Human Bigfoot Hybrid From China

Incredibly weird video from China. The footage is from Sichuan Province, China. Although it is all in Chinese, I am familiar with this story.

The boy’s mother said that she was kidnapped by a Yeren, the Chinese wildman or Bigfoot which probably does exist in China, and raped repeatedly, then abandoned. She went back to her village and gave birth to this son nine months later. He never learned to speak any language, but he did obtain passive language competence, that is, he could understand what was said to him. He died at age 33. I don’t know much else about the case.

Skeptics are insisting that he is microencephalic, but that could not be, as such persons are small in stature. I’m sure there has never been a microencephalic anywhere near this tall. They are also saying that his mother was ashamed of giving birth to a retarded kid, so she made up the story about being raped by a Yeren.

He does somewhat look like a Bigfoot-human crossbreed. His head and jaw look funny and somewhat ape-like. His arms seem to be extremely long. His head sits right on top of his shoulders, and he seems to have no neck. His shoulders are very wide.When he sits, he just plops his ass right down.

The American Indians of the NW said that Bigfoots would sometimes kidnap young women and take them away. The women would sometimes return later. At times they would be pregnant. The offspring were viable, but they were not quite right. Often they had very long, gangly arms. Some were so wild that they could never be tamed properly.

There have been 12 documented cases of human-yeti/Almas/Yeren breeding in the 20th century from Russia and China. I don’t have any more details on these cases.

There is a famous case from Abkhazia of an Almas named Zana who was captured, tamed, and subsequently bred with a local man and had four children by him.

One son was named Kwit. He was extremely strong; he could lift up a chair with a man sitting in it with his teeth! Kwit was normal, except he was extremely strong and had a very quick temper. He died, and his grave was excavated. His skull had some odd features, and aspects of it were outside the human range. Nevertheless, some experts pronounced it fully Homo sapiens. Kwit’s DNA has been tested, and it came back 100% Homo sapiens, which is odd once again. The grave of the mother, Zana, was never able to be located.

The Almas are the most civilized of the Bigfoot types. They reside in the Caucasus and have long history of interactions with humans. They have long hair on their heads that extends down to the middle of their backs. The females have long, droopy breasts that are hairless. Their faces are more human and less apelike than the American Bigfoots. They sometimes use clothing which they steal from the local humans, and have even used tools such as clubs. For the most part, they reside in caves.

However, they are covered with hair. Russian investigators have long thought that Almas were relict Neandertals.

Bigfoot DNA is currently being sequenced. Results have come back “Homo, but not human.” If these yeti types really are in the human line, then possibly they could indeed breed with humans, but the results would be less than ideal from a human point of view.

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18 responses to “Human Bigfoot Hybrid From China

  1. He’s dead but have efforts men made to examine the skeleton (if in fact we know where it is and the mother allows)?

  2. Robert you’re serious about this big foot stuff huh?

  3. Haha if we let all NBA players (male and female of course) breed with each other, one day we could come up with a stock like this

  4. Mark from Oklahoma

    I wander about the guy that bred with Zana. He must have been either blind or extremely hard up for sex. If that Zana creature was anything like they described her as being, I don’t see how anybody could hump something so despicable ,unless maybe was really wasted on russian vodka .

  5. Massachusetts

    On this guy in china: he looks like a human being with disabilities to me–both his behavior and his general appearance (just my gut feeling looking at the video). I don’ t see anything that screams Yeren or Sasquatch. His head is clearly very small, which I gather is consistent with microcephaly. His arms are bent and moving the whole time. It’s hard to get a take on their length I’d say. I wish I spoke chinese so I could know exactly what they were saying. I hope his relatively short life was reasonably happy. He seems happy in the video.

    On Zana: that story is interesting. I think every guy who reads that story wonders about the guy who slept with her, though I hope they had fun. I believe her DNA and her son’s were sequenced from human remains and the mito came back human. However, in light of the current Ketchum reports that doesn’t necessarily mean what we thought it meant a year or two ago.

    Skeptics are saying she probably was a feral human who had Hypertrichosis–google the photos, it’s food for thought. The theory is that she was born, her parents freaked out and abandoned her, she survived but was impaired due to her isolation (or she may have had additional difficulties) and she was perceived as part animal when she was captured. Though it makes you wonder how she survived to adulthood without any help (though maybe she had some help.) Hypertrichosis is a possibility, I think we have to admit. Some call that disease “Werewolf’s Syndrome” and it would freak a lot of people out who weren’t informed, especially 19th century peasants with little knowledge of modern medicine or science.

  6. Massachusetts

    By the way, if Zana really was as they describe her–incredibly powerful, etc.–then maybe the guy who mated with her didn’t have much choice?

  7. oklahoma

    Zana was an Alma,it’s a form of a so called bigfoot to us,that’s what the asian people called them.Their faces were hairless,but their bodies had long hair,their women had big breast,and they say their men looked just like our men,their is people out their that has even seen them having sex go to( bfro report 1408 bear hunter see’s bigfoot mating.) Then look up (in search of the alma and wild snowmen of russia). you can also look up ( alma-living ape man.) they say they have sex just like human’s (adam and eve) It’s interesting at the web sites,and can make you think a little clearer on the subject. It also shows a picture of Zana,and what Almas look like.

  8. JC

    Robert, have you come across his given name?

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  10. Sam

    I understand some Chinese and if im not wrong, according to the video, both his parents are human. So he’s probably just abnormal

  11. skeptic

    While I’m not a radical skeptic against archaic hybridization or even reasonable cryptozoologic hypotheses, I think that this instance is probably something like acromegaly. This is more likely than something as parsimonious as some sort of developmental-pathway atavism (ie, not a high coincidence of many archaic alleles stumbling into each other, just the same developmental triggers of an archaic phenotype being activated by something that’s similar enough at the molecular level), which is probably more likely than a “true” genetic atavism (caused by many rare archaic alleles stumbling into each other), which is more likely than archaic/cryptozoological hybridization on almost any degree.

    And there could be all degrees of watered-down hybridization/permanence of archaics, not just the sensationalistic/extreme of modern and archaic/crypto living totally isolated side by side all this time, and having hybrids just now. That could include pretty much “boring” stuff like an semi-multiregional/messy out-of-Africa scenario, where “advanced” “pre-sapiens” archaics that mostly died off had some degree of coexistence, mostly in isolation, but with some interbreeding with the migration waves out of Africa, which eventually replaced them.

    But even then I don’t think that this is a likely explanation for apparent “throwbacks”. People have different numbers of ancestral alleles shared all the way back with chimpanzees and even orangutans, without having a more “regressive”/archaic phenotype. Even present-day native Australians, which are often said to have retained more archaic features, have been previously more “gracile,” which suggests that the current robustness (which isn’t like “fixed” in them, you will still find skulls that are so gracile/rounded that could easily be mistaken as modern African) could be homoplasic, “convergent”, not really archaic.

  12. Are Jews Hybrids!?

    I looked up Zana – the Almas that was broken [domesticated] and had 4 hybrid children that survived and assimilated. The younger male was named Khwit Genaba. I looked up Khwit and the photo that comes up looks like a Jew… the old school stereotypical Jew. Is that photo of Khwit an actual photo!?

  13. bing bing

    It is bollocks, get the video translated and you will find you are being sold a pup. If you understand the original audio to the video it is nothing about big foot or any other mythical monster. The person in question had a genetic disease ….

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  15. Warren Port

    I’m very interested in knowing about those 12 cases of hybridization. Is there anything on the net, or can you tell me more. Thanks

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