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When Pinochet Left Office…

…the poverty rate in Chile was 48%. Way to go, Agosto.

…The GNP per capita was the same as it was under Allende in 1973. Way to go, Agosto.

In 17 years of rule, Pinochet murdered or disappeared over 15,000 people, according to the Archdiocese of the Chilean Catholic Church. Way to go, Agosto.

Pinochet privatized Social Security, a neoliberal dream. Presently, the system is underfunded by $1 billion, and overhead takes up 20% of the costs of the system (it’s a wasteful ripoff). 58% of retirees will receive $152/month, and 42% of retirees will receive $0/month (nothing). Privatization of Social Security has been a catastrophe, and the efforts to do the same here in the US will have the same results.

Let’s put it into US figures. If the Chilean system were to be implemented in the US, 58% of retirees would get $456/month (try living on that), and the other 42% of seniors would get $0/month (try living off that). This is the Chilean miracle privatization of Social Security. Works great, huh? Way to go, Agosto.


Some Chilean miracle. More like a Chilean clusterfuck. You guys cheering this on are jokers, either that, or your politics is upside down and ass-backwards.


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US Air Force Officials Press Conference on UFO’s

Amazing video of former US Air Force officials, mostly involved with nuclear weapons, telling about observing UFO’s in and around US and allied nuclear weapons facilities. The scene was the National Press Club last year.

Incredibly, the conference got zero writeup in the MSM. The MSM is a controlled media in many ways. They have deep ties to the US state and to the power elite. In fact, the MSM is the power elite. One faction of the power elite owns the media. On so many things, the MSM is all on the same page. That can’t be coincidence. Chomsky and Herman are right. The media is controlled.

The UFO’s were interfering with the nukes, and in one case, I believe they temporarily deactivated them and made it so they could not fire (turned them off). The officers felt that the aliens were trying to send us a message about the nuclear weapons – saying, “Don’t use them.”

I am now convinced that these UFO’s are real. They are either extraterrestrials or they are from another dimension. I do not know why they are here, but I do not think they are hostile. I think they are just observing us. I don’t understand how they flew here, and I realize that in many ways, the UFO phenomenon, like Bigfoot, simply makes no sense.

According to these officers, the Air Force and CIA have known for years about these entities, and people at the highest levels suspect that they are extraterrestrials. There has long been a coverup about these UFO’s, but now that they are messing with our nuclear weapons, these officers felt it was time to go public.

Why a coverup? A CIA officer, asked the reason for the UFO coverup, said, “People will panic.”

An MIB involved in a Bigfoot case, who came to an Oregon woman who had regular Bigfoot visits, said that the government had been studying these things for a long time, and that they did not want the information to go public for the same reason, “People will panic.”

That seems as good a reason as any for a government coverup.

Edwards Air Force Base had many Bigfoot sightings in the early 1970’s. The Bigfoots were all over the base. EAFB has an extensive tunnel system, and the Bigfoots got into all the tunnels somehow. The brass gave the sentries one order about the Bigfoots: “Observe. Just observe.” The sentry said that the AF was not that worried about the Bigfoots – they just thought they were some kind of undiscovered animals.

But the sentry said that they were a lot more worried about what he called the EBI’s – the extrabiological entities or the UFO’s. EAFB had a great deal of UFO activity at the time and I believe it still does.

Later we interviewed four more EAFB sentries and they all confirmed the sentry on all points, including the Bigfoots and the EBI’s. It is interesting that the Air Force on the base was not referring to the UFO’s as UFO’s but as EBI’s – extraterrestrials for short. Recent interviews with EAFB sentries indicate that Bigfoots are continuing to use the base. One theory is that the Bigfoots know that they will not be harmed on the base.

Maybe it is best if the state is covering this stuff up. You might see some serious freakouts in the world if news about these ET’s and UFO’s came out. I don’t believe that humanity is mature enough to handle this right now.


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Bigfoot DNA Update

I just received this major leak from the Erickson Project Bigfoot DNA study:

I know most of the “players” involved in the DNA work; in fact, I have helped in some of the analyses from a statistical point of view. I have no prejudice as to whether the sasquai exist or not, but from the DNA I have seen and analyzed, I’ll give it a 97% chance that sasquatch in fact does exist (therefore no caps on the words sasquatch or the plural form sasquai).

As far as the exact race or species – I primarily have seen only some of the mtDNA sequences; that part is 100% Homo sapiens sapiens (assuming the samples I have seen are not hoaxes). Still, sasquatch could possibly be a hybrid species that is reproductively viable.

I doubt that Dr. Ketchum’s is the only DNA lab working on “Bigfoot DNA.” I believe (but don’t know for sure) that at least one, and possibly two or three others labs, are also working on Bigfoot DNA.

I favor the new hominid designation: “Homo sapiens sesqueqiencis”, in part in deference to a Plains American Indian tribe’s spelling of sasquatch and in part in deference to the newly-discovered ability of Neanderthal Man to mate with Cro Magnon et al., thus officially Neanderthal is now called: “Homo sapiens Neanderthalensis” (with a capital “N” because Neanderthal Man is reportedly extinct).

Based on the mtDNA of several purported sasquatch samples, statistically the “sapiens” part of the above-suggested Latin name is 97% certain.

Unless the whole thing is one huge and well-coordinated hoax.

I doubt it; some of the sasquatch players who have provided confirming samples would never cooperate with one another – never in a million years.

For you skeptics, put that in your pipes and smoke it.

I would like to point out that Dr. Melba Ketchum, who is leading the DNA project, stated in an email that Richard Stubstad is misinformed about the results and outcome of the project.

The lead came from Richard Stubstad. Here is his photo.

Richard Stubstad, who is providing shocking new info from the Erickson Project. Is that a fur cap on his head, or is that his hair? If it's his hair, is he part Bigfoot?

I assume that Richard has not signed an NDA about the project.

This news is mighty strange indeed. Previous leaks said that Bigfoots were halfway between Homo sapiens and Neandertal. I assume that this newest news is along the same line.

But if they are so close to us, why are they so primitive? Why no language, no tools, no fire? Neandertal had no language, but he had tools and fire. Why the primitive saggital/nuchal crest and midtarsal break, that we supposedly lost 2.4 million years ago? If they are this close to humans, then this explains the stories of them breeding with us quite well. It’s all starting to make sense in a way, but so much of the rest of it makes no sense.

So this is why 182 quick and dirty DNA tests of Bigfoots came back “human.” This is why Bigfoot hair and scat tests “human.” It all makes sense. They are our brothers, or our cousins.

Where did they come from? How did they evolve? It all seems so strange and counterintuitive.

I do not agree with Richard that Neandertal is a subspecies of Homo sapiens. I think it is a separate species, though that is still controversial.

Bigfoot Forums is the best Bigfoot forum on the Internet.


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Catastrophe In Norway

Look, this just is not working out at all.

100% of all sexual assaults ending in rape in Oslo in the past five years were committed by non-Western immigrants. All of the women raped were Westerners, mostly Norwegian women. I would imagine that the rapists are Pakistanis, Iranians and Somalis. Almost all of them are Muslims.

Mass Muslim immigration to Western Europe is failing badly. For whatever reason, the Muslims hate European society, refuse to assimilate, and commit tons of crime. Western women are seen as “whores” due to the way that they dress and act, and therefore are up for grabs. Keep in mind that these men probably would not rape women back in their home societies. Iran doesn’t seem to have much rape.

These Muslims are incompatible with a secular, open, morally freewheeling West. These Muslims see the loose dress and manners, open pornography, free love and open homosexuality as an outrage. They feel that they are living in a Hell of Sin and Iniquity. They react with rage and violence.

This is so not working out. Something has to be done. Either stop importing them or get a lot stricter about the ones you let in.


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Are Some Muslim Countries “Hinduized”?

Cartoonist Rex May argues that the diversity of India is why there is no sense of the common good.

Oh. Well, it’s like you said. It’s divided into religions and castes and, actually, what almost amounts to nations (Punjabis, Bengalis, Gujaratis, etc.) And these groups don’t seem to have much regard for each other, hence, as you say, they have no notion of a common good. I’m trying to say, I guess, that the solidarity has to come first, leading to the common good notion, before you can have any kind of economic system that can work without massive corruption and deception.

The lack of a sense of the common good, I think, comes from Hinduism. I am trying to figure this out. Even Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, I think, are “Hinduized.” Basically an extreme class or caste system in all of those places. Most Arab countries are relatively socialist places. That goes right along with Islam. But Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh are not. They are largely feudal, as is India. Hinduism is a feudal religion.

Why are these three countries so feudal? I believe they were “Hinduized.”


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Chile, a Wealthy Version of a Shithole

RL: The nations that have tried Friedmanomics in the most extreme form have been the most ruined by it. Chile was wrecked by the Chicago Boys in the most radical economic experiment of the modern era.

John UK: I think you are wrong there. Chile is one of the better performing Latin American countries and considered a success story.

They started doing well when they junked the Chicago Boys and reinstituted state intervention in the economy. Still, there was a massive wealth transfer under Pinochet from the bottom 2/3 to the upper 1/3. Labor got totally creamed, but that was the whole idea. Pinochetism was Class War from Day One.

Chile is a “wealthy shithole.” It’s sickening. They have one of the worst rich-poor gaps on Earth. The rich live like kings, but they have huge walls and gates around their homes, often topped with barbed wire. There is a tremendous amount of property crime, mostly the poorer 2/3 stealing stuff from their rich overlords (class war disguised as “street crime”. Do you understand what is going on here? The rich lived in armed and gated communities to ward off the teeming, thieving, miserable masses down below.

The poorer areas are teeming with crime, misery and gangs, but no one cares. The public schools are in ruins because the rich won’t pay for them, and they all send their kids to private school. The schools are literally falling apart. Literally. As in, the roofs are caving in.

I have met Chileans. Even so-called liberal Chileans display a shocking amount of racism and class hatred from a US point of view. It’s out in the open for all to see.

In Chile, a man must have “soft hands.” If you have “hard hands,” this means you work for a living, and you’re a no good scum. Soft hands means you don’t work with your hands, you’re not a laboring man.

The hatred and ridicule for the Indians is off the charts. I thought my ears were going to fall off when I heard it.

The class hatred in Chile is so thick you can cut it with a knife. The Left is radical, angry and miserable. It was armed all through Pinochet’s regime and carried out regular attacks, including an expertly pulled-off assassination attempt that nearly killed Pinochet and killed many people in his convoy. After Pinochet departed, the Left was still armed, and carried out bombings through the 1990’s. Under the Bush Administration, when Dan Quayle went to Chile, the day he showed up, he was greeted with several bombs.

Lately, the Left is not armed, but they still stage violent riots on a regular basis. The Right is also armed and very radical, and the military still effectively rules Chile. The death squad apparatus has not been dismantled. Chile is an example of extreme wealth disparity where both the Right and Left are totally polarized, very militant and dangerous.

The economy completley collapsed under Pinochet when he brought the Chicago Boyz in. The collapse was so hard that he threw the Boyz out and reinsituted heavy state intervention in the economy. For the rest of Pinochet’s term, the “growth” consisted of growing out of the horrific slump the Friedmanites had caused. When Pinochet left office, GNP per capita was the same as it was in 1973 under Allende. Pinochetism was a monumental failure in all ways except for Class War and mass wealth transfer.

I don’t care what Chile’s GNP is. It’s a shithole, and I don’t want to live there. I think Chile is the model for the US Republican Party.

Chile still has relatively good health figures due to the heavily socialist nature of its safety net. From the 1960’s-1973, a large safety net was installed in Chile, in particular, national health care. Chile’s good health figures are entirely due to this socialism.

As we know, capitalism is bad for your health. Or, capitalist health is an oxymoron.


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100% of Republican Presidential Candidates Support the Ryan Plan

The Paul Ryan, to basically destroy the US state completely except for military spending, that is, to decimate nearly all US social and non-military spending, is extremely unpopular with voters. In particular, his proposal to wipe out Medicare completely and force people to buy their own medical insurance instead out of their own pockets, is wildly unpopular. Older voters have mobbed his office in Chicago, screaming bloody murder at him.

Nevertheless, the apparently suicidal or suicidally arrogant Republicans are charging ahead full speed with this deeply unpopular proposal. Didn’t the Greeks talk about the arrogant hubris of the powerful?

Why? The Republicans are plutocrats. I have been studying 3rd World plutocratic parties for a long time now. The first thing you need to know about them is that they don’t give two flying fucks about popular opinion. They stay in power due to the power of the police and military and their near-100% control of the media machine. Control of the media machine allows the plutocrats to brainwash hundreds of millions of non-plutocratic citizens to go along with programs that are not in their intersets.

3rd World reactionaries never stop their reactionary proposals due to strong public opposition. They just charge right ahead and figure they will get away with it somehow. They don’t answer to the public, and they don’t even listen to the public. They live in alternate universe from the average person, and their wealth has imbued them with deep arrogance in that they think they are unstoppable and can whatever they please and not one soul can do anything about it.

If a popular, anti-plutocratic party ever wins, as in Venezuela, Bolivia, Honduras, Haiti and Ecuador recently, the plutocrats just try military coups and employer lockouts and strikes. They try secessionist campaigns and the use of armed violence, from rioting in the streets to assassinations and massacres.

“Power comes from the barrel of a gun” is not empty rhetoric. It’s observable fact.

In the past, the plutocrats could always steal elections or if the Left won somehow, overthrow them with a coup. Then they used death squads to massacre the Left for years to decades. The message was clear: elect the Left and there will be a coup followed a nationwide slaughter of the Left extending for years to decades. That’s quite a threat. Knowing that, would you get involved in Left politics or vote for the Left?

Another thing I learned about 3rd world elites is that they never have enough cash. In El Salvador the elite is about 14 families, and they own just about everything that isn’t locked down in the country. I used to follow Salvadoran politics on a daily basis, including the Assembly. It would leave your mouth gaping. Salvadoran politics consisted of proposals, on a near daily basis, to transfer wealth from the bottom 90% to the top 10%. I thought there was nothing left to steal.

For the rich, there is never nothing left to steal.

No matter how rich a rich man is, he’s never rich enough. He always wants more. And he’s going to get it from you.

I just checked out the Republican contenders, and they are all down 100% with the Ryan Plan. Some are talking out of both sides of their mouths, but their words don’t lie. Even Gingrich, Romney and Tim Pawlenty, the most moderate Republican, are down with the plan. They’re weaseling around now, but they’ve already coming out for it on record. If you were basing your vote on Medicare, would you trust these weasels? I would not.

All but 3 House Republicans voted for the Ryan Plan. All but 5 Senate Republicans voted for it. The dissenters were Scott Brown, Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, Rand Paul and Olympia Snowe. Paul voted against it because it was not radical enough.

The recent bellweather election in New York’s 26th District was a real wakeup call. McCain receieved 76% of the vote in that election in 2008. It’s only gone Democrat 2 times in the last 125 years. But this year, a Democrat actually won the seat. The issue? The Republican had voted for the Ryan Plan.

The Republaican are now trying their usual “Mediscare” line. They’ve opposed Medicare since Day One, but they’ve always lied and said that they supported it. Even now that they are killing it, they claim that they are actually saving it. It’s the Democrats who are killing it.

They’ve had success with this typical plutocratic mass lying in the past, but now it doesn’t seem to be working. Ryan is screaming that people don’t support his plan because Democrats are distorting it and lying about it. Mediscare all over again. But he’s wrong. People don’t oppose the Ryan Plan because the Dems lied about it and now they don’t understand it. They oppose it because they’re figuring out what it’s really all about.

People aren’t as dumb as the ruling class assumes they are. A fool thinks he can trick people forever with no one catching on.

There’s good evidence that the Ryan Plan won’t even lower the deficit. There are so many crazy assumptions in there – discretionary spending down to Herbert Hoover levels – yes, America would return to Time of Herbert Hoover – but all the while vast cuts in taxes for the rich and corporations. If you factor in the wild tax cuts and along with the spending cuts, the Ryan Plan may well not even reduce the deficit by one nickel.

Politically, the near future looks interesting from a progressive point of view.


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Belief In Cryptids/The Paranormal Is Not Anti-Scientific

In fact, I would argue that it’s not even a matter for science to deal with at all. That is, most of it is not even testable by science. If it’s not testable, it’s outside the realm of science.

I am a scientific minded person, and some Bigfoot scofftics have tried to convince me that being scientific and believing in Bigfoot is not possible, therefore, I am obviously not a scientific person.

But this is not true.

I believe in Bigfoot because I have been studying the issue for 44 years. After all, the Patterson-Gimlin film was shot right here in my state. After 44 years of reviewing the evidence, I feel that the entire body of evidence, including much good, hard scientific evidence, shows that these creatures are real. Obviously, we will need a “slab monkey” – a Bigfoot body, live or dead – before it’s proven for good, but the totality of present evidence is enough for me.

I generally accept the scientific paradigm.

Evolution is a proven theory, and intelligent design has no evidence.

The cholesterol/saturated fat theory of heart disease has been proven.

Homeopathy has been shown not to work, further, there is no logical mechanism.

Palmerian chiropractic has been shown not to work, further, the theory makes no sense. But it’s good for back and neck pain.

The Earth is obviously billions of years old and not 6,000 years old.

The Eastern mountain lion went extinct, except in Michigan.

Anthropogenic global warming is a correct theory, and deniers have a political motivation.

Trees don’t cause smog.

Cigarette smoking causes cancer.

Chelation theory doesn’t work, and it’s even nutty in theory.

In many of these cases, we have had multiple case-controlled placebo blind studies, and even multivariate analyses of multiple studies. In others, there’s a lot of evidence for one theory and zero for its competitor.

When it comes to cryptids and paranormal stuff – ghosts, spirits, ESP, UFO’s or this or that, science is completely out to lunch. There have been no case-controlled placebo blind studies showing the non-existence of various cryptids, nor has most paranormal stuff not yet been proven one way or the other. Even prayer is still somewhat up in the air.

A lot of this, paranormal stuff, cryptids, is nearly impossible to test scientifically anyway. So it boils down to an “evidence” battle. This stuff is nearly in the religious realm – I don’t believe it’s a matter for science, and I think science ought to leave it alone.

Unlike cholesterol or homeopathy, most cryptids haven’t been proven one way or another. There’s evidence both ways, and you pick and choose which one you want to believe in.

Either way, a belief in cryptids or the paranormal is surely not anti-scientific anymore than having a religion is.


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India Versus China: Socialism Versus Capitalism

Great comment from the comments on something I’ve been talking about for a long time: the comparison between India and China.

It’s amazing looking at the Word Development Indicators and comparing China and India.

India seems more than 50 years behind China. If you look at some of the stats, like Malnutrition, India seems to be just treading water.. it’s actually worse than it was 15 years ago.

China had the good sense to build up its base with communist programs and ‘re-educate’ the parasitic upper class, and now its people are sophisticated enough to use capitalism as tool. India is still underwater dodging turds.

Keep in mind that in 1949, India’s and China’s developmental indicators, in most all respects, were completely equal. Since then, China has kicked India’s ass so bad, it’s not even funny.

The difference is one thing: Communism and socialism.

And don’t talk to us about “Indian socialism.” None of Leftists think that was any kind of real socialism.

This is why I support the Maoists in India. Not because I’m some kind of radical kook. I’m just a socialist, and Commies are a kind of a socialist too. Sure, there are a lot of battles between Commies and socialists, but the rightwingers are right about one thing: a lot of us are more or less along the same plane – some are just taking socialism a lot further than the rest of us.

Relations between Communists and soicalists have generally been more or less fraternal. The Scandinavian Social Democrats, for instance, had excellent relations with the Socialist Bloc, including the USSR, Eastern Europe, Cuba and Nicaragua. They didn’t want that model for themselves, but they were all part of the same general trend.

It’s true a lot of Communists dislike social democrats in their rhetoric, but in the real world, decent socialist countries have seldom faced large Communist insurgencies. The biggest Communist insurgencies have always been against the worst capitalist clusterfuck catastrophes. No revolutionaries are going to lead an insurgency against Hugo Chavez. Not with the world lined up the way it is nowadays.

If India is 50 years behind China and was the same as China 62 years ago, that means that in 62 years, India has made little if any progress.

One can’t help wondering how much of a role Hinduism has to play in all of this. Commenter Dota points out that there is no sense of the common good in India. Whereas Confucianism and even Islam talk a lot about the necessity of good governance, I imagine pagan Hinduism says little about this. For a society to have a working governance, there must be a sense of the common good. With no such sense, government will nothing but a corrupt nightmare of abuse and reaction.

I’m told that government is a big part of the problem in India.

First of all, it barely exists. On a per capita basis, the Indian state at all levels is about 5% of the size of even the severely slashed US state. At all levels, nearly all politicians are incredibly corrupt.

I’ve also heard that India is the land of the “unfinished product.” If you walk around India, you will find that just about all the new construction is unfinished. And a lot of it is completed. Someone gets the money to build something, they build half of it or 90% of it, siphon off the rest of the money and take off with the loot. In US society, that’s a violation of values. If you start a job, you finish it, dammit. In India, apparently no one even cares.

This extends to the middle classes. A middle class family will have a spotless home, then they take their trash and dump it out in the street. Will it ever get collected? Who knows. To put your trash in a can and have the state come pick it up requires a sense of the common good, which Indians lack.

I read an anecdote recently. A Western group recently set up a recycling campaign near a popular Indian tourist site. Aluminum in one, glass in another, newspaper in another. The Westerners would all dutifully and responsibly use the recycling bins, probably getting a morality flush out of doing so.

The Indians thought it was a joke. They refused to use even the regular trash bins. They just threw their garbage on the ground like they always do. When people asked them to use the garbage and recycling bins, the Indians, even middle class to wealthy ones, all either laughed and looked incomprehensibly. To use the bins would be to have a notion of the common good, which Indians lack. Of course they threw it on the ground. What would you expect?

India’s fuckedupness is even extending to its so-called competitiveness, which is much overrated. Chinese scientists love the homeland and are very apt to stay in the country for love of nation and other reasons. Indian scientists, no matter how much they beat their chests, “Jai Hind!” are extremely likely to leave the country. Most of its best educated hop the first plane to the hated West, where they will spend their time beating their chest about the great “Bharat” and ranting about the horrible West while living it up in the evil and inferior West that they hate so much.

India isn’t even getting its money worth educating its best and brightest. The state spends money educating them, and the first thing they do is take off.

I’ve lost faith in the ability of nearly all Indian parties to properly develop the country. Even the Communist parties are corrupt, rightwing, and do little to help the poor.

The Maoists seem to be the only hope left. I figure they could come in, lay the ground basis for real development like Mao did, then move into a “Socialism with Indian characteristics” along the lines of China’s “Socialism with Chinese characteristics,” which I critically support.

Don’t listen to rightwing liars telling you that China is some kind of Friedman/Ayn Rand radical neoliberal country. It’s not true. What China is is a mixed economy. Most importantly, there are still many dedicated Party members who work at the state level to achieve “the greatest good for the greatest number.” That’s something we don’t have in America. It’s downright anti-American.

But it’s a great definition of socialism: “the greatest good for the greatest number.”


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Sickening Photos from Shithole* India


Be careful looking at that. I almost vomited while reading. India is simply disgusting

What do the photos show?

The photos show the Ganges River, the holiest river in that lousy religion called Hinduism.

Vast crowds of people are mingling at the river, piling rags onto corpses and publicly cremating them for all to see. People walk by, turning to look at a dead man starting to rot on a ledge.

Next we have photo after photo of the sickening Ganges River and horribly disgusting corpses that float in it. Yes! The river is full of decomposing corpses, dumped into the gross river! People are swimming in the river, brushing their teeth in it, and drinking its water, while vomitous rotting corpses float by.

In many cases, the corpses wash ashore. The shoreline is dotted with decaying corpses, mostly humans but some cows. Crows and dogs fight each other for the right to gnaw on a putrid human corpse.

Crows perch on bloated corpses floating by. Skeletons litter the beach. Organ guts discarded by swollen bellies line the shores and float in the water. Dogs feast on them. Most of the living humans walking around are skinny as rails. Horrifically deformed humans, somehow still alive, lurk here and there. You almost want to kill them to do them a favor.

We go to one of the holiest cities in India, where the Buddha was born. A major tourist attraction, swollen with visitors. But you can hardly walk on the muddy ground because it’s covered with shit. With human turds. Yes, India is not only a shithole figuratively but also literally. Bharat is literally drowning in human turds!

Try walking through that. Better practice your hopscotch skills. India is a shithole. Literally. India, up and coming world power, is literally drowning in 150 million pounds of shit every day.

Next we go to a filthy, disgusting public hospital. My Indian friends told that an Indian hospital is a place you go to to die. If you don’t want to die, you have to bribe the doctor. If you don’t bribe the doctor, you get no care. Yes! The doctor will kill your loved one because you didn’t line his palm. He has to be bribed to keep other humans alive and not kill them via negligence.

More photos show Indian cities covered with garbage, drowning in garbage. Garbage and cows. Cows are everywhere, walking in the street, lying in the street, shitting in the street. Cow shit is everywhere. Indian cities are covered with it. Indian women roam the streets, gathering up cow shit, and laying it out to dry. They use it as fuel. One thing you will notice about an Indian city is the overwhelming smell of cow shit. It’s like living in a dairy.

At a famous Indian tourist beach, on one side of the river there are luxury hotels for foreign tourists. On the other side is a fisherman’s village, where people live in the worst squalor. They are literally living among huge piles of garbage. I don’t think it’s ever taken away.

And all day long, you see villagers shitting on the beach. There’s no way to walk on the beach because it’s covered with shit. But the Indian bourgeois and foreign tourists just smile in their upscale hotels. They could care less, callously partying amidst the wretched squalor.

In India, people shit everywhere. You are driving down the road, and there are guys squatting right by the side of the road, shitting in plain sight for all the drivers to see. No one pays them one bit of mind.

Even upscale Indian cities are filthy. Callous bourgeois Indians carrying briefcases and chatting on cellphones walk down streets past crowds of men urinating against the walls. The smell is so strong it nearly knocks you over. But the suit and tie guy walking by could care less. Those hordes pissing on the wall are zero to him, nothing. They may as well not even be there.

Indians don’t believe in toilet paper. Instead, you wipe their ass with your left hand. That’s why when you into a store in India,  you are never supposed to touch anything with your left hand, because the implication is you probably just wiped your ass with it. Afterward, you wash your left hand with water from a bucket, but that won’t work very well. Indians think this is very advanced. Less hemorrhoids, and you save on paper. It’s Indian environmentalism!

Forget Black Africa. I thought Black Africa was hopeless. Now I think Indian might be even worse. In fact, its starvation figures are generally worse than Black Africa’s. Only Ethiopia’s figure is higher.

Indian nationalists like to say India is up there with Brazil or China. Or better yet, that it will soon be the greatest nation on Earth (the biggest economy). No way. When India is the greatest country on Earth, that means I’m going to kill myself. The planet won’t be worth inhabiting anymore.

I doubt if there is even much for a tourist to see in India. There’s the Taj Mahal (Hopefully the area around it is not covered with turds?), which is frankly a ridiculous structure, as it is a mosque in a majority-Hindu country. It would be like going to Saudi Arabia to look at the greatest attraction, a huge church.

Due to the abhorrent Hindu caste system, the overwhelming majority of Indian Hindus, even highly educated folks making good money with degrees and advanced degrees, simply believe that some humans are better than others due to the caste into which they were born.

This cognitive mess infects almost all Hindu 1-B workers in the US, and caste politics in US IT corporations dramatically hinders productivity and makes the workplace chaotic and strife-ridden. Those of higher castes are contemptuous of lower caste workers and refuse to cooperate with them.

If you’re born into a low caste, your future is more or less sealed. Most routes to success are closed off before you take your first breath.

India has the most HIV cases outside of Africa. It has more people in poverty than there are in all Black Africa combined, and there are a billion people in Black Africa. If you are doing worse than Black Africa, that is spelled FAIL.

India is a profoundly racist country. Remember the monkey calls for the Black athlete recently?

The 2010 Commonwealth Games, the 6th or 7th biggest competition on Earth, were held in India, but they were a huge failure. India was late, so the Games were delayed, the hotels were filthy, and the people in India organizing the event were all corrupt and were arrested afterwards.

In contrast, even South Africa was able to host the World Cup smoothly, and South Africa is a wreck. South Africa is more civilized than India. Wow!

China smoothly hosted the Olympics, and Brazil will probably do a great job of hosting the World Cup in 2014.

India = FAIL.

*There are many innocent shitholes all over the world. They did nothing to create their shithole condition, and in many cases, they don’t deserve it. Some were just sitting there in the ground minding their business and doing whatever holes do, when some mean human came along and callously filled them up with shit. Poor holes! That’s their fault? No way!

Anyway, I would like to apologize to all of the world’s poor, innocent shitholes for comparing you to India. You shitholes don’t deserve such a humiliating comparison.

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