over this site just today and was not aware of the amount of alleged bigfoot kills and burials. Living near DC, I am also very curious about the coverup aspect. In fact, I live several miles from the NSA, which is based in a corner of Ft. Meade, which also sits adjacent to the Patuxent Wildlife Refuge which supposedly has a ‘breeding colony’ of bigfeet. My family and I have heard, seen and smelled inexplicable things in our neighborhood. Delicate probing of old-timer neighbors has also yielded some interesting stories about ‘gorillas’ in our woods (wetlands with plenty of food sources).

    Like everything else, I’d like to simply know the truth as to why the gov’t is covering up such evidence. I am able to handle ‘the truth’ and knowledge of arcana will not cause my world-view to collapse. Not to make this an anti-government tirade, but the gov’t. needs to be more transparent about a LOT of things. What next – cruise missile attacks on bigfeet?

  46. N T

    “I’ve found any dead anything.” Thanks for letting me know in the 2nd paragraph that it would be a waste of my time to read all 48 pages.

  47. Fantastic post. You’ve just created a solid textbook, online and free, for anyone interested in Bigfoot. Great job.

    On another note, I recently heard someone propose that some Bigfoots are the ghosts of Neanderthals, or some other ancient section of the human family tree. Gotta give it credit for originality.

  48. rm

    Great page!!! I found it very interesting!!! too bad our gov’t hides,denies and lies to us about so much, and unfortunate that there are so many antagonistic people out there who have nothing better to do with their time than harrass you!! they should be ashamed of themselves!!!! well they probably are and thats why they are pushing their nasty comments your way, anyhow thanks for bits of knowledge and looking forward to the revelations to come!!! good work sir

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  50. Tara Woodruff ~ The Challenge

    This is a FANTASTIC Big foot post! I appreciate all the research!

  51. Skeptical

    I’m one of those people who just love to read about weird/strange/make believe things. I’m not saying I don’t believe in Bigfoot because it’s certainly possible. We discover new species all the time, pretty sure they just found a new snake and some other stuff. However, I, like a few others who have posted, am a “see it to believe it” kind of person. While I find all of this utterly fascinating, so much in fact I spent hours reading everything on this page. I just can’t wrap my mind around the fact that there’s NO physical evidence yet. I get that you feel bones are being labeled incorrectly and it’s plausible, I’m just a naturally skeptical person.

    We’re in an age right now where EVERYTHING is documented, where there’s one picture or video there tends to be 5 more from different angles. Our government is a powerful entity and can pull off some pretty amazing things but I have absolutely no doubt that some poor average Joe could stumble upon something “weird” in the woods and whip out his camera phone. The next thing for this person to do, obviously, is put it online. We all know what happens when something crazy or weird gets posted online. It’s instantly viral, and our government can’t put a lid on it fast enough to stop the spread. If they could, I’m sure some of the execution videos and crazier conspiracy sites would be gone for the sheer fact that those things can also cause panic.

    Having said all that, I can still imagine something like this being real. While I doubt, I also believe if that makes any sense at all. Anyone with any kind of intuition should realize that not everything is just black and white, sometimes the lines merge and things turn out to be grey. So I will commend you on a very fascinating collection of stories and bookmark this page because I fully expect you to edit the page or something with giant bold red letters the second your friend reveals his Bigfoot so everyone who comes here in the future will be linked to whatever media he shares it through.

    • There are plenty of photos and plenty of videos. They are all online. It’s just that everyone says that they are all faked!

      The government is not trying to stop the guy with the body right now, for some odd reason. Why I have no idea.

      • Skeptical

        Well, alright I’ll give you SOME of the pictures because I have done more digging on this topic, but most of the pictures out there are so grainy and fuzzy you can’t tell what part of the world they’re coming from let alone what’s going on in them. I didn’t realize this was such a big thing to people, I mean I guess I did, I’ve just never really sat down and googled Bigfoot. Mind blown.

        As for the government, maybe they just don’t care anymore. A lot of the sightings and findings happen WAY more often a long time ago. Maybe the Bigfoot population is considerably smaller now and they don’t care anymore if they’re found. Someone above mentioned it would kill revenue to bring them in the open and that’s completely true. Even if Bigfoot isn’t human and is merely some ancient ape of some sort, they would still have to close quite a bit of land off for them. Or maybe they’re busy trying to fix what they’ve broken…

        I did quite a bit of research on this Dyer guy and agree 100 percent with your depiction of him. He is indeed a dick, but I want to point out though that in some of his other videos where he’s obviously telling the truth he’s looking directly at the camera and not thinking about a single word he’s saying. In his interview with FBFB he looks around constantly and does very slow concentrating blinks, which is a sign of a liar. Just my two cents on that.

        There’s so much conflicting evidence it’s not easy to throw myself to one side of the fence, for now I’ll ride the middle and keep my feelers out for that movie because I’m definitely intrigued.

        • Richard Stubstad and I agreed that the government’s attitude towards discovery was to delay it as long as possible, but they would not step up and stop any sort of actual reveal. We thought they were doing it to avoid chaos. There may also be land use elements. In addition, we are going to need a whole new set of laws! Think about it. Laws bifurcate society into humans and non-human animals. So what the Hell are Bigfoots then!? We have no idea if the Bigfoot population is growing or declining. Simply put, nobody knows.

  52. Sher

    I don’t know what to believe when it comes to Bigfoot. That being said, I find the possibility and the reports of sightings quite intriguing. Upon reading some of the comments, the non-believers such as Scott and Elmer say it does not exist because a body has not been found which makes me ask… Do Elmer and Scott believe in God? There is no “hard evidence” to prove there is one, just like there is no “hard evidence” to prove bigfoot exists. Elmer and Scott, if you in fact believe people are idiots to believe in Bigfoot you must feel the same way about people who believe in God (Otherwise you would be hypocrites). I try to keep an open mind to all things as new species or those thought to be extinct, continue to be found. You just never know.

  53. Chris Tarman

    I enjoyed most of this blog. I have been a Sasquatch “believer” (although I don’t like using the word “believer” in this sense) since childhood. I was also a Physical Anthropology major in college, and my main professor/advisor took the subject of Sasquatch quite seriously.

    I’d like to make a couple of comments regarding the lack of bodies/bones, as well as the rainfall correlation.

    These animals are reported more in areas with high rainfall (or, in the absence of rainfall, along large watercourses) because they require a lot of vegetation, either for food, cover, or both. For example, if you look at a map of reported sightings in Texas, most are concentrated in the eastern portion of the state (where I grew up, btw), which is INCREDIBLY forested (something which surprises many people who’ve never been there!). But there are “fingers” of sighting reports extending quite far into central and western Texas. I say “fingers” because that’s what they look like… if you hold your right hand with the palm facing you and imagine that laid over a map of Texas, the palm of your hand and your thumb would be the bulk of sightings in East Texas, and your fingers would follow the sighting concentrations extending westward. Your fingers would ALSO follow the courses of rivers across Texas. River bottoms generally have a lot of thick brush and trees even in areas that aren’t forested overall.

    As for the lack of bodies, we are talking about an animal with a very low population density, no real natural predators, a low birth rate and long life span. If it is a large primate, it would have a natural life span of around 40 years. This is true of apes and of pre-modern humans. Unlike deer, for example, animals with no real predators, long life spans, and low birth rates don’t actually need a very large population in order to survive as a species.
    So, there aren’t all that many of them (which is not the same as saying that they’re endangered… the point I was trying to make above!). They live a long time, and they live in thick forests usually far from trails and roads, where people seldom go. They have no real worries from predators (at least not as adults). They are not likely to die sudden, traumatic deaths the way prey animals do. Therefore, when they die, like other apex species, they are likely to be able to choose their place of death. In other words, when they are old or sick, they can find an out of the way place to hide, and either recover or expire. Bears and mountain lions also do this. It is incredibly rare to find skeletal remains of bears or mountain lions that died of natural causes. There are likely 100s or 1000s times more bears in the U.S. than there are sasquatches. If we can’t find bear bones, why would we expect to find the bones of something 1000 times less common?

    Bones, as noted in some of the posts above, go away surprisingly quickly, even in dry areas. Scavengers take them away (coyotes, bears, porcupines and even mice and insects), they weather into tiny flakes and dust. In wet, forested environments bones disappear very quickly because of the acidity of the soil. So you have to find an animal carcass fairly quickly after death, or there won’t be much left to find. If, as I explained above, these animals don’t just drop dead on a trail, but rather crawl up under a low tree or bush to die, then it is not at all surprising that we wouldn’t find anything. Take the case of chimpanzees. They (unlike sasquatch, apparently), live in fairly large groups. Chimp researchers spend a lot of time in close proximity to these groups. Sometimes they notice that an elderly member of the group isn’t around anymore, and has presumably died. Chimp groups have a fairly limited range (the social group, I mean, not the species). However, the remains are practically never found. The wet, acidic soil, scavengers, and the fact that the chimp probably went away to a quiet place to die, all combine to make it extremely difficult (nearly impossible) to find a carcass, let alone bones long after the death. And this is when researchers know the general area where the animal must have died.

    I do agree that these animals have probably been shot in the past (as well as struck by vehicles), and that this is likely to happen again. I actually think the vehicle scenario is the most promising for producing a body. I think most hunters would hesitate before shooting one, and a few seconds of hesitation would likely remove the opportunity (which also explains the difficulty of photographing or filming them!). I really think it is only a matter of time…

    HOWEVER….. Rick Dyer???? I’ve read about his supposed body, and all I can say is “Haven’t we heard this from this guy before?” Hello??? Georgia “Bigfoot in the Freezer”? Now we’re supposed to believe this guy? Come ON……. It’ll happen eventually, but that joker won’t be the one who provides the evidence. I could be wrong, but I think his reputation and history speak for themselves.

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  55. Erik Toraason

    Robert…This is amazing!!! You may be getting a little strict lately but nothing wrong with putting some of those people in their place for bringing negativity. I especially liked your conversation with Davey and on second thought it makes perfect sense why you just ban them quickly and get it over with.

    Anyways, I have always been fascinated with Bigfoot and wildlife in general. I am the one at work who always brings up Bigfoot, especially with any new information that I come across. I live in San Diego and thus have the privilege of being close to both Mammoth and Yosemite. I have gone there my whole life but being in my mid 20’s, I am going to take a serious look on some planned overnight hiking trips this summer. I am more interested in Mammoth (Duck Pass/Lake ) because it seems to be a little less populated and a perfect spot to search in my free time. Are you aware of any activity in that area?

    I applaud you for your dedication and commitment and look forward to your posts and any evidence that may be released in the near future.

    I love the Patterson film but recently there was a special about Todd Standing and some of his video clips were shown. What is your opinion on those? I’d like to think they are real and not surprisingly, everyone I have shown it to thinks it is fake.

    Thanks much and keep up the good work.

  56. Elston Gunn

    Bravo! Bravo! Robert, Standing is fake. The next step is admitting that Ketchum and Dyer are hoaxers.

    • Blind Boy Grunt

      Elston, have you heard the live 66 bootleg album at the Manchester Free Trade Hall? One half acoustic, solo, one half with the Band… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AuAtHXZjLpg–same era

      • Elston Gunn

        No BBG, but I have his Live ’66 cd. I would love to get some bootleg material just to hear his banter with the audience during concerts.

        • Blind Boy Grunt

          That’s the one–it used to be bootlegged as live at the Royal Albert Hall. Other than that, it’s tough. a lot of the 66 tour you can find on youtube, especially under Elston gunn (maybe due to copyright shit?). And the Scorcese documentary too. I personally like hearing the process–the bleeding. That’s why I like the Basement tapes, rough as they are.

        • Elston Gunn

          I like the Whitmark demo’s too in spite of the poor quality of the recordings.

  57. Joerg Hensiek

    You probably heard it already, Robert: Minnow Films will release a statement next week abou “the film”. We will see much clearer then. My money is on Dyer and Musky – I say this now, so that nobody can blame me next week for being opportunistic.

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  59. David Broughall

    What I hear over and over again in response to skeptics, whether it be about bigfoot, or extraterrestrials, or God, is, “Prove it doesn’t exist.” Since I, as a skeptic, make no claims as to the existence of these things, I don’t have to prove anything. Those who claim the existence of a thing need to show positive proof. I don’t say, “They don’t exist.” I say, “Show me evidence that they do exist.” Still waiting.

    The “evidence” presented in this blog includes numerous people claiming to have witnessed burials or claiming to have discovered burial grounds, yet none of these fresh burials or old burial sites were ever investigated.

    Other “evidence” includes people who have claimed to have killed a bigfoot either accidentally or deliberately, but in most, if not every case, have disposed of the body without anyone else seeing it. The last bit of “evidence” is the best. In the cases where bigfoots have been killed in collisions with vehicles, government operatives, like clockwork, come in to scoop up the body, leaving no evidence. Government Coverup! This is the fantastic evidence that true believers present to us. In their minds, the fact that no physical evidence has ever been found is actually proof of bigfoot’s existence.

    This is the great thing about government conspiracies: they are unprovable, so the believers don’t even bother trying. And when you ask why would the government bother covering this up, they claim that the unknown reason is part of the conspiracy, or else they propose something completely preposterous.

    God? Aliens? Bigfoot? I’m still waiting for evidence … still waiting … still waiting.

    • Chris Tarman

      If you read my long post above, I gave some pretty sound BIOLOGICAL reasons for the lack of bones. I don’t think the lack of bodies is due in anyway to Bigfoot burial practices, government coverups, or paranormal abilities. Remember, gorillas, who live in pretty large groups, were reported to and by Europeans for about 300 years before they were accepted by science. People couldn’t produce a body then, either.

      • David Broughall

        I’d say that your biological reasons for lack of bones is anything but sound. Consider that archeologists routinely find the whole skeletons of WWI soldiers who have been killed on the battlefield and never properly buried. These are skeletons that are nearly 100 years old whose bones have not dissolved or been carried off by animals. And what about teeth, made of the hardest substance in the human body, that remain intact long after the rest of the body has turned to dust? Presumably, bigfoot’s teeth are similarly robust. Where are they?

        Even if your reasoning is plausible, the fact is that there are no physical remains that can be presented as evidence of their existence. Science accepted the existence of gorillas once there was positive proof. You seem to be missing my central point. I am NOT saying that lack of evidence proves non-existence; I AM saying that a total lack of evidence is a failure of proof of existence. When a person or persons makes a claim that a thing exists, then the burden of proof is entirely on them. So far, the bigfoot believers have entirely failed to carry that burden.

        • We have teeth, we have bones, we have skulls. They are in museum collections and in archeological digs, but they are all labeled as “Indian.” A Bigfoot tooth has been submitted to a DNA study, but they haven’t tested it yet. Superficially, Bigfoot bones simply look human, so they just get labeled “Indian.”

          Anyway, this will all be over pretty soon now.

          I have known for a while that these things exist, so I don’t need any proof. How do I know? My friends have seen the damned things.

        • David Broughall

          Presumably, these creatures are larger than humans, so the bones, skulls, teeth, should all be larger than the human equivalent. If that’s the case, why would they be labeled Indian, when they would obviously be too large to be human?

          About this tooth, when was it submitted? Where? If the discovery of a new species is about to take place, I should expect to hear or see some kind of announcement.

          You know these things exist because your friends told you they saw one. You’re trying to be scientific about this, yet any reputable scientist would laugh this hearsay evidence right out of the room.

        • Chris Tarman

          You’re right, of course, that the skeptics are under no obligation to prove anything. The burden of proof is on the “believers”.

          There are a couple of reasons why your WWI skeleton example might not be the best analogy in this case. Yes, archaeologists find WWI skeletons. They are LOOKING for them. Essentially, no scientists are actively looking for sasquatch bones. WWI soldiers died in much higher concentrations than would a large, basically solitary primate with a low population density. Also, WWI skeletons are in places where there are a lot of people, generally. They get turned up by plows, construction, etc. Sasquatch bones (hypothetical or real) would be in heavily forested, unpopulated areas, for the most part.

          Teeth are harder than bones. But again, someone has to be in the right place at the right time to look for them. And then, when they see them, they have to recognize that it’s something worth picking up. Most people, seeing a large tooth in the woods of the western U.S., would assume it was an elk. Most people walking in the woods wouldn’t be looking for diagnostic features that would indicate that it was from a primate.

          I differ from Mr. Lindsay and apparently a lot of the other posters on this blog in that I think that we’re talking about an ape, rather than some relict Homo species (for a variety of reasons, chiefly because I think things like fire and tools would be too useful to forget how to use!). I tend to think that a skull of this creature would NOT be mislabeled as an “Indian” in a museum. I think it would be pretty clear that it was not a human skull. However, I also think that it’s pretty unlikely that an entire skull would be found by random accident. In fact, I think just finding skeletal remains in the woods is about the LEAST likely way this species would ever be proven, for the reasons I discussed in my earlier post.

          It is possible that there are sasquatch bones lying around in some museum collection which have not been identified. If you’ve ever seen the collections of bones in the biology, geology or anthropology departments of a university, there are literally boxes and boxes and boxes of loose, unassociated bones sitting around waiting to be examined. If you’re some grad student looking at the middle section of, say, a sasquatch tibia, and you don’t have the joint ends to make you say “Hey, this looks like a hominid!”, you would move on to something more interesting.

          Just some thoughts.

        • David Broughall

          When it comes to asserting the existence of a creature, scientific evidence is the only evidence worth considering. If you want to use the example of a murder trial and reasonable doubt, then fine, let’s. Murders usually require a corpse, a body, without which it’s hard to assert that a murder even took place. Show me a body or a part of one that couldn’t be anything else but what you claim.

          Secondly, I don’t ridicule people when I argue a point, it would leave me open to retaliation. What I am doing here is taking the evidence that has been presented here on this blog and asserted that it is not proof of anything. I’m not quite sure what point you’re trying to make about the study of hurt feelings, so I’ll just leave that. This is not just about believing in something like God, whose existence can be neither proven nor disproven; this is about the assertion that an actual creature lives right now on this planet among us. I don’t think it’s unreasonable of me to say, “show me one.”

  60. The tooth alone will not prove Bigfoot’s existence. The bones et al appear human, but they are very large. I would not say that they are too large to be human. After all, Andre the Giant exists. You know there have been many skeletons of “giants” found all over North America. You can look it up.

    All ancient bones in North America are automatically labeled “Indian.”

    The bones do differ from human bones in certain respects, but you would not know that unless you know what you are looking for.

    • Mr. E2me

      “If that’s the case, why would they be labeled Indian, when they would obviously be too large to be human?”
      I shit thee not, I frequent an establishment that has a 7 foot plus indian
      dude as their doorman. The single largest human being I have ever been up close to. I’ve been to NBA games and had an acquaintance that was a former college hoops star. He was 6’10 and I have not seen anybody as tall or filled out as doorman indian guy. Everytime I see him the voice inside my head keeps comparing him to the size of an actual squatch. He’s not fat. He looks like a semi buff regular size dude, not beenpole like most nba players. Just that he’s 7 foot 4 or so. He’s got to be holding 400 units of gravity , easy. I had read an article somewhere in my bigfoot research that the Oklahoma Indians got to that size, so that’s my assumption, although he did tell me he’s from arizona….

  61. Sam

    I do believe in Bigfoots.They are nothing but missing links but I do not believe in Werewolves or Dogmen,they are nothing but by-products of human imagination.
    One thing that I find peculiar is that there have been Bigfoot sightings in the remote villages of Meghalaya.The villagers have termed these creatures as the ‘jungle men'(just Google it).The police and forest authority were investigating and had launched an expedition project.The outcome is still unknown.I think the Indian government is trying to hide their existence probably out of fear that if poachers come to know,they’ll hunt them for skin and they’ll be extinct before India comes to know that Bigfoots once existed.Same goes with the US government.
    One thing I know for sure is that these villagers have no computer,internet and hardly electricity(just ask Robert,we all know how much he loves India).They probably didn’t even know that such creatures do exist before sightings so there is absolutely no chance that they are making this up or spreading hoax.

  62. Sam

    lol I tired to connect to bigfootforums.com and it appears that my region has been blocked from visiting.I wonder why?…………….

  63. Paul

    Big foot forum societies don’t like me Because Big Foot is nothing but a fabrication of sick minds

  64. Bob

    Sounds wonderful but of all those stories of people watching Bigfoot dig a hole with his whole family grieving, or people killing Bigfoot, none of these folks carry a cell phone to take a pic or vid of this phenomena, everything goes on you tube, what I see on you tube is blurry or bad focus, even my piece of junk camera phone takes normal picks but it doesnt work on bigfoot or UFOs. Sorry Jack no such creature exists, science would be all to eager to prove Christianity false with evidence of a missing link. The only cover up are evolutionists propagating a conspiracy.

  65. Intelligent Being

    Ahahahahah, Oh my god, I can’t believe this carried into the 21st century, Seriously guys, You make society look bad.

  66. Intelligent Being

    @Bob Christianity is just as bullshit as Big Foot. ^^ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsAZSz2Yb_8

  67. patricia weissleader

    Robert Lindsay,
    I think you are taking on too much from people who do not matter. save your efforts, it is not important that these people arguing what they never bother to investigate, think. There are bigfoot issues that are important, and need to be worked out before there is any worldwide acceptance of bigfoot’s existence. the thing is to get the wiser people concerned with bigfoot together to work out certain things that need to happen. People like Dyer will never be part of anything relevant. MK Davis has shown that Patty has a ponytail and braid in her hair, and recently, clarified part of the Patterson film where she falls down and exposes part of her body that have never been built into suits. Trying to prove anything to anyone is a hopeless endeavor. it is clear that bigfoot events are changing, and a different kind of contact is now happening between bigfoot and humans that they call habituation. i think that means something is happening that is important and needs to be thought out to figure what action is needed to make things go easier that they could go.

  68. shelvic

    James just say your a racist penis in the butt dude.

  69. shelvic

    Barb I don’t like your jokes and comedy is not your cup of tea so stick to the basics okay. James maybe you should get with one to bring you out the trailer life and driving that riding lawn mower partnah…lol. Your the type of hillbilly to throw overalls on a juvenille and say he’s my cousin…lol. Let me get your number so this black man can give you some education.

  70. I dont understand a lot of you skeptics out there when there has been soooo many sightings over the years and these folks cant all be imagining what they saw. If anyone has done any research on our history as I have then you will remember from the sumerian tablets (which in my opinion has more credibility than the bible) that Enki said to Anu during his conversation when the Annunaki were tired of working in the gold mines that to make a suitable worker he would be able to produce one by joining the DNA of the Being that already exists here on earth with the Annunaki DNA It makes sense that that particular” Being” on the earth at that time could possibly have been the creature we know today as Bigfoot and it seems even more logical as we know that this creature we know as Sasquatch is found all over the earth under lots of different names. I would hazzard a guess to say that we are the product of that cross and that we originated in southern Africa at a place known as ADAMS Calender, check it out people.

  71. Dale Scarbro

    I was hunting behind my house me and my dad were sitting a tent when I looked over I could see a 8ft tall creature I told my dad and he was going to shoot it but didn’t see it was gone in 5 minutes tops

  72. Kevin

    Maybe they have some kind of ritual where the bury their dead some animals have emotions for example elephant we have see them return to where relatives died so i believe if there is such thing as bigfoot or sasquatch they may bury their dead i mean they are primates they are close to humans so maybe they have emotions like us such as sadness grief etc.

    • They actually do bury their dead in small grouplings and it does have a ritualistic flavor about it.

      • Maurice Cloud

        Cheers Robert! I am loathe to disagree with you in light of how much drivel is aimed your way on this topic, but . . . Until these ‘practices’ are documented they’re nothing more than hearsay, and hearsay, as I’m certain you know, is not a ticket into the Book of Life. Believers are entirely too fast and too loose with the significance of no bones no body = no proof, though I would hasten to add that absence of evidence should never be equated with evidence of absence . . . Cheers!

  73. Kevin

    I don’t see why sasquatch couldn’t exist but if they do they are more likely to hide somewhere like the unexplored jungles of Asia because it would be easier to hide

  74. Monsters Undergound

    Cryptid fans should check out the premiere of MONSTERS UNDERGROUND on Destination America on Friday, August 22nd at 10/9c.  
    The first episode will follow a team of four hunters into Volcano Caverns in Flagstaff, Arizona, as they search for the reptilian/bat “cave demon” known as the Olitiau.
    Future episodes will explore the dangerous caves of the American Southwest in search of cryptids including the Aswang, Mapinguari, Subterralien, and more.

    Check out a preview of MONSTERS UNDERGROUND here: http://vimeo.com/102164001

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  76. Allen

    Very valuable, to say the least. I’ve never seen nor heard a bigfoot, but l will say, that a know they exist! How could we as a people come up with so many ludicrous stories involving one race. I mean to say that sasquatch don’t exist, would be like saying that the caveman never existed. I’ve never seen nor hear, or read any individual stories about them. But evidence tells their fact! THANK YOU!

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  79. Reblogged this on Flying Tiger Comics and commented:

    Neanderthals, Homo Habilis, and other relatives… Elves and Orcs, Trolls and Pixies…

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