The Siege of Honobia

This is a fascinating tale that happened in January 2000. It’s really bizarre!

Bigfoots had been harassing a family who lived deep in the sticks in Honobia, Oklahoma for some time. The family had planted a lot of Austrian snow peas, a crop that deer loved to eat, so deer congregated on their property. The family then hunted the deer for food, mostly by spotlighting at night. They stored deer meet in a freezer in a shed outdoors.

The Bigfoots were coming around the house mostly at night, attacking the house with rocks, banging on windows and doors, screaming and yelling, stealing deer meat from the freezer, damaging property, and just in general raising Hell. The family contacted law enforcement but were laughed off since Bigfoots don’t exist. Bigfoots had been seen by all family members on multiple occasions.

The family members, especially the females, were terrified of the Bigfoots and were almost ready to move. In desperation, the family contacted the Bigfoot Researchers Organization (BFRO). The BFRO came out at first to study the Bigfoots, but the family wanted no part of that. They were tired of the harassment and they wanted the Bigfoots gone. So a few BFRO guys went out to the house with guns.

That night, the Bigfoots came around again, and all Hell broke loose. The male family members and the BFRO guys were all armed. They spent most of the night spotlighting the woods and shooting at the Bigfoots. The Bigfoots threw rocks and screamed and carried on. They seemed to have lost their fear of guns and spotlights because they had seen the family spotlighting deer so much that they did not associate guns with harm, because all the guns ever did was shoot deer.

At one point, a Bigfoot was apparently shot and killed, but the other Bigfoots came to grab the body and retreated with it. After that, the problem was pretty much taken care of, and the Bigfoots stopped harassing the people. The residents were told that they were attracting the Bigfoots by creating a deer sanctuary on their land by planting all of that deer food – the Austrian snow peas. The residents did not want their name released, and they did not want any publicity. They wanted no part in the study of Bigfoots; they just wanted to be rid of these pests.

The Honobia region in southeast Oklahoma has a lot of Bigfoot activity. It is heavily forested and wild and gets a lot of precipitation. Many of the residents have seen Bigfoots.

The Siege of Honobia was a watershed event for the BFRO. There was huge controversy over this action, especially the use of guns against Bigfoots and the possible killing of a Bigfoot. About half of the organization left after this. Afterward, Matt Moneymaker turned the BFRO into a glorified Bigfoot tour guide focusing on $2,000 expeditions into the woods to go looking for Bigfoots.


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28 responses to “The Siege of Honobia

  1. Why bother? You guys automatically reject all photos and video anyway as hoaxes. Why shoot film?

    • Ahh, you just don’t like the BF posts, that’s all.

    • You and Davey are so hostile to the BF stuff because you’re British.

      Most Americans are not so hostile to it, especially those of us who live in the West. I mean, there are multiple people in towns only five miles away from my old home who claim to see these things. And I know people who have seen them.

      Belief in them is probably greater here in the West than elsewhere in the US. After all, the P-G film was shot in my state, and I have been to the region where it was shot. I’ve been following this story closely for 43 years now. We are familiar with the overwhelming evidence for the existence of these animals.

      Further, more and more respected scientists, including PhD’s such as primatologists, wildlife biologists, biologists, anthropologists, anatomists, etc. are coming on board as open to the BF question. A PhD wildlife biologist recently had a sighting, and a PhD biologist had multiple sightings.

      This isn’t kookville anymore. There are more and more professional believers all the time.

      These things don’t exist in the UK, so Brits just think it’s madness.

  2. Certainly there was a large marine animal in the Loch. However, sightings have collapsed in the last 15 years and it’s thought it may have gone extinct. It was proven to exist on sonar. Recently, sonar found what looks like a huge corpse at the bottom of the lake. The Loch Ness creature, whatever it is, may be extinct.

    I believe there are a number of other lake monsters that exist. I’m not sure what they are, but I would say they are large unknown marine animals. Some of these have been proven on sonar too.

    Argument from authority works pretty well. Once you get a critical mass of scientists to believe in something, you are said to have scientific consensus.

    • This is not the case. As I understand it, there is no evidence whatsoever for the Creationism or Intelligent Design. Zero, zip, nada.

      Whereas, for Bigfoot, there is a gigantic mountain of evidence for its existence. However, the evidence is not considered to be conclusive yet by science due to the lack of a type specimen.

      In one case you have no evidence at all. In another case you have a ton of evidence, but not quite enough to make the case yet.

  3. Matt

    Argument from authority is perfectly valid, although not necessarily sufficient. It’s argument from false authority that’s the problem. For example, Velikovsky was a graduate of one of the world’s top medical schools, Edinburgh. But it doesn’t redeem his criminally loopy geology/cosmology.

    Look at all the things we accept on the basis of authority: the big bang; the curvature of the earth; atomic theory. What about electricity? They want me to pay a bill for it, but I haven’t seen any all month. And they’re trying to tell me that’s why the lights come on!

    • Matt

      I should say that we as laymen accept on authority; if you were a specialist in any of those fields, you might have a firmer, more experiential basis for it.

  4. Ken Hoop

    Anybody who rejects intelligent design in the Sanatana Dharma sense, is

  5. Bernardo Carpio

    View this video and keep an open mind:

  6. Doctor Jane Goodall once said in an interview Im sure that they exist. They do not want to spend their time searching for something that they are not for sure exists.

  7. JP

    Where is the documentation saying that Bigfoot was killed and dragged away by others?

    I read the BFRO report and there was no mention of one being killed or even a positive hit.

    If you have the source of your claim, I sure would like to read it!



    • cyndie raposa

      Mike, the home owner, stated he shot one three times in an interview with Wes (Sasquatch Chronicles) January 21 2014. The beast was hit once in the head, once in the arm and once in the lungs (chest). It tried to get up and get away in between shots. It flopped around a little similar to how a human might under the same circumstances. It gurgled it;s last breath shortly after. Mike and his brother Tim watched the whole thing and were waiting for it to breath its last breath. They were fixing on dragging the body back up the porch some 70′ away, when 4 Sasquatch came out of the tree line and menaced the brothers growling at them and showing their teeth. The largest of the group grabbed the deceased monster by one arm and slung him over his shoulder and disappeared into the tree line.
      This is not my observations. This is a paraphrasing of the statements made by the eye witness to the siege. What more documentation or knowledge of the source of the claim do you need? Either you can take the man at his word or you can’t. Personally I have no reason to believe he would make it up. There is no motive. He is not looking for fame or fortune or publicity. He has requested assistance in ridding his property and life of a creature he says is menacing himself and his family.
      What benefit could possibly be had in making this up? NOTHING. There is no benefit to him by creating a story such as this.

      Whether you believe him or not says much more about you and your character traits than it does about him.

      • Patty

        Amen, Cyndie, I heard the story tonight for the first time on Wes’s program, and as a counselor part of it is in reading what people say and how they say it to arrive at truth. Only someone delusional would try to make up a story like that and for a fact, they can’t give as many details of the whole family as was told. Concluding that the story is not only a horrifying experience for that family but real.

        • I used to live in that area and knew the family and they are well respected people that wouldn’t make this up. I was almost killed by a 15 foot tall bigfoot about 15 miles from Honobia Oklahoma, so I know firsthand the evil nature of these creatures. The creature sneaked up on us while we were camping and came within 10 feet of grabbing me. When we got in the truck, he pushed a tree down to try and block us from leaving and he almost succeeded. We started returning to the area with assault rifles to exact some revenge and had other encounters with a whole group. I can’t speak for bigfoots in other places, but the ones in SE Oklahoma are mean and nasty killers. The Indians say they are cannibals and after what I experienced, I believe it.

        • Just curious, I’ve spent some time in the hills and river bottoms around the Honobia area, seen some strange stuff out there. Where and when did this event occur?

      • JeffroDoe

        FYI, on a bigfoot forum I read where one member stated that he saw a report made at around the same time as the bigfoot killing, whereas a truck driver went into a convenience store down the road from the siege location, stating that he saw 3 bigfoot carrying another bigfoot across the road. I have searched for this report online, but have been unable to find it. However, if it is accurate, it certainly would tend to corroborate the killing story the two brothers tell.

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  9. Archlight

    I’m about to educate some of you skeptics if you are willing to hear me out.

    First of all, I was a skeptic up until a few years ago. Only after hearing from a few highly credible witnesses in the forestry/fish and game and military, I started (carefully) reading up on the subject of the possibility of the existence of an American great ape. There is definitely something out there. Belief is not an excuse for critical thinking. I know a retired SF operator and some Active ANG guys who claim to have seen these creatures while on maneuvers in the North West U.S.

    I would love to see one of you skeptics call any one of them a liar and you would find yourself lying sideways on the ground, in a corkscrew position.

    Remember, just because you don’t know about it, does not mean it didn’t happen. Look at it this way. Let say one day the Dept. of Wildlife and Fisheries decided to announce the discovery of a rare primate in a certain area. The first thing the U.S. Government would do would be to restrict access to the area, suspend any type of hunting and logging or other industry. That is just the way things work and it one of the main reasons these creatures stay mostly concealed. I called them a few years back to report a panther on my property and they told me it was “not possible, they don’t live in that area”. Had they admitted there were active large cats activity in my area would have caused them grave administrative and strategic head aches and paperwork.

    There are certain areas in the Kiamichi mountains where I suspect a colony of these creatures live and/or a migration corridor, near Honobia. I doubt if any of you skeptics spent a night or two in some of these areas, you would come back with a change of heart. It is easy to simply discount anything, without doing the required research.

  10. Fai Mao

    Lost in this argument is a simple question.

    Was the family involved telling the truth?

    There are only three answers:
    1. No they are lying and so are Matt Moneymaker and the BFRO
    2. They are mistaken and were shooting at something they mistook for a creature that does not exist.
    3. They are truthful and know what they were shooting at

    If the answer is#1: Then show that it is a hoax please. As this was an event that was rather widely reported that should be easy to do. Present your credentials on wood-craft and forensic criminology and show how it is a hoax. Show that the wives and children did not stay in a hotel. Prove they were lying.

    If the answer is #2:
    If they were telling the truth but were mistaken as to the species of the animal that was terrorizing them then what were they shooting at? The behavior described is not that of bears. I seriously doubt a bunch of pranksters in suits would hang around while people fired hunting rifles at them. These were not people that live in the middle of a suburb with no knowledge of the creatures that live in the wild. You can call them names, make fun of the accent, and denigrate their education, religion or politics but I dare say you do not know more than they about the ecosystem of the forest in that part of Oklahoma. If I am wrong please tell me I’ll apologize but tell me what were they shooting at?

    If the answer is #3
    Then they dealing with an animal that you have not seen that exist and that has not been yet positively cataloged biologically.

    Of those three options I believe that #3 makes the most sense.

    There is also a type of logical fallacy being practiced by the “No scientific proof” post here. At least it appears that way to me. It is fine to say there there no scientific proof but lack of proof in a scientific sense does not equate to non-existence. Was the world flat before it was proved round? Did humans think before the brain was scientifically proved to show that is where thought occurred?

    Second, you cannot say “There is no proof” and then refuse to accept any type of proof that is offered. Lay out what proof you would accept.

    Third, science is not the be-all-and-end-all of proof.
    For example legal proof is sometimes different Imagine a man kills another man. He is very careful and leaves no physical or forensic evidence. There is nothing to link him to the crime scientifically. He has committed the perfect murder Indeed, suppose he sets the murder up so that the CSI guys think it is a suicide. Later on his conscious bothers him and he confesses. He tells the police how he did it in great detail, confesses and pleads guilty to Murder 1. Are the police going to say his confession is worthless because there is no scientific evidence? Would a jury, even if the jury were composed of all scientist?

    After 1000’s of credible reports of people seeing these animals in not only North America but Europe, Asia and Australia going back 100’s of years 1000s of cast of footprints 100’s of photographs there is ample evidenciary proof that these animals exist. IS the lack of physical evidence problematic. Yes to some degree but if it were a hoax I would have expected there to be more fake bodies than there have been given the number of sighting.

    A scientist would look at the evidence of sightings, the footprint cast and the other evidenciary proof and say “I want to look in to this more” not just simply say “There is no evidence. There is nothing there”

    Four, be careful of guilt by association just because some of the people who believe in a Big-Foot are certifiable nuts does not mean that they all are. There have been several high profile acts of fakery regarding evolutionary science. Do the fakes discredit the legitimate?

    Five, is really two questions. 1. Does science unambiguously know everything? If you think so you are not a scientist. 2. Do you believe that science has never been wrong? If you believe so you are not a scientist.

    Go ahead flame away. I have my asbestos suit on.

    • Archlight

      Excellent, common sense, analogy. Your only mistake is assuming that the perpetrators were “animals”. I believe they are apex predators with human intellect… My late grand parents settled in a area just north of Honobia, in southern Haskell county. I hunted, roamed and explored the area in the 1970s. We used to travel by jeep deep into the foothills of the Kiamichi Mountains. In retrospect, as a kid, I was to naive and ignorant not to notice certain things. For example while hunting one time, I remember observing large deer stammering through the woods, so terrified that one almost ran over me. I recall pine combs falling near me while walking in the woods, presuming they had merely fallen out of a tree. I also remember some locals guys from Haskell county were deep in the mountains when reportedly saw a mysterious light moving on the side of a hill. They initially thought it was someone with a lantern walking in the mountains, until one of the men observed the light through a rifle scope for a better look. They claimed the light then flew from the hillside and over their jeeps and out of the valley. Terrified, the men sped back to town in a manner that caused extensive damage to their vehicles. I remember it was weeks before they could even speak of the incident. I remember one of the guys had some type of PTSD from serving in Vietnam, the other were also pretty solid hunters and knew the woods.

      The area has had some very strange things reported…

    • Chris Tarman

      Of course, there’s one other possibility that you left out: Such a creature exists, but this incident never actually occurred.

      • Archlight

        There has been an extensive Native American history and a somewhat subtle journalistic record, since settlers colonized North America of these creatures engaging in hostile contact with people. Native folklore and news paper articles dating back to the early 1800’s reflect reports of violence, mutilations, abductions and cannibalism. There are apparently several species, each possessing its unique characteristics, from hospitable to hostile to outright apex predation…If not for this historical record, I would not give it a second thought…

  11. Archlight

    Typo! I meant to say “There has been…”

  12. Gfeg Nichols

    To big…wheres all tbe reports about this story ?Wheres all the news reports can somebody put that on here ? that’s one hell of a story to go so unnoticed bythe general public !

  13. DJ Obiwan

    More details here if you have not been aware…

    very good show, many shows talk about the coverup and the predatory nature of these creatures

    this is not harry and the hendersons like the bfro and the media want you to believe…

    btw episode 56 is on tonight

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